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You know, I know it's inevitable that regardless of what I write, people are going to compare my stuff to other stuff. That's what people do, it's primitive pattern recognition. You know, the stuff Caveman Bob used while chillaxing by the fire at night to tell whether he was looking at stars in the trees, or fireflies--- or eyes. Kind of important.

But it gets kind of old.

I write the climactic dragon battle of "Nyx's Family" as a tribute to classic anime and classic Godzilla movies. I even put in a link to big G's theme song. What does everybody and their mother do? They start making "Pacific Rim" references. (BTW Dude, if you've got a witty reference to make, and at least three other people have already referenced that bit of pop culture in the comments before you? You're THAT DUDE. Don't be THAT DUDE.)

I am inspired, or perhaps a better word is goaded, by the (terrible) brony-bashing hatefic "Malideus" to write a new (good) Human in Equestria fic called "the Rise of Darth Vulcan." I started this fic literally TWO YEARS ago. And everyone is insisting that it is one of the "Displaced" fad fanfics, even though the Displaced fad only started a month or two ago. I have posted notices that no, it is not a Displaced fic, and actually had people tell me "no no, it IS" and start to argue with me about it.

By the way: No, it is NOT one of your damnable goat-grabbing, doorknob-molesting, Made-in-China Disney Knockoff DISPLACED FICS.


1) No crazy/evil magic item vendor.

2) No comic convention. (it's a high school tailgate party)

3) Protagonist is ACTUALLY a villain, not some luckless sucker dumped into a tragedy of errors.

4) Villain protagonist is NOT sent 1,000+ years in the past.

5) Villain protagonist is NOT turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony.

6) Villain Protagonist is not going on a solo Rampage of Revenge because of being turned to stone.

7) Empowering Artifact is actually an Equestrian magic item, not some random enchanted costume piece.

8) Villain Protagonist is not Discord's "ally", pawn, enemy, or rival. Villain Protagonist in fact has little to no contact with Discord at all.

9) Villain Protagonist is not magically metamorphosed into the character he is portraying.

10) Villain Protagonist is not randomly killing and/or destroying for revenge, for the lulz, or just because the author is a hatefic writing troll.

11) The Villain Protagonist actually has a PLAN.

12) The Rise of Darth Vulcan PREDATES the "Displaced" fad--- I started writing it in 2013!

And now, in Darth Vulcan, Celestia and Luna have summoned a Champion to try and rival Darth Vulcan's nefarious power... and people are already switched tracks and started claiming it's a knockoff of ERFWORLD. (hint, maybe you need more than a one-paragraph description of a character who is yet to say any dialogue, or even do anything besides faint from shock, before you start drawing parallels.)

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>>1936293 he probably said something homophobic or something equelly stupid.

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Odd, this page appears to be generating a 404 when I attempt to connect manually, but connects just fine when I follow an internal link.

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>>1943149 The answer is assuredly "Nothing is planned." RC is rather notorious for being poor at scheduled updates, so any updates would be spontaneous.

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I don't want to put pressure,  but are you planning to update this week?

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