Music that I like

(Alternate lyrics that I came up with:

"You will learn to be afraid again

I will be the one to bring your end

I can run through fire, you shall fall,

Once you do I'll burn you all!


NA NA NA NA NA.....")

Current status!


I fucked up big time in one of my classes.  Actually....I'm just fucking up period.  I have to focus on school more than anything else right now.  

Hopefully things will get better.

My works of writing

  • Upon that day... Reflections of a war torn life... a glimpse of a peaceful world... by TLSpark 21,599 words · 340 views · 23 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Star Sisters: Journey of the Cosmic Warriors The War of the Sun and Moon has expanded to the reaches of space, and although it is now peace time, war is still around the corner. In another quadrant of space, a group of fighters uncover a secret that had been forgotten long ago......... by TLSpark 15,196 words · 161 views · 17 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Stuck A Stallion is reading a book to his date in a seemingly normal room, hoping beyond hope that he doesn't get "Stuck", for if he does, the consequences could be disastrous. by TLSpark 2,404 words · 263 views · 5 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Blind writing challenge: A collection of random stories without an end Simply put, whenever I just want to write with no real direction or planning, I'll start with a concept and just move on from there. Whatever I end up with will be dumped here. Enjoy by TLSpark 3,956 words · 97 views · 6 likes · 0 dislikes

Originally I was going to set the title as "And then TL went to college!" but I've kind of....been in college for almost four weeks that would be a little redundant.....

But anyway....hey!  Long time no...well...anything!  It's been about three months since I've seriously been here.  Other than the occasional visit to leave a comment for a fic I had just read, I haven't done much towards writing.  Shameful I know, but mind you I was having a pretty tough time actually enjoying myself even when writing (If at all).  Add to the fact that I'm in college now and most of my free time goes out the window, either from doing annoying online homework (Where the program claims I'm wrong when I'm clearly RIGHT, but says I'm not because I had put my answer in as a decimal instead of a fraction), talking with my new roommate (Who has the same exact first name as me...which makes for pretty interesting conversations sometimes...) and my new friends (either being DnD lovers or study buddies) Getting to class on time (Generally pretty easy, but then I have to take a shite ton of notes) and then having to study in between all of this.  

Needless to say, I've been busy!  

Still, though, I have to admit that I do have more free time than I'm used to.  I spend most of it playing on my computer, talking with Skype friends OR my real friends, or just doing homework.  For some reason, I've found that I actually DO have a SOCIAL LIFE that I'm actually PAYING ATTENTION TO, which is a nice change of pace instead of simply suffering through homework...then trying to force myself to write...which usually didn't work anyway considering my record. has been....well it's hard....but it's also pretty nice.  




So....why did I decide to write up this blog all of a sudden?  Shouldn't I be doing some of that homework I mentioned....or hanging out with my new friends?  Well.....two points on that.  First off, it's night time here so most of my mates are either on their own computers or are going to some event that I just don't know about.  Secondly, I actually finished up my homework a few hours ago.  So, on this rare night of actually having no homework to do and not having much to talk about with my skype mates, I realized now was the perfect time to write.....and that also made me realize that no one knew, aside from my skype mates, of what the hell happened to me almost three months ago.

Also there's the fact that I unpublished "Stuck" which needs an explanation anyway

Yes yes...I unpublished it.  

No, I am not officially "Back" per se...

and yes, I actually am going to rewrite'll just take me a while to get back into the groove of things.  

There's ALSO the matter that I am actually trying to work some writing back into my life, a slow process for sure, but it's still, slowly, happening.  

Now that THAT mass of a blog has been finished, I had noticed that I also got a few more followers......for....some reason....was it not obvious that I've been on Hiatus this entire time, or did you just want to keep an eye out for any updates on those stories I never finished?  X)  (Seriously though, thanks for the follow despite my absence)

Well, that's what's been going on with me for the last few months.  I'm not going to stick around here for that long tonight, but I'll at least try to keep an eye on any comments you want to shoot my way.  

Think Freely my Friends!

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Thanks mate.

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Well then I wish you luck with your art and your class then.  :rainbowdetermined2:

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Nothing at all. Failing my DVC class, need to get some art work done, tomorrow is an open house for it.

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>>1210819 Yeah...but I also suffer from cronic laziness, so that's a big factor too! XD

I'm trying to finish up this blind story though, so at least I'm TRYING to work.

How about you?  Anything to report?

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It doesnt really matter anyway. That was just a way to start a conversation with you. You must be really busy.

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