One Mistake

by ManicQuill

First published

Mistakes are easy to make and can be quite damaging. As Rainbow Dash makes one due to the Anon-A-Miss incident she must now live with her One Mistake. Rated T for now for but may go up to M if I need to because of gore

Everyday we make mistakes. Sometimes they're small things with barely any consequence other then a daily annoyance. Sometimes though, it can be big, life changing even. Rainbow Dash made a mistake recently about Anon-A-Miss and now she must face everything her mistake causes.

I'm gonna say this is 'T' for now

A matter of seconds

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Rainbow Dash sat with the other Rainbooms in Sugarcube Corner. As of today, some of their embarrassing secrets were released online by a Mystable user known as 'Anon-a-Miss'. The girls knew the true identity of the user, their now ex-friend Sunset Shimmer, the once evil girl who many believed changed only for her to show her true, foul colors.

Rainbow Dash looked at the others, it was clear no one liked what was said today but it was necessary. Fluttershy was crying hard, worse than when her secret was first revealed. Pinkie's hair was slightly deflated as she mixed her coco with a wooden stirrer instead of a usual candy cane, the drink otherwise untouched. Applejack had no drink, one leg crossed as she leaned back, looking inquisitively at the ceiling in silence. Rarity picked at her sweater in an attempt to rid it of a stray strand at the moment unaware she was causing it to come undone in the first place with worry over her actions. While Dash had her doubts lingering as well she kept repeating to herself the same thing: it was necessary.

"So... Are we still doing the sleep overs?" Pinkie asked in an uncharacteristic whisper.

"Is there even a point to do so now?" Rarity asked as she stopped picking at her sweater. "With everything going on..." Rainbow Dash slammed her fist on the table.

"That's why we need to still do them. We need to show that bitch that she won't separate us again!" Rainbow yelled in rage. Mrs. Cake walked over to Rainbow Dash, giving the multi colored haired girl a glare.

"I understand things are stressful for you girls but you can't shout out curse words or hit the furniture." Mrs. Cake lectured, Rainbow Dash giving a quick apology as Mrs. Cake sighed. "Girls, when you get older you learn a few things. An important lesson girls, is things aren't always what they seem."
The girls looked at Mrs. Cake, Applejack letting out a sigh.

"With all do respect Mrs. Cake, ya off the mark on this one. Sunset Shimmer is guilty. That's it." The older woman looked saddened by this, letting out a sigh herself.

"If you believe that dear, then I can't change that. I just don't want you girls to make a big mistake." She stated before walking away.

"We already made a big mistake." Rainbow Dash said bitterly, the others not saying a word.

"But what if we are wrong?" Fluttershy whispered. Rarity and Rainbow Dash looked inquisitively at her.

"What was that dear?" Rarity asked while Rainbow Dash seemed to be getting more irritated.

"I mean, what if we are wrong?" Fluttershy whispered again.

"Come on Fluttershy! We all agreed she has to be 'Anon-A-Miss'. I love Mrs.Cake as much as you guys but she's wrong about this! Sunset's the culprit and that's it." Rainbow Dash stated.

"I mean it looks like it." Pinkie said quietly. "But what if she is innocent?"
Applejack shook her head. She pulled out her phone and threw it to the table, showing the 'Anon-a-Miss' Mystable page.

"My nickname. The pictures from Rarity's', your shower time with your pets. Girls, the list goes on and on, all signs pointing to Sunset telling people this stuff." Applejack stated. "I feel something in my gut too, but I agree with Rainbow, we need to trust the facts and just... Just try to move on." The bell above the front door jingled as someone walked in, the girls looked up to see Sunset Shimmer walk into the establishment.

Rainbow Dash glared at Sunset letting out a growl as she stood up from her chair then marched toward the door, making sure to give Sunset Shimmer a shoulder bump. Once out in the bitter cold Rainbow Dash walked to her car, seeing the thin layer of ice she almost slipped on when she first met up with the others.

"Rainbow Dash, wait, please!" Sunset Shimmer called out, rushing out to speak with the athlete. "If you just listen to me, I can prove I'm innocent. I've been talking to Princess Twilight-"
Rainbow Dash slapped Sunset, finding out Sunset had actually pulled out the journal she used to speak with the princess.

"You lied to her too? Like you've been lying to us?" Rainbow asked as she began to encircle the girl, her rage beginning to seep out. "When did you come up with this huh? After the Battle of the Bands? After the Fall Formal?! How do we know you weren't working with the Sirens all along!" Rainbow Dash yelled.
Sunset got off the ground, her eyes full of tears.

