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Musician, Brony, Whovian, Pokemon Trainer, Hogwarts Alumnus, Diaboloist, and bored. Pretty much.

Longer BronyDJ Bio

I've been a brony since late 2011, my first episode being "Party of One." At first, I wasn't really attracted to the show or the fandom until I found a certain famous/infamous fanfiction titled, "Cupcakes."

That same fanfic is the reason why I love Pinkie Pie.

And I do not like Rainbow Dash. Seriously.

I started writing fanfiction after reading the EQD version of CardsLafter's "Through the Eyes of Another Pony." I loved that fic, and started thinking up my own stories.

I hope I can find more time to write more stories; college impedes me from doing so. Oh well. Keep on derping on, everypony!


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Fanfiction · 3:51pm

I'm no longer active as a writer on here. I mainly just read docs here. I'm much more active on fanfiction.net under the username BleachCadelina. I write RWBY and Shokugeki no Soma fanfictions, and maybe more to come. Hope to see you there!

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Cancelled. For Now.

I haven't been an active member of the brony fandom since the end of Season 4, and the show doesn't exactly incite the same spark of ideas and passion as it did years ago. Trust me, I watch my beloved G4 ponies over any cartoon series today, but it won't really be as exciting for me as it was 2012-2014. Also, I have no idea what to do with my stores; as I've said before, I had been writing all of them as I went, so I had no set plan for them.

Unless a miracle comes along, I'll have to cancel my three fics. Sorry for everyone who actually like and waited for updates.

If you wish to try to pick them up and continue them with an idea in mind along with a slight prompt from me to help guide the story home, then PM me, and we'll see what you've got.

I'll still be on the site to read and stuff, but I've lost my interest to write MLP-centric fanfictions.

Come on over to FanFiction.net where I'll be easier to reach and will be writing stories for other series like RWBY and Food Wars!

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