Mortal Kombat Legends: Heroes Rising

by KnightGomora1994

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A Mortal Kombat, My Little Pony, and Legend of Korra crossover

Before their adventures in Equestria, Raiden visited a realm where human had the ability to control the four elements. Each land representing the element they controlled, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. When he visited the land... he met its protector... the Avatar. He not only wished to visit his realm, but to warn him of a dire threat... the Jinsei of their realm was unprotected, and will need protection in the future. By Avatar Aang's next incarnation, Korra. But she cannot face a certain mad god alone... Raiden and Princess Celestia sent their best warriors to aid her in her struggles to become the new Avatar.


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When I was a boy... my father, Avatar Aang. Told me the story of how he and his friends heroically ended the hundred year war... Avatar Aang, and Firelord Zuko, transformed the Fire Nation Colonies into the united republic of nations. A society where benders and non-benders from all over the world would live and thrive together in peace, and harmony. The named the capital of this great land... Republic City. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but what he told me during his journeys... was that he met a god.

Miles away from Republic City, Avatar Aang and his allies left Republic City to investigate a location on the west coast of the Earth Kingdom. Reason being is that Aang had a vision... of someone calling to him. He knew this was not something to ignore... as they arrived, Appa landed on the ground as Aang bended the wind to lift him off the Sky Bison while Sokka leaped down from him. "Okay Aang, so you brought us out to the coast to investigate what...?" Sokka asked being his usual sarcastic self. "Because all I'm seeing, is a tree, and the ocean." he pointed out to him.

"Sokka, this isn't something to joke about... this land is sacred, I can feel it..." Aang said to him as he looked around.
Katara looked around as well but soon looked to the sky hearing thunder. "Thunder...? But no clouds...?" she wondered.

"You sure that's not Sokka's stomach...?" Toph asked her with a smirk earning a disapproving look from her boyfriend.
Aang looked at the sky knowing that it wasn't any ordinary thunder. "Katara's right, it's thunder... yet..." he starred at the sky but saw a lightning bolt descend towards them as his eyes widened. "LOOK OUT!" he quickly used his earth bending to form a wall as the lightning bolt struck the ground in front of them. Aang slowly peaked over the wall and saw what was within the lightning. It was a man... but he sensed that he was no ordinary man.

The stranger looked upon the Avatar and his friends as the lightning disappeared. "Avatar Aang..." he spoke as he walked towards him. Aang prepared for a fight, but to his surprise... the stranger bowed to him in respect. "It is an honor to meet you..." he said to him

Aang looked at him and immediately stood down and bowed to him. "I would say the same to you... but I don't know who you are. Other than seeing you in a vision..." he said to him as he stood up. "Who are you...?" he asked him.

"I am Raiden, God of Thunder... Protector of Earthrealm." he introduced himself as he held out his hand to the Avatar.

Aang looked to it but took his hand and smiled. "Its an honor to meet you sir... but... Earthrealm...?" he asked

"Don't you mean Earth Kingdom?" Katara asked him.

Raiden shook his head and looked to her. "No, Earthrealm is an entirely different place..." he said to her.

"Lies! Toph, tell me he's lying." Sokka said to her to get proof that he was lying about who he is.

"Actually, he's telling the truth..." Toph replied to her earning look of disbelief from Sokka. "Everything he's said is completely true... otherwise, how can you tell how he appeared before us the way he did?" she asked him.

"Its gotta be a Fire Bender trick..." Sokka suggested as he scowled at the supposed thunder god.

"Fire Benders can only redirect lightning like they were a lightning rod... a god such as myself..." Raiden held streams of lightning in his hands and looked to them. "Can control it willingly..." he said to him.

Aang was amazed of what he saw and looked to him. "That's amazing... but... why are you here...?" he asked him

"To know that answer... is to learn about the past..." Raiden said to him as he used the lightning and formed a mirror pool to reflect the past. "In the beginning, there were the Elder Gods... they guard and protect each realm from invasion. In order to prevent invasions from other realms, they formed an ancient tournament to give each realm a fighting chance..." he revealed two warriors before them. "It happens once a generation, and each victor is granted lasting long life..."

"Wow, what I'd give to have that..." Toph smirked at hearing it as she messed with her hair a bit.

"But the tournaments end in death... I know, because I watched as my champion, the Great Kung Lao... perished at the hands of Shang Tsung and his champion Goro..." he showed to them earning shocked looks from Aang and Katara. "I show this to you, because I fear for your realm's safety... should the Emperor Shao Kahn, or the Fallen Elder God Shinnok find your realm... you will need to prepare the next generation. By that... I mean your next life in the Avatar cycle..." he pointed out to Aang. "The fate of your realm, could rest upon your descendent, Avatar Aang..." Aang knew he was right, should his realm be threatened with invasion in the near future, he needed to prepare his next life for what will come.

"Seems easy enough, but what's this tournament called...?" Sokka asked him out of curiosity.

The thunder god looked upon him and his allies and smiled. "It is called..." he paused for a moment as he looked to them with his eyes glowing. "Mortal Kombat..."

KnightGomora1994 presents:

Based on Stories and Characters by

Ed Boon and Lauren Faust

Mortal Kombat
Legends Rising


Jordan Rodrigues as Liu Kang

Sunil Malhotra as Kung Lao

Kari Wahlgren as Kitana

Andrew Bowen as Johnny Cage

Steve Blum as Sub-Zero, Baraka, Amon and Reptile

Tricia Helfer as Sonya Blade

William C. Stephens as Jax

Richard Epcar as Raiden

Jamieson Price as Ermac and Noob Saibot

Rhaasan Orange as Cyrax and Kintaro

Mela Lee as Jade

Lani Minella as Sindel and Sheeva

Ken Lally as Smoke

Daniel Lujan as Nightwolf

Mathew Mercer as Kurtis Stryker

David Lodge as Kabal

JB Blanc as Kano

Cary-Hiroyuki Togawa as Shang Tsung

Patrick Seitz as Scorpion

Karen Strassmen as Mileena

Kevin Michael Richardson as Goro

Troy Baker as Shinnok and Erron Black

Special Guests:

Christopher Judge as Kratos

James C Mathis III as T’Challa aka Black Panther

Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger

Tara Strong as Princess Twilight Sparkle

Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash and Applejack

Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy

Tabitha St Germain as Rarity and Princess Luna

Cathy Wesluck as Spike

Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia

Vincent Tong as Flash Sentry

Janet Varney as Avatar Korra

David Faustino as Mako

PJ Byrne as Bolin

Seychelle Gabriel as Asami Sato

JK Simmons as Tenzin

Mindy Sterling as Lin Beifong

Kiernan Shipka as Jinora

Darcy Rose Byrnes as Ikki

Logan Wells as Meelo

Maria Bamford as Pema

James Remar as Tonraq

Dee Bradley Baker as Tarrlok

Lance Henriksen as Lieutenant

Eva Marie Saint as Katara

Alex McKenna as Senna

Cora Baker as Young Korra

Jeff Bennet as Shiro Shinobi


Southern Water Tribe

Over time, Avatar Aang's time in this world came to an end... and like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew. The White Lotus has spent several years in search of the new Avatar, their next stop was in a village in the Southern Watertribe after receiving word from the leader, Tonraq. They approach his hut seeing him step out of it. "The White Lotus has honored my family by coming..." he bows to them. "Thank you..." he expressed his gratitude, opening the door letting them in.

Inside, Senna was cleaning the house but noticed them walk in. "Welcome..." she bowed to them as a shield fell down in the back ground.

The White Lotus elders stepped in and removed their hoods looking to the watertribe woman. "We have investigated many claims... both here, and in the Northern Watertribe... all have turned out to be false." the elder said to them.

Senna looked to her husband Tonraq as he wrapped his arm around her and smiled. "Then you should be happy to know, your search has come to an end." she assured them.

The elder however... was not convinced. "What makes you so sure that your daughter is... 'the one'...?" he asked her.

The couple smiled and looked to their right. "Korra...! Please come in here...!" Senna called for her daughter.

Right on cue, a stone wall was forced passed the White Lotus Elders, catching them by surprise as they looked to the young girl seeing she managed to earthbend. She held a fist in the air showing how strong she appears to be. "I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!" she told them as she started firebending. She formed an earthbending motion as rocks rose up and she let out a firebend at the elders cloak, burning it. The elder quickly doused the flame with his water bending and looked to the young Avatar, she performed the bending of three of the elements, and went to blast them.

"ENOUGH!" Lightning shot down between the elders as Raiden appeared before them catching Korra's attack. This surprised the family of what happened, but surprised Korra most of all as she looked to the thunder god. "You have proven your point, young one..."

"Lord Raiden..." the White Lotus Elders bowed to him. "We were not expecting you to arrive so soon..." he said to him.

"I had to see for certain that this young child was indeed the Avatar..." Raiden said to him and looked to her "As far as I can see, she is the child of prophecy... almost..." he said to her.

"What do you mean almost?! I've proven that I'm the Avatar, you can't deny that!" Korra complained to him.

"I understand you're eager to prove yourself Korra... but you need time, training... the White Lotus will train you in controlling your bending. As well as your emotions..." Raiden kneeled down to her touching her shoulder. "Trust me Korra... though you are indeed the Avatar, you are not yet ready for what's ahead..." he said to her.

Korra looked at him but held her composure as she stood firm. "I won't let you down sirrrrr..." she raised her brow looking to him. "I'm sorry, what was your name again...?" she asked him.

Raiden let out an amused chuckle as he rubbed her head messing up her hair. "There will be time for that... for now, your training will need to be conducted somewhere safe... secure..." he looked to Tonraq and Senna and stood up. "Tonraq... Senna... I know you both fear for your daughters future as the Avatar. But rest assured... with the White Lotus, she will be safe..." he assured them.

"We can't thank you enough Lord Raiden... but please... from a mother to a friend, please... don't let anything happen to her." Senna requested him to keep her safe. Raiden understood her plea and bowed to her, honoring her request.

White Lotus Compound

At the White Lotus Compound a few days later, Korra snuck out of her bedroom as she went to the northern wall to look at the night sky. She rested her chin in her hand and pouted as she missed her parents, knowing that they missed her as well. As she looked at the sky, she couldn't help but feel a familiar presence. "You don't have to hide... I know you're there..." she said to the thunder god as he approached.

He walked up and looked to her. "I wasn't even trying... what gave me away...?" Raiden asked her.

"Your body is like made of lightning, I can feel my hair tingling from it." Korra pointed out to him. Earning an amused smirk, only to return it with a scowl. "How did you appear like that...? I didn't know firebenders could do that..." she said to him.

"Its because I am not a firebender... I am actually a god..." Raiden said to her only to get a snicker from her. "You think I'm joking...? Well... Sokka didn't believe me either..." he said to her as he crossed his arms.

This immediately caught Korra's attention as she looked to him. "You knew Sokka...? That's crazy... you'd have to be an old man by now..." she said to him not convinced.

Raiden smirked at her skepticism and sat beside her. "As an immortal... I am blessed with the gift of youth, time affects me differently than normal mortals such as yourself." he explained to her and looked out. "There are many gods out there... in different realms, protecting and observing each one... me, I'm bit of a free spirit. I go to different realms, to learn and adapt to each one..." he held a ball of lightning in his hand. "For there are some realms where my power is limited... two realms in particular cause my powers to lose its strength..."

Korra was fascinated from what she was learning from him and looked to him. "And those realms are...?" she asked him out of plain curiosity.

Using his power to show a vision of the two realm, Raiden first revealed a dark realm. "One is a forsaken realm called Outworld, ruled by an immortal who crowned himself Emperor..." he showed her as Korra felt nervous of looking at it. Raiden shifted the image to show the whole world of the Netherrealm, but not to show what was on the surface. "The other... is an accursed realm... called Netherrealm... darker than Outworld, but with a fiery torment to boot. Souls sent there... well... its best you don't know... you are much too young to learn of it. What you must know... is that this realm is ruled by a fallen Elder God named... Shinnok..." he revealed an image of him, one of which Korra would not forget. "He was imprisoned for rebelling against his fellow Elder Gods... cursed to forever rule the Netherrealm..." Raiden looked to Korra. "The only reason I show you this, is to prepare you for the future young Avatar... because if Shinnok arrives in your realm, or any other... you must be prepared for coming battle. Learn to control your own destiny... here..." he pointed to her head referring to her mind. "And here..." he pointed to her chest referring to her heart and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Promise me, you will remember that..." he requested it of her.

Korra nodded to him. "I will Lord Raiden..." she said to him.

Raiden smiled at her and patted her head. "Now, you best get to bed... or the White Lotus elders will scold you for life if you stay up late..." he said to her. Korra smiled and gave him a playful punch and ran off giggling... Raiden watched her go, and smiled as she went back inside and looked to the stars. "Oh to be young... she has much spirit... just like you Liu Kang." he said as he smiled thinking about his student. Lightning surrounded his body as he vanished from the realm, never to be seen until the time comes to see Korra again. It will be a great many years until Korra comes of age... but the wait is worth it, even for a thunder god like Raiden.

A New Mission/Welcome to Republic City

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Earthrealm, Special Forces Base after the union

Months had passed since the union between Earthrealm and Equestria, humans and Equestrians were living in harmony as both races learned from each others culture and technology. True, it took some time to get used to... but they made it work. As Sonya would say in military terms, improvise, adapt, and overcome your obstacle. Speaking of the Special Forces commander, she walked into the hanger to meet up with her new cadets. They stood firm and saluted her. She stood in front of them returning the salute. "At ease!" she said to them as they lowered their hands. "You all may think this is like the Canterlot Guard, but I can assure you... its not! When I first joined, I was under the command of your truly..." she gestures to Jax. "Major Jackson Briggs... he told me and my fellow cadets that this place was no place for little girls, and I had to prove myself through and through, to show that I wasn't a weak little girl." she said to them as she walked passed several of the cadets. The minute she walked passed Sweetie Drops, the humanized pony smirked with a silent chuckle. This quickly caught Sonya's attention as she turned towards her, holding a firm glare towards her. "You think this is funny?!"

Sweetie Drops tried her best not to break under pressure, but she couldn't deny she laughed a bit. "No ma'am! I do not think this is funny, because I joined the Special Forces to protect my people... and those I love most." she informed her of her reasons to join the Special Forces.

"Well then... I can definitely say you got guts, but you're gonna get worked to the bone if you're gonna be joining us. Do I make myself clear cadet...?" Sonya asked her with a stern look.

The humanized earth pony held her composure to show no sign of weakness, but even in her mind... she was scared out of her mind of how scary Sonya is. She swallowed her pride, and stood firm. "Yes ma'am..." she said to her.

"Alright, I know you're all eager to get started... now, ten laps through the track and field, on the double!" Sonya exclaimed as the cadets rushed to the field as she walked to Jax, Johnny, Applejack, Big Mac, Applebloom, Nightwolf and Pinkie Pie. "That should keep them busy..." she said to them.

"Sure will... but you were kinda hard on the new cadet there..." Johnny said to her as he crossed his arms.

"Johnny, this is the military... I'm supposed to be hard." Sonya said to him and looked to Jax. "Jax, do you have information on that cadet...?" she asked him.

"Sure do... Jax pulled out Sweetie Drop's file and looked at it. "Bon Bon, AKA Sweetie Drops... born in Canterlot, but raised in Ponyville. She's an agent for a super-secret anti-monster agency in Canterlot, assigned by Princess Celestia a few years ago. But the agency shut down when they locked up the most dangerous monsters in Equestria... but the agents stayed vigilante in case some of those monsters broke loose, and went on a rampage. I guess in a way, this girls a special case... we can definitely use someone with her skills. In case a monster from the Everfree Forest shows up..." he said to her.

"Sure we can, Sweetie Drops is a good kid, she just needs some guidance, that's all..." Pinkie said to them.

"Don't get your hopes up, when it comes to Lyra... Sweetie Drops can be serious when she wants to be." Applejack reminded her as she looked to Big Mac. "I know, because she almost dislocated my brothers shoulder once."

"Eeyup... and it hurt like the devil..." Big Mac rubbed his shoulder from remembering it.

"Could have been worse, you would have lost that arm..." Nightwolf approached with a smirk on his face.

"Nah, you went easy on her you big softy..." Applebloom said to him as she hanged upside down from a tank.

Sonya let out a smirk with an amused chuckle. "I believe her..." she said to them only to receive a call from Raiden. She pulls out a medallion as it formed an astral projection of him. "Raiden, its been a while..." she said to him.

"Sorry for not keeping in touch with you and the others Sonya Blade... but I need you to meet me and Celestia with the others in Canterlot. It is urgent..." Raiden informed her as she looked to Johnny and the others, knowing he was completely serious about the urgency.

Shirai Ryu Village after being rebuilt

At the Shirai Ryu village, Scorpion and Fluttershy rebuilt the clan with human orphans, and equestrians that wanted to join the clan. Lightning Dust was also with them as he helped some of the newest clan members in learning the ways of the Shirai Ryu, Scorpion watched and smiled of how his student has progressed in recent months. Fluttershy approached him with a fresh pot of tea and kneeled down setting it on the table. "The students are doing well..." she poured some tea as Scorpion approached.

He sat down across from her, and too a cup. "Yes... even Lyra Heartstrings has progressed in her training..." he looked to where she was, seeing her block the attack of her fellow student as she avoided his attacks. "Why she decided to join the Shirai Ryu... I am still wondering about that..." he looked to Fluttershy.

"Oh, you mean you don't know...?" Fluttershy asked as she set her tea down and giggled. "Its because Sweetie Drops joined the Special Forces, and she wants to make sure that she won't always need her protection." she informed him.

This surprised Scorpion as he looked at her. "So, those two are...?" he asked earning a nod from the humanized Pegasus. His eyes slightly bulged from hearing it and chuckled rubbing his head. "I had no idea... but.." he smiled and looked to her. "But if she cares about her so much, I will support them any way I can..." he said to her.

Fluttershy smiled and grasped his hands. "Thank you Scorpion, you won't regret this..." she said to him and kissed his cheek earning a smile and a small blush from him. "Oh, and Scootaloo is having a little trouble with the rope spear..." she pointed out.

Scorpion looked and noticed that she was tangled up by it and let out a small chuckle and looked to Lightning Dust. "Lightning Dust, give Scootaloo a hand..." he said to her as Lightning Dust went to help Scootaloo out of her little accident. "Oh to be young... I can't imagine anything better..."

Till suddenly the moment was ruined when Discord appeared. "Well, isn't this beautiful... hope I'm not interrupting something..." he said to them.

"Yes, you are..." Scorpion said to him with a scowl.

"Well there's no need to be a sourpuss around me Scorpy, I'm just here to deliver the news..." Discord said to him.

Fluttershy stood up and looked to him. "What is it Discord...?" she asked him.

"Glad you asked dear Fluttershy, Raiden and Celestia need everyone to report to Canterlot, it is of the utmost urgency that they arrive as soon as possible. So I suggest you get moving, toot sweet you two!" Discord snapped his fingers, disappearing before their very eyes.

Scorpion scowled at seeing it. "I will never understand him..." he muttered.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it... Discord may be a spirit of chaos, but we're working out the loose screws..." Fluttershy said to him with an assuring tone.

"If you ask me, he's got one too many..." Scorpion said to her as he stood up using his hell flames to form his ninja uniform. "We best hurry if we are to meet them in Canterlot." he said to her as Fluttershy nodded in response and took his hand. Scorpion looked to Lightning Dust as she approached. "Lightning Dust, I'm leaving you in charge until we return..." he said to her.

"I won't let you down sensei..." she said to him as Scorpion nodded to her and vanished through hellfire with Fluttershy.

Lin Kuei Temple

At the Lin Kuei temple, Sub-Zero lead his students and those of Equestria in the fighting techniques of the Lin Kuei. But his eye soon caught a familiar face hiding within the group of students. "Sweetie Belle... come out here..." he said to her earning Rarity's attention. Sweetie Belle tried to hide in the group, but the students moved aside revealing her. She pouted knowing that was unavoidable... she walked to the grandmaster and stood before him. "Sweetie Belle... I've told you before, you are not ready for this..." he said to her.

"But you taught my sister how to control her abilities... why can't I learn cryomancy as well...?" Sweetie Belle asked him.

"Because dear sister..." Rarity walked up and kneeled down to her. "You are much too young for it, while it is true Kuai Liang and his brother Bi Han studied at a young age. They were forced to train at that age, Kuai swore to change that law... by training students who are thirteen or older." she said to her and touched her shoulder. "Try to understand Sweetie Belle..."

"It just isn't fair! You're always trying to protect me! I'm old enough, I don't need protecting!" Sweetie cried out and ran off.

"Sweetie Belle!" Rarity exclaimed only to see her run into the temple, she sighed and looked to Sub-Zero. "I'm terribly sorry about her Kuai, she's trying so hard to be just like me... she just doesn't understand..." she said to him.

Sub-Zero looked to where Sweetie Belle went, but looked to her. "Let me take care of this..." he walked to where Sweetie Belle ran off too. Inside the temple, Sweetie Bell sat in a corner holding herself, hiding her face in her knee's. Sub-Zero approached her and sat beside her... knowing this wasn't going to be easy. "Sweetie Belle... I know you feel left out, but you need to understand. Your sister isn't trying to protect you, she's only trying to give you a chance to wait till you are ready to learn." he said to her.

"But I want to protect my friends too... Applebloom and Sweetie Belle got to join the Special Forces, and the Shirai Ryu. But why can't I learn to become a Lin Kuei...?" Sweetie Belle looked away.

Sub-Zero pondered her question knowing her life will be hard, but an idea soon came to him as he looked to her. "Tell you what... if you keep up with your studies in school... I will teach you how to use cryomancy..." he said to her to offer her a chance.

Sweetie Belle looked to him surprised but smiles. "You really would?" she asked him as he gave her an approving nod. Her smile grew bigger as she hugged him. "I won't let you down... I promise!" she said to him.

Sub-Zero smiled at the young humanized unicorn and held her as any older brother would for their younger sibling, but just at that moment, Rainbow Dash ran up finding him. "Hey, teach... Raiden needs us in Canterlot, pronto!" she informed him.

The Grandmaster looked to her as he stood up with Sweetie Belle. "I'm on my way..." he looked to Sweetie Belle and patted her head. "Remember out deal..." he said to her as she smiled and nodded to him. Sub-Zero nodded to her and walked away with Rainbow Dash to meet with the others in Canterlot.


Within the palace of Edenia, Kitana was teaching Twilight everything there was about the Edenian royal bloodline. From King Jerrod, to Queen Sindel, and their past rulers. She was even learning some Edenian spells that could be of use to her, and help her in any situation necessary. Kitana walks up to her and gave her another scroll. "This one contains the history of Edenia, my mother gave this to me when Edenia was first freed from Outworld..." she informed her.

"I can definitely put this to good use... unlike a certain someone..." Twilight glanced over to Mileena. "You should be focusing as well Mileena...!"

"Hey, I'm studying..." Mileena said to her as she was secretly lying as she stared at a picture of Flash Sentry.

Jade walked up and snatched the picture from her, catching her by surprise. "Nice try Mileena... but you're not lying your way out of this one." she said to her.

"Okay, so I'm distracted... can't be helped." Mileena crossed her arms as she looked way.

"Mileena..." Twilight stood in front of her earning the half tarkatus' attention, her eyes widened from seeing just how angry and scary she is. "I've told you time and time again... you and Flash aren't happening! And if you have a problem, then you can deal with me...!" she said to her as shadow gloomed over her body and her eyes glowed white.

The tarkatus panicked from seeing how scary she is and held her hands in the air. "Okay, okay, you've made your point!" she teleported to the balcony and exhaled. "I'm surprised you're actually the Princess of Friendship... you can be scarier than a tarkatan." she said to her.

"With good reason..." Twilight said to her as she held her hands to her hip with her cheek's puffed. "You really need to work on accepting the facts..."

"Twilight! Kitana!" Spike rushed in with a letter from Canterlot. "A letter just came in from Princess Celestia, its important that we get to Canterlot, immediately. Oh... and bring Mileena too..." he informed them.

Twilight let out a sigh and looked to her. "Guess we got no choice..." she muttered as Mileena stuck her tongue out at her.

Canterlot High School

Meanwhile in the CHS world, Kung Lao was helping Sunset and her and her friends to prepare for the Friendship Games that will arrive in the coming months. He even suggested adding a martial arts tournament to the games, one that doesn't involve the rules of Mortal Kombat. No bone breaking, no weapons, just fair and even combat. They had even gotten to work in building the arena, as requested... Sunset meanwhile wiped her brow of sweat and looked to the arena as it was half finished. "Alright, we're half way there..." she said and looked to Kung Lao. "I'm surprised you managed to convince Principle Celestia to allow it..." she said to him.

"It was pretty easy... in fact, I signed up to be the referee for it... to make sure that all contestants fight fairly in the arena." Kung Lao said to her as he wiped his sweat off his brow and looked to the arena. "The Wu Shi arena took several years to build, and as of today, it still stands... even around my ancestors time..." he smiled.

"The Great Kung Lao..." Sunset smiled at remembering it but heard a vibration coming from her backpack. "Chi, you got that right...?" she asked her.

Right on cue, Chi reached into her backpack and pulled out her book opening it finding its a message from Twilight. "Its from Princess Twilight..." she turned to them. "She needs you guys in Canterlot immediately..." she informed them. Kung Lao looked to each other, knowing that this is a serious matter. There's no telling what the new mission will be, because they will be in for something the would never experience.

Wu Shi Academy, Earthrealm

At the Wu Shi Academy, the monks helped train some of the Equestrian's learn their ways. Some were struggling more than most, but Flash and Soarin were helping out most of the students in learning the ways of the Shaolin. Liu Kang walked up to them and noticed the progress they were making. "So far, so good... they're improving just like you expected..." he said to them.

"Well, some of them are of the royal guard, they've been training to be strong soldiers when drafted..." Flash said to him.

"Most of the Wonderbolt cadets thought it would be good to join as well. Spitfire and Fleetfoot joined the Special Forces believing it would be more their specialty." Soarin said to him as he leaned against a wall. "It's going to be tough training the rest of the students, given they're still new to all this."

"Not to worry..." Bo' Rai Cho approached them as he looked to the students. "Though they have no experience in the ways of the Shaolin... with my instructions, they will be well trained warriors..." he said to them.

"As long as you don't force them to drink master... you know that is a serious bad habit..." Liu Kang said to him as a sweat drop ran down his cheek.

Bo' Rai Cho let out a chuckle in amusement and looked to him. "Like that time with you and Kung Lao? Oh, and lets not forget young Shujinko..." he burst into a fit of laughter.

Flash and Soarin both had a sweat drop running down their cheeks and looked to Liu Kang. "Should we be worried for our comrades...?" Flash asked him.

"You probably should be..." Liu Kang said to them.

Suddenly, something soon came to Bo' Rai Cho's memory as he reached into his pouch. "I almost forgot, Lord Raiden and Princess Celestia sent this..." he handed them a scroll. "I don't know what is happening... but I'm sure you all will need to be there and find out what it is." he said to them.

Liu Kang took the scroll and looked through it reading through it, he looked to Flash and Soarin as he put the scroll away. "We better get going... I'm sure everyone will be happy to see us after so long." he said to them earning nods from both Flash and Soarin they readied for a trip to Canterlot Castle.

White Lotus Compound, Southern Watertribe, Four Nations

Meanwhile, within the White Lotus Compound... Korra has grown up into a teenager, and is currently in the middle of her Firebending test. She leaped in the air launching two kicks while unleashing bursts of fire at one of her sparring partners, knocking him down. She landed on the ground and turned facing two other firebenders who launched two bursts of fire at her, she blocked it as she waved her arms in a circular form making the fire disappear. One of the firebenders went in for another attack as he blasted more fire at her, but Korra avoided and blocked each blast and charged at them. The two firebenders charged as one leaped in the air and swung two fiery kicks at Korra, only to see her roll across the ground and kick his foot making him go off balance as he hit the ground, but got back up as the other firebender blasted at her. She blocked it as she managed to kick the other firebender down, quickly blocking the fire blasts from the one in front of her. The young Avatar launched several blasts of fire at her sparring partner, knocking him down as she turned her attention to the last one. He blasted at her, only to see her land a high kick against his first blast and charge at him. She blocked the attacks of her sparing partners and launched a powerful fire blast against one, sending him straight onto a rooftop. The spectators, including Master Katara... watched the training, which easily impressed Katara. "She's strong..." she said to the elders.

The White Lotus leader however, was not so impressed. "She lacks restraint..." he said to her as he looked to the fight. "How Lord Raiden has faith in her, I will never know..." he muttered.

Meanwhile, the firebending sparring partner charged at Korra, letting out a stream of fire as she charged right towards it. Pushing her way through the flames without getting burnt, grabbing hold of him and as she pushed his arms away, leaping over him as she swung a fiery kick against him and let out one powerful fire blast against him. He rolled across the ground but stood up shielding himself from the flames, only to collapse from exhaustion. The young Avatar smiled and threw her fists in the air, feeling excited of her victory. "WOOHOO!" she cheered only to look and see the elder's unimpressed faces. "Hey, why all the doom and gloom people?" she asked them as she took off her helmet and looked to them. "We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go!"

"You're getting ahead of yourself as usual, Korra. We haven't decided if you passed your firebending test yet." The Firebending master informed her.

"Ever since you were a little girl, you've excelled at the physical side of bending, but completely ignored the spiritual side. The Avatar must master both." The White Lotus leader said to her.

Korra slightly bowed her head from hearing it. "I haven't ignored it, it just doesn't come as easy to me." she looked to them with an upbeat attitude. "But that's why I should start training with Tenzin immediately. He's Mister Spiritual..." she said to them.

The White Lotus leader looked over to Katara to hear her opinion. "Do you believe she's read, Master Katara?" he asked her.

"Yes..." Katara smiled and looked to Korra. "If anyone can teach her what she needs to learn, it's Tenzin... Raiden would tell you the same thing as long as you don't get a lightning bolt after words." she said to them.

The White Lotus leader shuddered from remembering it. "Don't remind me..." he sighed and looked to Korra. "Very well, Korra. It's time for you to begin your airbending training." he said to her.

Korra smiled and jumped into the air, turning around in axis in happiness and excitement. "Yes! Finally!" she cheered only to look at the elders realizing her small error. "I mean..." she cleared her throat and bowed to them respectfully. "Thank you all for believing in me.." she said to them, giving them an innocent smile as she slowly walks away. Katara smiled proudly at the young Avatar as she dashed off for the stables. She ran into the stables, holding onto her excitement as she finds her. "Naga, you should have seen it!" she said to her as Naga perked up her head, showing herself as a polar bear dog, wagging her tail and getting up for her master. "I kicked some firebender butt, and I passed! Korra cuddled up to her polar bear dog's head. "Tenzin will be here in a few days..." she said to her as Naga licked her face, getting her to laugh gleefully from it. A moment passed and Korra got a saddle on Naga as she rode towards the gate, earning a guards attention. "Just taking Naga out for a stroll." she said to him, earning an unsure look from the guard. She crossed her arms seeing it feeling annoyed of the guards reluctance. "Don't worry, we're not going far..." The guard looked at her, but complied to opening the gate letting her and Naga out. The Avatar and her polar bear dog ran out into the frozen wilderness, but Korra can't contain her excitement as she held the reigns. "Naga, go!" she said to her as Naga picked up speed. "That a girl. Go! Go! Go!" she said to he as the rode into the snow-covered plains. Korra laughed in excitement as she looked to the sky. "I hope you were watching Raiden... I can't wait to see you again someday..." she said in hopes he's listening.

Canterlot Castle, Earthrealm

Within the throne room of Canterlot, Raiden and his fellow defenders looked upon Korra through a magic mirror pool. "She's quite a cheerful one... so you met her when she was only a child...?" Sonya asked him.

"Yes... including her previous incarnation, Avatar Aang, who died long before she was born. Aang was a noble soul, and I honor him by helping his reincarnated self." Raiden explained to them. "But its not just her that we're speaking of, it is her realm... you see, the Jinsei of her realm is unprotected, and it is currently vulnerable..."

"Quick question!" Pinkie rose her hand as they looked to her. "What's a Jinsei...?" she asked them out of confusion.

Twilight groaned as she facepalmed and shook her head, Liu Kang stepped up to explain. "Jinsei is a realms life energy, should it be left unprotected, it would risk being exposed to attack by certain beings like Shinnok, or Onaga... but who we should be more worried about is Shinnok, the fallen Elder God..." she said to them.

"Fallen Elder God...? How did that happen...?" Rainbow Dash asked them as she crossed her arms.

"Shinnok tried to rebel against his fellow Elder Gods millions of years ago, he believed that death and darkness was the only way to rule the realms. By committing mass genocide..." Sub-Zero explained to him. "As punishment, the Elder Gods banished him to the Netherrealm..."

"It's kinda like God kicking Lucifer out of Heaven and forced to rule Hell, but with a different perspective..." Johnny said it from his point of view of how he see's it.

"Still, if this girl is to be the new protector... what's stopping her...?" Applejack asked them.

Raiden used his magic to form images of four Avatars through the Four Nation's history, from Korra, to Aang, to Roku, and Kyoshi. "Each Avatar has to learn all four Elements in the cycle... air, water, earth and fire. Korra has learned three of the elements, but air... she has not connected to it. She has no connection to it, and there are those who will try to stop her from becoming a fully fledged Avatar..." he informed them.

Celestia walked to the Main Six including Sunset and Chi. "My friends... we're both placing a heavy burden upon your shoulders, but if the evil in this realm tries to stop Korra... she will need all the help she can get as of this moment. Can we trust you all to go through with this mission...?" she asked them.

Twilight smiled confidently as she stood before Celestia. "You can count on us Princess Celestia..." she said to her.

"I'm game!" Rainbow Dash said to her feeling pumped up for this mission.

"Sounds good to me! This is going to be so much fun!" said Pinkie feeling excited for it.

"I will do everything I can to help her." Fluttershy assured them as she smiled looking to Scorpion knowing she will have his support.

"I for one would simply love to see their world, and all their fashion designs." said Rarity only to get a smirk from Sub-Zero as he crossed his arms. "Alright, also to help Ms. Korra..." she said to them.

"Well I can't let ya'll have all the fun... because who's gonna keep an eye on Rainbow Dash?" Applejack asked them as she smirked at the Lin Kuei earning a disapproving look from her.

"Well, I guess I'm in this to the end..." said Sunset Shimmer as she smiled looking to them. "Besides, I'd like to learn about this place myself..." she pointed out.

Liu Kang smiled as he stepped up with Kitana. "Looks like we're in Lord Raiden, how soon do we leave...?" he asked him.

"We leave bright and early, tomorrow morning..." said the thunder god as he looked out to the sky. His attention soon turned to Celestia as he approached her. "Celestia... I know this will bring a great amount of stress, you sure you will be fine in my absence...?" she asked him in regards to her swollen belly.

Celestia let out an amused chuckle knowing he's being a little paranoid of it. "Raiden, you don't need to worry... I'll be safe, your brother and my sister will look after me and the baby. Besides, I'm only four months in... I still have a long ways to go. Now promise me you will be careful when you get there..." she said to him.

Raiden smiled as he held his pregnant wife close to him. "You have my word Celestia..." she said to her as his eyes shut with hers.

White Lotus Compound, Southern Watertribe, Four Nations

Back in the Four Nations above the Southern Watertribe, a sky bison is seen flying toward the compound with a family of air benders. One of them of course... was chatting up a storm upon their arrival. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It looks like we're here." said the fast talking young girl as Korra ran up seeing them excited. "I know it, this is very familiar! Are here yet? Ooh, please tell me we're here!" the child said eagerly.

The sky bison landed on the ground, giving Tenzin a chance to let out a sigh of relief and annoyance while his son Meelo was perched on his shoulders and gnawing at his head. "Yes, Ikki... as I've been telling you for the last fifteen minutes, we are, finally, here." he said to her as Ikki and Jinora excitedly jumped off the bison, riding off its tail on air scooters. Tenzin descends from the bison as Katara walked up to greet him. "Hello, mother." he held his hand in front of his chest as a way of greeting her. Meanwhile Meelo was still on his shoulders, pulling his fathers ears while Ikki was jerking his arm. "I can't tell you how happy I am to see you." he looked to her giving her a pleading look of desperation. "Please, help me..." he said to her.

Katara laughed as Tenzin bowed letting her get Meelo off his shoulders. Meelo struggled as he frantically waved his limbs. "Unhand me, strange woman!" he exclaimed.

"That's your grandmother, Meelo." Tenzin said to him.

Meelo nimbly pushes off on Katara's hand, who looks surprised, and somersaults above her head, landing on the ground behind her. He dashes out from behind her, while Katara's expression changes from utter surprise to a loving smile as she looked to her son. "It's so good to see all of you." she said to them.

Jinora walked up to her grandmother, looking at her slightly in awe. "Gran Gran, I've been reading all about your old adventures. I've been dying to ask you: What happened to Zuko's mom?" she asked her.

"Well, Jinora, it's an incredible tale-" To Katara's surprise, she is interrupted by Ikki, who's humping right in between Katara and Jinora.

"Gran Gran, you look old. How old are you? And why is it so cold in the South Pole?" she jumped up and down clapping her hands as Jinora stood solemnly beside her with a disappointed expression. "Can we make a campfire, and all huddle around it, and tell scary stories, and make snowmen? And then can you make the snowmen move with your waterbending and chase us? Wouldn't that be fuuun? Huh? Wouldn't it?" she asked as Jinora lowered her head in shame.

Meanwhile, Tenzin was helping his wife Pema climb down from Oogie as she was pregnant with Tenzin's next child. "Pema, let me help you." he took her hand helping her up. "Careful now, careful..." he said to her.

Pema walked a few steps until she retracted her hand from him. "Stop doting on me. I'm not helpless, I'm just pregnant." she said to him as they both placed their hands on the protruding belly.

Katara approached them and gave Pema a hug, and placed her hands on her belly to check the baby. "The baby's strong... I see another airbender in your future."

Pema's face immediately went from joyful, to slightly unhappy in an instant from hearing it. "All I want is one child like me, a nice non-bender, who doesn't blast wind in my face every five seconds." she said to her as she pulled on Tenzin's beard.

"Mommy, look!" Meelo got her attention as he was completely covered in snow. "I'm a snowbender!" he blasted the snow off as some of the snow covered Pema.

The mother of three airbending children had a look of dismay as her head was covered with snow. She shook her head rapidly to remove it, leaving her hair in a ghastly mess. "Were Tenzin and his siblings this crazy when they were kids?" she asked her mother in law as she pointed at her husband.

"Kya and Bumi certainly were, but Tenzin has always been... rather serious..." Katara gestured to her son.

"Mother, please..." Tenzin pouted as his mother smiles broadly at him. Soon enough, something caught the airbender's attention as he saw Korra a few meters away, calmly waiting with her hands behind her back. "Korra...?" he walked towards her as Kora smiled and ran up to him, as Tenzin put his arms over her shoulders as his children ran by. "Look at you, so big and strong. You've grown into quite the young Avatar." he said to her.

"Master Tenzin, I'm so glad you're here. I can't wait to get started." Korra said to him feeling excited for her airbending training.

Tenzin however... was not as enthusiastic. "Yes, well..." he sighed a bit.

Surprised of hearing it, Korra looked towards Pema who looked to Tenzin. "You're going to have to tell her sooner or later." she said to him.

Korra soon began to have a sad expression on her face as she looked to Tenzin. "Tell me what...?" she asked him.

Katara meanwhile, picked up what was going on as she looked at her son. "You're not staying, are you?" she asked him.

Her son let out a sigh knowing that they had to hear it. "I'm afraid not. We're only visiting for the night. Then I have to return to Republic City." he said to them.

Korra was shocked and disappointed from hearing his as looked at Tenzin. "But... no, you're supposed to move here. You're supposed to teach me." she said to him not understanding why he has to leave.

"I'm sorry, Korra. Your airbending training is going to have to wait." he said to her. Earning more of a disappointed exression from Korra as she lowered her head.

Later that night...

Korra sat with the White Lotus and the airbending family still feeling disappointed of what she heard from Tenzin earlier as she looked down. "So, how long until you're ready to teach me airbending?" she asked him as she looked over to him. "A week? A month?" she asked.

"It could be longer..." Tenzin replied to her.

This only furthered Korra's disappointment as she looked to him. "I don't understand. Why are you making me wait?" she asked him.

"I have a responsibility to Republic City. I am one of its leaders, and the situation there is very unstable right now." Tenzin informed her of the situation in Republic City.

"But you also have a responsibility to teach me. Believe me, I'd be happy to find another airbending master, but you're the only one. We're stuck with each other." Korra said to her being defiant of what's going on.

"I wish there were another way." Tenzin said to her.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Korra's mind as she looked to Tenzin excitedly. "Wait, there is! If you can't stay here, then I'll go back to Republic City with you! Its perfect!" she said cheerfully.

"Absolutely not!" The White Lotus leader banged his hand on the table as the contents on it shook. "The city is too dangerous. Avatar Aang and Lord Raiden tasked us with keeping you safe while you mastered the four elements." he said to her.

"I get that, but I don't think keeping me locked up in this compound like a prisoner is what they had in mind" Korra said to him being defiant. "Not to mention its been a long time since I've heard from Raiden anyway..." she pointed out.

"Who is Raiden...?" Tenzin asked them unaware of who he is.

"He was a close friend of your father... but back to the matter at hand. Korra is not to leave this compound." the White Lotus leader said to her.

She scowled at him but looked towards Tenzin who looked to her. "I know this is difficult to accept, but it's not the right time for you to come to the city..." he said to her.

Korra was dismissive of what she heard. "Whatever..." she abruptly got up and stormed out of the room slamming the door shut. The White Lotus leader and Tenzin sighed from seeing it happen. Katara frowned knowing that this wasn't the life Aang would have wanted for his reincarnation.

The next day...

Tenzin and his family were all packed up and ready to head back to Republic City, but not without them saying their goodbye's to their grandmother. "Goodbye, Gran Gran!" Ikki called out to her as the family waved goodbye to her.

"Oogi, yip-yip!" Tenzin said to his sky bison as Oogi let out a grunt, taking off into the air, leaving the compound with the airbenders.

Katara watched them go, but soon heard a familiar sound of thunder in the sky. She smiled as lightning struck behind her and she looked to what it was. More like, who... Raiden and his allies had arrived in the compound. The thunder god opened his eyes seeing her, and smiled as he approached her. "Master Katara..." he bowed to her as she bowed in return. "It is good to see you again..."

They stood facing each other as Katara pulled him into a hug. "Lord Raiden..." she chuckled and looked to him. "It is wonderful to see you again." she said to him but soon noticed a golden engagement ring around his finger, and she smirked looking to him crossing her arms. "Alright, who's the girl...?" she asked him.

Raiden chuckled a bit as he rubbed his neck a bit. "Princess actually, she is currently in Earthrealm at the moment. But she is four months with child..." he said to her.

"Never thought I'd see the day... a thunder god married to a princess." Katara smiled and looked over seeing his friends and walks over to them. "If I am not mistaken... these are the defenders of your realm?" she asked.

"Yes they are..." Raiden approached with her and looked to them. "Everyone, this is Master Katara... she helped train Korra in the ways of waterbending." he turned to the master. "Master Katara... these are my champions..." he looked to them to introduce each of them. "Liu Kang..."

The shaolin bowed to her in respect. "It is an honor to finally meet you Master Katara." he said to her.

"Likewise, Liu Kang... Raiden told me so much about you." Katara said to her.

Raiden turned to the action star. "This here is Johnny Cage, the famous action star of his era... or so he believes." he said to her.

"I heard that...!" Johnny walked up and shook Katara's hand. "Pleasure to meet you Master Katara, and... my deepest sympathy's for the loss of your husband, really..." he said to her.

"It's alright Mr. Cage... Aang knew that his time had come, and now Korra is the new Avatar." Katara said to him.

Sonya approached her and stood firm saluting her. "Ma'am... my name is Sonya Blade, of the Special Forces, and these are my comrades, Jax Brigg's, and Kurtis Stryker." she introduced him.

Kurtis saluted Katara as he stood firm. "Ma'am..." he stated.

Jax walked up and held out one of his bionic hands. "Pleasure to meet you..." he said to her.

Katara was intrigued as she took his bionic hand and observed it. "Amazing... how Toph would've been impressed to see someone with armored arms like these..." she said to him.

"Well... these aren't my actual arms ma'am... you see, my real arms were taken by a construct named Ermac." Jax explained to her as Katara was shocked to hear of it. "When I got back to Earthrealm, I had my arms replaced with these..."

"It must have hurt badly... having to live with these for the rest of your days..." she said to him.

"It's not that bad... to be honest I've grown quite used to these by now." Jax smiled assuredly.

Katara smiled in return and looked to the others and walks over to Kitana, Mileena and Jade. Raiden approached with her and looked over to them. "These are the Edenian sisters, Princess Kitana, Jade, and Mileena..." he introduced them.

"If you don't mind my curiosity Mileena... but why wear a mask...?" Katara asked her.

"You really wish to know the answer to that question...?" Mileena asked her as she reached for her veil.

Dashing over and stopping her, Rainbow Dash stopped her from taking it off. "Its best you don't want to know, trust me..." she said to her.

"Yes, we do apologize... you see, Mileena was born from Kitana's blood, created by a sorcerer named Shang Tsung. Elder Gods curse his evil heart for it... she was made with a mix of Edenian, and Tarkatan DNA... a race of sharp fanged creatures..." Jade explained to the waterbending master.

Kitana bowed to her respectfully as she approached her. "We hope you will understand..." she said to them.

"Quite well actually... so do not worry. I will not bother questioning it further..." Katara stated and approached Kung Lao. "If I am not mistaken, you must be Kung Lao..." she said to him.

"Yes, the best of the White Lotus..." Kung Lao stated it as he boasted proudly.

Katara chuckled from hearing it. "That is the biggest boast I have ever heard young man... Toph was just like you, but at least she had the guts to let go of her pride." she said to him.

Kung Lao rubbed his head embarrassed of if as his half sister walked up to them. "Hello Master Katara... my name is Chi, I'm Kung Lao's spiritual guardian, as well as his sister..." she introduced herself to the waterbending master.

"You are a willow of the wisp... I've heard of them from Raiden, but never imagined I'd meet one in the flesh..." Katara admitted as she smiled and looks to Sub-Zero and Scorpion. She walked over to them and looked at Scorpion seeing his eyes, sensing the darkness that plagued him. "You have experienced a horrible tragedy... one that is hard to let go..." she stated.

Surprised from hearing it, Scorpion backed away a bit. "How could you possibly know that...?" he asked.

"You have the eyes of vengeance... something I know well. I lost my mother in a Fire Nation raid... but you? You lost more than that..." Katara stated to him knowing the pain and suffering he endured.

"Scorpion and Sub-Zero had a long complicated history... the Lin Kuei did indeed cause the Shirai Ryu extinction. But Quan Chi was the one pulling the strings. He used the Lin Kuei by using Bi Han's identity, to fool Scorpion into killing him." Raiden informed her of what happened in their past.

"My brother didn't know of the slaughter till the first tournament... Scorpion targeted him, not knowing that Quan Chi was behind it all..." Sub-Zero said to her.

"Bad blood has a way of affecting people... I know..." Katara said to her and looked to Nightwolf. "Judging by your attire, and the war paint... you must be the infamous Nightwolf..." she stated.

"Yes ma'am... of the Matoka..." Nightwolf greeted her and bowed.

Katara bowed to him and looked to Twilight and her friends. "And these are...?" she asked Raiden.

Smiling and looking to them. "These are the warriors of Equestria... Princess Twilight Sparkle... Applejack... Rarity... Fluttershy... Pinkie Pie... Rainbow Dash... Flash Sentry, Soarin, and Sunset Shimmer... they accompanied us on this journey, to learn the culture of this realm." Raiden said too her.

Twilight approached them and bowed respectfully bowed to the waterbending master. "It is an honor to finally meet you Master Katara... I took the time to read up on your history and learned what you went through during the war with the Fire Nation..." she said to her.

"A war that was thankfully ended by Aang and Firelord Zuko..." Katara stated and looked to Raiden. "Also... if you are looking for Korra... she's... not in a good mood..." she stated.

Not surprised of hearing it, Raiden looked to Liu Kang and Twilight. "Liu Kang, Twilight.... you come with me... the rest of you wait inside and get warm..." he said to them and walked with the two leading parties to find Korra. On the hill, Korra watched the horizon where Tenzin and his family went, still feeling disappointed that she had to stay behind. At that moment, Raiden approached her and looked out to the horizon. "This has always been your favorite spot... you would always look at the ocean, starring at the horizon..." he stated.

"Glad you noticed... wish you could have seen my firebending test..." Korra stated harshly. Liu Kang and Twilight winced knowing that she was not entirely happy to see Raiden, in fact... she was madder than a boarcupine. She stood up and turned to the thunder god, showing just how upset she was. "Where have you been Raiden? You don't visit, you don't write... what happened?" she demanded to know.

"I apologize Korra, but things got complicated during the battle with Outworld... plus... you wouldn't have liked the way I appeared..." Raiden said to her. Korra glared at the thunder god, but her expression softened as she wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hug. Raiden smiled a bit and held her in return. "I missed you too Korra... but come, there are two guests I wish for you to meet..." he let her go and looked to Liu Kang and Twilight. "Avatar Korra... this is my champion, Liu Kang..." he introduced him. Liu Kang bowed to Korra as she bowed in return. "And this is Princess Celestia's champion, Princess Twilight Sparkle..." he introduced her.

Korra was surprised as she looked to the young princess. "She's a princess? Wow... now I know three royals... I love your hair by the way..." she complimented on her hair style.

"Aww, thank you..." Twilight expressed her gratitude to her. "It is also an honor to meet you Avatar Korra." she said to her.

"There are so many questions I want to ask..." Korra said to them.

"Perhaps it would be better if you spoke with the others... they're waiting to meet you." Liu Kang stated.

"Yes... and tomorrow, we will discuss about your airbending training." Raiden said to her as they began heading back to the compound. Korra followed them but glanced back towards the ocean... she knew her airbending training was important, but she could not wait for tomorrow. She needed to escape... and she knew the right time to do it.

Later that night...

After Korra got to know everyone, including the Main Six, she snuck to the stables to sneak out with Naga. She placed the saddle on Naga's back, as she was tightening the straps of the saddle, two figures appeared behind her. "Nice night for an escape, isn't it?" asked a cold dark voice as Korra turned and stood up to see Sub-Zero and Katara standing behind her at the stable entrance.

She looked down knowing she was caught, and couldn't escape with them in the way. "I have to leave... I have to find my own path as the Avatar. Sub-Zero, you knew that your destiny was to lead the Lin Kuei, to right the wrongs of the former grandmaster who corrupted them. If I take this path, I know I will find my destiny... I have to do this." she said to them.

Katara smiled she briefly closed her eyes but looked to the young Avatar. "We know you do..." she said to her as Korra's sad expression changed to a smile as she closed her eyes as a silent thank you. "Aang's time has passed... my brother and many of my friends are gone. Its time for you and your generation to take over the responsibility of keeping peace and balance in the world." Katara approached her and placed her right hand on the young Avatar's shoulder. "And I think you're going to be a great Avatar..." she stated.

Korra smiled and held Katara like a daughter would to her mother. "Thank you..." she said to her and looked to Sub-Zero. "You're not going to tell Raiden are you...?" she asked him.

"I keep no secrets from Lord Raiden... he'll find out soon enough. Now get going..." Sub-Zero said to her.

Smiling at hearing it, Korra walked over to him and embraced the grandmaster. She quickly let go and hugged Katara one more time as the waterbending master smiled of it. "Goodbye, Korra..." she said to her as Korra let her go and walked out of the stables with Naga. Katara watched her go but glanced to Sub-Zero with a smirk. "You were going to stop her, weren't you...?" she asked him.

"I would have... but given the power she has, I wouldn't stand a chance. She is indeed skilled, as well as bold and arrogant. I say this because I see much of me in her." Sub-Zero said to her.

"You...? I always pictured you as the serious type." Katara stated as she smirked.

"I was young... you would be surprised..." Sub-Zero stated and walked away.

Meanwhile, outside the compound, the snow far from the compound began to tremble as it was pushed aside. Korra and Naga emerged from the tunnel she had created and looked around. Naga meanwhile shook some snow off her pelt, giving Korra a chance to mount her and ride off.

Tonraq's Village, Southern Watertribe

Korra arrived in her parents village to let them know that she was heading to Republic City to pursue her destiny as the Avatar, to learn airbending from Tenzin. She hugged both her parents at once, knowing she will miss them. "Mom, Dad..." she broke up the hug and looked to them sadly. "I'll miss you..." she said to them.

Senna was on the verge of breaking as she looked at her daughter. "We love you so much..." she said to her. Korra looked at them but ran to Naga looking away from her sad-looking parents. She climbed onto the polar bear dog and took on last look at her parents as they held each other as they watched their daughter. She looked at them and leads Naga away, riding into the frozen tundra. Head straight for the harbor to find a ship that will take them to Republic City.

The next morning...

Twilight and her friends searched through the compound trying to find Korra, but there was no sign of her. Twilight looked to them, hoping for good news. "Have you girls found her?" she asked them.

"Not a sign Twi, its like she just gone and disappeared..." Applejack said to her.

Rarity approached them showing a sign she had no luck either. "I checked every inch of the compound, there's no sign of her... not even a letter..." she said to them.

"She was actually looking through Korra's wardrobe..." Rainbow Dash ratted her out earning a scowl from her.

"She's not the only one who's missing... Naga's gone too..." Fluttershy stated to them.

"You don't suppose they ran away do you?" Sunset asked them.

"Have any of you checked the outside of the compound?" Pinkie asked them earning surprised looks from them.

As they arrived outside, Nightwolf was checking the tunnel that Korra made as he looked out. "She burrowed her way out here and headed straight for the her parents village... more likely to say goodbye. Then she headed straight for the harbor... stowed away on a ship, heading straight for Republic City." he informed them.

"I was afraid of this..." Raiden muttered and looked to the others. "She has no knowledge of the city and its rules, she will be in uncharted territory... and will have many enemies..." he said to them.

"So will we... I'm I would if I was locked up in this place. But I'm more curious as to who let her go in the first place..." Sonya pointed out and glanced to Katara and Sub-Zero, who looked away acting innocent.

Raiden walked over to them but looked mostly to Katara. "Why would you do this...?" he asked her.

"Korra needed this... she has to follow her own path Raiden. You should know this best of all." Katara said to him.

Raiden couldn't deny it, Korra couldn't stay cooped up in the compound for the rest of her life... so who was he to deny her freedom. He nodded a bit and walked back to the others as Jax crossed his arms and looked to the others. "Can't say I blame the girl... if I were cooped up in this place, I'd run away too..."

"So now what do we do...? We have no knowledge of Republic City, or where to find Korra... she could be anywhere..." said Applejack knowing they were going to be in uncharted territory.

"We'll find her... I mean how hard is it to not see a full grown polar bear dog in a large city?" Pinkie asked them earning scowls from most of her allies. She chuckled nervously and decided to back away, knowing that sign. "Right, I'm just gonna be quiet right now... standing here, alone... completely quiet..." she whispered it, but Sub-Zero rolled his eyes in annoyance knowing that silence was never her best forte.

"Never the less, Korra must be found before she is either kidnapped, or arrested by the police." Twilight said to them and looked out. "Where ever she is, I hope she isn't going to get herself into too much trouble." she prayed.

"I will send you all to Republic City, I cannot accompany you... I need to return to Earthrealm to check on Celestia." Raiden said to them and looked to Katara. "Will you accompany me Master Katara?" he asked her.

"And miss the chance to meet her? Of course Lord Raiden..." Katara responded to him. "After all, I want to make sure the baby is healthy" she said to him.

