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Testing 1,2,3 · 1:23pm

Oh yay. Another "learning is fundamental" episode with Rainbow Dash.

Skimmed it, didn't watch the whole thing. Couldn't. Seen this thing SO many times before.... token team ignoramus has to Pass or Perish, other team members try everything, then finally stumble on custom-made method to teach team ignoramus just in time for big test. Hooray.

Problem 1: Dash lives, sleeps, eats and breathes the Wonderbolts. She should already know their history frontwards and backwards.

Problem 2: The Wonderbolts are useless, do-nothing grandstanding douchebags (see Rainbow Falls for further details.) Giving them a Grand and Glorious History which all their members have to memorize just makes me wanna gag.

Problem 3: Wouldn't it be nice if they stopped portraying Rainbow Dash as an uneducated idiot? All the other cast members are shown being stellar experts in their personal field of interest--- even Pinkie Pie is a closet genius. All except Rainbow Dash. Hell, she can't even fly without crashing, and she's supposed to be an air jockey! Why?

My idea for this episode? All her friends assume that she's going to bomb a major test (Say, on aeronautics or meteorology.) Why? Because she's a jock, she MUST be stupid... and she proceeds to show them she knows her shit, better even than Twilight "egghead" Sparkle, much to their chagrin. Moral: don't try to teach your Grandma to suck eggs.

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Well I feel foolish for not 'Following' you till just now. Looking forward to whatever adventures you get Darth Vulcan into whenever you decide to update it again. :pinkiecrazy:

>>1096440 Agrees whole-hardheartedly with you. Great stories are like crafting fine wine; it takes time and patience.... rushing it only turns it to vinegar.

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Send a pm

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Questions like this make we want to beat the asker severely.

He'll update them when he does - not because he's asked to.

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Could you please update any of Nyx's stories? It's been over two months.

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