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I mostly post mature works. There may still be some worksafe posts though. For my non-pony smut works visit my Ao3 page.


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So this is in the feature box at the moment:

Past, Present, and Future

It's written by a very good friend of mine, whom I also co-wrote "Feels Like the First Time" with. I've probably mentioned it before, as I've been editing for him since it started, though there was a bit of a hiatus for a while, but it just came back to life and continues to be phenomenal so I thought I'd mention it again! Basically Spike meets another young dragon lady, which rekindles his desire to learn about his personal history and origins, and goes questing to the dragon lands when answers at home are more lacking than ever.

I might be a little biased obviously but I really really enjoy this story a lot. It's building to a climax now and I'm really excited to see it to the end. If you're interested in a story about Spike and dragons and adventure, give it a look.


In other news, Growth Spurts chapter 7 continues to plod along with my usual habit of spending way too much time on elaborate buildups.  Match-3 games are distracting me far less than they once did, although I seem to have traded one addiction for another the moment I gave XCOM a try.  No idea why I didn't try it sooner, I love strategy games. I also just got back from a little vacation to Seattle for PAX Prime, which hijacked my productivity for a while as well, as fun as it was. But I digress; Growth Spurts continues to not be dead, I swear.  

Expect a long-ass chapter with a whole lotta smut, though.

Like, a LOT of smut.  Damn.

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Thanks for the comment!

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Go for it!  I'm kind of a slow writer, but I'm definitely still writing. :rainbowdetermined2:

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Wow! I had read "Feels like the First Time" quite a time ago, and now I've read "Her Majesty's Secret Service , without noticing until now that both were from you.

I think it's time to follow you and read thoroughfully all your stories.

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Doing quite well thanks, getting ready for a weekend in Seattle at PAX Prime. It's a great show, I try to go every year.

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so how are you doing these days? Theres not enough casual conversation in these threads most of the time.

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