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... Now THAT was some good pony. *satisfied*

Now THIS is where the show shines. Not wacky worn out Warner Brothers goofiness. Real emotional slice of life stuff, the real deal. This episode cut surprisingly close... it felt sincere. The reactions were real, from Twilight's old Canterlot friends just happily shrugging and going "well, we just fell out of touch," the way many people do-- but happily accepting Twilight back in as if she never left--- and Moondancer's painful unhappiness over her past felt real, truly authentic. Any socially awkward person--- from the mere introvert to the painfully nerdish-- can relate.

A more garrulous person might not get it.  An extroverted and social type (like the other three of the Canterlot ponies) can shrug off little things like that, even come right back from a friend falling out of touch as if they never left. But introverted or socially awkward people aren't like that. Like most other creatures with sharp spines and hard shells, They tend to be standoffish and prickly because they're vulnerable. They're trying to protect an unusually soft underbelly...lowering those defenses is a scary thing, because they can take a wound someplace sensitive so very easily. How many of us have gone through that? Throwing a party, only to be snubbed? It was believable how she reacted;  a social butterfly would let it roll right off. But Moondancer had risked trying to come out of her shell only to have a friend neglect her at just the wrong time. Her pain, her tears, even her wounded sense of self-worth,  were totally believable.

Twilight's approach to mending fences was surprisingly well-done, starting out by reconnecting--- by relating to Moondancer through what they'd had in common (A love of books and learning.) Massive improvement over how Pinkie Pie made friends with Cranky (by annoying the heck out of him till he caved.) And admitting to the mistakes she made and insisting on making it right... not by OCPDing at Moondancer till she caved, but just by being there for her and refusing to go away.

It was nice to see both Twilight and Spike being competent at their professed aptitudes for once as well. A Princess of Friendship who constantly bungles diplomacy and a lifetime household servant who only comes out of the background when he falls flat on his face... it gets OLD. For once they BOTH acted like they knew what they were doing, without any overdramatic histrionics or wacky irrational plans.

The humor wasn't particularly snappy in this episode--- not many jokes at all, really.  Twilight appearing IN Moondancer's book-- and Moondancer's reaction--- was especially funny. Still, this was an episode for the feels rather than the luls, so it worked... the ending was especially heartwarming (yays, happy sniffles and hugs.)  I'd have to say that, along with Applebloom's dream episode, this is about the best episode of the season so far. Here's hoping this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

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Whats with all the flame wars about gay marriage? I understand your desire to argue scream insults and logical fallacies at each other, but can you please do it somewhere else? Some of us are actually here for RC's stories.

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*Reads recent comments.*

Well looks like some folks wanted to poke the bear.

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>>1884688 Afraid I only skimmed that episode.... MLP episodes with "Wacky Loony Tunes antics" are my least favorite.

considering they count things in MOONS rather than YEARS, though.... or it could just be Pinkie being weird.

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The majority of the people you mentioned lived in Protestant countries, not Catholic ones. Pasteur was probably Catholic, being from France. And I'll agree that CS Lewis was very religious (his books are basically a love letter to Christianity).

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I'm surprised you haven't done a blog post on Party Pooped.

Especially when it gave you a bit of support for your idea of the long lives of ponies with Pinkie Pie planning for her parent's 500th Anniversary.

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