Republic City, Peir

On the cargo ship Korra was on, she and Naga were resting behind some crates as she rested against Naga's flank. As the two slept, the sound of metal began to creak as Korra woke up from her long nap and looked around. She began to realize that they had finally arrived and pushed against Naga's paw to wake her up. "Naga, we're here!" she said to her as Naga woke up from her nap. As they got up, Korra shielded her eyes from sunlight but smiled excitedly knowing they were exactly in Republic City. She got onto her polar bear dog and dashed out of the tonnage, knocking over a stunned dock worker, who grunts as he fell down. Korra waved at them joyously. "Thanks for the ride!" she called out as she rides away on Naga toward a large suspension bridge leading toward the city. She pulls up nearly at the base of the bridge, watching two airships that are floating above them. But Korra looked to Republic City, seeing how amazing it is. "Wow, look at this place..." she stated and looked towards the traffic jam. "I've never seen so many Satomobiles!" she exclaimed as she looked towards Aang's statue, while noticing Air Temple Island in a distance. "You ready for a little swim, girl?" she asked Naga only to see her put her nose in the air smelling food and quickly running to its source. Korra held on as Naga followed the scent. "Okay, okay! Food first, then Air Temple!"

Meanwhile, back at the pier, Raiden transported the Defenders to the pier earning a lot of shocked an surprised faces from the workers. "She's been here... she may still be close by..." he stated as he looked around.

"Golly...!" Applejack exclaimed as she looked at Republic City. "Look at this place... I doubt Manhattan could be this fancy..." she stated as she looked at the city.

"Applejack, we're here to find Korra... not sightsee..." Kung Lao said to her.

"Kung Lao is right... we'll have to spread out through the city to find her." Liu Kang said to them as he turned to face them. "Stay within radio contact, and make sure not to draw too much attention..." he stated and looked towards Mileena who was flirting with one of the dock workers.

Noticing it, Kitana walked over and grabbed her, pulling her away from the worker. "Ouch! Okay, okay, sorry... lets work fast shall we...? I'm already hungry..." Mileena stated to them and crossed her arms.

"Would it kill you to show a little restraint?" Jade asked her earning a scowl from Mileena.

"Be careful my friends... it will be dangerous out there, meanwhile, I will need to return to Earthrealm with Master Katara to check on Celestia." Raiden stated to them.

"Ahhh, got that fatherly instincts kicking in, eh Raiden...?" Johnny asked him with a smirk.

Giving him a look, Raiden chose to let it go and backed up. "I will return when you find Korra... but be careful. This world isn't like Earthrealm, and the law will not take kindly to your own justice..." he stated to them and vanished through lightning.

Seeing it, Liu Kang looked to the group. "Alright, lets get moving... we need to find her before the authorities do..." he stated to them and walked with Kitana, Mileena, Flash and Twilight. Kung Lao and Sunset went with Soarin to search the east, Sub-Zero and Scorpion went to the north with Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. Johnny and Sonya went with Applejack, Pinkie and the other Special Forces to search the west.

As they made their way down the street, an Agni Kai gangster couldn't help but notice Mileena and her slim figure. Forming a grin as he got up and grabs her by her forearm. "Hey baby, how 'bout you ditch these losers and come spend some time with me...? I'm sure I can make it worth your while..." he stated to her.

"I wouldn't if I were you..." Flash advised against it.

"Shut it punk, I'm not talking to you!" the gangster shouted only to feel a finger touch his chin and looked to Mileena.

She grinned behind her mask and stroked his chin. "If you wanted me, you could have said so... but seeing that you were so rude to my companion..." her eyes slit as she grabbed her mask and pulled it down showing her sharp fangs, snarling at him as the gangster screamed and fell to the ground. He panicked about to bend fire at her, but she threw her sai at his sleeve, missing his arm as she walked up to him. "If I ever see you again... you're going to be my next meal, go it?!" she asked him as he quickly nodded his head. "Good... and you better not mention this to your friends, because I'll know..." she pulled her sai out of the wall and put her mask back on, leaving him to quake in his boots as she walked to the others seeing their disapproving looks as she put her sai away. "What...? I can take care of myself..." she stated to them.

"Yes sister, that's what worries me..." Kitana said to her as she walked beside her.

Westside Republic City

Meanwhile, the Special Forces team walked together to look for Korra and Naga. But of course, Johnny couldn't help but notice some cute girls eyeing him... mainly because his chest was heavily exposed, showing his masculine body. Even Sonya noticed and rolled her eyes, grabbing him by his ear. "Hey Botox... you're already spoken for, so don't even think about it. Also, zip up your jacket..." she stated to him.

Taking this seriously, Johnny quickly zipped up his jacket and followed her. "Can't be helped... every time I see a cute girl, my hormones go haywire." he said to her as he walked beside her.

"Maybe you should trying kicking yourself where it hurts most, to make sure you keep it in your pants." Applejack stated to him as she and Pinkie laughed together, earning a scowl from the actor. Clearing her throat, Applejack looked around and walked to a food stand seeing the owner. "Excuse us... but have you seen a young teenager and a large polar bear dog around here?" she asked her.

"You just missed her young lady... she tried to take some of my treats without paying, and if you plan on taking after her, think again." She said to her.

"Whoa, hold on madam..." Jax walked up to them. "We're not looking for trouble, we're just trying to find her, and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Not to mention the fact we're new around here..." he explained to her.

Seeing him surprised, the lady running the food stand couldn't help but look to his muscles. Blushing a bit, she snapped out of it and looked to him. "Alright... she went down the street not too long ago, I don't know where she went. But she doesn't seem like the trouble making type..." she stated.

"Believe me, she isn't... thank you for your help ma'am..." Johnny said to her and walked away with Jax and the others. "Well, its a start..." she said to them.

"You said it, now lets go find her!" Pinkie dashed off leaving them.

But Applejack tossed her lasso snaring her, and pulled her back. "Pinkie... we're still in a new world, so slow down okay?" she asked her as Pinkie pouted knowing she's too hyperactive.

"You should listen to your cousin Pinkie..." Nightwolf stated to her as he walked with them, hoping that they will find the Avatar before anyone else does. "You're fortunate you have a Matokan with you..." he stated as Applejack smiled at him and followed next to him.

Northside Republic City

Meanwhile with Scorpion and his team, they were on the rooftops searching around the city trying to find Korra. He turned to see Sub-Zero approaching him, along with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy approaching him. "Any luck with you three...?" he asked them.

"Nothing... I mean seriously, how hard is it to locate a big polar bear dog?" Rainbow Dash asked them and looked towards the park.

Fluttershy rubbed her chin trying to figure it out, but glanced towards the park. "How many fish do you guys think are in those ponds...?" she wondered.

Looking to the park, Sub-Zero began to realize where she was going with that question. "Fluttershy, you may be onto something..." he said to her and looked to her general direction. "From what I learned about Naga, her species is especially fond of eating fish, and if there are any in those ponds... I'm sure we'll be able to find her and Korra..." he said to her.

"Good, lets hurry before something happens..." Rarity said to them.

Till suddenly, a whistle is heard "Hey you!" called out a guard from the park, earning their attention seeing Korra in the area. "Stop! You can't fish here!" he stated to her as Gommu hid in a bush and Korra whistled for Naga by her fingers. Naga comes running toward her, and Korra runs a few steps along with the animal before hoisting herself on Naga's back, and rides away.

Seeing it, Sub-Zero and the others followed after her by rooftop, to catch up to her. Naga ran a good distance, but Scorpion appeared through hellfire causing her to stop in her tracks as Sub-Zero, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy appeared beside him. "Whoa! Guys? What are you doing here...?" Korra asked them.

"Enjoying your trip in Republic City I see..." Sub-Zero stated to her.

"You could say that... but you're still avoiding my question, how did you get here anyway?" Korra asked them.

"Rainbow brought us here faster than you could travel by cargo ship." Rainbow Dash stated to her and walked up to her. "Korra, believe me when I tell you, the White Lotus elders are not happy that you snuck out." she pointed out to her.

"Yeah, well... I don't really care what they think, I needed to come here to Republic City to continue my training. I'm not going back to the South Pole with you guys, so don't even think of trying to stop me..." Korra protested knowing what they were going to say to her if she doesn't comply.

"You misunderstand our intentions Korra..." Scorpion approached her grabbing the reigns. "We're actually here to bring you to Air Temple Island..." he stated to her.

Surprised of this, Korra couldn't believe what she was hearing and shook her head giving him a skeptical look. "How do I know this isn't some trick from Raiden...?" she asked him as she held a flame in her hand. "Because if you're lying to me, I will hurt you..." she warned him. But a smirk formed behind Scorpion's mask as he used his ability to manipulate fire to put the flames out in her hand, leaving nothing but smoke. Surprised from this endeavor, Korra's eyes were widen from what she witnessed and looked to him. "Didn't see that coming..."

"We do not wish to fight you darling, really... we just want to help you find Tenzin, we understand how important it is for you to continue your training. Me of course, I'm still learning from my beloved Kuai here in the ways of cryomancy." Rarity stated as she gestured to her beloved master, and looked to her. "But you won't get there without us... so please, be patient, and follow us."

Thinking it through, Korra still had little knowledge of the city, and which way to go. So how could she say no to that...? "Okay, I'll go with you... but I think you guys might wanna lose the hoods and masks, it'll make you look a little suspicious..." she stated to Scorpion and Sub-Zero as they nodded in agreement, removing their masks and hoods showing their true faces. Taking notice of Scorpion's eyes, she knew they were gonna be a dead give away. "Don't suppose you could act like a blind beggar...?" he asked him.

Scorpion took both his swords and hid them away in hellfire, forming a blind man's walking stick. "Good enough...?" he asked her.

"Perfect...!" Korra said to him but noticed a rally not to far. "What's going on over there...?" she wondered as she road over to it. Sub-Zero was equally curious as he followed her with the others.

Fluttershy listened to the protestors words, sensing both hatred... and fear in them. "Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders? Then join the Equalists! For too long, the bending elite of this city have forced nonbenders to live as lower class citizens. Join Amon, and together we will tear down the bending establishment." he stated to his fellow citizens.

"Someone's got a beef with benders..." said Rainbow Dash as she crossed her arms. "I don't like this..."

"Neither do I Rainbow Dash, we should probably leave before things get out of-" before Sub-Zero could suggest an immediate retreat.

"What are you talking about? Bending is the coolest thing in the world." Korra protested against his word.

Scorpion scowled at hearing it. "So much for a tactical retreat..." he stated to Sub-Zero.

"Oh Yeah? Let me guess: you're a bender." The Protester asked her.

"Yeah, I am." Korra said arrogantly, earning a groan from Sub-Zero know this was going to end badly.

"Then I bet you'd just love to knock me off this platform with some waterbending, huh?" The Protester provoked the young Avatar to get her to do so.

But she crossed her arms feeling only irritated. "I'm seriously thinking about it." she stated to him.

"Korra, don't encourage him darling, he's only trying to rattle you up..." Rarity tried to keep her calm.

But the protestor turned to his fellow nonbenders. "This is what's wrong with this city! Benders like these people only use their power to oppress us!" he declared as the crowd shouted at them telling them to leave.

Seeing it in dismay, Korra could only scowl at him. "What? I'm not oppressing anyone! You're... you're oppressing yourselves!" she turned Naga around and left with her friends.

"That didn't even make sense!" the Protester said mockingly.

Hearing it as he was starting to walk away, Scorpion glanced back and vanished through hellfire and appeared in front of him, catching the protester off guard as he yelped and screamed. He kneeled down to him glaring with his dead white eyes, putting fear into his mind. "If you think benders are frightening..." his face changed into a flaming skull, causing the protesters eyes to widen. "You know little of what I'm capable of..." he stated as he vanished, leaving the protester who instantly wet himself from seeing it.

Seeing him reappear, Sub-Zero smirked as he patted his shoulder. "Next time, leave the flaming skull out of it..." he said to him.

"I'm not making any promises..." Scorpion said to him as his face reverted to normal.

Seeing the state the protestor was in, Korra couldn't help but smirk. "What ever you did, sure made me feel better..." she said to him.

"But he's speaking as though benders were the enemy... that can't be true, can it...?" Fluttershy asked them.

"I'm with Fluttershy, why would someone want benders and nonbenders to live peacefully...?" Rainbow Dash asked them.

"I'm not sure... but whoever this Amon is, he might be the reason behind it." Sub-Zero stated as he walked beside Korra and Naga.

Exhaling a bit, Korra eventually smiled as she looked to them. "You know... I'm actually glad you guys came along, things would have gotten crazy if you hadn't found me in time." she stated to them as they nodded in agreement, and proceeded to find Air Temple Island.

Eastside Republic City

Back with Liu Kang and his group, the wandered down the streets searching for Korra, but soon took the chance to contact the others. "Liu Kang to all Earthrealm Defenders, any luck trying to find Korra...?" he asked them.

"Nothing from our end Liu Kang, she could be anywhere in the city..." Sonya stated to him.

"Keep looking, I'll get into contact with Sub-Zero and his team..." Liu Kang stated to him as he pulled out a medallion contacting him. "Sub-Zero, have you found Korra...?" he asked him.

"We have, we're on our way towards your location with her as we speak..." Sub-Zero stated to him.

"That's the first form of good news we've had all day..." said Jade as she approached them.

Liu Kang nodded and looked to Sub-Zero. "We'll wait for you here, and head straight for Air Temple Island from there." he said to him as he vanished and got back in contact with Sonya. "Sonya, Sub-Zero found her, rendezvous at our coordinates as quickly as you can..." he said to her.

"On our way Liu Kang, sit tight..." Sonya stated as she hung up on them.

Flash looked back noticing a flaming red satomobile approaching. "Classy... but I doubt its for good show..." he said as everyone took notice of it. He turned towards an old lady and walked up to her. "Excuse me... sorry to bother you, but who are they...?" he asked her.

"They are the Triple Threat Triads, you should get moving young man. It isn't safe..." she stated as the Triple Threats got out of their satomobile, and she went inside where it was safe.

Leading the Triple Threats, was Viper, a cold hearted man who enjoys hassling the store owner on the street. "Mr. Chung, please tell me that you have my money. Or else I can't guarantee I can protect your fine establishment..." he stated as he looked towards his friend, who lights a flame in his left hand, grinning at the shopkeeper.

Mr. Chung was nervous of the situation, believing he could reason with them. "I'm sorry, business has been slow. Please..." he offered a phonograph he was cleaning. "Taken one of my Phonographs..." he pleaded to them.

Without even taking his hands out of his pockets, the firebender effortlessly smacks the object out of the vendor's hands with a half moon spinning fire kick, reducing the phonograp to a burning pile of rubbish. Chung jumps back to avoid the blast, falling to the ground. Flash watched it happen, about to interfere, but Twilight stopped him from doing so. Because it would only draw more attention, and make things worse for Mr. Chung. "My friend here is not a music lover..." Viper stated as he made the money sign with his hand. "Give me the money, or else-"

"Or else what, hoodlum?" asked a familiar voice as Twilight looked seeing Korra along with Sub-Zero and his team.

Seeing her standing confidently behind them, her hands on her hips. The gangsters laughed as Viper looked to her. "Since you guys are obviously fresh off the boat, let me explain a couple of things. You're all in Triple Threat territory, and we're about to put you all in a hospital." he pointed to them.

Suddenly, Sonya and her team showed up as Jax approached first. "You're the only ones who are gonna need a hospital pal, and for your sake, I hope there's one near by." he stated to them.

Seeing him and his team, the Triple Threats took notice of Liu Kang and his friends walking up as well. "My thoughts exactly..." he stated as he cracked his knuckles.

Seeing the entire group, Viper felt panicked as he looked to them with a glare. "Just who do you guys think you are...?" he asked them.

"Why don't you come and find out?" Korra antagonized them as she rubbed her fists and grinned defiantly.

"We dare you..." Kung Lao joined in with a smirk on his face. "Unless you're too scared..." he taunted them, knowing that will anger him even more, and it certainly did. Viper bent a water bullet from an unseen water skin from under his coat at Kung Lao, but Korra stopped the water easily with one hand as Sub-Zero sent it back for her freezing the water over his head. Viper lost his balance as Kung Lao rushed up and kicked him in the head slamming it against the hood ornament on their satomobile, shattering the ice. Two Toed Pin recoiled from it as a "that must have hurt"- look dons his face. The Earthbending gangster was enraged by what happened to his friend, charges at Korra by jumping up. However, before he could land and earthbend, Korra extends the portion of earth where he was going to land on, catapulting him into the air.

Ms. Chung saw what happened as she felt surprised. "What just happened?" she asked.

"Did she just earthbend?" asked a young man.

The citizens lower their gaze as they watched the earthbender fall onto a wire, suspending him from one building to the other. From the wire, the man is catapulted again by a wooden advertising board, falls down on the pentice of a shop and is thrown into a tapestry, which rips under his weight as the man falls down onto a shop display before flopping onto the ground where he lies still. Seeing two of his allies defeated, Two Toed Ping aggressively bends a large fire stream at Korra. But the flames were blocked by Liu Kang and Flash as they interfered with his attack as Korra charged at him grabbing his hands. The old woman and young man were surprised even more of what they witnessed. "Can she firebend too?" she asked.

"Could she be...?" the young man asked.

Korra turned the gangster around one time to build up momentum, and she throws Ping through the window of the radio shop, slowly walking up to him as she chuckled arrogantly, smiling haughtily. "Got an idea about who I am now, chumps?" she asked them, but soon heard the roaring engine of the satomobile and looked to it. It road towards her as Nightwolf grabbed hold of her and leaped out of the way as it missed them.

Mushi leaned out the window and looked to Ping. "Come on!" he exclaimed as Two Toed Ping stumbled a bit out of the radio shop, the earthbender bent the earth, forcing him to fly into the satomobile.

Seeing this, Jax rushed over and grabbed the satomobile by the bumper, holding it up with his incredible strength. "You punks are not getting away." he stated to them as Korra rushed up and flexes her arms in front of her, earthbending a fissure at the vehicle into the air where it tumbles a few times before falling down and crashing into a shot at the other side of the road. Jax cleaned his metallic hands and looked to her. "Not bad for a beginner..." he complimented her.

"Not bad for a big metal armed soldier..." Korra complimented him and saw Stryker walk towards them. "What's he doing...?"

"His job..." Chi said to her as she walked up and pulled out two extra handcuff's. "Stryker, think fast!" she tossed them to him.

Catching them, Stryker put the handcuff's on the benders to make sure they didn't get any idea's. Once cuffed, Stryker slammed ones head on the hood of the satomobile. "That'll hold'em for a while..." he stated only to hear sirens above and look up seeing the police airship.

"Police! Freeze where you are!" called out a metalbending cop from the airship.

"They sure took their sweet time..." Mileena stated as she crossed her arms as she saw the metal benders descending from the airship.

Seeing them in awe, Korra was amazed to see actual metalbenders in action. "Cool! Metalbenders!" she smiled seeing them land before them.

"Not to point out the obvious Korra, they don't seem entirely happy to see us." said Rainbow Dash as she pointed out the expressions on their faces.

"Relax Rainbow, I got this..." Korra assured her as she walked out and proudly gestured at her catch. "I caught the bad guys for you, officers..." she stated, earning a scowl from both Stryker and Sub-Zero, knowing she was clearly boasting her own victory in defeating the Triple Threats.

The officer leading the cops, was Captain Saikhan, a overworking cop who takes his job a little too seriously. "Arrest them!" he pointed to the gangsters who were already cuffed, but looked to Korra and walked towards her. "You're under arrest too." he stated to her.

Korra was shocked to hear this and stepped back defensively. "What do you mean I'm under arrest? Those are the bad guys over there! The were smashing up a shop!" she said in her defense.

"From the looks of it, you smashed up a lot more than that..." Saikhan stated as he gestured to the damage she caused.

"Yeah, no offense Korra, but you did kinda make more of a mess than these guys." Applejack pointed out to her.

Suddenly, Saikhan takes on a fighting stance shooting a cable to bind Korra, but Korra quickly moved out of the way and snatches the cable out of the air holding it back. "Wait, you - you can't arrest me! Let me explain!" she pleaded.

"You can explain yourself all you like, down at headquarters." Saikhan withdrew the cable and charges at Korra, bending cables again at her.

But they were soon caught by Jax who held a tight grip on them. "Hold it pal, she may have done some damage, but that doesn't give you a right to use police brutality on her." he stated to her.

"And just who might you be...?" Saikhan asked him.

"Major Jackson Brigg's, a senior officer who is looking out for this young lady along with all my comrades." Jax gestured to them as they surrounded Korra to keep her safe. "And we have every reason to keep her in our custody, if you so much as think of trying to take her." he stated. Saikhan soon took notice of his arms seeing they're metal, he recoiled his cables and went to bend his arms. But to his surprise, they wouldn't respond to him as he tried again to have him fall. But nothing happened, as Jax smirked at him. "Sorry pal, Equestrian metal... can't bend them, no matter how hard you try."

"You are all interfering in police business, and we have a right to detain you till further notice." Saikhan stated to them.

Korra panicked but notice Twilight and her friends rushing up to her. "Come on Korra, while Mr. Grumpy face is distracted..." Twilight said to her as they rushed to Naga, and took off. But this did not go unnoticed from the other metalbenders as they followed after her.

Rainbow Dash took notice as she was running across the wires. "Jeez, these guys don't quit!" she exclaimed as she followed after Korra through the streets of Republic City.

"Metalbenders are like that, so you can't blame them!" Korra stated as she road on Naga following them. "But why did today of all days have to go so wrong?!" she asked only to feel her hair get snagged by a cable, causing her to yell in pain. Flash noticed and looked back and shot a dragon fireball at him only to miss, Korra meanwhile formed an icy obstruction to block the Metalbenders path as his expression changed to one of horror as he saw it happen. He crashed against the wall at high speed. The moment he does so, the cable around Korra's hair released as she looked back seeing the cop slowly slide down with a squeaking sound. Korra smiled contently as Naga runs out of the streets, and up some stairs and runs passed several Satomobiles. "Once we get to Air Temple Island, I am going to give you guys an extreme apology for sneaking off..."

"Save it for later darling, right now we need to out run those metalbenders!" Rarity stated to her as they followed her through the city. Naga leaped off the bridge and lands atop a train. Sliding forward, the animal nearly slips off, but she manages to remain on the roof. Korra sighed in relief sitting upright, she looked right and saw where Air Temple Island can be seen. The Main Six smiled at seeing it but felt a shadow looming over and looked up seeing an airship. "Oh no, not again...!"

"These fella's are more stubborn than a mule on a week day." said Applejack using her southern terms as she scowled at them.

Korra straightens the reins with a determined look upon her face, getting Naga to run forward as the train takeaturn to the right. Naga jumps off toward the roof of an adjacent building as the Main Six followed in pursuit. As soon as the polar bear dog touches down, several cables are shot from above, successfully binding the animal's paws and lifting it in the air. While being suspended, more cables are bent down, binding Korra and her friends. Bringing them up into the airship as the bowed their heads in defeat. "Raiden is really going to have our skins when he hears about this..." Pinkie stated knowing they were going to be in deep trouble.

Republic City Police Department, Cellblock

In the detaining cells of the RCPD, Liu Kang and his comrades were all locked up, along with the Main Six while Korra was down in interrogation with the person in charge. All of them were calm as cats, but Johnny... was freaking out. "Guys come on, I'm too pretty to be in jail, I can't be here. I have a contract to be in another Ninja Mime movie, and can you guys believe these cops?! They didn't even read our rights!" he exclaimed as his comrades paid no attention to him. All accept Sonya, who was in the same cell as he was. "You guys didn't read our rights! You did not say that we had the RIGHT to remain silent!" he exclaimed.

"Johnny...!" Sonya looked to him irritated. "You do have the right to remain silent, which is something you're clearly not good at." she pointed out to him as she got up and looked to Kitana. "Not the first time in a prison cell, huh Princess...?" she asked her.

"Not really... being in Shao Kahn's prison told me that being on your side was the right thing to do. Therefore, we will have to wait till something good happens." Kitana stated to her and her comrades.

"Kitana's right... with any luck, Tenzin probably received word from the White Lotus, and Captain Saikhan..." said Liu Kang as he practiced his skills in his cell.

"The sooner we get out of these cells, the better... I can't stand the stench of this place." Rarity stated as she touched up her makeup.

Applejack rolled her eyes and laid back. "Personally Rarity, now isn't a time to be complaining about your personal feelings. To be honest, if I ever catch that captain around here, I outta smack him while he's without his badge for locking us in here." she said as she laid her hat over her eyes.

"Then you will be sent to prison for assault on an officer, did you ever think about that...?" Sunset asked her.

"Relax girls, hopefully we'll be out of here before we know it." Twilight said to them.

"Not to share your enthusiasm Princess Twilight, but we're probably gonna be stuck here." said Mileena as she felt unconvinced that they were gonna get out of their cells.

"Way to kill the mood Mileena, best words of encouragement I've heard all day, not to mention I should deck Saikhan for arresting us in the first place." said Johnny as he leaned against the bars of his cell, only to feel it open as he fell over and hit the ground. "OW!" he yelped.

Seeing it, Liu Kang saw his cell up along with the others, seeing Tenzin walk up to them. "So you are the ones my mother spoke of...?" he asked them.

Standing up, Liu Kang approached him with Kung Lao and bowed to him. "Master Tenzin, my name is Liu Kang, this is Kung Lao, we and our comrades came here in hopes of meeting you in the South Pole, but you were gone by the time we arrived." he explained to him.

"How is it now that you are here now?" Tenzin asked him.

"Its complicated, most of our friends managed to get away, but will rendezvous with us when and if we get out of here." Kung Lao said to him as he crossed his arms.

"Yeah, and a little warning next time you're gonna open these cells? I think I was almost concussed." Johnny stated to him as he rubbed his head.

"I apologize for Captain Saikhan's behavior, he takes his job a little too seriously. Where is Korra...?" Tenzin asked them.

"She's in Interrogation..." Kitana stated as she walked up to him. "Meeting with the chief of police from what we've seen... she seem to be a rather strict woman."

"Yes, Lin always put her job first over anything else... I will talk to her in releasing Korra, I already filled out your paperwork in letting you out, since you were so willing to accompany her. Wait in the front lobby, I will be with you shortly..." Tenzin said to them as he went to the interrogation room.

"That was awfully nice of him..." said Fluttershy as she walked out of her cell.

"Yes, but that goatee can use a good trimming..." Chi joked as she let out a chuckle with Pinkie.

Sunset rolled her eyes knowing that she really knows how to lighten the mood sometimes. "Hey, lets get to the front lobby like Tenzin said, and hope Korra gets out of here with a pat on the back... and a slap to the wrist..." she smacked Chi's wrist getting her to stop laughing as she walked out of the cells. Chi rubbed her wrists and exhaled following after her, not knowing why she slapped her for no reason.

Republic City Police Department, Interrogation Room

"Let's see... multiple counts of destruction of private and city property, not to mention evading arrest." Lin slams the clipboard on the table and angrily glares at Korra who is startled. "You're in a whole mess of trouble, young lady." she stated to her.

"But there were thugs threatening a helpless shopkeeper, and I had it-" before Korra could finish.

"Can it!" Lin said aggressively as she walked to the other side of the table; rather calmly. "You should have called the police and stayed out of the way." she stated to her.

"But I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. It's my duty to help people..." Korra said in a slightly pleading tone. "See. I'm the Avatar..." she said to her.

But Lin was far from impressed as she had her arms crossed. "Oh, I am well aware of who you are..." she said to her and waved her finger in front of her in contempt. "And your Avatar title might impress some people... but not me." she stated with a hardened voice.

Surprised of this, Korra scowled at her for it. "All right, fine. Then I want to talk to whoever's in charge." she said to her.

"You're talking to her. I'm Chief Beifong." Lin stated to her as she sat down.

Completely taken by this new development, Korra couldn't believe it. She was sitting in a room with the daughter of Toph Beifong herself, Lin Beifong. "Wait, Beifong? Lin Beifong?" she asked and felt excited. "You're Toph's daughter! she stated to her.

"What of it?" Lin asked her still feeling serious.

Well then, why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends. They saved the world together..." she reminded her of her mothers past deeds before she was chief of police.

"That's ancient history." Lin said aggressively. "And its got diddly-squat to do with the mess you're in right now. You can't just waltz in her and dole out vigilante justice like you own the place!" she stated to the young Avatar.

Suddenly, one of the metalbending cops opened a peephole in the metal wall. "Chief, Councilman Tenzin is here." he informed her as Korra looked up surprised.

But Lin sighed feeling annoyed as she stood up turning to him. "Let him in..."

The doors opened as Lin turned towards it putting her hands behind her back seeing Tenzin walk in, giving Korra a dismayed look. "Tenzin, sorry... I got a little sidetracked on my way to see you." she said to him knowing its the truth behind her actions.

But Tenzin took a deep breath and arcs an eyebrow at Lin, and smiles turning towards her. "Lin, you are looking radiant as usual." he stated to her.

"Cut the garbage, Tenzin. Why is the Avatar in Republic City with complete strangers we don't recognize? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her." she pointed out knowing that was exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

"My relocation has been delayed..." Tenzin stated and looked towards Korra. "The Avatar, on the otherh and, will be heading back to the South Pole immediately, where she will stay put." he said to her.

"But-" before Korra could protest.

Tenzin looked towards Lin "If you would be so kind as to..." briefly looks to Korra with a glare. "Drop the charges against Korra, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events and cover all the damages from her and her companions." he said to Lin hoping she will compromise.

Pondering over Tenzin's suggestion, Lin glanced over her shoulder toward Korra, who is looking down at the table. Lin turns back, sighing and nonchalantly raises her left hand, opening the cuffs that were binding Korra's hands to the table. "Fine..." she said to him and crosses her arms. "Get her out of my city... along with those strangers in the weird outfits." she said to him.

"Always a pleasure, Lin." Tenzin said to her and looked to Korra. "Let's go, Korra." he said to her as he walked out of the room as Korra followed him still rubbing her wrists. As she passes Lin, both eye each other in discontent. Lin Pointed with her index and pinkie at her eyes and back to Korra, as a way of saying she's watching her. Korra eyes Lin in malcontent and mockingly mimics Lin's gesture that she will keep an eye on her, before picking up speed and leaving the room with an upheld head. Lin was bewildered by what happened, but she sticks up her nose, and assumes a dismayed look while crossing her arms again, grunting softly.

Republic City Police Department, Front Lobby

Meanwhile in the front lobby, Soarin and Flash couldn't help but stare at a Platypus Bear next to an old lady. Seeing a Sky Bison and a Polar Bear Dog were strange, but looking at a Platypus Bear was another thing. "Isn't that the strangest thing you've ever seen in your life...?" Soarin asked him as he continued to stare at it.

"If that's not strange enough, makes you wonder what else is out there." Flash responded to him knowing that it was the strangest thing he ever saw.

Twilight patted his shoulder as she approached him. "Hey, its not really the strangest thing we've seen in recent months... take Goro for example." she said to him.

Flash nodded and shrugged his shoulders a bit. "Yeah, there's no denying that..." he admitted but soon noticed Tenzin and Korra. "Look, there she is." he pointed out to her.

"Tenzin, please, don't send me back home." Korra pleaded to him.

"You blatantly disobeyed my wishes and the orders of the White Lotus." Tenzin said to her and turned towards her. "Not only that, you brought total strangers into our city."

"They're friends of mine that showed up, its hard to explain." Korra said to him and groaned a bit. "Katara agreed with me that I should come, she said my destiny is in Republic City." she stated to him.

Till instantly, Tenzin's face turned literally red. "Don't bring my mother into this!" he exclaimed.

Johnny heard it and let out an exhale and chuckled. "Scared of your own mother, eh Ten-Ten...?" he asked him.

But Tenzin shot a glare showing he was not amused, even of his new nickname. "You stay out of this!" he shouted as Pinkie snickered seeing it.

"Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training... being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me be a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today, me and my friends here... and it's totally out of whack. I understand now why you need to stay. Republic City does need you. But it needs me, too." Korra stated to him knowing the state Republic City is in.

Tenzin struggled to go against her words, but couldn't figure out what to say, given he was tongue tied. Suddenly, Liu Kang approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Master Tenzin, I understand you feel she isn't ready... but sometimes we all need to make a choice of what is best in life." he said to him as he pulled his hand away from him. "What ever you decide, is up to you..." he stated as he walked back to his companions.

Hearing it, Tenzin struggled with what he needed to do... suddenly the sound of bars being opened reached them as they saw a ruffled police officer holding onto Naga. "Is this your polar bear dog, miss?" he asked her as Naga licks his face, fashioning his hair into an upstanding swirl. Rainbow Dash and Applejack snickered at seeing it, knowing this was something they will never forget. Tenzin meanwhile.. was still struggling with what choice he needed to make.

Air Temple Island

After leaving the station and boarding a sailboat, Tenzin stared at the statue of his father Avatar Aang, feeling sorrowful as he stared at his fathers sculpture. He bows his head and looks over his shoulder to Korra who was interacting with Twilight and her friends while Naga was sleeping on the deck. Suddenly his beard began to tingle as he felt a strange electrical power around him. "You doubt your choices..." said a voice earning Tenzin's attention, seeing that it was Lord Raiden standing behind him. "You struggle with what needs to be done, and what would be most important for Korra." he said to him.

"Who are you...? What do you want...?" Tenzin asked him, feeling defensive against the Thunder God.

Raiden smiled and held his hands behind his back. "Just like your father... you are well trained in the ways of airbending, but your power does not match that of a thunder god." he stated as he held a ball of lightning in his hand. "I am Raiden... I met with your father when he was about your age." he said to him.

Surprised of hearing it, Tenzin stood down as he looked upon the Thunder God. "So you are the one the White Lotus Elders spoke of...?" he asked him as Raiden nodded his head. "I was not expecting you to be... like this, I thought that you were just..."

"A man...?" Raiden asked as Tenzin nodded at his question. "There are many things you didn't know about your realm..." he said to him.

"I believe so... but what is it you want with Korra...?" Tenzin asked him.

Raiden looked to the young Avatar seeing her getting along well with them, smiling as he crossed his arms. "I merely have faith that she will bring about great changes in this realm. Just as Liu Kang did for mine..." he stated as he looked to Tenzin. "She has a great destiny ahead of her, and it is her choice as the Avatar to find what it is."

"And these friends of yours...?" Tenzin looked to his champions.

Looking to them, Raiden smiled as he leaned against the rail of the sailboat. "Liu Kang has been my champion since the first tournament, he was an orphan when he was raised by the monks, and trained in the ways of the Shaolin. Training beside him was Kung Lao, descendent of the Great Kung Lao... in other words, he is a reincarnation of his ancestor. Sonya Blade, a most formidable warrior... she's had to prove time and again to show that she was more, than a weak little girl. Trust me, she isn't. Johnny Cage was a failing actor, turned Earthrealm fighter... he has his quirks, but he is a skilled fighter. Major Jackson Briggs, a noble soldier who has scars that were beyond my healing... those arms are not just mere armor, those are his arms." he stated.

"You mean to say, he lost them in battle...?" Tenzin asked him.

"It was a painful experience for him... more than you can imagine." Raiden stated as he looked to the others. "Kurtis Stryker, an officer of the law... much like your metalbenders, he plays by the rules, but should things get out of hand, he will resort to other methods." he stated looking to Scorpion and Sub-Zero who had just joined them. "Scorpion, once known by others as Hanzo Hasashi, was unjustly murdered and restored to life by an evil sorcerer..."

Tenzin was shocked to hear it and looked to the ninja specter. "Is he some sort of ghost...?" he asked.

"A specter of the Neather Realm... Quan Chi offered him life if he did his bidding. To kill Sub-Zero... Bi Han, Kuai Liang's brother... upon killing Bi Han, Kuai Liang took the title of Sub-Zero, and reformed the clan known as the Lin Kuei. The hatred between his clan, and Scorpion's clan of the Shirai Ryu, has long been purged once they set aside their differences. Princess Kitana, Jade, and Mileena of Edenia... Kitana was raised by the now fallen emperor Shao Kahn, Jade is her loyal, and most trusted friend. Mileena is Kitana's twin sister... but she wears that veil to hide her... unappealing side." he stated to Tenzin as he looked to him confused. "Its best you don't want to know..." he advised him and looked to Nightwolf. "Nightwolf, a noble shaman of the Matokan clan. Be of course... he is in fact... the last... like Scorpion, he too was victimized by those who would bring harm to others." he stated as he looked over to Chi. "Chi the Wisp, she is Kung Lao's sister... she may not look it, but she was created by his ancestor, to guide him in times of need."

"And what of the seven girls talking with Korra...?" Tenzin asked him as he looked towards them.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle is one of four rulers of Equestria... her friend Applejack runs of Apple Farm, but soon joined the Special Forces to harden her resolve. Rainbow Dash was part of the Wonderbolts, and joined the Lin Kuei for her admiration of their noble ways. Not their old ways, when they dishonored themselves by murdering innocent people..." Raiden stated and looking to Tenzin. "The Lin Kuei once made horrible choices in life when Sektor's father was Grandmaster."

"I never imagined they were ruthless... but what of Kuai Liang...?" Tenzin asked and looked to Sub-Zero. "What became of him...?"

"He became the new grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, to dedicate them to Earthrealm's protection, instead of being a ruthless clan of assassins." Raiden stated and looks to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy is a gentle soul, who is an animal caretaker... she was trained in the ways of Shaolin, but joined Scorpion in reforming the Shirai Ryu... because when she is with Scorpion, she helps him let go of his anger..." he stated and looked to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie Pie was once a rock farmer, turned party planner, now part of the Special Forces given her unique way of warfare. Trust me... she is not one to be trifled with. Rarity, a magnanimous beauty that was a fashion designer... now part of the Lin Kuei, as Sub-Zero's future bride."

Surprised of this, Tenzin could hardly believe what he had heard. "Those two...?" he looked to them and looked mostly at Sub-Zero. "He looks old enough to be her father..."

"When Sub-Zero and the other champions arrived in Equestria a few months back, their ages were reduced to when they were younger during the first tournament." Raiden explained to him and looked to Sunset. "Sunset Shimmer was my wife's first student before Twilight... she wanted power, but when Twilight reformed her... she renounced her past, and now lives a new life in a different dimension." he said as he looked to Flash and Soarin. "Flash Sentry and Soarin are two elite forces... one being a Castle Guard, the other being a Wonderbolt... they both voluntarily joined the Shaolin, and trained under Liu Kang and Kung Lao."

"All these warriors... they have such unique and horrible pasts, how could they live with it...?" Tenzin asked the Thunder God.

"Fate has ways of working in ways that would hurt those closest..." Raiden to him and turned towards him. "Korra is a special case... what happens in her future, also involves you... and others that will come close to her." he stated and left Tenzin to think of what is best for Korra. Noticing him, Korra smile seeing Raiden walk up. "I trust your time in Republic City was eventful...?"

"If you could call it that... why didn't you come and help me when I needed it...?" Korra asked him.

"Well apparently with Princess Celestia being his new baby mama, he asked Katara to check up on the baby." Johnny stated to him, only to get electrocuted by him as he let out a scream and hit the ground.

"Wow, you must really care for this princess if you're asking for Master Katara's help." Korra smiled at him, feeling proud that he is going to become a father.

"More than you can imagine..." Raiden smiled in response but the smile faded. "But you also need to know, that what ever happens when we reach Air Temple Island... will be for Tenzin to decide." he stated to her as Korra lowered her gaze.

Twilight walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Its alright Korra, if you go back, we'll go with you." she said to her.

"No, Twilight, I can't ask you and your friends to do that for me." Korra protested against it.

"Hey, we're friends right now Korra... and friends stick together." Rainbow Dash pointed out to her as she crossed her arms. "Not just friends, family... like the Lin Kuei, Shirai Ryu, SF, and the Shaolin. We're all there for each other... no matter what." she stated with a proud smile on her face.

Eve Sub-Zero smiled at that statement. "Couldn't have said it better myself..." he said to her.

Hearing it, Korra smiled and looked seeing they've reached Air Temple Island... she even took notice of the White Lotus sentries standing at the dock. She inhaled and sighed as the boat stopped at the dock, walking down and see's the airbending kids running to her, embracing her in a warm welcoming hug. "Korra!" they held her feeling happy to see her.

But Jinora was more held back, but quickly runs to Korra as well to join the group hug after Korra beckons her with a hand movement. Ikki looked to Korra feeling excited that she was on her island home. "Are you coming to live with us on the island?" she asked and noticed the Earthrealm and Equestrian champions. "With your friends...?" she asked.

But a disappointing face appeared on Korra as she looked to the young airbender. "No, I'm sorry Ikki. I have to go home now..." she said sadly knowing it would have been great to stay with her and the family.

Ikki sighed and bowed her head in disappointment, meanwhile Tenzin's serious face that has a hint of compassion on it, looks to Raiden who looked to him in return. Nodding his head knowing what he needed to do... Tenzin looked back to Korra who was walking to the White Lotus sentries with Naga, and finally makes his decision. "Wait." he called out to her and walked towards her. "I have done my best to guide Republic City toward the dream my father had for it, but you're right. It has fallen out of balance since he passed. I thought I should put off your training in order to uphold his legacy." he stated as he looked to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "But you are his legacy... you may stay and train airbending here with me." he said to her as Korra gasps excitedly for air. "Republic City needs its Avatar once again."

Feeling enthusiastic, Korra couldn't contain herself. "Yes! Thank you! You're the best!" she exclaimed as the children cheered. Korra soon looked to the champions behind him and looked to Tenzin. "And my friends...?" she asked about them.

Tenzin looked towards them seeing them smile proudly of his decision, and smiled in return knowing they can be trusted. "Since they did so much to get you here, they are welcome in my home... but under my house, and in the city... no violent actions." he stated to them.

"Hey, who do you think you are? My dad...?" Johnny asked him.

But Tenzin blasted a gust of wind at his face, knocking his sunglasses out towards the ocean. "I am your superior, and if you have a problem with that Mr. Cage, you can go back to where you came from." he stated to him. Johnny looked to where his shades went into the water and saw them sinking into the water. He smirked and looked towards Tenzin, pulling out an extra pair of shades and put them on as he grinned at the airbender. Tenzin was surprised to see that, and shook his head. "How did...?"

"Things rarely make sense with him..." Sonya stated to the airbender as she walked towards Johnny. "But if he should get out of line..." she kicked him right in the one place where it would hurt most, seeing Johnny yelp in pain and hit the ground holding it as he writhed from it. "I'll be around to put him in his place..." she said to him.

"That... of course was not necessary... but I will let it slide." Tenzin stated and looked to the others. "Come, its been a long day, and I'm sure you all need to rest." he said to them as they all nodded in agreement an headed straight to the house.

Later that night...

Outside of the airbending home, Liu Kang was standing outside looking at Republic City. Sensing something was incredibly wrong with it, besides the hatred between Benders and Nonbenders. Johnny and Sonya soon found him and walked over to check up on him. "Hey Liu, what are you doing up...?" Johnny asked him.

"Its hard to explain, but since we heard everything about Amon from Sub-Zero and Scorpion... something about this city has been troubling me. There is an evil presence here... I can't quite figure out what it is." Liu Kang explained to them.

Looking to the city, Sonya held her hands behind her back as she looked at it. "If Shinnok is after this realm, I guess its actually a good thing we came here... its really beautiful at night." she pointed out as she stared at the glowing city.

Johnny smiled and looked to it. "I can't argue with that... except for the part when you have to constantly have my balls crushed." he pointed out to her.

"Want me to hit you there again...?" Sonya asked him knowing he was asking for it.

"No! Not really... I'd rather have it on another day..." Johnny stated to her.

"Doesn't make it any better..." Liu Kang pointed out to him and looked to the city. "If this city is to be brought back to order, then we need to help Korra the best we can... and hopefully we will find what evil is lurking within this city." he said to them as Johnny and Sonya nodded their heads to him. The trio eventually took the chance to return to their living quarters to get some sleep, knowing tomorrow will be the day Korra announces herself to Republic City.

Republic City, City Hall

At City Hall the next day, a large crowd has gathered in front of it. People are taking pictures, while reporters are trying to get a good scoop. Korra was standing at the speech bench with five microphones in front of her. She gazed at the gathered mass, looking overwhelmed. She stepped back a bit, and exhaled. "I don't think I can do this..." she admitted.

Twilight eventually walked up to her, and helped her back at towards the microphones. "Relax, remember what I told you about breathing, it helps calm the nerves when you feel nervous. Trust me, it works... just be positive about what you want to say, and make sure to stay calm." she said to her as she stepped back towards the rest of the Main Six. "You'll be great..." she said to her.

Smiling a bit, Korra took in a deep breath and exhaled, looking towards the civilians. "Hello?" she winced feeling the microphone screech but looks to them. "I'm Korra... your new Avatar." she introduced herself to the crowd as the cheered for her.

"She's quite popular..." Scorpion said to Sub-Zero as he watched her.

"Minus the beating of three Triple Threat punks..." Sub-Zero responded to him as he looked to Korra.

A male journalist walked up with a notepad and raised his hand. "Does this mean you've moved to Republic City?" he asked her.

"Were you trying to send a message to the Triads yesterday?" asked a female journalist.

"Will you be fighting crim or the Anti-bending Revolution, or both?" asked a second male journalist.

"Will you be working with Chief Beifong and the police?" asked a third male journalist.

Korra felt confused and more overwhelmed with these questions. "Uh... yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly I - I don't exactly have a plan yet. I just, you see-" before she could explain, she felt a tug on her hair. Noticing it was through magic as she looked to Twilight who gestured her to breath. Taking her advice, Korra took a breath and exhaled looking to the civilians of Republic City. "What I am trying to say is that during my stay here, I'm still in training, but, look, all I know is... Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make his dream a reality." she said to them as Raiden watches from the rooftops, smiling at her. "I look forward to serving you!" she said to them as they cheered for her. Even the Earthrealm and Equestrian champions cheered for her, knowing she did well in her speech.

Equalist Hideout

Hearing it over a radio, the Equalists listened to her voice, unimpressed. "I'm so happy to be here. Thank you Republic City!" she said to them over the radio.

"All right, that's all the questions the Av-" The Radio Announcer was cut off when the radio was turned off by the Lieutenant of the Equalists.

Who looked towards Amon, feeling nothing but anger towards the benders. "Amon, how do you want to handle this?" he asked him.

Donning a hooded cape, has his hands held behind his back as he stares at a large map of the world hanging from the wall in front of him. Amon glanced to his lieutenant. "So the Avatar has arrived early..." he slowly turns toward them. "It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans... wouldn't you agree?" he stated and looked to three comrades he recently recruited.

The first to step out of the shadows was a familiar bionic eyed Black Dragon Leader, Kano. "Well gobble me gumslapped... we're finally gonna see some action." he chuckled as he looked to two of his fellow compatriots.

The second to step out, was a young woman, dressed in a Shirai Ryu outfit that was bluish green and violet. Her hair was a deep dark purple, with purple and green strands. She looked to Amon, believing in his idea of Equality, and smirked. "Ready when you are sir..." she said to him.

Amon soon looked to the final companion as he smirked. "And you...?" he asked him.

Stepping out of the shadows, was a certain Prince of Edenia that had long been missing from the battle in Equestria. Prince Rain, the son of Argus... he grinned behind his mask and crossed his arms. "To help you defeat your enemies...? I am ready..." he said to him as he crossed his arms in front of him.

A War God and A Leaf in the Wind

View Online

Europe, Earthrealm

Within Earthrealm, at a temple that is hidden in fog, hammering is heard within the temple as two dwarves are working in a forge. Footsteps are soon heard as the two looked seeing an ash covered warrior walked into the room to head to the bifrost. "Hey, you've gotten a message from an old friend... Seems important." the blue dwarf stated as he tossed a scroll to him. The warrior caught the scroll and unwrapped it, finding its written in the language he's more familiar with, but recognized the signature. "So, you plan on going...?" he asked him.

Looking upon it, the warrior's eyes squinted as he looked to the bifrost and tossed the scroll into the fire letting it burn. "I may as well... I owe him a debt that must be repaid." he said to him and looked to the bifrost. "But to get there, the Bifrost won't be able to take me to the realm I need to get to..." he stated.

"Then how do you plan to get there brother...?" asked a mysterious voice from his hip.

"Raiden showed me a way on how to pass between realms with his own magic... It may be different from mine, but I've found a way to adapt it to my own." the warrior explained as he focused all his magic into making a portal to the realm Raiden is residing in. As it opened, the dwarves were amazed seeing the portal that was formed through fire.

The blue dwarf nodded finally amazed of what he had just witnessed, and walked up looking at it. "I gotta say, foreign magic's sure can be impressive, but this here...? This is something ya gotta share with me." he said to him.

"And continue hearing you for the rest of my journey...? Not a chance..." the warrior replied to him as he walked towards the portal.

"What of your son brother...? Wouldn't he want to join you on this journey...?" asked a voice stated to him.

"Atreus is on his own journey... This is something I must handle alongside Raiden." the warrior stated as he walked to the portal. "But I will let you join me so that I may call upon your council, head..." he commented as he looked to a horned head that was dangling on his hip.

"Oh yes, call upon me when ya feel like it... big grump..." the head mocked him and rolled his eyes seeing they wandered into the portal. "I just hope nothing unexpected happens while we're there..." he prayed in hopes that nothing will happen... wishful thinking, but given a certain Spartan's reputation, you would be surprised.

Republic City, Earth Kingdom

Upon arriving in the realm of the Four Nations, the warrior walked out of the portal seeing the city itself but looked out towards the ocean seeing the statue of Avatar Aang. "So this is the realm that Raiden is residing in..." he commented and looked towards Air Temple Island. "He must be waiting there on that island..."

"Well I hope you know how to swim brother, because the water is probably really cold..." the head stated to him.

Suddenly, chuckling is heard from behind them as three members of the Agni Kai's showed up walking towards him. "Well look at this boys... seems we got ourselves an outsider who's playing dress up..." said the leader who observed the warrior who soon glanced back to him and his gang. "But he's got a lot of muscle, we could use someone like you in Lightning Bolt Zolt's gang..." he offered.

"I have no interest in joining this Lightning Bolt Zolt... I suggest you move along, before you do something you'll regret." the warrior stated to him and started walking away.

Hearing it, the leader of the small group scowled at him and bends fire in front of him, forcing him to stop. "Maybe you didn't hear me whitey... I'm offering you a lot of money, Lightning Bolt Zolt is rich, he can make you the richest guy in Republic City..." he stated to him. "So do us all a favor, take the offer..."

Hearing it, the white warrior let out a single chuckle and turned to them showing his face as the gangsters were surprised to see his appearance. "You remind me of a Persian who offered me the same thing in regards to riches... I took his life instead, persist in making me this offer..." he clenched his fists as flames surround it. "You'll be joining him..."

"I'd listen to him if I were you lads..." said the head as the gangsters looked to it as their eyes widened. "Besides... you wouldn't last five minutes against him." he stated as the gangsters panicked from seeing him talk. "Oh let me guess lads, you're not used to seeing a talking head...?" he asked them as the gangsters screamed and ran off into the city. "I'll take that as a yes..."

Till suddenly he was smacked by the white warrior to get him to shut up. "Next time you want to help, don't..." he stated to him as he stuffed him in a bag to hide him from anyone who would get the wrong idea and looked towards the island. "Now... let us head toward the island..." he stated as he headed to find a boat that will get him to Air Temple Island.

Before he could, he heard the sound of a radio and looked towards it, hearing its broadcast. "Good Morning Republic City, this is Shiro Shinobi coming to you live on Republic City News Radio! Republic City welcomes a new citizen into our arms. Avatar Korra! After years of seclusion in the South, this master of water, earth, and fire seeks to add airbending to her list of skills. And under the tutelage of Tenzin, Avatar Aang's son, she should go far. But will this cool, calm, collective master of air be able to tame this hotheaded teen?" he asked over the radio.

Hearing this, the white warrior squinted his eyes knowing the answer to it. "Likely not..." he stated and head towards the docks to catch the next boat to Air Temple Island.

Air Temple Island

Meanwhile on Air Temple Island at the Yin and Yang courtyard, Korra was reading the newspaper to her new friends and her teacher. "And, in the final round, the Buzzard Wasps won with a decisive knockout!" she exclaimed and lowered the news paper and looked to Tenzin. "What do you say we go to the arena tonight, catch a pro-bending matches?" she asked as she felt enthusiastic about it.

"I'm in, I could go for some excitement in this realm..." Kung Lao stated as he ate some breakfast with his comrades and looked over to Liu Kang. "What do you think Liu?" he asked him.

"I'm all for learning things about this new world, and seeing this pro-bending might be interesting." Liu Kang commented as he looked towards Korra. "Kung Lao and I would be more than willing to go with you to the arena."

"So would we!" said Rainbow Dash as she stood up on the table. "I can really use some action right about now." she stated only to get pulled down by Rarity.

"I share your enthusiasm Rainbow Dash, but this is Tenzin's decision... wouldn't you agree?" she asked the airbending master as she looked towards him.

"I most certainly agree Ms. Rarity, in fact that sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending." Tenzin stated as he sipped from his cup.

But Korra wasn't going to give up on the subject. "Come on, Tenzin! I've dreamed about seeing a pro-bending match since I was a kid, and now I'm just a ferry ride away from the arena." she pointed behind her.

"Korra, you're not here to watch that drivel. You're here to finish your Avatar training." Tenzin said sternly and highly against the idea of going to the arena. "So, for the time being, I want you to remain on the island." he said to her.

Approaching the table, Raiden sat beside Korra and set up his breakfast. "I'm afraid Tenzin is right, Korra... you can't go to the arena unsupervised, and against his wishes." he stated as he drank his tea.

"Is that why you and Tenzin are keeping the White Lotus sentries around, to watch my every move?" Korra asked him annoyingly as she gestured to the White Lotus sentries that stood guard around the area.

"Yes. In order to learn airbending, I believe you require a calm, quiet environment, free from any distractions." Tenzin informed her, not noticing the bored expression on her face.

But Korra smiled softly, despite still feeling disappointed at the subject. "All right, you're the master..." she said to him as she looked away.

But Twilight reached over and touched her shoulder to comfort the young Avatar. "Hey, I totally understand how you're feeling... I wanted to see a pro-bending match to observe the various fighting styles of each bending nation. To see how they were adapted to this particular sport." she said to her.

Korra sighed as she leaned back and looked to her, showing her disappointed face. "Well, looks like neither of us are gonna see a match today, or any other day for that matter." she stated knowing it to be true as she held her head back and looked towards the ceiling. "Just when I thought this day couldn't be any crazier..."

Suddenly, sounds from the docks caught the attention of the young Avatar and the Thunder God as they looked towards it and rushed seeing the White Lotus Sentries surrounding a white warrior. "State your business here stranger..." said one of the sentries as he stood ready.

"My business is with Raiden, not with you..." the white warrior stated to them.

"Yet you come heavily armed with weapons we've never seen before... disarm yourself now, or be placed under arrest." the sentry stated to them.

Seeing it as he approached, Flash knew that things were about to get ugly. "It's not a pro-bending match, but something tells me we're about to get more action than we suspected." he said to them.

"Who is he...? What does he want with Lord Rai-" before Korra could ask, she turned to where Raiden was, only to find that he had disappeared from where he was and looked towards the docks, seeing him appear down there. "I really hate it when he does that..." she stated as she rushed down to help him with Twilight, Liu Kang, Sonya and Johnny who followed in pursuit.

At the docks, Raiden approached the sentries touching their shoulders. "Stand down, all of you... he is no threat here." he declared looking to the white warrior who stood before him, smiling as he walked over to him. "Kratos... it has been many centuries old friend." he said to him.

"Yes... and I see you are not as arrogant the last time I saw you Raiden." Kratos stated to him remembering him as Dark Raiden years back.

