The Crescent Journal

by GuitarKirby

First published

A look into the journal of the Lunar Princess.

A look into Luna's psyche, this is an exploration of Princess Luna's thoughts and emotions. While not made entirely of journal entries, it is a careful study of Luna, and my personal views on what likely makes the Nighttime Princess tick.

Phase 1 - New Moon (Introduction)

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Luna gazed thoughtfully out the window of her room. Her night sky was moonless tonight, but that was only natural; the moon had phases, and tonight it disappeared in its normal act of renewal and rebirth. How appropriate, considering her current position.

No matter her insistence to her sister that she was alright, and that she was handling herself, she felt a disconnect with the world that surrounded her. As if being an Alicorn wasn't enough of a difficulty in and of itself. Having the best parts of all three pony races was a great advantage, but it made it difficult to socialize with the regular, more common races of ponykind. Being royalty only made it worse, since nopony would speak casually, as a friend, to royalty. At least, not if they wanted to remain on the outside of dungeon bars.

However, that was not the main difficulty she had. Being an Alicorn was problematic, certainly. But her sister, Celestia, had no difficulty in making friends. In fact, her personal student, Twilight Sparkle, was easily her closest (with the exception of Luna, her only family member). No, Luna's troubles came from the simple fact that she was outside of her time.

Even by the immortal standards of Alicorns, one thousand years was no small length. Having been around for so long, Luna knew that so much could change within even so small an amount of time as one hundred years. She had come back to a society that was more relaxed, more casual than that which she had left behind. When she had left (well, "banished" was the proper terminology), public speaking demanded use of the Royal Canterlot Voice, and was usually kept to speeches or reprimanding high officials. Now, her sister held a royal court every week, and often walked among her subjects, speaking to them as though they were her personal family or friends. Though her sister had attempted to explain as much of this new world as possible, most of it still confounded Luna. No verbal explanation could possibly replace a millennium of progress.

Neither did it help that everypony knew the tale of Nightmare Moon, who had attempted to bring forth nighttime eternal out of spite, anger, and jealousy. Those had been dark days for Luna, for she had been unable to see anything worthwhile in life except her ultimate goal. She had told nobody of what she had thought and felt during that time. Not Twilight Sparkle, not Celestia, not even her diary. She had attempted to sit and write about it, but every time she did so, tears threatened to overwhelm her, and she only wound up with blank pages covered in salt water dots.

She bowed her head as she sent a shooting star across the sky. She longed to take advantage of its wish-granting magic, but she did not allow herself such a luxury. She embedded luck magic in shooting stars, so that the common ponies could, perhaps, gain something they longed for. Such was not meant for a princess that could have any material item she wanted at a word.

There is so much I do not understand, so much I must learn... Yet, at least I can record it.

After her foray into society upon Nightmare Night (admittedly not the greatest choice of days for visitation, upon reflection), Celestia had suggested that Luna begin keeping a diary or journal. Luna had been unsure at first, but she eventually decided to keep the small book. It rested on her bed until the sun was lifted into the sky by her sister, at which point she would write an entry, and take herself to bed. Her entries were often notes on modern society mixed in with her own experiences. She only wrote when there was something worth writing, or when her own thoughts forced her to do so.

She felt that the latter was affecting her at the moment. As the first beams of sunlight began to shatter her evening sky, Luna turned to her journal and opened it using magic. She began to write.

September the Twenty-Seventh

I'm afraid, my dear journal, that I have little to report. No notes of any kind, nor unusual experiences... Just thoughts, once again. How strange it must be for a princess to have so little to say.

However, my thoughts and emotions turn to the society I find myself trapped within. Dear Tia, she is doing her best to help me, but she is unable to introduce me to one thousand years of social progress so easily. I think she must partially regret sending me away for so long. I tell her not to apologize, as she has done a multitude of times, for I know she had no choice. I am no longer jealous as I was in my youth. Brash, stupid decisions of a filly seem all the more foolish after one thousand years of solitude.

