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I write a fic that is essentially a collection of random clopfics, some continuations, some non clops. It's really just a collection of random stories I write whenever I don't feel like working on one of my serious projects.

Now, I noticed Scystom's request thread and thought to myself: What if people want to request the things that he doesn't allow?

Then, bam, idea. I'll write those horrible horrible things for you guys and put them into my story, What Happens in Ponyville. Keep in mind that unless something really really sticks out as a really good fic idea, then they'll be really short and to the point clops or whatever. Probably no more than a few hundred words. Once I get about five requests, I'll get started.

So request anything you want, especially:

Underage Foalcon

Humanized Ponies

OC's x Anything

Gore Clop

Crossover Clop

Gore in general

Rape Fic

Clopless romance

Epic Fight scenes (Read Respite to see my fight scenes)


Random stuff off the top of your head.

I'll write every single one of your requests in the order I get them on here. So don't hold back!

***** I reserve the right to not write your request....

Also crazier and funnier requests get pushed up on the list by default.

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So you would write a clop about the CMC?


But request then........write a clop about Rainbow Dash being OBSESSED over my OC, Dark Lightning.He doesn't like her back so she turns crazy and wants him to mount her,BAD. So she drugs him,takes him to her house, and I think you get the idea from there.:ajsmug:

At the end, its either RAPE or awesome SEX, one of the 2.

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CMC clop is not weird! It's perverted...

Anyway, sure! Excellent idea, consider it done.

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I'd like it if you use the Strawberry Dawn character from my stories Nightmare Date and A Nightly Romance for something. Pretty much anything with him would be great. You've seen the illustration, right? Thanks!

Uh... I don't like gore, but is it possible to see something that's like, this is kind of weird, but like a "rescue fic" or something that relates to gore?

Like, maybe, Rainbow Dash is sadly beaten in a horrible accident that also involves losing limbs (maybe her wings are fine). Maybe her face gets a little disfigured. She feels like a monster, but then she's rescued from the bloody mess that he's in back to this character Xs place. X promises to get attention, and says that there's nothing to worry about-- Dashie is totally beautiful regardless of what's on the outside. She then gives X a "reward" for this kindness.

Thanks again!

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So, you want to crank it up to eleven?


Here`s the pitch for you. I`d like to see Twilight attempting a transformation spell on Spike. However, in the process, the aforementioned CMCs burst in and literally bowl Spike over. Startled, Twilight fires off her spell prematurely, transforming all four into one bizarre eldritch abomination. (Tentacles optional.)

Obviously enough, that spell needs to be reversed, but Twilight finds herself sexually attracted to a creature, and in a haste fumbles the counterspell, making "I desire you to split." into "I split desire to you."

Que kinkiness that makes you go mad from revelation.

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Or, if you could do a full-blown grimclop. Something where "Luna Game" level Pinkie with eyes missing, zombie limbs, etc is shipped with Big Mac. I thought about writing that but I gave up because it was too disturbing to me.

Something with 'pretend danger, but no real danger'. Fetish-wise, I just like that. So Pinkie scares the living daylights out of him, but then he screams that he doesn't care-- he vowed to love Pinkie for eternity the moment he saw her. Pinkie then says something along the lines of "I'm glad you feel that way. I feel the same way too."

I don't really want 'sheer terror', more like "she could kill me but she won't because I love her... but oh Celestia I hope she doesn't do it by accident" feel.

Something like:

[ Mac finally pulled out, a thick white trail dripping out into Pinkie's gaping right eyehole. His legs twitched as he panted, the bloodied stump of her disembodied eye curling around his side. Pinkie let out a deep, thick growl, and Mac ran his front hooves deeper into her mane. As he clutched tighter, bits of twig and leaf along with dried blood rubbing into his hooves, he felt his colthood growing stronger than ever.

"Other... one..." he moaned. She nodded a little, letting out that ghostly light growl that he already felt so used to. He gazed down at Pinkie's long tongue.