"I left that life behind... I am a changed god." Raiden replied to him but soon noticed Korra and the others approaching them. "Calm yourselves... its alright, he is a friend." he said to them.

"A friend that wears a bunch of furs and has a rather thick beard?" Rarity asked as she observed Kratos' appearance. "He looks like something out of a nightmare." she stated.

"I assure you Rarity, he is not here to cause harm. Everyone... this is Kratos... the God of War." Raiden introduced him to them as he looked to him.

Surprised of the title, Sonya walked up and looked at him carefully. "The God of War...? As in the Greek Lore, God of War...? But I thought it was Ares who was the God of War, not some barbarian..." she pointed out to him.

"There are things about your myth's and legends that had been hidden from your history. Come, let us discuss this inside..." Kratos said to them as he walked with Raiden to the dining hall.

Korra followed after them and looked towards Sonya, curious about what she knew about this particular god. "You said that this... Ares, was the God of War, what kind of god is that...?" she asked her.

"A violent one... Ares was a powerful warrior for whom the Spartans worshipped and called upon in times of great war and strife. But Ares' tactics were brutal, merciless, he slaughtered any and all who got in his way, and was rumored to have been one of the gods that brought down the walls of Mt. Olympus..." Sonya explained to her as she looked towards Kratos. "But I never heard of this Kratos, and I don't even know where he came from... but I'm sure Raiden will explain everything." she said as Korra nodded her head and followed her to the dining hall and sat down.

"I'm sure the lot of you are aware of your current Greek History about the gods of the Pantheon, but there is a part of that history that has been hidden from you when you were young." Raiden explained as he looked towards Kratos. "Kratos is a warrior of the land called Sparta... considered one of the greatest generals of all. But when his Spartan army faced annihilation at the merciless hands of the barbarians..."

Kratos remembered it well, the day he decided to call upon the one being, who no only saved his life, but also betrayed him. "I made a deal with a god that cost me my soul... and the lives of innocent people... even the lives of my own family." he stated as everyone gasped in horror of it. "I didn't know they were there that night... Ares orchestrated the events along with the Furies who held my oath to Ares. I destroyed the Furies, and broke my oath to him... since that day, I faithfully served the Gods of Olympus... hoping that one day they would rid me of the memories that haunted me... but... when I killed Ares..." he stated only to get a surprised look from Johnny.

"What?! You killed the God of War?! No freaking way!" he exclaimed in shock.

"Not entirely impossible..." said a voice that came from the bag. "Only gods can kill other gods... a feet, not even a mortal can accomplish alone." the voice explained.

Hearing it, Fluttershy could only wonder what was in the bag. "Um... Mr. Kratos, sir... what's in the bag...?" she asked him feeling nervous as to what's inside.

Hearing her question, Kratos pulled it up and opened it, reaching inside grabbing onto it. Pulling out the head of Mimir who acted like he was playing dead as everyone's eyes widened from seeing it, till suddenly. "Hello!" he shouted as everyone screamed at him. "Oh I know, how crazy is it to be seeing a talking head like me? Now, allow me to introduce myself... I am, Mimir... the smartest man alive." he boasted.

Twilight was both frightened, but fascinated from seeing it as she approached him. "Amazing... a reanimated head that can still talk..." she observed him and looked to Kratos. "Did you... by chance...?" she gestured to him.

"Who cares if he did?! The head is talking!!!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed to them.

"Even I find this abnormal, how is that even possible?!" Tenzin asked them.

"It was by his request... he was reborn through the old magics of Freya, the Vanier Goddess. Now... as you were saying head...?" Kratos looked towards Mimir.

"Yes, what I was saying, that only gods could kill other gods. If they had a good reason for it... and Kratos here, had the biggest reason of them all. Ever since he became the Ghost of Sparta... he swore vengeance against Ares for deceiving him into killing his poor wife and daughter." Mimir explained and glanced to the others. "Once Ares was no more, Kratos became the new God of War... but the gods of the Pantheon saw him as a threat... even Zeus."

"Why did Zeus see him as a threat...? Kratos seems like a god that has responsibility." Korra pointed out seeing him for who he is currently.

"It was because Zeus was my father..." Kratos stated to them earning shocked expressions from them. "Therefore, I was born a god... and he tried to kill me."

Pinkie spit out her tea and looked to him. "You were WHAT?!!" she exclaimed only to realize she accidentally spat her tea on Sonya, letting outa nervous chuckle seeing her scowl at her for it. "Sorry, Sonya..."

Korra quickly used her waterbending to get the tea off of Sonya and put it back in Pinkie's cup. "Allow me to explain everyone... you see, after the end of the Great War with the titans, the oracle prophesized that a marked warrior would bring about the destruction of Olympus... Ares believed it to be Kratos' deceased brother Deimos. But it was Kratos all along... Athena deceived Ares to protect Kratos for her own desires. As years went by, Kratos finally killed Ares for what he did... but... Kratos soon learned that the gods had been lying to him. His mother was hidden within the lost city of Atlantis, and his brother, was in the Domain of Death... both of them died. Leading to Kratos' hatred of gods, and his death..." Mimir continued his explanation.

"Jeez... what did this guy do to get Zeus so ticked of with him?" Johnny asked him.

"I was merely following my roll as the new God of War... despite my hatred for the gods, and Athena tried to make me abandon them. But I refused..." Kratos stated to them as he looked to the scar on his abdomen. "This scar... was cased by the Blade of Olympus, a weapon that ended the Great War. Zeus killed me with it once... but when Gaia, the mother of Earth brought me back to life, I made my way to the Temple of the Fates."

"The cruelest of creatures in Greek Lore..." Liu Kang stated earning surprised look from the others as he turned towards them noticing it. "I'm familiar with other myth's as well, alright...?" he said to them. "The Sisters of Fate controlled the threads that contained the lives of every mortal, god, and titan."

"Yes... but they no longer live... once I changed my fate, and the fate of Sparta. I brought Gaia and the other Titans to the present... but what I didn't realize, was that Gaia was only using me. But once I defeated several gods, and titans, it was just me and Zeus..." Kratos explained.

"Ah, but you're missing the source of your vengeance brother... Pandora..." Mimir reminded him, earning surprised looks from the others. "Aye my friends... Pandora, as in Pandora's Box, the box that contained all the great evils in the world. Athena believed that when Kratos first opened it, he used the evils to defeat Ares... but it turns out the evils were released to the gods." he explained.

"Then... would that mean that Raiden is...?" Korra looked towards Raiden along with the others.

Noticing it, Raiden gave them a disapproving look from their reaction. "I am a god of Chinese lore... not Greek..." he stated to them rolling his eyes.

"He wasn't around when the war on Olympus took place, but it didn't stop him from sensing it." Kratos pointed out as he looked to Raiden. "After I killed my father, Athena tried to take the power of Hope from me... I couldn't let her have it, because with it, she could be resurrected."

"So what'd you do...?" Fluttershy asked him. Looking to the scar on his abdomen, Fluttershy quickly realized what he had done to prevent Athena from returning. "You stabbed yourself, didn't you...?" she asked.

"Suicide..." said Scorpion as he walked up crossing his arms. "Not quite the wisest choice..." he stated to him.

"I couldn't let Athena have her power back... so I released it to the world, giving Hope to humanity." Kratos informed them and turned to Raiden. "That's when I met Raiden... he arrived just in time to heal my wounds. Not that I asked for it..."

"You were wronged by the Olympians, and deserved a new life..." Raiden stated to him as he looked towards Tenzin. "I had him travel towards the north, to spend his life in solitude... to train himself to control his anger. His son, Atreus apparently inherited that anger, and had a difficult time controlling it because of his godly powers."

"If that is so, where is your son...? You didn't abandon him did you...?" Tenzin asked him.

Scowling at the question, Kratos knew exactly where he was going with that question but calmed himself. "He is on his own journey, he is old enough to face his own battles. I would have called upon him to join me here, but I wouldn't want to interrupt his journey of discovery through the realms." he explained to them.

"Did you and Atreus journey to many realms like Raiden did...? What is he like...?" Korra asked him curiously.

Noticing it, as well as Twilight's curiosity... Kratos decided to humor their interest, and let out a sigh. "I could say he is a lot like you, strong willed, brave... but maybe a little bit hasty. We did journey to many realms... the first one we journeyed to was Alfheim, the land of the Elves. But when we arrived, it was a place of war. Light and Dark Elves fought for the light... the next realm that I ventured to... was Helheim..." he mentioned to them.

"Helheim...? What is that place...?" Pemma asked him as she served tea.

"You may wish you never asked little sister... Helheim, is the coldest, most desolate realm, no blaze could be lit. Not even fire from this realm could help..." Mimir explained to them as he remembered when they ventured there. "The reason we ventured there was because Atreus had fallen ill due to his godhood... when we arrived, we needed to retrieve the heart of the Gate Keeper, how we did it... well... I cannot even utter the words, cause it may scar ya for life."

"Its alright, we get the picture..." Sub-Zero pointed it out to him understanding what they were fully capable of.

"Yes... the next realms... were the Jotunheim, the home of the Giants... where we scattered the ashes of my wife, Atreus' mother. The next realms, were Muspelheim, Niflheim, but all other realms were lost to us, even Asgard. The home of the gods..." Kratos informed them and looked to Korra. "Then here... when I first learned that Earthrealm merged with another, I felt it best to stay away from the local populations."

"That's perfectly understandable, I mean you stick out like a snowman in the mountains." Korra referred to him by the tone of his skin trying to make a joke about it, only to see he was not amused about it. "R-Right, sorry... but why come here if you don't might me asking...?" she asked him.

"I asked him to come here to help train you..." Raiden informed her as he at some food and looked to her. "Because you have a prime reputation of losing your temper, and Kratos here has trained himself to learn how to control his anger. He may appear intimidating, but he is an excellent teacher..."

"Great, I can use some training from him right now..." Korra said as she looked to Kratos, only to get a scowl from Tenzin who still didn't trust the war god for even a minute.

"Ohhh! This will be amazing to see! So, when do you get started?!" Pinkie asked him beaming a bright smile.

Hearing her voice, Kratos let out a low growl trying to keep his anger under control. "As soon as you get away from me, the better..." he stated knowing he already knows two other people who are just as irritating to him. Pinkie Pie let out a nervous chuckle as she quickly backed away from him, knowing just how intimidating he is.

"You will have to excuse Pinkie Pie, as noble her intentions are, she can sometimes be quite... overwhelming..." Raiden excused Pinkie Pie as she gave him a disapproving look on her face.

Liu Kang smiled and looked towards Kitana as she looked towards him. "But despite your past, it would be an honor to have you here Kratos." he said to him.

"And I look forward to working along side you Liu Kang... and who knows, I might learn something from you as well." Kratos added as took Mimir off the table and put him away.


After trying on the Airbending uniform, Korra knew just by looking at her reflection, she looked ridiculous. "Nope! Not happening! I am not training in this outfit..." she declared as she crossed her arms in defiance.

"Come on Korra, Tenzin is waiting for you." Twilight said to her as she and the others waited on the other side of the door.

"Forget it Twi, there's no way I'm going out there in this." Korra argued with her.

"Come on kiddo, it can't be that bad..." Sonya said to her only to hear Korra let out a frustrating groan as she heard footsteps coming towards the door. The SF Commander looked at her uniform surprised and saw just how uncomfortable she was in them, she immediately showed a grimaced face just from starring at the airbending outfit and backed away. "On second that, its pretty bad..." she stated to her.

"Please tell me the Special Forces didn't have to wear these..." Korra said to her hoping for a positive response.

"Actually know, we wore clothes that were lighter, often heavier, and you would be pushed so hard, you'll be sweating bullets. Trust me, Jax pushed me to be one of the best soldiers in the academy." Sonya gestured to him as she crossed her arms. "And that was before he had his arms torn off."

"Amen to that... if Ermac hadn't taken my arms, I wouldn't be stuck with these..." Jax looked to his prosthetics.

"I think they're cool to be honest..." Korra admitted to him as she patted one of his arms forming a smile. Jax chuckled in return feeling privileged of it, but Korra looked to see Liu Kang and Kung Lao approaching. "I know, I look a bit ridiculous in this getup..." she said to them.

"Could be worse, you'd be drinking with Bo Rai Cho at the Wu Shi Academy..." Kung Lao joked about it.

"Kung Lao...!" Liu Kang scolded him for it and looked to Korra placing a hand on her shoulder. "I know its not your style, but there are ways of altering it, even if its against Tenzin's wishes... here, let me show you..." he approached her and took her sleeves, rolling them up for her to give it a more Korra style out of it. "There... that should add a Korra flare to it..."

Inspecting it, Korra began to feel a little more comfortable with it and sighed relieved. "Thanks Liu, you are a life saver..." she stated as she gave him a hug and walked out of the room, passed Kratos.

He watched the young Avatar head off to see Tenzin, looking back to the others with his arms crossed. "She looks ridiculous..." he stated bluntly.

"Well, thanks for pointing out the obvious Kratos..." Johnny said to him.

"If this were a Spartan training camp, she would be wearing Spartan armor... but given I am in a different realm, I won't force it upon her." Kratos said to him and looked to Raiden as he approached. "Raiden, what else can you tell me of this realm...?" he asked him.

"Not much, but within the shadow of this city, is a dangerous individual named Amon... he is the leader of a group of non-benders called Equalists, who hate benders with a passion..." Raiden explained to him and looked to the others. "You all may be wondering about his intentions, but sadly I don't know... the Republic City Police Department are giving any and all information to Kurtis Stryker, to learn everything he can about him." he informed them of the situation.

“Let’s just hope that he doesn’t show his face around here any time soon... because this movie star has appearances to keep, and a hot headed teenager to look over at the training area.” Johnny informed them as he headed off to follow Korra.

Liu Kang nodded in agreement and followed after him with the others to see how Korra’s training will go. Meanwhile she was walking beside Tenzin as they proceeded to the training grounds. “So, my mother informed me that you've never been able to airbend before.” he mentioned to her as he glanced towards her.

Korra stops in her tracks and sighs deeply, placing her right hand on her head in confusion as to why. “Yeah, but I don't know why. The other elements came so easily to me, but every single time I've tried airbending...” she sticks out tongue and makes a raspberry as the accompanying noise. Erects herself again and puts a hand on her hip; annoyed. “Nothing.”

Tenzin approached her and placed his right hand on her shoulder. “That's perfectly all right. You just need to be patient.” he said to her as he starts to roll down her stripped up sleeves, undoing Liu Kang’s work in rolling them up to make her comfortable. “Often the element that's the most difficult for the Avatar to master is the one most opposite to the Avatar's personality. For Aang, it was earthbending.” He informed her.

Korra glanced to the ground sadly. “Yeah. Well, I'm about as opposite an airbender as you can get.” She stated.

“Let's begin your first lesson.” Tenzin began to proceed up the stares.

Korra sighed in defeat and followed as Kratos approached beside her as she glanced his way. “Don’t suppose there’s any way I can skip this lesson and start with yours is there...?” She asked him.

“Even if there was... I would make your training worse.” Kratos said to her harshly, knowing she will only disgrace herself in the attempt.

“I believe him...” Mimir said from behind the God of Wars back.

She gulped in fear knowing he was serious about it... as she and the others proceeded up the stairs, they saw Ikki, Milo, and Jinora standing before them as they stood in front of a circle filled with whirling gates. Ikki of course was jumping in excitement about it, like a little puppy. “Korra’s gonna air end! Korra’s gonna air end!” She said cheerfully.

Seeing the gates, Korra was curious about it. “What is that contraption?” She asked him.

“A time-honored tool that teaches the most fundamental aspect of airbending. Jinora, would you like to explain this exercise?” Tenzin asked her to explain.

Jinora stepped up to explain it. “The goal is to weave your way through the gates and make it to the other side without touching them.” She explained to them.

Twilight and the others arrived as the Princess approached the gates to examine them. “Fascinating, it’s actually really interesting to see an airbending tool in person.” She stated.

“Seems easy enough...” Korra pointed out to the gates feeling confident.

“Don’t get over confident Korra...” Sub-Zero said to her as he crossed his arms, gaining her attention. “Because with this kind of training, there’s always a catch.” He stated.

“Grandmaster Sub-Zero is right, Jinora forgot to say that you have to make it through while the gates are spinning.“ Ikki pointed out to her with a proud smile. Earning a shocked expression from Korra, while Rainbow Dash had a “told ya” look on her face.

Tenzin walked up to the gates and takes on an airbending stance. He twists his hands. He elevates his hands above his head, thrusts his hands forward, releasing a burst of air. His coat flaps in the wind, and the gates start to spin rapidly. The camera switches to an aerial shot of the events, moving forward to the gates, now all spinning. He kneels down and picks up a leaf, allowing it to fly straight into the spinning gates. “The key is to be like the leaf... flow with the movement of the gates. Jinora will demonstrate." he watched as Jinora approached the whirling gates. She decisively runs toward the gates and gracefully weaves through the spinning gates. “Airbending is all about spiral movements. When you meet resistance, you must be able to switch direction at a moment's notice.” he explained to Korra and looked towards her as Jinora made it onto the other side.

Everyone clapped their hands in amazement, Pinkie of course being her usual self, held up a judges card with the number ten on it. “I give her a solid ten on making through!” She cheered out for her.

Jinora meanwhile used her airbending to force the whirling gates to spin at high speeds, giving Korra a chance at trying it. The young Avatar stood ready and looked to the gates. “Let’s do it!” She stated and decisively runs into the airbending tool, colliding against the first panel she encounters. Being thrown to the side, she slams right into the next one. Tenzin grimaces in pain upon witnessing Korra colliding with every panel she comes across along with Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

The Shaolin Monks looked to each other with grimaced looks on their faces, knowing this was going to be tough for her. “I’m gonna bet all my bits she’s going to get a black eye from all this.” He placed the bet and held out his coin pouch in front of Liu Kang.

“No, she might come out with two...” Liu Kang raised the bet as he held out his pouch. They look back to Korra as she is catapulted from panel to panel and eventually tossed out on her behind in front of Tenzin and his children. She scrambles back on her feet. Cut to a frontal shot of the airbending family; they are blocked from view as Korra stands up completely again, an annoyed and determined look across her face. She runs back in, narrowly avoiding the first two gates, but colliding into the next ones. “Be careful Korra!” He called out to her as she continuously got beat up by the gates trying to get through.

Jinora winced as she watched Korra slam against them. “Don't force your way through!” She advised her.

Only to see her slam against another plank and get flung towards another one. “Dance! Dance like the wind!” Ikki instructed her.

But she slammed into another plank and thrown off it. “Be the leaf!” Meelo said to her as he motioned his arms in trying to instruct her.

But in the end, she was grinding her teeth together as she runs up. After getting slammed in the face by a panel so hard, she spins around her own axis a few times before falling knocked out on the ground before Tenzin. grinding her teeth together as she runs up. After getting slammed in the face by a panel so hard, she spins around her own axis a few times before falling knocked out on the ground before Tenzin. Who sighed shaking his as the two Shaolin looked to Korra seeing both her eyes bruised from the gates. “Pay up, there’s two...” Liu Kang held out his hand as Kung Lao paid up his bits in defeat.

Twilight and the others rushed up to check on her. “You okay Korra...?!” the princess asked her.

Groaning in response, Korra looked up to her with her two blackened eyes. “Nothing broken... just my pride. Anyone got any ice...?” She asked them, and right on cue, Rarity used her power to summon some ice and gave it to her so she could put them over her bruises. She took them and placed them over her eyes, letting her exhale from it to relax. “Thanks Rarity...”

“Any time darling...” Rarity responded to her.

Raider sighed and shook his head from what he saw as Kratos crossed his arms in disapproval. “She has a long way to go...” he said to the war god.

“All the more reason you summoned me here, yes...?” He asked his fellow god and looked to him.

“Yes... Korra may be young, but if she is to become a full fledged Avatar, she needs to get her anger under control.” Raider said to him and looked towards him. “I’m sure under your teachings, you might be able to help her control it.” He pointed out. Kratos nodded in agreement, and looked towards Korra, seeing her being treated by the Main Six as the helped reduce the swelling in her eyes.


Korra stood in the chart yard, starring at a newspaper image of Lin Beifong, scowling at the police chief and stood in a fighting stance while Twilight and her friends watched. “Airbend!” Korra pushes her arms out in front of her hoping for something to happen. Camera moves back, revealing that she is aiming at the image. But nothing happend as she thrusts her arms back; frustrated. “What is wrong with me? Airbend!” She tried again, but still nothing as the image of Lin still stared at her.

“Ohhh boy, she is about ready to blow...” Rainbow Dash pointed out as she saw just how annoyed she was about it.

Twilight got up and walked towards her. “Now Korra, remember what I taught you about keeping that anger under control...” she said to her. Korra was about to lose it, but she took Twilight’s advice and let out an exhale as she turned away to calm down. But she couldn’t keep it in for long as she turned sharp and shot a blast of fire at the image, burning it to cinders. Twilight was surprised of it and sighed in defeat. “So much for keeping calm...”

“Sorry Twilight, I’m trying, I really am... Aargh! Maybe I'm just not cut out to be an airbender, huh, Guys.” Korra asked them.

“Only if you keep letting your anger get to you...” said a familiar deep voice as everyone looked to see Kratos standing before them.

Korra was surprised to see him, but sighed as she sat down. “Easy for you to notice, but it’s not like you get angry all the time.” She said to him.

“Anger can be a weapon, if you know how to use it... but you Korra, clearly do not.” Kratos stated to her knowing it to be the truth.

Kitana crossed her arms and looked to Korra. “Even if he may be the God of War, his methods might actually help you overcome it...” she said to her.

“Yeah...? Well the least he could do is at least give me a lesson in knowing how...” Korra suggested as she looked towards him.

Kratos looked upon the teenager knowing that she was not going to back down, he glanced away in thought but nodded and looked to her. “Very well...” he approached her and held out his hands for her to hit. “Come on then...” he said to her.

Seeing it, Korra looked to him surprised as she arced her eyebrows. “You want me to hit you...?” She asked him.

“I want you to try...” Kratos replied to her.

Korra knew that he was a war god, he could do anything to make her training hard for her. But she thought it would be okay to humor him, so she raised her fists preparing to practice. Johnny meanwhile watched the scene with Sonya, letting out a chuckle. “This outta be good...” he muttered.

“Be quiet Johnny...” Sonya said to him as she watched them.

Korra exhaled and went to punch one of his palms, only to see Kratos smack her fist away and looked to him in surprise. “Hey, why’d you do that...?!” She asked him.

“Too slow, try again...” Kratos said to her. Korra knew he was testing her, but if this was to help her manage her anger, she felt it was only fueling her. She went for another punch, but Kratos smacked her hand away just to further fuel that rage. “Again, too slow...” he stated to her.

“Stop doing that!” Korra went for another punch only to get smacked again, she growled in frustration as she turned to him. “STOP IT!!!” She went to throw a hard punch, but Kratos grabbed her arm and threw her over, causing her to slam on the ground.

Kratos approached her, seeing her groan from it as she looked to him. “Your anger... you can get lost in it, it will drive away your friends and loved ones. The path ahead of you will be difficult... and you Korra, are clearly not ready to be the Avatar... not yet.” He said to her and walked away from the courtyard.

Seeing him leave, Rainbow Dash too the opportunity to approach Korra and kneel down to her. “You know, he’s actually got a pretty good point... here, let me help you up.” She grabbed her hand and pulled her up from the dirt. “But hey, I’m sure you’ll figure it out somehow.”

“I appreciate it Rainbow... but maybe Lord Kratos is right, maybe I’m not ready to be the Avatar needs me to be.” Korra groaned in frustration at the very thought of it. “I hate it when I’m under pressure!” She cried out knowing it is really frustrating to her. Naga whimpered and approached her, nuzzling her large head against Korra.

Twilight walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Korra... we get it. Trust and believe, we really do... in the past, we all had to face tough challenges, and make a lot of hard choices. You’re struggling with yours, but you managed to let go of all that frustration just now, don’t you feel better now that you got it off your chest...?” She asked her.

Realizing it, Korra did feel better now that she didn’t feel all that anger she kept inside. She sighed and sat down feeling relieved of it. “I do now... you know Twilight, when ever I’m around you and the others, I feel like you guys are actually connected to me. You can listen to what I have to say, and help me whenever I feel like I’m in trouble...” she said to her and smiled looking to her. “Now I’m really happy that you guys came to my realm...”

“As are we...” Nightwolf approached her after saying a prayer to the Great Spirit. “Because if we hadn’t come along, you would’ve hade more hardships in your future. I know, because I speak from experience.” He said to her.

“The Matokah... it actually has me curious, why do they call you Nightwolf...?” Korra asked him.

Hearing her question, Nightwolf looked out towards the city and pondered his own past. “It is a past I wish I could forget... but back then, I wasn’t always Nightwolf. I was a young foolish boy named Grey Cloud... I fought, I struggled... but that was when I met Kano. The leader of the Black Dragons...” he stated to her.

“I heard of him through Sonya and Jax, he was ruthless.. but I never thought he had any interest in your people.” Korra said to him as she leaned forward to listen to his story.

“He was more interested in the Matokah relics... he thought he could sell them for a high price on the black market. Little did he know that my people wouldn’t give them up. But... what we lacked in fire power, Kano had within his bio mechanical eye. No matter the efforts of my people, Kano and the Black Dragon slaughtered them like animals... all... accept me...” he pointed out as Korra was shocked to hear of it. “From that day... the Great Spirit came to me... giving me the mantle of Nightwolf.”

Korra couldn’t believe what she had heard, but she sympathized with the shaman and looked to him. “I’m sorry... for the loss of your family. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like.” She lowered her head.

“Like we said sugarcube, we’ve all had it pretty bad... some, harder than most.” Applejack said to her.

“But we all manage to pull through, no matter the struggle...” Scorpion said to her as he was sharpening his spear tip.

She looked amongst the Main Six and the Defenders, seeing just how unique they are, from Shaolin, to S.F., to Lin Kuei, to Shirai Ryu, to Edenians, to Equestrians. She smiled at each and every one of them, knowing they were more than just a team... they were a family. Suddenly her ears perked from the sound of a radio coming from the house. “Ladies and gentlemen! I'm coming to you live from Republic City's Pro-bending Arena, where tonight the best in the world continue their quest for a spot in the upcoming championship tournament.” Shiro Shinobi said on the radio as Korra and the others snuck onto the roof to listen to the spectacle. “Grab your snacks and grab your kids because this next match is gonna be a doozy!” Korra smiled knowing this will be exiting, even if it’s not in person. Moments had passed during the match, and Korra was getting more excited of the thrill while the White Lotus weren’t aware of her and her friends above them. “This Mako's got moxy! He advances, fires two quick shots.” The White Lotus Sentries get excited, but not as excited as Korra as she grinned. “Yomo is hammered back to zone three!” Her grin beams wider from the excitement. “Clock is winding down, can Yomo hold on?. He's teetering on the edge of the ring now.” Korra with a wide grin and clenched fists. “The Fire Ferrets line up to strik-“ suddenly, the radio goes silent.

Korea’s face changed from excitement, to disappointment... Twilight looked to her noticing it as she could almost her snapping sounds, causing her to grimace what’s going through her mind. “Oh boy... that is the sound of her heart shattering...” she stated.

Down bellow, Tenzin was holding the radio cord with a stern look on his face. “Korra, you and your friends come down here please.” He said to them.

Immediately climbing down, Korra gave him angry scowl. “You shut it off at the best part!” she shouted her frustration to him.

“Yeah, I was really enjoying that!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“I thought I made myself clear. I don't want you listening to this distracting nonsense. Raiden and I both...!” Tenzin stated to Korra.

“But it's their radio. And technically, last I checked, you said she couldn't watch a match.” Kung Lao gestures to the White Lotus Sentries as he walked up to him. “You and Raiden didn't say anything about listening to one.” He pointed out to him knowing what he heard.

“You-“ Tenzin grunts, recomposing himself for a moment and points at him. l... you know what I meant!” He stated as a unconvinced Korra stood rather aloof; annoyed. “Anyway shouldn't y-? Shouldn't you be in bed by now?” He turns in annoyance, leaving a trail of wind to ruffle an unimpressed Korra's clothing and hair. Kung Lao and Johnny snickered seeing how defeated he was about that subject, but Korra was feeling less enthusiastic, because it was her one chance to hear the finale of the match, but Tenzin took it from her.

Soon after, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked to see that it was Kitana. “Don’t worry about him... not everyone can be so fortunate. But one day, you’ll get your chance.” She said to her and smiled. Korra smiled in return and looked out to the Golden Arena, seeing it glow within the darkness... she knew she needed the right opportunity, but for now... she needed to wait.

The Next Morning...

At the base rock of Air Temple Island as a sky bison flies past it. At a small meditating area, as the flying bison flies above it and goes away. Tenzin was sitting in front of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Korra, along with Liu Kang and Kung Lao, all perched in lotus while meditating. Korra scratches her behind. She sniffs twice, and eventually opens her eyes. She looked to the three children and the monks, leaning forward to look to them: they are all sitting tranquilly. Upon seeing this, Korra sits up straight again, taking on the meditating posture again. The floorboard squeaks with every movement she makes. Switch to broader side shot. She lowered her head in sigh. “I think I'm doing it wrong.” she pointed out.

“There's nothing to do. Let your mind and your spirit be free, for air is the element of freedom.” Tenzin stated, only to hear Korra chuckles and wave her hands. Tenzin looked to her dismayed. “Is something ... funny?” He asked as he arced his eyebrows.

She looked to him with an angry expression. “Yeah, you're telling me to embrace freedom, but you won't even let me listen to the radio. And forget about leaving this island!” She said to him.

Even at that point, Kung Lao snickered at hearing it. “You have to admit Tenzin, that’s a little hypocritical.” He said to him.

Hearing it from him, Tenzin gave him a stern glare for what he said. “I’m starting to see why you’re a bad influence.” He pointed out to him.

“Only when it’s necessary...” Kung Lao replied with a smirk.

Tenzin sighed and looked to Korra. “Please, Korra. Look at Meelo; he's able to meditate peacefully.” He pointed out to him.

But when Korra turned to look at Meelo. He had a greenish bubble suspended on his nose that increases and decreases with his every breath. He is both drooling and snoring. Korra looked at him in disbelief and pouted a bit. “Actually, I think he's asleep.” she pointed out.

“What?” Tenzin leaned to get a closer look. Turns out she was right, he was sound asleep. “Well, at least he has the relaxing part down.”

Korra sighed in annoyance. “Whatever. None of this airbending stuff makes any sense to me.” she stated.

“I know you're frustrated, but these teachings will sink in over time. Then one day, they'll just click.” Tenzin said to her as he shut his eyes to continue meditating.

Korra looked towards Liu Kang seeing how at peace he was. “You obviously got the hang of this... but how can you be so relaxed from all this?” She asked him.

“Years of training with the shaolin... from childhood, to manhood.” Liu Kang said to her.

Hearing he she takes on a meditating posture and takes a deep breath, but soon after merely a second, she sighs in defeat. “Yeah, it's not sinking in yet.” She gets up and starts walking away. “I'm gonna go get a glass of lychee juice.” She said to her airbending master.

Seeing it, Tenzin was not about to give up on her. “Korra, the meditation's not over yet!” He called out to her, only to be ignored as he looked towards Liu Kang. “Please tell me you weren’t so rebellious when the monks of your realm trained you...” he said to him.

Liu Kang smirked as he opened his eyes, and looked to him. “I was always more disciplined in my training... Kung Lao on the other hand has always been lazy.” He threw his shaolin brother under the bus.

Which result in receiving a disapproving scowl from Kung Lao as he looked towards Liu Kang. “Tattle tale...” he muttered towards him and looked away as Liu had a satisfied smirk on his face.

At that moment, Ikki looked to her father with a smile. “Daddy, can I have some lychee juice too?” She asked him.

Her father gave her a look, to give her one simple answer. “No.” He said to her plainly. Ikki's smile immediately turns to a frown, as Jinora peeks through an eye. Meelo, still asleep, sways forward before falling backward with a groan, where he continues his nap.

Off in a distance, Twilight and the others watched as Korra left as she let of a sigh and sat down. “She just isn’t giving it a chance... we got to figure out a way to help her.” She stated to them.

“And soon, because I think that rebellious teenager is about this close to snapping.” Rainbow Dash held out her hand and showed just how close her fingers were to each other. So close, they could barely touch one another.

“I hear ya Dash... Korra may be a skilled Avatar, but that temper of hers is gonna get her in trouble, just like Kratos said it would.” Applejack pointed out to them.

Letting out a sigh, Rarity continued to file her nails. “If Tenzin were to see things her way, he would have better ways of teaching her...” She said to them.

“But that won’t be easy... Korra is strong willed, but her pride is getting in the way of her training. She needs to find a new method, or sooner or later...”

Pinkie popped up behind her, making her Yelp as she almost jumped out of her skin. “It’s back to the South Pole for her!” She exclaimed.

Sunset gave her a look and rolled her eyes from it. “Way to make it dramatic Pinkie...” she said to her.

Rubbing her chin in thought, Twilight thought long and hard about what needed to be done. She soon glanced towards the arena knowing there will be a pro bending match tonight... till all of a sudden, it hit her. A devious smirk formed across her face as she looked to her friends. “I might have a good idea... but we might get into a heap of trouble for it. Gather round, gather round.” She got them into a group huddle to whisper her plan to them, so no one would hear it.

Later that night...

Several White Lotus sentries stand watch before Korra's room. She laid on her bed feeling discomfort all around... she groaned in frustration as she sat up. Suddenly a knock was heard from her door. “Who is it...?” She sled for who it was.

“Shao Kahn, who do you think?” Said Rainbow Dash from the other side of her door. Korra was surprised of it, but she walked to the door and opened it, seeing her and the rest of the girls standing before her. “Get your boots on girl, we’re busting you out...” She said to her.

Korra was immediately surprised from what she said. “Busting me out...? Where are we going?” She asked them.

“To the pro-bending arena, you wanted to see a pro-bending match...? This your chance to see one.” Twilight said to her.

Surprised in hat she heard, Korra didn’t need a reason to stay on the island. Because she needed to leave before things get crazier for her. "Alright, let’s do it.” She said to them as they nodded in unison. Korra approached the window and as she had it opened to a crack to show a White Lotus member standing below. “No way I’m going anywhere with that sentry down there.” She whispered. She felt a tap from Rarity and looked to her as she held out a shard of ice, and tossed it towards the bushes, gaining the White Lotus Sentries attention as he went to investigate it. A soft grin appeared on Korra’s face as she looked to Rarity. “I should hang out you more often...” she said to her and climbs out the window and jumps out and lands softly in the middle of the courtyard. The others followed in pursuit landing quietly as possible.

They quickly made their way to the rocks edge of the island, and looked over the ocean bellow them. Korra inhaled from the sight and exhaled to calm her nerves, but just as she was about to jump with the Main Seven. “Did you really think it was going to be that easy...?” Asked a familiar voice as Korra panicked without making a sound and saw that it was Liu Kang, Johnny, Sonya, and Kitana standing before them. “You do realize you’ll get in trouble if you go there...” Liu Kang pointed out to her.

Sighing from it, Korra stepped up and looked to him. “Guys, I can’t stay here right now... I need to go somewhere I can actually think. You know this airbending stuff isn’t working out, so please, you have to let us go.” She said to them.

“You misunderstand Korra... we’re not trying to stop you.” Kitana pointed out to her as she earned surprised looks from the Avatar and the Main Seven. “In fact, we’ll be going with you, as escorts...”

“So no funny business kiddo, otherwise you’ll be hearing it from Sonya, or Tenzin.” Johnny said to her as Sonya nodded in agreement. Korra smiled at them and pumped her fists up in excitement, turning towards the water as everyone approached her, and they all jumped into the water together. But before they could reach the water, Korra quickly used her water bending to raise the water up to catch them as it silenced their fall into it.

Watching from the house, Sub-Zero and Scorpion stood on the roof seeing that they are heading to the arena. “Should we tell Raiden and Tenzin...?” Scorpion asked his fellow grandmaster.

“No... I think it will be more amusing to see how he will react to when he does find out... maybe not tonight, but maybe another.” Sub-Zero responded and headed inside. Scorpion knew that was a bold move, but they were certainly going to catch hell afterwords.

Korra elegantly cleaved through the water as the four defenders and the Main Seven followed them, even Sunset was impressed as she looked around the bottom of the ocean, and smiled. “Okay, now I’m really loving this bending stuff.” She stated as she followed Korra towards the Pro-bending Arena.

Pro-Bending Arena

As they approached the arena, they raised their heads and looked to the only open window in the building. Korra smiled upon seeing it as she glanced to everyone. “I’ll head in first to make sure the coast is clear, see you inside...” She said to them as she used her waterbending to elevate herself up to the window and land safely. She looked around the hallway to check and see if the coast was clear... no signs of anyone around. She leaned over the window looking down to the others. “It’s clear, come on...! She whispered as loud as she could, and in a flash, Twilight teleported everyone into the hallway still soaking wet. “Wow, I’m actually really loving this whole magic stuff.” She said to Twilight.

“Thanks, but uh... think you can...?” Twilight gestured to the water as Korra smirked and used her waterbending to help remove the water from their hair and clothes.

Exhaling from it, Johnny shook a bit from the chill. “Least it beats having to change clothes...” He stated.

Korra quickly shushed him due to how loud he is and looked to them. “No one knows we’re here, but there may be security... come on, let’s find the arena.” She said to them as headed down the hall and they followed in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Kitana looked around the hall seeing the textures of it. “They must’ve had a good eye for detail to make this place.” She pointed out.

“You think that’s impressive, you she see the Lin Kuei Temple...” Rainbow Dash said to her.

As they passed a large room, Korra’s curiosity is peeked. She looked back and saw that in the back of the room, is a pro-bending gym. Among the equipment are punching bags, dumbbell weights, nets, pommel horses, and earth disks. Korra's grinning knew no bounds, she excitedly goes inside without hesitation, before changing back to the wider shot, she walks to the middle of the room and looked around at everything. Liu Kang inspected the equipment seeing how unique they were. “They certainly want their players to stay on their A game.” He stated.

“Hey!.” Said an unfamiliar voice as they all looked back and saw Toza. “What're you all doin' in my gym?” He demanded to know.

Korr panicked from seeing him and tried to come up with a good excuse as she had a innocent smile on her face. “Uh, I was just looking for a bathroom and I got lost. My friends here came looking for me, and that’s when we found this area.” She said to him.

But Johnny had the same look Toza had from her excuse. “Really...? You’re using that excuse...?” He asked her.

“Well I don’t see you coming up with anything Mr. A-List.” Korra said to him.

“Ah, the old "I had to pee" excuse! You know, I'm sick and tired of you kids sneakin' in without payin'! I'm taking you to security!“ Toza said to them.

“No wait!” Korra was about to stop him.

Till out of no where. “There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!”Called out another unfamiliar voice, everyone looked and saw that it was one of the pro-bending Fire Ferrets, Bolin. “It's all right Toza, they’re with me...” he said to him.

“Yeah, I’m with him... and so are they.” Korra stated to him.

“So, you see, we're together.” Bolin implied to him as he looked towards Korra.

Noticing it, Korra smiled awkwardly from what he said. “Well, not together together, more like friends.” She assured him

“Right, friends... no, no, I didn’t mean to imply.” Bolin said to her.

“Oh, you implied it.”Korra replied to him.

Johnny exhaled from watching the scene. “Awkward...” he muttered it as Sonya agreed with him.

Toza meanwhile threw his hands into the air in frustration. “Ah, I don't care what you are! I got work to do.” He said to them as he headed straight into the gym.

Bolin turned towards Korra and her friends with a smile. “Rrright this way, ladies and gentlemen.” He lead them out.

“And thank you, sir!” Korra replied to him as she followed in pursuit with the others. “Seriously, thanks.” She whispered to him.

As they followed, Johnny looked carefully at Bolin seeing something about him that he immediately recognized. “Guys, call me crazy with a ‘K’, but does this guy remind you of...?” He was about to ask them.

“You...? With all that pretty boy confidence and flirty demeanor...? Yes, I would honestly say we found your long lost brother Johnny.” Rarity answered his question.

“When you put it like that, I think it would be an insult...” Johnny replied to her.

“That’s because it is Cage...” Applejack stated it to him, earning a shocked look from Johnny as Sonya chuckled at seeing she managed to shut him up. Upon reaching the arena, Bolin opened the door, letting them all walk and see the Pro-Bending arena across from them. “Howee! That there is a master piece.”

“Whaddya think? Best seats in the house, huh?” Bolin asked them.

“I’ll say, just look at this place... Sub-Zero would be impressed.” Rainbow Dash stated.

Korra of course was also in awe of what she was seeing as she looked around the arena. “Whoa! Unbelievable!” She stated to him. Unaware two figures just walked into the room. “This place is even more amazing than I imagined!” she exclaimed.

“Name's Bolin, by the way.” he introduced himself to the Avatar, unaware she is the Avatar.

“Korra... and these are my friends, Princess Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer. The four behind you are some new arrivals to the city, like me. Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Princess Kitana.” She introduced him to them.

Bolin’s eyes widened in surprise of it. “You two are princesses?!” He Twilight and Kitana in shock as the two royals chuckled together.

“Psst, Bolin...” called one of the players.

Seeing him, Kitana arced her eyebrows from seeing him. “Who might that be...? She asked.

“Oh, that’s just my bro, I’ll be right back.” He stated and walked over to his brother Mako. “Yeah?” He asked him.

“I told you, you have to stop bringing your crazy fangirls in here before the matches. Get them out of here.” He said to him sternly.

Bolin sighed from hearing it and looked to him. “Come on, Mako! Right, look, I kinda promised her and her friends that they could stay, but man, I got a good feeling, there's somethin' special about her. I know it! And check it out, two of them are princesses.” He stated as his eyebrows did a bouncing motion.

“Yeah...? And I’m the Dragon Prince...” Mako said sarcastically.

This immediately earned both Twilight’s and Kitana’s attention, they both gave him a scowl of disapproval from what he said. “Oh come on, lighten up.” He grabbed him and looked to Korra and her friends. “Come here, I want you to meet my brother, Mako.”

Hearing his nam, Korra looked towards Mako feeling more surprised of it. “Mako? Wow, I-I heard you playing on the radio.” she said to him.

“Come on, Bolin, we're up.” Mako completely ignored her and headed straight for the arena.

Almost amazed of it, Korra could hardly believe what just happened. “... or I could meet him later.” she muttered.

“Yeah, sorry about that. My brother just gets real ... focused before a match.” Bolin said to them.

But Kitana wasn’t going to let it stand as she pulled out her fan blades. “I’ve met plent of despicable swines... but he is not going to disrespect anyone in my presence.” She stated as the fan blade opened, catching Bolin by surprise as she took the fan, and pulled back, letting the magic propelled winds push him back to the area.

Mako struggled against the winds, only to get turned around and facing Kitana. “Hey, what’s the big ide-“ he immediately panicked as Kitana held up on of the fan blades to him.

“Listen... carefully young fire bender, you may think that you’re fearless in the arena, but in a real fight, you wouldn’t last against me. Therefore, you should show more respect to visitors, and to royalty... now look to her... and respond.” Kitana lowered her fan blade and reveals Korra standing behind her.

He may not have wanted to face her, but once he finally did, his eyes widened a bit as his face turned quite red just from seeing how beautiful she was. Despite her muscles... he tried to snap out of it, be he felt a bit tongue tied. “Um, I uh... I’m sorry, I...” He apologized and could hardly speak just from looking at her.

“Hey, it’s alright... you’re determined to win the match, I totally get it. But just know that I’m rooting for you... we all are.” Korra said to him with a smile.

Mako wanted to respond, but his tongue was so tied, he couldn’t even say one sentence. Kitana soon stepped into view with a satisfied smirk. “Now was that so hard...? Now, shake her hand...” She said to him as she folded her fan blade. “Before you lose yours...” she warned him.

Seeing it caused Mako to gulp, he reached towards Korra as she smiled and took his hand. “It’s... nice to meet you miss.” He said to her.

“Likewise... now I believe you have a match to win...?” Korra asked him as she formed a smirk.

“R-Right... and I’m hoping we do win. Come on Bolin...” he said to him as he headed straight to the arena.

Bolin strapped his helmet on and looked to Korra. “Okay, I gotta go, wish me luck.” He headed to the arena and looked back and shields his mouth with his hands. “Not ... that I'll need it.” He stated.

Korra was excited to see her first pro-bending match. “Good luck.” She strikes a fist into the air. “Knock 'em out!” She cheered out only to look towards Kitana. “Was that really necessary...?” She asked her in regards to her fan blade.

“He was disrespectful Korra, you should know that by now...” Kitana stated to her and looked out. “If this were the Mortal Kombat tournament, he would have me to discipline him.” She pointed out.

“As much as I agree Kitana, but this isn’t Mortal Kombat...” Liu Kang stated to her and looked towards Mako. “Plus... something about Mako is beginning to make me realize, that his focus is very much like mine and Flash Sentry’s.” He pointed out.

“In other guys are meeting alternate versions of yourselves here...” Fluttershy suggested as she looked to Applejack.

“Ya’ll gotta admit, it seems logical... That Mako, as hard headed as he is, is like a combination of Liu Kang and Kung Lao.” Applejack compared the two plus one more.

“And Bolin is a lot like Johnny... if Johnny were an earthbender.” Rainbow joked at his expense.

“So what does that make Sonya...?” Korra asked them.

They all wondered the same thing, but one person comes to mind, and they could only say it in full out honesty. “Lin...” they said simultaneously.

Sonya gave them a disapproving look for even mentioning her. “Yeah, not a chance...” she said to them.

Korra grimaced at the thought of it and looked towards the arena. As the Fire Ferrets made their way to the middle of the arena, the announcer cleared his throat as he prepared to speak. “Introooooducing... the Fire Ferrets!“ He announced their name as Bolin and Hasook are waving to the fans, while Mako solemnly stands in the middle. Mako and Bolin are smiling and they are all waving. Bolin puts his hand to his ear when a fan of him screams.

From the crowd, a fan girl was screaming at the top of her lungs from seeing Bolin. “Aaaaaah! I love you, Bolin! Aaaaaah!” She announced her love to him.

Even Johnny was surprised from it, but all he could do was scoff and cross his arms. “He may think he’s pretty... but compared to me...? He’s outclassed...” He stated only to get an blow from Sonya, causing him to wince in pain from it and rub his rib cage.

Meanwhile in the radio booth, Shiro watched the spectacle from where he sat. “The rookie Ferrets came from out of nowhere and have made it further than anyone expected this season. But tonight, they face their toughest test yet, folks.“ he announced as he watched the benders in the arena. They each take their fighting stance, preparing for the first round to begin. They wait eagerly... but soon, the bell rings, and they began bending their respective elements.. “And they're off! The two teams waste no time trying to blast each other out of zone one!”. Bolin had already ducked under a fire blast from the opposing team's firebender while Mako fired one himself at his opponent. Bolin rose an earth disk and kicked it towards his opponent, who then destroyed the disk with a fire arc and shoots another fire attack, for which the Ferret's waterbender, Hasook, avoided a fire blast by diving to the ground, but slides back a bit due to the power of the blast. “Hasook is the first to feel the heat of the Tigerdillos! He tries to return the favor, but they're too fast for him, while Mako shows off his trademark "cool under fire" style!” He announced as Mako avoids several blasts from the other players.

Rainbow Dash chuckled at hearing it. “Cool under pressure...? Dude, you have no idea...” She stated as Hasook pulls up more water and blasts it at the other team. The earthbending player nimbly cartwheels to his right out of the way of the water blast, as he stands on his feet again, he raises an earth disc with his hand and kicks it over to Mako. Who calmly moves out of the way of both the disc and a fire blast. He retaliates with two fire blasts, before ducking under a water bullet and avoiding another earth disc.

Mako shoots a fire blast at the earthbender opponent. The firebender and waterbender opponent move to the front and attack. Hasook and Bolin are hit with a water and fire blast respectively, and knocked backward into zone two. “Oooh, the Tigerdillos score with a walloping one-two combo!” Shiro announced to the audience. Bolin and Hasook quickly scramble on their feet. Mako directs his attention again to his opponents. While Korra was clutching her head in despair. Mako jumps up and spins around his axis in the air, successfully avoiding an earth disc and fire blast. As he lands after flipping out of the way of another fire blast, he is hit square in the chest by an earth disc. “Can their teammate hold on to their zone one territory? Guess not!” Mako’s foot. Goes over the line as the buzzer went off and he had a disappointed look on his face as he moved back to join his teammates. “Mako's over the line!” A green light lights up for the Tigerdillos as they aEvan Evan. “The Tigerdillos get the green light and advance into Ferret territory!”

“Come on Ferrets!” Korra and Twilight cheered out to them. Kitana smiled from seeing how enthusiastic they were about the match, for it reminded her of how she used to watch the games in the Outworld Coliseum, before she joined the Mortal Kombat tournament, and was currently the adoptive daughter of a tyrant. Meanwhile the Tigerdillo waterbending player directs a blast at Mako. The water is blocked by Bolin's earth disc; Mako jumps up and retaliates with a fire kick at the waterbender. But the player jumps over the fire blast and kicks an earth disc out of the way, the earth disc hits Hasook and knocks him back to zone three.

“Looks like Hasook's in trouble! He's in zone three teetering over the drink!” Shiro watched the match feeling the suspense. Mako jumps over a quick water blast direct at his feet; the blast travels on and hits Hasook. Another earth disc and water bullet pushes him over the rim. Hasook falls in the moat as it made a big splash. “And Hasook takes a dip! He'll be back for round two!” Mako and Bolin dodge an earth and water attack. Bolin raises an earth disc to protect himself against a water blast, but is pushed back to zone three. Mako lands in the third zone as well the moment a bell rings. “Assuming the fabulous bending brothers can hold their ground until the next round.” he stated.

“Round one goes to the Golden Temple Tigerdillos!” The announcer stated as the crowd cheered out.

Meanwhile, Mako glanced to Hasook with a scowl. “Come on, Hasook! Get your act together!” he said to him.

Seeing their interaction, Liu Kang began to sense the tension between the two players. He knew this wasn’t going to end well for either of them, he closed his eye in a meditative way, letting his mind reach out to Mako. As Mako looked to the Tigerdillos, he soon felt something in his mind that he couldn’t understand. “Do not let pride take away your victory... use your wits, rather than your courage.” He stated to the fire bender.

Mako was surprised from what he heard, and looked towards where Liu Kang was. He didn’t know what he meant, but he needed to stay focused on the match as he looked to the opposing team. Bolin noticed it, and touched his shoulder. “You okay bro...?” He asked him.

“Yeah, I’m okay bro, don’t worry about me. Stay focused on the match...” Mako replied as the bell rang. Each player from the Tigerdillos having their element at the ready to attack, shot their elements as the Fire Ferrets are pushed back in the second zone; the line separating zone one and two turns red.

“The Fire Ferrets are knocked into zone two and the Tigerdillos advance!” Shiro announced as he watched the spectacle. The Tigerdillo earthbender direct a disc at Hasook who blocks it with his waterbending. Both Mako and Bolin attack the other team. Bolin knocks the earth disc at the other team. As soon as the waterbender Tigerdillos water blast left his hand, he is hit square in the chest by Bolin's earth disc. Mako as he punches two fire blasts, Hasook sent two water arcs at the Tigerdillos. The Tigerdillo earthbender is knocked to the ground. Bolin raises and fires an earth disc. The Tigerdillos watched as their earthbending player is knocked back a zone. The firebending and waterbending member are hit back by a fire and water blasts, respectively. A bell signals the end of round two. Mako pants a bit but quickly dons a serious look again and celebrating Bolin and Hasook. “The Fire Ferrets cinch the round in the closing seconds! It's one apiece, still anyone's match as we go into the third and final round!“ Shiro stated as he watched with anticipation.

“They managed to win the second round... but I can sense that they are not balanced with each other.” Liu Kang pointed out as he continued watched the match.

Korra looked to him curiously. “What makes you so certain...?” She asked him.

“Look carefully...” Liu Kang pointed out to the Ferrets as Korra looked to them. “Mako relies on coordinated teamwork and being on the offensive, while Bolin works on defense. But their third partner, he seems to only rely on himself.” He pointed out to them.

“That’s never a good thing... loners tend to be the most selfish when it comes to teams.” Sonya stated as she crossed her arms. “I know, because I was just like that.”

“Bet that must’ve hurt your pride just saying it...” Korra said to her as Sonya nodded in agreement.

The bell is struck and both teams jump back, the Tigerdillo waterbender raises some water and aims at Hasook. He tumbles out of the way and quickly runs on to avoid another water blast. Hasook arms himself with some water and the Tigerdillo earthbender raises a disc. Mako destroys the disc with a fire punch and Hasook shoot his water bullet. As Bolin launches an earth disc, Hasook is hit by a water blast and crashes into Bolin. “And there proves my point.” Sonya points it out.

“Hasook stumbles, and now he tumbles right into his teammate!” Shiro exclaimed at seeing it. Bolin looks shocked; the Tigerdillo earthbender as he raises and kicks away a disc. “He and Bolin better untangle quick if they don't want to...” Before they even could, the disc knocks the tangled Hasook and Bolin off the field. “Oh, too late!” He announced as Hasook and Bolin fall into the water; a buzzer sounds.

“Oh no!” Korra panicked for them.

“I can’t look!” Fluttershy covered her eyes.

“It's all up to Mako now!” Shiro announced as the three Tigerdillos had Mako surrounded.

He looked at them, knowing he couldn’t take them all alone. But what choice did he even have...? He clenched his fists getting ready for what’s to come, but suddenly. “Brute force will not lead you to victory, you must focus... rely on your wits, not your emotions.” Liu Kang said to him within his mind. Mako was surprised but looks back to him and the others... he thought about his words, but soon decided it would work in his favor as he turned to the Tigerdillos. He inhaled and let out an exhale as the Tigerdillos went in for the kill.

But before their attacks could reach him, Mako ducks under a water blast, avoids three fire blasts, and evades two earth discs. “He's bobbing and weaving! He's weaving and bobbing!” Shiro watched with suspense. Mako avoids the attacks as he stands at the rim of zone three. “But he's not hitting back!” he pointed out in confusion of what was going on.

But Kitana caught onto the situation and smirked as she looked towards Liu Kang. “You helped him, didn’t you...” she asked him.

A devious smirk formed across Liu Kang’s face as he looked to her. “Just a little.” He said to her.

A chuckle came from Rainbow as she put his arm around him. “Liu Kang, you sly dragon...” she chuckled with him and looked to the match.

Meanwhile Mako was panting as he was avoiding the Tigerdillos attacks, and Korra was pulling her pony tails in suspense. Unaware of what Liu Kang did. “If Mako's knocked out, the Ferrets' fabulous season is over!” Shiro stated as he watched the match as Mako avoiding multiple fire blasts, earth discs, and water bullets but soon began to see what was going on. “He is dancing on the edge of the ring, surviving the three on one barrage! It seems his plan is to let the Tigerdillos punch themselves out!” he announced as the Tigerdillos were looking exhausted. Mako took this opportunity and punches a fire blast as his blast vaporizes a water bullet and makes contact with the waterbender Tigerdillo, knocking him off the playing field. “And his plan is working! Han is in the pool!” Shiro cried out in amazement as Mako shoots multiple fire blasts and kicks at the other players. “They've got nothing left in the tank and Mako is on the offensive!” he announced.

“Oh yeah! Get’em Mako!” Johnny cheered out.

Mako defends and attacks with fire at the two remaining Tigerdillos. “It's two on one!” Shiro watched as the Tigerdillo firebender is knocked back by a fire blast against the back pole of the ropes and falls in the water. “Scratch that, it's one on one, and it's an earth and fire slllugfest! There's so much smoke and dust from the firefight, I can't even see where the Fire Ferret is!” he announced as there was a major dust cloud.

