• Published 29th Aug 2020
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Homecoming - TittySparkles

Unable to deal with her horniness alone, Twilight eagerly awaits her brother to return home.

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Comments ( 16 )

Contains: Vanilla incest

Doesn't the synopsis make it clear such a thing happens in this story?

As distinct from less vanilla types, like foalcon incest.

This entire story reminds me so much of that famous Folger's brother and sister incest coffee commercial :moustache:. For reference, this is the commercial I'm talking about:

Wow, caught this before it got to the featured box!

Take my humble upthumb for this glorious clop

Those comments on the video are gold!

Holy shit, I never knew this part existed. Thank you so much, lord and savior Shake!

Yup, that's porn all right. Usually I take the mickey out of this stuff, but you know what? This is a gift, something you did out of love for another, so I'll pass on that.

careful with that line of thinking Shakes. God doesn't take kindly to those who horn in on his turf, look what he did to the last person who said people should pray to them...

bonus ch please! this time fill her puss

How have they not been caught?

Wow this was really one of the better stories that I've read on here. The emotion was compelling and the pacing was just right. This was a very enjoyable story to read and it was very well written. I see that you've written quite a lot of stories but I hope that you're proud of this one because you should be.

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