Why does everyone use this trope? Not just for MILITARY groups, but EVERYTHING? Sports teams, boy scout troops, litter pickup,  volunteer weather crews-- I'm looking at YOU, Rainbow Dash---

Seriously. Was everyone on the planet subjected to this terrible training method, scarring them for life?

Let me spell it out: the Drill Sergeant Hardass is a legitimate training method. IF YOU'RE A DRILL SERGEANT. It is absolutely wrong anywhere else, anywhere, for any reason ever. If you aren't whipping a bunch of hardened criminals or soft military cadets into shape, it is absolutely the worst possible training method in the universe. A school teacher, boy scout troop leader, sports coach or frankly any other person in a position of authority who used this method would be FIRED for doing this on the spot, or SHOULD be. The purpose of the method, and I will be accused of overstating it but to hell with it, is to smash someone's identity to dust so that you can scoop up what's left and mold it into someone who can pick up a gun and kill people on command without hesitation. It is absolutely wrong for any other purpose.

Please stop using it just because you think it's funny.

I've seen stories here where they had schoolteachers using it on children,  countless ones where Rainbow Dash uses it on her FRIENDS, and no i don't CARE if they have her doing it on the show, it's one of the things people HATE about her character-- and it's played off as a joke.  "Har har, the gym teacher is emotionally abusing her eight year old students, how FUNNY." "Oh look, Rainbow Dash is screaming at Fluttershy like she's getting her ready to go to 'Nam, it's just so wacky and fun..."

Stop it. Just STOP IT. You couldn't find a faster way to alienate me from your characters. I despise the Boss--- usually CELESTIA(!!) for putting the abuser in power and their rationalizing it as "necessary" to "toughen them up;" I end up wishing death and dismemberment on the character I used to like that you picked to play Sarge, and I end up despising your protagonist: they're not "strong" for getting through the abuse, they're WEAK for putting up with it, and I hate them for not finally getting fed up and punching the abuser's teeth down their throat.

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When are you going to update "The Great Alicorn Hunt"?

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Conforming, or not conforming, for the sake of conforming, or not conforming, are both just conforming by two different names.

However, I do have some more perils of wisdom for you:

1) You most likely have, at most, 20% of the actual friends you think you do. The rest are, at most, acquaintances.

2) In a time when you can pay people to punch you in the face and it's legal and considered "a good way to get aroused", I have to wonder if maybe those of us in the first world are far too safe, and people's natural survival instincts aren't kicking in. Actually, that would explain a lot.

3) The difference between wise people and fools is that, when a wise person does a stupid thing that has a bad result, they decide not to do that again. A fool says "I meant to do that and that was totally worth it!"

4) Learning from your own mistakes is good. However, why not learn from the mistakes of everyone else, too?

5) Too much philosophy leaves you thinking you don't have arms, because you can walk on arms, so obviously they're legs, and then you have four legs, so you must be a cat. This, it must be said, is an analogy or allusion.

6) If you're entirely logical all the time, you're probably dead boring, too.

7) The slippery slope "fallacy" is, in demonstrable fact, a fallacy itself.

8) The squeaky wheel gets replaced unless the other wheels can make that option sufficiently unpleasant. This is one reason why I support the idea of unions.

9) Legal is not the same as moral or ethical. Hopefully, they intersect more often than not.

10) Never confuse friends and acquaintances.

11) Unfortunately, there's really only one way to tell if you can trust someone.

12) "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." Sure, life's a lot more than just pain. But...

13) The word "safety" is a dangerous illusion. Even God never promised "safety".

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>>1913966 Do you aim to misbehave?

Comment posted by Handyman deleted at 8:31am on the 24th of July, 2015
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Laws cannot make people "better". Yet, over and over again, that is the trend I see in governments the world over - More and more laws, in order to make people fit some sort of social ideal held by the lawmakers.

As if people won't behave properly without being forced to.

This is the action of tyranny.

Law does not exist to enforce behaviour. It exists to punish actual offence.

And sirs and madams, no amount of words is worth a single bruise.

Social change, if it is to come, should only come through social action. Not through law.

Then build the law by the will of the people. Not the ordinances of a few.

Otherwise, your opinion, on anything, does not really matter, does it?

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