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  • E Dressing Room

    Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV.  · GaPJaxie
    3,444 words · 4,506 views  ·  822  ·  16
  • T Shipping Manifest

    Princess Cadence is put on trial for discharging her love magic into the crowd and tragically shipping twelve ponies. Equestria waits with baited breath as witness after witness is called, sworn to tell the whole truth. Particularly the sexy parts.  · GaPJaxie
    2,750 words · 315 views  ·  52  ·  0
  • E Intern

    Ant Mill is a college student, stuck in a dead-end internship she took just to fulfill her requirements. All she does is wish she was somewhere else, but when she has a chance encounter with the Princess of Friendship herself, all that changes.  · GaPJaxie
    4,715 words · 1,119 views  ·  230  ·  4
  • T Fan Service

    Once upon a time, there was a pony named Fan Service. She had an amazing life -- money, fame, good looks, but she realized it was missing something: character depth. And so she set out to seek the one thing that would make her life complete.  · GaPJaxie
    4,674 words · 636 views  ·  143  ·  1
  • T Princess Pile Drinking Games

    A collection of amusing scenes from stories I never finished.  · GaPJaxie
    16,436 words · 259 views  ·  26  ·  0
  • E Twilight Sparkle vs Social Inequality

    When Twilight is accused of nepotism, her friends rush to her defense! Sortof.  · GaPJaxie
    3,607 words · 4,246 views  ·  581  ·  55
  • T The Quest for Celestia's Raiment

    Nine hundred years before the return of Nightmare Moon, five pony heroes struggle to win fortune and glory in the eyes of their princess.  · GaPJaxie
    64,805 words · 1,337 views  ·  46  ·  4
  • T Heralds of Luna

    The cleaned up story from my Ponyfinder game, Heralds of Luna. In the wake of Discord's reign, six ponies must save the Royal Sisters and restore order to Equestria.  · GaPJaxie
    31,444 words · 317 views  ·  17  ·  1
  • T Daring Do

    Bioshock meets MLP in this psychological thriller, where Celestia's new faithful student, Siren Song, must discover the truth behind the city beneath the waves. Arriving in pursuit of Twilight, Siren finds herself trapped in a city of horrors.  · GaPJaxie
    128,322 words · 1,306 views  ·  214  ·  9
  • E A Series of Events

    Once upon a time, there was a pony. Her name was Celestia, and her purpose was to bring harmony into the world. Starting with grass.  · GaPJaxie
    3,330 words · 832 views  ·  59  ·  0

Twilight Spar Star Power is just so adorable.

Let it never be said that GaPJaxie is afraid to shill out for views! By popular demand—and because short stories are all I have time to write these days—Actingverse is now a thing. The next installment, Barnstormer, is now work in progress.

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>>1565234 Now that's what I call a good bio.:rainbowkiss:


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Ha ha ha.

I'm a 25 year old male MBA student living in New York, working towards a career in product management. My hobbies are GM'ing D&D, video games, and of course, creative writing!

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- No Bio Provided -


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Thank you! You'll love Siren Song. It's very different from the other two (longer for starters!), but once you get into it, I think it's really my best work.

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