And yet I cannot help but feel a pang of longing. I have accepted my place as the bringer of the night, but nothing has changed since my time a millennium ago. Most ponies sleep through my nights, and those that do not are often indoors. I do recognize that my night brings comfort to some, however. The sun blazes and burns, and can hurt as quickly as it can heal. My moon is soft, and kind, and provides the sense of shadow and mystery that all lovers wish to have a part of.

I hope to see my only real friend soon. Twilight Sparkle was ever so kind to me on Nightmare Night. I know I can strike a frightening image, but she does not fear me. The others, perhaps, but not her. I am sure you are bored of hearing of her, but I cannot help myself; if a pony has only one friend, are they not likely to speak only of that pony?

I am grateful to Tia for offering me you, my journal. My life may seem complicated, but everypony that tries to help can often make things worse for me. You, though, do not speak back to me, and therefore do not lead me in circles of confusion.

I am ever so gratefully yours,
Princess Luna.

Luna shut her journal, and slipped beneath her covers, ready to sleep away her confusion and escape the garish light of day.

Phase 2 - Waxing Crescent (Chapter 1)

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September 30th

My dearest journal, I have had a quiet night. However, I took this opportunity to fly over Canterlot from a distance. I could see my subjects beneath me, strolling through the night...

Though most are indoors, I finally think that they do enjoy my nights. Clubs in which many drink away their troubles and dance their woes into oblivion have sprung up everywhere. Local "DJs" take advantage of the shadows to send colorful lights and lasers cutting through people, all accompanied by the sound of powerful beats.

These dance clubs are most unlike the balls we would have all those years ago. We would dance to the sound of bows made from the tails of the musicians themselves, dragging across the strings. We would wear sparkling masks, laughing and talking of important matters. It was all very much Tia's style, so very prim and prop

I should not speak of my sister in this way, dear journal. I am so very sorry.

However, these clubs... For all the differences they represent, I enjoy them. They so match myself, what I wished for myself and my subjects. The freedom of their movements is truly glorious, the lack of inhibitions as wondrous as my skies. Perhaps I will join them someday.

Princess Luna.

Luna set the book down, and reached to shut her window. She stopped, however, when she heard a small ring in her ear. She sighed, and teleported to her sister's chamber.

"Yes, Tia?"

The white alicorn smiled at Luna, her eyes sparkling ever so slightly. Luna merely looked back. She was tired from her flight, and wanted to go to bed.

"Twilight Sparkle's latest report includes a note about a musical performance happening in Ponyville. Perhaps you would like to attend?"

In an instant, Luna's countenance changed; her ears perked up, her wings flared, and her face gained rapt attention.

"Truly, dear sister, you would invite me to this event?" Celestia laughed at the question.

"If you promise not to use the Canterlot Royal Voice, then yes, of course." Luna nodded her enthusiasm.

"When is this event occurring?"

"Tomorrow night," Celestia responded. Luna disappeared in an instant. Her room's black drapes and walls glittered as she galloped to her journal (the curtains and walls had been enchanted to shimmer as the sky according to her emotions).


Celestia invited me to visit Ponyville once more! I shall make a point of visiting Twilight Sparkle while there, so I might reconnect with her, and make other friends as well.

Phase 3 - First Quarter (Chapter 2)

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(Author's Note: I decided to let this take place around the same time as "Octaves Beyond." It has no real connection beyond this concert. I'm dipping into a new genre, and I want to feel comfortable with my characters.)

October the First

My dearest journal, I am finally in Ponyville. The concert was spectacular, though nopony knew I was there; I rested upon a cloud above the audience. The music was incredible; it was as though the two were crafting the sounds into something far more powerful. Tia tells me that the cellist played at the Grand Galloping Gala. I obviously wouldn't know; I kept to myself at that event. It was so unlike our balls and galas a thousand years ago. For once, it sounded like the bow - undoubtedly made of the little Earth-pony's tail fur - was truly a part of her, an extension of her body and mind. Similarly, the pianist had incredible skill, the notes flowing beneath his hooves like water.

