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1)All the causality changes were, in the end, to Rainbow Dash. Seems that it's not the rainboom, but RD herself that is important to the timeline. Even Fluttershy's befriending of the animals should only have been affected when she was prevented from falling. Everything else changed wildly depending on how RD was made to lose the race, which meant every other variable remained the same.

Most likely chain of events--- Nightmare Moon takes over; Discord defeats Nightmare Moon; Discord gets in a war with Changelings and then with Sombra, till finally Tirek breaks free and devours everything. The final alternate future should have been the only one, really.

2)Should NOT have had Starlight Glimmer so easily beat an ALICORN. Especially not one who is the Element of Magic. Twilight should have stated something along the lines of Starlight having too much of a tactical advantage--- already making the first move, and knowing theirs, each time before they even started. All that trouble making her an alicorn and the writers do nothing but Nerf her every episode.

3)The "easy forgiveness" routine has gone from believable with Luna, and gone downhill to treacly and gagging here. It was appalling with Discord-- a three-strikes loser, no less.  It was utterly unbelievable with Diamond Tiara. And this....?

4)  I could see it if there had been two, or three, or more friends who had done her the same way. If it had been a literal lifelong trend. This "My one friend left me and I went off the rails" just comes across as a Freudian excuse.

5) I'm sorry, eternal night means more than "it's dark all the time." Dang, you incompetent writers...

6) I was going to say that none of the villains have paid for their transgressions, but it's more correct to say that there is no correlation between crime and punishment. Sombra gets blowed up and Tirek goes back to jail. But Nightmare Moon nearly destroys the world with eternal night--- magically cured. Chrysalis stages an invasion? Tossed out to the badlands and forgotten.

But Discord nearly plunges Equestria into madness? Let loose without any restraint (what the hell, Celestia.) Babs bullies her own cousin, right in her home? Zero punishment. Diamond Tiara spends YEARS tormenting the other foals in town? Again, zero punishment.

Starlight glimmer brainwashes and enslave a town, then nearly unravels history with a time spell for petty revenge? Awww, she just needs FWIENDS. (I fink I fwowed up a widdle in my mouf.)

Meanwhile, Prince Blueblood is yet to be forgiven for what is apparently the most hideously evil crime one can commit in Equestria: Failing to live up to some stranger's ridiculous romantic expectations.


There should be too much bad blood between the mane 6 and Starlight Glimmer for it to come that easily.... and too many crimes for her to answer to. (Equality town should STILL want her hide, for one thing.) She should have been assigned a parole officer, first of all. Then given a different task, something right out of the twelve-step program...  Eight, and nine:

Make a list of all persons she had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Sending her on a mission to find her childhood friend would have been a start. That would have been more palatable as a finish, as well as 'putting her on the bus' so the mane six weren't effectively left with an Enemy of the State wandering around underhoof for the next season opener.

Addendum: The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. Again and again and again, the writers let the worst villains great and small get away with a slap on the wrist or with no punishment at all. Is our society that morally degenerate, that punishing even the worst monsters is too much for our delicate, infant-like palates? It's disappointing to the point of being galling. I can't be the only one who has gotten sick of all the veritable karma houdinis in this show--- Discord, Diamond Tiara, Suri Polomare, and now Starlight Glimmer. Equestria is in desperate need of another missing Element: JUSTICE.

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Hear hear!

I REALLY hope that DWC gives Starlight Glimmer a more proper comeuppance in either The Rise of Darth Vulcan or The Great Alicorn Hunt.

Come to thick of it, the canon MLP show has a serious writing problem with "Karmic Houdinis" (Doctor Caballeron, Suri Polomare, and Svengallop to name a few) so hopefully DWC will remedy it in his fics.

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>>2054642 >>2054664

I dumped my thoughts here. Short version:

-we're gonna get more Uber-CMC

-Equestria's defenses are a joke, even with Celestia included

-Scoots needs some of RD's prosthetic wings

-Luna can make more bat-ponies out of pegasi

-Eternal Night would have been survivable

-Celestia is completely useless aside from moving the sun, since she couldn't even send in the zoning board to shut down Flim and Flam after three years of wrecking Ponyville.

Lots of material there for Darth Vulcan.

Also, very concerned about how next season could go, especially after another year-long hiatus and more staff leaving to work on the movie.

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- No pony in any of the alternate Equestrias being surprised about meeting a purple alicorn.

Yeah this is...odd. Especially for the war against Sombra. AJ should have been more like GET TO THE FRONT LINE!

Also was it just me or aside from Sombra were there no unicorns at the battle? (Edit: Checked and yes there were but none of them used any magic...)

- How in the hell can Starlight overpower Twilight, the godamn alicorn of Magic,  over an over

Yeah In the episode blog I made this post:

"Starlight came across as a bit too strong though. Would have been better to show that any overt attempt to overpower Starlight would end with Rainbow stopping the race rather then Starlight and Twilight being about equal. (I mean Tirek absorbed most of the magic of Equestria plus Discords and was only a match for Twilight with the other princess's power. Given that Discord by himself could overpower Celestia and Luna without the elements this means that Cadence and Twilight's powers is what is making up the difference plus all of the other drained power.) Being able to match Twilight felt....forced."

- How easily was Glimmer forgiven and befriended after being willing to destroy all of Equestria for petty revenge (even after Twlight made her watch the result of her actions).

This I see as more believable simply because I could see Starlight being in a bit of shock and disbelief (I mean I break apart 6 friends and the world ends...yeah right.)

But Starlight has been shown to be STUPIDLY strong. She manage to make a spell that ripped off the cutie mark and sealed the magic of an Alicorn Princess then took a spell by the Greatest Wizard of all time and made it better/stronger. Damn... Seriously that is some crazy powerful right there.

Also something that might have been smarter for Twilight to have done would have been to grab 1 or 2 of her friends from whenever she failed (Especially after the 1st couple of failures to help her out.

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He will likely complain about things like:

- No pony in any of the alternate Equestrias being surprised about meeting a purple alicorn.

- How in the hell can Starlight overpower Twilight, the godamn alicorn of Magic,  over an over.

- How easily was Glimmer forgiven and befriended after being willing to destroy all of Equestria for petty revenge (even after Twlight made her watch the result of her actions).

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I eagerly await your thoughts on the finale

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