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Move is finished. · 12:44am

Well this is it... all my stories have been transferred to archiveofourown.org , and I'm taking my stuff here down. And just as I got a bunch of new readers too, that's the killer.

But, after years of petty harassment, and the growing bias and poor treatment by the moderators, this site, for all its shiny bells and whistles, just isn't worth the hassle.

My stories are still ongoing--- but now they are all found at http://archiveofourown.org/users/RHJunior/works.

I'm leaving this last blog entry up so people can find out what happened.

Thank you to all my readers and fans, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Are you mad? This is fruitbat country!


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>>2187602 I'll take it.

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>>2187602 hell yes call bronie armies

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Reality check please come back as a fan please come back.:applecry:

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Man... I'll come clean. You know, or at least you've seen many or some of my comments. I'm not like Ralph, despite my more conservative libertarian beliefs. I'm a nice guy, aka a wuss. I always try to see both sides of the arguement, and try to keep my mind open. I once believed there was no one online or off who could rufflie my feathers, even when their being their most trollish, I'd just smile and laugh, and even let them continue if they wished. I've never blocked, and I haven't deleted any comment since my start here (I was sensitive, all right?)

But Chatoyance... I've seen and heard such piffle before. Sanctimonious new age nonsense by 60's wannabe cult leaders and charlatans, wet behind the ears pups blowing smoke like they know what their saying. I've spoken to trans, gays, and I have no problem with them (sorry Ralph, but man... if its a sin, its God's business, and its his to tend to. ours is only to say "no, you can't use the women's bathroom unless you have the right equipment.") And I think all that is fine. I don't agree with some of their assertions and approach at times, and with debate and discuss them as they wish, but I do not hate or dislike anyone.

Then JDR... oh boy. My personal favorite snippet from his long time on the internet was berating an admitted gay smut loving woman for not immediately adoring his shoe horned lesbian elf and mage, then calling his and other sex life as beautiful and straight peoples "dirty desert religions". And lets not forget her Transexual.org clusterfutz where he gives people the answer key to the psychological test. That's the one that really angered me... be as crazy as you want, say what you will, even block and berate and bluster as you wish, but taking your shit offline and doing God knows how much damage to God knows how many people who really weren't trans, just confused... My own feelings aside, and research that may be, he's done a lot of harm, whether he acknowledges it or even knows.

In short... I'm being childish and calling him he out of spite. So there

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