Their music touched me, for it was so obvious that their souls were intertwined by the sounds. It is both wonderful that I could see such a passionate romance unfold before my own eyes, but it saddened me as well. It reminded me of how alone I truly am...

However, not all is bad. In fact, you might get a second entry as the morning approaches, for I have not yet seen my friends here in Ponyville.

Princess Luna

The princess of the night signed the bottom of the entry, and teleported the book back to her bedroom; it would be of use later on, assuming things went well. She lifted a hoof to the door, and paused just before knocking. She was unsure of herself; it was rather rude to invite oneself over to another pony's home, after all.

I am a princess, and I therefore have the right to make any call I wish at any hour I wish, no matter what Tia might say!

Celestia had suggested waiting until dawn, but Luna had insisted that she go that evening. Celestia, in turn, refused to argue with her sister, as they were equals, and did not want to polarize them any more than had already been done. So, she had allowed Luna to go.

Luna finally braced herself, and tapped on the door, standing as regally as she could. Twilight opened the door, and Luna looked down at her.

Whatever Luna could say about Twilight Sparkle's faults - her obsessions with scheduling, her lack of social skills, and her over-attachment to studying came to mind - she could not call her a fearful pony. Most cowered in the presence of the Night Princess, but Twilight smiled.

"Hello, Princess Luna!" Luna opened her mouth to respond, then paused for a fraction of a second, mentally shifting herself away from her usual public voice.

"Hello, Twilight Sparkle." Luna praised herself mentally. "Dost thee fare well?" Twilight giggled.

"I'm quite alright, princess. Would you like to come in?"

"If it is not too inconvenient to you."

"For a Princess? Never!"

Twilight turned around, and Luna followed her in. The library was not as impressive as the one in her castle - in fact, Luna's personal collection dwarfed the innocent library - but it was quaint, and inviting. It felt very much like a home. Luna took in the sights around her - there were dim candles lighting the shelves and corners of the library. Each shelf was carefully sorted by subject, then sub-sorted by author.

"You have done an impressive job of keeping things in order here, Twilight," said Luna. The Canterlot Library wasn't so well sorted, despite its vast collection.

"Thank you," said Twilight. She was rummaging through her books, when she pulled out a bright pink book with a sleeping bag and pillow on the cover. "This is a new copy of my old sleepover book! Since you're here, do you want to have a slumber party?" Luna smiled, and glanced at the floor.

"I appreciate your offer, Twilight, but I do not know if..." She faltered at the sight of the lavender unicorn giving her a pitiful look. Luna giggled. "Oh, very well. I suppose I can escape my duties until morning, just this once." Twilight squealed her delight.

"Yay! Now we can do all kinds of fun stuff!"
And, indeed, they did have much fun. To Luna, her own night passed all too quickly, spent with her dearest friend.

Phase 4 - Waxing Gibbous (Chapter 3)

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October the Second

Twilight Sparkle and I have had a wonderful evening. She was kind enough to allow me to spend the night at her home. She has always been very studious, and I found many books I have not yet read here in the Ponyville Library; I shall add them to my personal collection back home. Twilight had a book that gave instructions on having a successful "slumber party." I do not see the logic of calling it a "slumber party" as neither of us slept at all. However, we had many enjoyable activities. I am not one to argue with a store of knowledge, and Twilight undoubtedly understand it better than I. We talked and made treats, watched a movie, had makeovers, and told scary stories. For all my skill in the art of narration, Twilight Sparkle clearly outdoes me in this field.

For once, I don't feel the loneliness that constantly plagues me at home. I have only my guards and my own sister there. While Tia is kind enough, she and I are not all that similar. She is tempered and kind, edging on benevolent. I, however, am open with my emotions, and often hotheaded. I am not so merciful as she is... She is truly a better pony than I.

Nonetheless, I am glad that I was allowed to spend a night here in Ponyville. I will soon return to my home in Canterlot and rest, so that I may continue my regular duties. My leave of absence can only last for so long, after all.

However, before I complete this entry, I would tell you of another friend I made. Twilight had a late-night visitor, the young Fluttershy. She simply wished to return a book, but Twilight insisted she come in and join us. I know she was afraid at first, but she did warm up to me. She left when we began the telling of scary stories (given her personality, I can understand why), but she enjoyed her time with us.

