Pointed out in comments to previous blog post.....  I griped it was ridiculous for nopony in Equestria to know about the Griffon empire's internal collapse. It's a neighboring nation; world leaders and news reporters are supposed to keep tabs on these things. Others retaliated that it was not so odd; after all the ponies had forgotten about the Crystal Empire, and Nightmare Moon, and the Changelings, and Tirek, and....

And this does not make it better. Crap, it makes Celestia and Luna look like absolute assclowns.

One bit of long-forgotten lore disappearing from the pages of history, I can buy. Two, maybe. But four or five?  And even worse, current international events? Remember, Twilight is technically a ruler of Equestria, and her information on the Griffon nation was DECADES out of date! The Emperor of Ba Sing Seh was more in touch with what was going on outside his city walls!

Dear Writers: Stop Using This Plot. IT IS BAD.

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Are you mad? This is fruitbat country!

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>>1728020 I'm rather confused with this statement. Was "Canaanite" a snide joke, some sort of autoincorrect, or are you referring to an actual Canaanite*?

*)And if so, would that be someone inhabiting the land called Canaan, or would it be a descendent of Canaan son of Ham?

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>>1800878 fair enough:scootangel:

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i have a question why do writers start new story's without finishing old ones i don't understand    :unsuresweetie:

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I understand that you probably have heard this a hundred times but still here comes the question.

When are you going to release the next chapters to your book?

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