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I've seen a lot of stories portraying Luna as being the more militant of the two sisters, more skilled in strategy and tactics and battle to the point that Celestia defaults to her whenever a military related crisis comes up. But really, folks, think:

1) If Luna is so much better a soldier and general, how did poor, less-soldierly Celestia kick her butt when she was Nightmare Moon? Celestia was holding back; Luna wasn't. If Luna really was the better fighter and tactician, Elements or no, Celestia would have been screwed.

2)If Celestia is such a poor military leader, how has Equestria survived ten centuries without Luna's military guidance? Let's not even assume that they've had a millennia of peace. Even one war every fifty to one hundred years would have eventually tattered Equestria to rags. Consider the Pax Romana. One does not oversee a thriving nation for 1,000 years by being militarily weak.

People mistake her stern demeanor and lack of an indoor voice for being of tougher stuff than Celestia. What they're missing is that Luna is still, and always will be, the younger sister. A younger sister who has always look up to and envied the respect and authority of her (now much) older sister. Ever seen a child trying to act more like an adult? When she gets all stern and militant, it's because she's trying to ape what she thinks of as mature, Royal, adult behavior. Sternness, bombast, a scowling authoritarian expression... Of course the irony is that this couldn't be further from Celestia's gentler maternal demeanor. But mistaking either performance for the Princess's actual competence to lead and rule, or for their actual inner personalities, would be a serious mistake (Especially for Equestria's rivals or enemies.)

It would be very interesting to see what Celestia and Luna are REALLY like when they allow themselves to forget how "royal" they're supposed to act...

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Had a suggestion for what might be a fun - if short - mini-sequel to Alicornundrum.

Since Twilight and Ink Spot just got married, it's time for their Honeymoon.  Of course, they can't really have the kids along for the honeymoon, since that would get in the way of a few things.  So they - and the other Bearers - swing by the Crystal Empire (Twilight and Ink Spot to leave Spike and Nyx in Shining and Cadence's care, the other Bearers to see them off).  Celestia and Luna also swing by, Celestia to enjoy her newfound free time, Luna to rub Cadence's face in it (Cadence, after all, is no longer an Equestrian Princess, so that bill doesn't apply to her).  Possibly Twilight's folks are there to, and Cadence convinces everyone to stay a few nights since it's the first time in forever the whole family has been together.

That night, Sunset Shimmer shows up through the Mirror Portal, intending to steal the Element of Magic.  However, when she's about to, she hears a quiet cough.  Turning, she sees Nightmare Moon.  Knowing that story, she freaks and screams.  Lights come on.  'Nightmare Moon' was actually Nyx, her image twisted funhouse mirror style through a crystal.  However, Sunset finds herself surrounded by Celestia, Luna, alicorn Cadence, five Harmony Bearers, alicorn Twilight...and her alicorn husband.

Sunset promptly faints dead away.

And wherever you might want to go with that from there.

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All I want to know is what is Next for the Nyx Verse?  I would liek to see more in Cherilee's class being written.

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>>1381312 They downvoted the person because they were smothering RC in praise.

Clearly, there are people who believe that RC is undeserving of that praise.

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First of all, my dear sir or madam, RC is free to block others if he so desires. I do not know the circumstances, nor is it any of my or anyone elses business, but he is free to do so if he wishes. Also it appears as though this person actually took pleasure in the act.

Secondly, even if what you propose is true, what does that have to do with down voting another person

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