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  • Saturday
    my story, War X Part 1: Fate at Work, is available on Amazon Kindle.

    War X Part 1: Fate at Work is now available on Amazon Kindle. those who have a Kindle, enjoy.


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  • Friday
    Xenoblade Chronices 3D Launch Trailer

    a quest for revenge. a journey of discovery. a battle against the God of Creation.

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  • Thursday
    Inspector Gadget reboot trailer

    ... yep... they're rebooting Gadget...

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  • Wednesday
    Star Wars done in in 80's style anime.

    it's pretty cool. a Imperial fleet decimates a Rebel convoy.

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  • Tuesday
    Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer 1

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  • Monday
    giving into peer pressure: watching Dragonball Z

    yep. i've reached a new level of boredom and have decided to give the Dragonball Saga a try. after some Wikipedia research on the characters, i finished the original series and am now on DBZ; currently at episode 2 where Goku meets his big brother Raditz.

    by the way, did you notice that most of the characters have name similar to produce? think about it? Raditz sounds similar to Radish, Vegeta to Vegetable, Trunks to... well, trunks. Broly to Broccoli. Freiza to Freezer, the list goes on. then there's names they're not even trying, like Launch, Pan, Bra- someone actually named their kid Bra.

    and since i'm watching DBZ for the first time, can any fans tell me what to expect? i already know the fights seem to go on forever, though i think One Piece broke that record, but what else can i expect other then fights that go on forever and a bunch of villains, some sadistic and some... really weird?

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  • Monday
    The Chaos Symphony Grand Anthology Trailer

    Rising Up! – Tales of Zestiria OST

    Power contracted into a small dot no bigger than a atom. It then shone briefly before exploding outward in a humongous bang. Planets, galaxies, even whole universes passed by. Behind the massive bang, a massive creature with glowing red eyes watched.

    The Requiem Trinity

    With angel wings on her back, Requiem Hikaru, the Goddess of Destruction, streaked though the air after her foe, passing by her friends as they fought their opponents.

    Aura Aesir, the Knight of the Goddess, spun his lance around, hitting his armored foe, Tsylatac, in the head. The knight grabbed the lance and pulled him close. Aura encased his right hand in fire and punched the guy in the chest.

    Jax Yggdrasill, a powerful sage, swung her arms and Chakrams to the side, creating a massive windstorm that picked up everything around her.

    Bahamut, a crimson-colored Dragon, and Sapphyre, a sapphire-colored Dragoness, used that to their advantage and rode the wind towards their foe, a mechanic gryphon with darkness seeping out.

    Ashlin Silverton, a traveler clad in a cowboy outfit, spun down from above, firing his pistols in all directions. His pet, a Simargl- a winged wolf, charged by him. He took to the air and flapped his wings hard, sending sharp feathers out.

    Satoshi Tanaka, a master mechanic, ran up the  long neck of one of Yamato no Orochi’s heads, dragging his scythe in the neck of the Wind head. He jumped up and slashed at the Ice head. Behind him, the Orion, a Man-O’-War ship converted to fly, fired it’s cannons.

    Savanna , a girl with telepathic abilities, used her powers to lift up a large chunk fo the earth, and tossed it towards Orochi.

    Sora, a expert archer and Jax’s sister, swung her short sword at Kyra, a young girl who also wields a scythe. Kyra took to the air and swung, creating a arc of air. Sora slid under it, pulled out her bow, and fired a arrow up at her.

    Requiem reached her foe, her villous sister Rubi, who looks exactly like her. Rubi burst into darkness, transforming into a monstrous monster. Requiem charged at her and swung her sword.

    War X

    A modified transport ship, the Nova, sped though a chaotic space battle, heading for a devastated planet below.

    A fighter passed the transport by and fired a round of missiles at a ship in front. The fighter passed though the fire it had just created, spun around, and transformed into a combat mech. Connected to the pilot, Bretny Lera, The mech punched a huge hole in the ship’s side, allowing the missiles to enter the vessels inner workings.

    On the ground, Exorcia Warfang, a dragon with a dark color, spiraled into the chest of a robot like a corkscrew. He flapped out and breathed a fireball towards his rival, the Bounty Hunter Donna Perosa.

    The fireball passed over Garland Mherata, a loyal knight, and Melhel Troscrop, a reptilian humanoid with a ‘split face’, fought side by side as they swung their swords. Garland used his rapier to disarm his pirate foe before flipping over and thrusting the sword down the baddies head. Mel, on the other hand, was moving with blinding speed, taking his foes out with duel curved swords flipped backwards.

