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Let me begin by saying there's a lot of valid criticism out there about, well, everything to do with this episode -- its premise, its execution, its intent, its impact on future episodes, its inpact on the fandom, and so on. It's far from perfect, or, dare I say it, great. I'm right there with many folks when I say it came across as a checklist of rote fan-inspired items Larson and DHX were ticking off one by one.

"Did you get the muffins in there?"

"Hell yeah I got the muffins. Bronies love muffins."

I understand how it can come off as indifferent in the best case, insulting in one much worse. I'll get to the worst case later.

I think the benefit of a writing community such as this is that, down to the last fledgling brony posting his CanonXMysteriousForeignerOC shipfic for the (hopefully) approving opinions of others, we care very much about what goes into a story -- certainly more than someone who simply enjoys tuning into the show every Saturday morning and maybe goes out to buy a few toys. We can agree that some of the dialogue was so on-the-nose -- Lyra and Bon Bon's "best friendship," Amethyst Star's exposition, pretty much the entirety of Steven Magnet's introduction -- that we have to wonder just what got Larson and McCarthy to remotely believe this wouldn't be awkward on screen.

They knew it'd be awkward. This whole conceit was awkward from the get-go. The staff came to this overgrown field of our fanon armed only with weed whackers and Agent Orange.

And I for one wish people wouldn't be so mad about that.

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