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Another Daring Do chapter just got finished! Love those cornflower blue icons. Apple Bloom and Applejack are now prepped for publication, Sea Change has passed muster, and Green Dragon is being drafted right now. Equestria Daily is still dragging its feet on releasing Book 2, but it's moving up in the queue, so with any luck you'll see it soon! I've got a big weekend of writing ahead of me, so with any luck, Green Dragon will be done this week, and Chapter 10 will be right out after. So, I'm feeling good! We feeling good, Twilight?

Thanks, tiny cheerleader Twilight. You're the best hallucination a brony could ask for.

One thing occurred to me though, as I was writing today. There are five drafts of Green Dragon all of which are substantively different (that is, not counting little edits). That's a lot of rewrites even for me, but it's not going to top my record. Daring Do, Part 1 has ten substantive rewrites, changing everything from Siren's personality to which characters are even present in the chapter. I'm not complaining—the final draft is always the best, and it's just a part of the writing process. But, it does have an interesting implication.

Namely, that there are other versions of Siren out there. There's one version of Siren where she's more magical. One where she's more emo. One where she never meets Trixie face to face. Sometimes there's a door there, sometimes there's an open archway. Sometimes, Siren spends half the chapter chatting with one of the guards in Neptune's Bounty. Sometimes that guard post is staffed by a wiredoll instead.

The thing is though, none of these chapters were rejected for just being badly written—I do have a few of those, but I don't count them towards the draft total. They were rejected for just not feeling right. They weren't the Siren Song the story needed and that you guys wanted. But they were a Siren Song, I could totally have written a story about. During the many revisions of Daring Do, Part 1, I joked that if I ever wanted to do a Bioshock: Infinite adaptation, it would take place in Neptune's Bounty just so I could use all this alternate-universe material.

It's not quite a joke though. I can't be the only writer who has left a million good stories on the cutting room floor this way. I kind of want to work with that in some way, building up a story that shows all the evolution and adaptation it went through as it was written, instead of just the polished final product. Not quite sure how to do that though.


Daring Do Progress

Letters from the Deep: Ready

Daring Do, Part 1: Ready

Daring Do, Part 2 Ready

Ether Wash: Ready

Apple Bloom: Ready

Applejack: Ready

Sweetie Belle: Reviewed

Heart's Desire: Reviewed

Sea Change: Reviewed

Green Dragon: Drafted

Chapter 10: Outlined

Chapter 11: Outlined

Chapter 12: Outlined

Chapter 13: Outlined

Chapter 14: Outlined

Chapter 15: Outlined

Epilogue: Outlined

Outlined: I have a nice text file full of bullet points saying what happens in this chapter.

Drafted: The chapter has been written and I don't hate it.

Reviewed: The chapter has been written and my editors don't hate it.

Ready: The chapter has been cleaned up for publication, including grammar, formatting, illustrations, etc.

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#1084801 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·


It will be! Remember, it could be worse. I could be George RR Martin.

#1084619 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·


I would really like to see that story completed. It's pretty frustrating that the wait has taken over a year now.

#1040621 · 6w, 1d ago · · ·


Good news then. :twilightsmile:

#1040611 · 6w, 1d ago · · ·


After Book 2 of "Vision," but yes!

#1040400 · 6w, 2d ago · · ·

Is "I Forgot I Was There" still on tracks?

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