    The transport blazed over the battlefield before suddenly stopping in mid-air. A pair of lights, one red and one blue, flew out of the cargo hold. The green light, which engulfed a 8 year old girl named Irys, turned into a large armored monster with tentacles tipped with arrowheads. The monster opened up the arrowheads and fired beams of fire.

    The blue light, the hero Molin Fine, blazed towards a snowflake-shaped battleship. It fired it’s weaponry, but the young 13 year old deflected everything with such surprising ease.

    Sera Fine, Molin’s twin sister, and Princess Annastasia watched as he came blazing in to their rescue. Their captor, the monstrous and anthro scorpion Kaiju, snickered. He took to the air, engulfed in a yellow-brown light that grew large.

    Molin’s blue light grew large as well before a large reptilian monster, Xeno, covered in armor burst out, roaring wildly. Kaiju emerged from his cocoon of light and charged. Both titanic foes launched a massive punch to the other.

    Last Symphonia

    As a massive aerial conflict took place between fleets in the skies above, Skeith Mysteria, a crimson Dragos – a race of anthro dragons, took to the air with golden sword in hand. He crossed blades with HACK, a mysterious monster in armor with claws coming out of its gauntlets.

    Cynder Lera, a dark purple Dragos and Skeith’s girlfriend, Polila, a young girl with cat ears, and Ember Ferahs, a salmon-colored Dragos and Cynder’s best friend, stood back to back. They grabbed each others hands. A white light appeared in their hands, then shot out into the sky, tearing up the earth under it.

    Flame Mysteria, Skeith’s older brother, and Rex, a anthro… eh, T-Rex, delivered a joint dropkick to a worm monsters chest, sending it crashing back to the cave wall. Blaze, the youngest of the Mysteria brothers, tried to kick as well, but tried over a small rock, falling over like a tree.

    Lightning, a cold mercenary, dropped down into the middle of a courtyard, swinging his double-ended scythe around like a deadly pro.

    Mesei, another mercenary but more friendly, gave a flirty wink before waving her wand across. A bright light burst out of the ground and a monstrous turtle monster rose, roaring to the sky.

    The Dark Hunter, a large mysterious creature covered in shadow, roared loudly, then breathed dark fire down onto a helpless city.

    The beast suddenly brust open and Skeith and HACK fell though with the symbol of the Ouroboros behind them. The two fell towards a large tower in the middle of the city. their foes, Gras Mysteria, father of the Mysteria children, Jab Mysteria, the evil brother of the four, and Malecore, leader of their world, stood waiting for them, each with their own Ouroboros symbol shining behind them.


    Karin ‘Glade’ Norris, a deadly mercenary, twirled over a outstretched spire as it burst out of the burning earth. She cut her blades though another, cutting it into tiny pieces.

    Cyan Kross  a young girl, flipped backwards onto another outcropping and leaped off, avoiding a rocky tentacle. She flipped in the air and pulled back her fist, coalescing power into it. She punched down on the rocky tentacle, causing it to explode.

    Cloud, a brown and yellow Gryphon, spun though the air, launching knifes in all directions. He put one between his claws and launched it harder than the others.

    Erys, a human girl with cat ears, a cat tail, and cat fangs, swung her whip around her, taking out lava monsters. She flipped into the air and spun her whip around in front of her, creating a glyph. Lightning shot out of the glyph and towards the ground below, creating a small explosion.

    Drake, a large humanoid dragon, swung his gigantic sword around, cleaving the ground and a pair of lava worms. He spread his wings and flew up onto the tallest spire near him. He jumped off and slammed his sword into the ground, creating a very bad earthquake.

    Tia Starlight, a Alicorn (Winged Unicorn) with robotic arms attached to her breastplate, took to the air. She powered up a spell and let it loose, launching a powerful blast of energy out of her horn. The result created a lot of destruction.

    Ayumi, another mercenary, leaped from the energy beam and pulled out his 12-foot long katana. With one 360 degree swipe, he cut though the entire battlefield around him.

    Glade and Cyan rode one of the shards of earth Starlight created and readied themselves. Their foe, a dark wizard named Sombra, twirled his staff and brought it up, a ball of fire appearing at it’s tip.

    Chaos Theory

    Jade Maré, a young 9 year old boy, and his Mazoku (Demon Monster) partner Luna, a human-smart cyan colored Raptor, charged at their opponents of the Chaos Theory tournament head on.

    Jade pulled out a wooden sword and smacked Aria Zara, a 22 year old Brazilian woman, in the head and flipped over while Luna clawed her black leopard partner to the side.

    He slid underneath Darian Rux, a 22 year old German, swiping his wooden sword as his knees. Luna squashed Darian’s fairy Mazoku before jumping away.

