Happy New Years!

As a final present from 2015, enjoy the second chapter of "Storm on the Prairie" and the start of two new stories ("Diamond and the Rough" and "Hearth's Warming Swap") both also set in the Dashverse. As you can guess, each story involves an exploration of the rest of the Dashverse Mane Six (Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy respectively), their relationship with Rainbow Dash and how they diverge from their show-canon selves.

Other planned projects for 2016 include working with some editors (Swiftest, Comma Kazie, etc.) to fix some issues with my two most successful stories ("Rainbooms and Royalty" and "Friendship is Empathy") with an eye towards getting them published on Equestria Daily.

Beyond that, I plan write another story for Chengar Qordath's Phoenixverse and work towards the next big story in the Dashverse saga. And to answer all those who I know will ask: I will try (emphasis on try) to wrap up "A Camping We Will Go" should the inspiration strike me.

Massive thanks go out to my longtime collaborators: Chengar Qordath, Comma-Kazie, Ponibius, JaketheGinger, to all my loyal fans and to Bronies everywhere. We had a hell of year, here's to having an even greater one in 2016.


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Latest Stories

  • E A Hearth's Warming Swap

    Dashverse AU: The Mane Six are due to put on the Heart's Warming Pageant, but things get mixed up and turned around thanks to Fluttershy.  · Trinary
    7,241 words · 427 views  ·  53  ·  4
  • T Diamond and the Rough

    Dashverse: Rarity and Rainbow Dash are friends, but they don't have much in common. This becomes a problem when Princess Luna needs their help with the Equestria Summit and the two friends have vastly differing ideas on how to proceed.  · Trinary
    13,289 words · 543 views  ·  57  ·  4
  • T Friendship is Empathy II

    Sequel to "Friend is Empathy" set after "What About Discord?" Recent events weigh heavily on Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash though they don't know why, at first. The answer comes in their dreams.  · Trinary
    12,154 words · 1,258 views  ·  81  ·  4
  • E Storm on the Prairie

    Set in the Dashverse AU: When Applejack and friends visit her cousin in Appleloosa, she's disturbed to find that Braeburn's been bucking tradition instead of apples.  · Trinary
    19,760 words · 581 views  ·  52  ·  2
  • E Rainbow Rises

    A retelling of the Season 4 episode "Rainbow Falls"  · Trinary
    9,087 words · 946 views  ·  55  ·  1
  • E Wedding Bells Bug Hunt

    Dashverse AU: The Canterlot Wedding is on and a changeling scheme to subvert the Elements of Harmony is underway! Can Rainbow Dash find the imposter?  · Trinary
    86,737 words · 2,902 views  ·  299  ·  15
  • E Rainbow Triumphant

    AU: A retelling of "Sonic Rainboom" episode, set in Dashverse (A universe where Rainbow Dash became Princess Celestia's student. A follow up to "Rainbooms and Royalty")  · Trinary
    39,235 words · 2,582 views  ·  253  ·  7
  • E The Incredibly Cool Godmother of Dinky Doo

    Winningverse: Rainbow Dash is Dinky Doo's godmother and it just hit her how big of a responsibility that is.  · Trinary
    15,073 words · 4,851 views  ·  426  ·  12
  • T Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel

    AU Dashverse: The Crystal Empire has returned and the foals of Equestria have gone missing!  · Trinary
    148,560 words · 6,104 views  ·  540  ·  10
  • E Friendship is Empathy

    Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash's friendship is put to the test as past mistakes are dug up.  · Trinary
    12,112 words · 18,821 views  ·  1,325  ·  28


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#93 · 4w, 1d ago · · ·

Do you have a certain chronological order for your Dashverse stories? I'd like to read them in the proper order, if at all possible :twilightsheepish:

#91 · 17w, 5d ago · · ·

When you get to the point in the Dashverse where Rainbow becomes a princess, I hope you do a crack-companion story where Twilight still ends up being the one who ascends and everyone is just confused save for a furious Rainbow Dash. Anyway, keep up the good work, AU's centering around the Mane6 being altered in some fashion are some of my favorite stories.


Do you know of the AU story where Rarity owns a thrift store and AJ is still a socialite? I believe it was one of those stories where the Rainboom incident didn't happen. Those are the only aspects I remember and I can't find it anywhere. I'm starting to think I'm crazy and just dreamed it all.

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