"How could you even say that?! Why would I throw everything I ever wanted away over something as petty as revenge! I had everything I ever really needed and you think I'd just throw it away?" Sunset Shimmer threw down the journal as the other joined the commotion outside. "You and I both know if I could even think of trying to hurt you girls again I'd go for something worse than a stupid nickname or test grade."

Something in Rainbow Dash snapped at those words, Rainbow grabbing Sunset by her jacket.

"Is that a threat? What are you threatening to post?" Rainbow hissed, looking at the fear in Sunset Shimmers' eyes.

"N-no, Dash I'm not the one posting secrets." Sunset swallowed as she looked around. "I couldn't hurt you Dash. I-"

"What? You love me? You think I'll believe that bullshit!" Rainbow screamed. "Well I hate you." She growled, shoving Sunset backwards.

"Dashie stop." Pinkie called out.

"It ain't worth it." Applejack spoke.

"Darling, be careful." Rarity urged.

"Rainbow, calm down. Please." Fluttershy begged.

"In fact Sunset Shimmer, I wish you died at the Fall Formal!" Rainbow Dash screamed as she pushed Sunset Shimmer again, this time harder than the first time. Sunset flailed backwards, slipping on the ice. As Sunset backed up more to reclaim her balance she walked right into the street.

The girls watched as a car materialized into existence, slamming into Sunset from the side, the wheels screeching to a halt, the force flinging Sunset down the street like a rag doll.
Rainbow felt the world slow as her senses came back. She just shoved Sunset into the road. She told Sunset she hated her. She told her, she wished Sunset had died. As the world came back to regular speed she noticed screaming from behind her.
The driver of the car threw the door open, revealing themselves to be Vice-Principal Luna.

"Oh god! Oh god no, Sunset! Someone call an ambulance! CALL AN AMBULANCE!" She screamed as she held the unconscious and bleeding Sunset, weeping as she shook the girl.
Rainbow Dash hadn't moved as her realization kept repeating in her head.

"I-I didn't mean it." Rainbow Dash said in stunned horror. "I didn't mean it." She repeated as she trembled to the ground, taking hold of the journal so it was pressed against her chest while the sound of sirens grew louder.


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Rainbow Dash was putting her guitar away after the first performance of the new Rainbooms featuring Sunset Shimmer. Rainbow Dash couldn't help but admire how Sunset looked in the (and she knew Pinkie would laugh about this) Sunset glow. The red and yellow haired girl looked away from her own guitar to Rainbow Dash with a grin.

"What? I got something on my face?" She joked as the two were the last ones in the room. Rainbow shook her head then laughed.

"No, it's just." She smiled as she blushed. "You look good is all." Dash mumbled as she carried her guitar case over to the hero of the day.

"T-thanks Dash. That means a lot." Sunset Shimmer said as she scratched the back of her head. Sunset quickly locked her guitar in it's case then lifted it up, she turned to Rainbow Dash then kissed the athlete's cheek. "I mean it." She said rushing out of the room. It was at this moment, looking at the door to the music room that Dash began to make a plan for a Christmas surprise for Sunset.

The slamming of a door brought Rainbow Dash out of her stupor as two police officers walked over to the table Rainbow Dash sat at. While one of the officers sat in front of Rainbow the other stood next to their partner, holding a file in his hands.

"Rainbow Dash I'm Detective Black Light and this is my partner, Detective Night Stick. Can you explain to us how Sunset Shimmer is currently in a coma at Canterlot General, while also in Manehattan with her parents and brother?" The detective asked as he studied Rainbow Dash.

"I-I don't know. Maybe you have your info wrong." Rainbow Dash said, looking away from the officer. Detective Night Stick pulled out three pictures from the folder, the first one was of the girls with Princess Twilight summoning the Alicorn spirit to fight the sirens. The other showed the sirens themselves using their magic as they floated in the air.

"Want to try again kid?" Detective Night Stick said as he glared at Rainbow Dash. "Look, we got the statements from your friends and video the Cakes were more then willing to supply. All of that would put you in a heap of trouble. But because this girl is from another world, that complicates things." Night Stick spat out the words like a foul substance.

"What do you mean?" Rainbow Dash asked as she looked worriedly at the two. Detective Black Light sighed as he picked up the images.

"We're under strict orders to keep anything regarding residents of Equestria secret." Black Light explained to Rainbow Dash.

"So as it stands. This is being treated as an unfortunate accident. So congratulations, your getting away with attempted murder." Night Stick stated bitterly. This surprised Rainbow Dash as she remembered Sunset's unconcious body laying on the ground.

