My Not so Little Wrecker

by Emperor of Jurai

First published

What happens when you put one Nine foot tall Wrecker with cute little ponies? Lets find out!

Due to an freak electrical storm one video game character known as Wreck-It Ralph gets sent flying out of the Arcade power grid by way of a runaway game tram. Eventually ending up in a computer program area where all the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic shows are stored on the internet, the now lost and most defiantly out of place 'bad guy' is stuck in the land of Equestria since unlike the Arcade world. TV Characters don't leave their areas as copies are made of them and their world and sent off instead to users, and worse still none of them even known of this fact and think their worlds are real.

Now Ralph will have to find a way back home before Litwak's Arcade opens after repairs from the storm is over and Litwak finds out he is missing again and the game gets unplugged. At the same time he must prove himself to the ponies he is not a bad guy even though his job is to be a 'bad guy', and maybe along the way he will make new friends and the ponies will learn that sometimes 'bad guys' are not as two dimensional as they seem.

WARNING! WARNING! Wreck-It Ralph Movie spoilers are inside! WARNING! WARNING!

Chapter 1: Electronics and Lightning Don't Mix

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My Not so Little Wrecker
By Jurai1990
Based on the Movie ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and the TV show ‘MLP: Friendship is Magic’. All characters and ideas in this story belong to their respective companies, shows, games, books, and so forth. I own none of what is written and is purely created for free enjoyment of fellow fans.

Chapter 1
Electronics and Lightning Don’t Mix

You know how it is, when you finally think everything is turning out for the better life likes to throw a curve ball at you. My name is Wreck-It Ralph and I am the bad guy of the game Fix-It Felix Jr., and until recently I had a pretty good life now. Sure for the first thirty years it was difficult, but after helping my good friend Vanellope von Schweet get her life back from Turbo back in her game Sugar Rush. Well let’s just say that the Nicelanders are actually living up to their name around me, I mean I had a home, friends, and I learned to actually enjoy doing what I do. But as I said before…life loves to throw curve balls when you let your guard down. Here is my story and I hope you enjoy it and even more so I hope you actually believe me because…haha even I have a hard time believing it myself!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The night it happened~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“See you later President sugar puss!”

“Take care Sergeant bad breath!” yelled back a spunky nine year old girl known as Vanellope von Schweet, ‘president’ of Sugar Rush, to a nine foot tall giant of a man that everyone knows as Wreck-It Ralph.

The two trading playful insulting names as they always do once they part ways, an odd but still very endearing ritual they have even after months of being cross-game friends. Ralph’s face was full of mirth as he saw his one true best friend wave him goodbye as he headed out of Tappers, the ‘bad guy’ still feeling happy for the former glitch since she could get out of her game to visit other places. He waved goodbye to the adorable brat with his one of his signature huge hands before walking out of the game to head home, he knew he would be busy again and needed extra rest tonight. As ever since he invited the guys from the unplugged games to Fix-It Felix Jr., they been extra popular with the players as it was almost non-stop playing from the time the arcade opens to the time it closes.

It was a great feeling and he was proud of himself for helping those guys from the Q*bert game, but even more so he had to admit it was fun having some other ‘bad guys’ to help him during the bonus level.

Too bad his musings were abruptly ended when his head hit a low hanging exit sign causing him to quickly hold his head and yell “Ow…” only to follow it up with a louder “AUGH!”

When the sign had apparently broke when his head hit it and fell onto his right foot, the large man hopping on his left foot as he held the injured limb in his hands. The painfully funny situation lasted for about fifteen seconds before the pain was gone enough that Ralph could put his foot back down.

He then sighed a bit and reached down for the little sign and said “Ya know sometimes I think I’m too good at what I do, oh well I’ll have to make sure to get Felix over here to fix it later.”

With that said the mountain of a man put the sign off to the side so no one else would stumble on it, and made his way for the exit train to take him back to Game Central Station so he could get back to his own game. Stepping onto the tram he noticed he was the only one getting on this time around on the return trip, but then again he did remember how most hang out for a while longer before going back so he wasn’t surprised. But as the tram left the station things in the real world were getting a bit dangerous, as warmer than usual fall temperatures helped make one mother of a thunderstorm and it was about to unleash its fury on Litwak's Arcade. The black storm clouds crackled and glowed as lightning streaked across the sky, the deafening boom of thunder following each brilliantly bright flash of nature’s furry.

Sad to say for Ralph it is never a good idea to be in the power lines during such a storm and he would find out why soon enough. The good ‘bad guy’ totally unaware of his fate until he felt the tram he was traveling on start to shake threateningly.

In reaction Ralph’s large hands sudden gripped the body of the tram as he yelled “Whoa, what in the heck is going on here?”

Too bad his answer would only be another lurch of the machine at the same moment that a large bolt of lightning struck the Arcade’s power lines, the super charge electrical energy surging through the wires and causing all the surge protectors to go off to save the games from getting fried. But for Ralph who was in one of the lines he had no protection and soon felt his tram make a horrible whirling sound. The lightning’s energy flooding the machine and turbo charging it, causing it to shoot out into Game Central Station and start ricocheting about with Ralph hanging on for dear life as he yelled in terror while everyone else dove for cover.

Unfortunately the surge of power had caused the wiring in the area to be unstable and Ralph along with the Tram both went shooting up and out of the G.C.S. Ralph’s new destination unknown as no one knew what happens to a game character if shot out into the power grid. Most assume they get destroyed and would be right but since Ralph still was hanging on tight to the tram, he was safe for the most part as it kept him from getting fried by electricity. The insane machine shooting through the electrical grid of the Arcade before finally it shot right into Litwak’s office Computer, the device thankfully left on by accident and able to send out the runaway machine and Ralph out into the internet. For Ralph the entire event was just horrible since for one thing he was hanging on for all his worth to a malfunctioning tram, he just got bounced around at high speeds all through out G.C.S., AND he has no idea where in the heck he is right now or where the crazy tram is taking him.

All around him he saw billions upon billions of streams of energy shooting past him and toward a huge central area, the giant glowing sphere was far larger than anything he ever seen before and had odd signs and colors all around it.

He then said mostly to himself “YouTube…Google…Wiki-what-a? Huh and I thought some of the arcade games had weird names…just where in the world am I…And I’m coming in really fast toward that thing…and we’re now slowing down!”

Ralph got ready once more for uncomfortable bouncing around as he hunkered down against the already banged up tram as it shot into the place. As the runaway device did its best impression of a pinball he did catch a faint glimpse of the name of the place as it was called ‘Web Server Junction’, and he also got a passing look at a few of the people that ran for cover. Some of which looked down right weird as most were just computer programs and codes, used to help keep things under control and make sure the place worked correctly and were given odd bodies. One looked like a huge red and white shield, another a flaming fox, and other crazy looking things that were hiding from the new addition to their world.

He didn’t have much time to really process what he saw soon after as the Tram finally shot into one of the tunnels leading out of W.S.J. and into who knows where. Ralph already getting REALLY tired of all this and wished it would stop already. Lucky for him his wish would soon come true as the tram burst through and come into the place the tunnel connected to. Bad thing is it wasn’t made for Video game characters or game trams to go through, so the tram and Ralph glitched when they came through and that caused the tram to just break up into code. While for Ralph he was glitched far away from the entrance and high into the night air, both of which did nothing for Ralph’s nerves and really didn’t help with the yelling he was making.

The nine foot tall wrecker falling through the air and toward a dense patch of trees down below, his arms flailing a bit before he thought `…Man this is just not fair, I mean things were going so great and now this?! Wait…what about Felix and the others? I mean they need me or our game will end up getting unplugged…and what about squirt? I don’t want the kid to be sad that I’m gone…-sees the ground isn’t too far now and sighs-…I’m sorry guys guess this is game over for me.`

With that Ralph closed his eyes and braced himself as best he could as he let out a few quick grunts from hitting limbs before finally slamming into the cold unforgiving earth. Pain shooting through his body before he blacked out and everything went numb and dark…Now for how long he was out he wouldn’t know but he soon started to come too as he felt something very lightly touched him, heck it would have been impossible to feel if he wasn’t so tender.


“EEPPP!” was how it went after that as who or what ever touched him made that faint sound and then darted off, while Ralph just laid there in pain before a soft gasp was heard and a voice spoke to him. “Please don’t move…oh dear you poor thing you look terrible. Don’t worry I’ll help you just stay still.”

`…Trust me who ever you are...I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.` were the last thoughts Ralph had before blacking out once again.


Fluttershy never was the bravest pony and she knew that and came to accept it in her life as one of just her traits that just has to be over came from time to time. But even her timid nature was not going to stop her this morning when she had gotten word from one of her little bird friends that somepony or something was hurt in the forest. Though she did have to wonder a little bit when she heard the description of what the poor thing was from the bird. Based on what she heard it was very big and had huge claws, which at first made her think it was some sort of Diamond Dog. But upon hearing it had a flat-ish face and didn’t seem to be covered in fur or have a tail that theory was laid to rest. As such she only knows she had to be careful and try to get to the hurt creature as fast as she could. Even if this required going into the scary dark creepy Everfree forest to do so.