    Jade flung his sword up into the air, confusing Chaz Sherkin, a 13 year old Arabian boy. Jade took that to dropkick his foe in the face. He bounded up, snatched his sword, and continued on. Luna jumped up into the air and, with a single swipe of her claws, sent a trio of sharp blades though the air, cutting Chaz’s giant gorilla Mazoku in the face.

    From the arena’s stands, Jade’s friends cheered him on. Dressed in cheerleader outfits, Rose la Luz, a 15 year old British girl and his best friend, Lisa Fitzgerald, a 9 year old Swiss girl, and Penelope Akkord, a 21 year old Russian girl, cheered him up with some dopey dance. Zach Shine, a 12 year old Japanese-American boy, and Luis Grego, a 34 year old Australian and Penelope’s distant uncle, just looked at the girls like they had lost it, as did their own Mazoku’s.

    Jade and Luna ran across the arena towards their foe, Ted Feld, a 20 year old Frenchman, and his Mazoku, a Komodo Dragon, who were standing on a hovering platform. Ted pointed his wooden club towards the boy. The Komodo Dragon jumped off and was immediately engulfed in a purple light. A humongous Wyvern burst out of the light and roared. Luna jumped up and was engulfed in a blue light. A blue Tyrannosaurus Rex with wings burst out of the blue light and fired a beam out of its mouth.

    Dreams of Awakening

    The Grand Belle, a Man-O-War ship, fired it’s cannons in all directions. The specialized cannonballs tore though ships all around.

    Nicole Severa, a sage from the Order of Light, swung her staff up to the heavens, summoned a pair of water dragons. The living beings of water tore over a ship’s deck, taking out all.

    Brutus, a large lummox of a man, punched down on a ship, breaking it in half. Vergil and Kenshin, a couple of expert swordsmen, jumped off the two halves and cut though the enemy swiftly and fluidly.

    Dante, a young and hopeful lad, swung his double-ended scythe above his head, tearing though enemies and the masts of their ship. Above him, Amelia, a short fused mage, and Catherine, a helpless amnesiac, used magic to call down a lightning strike.

    From the Grand Belle, Pat and Zat, twin troublemakers, Ducky, a expert cook, and Rat… someone who lives up to his nickname, fired rifles, pistols, and cannons at the enemy ships, not once faltering.

    Giant serpentine creatures came down from the dark cloud skies, roaring and firing beams out of their mouths. All forces turned their attention towards the monsters.

    Nero, a young captain, smirked and let a couple of them get close. He pulled out his sword and moved quickly, cutting them into tiny pieces with just a few slices. One of the monsters tried to attack him from behind but was quickly sent away by a water attack thanks to Kairi, his confidant.

    A HUMONGOUS dragonic head the size of a continent descended from the clouds. Fury reared back and roared loudly, causing massive tidal waves and earthquakes.

    Trixie Dawn, captain of the Grand Belle, leaped off her ship and bounded up towards the monster of a dragon, bouncing off the smaller versions. Bounding off the last one, she swept her cutlass out. Energy gathered in the blade, extending out 30 whole miles. She raised her sword above and swung down with all her might, yelling loudly.

    Azure Flames

    Jewel Larson, a hotheaded if there ever was one, yelled loudly as she cracked her whip at her foe, a heavily armored anthro dragon named Draco. Draco pulled his diamond sword out and tried to slice her in half with it. Jewel avoided the attacked, wrapped her whip around it, and then pulled it away. In her free hand, she summoned a ball of fire as hot as her temper. Draco did the same, but with both hands.

    James Verse, a boy as cold as the sea, swung his blades at Meria, a mermaid. Meria summoned up a wall of water and snapped her fingers, freezing it solid. James cut though it effortlessly and tried to take her head off with a scissor move. She ducked backwards and let her lute take the attack. She whipped him with his tail, sending him back. He screeched to a halt and growled. He spun his blades around, creating twin circular blades of water in the air. Meria played a cord on her lute, summoned a tidal wave behind her. A snap of her fingers and she turned the entire thing into icicle missiles.

    Teesha Adera, a hyperactive party girl, jumped off the end of her scythe to avoid a blast of air from her foe, a nymph named Sylph. She summoned her scythe to her hands and swung it hard, sending a blade of air to Sylph. The nymph not only blocked it, but turned it back to her, split it into three, and made them as unpredictable as all of them.  Teesha swung her scythe around, deflecting the blades back, but they were homing and they don’t go down that easily. She summoned a mini-hurricane to finally get rid of them. She landed on a outcropping and flexed her hand, summoning a ball of air into it. Sylph stuck his tongue out and did the same thing.

