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I have left the site in a "Hiatus" of sorts, but the account stays up for the sake of the stories.           Think Freely Everyone

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"You will learn to be afraid again

I will be the one to bring your end

I can run through fire, you shall fall,

Once you do I'll burn you all!


NA NA NA NA NA.....")

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I'm leaving · 5:40am

Well that's pretty blunt now isn't it?

As much as I would love to regale to you all a nice and long story about why this is happening, I'm just going to be quick and sweet.

Long story short, I had a pretty hefty argument with one of my friends.   It started out as something silly and stupid, but it took a turn for the worse and I was pissed.  REALLY Pissed.  I was seriously ready to knock someone's lights out.  In the end though, I pretty much did what any writer might have done in such a situation.

I made a dramatic speech about my life choices and made an interesting exit.  

What does that have to do with this? (as in, Why the hell am I leaving then?)

Simply put, this argument was with someone who convinced me to join up with the fanfiction community anyway.  


And now I've been convinced to leave by that very same person.

Pretty ironic isn't it?

Honestly though, this is something that was going to happen for a while now.  I won't trouble you all with a dramatic backstory or anything, and I certainly won't try to make you cry your eyes out with my leaving, but to those of you who I somehow managed to touch your heart.....well....

This isn't a "Forever good-bye I'm now going to kill myself" thing.  I made a promise that I would never take the easy way out, as in jump off a cliff or stab myself, but I never said I wouldn't take the hard way out.  What this "Hard Way" is....well I'm too scared to even think about what that might entail, so no worries about me offing myself into the nearest river, got it?  


I'm sorry mates.  I really am!  But I haven't updated in....well a long time now.  It's time to admit that I've simply lost the writing bug.   Where it went, who the hell knows, but I certainly hope that I could have inspired someone, at least ONE person, to keep on living and to fight for their dream.  

Once upon a time, I told you all that I had three mantras.  They are:

1. Think Freely (Because everyone deserves to believe in their own thoughts)

2. Dream a Better Dream (Because sometimes we fuck up and the best thing to do is to simply start over)


3. I choose to live now, because the past is the past and the future hasn't happened yet (Because that's just how I am)

I leave these mantras now in hopes that I will, eventually, come back.  If that be next week, next month, or even next YEAR for some reason....then so be it.  

Simple as that.

I realize now that I'm going all over the place with this good bye post.  Time to get down to business.

But what about your stories?

Trust me I want to finish them, I just can't right now, so, for fear of them being deleted by accident, I WILL NOT deactivate this account.

Will you visit from time to time?

Well....yes AND no.  Yes, because I will at least try to read some fan fictions every so often and to check in on my old writing friends, and no because I won't be logged on most of the time now.  

Is there anythng we can say or do to convince you NOT to leave?

NOPE!  I said I'd leave and I'm doing just that.  I will try to work my way back into the writing train, but what with College coming up (Of which I'm studying to be a Mechanical Engineer with a Minor in Creative Writing eventually) and with working on a different personality of mine....well I just need to take a break from writing here in general.  

Then...what's your plans for the future?

Other than college, I have no idea.  Will I get back into writing?  Will I EVER finish one of my big chapter stories?  Well.....that's in the I really don't care.  Right NOW, I am leaving because of some stupid shit going down in a Skype chat room.  

And....shit.  Now I'm all sad and uncertain, and this blog is already far too long.  Time to cut this off and say my good byes.

To everyone that stuck with me in the Comment Warriors for so long:  Thank you for everything guys.  You helped me when no one else would and opened my eyes to a universe of possibilities.

To Guyinthecorner and xNecrospherex:  Wherever you two went, you're both amazing individuals.  I hoped to talk to you one last time.....but I now know that that will never happen.  God Speed with whatever you're doing.

To my fans who care, if any:  Thank you for reading my stories.   I'm sorry I only got to complete one of them.  

You know....I thought I wasn't going to make this a sob fest...but now I feel like crying.  I've been at this for a year-and-a-half.  Weird.  I thought I would have quit by now....I guess it took longer than I thought it would.  

Well I've delayed this for long enough.  I tried to make this as funny as I could, but who the hell cares about my shitty humor anyway?  X)

Good bye everyone.  I hope I'll be back before you know it.  

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Thanks mate.

#1211304 · 14w, 4d ago · · ·


Well then I wish you luck with your art and your class then.  :rainbowdetermined2:

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Nothing at all. Failing my DVC class, need to get some art work done, tomorrow is an open house for it.

#1211142 · 14w, 4d ago · · ·

>>1210819 Yeah...but I also suffer from cronic laziness, so that's a big factor too! XD

I'm trying to finish up this blind story though, so at least I'm TRYING to work.

How about you?  Anything to report?

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It doesnt really matter anyway. That was just a way to start a conversation with you. You must be really busy.

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