First of all, apologies to my fans (all three of you) who've been waiting for more regular updates. Life has been … distracting over the summer, and I will certainly try to do better this fall. I still have one story, Diamond and the Rough, that I hope to finish before the year ends.

Those of you who regularly read my stories and blog might recall that one of my big projects is going back to Rainbooms and Royalty. I wrote the story waaay back without the benefit of editors or collaborators to bounce ideas off of, and there are times I let my inner fanboy leave his mark on some scenes and lines that need to be reined in and toned down. Plus, with the growth of the Dashverse, there have been some minor continuity hiccups that need to be ironed out, never mind basic spelling and grammar issues. My regular editor is very busy and in demand, and going over a 40+ chapter story (over 100,000 words) from years ago is a pretty big undertaking.

As such I'm putting out a call for a few editors to assist me in this project. I will be putting up chapters of R&R in Google Docs (either individually or grouping a couple of chapters together) for comments and suggested alterations. I'm looking for people, preferably those familiar with my work, who are very grammatically precise, are able to keep to a regular schedule, and willing to offer thoughts and suggestions about story structure and character development. In addition, I’ll probably bounce ideas off of them from time to time, so I’ll be looking for people with an appreciation for what best serves the story and character development.

What do I plan on doing? I plan to make some revisions to tighten up the writing and flesh out some scenes while keeping the writing consistent regarding things like point of view, tense usage, etc. This includes consistent grammar usage. My big hope is to get the story up on Equestria Daily, and they are notoriously stringent about spelling and grammar issues, among others. That's the bar I'm setting for myself and for the editor(s) who contribute to R&R, so if you want to help, I do expect you to bring your A-Game.

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Thanks for the fave on Pas de Deux. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

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you refuse to do anything with pinkie's character why did you bother putting her in if you are going to not give a shit about her development especially with dash? oh thats right because its about dash and the four pinkie clearly isnt an important character its not like shes part of the mane 6 or anything :facehoof:

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um hello?

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do you even like pinkie?

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nice oc bro

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