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*le gasp* I'm your 2000th follower....YAY!!, anyway I found you because I'm random XD have a randomly nice day! :D

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Sadly, no I did not, otherwise I'd have told her to stick around more than she has.

As for the comic, just do it. And make sure you credit her.

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I've seen you around, haven't I?

Yes I think you were in the Lunaverse group when I was planning my first animation!

Did you ever speak to AA while she was here? Do you think she would mind if I did this? I just think it'd be a great nostalgic thing for old bronies like you, and also it would introduce new bronies like me to an amazing story!

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Yeah I liked it too. I think it was one the first stories I read on here.

#169 · 27w, 1d ago · · ·


Hah, how did you know?

I have just been obsessed with that story lately, the psychological aspect, the heartfelt, intense moments!

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