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Move is finished. · 12:44am

Well this is it... all my stories have been transferred to archiveofourown.org , and I'm taking my stuff here down. And just as I got a bunch of new readers too, that's the killer.

But, after years of petty harassment, and the growing bias and poor treatment by the moderators, this site, for all its shiny bells and whistles, just isn't worth the hassle.

My stories are still ongoing--- but now they are all found at http://archiveofourown.org/users/RHJunior/works.

I'm leaving this last blog entry up so people can find out what happened.

Thank you to all my readers and fans, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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>>2121130 It's more complex than that. It's not TOTALLY impossible to find a hiding alicorn... just very very very VERY difficult. And if they're found (regardless of how), then there's backlash--- they become almost impossible to hide. It took Celestia and Luna ages to work out the "Somepony Else's Problem" trick that lets them go out anonymously from time to time... and even they suspect the only reason it works is because everybody "knows" that the Princesses are at the Palace.

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Something just occurred to me.  In Alicornumdrum, one of my favorite scenes is in Ch. 1(I think), where Celestia and Luna talk about the times they tried (and hilariously failed) to run away from being princesses.  I'm going to re-read The Great Alicorn Hunt to see if something similar is present in that story.  Because if it is, it could be the work of a clever, unnamed alicorn(s?) directing everypony toward the sisters and off of them.  No one can find an alicorn unless they want to be found, or are found by another alicorn.

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Well damn, i was wondering why RH went silent. It really sucks to lose one of the better authors on fimfic. :fluttercry:

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Well.... I'm inclined to give Ralph the benefit of the doubt, and yes, the mods in this instance did act badly... but, I think we should be fair. We don't know if this was an ongoing problem or one that specifically targeted this author, the timing could have just been bad.

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