"You can't be serious." Rainbow Dash said stunned, Detective Black Light pulled out a cellphone from his pocket, Rainbow's phone, sliding it onto the table while Night Stick spoke again.

"By the way, we were informed about this Anon-A-Miss situation, thought you ought to know they sent out another message when Sunset Shimmer was sent to the hospital." He said almost mockingly as Rainbow looked at the post.

'Looks like somebody has problems. Here's Gilda leaving Anger Management. Isn't it a little late for that?' the post read as it showed Gilda hugging a woman leaving a building. Dash put the phone away as she placed her hands on her head.

"No. She was telling the truth." Rainbow whispered to herself as she stared at the book sitting before her. She quickly lifted her head, looking to the officers. "W-what happens now?"

"Now, your parents are going to take you home. Again, since Sunset Shimmer was the one hurt, our hands are tied. Until someone else get's hurt or the culprit is found, we can't do anything." Night Stick said as Black Light put the pictures in the folder, he then walked to the door, opening it for Rainbow Dash.

"But I hurt Sunset! I deserve jail time, or community service! Something." Rainbow Dash growled as she growled at the officers.

"I agree, but that decisions been taken from us." Night Stick growled back. "Now, get the hell out." He ordered, pointing to the door. Rainbow Dash hung her head as she stood up slowly, trudging to the door.

"Miss Dash." Black Light called, causing Rainbow to look back. "You seem like a good kid who just made a mistake, but it might be best for you to get your anger in check." He said as a warning. Rainbow Dash shook her head before leaving the room into the busy main room of the precinct, seeing her mom and dad standing on the other side of the wooden gate leading to the exit.

Her parents were silent as they left the building. They remained that way for a few moments in the car, but only a few.

"Sweetie. It was an accident, right?" Rainbow Dash's mother, Windy Whistles asked. Rainbow Dash was looking out the window as she listened to her parents speak.

"Of course it was. This is Dash we're talking about. Our daughter is not a murderer." Her father, Bow Hothoof stated. As her parents continued to defend her mistake it only fueled the fire of guilt inside of her. "...Dash, did you hear us?" Rainbow discovered her father was asking her a question.

"Huh? What?" She asked as her mom looked back.

"We asked what actually happened?" Her mom said, giving a nervous laugh. "I mean come on, you get into fights sure, but you've never wanted to kill anyone...right?" It was there, that tone, that crack of fear in her mothers voice that set off something in the tomboy. Your a monster,
Rainbow Dash. The voice whispered darkly in her mind as tears began to fall.

"I didn't mean to." She whimpered as the voice had truly frightened her. "I just stopped thinking as I yelled and then after the second shove I realized I pushed her to the ice. I realized she could have slipped and hurt herself. I was gonna apologize and then..." Rainbow paused as bile threatened to leave her throat, her father saw this and parked on the side of the road with enough time for Rainbow to open the door before vomit left her mouth.

Rainbow laid her head and cried as her mother rubbed her back. Later that night, Rainbow Dash was trying for the fifth time to write to Twilight about what happened when she recived a phone call from Pinkie Pie. With a sigh, Rainbow Dash picked up the phone.

"Hey Pinks." Rainbow anwsered the party planner.

"Dashie, your on a conference call with the others. Are you okay?" Pinkie asked missing the normal energy in her voice.

"Pinkie Pie, how could you ask that? After what just happened I don't think any of us are okay." Rarity's voice stated in a somber tone.

"You girls ain't gonna like this, but Sunset's karma did this to her. She was the one spreadin' everyone's secrets." Applejack stated coldly.

"She didn't." Rainbow said emotionlessly. "While I was talking to the cops Anon-A-Miss posted again." Rainbow was crying as the words left her mouth. A loud thud could be heard from one of the phones as the girls could hear weeping.

"So, now what do we do?" Pinkie asked amid Fluttershy's crying.

"We gotta find the real Anon-A-Miss then." Applejack growled, it was clear she was angry. "That dirty snake tricked us! I'll be damned if we let her get away with it while Sunset is in a coma!" Applejack shouted.

"Shouldn't we tell Twilight about this? I mean she must be worried sick about Sunset." Rarity questioned the group.

"I got that covered. Look guys, I gotta go. We'll talk more about this tomorrow." Rainbow said, wanting to just get off the phone.

"We'll talk to ya later Dash. Just remember, we're on your side." Applejack stated before Rainbow hung up.

