• Published 3rd Dec 2017
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One Mistake - ManicQuill

Mistakes are easy to make and can be quite damaging. As Rainbow Dash makes one due to the Anon-A-Miss incident she must now live with her One Mistake. Rated T for now for but may go up to M if I need to because of gore

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A matter of seconds

Rainbow Dash sat with the other Rainbooms in Sugarcube Corner. As of today, some of their embarrassing secrets were released online by a Mystable user known as 'Anon-a-Miss'. The girls knew the true identity of the user, their now ex-friend Sunset Shimmer, the once evil girl who many believed changed only for her to show her true, foul colors.

Rainbow Dash looked at the others, it was clear no one liked what was said today but it was necessary. Fluttershy was crying hard, worse than when her secret was first revealed. Pinkie's hair was slightly deflated as she mixed her coco with a wooden stirrer instead of a usual candy cane, the drink otherwise untouched. Applejack had no drink, one leg crossed as she leaned back, looking inquisitively at the ceiling in silence. Rarity picked at her sweater in an attempt to rid it of a stray strand at the moment unaware she was causing it to come undone in the first place with worry over her actions. While Dash had her doubts lingering as well she kept repeating to herself the same thing: it was necessary.

"So... Are we still doing the sleep overs?" Pinkie asked in an uncharacteristic whisper.

"Is there even a point to do so now?" Rarity asked as she stopped picking at her sweater. "With everything going on..." Rainbow Dash slammed her fist on the table.

"That's why we need to still do them. We need to show that bitch that she won't separate us again!" Rainbow yelled in rage. Mrs. Cake walked over to Rainbow Dash, giving the multi colored haired girl a glare.

"I understand things are stressful for you girls but you can't shout out curse words or hit the furniture." Mrs. Cake lectured, Rainbow Dash giving a quick apology as Mrs. Cake sighed. "Girls, when you get older you learn a few things. An important lesson girls, is things aren't always what they seem."
The girls looked at Mrs. Cake, Applejack letting out a sigh.

"With all do respect Mrs. Cake, ya off the mark on this one. Sunset Shimmer is guilty. That's it." The older woman looked saddened by this, letting out a sigh herself.

"If you believe that dear, then I can't change that. I just don't want you girls to make a big mistake." She stated before walking away.

"We already made a big mistake." Rainbow Dash said bitterly, the others not saying a word.

"But what if we are wrong?" Fluttershy whispered. Rarity and Rainbow Dash looked inquisitively at her.

"What was that dear?" Rarity asked while Rainbow Dash seemed to be getting more irritated.

"I mean, what if we are wrong?" Fluttershy whispered again.

"Come on Fluttershy! We all agreed she has to be 'Anon-A-Miss'. I love Mrs.Cake as much as you guys but she's wrong about this! Sunset's the culprit and that's it." Rainbow Dash stated.

"I mean it looks like it." Pinkie said quietly. "But what if she is innocent?"
Applejack shook her head. She pulled out her phone and threw it to the table, showing the 'Anon-a-Miss' Mystable page.

"My nickname. The pictures from Rarity's', your shower time with your pets. Girls, the list goes on and on, all signs pointing to Sunset telling people this stuff." Applejack stated. "I feel something in my gut too, but I agree with Rainbow, we need to trust the facts and just... Just try to move on." The bell above the front door jingled as someone walked in, the girls looked up to see Sunset Shimmer walk into the establishment.

Rainbow Dash glared at Sunset letting out a growl as she stood up from her chair then marched toward the door, making sure to give Sunset Shimmer a shoulder bump. Once out in the bitter cold Rainbow Dash walked to her car, seeing the thin layer of ice she almost slipped on when she first met up with the others.

"Rainbow Dash, wait, please!" Sunset Shimmer called out, rushing out to speak with the athlete. "If you just listen to me, I can prove I'm innocent. I've been talking to Princess Twilight-"
Rainbow Dash slapped Sunset, finding out Sunset had actually pulled out the journal she used to speak with the princess.

"You lied to her too? Like you've been lying to us?" Rainbow asked as she began to encircle the girl, her rage beginning to seep out. "When did you come up with this huh? After the Battle of the Bands? After the Fall Formal?! How do we know you weren't working with the Sirens all along!" Rainbow Dash yelled.
Sunset got off the ground, her eyes full of tears.

"How could you even say that?! Why would I throw everything I ever wanted away over something as petty as revenge! I had everything I ever really needed and you think I'd just throw it away?" Sunset Shimmer threw down the journal as the other joined the commotion outside. "You and I both know if I could even think of trying to hurt you girls again I'd go for something worse than a stupid nickname or test grade."

Something in Rainbow Dash snapped at those words, Rainbow grabbing Sunset by her jacket.

"Is that a threat? What are you threatening to post?" Rainbow hissed, looking at the fear in Sunset Shimmers' eyes.

"N-no, Dash I'm not the one posting secrets." Sunset swallowed as she looked around. "I couldn't hurt you Dash. I-"

"What? You love me? You think I'll believe that bullshit!" Rainbow screamed. "Well I hate you." She growled, shoving Sunset backwards.

"Dashie stop." Pinkie called out.

"It ain't worth it." Applejack spoke.

"Darling, be careful." Rarity urged.

"Rainbow, calm down. Please." Fluttershy begged.

"In fact Sunset Shimmer, I wish you died at the Fall Formal!" Rainbow Dash screamed as she pushed Sunset Shimmer again, this time harder than the first time. Sunset flailed backwards, slipping on the ice. As Sunset backed up more to reclaim her balance she walked right into the street.

The girls watched as a car materialized into existence, slamming into Sunset from the side, the wheels screeching to a halt, the force flinging Sunset down the street like a rag doll.
Rainbow felt the world slow as her senses came back. She just shoved Sunset into the road. She told Sunset she hated her. She told her, she wished Sunset had died. As the world came back to regular speed she noticed screaming from behind her.
The driver of the car threw the door open, revealing themselves to be Vice-Principal Luna.

"Oh god! Oh god no, Sunset! Someone call an ambulance! CALL AN AMBULANCE!" She screamed as she held the unconscious and bleeding Sunset, weeping as she shook the girl.
Rainbow Dash hadn't moved as her realization kept repeating in her head.

"I-I didn't mean it." Rainbow Dash said in stunned horror. "I didn't mean it." She repeated as she trembled to the ground, taking hold of the journal so it was pressed against her chest while the sound of sirens grew louder.

Author's Note:

I wanna thank Sar Meister for both the pre-reading and help with