    Max Jerico, a powerful and charismatic boy, swung his massive club at Terra, a Earth Golem. Terra punched the club from its flight path then punched the ground, creating a earthquake under Max’s feet. Max leapt towards Terra, summoning a legion of spears made out of the rock below. He directed them towards the Golem. They shot towards him, striking the giant. Terra just shrugged it off and turned his arms into drills. The drills spun at around 600 RPM. Max landed and did what he did last time, summoning a legion of spears.

    From the sidelines, Xoa, taking on the appearance of a 6 year old dark haired boy, snickered as he watched the fight. He got up and summoned a legion of dark weapons, directing them all to the fighters. The 8 of them sensed his presence and launched all of the attacks they had built up at him, creating a elemental explosion of cosmic proportions.

    After Worlds End

    Running though a endless desert, Riku Heurta, a runaway scientist who discovered a bad secret, ran for his life away from governmental forces. He slashed his rapier though a couple of goons in front of him, but did not give up his stride.

    Krystal Berik, a teen actress who got roped into this by accident, pulled on a dead tree branch with her sword. She pulled her sword out at the last second. The branch swung, hitting a small squad of goons in the head.

    Haseo Serestra, a former member of the army hunting them, fired his guns in all directions from the top of a out-cropping. A couple of goons snuck up behind him and moved in for the kill. He sensed their approached and hit a button on the side of his weapons, summoning energy bayonets as big as the guns themselves. He slashed at them, then jumped down.

    Octavia Ferris, a farm girl tomboy, landed on top of a government skiff and ran to the front. She jumped off and gave it a good kick to the front. That kick was enough to start a chain reaction that caused it to blow up. She landed on top of a enemy goon, crushing him. She quickly spun around and gave another a elbow to the face.

    A large gust of wind speed across the desert. The gust picked the four of them up and carried them over the edge of the world. It let go and they fell to whatever lay under the clouds below.

    A huge mechanical worm burst out of the world’s crust beside them and lunged towards them with it’s maw wide open.


    A purple and slender armored figure with a tail fought along against a large legion of Yakuza agents in the middle of towntown Tokyo. A group of hostages, held captive by the Yakuza, were held at gunpoint.

    The armored figure, eTu’nes, moved with blinding speed, not once giving the Yakuza a clear target. The vigilante’s hands turned into laser swords. With the same blinding speed, eTu’nes cut though goons and mechs with ease.

    Atop a building, Kiyru Kyojin and his gang, the Lockdowns, watched the fight with a eager expression.

    The leader of the Yakuza, piloting a mech himself, landed a lucky punch on eTu’nes head, shattering the helmet and sending him flying backwards into the wall of a building.

    Atop another building, a lone figure in blue armor and a double ended scythe watched the fight as well.

    Battered and bruised, eTu’nes climbed out of the hole, holding it’s sides. The helmet crumbled and fell to the ground in pieces, revealing Fui Yamatuka, a sickly girl with fox ears and a tail.

    Fui’s mother and father, Imita and Sezawa respectively, her little sister Atoli, her hopeless love interest Alkaid, Kiyru and his gang, the blue armored figure, the rest of the hostages, and even the Yakuza were surprised by who was under the helmet.

    Fui’s armor malfunctioned and disintegrated back into En, a cybernetic computer program that took the form of a cyber wolf. Fui wiped her mouth and smirked. She charged back into the fray, surprising all that she was still willing to fight.

    En merged back with her body, bringing the armor back, but without the helmet. Her left hand turned into a gun. She aimed at the Yakuza leader and fired.

    Bara Shion Suitopi

    A massive battle between two armies is rampaging across the countryside near a quarry and a tall 300 foot tower. Six figures tore though the battle, making a beeline towards the tower.

    Bione, a large and colorful wyvern, breathed purple fire in front of him, clearing a path for him to charge though. He curled up into a ball and rolled though, leaving behind squished soldiers.

    Alucard, the king of vampires stuck in the form of a five year old boy, summoned up a sword half the size of the tower. He swung it with relative ease, clearing out legions in seconds.

    Mifune, a timid dark elf girl, swung her arms above her. Scores of cards flung around her in destined orbits. Using her magic, she summoned up a illusion of a Leviathan so real, it could pass for the real thing. The Leviathan roared and fired a beam out of it’s mouth.

    Thel, a orc thief, swung his short sword quickly, getting soldiers in the neck before they knew what hit them. He swung a chain like a whip and pulled a few unlucky soldiers in for the kill. At that point, a troll simply named Bob smashed them into the ground.

    Running though the battle field with great speed, Celeste, a young girl with car ears, sped though towards the nearest trebuchet. She swung her combat sickles, which were attached to her arms via chains, and caught a boulder being loaded. The boulder was launched, and so was she. She pulled herself up to the boulder then jumped off at the peak of its flight, all the way up to the top of the tower.

