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“No no, I got this, I got this!” Twilight giggled, as she swirled her hooves around the crystal ball. “Okay, mystical orb of Fate’s Destiny, peer through the mists of linear existance and show me, uh…” A smile tugged at her lips. “The next time Big Mac is going to take a long shower.”

The lights inside the crystal swirled, and coalesced into a hazy image of Big Mac wrapped up in a towel, bath tiles just visible in the background. Rainbow Dash howled with laughter, while Pinkie Pie quickly lifted a hoof to suppress her giggles. “Come on, Twilight! That is an invasion of his privacy and totally not what my divination orb is—hello!”

Rainbow let out a wolf-whistle, wings buzzing to emphasize the moment. “Well, I feel more enlightened about the future,” Rainbow said, grinning ear to ear. “I don’t know about you girls, but—”

“Shh, something’s happening.” Twilight lifted a hoof, as Big Mac looked up suddenly, turning and walking downstairs. The view behind him swirled and shifted, showing wood and rolling hills, until he came face to face with a door. All three mares peered in close to the glass, watching as he opened it. At first, they couldn't make out who was on the other side. The image was too hazy, and there was nothing but a swirl of blue. But gradually, she stepped forward.

“Oh my gosh it’s Rainbow Dash!” Twilight and Pinkie Pie’s laughter filled the room as Rainbow’s cheeks turned so red they might be burnt, her wings half-parted from her side. Two ponies watched with delight, and one with horror, as the Rainbow Dash inside the crystal wrapped her hooves around Big Mac’s neck, her eyes half-lidded.

“Applejack’s gonna kill you!” Pinkie Pie managed around snorts, the image fading as Twilight lost her concentration.

“No, she… nuh-uh!” Rainbow took off with two powerful wingbeats, crossing her forelegs. “And, I bet that’s not even true! You can’t see the future. I’m a free pony who makes her own destiny!”

“Sure you are, Rainbow! Free love, more like!” Twilight struggled to get her laughter under control as Rainbow’s ears folded back, she and Pinkie Pie struggling to their hooves. A loud knock sounded on the front door, and brushing away tears in her eyes, Twilight managed to call: “Who is it?”

It was Rarity, and when Twilight called for her to come in, she pushed open the library doors and calmly stepped inside, head held high against the barely suppressed giggling fits around her. “Alright, now I simply must know what this commotion is about. Ponies can hear you three laughing clear across town.”

“We’re learning!” Pinkie Pie said, bringing a smile to even Rainbow Dash’s blushing features. “So, you remember how waaaay back when, Twilight didn’t get my Pinkie Sense or fortune telling or any of that? So, we were talking, and she said that’s probably earth pony magic, and I was all like—” Pinkie leapt into the air slapped her hoof to her cheek, “‘but you’re an alicorn now and that means you’re part earth pony so does that mean you can learn earth pony magic now?’”

Finally, she landed in front of Rarity, beaming from ear to ear. “And it does! And because magic is her special talent she’s awesome at it so we’ve been looking at the future!”

“I see…” Rarity cast a skeptical gaze over the three. “And what, precisely, have you been looking at?”

“Important… things.” Twilight answered, the three sharing a not terribly subtle of conspiratorial looks. “Fate of the world kind of stuff.”

“Mmmhmm. I see.” Rarity cast a stern gaze over the three. Slowly, their smiles faded. Pinkie Pie sat up straight. Rainbow Dash came back down to earth. Twilight cleared her throat. “Well, that’s good,” Rarity said. “Because I couldn't possibly sit by and watch as such a power is abused.”

She let the words hang in the air a moment before adding: “Unless, of course, I got to abuse it too.” The most ladylike smile came to her face, and just like that, the other three were all grinning right back. “Okay!” she rubbed her hooves together and slid in in front of the crystal ball, the other three joining her. “Show me who I’m going to marry.”

“You’re such a cliche.” Rainbow rolled her eyes. Twilight though, already had her hooves on the crystal.

“Okay, big future-seeing ball…” Twilight swirled her hooves, and the image swirled with them. “Show me the pony Rarity is going to marry!”

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>>2117818 Banging your head? I'm more worried now

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She is nursing me back to to health. I'd make her job easier if I wasn't constantly doing things like banging my head on light fixtures or going out into the freezing cold without gloves or a hate.

Basically she's trying to stop evolution from taking it's natural course here.

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A certain echo told me you were sick. Get well soon, and real soon I hope. :ajsmug:

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Thank you so much. That was absolutely wonderful to hear. With work and the shift to new kinds of writing, not a lot has been posted recently, but I hope to have something up soon. Thanks for the follow. I may entertain you again yet!

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