Mako and the earthbender keep attacking each other; Mako's fire blast destroy the earth discs in full flight, covering the field in dust. He shoots a powerful fire arc in the dust cloud. The Tigerdillo is knocked back into his zone three. The earthbender raises a disc in front of him with a concentrated look; his eyes open wide. Meanwhile, Liu Kang watched the match and could sense where Mako was, smirking as he clenched his fists. “FINISH HIM!!” He shouted out as Mako emerges from the smoke, a fire ball ready in his right fist. He uses the momentum of his descent to increase the power of his blast and knocks the Tigerdillo off the playing field. The earthbender plunges down into the moat, as a bell is struck multiple times.

“It's a knockout! What a wing-dinger of a hat trick, folks!” Shiro cried out in excitement as the scoreboard lights up, showing the Ferrets won by a knockout. “Mako pulls off the upset of the season, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets!” Mako takes off his helmet while the crowd goes wild.

Korra looked at the playing field in awe, and she smiles broadly. Bolin jumps back in the locker room. “Woohoo! Yes! One more win and we're in the championship tournament!“ he cheered out.

“Nice work out there kid.” Sonya patted him on the shoulder.

“Yes, you were absolutely smashing out there.” Rarity said to him.

Applejack approached him and gave him a playful punch to his shoulder. “Not bad slugger... but don’t let it go to your head partner.” She advised him.

“Aw, thanks anyway...” Bolin said to her and looked to Korra. “So, what'd ya think, Korra? Bolin's got some moves, huh?” He asked her.

Korra immediately grabbed him by his collar. “What did I think? What did I think? That was am​azing!” she said to him as she playfully pushes Bolin backwards.

“Whoa, easy there girl...” Sunset said to her as she helped Bolin back up.

Soon enough, Mako and Hasook walk up toward the locker room. “You did more harm than good out there. You almost cost us the match!” He shouted at his waterbending partner.

Hasook took off his helmet and turned to him. “We won, didn't we?” He asked him.

“Barely!” Mako stated bluntly.

“Get off my case, pal!” Hasook walked away as he threw his helmet aside and exited out the door.

Mako glared at it and headed for the lockers. “Useless...” he muttered.

“You guys were incredible out there!” Korra stated and looked to Mako and pointed to him as he approached. “Especially you, Mr. Hat Trick!” She said to him.

“Oh, you're still here?” Mako asked her.

Korra formed a glare from what he said. “Oh, you're still a jerk?” she asked.

“Ooh...!” Bolin winced from what she said.

Till suddenly, Kitana’s fan blade flew passed Mako’s face and pierced into the wall, causing him to turn pale as he looked to her, seeing her intense Death glare. “Care to revise that statement...?” She asked him.

Panicking, Mako turned back towards Korra and cleared his throat and thought back to what she said. “Thanks, I guess... but we almost lost that match because of Hasook.” He stated to her.

“Yeah well, Liu Kang here saw through him easily... he was only looking out for himself.” Korra pointed out to him.

Mako looked to him and crossed his arms. “So it was you who was talking in my head, how did you do that...?” He asked him.

“A little something I learned from Kenshi... telepathy. It’s not a family gift, but he taught me how to use it.” Liu Kang explained to him. “Your skill in firebending is good, but even you sometimes lack discipline.” He pointed out to Mako as Korra was surprised from it.

Mako was equally surprised from it, but sighed taking off his helmet. “I guess you’re a firebender yourself...?” He asked him.

“Something like that...” Liu Kang replied to him, seeing him walk toward the lockers.

Korra at that moment chuckled. “Anyway, I've been immersed in bending my entire life, but I never learned how to move like that! It's like there's a whole new style here!” She stated and crossed her arms “Think you could show me a few tricks?” She asked.

“Ab-so-lutely!” Bolin responded with a smirk.

“Right now? Come on, Bolin.” Mako said to him as he was taking his pro-bending gear off.

Bolin puts his hand besides his mouth and speaks a bit softer. “Just ignore him.” He whispered to them. “Yeah, I could show you the basics. I'm just not sure how my earthbending would translate to your waterbending, but we'll figure it out.” He said to her.

“Not to worry darling, it won’t be a problem. She’s actually an earthbender.” Rarity said to him as she crossed her arms slyly.

Bolin awkwardly eyed Korra from what Rarity said to him. “I'm sorry, no, no! I didn't mean to assume. 'Cause I, you know, I was just figuring ... with your Water Tribe getup ... that you are ... a Water Tribe ... gal.” He pointed out to her and the others.

“Nope, you're right. I'm a waterbender. And a firebender.” Korra said to him with a smile.

Bolin meanwhile was rubbing his chin in thought. “Mm. Mm-hmm. I'm very confused right now.” He stated.

Mako soon let out a sigh realizing what she meant. “You're the Avatar...” he stated as he bowed his head while closing his eyes. “And I'm an idiot...” He declared.

Both Korra and Kitana equally shared a satisfied smirk. “Both are true...” they said in unison.

Bolin’s eyes widen in shock; Mako has turned around to face Korra and Bolin. ”No ... way”. He turns to Mako, shields his face from Korra with his hand while pointing at her; whispering. ”Th​e Avatar!”

Mako sighed and looked to Kitana and Twilight. “I guess that means you two are...?” He asked them feeling hesitant.

“Princesses...? Yes we are...” Twilight said to him.

“Anything else you would like to know...?” Kitana asked him.

“Well, there is one thing...” Mako stated as he quickly took notice of their uniforms and outfits. “Those aren’t normal Republic City attire...” he pointed out to them as he started catching on. The Defenders looked to one another, knowing that they had to tell him everything.


At the gym, Bolin had a set of Earth disks set up, with a net set up across from them. “All right! Let's see what'cha got!” he said to Korra as he backed away. Korra decisively turns and raises her arm, an earth coin following the movement. She knocks the coin away with her other hand, and quickly repeats the movement, knocking two of the earth coins at a net. The objects as they slam in the net, Korra is still standing in her solid earthbending stance as she let out an exhale. “That was great! Good power! But in a real match, you'd be a sitting turtle duck.” He pointed out to her as Korra felt slightly disappointed. “Not so upright and flatfooted! Stay light on your toes, right up until the moment when you need to dig in and strike. Then...” He quickly raises two coins and almost immediately sends them flying toward the net. “Pop, pop!” the two earth flew towards the net and nearly hit the exact same spot.

Korra stares at the net with open mouth, while he turns to her with a broad smile and gestures at the net, inviting her to give it another shot. She was slightly shocked but took the chance to calm herself. “Okay, let me try it again.” she said as she stepped up.

“Remember to maintain your focus Korra... speed and accuracy is key to victory.” Kitana said to her.

Korra looks decisive, she jumps from side to side, before throwing two coins at the net, mimicking Bolin's fast strikes as they hit the net. Bolin was impressed by her improvement in her technique. “Wow! Nice adjustment! You're a natural at this.“ he complimented her.

Meanwhile, Mako was in aloof. “Not bad...” he stated.

Sunset was irritated with him as she looked towards Bolin. “What's it take to impress this guy?” she asked him as he saw him shrug.

“What? I said "not bad".” he said to her and looked to Liu Kang. “So, you guys and these seven girls came here from a different realm, so you could help Korra with her training...?” He asked them.

“That’s the story bud, better get used to it, because you might see us a lot.” Johnny stated to him as he leaned back against the wall.

“Despite Johnny’s lack of respect...” Sonya quickly jabbed him in the leg and looked to Mako. “He’s not wrong... we’re also here because of an ancient evil that’s been causing trouble in our realm, and might be coming to yours unannounced.” She informed him.

“Does this... ancient evil have a name...?” Bolin asked her.

“Shinnok... the God of Death...” Twilight stated the nam, earning a scared look from the young brother as she pulled out a tome. “Legend has it that Shinnok rebelled against his fellow Elder Gods and tried to conquer Earthrealm... but Raiden, the God of Thunder, fought against him along with the other Elder Gods... banishing him to the Netherrealm.” She explained his backstory.

Sighing in relief, Bolin believed he could relax. “That’s good, right...?” He asked them.

“Almost darling... you see, Shinnok had followers, such as Shao Kahn, the now fallen emperor of Outworld, and Quan Chi... a powerful sorcerer that relies on deception to get his master free from the desolate place that is known as the Netherrealm.” Rarity explained and looked towards Liu Kang. “But from what we heard from Liu Kang and Lord Raiden, Shinnok has escaped twice, the first time was to corrupt Earthrealms Jinsei, only to fail... then the second time was during the battle of Armageddon. Everyone died in that battle... but Raiden sent their souls to our Realm, Equestria.”

“It was there that they were reborn... and where we defeated Shao Kahn.” Applejack summoned the paw of her spirit animal, the bear. “Liu Kang was the one who defeated him, and United both Earthrealm and Equestria as one world. But we have no further information on Shinnok, or where he is...” She informed them.

Mako was surprised of what he was seeing and shook his head. “You know what, it's getting late.” He started sauntering off with his hands in his pocket. “I think I'm gonna turn in. You kids have fun.” he stated and looked towards Korra. “Nice to meet you, Avatar Korra.” He said to her and headed out of the room.

“Yeah, been a real pleasure.” Korra said to him mildly sarcastically.

“See ya upstairs, bro.” Bolin said to him.

This caught everyone by surprise as they looked to him. “Upstairs?” Korra asked feeling a bit jealous.

“You guys live here?” Asked Fluttershy as she stood up while petting Pabu.

“Yup. In the attic. It's nothin' fancy, but we have some great views!” Bolin informed her and stepped back to the earth coins. “So, back to bending. Why don't you throw that combo one more time?l

Korra immediately hops up and down a bit before successfully throwing two coins away. The two coins hit the net, and Korra smiled broadly at her success. But didn’t expect it to last...

The next morning...

An airbending panel turns, and Korra is now back at Air Temple Island in her airbending clothes, with Tenzin and his children behind her. Korra looks a bit flustered. She takes a deep breath and sports an annoyed, determined look. The spinning gates move fast as Korra sprints toward them. She manages to run inside the circle of gates, but is immediately hit by a spinning panel and knocked around again, while grunting in pain. “Patience, Korra!” Tenzin called out to her.

Mile a watched as she was getting pummeled by the gates, and winced as she looked to Raiden. “I don’t think patience is something she can rely on...” she said to him mildly.

“It never has, I agree... but one of these days, she’s going to have to adjust...” Raiden responded to her.

Meanwhile Kratos let out a small grunt as he watched Korra get slammed by the gates. “She’s close to reaching her limit with those gates...” he pointed out as he watched flames starting to flicker. Korra is thrown against more gates. As she is knocked to her knees, she loses her temper and bursts into a violent firebending tantrum, burning and breaking most of the gates. Some of the gates are knocked out of their sockets and break in two or are burned down. Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, even Tenzin as well, all gaping wide-eyed at Korra's outburst. Korra amidst the still burning and smoking debris of the ancient airbending tool. The war god shrugged and turned away. “I still need to work with her if she is to become the Avatar...” he stated to them and walked away.

Tenzin was in shock from what he had witnessed. “That was a two-thousand-year-old historical treasure!” He shut his eyes in frustration. “What... What is wrong with you?!” he shouted at her.

“There's nothing wrong with m​e! I've been practicing just like you taught me, but it isn't sinking in, okay?” Korra slanted her head and groaned in frustration. “It hasn't clicked like you said it would!” She stated to him.

“Korra, this isn't something you can force. If you would only listen to me...” Tenzin said to her.

“I have been! But you know what I think? Maybe the problem isn't me! Maybe the reason I haven't learned airbending yet is because you're a terrible teacher!” Korra shouted at him and stormed off to be alone. The Main Seven and the Defenders grew worried about her, and decided to follow after her.

Meanwhile, Meelo looked to his father and pointed at him. “Yeah! You're a terrible teacher, Daddy!” Tenzin, Jinora, and Ikki all calmly eye Meelo as he runs forward, kicking and throwing some of the burnt up wreckage, imitating Korra's tantrum, while growling and screaming. Dejected, Tenzin bows his head while Jinora and Ikki both hug him to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Korra was lying on the grass still feeling frustrated of what had happened... she stared at the sky, till Twilight stood over her, looking her in the eye. “Hey Korra, you feeling any better...?” She asked her.

Sighing at her question, Korra sat up and looked out. “Not really Twilight... I just yelled at Tenzin, and I completely screwed up my airbending training.” She said to her as Twilight sat beside her. “I didn’t mean what I said, I was just so... frustrated, because this airbending just isn’t syncing in.” She stated.

“Hey, I totally get it... I’ve been through hardships myself. It was long before I met the Earthrealm Defenders... “ Twilight admitted as she looked seeing Flash approach them.

“She’s right... as tough the challenges were, we faced them head on. You already have a tough challenge ahead of you. All this airbending stuff might not make any sense, but in time, you might get it.” Flash stated to her.

Hearing it, Korra was beginning to feel less frustrated and smiled at them. “Thanks guys... you know, maybe Lord Kratos was right, all this anger is only going to drive away my friends and loved ones.” She admitted unaware he was behind her.

“You’re finally catching on...” He stated as they looked towards him. “As I explained, anger can be a weapon if you know how to use it, you clearly didn’t... but in realizing how you can utilize that anger, to suppress it, to release the stress of all that rage building inside you.” He said to her.

“Well clearly it didn’t work today, I guess I’m just in the starting stages...” Korra said to him and looked down. “Not to mention that situation made me feel worse.”

Kratos approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Even I struggled to control my anger... it is why Raiden sent me to the northern lands of the Aesir gods... where I met Feye...” he said to her and looked to her. “You will need someplace else to train... I think the arena might be the answer...”

“But, aren’t you supposed to tell me not to go to the arena...?” Korra asked him.

“Since when do I follow Tenzin’s rules...?” Kratos answered her question with his own as a smirk formed across his face.

A smile formed across Korra’s face as she got up along side Twilight. “Thank you! I’d hug you, but you’re probably not a hugger.” She theorized.

“Oh you’re right about that little sister...” Mimir said to her only to get smacked by Kratos.

Korra let out a soft chuckle and looked to Twilight. “Get the others, we’re heading to the arena.” She said to her as Twilight nodded her head in response and ran off to find the other defenders. Kratos meanwhile turned away and left the area to be by his lonesome.


Later that evening, Tenzin and his children gathered in the dining room for dinner. Meelo and Ikki look rather bored, while Jinora is reading a book, and Tenzin has his arms crossed while sporting an annoyed expression; Pema enters carrying a tray of small dishes. “Okay! Everyone here?” She asked only to look and see Korra, the Main Seven, and the Defenders weren’t present. “Wait. Where are Korra and the others?” She asked.

“Honestly, Pema, I am at my wit's end with that girl! I ... I don't know how to get through to her!” Tenzin stated as he felt frustrated of the situation. Tenzin's expression changes to a dejected one as he closes his eyes and slants his head.

Pema kneels beside Tenzin and places a hand on his shoulder. He opens his eyes at her touch and glances at her. “Dear, the best thing you can do right now is to give Korra some space.” She said to him.

His eyes widen as he looks to Jinora and Ikki; desperately pleading. “You must promise me that your teenage years won't be like this!” he pleaded to them.

Ikki looks uninterested and Jinora looks bored as she lowers her books slightly and glances over it. “I will make no such promises.” She stated bluntly as she raises her book again, and resumes reading.

A chuckle is heard as Tenzin looked seeing Raiden standing at the door. “You have quite a daughter... she has her mother’s influence.” He said to him as he walked in and sat down.

“And just where have you been...?” Tenzin asked him.

“I was consulting with Lord Kratos about Korra’s training in maintaining her anger, so far he see’s progress... she realized what she said to you wasn’t fair, and that she didn’t mean anything by it.” Raiden said to him.

Tenzin however was skeptical of it. “There is something you’re not telling me Raiden...” he pointed out.

“And what do I have to hide...?” Raiden asked him.

“Ever since you asked that barbarian to come here, he has been making life on our island home difficult. And that talking head on his hip...” Tenzin shuddered from remembering Mimir for the first time. “It still scares me...” he stated.

“I know Kratos is a difficult person to work with... but you must understand. The rage that consumed him, destroyed everything he held dear to him... his ire and daughter... his brother, Deimos... his mother... and his late wife, Feye.” Raiden stated to him as he looked seeing Kratos training in his own area. “Each one has haunted him since he first became the Ghost of Sparta... and the God of War... he hated the gods, all gods... but when Fuji’s and I met him, we showed him great respect. Something he had not been shown since the betrayal of his father, Zeus.”

Pema felt sympathy towards the war god and lowered her head... Tenzin felt a small amount, but looked away. “He can stay for as long as he wishes... but warn him not to kill anything.” He stated to him. Raiden smirked knowing he isn’t one to make promises like Jinora.

Pro-Bending Arena

Meanwhile at the Pro-Bending Arena, three people are standing in the middle awaiting the Fire Ferrets to enter the arena. At the locker room, Bolin is sitting on the bench, while Mako is leaning against the wall, both looking defeated. The door opens and Korra walks in with the others as they looked around. “So this is what the arena looks like...” Jax observed it and nodded in approval. “Nice to see they’ve got class.”

“I agree... this looks and feels a bit like the Wushi Academy.” Kung Lao stated.

Meanwhile Korra noticed the sad expression on Mako’s face and turned towards Bolin. “I didn't miss your match, did I? You guys look like you lost already.”

“We might as well have.” Bolin responded only to feel an arm wrap around him and saw it was Mileena.

“Aww, that is indeed sad... care to tell Auntie Mileena about it...?” She asked him.

“Mileena...? Wasn’t your name Kitana...? ”Bolin asked her and noticed her outfit. “And didn’t you wear blue before...” he asked.

Mileena let out a playful chuckle as she reached for her mask. “Silly little boy...” she pulled down her mask, showing her fangs. “Do I look like my sister...?” She asked him.

Seeing them, Bolin let out a high pitch scream as Mako took a defensive stance as fire was held in his hand. “Get away from him!” He exclaimed only to be stopped by Twilight.

“Easy Mako, she’s with us... kind of...” Twilight said to him.

“Quite right...” Mileena agreed as she put her mask back on. “So, tell us why you might as well have lost...” she said to him.

Mako didn’t feel comfortable around her, but extinguished his fire and calmed down. “Hasook's a no-good no-show!”

“I suspected as much, he was probably in it for the money.” Johnny pointed out as he crossed his arms. “Hate guys like that...” he muttered.

Suddenly the referee opened the door and looked to the two remaining Ferrets. “You got two minutes to come out ready to play, or you're disqualified.” He informed them and closed the door.

“Well, there goes our shot at the tournament ... and the winnings.” Mako said with a bitter tone.

“Can't you ask one of those guys to fill in?” Korra asked them as she pointed towards the other team in the room.

“Nah. The rules say you can only compete on one team.” Bolin stated to her.

“I’m afraid he’s right... without a third player for them to fight beside, they have no chance.” Scorpion said to her.

Fluttershy reached to Bolin and placed her hand on his shoulder. “At least you tried your best...” she said to him as Bolin smiled at how comforting she was.

Korra stood in thought as she looked at the two brothers, then suddenly... an idea came to her. “Well, then...” she placed her hand on her chest. “How about me? I'm a top-notch waterbender, if I do say so myself.“ she boasted.

Sonya crossed her arms at seeing it. “Way to boast kiddo...” she said to her.

“But, you're the Avatar. Isn't that cheating?” Bolin asked as he looked towards Mako.

Sub-Zero looked to the young Avatar and approached them. “Maybe... it isn't cheating if she only uses waterbending.” He said to them and looked to Korra. “She will instinctively rely only on her waterbending, and no other element.” He said to her.

She chuckled nervous, knowing he was deadly serious, but Mako wasn’t comfortable with the idea. “No way. I'd rather forfeit than look like a fool out there.” he declared.

Korra was offended that he turned down the offer. “Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence.” She said sarcastically.

“Mako, that pride of yours won’t get you anywhere... it will only bring you down to the gutter.” Liu Kang said to him.

But at that moment, Kitana placed a hand on Mako’s shoulder earning his attention. “I understand you feel uncomfortable... but she is your best chance in winning this match. She may be a novice, but she has what it takes to learn.” She said to him. Mako didn’t know what to think of it, but once he looked back to Korra, seeing her determined smiling face... he began to believe that they might have a chance at winning.

But before he could make a decision, the referee returned through the door and looked to them. “Time's up. You in or out?” he asked them.

“We’re in!” Korra announced very quickly.

“We are?” Mako asked in surprise.

“Yes!” Bolin cheered as he excitedly got up from the bench.

“You might as well...” Flash said to him.

“You got no other option...” Soarin stated.

“Hey, I didn't agree to this!” Mako objected to her decision.

“You can thank me later.” Korra replied to him as she opened the locker to get the Fire Ferrets uniform.

Mako had a face of dismay showing, but it soon shifted to a smirk. “This girl is crazy.” he stated.

Noticing it, Twilight smirked and nudge him with her elbow. “Looks like you are starting to like her...” she said to him with a grin.

Mako easily panicked as his face turned red., turning away to hide it. “I have no idea what you are talking about...” he denied it and heard out to the arena. Twilight and Kitana watched him go with Bolin and Korra who struggled with the baggy uniform, they looked to each other and let out an amused chuckle.

Seeing the Fire Ferrets approaching, Shiro took the chance to start his announcement. “Looks like the Fire Ferrets have ferreted out a last minute replacement waterbender. Let's see if she's another diamond in the rough like the brothers from the school of hard knocks!“ He announced.

Korra fidgeted with the uniform feeling how big it was, while Mako looked towards her with his traditional serious expression. “Don't do anything too fancy or aggressive. In fact, don't do anything. Just try not to get knocked off the ring.“ He said to her.

Korra scowled at hearing it. “You got it, captain.” she said sarcastically as her helmet slipped awkwardly in front of her face, but she quickly adjusted it.

Stryker watched as he took a seat, watching the Ferrets. “This should be good...” he muttered.

“Only one way to find out...” Jade said to him as she watched the match in the starting stage.

“Players! Are you ready?” The referee asked them as both teams stood ready. He rose his hand and blew the whistle as Korra hears the bell is ring, signaling the start of the match. Korra smiles confidently and immediately conjures a powerful water blast with her foot which she uses to knock the opposing waterbending player over the side of the ring, who screams before landing in the pool. The remaining firebender and earthbender stare wide-eyed at the spot their teammate was just knocked over the ropes. Mako grits his teeth and facepalms, Korra running around excited, waving her hands in the air to celebrate her move.

The Defenders and the Main Seven grimaced as the covered their eyes, while most facepalmed, and Jade groaned rubbing her eyebrows. “By Kotal’s mantle, she is literally off to a bad start.” She declared as she looked back to the arena.

“I hear ya... she clearly didn’t read the rule book.” Applejack said to her.

“Guys, I know we’re all thinking it, but I’m just saying it... they’re doomed.” Pinkie stated.

“Yep...” Sub-Zero and Scorpion agreed in unison.

“Woohoo! Man overboard!” Korra cheered out.

But the referee blew the whistle and earned her attention. “Fire Ferret waterbender, penalty! Move back one zone!” he instructed her.

Korra was shocked and confused from it. “What? Why?” She asked him.

“You're only allowed to knock players off the back of the ring! Not over the sides!” Mako scolded her for her clumsy blunder.

“Oh. Whoops.” Korra said to him feeling apologetic. Korra moves back one zone, and the waterbender that was knocked over the side, rejoins his team mates.

“And we're back in action after that hiccup, but I'm not so sure this replacement player knows what she's doing.” Shiro announced. The bell signals as the game rings again, and the teams immediately start to attack each other.

Korra pulls up some water and fires it away. However, she is immediately hit in the stomach by an earth coins and knocked back. Korra comes to a halt and immediately jumps up to retaliate with a water blast shot via her feet. Close-up of a metal grate as Korra lands again, straddling the line. The referee blows the whistle and looks to her. “Foul! Over the line! Move back to zone three!” He instructed her.

But the young Avatar groaned in frustration. “URGH! I’ll show you over the line!” She moves toward zone three as Mako and Bolin stood together.

Twilight groaned from watching. “I can’t bear to watch this...” she used her magic to form her wings and cover herself.

Flash placed a hand against her wing. “It’s okay Twilight, it’s still only the first round, I’m sure things will turn around... somehow...” he muttered.

“Very reassuring Flash...” Kung Lao said to him as he earned a scowl from him.

When a bell rings signaling the end of round one, Mako closes his eyes and lowers his head in annoyance, while Bolin twiddles his fingers in embarrassment. “The Platypus Bears take round one!” Shiro announced as the bell rings again and the Platypus Bears immediately start attacking. “The Platypus Bears know a green player when they see one, and they are focusing the brunt of their bending on this poor girl!” He informed the audience. Korra gets assaulted by all the elements of the other team. She used her waterbending to deflect the water blast of the Platypus Bears before conjuring up a shield to block a fire and earth attack; she is slight knocked back by the force of it. She quickly blocks another water blast with one of her own, but is kept on the defensive all the time. Korra as she takes on a defensive stance, the opposing fire and earthbender ready their attacks. Korra clenches her teeth and grunts with effort as she angrily raises two coins beneath her to protect herself against a triple water, fire, and earth combo. Move back to a broad shot of the playing field as the smoke of the explosion clears around Korra. Shiro’s eyes widened from what he just witnessed. “Wait a minute! Did that waterbender just earthbend?” he asked.

The Defenders and Main Seven panicked from seeing it fro the lockers as the crowd gasped, the Platypus Bears who gaze at Korra in wonder as a whistle is blown. “Foul! I... think...” He wasn’t sure as Korra laughed awkwardly. She stops for a moment when her helmet slips over her eyes again, before resuming smiling broadly. Shot of Mako as he lowers his head and closes his eyes while sighing and shaking his head.

“Pinkie... what was it you said earlier...?” Scorpion asked her.

“Simple, and I’m implying to all of us this time... we’re doomed.” Pinkie stated the fact, knowing Tenzin might be listening from his radio on the island.

Air Temple Island

The White Lotus Sentries were hovering over the radio as they listened to what was happening. “Did I see that right? Hold on, folks, we're just waiting for the referee's official call, but” Shiro said over the radio. “I-I think this replacement player could be ... no, there's no way!”

Unaware of his arrival, Tenzin approached them from behind after searching for Korra and the others. “Pardon me, everyone, have you seen Korra this evening? She's not in her room.” he said to them.

“You've gotta be kidding me! She's the Avatar, folks!“ Shiro announced as the guards eyes widened from hearing it, along with Tenzin’s. “Playing in a pro-bending match! Can you believe that?” He asked as the guards looked towards Tenzin.

His eyebrows twitch as his face shifted from shock, to anger in mere seconds. “I'll get her myself!” he turns, as a gust of wind swirls some leaves around.

“I wouldn’t recommend it...” Kratos stopped him as Tenzin looked to see him leaning against a post. “Your methods in teaching Korra are difficult for her to process, that’s the reason she lashed out at you.” He said to him.

“Here is the way I see it Kratos, your teachings in controlling her anger is what caused her to become such a disobedient student. All that anger she held back was unleashed, and it was because of you!” He shouted at the war god.

“You misunderstand my methods, what I am teaching her is to let go of the rage... there will be times where she will unleash it out of anger, but suppressing the anger within her is always the hardest practice of them all.” Kratos explained to him

Scoffing at his ideals, Tenzin turned away and stormed off. “No matter what you say, I am bringing Korra home!” He stated as he headed for the boat.

Kratos watched him leave as Raiden approached him. “You could have stopped him...” He said to him.

“Now where is the fun in that...?” Kratos asked him as he smirked. Raiden returned a similar smirk and the two gods walked to meet with Pema and the children.

Pro-Bending Arena

The referee approached to give their decision. “The Avatar will be permitted to continue so long as she solely bends water!” he announced. The Platypus Bears meanwhile... were not happy about it.

“Well, at least she didn’t get disqualified...” Rarity said to her friends.

“Yes, she may have luck on her side now, but Tenzin is likely on his way here now.” Sub-Zero said to her.

At that moment, Rainbow Dash grimaced at the thought of what will happen when he arrives. A bell signals to resume the match. The Platypus Bear earthbender stomps the ground and raises an earth coin and punches it away. The other Platypus Bears also direct their attacks in the same direction as the coin, towards Korra. “This girl may be the Avatar, but she's no pro-bender and the Platypus Bears are intent on exploiting that weakness!” Shiro announced as Korra deflects the coins with a water whip, as well as the fire blast and water bullet. She nimbly back flips under another coin and water attack, before crossing her arms before her face to protect herself from a fire blast. “They're giving her their best, and her best ain't good enough to stop it!” He observed the onslaught.

“Come on Korra, you can do this!” Pinkie yelled out.

The Platypus Bears launch another wave of attacks, Korra is hit in the side by a fire blast, knocked out of balance by an earth coin in the stomach, and thrown back by a water blast against the head. Shot from right over the floor of the playing field as Korra bounces past, and falls over the rim, tumbling into the water. “Aaaaand she's in the drink.” Shiro announced.

Pinkie grimaced from seeing it, only to then notice Tenzin down bellow. “Uh oh, we have trouble, with a MAJOR capital ‘T’!” She exclaimed as she pointed towards Tenzin.

Korra swims underwater toward the platform. She emerges from the water while taking a breather, she looks up when a shadow falls over her. Tenzin stands over her with an angry expression on his face, as Korra nervously looked at him. “Oh, hey, Tenzin. I thought you didn't like coming to these matches.” She reminded him as she nervously chuckled and climbed out of the water.

“Once again, you have flagrantly disobeyed my orders. You were to stay on the island! Let's go.” Tenzin turns and starts to walk away.

“No! I'm kind of in the middle of something.” Korra stood her ground towards him.

Tenzin turned back to face her. “I have tried my very best to get through to you by being gentle and patient, but clearly the only thing you respond to is force! So I am ordering you to come back to the temple right now!” Tenzin shouted at her.

“Why? So I can sit around and meditate about how bad I am at airbending?” Korra asked him as she turned away. “You know, I'm beginning to think there's a reason I haven't been able to learn it! Because, maybe, I don't even need it!” She suggested.

Tenzin couldn’t believe what he just heard from her. “What? That is a ludicrous suggestion! The Avatar needs to learn airbending! It is not optional!” He stated to her.

“No! This is what I need to learn! Modern styles of fighting!” Korra pointed towards the arena.

“Being the Avatar isn't all about fighting, Korra!” Tenzin retorted as he leaned in anger. “When will you learn that?” He asked her.

“I have a match to go finish.” Korra stated and left Tenzin alone, heading towards the elevator.

“The Platypus Bears win round two!” The moment Korra stands on the platform, it starts ascending. Meanwhile, Tenzin turns and exits the arena. “Round three!”

Mileena touched Korra’s shoulder stopping her. “That was pretty savage Korra... you alright...?” She asked her.

“Not really Mileena... not really...” Korra responded to her as she walked passed her.

“I know it’s hard to work with him Korra, but maybe after this match, you should talk to him... ask him for forgiveness.” Liu Kang suggested.

Korra let out a sigh and looked towards him. “I doubt that’s gonna be on his mind Liu...” she responded and headed to the arena. Liu watched her rejoin her team and sighed knowing it was going to be tough for her when they get back to the island.

The moment a bell rings, the Platypus Bears immediately start their offense.”The Platypus Bears come out of the gate and quickly go after the Ferret brothers! They're corralled in the corner, wedged in the edge of zone one, unable to come to the Avatar's rescue! And boy, does she need it!” Shiro pointed out as Korra was being ambushed. The waterbender of the opposing team as he raises water from the grate in front of him and bends it away; he advances and repeats the attack. Bolin who has crosses his arms in front of his chest to defend himself against the first water attack. He retaliates by throwing an earth coin, but is forced to raise another coin in front of him to defend himself against the incoming second water blast. Meanwhile, the firebender attacks Mako, who attempts to retaliate as unsuccessfully as his brother.

The two opposing benders drive them into the corner of zone one, against the railing, Mako and Bolin are being showered by water streams, which forces them to remain in the corner. “This is bad, without Mako and Bolin, Korra has no defense.” Liu Kang began to worry.

“And no telepathic communication is going to help this time.” Kitana stated as she watched the match. The Platypus Bears earthbender and firebender as the launch their attacks, The waterbender directs one water blast after the other at Mako and Bolin, locking them in the corner, while Korra is constantly put on the defensive by fire and earth attacks.

Meanwhile, Tenzin heads down an exit. As the crowd cheers, he turns around concentrating on Korra, dodging an earth coin, but being frontally hit by a water blast. Tenzin watched as Korra was pushed into the second zone by the water blast, where she catches an earth coins and throws it away. He sighs while covering his eyes with his hand, the moment the buzzer sounds, signaling Korra has been pushed back into zone three. “Looks like the Avatar's pro-bending debut is going to be cut short! She's been pushed back to zone three, and the water is calling her name!” Shiro stated as he watched. Korra's feet reaches the edge of the arena, nearly falls over the edge. Korra is teetering over the rim, she dodges an earth coin and regains her balance. Korra's looks to the opposing team as her face looked of anger, but soon changes to one of focused determination. “It's only a matter of time before...” before Shiro could finish, an unexpected miracle happened. Korra changes her style and takes on an airbender stance and begins to dodge the three opposing players' attacks in the method she was taught to pass the fan obstacles in her airbending training, changing direction at a moment's notice. “Hold the phone! Stop the presses! She's still in the game, folks! And she's moving like an entirely different player! All of a sudden, the Platypus Bears' strikes are only striking air!” he announced.

Twilight watched from the locker room, feeling surprised of what she was seeing, but smiles at seeing what it is. “You guys seeing what I’m seeing...?” She asked them.

“I’m seeing, and I can’t believe it...” Applejack responded to her.

“She is moving like...”Fluttershy pointed out as she looked to Scorpion.

Who was smiling being his mask as he crossed his arms. “Like an airbender...” he finish her sentence.

The opposing firebender as he looks annoyed by this sudden change; he and his team mates attack again. But a concentrated Korra who nimbly dodges their attack. Tenzin turned around, and watched with a surprised face as Korra avoided more attacks. A smile began to form across his face as he watched her. “How about that?”

The Platypus Bear team all look tired, and their attacks lack their previous power. The water blast is traveling toward Mako and Bolin who ready themselves to get hit. However, before the blast makes contact, the water loses momentum and falls to the ground. “The Platypus Bears have no juice left, but Mako and Bolin are still fresh and juicy!” Shiro observed as Mako and Bolin waste no time to counter. Mako promptly begins attacking them, directing quick fire blasts at the opposing earthbender, soon aided by his brother's earthbending. The Platypus Bears earthbender is pushed back by a coin, and the waterbender is knocked off his feet by a water and fire combo. Korra spins rapidly around her axis, building up momentum to charge her water bullet. The Platypus Bears are put on the defensive and are being hammered by the strong attacks of the Fire Ferrets. Mako directs three blasts at the other team; the waterbender who is hit by every one of them and is knocked back several zones, into the water. The earthbender takes a hit from an earth coin, stumbling back, several water and fire attacks push him backward, all the way into the water. The last remaining player is hit by two water blasts. The player tumbles over it. The two Platypus Bears are already swimming, and the third falls in. A bell is rung several times. “KNOCKOUT!” Shiro shouted out.

Everyone cheered out as Tenzin was amazed of what he witnessed. “Woohoo!” He cheered with an uncharacteristically excited look, Tenzin points both index fingers at the arena and pumps his fists, jumping for joy. As he looks around, he notices that the nearby spectators are all eying him. He quickly recovers his dignity, straightening his outfit and walking away with a solemn expression.

“The Fire Ferrets come from waaay behind and steal the win! What an upset, folks! The rookies, Avatar in tow, have nabbed a place in the championship tournament! I can not believe it!“ Shiro announced to the audience in the arena and those listening on the radio.

Korra looks around joyfully. Bolin smiles as he poses and pretentiously puts his hand behind his ears to listen to the applause. Korra approaches him and they high-five each other. “Hahaha, yeah! Yes!” they cheered.

Twilight and the others approached to congratulate them for their victory. “Korra, you were amazing out there!” She complimented her on her skill.

“Thanks Twi, I’m just glad you guys were here...” Korra said to her.

“You fought bravely... wreckless at first, but you proved yourself a determined, and fierce warrior.” Jade complimented her and looked to Mako and Bolin. “All three of you have...” she stated to them.

Bolin let out a chuckle and rubbed his head in embarrassment. “Gee, thanks a lot...” he expressed his gratitude.

Korra smiled broadly and looked at Mako who approaches. Showing his serious face. “Korra... what can I say? You really came alive in that last round. The way you dodged their attacks... you are a natural.” He complimented her.

The Main Seven were shocked of what they heard. “Was that brutal honesty from Mako...?” Rainbow Dash asked her friends.

“It’s scary... it doubt about that.” Applejack pointed out.

“But at least it’s nice to see this side of him for once.” Fluttershy said to them and smiled.

Korra smiled a bit as she looked to Mako. “Thanks, but I can't take all the credit.” She admitted and looked towards the crowd. “Someone else taught me those moves.” She stated as her smile faded and looked to Mako. “I need to go talk to him, I seriously messed up, and I need to make it up to him.” She said to him.

“Go, but just so you know, you’re officially part of the Fire Ferrets, and we’ll start training early in the morning.” Mako informed her.

“Early in the morning, got it, see ya guys!” Korra said to them as she ran off with her friends.

Mako smiled seeing her go, but saw Liu Kang approach him. “You did good out there, but keep in mind... your pride will only bring disaster. Don’t let it control your judgement...” He advised him. The young firebender looked to the shaolin but nodded his head in response as Liu bowed to him and walked away to follow the others.

Air Temple Island

On Air Temple Island later that night, with the moon perched high in the sky behind it. People were repairing the airbending gates. Korra approaches Tenzin, who is supervising the Air Acolytes as they place new gates in place of the ones that Korra destroyed. Korra stops a bit behind him. “I'm really sorry ... about everything I said.” She gestured to herself. “I was really frustrated with myself, and I took it out on you.” She gestured to him.

Tenzin turned to her to face her directly. “I think I owe you an apology too. I was trying to teach you about patience, but I lost mine.

“No hard feelings?” Korra asked him.

“Of course not. By the way, you were really good out there tonight.” Tenzin gestures with his finger to emphasize his words. “You moved just like an airbender!” He stated.

Korra was surprised to hear it. “Wait...” she started feeling joyful. “You stayed and watched?” She asked him.

“I did. Pro-bending turned out to be the perfect teaching tool for you.” Tenzin admitted to her.

Approaching them, Rainbow Dash crossed her arms with a sly smirk. “That must’ve wounded your pride to hear yourself say that.” She said to him.

“More than you can imagine...” Tenzin replied to her.

“There is no shame in admitting when you’re wrong about certain things Master Tenzin... I know, I speak from experience.” Sub-Zero said to him.

Tenzin nodded in agreement as Korra smiled and suddenly turns around, and backs up a few paces while jogging in place. “I'll see you tomorrow for airbending practice, bright and early!” she said to him as she took off.

At that point, Pinkie popped up. “And, by the way, she kinda permanently joined the Fire Ferrets and they’re playing in the tournament in a couple of weeks! Just thought you should know.” She said to him and ran off with the others.

Tenzin’s face takes on a look of unpleasant surprise. He sighs heavily while lowering his head as Kratos approached with Raiden. “You both planned this, didn’t you...?” He asked them.

“Not in the slightest...” Raiden responded to him but looked to Korra. “But she certainly learned a valuable lesson from this experience...” he stated.

Kratos nodded his head in agreement and looked towards Korra. “Yes... but let us hope that she can withstand the coming dangers in the future.” He stated to them.


In on one of the towers of the Pro-bending Arena. Mako is sitting on the window ledge, gazing across the bay. Staring at Air Temple Island. He stared in wonder if Korra was still awake at this point. But his focus was soon interrupted when Bolin started ruffling the sheets, talking in his sleep as Pabu tried to adjust himself to get comfortable. Mako smiled at his younger brother but looked back towards Air Temple Island, but soon noticed something shimmering near his foot. He checked it and saw it was a rare jewel... that was similar to the color of Korra’s eyes. He didn’t know what it meant... but he picked it up and held it in his hand starring at it in wonder. He didn’t know what to think, but he put it in his pocket to keep it safe as he looked back out to the island.


Back on the island, as everyone was in their respective rooms, Korra was at her window, looking at the arena. She is resting her head on her hand, a pleased smile dons her face as she looked at the arena thinking about a certain firebender. And just like what happened with Mako, a shimmering light caught her attention and found an amber colored gemstone beside her. She picked it up and looked at it curiously, wondering where it came from, but she knew it must have been something special. She put it away and looked back to the arena, smiling as she felt something in her heart... that would change her life.

The Revelation and The Huntress

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Hello everyone, Shiro Shinobi here. A chance encounter turns Korra from pro-bending spectator to pro-bending star. With her new teammates, Mako and Bolin, the Fire Ferrets earn a place in the championship tournament. But meanwhile, an anti-bending revolution brews in Republic City. Who are the Equalists? And what nefarious plan does the mysterious man behind the mask have in store for our hero?

Air Temple Island

Very early in the morning on Air Temple Island, in the groves, Scorpion sat in the groves. Meditating peacefully and tranquilly, fully aware of his surroundings as a group of flying lemurs were watching him from the tree’s. They watched as he peacefully meditated, but notice as he took a took a deep breath, and exhaled as his eyes snapped open. He rolled back as he grabbed his swords and held them in a fighting stance. The lemurs watched as Scorpion swung his swords in a smooth motion and spun around kicking a few training dummies he created, slicing at them as he left deep scratches in the wood. He then threw his swords into a moving target that swung by and he pulled out his spear chain and twirled it around him. He twirled it in wide circular motions and spun around, quickly throwing it at a peach that was near by, and pulled it over catching it. He put his spear away as the lemurs went away, he knew they feared him... and had every right to. He took off his mask and started eating the peach, unaware someone was approaching him from behind. “You’ve experienced it too, haven’t you...? Asked a familiar deep voice.

Scorpion recognized it, but didn’t bother turning around to see who it was. “What brings you here Kratos...?” He asked him.

The war god approached him as he took a peach for himself. “You’ve been training every early morning, since I first arrived here... but through your training, I see a flicker of anger within your movements. I came here to understand why...” He stated to the ninja specter.

Hearing it, Scorpion sat down on his knee’s and gestured him to sit before him. Kratos approached him and sat in front of him to hear it. “To answer your question, to whether or not I’ve experienced it... yes, I have...” he said to him and looked down. “Before I was Scorpion, I was a noble master of a great clan... the Shirai Ryu... we were a ninja clan that fought for peace. I... had a family... my wife, Harumi... and my son, Satoshi...” he explained to the war god. “One day, Satoshi and I were deep in the forest that was on the boarder of our village. He was watching a scorpion being swarmed by ants... he believed it needed help. But I told him that life was cruel, it didn’t matter where you were from... what god you pray to, it is... so he could face it head on. No matter how many enemies, the scorpion fought on... it was strong, it was fast... but asked him why the scorpion was feared.” He looked to Kratos to give him the answer. “It’s will... will power is what would make his destiny his own, so he could learn how to control it, here, and here...” he pointed to both his head and his chest. “By that time, we returned to our village... but something was wrong... the village was filled with people... but when we’re returned, it was deserted.” He stated as he remembered it well. “That was when they attacked...”

Kratos looked to him sensing the anger in his words. “They...?” He asked him.

“The Lin Kuei...” Scorpion stated the name as Kratos looked towards Sub-Zero who stood in his own general area. “They are a clan of assassins that tried to kill me and my son. But I fought them off, but when Satoshi and I hid... we found that the entire village... was slaughtered like animals. I learned... if they killed the entire village, they were working their way... to Harumi. I ran as fast as I could to our home... I called for Harumi in desperation, hoping she was still alive... but... I was already too late...” he remembered the sadness of his sons voice when he discovered Harumi’s dead body. “I approached and saw her body, lying on the floor of our own house... surrounded in a pool of blood. My son... was scarred by it... as was I. I felt sadness ebbing inside my heart... but it was then replaced... with rage.” He stated as he remembered the slaughter. “I fought back against the assassins... slaughtering each and every one of them. But when I finished the final one... that was when he came...”

Kratos looked to him as he finished looking at Sub-Zero. “Sub-Zero...?” He asked.

“Yes... but not the Sub-Zero we know today, the original Sub-Zero. Back then, it was Bi Han who wore that mantle before Kuai Liang... he held my son in his icy grip. I wanted to kill him, but if I made a move, I would only have my son killed. I demanded to know what he wanted, he wanted me on my knee’s... I didn’t trust him, but I had to do it to save my son. But as I got on my knee’s.. Bi Han trapped me within ice, leaving my head and arms exposed so I could watch... as he pieced an icicle through my sons throat” he stated as Kratos had a look of shock on his face, remembering the deaths of hismwife and child by his own hand. “He killed my son right in front of me... and didn’t even care. My rage was soon endless... I tried to break free... but Sub-Zero finished me off before I could break free. My soul was then sent the evil Netherrealm... to be tortured. But my rage helped me escape... and that was when I met, him...” he remembered meeting Quan Chi for the first time... his eyes squinted in anger. “The true architect of my suffering... Quan Chi... after I killed Bi Han and nearly killed Kuai Liang, I learned that Quan Chi was the true mastermind of the assassination of my family and clan. I devoted my life to hunting him, after the events of Armageddon, and the war for Equestria, I finally... had my revenge.” He stated.

Seeing his anger, Kratos knew that he was still struggling. “But you did not find peace...” he suggested.

Scorpion shook his head as he looked down. “No...” he replied but looked seeing Fluttershy stepping out for her early morning time with the animals. “But it soon came to me, in the form of a beautiful young Pegasus named Fluttershy. She may be human now, but she will always be a Pegasus by heart.” He stated.

Looking at the young girl, Kratos looked down as he set down his peach. “We share this pain... you and I both lost our families, our people... you, the Shirai Ryu, me... my Spartans... but when I lost Feye, I felt alone again, do not lose your love as I did Scorpion, I can see how precious she is to you...” he said to him as he stood up. “Now if you will excuse me, I need to wake up Korra for her morning with the Fire Ferrets.” He said to him and headed for Korra’s room.


As he approached her room, she found Twilight waiting on the other side of it. “Has she awakened...?” He asked her.

“Nope... she’s still asleep, and I am really this tempted to opening the door, and waking her up.” Twilight stated as she crossed her arms.

“You could be more assertive...” Kratos pointed out and knocked on the door. “Korra, wake up child!” He shouted.

“That’s being assertive...?” Twilight asked him sarcastically.

Groaning on the other side of the door, Korra didn’t want to get out of bed. “Go away... I hate mornings.” She stated with a grumble.

“Korra, you know you’re supposed to get up early to begin your practice with the Fire Ferrets... now get up, before I have to come in there, and drag you there myself.” Kratos warned her.

“Just five more minutes teach...” Korra responded to him still feeling sleepy. The war god grumbled and was about to open the door, but Twilight stopped him by holding up a hand and quietly opened the door with her magic. She walked in and saw Korra sleeping in her bed and used her magic to summon an air horn, forming a devious grin on her face as she pressed the button. Korra’s eyes snapped open from the loudness of the horn and screamed falling to the floor, now fully awake. “Okay, okay I’m up..!” She cried out as Twilight lifted her up with her magic.

“Good, now that you are, let’s get you cleaned up, it’s your first day of Pro-Bending training, you need to look your best, and show absolute focus.” Twilight stated to her as she cleaned her up.

Korra let out a groan as she was set right back up. “Was the horn really necessary though...?” She asked her.

“Tough love baby, Sonya and her Special Forces team had to, so do you...” Twilight said to her.

“Now, get dressed, and head for the arena. I will meet you there to be an observer...” Kratos said to her and walked away from her room.

Korra let out a small grumble as she grabbed her clothes started changing out of her pajamas. But as she did, the amber stone that she discovered fell out of her pajama pocket and fell to the floor. Twilight noticed it and picked it up, looking at it. “What’s this...?” She asked her.

Noticing it, Korra took it from her and looked at it. “I don’t know... it just appeared in my room last night, I don’t know where it came from...” she said to her. “But I can feel some kind of strange energy from it... I plan on showing it to Lord Raiden after my training with Mako and Bolin.”

“Good idea, I’m actually curious about this gem myself. Now, let’s get you to the Pro-Bending Arena before you’re late, if you’re not already.” Twilight said to her and walked out of the room. Korra let out a sigh and looked to the amber in her hand, equally curious about it, but puts it in her pocket and follows her as she got her boots on.

Pro-Bending Arena, Gym

At the gym of the arena... a large ball flys through the air towards Korra and she quickly caught it. She looked to her fellow teammates with a face of dismay. “What's the big idea with making me train this early in the morning? The morning is evil.” she stated to them.

“We're the rookies...” Bolin reminded her as he caught the ball from her when she tossed it. “So we get the worst time slot in the gym.” He tosses the ball to Mako.

The firebender caught the ball and looked towards Korra. “And you're the rookiest of us all. We gotta get you up to speed if we wanna survive in the tournament.” He tosses the ball towards her. “Deal with it.” He said to her feeling annoyed.

The Avatar catches the ball and gave him a glare looking equally annoyed. “You deal with it!” She tossed it back to him.

As Mako caught it, the ball hits him hard in the stomach, flinging him backward in a flip, and causing him to land hard on his back, groaning. The onlookers which consisted of Twilight and her friends, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny, Sonya, Chi and Kratos, all saw it happened. Rainbow bursted out laughing from seeing what happened to Mako and walked over to him. “You alright there Mako...?” She asked him as she took his hand and lifted him up from he floor.

“A little... but she”s got some strong throwing arms...” he groaned a little more from the pain in his stomach, almost feeling like he got the wind knocked out of him. Korra crossed her arms, as she had a smug-smirk on her face. She glances over her shoulder and noticed someone has entered the gym.

Sonya took notice of it and her eyes squinted just from looking at him. “There are my little hard-working street urchins.” he stated to them and looked towards Korra and placed a hand on her shoulder. “It's an honor to finally meet you, Avatar.” he said to him.

Korra felt it and looked to him somewhat annoyed. “And you are...?” she asked him.

The man took off his hat to introduce himself. “Butakha. I run this whole pro-bending shebang.” he stated as he placed his hat back on.

“More like the guy turning this team into your own personal cash cow.” Sonya put it mildly earning Butakah’s attention.

“Well now, and you are...?” He asked her.

“Not interested...” Sonya answered him before he could ask.

Butakah chuckled as he approached her. “Trust me, you will be... they always are.” He stated to her a he touched her chin, only to see her bite at his hand as he quickly reaped it back feeling panicked. “Sheesh, talk about feisty...” he muttered as he pulled out some cash from his inner pocket and places it into the outstretched hand of an eager Mako. “Here's your winnings from the last match.” He said to him as Mako held the money with a broad grin on his face. He went to put it away, but Butakah raised a finger to stop him. “Ah ah ah, not so fast. First, you owe me for the Avatar's new gear...” he took some cash from him. “Gym and equipment rentals from last month...” he takes more cash as Mako sadly looks at the money he had; he moves to put the rest away, but Butakha stops him again. “Rent on your apartment...” Mako looks dismayed at his nearly empty hand. But soon, Butakha takes the remaining money. “And a personal loan for groceries...” he stated taking the last of his money.

Mako stares sadly at his empty hand and turns to a dismayed expression. He turns irritatedly and glares accusingly at Bolin. The young brother see’s it and panics as Pabu was perched on his shoulders. He waved his hands up innocently, and defensively. “What? I'm a growing boy! He said as he rubbed his stomach.

“Come on Mako, he meant no ham in it...” Johnny said to him as he patted Bolins shoulder.

“Oh, and one more small item of business: The Fire Ferrets need to ante up thirty thousand yuans for the championship pot.” Butakah informed them.

Just from hearing it, both Bolin and Johnny, were shocked from hearing it and looked to him. “Thirty thousand yuans?!” They panicked.

But Johnny pulled his hand away from Bolin and stepped up to Butakah. “Hold on, they’re just kids, how are they supposed to make that kind of money?!” He asked him with a scowl and clenched fists.

“Not my problem...” Butakah replied and started walking to Mako and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Sorry, kids. You got 'til the end of the week to come up with the dough, or else, you're out of the tournament.” he stated to them as he walked out of the gym.

Fuming in anger, Johnny grabbed a shattered piece of an earth coin and was about to throw it at him, but Kratos caught his arm to stop him. “Don’t even try it Cage...” he said to him.

But Johnny was still pissed off with the guy. “I have met guys like that back in Earthrealm, and they just don’t have a right to... he’s just such a-“ before he could finish his sentence.

Sonya slapped him in the back of the head. “Hey bone head, just because he runs this place, doesn’t really make him more powerful... I mean look at him.” She gestured to him and saw him smothering himself in his own money. “He is so full of himself, he doesn’t even realize it.”

Meanwhile, Bolin was still feebly reaches after Butakha as he walks away. Korra walks up to them as both brothers look at the ground with sad expressions. They glance to her as she stops. “You wouldn't happen to have a secret Avatar bank account overflowing with gold, would you?” he asked her hoping for a miracle.

Korra quickly emptied her pockets to show them. “I got nothing, I've never really needed money... I've always had people taking care of me.” She admitted and softly smiled as she tilted her head.

Mako at that moment picked up the ball and puts it in a bag. “Then I wouldn't say you have nothing.” He slightly accused.

“I can always sneak into his office and steal the money...” Chi offered a solution as she changed into a mouse. “He won’t even notice...” she said with a high pitch voice.

“No Chi... thievery never gets anyone, anywhere.” Kung Lao said to her.

Korra meanwhile felt the anger from Mako as he looked at him. “Sorry, I didn't mean...” she tried to find the words.

“No, it's all right. It's just... ever since we lost our parents, we've been on our own.“ Bolin explained to her, feeling sad about what happened that awful night.

“Oh you poor thing...” Fluttershy held him to comfort the young Earthbender.

“I'm so sorry. I didn't know.” Korra said to him compassionately.

“If it’s any consolation to you two... I lost my parents at a young age as well. It was the day I went to the shaolin... to become a warrior.” Liu Kang said to them.

“And I, my father and the entire realm of Edenia. I was only a newborn when it happened... I never even got to know him.” Kitana shared her sympathy.

Mako heard their stories and lowered his head feeling sorry for them. He picks up the bags with two training balls in it and zips it shut. He quickly let out an exhale to hide his sadness, and turned towards them. “So, anyway...” he swung the bag over his shoulder and looked to them. “How are we gonna come up with the money?” He asked them.

At that moment, everyone pondered on what could be done to earn the money needed. “Well... we could ask Tenzin if he could help with the payments, I mean he is a member of the council.” Rarity suggested.

“Nah, he’ll be too busy to even help out.” Rainbow pointed out as she scratched her head.

“What about this... Lord Raiden, he must have money on him, right...?” Mako asked out of curiosity, only to see lighting crash land in the gym as Raiden appeared before them. Mako panicked at seeing it as he looked at the thunder god, feeling surprised of his appearance. “Whoa... didn’t see that coming.” He muttered.

“Neither did I...” Bolin agreed with him.

“As much as I would love to help you Mako, I’m afraid I can’t...” Raiden stated as he approached him. “You see, gods such as me and Fujin have no need for treasures, or money... our divine power is all that we need.” He stated as he made his lightning vanish.

“He’s right... if you want money, you will have to earn it through hard work.” Kratos stated to him.

Mako sighed in defeat from what they said, but Twilight patted his shoulder to comfort him. “It was worth a shot, don’t worry...” she said to him.

