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The Crescent Journal - GuitarKirby

A look into the journal of the Lunar Princess.

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Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 4 (Chapter 7)

Luna laughed boisterously at the bouncing pink mare. Pinkie Pie had changed her mind and attended the party, and was now happily interacting with the noisy guard. The guard themselves were drinking beer and ale, laughing at one another's jokes, and playing the games that had been set around the room. Luna stole a glance at Twilight, who had chosen to sit next to her. The lavender unicorn was smiling and drinking tea, giggling every so often at Pinkie's antics.

"So then," Luna said to a guffawing group of guards, "the Princess zapped her from on top of her own cloud! It was so silly, but lots of fun!" Pinkie then gasped. "Ohmigosh! That table's running out of cake and ice cream!" She then ran to find more confections and treats for said table.

Luna turned to Twilight, mentally telling herself to use her natural, modern voice.

"What do you think of the decor, Miss Sparkle?" she asked. Twilight smiled as she looked to the princess.

"Oh, it's quite impressive! I thought you might go for something to match yourself, but this lighter style is nice as well." Luna giggled.

"I'm afraid I had a rather interesting conversation regarding that. The decorator was instructed not to use my coloration, and when he ignored me, I rather lost my temper with him."

Twilight turned to Luna in alarm.

"You didn't hurt him, did you?"

"Of course not! I used the Royal Canterlot Voice, however. He had his error repaired rather quickly after that." Twilight relaxed, and the two laughed. A soldier suddenly stood up.

"I offer a toast to our Nighttime Princess! What say you all?" A loud cheer rose up from the crowd. Luna smiled and lifted her drink with magic. Everyone in the room drank, and she spoke after the mugs were emptied.

"I am very pleased by the outcome of this event!" said Luna. "Let the festivities carry on until my sister raises the sun!" Every soldier banged loudly on the tables and clapped their hooves against the ground wildly. Twilight turned to Luna.

"Princess, I think I need to leave soon. Spike is home all by himself, and I wasn't expecting to stay out all night." Luna turned in surprise and worry, but calmed when she saw Twilight.

"Oh... Very well. You shall be missed, Twilight Sparkle." Twilight bowed, and teleported out of the throng.

Celestia looked up at the flash of light caused by her student's appearance. She gave a serene smile.

"Hello, Twilight, my faithful student. Is my sister enjoying her party?"

"I think so. She seemed a little upset to see me go, but I think she'll be just fine," said Twilight proudly.

"I'm glad. I was so worried that it would explode into her face, but I am glad to be proven wrong - as I so often am," said Celestia. "However, I have a task I must ask you to complete. It is not easy, but I have faith in you."

"Anything, Princess," said Twilight.

"If my sister should summon you, or visit you at all, you must answer her in the friendliest of ways. Your schedules will have to become more flexible, so that you may fit in surprise visits."

"I... Why, Princess?" asked Twilight, confused.

"My dearest student," said Celestia, walking towards Twilight. "You are her only real friend, besides myself. Should she contact you, it is likely to be the greatest honor you know." Twilight looked at her princess, and bowed, accepting the new responsibility.

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Comments ( 1 )

Well, I can honestly say I didn't expect it to go in this direction when I started. It seems that Twilight is to have a bigger part in this plot than one could have anticipated.
Meanwhile, the big question comes to mind; how stable IS Princess Luna, really, and how will she cope after these social experiences stop occurring?

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