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  • Sunset Shimmer Has a Problem Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria, and she doesn't like the welcoming committee. by CouchCrusader 13,307 words · 1,011 views · 100 likes · 0 dislikes
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Hey guys,

Bit of an 11:59th hour announcement here, but I'll be appearing on the Seattle's Angels podcast tonight... like, NOW -- to chat a little bit about this contest! The judges are still working on getting those last few entries into the finalist pool, so those of you looking for that information... may not get it quite yet.

We're close. We're really close, though.

Other than that, if you want to hear us jabber a bit about the contest and stuff, click the link above and come join us!

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Can you please add my story, Holier than Thou, to the Outside Insight group?  I just submitted it to EqD, and it's on the New Stories page.  Thanks.

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Bwahaha, I have found you on my home turf! :pinkiecrazy: Thanks for helping run Equestria Daily! :pinkiehappy: Have a great day! :twilightsmile:

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It was great to meet you at Bronycon!

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such late

so follow

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Wanderer D sends his regards... :pinkiecrazy:

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