Till suddenly, something in Bolin’s mind clicked. “Oh, oh, I got it! I got it!” He shouted as he holds up his fire ferret. “I've been training Pabu to do circus tricks. Now people would pay good money to see that!” He stated as he had a excited and hopeful look on his face as he looked at Mako, while both everyone looked down at Bolin with a "you cannot be serious" expression.

Mako sighed irritatedly from his suggestion. “Come on, Bolin. We need serious ideas.” He said to him.

Pabu chitters softly as Bolin held him. “I was serious.” he said to him.

But Mako tuned away and started walking. “Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out. I always do.” He said to him.

Bolin stands up and both he and Korra eye Mako's exit with a wondering expression. Bolin’s expression changes to a determined one as he glances to the side. Johnny noticed it and walked up to him. “Hold up kiddo, you need to think long and hard about what you’re gonna do...” he said to him.

“And I am Johnny, now if you will all excuse me, I have a performance to get started. Come on Pabu!” He called to his fire ferret as Pabu leaped to his shoulder as the young earthbender exited the room.

Johnny let out a sigh as he shook his head. “He’s gonna get eaten alive...” he muttered as he got a nudge from Applejack. “Well he is... you think I had it easy being an actor...?” He asked her.

“No, but that mouth of yours needs to learn how to keep closed sometimes.” Applejack responded and walked with the others. At that moment, Kratos was going to follow after them, but he soon stopped as he felt something. He looked towards the windows seeing nothing there... he could have swore he felt something watching him as he left the gym.

Raiden took notice of it and approached him, touching his shoulder. “Is something wrong...?” He asked him.

Looking out the windows, Kratos could tell what it might have been. But he knew it felt dangerous... so he turned away and followed the others. “Nothing... it was nothing...” he stated as he followed the group back to Air Temple Island. Raiden watched him go, but knew he was hiding it. But he decided to let it go, until Kratos was ready to reveal what it is. He followed after him and their allies, unaware that a pair of eyes glowed outside the arena wind, and instantly vanished.

Central City Station

At the Central City station, in front of the statue of Firelord Zuko, there was someone sitting at its base while people are passing him by. “Come one, come all.” It was none other than Bolin, who has a small bridge set up. He is wearing a flashy jacket and possibly one of the most fakest mustaches anyone could ever lay eyes upon, while Pabu is standing on a little can, wearing a bright lime green jacket. “See Pabu the fantastic fire ferret as he crosses the Ladder of Peril...” he lets out a gasp. “Upside down!” He whispers dramatically only to see Pabu continue to clean himself by licking his paws. “Psst, psst.” Bolin signals Pabu, the ferret jumps on the plank and starts walking across it on his front paws. Bolin softly cheers him on. “Big finish, buddy. Stick the landing.” He said to Pabu as the little Fire Ferret flips off and lands on one front paw. “Ta da!” He cheers out as someone throws a coin in Bolin's cup. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! You are too kind! Seriously, too kind! You can come back here and put money right in this-“ He shakes his cup, and his excitement vanishes as he hears that there is little money inside it. “Okay, that's fine, that's fine.” He looks inside and see’s the single coin that is in the canister. “One yuan down, 29,999 to go.”

“Looks like you’re having some trouble there kiddo...” said a familiar voice.

Bolin recognized it and looked seeing it was Johnny along with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie. “Hey! Johnny, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, what brings you two here...?” He asked them.

“Well you, obviously... I’m with Johnny right now, your having major trouble here buddy.” Rainbow pointed out to cup seeing the only yuan in the cup.

Sighing in defeat, Bolin slumped down to the ground. “Yeah, maybe Mako was right, I should have thought of something more serious.” He admitted.

“Oh don’t let grumpy brother of yours get you down, you still have a shot.” Pinkie pointed out to him and walked over to his little set for Pabu. “But unfortunately, this might not cut it... you’re definitely gonna have to amp it up a notch.” She stated to him.

“But... how...?” Bolin asked her as he looked to her.

“We got that covered kiddo...” Johnny said to him and pulled out a microphone, clearing his throat as he inhaled. “HEY PEOPLE!!! If you want to see some entertainment, then get a load of this!” He stated as Rainbow Dash summoned her ability to control lightning, and makes it slither like a snake passed the crowd. The people panicked at first, but they watched as the lighting didn’t harm them, but made its way back to Rainbow Dash and she caught it with her bare hand. Which literally made everyone gasp in awe as they saw that she was unharmed by her own power.

Bolin of course was immediately stunned from seeing it. “Whoa... I didn’t know you could do that...” he said to her as he was in a state of shock and awe.

Rainbow a dash smirked as she glanced his way. “Perks of being a student of the Lin Kuei Grandmaster... I’ve been practicing since I first discovered my abilities...” she informed him and noticed more money being put into Bolin’s cup and smiled at seeing it. “Looks like we’re getting somewhere.”

“Yeah, looks like we’re about 29,923 yuans to go...” Johnny pointed out only to her a car engine and looked seeing a fancy red car used by the Triple Treat Triad pulls up. “Judging by the style, it can only mean trouble.” He pointed out.

“I second that... my Pinkie senses are detecting major bad juju coming from it.” Pinkie stated as she got a worried look from Johnny as he showed a “Where do you come up with this stuff?” look on his face. She immediately noticed and turned facing him. “What?”

The window of the red car rolled down, revealing a Triple Threat by the name of Shady Shin. “Hey, Bolin. Is that you?” He asked the young earthbender.

Just from seeing him, Bolin had a dejected look on his face. “Oh, hey there, Shady Shin.” he replied.

Shin stepped out of the car and approached him and his friends. “Heard you're a big time pro-bending player now. Not bad.” he complimented him.

“Uh, thanks.” Bolin said to him as he scratched his head.

But Johnny knew that he was not here just to compliment him on his chance of being a pro-bender. “Cut the garbage pal, we both know you’re here for something else...” he pointed out to him earning a surprised look from Shin.

“And just who the heck are you...?” Shin asked him.

But before Johnny could respond, Rainow Dash stepped up holding a lightning blade in her hand. “Someone who’s friends you don’t want to mess around with. Now speak your peace, before things get ugly...” She stated to him as a warning.

Surprised of it, Shin knew that she was deadly serious. He cleared his throat and looked to Bolin as sweat began to show on his skin. “So listen. I got an offer for ya. Lightning Bolt Zolt is lookin' to hire some extra muscle.” he said to him.

Unsure of the job, Bolin knew that Mako would kill him if he even took the job. “Uh, I don't know, Shin. Mako told me to stay away from the Triple Threats.” he said to him.

“Pfuh, your brother ain't the boss of you. It's just a little security work. Nothin' crooked.” Shin said to him with a sly tone in his voice. Johnny recognized it all too well, and glared at him as he clenched his fist. At that moment, Shady Shin reaches in his pocket, takes out a wad of cash, and tosses it into Bolin's cup. Bolin stared at the money with wide eyes and gasps in awe. He shakes his head and gasps even louder, while nearly sticking his head in the can. “You game?” he asked with a confident smile, only to see Johnny snatch the money out of the cup. “Hey, what gives?!”

Johnny shoved the Triple Threat with his money back to his car. “He’s not interested! Now do yourself a favor pal...” he opened the door for him and shoved him into the car. “Get in your car, take your money... and get lost!” He shouted as he showed a clenched fist. “Or the only thing that money will help you with is a dental plan... you’ll be looking for your teeth in so many places, you’ll realize you may have swallowed a few.” He said to him as Shin panicked and started his car, and drove off in a hurry.

Bolin was surprised from what he saw and looked to Johnny feeling disappointed about the money. “What the heck Johnny?! I could have used that money!” He complained.

“No Bolin, you wouldn’t... I’ve seen what money does to people, and trust me when I say... it isn’t a pretty road.” Johnny said to him earning a surprised look from the young earthbender. “Around your age, I was a pro-fighting champion... I won every match, then worked my way to acting... the money was good, but I soon found out that money was only being used for selfish reasons. People like Shady Shin and the Triple Threats... they only use money to take advantage of you.” He stated to him.

“He’s right Bo, that money he gave you...? Won’t help with your future in Pro-Bending...” Rainbow Dash said to him.

Bolin thought it through, but looked to Johnny seeing him kneel down to him. “Don’t make the same mistakes I made... otherwise you’ll live to regret them.” He stated to him and stood up. “Keep up the good work Bo...” he said to him and headed back to the docks to head back to Air Temple Island with the girls. Bolin watched him go, and looked to the cup seeing the money he currently had. But looked to where Shin went as Pabu looked to him, the young earthbender was in conflict with himself on what to do.

Republic City Power Plant

Meanwhile at the power plant... Mako was generating lightning along with a few other firebenders that worked there. They each shot lightning at the coils that powered the machinery in the plant. The construction whistle goes off, and Mako stopped shooting lightning as he took his mask off knowing his shift was over. He sighed and wiped his forehead of sweat and headed out. “I should probably get some dumplings for Bo... he’s probably gonna be hungry after a long day.” He stated as he went out to change his clothes.


After getting into his regular clothes, Mako headed for the nearest food market to get Bolin’s favorite dumplings. But when he wasn’t looking, a car was headed straight for him as the screeching tires were finally heard. He panicked as the car was close to hitting him, but in a blink of an eye, Twilight appeared and grabbed him. She quickly teleported him out of the way as the car missed them instantly. Twilight soon reappeared with Mako and exhaled, looking the firebender. “You okay Mako...?” She asked him.

Panting harshly, Mako tried to catch his breath has he nearly had a heart attack from the experience. He took a deep breath and exhaled, finally being able to calm down. “Yeah... I am now.” He stated and looked to her. “Thanks Twilight... that, is your name right...?” He asked her.

“That’s her name, don’t wear it out man...” said a voice as Mako looked around surprised and looked down seeing a small purple and green dragon. “Took you long enough...”

Mako’s eyes widened in surprise and kneeled down to him. “Whoa... a dragon...?” He asked and touched his head. “Kinda small for one, don’t you think...?” He asked.

Spike snapped his jaws at his hand only to miss it. “Don’t mess with me buddy...” he warned him.

“Spike, behave yourself...” Flash approached them and looked to Mako. “Sorry about Twilight’s number one assistant, he just arrived today after finishing paperwork back in Earthrealm. Names Flash by the way...” he introduced himself as he extended his hand.

Mako took his hand and shook it. “Mako... nice to meet you. So what are you and Princess Twilight doing out here?” He asked them.

“Well, we were just in the market looking for dumplings to try out. I heard they were really good, so I bought enough for everyone back on Air Temple Island.” Twilight explained to him.

“You know, I was actually heading down there myself... Bolin likes that stuff, so I thought I’d get him some after a hard days work.” Mako informed them.

“You’re working...?” Twilight asked him in surprise.

“Yeah, over at the power plant... it’s only part time, but it’s good money.” Mako said to her.

“We’ve been trying to figure out ways to help raise the money for you guys at the arena... but it hasn’t been easy.” Twilight informed him.

Smiling at the gesture, Mako placed a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, don’t worry about it... I got everything covered, I always do.” He said to her.

A smile formed across Twilights face, but she soon noticed the blue jewel he found last night that caused her eyes to widen. She quickly snatched it and looked at it, catching Mako by surprise. “Where did you get this...? She asked him.

“Honestly, I don’t know... it just appeared in my room, late last night.” Mako informed her of it.

The same time Korra found hers... Twilight began to figure out that this may not have been a coincidence. She turned to him and gave it back to him. “Keep it safe, okay...? It might be very valuable.” She said to him. Mako nodded to her, and saw her hand him a bag filled with dumplings. “For Bolin... tell him we said hi...” she said to him and walked away with Flash and Spike. Mako watched them go but looked seeing Spike staring at him. He pulled Lin’s gesture as he pointed to his eyes and pointed back to him as a sign he is watching him. Mako knew for a fact that little dragon was not to be messed with, even if he was a baby.


Pro-Bending Arena

Once he returned to the arena, Mako made his way to the attic where he and Bolin lived, along with a Pabu. “Bo, I'm back!” he called out for him as he held up the bag of dumplings he got from Twilight. “Picked up your favorite dumplings! Little gift from Princess Twilight...” he sags down exhaustedly on the couch. “Hey, I found some work down at the power plant.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a dumpling. “Made some decent money.” he said as he ate the dumpling, but soon heard nothing from Bolin as he looked to the stairs. “Bolin?” he called for him but got no response. He looked around the apartment for him. “You here, bro?” he looked around seeing no sign of him. But he soon looked towards the window, looking to Air Temple Island. He let an amused smile show on his face as he looked at the island. “Huh, I bet the little lovebird is making a house call.” He stands up and walks toward the stairs he just climbed up.

Air Temple Island

On the island at the training grounds, Jinora and Ikki direct a gust of wind at the airbending gates to make them spin for Korra who is waiting at the other side. Korra ran to the gates and elegantly weaves her way through the spinning panels, twirling around and avoiding every contact. “Good. Light on your feet!” Jinora said to her.

Korra spins out on the other side without being touched once by the gates. She lands before Jinora and Ikki and rests her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Jade clapped her hands together from watching it. “Well done Korra, you’re really getting the hang of it.” She said to her. The two sisters smile at her with the Edenian before suddenly leaning a bit to their left to look behind her. Seeing Mako is approaching with the Main Seven and a few Defenders. “Ohh, he’s cute...” Jade stated.

Jinora noticed but smiled looking to Korra. “Korra, is that the handsome firebender boy that drives you crazy?“ she asked her as Korra looks wide-eyed at the girls, glances back, and sees Mako.

“Does he drive you crazy in a bad way...?” Ikki asked as Korra looked back to them with a panicked and embarrassing look. “Or does he drive you crazy like you like him?“ Ikki teased her.

Korra quickly raises the earth underneath the sisters, catapulting them in the air. Mako pulls up to her, so she turns to face him and clears her throat. Korra giggled as Jinora and Ikki softly land behind her using airbending. “Ahem. Oh. Hey, Mako.” she tried to play it cool with him.

“You seen Bolin?” Mako asked her straight and to the point.

“Nice to see you, too.” Korra said to him sarcastically.

“Keep that attitude up Korra, and you’ll never get married...” Jade stated to her with a smirk.

The young Avatar sighed and looked to Mako. “And no... I haven't seen him since practice. Think something's wrong?“ she asked him.

“I don't know...” Mako shook his head and looked out. “Bolin has a knack for getting into stupid situations.” He let out a sigh and turned around. “See you later.”

Thinking about it, Johnny began suspect he of what a Bolin might have done, and looked towards Mako. “Hold it... earlier today, Pinkie, Rainbow and I went to check on your brother. He was struggling to make money, but some guy named Shady Shin showed up.” He informed him.

Mako’s eyes widened as he turned sharply towards him. “WHAT?!!” He shouted.

“I knew the guy was trouble, so I sent him on his way... with a good warning to make sure he doesn’t come back...” Johnny informed him.

Sonya approached Mako. “Who is this Shady Shin...?” She asked him.

“He works for the Triple a threat Triads, and if Bolin has gotten involved with them, it means trouble. I have to go help him...” he stated as he started walking off.

“Wait!” Korra shouted and approached him. “I could, uh ... help you look for him.” She offered her assistance.

“We all will... Bolin’s our friend too.” Twilight stated to him.

But Mako raised his hand to brush them off. “Nah, I got it.” He assured them.

Till Sonya grabbed his arm with a firm grip, causing him to Hey, cool guy, let me help you wince in pain from it. “Hey, cool guy, let us help you.” She said to him. “Otherwise, you might be feeling this for a whole week.” She said to him.

Groaning in pain from the intense grip, Mako knew she wasn’t joking. “Okay, okay, you can help...” he stated as Sonya let go of his arm.

He let out an exhale as he rubbed his arm, Korra meanwhile smiled happily as she patted his shoulder. “Thank you, now then, We can bring Naga and Nightwolf along.” She stated.

Mako looked to her surprised. “Who are Naha and Nightwolf?” He asked curiously.

“One being my best friend and the other being my newest friend.” Korra informed him as she saw Applejack step up.

And are two of the greatest trackers we ever met.”She stated to him as she crossed her arms.

Republic City

Upon arriving in Republic City, Mako and Korra riding on Naga through the streets of Republic City at night. While the Main Seven, along with the defenders walked along side them. “Your best friend and new friend is a ... polar bear dog, and a shaman. Somehow, that makes perfect sense.“ he said to her.

Korra smiled at hearing it and glanced to him. “I'll take that as a compliment, city boy.” She said to him as they both smiled. But Mako soon started to smell something coming from Korra’s hair. She noticed it, and began to get edgy. “You trying to get fresh with me...?” She asked as she was about ready to slap him.

Mako panicked and held up his hands. “No, no... it’s just... is that Vanilla scented shampoo in your hair...?” He asked her.

“Oh, yeah... it’s a little something Rarity recommended. Hey I listen to her, I will never understand.” She stated.

“Well darling, have you smelled yourself since you left the South Pole...? You were due for a good bath, which is why is I highly recommended it.” She pointed out.

“So what’s the story behind you guys...? I mean don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know much about any of you.” Mako said to them.

“We’ll explain later, for now let’s focus on finding Bolin.” Twilight said to him as he nodded in response and looked ahead.

They approached the statue of Firelord Zuko, and Mako looked around seeing no sign of Bolin. “Well, this is his usual hangout.” he stated as he got off of Naga.

Nightwolf kneeled down to the ground seeing the tire tracks from Shady Shin’s car. And it is likely his friend wasn’t willing to give up on him.” He informed him.

Growling in anger, Mako took the moment to calm down and look around and saw the local neighborhood orphans lingering. He walked over to them as he recognized one of them. “You guys seen my brother around here today?” he asked the little boy named Skoochy.

The boy looked to him knowing he won’t talk without money to jog his memory. “Perhaps. My memory's a little..."foggy".” He leans closer while casually rubbing his nose. “Maybe you can help "clear it up".” he said to him.

Mako watched as Skoochy, held out a casual, but suggestive hand, asking silently for money. He scratches his head as Korra and the others pulled up behind him. “You're good, Skoochy.” He said to him annoyed. “Humph, a real pro.”

Mako digs into his back pocket and retrieves a yuan bill. He hands it to Skoochy, who immediately puts it away in the inner pocket of his jacket. The entire scene is eyed by a shocked and disapproving Korra, and the Defenders, along with the Main Seven. “Really kid...? You’re gonna hustle him for money so you could remember...?” Jax asked Skoochy.

“Hey, nothing’s free around here...” Skoochy said to him and looked to Mako. “Yeah, I seen him.” he informed him.

“When?” Mako asked him.

“About noon.” Skoochy replied.

“What was he doing?” asked Sub-Zero as he approached.

Skoochy panicked as he felt the cold chill from his presence alone. “H-he was performing some kind of monkey rat circus. And then...” Skoochy holds his hand out to Mako again. Mako rolls his eyes in annoyance, but takes out another yuan bill about to pay him.

But Sub-Zero formed a kori blade out of ice to stop him. “And then what? Why did he leave?” He asked coldly with a dark glare.

Skoochy panicked from seeing it, and gulped as he held up his hands. “Shady Shin showed up and flashed some seriouscash.” He informed them as Mako began to form a worried look on his face. “Bo took off with him in his hot rod.” The Triple Threats? The Red Monsoons? The Agni Kais? All the triads are muscling up for something real big. Now that's all you're getting outta me.”

“That’s fine with me... now go...” Sub-Zero said to him as Skoochy ran off. “Looks like we know where to start.” He said to his comrades.

“What's he talking about?” Korra asked Mako as she walked to him.

“Sounds like there's a turf war brewing. And Bolin's about to get caught right in the middle of it.“ Mako replied to her as he looked out. Knowing his brother will be in deep trouble when he finds him.


As trolleys strolled through the streets, the large group of friends traveled through the city in search for Bolin while Korra and Mako rode on Naga’s back. “So where're we headed?” she asked him.

“The Triple Threat Triad's headquarters. Hopefully Bolin's there and nothing's gone down yet.” Mako hoped and prayed that nothing happened.

Korra looked back to him as she felt surprised of the subject. “The Triple Threat Triad? I beat up some of those yahoos when I got into town. Why would Bolin get tangled up wit-“ before she could ask, Naga suddenly shot forward. The polar bear dog dashed through the street, taking a sharp right turn in pursuit of a running fire ferret. Seeing it, Korra tried to stop her. “Whoa, Naga!” She pulled the reins to halt her mount, to no avail. Naga turned around the corner of a building, the ferret waiting for them. The fire ferret runs down a street and climbs a street light as Naga approaches.

Upon seeing it, Mako recognized the fire ferret as Pabu, Bolin’s pet. “That's Pabu!” he said to them.

Fluttershy rushed up to Naga to get her to stop. “No, Naga! Pabu's a friend, not a snack.” she said to her as Naga calms down and starts panting, her tongue out of her mouth.

The shaman approached the street light and looked to Pabu. “It’s alright now little one, you can come down now.” He said to him as Pabu slid down the pole, and brings his nose forward to touch Naga's, before jumping on her head and running down her back to climb onto Mako's shoulder, who briefly smiles at the animal. “It’s quite a unique animal your brother has...” He said to Mako as he approached.

“Against my better judgement, Bolin actually convinced me to keep him...” Mako said to him and looked to Pabu as he pets his head. Pabu looked to Fluttershy and started chattering to her as her eyes widened and looked to Mako, he knew by the look on her face, it was bad news. “We gotta hurry.” he said to them.

“Don’t need to twist my arm...” Jax said to him as they made their way towards the Triple a threat hideout.


Upon arriving, Korra, Mako, and the others along with the animals are standing outside the Triple Threat Triad headquarters. Mako looked at the place and noticed something was off about it. “Something's not right.” he pointed out as he cautiously approaches the door with Pabu still on his shoulder. “There're usually thugs posted out front. We better be cautious.” he said to them.

Till suddenly. “Hello! Anyone home?!” Pinkie called out as she looked in the window that caused Mako to panic. But Scorpion managed to snag her with his chain spear and pull her down, seeing her land on the ground. Mako irritatedly rolled his eyes and looked to the door as he pressed his back against the door post and peers into the door window, while signaling to Korra that it is safe to come up. As he slinks back into the shadows, Korra casually strolls toward the door, forsaking any sneaking up.

She kicked the doors out of their hinges. The large party enters the empty room, looking around. The building is strangely empty and the furniture is broken. “Bolin? You in here?” Mako called for him as he looked around.

Sonya and Jax surveyed the room, looking around for anything inconspicuous. “Man, if the Triple Threats we’re having a party, they know how to party hard...” Jax pointed out as he looked through the room. Till suddenly he found something familiar, and turned to Sonya and the others. “Guys... I think I got something...”

Hearing it, Sonya walked over first and saw what he found, and it made her eyes widen from seeing it. It was a Black Dragon knife, and there was only one person she knew that wielded such a weapon as her eyes narrowed from seeing it. “Kano...” she muttered in anger.

Mako was surprised as he looked towards the others. “Who, or what, is Kano...?” He asked.

“He is the Leader of a group called the Black Dragons, they’re mercenaries, murderers...” Sonya clenched her fists. “Kano was once working for us before he went rogue and turned his back on the Special Forces.” She explained and soon heard a truck roaring outside. Korra and Mako promptly run out the back. As they crash through the door, they're just in time to witness a truck and five motorcycles drive off.

They looked into the back of the truck and saw Bolin and Shady Shin, both tied down and gagged, sitting inside the truck. Stepping into view, was Kano himself as he chuckled looking to Sonya. “Nice of you to finally show up love...! Normally I would stick around and chat, but me and the lads here are on a tight schedule. So we’ll have to catch up later...” He said to her and grabbed the door. “See ya around baby.” He slammed the door as the truck took off.

“KANO!” Sonya went after them.

“Bolin!” Mako and Korra who run after the strangers, with the others in pursuit.

As Mako and Korra run after the vehicles, two masked figures on motorcycles who pull out smoke grenades and toss them at the incoming duo. Mako and Korra watched as the grenades explode with a bright flash and produce thick, heavy, green smoke, effectively halting their pursuit for some seconds. The masked figures take notice of the grenades effects and drive off with screeching tires. They quickly pull away and turn a corner, leaving smoke in their trail. Mako, Korra, and the others were coughing heavily amidst the smoke, covering their mouths. Rainbow let out a few more coughs and looked ahead. “Man, we could really use Smoe’s help right about now...!” She stated as she coughed a bit more.

Korra glared but turned out to where Naga is. “Naga, come!” She called for her. As she starts running in the direction the motorcyclists took off in, Naga raced after her. As she passes, Mako starts to run after them as well with the others in pursuit. Naga ran with Korra and Mako on top comes dashing out of the smoke-filled alley.

The truck they're chasing drives off into the distance, the motorcyclists in tow. Kano took notice as he peeked through the door and growled in anger. He rushed towards to front of the truck and knocked on it as a small slide door opened. “Get those two flunkies to stall them, or Amon is gonna have our heads!” He said to the driver. The equalist looked to the bikers who nodded to him knowing what to do.

Korra and Mako, the latter sending a fire blast at the masked motorcyclists, who swerve to avoid it. Korra brings up her arms, and causes cracks in the earth with her earthbending. A motorcyclist avoids the first big crack, before being catapulted into the air by an earth ramp created by Korra. But the rider lands safely and continues to follow the rest of the escaping party. Johnny was surprised of it and shook his head from it. “Didn’t see that coming...”

“No one does...” Appljack stated to him and looked to Nightwolf. “Got something special...?” She asked him.

Nightwolf nodded to her and leaped to on of the fire escapes and summoned a bow and arrow and aimed an arrow. As they dash out of the alley and swarm into an open square. As the two of the motorcyclists fall back, one swerving to the left and the other bring her motor to a spinning halt while throwing a bola at the incoming Naga. Naga ran towards them, but her feet get tied together by the rope as she crashes to the ground, sending her riders flying through the air and onto the ground as well.

Korra gets up on her knees while Mako slides on his back to a halt near her with a groan. They look up and look to the two masked motorcyclists, who elegantly twist in the air to land at opposite sides of Mako and Korra to fight them. The two benders got up and looked the them, the female rider wastes no time and runs for Korra, who ignites her right fist and sends a large fire blast at the incoming attacker. The female elegantly avoids the blast by jumping over it, twisting several times in the air, and continues her run for the Avatar. She initiates a hand-to-hand combat with Korra. The chi blocker aims for Korra's head, but the Avatar averts the course with her left hand. She retaliates with a fire blast, which her opponent ducks under.

Nightwolf at that moment carefully aimed the arrow at the chi blocker, waited for the right shot, but he felt something close to him and glanced behind him. He turned sharply and aimed the arrow only to see what appeared, to be a woman, with her lower half resembling that of a white lion. His eyes widened from looking at her, knowing this was no ordinary creature. “By the great spirit...”

“She had nothing to do with this...” the beast woman snarled and knocked him down the fire escape. Nightwolf yelled from it and quickly shot the arrow with a line on it. He slid down it and reached the ground and rolled across it.

Applejack saw it and ran towards him. “Nightwolf!” She cried out.

“Applejack, no! You have to run! Get out of here!” Nightwolf shouted as the beast woman landed on the ground, glaring at them with a snarl.

Applejack’s eyes widened in horror, but she glared and summoned her beast spirits strength and charged at her. She went for a strike, but the beast woman blocked her attacks as she extended her claws, and went to strike at her head, but Applejack leaned back from it and avoided her claw strikes and leaped back grabbing onto the ground. She yells out and forces bricked to fly towards the beast woman as she blocked them, only to get an unexpected sucker punch to her face by Applejack. She cleaned her face noticing her own blood, and looked to Applejack. “So you possess the power of the Ursa... I can respect that of a young woman such as yourself. But you are no match for the Goddess of the Hunt!” She declared as she charged at Applejack, striking at her with the intention to kill. But Chi appeared before her taking the form of a snake, coiling around her arm and neck, forcing her to hit herself. The Huntress grunted from each time she was forced to hit herself, but got free and grabbed hold of Chi. The wisp choked from the tight grip, but Kung Lao swooped in and kicked the goddess in the face, snatching Chi from her grasp as he landed on the ground, standing in his fighting stance.

Meanwhile, the chi blocker locks arms with Korra. The Avatar throws another fire punch with her left hand, but the chi blocker leans back to dodge it, knocking Korra's hand to the side. Korra uses her sideways moment to spin around in a full moon fire kick, though the masked fighter evades the blast by moving to her left. Korra aims a high fire kick at the chi blocker's head, who reciprocates that move and curls her leg around the Avatar's and pulls it down, creating an unguarded opening to Korra's right side. She delivers about four punches to the Avatar's side and arm and backs away. Korra staggers with a grunt, as her right side has gone numb. She grabs hold of her right arm with her left one, her eye big in wonder about what just happened to her.

“Korra!” Twilight cried out, but avoided the male chi blockers attacks and summons her magic to instantly snare him and push him down to the ground. “Liu! Korra needs help!” She called out to him.

“So does Nightwolf and Applejack!” Liu said to her as he looked to Kitana. “Kitana, think you can...?” He asked her.

“We’ll be fine, go.” Kitana replied and headed to help Nightwolf as Liu Kang nodded and ran with Twilight to help Korra with the female chi blocker.

At that moment, Korra's look changes to one of determination. Korra madly charges the masked female with her left hand ablaze. The masked woman avoids the blast, flips over a low-aimed fire arc, and jumps to avoid a fire blast aimed at her feet. But she could avoid an attack from Twilight as she got kicked by the Princess, the female chi blocker stumbled from it and looked to her. Korra panted and looked towards Twilight. “Thanks for the assist...” she said to her.

“Don’t thank me yet!” Twilight exclaimed as both she and Korra charged towards the female chi blocker. Korra aims two more fire blasts at her attacker, but to no avail as she dodges. But Twilight summoned her magic and blasted it toward the chi blockers feet, forcing her to fall down from it. She then summoned her fan blades and opened them up, throwing them at the chi blocker only to see her dodge them as they returned to her. “She’s fast...”

“Let’s not compliment the bad guys.” Korra told her to refrain from doing so. Rainbow Dash ran towards the chi blocker with lightning speed, landing a quick strike against the female. She went for a second strike, but the female chi blocker grabbed her arm and threw her over while landing three punches against her nerve points. She soon went for Liu Kang to hit his nerve points, but the shaolin avoided her quick jabs and grabbed her arm, flipping her over and slamming her on the ground. The chi blocker grunted from it, but kicked him off and rolled towards him to land a punch. But Liu had his eyes closed as he felt his heart beat slowing down as time slowed down around him. He felt her attack approaching, and dodged with incredible speed, landing quick punches against her side, she let out painful grunts and went to kick him, but he ducked from it and raised his left leg, thrust several kicks against her torso, knocking her away with a strong kick. Meanwhile Mako spins back grunting in pain as he finds his right arm immobilized. He briefly clutches it, but quickly focuses again on his male attacker, who comes at him again.

He aims a wide fire-fueled swing at his opponent, who easily ducks under it, twirls behind Mako's back, and quickly delivers several punches to his unguarded left side. He went to strike at Mako again, but avoided a chain spear and flipped backwards and looked towards Scorpion. “COME HERE!” He yelled out as he swung his chain spear at the male chi blocker, but he narrowly avoided each swing from the ninja specter. Sub-Zero focused his power and shot ice balls at him to stop him in his tracks, the chi blocker avoided them and leaped over him and struck at his nerve points, causing him to yell out in pain. Scorpion teleported through hellfire and kicked him away. “Leave him alone!” He shouted.

Till suddenly he is grabbed by a metallic hand and turns seeing Jax who had a smirk on his face. “Gotcha...!” He rose him up and threw him down hard as the chi blocker slid on the ground, but rolled back up and looked to him. “Unless you want me to rip that mask off your face, I suggest you surrender now little man.” He advised him, but the chi blocker scowled behind his mask and charged at him. “Alright, hard way it is...” he blocked his nerve strikes with his bionics to avoid getting hit at the nerve points. But the chi blocker managed to kick him in the knee, forcing him to cry out from it as he landed a knee to his jaw as the chi blocker charged towards Mako. Fluttershy got in the way and struck at him, only to get grabbed and pulled down as the chi blocker landed two nerve punches to her side, causing her to yelp from it.

Meanwhile, Korra's side who receives the same quick punches to her left side. Broad side shot as Korra's attacker jumps up and kicks the staggering Avatar back with two feet to the chest. As Korra falls backward, Mako is also being flung backward by the other chi blocker. He lands roughly on the ground with a heavy thud and a groan; Korra lands right before him with a similar grunt of pain. The same moment when the goddess struck at Liu Kang and his friends, knocking them down to he ground. They groaned from the pain she inflicted on them and looked to her as she approached them. “You all fought bravely... but now it is time for you to meet your end...” She pulled out her bow and pulled the string as an arrow appeared in the form of light.

Naga growled at seeing it, but soon saw someone approach and cut the restraints to her legs. At that moment, a scared looking Mako and wondering Korra, before cutting to the female masked rider, who is approaching them while twirling her bola around her menacingly, her male counterpart performing the same action. Korra’s eyes were widened from seeing them advance, as one of the masked figures prepares to throw the bola, his concentration is broken by a loud growl and he looks to his right. Naga jumps up through the air, teeth bare and growling as Kratos leaped over holding his frost axe. Yelling out as he slammed it on the ground towards the chi blockers as a stream of ice flowed towards them. The cartwheeled out of the way and charged at him. The war god blocked their attacks with his axe and grabbed ones arm, and threw him as he slammed him into his female counterpart. The polar bear dog drives off the attackers from her owner and friend, she growls viciously. Pabu jumps off her back, and runs before her, following Naga's example and squeaking at the attackers. Both riders briefly eye each other before jumping up, hurling more smoke grenades to cover their exit. They both ride out of the smoke on their motorcycles, escaping as Kratos looked towards the goddess standing before him. She glared as she growled viciously towards him. “Kratos...”

The war god returned the glare as he pulled out one of his blades as flames surrounded it. “Artemis...” he stated her name.

“You have a debt to pay dear brother... and you will pay it with your life. Not tonight, not tomorrow... but... soon enough...” Artemis stated to him as she ran off to rejoin the other equalists. Kratos watched her go as he glared as Naga approached him and licked his face. He didn’t really appreciate the gesture, but he patted her head to get her to stop.

Hearing their groans, Korra and Mako as they slowly push themselves up. Pabu crawls up Mako's leg and onto his shoulder while Korra drapes her arm around Naga's head and allows her pet to pull her to her feet. Korra as she curiously eyes her hands, and raises her arms, punching out in an attempt to bend. She gasped at seeing nothing happening. “Ugh, I can't bend.” she tried again, desperately but nothing happened as she began to panic. “I can't bend!” she cried out.

“Calm down, it'll wear off.” Mako said to her sternly.

Groaning from what happened, Johnny rubbed his neck from the fight. “Man that hurt... anyone wanna tell me who those guys were, and who that crazy cat lady was...?” He asked them.

“Those guys were chi blockers. They're Amon's henchmen.” Mako said to him as he pulled to tighten his glove.

“Amon? That anti-bending guy with a mask?“ Sonya asked him as she rubbed her arms.

“Yeah, he's the leader of the Equalists.” Mako said to her and looked to the others. “But what about that cat lady...?”

“That... was Artemis...” Kratos approached them as he put his weapons away. “In my time amongst the Gods of the Pantheon, she was known as the Goddess of the Hunt. But ever since the fall of Olympus, she never showed herself, until now... and now she seeks vengeance against me for killing our father, Zeus.” He explained.

“Wait, you mean to tell us, that lady is your sister...?” Rainbow Dash asked him as she rubbed her neck. “Because she literally beat the heck out of us man...” she pointed out.

“But if Olympus was destroyed, wouldn’t that have meant all the Gods of Olympus were destroyed...?” Fluttershy asked him as she rubbed where she was hit.

“It is more than likely that several Olympians survived the destruction, and went into hiding in other realms.” Kratos theorized as he looked to Twilight. “And I may be the reason why Artemis has come to this realm. To seek revenge for our father, by killing me, and all those close to me.”

“Well she almost did, but thanks to you showing up, that didn’t happen.” Twilight said to him.

“All right, this now brings us to our next question, What do they want with the Triple Threats?” Kitana asked them.

“Whatever it is...” He stares off in the direction the Equalists took off. “Can't be good...” He touches his forehead feeling frustrated. “Urgh, can't believe Bolin got himself into this mess!” He crosses his arms in frustration.

“Mako...” Korra approached him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “We are going to save your brother. I promise you that.“ she swore to him. Mako looked at the Avatar, seeing her reassuring, and beautiful eyes as he felt the warmth of her caring heart. His cheeks slightly turned red and he looked away to hide it... but it did not go unnoticed from Liu Kang, Kitana, Flash and Twilight as they each saw a pattern between them. They smiled knowing this will be interesting to see.


After hours and hours of searching through the city, the team searched long and hard for the truck that had Bolin and the others who had been captured by the equalists. But all the strolling and hard searching has rendered Naga exhausted from the long search as she panted heavily. “We've been out all night.” She stated as Naga stopped. “No sign of him.”

“We've gotta keep looking. But where?” Mako asked as Pabu was asleep on his neck.

“Don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure we all can use a drink of water and some rest after all this searching.” Rainbow Dash said to them as she stretched out.

Korra looked out with Mako, but sighed as they both shut their eyes in disappointment. Suddenly, Korra erects herself and her eyes spring open. “Huh!” She determinedly turns to Mako. “I have an idea!” She said to him. With a determined look on her face, she pulls Naga's reins and they start moving again.


In the Republic City Park, covered in morning fog. They pull up at a fountain, and Naga bends over to drink. Pabu climbs on top of Naga's head and takes a drink, too. Korra and Mako sat down by the fountain; Mako at that moment had his eyes closed. But Rarity approached the fountain and sat down as she removed her boots. She then used her ability over ice to form a couple blocks to put her feet on. She sighed from the coolness, feeling relieved she could rest. “That is much better...” she said only to notice Mako looking as she defensively pulled her legs away to hide them. “Eyes of the merchandise boy!” She shouted.

Panicked, Mako turned away to stop starring, as his face was bright red. “Sorry...!” he said to her.

A chuckle came from Sub-Zero as he patted his shoulder. “Next time I catch you looking at my fiancé... you’ll be answering to me.” He said to him.

“Noted, no looking at the ice princess...” Mako said as he had his hand up. “Word of honor...” he said to him

Korra looked to a specific spot in he park. “The first day I got into town, I ran into an Equalist protester.” She points to where the stand would be. “Over there.”

“I remember well... I scared the life out of him...” Scorpion stated as he crossed his arms.

“And you think they'll know where Bolin is?” Mako asked them.

Korra sighed disappointedly knowing the answer. “It's our only lead right now.” she said to him. Korra and Mako sat with their backs against Naga's side; the polar bear dog is resting underneath a tree at the side of the fountain. Pabu of course is asleep atop Naga's saddle, Mako has his eyes closed and arms crossed, and Korra is looking around, slightly uncomfortable. Eventually, she turns to Mako. “So, why is Bolin running around with the Triple Threat Triad, anyway?” she asked him.

“Yes, that has us all curious...” Kitana said as she placed a hand on her hip.

Mako felt uncomfortable and evasive, but the truth had to come out sooner or later. “Well, we ... we used to do some work for them back in the day.” he admitted.

The Main Seven were surprised from hearing it. “Whoa...” Sunset commented.

“Didn’t see that coming.” Pinkie stated.

Korra was equally dismayed. “What? Wha- Are you some kind of criminal?” she asked him.

Mako quickly got angry and looked to her defensively. “No! You don't know what you're talking about. I just ran numbers for them and stuff. We were orphans out on the street; I did what I had to do to survive and protect my little brother.” He said to her as he looked away.

Korra looked at him, feeling sympathetic towards him. “I'm sorry. It must have been really hard.” She pauses for a brief moment, but looked to him, carefully choosing her next question. “Can I ask what happened to your parents?” She asked him about them.

Hearing her question, Mako wanted to avoid it, but he let out a sigh. “They were mugged, by a firebender. He cut them down right in front of me. I was eight.” He said to them.

Twilight and the others watched as they looked to each other feeling sorry for him. Korra felt the same as she watch Mako pulls his scarf over his mouth. “Mako...” she wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the words.

“Bolin's the only family I have left. If anything happened to him...” He hesitated to even think of what might happen to his brother.

Korra looked at him, but reached over and touched his right shoulder, earning his attention. “We won’t let anything happen to him, I promise...” she said to him

He soon felt an icy cold hand to his left shoulder, and looked to Sub-Zero, seeing sympathy in his eyes. “We understand how you feel. We have all felt the experience of loss for a loved one.” He said to him.

Seeing it, Mako finally took the opportunity to finally ask. “I know you said you’d explain later, but since it’s that time... I’d like to know more about you guys.” He said to them. “Like where you guys came from, what your lives were like, before all this.” He said to them knowing his curiosity knew no bounds.

A smile formed across Korra’s face as she looked to Twilight and her friends. “Those girls as you can see, weren’t always girls... they were once creatures called ponies, that lived in a realm called Equestria. Twilight as you already figured out, is a princess of Equestria, she had to go through test after test given to her by her teacher Princess Celestial, him I have yet to meet...” she pointed out. “But once she ascended to becoming a Princess, she became a shining example of friendship.” Korra complimented Twilight.

Who at that moment blushed from embarrassment of how she described it. “Aww, you didn’t have to put it that way.” She said to her.

“Sure I did...” Korra responded and looked to Applejack. “Then there’s Applejack... a tough farm girl who ran an apple farm with her family. You two might have a lot in common.” She said to him as her smile faded as she looked to Mako. “She is also an orphan, along with her brother, Big Mac... and her young sister, Applebloom...” She stated.

Mako was surprised as she looked to Applejack, who lowered her hat in front of her face. “It’s something I’ll never forget... but I went through life looking after my siblings along with my grandmother, Granny Smith. She a tough ol’mare... but she helps any way she can. To support her grand children.” She explained.

The young firebender felt sorry for her and looked down, he never imagined he’d meet someone who had a similar experience. “Then there’s Fluttershy, a sweet and gentle soul, but fierce determination. In Equestria, she is an animal caretaker, turned Earthrealm defender. She met Scorpion who helped her find her courage... as well as love...” Korra pointed out.

“Wait, what...?” Mako looked to Scorpion surprised as he looked back to Fluttershy. “But, he looks old enough to be her father.” He pointed out.

“In Mortal Kombat, with a realm victory... each fighter is blessed with the gift of youth. To live on to fight in the next tournament.” Scorpion explained to him with his arms crossed.

Mako was surprised of it as he still had trouble believing it. “Well... heh, congrats you two...” he said to them.

“And so there’s Rainbow Dash, a daring dare devil who became a Lin Kuei student, under the instruction of Sub-Zero. But unlike her master, she has the ability to manipulate lightning by her own will.” Korra explained as Rainbow Dash displayed her skill in controlling the lightning. Mako smiled in amazement, for it was almost similar to how firebenders controlled lightning, even if they needed to generate it in another way. “Then there is Pinkie Pie, a rock farmer, turned party planner, turned Special Forces... she may have a cheery side. But if you upset her, and make her hair go flat... you’ll be meeting her alter ego, Pinkamena Diane Pie. Don’t let the name fool you, she can be mean with every fiber of her being.” She warned Mako.

“And don’t you forget it mister!” Pinkie shouted from the fountain.

A chuckle came from Mako as she looked to Korra. “I believe you... so what about the others...?” He asked her.

Korra looked towards Rarity to explain her backstory. “Rarity, as you’ve just found out, is Kuai Liang’s fiancé.” She said to him only to get a confused look from Mako, causing her to roll her eyes. “Sub-Zero...?” She pointed out to him.

“Oh, that guy... why does he call himself that...?” He asked her.

“It originally belonged to my brother... Bi Han was the original Sub-Zero before me. But with him dead, and living the life of an undead revenant, he calls himself Noob Saibot.” Sub-Zero explained to him.

“Wow, talk about a complicated family...” Mako stated as Sub-Zero nodded in agreement.

“Back to Rarity, she is a fashion designer who later became a cryomancer the day the Earthrealm defenders arrived in their realm. She learned from Kuai on how to control her powers and became a natural.” She complimented the human turned unicorn while earning a giggle from her.

“Oh Korra, thank you... but I am still learning other techniques from my beloved, so I wouldn’t consider myself a natural.” Rarity admitted to her.

“Totally understandable... don’t worry...” Korra replied and looked to Sunset Shimmer. “Then there’s Sunset Shimmer... from what I learned from Twilight, she is Princess Celestia’s former student. She was once power hungry, and wanted to become ruler... but when she met Twilight in a different world, she changed her for the better.” She explained.

Sunset frowned at remembering her past. “I’m not proud of the things I did, I had to live with it and earn glares and scowls from the students at Canterlot High. But when the Sirens showed up and started the Battle of the Bands, I knew I had to help somehow... but things would have ended in disaster.” She pointed out.

“But at least it didn’t, Sunset. You helped us defeat the sirens, and everyone forgave you in the end.” Twilight said to her, earning a smile from her in return.

Korra smiled at how Twilight comforted her from all she had been through, and looked towards Flash Sentry, and Soarin. “Flash Sentry and Soarin, they belong to two groups, the Canterlot Castle Guard, and the Wonderbolts.... both elite groups, who now train under Liu Kang and Kung Lao at the Wushi Academy.” She stated.

“Wow, you girls got interesting backstories... but what about them...?” Mako asked about the Earthrealm Defenders.

“Liu Kang and Kung Lao are members of the White Lotus Society in their realm, they were both trained under the shaolin masters, and were taught the highest levels of Kung fu. Liu was disciplined, while Kung Lao was lazy...” Korra pointed out what she heard about him.

“Hey, I was totally fine with how I was...” Kung Lao stated to her.

“Least you have the decency to admit it...” Liu Kang said to him.

“And you need me to stay out of trouble.” Chi pointed out with a smirk on her face, earning a scowl from Kung Lao.

Korra let out a chuckle from seeing it and pointed to Chi. “Chi is a wisp, she was created for Kung Lao, by his ancestor, should anything happen to him. In other words, she’s kinda like his little sister.” She said to Mako and looked towards the Special Forces team. “Sonya, Jax, and... well, Johnny, are members of the Special Forces in Earthrealm. Johnny was a... mover star...?” She asked.

“That’s, movie star, Korra... films are moving pictures that move frame by frame, and I doubt it’s been invented yet in this realm.” Johnny stated as he crossed his arms.

“Fair point... he made a lot of films, but had a pretty bad reputation.” Korra stated as she earned a disapproving look from Johnny for what she said. “Sonya of course was under the command of Major Briggs here, don’t let those arms fool you, they are a force to be reckoned with.” She said.

“But why put metal around your arms...? I’m sure a skilled metalbending police officer would be fast to pin you down.” Mako pointed it out, not aware of his first arrival.

“They already tried kid... and these aren’t covering my arms... they are my arms.” Jax stated to him, earning a surprised look from the young firebender. “You see... I didn’t always have these. When Shao Kahn challenged Earthrealm for a second time after Shang Tsungs defeat, I was on a mission to save Sonya. Till suddenly we got some heavy tech signals... turns out the grand master of the Lin Kuei before Sub-Zero managed to make his dream a reality. By turning the Lin Kuei, into cyber ninjas. That’s when me and Sonya met Kuai here...” He gestured to the current Sub-Zero. “And came across a guy named Ermac. I would’ve been able to take him myself... but his magic managed to catch me off guard, and then...”

Mako noticed he grew silent, but realized what he would have said. “He tore your arms off...?!” He asked in shock.

Nodding as he clenched his bionic fists, Jax remembered the pain that was inflicted on him. “It was tough going through what I did... and I would hate for it to happen to anyone else.” He said to him.

No one could imagine what it would be like, going through like with metal arms... but Mako knew that it would have scarred him for life. Even Korra, she turned to Mako to continue. “There is another member of their group, Stryker... but he is currently working along side the R.C.P.D. He’s a cop, and a darn good one from what I hear... but I doubt he’s gonna get along with Chief Beijing, given our last encounter.”

Republic City Police Department

Meanwhile, Stryker was working on some paperwork on some missing people’s cases in Republic City, but his nose started to tickle a bit, and it irritates his sinuses as he let out a sneeze. Lin walked by as it happened, giving him a cup of tea. “Catching a cold Stryker...?” She asked him.

“No, just allergies I guess... but I can’t help but get the feeling someone is talking about me behind my back.” Stryker said to her as he felt a little tense.

Lin smirked as she nudged him. “Hey, don’t let that slow you down... besides, it’s hard to get good help around here. And good cops...” she said to him as she stroked a finger under his chin, causing the Earthrealm police officer to blush from it as Lin walked away. He knew he had luck with a girl back in Earthrealm, but it wasn’t going to work because of his job, what made him think it would work here in this one? He patted his face and returned to the files, getting back to work.

Republic City Park

“Yeeeaahhh, Chief Beifong is a tough woman... any guy who had a crush on her always ends up getting intimidated, or a pair of cuffs slapped on them.” Mako pointed out.

“I know the feeling...” Korra agreed with him and looked to the two ninjas. “Scorpion and Sub-Zero have a personal history, their clans were bitter rivals, but the Lin Kuei got drunk on power, and tried to annihilate the entire clan of the Shirai Ryu. Men, women, and children... all of them... even Scorpions beloved wife and son.” She explained as Mako looked at the two ninjas. “But when Scorpion and and our current Sub-Zero learned that a sorcerer named Quan Chi was behind it, they set aside their differences, and started working together. Therefore bringing peace between the Shirai Ryu, and the Lin Kuei.”

“That’s deep...” Mako commented and looked towards Kitana and her fellow Edenians. “Kitana I understand, Mileena I want to keep away from, and the third lady...?” He asked.

“Jade is Kitana’s personal bodyguard, after Shao Kahn killed Kitana’s father, King Jerrod, he took Kitana’s mother, Queen Sindel as his wife.” Korra explained and looked towards Mako. “Shocking, I know... why would anyone marry a monster like that...?” She asked the question Mako was thinking.

“Yeah, I mean that’s just messed up...” Mako commented.

“It was not by choice, Sindel hated Shao Kahn with a vengeance... her glare could easily cut through steel.” Jade said to him as she sharpened her spear tip. “I remained loyal to Kitana ever since she discovered the truth behind her true fathers murder.”

“So, this Shao Kahn... is he...?” Mako asked them.

“Dead...?” Liu Kang answered his question. “Yes... me and the Elder Gods saw to that.” He stated.

Amazed by their tales, Mako’s curiosity about them grew more and more. He looked to Nightwolf wondering about his story. “So, if Nightwolf is a shaman, he basically has a tribe right...?” He asked them.

Nightwolf lowered his head remembering their deaths, even Korra lowered her gaze knowing his history. “He did...” she stated earning a surprised look from Mako. “From what he told me, his entire tribe was annihilated... by Kano and his Black Dragons.” She told him.

“Kano... the guy who took my brother.” Mako commented as he clenched his fists in anger of it. “I shouldn’t have let this happen...” he cursed himself for what happened to Bolin.

He soon felt a hand on his shoulder and saw that it was Korra giving him a gentle but concerned look on her face. “I understand you’re upset, if I had a brother or sister in the same situation, I wouldn’t stop until I’ve found them.” She said to him as she looked to him.

Mako looked at her, hearing the caring tone in her words... no one had ever shown him such compassion as much as she and her friends did. He began to smile, but soon looked to see Kratos sitting at the fountain alone, keeping his distance. “So... what’s his story...?” He asked her.

Korra looked to Kratos seeing how distant he was from the others. She was about to explain, but a burst of lightning appeared out of no where, surprising the young firebender as he jolted from it. He watched as the lightning disappeared, and revealed Raiden standing before him. He couldn’t believe his eyes from what he was seeing, earning the thunder gods attention. “Kratos is a war god, one who fights to protect those who can’t protect themselves...” he informed him.

“H-How did you do that...?” Mako asked him, feeling surprised of what he witnessed.

“I, as you may have noticed, am a god of thunder...” Raiden said to him and walked up. “I have heard much about you Mako... how far you came in your struggles, and how painfully you suffered.” He pointed out his past as Mako lowered his gaze in remembering. “Your pride has always been your strength, as well as your weakness... you’re afraid to lose those close to you, and would do anything to protect them. But in doing so, you will fight, bravely enough... but foolishly...”

“Look, I get it... I’m bit of a screw up, I admit it, but everything I do, I try to do for Bolin so we can survive... it hasn’t been easy for either of us since we’ve been on the streets. But I would do anything to make sure we have a better life.” Mako stated and looked to Raiden. “Which is why I have to save him... but I can’t do that on my own.” He admitted.

Seeing there is promise in him, Raiden nodded in response as he held his hands behind his back. “Faith in yourself and your friends is all you need, your destinies have all been linked. Together, you all can accomplish anything... I will reach out to Kurtis Stryker, and inform him of what happened tonight. But be on your guard... for the challenge ahead will require teamwork. No lone wolves.” He said to them as he disappeared through lightning.

They were all surprised of it, but Johnny snickered a bit. “Well, that was cheery.” He commented.

“Shut it Johnny...” Sonya warned him.

“Come on Sonya, I’m just saying...” he said to her as he was unaware that she was approaching him. “He just knows how to ruin the vibe, he may be a god, but Raiden can be-“ Before Johnny could finish, Sonya immediately kicked him right in the one place that it would hurt the most, between the legs. Causing him to squeal, and hold his general area from the pain. “Right, got it, shutting up.”

Mako and Korra winced from seeing it, looking away from it as they cringed from how painful it sounded. “Remind me not to get on her bad side.” Mako said to Korra.

“Noted...” Korra replied and looked to him. “But now do you see...? They have all been through hard times, gave their lives, and fought countless battles. They would do anything to protect their realm, and any other realm.” She said to him, Mako felt the bands that linked them together, just as the bond between him and Bolin were just as strong. Suddenly, a faint glow began to shine from Korra’s pocket that caught her attention. She was surprised from it and reached in, pulling out the amber that she found. It flowed brightly and shined in her eyes. “Whoa... that’s never happened before.” She shielded her eyes a bit from the brightness of the amber.

Mako took notice of it and was surprised from seeing it. “Where did you get that...?” He asked her.

“I’m not sure really, it just appeared in my room the night we met.” Korra explained. Mako was surprised as he also reached into his pocket, and pulled a sapphire from his pocket, surprising Korra as their stones flowed brightly when in present to each other. “Where did you...?” She asked.

“Similar situation I guess... where it came from, I don’t know.” Mako stated to her and looked to the stone. “But what ever they are, they seem... special, I can’t quite explain it.” He said to her.

Seeing the two stones, Twilight walked over and kneeled down. “They do seem to possess a special kind of magic with them... in fact, this is almost similar to he Jinsei’s magical properties.” She theorized.

“Jinsei...?” The two benders asked feeling surprised.

“Raiden described it as the life force of your realm, and realms beyond. If the fallen elder god Shinnok were to tamper with it... well... let’s just say it will be a bad day for everyone.” Twilight explained to them as she looked to the stones. “As for these stones, I don’t know what their properties are, or what they are meant for. But if they were found by you guys, there might be a good reason for them.” She theorized. Looking to the stones, then looking to each other, Korra and Mako could feel it as well. Little did they understand, that destiny has a hand to play in this.


The next morning, the sun shining through the tree branches, and the entire group was sound asleep. But humming could be heard from the fountain, Fluttershy was sitting at the fountain, cleaning up her hair as Pabu slept in her lap. She hummed a beautiful melody, and felt the need to sing it out loud.

Iruna Etelero belongs to Ancient Magus Bride

Iruna Etelero, Iruna Etelero
Nadia, Ezelevote
Lezelko, Mikemesta

Her song caught the attention of a few onlookers who were stunned by her voice. Scorpion woke to hearing and looked to her and watche d her sing.