The young mare thankfully didn’t have to go in too far to find the place her little bird friend said the creature was as it was only fifty or so yards inward from the edge of the forest. But upon spotting the poor thing she let out a soft gasp as not only was it so odd and alien to her, it looked like it was really hurt judging by the ugly bruises, cuts, and scrapes all over it. The butter colored mare’s maternal and caring instincts took over after that and rushed over to it, which was in fact just a slightly fast trot to be honest. Upon standing beside it, she took a moment to look it over and saw that the thing was wearing clothing of some sort. That made her think this creature was smarter than some wild animal but that didn’t change her desire to help. No pony could ever say that Fluttershy would avoid helping somepony that needs it before and no pony would be able to say that now.

Taking a second to gather her wits she began to take stock of what she needed to do to help, and lightly ever so lightly touched one of the huge claw things of the creature with her dainty hoof. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that the skin was, while tough, soft, warm, and had a little give under it though the powerful muscles under it were easy to feel too. She could tell this thing had very strong claws even if one didn’t take into account their size, but also that it had to be a mammal of some sort but what kind she wasn’t sure yet. With courage from learning a few things about this alien creature she started to continue her light touches on the being’s body. Trying to find out if there were any broken bones or so forth by feeling for give, though she did make a few mistakes with checking. Since she was sure she poked the side of its stomach quite a few times while looking for the ribs.

It was one of these so called mishaps that caused a reaction from the large creature as she heard it let out a pained “Augghh…” and made her let out a startled “EEPPP!”.

Which was promptly followed by her dashing for cover in a near by shrub that rustled gently upon her entry into it. She stared at the creature in worry as she thought it was going to get up and go after her, but instead it just laid there making pained sounds and wincing movements.

Seeing the alien being in such pain caused her fear to be crushed away as she quickly made her way back over to it and said “Please don’t move…oh dear you poor thing you look terrible. Don’t worry I’ll help you just stay still.”

She never got a response out of it as she figured from its lack of active movement and slowed breathing it passed out again. Something that she would not of liked to happen but accepted it as helpful in keeping the creature from harming itself with trying to move. She look around for a moment to see if her little bird friend was still around and saw that Mr. Blue Jay was perched in a tree near by.

She gestured for him to come closer after seeing him and once he was near said “Now Mr. Blue Jay I need you to go find my friend Rainbow Dash..." Fluttershy listened to a few questioning tweets from the bird. "Yes the really fast blue winged pony. Here I’ll give you one of my feathers so she will know I sent you and will follow you.”

Fluttershy soon began to preen her wings hastily to see if she had any loose feathers and thankfully found one instead of having to pluck one out. She quickly took hold of it with her lips and pulled it out before she held it out for the little bird to take into his claws. Once Mr. Blue Jay had a good grip on it she let go and had him fly off to Ponyville to get her loyal friend. She would have liked to have sent the bird after Twilight but knowing her she was so busy with her schedule and she didn’t want to bother her.

She now returned her attention to the injured creature and began to gently fan it with her wings to help keep it cool while she waited. All she hoped was that with Rainbow Dash here she could figure out a plan to move it as she knew it must weight a lot due to its’ size and shape.

But as she thought this she looked at the alien being and said mostly to herself in a soft voice “Just where did you come from…and why are you so hurt?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Chapter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well there it is the try out chapter I made. Ya I know not that great and I do know I need a person to look it over and fix up the sentence structure but still I hope it isn’t terrible. This is my first try at making ANY kind of story post and to be frank I just came up with this on the fly, I’ll have to take time to think out future stuff but still what do you think?

Chapter 2: This is no Time to Panic!

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My Not so Little Wrecker
By Jurai1990
Based on the Movie ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and the TV show ‘MLP: Friendship is Magic’. All characters and ideas in this story belong to their respective companies, shows, games, books, and so forth. I own none of what is written and is purely created for free enjoyment of fellow fans.

Chapter 2
This is No Time to Panic!

While a certain caring butter colored Pegasus was busy worrying over an injured alien being, the self proclaimed fastest flier in Equestria was enjoying the fact she could like nearly always sleep in this morning. The cyan colored mare happily snuggling into the soft cool texture of her cloud bed. A cute yet confident smile was upon her face as her dreams were once again about becoming part of the famous Wonderbolts.

She even started to mumble in her sleep as she said “…it was…nothing Spitfire just…talent… What’s that…hehe ya…I know I’m awesome…”

This carried on for a good bit of time and at times there would be sluggish movements from Dash of her trying to pose for her ‘fans’ and such. Too bad all cute things must come to an end since just as dream Celestia was about to proclaim Dash as the coolest pony to ever live she was awoken. For you see Mr. Blue Jay had reached her cloud home and fluttered into the building through a window, the small feathered friend of Fluttershy soon watching Rainbow Dash make a foal of herself without her even knowing.

This caused him to hide his beak behind his right wing as he tweeted out a laugh at the funny sight before focusing back on the task at hand. Mr. Blue Jay flapped his wings and flew over to Dash’s sleeping form and did what any bird would do to wake something bigger than himself. He fluttered over her face and then gave her a slightly painful peck right on the snout which of course resulted in a few things happening.

Firstly the shock of that action caused Dash to let out a startled yelp “Ow!” as well as cause her wings to flap on instincts to get away from what just hurt her.

Sadly trying to fly while bundled up is not a good idea and soon the cyan mare was saying hello to her bedroom floor with her face. Feathers and clouds thrown up into the air from the entire turn of events as Mr. Blue Jay had luckily been able to get out of the way of flailing hooves, rouge wing flaps, and suddenly airborne cloud pillows.

Simply put it was a mess and a certain element of loyalty barer was letting out a growl of frustration before yelling “Okay who’s the wise guy that did that!?”

The only response she got was a few little tweets which really wasn’t helping her figure out things, and it didn’t help she was still more or less face planted on the floor due to limbs being tangled up. Thus after a few minutes of growls of anger, kicking limbs, and a few choice words that were not to be shared with younger ponies. Rainbow Dash finally got herself free and upright once more upon her floor, and was now fully able to get a look at the mess her room was and see who the culprit of all this was. Her magenta eyes narrowing at the small bird as it landed on a cloud drawer and tweeting still in laughter at all this.

“What’s the big idea bird brain?! Why the hay did you wake me up, I should clobber you for that!” replied RD while not yet learning that she looked quite the sight.

Her rainbow colored mane was sticking up in all directions due to bed head, her coat ruffled and scuffed up by her struggle with blankets, and lastly the fact that at the moment only her head was poking up out of the blankets that were wrapped up around her still. All in all it was just too funny for the bird and he couldn’t stop his laughing, the act making Dash angrier and angrier until she spotted herself in one of her mirrors.

Upon seeing what she looked like she let out a small laugh and said “Heh...okay I guess I do look silly but seriously why did you do that? It isn’t cool waking up a pony like that ya know.”

After hearing that question again and not being distracted by the mare looking so odd Mr. Blue Jay let out a panic tweet before picking up the feather he got from Fluttershy in his beak.

He waved it around at Dash to get her attention with it and was pleased to hear her say “Huh where did that…wait I know those feathers anywhere! That is one of Flutters’s feathers…is she in trouble!?”

The bird knew trying to explain to the fast pony what the real issue would be impossible but figured having her follow him would be good enough. Thus instead of taking time to play charades or twenty questions he instead took off from the drawer and flew to the window he came in through.

He fluttered in place outside of the cloud house in perfect view of RD before trying to gesture with his left wing for her to follow him. It took a moment for Rainbow Dash to get with the program, but eventually she figured out what he wanted and extracted herself out of her blankets and took off after the bird.

With the two soon soaring through the blue skies of Equestria toward the Everfree Forest, but the entire way Dash was worried that her childhood friend was in trouble and thought `Please be safe Flutters I’m coming!`


While that was happening events inside of the Everfree forest were changing as there was one thing about Video Game characters. They are very difficult to keep down for long if you don’t take them out fully, and that is even more so for ‘Bad Guys’ considering how they tend to be toughened up from getting beaten up a lot. As such only a few minutes after Fluttershy’s fine feathered friend had flown off to find Rainbow Dash, Ralph was starting to come too once again as he felt an oddly pleasant breeze washing over him. This caused the mountain of a man to slowly open his brown eyes and look around a bit slowly, the feeling of soreness and pain going through his body making it clear what happened before was indeed real and not a nightmare. Something he really wished wasn’t true but since he was still alive he figured it wasn’t all bad, but as he looked around he spotted something that was the same color as pink lemonade.

Which for a moment caused him to think it was frosting or something due to how colorful it was till he noticed it was hair, as such he figured he turned his head slightly to follow the hair to its source and saw the small four legged winged creature fanning him. Once his eyes locked upon it and it took notice of him looking at it he saw it freeze up in what he knew to be fear.

This caused Ralph to roll his eyes a bit before saying “Uh…hello?” but all he got in response was a muffled squeak sound, as the creature quickly tucked its’ wings against its’ body and huddled against the ground trying to look smaller.

