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Twilight Verbs Article Nouns

Button Mash Goes To A Slumber Party

Fun With Cutie Marks

Read these. what do they have in common?

Answer: They're not stories.

I've seen about 3 or 4 of these kind of entries in the past week. Half-a-stories. Beginnings of stories that the writers inexplicably consider and mark as "complete."

Basics, people. This is what a story looks like:

See that? Exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, descending action to a resolution. Every schoolchild is taught this, or was when I went to school. You need all these parts for it to be a story. The entries I listed here, and the others like them, do the exposition, get to the conflict and STOP.

That's not a story!

Please, authors, if you run out of ideas, we get it. If you get writer's block, we really get it. Leave it, delete it, put it on hiatus, let another writer finish it. But don't start a story, get to the part where you have to actually write what happens, go "idunno," and call it done.

Addendum: "Twilight verbs article nouns" has been updated with a second chapter. A marked improvement, as the second chapter gives some 'payoff' to what was set up in the first...

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and this

and this

and this is fun!

I'm too lazy to write it down, at least in an understandable manner.

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>>1276732 found it, and yays.

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>>1276901 short version, it says that bits is bits and they can't charge more for different kinds. 20k of text is the same as 20k of game code or 20k of video.

greedy companies and crooked politicians dont like that. if they can change it, they can put certain data streams in the slow lane, charge premium prices for others, etc.....

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What's net neutrality? (Because i'm too lazy to look it up).

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