He couldn't help wishing that there was some way that it could be down his throat at the exact same he creamed into her other eyehole. Any distance between the two of them had vanished in his heart. They were one flesh, husband and late wife. He lined up a few inches to the left. He plunged his colthood forward, groaning loudly. ]


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Holy-Crap... This is without a doubt the best pitch I've ever gotten. Love it! :heart:

It's perfectly hilarious while simultaneously holding exciting sexual potential. I can't wait to work on it. Tentacles inbound.


Thank Celestia I reserved not write your requests... the first one is okay though. Okay fine I'll write something like that with Zombie Pinkie Pie but definitely no Big Mac.

Oh oh I know. How about I write it with Zombie Pinkie getting ripped to pieces by a sexually charged Iron Will?

Also I have no idea what Luna Game is.

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Luna Game is a series of games that start off as arcade platformer where you control Luna, but all of them eventually goad you into seeing shock pictures with ponies.

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Oh, never mind. I know what that is... :facehoof:

Never played it though.

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It seems that series are moving from being just shockers into genuine horrorgame with plot.. but that remains to be seen yet.


Speaking of horrorgames, here`s another little pitch for you.

Luna. On the moon. Bored like fuck. What to do? With little other options, she decides to do herself. Or, rather, her alter ego Nightmare Moon. Who turns out to be a huge BDSM freak. Which Luna is first iffy about, but then comes to enjoy.

Fastforward to Luna returning to Canterlot, and she feels quite unsettled, because she had grown very... used to Nightmare Moon`s "ministrations". She tries to ignore the need, but it keeps nagging at her, until it comes to head one night with Luna declaring she just can`t take it anymore and attempting to grab at Celestia in an effort of... who knows what. Actually, it`s just because Celestia in her regalia reminds Luna of Nightmare Moon. Celestia reacts by binding her with a spell, only to find out that Luna gets off from being bound.

Cue Luna discovering that Celestia is even bigger BDSM freak then Nightmare Moon was.

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Ah, you don't have to do the grimclop thing if you don't want to. I'm much more interested in the first two things I commented about. I'd like to see a sort of  "rescue fic" that involves gore, but ends really sweetly. As well, I'd just love to see the Strawberry character in more things.

Thanks. :raritywink:

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If you look at: http://sadpanda.us/images/866488-RJ638VV.jpg

I'd like a fic about that, please. :rainbowwild:

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This is an excellent idea, why don't you write it yourself? If you really want me to, then I'll take this pitch and make an entire multi-chapter fic about it. This request thing is reserved for stupid crazy 500 wordish fics that I compile into one chapter. Anyway, I really like that pitch.

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I`m just tossing out ideas. I may be using some of them later, but... I don`t quite have the time to flesh out on every single idea I ever have. So, I`m often in habit of tossing them for public review - even if I won`t be able to do something with the idea, I can find solace in fact that someone else might.

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Well I think that Luna thing is great. If I did use it, I'd probably just use the general idea, not the entire pitch. Maybe I'll work something out of it later and show you. It could be fun.

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Coolbeans. I`ll toss out other ideas if/when they choose to wonder through my mind. Maybe I`ll even write something... Don`t hold your fingers crossed, tho.

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I've been writing stuff pretty much nonstop for months. I just now crapped out another chapter of The Scootaloo Diaries, just because it seems pretty popular right now. I need an editor.......... sigh, ....

Anyway yeah. Thanks for the ideas, but it'll be a while before I actually put time into another fic. I have too many in progress right now as is.

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You`re bloody lucky, then. I`ve had coworker quit just the other week, rather abruptly. Bloody wanker. Now I`m pulling double shifts because there just ain`t noone else that can step up at the moment. No time to write anything that I`d enjoy rereading after, not when I hear the stupid leaking outta people 24/7. Gah.

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Haha, well when I say nonstop, I mean in my free time. I have work and school and whatnot as well.

That sucks though, sorry to hear about your bad situation.