Figuring he wasn’t going to get much out of the thing he let out a groan and used his large hands to help push himself off the ground. His joints making a cracking sound during the move as clumps of dirt and dust fell off from his stomach, chest, and arms.

Once he finally got himself to sit upright Ralph focused his attention on the yellow and pink creature and mentally grimaced as he thought `Ugh…what ever it is the thing is almost as adorable as the squirt…`

Of course after being around Sugar Rush characters so much Ralph had a high tolerance for things of sugar, spice, and everything nice…as well as for sweets too. But either way he let out a sigh and moved his hand to his face to pinch the bridge of his nose as he tried to figure out what to do right now. All the while the little cute creature shivered and had covered its’ head with its’ forelegs with its eyes clamped shut.

Really it was tugging at his heart strings and he didn’t like it as it just not right for a ‘Bad Guy’ to be subjected to this and soon enough he threw his large hands in the air in exasperation before saying in his normally gruff voice “Okay okay stop that already, I’m not going to hurt you or anything so calm down…Uhh…little…winged horse thing?”

Well if that wasn’t an awkward way to end a statement then Ralph didn’t know what was, but now that he was taking time to look the creature over he was able to figure out it was some kind of small winged horse. Furthermore he had a good guess the winged horse was a girl cause well he just hoped for its’ sake it wasn’t a male as it looked far too girly for that gender. Unfortunately his words did little to calm the female horse as she continued to shiver in fear at his scary sounding, at least to her, voice and intimidating size. This caused Ralph to think it would be best to just leave the horse alone and tried to get up, only for him to let out a yelp of pain as the crash into the ground must have twisted his right ankle. The sharp stinging pain shooting through the right leg making it clear he wasn’t supposes to get up yet, and in clear response to that he quickly ended up falling back onto his large rump with a thump.

The huge living wrecking ball letting out pained ‘Ow’s!’ as his large hands moved to hold his good sized foot as he said “Gah well that’s just great! Twisted the stupid thing when I fell…stupid game tram!”

Ralph’s bad temper was sort of boiling over as he was furious with how things were going as he was finally happy and now all this happens. Wasn’t it enough that for thirty years he had a crummy life? Did he not deserve to have a nice life after all he did? Did he-

“Oh my, Mr. Creature you are still really hurt so please don’t move …um if you don’t mind that is...”


Okay that got Ralph’s attention for sure as he looked up to see that the horse was no longer looking at him in fear or cowering but instead looking at him in concern like a maternal figure or something. A little odd to have her personally do a one eighty on him but it was an improvement and better still she could talk the same language as him. Which is a good thing too as he had a hard enough time trying to speak with Q*bert and he been around the guy for years and who knows how long it would of taken him to speak to her if she spoke some weird language. Either way he was still surprised and even more so when the little horse came closer to him and started to examine his right ankle carefully.

As he watched her expression changed from one of concern to sadness and then determination he figured he would try talking once more and said “Uhh…so you can talk like me?”

“Oh well…umm…y-yes.”

“Well that’s good…glad I don’t have to learn to speak some weird language to talk to you like I do with my good pal Q*bert. Great...what ever he is...but still hard to speak with him. Anyway what is your name? I’m Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph.” Ralph asked in a casual tone in hopes of not startling the apparently skittish horse into going quiet again once more.

Oh sure he wasn’t all that into talking all the time but still even he likes to have something being said instead of maddening silence. But what he got in response was a little less than what he was wanting as he just barely heard a mumbling sound as the horse was trying to hide her face behind her pink mane with only one large turquoise eye showing.

“What was that? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“I-I said my name is…F-Fluttershy”

“Uh nope still didn’t hear you one more time.” Ralph asked as he leaned his head down toward her and cupped a hand around his ear to better listen to the little equine.

Only for another louder female voice to suddenly yell at the top of her lungs “Get away from her you monster!” which was then promptly followed by Ralph feeling pain shoot through his face as something fast and blue slammed into his head and knocked him bowling over.

Ralph of course quickly grabbed his face with both hands and let out muffled yells of pain as what ever did that just gave him a heck of a hit on the nose as he heard that same voice say “Take that you chump! No pony hurts my friends!”

“Gaahh ha-haooowww! What the heck was that for!?” yelled Ralph in response as the stars he was seeing due to the intense pain started to fade out of his field of vision.

But still he kept his hands over the lower half of his face to shield his mouth and nose from harm while his brown eyes looked for his attacker. Only for his left bushy brow to rise at the sight of the horse he was looking at before saying in a nasally voice “Heh nice hair skittles…”

Which of course caused the cyan horse to puff up in anger as she said “Can it caterpillar brow!”

“Like to see you try and make me little blue!”

“That’s it! I’m going to clobber you for that!”

But just before the two of them could go at it another more commanding voice yelled out “STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!” and surprisingly enough both actually did as told and quickly turned to attention to the butter yellow horse.

While Ralph had to think `Why do I feel like I just got scolded by my momma?`

Either way once things were calmed down enough the normally shy mare said in an scolding tone “Rainbow Dash you shouldn’t of hit Mr. Ralph on the nose like that, he is already hurt and you should know better.”

“But Fluttershy I saw him…he was going to try to eat you!”

“Oh Rainbow…no he wasn’t he just couldn’t hear me when he asked for my name…”

“…Oh that…makes sense then. Heh…my bad.” Replied Rainbow Dash as she bashfully rubbed the back of her head with her left hoof while flapping her wings to fly in place.

As this went on Ralph was starting to figure out that the shy horse known as fittingly enough Fluttershy was someone to not get upset at you. Heck he only got yelled at and already he felt a bit nervous though he shook it off as he saw the cyan one known as Rainbow Dash get scolded.

He was about to grin behind his hands before Fluttershy turned to face him and said in that same tone “As for you, you shouldn’t of called Rainbow Dash names.”

“Hey she hit me though…”

“Oh I know and I’m very sorry about that and I’m sure she is too, but still you shouldn’t resort to name calling.”

“…But I…and she…ugh…fine I’m sorry for calling you names…err…Rainbow Dash right?” Ralph asked curiously as he did hear the names but he wasn’t fully sure he heard then right or not, but the nod he got from Fluttershy told him he had gotten it right so he was okay with it.

It was then that his nose finally stopped throbbing enough that he could take his hands off his face and look at the damage. Too bad that doing so quickly caused Rainbow Dash to start laughing and holding her sides while Fluttershy was torn between scolding RD, trying to care for the injured nose, or hiding a tiny giggle that wanted to come out. Ralph didn’t understand what the big deal was till he saw that his nose was now really red and puffy at the moment and looked like a clown nose. This caused him to furrow his brow in discontent and give Dash a dirty look before gingerly touching his red nose with his left thumb and index finger before wincing and jerking them away with an ow.

He then grumbled “Great…just great…-glares at Dash- Ya yuck it up, I’ll get you back for this…” though his attention was soon back on Fluttershy when she flew up to his face and very gently touched his nose with her hoof.

“Oh dear it is very swollen now…I’m sorry that Rainbow Dash did this too you. But don’t worry I have some ointment back at my house that can fix this right up…if you don’t mind following me that is…” Fluttershy meekly said as she sort of shrunk back after her concern was overtaken by her shyness once again.

But still the effect was noticeable as Ralph had a very hard time trying to stay upset with the caring mare around him, and as such his expression softened a bit while Dash had the decency to look ashamed for harming him.

Thus with a deep sigh he felt his temper simmer down as he then said “It’s okay…Fluttershy…it was an accident so I’ll let it go this time. I can’t get too mad since she did think I was going to hurt her friend, and I can respect that –turns to face Rainbow Dash and points his right index finger at her- But don’t do that again, got it?”

“Ya ya don’t get your tail in a twist bub.” Dashed replied as she waved off his actions like they were nothing but pests.

To be honest Ralph wasn’t all that insulted by Rainbow Dash’s casual actions and words, cause to be honest it really reminded him of his friend Vanellope. Since just like her Rainbow Dash was an adorable, small, spunky little pain in the neck or at least she seems like that so far. He figured it was too soon to judge her character but so far it was like he met a horse version of his little friend. But soon that line of thought helped him remember that he wasn’t in his game, he didn’t know where he was, and he might not see his friends again if he doesn’t get back soon. That line of thought caused him to try and jump back onto his feet so he could stand, but that sharp pain in his right ankle was making it hard as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy backed away from the huge figure. Since with Ralph now standing they could see he was even taller than the Princesses, and was really heavy built with the big arms, huge torso, large feet, and colossal hands.

But the pained winces Ralph was making did help make them less scared of him and more worried as they didn’t want to see him in pain.

“Mr. Ralph please you need to not move so much, your ankle is twisted remember.” exclaimed Fluttershy as she tried to move over to him to get him to settle down a bit.

But all that Ralph said was“No time for that I got to get back home, I got to or they’ll pull the plug!”

“Whoa big guy what are you going on about?”

“What do you mean ‘what are you going on about?’. Everyone knows that if a game is missing a character the players will think something is wrong with it and it will get unplugged!”

“…M-Mr. Ralph you are not making sense...w-what game?”