Iruna Etelero
Iruna Etelero
Satoa Aimeltewa
Lezelko, Mikemesta

Hearing her song, Korra was laying beside Mako, leaning against each other as they soon started to wake up to her song, only to realize they were so close, their faces literally turned red as the panicked, letting out loud gasps and quickly pulled away from each other to make it look like nothing happened. But their attentions soon turned towards Fluttershy who barely noticed them.

Ameru, Mikelmo
Toimesez, Mikelmo
Maseri, Imekuwoze
Towona, Mizaimesta

They watched in awe of her voice, feeling like they had been both looking at an angel. “Wow... did you know she had a good voice...?” Mako asked her.

“I didn’t ask... but now that I hear it...” Korra began to smile as she watched her. “It’s beautiful...” she stated. Mako nodded his head in agreement, but soon felt something holding his hand. He looked down and saw that it was Korra’s hand grasping his. He want to lether know, but... he merely looked to Fluttershy, and ignored what Korra was doing at the moment.

Kesela, Kesela
Kesela, Setoru
Amelwa, Etelerowo

The rest of Fluttershy’s friends and the defenders watched as they were wide awake from her song, and watched in awe as she sang her song.

Maria, ezelevoteh
Lezelkoh mikemesta

Her song ended as her onlookers watched and began clapping their hands, gaining her attention as she snapped out of the moment. She looked around, seeing the crowd of people as the cheered for her. She felt nervous, knowing she didn’t do well with crowds starring at her. “Oh boy, I better step in before she has a nervous breakdown...” Applejack walked towards her to help her out.

Sighing from the song, Korra just couldn’t get it out of her head. “That song was really beautiful...” she commented.

“Yeah... it sure was...” Mako agreed with her and glanced towards her. “Also, you can let go of my hand now.” He pointed it out.

Noticing it immediately, Korra gasped in horror and pulled away from him. “I-I ... er ... eheh, humn, hmmehem.” She smiles awkwardly at Mako who stared back at her. Giggles started coming from Twilight and her friends, earning the attention of the two benders. “What...?” Korra asked them.

“Oh, nothing...” Applejack said to her as she chuckled.

“Only that you two looked simply adorable when you were both snuggled up together the way you were.” Rarity said to them, earning intense red faces from the bending teenagers as they looked away in hiding it.

Korra let out a small grunt from it and looked to them. “Guys, come on, quit joking... now really isn’t the time to-“ before she could finish her sentence...

A loud megaphone is heard. “Equality now! Equality now! We want equality now!“ shouted a familiar protester. Korra looked along with Mako, seeing him on his stand. “Nonbenders of Republic City...” he called out to them.

“That’s the guy...” Korra pointed out to him.

Scorpion scowled from looking at him. “Who can forget...?” He asked.

“So this is the stiff you scared the crud out the day we arrived...? I can almost imagine what will happen when he see’s you again.” Jax said to him.

“Alright, less time playing match maker, more interrogation.” Sonya said to them as she walked with them.

“Amon calls you to action! Take back your city! It's time for the...” Before he could continue, the protestor noticed Korra and her friends approaching. “It's you again!” he stated without using the megaphone. He held it up and pointed a finger at her. “You cannot silence me, Avatar!”

Korra promptly swats away the megaphone under a squeal of the protester, he watched as it shattered on the ground and immediately glares at her while clenching his fists. “Shut your yapper and listen up.” She said to him sternly as she looked to him. “My friend got kidnapped by some chi blockers. Where'd they take him?” She asked him.

But he crossed his arms, not cooperating with her. “I have no idea what you're talking about.” He responded.

“Oh, I think you do.” said Scorpion as he approached with a threatening tone. The protester panicked from seeing him as he remembered the last time he saw him.

Trying to stand his ground, the protestor looked away from his dead white eyes. “You’re getting nothing out of me...” he said to him.

“My friend here begs to differ...” Kratos said to him as Korra lifted her leg in the air and slams it down with a half-moon kick. The earth underneath the table rises, catapulting it in the air and throwing the protester off.

The airborne table that flips through the air as leaflets with a picture of Amon are thrown off and rain down upon the area. The protester and his friend were lying on the ground. The protester starts to pick up the leaflets, with a dismayed look on his face. Mako walked up and grabbed one of the papers out of the air and examining it. “Liu, take a look at this.” He shared the image with him.

Taking the picture for him and Kung Lao to look at, he read what was on it. “"Witness the Revelation tonight, nine o' clock".” he read the image as he looked to a Kung Lao.

Who shared a curious look and looked towards the protestor. “What's this "Revelation"?” Kung Lao asked him.

“Nothing that concerns the likes of you people!” The protestor said to him irritably.

Korra grew more irritated with this guy than she could even imagine. The protester squeals as Korra grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls him up. Then lifts him off the ground in a threatening manner. “You better believe it concerns us. Spill it.” she said to him.

“Easy Korra, violence won’t solve everything in situations like this...” Kitana said to her.

“When it comes to Benders, viol nice is all the know, you dumb broad!” The protestor immediately insulted her, without knowing she was royalty.

Mako winced as he inhaled, knowing exactly what’s gonna happen in a few seconds. “You probably shouldn’t have said that pal...” he said to him.

The Protestor was about to speak, but Kitana grabbed hold of him and whipped out her fan blades, quicker than he could speak. “Yeah, probably not the best move there bud...” Rainbow Dash said to him.

“Because you’re gonna learn the true meaning of respect from a royal.” Twilight said to him as Kitana’s fan blades opened wider.

The protestor panicked, and finally began cracking. “No one knows what the Revelation is! And I have no idea what happened to your friend. But if he's a bender, then my bet is he's getting what's coming to him.” He said arrogantly said to them.

“Where's it happening?” Mako asked him, only to hear a whistle.

They all looked to their left and saw that it was a policeman as he blew his whistle again. “Hey! What's going on over there?” he asked them.

“The Avatar's oppressing us. Help!” The protestor screamed out.

Korra gave him a scowl and tossed him down. “Let’s scram.” She said to them and start d running off with them, but Mako quickly snatches up a handful of leaflets before vaulting on Naga; Korra was already perched upon the animal, with Pabu sitting in front of her. As soon as Mako's on, Naga takes off.


A moment after escaping the park, Mako and Korra sitting on a bench underneath the bridge. Korra holds one of the leaflets, while they're both looking at several others spread out over the floor. There hangs a map of the city next to Korra on the wall, she looked at each of the pictures trying to find an address. “Why didn't the Equalists put a location on these?” she asked.

“Probably because they don't want just anyone waltzing in to their big "Revelation", whatever that is.” Twilight said to her.

“Twilight’s right, I bet the information is hidden on here somehow. Look at the backs.“ Mako said to them and looked on the back of the pages. “There's four different images.” he pointed out to them.

“So, it's a puzzle?” Korra asked as she turned to him with a smile.

“Oh! I love puzzles!” Pinkie cheered out.

But her cheering was short lived as Jade placed a hand on her shoulder. “Pinkie, now really isn’t the time...” she said to her and took the pages and looked at the pieces. “It is a puzzle, but one of a map...” she said to them and looked to the map next to Korra and walked over to it. “Kotal and I did something like this before... comparing maps with new lands with every realm Shao Kahn had conquered. But that was three hundred years ago, before he disappeared.” she held up the pieces up to the map as she starts to compare them to the city map, moving the image over different areas, holding it over the right general area. One of the leaflets has a red spot on its back, indicating the meeting place. “Bingo...”

Seeing it, Mako approached the map and looked at it. “That must be where it's going down.” he said to them.

“It won’t be easy to get in... especially with the walking ash pile over here.” Johnny pointed towards Kratos who sneered at him for it.

“As rude as that was, Johnny does make a good point... we can’t just simply walk in the way we are.” Rarity said to them as she snapped her fingers and summoned some clothes. “Luckily for me, I took the time to make us some normal attire for this realm, so that we can blend in more.” She said to them.

Sub-Zero smiled at seeing them and took a suit that was just his size. “Exactly what I had in mind...” he said to her as Rarity kissed him on the cheek to show her thanks to him.

Republic City Factory Site

Later during a foggy night, a group of people were walking toward the building, and Korra and Mako stay into the shadow of another building, eyeing them. everyone was wearing their disguises to blend in. “This is the place.” Mako commented as he looked to the others. “You guys ready...?” He asked them.

Liu meanwhile was trying to adjust his collar from the itch he was feeling. “I’m more used to just a vest... this feels a bit like murder.” He stated as he tugged on the collar a bit to get more comfortable.

Kitana walked up and undoes a button to help him breathe a little more. “There, that should help.” She said to him with a smile. “And you probably won’t have to wear it for long...” she stated.

At that moment, Mako puts on a hat to fit his disguise outfit and Korra puts on a flapper hat, tugging her ponytail underneath it, before walking toward the other factory building... where a doorman in checking the invitation of a citizen, who is holding up the leaflet. Approving it, he moves aside to let the man in, and immediately turns his attention to the man that was waiting, who takes out his own leaflet and shows it. Korra watched it happen, and wrapped her arms around Mako’s, earning a surprised but annoyed look from him. “What are you doing?” he asked her.

“We'll attract less attention this way.” She said to him as she held onto him.

Twilight and her friends watched as they looked to each other with sly smirks as they also noticed a bit of red on Mako’s cheeks. “This mission just might get more interesting.” She said to them.

“She can do better...” Rainbow commented as she followed them to the building.

As they approached, the doorman crossed his arms giving them a stern face. “This is a private event. No one gets in without an invitation.” he said to them.

Korra was surprised that they didn’t know about that. “Uh ... invitation?” she asked.

The others were equally shocked knowing that they didn’t have any as the doorman looks suspiciously at them, cocking an eyebrow. But Mako reached behind him and pulled out a leaflet and shows it. “You mean this?” He asked him trying to act like an innocent civilian.

The doorman takes the leaflet, eyes it, and moves out of the way; friendly like. “The Revelation is upon us, my brothers and sisters.” he said to them as he let them in.

They all walk inside the building as Mako and Korra enter. They walk to the meeting place and look out over the gathered crowd. They looked to see an entire crowd, waiting before an empty, but lit podium at the other side of the large factory. “I knew a lot of people hated benders, but I've never seen so many in one place.” Mako pointed out.

“Not quit a merry gathering by the looks of it...” Mileena stated.

“This is just wrong... one mans influence can only go so far.” Sonya commented.

Mako nodded and looked to them. “Keep your eyes out for Bolin.” he said to them as they nodded their heads and took off and spread out through the crowd.

As they searched, their attentions soon looked towards the stage. “Please welcome your hero...” an announcer called to the crowd earning their attention as a hatch opened up with a light pouring out of it. “Your savior ... Amon!” He called out as Amon emerges from a trapdoor in the stage with a line of Equalists behind him under loud approving cheers of the crowd. A spotlight is turned on, illuminating the Equalist leader, and his followers. Including Kano, Rain, Starlight Glimmer, and Artemis. Who several people gasped from seeing her appearance.

Even Kitana was surprised to see Rain up on stage, but glared at him. “Rain...” she muttered as Korra looked towards her.

“You know him?” She asked.

“He is an Edenian, like myself... but he is a traitor to my realm, and he is my former fiancé...” Kitana explained to her.

Korra’s eyes widened from hearing it and looked towards Rain, and shook her head a bit. “I’m starting to see why you left him.” She commented and looked towards Starlight. “But who’s the girl in the ninja suit...?” She asked.

Twilight approached as she looked at her. “Starlight Glimmer...” she got the young Avatars attention. “Me and my friends had an encounter with her once... she tried to equalize us as well, but we put an end to her schemes. How she got here, I don’t know...” she stated.

“Looks like we’re all running into a lot of familiar faces tonight...” Flash stated to her.

Amon stepped up towards the microphone to speak to the crowd. “Worry not my friends... she is quite friendly. As long as you don’t provoke her...” Amon stated to them as Artemis smirked while doing a cat motion towards them with her hand. “My quest for equality began many years ago.” He took the microphone of the stand. “When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich, and none of us were benders. This made us very easy targets for the firebender who extorted my father.“ he explained to the audience.

“The guy sure loves to influence the hate around here...” Johnny whispered to his friends.

“One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did, that firebender took my family from me. Then, he took my face.” Amon said to the crowd as they gasped feeling astonished. “I've been forced to hide behind a mask ever since.“ he added while Mako and Korra exchanged glances towards each other and looked back to the stage. “As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City.” He reminded them.

Korra looked around as the entire crowd booed at hearing the mention of her, even Twilight was surprised of it as she looked around. “Tough crowd...” she commented as Korra hide her face in Mako’s scarf.

“And if she were here, she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world. But, she is wrong. The only thing bending has brought to the world, is suffering.” Amon stated coldly towards the crowd, unaware she was in the crowd as he spoke. “It has been the cause of every war in every era. But that is about to change.“ he said to the crowd as he glanced towards Kano and nodded. Kano smirked as he walked towards back stage as Amon looked back to the audience. “I know you have been wondering, "What is the Revelation?" You are about to get your answer.” He said to them.

Liu Kang and Kitana exchanged worried expressions as they looked to each other. “This can’t be good...” he stated as Kitana nodded.

“What is this guy planning...?” Sunset asked as she was next to Kung Lao.

“Not sure... but I don’t like it.” He responded.

“Since the beginning of time, the spirits have acted as guardians of our world, and they have spoken to me. They say the Avatar has failed humanity.” Amon stated bluntly as Korra glared in anger. “That is why the spirits have chosen me to usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power that will make Equality a reality. The power to take a person's bending away. Permanently.” He said to the audience as they gasped.

Even Korra was surprised of it as her eyes widened in horror... Amon taking a benders bending away? She couldn’t believe it, there was no way. “That's impossible...” she turned towards Mako. “There's no way.” she stated to him.

“This guy’s insane!” Mako whispered.

“Now, for a demonstration. Please welcome, Lightning Bolt Zolt.” Amon looked to see Kano and the Equalist Lieutenant bringing out Zolt and his Triple Threats out from backstage. “Leader of the Triple Threat Triad, and one of the most notorious criminals in Republic City.” he commented as the crowd booed at him.

Zolt turned towards them with an annoyed look. “Ah, boo yourself!” he shouted at them.

Equalist guards lead four more tied up benders onto the stage, forcing them to their knees, Bolin being the last of them. Bolin is anxiously looking around with a scared expression. Korra see’s him an pointed out. “There's Bolin.” she determinedly starts walking to the front.

But is pulled back by Mako. “Wait, we can't fight them all. We need to be smart about this.” he said to her.

“He’s right Korra, there’s too many here just to barrel through...” Twilight said to her.

Korra was annoyed at the thought of doing nothing Nile Bolin was up there feeling helpless. “Then come up with a game plan, "Team Captain”.” She said in a harsh tone.

Meanwhile, Amon gestures toward Zolt. “Zolt has amassed a fortune by extorting and abusing nonbenders. But his reign of terror is about to come to an end. Now, in the interest of fairness...” The Lieutenant takes off the rope binding Lightning Bolt Zolt. “I will give Zolt the chance to fight to keep his bending.” He said as he looked towards Zolt. Amon moves away from Zolt and the Equalist guard pushes Zolt in the opposite direction Amon took to bring some space between the two fighters.

Zolt looked towards him arrogantly. “You're gonna regret doing that, pal.” He immediately directs a fire blast at Amon. But Amon nimbly dodges every blast that Zolt throws at him, gradually coming closer. He dodges the rounds of fire blasts, Zolt quickly surges forward while generating lightning. He fires the bolt at the Equalist leader who ducks underneath it, grabs hold of Zolt's wrist, and twists it around and away from him. The lighting crashes into the stage, before hitting the ceiling as Amon turns his hands further away. Zolt felt his neck is being grabbed by Amon's hand. Lightning still shot out of Zolt's fingers, as Amon moves his hand from Zolt's wrist to his forehead. Amon places his thumb in the center; Zolt's face is contorted in fear. Korra and Mako watch the scene on stage, basking in an eerie blue light, emanating from the lighting charge. The crackling lightning changes into a large fire blast, and stops entirely. Amon lets go of Zolt, who collapses weakly onto the ground. Amon takes a few steps back and Zolt attempts to firebend at Amon to no avail; he crashed back to the ground before the feet of the Equalist leader. The crowd gasps. Zolt was saddened and shocked as he looked towards Amon. “Wha ... what did you do to me?”

“Your firebending is gone. Forever.” Amon informed him as the crowd before him gasped in surprise. Korra at that moment, was worried of what she had just witnessed.

A chuckle comes from Kano as he walked up to Zolt and kneeled down to him. “It’s not looking too good for you now mate...” he said to him as he patted his shoulder and walked away from him.

Amon turned towards the audience and stepped up to them. “The era of bending is over. A new era of Equality has begun!” he announced as the crowd cheered madly.

One of the Equalist guards releases the second captured bender, Shady Shin, and kicks him forward to face Amon. He was frightened to the very inch of his life. “No! Ugh!” He panicked.

Korra turns towards Mako urgently. “Any ideas yet?” He asked him.

“I think so, see those machines?” Mako replied and looked towards the machines on the walls. “They're powered by water and steam. If you create some cover, I can grab Bolin without anyone seeing. Then, we duck out of here.” He said to her.

“Works for me.” Korra said to him and taps Mako on the shoulder as he moves to walk away. “Mako, good luck.” She said to him.

“You too... and Korra...?” Mako looked as she turned towards him. “Be careful...” he said to her as she nodded and headed towards the machines with Kitana, Twilight, and Liu Kang while he, Flash, Jax and Scorpion headed towards the stage.

Korra and her friends emerges at the side of the pleased crowd, carefully moving through one of the side exits. They run through a hallway filled with machines. They stop and Korra turning a big red wheel on the machine. With a grunt of effort from Korra, the wheel turns, releasing one small air leak. “It’s not enough...”

“Then it looks like we’re gonna have to do this the easy way...” Twilight summoned her magic.

Till suddenly... “Hey, you!” a familiar voice calls out, and they stand to see the doorman approach her, his size filling up the entire hallway, blocking any possible exit in that direction. The group panicked from seeing him, knowing they were in deep trouble.

Back at the meeting, Mako makes his way to the front of the crowd as Amon is taking away Shady Shin's bending. “This is not looking good...” Jax commented as he clenched his metal fist.

“We need to hurry, because Bolin might not last much longer up there.” Scorpion stated as he pulled out his spear chain without anyone looking.

At that moment, an earthbender and Bolin, eyed each other in fright. The bender is grabbed by the collar and pulled to his feet. He gasps, and Bolin is left for last. Artemis approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do not fear little one... it will be all over soon.” She said to him.

“But there’s been a huge mistake, I’m not even apart of this gang, I was just hired help!” Bolin exclaimed to the goddess.

“I believe you... but this is for your own good.” Artemis replied to him as Bolin’s eyes widened in horror.

Back with Korra, the doorman approached them with a serious expression. “Is there a problem, my brother?” she asked him trying to act innocent.

“What are you doing back here?” the doorman asked her and her friends.

“Uh ... looking for the bathroom?” Korra asked him.

The doorman found it hard to believe, even Twilight gave her a look. “Really...? That excuse again...?” She asked her.

“Well I don’t hear you and Kitana coming up with anything.” Korra pointed out to her as the doorman takes out a wrench. Just at that moment, Liu Kang grabbed hold of his arm and pulled it back, throwing him over as the doorman grunted and hit the ground. He immediately got back up only for Liu to leap up and kick him with his bicycle kick move as fire ignited from each kick he made. He leaped back as The doorman swung the wrench at him with an overhead swing, Liu dodged it and landed next to Korra. “When we get out of here, you’re teaching me that...”

“Deal...” Liu Kang agreed as the doorman twirled the wrench around in his hand and attacks, they nimbly duck under his swing, and evades his next attack, coming up behind him. He turns around and aims an overhead swing at them, but Korra evades it again, making him hit the pipes.

Back at the meeting, Mako was watching Amon remove another bender's bending. He turns to his left, looking to where Korra and her friends disappeared to. “Come on...” he said impatiently.

“Something must have gone wrong...” Sonya stated and looked to Johnny.

Back with Korra, she ducks underneath another violent swing of the doorman's wrench that hits the pipes instead, denting them. A now hatless Korra takes off Mako's scarf and uses it to tie around the doorman's hand as he aimed another swing at her. She uses the scarf to pull the man into a turn, flinging his entire body into the machine, Kitana used her fan blades to control the winds and raise him up, while Twilight used her magic to help propel Liu Kang and Flash into a flying kick, knocking him into the machinery and knocking off all the vents that were holding down the steam. Through three open pipes, steam pores out and fills the room. Korra smiled at seeing all the steam. “Thanks. This should be enough. Kitana, I’m gonna need your help with this part.” She said to her.

But before she could help her, the doorman got back up and glared at them holding his wrench. His head was harder than they gave him credit for, he went to strike them from behind while they were looking, till suddenly he felt his body freeze in place. Korra looked to see his body covered in ice and looked to see Sub-Zero behind him. “Figured you could use some extra help.” He said to them.

“And you showed up at the right moment, give us a hand.” Korra said to him.

Meanwhile, a frightened Bolin watched an Equalist guard move toward him. As the Equalist start to fumble at his ropes, Bolin anxiously looks back, whimpering softly. Once he is free, he is pulled on his feet and thrown forward. He stumbles forward on the stage while the bender Amon just took care of slumps down in exhaustion, Amon slowly turns around under loud cheering of the crowd. Bolin has his fingertips and hands pressed together as he addresses Amon. “Uh, hello, Amon, sir. I think there's been a big misunderstanding“ He said to him, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Applejack watched and glared as her fists were shrouded by a bears paw. “That’s it, I can’t take this any more!” She went to stop him.

But Nightwolf stopped her from doing so. “Don’t, or we’ll be in trouble with everyone here.” He said to her.

“I can’t just stand here while that psycho takes away Bolin’s bending!” She exclaimed in a whisper. Meanwhile, Korra waterbended the steam behind her, a focused look on her face. The moment she has enough, she with Kitana’s help, directs it all in front of her with a powerful swipe of her their hands. An explosion of steam occurs that makes Bolin duck for cover; under loud screams of the crowd, steam starts to pour in to the meeting room. Bolin looks at what is going on, steam engulfing everything in its path, clouding everyone and everything, and Applejack smiled at seeing the plan worked. “That’s our girl...” she commented.

“Let’s go!” Mako headed towards the stage. Several civilians backing up from the incoming steam, turning around and making a break for it. Amon standing amidst the steam; he backs away, vanishing completely. Bolin is looking around him, a focused look on his face. He slowly backs up, but is grabbed from behind by an Equalist, much to Bolin's shock. Mako emerges out of the steam from behind the Equalist, grabs hold of him, and throws him away over his shoulder as the Equalist is thrown far from them.. “Bolin, you all right?” he asked him.

“Yes!” Bolin clasps his hands in relief, before extending them for a hug. “Mako! I love you!“

As Bolin moves forward in an attempt to hug his brother, Mako seizes him around his neck and drags him off into the steam. “Not sure how ya got in hear lad..l” Kano walked up glaring at them as his bionic eye flowed. “But you’re sure not going out back the way ya came in...” he shot a laser from his bionic eye at them. Mako and Bolin avoided it and shot fire and earth at him. But the Black Dragon leader avoided them as Artemis leaped and blocked some of the Earth shots.

She snarled viciously and pulled out her bow and arrows. “If you are here, then so is Kratos... where is he..?” She asked the young firebender.

“Don’t worry, he’s around... but we’re out of here. I’m not going to lose my brother again!” Mako shouted at her. His words slowly began to sink into her mind as her expression softened as she lowered her weapons as she looked away as the two brothers took this chance to run off.

Kano rushed up to her and nudged her. “Hey! What gives?! You just let them get away!” He shouted at her as he ran after them. Artemis didn’t know what came over her, it wasn’t like her to let her prey go like that. But she snapped out of it and ran off.

Kano went to grab Bolin, only to feel a chain grab hold of his leg and looked seeing that it was Scorpion as his eye widened. “GET OVER HERE!” He pulled the chain as hard as he good, pulling Kano off his feet and swung him towards Sonya, who leaped into the air with Johnny and kicked Kano hard in the face, slamming him against a wall. Once he was unconscious, they followed after Mako and Bolin.

They make it outside the factory, a door is being flung open, scaring off several birds. The two brothers emerge from the balcony exit and run over to a ladder. Bolin being the first to start climbing down with Mako following with Johnny and Sonya. Soon another person emerged from the door and running over to the ladder, Mako looked up and saw an Equalist fighter, the Lieutenant, twirling his kali sticks and slamming them into the ladder, sending an electrical charge through it. Mako and Bolin scream in shock and pain and fall down, landing with grunts. The Lieutenant jumps down from the balcony, his kali stick charged. Immediately releases the charge, forcing the brothers to jump away. Bolin, followed by Mako, as they erect themselves, having pushed themselves out of the way of the Lieutenant's attack. Mako raises his fist and goes on the offensive, launching a fire jet at the crouched Lieutenant from his left fist. The Equalist runs off to avoid the blast. He attacks Mako with his kali sticks, electricity trailing behind them as he rapidly swings them around. With a few fast hits, Mako is floored, and the Lieutenant turns to Bolin.

Bolin flips over and uses his own momentum to hurl a slap of earth at the Lieutenant with a grunt of focus, who jumps up, twirling out of its path. He does a similar evasive maneuver to avoid the second block a grunting Bolin threw at him, before charging the earthbender, causing Bolin to panic. He conjures up a large earth wall to protect himself. The Lieutenant performs a round off, before back flipping and somersaulting over Bolin's wall. He lands behind a shocked Bolin, who quickly turns to face him, and after delivering several quick hits with his charged kali sticks, the Lieutenant jabs him with the two electrified kali sticks and electroshocks him until he falls to the ground unconscious. Applejack along with Pinkie showed up to see it as their eyes widened. “Mako, Bolin!” The cowgirl cried out and glared at the lieutenant as her bear side took hold, leaping off the balcony and snarling as she went to strike at him, but the lieutenant rolled away and see’s the bear spirit surrounding the young girl as she glared at him.

She growled as she dug her claws into the earth and sent it flying towards him, but the lieutenant blocked and avoided several lumps of dirt, only to get pounced on by Pinkie who pulled out a pair of brass knuckles, sucker punching the lieutenant in the face causing him to stumbled and got kicked by Sonya towards another wall. “Why do you interfere...? None of you are benders, why defend them...?” He demanded to know.

“We may not be benders, but we’re not monsters like you and your boss.” Sonya stated to him with a glare.

“And we’re not going to turn our backs on them either.” Pinkie said to him and went to strike him, but the lieutenant avoided her attacks and struck her with a kali stick and stunned her, causing her to scream from it and spin around dazed. “I... thought I taw a putty tat...” she fell to the ground.

“PINKIE!!!” Applejack exclaimed and roared at the lieutenant and charged at him to claw him up into ribbons. But he used his skill to avoid her rage and slam the kali sticks against her stomach and shock her. She screamed from it and groaned collapsing to the ground. Sonya aimed her arm blaster at him and fired at him, the lieutenant blocked some of the shots but got hit by some, causing him to groan from it. Sonya walked over and grabbed him, only to get struck at her neck and scream in pain from the electric current. The lieutenant kicked her away seeing her slam against a wall.

Johnny caught sight of it as he arrived, and glared at him for what he did to Sonya. “HEY!” He shouted as he earned the lieutenants attention. “In my experience, that is no way to treat a lady...! But you just made the biggest mistake of your life. No one hurts my girl and gets away with it. You and me pal! No jokes, no gimmicks, just kombat!” He challenged the lieutenant, as the Equalist smirked as he twirled his kali sticks and charged towards Johnny and twirled his kali sticks. The actor avoided them to prevent getting hit, quickly grabbing ahold of his right wrist and sucker punching him in the cheek. He could almost hear some bone crunch from the impact as he pulled up his leg and unleashed a high moon kick against the Equalist lieutenant. But he dodged it and smacked his legs with the kali sticks, causing him to grunt in pain. But he wasn’t going to back down as he kneed him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him as he pulled back from the lieutenant and rose his left leg, and unleashed a shadow kick against him. “I’m not done with you yet...” he said to him as he walked over, only to get a kick to his groin from behind. He let out a high pitch squeal from the impact and hit the ground, revealing Starlight Glimmer standing behind him.. “Dang it, why was that mans only design flaw?!” He asked himself.

“You’re just that easy sweetheart... you just don’t even realize it.” Starlight said to him with a smirk and vanishes to find Amon.

Suddenly, Mako emerges from beside the wall, using the adjacent building to push himself off in the Lieutenant's direction, sending a fire slice in his direction. The Lieutenant dodges, and Mako kicks out another fire slice while grunting in effort, knocking over Bolin's wall with his attack. The Lieutenant charges Mako again and after a quick exchange of some blows striking air from both parties, the Lieutenant lands a hit with a kali stack in Mako's stomach, flinging him back with a grunt of pain. As Mako is pushed up against the wall, the Lieutenant charges and twirls both his weapon sticks and jabs Mako's chest, electroshocking him into unconsciousness. Mako slumps onto the ground as the Lieutenant is looking at Bolin's unconscious form. “You benders need to understand, there's no place in the world for you anymore.” He said to them.

Suddenly a pillar of rock shoots up beside the Lieutenant and thrusts him brutally against the building. He slams hard against the metal, his two kali sticks are knocked out of his hands, he groaned from it only to look and see Liu Kang land several punches against his body, and swing a moon kick at his face as Twilight and Kitana used their fan blades to make a large gust of wind, knocking him into the air as Jax leaped above him. “GOTCHA!” He slammed both fists against him, slamming him against the ground.

As he tries to get up, he see’s them and Korra standing there in an earthbending pose. “I wouldn't count us out just yet.” she said to him as the lieutenant was close to getting up, but Kratos showed up and pinned him with his axe, forcing him to collapse.

Kratos looked to her and the others. “Pick up your friends and bring them to me, I’ll take them to Raiden while you escape with the brothers...” he said to them as Liu Kang and Jax carried their injured friends to the war god and set them down near him. He used his power to transport them immediately to Air Temple island, and vanished with them.

“We better get going too, they’re getting close...” Liu Kang said to them.

Korra immediately nodded her head and whistled for Naga. “Naga!” She called for her as the polar bear dog barks and immediately comes running from behind a building, jumping down the last of the ramp. Korra walks over to Mako as he struggles to get up and helps him to his feet. Soon enough, more Equalist fighters storm the area from the balcony. Korra and Mako ascend on to Naga.

Bolin sits up, slightly dazed, but soon screams in fright and moved his hands protectively before him as he looks up. Naga runs up, grabbing Bolin with her teeth by his collar and drags him off, causing him to bounce along with Naga's strides. “Hah ... Oh ... Yah ... Stop ... I want ... to be ... on ... your back ... please!” He cried out.

The lieutenant groaned and looked to where they went while pointing towards them. “The Avatar. That’s her!” He shouted.

Several Equalists immediately run after them. Amon stood on the balcony, overlooking the situation, his hands folded casually behind his back. “Let her go.” He said to them as they stopped while he placed his hands on the railing. “She's the perfect messenger to tell the city of my power.” he said to them.

Rain approached him and looked to where they went. “An excellent strategy Amon... once they learn of your power, you will be the most feared human in this realm.” He said to him.

“But I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your strategies. But there is one thing that is puzzling me...” he turned to where Artemis is. “Why did you let them go...?” He asked her as Artemis panicked and looked away. “You had them in your sight... but you didn’t take the shot... why...?” He demanded to know.

Struggling with the answer, fen Artemis didn’t know what to say. “I know not... but it won’t happen again.” She said to him.

Amon looked at her and headed inside. “I’m hoping it doesn’t...” he said coldly as Rain and Kano followed after him. Artemis looked down and looked at the bracelet that Orion gave to her when he was still alive. Tears filled her eyes and she shut them as she cleaned the tears away and looked out.

Pro Bending Arena

At the Pro Bending Arena, Korra dropped off Mako and Bolin to make sure they were safe. “All right, you guys are safe now...” She helped Bolin down from Naga with Mako’s help. “East Bolin, just breathe, you’re gonna be okay.” She said to him.

Panting harshly, Bolin was trying his best to calm down, but the thought of losing his bending to Amon was burned into his brain. Scorpion approached the young earthbender and kneeled down to him. “Bolin, listen to me... your hyperventilating, you need to calm yourself... slow your breathing, focus only on my voice... breath in slowly...” he said to him as Bolin inhaled as slow as he could. “Now slowly exhale, and repeat this action a few more times.” He instructed him as Bolin exhaled slowly. The young earthbender breathed in and out slowly a few more times, and felt his heartbeat slowing down. “Better...?” He asked him.

Exhaling one more time, it finally did the trick. “Better... thanks...” he said to him and looked to Korra and her friends. “And thank you Korra, you’re my hero...” he said to her.

“Dude, we were there too you know...” Jax stated to him.

“Talk about gratitude...” Sunset commented as she crossed her arms.

“We should head back to Air temple Island, we need to check on the others, and report what we saw to Tenzin.” Twilight said to Korra.

“Good idea...” she agreed with her and looked to Mako. “Will you be all right...?” She asked him.

“Yeah, I will... just need to get Bolin inside and into bed. It’s been a crazy night for all of us.” Mako replied and looked to her. “Will you be all right...” he asked her.

Korra wanted to reply, but after what she witnessed at revelation, shouldn’t even find the answer. “I don’t know...” she replied as she kept thinking about it.

Seeing it, Mako walked over to and touched her shoulders. “You’ll be okay... I’m sure after a nights rest, you’ll forget about it.” He said to her.

“Doubt it...” Sub-Zero bluntly commented.

“Thanks Mako, really... I’m sure I’ll figure it out.” Korra said to him and pulled out his scarf and handed it to him. “Here, you’re gonna need this back...” she said to him as Mako looked at it and looked to her. He reached over and grabbed it as he felt his hand over hers as he grabbed to scarf. The two young teens looked to one another as a form of red began to show on their faces. Twilight and most of her friends looked to each other, and began to giggle as Mako and Korra began to snap out of their trance and pulled away as Mako put his scarf back on. “I’ll uh... see you later then, right...?” She asked him.

“Yeah, yeah, see you at practice...” Mako said to her as he walked with Bolin to the arena.

Korra watched them go but glanced towards Twilight and her friends. “What was with the giggling and the goofy grins...” she asked her.

Twilight chuckled and looked to her. “We saw that...” she replied.

“Saw what...?” Korra asked them trying to act confused.

“It is quite obvious Korra...” Kitana replied as she crossed her arms. “You like him, don’t you...?” She asked her.

The redness on Korra’s face intensifies as she backed away pointing a finger. “NO! That’s not it at all!” She exclaimed.

“It certainly is... we can tell.” Liu said to her as he adjusted his suit. “Now with that out of the way, Air Temple, now...” he said to her as he walked with the rest of the team. Korra followed after them, but stopped and looked back towards Mako who helped Bolin get inside as he looked back to her. He rose his hand and waved bye to her with a smile, Korra smiled and returned the gesture and followed her friends as her face was still slightly red. Mako smiled a bit but followed Bolin inside to get him to bed after such a crazy experience.

Air Temple Island

Upon arriving on the island, Tenzin and Raiden along with two White Lotus sentries, they turned to see Korra and the others approaching them. “Thank goodness... we were just about to send out a search party.“ Tenzin said to her as he placed his hands on her shoulders. “Are you all right?” he asked her.

Raiden approached and noticed her expression, seeing her turn away and shake her head. “Kratos told me what happened, but Korra, what happened in there? Did you find your friend?” He asked her.

Korra along with Twilight and Liu Kang looked to their friends, gesturing them to check on the injured as they nodded in agreement, and headed inland to see how they’re holding up. “Yes, but ... we were at an Equalist rally.” She turned to them. “We saw Amon.” She said to them.

Tenzin tensed up in shock. “What?” He asked in surprise.

“He can take people's bending away. For good.” Korra stated to them still feeling alarmed of what she had witnessed.

Raiden was equally shocked from what he just heard as he briefly looked away. “That's... that's impossible. Only the Avatar has ever possessed that ability.” He stated.

“He’s right, no one else could possess that ability except you...” Tenzin agreed with the thunder god.

“But I saw him do it.” Korra said to them, showing just how shocked she was from witnessing it.

“It’s true Lord Raiden, we all saw it... it was crazy, we can’t even begin to explain, but it really did happen.” Liu Kang said to him as he looked down. “I can’t even begin to imagine where that abuse of power came from.” He stated.

“Raiden, we were all terrified from what we saw... and we even found some of our old enemies there with Amon. They helped them capture Bolin...” Twilight said to him.

Tenzin and Raiden looked to each other, but looked to them with calm faces. “We believe you Twilight Sparkle...” Raiden said to her and turned to his right. “I don't know how Amon has achieved this power, but this means the revolution is more dangerous than ever.” He declared.

Korra and Tenzin looked out to Republic City with Liu and Twilight as they stared at the lit city. “No bender is safe.” Tenzin stated knowing that there will be a war unlike any other. One that they will not be prepared for, a fight between benders and non benders. This influence could only have been caused by one god... one they knew was the living form of evil... Shinnok.

The Voice in the Night

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Shiro Shinobi here, benders be on alert. After coming face to face with Amon, leader of the Equalists, Avatar Korra discovers a terrifying truth: this masked mad man has the ability to take away a person's bending, permanently. Benders of Republic City are counting on their young Avatar. But is she prepared to face such a frightening foe?

In the dark of night, Korra was sleeping soundly in her bed. As a shadow passes the doors, she quickly shoots up in her bed, alarmed. Soon after, an Equalist chi blocker breaks through the window, while two more break in through the door. Korra jumps out of her bed and kicks a downward fire arc through the air. She kicks another arc in the air toward them. The chi blockers dodge it and come at her, but Korra blasts two shots of fire to keep them at bay. The chi blockers avoid her attacks, while one leaps up in the air while spinning like a top in an attempt to kick Korra's head, but Korra blocks the hit with her arm, and fires several fists of fire. While Korra is distracted from keeping two of the chi blockers away, the other somersaults and uses chi blocking on her back, before kicking her to the ground on her knees while she lets out a shout of pain. Fatigued, Korra sees Amon walking toward her as she hears footsteps. “After I take your bending away, you will be nothing.” he said to her as he reached towards her forehead.

She watched in fear as the Equalist leader she closed her eyes but wakes up with a frightful scream, beads of sweat running down her face and gasping for air, revealing that it was all a nightmare. She looks at Naga, who licks her right hand to comfort her before resting her head on Korra's lap. “It's ... it's all right, Naga. I just had a bad dream.” She rests her head in her arms on top of Naga's head, petting her.

“I think we know it’s more than that...” Said a familiar voice by the door as Korra looked to see it was Liu Kang.

“Liu...? I... I’m sorry, I must have woken you up.” Korra apologized to him.

“I’ve actually been up for a while now... after seeing what happened at the Equalist rally. It’s kind of hard to sleep after witnessing what happened.” Liu Kang said to her and turned towards her. “Come with me, you look like you could use something to relax you...” he said as he walked out. Korra followed after him with Naga, wondering what it could be.

Korra looked around at the area and looked to Liu Kang. “Okay, so you brought me here to practice my airbending...?” She asked him.

“No... I brought you here to show you my form of fire.” Liu said to her as he took on his fighting stance.

“Well, my firebending training is already complete, why do I need to learn this...?” Korra asked him.

“You will fire that my flames, are different from yours...” Liu demonstrated as dragon fire surrounded his hands, and he slammed a palm onto the ground, and fire began circling around him. From the circle, a fire dragon emerged through the flames, roaring out as its wings spread, surprising Korra with shock and awe. Liu immediately made the dragon vanish as he looked towards her. “I’ve learned to control dragon fire, by studying the movements and forms of dragons in the mural at the Wushi Academy.”

“Wow...!” Korra stated still in perpetual awe, she shook her head and looked to him. “Can you teach me...? This is just too cool to pass up.” She said to him.

“It won’t be easy... learning to control Dragon Fire isn’t a simple task. You have to earn it... in order to control it, you must let go of that which is holding you down. Your fear...” Liu Kang informed her as Korra’s eyes widened seeing her nightmare flash before her eyes in a split second.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she was scared... she just didn’t want to show it. She put on a brave face as she held her hands to her hips, trying to act cool. “Fear...? I’m afraid of nothing... I can totally handle this.” She said to him.

But the shaolin didn’t believe her one bit, she was trying to hide it, and he knows from experience at a young age, it will only tear her apart inside. “Very well Korra, if you are so certain... let us begin with the basic stances.” He said to her as he took on the stances to teach her as she followed along. Liu Kang lead her by showing his various forms of studying dragons, how he adapted it to his style. Korra watched and followed carefully to learn the technique, it almost felt like the Dancing Dragon technique that Aang and Zuko learned when they sought to learn from the original masters of firebending. But this was more advanced for her. “When you learn to control Dragon Fire, you need to learn and understand it’s power. To most mortals, the flames of a dragon is powerful and dangerous...” he explained.

Korra listened as she followed his movements. “But in the right hands, it could be used for great things right...? Like how you use it to protect your realm, and those you...?” She theorized as she followed the technique.

“Exactly... but this fire can be unpredictable, anyone who tries to use it without discipline, would risk hurting those around them.” Liu explained as he summoned his dragon fire while Korra summoned her normal fire. “When I first discovered my power, the monks said that it was a natural gift. Raiden also believed it so, he instructed me to learn from Master Bo’ Rai Cho. The best teacher at the Wushi... as well as the worlds heaviest drinker.” He commented.

The young Avatar had a surprised look on her face from hearing it. “Why would Raiden have you train with someone like that?” She asked him.

“I wondered the same thing honestly... but as we trained. He taught me basic styles of Kung Fu, helping me perfect my skills as I was preparing for the tournament. Raiden tested my abilities once, trying to out smart me, want to know what I did...?” He asked as Korra nodded her head. “I closed my eyes... controlled my breathing, and slowed my heartbeat. The second he went to strike, I caught him off guard, and pinned him.” He said to her as he smirked.

“Wow, guess you must have been the first to take down a thunder god...” Korra commented with a smile.

Chuckling at the thought of it, Liu shook his head in response. “Actually, I was the second... it was The Great Kung Lao who managed to take him down, centuries ago.” He said to her.

“Whoa... hard to believe it actually happened. It’s also hard to believe he was reincarnated into that cocky jerk...” Korra pointed out as Liu let out an amused chuckle. “Well I’m right...”

“I know, I know... but Kung Lao is well respected amongst his comrades. Even if he does act cocky sometimes.” Liu admitted to her as the young Avatar chuckled from it.

She laughed a bit but looked out to the sky, thinking about her nightmare from earlier and looked to Liu Kang. “You know... despite what you are trying to teach me, having this talk... actually helped me calm down a little. I’m feeling a little better now, but...” she lowered her gaze and looked to him. “I’m still afraid... of what Amon will do if he catches me.” She admitted to him.

The Shaolin nodded his head to he and placed a hand to her shoulder. “This won’t be easy for anyone... not even for you. I’ll tell the others when they’re awake tomorrow... and we will find ways to help you, I promise.” Liu said to her as he smiled at her, almost like a brother would. Korra smiled in response as they resumed their training exercise. From behind a corner, Kitana and Twilight watched as the both had proud smiles upon their faces. Seeing how the two interacted with each other, and how they practiced as one.

Republic City, City Hall

The next morning at City Hall, where the United Republic Council meets. Each of the representatives are sitting around a "U" shaped table sharing in discussion. Stryker was also present, standing beside Tenzin as they were before the council. “There is a madman running around our beloved city, threatening to tear it apart. We need to create a task force whose sole mission is to find Amon and bring him to justice.” A representative wearing a suit that was blue, representing the Water Tribe.

But Tenzin was not on board with this notion. “Absolutely not. A move that aggressive would only further divide benders and nonbenders.” he opposed against his plan.

“I second Councilman Tenzin’s notion, if you create this task force, it will only create riots, and panic among the populace.” Stryker stated to them.

“Tarrlok, I'm inclined to agree with your proposal, but who would even head up such a task force?” asked a councilwoman wearing casual fire nation robe.

The Water Tribe councilman stood up and bowed to her. “It would be my honor and privilege to accept such a duty.” Tarrlok said to her.

But Tenzin was no fool, he knew a plot from Tarrlok when he heard it. “This is just another one of your ploys to gain more power, isn't it?” he asked as he slammed his hand on the table.

“All I'm trying to do is help. Think back, forty-two years ago, Republic City was threatened by another dangerous man. Yakone.” Tarrlok stated as he points a finger at Tenzin. “Your father wasn't afraid to deal with him head-on.”

“This.. is a completely different situation ... “ Tenzin stood up and angrily points his finger at Tarrlok. “And how dare you compare yourself to Avatar Aang!“ he accused him of being his father.

Stryker quickly placed a calm hand on Tenzin’s shoulder to stop him. “Tenzin, calm down...” he said to him.

“Yes, you should calm down Tenzin. Besides, Amon is not going to stop with the bending triads.” Tarrlok stated as he turned to look at the other three representatives as they glance at each other. “Eventually, he will come for all us benders. Our friends, our families. Vote for this task force and I will stop Amon before it's too late. All in favor?” Tarrlok raises his hand and the Fire Nation representative raises her hand as well. After a brief glance at each other, the Southern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom representatives also raise their hands. With that, Tarrlok slams a gavel down on a platform to close the meeting and smiles mischievously at Tenzin while he glares at him and walked away with Stryker.

The Earthrealm cop followed him and looked towards him. “I’m starting to see why you don’t like that guy...” he said to him and looked ahead. “That guy has more control of the council than Alphonse Gabriel Capone had control of the Italian Mafia...” he stated.

“He is only going to make things worse for both benders and nonbenders, the more he drives them apart, the more they will hate each other.” Tenzin replied to him, knowing he is up to something.

Air Temple Island

Later that night, happy music plays as Korra practices airbending stances as all her friends watched her to give her moral support. “You’re getting better darling, that stance is really improving.” Rarity complimented her as she was drawing a unique design for her.

“Thanks Rarity, I’m starting to get the hang of it...” Korra said to her as she stood normally and looked to her. “By the way, how’s the new outfit design coming...?” She asked her as she approached.

“Well it was difficult at first, but I figured I’d go with something that literally spoke Korra. It will be an upgraded version of your outfit, with soft fur patches, dark blue at the top while keeping your current blue over your abdomen. A cloth going around your waist with fur at the bottom of them. I even added arm were, and guards for your forearms and shins. And don’t worry... no sleeves.” She said to her.

“You got it...” Korra chuckled and looked to her design. “Wow, for someone who’s been human for several months, you know how to adapt... this design is amazing.” She complimented her design of it.

“Aww, thank you darling, I even took the liberty of adding the Water Tribe Symbol on a front cloth... what do you think...?” Rarity asked her.

“It definitely fits... the true marking of a warrior...” Korra said to her as she smiled proudly. Suddenly the music becomes static and soon after, Amon's voice is heard.

“Good evening, my fellow Equalists.” Korra stopped smiling and sharply looks at the radio as she hears Amon. “This is your leader, Amon.” He stated as Korra slowly turns to look at the radio with fear on her face. “As you have heard, the Republic Council has voted to make me public enemy number one, proving once again that the bending oppressors of this city will stop at nothing to quash our revolution.”

“Seriously...? I thought Tenzin and Stryker were supposed to prevent that from happening.” Jax stated as he looked to the radio.

“Apparently they didn’t get far with the other council members..” Sonya responded to him.

“But we cannot be stopped. Our numbers grow stronger by the day. You no longer have to live in fear.” Amon said as Korra's eyes were wide, and sweat drips down her face. “The time has come for benders to experience fear.” The radio returns to static.

Korra was scared out of her mind, but as soon as she felt a hand on her shoulder, she immediately jolted and unleashed a fire blast towards Jade. The Edenian bodyguard panicked as she dodged and grabbed her arm. “Korra!” She shouted at her.

Panting but realizing what she did, Korra pulled her arm away from her. “I’m sorry... I... I didn’t mean to do that, I...” she tried to find the words, but was struggling to find what she was trying to say.

“Korra, what has gotten into you...? For the past few hours, you’ve been calm and collected... but the second you hear Amon on the radio, you look almost as though you’ve seen a ghost.” Jade pointed out to her.

The young Avatar shook her head trying to get her thoughts off Amon. “Look, I’m sorry... I’ve just been a little tense lately, it’s nothing I can’t handle, so don’t worry about it.” She said to her and walked away.

Sensing the tone in her voice, Applejack knew at first glance she was lying. “She may be young, but that kids lying about it...” she stated to them.

“I guess Amons whole taking a benders power really got to her... poor kid...” Johnny sympathized with the Avatar.

Kitana checked Jade to see if she had any burns from Korra’s firebending, but luckily there was not much to worry about as she looked towards Liu. “Liu, what can you tell us of what you both talked about last night...?” She asked him.

“You did say you would tell us, so what is it that’s got her so edgy...?” Twilight asked him.

Liu Kang sighed as he set down a plum and looked to them. “You guys already heard the answer on the radio... Amon has a tight grip on her, and it’s forcing her to live her worst fear. Losing her bending to a man that is playing god...” he explained to them.

“Man, here we thought Dark Raiden was cold, no offense Raiden...” Rainbow said to him.

“None taken...” The thunder god replied with his arms crossed.

“But seriously... she can’t just bottle up all that fear in her heart. It’s unhealthy, and it could affect her more than she realizes.” Fluttershy said to them as she braided Applejacks hair.

“Even so, she must face this fear on her own... a challenge such as this will not be easy for her. Especially if she has to face it alone.” Scorpion stated as he sat in his meditation.

“Still, she shouldn’t have to face that creep alone, I don’t want Korra to lose her bending, she’s way too cool!” Pinkie commented as she threw her arms in the air, unaware she accidentally had her grenades armed in her hands. Causing everyone to panic.

Spike soon walked over with some baked sweets from the kitchen. “Hey guys, got some sweets for ya, hot and fresh from the-“ before he could finish his sentence, he soon spotted that the grenades in Pinkie’s hands were armed, and his eyes widened in panic. “OH SNAP!!!” He cried out.

Sub-Zero quickly snatched them from Pinkie and tossed them as hard as he could out towards the bay. As the two grenades landed in the water, both of them descended a few feet into the water, combusting as they made the water shoot up towards the sky. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, soon to give Pinkie a disapproving look as she looked to them, and her hair deflated, and she let out a nervous chuckle. Upon hearing the explosion, Pema walked out of the kitchen and looked to them. “Is everything all right out here...?” She asked them.

“It’s nothing Pema, don’t worry... everything is under control...” Sub-Zero assured her of the situation.

“You sure, because it sounded like a strange fireworks festival going off.” Pema looked around to find what it could be.

“I assure you, there is nothing to worry about... now please, I’m sure there is much in the kitchen that needs your full attention.” Sub-Zero said to her.

“Oh all right, I better focus on that, otherwise everything will burn to a crisp.” Pema muttered as she headed back inside.

Soon after she did, everyone gave Pinkie a disapproving look, causing her to shrink in shame. “For someone who is supposed to know her explosives, that was a really dumb move Pinkie.” Sonya said to her.

“Look, I’m sorry alright...? It’s not like anyone saw it happen.” Pinkie pointed out.

“But if they had, we would be in big trouble... we can’t risk an inter realm war with these people.” Scorpion said to her.

“Our main focus should be finding out where the Jinsei of this realm is, and help Korra any way we can.” Liu said to them as they all nodded in agreement.

Republic City

The next morning, Mako is walking in a more industrialized part of Republic City. He throws one end of his scarf over his shoulder and looks up in the direction of a trolley which is being boarded. He runs toward the trolley, crossing the street without looking. Meanwhile, a moped is driving down the street. The rider of the moped, sees Mako and quickly tries to stop, though she still crashes into Mako while he screams and tumbles over. She wheels the moped over to Mako, while he picks himself up off the street. “Oh, no!” She ran over to Mako. “I'm so sorry. I didn't see you.“ she said to him as she reached for her helmet.

Mako sat up and rubs the back of his head; somewhat angrily. “How could you not see me? I mean I was ju-juu ...” He glances at the rider and saw her remove her helmet showing how beautiful she was, while she is throwing her hair back. This caused Mako to blush from looking at her. “Uh, I was ... I- I ... wow. I was ...” He was completely at a loss for words as he clears throat and blushes.

The young woman reached over and clutched Mako’s arm. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Ugh, I'm such an idiot.” She said as she helped Mako to his feet.

Walking by, Johnny, Rainbow Dash and Sonya were on their way back to Air Temple Island, but quickly took notice of the situation. “Don't worry, I'm fine. My brother hits me harder than that every day in practice.” Mako assured her as he brushed himself off of the dirt.

“Looks like Mako sure knows how to pick’em...” Johnny commented.

“Like you’re any better...?” Sonya asked with a smirk.

“Hey, there have been plenty of dames in my time, but as far as I’m concerned... you’re the only one for me. And I can tell from experience, this dame ain’t worth it, especially for Mako.” Johnny pointed out to her.

Rainbow at that moment let out an amused chuckle. “Well, that’s not stopping her...” The Lin Kuei warrior pointed out to them as Johnny looked back to them.

“Wait, I recognize you. You're Mako, right? You play for the Fire Ferrets.” The young woman said to him.

“Yeah, that's me.” Mako said to her feeling proud about it.

Meanwhile Johnny gave him a look, knowing he was trying to hit it off with her. “Way to brag pal...” he muttered.

The young woman lightly facepalmed herself for being such an idiot. “I am so embarrassed.” she reached her hand out to him to shake hands, and he took it firmly. “My name is Asami. Let me make this up to you somehow. Uh, how about I treat you to dinner? Tomorrow night, eight o' clock, Kwong's Cuisine.” She said to him as she headed back to her moped.

Hearing the name of the restaurant, Mako was literally surprised just from hearing it. “Uh, Kwong's? I don't have any clothes nice enough for a place that classy.” he said to her.

“I'll take care of that. All you need to do is show up.” Asami said to him as she put her helmet and goggles on. “So ... it's a date?” She asked him.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. I'll see you tomorrow night.“ Mako replied with a smile. Asami gets back on her moped and drives away taking one brief glance behind her. Mako watches her ride away and grins widely, lovestruck.

Johnny knew at this point... he needed to knock some sense into that boy. “Oh heck no...! Not on my watch...” he walked towards Mako and grabbed him by his shoulder, snapping him out of it. “Mako... don’t, even, think of it...” he said to him.

Surprised of his entrance, Mako snapped back to reality and looked to him. “What do you mean...?” He asked him as to why he shouldn’t.

“Trust me when I tell you, that dame is a real heartbreaker... I know, because I’ve been in plenty of situations like the one you’re in.” Johnny explained to him.

“Johnny, will you give it a rest...?” Sonya grabbed him by his ear and pulled him away from Mako. “What he is trying to tell you, is that he doesn’t want you do do something you’ll regret... sure the girl is pretty, but you have to ask, is she the right one for you...?” She asked him.

“W-Well, I actually think she might... I mean it almost like fate meant for me to hit me. Just glad it didn’t kill me though...” Mako said to her.

Soon after, he got an elbow jab to his side, causing him to cry out from it and see that it was Rainbow Dash. “You’re so not ready for this, if you go and see her, that’s your business, just don’t come crying to us when things go wrong.” She said to him and walked away with Johnny.

Mako rubbed his side and felt a hand to his shoulder, and looked towards Sonya. “Just be careful...” She said to him and followed after them. The young firebender watched them go and looked down in thought, wondering what he should do in a situation like this.

Air Temple Island

Later that evening, Tenzin's family, the defenders, and Korra are about to eat dinner. Before eating, they bow their heads as Tenzin starts a prayer. Plus given it was such a big group of friends, they needed a much wider space to eat, so they relocated outside. “We are grateful for this delicious food, for happiness, for compassion, and-“ before he could finish his prayer.