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Eh, it`s not bad, per ce, I`m definitely not doing it for free. But it leaves me with preciously little time to spend at my leisure, at the moment. I`ll have some vacations later to make up for it, I think. ^_^

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Well, that'll be nice.

I'm going to go sleep now, I have to work tonight. :applecry:

Woot! The Scootaloo Diaries got featured, I've actually very surprised considering the content. Hmm, never would have guessed that THAT one would make it. That's my fourth story to make it up there. Hopefully it hits the first spot for a while. :pinkiehappy:

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Hey, it`s best liked stories that get featured.

...Or maybe they`re best liked because they got featured?... Huh. Now I`m puzzled...

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I read through the whole thread, and I was wondering: would it be okay for me to reserve the "rights" to writing that story?  I've wanted to do something fairly light on story and fairly safe to start out with (Princest was especially a topic I wanted to explore), so this seems pretty perfect.

I don't imagine I'd get to it immediately (I kind of want to finish Inspiration first, or at least make a bunch of updates to it), but I would definitely end up doing it at some point.

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Reserve rights? No, that wouldn`t be right.

Now, if you`re asking if you can use this idea? Of course you can.

I refuse to accept the notion that ideas can belong to someone specific. Freedom of information is crucial for advancement of society at large and individuals in particular.

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Now if only we could get the media corporations to understand that.

Thanks for letting me use the idea.  I'll probably do that during march break.

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>I refuse to accept the notion that ideas can belong to someone specific. Freedom of information is crucial for advancement of society at large and individuals in particular.


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Don`t worry. They`re not required to understand.

People can hold all kinds of delusions, but evolution has notoriously little regard for those. Those who don`t understand the simple truths will go extinct.

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>>282833 If fanfic authors could reserve the rights to ideas, it would cut the amount of fanfics online by about 99%

#29 · 159w, 3d ago · · ·


That`s most certainly true, but it does not stop some people from trying to do that anyway.

A practice that I wholeheartedly abhor and loathe.

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>>282298 Reverse rape?

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Humanized and HumanizedxPony please! :moustache:

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STARRING: psycho Pinkie Pie, Gilda

CONTAINS: force feeding/rectal feeding

CONCEPT: A alternative take on episode "Griffon the Brush-Off" and the story cupcakes where Pinkie Pie teach Gilda a lesson Pinkie Pie style by drugging and kidnapping her. Then Pinkie force feeds her sugary foods by shoving the food through her rear. The food start small like cupcakes and cakes then Pinkie uses a feeding machine by shoving a tube like hose that attach to the machine in Gilda butt.

POSSIBLE ENDINGS: ending1. Gilda mind snaps then she submit to her fate. Then show a 2 week time-skip with Pinkie still holding her prisoner.

ending2. Pinkie Pie lets Gilda go after she learn her lesson but develop a fetish for rectal feeding.

IDEA INSPIRED BY: Cupcakes Redux don't worry it rated teen and have no gore and this pic

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I might be late to the party here, but here's something I'd like to see: the movie "Hostel" re-enacted by ponies. Why? Because I think the premise of that movie was way too good to be handled by that retard of a director, and I'd like to see a more professional person take a shot at it.

The premise would be that after Twilight becoming an alicorn, the princesses decide to introduce her to one of their secret little hobbies, that being the torture and murder of randomly selected ponies, and make Twilight part of the twisted side of godhood and immortality. Why would they do it? Cause they're bored out of their minds, having lived for thousands of years and indulged in everything imaginable, until they realized that the only thing that ever remains new and exciting is the various ways in which you can kill another pony.

If this sounds like something you could make a story out of, please do, I'm just here to provide writers better than me with ideas.

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RariSpike Please! And to spice it up, make Rarity a little more adventurous if you know what I mean...:raritywink:

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A cock transformation and balls transformation story strraing King Sombra a what-if story where Sombra wins.

