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Your ending was bad and you should feel bad!

Well, that could have gone over better. Obviously, a lot of readers didn't care for the ending of IFIWT, and so I'm going to talk about my feelings on the story and respond to their criticisms all in one big blog post of... posty... ness. Before I get into that though, on a positive note, it was oddly warming to see that the criticism of the ending was just that—criticism. Not hate. A lot of you guys said you didn't like it, but all the comments were polite, and well thought out, and obviously carefully considered. There was none of the comment hate you'd see in other forums. It's a little thing, but it reminded me about why this fandom is awesome, and that was a little bright spot in it all. So, thanks guys. Keep being awesome.

Now, let's talk about why that ending flew like a lead balloon.

First off, I want to address the two big criticisms I heard: that this was a reconnected or shoehorned in ending, and that I wrapped the story up way too quickly because I just wanted to get it over with. The first criticism is untrue. I'm sorry if you didn't like the ending, but this was the intended ending all along. Twilight dropped a lot of hints along the way that her dying was a possibility she considered likely, and in the end she was proven correct. I'll talk more about why I think that's a good ending later, but it was certainly the planned ending.

The second criticism on the other hand is... well. Largely correct. I'm sorry, I know it's a lame excuse, but writing IFIWT had long since become a chore instead of something I do for fun. It felt like a second job, and it was misery to crank out paragraph after paragraph of what I quickly realized was drivel. You could tell with one glance that whoever wrote it was frustrated and angry. I didn't want to subject you to that, so after months of no progress, I decided I was going to wrap up IFIWT as quickly as it could be properly done. That did mean that a bunch of side threads went unresolved, but I thought I could give the main thread a proper sendoff.

Now, let me say why I think I managed that.

No, that's not it.

The most common explanation I've heard for why the ending was bad is that Sparkle never got her time to shine -- the story was Twilight Twilight Twilight, and just when it looks like Sparkle might turn things around, Twilight steals the spotlight for good by having the audacity to go and die, leaving Sparkle forever in her shadow. And well, that's pretty much accurate, but it was also the point. Twilight and Sparkle are the same character, just subject to different circumstances. Twilight was encouraged from the word go, and empowered by her friends. Sparkle was put in a position of guilt, and her friends heaped obligations upon her she wasn't ready for.

Sparkle wasn't crushed by an evil clone, she was overshadowed by what she might have been if her life had just gone a little bit differently—kept from achieving her full dreams by the knowledge that she could have already achieved them. She suffered from, quite literally, self-loathing, and the interaction between her and Twilight was intended to serve as a metaphor for such.

Even in the end, when Twilight throws her goodbye party and writes her letters, the fact that that will totally overshadow Sparkle doesn't occur to her at any point. She is genuinely trying to give her friends fond memories and a good sendoff, because that is what someone who is thinking primarily of her friends would do. Twilight doesn't think about Sparkle because she's starting to live the dream, while Sparkle can't do anything but think about Twilight because Twilight is the manifestation of everything that's been taken from her.

And in the last scene, Sparkle (now Twilight Sparkle again), realizes that. She really can have everything Twilight had, any time she's willing to get over herself and take it. But she's not sure that she has that in her.

Woop woop! Sadfic alert!

That was the idea anyway. I guess I'll wrap this up by saying that my feelings on IFIWT itself are... mixed. It was my first fic, and all the support you guys gave me over it inspired me to really get more serious about my writing. It was a two year long effort, and a fantastic experience, and I'm very glad I did it. At the same time, I wish I could have done better. With proper pre-planning, it wouldn't have gotten away from me, and I would have been able to give you guys the finish you deserved. I feel my later works, like Siren Song and Arbitrage are much better than IFIWT, but at the same time, I know IFIWT is what made them happen.

So really, my feelings on it all come back to you guys. You've given me a ton of encouragement along the way, and IFIWT was a great experiance. I know the ending could have gone over better, but I hope you had fun with it anyway. Thanks for reading.

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