Music that I like

(Alternate lyrics that I came up with:

"You will learn to be afraid again

I will be the one to bring your end

I can run through fire, you shall fall,

Once you do I'll burn you all!


NA NA NA NA NA.....")

Current status!


New Year.  New Semester.  New story idea.

Let's make this year work X)

My works of writing

  • Upon that day... Reflections of a war torn life... a glimpse of a peaceful world... by TLSpark 21,599 words · 394 views · 25 likes · 5 dislikes
  • The Star Sisters: Journey of the Cosmic Warriors The War of the Sun and Moon has expanded to the reaches of space, and although it is now peace time, war is still around the corner. In another quadrant of space, a group of fighters uncover a secret that had been forgotten long ago......... by TLSpark 15,196 words · 178 views · 17 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Stuck A Stallion is reading a book to his date in a seemingly normal room, hoping beyond hope that he doesn't get "Stuck", for if he does, the consequences could be disastrous. by TLSpark 2,404 words · 285 views · 5 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Blind writing challenge: A collection of random stories without an end Simply put, whenever I just want to write with no real direction or planning, I'll start with a concept and just move on from there. Whatever I end up with will be dumped here. Enjoy by TLSpark 3,956 words · 103 views · 6 likes · 0 dislikes

Happy Holidays! · 8:31pm

Well so much for weekly updates!

Not like I've been trying to write for the last month or so anyway....that time's been mostly taken up by school work and club meetings.  

I hope I'll get to writing seriously soon enough, but with finals coming up I highly doubt that I'll be able to do anything other'll see~

(If I can work out another chapter anyway)

For those of you who still care (All of like five people I'm sure) my college situation has been mostly taken care of, but I'm not out of the fog yet.  I won't go into detail, but outside of a personal life I'm still struggling with all of some of my classes.  I just need to focus is all.  Why am I making a blog instead then?


Anyway, that's all for an update on my life I suppose.  

The holidays are upon us now and finals are just around the corner.  I wish you all some happy holidays and good luck on any tests that you have!  

Think Freely my Friends

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Thanks mate.

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Well then I wish you luck with your art and your class then.  :rainbowdetermined2:

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Nothing at all. Failing my DVC class, need to get some art work done, tomorrow is an open house for it.

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>>1210819 Yeah...but I also suffer from cronic laziness, so that's a big factor too! XD

I'm trying to finish up this blind story though, so at least I'm TRYING to work.

How about you?  Anything to report?

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It doesnt really matter anyway. That was just a way to start a conversation with you. You must be really busy.

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