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Contemplate: alternate reality where the mane six have swapped talents. Not just swapped CUTIE MARKS, but actual swapped TALENTS. And it actually works out for them --- but their personalities stay the same. And still centered around a Rainboom.

How so?

Rarity as a filly is entranced with the beauty to be found in weather.... at an early age she starts dabbling in weather magic.  On a field trip to the weather factory, she can't resist fiddling with the rainbow mixer, crosses pipes with the thundercloud--- and causes a massive explosion, which creates the Rainboom, and leaves behind the world's very first Double Rainbow.

Since then she's become a weather specialist, inventing exotic and beautiful weather phenomena like sun dogs, haloes, moonbows, green flashes, ball lightning...

Rainbow Dash was lured into going on an illicit trip down to the ground forests by some of the rougher colts in her flight school. She found herself in an illicit hunting trip with them and their older brothers-- who were poachers. While they were down there she caught them tormenting an orphan bear cub, and proceeded to open a Rainbow Dash sized can of whupass on them. She got her licks in, but she was still only a filly and it would have gone bad for her... if that rainbow explosion hadn't scared the poachers off... Nowadays she works as an Equestrian forest ranger and animal caretaker, with an attitude somewhere between Daring Do and Steve Irwin, promoting all the "cool, awesome and radical" animals to the next generation, making appearances in her trademark khakis and pith helmet...

Pinkie Pie was a sad little rock farming pony... till the day the Rainboom uprooted and dropped a Zap-apple sapling in her lap. She cared for it, got it to grow and discovered that farming and growing living things could be extraordinary and fun (and in Equestria, not a little bit strange.)  She and her husband Big Macintosh live in Sweet Apple Acres, growing some of the most outlandish crops in Equestria--Year-round Zap Apples, Poison Joak (don't worry, they wear goggles and booties), giant flytraps, self-popping corn, even an acre or two of Celestia's special golden apple trees. She also throws the best hoedowns in three counties.

Applejack, Pinkie's sister-in-law, took a different route. When she went to visit Manehattan the thing that drove her up the wall the most was that the darn clothing was so flippin' impractical. They were pretty-- but they were uncomfortable, they snagged and tore, they stained at the drop of a hat... she took up sewing in self-defense, trying to keep her overpriced clothing from the Oranges in one piece. It wasn't until she saw the Rainboom and the double-rainbow arcing all the way to Ponyville that she realized that what she wanted was what the world needed; clothes that were good looking AND sensible.... even a farmgirl wanted to be pretty; even a fashionable girl wanted her clothes to be practical and comfortable.  And if you could have two rainbows at the same time, why couldn't ponies have it both ways? She went back home and opened up her boutique, where she works marvels in gingham and denim, cotton and crinoline. her down-home reminiscent styles have taken off like a shot with the rural working-class ponies, and have even started making inroads on the upper class as a sort of avant-garde counter culture fashion statement...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fluttershy found herself in charge of a nursery full of pegasus foals when the Rainboom struck. The terrified foals had begun bawling in terror at the noise and flash; Fluttershy had done the only thing she could think of and begun making funny faces and voices at them all.  It worked; they soon stopped crying and began giggling and laughing at her antics. Fluttershy doesn't throw parties or wild pranks, but she does love doing little things--  telling jokes, sending little greeting cards, handing out smiley-face daisies from Sweet Apple Acres-- to make people smile. Her favorite, though, is balloons. She can make over 300 different kinds of balloon animals...

AS for Twilight--- well, we're out of ponies to switch her around with. But everypony's gotta have something different for this--


Twilight Sparkle, much to her own humiliation, never passed the entrance exam. She struggled desperately to make Spike's egg hatch but failed to pull out a single spark--- then a random magical explosion made it hatch anyway. Worst of all, Princess Celestia had been right there to see her failure. She grew up thinking that she was a complete magical dud, with no magical ability at all-- her power locked behind the mental block from her horrible experience. Celestia took the filly in as a pupil out of pity (or so Twilight thought) and gave her the best book education she possibly could. Spike eventually had ended up as her personal scribe and assistant, giving her a helping pair of hands to make up for her lack of telekinesis. Thus she made do.

Between Princess Celestia's personal tutelage and Twilight's ravenous love of books, Twilight became one of the most brilliant magical theoreticians of her age, even though she couldn't lift so much as a quill with her own power.  But her lack of any magic had left her with no self confidence at all. She was an antisocial recluse, too embarrassed to leave her stacks of beloved books. She was looking at a future as an assistant librarian, hiding from the world amidst the towering stacks of dusty tomes, when out of the blue Celestia asked her to go to the tiny town of Ponyville and prepare for the Summer Sun celebration...

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a friend of mind wishes to inform you that he is laughing about being blocked.

or something of the sort.  i don't honestly know or care.

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Reality Check, why are you so awesome?

I feel like Pinkamena, ENEMY OF TROLLS AND DEFENDER OF EQUESTRIAN IDEALS, deserves a fistbump from Little Pip or something.

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Dear RC, what is your OC's cutie mark?

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Stop touching MEEEEEEEEEEE!

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