“I'm not interrupting, am I?” Tarrlok asked him as he bowed, earning everyone’s attention.

Liu and Kitana were surprised to see him standing before them. “What is he doing here...?” Kitana asked them.

“Don’t know, but I’m already beginning to lose my appetite just from looking at him.” Rarity commented with a scowl towards him.

“This is my home, Tarrlok. We're about to eat dinner.” Tenzin said to him as he stood up from where he sat.

“Good, because I am absolutely famished.” Tarrlok stated as Tenzin narrows his eyes while glaring at him. “Airbenders never turn away a hungry guest, am I right?” He asked him.

Tenzin immediately let out a sigh knowing he was right. “I suppose.” He said to him as he takes a seat and glances at his wife, Pema, who scowls at him. He raises his hands, palms facing forward while shrugging, giving her a helpless look.

Beginning to fill his dish, Liu glanced over to the councilman knowing exactly what to ask him. “To what do we owe the displeasure...?” He asked him.

“Glad you asked... I wanted to meet all of you, the Legendary Defenders of Earthrealm. Tenzin told me all about you all.” Tarrlok said to them.

“Yeah, what else is new...?” Jax asked sarcastically as he crossed his arms.

“You certainly seem to be a well mannered person...” Tarrlok said to him, but looked towards Korra and walked over to her. “Ah, you must be the famous Avatar Korra. It is truly an honor.” He said to her as he bowed to her in respect. “I am Councilman Tarrlok, representative from the Northern Water Tribe.” He introduced himself.

Korra stood up and bows, with Tarrlok bowing as well in acknowledgment. “Nice to meet you.” She said to him as they both kneel in a sitting position at the table.

Just at that moment, Ikki leaned over the table toward Tarrlok, looking at him curiously.”Why do you have three ponytails?” She asked him as she took a whiff of his cologne. “And how come you smell like a lady? You're weird.” She stated to him as both Johnny and Rainbow Dash tried not to spit out their drinks, and quickly swallowed before they burst out laughing at Ikki’s comment.

Tarrlok stared at her for a moment, but shook off the question to ignore it. “Well aren't you ... precocious?” He said to her as he directs his attention to Korra, although Ikki continues glaring at him, even Kung Lao and Sunset shared a similar glare towards him. “So, I've been reading all about your adventures in the papers. Infiltrating Amon's rally, now that took some real initiative.” He compliments her.

“Oh, thanks. I think you're the first authority figure in the city who's happy I'm here.” Korra admitted to him.

“Don’t let it go to your head Korra...” Twilight said to her as she shot a glare towards Tarrlok, knowing he couldn’t be trusted as far as she could teleport him back to where he came from.

“Republic City is much better off now that you've arrived. You and your friends here...” Tarrlok stated to her as he gestured to the Mane Seven and the Defenders.

“Enough with the flattery, Tarrlok. What do you want from Korra and her friends?” Tenzin demanded to know as he felt protective of her.

“Patience, Tenzin. I'm getting to that.” Tarrlok said to him as he had his hand up. He directs his attention to Korra while Tenzin glares at him. “As you may have heard, I am assembling a task force that will strike at the heart of the revolution and I want you all to join me.” He said to her.

“Really?” Korra asked in surprise.

“What?!” Tenzin leaned forward in surprise.

“I need someone who will help me attack Amon directly, someone who is fearless in the face of danger.” Tarrlok stated as he gestured to Korra and her friends. “And that someone is you, and this elite team of fighters we have here.” He said to her as he gestured to them.

“Not, interested... and neither should you be, Korra...” Liu Kang said to her.

“And why on Earth not...?” Tarrlok asked him curiously.

“Because her Avatar training comes first...” Liu responded and looked towards him. “Then there’s the matter of us... we may be elite fighters, but we’re not foolish enough to follow a bending dictator who wants nothing but power.” He said to the councilman who had a look of surprise on his face. “I may not be a pure telepath like our ally Kenshi, but I can read you like an open book. So take my word for it...” he said as he formed a fist while dragon fire surrounded it. “And let it go...”

Seeing the fire as a drop of sweat began to show on his face, Tarrlok regained his composure and calmed himself. “Well, let’s just see what the Avatar says...” he said to him and looked to Korra. “Korra...? What say you...?” He asked her hoping for a good answer.

“Join your task force?” Korra thought about it for a moment, Twilight and her friends looked to her as they wondered what could be going through her mind at this point. But just as quick as she thought about it, the answer was clear. “I can't.” She said to him, earning a group of smiles from Twilight and the rest of the group.

As surprise lights Tenzin and Tarrlok's faces, Korra takes a sip of her drink. “I must admit, I'm rather surprised. I thought you'd jump at the chance to help me lead the charge against Amon.” Tarrlok said to her.

“Me too.” Tenzin admitted almost quietly.

“Liu Kang is right, I came to Republic City to finish my Avatar training with Tenzin. Right now, I just need to focus on that.“ Korra said to him.

But Tarrlok was not going to back down, no matter what. “Which is why this opportunity is perfect. You would get on the job experience while performing your Avatar duty for the city.” He said to her.

Till out of no where, a Blade of Chaos swung over and slammed in front of him, causing him to scream from it, and look towards Kratos, who held the chain as he had a stern glare on his face. “Did you not hear her...? She isn’t interested...” he said to him as Mimir showed up on the table.

“And if she’s not interested, then you should let it go lad.” The head said to him.

At that moment, Raiden stood up and looked to him. “Korra gave you her answer. It's time for you to go.” he said to him with a stern tone as he felt annoyed along side Tenzin.

“Very well.” He stands up to leave. “But...” He lets out a slight chuckle. “I'm not giving up on you just yet.” He waggles a finger at her. “You'll be hearing from me soon.” He stated as he bowed. “It has been a pleasure, Avatar Korra.” He said to her as he begins to walk out of the room.

Till Ikki waved at him to say one last thing. “Bye-bye, ponytail man!” she said to him as she and Pinkie chuckled and gave each other a high five while Tarrlok had a look of annoyance on his face from Ikki’s fairwell.

“On your way out, get a haircut ya hippie!” Mimir shouted as most of everyone laughed while the councilman scowled at his comment and grunts in distaste as he walks out.

Twilight reached to Korra and patted her shoulder. “You made the right choice Korra.” She said to her.

“Indeed, no one should take the law into their own hands...” Sub-Zero commented as he ate some food. “It will only bring disaster onto others.” He stated.

“But was it really the right thing to do...? I can’t help but feel I should have accepted... but in the end...” Korra wanted to say it, but it was too difficult to find the words.

“Little sister, take it from a talking head... the kind of power you have can bring good benefits to others. But in the wrong hands, it could lead only to disaster, just as Sub-Zero described it. When I was in service to Odin and the Aesir gods, they said that my knowledge could benefit their needs... but only brought ruin onto the Jotunheim.” He stated.

“Mimir’s right, if you took his offer, you could have been bringing more harm than good.” Rainbow Dash said to her.

“And everyone... will begin to hate you for it...” Mileena stated as she ate some meat. Korra looked to each of them, seeing that they felt that she made the right choice... but was it right for her...?

Republic City, Kwong's Cuisine

Meanwhile, Mako is at Kwong's Cuisine, staring in awe. He clutches his scarf and checks his sleeves. He sighs at his results and walks in. Upon entering the restaurant, a server was there waiting for him. “Ah, welcome to Kwong's Cuisine, Master Mako.” he said to him as he bowed.

The young firebender was surprised of the title he had just been given. “Uh, "Master"?” he asked as he was escorted to the back room. The server walked in and unfolds a shirt from a box and dresses it on Mako. The server pulls up Mako's pants, ties his shoes, styles his hair, and gives him a formal-looking jacket to wear. Mako examines the clothes with pleasure. He grabs his red scarf from the table behind him and puts it around his neck. The server glances at it and starts to pull it off, when Mako prevents him from doing so by catching the server's wrist. “The scarf stays.” He stated to him.

“As you wish, sir.” He bowed to him respectfully. “This way please.” He holds his arm to the side and leads Mako back into the restaurant area.

Once he had met up with Asami, the two of them had sat down, talking literally about pro-bending. “I am such a big pro-bending fan. I caught all of your matches this season.” She said to him.

“All of them? Wow. Honestly, I wish there were a few you hadn't seen.” Mako pointed out, given Korra had just officially joined his team.

“Oh, don't be ridiculous, you're amazing. I can't wait to see you play in the tournament.” Asami said to him with a smile on her face.

But Mako didn’t share her enthusiasm. “Yeah, well, ah, maybe next year.” he replied.

This result made the smile on Asami’s face disappear. “What do you mean? You made it in.” she said to him.

“It just isn't in the cards for us right now.” Mako said to her knowing its money trouble.

Hearing it, Asami puts her hand on top of Mako's on the table, gaining his attention. “Tell me. What's the problem?” She asked him.

Mako looked at her, seeing the concern in her eyes, and knew that she needed to know. “We don't have the cash to ante up for the championship pot. So, it looks like we're out of the running.” he said to her.

Asami was surprised, but new that it was clearly messed up. “That's not fair.” she commented.

Just at that moment, the server carries two silver colored plates with dome lids. “Pardon me, Ms. Sato.” Lifts up the lids; Mako's eyes widen with shock from seeing the food and looked towards Asami. “Your main course.” He said to her and left.

“Ms. Sato? You wouldn't happen to be related to Hiroshi Sato, creator of the Satomobile?” Mako asked her.

“Yeah. He's my dad.” Asami replied to him.

Just from hearing that fact, Mako was even more surprised. “Get out of town!” He said to her in disbelief.

“I'm serious.” She said to him as she picks up her cup and takes a sip of her drink. “You want to meet him?” She asked him.

“Meet the most successful captain of industry in all of Republic City? Yeah, I'll take you up on that.” Mako said to her as the two teens took this moment to dine with each other. Little did Mako realize... that he was being watched.

A white haired dame was watching from the other side of the restaurant, but her eyes were another story... it was Artemis, taking on a human form, watching the two teenagers safely without being noticed. But it didn’t stop a a guest from approaching her. “Hello beautiful... this seat taken...?” He asked her.

“As a matter of fact... it is... and I prefer dining alone if you don’t mind.” Artemis responded coldly.

“Oh come now sweetheart, no need to be so cold...” the man wrapped his arm around her, giving her a flirtatious look. “I just want to have some quality time with such a pretty lady such as you.” He said to her.

Feeling his arm, Artemis wasn’t having any of it as she reached over and grabbed his wrist gently. “A kind offer... but...” she raises it and twists his arm forcefully, causing him to cry out in pain as everyone in the restaurant looked to them, even Asami and Mako noticed it. “But I am leaving, and I suggest you leave me be...” She said to him as she released his arm and walked towards the door.

The guest groaned in pain from his arm, but glared at her as he grabbed a bottle. “You wench! No one disrespects me like that!” He went to smack the bottle against her head, but the white haired goddess avoided it, grabbed his arm and smacked him in the face, leaving three scratches on his face from her claws that she secretly used.

Everyone winced from the scene, even the two young teenagers who watched it happen. “What do you think that was all about...?” Asami asked Mako.

The firebender gave a shrug from his shoulders as he looked to her. “Lovers quarrel...?” He asked as Asami shrugged in response. Artemis cleaned her hands and looked towards Mako, seeing much of Apollo in him, but turned away and headed out of the restaurant. Mako took notice of her strange snow white hair, and felt a strange feeling from her. “But there is something familiar about her...” he stated.

“One of your fans...?” Asami asked him.

“I don’t know...” Mako responded and looked out. “Maybe I’m just seeing things...” He said to her as the two teens went back to eating their dinner. Artemis meanwhile watched from outside the door, and looked away feeling her heart ache as the moment between them, reminded her of Orion again... she walked away from the restaurant and headed into an ally as steam covered her as her form shifted and changed to her goddess form. Giving her the chance to ascend to the rooftops gracefully, and head back to Amons hideout.

Air Temple Island

The next morning, Johnny and Sonya were practicing to keep their skills sharp, but they soon heard the sound of a light humming. “I know that sound...” Johnny stated as he glanced back and saw that it was Bolin, who had just arrived while singing a light tune with Pabu on his shoulder.

“Someone sure seems happy to be here...” Sonya pointed out.

Even Pinkie let out a light hearted chuckle as she looked to him. “Sure does... hey Bolin!” She called out to him.

“Hey Pinkie, Johnny, Sonya... is Korra around...?” Bolin asked them.

“Over by the house, petting Naga with Fluttershy... you can’t miss them.” Sonya pointed to where they will be. “You seem like you’re in a good mood...” she pointed out to him.

“I know right...? Ever since I got captured by Amon, and Korra saved me, I’ve been totally crazy about her lately... but tell me...” Bolin reached back and pulled out a rose and a cupcake, that immediately caused Johnny’s eyes to widen in a state of panic. “I just bought these for Korra, think she’ll like them...?” He asked them.

Sonya looked at the flower and pastry and let out a chuckle. “Think you’re kinda rushing it, but we’ll see what happens, won’t we...?” She asked him.

“You bet you steel toed boots! Wish me luck!” Bolin stated as he headed to where Korra was.

Just at that moment, Johnny grabbed Sonya by her shoulder, and walked closely to her. “Sonya, you know that little voice in my head that you would tell me about that would say... quit, while you’re ahead...? Apparently, you don’t have one...” he pointed out to her.

“Well I’m sorry, what was I supposed to tell him?” Sonya asked him.

“Didn’t you see the flower...? That was a red rose...!” Johnny pointed out to her.

“So...? What’s the big deal...?” Sonya asked him.

“What Johnny is getting at Sonya...” Rarity approached them as she was arranging some flowers. “Is that flowers are signs of different meanings, a red rose is a sign of love and affection. It’s clear to me and him, that Bolin has fallen head over heals for Korra...”

“Not aware she might share the same feelings as he does.” Johnny pointed out.

“Ooohhh, yeah... I wasn’t all that crazy about romance...” Sonya admitted.

Only to receive a sigh from Rarity. “My dear, you still have that much to learn...” she said to her.

Meanwhile, Bolin approached Korra to greet her. “Hello, fellow teammate! Fluttershy...” He said to them in a cheery tone.

“Hey, Bolin.” Korra greeted him as she rubbed Naga’s chest.

“How are you feeling Bolin...?” Fluttershy asked him.

“Great, never better! Missed you at practice this week.“ Bolin pointed out to Korra.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Korra apologized to him for being absent.

“Nah, that's all right. We're probably out of the tournament anyways unless some money miraculously drops out of the sky by tomorrow. Anyways, the reason I came by was to give you this.” He holds out a cupcake and a rose while Pabu climbs off his shoulder. “Ta-da!”

Both Korra and Fluttershy shared a surprised expression just from seeing the gifts. “Wow, thanks.” She said to him and takes Bolin's gifts. “What's this for?” She asked.

Bolin rubbed his chin thinking about it. “Uh, oh I can't remember now. Oh yeah, now I remember. You saved me from Amon!” He said cheerfully.

“Oh, that?” Korra shrugged from the thought of it. “It was no big deal.” She assured him.

“No big deal, are you serious? I was totally freaking out when he was coming at me with his creepy mask all, "I will take away your bending forever." He acts like a zombie trying to comically replicate Amon while Korra looks at him with a worried expression. “I mean that is.. scary stuff; I still can't sleep well.Especially being near that cat lady! That was just unnatural! I mean, who the heck was she?” He asked.

“Her name is Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, and she’s Kratos’ sister.” Fluttershy informed him.

“Kratos...? You mean that big guy with the axe, who is grumpy and completely whi-“ before Bolin could finish, he felt eyes burning in the back of his head, causing him to sweat bullets as he leaned his head back, and saw Kratos standing behind him.

The war god stared at him with an arched eyebrow as his arms were crossed. “Care to finish that statement...?” He asked him.

“Uhhh, no...?” Bolin replied to him.

“I thought not...” Kratos said to him and lowered his arms and patted his shoulder. “But it is good to see you’re doing all right... and as for my sister. She is a skilled hunter that took on the form of a white lion, and is not to be underestimated.” He said to the young earthbender.

“He’s right... I know for a fact I was...” Fluttershy said to Bolin as she shuddered from remembering that night. “I’ll never forget it...”

Suddenly, Tarrlok’s council page showed up. “Delivery for Avatar Korra.” He said as he carries in a large basket of items surrounded by flowers and sets them next to Korra and looks to her.“Tarrlok sends his compliments and urges you to reconsider his offer.”

But Korra scowled at seeing them and looked to him. “Tell him I haven't changed my mind.” She stated.

The page bowed to her and walked of, Bolin watched him go and had a look of jealousy on his face. “Who's this Tarrlok guy? Is he bothering you? Huh, 'cause I could have a word with him.” He said to her as he punches fist into his other hand.

Leaving Korra to feel somewhat amused. “Heh, no it's not like that. He's just some old guy who works with Tenzin on the council.” She explained to him.

“Not to mention a very persistent and annoying mortal...” Kratos commented as he raised his axe and tossed it towards a chopping block that had a log on top of it.

Bolin was surprised from seeing it, but smiled looking to Korra. “Oh, good. Good, that sounds better. I like that better. Well I better get back to the arena before Mako does, he gets grumpy when I’m always out with the ladies...” He said to her as he walked off.

“See ya Bolin...!” Korra waved to him seeing him go. From that moment, Bolin finally found his dream girl.

Republic City Future Industries Factory

At the Satomobile Factory, a Satomobile was being lifted so workers can examine it in a factory. The factory contains several rows of Satomobiles in an assembly line. Hiroshi Sato and his daughter, Asami Sato, stand side by side, while Mako stands in front of them for conversation purposes. “What do you think of my little operation here?” Hiroshi asked the young firebender.

“It's very impressive, Mr. Sato.” Mako complimented his factory.

“Please, call me Hiroshi. So, I understand you're dirt poor.” Hiroshi stated to him.

Mako didn’t exactly know what to say, especially to the greatest inventor in the city. “Uh, well...” he hesitated.

“Young man, it is nothing to be ashamed of. I too came from humble beginnings. Why, when I was your age, I was a mere shoe-shiner, and all I had to my name was an idea; the Satomobile.” Hiroshi looked to his vehicles. “Now, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who believed in me and my work ethic. He gave me the money I needed to get my idea off the ground and I built the entire Future Industries empire from that one selfless loan.” He raises his hands toward the assembly lines.

“Dad, stop bragging. Just tell Mako the good news.” Asami said to him as her dad let out a chuckle.

But Mako was confused from what she meant by good news. “What good news?” he asked them.

“Well, my daughter passionately told me all about your hard earned success in the Pro-bending Arena. And about your team's current...” Hiroshi reached over and puts his hand on Mako's shoulder. “Financial stumbling block. Now, I'd hate to see you lose your chance at winning the championship just because you're short a few yuans. That's why I'm going to sponsor the Fire Ferrets in the tournament.” He said to him.

Mako couldn’t believe it, he thought he was dreaming. “Are you serious?” he asked them.

“He's serious. My dad's going to cover your ante for the championship pot.” Asami explained to him.

Mako’s breath was literally taken away by this, he couldn’t believe it, but he couldn’t help but smile. “Tha-that is good news.” he said to them.

“There's just one catch.” Hiroshi pointed out and looked to him. “You all have to wear the Future Industries logo on your uniforms.” He said to him.

“I'll tattoo it on my chest if you want, sir.” Mako pointed to his chest and smiles while both Hiroshi and Asami chuckle. “Thank you both so much.” He shakes both Hiroshi and Asami's hands. “I promise the Fire Ferrets will make the most of this opportunity.” He said to them.

“Oh I’m sure you will my boy... now if you’ll both excuse me, I have a meeting to get to.” Hiroshi said to them and headed off to his meeting.

His daughter smiled at her father and looked to Mako. “This is going to be so exciting... I’ll have my tailor pick up your uniforms from the arena.” She said to him.

“Actually, I was hoping I could ask Rarity to help out with that.” Mako said to her.

She gave him a confused look, not knowing who this Rarity was. “Who’s Rarity...?” She asked him.

Panicking in realizing she hadn’t met them yet, Mako had to make something up. “She’s a friend from out of town, she and her boyfriend are from the Southern Water Tribe, and she is a really great seamstress... trust me, you’ll love her...” he assured her.

“Oh, she has a boyfriend...? Phew... that’s a relief... you gave me quite a scare there, because I thought she was one of your old girlfriends.” Asami stated with a smirk.

But this subject made Mako blush at the thought of it. “N-No, there is nothing between me and her... trust me... I’ll talk to her the next time I go to Air Temple Island...” he said to her.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you later...” Asami said to him as she pecked him on the cheek, causing the redness on his face to intensify as he sighed and walked out of the factory.

The brunette giggled at how silly he was and headed off into the factory. Meanwhile, Mako was in a major daydream, as he wandered outside of the factory, and walked down the sidewalk. Till suddenly... “We saw that...” said a familiar voice.

Mako snapped out of his daydream and looked seeing Twilight and Flash standing before him. “Oh, Flash, Twilight... fancy seeing you here...” he said to them.

“You’re not seriously falling for her, are you...” Flash asked him.

“Come on Flash, what guy wouldn’t...? She’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met...” Mako said to him, only to feel something from his pocket and looked to it. He reached in and pulled out the Jinsei Stone, seeing its light starting to dim. “Whoa, that’s never happened before...” he commented.

“It’s basically trying to tell you something...” Twilight stated as she approached him. “I’ve been trying to figure it out since you and Korra first shared your stones... so far I’ve come up with little information, but I do know this... stones like these could only indicate a bond... but we can’t figure out what it may be until we run some tests.” She said to him.

“Well, in the meantime, are you guys heading back to Air Temple Island...?” Mako asked them.

“Yeah, we’re gonna be checking on how Korra is doing...” Flash informed him.

“The reason I ask is, can you ask Rarity to do a favor for me, Bo, and Korra...? It’s something important...” Mako said to them.

Thinking it over, even after what they had witnessed... Twilight shrugged her shoulders. “Why not... anything for a friend...” Twilight said to him and playfully punched his side. “But you’re going to owe me big time mister.” She said to him with a smirk. Mako let out a chuckle and rubbed his side as Twilight and Flash headed back to Air Temple Island together. But his thoughts returned to the stone as he looked to it, seeing it dim a little more. He wondered what could be causing it, and what the bond could be... but he focused on heading back to the arena to give Bolin the good news.

Air Temple Island

Back on the island, Twilight and Flash returned to check up on Korra. “So what should we tell Korra...? I mean... you saw the way that girl kissed Mako...” Flash pointed out to her.

“For now, let’s not focus on playing Cupid... and just work on helping her get over her fear of Amo-“ Before Twilight could finish, they looked and saw more gifts from Tarrlok to the point their eyes were wide as dishes, and their jaws dropped onto the ground. “You gotta be kidding me!” She exclaimed in frustration as she gestured towards the Satomobile. “A car...? SERIOSULY?!!” She shouted.

“Yes, it would seem Tarrlok has not yet given up...” Tenzin said to them as he approached while holding Mimir in a bag.

“Aye, the man just learn...” Mimir stated and glanced to Twilight. “While you two were out having fun, Tenzin and I have been a good conversation, but Tarrlok’s council page just kept on coming back, over, and over again... about five times this has happened today...” he stated.

“He is one determined man...” Flash admitted as he crossed his arms as he and Twilight approached the gifts.

In the Satomobile Ikki and Meelo were pretending to drive. “Out of the way Daddy, we're driving here!” She said to him as Tenzin shakes his head at the gift. “Beeeeeeep beebeebeeeeep!”

“Beep-beep.” Meelo joined her as they continued to play in the Satomobile.

Tenzin walks on to where Korra is practicing airbending stances on a round platform with a Yin-Yang symbol along with Kitana, who had agreed to help her in her technique. “I see Tarrlok's gifts are getting more and more extravagant.” he said to her.

Hearing it, Korra let out a sigh as she continued practicing with Kitana. “Yeah, that guy doesn't know how to take "no" for an answer.” she replied.

“All the more reason we should just walk onto his door step and make the message clear.” Kitana commented as she helped Korra adjust her stance.

“Korra, are you ... doing all right?“ Tenzin asked her.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” Korra said to him as she paused her training.

Hearing this, Tenzin takes a seat on the stairs leading to the training platform and points to the spot next to him. “Why don't you take a break?” He said to her as Korra walks toward Tenzin and takes a seat next to him. “I'm glad you turned down Tarrlok, but I just want to make sure your decision was for the right reason.”

“I'm just really focused on my airbending right now is all.” Korra replied to him.

Tenzin sighed as he set Mimir down. “Right, that's what you said. You know, it's okay to be scared.” He said to her her.

“He’s right little sister... the whole city is frightened by what's been going on. The important thing is to talk about our fears, because if we don't, they can throw us out of balance.” Mimir said to her knowing that he went through it himself.

Korra looks away with a slightly sad face, visibly hit by the impact of Tenzin's and Mimir’s words. Tenzin stands up as he took Mimir with him. “I'm always here for you, if you want to talk.” He said to her as he walked away. Leaving Korra lost in thought.

Twilight walked up to her and touched her shoulder. “You going to be okay...?” She asked her.

Korra let out a sigh knowing that it’s hard for her to admit. “ To be honest... not really... I wish I was, but I just...” she struggled to find the words, but lowered her head as she placed her hands over her face.

The young princess saw it as she wrapped her arm around her, and held her to comfort the young Avatar. “It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything... not right now...” She said to her. Korra nodded as she closed her eyes as tears began to brim in her eyes.


Later that night, once again, Tarrlok’s council page showed up to see Korra. “Avatar Korra! I have something for you.” He said to her.

But before he could approach, Jax blocked his path and crossed his arms. “Hold it little man, if this is another bribe to get her to change her mind, forget it.” He said to him.

Applejack approached him and crossed her arms. “So why don’t you just hit the road pal...?” She said to him.

“No, no, it-“ before the page could say anything, Korra jumps down from the railing she was sitting on feeling annoyed, and earthbends the page around 180 degrees, and sends him off by kicking him in the back.

“It doesn't matter how many gifts Tarrlok sends, I am no​t joining his task force.” Korra said to him to make it clear to him.

“It's not a gift, it's an invitation.” The page said to her.

Liu and Kitana along with Johnny and Sonya were surprised from hearing it, and headed down to Korra who was equally surprised. “To what?” She asked him as she gave him an angry look and grabs the papers out of his hands and starts reading them.

“Tarrlok is throwing a gala in your honor.All of Republic City's movers and shakers will be there. The councilman humbly requests your attendance.” The page informed her as he bowed lightly and headed off for the boat.

Twilight approached with the others and looked at it. “This has got to be a set up...” she commented.

“No surprise there, you read it for two seconds, and you’re already not liking it...” Rainbow Dash said to her.

“We all have reasons for not trusting Tarrlok Rainbow Dash... but the question remains, what is Tarrlok’s reason for pulling this stunt...?” Sub-Zero asked for her.

“It’s more than likely to get Korra to change her mind... I say don’t attend...” Jade commented.

“Yeah, I mean I’m all for parties like Pinkie here, but you gotta admit there’s something off about all this.” Johnny commented.

“For once you’re actually talking sense... Johnny’s right, we can’t do this.” Sonya stated to them.

“But if she doesn’t, everyone will think badly of her, and I’m sure you don’t want to read about that in tomorrow’s tabloid.” Liu commented.

Applejack looked to Korra seeing her unsure expression. “Korra, this is entirely up to you sugarcube. What do you think you should do...?” She asked her.

Raiden approached with Kratos with his arms behind his back. “What ever your decision will be Korra, we will be there to ensure Tarrlok doesn’t get to you...” He said to her. Korra took that moment to think about it, and looked out towards the city. She knew she needed to do something... even if it’s a hard choice to make.

Republic City, City Hall

After making her decision, and everyone gotten into formal attire, including Kratos who even decided to trim his beard, leaving a bit on his chin to look how he originally did when he was in Greece. He didn’t like the idea of attending, but he had no choice, because he knew Tarrlok was up to something. Upon arriving at City Hall, music kicks in as City Hall with two huge banners with the picture of Korra on them. Shortly after, Korra, Tenzin, Pema, Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo, along with Twilight, her friends, Liu Kang and the defenders enter the City Hall building dressed in gala clothing. The kids run off. The other attendants start clapping as they notice Korra walking in. Pema starts wandering off and socializing with the people in the background. Korra looks around stunned, standing next to Tenzin. “I can't believe this is all for me.” she stated.

“I'm not sure what Tarrlok's plotting, but keep your guard up. It's not like him to throw a party just for the fun of it.” Tenzin commented.

Raiden walked in with Celestial, who’s pregnant belly showed as they arrived. “Tenzin is right Korra, be in your guard... Tarrlok is not to be trusted.” He stated.

“Much like a certain sorcerer we know...” Celestia added and looked to her and smiled. “This is actually our first time meeting...” she added and bowed to her. “I am Princess Celestia, Korra, Twilights teacher...” she introduced herself and gestures to Luna who joined them with Kenshi, Prince Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance. “These are my sister, Princess Luna, her fiancé, Kenshi Takehashi... and Prince Shining Armor, with his wife, Princess Cadance.” She introduced them.

Korra was stunned to see them, and bowed respectfully. “Your majesties... it is an honor to finally meet you.” She commented.

“Very, we have heard much about you Avatar Korra, and hope for the best for you in the future.” Luna said to her as she held Kenshi’s arm.

Soon before Kenshi could speak, his senses felt Tarrlok approaching and looked to where he was coming from. “We have company...” he pointed out as everyone looked to see Tarrlok walking towards them. “Speak of the devil... and he shall appear...” he pointed out

“So glad you could make it, Avatar Korra.” Tarrlok said to her as Meelo runs behind Korra and Tenzin. He then looked to Raiden and Celestia and approached them. “Raiden, I am glad you and your lovely I’ve decided to join as as well... it’s not every day a god and goddess decide to grace us with their presence.

“Flattery won’t score you points with us Tarrlok.” Raiden stated to him.

“Twilight soon approached him, giving him a disapproving look. “If you so much as even try anything, you’ll be answering to me.” She stated to him knowing he’s up to no good.

The councilman chuckled as he looked to address Tenzin. “If you'd excuse us, the city awaits its hero.” He stated as he walks off with Korra.

Celestia looked to Twilight and her friends. “Keep an eye on her...” she said to them as they nodded and followed after them.

The God of War watched him go and looked around and saw something that made his eyes slightly widen. He tapped Tenzin on his shoulder to get his attention, and pointed towards Meelo, that caused Tenzin to panic and gasp as his face turned blue. “Meelo! No, that's not a toilet! Oh dear.” He walks toward Meelo in shame while covering his eyes, while Kratos shook his head knowing his son is more disciplined.

Meanwhile, Tarrlok and Korra approached Hiroshi. “Korra, ladies, it's my pleasure to introduce Republic City's most famous industrialist, Hiroshi Sato.” he introduced her to him.

“Nice to meet you.” Korra said to him.

“Nice to officially meet you Mr. Sato...” Twilight said to him.

“Likewise Princess Twilight, I hope you and your friends are enjoying your stay here in Republic City.” Hiroshi said to her as Twilight nodded with her friends, while some of them had some faces that indicated their encounter with Amon. But at the moment, Hiroshi bowed to Korra. “We're all expecting great things from you.” he said to her.

Upon hearing it, Korra felt pretty nervous. “Right...” She looks down sadly. “Greatness...”

Rainbow patted her shoulder. “Hey, chin up... you’ll be fine...” she said to her.

“Just remember to relax, I mean it is a party...” Fluttershy reminded her as Korra nodded.

Flash walked over to Twilight and patted her shoulder. “Firebender and Sato girl at three o’clock...” he muttered as he pointed towards them, getting Twilight to look and see them as her eyes widened.

Mako walks toward Korra with Bolin next to him and Asami Sato holding his arm. Korra frowns and narrows her eyes when she notices this. “Hey, Korra!” He greeted her.

“Ladies, and gentleman... this is my daughter, Asami.” Hiroshi introduced her.

“It's lovely to meet you. Mako's told me so much about you and your friends.” Asami said to Korra as she gestures to the Mane Seven.

“Really? Because he hasn't mentioned you at all. How did you two meet?“ Korra asked in a clipped tone.

“Korra, mind your manners...” Rarity said to her and looked towards Asami and shook her hand. “Delighted to meet you darling, I’m Rarity, Lin Kuei second in command, and fashionista extraordinaire.” She introduced herself.

“Rarity...? So you’re the one Mako mentioned, I have a favor to ask of you when you have the time.” Asami said to her.

“Oh, I have all the time in the world darling... but back to Korra’s question, how did you two meet...?” Rarity asked her.

Just at that moment, Bolin leans into view. “Asami crashed into him on her moped.” he spoke quickly.

Korra’s eyes widened from hearing it and looked towards Mako. “What? Are you okay?” She asked feeling concerned.

“I'm fine. More than fine. Mister Sato agreed to sponsor our team; we're back in the tournament!” Mako said to her feeling excited.

“You are?” Flash asked him.

“Seriously...?!” Pinkie asked in surprise.

“Hehe, isn't that great?” Bolin asked feeling excited.

But Korra... wasn’t as excited. “Yeah, terrific.” she muttered.

Liu and Kitana walked up to them to see what was up. “Are we interrupting...?” He asked them.

“No, not at all... Asami, these are Liu Kang, of the White Lotus Society in Earthrealm, and Princess Kitana, of Edenia...” Mako introduced them to her.

Asami was stunned as she looked to Kitana. “You’re a Princess...?” She asked as she bowed in respect. “It’s such and honor to meet you, your highness... and I know you get this a lot, but you’re beautiful...” she said to her.

“Thank you, the honors all mine... and of course, you met my prodigy, Princess Twilight...” Kitana gestured to her.

“Wow, meeting royals in one night... this is incredible.” Asami said to them.

“Just steer clear of her sister Mileena... trust me on that.” Rainbow Dash said to her.

This immediately left Asami confused, but Tarrlok noticed Chief Beifong approaching them with Stryker. “Chief Beifong, I believe you and Avatar Korra have already met.” He said to her.

But Lin simply glared at the young Avatar in response. “Just because the city's throwing you this big to-do, don't think you're something special. You've done absolutely nothing to deserve this.” She said to her in a harsh tone and walks away.

Korra glares at Lin as she leaves, though her look saddens as Lin Beifong walks away. Stryker walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, she’s not so harsh once you get to know her...” he said to her and followed after Lin to join her.

“Come on Korra, you’ll get over it...sure she may be right, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun, right?” Twilight asked her.

“I’m sorry your highness, but I must borrow Korra for a moment.” Tarrlok said to her as he pulled Korra away. Twilight saw it and noticed the rushed tone in his voice, something was definitely going on, and Tarrlok was at the center of it. Tarrlok and Korra are walking toward a stair, where a lot of reporters are waiting downstairs. Many guests are present in the background. As soon as the media notices Korra, they rush for the stairs and start bombarding her with questions. “If you'd be so kind, they just have a couple of questions.” He said to her.

“But...” Korra’s eyes widened, but she shot a glare towards Tarrlok. “You planned this, you sneaky little-“ Before she could insult him, he pushed her forward and the reporters drew closer.

“Avatar Korra, you witnessed Amon take away people's bending firsthand. How serious a threat does he pose to the innocent citizens of Republic City?” Asked one of the reporters.

Hearing the question, Korra had no choice but to answer and clear her throat. “I think he presents a real problem.” she said to them sounding a bit confused.

Liu Kang walked over and saw them ambushing her, but looked to Tarrlok who is seen in the background smiling, as his plan to force Korra into his task force seems to be working. The Shaolin Monk glared at him, and was about to go settle things, but Kung Lao grabbed him. “Liu, don’t. You’ll get us either thrown out, or arrested.” He warned him. But Liu growled and crossed his arms frustrated.

“Then why have you refused to join Tarrlok's task force? As the Avatar, shouldn't you be going after Amon?” Asked another reporter.

Korra tried not to panic. “Well, I...”

“Why are you backing away from this fight?” The reporter asked her before she could respond.

Hearing this, Korra was quickly offended from the question. “What? No! I've never backed away from anything in my life!” She shouted.

Jax and Sonya watched from the crowd, starting to worry. “Not good, she’s falling right into his hands...” he stated.

“When their questions are done, I’m going to slug him.” Sonya stated as she cracked her knuckles.

“Not before I do...” Jax said to her with a smirk.

“You promised to serve this city, aren't you going back on that promise now?” Asked a reporter.

“Do you think pro-bending is more important than fighting the revolution?” Asked another reporter as Korra began to panic.

“How do you think Avatar Aang would have handled this?” Asked another reporter.

Korra is clearly starting to get confused, annoyed, and intimidated by this bombardment of questions. Till finally... “Are you afraid of Amon?” asked one of the reporters from earlier.

Twilight’s eyes widened as she looked towards Korra, who clearly snapped from hearing that question. “Korra, no!” She shouted, but it was too late.

“I am not afraid of anybody! If the city needs me then...” Korra gestures to Tarrlok. “I'll join Tarrlok's task force and help fight Amon.” She declared.

Tarrlok rushes forward and puts his arm on Korra's shoulder and yells. “There's your headline, folks.“ he said to them as they took pictures. Korra looked to him, but looked towards Raiden and Kratos, who shook their heads in disappointment. “This will be a great partnership Avatar Korra, you and I will-“ before Tarrlok finished his sentence, Korra benders the water and slapped him with it.

He grunted from it, and looked to her surprised. “Don’t think this changes anything... you may have gotten me in your task force, but just made a big mistake in making me angry. Do not talk to me for the rest of the night...” She said to him with a glare, and stormed off, leaving him stunned.

Mileena watched as she walked up to Kitana as she ate some of the food they were serving while wearing her veil that concealed her teeth. “She certainly showed him... we would have done a lot worse...” she stated.

“Liu, we better check up on her...” Kitana said to him.

“Agreed...” Liu walked with her to where she went. Twilight and her friends, sat with her at a table as she rested her head against her hands. Rarity used her power to form a ball of ice and placed it in a cup, filling it with water. Korra took it and t sipped from it to calm herself. Liu walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You okay...?” He asked her.

Sighing at his question, Korra leaned back in her chair. “Not really... I can’t believe I fell for it!” She shouted as she groaned in frustration as Rarity summoned a pillow for her to scream in. “I’m such an idiot...!” She said as she held the pillow to her face.

Raiden walked up to her and sat down. “Tarrlok knew exactly which buttons to push... it’s not your fault... it’s what he does.” He said to her.

“Come on Korra, you gotta reconsider this...” Mako said to her as he walked up with Asami and Bolin.

“I can’t now, I’m literally stuck with it... you’ll read it in the tabloid.” Korra responded.

Johnny tried to think of something, but his ears twitch to the music and looks to the musicians on stage. He thought it through and a lightbulb lit in his head as he turned towards Korra. “You know kid, you need something to lighten up your spirits.” He said to her.

“And how pray tell, do you plan to do that...?” Korra asked him.

“Just watch...” Johnny said to her and looked to Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow... how quickly can you get me and Pinkie on stage...?” He asked her.

Smirking in response, Rainbow grabbed hold of them. “Do you even need to ask...?” She asked as Liu smiled at seeing it, and nodded as Rainbow nodded her head to him and dashed towards the stage with lightning speed. Leaving both Johnny and a pinkie up on stage.

Everyone in the crowd looked to the stage as the lights dimmed, and a light shined upon both Johnny and Pinkie as they threw their arms into the air. “LETS ROCK THIS JOINT!” Johnny shouted as Pinkie reached to one of the musicians, spun him around, having him appear in jazzy clothes. He smiled at seeing them, and started beating the drums in a jazz rhythm.

(Hey Pachuco belongs to Royal Crown Revue, from The Mask.)

The other musicians nodded their heads to the beat as they had similar clothes with the help of Pinkie. Korra watched it from the audience and giggled, Twilight smiled as she glanced towards Korra and Mako, using her magic to teleport them to the center of the dance floor, catching everyone’s attention. The two benders looked to each other surprised, but Mako knew tha t there was no walking out of it, so he held out his hands. “Care for a dance...?” He asked her.

Looking at him as the drums continued, Korra smiled as he took his hands, as the drums heated faster. “Gladly...” She said to him as horns sounded off, and they began to dance together. Everyone in the crowd cheered as the two benders danced together. The music played a unique jazz theme, and they all danced to the beat.

Sonya chuckled seeing it and looked to the others. “Who knew that Mr. Hat Trick could dance...?” She asked as she took a sip from her drink and looked to Mako and Korra as they danced together.


Hey Pachuco!




Summer '43 the man's gunnin' for me
Blue and white mean war tonight

Mako and Korra swung together and twirled passed each other, the two spun as they slid passed each other and turned to each other doing a cat walk, taking each other by the hand as Mako spun her around.

They say damn my pride and all
The other cats livin' down the east side
Or maybe just my brim's too wide

Mako raised Korra up and spun with her as he set her down and twirled around her. He held her in his arms as the two waltzed together closely. Asami watched how amazing they were, even Bolin was impressed at how good his brother was. Rarity giggled at seeing them dance together. “In all my years, I’ve never seen such terrific dancing.” She commented.

“Neither have I, but seeing those two together makes this night worth it.” Sub-Zero commented as he watched the dancing teens.

Hey Marie you better grab my jack
And zip gun for me
'Cause I'll face no shame
Tonight's the night I die for our name

The band played their instruments following the song as Johnny snapped his fingers to the song, knowing it is one of his personal favorites. Mako and Korra danced with one another as the two looked into each other’s eyes, almost as though time began to slow down around them, their hearts skipping a couple beats, their faces turning slightly red as they continued to dance.

Well I like to be swingin'
Dancin' and singing
Just having a good time
Free to do whatever
Now more than ever
I've got to stick with that gang of mine

Johnny sang as the two young teens danced with each other, Mako took Korra by her hand and spun her around and lifted her into the air as he spun with her. He stopped as he held Korra by her waist and panted as they looked to each other.

They say damn my pride and all
The other cats livin' down the east side
Or maybe just my brim's too wide

The young benders looked into each other’s eyes one last time, but Mako raised her up and spun with her as they performed their firebending together and grabbed each other by the hand and finished their dance.


Hey Pachuco!

The band finished as they were ended their song together, while the two young benders panted together after finishing their dance as everyone cheered for them. But they both had snapped out of their moment, and let go of each other’s hands. Korra fiddled with her hair a bit while Mako rubbed his head, both teens blushing from what they did. “You were great... I had no idea you could dance like that...” Korra complimented him with a smile.

“Thanks... I uh... I sometimes practiced when I was alone, in case one of my fans were to invite me to a party like this.” Mako replied to her and smiled.

Twilight rushed up with the others. “Korra, you were amazing!” She complimented her.

“Yeah, you literally stunned every, and that goes without saying...” Rainbow Dash formed a few jolts of electricty.

“Right?! She was like, whoosh! And Mako was like yah! Your both so amazing!” Pinkie shouted in a high pitch voice.

Applejack let out a chuckle and playfully punched Mako in the shoulder. “You did good too bud...” she said to him.

Groaning from it, Mako rubbed his shoulder, but forced a smile. “Thanks a lot...” he said to her but continued rubbing his arm.

“And I say you both did fabulous...” Rarity said to them.

“Yes, you two might even make a lovely couple...” Sunset stated with a smirk, causing the two to blush intensely.

“Sunset!” Fluttershy shouted.

But the red head shrugged a bit and noticed Asami approaching. “You did great out there Korra, but mind if I steal him for the next dance...?” She asked her.

Korra looked to Mako who looked to her in return, she wanted to say no... but she didn’t want to fight her over him. “Sure, take him...” she replied as Asami took Mako and headed to the dance floor with him.

The Main Seven were stunned by this, just as Jax walked over to her and looked to her. “Dang girl, that was a surprise...” he said to her and placed a bionic hand on her shoulder. “You okay...?” He asked her.

“Yeah... I’m fine... just don’t want to get in the way...” Korra admitted as she looked to Mako and Asami.

“At least you had the courage to let him go... for the moment anyway...” Sonya said to her.

“Sonya’s right, for now... we should probably head home.” Twilight said to her. Korra stared at Mako for a moment, but closed her eyes and followed her friends. When she wasn’t looking, Mako looked to where she was as he danced with Asami... he didn’t know why, but he was worried about her. Angry with Tarrlok of course, but still worried for Korra. He’s never seen her this angry before, nor is he to forget how angry she was tonight.


The next night, outside City Hall... Tarrlok had held a meeting with his task force, Korra included who,at the moment was twiddling her thumbs as she looked towards the armored soldiers that sat beside her, and soon looked towards Tarrlok. “My fellow task force deputies, tonight we will execute a raid on an underground chi blocker training camp located in the Dragon Flats borough. According to my sources, there is a cellar underneath this bookstore...” He points at a blueprint of a bookstore. “Where Equalists train chi blocking in secret.” He explained. Korra looked at the blueprints, but wondered how he managed to get his hands on them. But she needed to focus on the task at hand, and followed the Task Force out to the truck.

Dragon Flats borough

At the boroughs, a large car with a water tank and filled with task force members in a kneeling position as the vehicle drives toward its location. Once stopped, the task force members jump out and up against the wall. Korra peers through an opening at the bottom of the wall and sees several men and woman training and learning chi blocking techniques. On the opposite wall lays a large poster with a portrait of Amon staring over the room. Korra has a flashback to her dream at the beginning of the episode where Amon is reaching toward her. Korra gasps with fear, but puts a resolved look on her face. She stands up and looks at Tarrlok for the signal. Tarrlok nods and raises his hand to show his fingers outstretched. He closes them into a fist, shows his outstretched palm again, closes his hand into a fist again, and flashes two fingers this time. A task force member unwinds the top of the water tank and bends the water out. Another member bends the water toward him and to another task force member and another until all the waterbenders have water at their disposal. Two members of the task force are shown with water ready for the signal to attack. Tarrlok holds his hand out behind him, where a waterbender is holding the water waiting for a signal.

Korra breathes in and out and she looks inside the room of chi blocker trainers and trainees. They send water in to flood the room and freeze it, with the people inside yelping in surprise. The task force earthbenders break through the wall, causing several chi blockers and trainees to leap back. Three task force earthbenders attack the people by throwing bricks. One earthbender pushes up a block of earth and slams it into a person slamming them into a wall. Tarrlok and Korra enter the room. Tarrlok throws someone against the wall using waterbending and freezes their head to the wall. A chi blocker throws two grenades that have green gas filtering out of them, while another opens the door and escapes. Korra freezes the two grenades in ice and the leaking smoke clears up. “I'm going after those two.” she gave chase to capture them. Korra kicks open the door the two chi blockers left through and runs down the corridor. She trips over a wire and crashes to the ground. A chi blocker leaps out from a space in the ceiling and tries to grab Korra. Korra quickly gets up and kicks a large rock up from underneath the chi blocker, hitting him in the chest. She falls back from the left over momentum, but another chi blocker comes from behind her swinging a bola. Tarrlok blasts a stream of water at the chi blocker and freezes him to the wall. “Nice timing. Thanks, Tarrlok.” She said to him.

“We make a good team, Avatar.” Tarrlok replied to her.

But Korra merely had her arms crossed showing a demeaning look. “Yeah, we do.” she said to him.

But unaware to Tarrlok, an Equalist appeared behind him and went to strike him down. But before he could reach him... six gun shots were heard, causing both Korra and Tarrlok to tense up as they turned, and saw the chi blocker on the ground, but still alive as he groaned in pain. They looked to see Stryker holding out his hand gun, and whirled it around his finger and put it in his holster. “Be thankful I was using rubber bullets... they hurt a lot worse than what you got Tarrlok.” He said to him.

“I must say, that is an interesting contraption... I’d like to have the blueprints for those.” Tarrlok said to him.

“Sorry, but that’s classified...” Stryker said as he walked passed him. “Come on Korra...” he said to her as he headed down the hall with her. But Tarrlok scowled at the Earthrealm cop, knowing he may be a problem for him in the future. After taking the dojo, groups of reporters, flashing cameras, and the people who participated in the task force standing over several captured chi blockers. After another flash from a camera, Tarrlok is seen ushering a chi blocker into the back of a police truck with several task force members on the side. Another flash reveals a row of task force members with Korra at the front with an annoyed look, Tarrlok answering a reporter's question through a microphone, the chi blockers in the middle, and another row of task force members on the other side.

Pro-Bending Arena

A few days had passed, and the same picture is in a newspaper. Toza is sweeping his gym, while Bolin makes two plates of earth hover above his hands using earthbending and Mako is reading the newspaper. “No Korra for practice again?” he asked him.

Mako had a grim expression on his face from hearing it. “Doesn't look like it.” he stated as Bolin slumps and sighs, throwing the two plates of earth at the wall.

“It just isn’t the same without her here... I thought she was part of the team...” Bolin said to him.

The firebender let out a sigh and looked to him. “Guess she found a new team to be a part of.” He said to him and put the newspaper down and got up to get a drink. But as he did, he reached into his pocket and saw that his Jinsei gem was glowing bright again. It was dim before, but ever since the night at the gala... it regained its bright color. “What are you trying to tell me...?” He asked trying to figure it out. Suddenly he heard footsteps and looked towards the hall as he put the gem away and saw Twilight and Kitana. “Hey...” He greeted them and walked over. “How’s Korra...?” He asked them.

“Not good I’m afraid...” Twilight replied to him as she sat down along with Kitana.

“She’s not just denying how she’s really feeling, but it’s tearing her apart inside...” Kitana explained to him.

Bolin walked up as he carried an earth plate. “Is it that bad...?” He asked them.

“Struggling with your greatest fear has ways of creating great conflict within yourself... I know, because I’ve been through it myself when King Sombra tried to take the Crystal Empire.” Twilight explained as she looked down.

Kitana soon looked towards Mako seeing his worried expression. “Have you tried talking to her...?” She asked him.

But the firebender looked down, showing that he hadn’t. “Not really... I was too busy with the tournament, I thought she’d come back when she was ready.” He said to her.

Looking at him, Kitana placed a hand on his shoulder, earning his attention. “Give it time... she’ll come back.” She said to him as she smiled as she pulled her hand away. “We’ll leave you boys to your training... let’s go Twilight.” She said to her as she walked out. Mako watched them go, and smiled but looked out to the city, wondering what Korra will do next.

Republic City, City Hall

The next morning at City Hall, Tarrlok was on a stage with Korra as groups of reporters surrounded them. “Avatar Korra has bravely answered the call to action. With the two of us leading the charge, Republic City has nothing to fear from Amon and the Equalists.” Tarrlok announced.

“Question for the Avatar!” A female reporter stood up to ask her a question. “Amon remains at large. Why have you failed to locate him?”

The defenders and the Main Seven watched as Korra stepped up to the microphone while Tarrlok stepped back. “This outta be good...” Jax commented.

“She is losing balance within herself Jax... you know that...” Nightwolf said to him.

“And this may be the biggest mistake she will make.” Scorpion said to them.

“You want to know why? Because Amon is hiding in the shadows like a coward.” She announced as she grabbed the microphone. “Amon, I challenge you to a duel! No task force, no chi blockers, just the two of us tonight at midnight on Avatar Aang Memorial Island. Let's cut to the chase and settle this thing, if you're man enough to face me.” She declared as she puts the microphone down and walks off stage, as the reporters buzz with questions asking for details and standing up to get attention.

Every single one of the defenders stood in shock of what they just heard. “Somebody, please tell me I didn’t hear what I think I just hear...” Sunset pleaded.

“If you’re deaf, then I’m blind as a bat.” Applejack said to her.

“This is bad...” Liu Kang stated and saw Korra walking towards them. “Korra, you can’t be serious right now...” he said to her.

“I’ve already made up my mind Liu Kang, you can’t stop me.” Korra said to him as she went to walk passed him. But Liu grabbed her arm and threw her around back towards the crowd as she stumbled, nearly bumping into someone. “Okay, that time you did, but not this time...!” She ran towards him and went to trick him to get passed him. But Liu Kang grabbed her and pinned her arm behind her back, kicking her back to the crowd gaining their attention. She soon stood in her fighting stance, glaring at him. “Get out of my way Liu!” She shouted at him.

But Liu stood in his fighting stance. “Make me...” he said to her.

Everyone panicked from seeing it as they quickly backed up, knowing this will be just like an Agni Kai. “This isn’t going to end well...” Johnny commented.

“No it’s not...” Rarity agreed with him.

The two stood in their stances as everyone watched them, Korra took the first strike and shot a fire blast towards him, but Liu avoided it and spun a roundhouse kick while fire ping dragon fire towards her. Korra ducked under it as she charged towards him and leaped into the air, and threw a high kick at him. Liu Kang blocked her attacks, leaned back from a moon kick that expelled fire and he grabbed her arm and threw her over. She rolled across the ground but got back up, panting as she stood in her fighting stance. “Facing Amon won’t help you...!” He said to her.

“Yes it will, if I take him out, everyone will be safe!” Korra blasted fire at him, but the Shaolin Monk caught each blast and fired them back at her, while sending a dragon fire blast her way. She avoided them as she earth ends the ground beneath him, snaring his feet to trap him. Seeing it surprised, Korra bends the water near by, and formed it into an ice blade and went to strike him. But Liu Kang was well prepared for it as he ducked under the blade and struck the side of it, causing it to shatter as he broke his feet out of the earth, and leaned back as he landed a kick to her chest, forcing her to slide back and groan from it.

Liu stood up right and exhaled. “You are unbalanced Korra, and facing Amon will not help you let go of your fear...” he said to her. He soon avoided an attack from Korra’s earth bending, and punched through a patch of earth she threw at him. She soon came at him with water and went to use it as a whip. But Liu used his fire to strike at the water and make it vaporize... seeing it, Korra used her waterbending to remove the vapor cloud only to see Liu charging up to her and grab her arm, pinning it behind her back, keeping her down. “It will only make you feel worse...” he said to her.

“I told you... I am not afraid of him, I never will be!” Korra said to him as she tried to break free. “I have to face him! It’s my duty as the Avatar!” She said to him.

Hearing it, Liu looked at her knowing she was right about it being the Avatars duty, but he sensed it was something else as he let her go. She was surprised as she looked to him as she stood up. “It may be the Avatars duty to protect the world... but ask yourself this Korra... is it your duty...? Or Tarrlok’s...?” He asked her as he walked passed her. Korra watched him and the others go as she looked down, lost in thought. Could he be right about what she believed...? Could she be making the biggest mistake in her Avatar journey...? She couldn’t even find the answer, she was so confused, she didn’t know what was right or wrong anymore.

Equalist Hideout

After hearing Korra’s challenge on the radio, Kano was letting out a hard chuckle as he turned it off. “Ya hear that lads...? Little miss Avatar thinks she can take on Amon, well that’s a ballsy move, even I wouldn’t be so bold to try it.” He stated as he chuckled.

“Keep laughing Kano, you just might one of these days.” Starlight said to him as she leaned against a post.

“Oh what would you know...? You turned against your own kind, trying to equalize them in your own way... a rather creepy way of doing it, but affective...” Kano admitted.

“You think you’re special because you could use your magic to steal their powers...” Artemis said to her as she walked up. “But you were bringing more harm to yourself than others.” She said to her.

Hearing this, Starlight scowled at the goddess and looked away. “You don’t know me...” she said to her.

“I know that you lost your closest friend... but you must wonder, would he want this for you...?” Artemis asked her.

But Stsrlight shot a blast of magic towards her, nearly missing her as she shot a glare at her. “He left me! Because his parents sent him away to a magic school, because of a stupid cutie mark! I was robbed of my friendship because of that! There, you happy now?!” She asked her angrily.

“Enough!” Amon said to her as he walked up with Rain. “As much as I understand your past Starlight Glimmer, now is not the time to get emotional...” He said to her as he wiped her tears away.

“Hate to break it to ya Amon, but I’m sure you heard on the radio... the Avatar officially challenged you to a fight. Quite bold of her don’t ya think...?” Kano asked him as he crossed his arms. “What do you plan to do then...?” He asked him.

