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Crazy stallion that made Ponyfinder, because Ponies make everything better, D&D included.



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Latest Stories

  • T Twilight Dies in Lothric

    Here lies Twilight Sparkle. She only just arrived in this world before her life was ended. She was added to the pile, but she refused to stay there. Death has come for her, but she spurns its approach like so many other restless corpses.  · David Silver
    4,096 words · 220 views  ·  37  ·  6
  • E Prickle Berry Tries to Be Careful

    Prickle didn't ask to become so strong, but it just happened. Now, as a growing foal, she's mightier than many grown stallions. What's an earth-filly to do? She tries her best to move forward and not draw attention to her supernatural strength.  · David Silver
    21,230 words · 517 views  ·  56  ·  6
  • T Pinkie Explores the Dark

    You are Pinkie Pie. You are about seven to twelve summers old, you never really kept super strict count of that. You spot a creepy house just outside your farmland and decide to have a little peek. -- Readers make the shots, this is a CYOA type story  · David Silver
    7,721 words · 225 views  ·  23  ·  4
  • T Perchance to Dream

    Linda settled for bed, only to awaken in the middle of a garden of statues of horses. She was one of them, only not so stone. When she eventually slumbered there, she returned home. Living two lives, can she make sense of it all? Fix it, or enjoy it?  · David Silver
    77,535 words · 1,070 views  ·  103  ·  14
  • T Soul Reclamation Society

    Have you lost a dear one long before their time? Accidents, monsters, foreign attack... they can all leave you with a hole in your heart. We can fill it, and give your loved one another chance.  · David Silver
    25,837 words · 488 views  ·  71  ·  21
  • T The Text Argues With the Text

    The Text, omnipotent being, gets in an argument with The Text. They've picked a human to drag to Equestria, but that's about where all agreement ends and the argument begins. Will it work out for anyone involved? Maybe the typos.  · David Silver
    1,595 words · 260 views  ·  23  ·  6
  • E Book and Stars

    Twilight remembers a powerful being she met once before. Away from the rules of Everglow, perhaps a little summon wouldn't cause much harm? At the worst, nothing happens. At the best...  · David Silver
    4,326 words · 360 views  ·  61  ·  2
  • T Silver Shield

    Gaea Shield is a proud member of the guard. Despite being a pegasus, he has the bulk of any earth pony, matching mass with Big Mac. But brawn alone may not be enough as the political minefield he's stepped in isn't kind to those without finesse.  · David Silver
    19,499 words · 380 views  ·  37  ·  7
  • T A Big Hug

    Daring Do finds an interesting creature. She isn't going to take care of it, so she brings it to the Royal Sisters to deal with. Surely they can handle it, right?  · David Silver
    8,447 words · 687 views  ·  76  ·  4
  • E Sweetie Belle Serves Lunch

    "Hey sis? Can I borrow a few bits?" Sweetie Belle receives an firm but polite denial and a suggestion to get a job is uttered. Perhaps that advice was hastily placed? Sweetie does her best, really!  · David Silver
    4,667 words · 404 views  ·  48  ·  1

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Hmmmm, well, I'll keep that in mind:eeyup:

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>>2397773 I have not brushed up against them, just remember that Silver Verse tries to be canon, in that what goes on here should be able to show up in the future of the show.

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And one other question on a completely different matter than ponifying diseases, do the Griffins in The silververse have some sort of set culture. Been musing re-picking up my old attempt and toying with the Griffins being a very Nordic like and honorable culture

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It was recently announced that there will be a PAX dedicated to non computer/council games. Do you think you would bring Ponyfinder to such an event?

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