“…Seriously? –sighs- My game, the game Fix-It Felix Jr. It is the game I came from, I’m very important to that game and if I’m not there the game won’t work!” Ralph yelled in a bit of frustration as he never knew game characters that were so ignorant of the basics of video game life.

His loud voice had made Fluttershy shrink back and hide behind her mane in a bit of fear while Rainbow Dash said “Hey don’t start yelling at Fluttershy she is just trying to figure out what is wrong! Now why in the hay are you so important in this game that it can’t work without you?”

“Because I’m the bad guy in the game, I’m the one who wrecks the building so that Felix can be the hero and fix it up. Now where is your game tram I need to get back home...Why are you glaring at me?” Ralph asked as he saw that Rainbow Dash took on a defensive pose in front of Fluttershy and was dragging her front right hoof over the ground with her wings spread open wide.

“I knew it, you are a monster. You just came here to cause trouble for Equestria! Well that ain’t happening on my watch!”

“What are you going…-face palms before wincing at hitting his nose- Gah need to remember to not do that...But now I see, you think that because I am a ‘Bad Guy’ that I am a bad guy. Oh boy how do I explain this…? It’s my job but it isn’t who I am. Just because I wreck stuff in my game doesn’t mean I go around breaking stuff all the time. I mean heck I was the best man for Felix’s wedding for Pong’s sake…so just cool it hot head.” Ralph said in a bored and annoyed tone while Rainbow Dash just sort of stared at him in confusion and wonder before she said.

“So where you are from…your job….is to be a bad guy?”

“Pretty much ya, now where is your game tram so I can get back home. Actually what game is this anyway I never seen it before in the Arcade.”

“Uhh...don’t know what you are talking about big guy, this is Equestria and it sure as hay isn’t a game. But…what is an R-cade?” asked Rainbow Dash while Fluttershy started to peek out from behind her to see if Ralph was settled down enough.

Regrettably the opposite was happening as Ralph was starting to panic from what he was hearing, since based on what Rainbow Dash was telling him, what he saw during the night this mess happened, and the fact he had no idea what all this was. He came to the conclusion he was in a boat load of trouble and it was sinking fast into a sea of uncertainty, which caused him to do just one thing that any sane being would do.

He started to panic a bit and get angry as he said “No no no no no nononono! This has to be a joke or a prank some sick prank! I have to be still in the Arcade I have to!”

Ralph soon started to loose his cool as he began to use his huge fist to pound the ground, the two mares watching in a mix of shock and awe as his fist smashed the earth flatter and flatter with each blow.

Dash though had enough after half a minute of him just wailing on the dirt and yelled “Hey calm down! If you are lost then Twilight or the Princesses can send you back, so stop throwing a temper tantrum you big baby!”

Those words stopped Ralph in mid-swing as he looked up at Rainbow Dash and then said “…Why didn’t you say so sooner! Lets hurry up and go see them; I have to get back home to my friends.”

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy didn’t expect the guy to suddenly switch from panic mode back to a calmer state of mind so quickly.

But soon they heard Ralph say “Uhh just which direction are we suppose to go?” which made them both sigh and shake their heads a bit before Dash flew up to him and said

“Just follow me big nose.”

“…Lead the way short stack.” was Ralph’s response while Fluttershy let out a soft sigh at the two bickering again like this, the three of them now heading out of the ever free forest with Ralph boxed in by the two mares.

But as they moved Rainbow Dash thought `Hope Twi or the Princesses can help this guy, don’t want to see him throw another fit inside Canterlot or Ponyville...`

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Chapter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well here is Chapter 2 I worked out, don't expect this to always be rapidly updating though. I just had an easy time cranking this one out, while in the future I'm sure it will get hectic and even more so when I try to have a lot of characters talking at once. Ya I'll be working on a way to make it easier to keep up with once I get that far if I can figure out a way to do so without color coding.

Now then I need to ask you guys a little question of where I should have this start out Episode wise.

Do you want him to have ended up in ponyville during Season 1 or 2.....and if so which episode would it be best for him to be stumbling into? I mean it is of course after the whole nightmare moon deal since Twi and co are friends right now but really give me a Episode title and so forth, I will be happy to try to work from there.

Chapter 3: Well that Could have Gone Better

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My Not so Little Wrecker
By Jurai1990
Based on the Movie ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and the TV show ‘MLP: Friendship is Magic’. All characters and ideas in this story belong to their respective companies, shows, games, books, and so forth. I own none of what is written and is purely created for free enjoyment of fellow fans.

Chapter 3
Well that Could have Gone Better

The odd sound of two sets of four hooves and one set of huge feet was all that was heard in the Everfree Forest, the sound only occasionally being broken up by the chirp of a cricket, a rib-bit from a frog, or a tweet from a bird. But for the most part the forest was quite silent as if the animals of the forest were unsure how to act with its newest visitor in their mist. Then again one could not blame them for the odd visitor was a nine feet tall bipedal being with huge hands and arms big enough to squish a pony with ease, then you add the fact that the creature had a huge broad chest, thick legs, and a thick neck well it was like a living tank was moving through the place. But of course a certain cyan colored mare would not make it known she too was nervous around the biped even if her skittish friend wasn’t bothered at all to show her own nervousness.

This tense atmosphere of course soon was going to drive Ralph insane though as it was tenser than when he said he didn’t want to be a ‘Bad Guy’ any more at the Bad-Anon meeting. As such he figured he would have to be the one to break the ice and so opening his fairly large mouth and showing off his row of perfectly flat teeth he then said.

“Soo…What do you little horses do around here…I mean are you just citizens, heroes, or what?”

“Ugh alright first thing is we are ponies, not little horses. Got it?” replied Rainbow Dash with a roll of her violet eyes.

“Alright alright, sheesh no need to get cranky about it. I don’t know much about…ponies, their not exactly common in a lot of games you know.”

“Whatever, anyway what we do is different for everypony. I mean just look at our cutiemarks and you should know tha-“

“Whoa whoa…cutie…what?” asked Ralph as his left eyebrow raised and the right lowered itself, his lips formed into a smirk of sorts from a mix feeling of confusion, disbelief, and amusement. This is expected when you tell a ‘Bad Guy’ about something as silly sounding as a cutiemark of all things.

Dash though reacted accordingly by planting her left fore hoof against her forehead and let out a groan of frustration before saying. “This isn’t going to work, I’m not Twilight. I don’t like explaining this stuff to others. Just let me talk and save the questions for when we get to Twilight, and then you can have the egghead explain everything to you okay?” She was able to get a response for that as Ralph had his broad shoulders lift themselves up in a shrug to show he could live with that.

“Okay now where was I? Oh right ya everypony has a different thing they do in Equestria, and like hay if I’m going to go down the list of things. But I can tell you what Flutter’s and mine are about. Ya see this,” Dash had stopped flying to now move her blue flank to nearly being right in Ralph’s face, causing the male to take a step back in confusion. She then used her left fore hoof to point at the strange mark she had upon it, the mark being a white cloud that had a rainbow colored bolt of lightning coming out of the bottom. “is my cutiemark, it lets everypony know my special talent is being the most awesomest flier in all Equestria!”

“So you went and got a tattoo….on your butt that supposes to let everyone know you are awesome?” Ralph was having a hard time taking this seriously as his eyes were just blankly staring at Dash with an unbelieving expression on his face. This caused Rainbow Dash to blush slightly and puff up as it was weird when he put it like that and insulting. But just before she could get into it with him again another voice joined the conversation and made herself known once more.

“U-um M-Mr. Ralph…Rainbow Dash didn’t ask for her cutiemark, no pony ever does. A cutiemark magically appears when a pony learns their special talent…m-mine is three butterflies and tells others I’m good with animals.” Fluttershy wanted to avoid the two fighting and had to get into the conversation to do so, but when both Ralph and Dash turned their heads to focus their attention on her she let out a little squeak and shrunk back a bit. Her face becoming hidden behind her long silky pink mane while her wings stuck to her sides firmly.

“Oh I get it some weird feature of this place…I can understand that. No weirder than the giant fruits in Pac-Man or the zombies in those zombie games I guess….but wow they are called cutiemarks? Heh…I think squirt would of fit in pretty good here.” Replied Ralph with a chuckle as he thought about how his little friend would act in this world, the little mental image a bitter sweet one as his eyes looked pained even as his mouth was in a small smile.

“Huh…wait you seen zombies?!” asked Dash with an amazed expression as she was sort of into all those weird things like Zombies, Vamponies, and stuff cause they were awesome enough to be in some cool books. But while she was excited by that Fluttershy was shivering in fear at the thought as had heard of those scary monsters before.

“What? Oh right ya I seen a Zombie, one of them was in the Bad-Anon support group I…” Ralph soon noticed that both ponies were giving him a confused look upon hearing what he said and as such he let out a long drawn out sigh. “And you have no idea what I’m talking about do you? Okay the Bad-Anon support group is where a bunch of ‘Bad Guys’ like Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Zombie, and myself meet up to talk and support each other. I mean being the ‘Bad Guy’ isn’t an easy job since we have to do bad stuff and normally get beat up by the heroes, so having others in the same boat as us helps you know? But ya I meet a bunch of weird characters in my line of work, and pretty much why colorful talking ponies don’t really even surprise me.”

