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This profile is mostly for my mature works. There may still be some worksafe posts though.

For my non-pony smut works visit my Ao3 page.


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Sorry for the radio silence lately, been hopelessly addicted to Marvel Heroes over the last few months. I'm starting to get back in a writing groove, though it's currently spread across three projects (two of which are Growth Spurts and HMSS) and it's a tossup which will be finished/updated first at this point. I swear I'm still alive though.

In the meantime, Isseus, my comrade in smut, has a new fic out that I'd generally recommend. I served as pre-reader and editor for it so I got to watch the story develop live and it was a very enjoyable experience.  It's called "No Good Deed" and you can find it here.  If you have a kink for spanking (and/or completely independent of that, an interest in ScootaDash shipping), this fic is for you.


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Gosh, I haven't had anyone draw fanart of my writing in ages.....not since my homestuck days. Not gonna lie, that is ultra-flattering. :twilightblush: Thank you!

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I'm flattered, but looks like I'm not popular enough to hold forward interest I noticed :P Not that I've done a terrible amount of writing lately. (Soon to be rectified) I hope you do kick yourself back into gear and continue with the fic. It's very well written in terms of dialogue and pacing and I'm really enjoying it. I even intend on drawing a scene or two from your fic. You've really got something here.

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I got hopelessly addicted to Marvel Heroes in the last couple of months and that sorta ate up all my free time, but the next chapter is maybe half done at this point. Really need to make myself focus on writing again, it's been too long.


I always get so blushy when popular authors pay attention to me.

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next chapter of growth spurts when?

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A good writer, who is also a Homestuck fan?

I don't even read a lot of smut by I'm still going to follow you!

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