I think she is a new friend of mine.

Princess Luna

Luna shut the small journal, and looked out the window. The first rays of morning light were breaking out over the horizon. Twilight was deeply asleep, and she did not want to wake her. She therefore exited the building (leaving a small note explaining that she had left) before using her transportation spell. She arrived before her sister at a breakfast table. Celestia looked up from her morning meal.

"Hello, Luna. Did you enjoy your evening?"

"Oh, Tia, it was such fun!" Luna exclaimed. She sat before her sister, waxing eloquent about her evening for nearly an hour. Celestia listened, smiling at her.

"I am glad you enjoyed your short leave of absence, sister," said Celestia. "Please, do be sure to give more warning to me next time; it was rather difficult to explain your sudden disappearance to your guard."

Luna winced at the mention of her guard; she had entirely forgotten about them. They were magically bound to her, sworn to protect her until dismissal or death. Therefore, if she had a sudden disappearance, it was incredibly worrisome to them.

"Oh, Tia! I forgot entirely! I must find a way to make it up to them..."

"You should. Might I suggest that you host a party for them?" Luna's head spun at the suggestion. Such a social interaction was difficult enough when others hosted; it would be unbelievably frightening for her to lead such an event.

She wants me to have another social event, thought Luna. How... Thoughtful.

"That is a wonderful idea, sister! Will you help me plan the event, though?"

"Of course, Luna. For now, I suggest you get some rest."

"Thank you so much, Tia!"

And so, after eating a small meal, Luna disappeared to her black-draped bedroom.

The stars within shone more brightly than they had in one thousand years.

Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 1 (Chapter 4)

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October the Fourth

I apologize for my lack of writing, but I have given my fullest of attentions to preparations for a party I am planning, with the help of Tia.

You see, I forgot to inform my guard that I was going to spend the evening with Twilight Sparkle. In recompense, I am holding a party, immense in scale. However, since I have never planned such an event before, I am getting help from Tia.

I have told her to focus on the guest list. She wanted to be more involved, but I insisted that was all she do unless I instructed otherwise. It was an uncomfortable argument, but I was resolved. I think I both impressed her and frightened her. I did not mean to do either; I simply want this event to be my own. I do not want one of her proper social gatherings.

In light of this, I have commissioned help from Pinkie Pie. Though she and I will not physically speak with one another, I am in direct contact with her even now. She has the option of coming, though she has said that she prefers surprise parties, and ones where her friends will be. Twilight Sparkle has also been invited.

Despite all of this, I still feel a distinct loneliness. I failed to actually make more friends while I was among my subjects. I feel that social conduct is one of my greatest shortcomings.

I recently looked upon one of these nightclubs, and found very lewd behavior from my subjects. When I asked Celestia, she simply blushed and said I shouldn't speak of such things. I fail to see why; she knows more of this new world than I do and yet seems far more uncomfortable with these new mating rituals. She always did support the idea of arranged marriage, of course. She even tried to convince me to accept a marriage proposal to a stallion long ago, simply because it would have expanded our borders. Prim and proper she may be, but Nightmare Moon did not come from not-

I should not speak such of my sister, yet I always begin to slip into it. I am sorry, my dear journal, for forcing my most negative of emotions upon you.

Princess Luna

Luna shut the book, and set it gently next to her throne. She then turned and sat regally; she was in the midst of her nightly court. Nobody ever came, of course, but she never stopped holding it, and never held herself any less proudly than she felt she would before a great audience. Rare as it was to receive those who wanted her guidance, she wanted them to think of her as a ruler, and not just the evil, monstrous creature that had attempted to bring about nighttime eternal.
I shall never back down from my throne... Even if none come to see the glory of the night Princess.

As if on some sort of cue, a loud creak resounded through the dark hall. Luna looked down in shock; a maroon unicorn stallion quietly entered her hall. He looked up at the princess, and she could see a slight fear. However, she also saw that his look was pleading.