Hypocrite. Did you hear what she said before? The voice spoke again, startling Rainbow Dash. That Apple bitch is such an assholes. Rainbow Dash was looking around for the voice when she discovered something weird, her reflection in the full body mirror was off. Her hair had a darker tint to it, her eyes a darker shade of red with dark smoke billowing out from the sides. The oddest thing however was in the reflection she had wings, they were larger than when she normally ponied up and were darker. Boo.

Rainbow Dash jumped back as she watched her reflection stay in the exact same place, an evil grin on her face as she watched the real Dash.

"W-what the hell are you?" Rainbow asked as she looked around her room.

I can be a lot of things Dash. For this instance, I like to think of myself as your redemption. The mirror image said as she crossed her arms.

"I don't understand." Rainbow said as she walked closer to the mirror.

That's okay, just remember this. You'll keep trying to get justice for what you did, it won't. If you want to truly get justice for her, you'll say yes. The mirror Dash bellowed away like smoke, leaving a confused Rainbow staring at herself. Deciding to ignore that as her nerves, Rainbow walked over to the journal and began to write.

Dear Princess Twilight, something bad happened to Sunset Shimmer.


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Rainbow Dash yawned as she dismounted her bike, dreading going into the large building for the day. Rainbow looked at the building then to her phone, last night a few more secrets were told on MyStable when someone posted a reply of the news story of Sunset Shimmer's accident, the Anon-A-Miss user quickly signed off. After that the page quickly devolved into rumors of what had happened, alot of them tying Rainbow Dash to the accident.

While this was going on however, Rainbow Dash was talking to Twilight, and it did not go well. As Rainbow Dash walked past the portal she thought about the last thing Twilight wrote.

Of all the beings to hurt her in your world, I can't believe it was the Element of Loyalty. Rainbow Dash shook her head as she walked up the steps, someone else rushing inside nudged her shoulder.

"Thanks for taking care of the demon" The boy whispered before rushing away, leaving Rainbow Dash paralyzed on the steps. She couldn't believe this, after everything that happened last night, people still thought Sunset was Anon-A-Miss? Rainbow snapped out of it then ran into the building, she needed to tell the others what was just said. When Dash entered she saw most of the girls gathered at Sunset's locker, Fluttershy missing from the group.

Rainbow got closer to the locker she saw what it was the others were looking at and felt her blood go cold.

Burn in hell, SunBitch Demon! Big mouthed whore! Do everyone a favor and die, Anon-A-Miss! The list of things written on her locker seemed to get worse as the others looked at it, horrified.

"This is just wrong." Pinkie whispered as her hair was as straight as a board, Rarity shaking her head as before pulling out her phone and taking pictures.

"Rares! What in the heck are ya doin'?" Applejack asked, clearly upset.

"Evidence, darling. I know a few people who happen to aid the teachers in their grading. Perhaps Principle Celestia could see if they recognize the handwriting. These people should not be able to get away with this." Rarity stated in a irritated tone.

"Why bother? 'She had this coming', Right AJ?" Rainbow Dash sneered as her thoughts of last night plagued her mind.

"I didn't... I said that when I thought she was Anon-A-Miss!" Applejack defended, clearly bothered by her words being thrown back at her.

"It doesn't change how messed up that was." Dash growled back.

"What gives you the right to judge me, Rainbow Dash, your the one that pushed Sunset into the road!" Applejack screamed, students in the halls stopping to look at the duo. Applejack realized what she said seeing Rainbow Dash's hurt expression. The athlete shook in rage then stormed off, leaving the others at Sunset's locker.

Rainbow rounded the corner to get to her locker but was stopped by Fluttershy, the pinkette's head buryed in Rainbow's chest.

"Please don't, Dash." Fluttershy pleaded with her oldest friend.

"Fluttershy, I gotta get to my locker." She huffed as she tried to move around the quite girl. Fluttershy held her tighter.

"Your gonna get upset." Fluttershy told her, causing Rainbow Dash to push her aside, curious what she was talking about.

Her locker door was similar to Sunset's with writing all over it.

You didn't finish the job.
Rainbow the demon slayer
Who'd you have to suck to stay out of prison?
Why didn't you do that to the Dazzlings?
Rainbow Dash stood at her locker as she read the other messages, all mixed with thanks, and others asking how she got away with it.

A door slammed behind her, causing her to jump as she now stood face to face with a furious Vice-Principle Luna.

"Get in here. Now!" She ordered, many others in the hallway rushing to class as the bell rung. Rainbow Dash closed her eyes as she followed the older woman into the dark office. Rainbow Dash shuddered as she did as she was told, walking into the office.