Ralph felt he explained everything well enough in his own mind and upon seeing the less confused expressions upon the mare’s faces he was sure of it. He did however feel they needed to get moving once again so the large wrecker turned, lifted his left right leg, and started to move once more, his large frame pushing aside branches, weeds, and what ever else was in the way while Rainbow Dash flapped her strong wings to catch back up posthaste as Fluttershy took up the rear with her nervous hoof steps. But as the mare made her way through the scary forest with her friend and maybe new friend she did have something nagging at her mind and it wouldn’t go away.

“M-Mr. Ralph…I have an umm…question to ask you. Oh if you don’t mind me asking one that is…” said Fluttershy with all the conviction of a wet tissue as she watched Ralph turn his head to look over his shoulder at her. The only thing he did after that was give a nod of his head to show he didn’t mind her asking and made it clear he was listening.

“Oh umm well…I was just wondering. Who is this s-squirt you kept bringing up…b-but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to!” Fluttershy quickly added when she saw the pained look that Ralph got upon hearing the question. She then noticed Ralph’s huge form stopping and then turning to face her, and once again it was like facing a very big strange looking bear with him before her like that. Now she isn’t scared of bears but she knows to be cautious around them out of respect even if she knows them, but with Ralph it was so odd and it made her uncomfortable to have him staring at her like he was doing right now.

She soon noticed Ralph’s hands were reaching out for her and she quickly clamped her eyes shut out of fear he was going to hurt her, but she let out a confused squeak when she felt his huge hands move under her and start to lift her up. The meaty fingers of his feeling tough to the touch yet warm and slightly soft, she slowly opened her eyes to see Ralph had picked her up and was carrying her much to Rainbow Dash’s and her own confusion.

“It hard to talk with someone behind me and walk at the same time, so I’m carrying you for now is all.” Ralph didn’t think what he did was wrong and he made sure to be careful with the mare in his hands, his fingers letting him know the texture of Fluttershy’s coat and feathers as he held her. The sensation of the coat being soft and warm like a kitten’s fur while the feathers feeling so light and delicate made him a bit worried he was going to mess them up. But there was a calming factor too as he could feel Fluttershy’s gentle breathing through her torso and it was kind of nice in a way even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Anyway…to answer your question squirt is just what I call a very good friend of mine; actually she was my very first friend. She even called me her hero once which is you know a big deal for a ‘Bad Guy’ because well not many like us even though what we do is just part of the job. But her real name is kind of long and I’m not use to saying it all so pay attention. Her real name is Vanellope von Schweetz….I just call her squirt since trust me if you met her you would know she isn’t really for fancy sounding stuff. Which is funny considering she is the Princess of Sugar Rush-“ Ralph would have continued on but soon enough he got cut off by Rainbow Dash suddenly getting in his face and making him take a stumbling step back into a tree.

“Hold up you mean to tell me you know a princess?”

“Well she actually chose to be called President instead, because she doesn’t like having to wear a dress or all that royal stuff. But ya what of it?” replied Ralph with a hint of defensiveness as he didn’t like that tone of voice Dash was using while using his right hand to brush off some leaves and twigs that fell on him and Fluttershy from bumping into said tree.

“I don’t know what the hay a President is but really…you a bad guy knows a princess? What did you meet after kidnapping her?” Was Dash’s response while flashing a grin at him, it was obviously a joke on her part as there was no malice in her tone.

“Right…I wreak things, I don’t kidnap princesses. That is Bowser’s job not mine. Also she isn’t even from my game anyway; she is from another one called Sugar Rush. Now can we just skip all this and focus on getting to either Twilight or the Princess you brought up…after we get to one of them then you can annoy me all you want okay?” said Ralph with a tone of exasperation as he really wanted to get on with this as time was of the essence.

Rainbow Dash would have tried to continue the conversation anyway but soon enough was silenced when she caught the pleading look Fluttershy gave her. The mare’s soft turquoise eyes looking right into Dash’s fiery violet orbs and almost wordlessly asking ‘Please listen to him Rainbow Dash.’ Now RD prides herself on being a stubborn and tough mare but she always was a bit of a softy for Fluttershy, but then again she knew almost everything had a soft spot for the butter colored pegasus so it didn’t bother her as much. As such she rolled her eyes and gave a curt nod in agreement to Fluttershy before switching directions to face away from her and Ralph to lead the way once more. The trio moving through the forest in comfortable silence with only the sound of nature and a few snapping twigs under foot being heard.


As the whole situation in Everfree forest started to settle down more or less. Back in Ponyville things were a bit different as the resident party mare was currently having a mostly one sided conversation with everypony’s favorite wall-eyed mailmare. The conversation mostly consisting of Pinkie Pie mouth moving a mile a minute and talking about things ranging from Cupcakes, muffins, pranks, the theory of alternate realties, and of course parties. That is until her signature Pinkie sense started to go off with a rather odd little combo of her left front knee twitching, her cute little pink nose gaining an inch, her right ear suddenly starting to flop, and then the finisher was her entire body suddenly starting to shake like a vibrator for a whole two seconds.

“Umm…Pinkie what does that one mean?”

“I don’t really know Derpy, I never had this combo before. Hmmm I mean I know the first three mean I’m about to meet somepony new! But I don’t know why my body shook…that only for my super rare maybe scary maybe not doozies!”

“Oh maybe…the new somepony is a doozy to meet?”

“Hehe oh Derpy how could somepony new be doozy worthy? Unless they are like some huge super duper large alien monster with big sharp teeth and got a little mouth inside its bigger mouth! Oh oh I gotta get the girls, thanks for the help Derpy!”

Now Derpy would of given an awkward and slightly confused ‘you’re welcome’ to Pinkie but it was left to die in her throat as all she had in front of her was now a dust cloud vaguely shaped like the pink mare. The dust created slowly fading away and leaving the Mailmare alone with a perplexed expression if only for a moment, the look went away though soon enough as she passed it off as Pinkie being Pinkie. She did how ever make a mental note to pick up her daughter Dinky from school personally instead of letting the filly walk home today…no sense taking chances with Pinkie senses. With her thoughts cleared and her day still full of work Derpy took flapped her wings and took to the skies once more, narrowly avoiding a face on crash with another pegasus that was flying over head as well.


Thankfully for a certain trio the travel through the Everfree forest was finally nearing an end, the trees starting to now spread out enough to allow rays of sunlight to shine between them. The change in scenery being more important for Ralph and Rainbow Dash than Fluttershy, but then again the little mare of kindness was kind of enjoying the whole getting carried around thing. It just made it all the more clearer to her why her little furry friends enjoy her carrying them around so much, though she did figure it would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t awkward as it is. Either way Rainbow Dash flew up ahead with little worry about the other two getting lost so close to the exit, as she wanted to see the sky and fly around again since the Everfree is not a good flying zone under the treetops.

“Come on slow pokes, I’ve seen snails move faster than you two!”

“Must have been some pretty fast snails then…” said Ralph in a muttering tone that only Fluttershy could have heard, causing the shy mare to giggle only slightly.

“What did you say big nose?”

“Didn’t say a thing loudmouth.”

Luckily by now the two have learned the name calling was not in spite but just how they were going to interact and even Fluttershy figured it was nice they were being so casual to one another. Or at least she thinks it was nice but then again as long as they were not fighting she didn’t mind it. Her thoughts on the whole matter fading away when sunlight shined upon Ralph and herself after making their way though the tree line and back into the open fields and rolling hills that surround Ponyville. But while the mares had expressions of calmness and joy at being out of the forest, Ralph was simply staring out ahead at the fields and hills in appreciation, the rich green grass and bright blue sky making it clear this was a safe place and calmed his worried soul.

“Wow this place is really…bright and colorful. Don’t get me wrong I like it a lot better than the gloomy forest but still wow going to need time getting use to this.”

“What do you mean, is your home kind of dark and gloomy then?”

“What? No, no it isn’t like that at all back home. I mean the place is colorful too but not THIS colorful is what I’m saying. The colors here just kind of scream…’be happy and peaceful’ with how bright they are. A good thing I guess but still different to me.”

“W-well umm I hope you come to like it Mr. Ralph…and could you m-maybe if you like…put me down now? Only if that is fine with you that is…”

“Oh right right, ya sure one second. But call me Ralph okay…Mr. is just too formal for me.” Responded Ralph before he slowly lowered his large arms toward the ground and carefully released his grasp around Fluttershy’s form to place her on the ground. Once that was done he took time to stretch his limbs as he didn’t get to do that last time and also take notice that his nose was finally turning back to its normal color. His tree trunk size limbs moving up over his head to stretch toward the sky while his fingers rolled up to form fists as well, the sound of a few joints popping into place being made as he did this as he let out a long satisfied ‘Ahhh’ at the heavenly feeling of a good stretch.