TAG: dark

CONTAIN:cock transformation/marge, balls transformation, rape

CHARACTERS: King Sombra, The Mane 6, Spike Aged-up, Shining Armor

CONCEPT:It about King Sombra getting the power of the six Elements of Harmony and fixing his small penis problem. By killing two birds with one stone he finds a old and forgotten spell that transform and marge The Mane 6 into his new penis and spike, Shining Armor into his balls.

NOTE:1.Spike become the right side of the ballsac and Shining Armor become left side.

2.The spell can't be undone, it becomes permanent.

3.After the spell is done Sombra penis and balls change size and color.

examples:His penis have the cutie marks and colors of The Mane 6, while his ballsac have the color of Spike and Shining Armor, one side have the color and cuite mark of Shining Armor the other have Spike color.

Penis Size:Hyper

Balls Size:The size of watermelons

4.The Mane 6 and Shining Armor, Spike is conscious and aware.

5.The side-effect of the spell is as he merging The Mane 6 into his penis one-by-one he picks up some of their quirks.

6.After the spell he will have power of six Elements of Harmony/a twisted version of it.

7.This story will be a non-human pony clop.


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A crossdressing fic starring King Sombra

Tag: comedy,

CHARACTERS: King Sombra, crystal ponies

CONTAIN: crossdressing, wearing mare Undergarment , panties

CONCEPT: It about King Sombra secretly taking and wearing mare used underwear's.


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A pantified fic starring King sombra

Tag: dark,

CHARACTERS: King Sombra, Prince Blueblood

CONTAIN: inanimate object tf, pantification, transformation, panties, thong

CONCEPT: It about King Sombra transform Prince Blueblood into a mare panty or a thong and wearing him.

NOTE:1. Prince Blueblood became Sombra prize Undergarment and rarely take him off.  


#38 · 102w, 6d ago · · ·

A pantified fic starring Trixie and Pinkie Pie, Gilda

TAG: dark

CHARACTERS: Trixie, pinkie Pie, Gilda

CONTAIN: inanimate object tf, pantification, transformation, panty transformation

CONCEPT: It about Trixie with the Alicorn Amulet transformation Pinkie Pie into a panty and then sell her off to Gilda.

NOTE: Note #1. Show a one year time-skip showing that Pinkie became Gilda favorite panty and she rarely take Pinkie off. Note #2.Gilda ever found out that the panty is Pinkie pie.


and this story this story.

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Hmm. Humanized Vinyl Scratch, Octavia and Neon Lights threesome with BDSM/bondage would be very interesting.

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A clopfic featuring DiscordxGrogar

TAG: Romance

CHARACTERS: Discord with female parts , Grogar


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A clopfic featuring r63 King Sombra x Shining Armor

TAG: dark

CHARACTERS: r63 King Sombra, normal Shining Armor

CONTAIN: rape, mind control, Hypnosis

CONCEPT: Sombra hypnotize Shining Armor and rape him.

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A clopfic featuring Eris the r63 version of discord x a human male oc

TAG: dark, comedy, human, romance in Eris's mind how she picture love.

CHARACTERS: r63 discord eris, a male human

CONTAIN: seducing, genitals swap, some funny wtf moment,  

CONCEPT: A clopfic in which a young man finds herself lost in a hedge maze. Eris spot him and fall in love with him in a psycho kinda way. Then she start stalking him and driving him crazy and comically try to hitting on him here a example and wearing seductive clothing like a cocktail dress and lacy lingeries to try to get his attention. she will eventually catch him and rape him in the end Eris got him on a leash so he can't escape from her.

NOTE: note #1. Eris cum chocolate milk and confetti.

note #2. I to see you use that scene from the example link in story.

note #3. I like to see some point in the story Eris swapped genitalia just for fun. Here a example Eris have the human penis and balls and the human have Eris's vagina but Eris them switch back for round two.

note #4. Eris have twisted love for the human.

note #5. It take place in a alternate universe where the episode "keep calm and flutter on" ever happen.


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A clopfic featuring Grogar x a female human

TAG: dark

CHARACTERS: Grogar, a female human

CONTAIN: rape, force deep throat,force blowjob, balls sucking, balls licking, balls kissing, balls smothering

CONCEPT: Grogar try summoning a minion but wind up summoning a female human. so he decide to keep her as a sex-slave.