The darkness of the office was different then normal. Unlike every other time she was in the office there wasn't any light seeping through the blades of the blinds. The room had a hint of Alcohol in the air like someone just used hand sanitizer. Luna's desk was cleared off save for one file and her cup, the rest of the things normally on desk were now on the floor on both sides.

Luna herself looked worse for wear. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and dark bags were under her eyes. She struggled to pull a pen out of her pocket as she sat before Rainbow Dash, working on the folder before her.

"Vice-Principle Luna, I Di-"

"Sit your ass down!" Luna roared as she continued to write on the paper.
Dash didn't say anything, afraid of setting off the Vice-Principle again. "I wish I could hit you wight now." She slurred, glaring at Rainbow Dash. "She was your friend, she hoped you two cou be more, an you threw her into my car." She stated coldly, glaring at Rainbow.

"She's one to talk." A familiar voice whispered in the back of Rainbow's mind. Rightous indignation soon swallowed her as her rage shot back at the clearly drunk woman.

"Oh yeah! I didn't see you or Principle Celestia doing anything to help her." Rainbow stood up as she continued, now yelling: "Were you sloshed then too, or does it take a hitting a student with your car to get you in the drinking mood!"

Dash's ears rung as her anger began to drain, Rainbow Dash's cheek stinging after Luna had slapped her. The door to the room opened with Celestia glaring at the scene.

"LUNA!" The older sister exclaimed as she marched inside, pulling. Rainbow to her feet. "Rainbow Dash, have Miss Harshwhiney call me about your tardiness." Rainbow Dash said nothing as she left the two where they were, Luna bawling into her sister's shoulder.

Instead of going to the classroom, Rainbow Dash headed to one of the nearest bathrooms instead to splash some water on her face.

"So then we're agreed. We'll hold a vote with the rest of the team about demoting Rainbow Dash from team captain." A voice said, causing Dash to stand still and listen.

"I still don't feel right about this. We still have no idea what happened." Another voice stated, Rainbow recognizing the voice as Cloud Kicker.

"Dude, Sunset Shimmer was her friend before she started Anon-a-Miss and Rainbow pushed her infront of a car for telling everyones secrets. What do you think she'd do to us the next time we lose a game." Windy Breeze stated to the others. Rainbow Dash walked into view of Windy Breeze, Cloud Kicker, and Topaz Feather, all three looking shocked at the girl.

Behind the girls, Rainbow Dash could see her darker self in the mirror behind them, laughing at Dash's pain.

"I told you Dashie, no one believes in you. As far as these three are concerned YOU are a monster." Her evil self mocked. Everything, from the lockers, Luna, and now finding out about this coup was all she take.

"Fuck you! Fuck you, damn It!" Rainbow Dash screamed at her reflection, the three girls backing away from Dash, clearly terrified. Her reflection continued laughing at her while the girls were now terrified.

"Look Dash, theres no need to get violent." Topaz said nervously as she backed up.

"R.D. I-I told them this wasn't right." Cloud Kicker stuttered as she shook in fear. Rainbow glared at the mirror then looked at the girls, her face still filled with rage.

"You now what. Fuck this, I quit. You losers don't want me as the Basketball Captain? Fine. I can still lead the other teams." Rainbow Dash stated, turning away to storm out.

"I wouldn't count on that for much longer!" Windy Breeze yelled after Dash. The rainbow haired girl stopped for a moment then rushed out. Her anger building as she went to class. The day continued in her other classes to follow suit. People would point and stare as they spoke about Dash. Some would whisper loudly about how they couldn't believe what she did, other wishing she had done it sooner. It was strange that people knew now that Sunset Shimmer was innocent of Anon-A-Miss but they still wanted Sunset dead.

Speaking of, the account was still quiet after learning Sunset was in the hospital. That signaled to the girls and a few others in the school that Sunset Shimmer was framed, their true identity still a mystery to the student body. The lunch room was currently busy as the large group had Diamond Tiara, Photo Finish, and Trixie cornered against the wall.

"You losers honestly think I'm Anon-A-Miss?!?" Diamond Tiara growled, standing her ground.

"Nien! Nine! Zhe idea zs ridiculous! Zid you all forget my secrets zere also shared!" Photo Finish pleaded to the crowed.

"Trixie's secrets were also shared! Why would Trixie share her own embarrassing secrets if she was in fact the culprit?"

Rainbow Dash watched the chaos for a second before leaving the cafeteria. All of this was getting out of hand. Dash absent mindedly walked, lost in her own thoughts as the darker presence whispered in her ears. As she turned to walk down a hallway something pulled her out of her stupor, finding a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey dork." Gilda said in a oddly soft way as she looked down to the rainbow haired girl. "I've been looking for you."