Dash felt Ralph had the right idea and started to stretch out too since her body was still charged with pent up energy from not being able to move freely in the Everfree forest. Her small blue wings spreading out as far as they could to work out any kinks in them, before she started to stretch out her legs and bend her back much to Ralph’s amusement.

“Heh well looks like even spunky can be cute, stretching out like a big blue cat.”

“…W-what? Hey I don’t do cute bub!” yelled Rainbow Dash with a very faint blush on her cheeks, the mare quickly flapping her wings and getting right in Ralph’s face. Her nose pressing against his own as she glared at him in indignation before saying “The most awesome flier in Equestria only looks cool not cute, the only cute one here is Fluttershy!”

“…Ohhhh so you think Fluttershy is cute eh…well guess your mane color fits you perfectly then. Glad to hear…gay pride.” Said Ralph with a troll like grin on his face at the fact Dash gave him a perfect little opening to tease her with, but even if it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue on Dash part and his tease was true. He really wouldn’t care one bit about it since eh if she likes mares no big deal.

Dash of course didn’t realize her mess up till it was too late and her face turned red at the comments Ralph threw her way and even more so when she looked over at Fluttershy. The mare currently taking great interest at looking at the grass with her face mainly hidden behind her mane like a shield, but even still Dash saw a blush on Fluttershy’s face so it just made the situation all the more embarrassing and awkward. As such Dash’s face grew redder and redder till finally she just opted to try and hide the embarrassment behind bravado and mild violence.

She turned and pulled her left forehoof back before swinging forward toward Ralph’s face, the attack mainly to give the wreaker a right good smack up side the head for the comment. But Ralph was ready this time since with Dash so flustered he figured she would do this and as such his right hand reached up and grabbed the mare’s body. His large fingers wrapping around Dash and holding her with ease as he pulled her away from him, the swing of hers missing his face by inches before he watched her counter this turn of events rather awkwardly.

“H-hey let me go! Grrr I’ll get you for that rocks for brains! As soon as I get out I’ll make your face black and blue!” yelled Dash in a voice that was having a hard time not cracking and keeping a confident tone. Her left and right forehooves mindlessly swiping back and forth at his face and only hitting air at the moment, much to Ralph’s amusement as really this pony while annoying was pretty fun.

“Ya ya calm down why don’t you, I was just joking around with you. I’ll agree Fluttershy is the cute one in our group, now are you going to stop swinging at me air head?” asked Ralph with a smirk on his face to show he was indeed joking around with her. The only response of course being Dash crossing her forehooves over her chest and giving him a glare before nodding her head in yes to the question. The mare’s body being able to move freely once again upon Ralph’s strong grip around her loosening enough for her to fly again. Dash did give one last glare at the wrecker before letting it go and moving over to check on Fluttershy. Who had by now was so embarrassed as well since she wasn’t use to hearing others call her cute though she was flattered at the same time.

All in all things were going quite well so far for Ralph all things considered or at least he thought so till he heard a yell in the distance and turned his head toward it to look. In the distance he saw four other ponies of different colors coming toward him rather quickly for some reason, but soon one of them stopped, tossed something red in the air, turned around, and then bucked it with its rear hooves. Now why the pony did that he did not know nor did he know why the red thing was getting bigger so quickly…then it hit him. Oh how it hit him as the red thing which he realized was an apple smashed right into his face upon his tender nose, causing Ralph to let out a cry of pain as his eyes slammed shut to keep crushed apples from getting into them.

“YAHAHAOWWWW! RIGHT ON MY NOSE! WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE NOSE WITH YOU PONIES?!” yelled Ralph in well deserved anger as his large hands quickly shot to his face to cover the once again abused nose.

Unfortunately that did leave him wide open for the follow up attacks of his aggressors as he suddenly felt something loop around his body and tighten up around him. It took him a moment but he figured it was a rope of some kind and it had his arms pinned to his body with them still bent at the elbow as it was when he covered his face. This did make things a bit difficult now and it only got worse as he was unable to see the pony that kicked the apple at him charging toward him due to his hands being in the way. As such upon having the pony impact against his stomach he let out an ‘Oomph’ before falling backwards like a tree in the forest.

“Timber!!” cried out a bubbly energetic voice as this happened before the resounding thud of a nine feet tall biped falling on its back was made. Ralph was soon subjected to the feeling of more rope being used to tie up his legs and his arms some more till really he couldn’t move easily. Sure he could break out with his strength but really he didn’t want to risk another hit to the face if he did so he kept still. This was a good move on his part as he heard Rainbow Dash yell out.

“Applejack, what the hay?!”


There is Chapter 3 everypony, I hope you like it and for those that tried to get me to be a super writer...I'm sorry I just couldn't do it. Every time I tried I kept getting locked up so I am going to just have to stay at this level of writing if I want to get this done, forgive me please but hey at least I'm giving out something that is moderately good I hope for a quick read. I doubt I can make those 10,000+ word post some can make anyway even with enough time.

Oh and yes I kinda left this on a cliff hanger since I want to deal with the others seeing him for the first time in Chapter 4. Furthermore with a stunning total of 2 votes =w=' has been decided to make Ralph appear during Season two at some point after the Discord debacle. Got a problem with that? Well blame yourself for not voting.

Chapter 4: Making First Impressions

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My Not so Little Wrecker
By Jurai1990
Based on the Movie ‘Wreck It Ralph’ and the TV show ‘MLP: Friendship is Magic’. All characters and ideas in this story belong to their respective companies, shows, games, books, and so forth. I own none of what is written and is purely created for free enjoyment of fellow fans.
Chapter 4
Making First Impressions

Apple Jack had been so sure she was in the right when she did what she did and so were the others since as soon as Pinkie explained to them she had another one of her doozies like the time when they had to deal with a Hydra. Well let’s just say that they were not willing to risk having to run for their lives again just because they wanted to question Pinkie’s odd ability, and it did help that such an event did not happen too long ago so the lessons learned that day were still very fresh in their minds. As such since the last time the doozy happened it was near the Everfree forest they figured they would check on Fluttershy first just to be safe, even if in the back of their minds they did have to wonder why they were unable to find their friend Rainbow Dash during their gathering since normally Pinkie could ALWAYS find that mare no matter what.

Regardless upon arrival at Fluttershy’s cottage and learning the butter colored mare wasn’t there they were on high alert and very worried, but they did have a saving grace of Angel bunny being able to tell them where she went with many gestures from him and a lot of guessing from the girls. This was why they knew which way to go and was the reason why as they rushed to the Everfree forest they saw Ralph and Rainbow Dash Play fighting after his gay comment. But from their perspective it looked like a giant weird bear/diamond dog thing had found Fluttershy and was about to attack her only for Dash to get in over her head again and try to fight the thing instead of grabbing their skittish friend and making a run for it to get help.

This was why upon seeing their friend in apparent trouble Applejack had bucked her favorite red fruit into the varmint’s face, knocked him over, and then went about hogtying it to help keep her friends safe from it. Once done she and the girls were so sure they were going to get a thank you of SOME sort but instead of that all they heard was.

“Applejack, what the hay?!” cried out Rainbow Dash before she quickly placed herself between her apple loving friend and Ralph to make sure the cowpony doesn’t try to get in another hit on the guy.

“What do ya mean ‘what the hay’ Ah was helpin’ ya!” yelled back Applejack at this turn of events as her own temper was flaring a bit at Rainbow Dash taking such a tone with her. Her friend’s expression not helping the matter since she was on the receiving end of a scowl and slightly angry stare that she was matching with her own.

Seeing this Rarity knew she needed to get involved before those girls start tearing into each other either with words or with their own hooves and asked with a calm tone “Darling you need to calm down, why are you so upset with us?”

“Because you just clobbered Ralph with an apple, knocked him over, and tied him up!” was of course the element of Loyalty’s response as she was still upset since while she wasn’t tight with Ralph she didn’t think the guy deserved to have all that stuff happen to him at once. She was sure that only one or two of the things were needed…

Obviously hearing this response confused the girls but the first one to recover from it was Twilight as she then had a perplexed expression for another reason and had to voice the question in most likely everypony’s mind by asking “…Rainbow Dash are you saying this creature got a name and you know it?”

Hearing such a question just made Dash wonder if some of her friends were as smart as they say they are but eh like she can understand what makes these mares tick at times. All she cared about was hanging out with them, being friends with them, and making sure they were safe and happy so she simply said with an exasperated tone “Well ya I mean Ralph is a bit weird but he is pretty cool…for whatever he is.”

“So…yer tellin’ me yall weren’t in any trouble at all…?” asked Applejack with an uncertain tone that hinted slightly at the guilt behind the comment since if the answer was yes then she just roughed up somepony for no reason what so ever.

“Pff no Ralph and I were just messing around.” replied Rainbow Dash with a roll of her eyes before turning her attention toward the downed Wrecker and saw him peeking at her from between his fingers with an annoyed expression. As this happened though Fluttershy was currently fretting over the ‘Bad Guy’ and trying to help him get untied while Pinkie was too busy scrunching up her face in thought over what kind of party to throw from ‘Yay we made a new friend and welcome to Ponyville’ party all the way to ‘We just found an alien and it wasn’t scary at all’ party.