"What would you have of me, my little pony?" asked Luna. The stallion spoke, his tone unwavering despite his obvious fear.

"My Princess," he said, bowing. "I wish your help. You see, I wish to marry a unicorn whose name I won't mention right now. However, I wish to make it most memorable. So, I would ask that you preside over it during one of your nighttime courts. I know this may seem presumptuous of me, but I was told to mention Twilight Sparkle's name... She sent me here, you see."

Luna looked at the young unicorn in surprise. It was unprecedented.

"Of course. What is your name, young one?"

"I am Star Note, your majesty."

"Your wish shall be granted, Star Note. You will set the date according to my preferences, however." The unicorn bowed, seeming ecstatic.

"Oh, thank you so much, Princess Luna!" He cantered out of the hall, Luna watching. However, it was then that another pony came in. Then two more, seeking to settle a land dispute. In fact, twenty ponies entered the hall during that evening court.

Celestia watched through her True Sight, and smiled; she had told Twilight Sparkle of her plans. She knew that Luna resented it when she interfered in the affairs of the Night Princess. Therefore, she told ponies with more trivial matters to speak to her sister, and mention the name of her faithful student.

Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 2 (Chapter 5)

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Luna howled in frustration at the sight of the hall. The decorations were entirely NOT what she had intended. They were black and starry, but that was not what she had asked for. She turned on a small, light-grey Earth-pony.

"I told you that you were not to center the decorations around myself, you foalish imbecile!" she roared. The pony cowered beneath her.

"I- I apologize, Princess. It is simply that your coat is so lovely-"

"SILENCE!" yelled the princess. "We are most displeased with thou's pathetic performance and hideous choice of decoration," she said, accidentally slipping into her old tongue (and mentally berating herself for it). "However, we shall allow thee another attempt. Let it not be known that we are cruel and merciless; you shall be given another chance. We wish for the feeling of a large nightclub. Are we understood, little pony?"

The small pony nodded.

"Y- yes, Princess! I shall begin once again immediately!" Luna nodded, and the tiny Earth pony ran out of the hall, yelling at his assistants in frustration. Luna sighed and teleported to the dining hall. It was midday, and she was not used to being up so... Early? Late? Either way, she was not used to wakefulness at this hour. Celestia then walked in. Luna looked up and sighed at the sight of her sister.

"How goes the planning, Luna?"

"'Tis exhausting, sister. W- I have such a short temperament. I must learn to control myself." Celestia gave a slight giggle, prompting Luna to shoot an irritated look at the Sun Princess. "Do you mind explaining what you find so comical?"

"I merely thought it funny that between you and I, the heat of the sun and the cool of the moon, you are the more hot-tempered, emotional one." Luna glared, and snapped at her sister without thinking.

"At least I have the distinct ability to display some level of emotion, Celestia," said Luna. It was at that moment that she realized what she had said. Celestia seemed shocked.

"What?!" demanded the white Alicorn, her eyebrows narrowing. Luna looked down, her own eyelids sagging.

"I am sorry, Tia. I am trying so very hard to watch over all the preparations, send out invitations, make sure there are a proper number on the guest list, on top of raising the moon and watching over the activities of those who make the night their time of consciousness. It is tiring, even with the help of Pinkie Pie." Celestia walked around the table and placed a wing over her sister, attempting to comfort her.

"Luna, if you wish, I could watch over the preparations during the d-"

"No!" said Luna, surprising her sister. "I'm sorry, Tia, but I must do this myself. We have already spoken about this." Celestia then raised a hoof, and did something her sister never expected.

"I swear, upon my royal blood and solemn duty of the raiser of the Sun, that if you allow me to help with the setup of this event, I shall not change or edit your plans or intentions in any way whatsoever." A spark zapped from Celestia's horn. Luna was practically in shock; the oath was binding. Should it be broken, Luna had the option of removing Celestia's right to the power of the celestial activities. Luna bowed her head.

"Very well, Tia. I grant you permission. If you are so intent upon helping me retain sleep, I suppose I shouldn't be able to stop you in any case." Luna smiled slightly. "Pinkie Pie has my exact specifications. You will follow them to the word, no matter how trivial it may seem." Celestia smiled.