    There, a woman named Spiro raised her arms to the sky as she looked to the quarry. A red magic seal appeared over it. Celeste came up behind her and brought her sickles up to bare. Spiro sensed her approached and, with one swift fluid move, pulled out her sword and swung.


    On a island on the center of the world, representatives from the three ruling countries fought.

    Jillian Shepard, a spy for the Imaot Republic, threw throwing knifes at her foe, Tahu Grecko, a experienced soldier to the Crosnic Empire. Tahu blocked the knifes with his rifle and fired at his other opponent, Prince Kyte of the Tys Kingdom. Kyte blocked it with his lance then pull-vaulted into the air.

    While the three of them fought each other, a four member of this fight, a street rat by the name of Kathleen Sarasen, snuck on by with a pipe in her hands.

    She reached and ran down a path leading towards a HUMONGOUS pair of heavily ordained yet simple stone doors. The three combatants noticed her making a run and charged after her.

    Kathleen neared the doors. The Guardian, a large and empty suit of armor, activated, indicated by its glowing red eyes. It rose form it’s rest, appearing opposing. Kathleen skidded to a halt and readied her pipe. The Guardian pulled a large key-shaped sword out of the ground. It charged with lighting speeds, not giving her, or the others approaching behind her, time to react.

    Neo Megalith

    A Mountian, a species of Yggdrasill, a alien race of sentient plants, roared loudly. Comprised entirely of vines, the Mountain directed all of its vines to attack a major metropolitan city.

    The HARCS (Hyper Advanced Robotic Combat Skeletons) mechs arrived on the scene and launched an assault on the giant bundle of living vines.

    Neo, piloted by Habib Hadosen of Saudi Arabia, aimed a pair of flamethrowers at a vine burrowing into a park. The flamethrowers unleashed its full load, burning the thing to a crisp.

    The Geo, piloted by Daisy Hale of Bavaria, cut though a vine attacking a school bus with a giant axe equipped with a chainsaw blade. The axe sawed though the vine easily. Thrusters on the back of the robot skeletons back ignited, picking it up and pushing it along.

    Sang, piloted by Conner Grant of the USA, fired a pair of submachine guns at a bushel of vines that surrounded it. Quickly running out of ammo, it pulled out it’s sniper rifle and fired upward into where the vines were clumped. The round exploded.

    The Scout, piloted by Pham Mai Mach of Vietnam, sawed though vines easily with twin chainsaw blades. It moved with grace and elegance, something not seen among it’s robotic brothers.

    High up in the skies, flying though vines with the greatest of ease, the Megalith, the only HARC wearing armor, blazed a trail towards the center mass of the vines. Voluntarily merged with 7 year old Minnie Helaray of Sweden, the mech charged towards it. The armor detached from the center body, then rearranged around it, making something similar to a sarcophagus. It then fired a powerful beam from the center.

    Aesir Trigger

    A gargantuan space carrier fired it’s starboard and port cannons at the enemy starships coming to destroy it. Fighters, frigates, and capital ships from four different alien races came blazing in, firing laser bolts and missiles at the carrier. Three squadrons of fighters came blazing out of the carrier’s launch deck and moved to intercept the attackers.

    One of the lead fighters transformed into a battlemech, armed with laser swords and missile launchers. The missiles fired, streaking towards their targets. Another mech came blazing in from the enemy side and crossed blades with the other.

    The deck of the carrier opened up. A massive cannon rose out of the opening. It turned, aiming at the enemy flagship.

    From the bridge, the captain of the vessel Rias Hibani, his Lt. Rayne Gregory, the security officer Steven Min, injured fighter pilot Sgt. Alex Gruv, Pvt. Cheria Talavi, and four children stowaways Lloyd, Jafar, Katy, and Elise, watched the battle unfold. Rias thrust his arm forward.

    The cannon gain power, seen in its barrel as a green glow. Enemy fighters moved to intercept but were too late. The cannon fired a blinding laser beam, destroying everything in its flight path and those miles out.

    Blazing Drake

    Requios Drake, a ordinary boy from a backwater town, slashed his draconic arm at a pair of lizard knights, cutting them in two with the armor intact. He jumped off one of them into the air, letting the pieces fall. He spun around in flight, landing a kick to the face of a gargoyle. He brandished his claws and swiped at another, cutting its wings into tiny little steaks.

    Conan Aterimus, a knight and a powerhouse among them, swung his giant cleaver of a sword in a perfect circle, cutting his foes in two at the waist, along with any trees and even buildings close to him.