Ralph though had had enough of this and with little effort began to move his limbs slowly but surely as to avoid just suddenly snapping his limbs outward and knocking somepony flying or really hurting them by accident. The sound of the fibers in the rope snapping one by one catching the attention of the girls and thankfully getting Fluttershy to move away from him, their eyes glued to him as he then used just a little more strength to finally reduce the rope to nothing but frayed pieces of fiber that laid on or around his body. With that done he began to stand back up to his full height and dust himself off of the rope bits as well as any dirt, smashed apple pieces, or grass that was stuck to his clothes or himself. Once that was done he then focused his eyes upon his now once again very red and very swollen nose for about ten seconds.

Then his eyes quickly locked onto Applejack, who had the good graces to look sheepish and rather sorry for what she did, in accusation as a deep scowl formed on his face before he said in a tense tone “Are you ponies aiming for my nose by accident or do you have something against it, because I’m getting really tired of being hit there. First skittles here socks me in the nose back inside that weird forest and now I get it used to help make applesauce the hard way…what is up with that?”

As Ralph talked the girls were still in a state of shock that he had so easily broken out of the rope he was tied up in, well all the girls besides Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy since they already seen how strong he is when he pounded solid earth flat as a pancake without any effort. But still the four mares could tell how upset he was and were now looking varying shades of guilt since while it was Applejack who hit him and did all the work, they were the ones who didn’t try to stop her and were even mentally agreeing with the actions toward Ralph so they were guilty as well. But then something sort of clicked in their minds and…

“Uhhh why are you girls looking at me like that?” asked Dash with a quirked brow as she noticed that AJ, Pinkie, Rarity, and Twilight were staring at her questioningly for some reason, the element of loyalty pretty confused at first before she realized why they were looking at her like that and blushed in that oh so adorable way she tends to do so.

“Ugh! Okay ya I hit him on the nose too but it was his fault!” cried out Rainbow Dash as she tried to shift the blame off her, her right hoof pointing at the apparently ‘guilty’ Ralph.

Of course he bristled a bit at that accusation and was soon giving an unhappy stare toward the one who was beginning to be his new personal pain in the neck before yelling “How in the heck is it my fault?! I’m the victim here, it not like I said ‘Hey crazy flying pony who’s mane is an obvious dye job, by all means please hit my nose as hard as you can.’ Sorry but I don’t like pain you know, even if my job makes me get beat up a lot.”

After that it just turned into one of the standard little squabbles between the two as Rainbow Dash and Ralph began to butt heads together and glare into one another’s eyes with obvious discontent but never true hate. The sight of this making the girls realize for sure that Ralph wasn’t a threat since if Dash can spat with him like she does with Applejack then he must be okay to a fair degree, and besides they could see that Fluttershy wasn’t going to stop them so it must be okay to leave them at it. They did however focus upon the little butter colored mare who shrunk back a bit at all the attention.

“Fluttershy darling, since Rainbow Dash is obviously busy with…Mr. Ralph could you explain things to us? We are quite confused you see…” was Rarity’s ever so eloquent statement as she only cast a passing glance toward Ralph as she said that before giving a demure smile to her friend.

Of course everypony’s favorite farm mare had a different way of voicing her desire to learn as she said “Quite don’t really cover it Rarity, Ah don’t understand a thing about what is goin’ on around here. Would right appreciate it if ya help set some facts straight sugarcube.”

After that it wasn’t long before Pinkie Pie was right up in Fluttershy’s personal space and said “Yep a roonie I wanna know how the big alien got here too. Oh oh did he come in some really big spaceship covered with weird lights, and did he say ‘Take me to your leader.’? Well did he huh huh?!”

“PINKIE! Stop that you are making Fluttershy nervous.” Said Twilight as her purple magical aura wrapped around the party pony and pulled her away from a very relieved shy mare before saying “Now then please tell us what happened, I mean this could be the greatest discovery in history and I need to send the Princesses a very detailed report on this.”

“O-oh well um…it wasn’t much really. I was out feeding my little animal friends their breakfast when Mr. Blue Jay came to me while in the middle of feeding Mr. Turtle some lettuce. He then told me that there was a new weird creature in the Everfree Forest and that it was hurt, and umm…you know how I can’t just ignore a poor creature being hurt. “ Said Fluttershy as she slightly peeked from behind her mane toward her friends, all the attention making her shyer than usual.

“Oh of course Darling I understand fully.”
“Yep that sounds just like ya sugarcube.”
“Well duh you would do that Fluttershy, you are like the nicest pony I know silly!”
“I agree it is always in your nature to help others, we understand but please go on tell us more.”

Was the collective response of the group as they were more than familiar with the mare’s caring nature that made her such a perfect match for the Element of Kindness and such a wonderful friend and pony…even if it can be a bit of a hassle when the need for more strict methods is hindered by that very same nature. Either way upon seeing her friends were following so far and didn’t seem bothered by her words the skittish mare was starting to feel calmer and less nervous, though it might also be due in part by the fact she could hear Ralph and Dash bicker quite clearly and it caused her to gain a small smile at it since it meant poor Mr. Ralph was at least making a friend out of Rainbow Dash. She took a small nearly impossible to hear breath before diving right back into the explanation of what happened after the point she stopped at.

Her retelling her four friends of how she found Ralph out cold and fairly banged up, how she learned his name and vice versa, the unfortunate misunderstanding that caused Dash to hit Ralph followed by the bickering that happened afterwards, how he is apparently not from this world and is very worried about his friends back home and his great desire to get back to them as soon as possible, and even if it made her feel a bit embarrassed she told them of him carrying her till they came out of the Everfree forest and ended up in this current situation. When she was done the reactions were far and wide as Applejack was hiding her face behind her hat out of guilt for harming the poor fella after he been through so much, Rarity looking a bit shocked that Fluttershy allowed Ralph to carry her though the fashionable mare did wonder what it would be like, Twilight herself torn between her deep curiosity and her mental search through her mind of any spells that could help the guy, and then there was Pinkie Pie who was busy giggling and snorting as she found the recounting of what Ralph and Dash did was pretty funny as well as what the two were doing right now as they all talked.

“Umm…I hope that Rainbow Dash’s and my choice to bring him with us to Ponyville was okay…I’m sorry if it wasn’t.” came Fluttershy’s soft reply as she was worried that the looks she saw on her friends implied they didn’t like what she said. This of course quickly made the four mares promptly assure the caring pegasus that it was perfectly alright and they felt she did the right thing helping someone like Ralph.

“But now I don’t really know what we are going to do about him…I mean you said he was a bad guy right?”
“Oh yes but Mr. Ralph isn’t bad at all though Twilight…he said it just a job he has back home. Like he said…just because he is a ‘Bad Guy’ doesn’t mean he is a bad guy…oh dear that does sounds confusing doesn’t it?”
“Hmm only a small amount as apparently the first use of bad guy is a title while the second is a description of his personality, a clever use of words that is slightly funny sounding if one thinks about it-“

Of course by then the girls have figured out that they lost Twilight as she started to go off on a tangent of sorts and for now left the studious mare to it. The four mares taking time to only slightly tune her out with Rarity taking center stage as Applejack was busy working out a good way to apologize to Ralph, and Pinkie was too busy sitting and watching Rainbow Dash and Ralph argue while eating a box of popcorn she…somehow acquired at some point while no one was looking apparently.

Filing that sight away in the ever growing section of her mind for ‘Pinkie being Pinkie’ Rarity then said “Now then Darling I am to guess Mr. Ralph is…an actor of sorts then? I mean if he is nice then he is only playing the part of a ‘Bad Guy’ as you will yes?” Upon seeing a small nod from her friend Rarity turned her head to look at Ralph and gained a slightly confused expression at seeing Dash had started to tickle the man with her wings, much to the apparent dismay of the Wrecker as he tried to get her away from places that were ticklish it seems only to become even more distressed when Pinkie Pie joined the fray to double team him.

She of course hid a small giggle behind a hoof at the sight of such a big and obviously strong creature being laid low by tickles of all things, it made her feel even all the more silly for believing he was trying to harm anyone. She then said “Anyway darling there is one thing I am slightly worried about…however will we be able to explain this to everypony in Ponyville? As much as I love the place you do have to admit that they are...slightly easy to send into a panic, and I am quite sure seeing a big fellow such as Mr. Ralph will be more than enough to gain such an reaction from them. Not to mention the fashion disaster he is wearing…”

Now for the other Elements of Harmony hearing such a thing from Rarity was rather common and only gained a slight roll of the eyes from most at the fact she seemed to think Ralph’s outfit was the most important part of her statement. But Ralph didn’t know such things and found what she said a bit insulting and used the fact that he wasn’t under attack to make his displeasure of that statement known by standing up and saying with a slight annoyed tone “Hey what do you mean fashion disaster? I like this outfit; this is my signature look back home. I mean sure I wore a tux for Felix’s wedding but besides that I always wear this.”

