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  • Shipping GogglesRarity ships her friends. Hilarity ensues. 2,778 words ·25,694 views ·1,620 likes ·33 dislikes


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Oh, I didn't even know that you were active again. I was just gonna see how many 'pls cum bak' comments are here :moustache:

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I was shocked to see your icon again.

I feel the same way about my feelings towards the fandom in general.  It has changed, and even the show itself doesn't do the same thing for me anymore.  I still enjoy it, and I still intent to watch the new episodes as they come out, but the initial thrill about being a brony is gone.  A sugar rush won't last forever. :pinkiesick:

Be that as it may, I can honestly say that the show, and the fandom has made me a better person.  The show was like one big refresher course on how to be a good person, and a good friend.  The fandom content and fanfics gave me so many new perspectives and viewpoints on life that it has made me a more grounded individual.  The spark is gone, but I still feel the soothing afterglow.  Like a reminder of how far I've come in 3 short years.  I hope your memory helps you like mine does with me.  

Your story "The Games We Play" was one of those stories that touched me when I was still fresh out of college, and overwhelmed with how little school prepared me for life.  I'm just glad I have a chance to say thank you for that wonderful story.  

The fandom will always be here if you ever feel the urge to indulge in nostalgia.  

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It was interesting to see you pop up on my feed for the first time in so long. I quietly sat back and read what you wrote, but never came forth with anything to say about it. Thank you for what you wrote, and good luck in your greener pastures. I'm sure everyone here will always be interested to hear back from you from time to time.

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Oops, I didn't even think that would be an issue. I'd left one out before because I didn't know what kind of title to use. I've put one in now.

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>>1273652 No problem. :twilightsmile:

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