    Skye Swann, a girl with her head in the clouds, laughed as she ran from a trio of knights trying to cut her. Far enough away, she stopped and stuck her tongue out at them, egging them on. She zipped into a alleyway and they followed. Big mistake. They each got hit in the head by knifes. She performed a little victory dance, giggling.

    Odin, Shiva, and Quetzalcoatl, 3 grand dragons, slammed into the ground, creating a small earthquake. Odin, the violet one, breathed electricity out of his mouth. Shiva, the ice-blue one, breathed ice. And Quetzalcoatl, the crimson one, breathed fire. The three elements merged together in flight and when they hit the ground, created a powerful explosion.

    Dark clouds gathered overhead, signaling the arrival of Nazara, cruel emperor. The three combatants watched him descend, growling in anger. The three dragons took to the air, their human companions on their backs. They made a beeline for the demon, who just smirked.

    Epic of Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh, the wise half-god king of Uruk. Enkidu, his wolf-like companion created by the gods. And Shamhat, a skilled bowmaster, ran for their lives though a sandstorm ravaged desert. They reached a cliff and jumped off it, falling to a cedar forest that seems to go on forever.

    Below. Humbaba, the golem guardian of the forest, smashed it’s fists together. Gugalanna, the Bull of the Heavens, snorted steam out of it’s nostrils, getting ready to charge. Girtablilu’s, giant scorpions with the upper torsos of men in place of their real heads, readied for a fight.

    From the top of a tree, Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility, Love, and War,  Ninsun, Gilgamesh’s goddess mother, Siduri, a beer and wine maker, and Utnaphistim, the survivor of the Great Flood, watched as the three of them fell in.  

    With stoic expressions, Gilgamesh pulled out his sword, Enkidu bared his teeth, and Shamhat pulled out her bow. Gilgamesh raised his sword high then sliced down.


    Teria, grandfather to Aura, swung his pole-ax at Catalyst, the disguised form of Rubi. Teria pushed her away, summoned a fireball to his hands, and launched it towards his hooded foe.

    Marigold, a succubus with powers over flame, joined him as well and launched a trio of fire disks at Catalyst as well.

    Catalyst deflected both attacks away, spun her sword around, and send a blade beam towards them.

    Gabriëlle, the archangel, came down from the heavens and blocked it with his hefty axe. Teria and Marigold landed beside him and readied weapons.

    Catalyst smirked. She pulled herself in then unleashed the darkness within her, creating a shadow version of her monster form.

    Teria smirked as well. He walked forward and tossed his pole ax away. He looked inside himself and tapped into his cosmic powers. The power of Sol burst out of him like a supernova, cascading in all directions.


    In the skies above New York City, jet fighters moved in a dizzying waltz amidst explosions and gun fire.

    A  MiG-29A Fulcrum fighter blazed right though Brooklyn with a pair of MiG’s just like it in hot pursuit. The enemy fired their guns discriminately, hitting the buildings more them their prey. The Fulcrum banked down a narrow street quickly enough to give the enemy’s pause, a pause that turned into their downfall as they crashed into a abandoned warehouse.

    An F-16C Fighting Falcon divebombed on the enemy ship, a modified aircraft carrier with a rail cannon on the flight deck. It fired it’s full complement of missiles before rolling away.

    It flew right though a dance number between two F-15 Strike Eagles ’s and a A-6 Intruder.  The Intruder was a lot slower then it’s fighter counter parts. It turned onto its side and flew down. At that moment, a MiG 1.44 came blazing in, firing it’s twin guns at the enemy, gutting right down the exhaust. Both fighters exploded as the MiG turned though the flame.

    A X-29A lead a frontal assault on the aircraft carrier. It rolled and banked though Anti-Aircraft fire, avoiding the flak like a pro. It passed right over the vessel and the guns turned to follow. Big mistake. A A-10A Thunderbolt and a F-117 Nighthawk followed the fighters flight path, taking advantage of the distraction it caused. Both slow movers fired it’s compliment of Anti-Ship Missiles and, once overhead, dropped their bombs. The missiles and bombs made devastating work of the flight deck, the flak guns, and any fighters parked, leaving only the rail gun.

    A F-35C blared though the fires, firing its guns at the slow movers. They turned out of the way and the fighter blazed by. It turned to go after the A-10A when it was struck on the side by gun fire. A modified F-4E Phantom II blazed by underneath, speeding by at blinding speeds. The F-35C changed its target and sped after the Phantom. The F-4E fighter turned and made a beeline for the fighter.

    The two planes turned and, as they passed by each other, time seemed to slow down, allowing the two pilots to get a good look at each other.


    Fire rose up from downtown San Francisco as revived, bio-engineered, human-smart Dinosaur’s ran amuck, causing untold damage.

