Sisterly Bonds

by Misty Dolphin

First published

A pony from Princess Luna's past still haunts her memories. Will she ever come to terms with her past?

Princess Luna did a lot of things as Nightmare Moon, but one in particular still haunts her to this day. The one pony she feels she betrayed more than any other disappeared without a trace. She will never forgive herself until she is found.

Based off an oc created by lavawolf. (used with his permission of course)

Chapter 1

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**Canterlot Castle garden 5 years before Luna became Nightmare moon**

It was early afternoon, and Princess Luna was looking around for her little playmate. "Now, where could she have gone?" she thinks to herself. Out of nowhere, something rushes her, but Luna sees it coming using her magic to levitate her in the air. It was her little sister Harmony. "You'll have to try harder than that, dear sister." she says, rolling her eyes.

"Oh come on! I was certain I had you that time!" she whines, struggling playfully.

"Keep trying, you might get me one day." she says, nuzzling her happily as she puts her on the ground. The 2 of them had always been close. Luna always felt a closer bond with her than with Celestia.

Harmony snuggles up to her. "Sis, I have a problem..."

"Why? What happened?"

"I was bullied again in magic kindergarten." she says, sniffling. Little Harmony had always been picked on because she had been born with zebra stripes.

"Again? Will those kids never learn?" Luna says, sighing. "Listen, those stripes are part of who you are. You shouldn't feel ashamed about them. I for one think they look perfect on you." she says, nuzzling her. "If they still give you trouble, tell them they can take it up with me. That'll shut them up."

Harmony smiled, nuzzling her. "Thank you, I won't forget that. You always know just how to cheer me up."

"What can I say? You're like a sister to me.

"Hey! I AM your sister!" she says, shoving her.

"I'm just messing with you. That's the little Harmony I know and love." she asks, giggling. "It's getting late. I need to get ready to raise the moon soon."

"Hey, sis? I was wondering something... Do you think I could try it tonight?"

"I don't know... Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Of course! I have been getting stronger."

"I don't know..."

"Pleeeeease?" she begs, giving her best puppy dog eyes look.

"Aw, who could say not to that face? Ok, your welcome to try."

"Oh thank you, thank you! You won't regret it!" she says, hugging her.

"Well let's go then. Don't want our big sister thinking I'm shirking my duties." she says, heading to her chambers, with Harmony close behind. Once there, they watched as Celestia lowered the sun. Luna turned to Harmony. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be..." she says, focusing her horn.

"Ok, keep your mind focused, push out all distractions."

She nods, concentrating. The moon starts to rise, very slowly.

"That's it, you're doing it. You're almost there." Luna says happily.

The moon stops about half-way. "Aw, I can't do it." Harmony whines.

"It's ok, you'll get it one of these days. But it was a very nice first try." Luna tells her, finishing the job.

"I don't know how you can do that, you are so strong. Have you ever tried moving the sun?"

"No, I'm nowhere near that good." Luna says with a sigh.

"You sell yourself short. You are better than you think." Celestia says, landing in front of them.

"Tia!" Harmony says happily, snuggling up to her.

"You're joking. I'm nowhere near as strong as you." Luna says.

"I keep telling you, strength has nothing to do with it. It takes a strong mind and will. With enough of both, nothing is impossible."

"So you keep saying, but what does that even mean? I just don't get it."

"It's not something that can be taught. You need to figure it out for yourself."

"As you wish."

"What are you 2 talking about?" Harmony asks, confused.

"You'll understand when you're older." Celestia tells her, heading back to her room.

/She's hiding something you know?/ Luna would hear someone say in her mind. She looks around, confused.

"Is something wrong?" Harmony asks.

"No no, I just thought I heard something. Right now it's time for you to go to bed."

"Aw, do I have to?" she whines.

"All good little alicorns need their rest. And you are no exception."

"Can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Of course. Do you remember that spell I taught you?"

"Of course! How could I forget?" she says, climbing into bed.

Luna nods, smling as she tucks her in. "Just remember, if you ever need me, whether you're awake, or in your dreams, just use it and I'll come running."

"Thank you, sis." she says, nuzzling her as she drifts off to sleep.

Luna smiles, heading out to the balcony. She watched as the citizens of Equestria fell asleep. Thats when she heard it again. /Such a shame./

"Who's there?" she demanded.

/A friend, perhaps. I was just saying its such a shame that they can sleep through such a beautiful night./

"They have to sleep at some point. Now show yourself."

/Your sister undermines your authority, pushing you aside. As long as she's around, you'll never live up to your full potential./

"I, I don't know what you are talking about."

/Come now, surely you are sick of living in Celestia's shadow, always playing second fiddle to that wannabe./

"Stay out of my head! I won't listen to you!"

/Suit yourself. You'll hear from me again./

Over the next 5 years, the voice kept coming back, whittling down her resolve. It kept toying with her insecurities, until...

**5 years later**

Luna couldn't take it anymore. As much as she hated it, the voice made complete sense to her. "Fine, enough! What should I do?"

/Overthrow her. Refuse to lower the moon and depose that tyrant. But you can't do it by yourself. I can help./

"What about Harmony?"