NOTE: note #1. Grogar have big musky balls.

note #2. The story end with the female human chained to Grogar's throne naked.


For the unedited version of this pic try reverse search image the pic in images google you will find the uncrop version.

The artist name is "dontfapgirl" in case you was wondering.

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A clopfic feature a r63 version of Gilda daterape Fluttershy.

TAG: dark

CHARACTERS: r63 Gilda, normal fluttershy

CONTAIN: sleep rape/date rape, mouth fucking, face licking, french kissing, deep throat

CONCEPT: Gilda stalk Fluttershy and then drug her then rape while she asleep.

NOTE: note #1. End the story showing the Gilda been doing it for a month with fluttershy never finding out.

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A clopfic feature a r63 version of Iron Will and normal Big Mac.

TAG: romance

CHARACTERS: r63 Iron Will, normal Big Mac

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A clop version of this story.

TAG: comedy, random, dark

CHARACTERS: King Sombra, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadence, Princess Twilight?


CONCEPT: It about Sombra transforming the princesses into multiple objects but in the end the table have turn.

NOTE: In the end each princess take a turn transforming sombra into objects here a example: For a week Sombra been transforms into panties by Princess Celestia and been wear by her. Then Princess Twilight transforms Sombra into a cushion for her throne for a week.

note #2.Here a list of transformations I would like to see in the story:

a cushion for a throne

a maypole

a pool toy

a rug

a hammock

a towel

a horse shoe


a pillow

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Here some original ideas:

1.Nobody haven't made a fic featuring a human soul that is stuff in somepony or somegriffins privates yet.

FETISH CONCEPT: A Soul Jar/Soul stuffing, where a person's soul get seal or stuff in object or in my story case in a body part.

STORY CONCEPT: After surviving a accident that destroy his body but his soul survive and was teleported to equestria. And the human soul get stuffed in Gilda's vag/privates and the is driving gilda insane because she hears voices coming from her vag and she the only one who can hear it.

NOTE:1. The human who is possessing Gilda's vag can subconsciouly contral gilda's sex drive.

2. Only Gilda can hear the human talk.

IDEA INSPIRED BY: this story and this

2.Nobody haven't made a fic about Discord with a Detachable Penis yet.

FETISH CONCEPT: Detachable Penis, For this just jump ahead to idea inspired part.

A story starring Discord and his detachable penis. Where lost his penis somewhere in ponyville and after searching for it and haven't found it so he decided to go a day without it. But discord's penis wander in the hooves of mares and female griffons whose think it a realistic dildo and Discord can feels everything his penis does. Here an example: imagine discord having tea or a picnic with Fluttershy or Celestia and then all the sudden Discord start making faces like he is relieving himself like this. You can make own ending to this story but I think this ending best fit this, in the end Discord finally finds his penis but not knowing where it has been and not knowing that he impregnated almost all the mares and female some Griffons of ponyville.


For the uncrop version of this comic try reverse search image the comic in images google you will find the uncrop version.

If you want to know who draw that comic the artist name is "bgn".

3.Nobody haven't made a Balls Torture/Abuse fic yet.

FETISH CONCEPT: Balls Torture/Abuse, stuff like balls slapping/bucking and squeezing with magic. But no gore and balls busting please. And no castration either.  

TAG: Dark

STORY CONCEPT: This story take place in an alternate universe where the Crystal Empire ever vanish. Sombra rule becuase he was before he can conquered it. As for punismant for his crimes he is sentenced to life public humiliation by being put in a pillory in the middle Crystal Empire to be a abused and used the Crystal Ponies that he almost enslaves.

CHARACTERS: King Sombra, crystal ponies

NOTE:1. It take in a medieval version of the Crystal Empire.

2. The story contains balls abuse like balls slapping/bucking and tight magic groping and squeezing. but no balls popping/busting or castration.

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