    A tank rolled in and fired at a Spinosaurus. The shell passed though the dinosaur’s sail. The Spino roared and charged at the metal creature. It slammed down on the barrel, bending it. It reached in, pulled out the driver, and tossed him.

    Army helicopters armed to the teeth fired it’s machine guns and it’s passengers fired LMG’s at a flock of flying dinosaurs. A Pterodactyl landed on a helicopters underbelly, reached into the cockpit, grabbed the pilot, and pushed him up into the spinning blades. It took off, letting the flying machine crash into the Lighthouse.

    A smacked car was sent flying into a APC, causing it to tilt onto it’s side. The T-Rex that smacked the car roared and charged, along with Stegosaurus’s, Triceratops, Raptors, and a Brachiosaur. The stampede trampled everyone, army and civilian.

    From the top of a building, the leader of this little rebellion, a Utahraptor with a I.Q. comparable to Stephen Hawking, Gene, watched as his kind put humanity to their knees. A Blackhawk rose from below and fired at him. Gene jumped to the sky, brandished his claws, and slashed down, cutting the helicopter into 3 pieces.


    On one side of the world, in the Pacific Northwest, a stranded alien with a jackel-like head, Set, watched the sun rise. He heaved up a Gatling gun and pulled the trigger. The gatling belched out laser bullets which completely decimated the army convoy coming to kill him, piercing though tanks, APC’s, helicopters, and even a prototype Mech suit.

    On the other side of the world, in Eqypt, a young girl by the name of Abagail, ran for her life from bad men, following the Nile. She turned into a wolf, increasing her speed. A large gush of water came barreling towards her, creating a 40 foot tall tidal wave. The wave picked her and the men up, carrying them away in it’s strong currents.

    Hell Hound

    Detective Jack Blaze, forever linked to a hell hound spirit, walked with his head down to hide his face, passing by people without even a passing glance.

    The ground shook underneath. He stopped, letting the scared people run away from a pillar of fire that rose to the air.

    A pack of hell hounds ran down the street, attacking people. Jack smirked. He opened his trench coat, pulled out his pistol, and aimed. The Hell Hound inside of him changed his pistol, turning it into a more hellish weapon. Without even aiming, Jack fired the pistol, creating a large bullet of fire that tore though the street and the bad guys.


    A humongous ship almost as big as a moon streaked though the skies above a lonely world.

    Below, a lonely girl, Auralite, was picked up by a unseen force. She spread her arms and let infinite power wash over her.

    She emerged from the power a full-fledged Goddess. Behind her, a pair of giant red eyes opened. Eyes that belonged to the ultimate being, Ultrillas. Auralite swung her staff, creating an entire universe.

    Chaotic Terminus

    The dozens of heroes of our stories stood on one side of an impossibly tall tower standing in the middle of a giant Infinity symbol while the bad guys stood on the other end. Both readied their weapons for the fight of their lives.

    Power burst out of the tower and spread out, covering the entire battlefield.

    The good guys coalesced their powers into one single attack and fired a infinitely powerful beam.

    The bad guys did the same thing, firing their own infinitely powerful beam.

    The two beams collided, creating a explosion on par with the Big Bang. The Big Bang-like explosion covered all known universes, Ultrillas included.

    A lone figure, draped entirely in shadow, held the big bang-like explosion in his hand. He watched the heroes and the villains fight their insignificant battles. He closed his hand on it, shattering it like a glass ball. It glanced up to the reader with glowing yellow eyes.

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  • Monday
    Confirmed Information for MCU Spider-Man

    here's what's been confirmed for Marvel's movie take on the web-crawler.

    * the MCU's Spider-Man will be Peter Parker, but they are also weighing Miles Morales.

    * the movie will forgo the origin story and follow Spider-Man at the height of his career. they figure that with there being two film franchises with the origin story, everyone knows it by now.

    * Spidy will appear in Captain America: Civil War, but what role is currently undetermined.

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  • 6d, 5h
    Final Fantasy XIV 'End of an Era' cinematic. *Most Epic Cinematic Ever*

    though the death and devastation of the old world shall a new one rise up.

    in quite possibly the most badass, most goosebump inducing, best cinematic EVER! never before has the end of the world look so epic.

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  • 1w, 1d
    Nostalgia Critic Daredevil

    early 2000 superhero movies were just crummy.

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  • 1w, 2d
    Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time Game Movie (Time is a gift and not to be squandered. / Could Ratchet & Clanks greatest adventure be their last?)