"Of course, dear sister." Celestia then faltered for a moment, and spoke very seriously. "You know I only wish to help because I wish to see you rejoin your people? I had seen that you wished the guard to bring their family members... You are a wise princess, Luna, far wiser than I could ever hope to be in a thousand more years." Luna turned to her sister and smiled weakly. "Now, go retire to your chambers. I hope only that I can help you achieve the things you wish on this upcoming night."

Luna did as she was bid, and transported to her room. She immediately made for her diary, writing down all that had transpired.

Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 3 (Chapter 6)

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Luna walked along the grassy hills, enjoying the feeling of the soft vegetation beneath her hooves. The moisture tickled her fur, the wind blew her mane out behind her. The entire area was bathed in the light of a full moon, which drained some of the color. Still, Luna enjoyed it; the light was gentle, and the air was cool.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, the sun began to rise, forcing the moon from the sky. Luna looked at it in irritation as her sister stepped over the hill. She had a cold, calculating look, as though sizing Luna up. That was when Luna realized where she was; a nightmare. Her nightmare. The nightmare that had ruined her, and had tried to bath the land in shadows. The heat of the sun burned her skin beneath her fur coat. Her mind screamed out, but she could not speak.

Please, Tia, don't! It isn't me!

"You have gone too far, Luna."

"That is no longer my name, Celestia," said a voice that was not Luna's, the last word dripping with spite. "I am now the nightmare that you cannot hope to defeat, the one that rules over the night! I shall end your petty day, and make certain that the Sun never shines again! I shall be victorious, and ponies will live through a beautiful, eternal night!" The Luna inside cried at the words of the one on the outside. Celestia bowed her head, a tear dripping from her eye. However, she spoke with conviction.

"I have attempted to reason with you, my sister. I have used every diplomatic option available to me, have used every option I could think of to be sure it would not come to this. However, it seems I am left with no choice. I cannot allow you to destroy this world of so many creatures merely to keep my sister. You show no remorse, and so I must do this." Celestia then stood tall. Six small stones flashed into existence, capturing Luna's attention. Each had a bright gem set into it, brightly colored.

"Look at them, Luna, for they shall be the last thing you see on this Earth," said Celestia, sadness cracking her voice. Nightmare Moon reared, her horn flashing, while Luna screamed and cried and stamped in the corners of the dark mare's mind. The Elements of Harmony swirled, and blasted a polychromatic light at Nightmare Moon. Celestia cried out her sadness and regret as Nightmare Moon disappeared to the surface of the moon. Luna looked around through the mare's eyes. One thousand years. One thousand years of solitude, torment, horror... One thousand years alone, with nothing but her self-loathing and hatred for Celestia... She was alone. Alone. Alone...

"ALONE!" screamed Luna, her eyes snapping open. She breathed heavily, horrified. Celestia walked into the room, and saw her sister on her belly, with her face hidden in her front legs, her journal with a pen writing in it. Luna was crying. Celestia spoke quietly.
"Luna...?" Her sister turned her head to look at the intruder with bloodshot eyes.
"Oh," she said, sniffling. "Hello, Tia." She looked at her sister for a moment, and burst into hysterical tears. Celestia trotted towards her and put a hoof around her.
"Shhh, shhh. It's alright, Luna, it's alright," said Celestia. She looked at the diary.

Oh, I have had one of those nightmares again! It happens every so often... It terrifies me horribly. The last of my shadowy days... The day Celestia sent me away, banished me to the moon. The worst of it is that I keep myself when I have this dream, this horrifying nightmare. I watch from inside my own mind, the mind of that monster I had become. My jealousy, my rage, it was all there... What a terrifying sight I must have been! I watch every time, knowing what will happen, and willing in vain that it will not.

