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The Crescent Journal - GuitarKirby

A look into the journal of the Lunar Princess.

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Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 1 (Chapter 4)

October the Fourth

I apologize for my lack of writing, but I have given my fullest of attentions to preparations for a party I am planning, with the help of Tia.

You see, I forgot to inform my guard that I was going to spend the evening with Twilight Sparkle. In recompense, I am holding a party, immense in scale. However, since I have never planned such an event before, I am getting help from Tia.

I have told her to focus on the guest list. She wanted to be more involved, but I insisted that was all she do unless I instructed otherwise. It was an uncomfortable argument, but I was resolved. I think I both impressed her and frightened her. I did not mean to do either; I simply want this event to be my own. I do not want one of her proper social gatherings.

In light of this, I have commissioned help from Pinkie Pie. Though she and I will not physically speak with one another, I am in direct contact with her even now. She has the option of coming, though she has said that she prefers surprise parties, and ones where her friends will be. Twilight Sparkle has also been invited.

Despite all of this, I still feel a distinct loneliness. I failed to actually make more friends while I was among my subjects. I feel that social conduct is one of my greatest shortcomings.

I recently looked upon one of these nightclubs, and found very lewd behavior from my subjects. When I asked Celestia, she simply blushed and said I shouldn't speak of such things. I fail to see why; she knows more of this new world than I do and yet seems far more uncomfortable with these new mating rituals. She always did support the idea of arranged marriage, of course. She even tried to convince me to accept a marriage proposal to a stallion long ago, simply because it would have expanded our borders. Prim and proper she may be, but Nightmare Moon did not come from not-

I should not speak such of my sister, yet I always begin to slip into it. I am sorry, my dear journal, for forcing my most negative of emotions upon you.

Princess Luna

Luna shut the book, and set it gently next to her throne. She then turned and sat regally; she was in the midst of her nightly court. Nobody ever came, of course, but she never stopped holding it, and never held herself any less proudly than she felt she would before a great audience. Rare as it was to receive those who wanted her guidance, she wanted them to think of her as a ruler, and not just the evil, monstrous creature that had attempted to bring about nighttime eternal.
I shall never back down from my throne... Even if none come to see the glory of the night Princess.

As if on some sort of cue, a loud creak resounded through the dark hall. Luna looked down in shock; a maroon unicorn stallion quietly entered her hall. He looked up at the princess, and she could see a slight fear. However, she also saw that his look was pleading.

"What would you have of me, my little pony?" asked Luna. The stallion spoke, his tone unwavering despite his obvious fear.

"My Princess," he said, bowing. "I wish your help. You see, I wish to marry a unicorn whose name I won't mention right now. However, I wish to make it most memorable. So, I would ask that you preside over it during one of your nighttime courts. I know this may seem presumptuous of me, but I was told to mention Twilight Sparkle's name... She sent me here, you see."

Luna looked at the young unicorn in surprise. It was unprecedented.

"Of course. What is your name, young one?"

"I am Star Note, your majesty."

"Your wish shall be granted, Star Note. You will set the date according to my preferences, however." The unicorn bowed, seeming ecstatic.

"Oh, thank you so much, Princess Luna!" He cantered out of the hall, Luna watching. However, it was then that another pony came in. Then two more, seeking to settle a land dispute. In fact, twenty ponies entered the hall during that evening court.

Celestia watched through her True Sight, and smiled; she had told Twilight Sparkle of her plans. She knew that Luna resented it when she interfered in the affairs of the Night Princess. Therefore, she told ponies with more trivial matters to speak to her sister, and mention the name of her faithful student.

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