I hate April Fools. · 12:46am

Just hate it. Absolutely. And my loathing has only grown after getting on the internet.

Fake websites? Not funny.

Fake news articles? Not funny.

Buggering up your site in some way? Not funny.

Fake chapters for your fanfic? NOT FUNNY. NOT EVEN CLEVER.

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Are you mad? This is fruitbat country!

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You may have been thinking of the presidency.

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I want to issue an official apology.

I unintentionally mislead you by telling you that Ted Cruz was Canadian and can not run for the republican part in 2016, I was incorrect and he can and indeed it a Canaanite for the 2016 elections, sorry.

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hay we are doing and sfm animation where twilight becomes dusk by finding a spell but we don't know how to say she wants to cast it we had a thing where we thought she may cast it on spike and it bonuses off him but we don't  know you do the best wrighting so here what we got so far we can change it if you want to your standers you can even put up the story were just asking for some help pleas you can say no we will understand

link: http://sta.sh/0f25337xc9t

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You doing okay, man? We haven't heard from you in nearly a month. Is real life being a jerk again?

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I feel like this must be said, I've been a fan of FIM for a while, it kinda died down in the past few years but I'll watch the occasional episode, what's really kept me calling myself a pegasister is the efforts of the Brony comunity and just how amazingly high quality it is! and yours....Well you sir have become perhaps my absolute favorte writer in the time I've been browsing Fimfiction.

I orgianinly stayed far away from MLP fanfics because of all I've heard of clop fics and reading Cupcakes and it's like. but after my third trawl of the HP section of TVTropes revealed no new intresting fics I dipped my foot into the MLP side.

Wow, honestly wow! The Audience is a bar I think all HiE fics should be set against, I love Parting Words and I'm eagerly awaiting more from Mudpuppy in The Great Alicorn hunt, I'm reading your Nyx fics between classes on my phone. If I where wearing a hat I'd ti- You know what screw it *Get's hat and tips it* You are a amazing writer.

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