Then, always I am sent away by my sister. Rejected by my only family, all because of my stupid, juvenile, petty jealousies and hatreds. I have not been forgiven for my mistake, despite all my wishes to recompense. I know I am inadequate; Tia is so much more than I. No Princess should cry, never should we fall under our own burdens. Yet I do it so often. Certainly I am not worthy of m

Celestia used her magic to stop the pen, and set the journal down across the room. She then did something she never, ever did; she admitted her weaknesses.

"Luna, you can't expect all of this to be true."

"But it is! You never cry or-"

"But I do, Luna. I cried every night for two centuries with the knowledge of what I had done. I sent you to the moon. I may have had to do it, but I felt disgusted with myself. And all the while, I was treated like a hero for what I had done. I was disgusted with myself, disgusted with my subjects. I fell beneath my new burdens constantly, trying to run both the night and day court. All the while, I tried to be sure that your name would remain a respected, loved one... While the ponies of society spread that horrid legend of you. I could not abolish it because of my distance. My weakness is as, if not more, responsible for your current position. I am so sorry, my dear sister..."

The two stayed with each other for the rest of the night. Luna quietly lay against her sister, while Celestia wrapped her in a large wing, keeping the sister she had lost for so long safe and protected.

Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 4 (Chapter 7)

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Luna laughed boisterously at the bouncing pink mare. Pinkie Pie had changed her mind and attended the party, and was now happily interacting with the noisy guard. The guard themselves were drinking beer and ale, laughing at one another's jokes, and playing the games that had been set around the room. Luna stole a glance at Twilight, who had chosen to sit next to her. The lavender unicorn was smiling and drinking tea, giggling every so often at Pinkie's antics.

"So then," Luna said to a guffawing group of guards, "the Princess zapped her from on top of her own cloud! It was so silly, but lots of fun!" Pinkie then gasped. "Ohmigosh! That table's running out of cake and ice cream!" She then ran to find more confections and treats for said table.

Luna turned to Twilight, mentally telling herself to use her natural, modern voice.

"What do you think of the decor, Miss Sparkle?" she asked. Twilight smiled as she looked to the princess.

"Oh, it's quite impressive! I thought you might go for something to match yourself, but this lighter style is nice as well." Luna giggled.

"I'm afraid I had a rather interesting conversation regarding that. The decorator was instructed not to use my coloration, and when he ignored me, I rather lost my temper with him."

Twilight turned to Luna in alarm.

"You didn't hurt him, did you?"

"Of course not! I used the Royal Canterlot Voice, however. He had his error repaired rather quickly after that." Twilight relaxed, and the two laughed. A soldier suddenly stood up.

"I offer a toast to our Nighttime Princess! What say you all?" A loud cheer rose up from the crowd. Luna smiled and lifted her drink with magic. Everyone in the room drank, and she spoke after the mugs were emptied.

"I am very pleased by the outcome of this event!" said Luna. "Let the festivities carry on until my sister raises the sun!" Every soldier banged loudly on the tables and clapped their hooves against the ground wildly. Twilight turned to Luna.

"Princess, I think I need to leave soon. Spike is home all by himself, and I wasn't expecting to stay out all night." Luna turned in surprise and worry, but calmed when she saw Twilight.

"Oh... Very well. You shall be missed, Twilight Sparkle." Twilight bowed, and teleported out of the throng.

Celestia looked up at the flash of light caused by her student's appearance. She gave a serene smile.

"Hello, Twilight, my faithful student. Is my sister enjoying her party?"

"I think so. She seemed a little upset to see me go, but I think she'll be just fine," said Twilight proudly.

"I'm glad. I was so worried that it would explode into her face, but I am glad to be proven wrong - as I so often am," said Celestia. "However, I have a task I must ask you to complete. It is not easy, but I have faith in you."

"Anything, Princess," said Twilight.

"If my sister should summon you, or visit you at all, you must answer her in the friendliest of ways. Your schedules will have to become more flexible, so that you may fit in surprise visits."

"I... Why, Princess?" asked Twilight, confused.

"My dearest student," said Celestia, walking towards Twilight. "You are her only real friend, besides myself. Should she contact you, it is likely to be the greatest honor you know." Twilight looked at her princess, and bowed, accepting the new responsibility.