Now hearing that Ralph wore such a dreadful outfit nearly twenty four seven caused a few gears to strip their teeth in Rarity’s mind, the poor mare unable to contemplate wearing the same outfit day in and day out let alone one that was obviously not in style. She quickly placed one leg over her forehead and swooned a bit before falling backwards and fainting, yet instead of landing on the grass she had inexplicably procured a plush cushion to lay upon in an overly dramatic fashion. Every single person and pony there just rolling their eyes a bit at the sight while Ralph even went so far as to move a hand over his face and shake his head in disbelief at what he saw for these ponies were just plain nuts in his mind.

After that he simply turned to look at the other five mares while casually gesturing toward the white unicorn with one hand before asking “Is she always like this?”

“As mah big brother would say…’Eeyep’, sorry Sugarcube it just Rarity being a drama queen again. Ah hope ya won’t take what she said to heart.” Applejack replied while the others gave nods of agreement in regards to her statement about their overly dramatic friend.

Ralph of course just figured it didn’t matter if Rarity was going to make some negative comments about his clothing as he had bigger things to worry about than a fashion critic. As such he just shook his head a bit before he then began to tap the ground with his left foot in impatience while asking “Ya ya don’t worry about it but are we going to get a move on now? I don’t want to be away from my home longer than I have to for obvious reasons, and I’m also pretty sure you ponies wouldn’t mind having me out of your hai-…manes as soon as possible too.”

“But you’re not in our manes silly billy you are standing right there, but now we gotta get back to Ponyville so I can throw you a party! Oh it going to be so fun, wecanplaypinthetailontheponyandbobbingforapplesandsinganddance!” was the veritable avalanche of words that spewed forth from Pinkie’s mouth at speeds that made Ralph’s head hurt, she was already going on about other things too which only made the headache worse. As such before any of the other girls had a chance to shove a hoof in her mouth he reached down and placed one finger on her lips and used it to stem the river of words that were heading at him.

“OKAY…enough of that, now can you talk slo-…Why are you sucking on my finger?!” cried out Ralph in alarm as it just felt weird to have that mare doing that and quickly tried to jerk his finger away from the crazy pink mare, the meaty digit coming out of her mouth with an audible pop and coated in hearty helping of saliva. Ralph quickly moved to wipe the stuff off on the grass or anything that would work to get it off, all the while hearing Rainbow Dash was laughing loudly and kicking her hooves in the air at how silly Pinkie Pie was being and how she got Ralph to react.

“You taste kinda funny Ralphy!”
“Glad to hear that, just means you won’t try to eat me or something…”
“Are you loco in the coco Ralphy? Ponies don’t eat meat or anything like that.”
“…Stop calling me Ralphy!”
“Oh Oh I could call you Walphy or oh I know I can call you Mr. Fist if you want!”
“…Gahhh no to both! Can’t you call me just Ralph?”
“Okie dokie lokie then ‘Just Ralph’!”

“…Fine you can call me Ralphy, now please can we just get to this Ponyville place!?” Cried out Ralph in obvious annoyance while the others just watched the two in a mix of amusement and pity as poor Ralph had no idea what he was getting mixed up with when dealing with Pinkie Pie. Ralph himself just placing a hand over his face as if to ward off an oncoming headache as Pinkie made use of his permission to her fullest…and he knew that this mare was crazier than Turbo though thankfully in the silly fun way and not the insane jealous controlling way.

As he pondered such things though Twilight had been figuring out how best to help their newest friend and figured for now it would be best to get him to her Library so that she could look through her tomes to see if one of them held the answer they needed. Soon enough she figured that it would be best to just teleport him and herself to the library while the others walk back. Sure it would wear her out a bit but considering Ralph’s size and the fact turning him invisible wouldn’t make it where ponies couldn’t bump into him it seemed like the better option. As such she soon turned to face the ‘Bad Guy’ and spoke up.

“Okay girls I got an idea how we can help him, I will take him with me to the library with a teleportation spell, that way he won’t have to go through the town and risk scaring everypony.”
“Umm…Twi are ya sure that is a good idea? Ah mean Ralph is a pretty big feller, yer sure ya can handle teleportin’ him?”
“Well...I admit it will be pretty exhausting but other than that the only thing we could do is make him invisible and…well no offense to you Ralph but I doubt you could walk through a town full of ponies without tripping or bumping into somepony.”
“Eh none taken, I’m with you sister I don’t think I could do it either. Heck I have to watch out for bumping into stuff or people even when they clear out of the way for me, if these ponies can’t even see me then I’m sure I’ll end up tasting dirt again sooner or later. But…uh…one question.”

Ralph paused for the moment to stare at Twilight in concern as she gave him a nod to continue speaking and as such he asked “…Did you say…Teleportation spell?”

“Yep yep she did Ralphy! Twilight is able to use a spell to make her disappear in a flash of light and stuff! It all like fizzssstttt BAMP then she pops up somewhere else! It really cool and I think only Twilight and a few others can do that super flashy cool spell thingy...OH oh oh! I wish I could do that then I could throw the bestest best surprise parties ever!”

Of course the very thought of Pinkie Pie caused everypony as well as Ralph to shudder at the mere prospect of such things and caused all to be grateful that Pinkie was simply an Earth Pony…though the mare seems to bend the rules on what an Earth Pony can do most times. But still Ralph was a bit familiar with the whole idea now as he been around enough and ran into a few game characters that do that, and as such he soon said with a smirk.

“Oh okay guess it kinda like that one creepy hero guy I ran into once…ugh what was his name…OH Nightcrawler or something. Huh wonder how he would react that a little purple unicorn can do what he does...”

“I don’t know who this Nightcrawler is but does that mean you are okay with the idea Ralph?”
“Ya ya sure let’s just get this over with.”
“Okay then just stay still as I get the spell ready.”

Came Twilight’s calm reply before her horn began to glow brilliantly with her purple magical aura as Ralph started to feel a tingly sensation all over his body from the magical energy building up around him. But a discomforting sight greeted him as he watched Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and even Pinkie Pie back away from him and Twilight with looks of apprehension on their faces as even the party pony knew to not get too close to one of Twilight’s bigger spells.

“Why are they backing away from us like that? I mean you done this a lot right…?”
“Ugh…this actually is the second time I teleported with somepony else, but don’t worry I did the calculations in my head we should be fine…probably.”

Ralph’s cry of alarm and his attempt to quickly scramble away from Twilight was cut off when the studious mare’s spell was completed and the two disappeared in a blinding flash of light with a loud BAMP as well. The ground where they stood slightly burnt and smelling of ozone oddly enough and causing the five other mares to look at each other in varying amounts of concern before Rarity broke the silence.

“Fluttershy darling…”
“…Umm…yes Rarity?”
“Be a dear and fetch your first aid kit, I do believe poor Mr. Ralph might be needing it by the time we catch up to him and Twilight.”
“…Oh my…”

Was the last thing Fluttershy said before making her way back to her home to grab her medical kit as she had a feeling that Rarity would be right, if anything she believed her new friend might have a few burns on him at the very least and that made her worry greatly. As she was busy dealing with that the other four mares looked to each…

“Hey where did Pinkie go? Uuugghhh that crazy pony must have ran off to make Ralph a welcome party…”

Correction the three mares looked to each other before nodding their heads and breaking off as Rarity opted to stay and wait for Fluttershy to return before walking with the shy mare to the library, Applejack herself was going directly to where Ralph and Twilight was to make sure things were okay and to get in an apology before things got crowded again, and lastly Rainbow Dash was left with the most difficult job of all…convincing Pinkie Pie to keep things under wraps about Ralph. A task that required getting the party mare to understand that a big welcome to Ponyville party is the exact OPPOSITE of what they need at the moment.


While all this was going on a certain purple scaled dragon was enjoying a simple day in the library and looking forward toward the fact his chores for the day were nearly done. All he had to do now was dust the books and then he was free for the day and could go outside and do whatever he wants…that or just get into his bed and sleep the day away until dinner time. At least that was the plan before a brilliant flash of purple light flared up behind him that was soon followed by a BAMP and a THUMP. But oddly enough another sound was filling the air and it sounded like…


That sound sent a chill down Spike’s spines as it was far too deep and loud to be Twilight or any of her friends and as such he slowly turned to see what it was that had appeared behind him. Turning fully around he was face to face with a creature that easily dwarfed the baby dragon and was huge enough he knew it could easily crush him like a bug, but more so it was covered in black spots and smelled of burnt hair, fabric, and other unpleasant things. By now Spike was fearfully clutching to his chest his trusty feather duster as he looked upon the giant before him…his body on the razor’s edge between complete panic and mind numbing fear.

Ralph by now had gathered enough of his wits to shake his head a bit to help brush off the disorientation that came with just poofing from one place to another, and more so to get rid of any soot that was clinging to his body. But after doing so he took notice of Spike staring him down and said “…Uhh…Hey?”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Spike at the top of his lungs before he slammed his eyes shut and threw his feather duster at the monster like a javelin of sorts.

Which for some reason was able to slam right into Ralph’s heavily abused nose, the tender and now slightly burnt flesh so sensitive that the light impact of the cleaning instrument caused the ‘Bad Guy’ to stumble backwards while holding his face as he yelled “AUGH?! WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE NOSE?!?!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~