/If she gets in tbe way, I'll handle her./

"Fine, help me." as she said that, a dark energy swirled around her, entering every fiber of her being. "W-what the hell is this?!"

/Don't fight it, give in./

Harmony enters, wondering what the noise is about."Sister! What's happening?

"H-harmony, stay away!" her eyes started to glow as her body changed.

"No, this isn't happening, I must get Tia." she says, backing away.

The darkness was taking over Luna's mind, she was no longer in control. It wasn't long before she was Nightmare moon completely. "You'd dare interfere? You worthless little insect." she says, charging her horn. She levitates harmony off the ground, her magic constricting around her painfully. "Get in my way, and I'll eat you alive!"

"Sis, please stop!"

"Put her down, NOW!" Celestia orders as she enters, charging an attack.

"Fine, this little nuisance isn't even worth it." she says tossing her into the air.

Celestia went too catch her, but Nightmare moon sent a blast at Harmony, sending her hurtling through a nearby window.

"H-how could you?!" Celestia shouts, charging at her.

As their battle raged on, Harmony mustered what strength she could and fled. She was heartbroken. The one she trusted more than anyone had just tossed her aside like she never meant anything to her. No one has seen her since.

To be continued...

Chapter 2

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**Canterlot Castle, after the mane 6 defeated Nightmare moon**

Celestia was helping Luna to her room, the experience leaving her rather weakened. "Thank you, truly. Istill can't believe you'd take me back after the things I did." Luna says with a sigh.

"Hey, no matter what happens, you'll always be my sister." Celestia assures her.

"Do you think they will ever forgive me?"

"Give them time. I'm sure they will." she says, helping her onto her bed. "Right now, you should be more concerned with regaining your strength. I can take care of things until you're atyour best."

"Thank you. But, where is harmony? I have to see her."

"I don't know how to tell you this, but nopony has seen her in a thousand years."

"WHAT?! What happened?"

"Nopony knows... She disappeared after you uh, went mad."

"I have to find her!" Luna shouts, starting to get up.

"I know how you feel, but we can't do anything for now. We'll find her, you have my word."

"But I..."

"Would I lie to you?"

"You are right." she says, laying back down. "I just hope she is safe."

**Ponyville, several months later**

It was late one night, and a dark figure staggers through the streets groggily. It blindly wanders until it smacks into the door of Twilight's home. It soon passes out on her doorstep.

Spike wakes with a start. "W-what was that?" he asks nervously.

Twilight wakes, looking over at him. "What's wrong?"

"I thought I heard something downstairs."

"It's probably nothing. Try to get back to sleep."

"Don't you think you should look into it?"

Twilight rolls her eyes. "If it'll make you feel better, I can have a look." she says, heading downstairs. Spike is close behind. "Ok, just where did this supposed sound come from?"

"The front door I think."

She nods, opening the door. "See? there's nothing to..." she looks down, spotting the figure. "What the hay? Spike, help me get her inside." They carry her unconcious form inside, placing her down gently.

"You see? I told you I heard something!" Spike says, scowling a bit.

"Ok ok, you were right. I'm sorry." she says with a sigh. "Ok, lets get a good look." she says, turning on a nearby light. She gasps as she sees a young alicorn, specificly Harmony. "What in the wide world of Equestria? She looks to be an alicorn, but she doesn't look familiar."

Harmony starts coming around, looking around in a panic. "W-where am I?

"Whoa easy, you are safe here." Twilight assures her. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, what is your name?"

She starts calming down a little. "My name is...." She clutches her head in pain. "Who am I? Why can't I remember?"

"You can't remember anything?"

"Just one, an image of a white alicorn flying towards me. Followed by a bright light"

Twilight thinks for a moment. "A white alicorn? Only one comes to mind. Does the name Celestia sound familiar?"

Harmony gives it some thought, but then a panicked emotion hits her. "Tia, Lulu..."

"So you do know them?" she asks.

"I don't know. The name does seem familiar."

"I can take you to see them in the morning. Maybe they will know something. You are welcome to stay here tonight."

"Thank you, truly." Harmony says, getting comfortable.

"If you need anything, my room is right upstairs, ok?"

Harmony nods, trying to get some sleep.

Twilight and Spike head back upstairs. "I hope she'll be ok." Spike says.

"I'm sure the princesses will know something. Until then, she just needs rest." Twilight tells him.

As Harmony slept, a dark aura approaches her, entering her mind.

**Harmony's dream**

Harmony is surrounded by darkness. She looks around, confused. "Where am I?" She hears somenone chuckling darkly. "Who is there?"

"A friend, perhaps. You wish to remember your past? I can help, for a price.."

"I-I don't know, something seems off."

"Turning down my gracious offer? Well, color me insulted." the voice says in a huff.

"Well wait, what exactly do you want in return?"

"Let me into your mind. We can share your body, and in return, I'll help you remember what you forgot."

I don't know... Can I trust you?." she asks, still unsure.

"If you doubt me, I could always find someone else."

"Could I at least give it some thought?"

The voice sighes. "I suppose, but keep in mind I won't wait forever."

To be continued...