    Clank awakens after a forced yearlong coma to find that he has been kidnapped by their old nemesis, Dr. Nefarious. He escapes his clutches and discovers that he is in a massive station located in the exact center of the universe (give or take 50 feet) called the Great Clock, a powerful machine designed to keep Time in balance after a catastrophic incident eons ago. He also discovers, thanks to a caretaker of the Clock named Sigmund, that his soul is the son of the Creator of the Great Clock and the leader of the Zoni, Orvus, and realizes his destiny is to be the new Keeper of Time.

    Meanwhile, Ratchet meets a Lombax outcast named Alistair Azimuth, who was the best friend to Ratchet’s dead father. Azimuth tells Ratchet of the Clock’s existence and theorizes that Clank must be there as well. He also explains that he wishes to use the Clock to turn back Time and reverse the Lombax’s ultimate fate.

    Unfortunately, Nefarious wants to use the Clock to turn back Time as well to reverse his defeat, as well as all the other defeats all the villains have suffered. But there’s one small problem: The Great Clock is meant to balance Time, not alter it. Using it as a Time Machine would tear the very fabric of the Universe apart, completely destroying all of existence.

    The thing is, no one is listening to the warnings.

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  • 1w, 2d
    Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty Game Movie (How far would you go to search for your missing friend?)

    Clank has been taken by the mysterious Zoni for a unknown purpose. Ratchet uses a supercomputer named Irys for any clues surrounding these mysterious creatures and comes across someone who knew the Zoni personally: The pirate Angstrom Darkwater, who had in his position a Obsidian Eye, a powerful telescope that allowed him to communicate with the Zoni. Only Darkwater knows how to power it but, unfortunately, he’s dead thanks to his first mate, Captain Slag, who Ratchet defeated during his war with Tachyon. Ratchet tracks Darkwaters route to a planet named Merdegraw and finds the local pirates running amock. With Talwyn and Slag’s old first mate Rusty Pete, Ratchet attempts to find the Obsidian Eye’s power source, but there’s a curse surrounding the object, and Pete has a plan of his own, one that could end Ratchet’s journey before it even begins.

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  • 1w, 3d
    Death Battle: Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro

    and you thought Godzilla vs Gamera was the true battle of the titans

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  • 1w, 4d
    Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction Game Movie (The events of the Past can shape the Future)

    Ratchet & Clank leap into action as a armada attacks Metropolis. They discover that the one leading the attack is Emperor Percival Tachyon of the Polaris Galaxy, the last Cragmite in the universe, and the destroyer of the Lombax’s, leaving Ratchet the last Lombax in the universe (clearly he forgot about a certain girl). Fleeing to Polaris, the duo come across new friends, who tell them that Tachyon is out for revenge against Ratchet as the Lombax’s defeated the Cragmites decades ago. Teaming up with Talwyn Apogee and her warbots Cronk and Zephyr, Ratchet & Clank must discover the Lombax Secret, the weapon used to defeat the Cragmites, all while dealing with Tachyon’s forces, and Space Pirates lead by Captain Slag and his first mate Rusty Pete. Meanwhile, Clank is periodically visited by mysterious creatures called the Zoni, who give him new powers and call him Sire. What is Clanks relation to these mysterious creatures?

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  • 1w, 4d
    Pixels Trailer 1 (dafuq did i just watch?)

    When aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth using the games as models for their various assaults. President William Cooper (Kevin James) calls upon his childhood best friend, former 1980s video game champion Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), who is now a home theater installer and had a previous relationship with William's wife (Jane Krakowski) to lead a team of old-school arcaders (Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad) to defeat the aliens and save the planet.

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  • 1w, 4d
    Ratchet Deadlocked game movie (Even in galaxies as peaceful as Solana, there’s always a dark underbelly)

    Deep within Solana’s Shadow Zone, a lawless region of space where the governments have no authority, there lies Dreadzone, a completely illegal and underground combat sport show. The show is run by Gleeman Vox, CEO of the Vox Network (See what they did there?). To make matters more heartbreaking, he’s been abducting heroes for years, forcing them to die for ratings and profits. New on his heroes kidnapping spree is Ratchet. Being forced to compete in Dreadzone, Ratchet must find a way to free him, Clank, their friend Big Al, and all the other heroes held captive before they are all killed for bloodmoney.

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  • 1w, 5d
    Lazer Team Trailer 1

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  • 1w, 5d
    Lego Jurassic World gameplay trailer

    Lego Jeff Goldblum, anyone?

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 1

Thomas Lasky came to Corbulo Academy of Military Science with his mother and brother's impressive military careers hanging over his head. Haunted by ghosts from his past, he has serious doubts about the war he's expected to fight. As fellow cadet Chyler Silva tries to help him find his place at the academy, tensions with other squad members approach the breaking point.

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