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>>1339258 That's natural. No one's meant to stay here forever. People come and go. That's just the way it is.

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>>1319696 guess that the signs of the times eh? i never got to know AA or see that blog post thats missing but from what the guy you replied to mentioned, i can pretty much guess what AA talked about, really sad to hear but something like this inevitable eh? or do you think true fandom can perserve? or does it simply not hold the thrill anymore and people just walk away?

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Ah . . . wish I'd gotten to see that blog post.


Thanks for posting your comment. It gives me an idea of what AA said, at least, and a lot of what you said really resonated with me. Respect to ya.

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The show was like one big refresher course on how to be a good person, and a good friend.

And now it's about anime super-saiyan fighting! :rainbowkiss:

Because, you know, DBZ with ponies is how you teach people to be friends.

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