“Is it not obvious Kano...?” Amon asked him as he walked passed him and looked to Avatar Aang Memorial Island. “I’m going to accept her invitation.” He declared as he smirked behind his mask.

Republic City Park

At nightfall, Mako and Asami were riding inside a carriage together on a date. “I know it sounds weird to say this, but I'm really glad I hit you with my moped.” she said to him as she smiled.

Mako let out a chuckle from what she said and looked to her. “Uh, me too.” he said to her.

“I forgot to ask. Why didn't you accept the new silk scarf I bought for you last week? You didn't like it?” She asked him.

“No, it was really nice, but this scarf was my father's. And it's all I have left of him. I just feel like ...” he shrugged a bit as he held the scarf. “Like it keeps me safe.”

Asami looked at him feeling the same pain he felt from her childhood. “I'm so sorry. I lost my mother when I was very young.” she admitted to him as she felt his hand touch hers, getting her to look to him. The two stare at each other warmly, and she cuddles into Mako's side putting her hand on his chest, while Mako reaches up to hold it there. “I feel so safe with you.” she said to him as she smiled and grasped his hand.

Mako also grasped her hand while holding her close. But something caught his attention outside the carriage, and he looked out seeing something shining from behind the bushes. He soon tapped on the sealing of the carriage. “Driver, can you stop...?” He asked as the driver stopped the carriage.

Asami was surprised of this and looked to him. “Is something wrong...?” She asked him worriedly.

“No, it’s just... I have a lot on my mind. But I promise, its nothing to worry about.” Mako assured her as he stepped out of the carriage and turned to her. “We can still pick up from where we left off... sometime after the matches.” He offered.

The young brunette looked at him feeling worried, but she formed a smile and touched his face. “Alright, I’m holding you to that...” She said to him as she pecked him on the cheek and closing the door to the carriage. Mako watched her go and sighed, but looked to where the bushes were and rushed over to them to see what he saw.

He arrived on scene where the light was coming from, carefully observing the area, but saw no one around. But he did recognize the area... this was where he, Korra and the defenders were waiting for the protestor. He remembered the next morning when they heard Fluttershy’s song, and how Korra held his hand, the same way Asami did this very night. But he shrugged off these memories and shook his head. “No, no, I’m happy with Asami... that’s all I need right now...” he stated, unaware someone was behind him.

“Is that what you truly believe...?” Asked a familiar voice as Mako turned sharp, holding a flame in his hand as he found it was Raiden standing before him. He was surprised but put out the flames as he took a moment to calm down, while Raiden approached him. “Tell me... why did you come to this place...?” He asked him.

“This is where Korra and I were waiting for the protestor when Bolin was taken...” Mako informed him.

“And during that time, did something else happen, before he arrived...?” Raiden asked as he turned towards him.

Mako thought it through, and looked towards him. “The morning Fluttershy began to sing... Korra... held my hand...” he said as he looked to it, remembering the feeling. “I thought she would be rough and ridged... but... they were soft, and gentle...” he explained, but shook his head and looked to the thunder god. “Why are you putting me through this?!” He asked him, demanding to know the reason.

“Because I can sense that you are conflicted between the two... Korra and Asami are indeed special women. But which one do you believe is to be your soulmate...?” Raiden asked him.

“What choice do I have Raiden...?” Mako asked him.

“We all have choices Mako... live in the past, or live for the future... love one, or love the other...” Raiden explained as he walked around him. “The conflict within your heart is a hard struggle... you don’t know who to choose. But I can tell you, that you must choose, before you lose what’s important in your life.” He said to him.

Surprised of this, Mako grabbed him by his collar. “Is that a threat?!” He asked him.

“No... I’m simply giving you advice. I suggest you choose wisely, before it’s too late...” Raiden said to him as he vanished through lightning, surprising the young firebender. He looked around for him, but looked towards the tree he and Korra sat under. He was lost in thought of what to do, and looked down feeling undecided.

Republic City Docks

Meanwhile at the docks, Tenzin passes down on his glider and lands on the dock where Korra, Tarrlok, and several others are. “Korra, this is madness.” He said to her as he approached her.

Korra wraps a rope loosely around her arms and hands. “Don't try to stop me and don't follow me. I have to face Amon alone.” She said to him.

Jax scowled and turned towards Tarrlok and grabbed him, raising him up with the strength of his bionics. “This is all your doing!” he said angrily.

Tarrlok raised his hand defensively. “I tried to talk her out of it too, but she's made up her mind.” He said to him.

Kitana approached her and grabbed her shoulder. “Korra, this isn’t the way... I know you and Liu Kang had to go at it, but if you do this, you’ll be making a mistake.” She said to her.

“I appreciate the concern your majesty, but I have to do this.” Korra said to her as she got in the boat and guides it out from the docks to Avatar Aang Memorial Island using waterbending.

Tenzin watched her go as Tarrlok got released from Jax’s grip. “We'll be watching the island closely. If anything goes wrong, I have a fleet of police airships ready to swoop down.” he informed him.

Not being able to trust him, Tenzin looked to Twilight, her friends, as well as Scorpion and Sub-Zero. “I need you girls, and the grandmasters to head to the island, she may need backup.” He said to them. They all nodded in agreement as Twilight used her magic to teleport them all to the island before Korra could arrive.

Tenzin looked towards it, feeling worried as Liu Kang walked up to him and touched his shoulder. “She’ll be alright... I think we should both consider this a learning experience.” He said to him as Tenzin looked to him surprised. “If Korra is to face Amon, she’ll be facing her worst fear.” He said to him.

Avatar Aang, Memorial Island

At the island as Korra arrived, she walks to the base and stands looking out for Amon with her hair being blown by the wind. As she looked around, at a slight provocation, Korra gets into a battle stance as the clock sounds midnight, startling Korra. She sighs in relief as soon as she realized it was just the clock that startled her. Korra takes a deep breath to recover her focus and stares at the skyline as the lights start to dim she sits down, tired and exhausted from waiting in fear. But it didn’t take her long to catch a familiar scent of perfume from Rarity in the wind, she let out a sigh and turned to where they were. “Guys! I know you’re back there, come on out!” She ordered them to do so.

Stepping into view, Twilight and the others walked toward her and stood together as the grandmasters appeared beside them.”Korra, I know you wanted to do this alone... but Tenzin insisted on us providing you back up.” Twilight said to her.

“Twilight, you know as well as I do, that Amon is dangerous, and he could be anywhere at this point. You have to leave.” Korra said to her as she turned away from them.

“And if you should face him, what then...?” Scorpion asked her as he stepped up. “Do you plan to hunt all the other equalists...? B cause we both know that Amon has the numbers, he even has that goddess by his side. If anyone should leave here, it’s you...” he said to her.

“Scorpions right Korra... you can’t take on Amon, not when he has that much power at his disposal.” Fluttershy said to her.

“Besides Korra, there is such a thing as living to fight another day.” Applejack jack said to her.

“And should you face Amon now, you will only be creating your own demise.” Sub-Zero said to her.

But all this only infuriated Korra, but she took a deep breath and turned to the,. “Look... I know you’re all trying to help me, but you’re not going to change my mind.” She said to them.

“We had a feeling... but we’re not leaving either. You need us, whether you like it or not.” Twilight said to her as Korra looked at her and her friends, along with the Grandmasters. She smiled a bit and sat down and looked out. They all took individual spots on the memorial and kept an eye open for Amon and his followers.

A few hours later...

The team was exhausted from the long hours searching for Amon... Pinkie tried to keep them entertained, but it was basically “I Spy”. Sunset looked to the clock seeing what time it was. “Is anyone getting the feeling he’s not going to show up?” She asked them.

“I hear ya... but this is feeling a little too spooky.” Applejack looked around the area. “And it’s quiet... too quiet...” she stated as her fists tensed up. “Something don’t feel right about this...” she pointed out to them.

The young Avatar let out a yawn and looked out. “Either that, or I guess he’s a no-show. Well Amon, who's scared now?” Korra asked as she stood up and stretched as she walked away.

“Korra, hold on... Applejack’s never been wrong about anything...” Twilight said to her as she followed her.

“Not true, you forget she was wrong about not wanting help from anyone when she was working on her a apple Farm all by herself.” Pinkie pointed out.

Only to receive a scowl from the young apple farmer. “Thanks for the reminder...” she said to her.

“Look, all I’m saying is that it’s too soon to leave no-“ Before Twilight could finish as she and Korra walks past the base of the statue, a bola is thrown at her feet and Korra is dragged into the base of the statue, catching them by surprise. “Korra!” She cried out. As soon as she reaches the center, she finds herself surrounded by a circle of twenty-one chi blockers. She quickly spins and bends fire around her in an attempt to defend herself, but she is quickly overwhelmed as two whips entangle her hands from both sides, preventing her to move away, she uses her legs to kick some fire and earth around, but she is ultimately hit in the back by several punches from multiple chi blockers.

Twilight and the others went to help her, but we’re ambushed by the other chi blockers as the grandmasters tried to stop them. Scorpion swung his sword while a sub-Zero swung his kori blade and the chi blockers kept their distance from them. Meanwhile, Korra lies down on the ground with several chi blockers behind her. Two Equalists take her by the arms and force her to sit on her knees. She looks up and notices Amon entering the area. “I received your invitation, young Avatar.” he said to her.

“Funny way of accepting it...” Pinkie commented, only to feel one of the chi blockers pin her arm harder.

“Pinkie, not helping!” Rarity exclaimed.

Korra was frightened as Amon reaches out his hand in order to touch her face; she turns her face away. Amon bends his wrist so his hand is now with his palm facing upward as he grabs Korra by her chin and forces her to look at him. Korra looks at him full of fear. “Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Although it would be the simplest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won't. You'd only become a martyr.” He said to her as Korra looked at him angrily. “Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise.” He stated as her expression changes back to fear. “But I assure you, I have a plan. And I'm saving you for last, then you'll get your duel, and I will destroy you.” He warned her as he pulled away and jabbed her on her shoulder.

Korra felt it and fainted from it as she was set down gently, Twilight struggled and glared at him. “Coward, you gonna take us prisoners instead...?!” She asked him.

“And run the risk of facing the wrath of your thunder god...?” Amon asked as he looked to her seeing her surprised expression. “Yes, I know exactly who you are, Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria...” He said to her as he approached her. “An old acquaintance of yours told me about you, and your friends... even the so called defenders of Earthrealm. While I admire your determination... you’re on the wrong side of this war...” he said to her.

“Get bent pal, you can’t manipulate us like you are with your followers!” Rainbow Dash said to him.

“Really...? Because I have ways of changing your mind.” Amon said to her.

But the young Lin Kuei vanished through lightning and appeared behind the chi blocker that held her, kicking her down as she formed a lightning blade. “You’re not really in a position to challenge a Lin Kuei warrior.” She said to him.

“Impressive... you may not be benders, but you intrigue my interest.” Amon said to her.

“Even if you destroy the Avatar... what then...?” Asked Sub-Zero as Amon looked to him. “You may have the power to take their bending... but after you take hers, what then...?” He asked him.

“I will make the rest of the world, a non bending establishment... and once that is finished, we shall welcome the god who showed me this power...” Amon explained to him.

Scorpion knew all too well of who he was talking about. “Shinnok...!” He stated.

“My god of necessity... he will bring order to this realm, and I will be right by his side.” Amon said to them.

“Shinnok is no god...! He is a devil... he is the one who made me whom I am. Manipulated my anger, denying me my chance to be reunited with my family! To have them restored... do not believe his lies Amon, he will only betray you in the end.” Scorpion stated as he glared at the Equalist leader.

Amon looked at him, but looked away. “My sympathies, really... but this changes nothing. Enjoy your time with the Avatar... while you still can...” He stated as he walked into the shadows, disappearing with his equalists.

Seeing them gone, Twilight rushed to Korra and held her up. “She’s unconscious...” she stated and looked to Scorpion. “Get to Tenzin, bring him and Liu Kang, hurry!” She said to him as Scorpion nodded his head and vanished through hellfire. Twilight turned her attention to Korra and summoned her magic to help her as she placed her hands around her head.

“Twi, what are you doing...?” Rainbow asked her.

“Trying to wake her up... I learned a few spells from Princess Luna that might help.” Twilight said to her, but before she could awaken her, her eyes began to glow. During Korra’s unconsciousness, Twilight saw a vision of Sokka, Toph, Aang, and a man named Yakone. Almost as though she could see through Korra’s eyes, the people in the vision all seem about the right age to be living in 128 AG. Aang charges toward Yakone, ready to attack.

She quickly pulls her hands away and gasps as she panted from what she saw. “Twilight...? What happened...?” Sunset asked her.

“I... I saw Avatar Aang, his friends, Toph and Sokka... they, they looked like they were in trouble.” Twilight said to her.

“What could it mean...?” Rarity asked her.

“I don’t know... but I need to find out more...” Twilight reached to find out what she saw in the vision.

But before she could see more, Scorpion returned with Liu Kang and Tenzin as Korra had regained consciousness as she see’s Twilight, as well as the two shady figures in a red shaolin uniform, and in an airbender's tunic running toward her. “Aang...?” She asked weakly.

“Korra!” Tenzin grabbed her by the shoulders and sits her up. “Korra, are you all right? What happened? Was Amon here?” He asked her.

“Yeah, he ambushed us.” Korra said to them.

Liu Kang kneeled down to her and touched her shoulder. “Scorpion got us here as fast as he could... did he ... did he take your bending away?“ he asked her.

Korra looked to her hand and creates a flame in the palm of her right hand, before closing it again. “No, I’m okay.” She said to him.

Tenzin sighed in relief from hearing it. “Ah, thank goodness.” he said to her.

But as a few seconds rolled by... Korra suddenly bursts into tears, starting to cry and embraces Tenzin and continues crying on his chest. Tenzin comforts Korra by putting his arms around her. “I was so terrified, I felt so helpless.” she admitted to them.

Tenzin held her comfortingly. “It's all right, the nightmare is over.” he said to her.

But Korra backs away a little, still crying and looked towards Liu Kang. “You ... you were right ... I've been scared this whole time.” She wiped her tears away I've never felt like this before and ... and Liu, Tenzin, I don't know what to do!” She reached over and hugged Liu Kang. “I’m so sorry Liu... I shouldn’t have pushed you and everyone away.” She said to him as Liu held her.

“Admitting your fears is the first and most difficult step in overcoming them.” Liu said to her as he held her. Twilight and her friends smiled at seeing it as Rarity began to tear up, ruining her mascara. Liu let go of Korra and helped her dry her tears. Come on, let’s get you home...” he said to her as he helped her up and headed to the boat.

Sub-Zero watched them go and looked to Scorpion. “Hanzo... how much did Amon remind you of Bi Han...?” He asked him.

“Surprisingly... a lot...” Scorpion replied to him, earning Tenzin’s attention.

“Bi Han...? You mean your fallen brother...?” He asked the Lin Kuei.

“Yes...” Sub-Zero replied and turned away. “We may have shared blood... but we are not brothers...” he stated as he followed Scorpion off the island.

Air Temple Island

Back on Air Temple Island, Korra finally managed to stop crying as she exhaled. “Okay... I think okay now...” she said to them.

“You sure about that...? Or could you just be getting ready for a third wind...?” Applejack asked her.

“Relax Applejack, I’m fine... don’t worry... I’m just glad I could finally get all of that off my chest.” Korra said to her.

Twilight placed a hand on her shoulder. “You just need time to relax, trust me, it’ll help... and one more thing...” she was about to list it, but Korra knew what she was thinking.

“I know, I have to quit Tarrlok’s task force...” she spoke for her.

“Exactly... he forced you into this, and you have no business to continue working for him.” Twilight said to her.

The young Avatar smiled as Liu Kang walked up behind her. “Korra... I think you’re ready...” he said to her.

This surprised Korra as she looked to him. “Ready...? For what...?” She asked him. Liu smiled as he gestured her to follow him to the training circle. She followed as the Main Seven watched them as they both stood within the circle, Liu lead her in performing the dragon formation of his fighting style. They both summoned their fire as they focused it into raw power, and slammed it onto the ground as the flames surrounded them and formed two dragons together, as they both roared out, stunning the girls, even Tenzin who was amazed from what he saw as the two fire dragons disappeared and the two warriors exhaled and bowed. Korra summoned the dragon fire in her hands, and was amazed of what she accomplished. “Whoa... so that’s what it’s like to control dragon fire...” she commented.

“This kind of power however can be quite hard to control... which is why I will help instruct you in its ways, so that maybe you may teach another.” Liu Kang said to her as she smiled at him and hugged him. She let go and headed inside to get some rest as Tenzin walked up to him. “She’s beginning to understand...”

“Yes... but this encounter with Amon won’t be the last.” Tenzin said to him as Liu nodded his head and looked out towards the city. Wondering what will happen in the near future... when Shinnok will arrive to claim his prize. This realms Jinsei, and the lives of all who live in it.

The Spirit of Competition

View Online

Good morning everyone, Shiro Shinobi here! The defenders and their friends, the Main Seven find out that Amon is working with their most dangerous enemy, Shinnok! The God of Death! A ruthless tyrant who will stop at nothing, till we’re nothing but dust! In other news, love is in the air! Since Avatar Korra has arrived in Republic City she's only had eyes for one fellow: Mako. The feeling seemed mutual until a fateful accident intervened. Now Mako's affections have fallen right into the arms of the beautiful Asami. Will love prove to be Korra's most formidable foe yet?

Republic City Park

Early morning, Mako was heading for the Pro-Bending Arena through the park, getting his early morning exercise. But as he ran through the park, her began to hear laughter coming the spot where he and Korra were waiting for the protester a few days ago. He walked over to see what was going on, and as he peeked around the bush, he found Korra and her friends playing a ball game he never saw before. But he couldn’t help but stare at Korra... how graceful she was, how athletic, and how well she was playing the game. His heart skipped a couple beats, but he snapped out of his little daydream and walked over feeling curious. Korra took notice of his approach, and smiled seeing him. “Hey Mako!” She greeted him.

“Hey Korra, girls, defenders...” Mako greeted them as they waved to him. “What’s going on here...?” He asked them.

“Oh, it’s a little game called soccer, it’s an Earthrealm sport that Johnny showed me... and it’s actually really fun. We thought we’d have a friendly game before we headed to the arena.” Korra explained to him.

Mako was surprised as he looked to Johnny. “Is it really that fun...?” He asked him.

“You bet it is... I asked our good buddy Raiden to pick up a soccer ball for us so I could show her how the game is done.” Johnny stated as he walked up. “You see, the objective of this game is that two opposing teams need to get the ball into separate goals.” He explained.

“Sounds simple enough...” Mako commented as Johnny held up a hand to stop him.

“But, you can only kick the ball, you’re not allowed to use your hands.” He stated it to him, plain and simple.

Mako could almost believe it, but Rainbow Dash took the ball and bounced it on her knee. “But in this friendly game, you’re not allowed to use your bending, have fun, and be the first to five goals and win.” She kicked the ball into the air and flipped backwards as she kicked the ball into the goal, stunning the young firebender to no end. “One zip!” She called out.

Mako gulped feeling nervous, but walked up to them swallowing his fear. “In that case, let me give it a try... I want to get a good feel for it.” He said to them.

Chuckling at it, Korra walked up to him with her hands on her hip. “Alright team captain... let’s see what you got...” she said to him with a smirk.

The girls and the other defenders watched as the two of them stood ready, Applejack carved an apple as she watched them. “This oughta be good... can’t wait to see how badly Mako will screw this one up.” She commented.

“Come now AJ, this is his first time playing this sport... at least give him a chance to try his best.” Nightwolf said to her.

“Indeed, but remember Nightwolf...” Scorpion gained his attention as he looked to firebending captain. “Mako may be the team captain of the Fire Ferrets... but in this game... he’s a greenhorn...” He pointed out as Rainbow Dash approached them with the ball and set it down on the ground, having a confident smirk that Korra will win.

She stepped back and held out a hand as the two teenagers took a stance and waited for her signal. Rainbow Dash smirked and raised her hand and threw it down. “Play ball!” She shouted as Mako went for the first kick, but Korra reached over and stole the ball with her right foot as Mako slid across the grass nearly doing the splits as Korra kicked the ball into the air and kicked it towards the goal, scoring her first point. “First point goes to Korra!” She shouted as Mako groaned from spreading his legs far.

“Didn’t see that coming...” He groaned as he slowly got up and brought his legs together. “But I’m gonna remember that...” he said to her as Liu walked up to him.

“You’re thinking too much like a pro-bender...” he stated as Mako looked to him. “You think that you’re in the arena, but this isn’t the ring. You need to clear those thoughts from your head, and focus on the ball. Trust me, it’ll help...” he said to him as Mako thought about it for a moment, but he shook his head, brushing those thoughts away and looked to Korra, preparing for round two. Rainbow gave them the signal again as Mako reached for the ball, Korra went to steal it again, but Mako snuck his foot behind the ball and stole it from her and spun passed her with it and kicked it towards the goal.

Korra rushed towards it, and tried to catch it, but the ball reached the inside of the goal before she could get it. “Woo! Now the scores all tied up!” Mako cheered as Korra groaned in annoyance, earth bending the ground, forcing Mako to slip and fall down to the ground. Everyone chuckled from seeing it as Mako groaned from it, but smiled a bit as he got up to continue playing. The two teens played the game for almost an hour and half, each player scoring a point and getting tied up with each other. Korra was impressed at how well he’s picked up the skill of the game, and smiled at him. Mako smiled back as he could help but look at her, seeing something he had never seen before. Unaware that the Jinsei gem he had was glowing bright in his pocket again. A moment had passed, and both players were exhausted from their friendly game. Korra panted heavily, but started to laugh at how much fun they had. Mako let out some laughter and looked to her. “You weren’t kidding... that actually was fun...” he said to her.

“Told ya...” Korra let out a soft chuckle as she sat up and looked to him. “You actually looked happy when you were playing, I actually never thought I’d see this side of you...” she pointed out to him.

As Mako sat up, his smile faded just from hearing what she said. “It’s because I hadn’t been so happy since that awful night...” he stated to her.

Korra’s eyes widened in realizing she may have tugged a few heart strings. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to...” She panicked only to see him hold up a hand to her.

“It’s okay... I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for me, or Bolin... but growing up, I did what I had to do to keep him safe. Joining the triads of course was probably not the smartest move, I’ll admit... I guess I never was a bright as a kid...” Mako admitted to her as Twilight and her friends listened to his story, and felt sorry for him.

Especially Korra, she looked down feeling hard on herself for bringing up the past. But she looked to him and placed a hand on his shoulder as he looked to her. “My life wasn’t as good as you thought it was... you remember when I told you that everyone here had hardships in life...?” She asked him, earning a silent nod from him. “So did I... when the White Lotus first came to my home in the South Pole, they brought me to the compound to begin my training... but over the years, I felt like a prisoner in that compound... being cut off from my parents, and my entire village...” she stated as Mako’s eyes widened from hearing it.

“They took you away...” he asked her.

“They said it was so I could train... but...” Korra let out a frustrated groan as she held her head. “They shouldn’t have taken me away from my family! Aang ran away because the monks were going to take him away from his mentor, Monk Gyatso, the only person who ever felt like a father to him... but why did they have to take me away from mine...?” She asked as tears began to brim.

Everyone, from Mako, to the defenders, all looked at Korra. Feeling the sadness of her being separated from her parents, to start her training with the Avatar. Mako knew that it was unfair, what the White Lotus did... but he reached over to Korra, placing a warm, comforting hand onto her shoulder, getting her to look at him. “I know it must have been hard... but I think I’m starting to get the point. When I told you that you didn’t really have nothing, I was wrong... you were really lonely, I can see that now. Just like me and Bolin when we lost our parents.” He said to her as a soft smile formed on his face.

Korra looked at him as her face was slightly red, she smiled and looked away trying to hide it. She was about to respond to him, but ice soon began to form into the body of a man, and Sub-Zero bursts out of it, surprising the two teens of it. “Korra, Mako, your early morning practice at the arena is overdue... you best get to the arena, Bolin is expecting you.” He said to them.

“I’ll never get used to seeing him do that...” Mako stated to Korra as she nodded in agreement.

Rainbow patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, he’s not so bad...race you guys to the arena!” She said to him as she dashed off towards the arena.

Sighing from seeing it, Rarity shrugged her shoulders from her action. “She’ll never forget that we can’t keep up with her, even at that speed.” She pointed out.

“Not unless you’re Pinkie Pie, who randomly pops out of no where.” Liu Kang joked as Pinkie gave him a scolding look.

“Either way, let’s get you guys to the arena before we keep Bolin waiting any longer, I’m sure he’s tapping his foot impatiently as we speak.” Twilight said to them as everyone let out a chuckle.

Pro-Bending Arena

At the Pro-bending Arena as it snows, Korra is in the gym with her team handling a water blob. She moves back as she splits it in two, and rapidly launches each smaller water bullet in a different direction. Bolin raises his right arm in front of him, an earth disk following the motion and hovering in front of his face. As the water blob Korra launched at him strikes the disk, he is shoved slightly backward by the impact. Mako moves back and twists around, vaporizing the incoming blob with a fire arc. He immediately retaliates with two fire punches. Bolin's earth disk is pulverized by Mako's fire attack. Korra aims another rapid water blast at Mako, who jumps over it, while Bolin launches an earth disk at Korra, forcing her to shield herself with water from a nearby tank. Mako fires a blast at each of his team mates, which both of them block with their respective element. A second fire blast hits Bolin square in the stomach. On the sidelines, some of the defenders were present to watch along with Twilight and her friends. “She’s certainly improving.” Rarity complimented her of her skill as she worked on Korra’s warrior outfit.

“Sure has, I mean ever since she quit the task force, she’s been in total pro-bending mode.” Rainbow Dash pointed out to them.

“Yes, she certainly seems to be managing on her own...” Kratos said to them as she watched the Fire Ferrets.

Bolin is flung backward. As he is falling down, he raises and launches a last earth disk. Korra directs a water blob away from her, but is knocked back with a grunt as the earth disk plants itself in her stomach. Mako panicked as Korra's water attack hits him straight in the face, flinging him to the ground several meters from where he was standing. Mako groaned a bit but smiled as he stands up and takes off his helmet, resting his left hand on his hip. “It's been great having you at so many back-to-back practices, Korra.”

She smiled as she felt her upbeat attitude coming back. “Feels good to be back, although...” She slightly raises her hand to emphasize her statement; smiling. “Tarrlok isn't too happy about my leave of absence.”

“Hey, you joined the Fire Ferrets before you joined his task force.” Bolin pointed out to her.

“He’s right... remember, Tarrlok tricked you into joining the task force. You learned your lesson, and now you’re back with those most important to you.” Flash said to her as he gestured to her team.

Korra smiled at seeing it, hiding a slight blush as she looked away from Mako. The firebender shared a similar gesture, but smiled and cleared his throat looked to them. “Okay, come on, team huddle time!” He said to them as the team huddled together and looked to the defenders. “You guys too... you’re part of this team as well.” He said to them as Twilight, her friends, along with Liu, Kitana, Johnny and Sonya joined in. “It's our first match of the tournament tonight. I know that all of us haven't been a team for very long, but even so, the Fire Ferrets have never been this good. Are we ready?”

“We’re ready!” The team shouted with good enthusiasm.

Till out of nowhere, Asami walked in the practice room with the Future Industries sponsored gear. “Not quite, you'll need these.” She holds up a shirt with the Future Industries logo on it. “And Rarity, thanks for your designs, they really helped out a lot...” she said to her.

“Oh, think nothing of it darling... I’m just happy to help.” She replied to her.

“Hey Asami.” Mako walked towards her.

“Hey sweetie.” Asami replied to him.

But from hearing it, both Korra and Rarity, even Kitana shared a look of annoyance. They were easily thinking of one word to describe her, and that word was. “Floozy...” the two muttered while Korra remained silent.

“These new uniforms look great!“ Mako complimented the work that was done with the uniforms.

“Rarity helped out you know, but you look great, champ!“ Asami complimented him while they do an 'Eskimo kiss'. Bolin looks with a "Really?" expression, while Rainbow Dash sticks her finger into her mouth, silently gagging while Korra shows her disgust, but quickly acts normal when Mako turns to her.

“Well, teammates, I'll see you before the match tonight. Asami and I have a lunch date.“ Mako said to them and proceeded to walk out with her.

“Okay, we'll check you guys later, you know, we'll see you when we see ya.” Bolin waved at the couple as they walked out of the room.

Just as they were soon out of sight, Sonya finally decided to snap. “Okay, am I the only thinking she’s trouble...?” She asked them.

“Sonya, you’re not saying that you’re jealous of her are you...?” Johnny asked her as he smirked and crossed his arms.

“No, it just when she walked into Mako’s life, she managed to accomplish all this, even with the help with her father’s company. But don’t any of you find that a little convenient...?” She asked them.

The girls simply looked to each other and shrugged their shoulders in response. “Even so Sonya, Korra and her team have a great opportunity here, let’s not spoil it.” Fluttershy said to her.

“Further more, I’m almost done with Korra’s outfit. She can try it on when I add a few more touches.” Rarity stated as she got up and headed out with it.

Meanwhile, Korra picked up her bag as Bolin slides over to Korra with his hands behind his head. “So, Korra. There they go, here we are, all alone in the gym, just you and me, two alone people. Together. Alone.” He said to her as he soon heard a snicker from Johnny and Rainbow Dash as he looked to them. “What?” He asked them.

“That really the best way you can pick up a girl..? Cause you’re not gonna get very far...” Johnny said to him as he chuckled and left the room.

“Ah, yeah, also I gotta head back to the air temple to train with Tenzin. See ya!” Korra said to him as she walked away from him. “Come on guys...” Korra said to them as she headed for the exit.

Bolin at that moment looked disappointed about his failed attempt to pick a date with Korra. Pinkie patted his shoulder to cheer him up. “Sorry Bo, but maybe next time...” She said to him as she followed after them.


A moment later in the attic of the pro-bending arena, Mako is preparing dinner while Bolin is preparing a bath for Pabu. The animal protests his owner's act, but Bolin finally manages to dip Pabu into the tub of water, who subsequently rises from it, shaking off water from his body with a look of defeat. “Work with me here, Pabu! You wanna look spic and span in your new uniform, don't you?” He said to his ferret as he tried to get him into the water, but Pabu struggled to stay out of the water, only to fail and get dipped into the water. Bolin gave him a good wash and looked towards Mako. “So, what do you think of Korra, in a "girlfriend" sort of way?” He asked him.

Mako tensed up as he instantly thought of Korra and what Raiden said to him the other night, but hid it. “She's great! But I think it makes more sense for me to go for Asami.” he said to his young brother.

But Bolin simply had a look of slight annoyance on his face from hearing it. “I was talking about a girlfriend for me! Leave some ladies for the rest of us!” he stated.

“I know, that's what I thought you meant.” Mako assured him.

“Well...?” Bolin waited for an answer from Mako.

But the firebender, no matter how har he tried to deny it. He could feel something between him and Korra. But he threw all these thoughts out of his head, and focused on cooking. “I don't know, Bo. It doesn't seem like a good idea for you to date Korra.” he said to him.

“You just said she was great two seconds ago.” Bolin pointed out to him.

“Yeah, Korra is a great athlete and the Avatar and stuff, but I don't know if she's really "girlfriend material". She's more like a pal.” Mako explained to him.

“Bro, you're nuts! Korra and I are perfect for each other: she's strong, I'm strong; she's fun, I'm fun; she's beautiful, I'm gorgeous! Okay, I don't care what you think, I'm gonna ask Korra out.” Bolin declared as he held Pabu.

Mako let out a sigh from hearing it. “Look, it just isn't smart to date a teammate, especially during the tournament. Keep your head out of the clouds and your priorities straight, okay?” he asked as he looked to him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, gah.” Bolin exclaimed as he looked to to Pabu as he held him up. “You know what I'm talking about, Pabu, I'm talking about real love.” He said to Pabu as the fire ferret looks confused as he tilted his head.

Mako’s eyebrow twitched from listening, but he finished the dinner and put it in a bowl for him and set it next to him. “Here, I’m going out...” He said to him as he grabbed his coat and scarf and headed out.

“Don’t be long!” Bolin waved to him.

As Mako made his way outside, he inhaled and sighed but he let out a huge fire blast to let out his frustration as he groaned. “What is wrong with me?! I know he wants to be happy, but why does he always have to make it so difficult?!” He asked himself.

“Maybe because your heart isn’t with the right person..l” said a familiar voice as Mako turned to see Artemis leaning against the wall. He panicked as he held up a fire blast as she held up her hands in defense. “Easy... I’m unarmed... you wouldn’t hurt an unarmed goddess, now would you...?” She asked him.

“Don’t think you can fool me, I know all about you...” Mako said to her as he kept his fire blazing.

“Do you...? Perhaps Kratos didn’t tell you everything about me...” She said to him as she circled him like a common predator. “You see, I wasn’t always with Amon, hurting the benders and chasing after the Avatar...? It’s only so I can get to Kratos...” she said to him as she removed her helmet showing her face.

Seeing it close up, Mako recognized her from Kwong's Cuisine. “You...? You’re that dame that was at Kwong’s...?!” He asked her in surprise.

“A necessary deception, believe me... certainly fooled that one mortal.” She replied as she put her helmet back on. “As I said... there is much about me you don’t know.” She stated as she looked out. “In fact... I was much like you once... brave, fearless... so confident, I can accomplish anything. But what life didn’t prepare me for... was love...” she stated as Mako looked to her surprised. “Before you were born... I spent my life being worshipped as the Goddess of the Hunt. Till one day, I met a mortal... his name was Orion, the Greatest Hunter in all of Greece...he challenged me to an archery competition, to see who can shoot the farthest.” She explained.

“It was you right...?” Mako asked her.

Chuckling at his question, Artemis couldn’t deny it. “Of course... but we were equally matched, Orion’s skill was legendary... and from that night... our love blossomed.” She explained as she showed his bracelet. “This belonged to him... it was his gift to me as a sign of respect, and love...” she shared it.

Mako looked at it amazed of the craftsmanship, and looked to her. “You two must have been happy together...” he said to her.

But she did not share his enthusiasm as her smile faded away, and she looked out towards the ocean. “I’m afraid it was not to last... you see, one night I saw something swimming out to the ocean, I thought it to be something of the ocean... and I shot an arrow to it. But when I hit it... I heard a scream... it’s when I realized, I made a mistake...” she stated as she remembered that night.



Upon hearing the scream, Artemis looked carefully as her eyes saw what it was... more like, who. Her eyes widened seeing that it was Orion that was swimming out, and she panicked as she rushed towards the water and swam out to the ocean to reach Orion. She reached out to him and grabbed a hold of him and started pulling him back to shore, gently setting him down as she quickly pulled the arrow out as she covered her mouth. “No, no please... stay with me, stay with me Orion, please!” She pleaded to him.

The hunter groaned as his eyes opened up and looked to her. “My love...” she reached to her as she gently grasped his hand.

“Orion, I’m so sorry... I didn’t know it was you, I didn’t...!” Artemis began to choke as she felt sadness ebbing at her heart.

But Orion reached and touched her face as he wiped away her tears. “It was not your fault beloved... I know you made a mistake, but you must not forget what we had...” he said to her as he caressed her face. “I’m just so happy... to have met you. To love you as who you are...” he said to her as tears ran down his face. “I love you Artemis... never... forget that...” he said to her as he felt his life slipping away.

The goddess felt his hand slipping away from her face, but she caught it as tears ran down her face. “No! No, no...!” She cried out as she held him close, mourning the loss that she felt. But she couldn’t allow him to be buried... instead, she used her magic to form him into the very constellation that rests in the heavens today.


“Since that night, I always gazed upon him from Olympus... he was the only mortal who saw me for who I was.” Artemis said to him as she wiped away her tears and looked towards him. “So you see... love can both be wonderful... and tragic.” She explained to him.

“I... I had no idea you went through that...” Mako admitted to her.

“As for why I hunt my brother is because of what he did to our father, Zeus... it’s nothing personal to your kind, but personal with me.” She said to him as she walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Choose your love carefully... and hold onto it, no matter what.” She advised him as she walked away and vanished without a trace. Mako saw it and looked around for her, but she was gone... almost as though she were a ghost, than a goddess. But the choice he makes will be hard for both him, his team, and Asami... but he had time to think, so he headed to town to think long and hard about what Artemis said.

Air Temple Island

On Air Temple Island, Korra, Jinora, and Ikki are feeding fruit to ring-tailed lemurs in the snow. But Jinora looked to Korra noticing she was thinking about a certain firebender, and smiled as she decided to ask. “So, how's it going with the tall, dreamy firebender boy? You've been spending a lot of time together lately.” she stated.

“Oooh, yeah! Tell us all about the magical romance.” Ikki said to her feeling excited as per usual.

But Korra quickly hid the fact she was thinking about him at all. “What?” She laughed a bit from the thought. “Listen to you two, I-I'm not interested in Mako or any romantic stuff.” She stated to them.

“Oh, yeah... good cover there Korra, they’ll totally buy that...” Jax caught her off guard as the girls giggled from it.

“He’s got a point there Korra, I mean you’ve literally been staring at Mako ever since practice.” Twilight reminded her.

Jinora let out a chuckle as she crossed her arms. “Besides, you can’t really hide anything from them if you wanted to.” She said to her.

Scowling at the bionic armed defender and the Princess, she let out a fake cough and looked to the young airbenders. “Besides he's all into that prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl ... but let's just pretend for a second I am interested in him. What would I do?” She asked them.

“Ooh! I just read a historical saga where the heroine fell in love with the enemy general's son, who's supposed to marry the princess. You should do what she did!” Jinora said to her.

Twilight poked her head out of hiding as she looked to the young airbender in surprise. “Please tell us it’s something good... and not something that would make her do something crazy.” She pleaded to Jinora hoping for the right response.

“Tell me! What did she do?!” Korra asked her feeling excited.

“She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country.” Jinora explained to her as Korra begins to frown at the unrealistic idea. Even Kung Lao and Sunset gave her a “You serious...?” expression. “Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic!” She swooned from it.

“Uhh...” Korra said feeling unsure of it.

“Rrrriiiiiight...” Rainbow said feeling unsure as well.

“Um, very romantic...?” Fluttershy stated as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh yeah, nothing says I love you than saying “Watch me destroy your village and watch me burn!” I mean seriously?!” Twilight asked the young airbender.

“Well you forget Twilight, my mother committed suicide because of what happened to my father, King Jerrod...” Kitana reminded her.

“Thanks for the reminder...” Twilight said sarcastically.

“I can lend it to you for a bit Twilight.” Jinora said excitedly.

Chuckling nervously, Twilight didn’t know whether to accept, or deny it. “Great... but do most of them have suicides in them...?” She asked her with a worried grin.

“Nope...” Jinora replied as Twilight sighe in relief, till all of a sudden. “Most of them are either murdered, or die of sadness.” She informed the Princess as she sighed and swooned over the stories.

Both Twilights and Jinora’s eyes popped wide open from hearing it as they glanced towards each other, and looked to her as they slowly backed away. “Greeeeaat, but maybe later...” Twilight said to her as she leaned over to Kitana and whispered. “Not a chance...”

“Agreed...” Kitana replied to her.

“No, no, no!” Ikki spoke rapidly as she appeared. “The best way to win a boy's heart is to brew a love potion of rainbows and sunsets that makes true lovers sprout wings and fly into a magical castle in the sky, where they get married and eat clouds with spoons and use stars as ice cubes in their moonlight punch. Forever and ever and ever!” She Airbends upward in a circular motion out of excitement.

“I like it!” Pinkie chimed into the conversation.

Everyone stared at her for a moment as they could hear a cricket sound. “The volcano is starting to make more sense to me now.” Korra said to Sunset.

“I agree...” Sunset said to him.

“Ditto...” Kung Lao responded only to hear laughter and saw Pema standing before them.

Korra panicked from seeing her. “Oh, hey Pema. Uh, how long were you standing there?” she asked her.

“Long enough. But trust me, I know what you're going through. Years ago I was in the exact the same situation, with Tenzin.” Pema explained to her.

“Hold up, Tenzin...?” Jax asked her in surprise.

“Daddy was in love with someone else before you?” Ikki asked her.

“That’s right.” Pema responded to her.

“Who would’ve thought he was popular with the ladies...?” Kung Lao asked in surprise.

“I hear ya...” Applejack said to him.

“So what did you do?” Korra asked her.

“Well, for the longest time, I did nothing. I was so shy and scared of rejection, but watching my soul mate spend his life with the wrong woman became too painful. So I hung my chin out there and I confessed my love to Tenzin. And the rest is history.” Pema explained to her of what she did.

The three girls stared at her in awe of how she handled it. “Wooow!” They said to her.

Soon after, a chuckle was heard, and they saw that it was Jade who was near by. “Love can be a very powerful thing, I know this for certain... when I first met Kotal, he was a noble warrior of the Osh-Tekk. But when we first met, we pretty much fought each other... true he was the better and stronger warrior, but I have my cunning.” She explained.

“Let me guess, you sneaked a fast one...?” Pema asked her.

“As a matter of fact, yes... I stole a kiss from him, which immediately left his guard down and I was victorious in the long run. But my original mission was to kill him...” Jade said to them.

That immediately gave her some wide eyed kids as they looked to one another, then back to her as Jinora walked up to her. “So... what ever happened to Kotal...? Did you two get married...?” She asked her.

But Jade looked away feeling sad at remembering the last time she saw Kotal. “I’m afraid not... we were arranged to be married, with approval of Princess Kitana, but Kotal and his legion... never returned.” She said to her.

“We were all stunned to hear of it... to lose a loved one is hard, even during a war with Outworld.” Twilight said to them.

The Avatar lowered her head feeling sorry for her, and sat down and sighed. “I never thought love could be so complicated... even when someone you like is either passed on, or with someone else.” She pointed out.

Twilight placed a hand on her shoulder, gaining her attention. “Don’t worry, you’ll find the courage... for now, we need to get you ready for the next Pro-Bending match, everyone will be excited to see the new and improved Fire Ferrets!” She cheered as Korra smiled in response, looking out to the Pro-Bending Arena across the bay, feeling excited about it. She even thought about Pema’s idea, wondering if it will work the same way for her.

Pro-Bending Arena

On the night of the match, the Fire Ferrets are facing their greatest opponents in the league. Shiro Shinobi sat in his booth, prepared for tonight’s match. “Folks, after a year of waiting the Pro-bending Championship is finally here. Tonight is the first set of matches in our single elimination sixteen team bracket. And I gotta tell ya, these are the most tenacious and talented bending trios this arena has ever seen.” he announced to those listening to the radio.

“Introducing our first team, the Future Industries Fire Ferrets!” The announcer welcomed the team as the Fire Ferrets hear the cheers of the crowd. “And their opponents, the Red Sands Rabaroos!” He gestures to the opposing team as some of their fans cheered for them.

Upon hearing the bell, the match between the Fire Ferrets and the Rabaroos starts as quick as Pinkie could say cake. “What an explosive opening volley. Both teams quickly recover and unleash a barrage of bending. I am astonished with the level of improvement displayed here by the Fire Ferrets. No wonder the Avatar has been absent from the papers lately. She's obviously had her nose to the grindstone in the gym. The Ferrets advance into Rabaroo territory and are holding nothing back. Nice sprawl there by Mako. Bolin strikes, Ula dodges, and all three Rabaroos are down. The Fire Ferrets easily take round one!” Shiro described the match as he watched every move that was made and the bell rings.

“Round two!” Said the ring announcer as he held out two fingers.

The bell rings again as the round began instantly. “The Rabaroos are looking for payback and they go straight after Bolin. Korra comes to his defense and water-whacks Umi back into zone two! The Ferrets are on fire tonight and they win round two.” Shiro announced from watching it.

Liu and some of his allies watched from the locker room, amazed at their progress. “They’ve certainly come along in their training.” He commented.

“Yes... but I’ve been reading up on the reigning champions.” Scorpion said to him as he looked to the arena. “Turns out these... Wolfbats have a reputation for playing dirty...” he informed him.

“I’ve read up on them too... they’ve hospitalized and nearly killed several teams that went against them.” Twilight said to them but looked to the others. “They’re only rumors of course, there’s no way of telling...” she stated.

“Hey, I’ve watched plenty of sports back in Earthrealm, and I’ve seen how easy, and tough they were... and I doubt some of them have anything on this game...” Applejack pointed out.

“Quiet guys, the third round is about to start.” Rainbow Dash said to them.

“Round 3!” Announced the ring announcer.

The two teams began the third and final match they will go through. “With the Rabaroos down two rounds they'll need a knockout to win, and with the way the Fire Ferrets are playing I don't see that happening. These Ferrets are working together like a well-oiled bending machine. Bolin passes Adi back into zone two and the Ferrets get the green light to advance. The Rabaroos are just fighting to stay at their feet at this point. Out goes Adi, and Ula, and Umi!” Shiro exclaimed as the Rabaroos fell straight into the water.

“All three rounds go to the Future Industries Fire Ferrets to win the opening match of the tournament!” The ring announcer cheered out as the crowd cheered for the Fire Ferrets.

“Yes! WOOHOO!!!” Rainbow cheered for them.

“YEEHAW! Now that’s how it’s done!” Applejack cheered.

“Spectacular, wonderful work darlings!” Rarity cheered for them.

“That's what I'm talking about!” Bolin cheered as he turns to audience. “Thank you, thank you very much! Thank you all you fans!” He said to them.

Mako smiled as he walked with them back to the locker area. “Wow, we were really connecting out there in that ring.” he said to Korra as he walked to the locker.

Korra smiled at hearing it, but felt nervous about what to say to him. Twilight quickly tapped her shoulder to get her attention. “Remember, just be confident, don’t rush it...” She whispered to her.

“Yeah! You know, I feel like the two of us have been connecting really well out of the ring, too.” Korra said to him with a slight blush.

This didn’t go unnoticed from Liu and Flash as they watched the young teens. Mako of course, tried to hide it. “Uh, sure.” he replied.

“So, I was thinking we should spend some time together.” Korra suggested as she approached.

“Oh, we've been spending lots of time together.” Mako pointed out to her as he was taking off his gear.

“I mean outside of the gym, and not while searching for kidnapped family members or fighting chi blockers.” Korra said to him as she stated the all known facts of their adventures.

Twilight and her friends took notice of it and had their fingers crossed. “Come on Korra, don’t blow it...” The young Princess muttered as she watched the two of them.

“I don't-“ Once he turned towards her, he looked into her eyes seeing the kind, caring eyes he noticed when they were in the park as he felt his heart skip a few beats. He cleared his throat a bit and looked away. “I don’t know. Asami and I have-“ Mako began to explain to her.

But was soon cut off when Korra leaned forward abruptly. “Look, I really like you and I think we are meant for each other!” She blurted out to him in a fast pace.

Liu immediately facepalmed from seeing it while Flash covered his eyes and lowered his head. Even Scorpion shook his head in disappointment of how she handled the situation. Twilight and her friends were shocked of how fast she ruined her big chance to confess her feelings towards him, while Applejack winced from how fast she stated it. “Should of seen that coming...” She muttered.

“She blew it...” Rainbow Dash replied to her.

Korra quickly turns around and hides her face with her arm, blushing lightly. Mako felt his heart skip a few beats, but he needed to break it to her, gently. “Korra, I'm really sorry, but I just don't feel the same way about you.” he admitted to her about how he felt. Even though deep down... he felt that he was lying to himself.

Korra looked at him, but looked away feeling hurt of what he said. “I... I want to believe you, but... I know it’s hard to describe it, but I can feel a connection between us... not just because of the way we play out there, but when we bond outside the gym...” she said to him. Liu was surprised from it as he looked over to them, sensing exactly what she was talking about. “But, if that is how you really feel... the, forget I ever said anything...” she said to him as she walked to the bench to get out of her gear.

Rainbow put her hand on her shoulder to comfort her. “For the record, that was pretty rushed there Korra... bold, but rushed...” She stated to her as Korra slammed her face against one of the lockers making a loud crashing sound.

Mako looked at her, and wanted to say something as he reached out to her, but Asami walks into the room with Pabu on her shoulder. “Congratulations, guys! You were so amazing out there.” she congratulated them as she kissed Mako on the cheek. Rarity scowled at her, and turned away feeling steamed.

Meanwhile, Mako and Korra looked uncomfortably to each other. The two teens could feel their stones dimming from how distant their bond was diminishing, but the two looked away as Korra takes a seat and Bolin takes a seat next to her. “So, Korra, I was thinking, you and me, we could get some dinner together, sort of a date situation.” He said to her as it gained the attention of Johnny, who looked to him surprised.

“Oh, that's really sweet, but I don't think so. I don't feel very date-worthy.” Korra responded to him.

“Are you kidding me? You're the smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talentedest, incrediblest girl in the world!” Bolin complimented her.

Johnny crossed his arms and snorts from watching him. “Way to brag kid...” he muttered to himself.

Meanwhile Korra let out a chuckle as her cheeks turned slightly red. “You really feel that way about me?” she asked him.

“I felt that way since the moment I saw you! Trust me, I know we're gonna have so much fun together.” Bolin replied to her with a warm smile.

Thinking about his offer, Korra felt that it wouldn’t hurt to hang out with him, and smiled looking to him. “You know what? I could use some fun. Okay, sure!” she said to him.

“Yes! Who's the luckiest guy in the world? Right here, Bolin!“ Bolin cheered out feeling victorious.

Listening to their conversation, Twilight took this opportunity to intervene and grab Korra. “Could you please excuse us for a moment Bo...?” She asked him as she swiftly stole Korra away from him, leaving him surprised of her action as she took Korra over to a corner with the others. “Korra, before you make a decision... I’m not sure if you noticed, but Bolin likes you.” She stated to her.

“I know, and I like him too...” Korra quickly responded as Bolin was listening to in the background, pumping his fists and silently cheering.

“No, you don’t understand, he likes you... but what Twilight means is that he really likes you. And not in a friendship kind of way.” Rainbow Dash said to her.

“In other words darling, he is head over heals for you.” Rarity commented to her.

Korra’s eyes widened in realizing as she looked towards Bolin, seeing him wave at her. She looked to Twilight and the others, showing she had a bright red tone on her face and whispered. “You can’t be serious right now, I only see him as a friend, what do I do? I don’t want to hurt him...” she said to them.

“Look, just go with him, then break it to him easy... I’m sure he’ll understand.” Sunset said to her.

“Besides, we’ll have Johnny and Sonya watch over you guys in case things don’t go as planned.” Applejack said to her.

Exhaling to release some tension, Korra smiled at them and placed her hands on their shoulders. “You girls, are literally the greatest friends to have around...” she said to them as she pulled them into a group hug.

“Ooh! Hugs! Hugs are such a good thing!” Pinkie cried out as she held her with the others. Once she and the others let go of Korra, she and Bolin headed out to have fun. With Johnny and Sonya in tow... meanwhile Mako watches them go while holding Asami, Asami was clinging onto him as she had her head resting on his shoulder. Mako smiled a bit from it, but still thought about Korra and Bolin. Mostly Korra... he felt that she may either be doing this in spite of him being with Asami, or he may have really hurt her with what he said to her.

Narook's Seaweed Noodlery

At Narook’s Seaweed Noodlery, Korra and Bolin were sitting uncomfortably at one of the tables while eating some Water Tribe noodles. Bolin slurped his noodles and chewed it as he looked towards Korra. “So, how do you like it? Also, why are Johnny and Sonya here again...?” He asked her.

Looking to them, Korra shrugged her shoulders and looked to him. “They’re kinda like overprotective parents watching their daughter on her first date...” She joked as she let out a chuckle.

“We may not be married young lady, but we are not amused...” Sonya stated to her.

Hearing her harsh tone, Korra cleared her throat and looked to Bolin. “They’re just here to join us, think of it as sort of a... double date situation...” She put it simple to him.

“Ooh, okay... I can work with that. So guys, how do you like the grub?” Bolin asked them.

Slurping his noodles, Johnny couldn’t help but gorge himself on the noodles. “Aw man this is good, it’s crazy what this world can give ya... by the way, my compliments to the chef!” He called out to Narook.

“Any time friend!” Narook replied to him as he continued cooking.

Korra at that moment slurped her noodles and chewed them savoring the taste. “Hmm, it's delicious and totally authentic! I didn't realize how much I missed Water Tribe grub.” She stated with a mouthful as Sonya slurped her noodles, keeping her surprised face under her hat as she loved how good it was.

“That's great, 'cause this is my favorite joint. See? You love Water Tribe food, I love Water Tribe food, just another reason we are so great together.” Bolin pointed out how much in common they had.

“They are good noodles!” Korra agreed it’s him as she swallowed her noodles, but soon thought about what Twilight said to her earlier. She sighed and looked to Bolin. “Bolin... I can tell you really like me, I do too... it’s just-“

“That’s great!I can totally tell we’re a perfect match.” Bolin boasted to her.

“No, listen to me Bolin... I like you, but I don’t... like you, like you.” Korra stated to him as Bolin’s smile shifted to a frown. “You’re a nice guy Bo, you strong, you’re funny, and brave... but I only see you as one of my best friends. I’m sorry Bolin, but I only agreed to go out with you because I was feeling upset, and hurt... it’s complicated right now, I thought I was doing this because I needed to be away from someone... but I think I’m only gonna make it worse. I hope you can understand that...” She hoped for a positive reaction.

“Oh, well... okay, you want to be friends, I’m cool with that.” Bolin said to her with a smile.

Korra smiled at him and held out her hand. “No hard feelings...?” She asked him.

Bolin smiled and took her hand, shaking it with a smile. “No hard feelings...” He asked her.

Smiling at him, Korra let out a chuckle. “Thanks Bo, I’m actually surprised at how well you’re taking this... you sure you’re not mad...? She asked him.

“Yeah, I’m totally fine, if you just want to remain best friends... then I’m cool with it.” He said to her but was secretly having his fingers crossed under the table. “For now...” he whispered. But Sonya caugh wind of his deception, and reached under the table, grabbing his arm and holding it up, showing his crossed fingers.

He chuckled nervously at seeing it, and uncrosses his fingers from seeing her stern look that could easily cut through steel. Johnny at that moment chuckled at how similar he was to him, but felt eyes burning on the side of his head and looked seeing the Wolfbats sitting at a booth. “Hey, who's that creepy guy over there who keeps glaring at us?” He asked Bolin as he pointed his thumb towards him.

Bolin turned around as Korra looked over his shoulder, Bolin panicked at seeing just who it was glaring at them. “That's Tahno and the Wolfbats, the reigning champs, three years running. Don't make eye contact.” He advised them, but it was too little too late for that. Korra was literally glared right back at him as Tahno smirked as he got up with from his booth with his team and headed straight towards their table, causing Bolin to panic. “Uh-oh, here he comes. Now don't mess with this guy, he's a nasty dude.” He said to them as he eats his noodles feeling quite intimidated by Tahno.

The champ, or in this particular case, chump. Approached the two athletes with the intent of harassing them. “Well, well, well, if it isn't the Fire Ferrets. Pro-bending's saddest excuse for a team. Tell me, how did a couple of amateurs like you luck your way into the tournament?” He asked them and looked towards Korra. “Especially you, Uh-vatar.” He mocked her title as both she and Sonya felt the need to put this guy in his place. “You know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons.” He flirted with her and looked towards Sonya. “And you’re more than welcome to join her sweet cheeks...” He said to her.

But Sonya replied with a scowl, and looked away as Korra stood up earning Tahno’s attention. “You wanna go toe-to-toe with us, pretty boy?” She asked him with a glare.

But the champ/chump, was not even intimidated from her glare. “Go for it. I'll give you the first shot.” he pushed her buttons to get her to swing the first strike.

“Korra, don't. He's just trying to bait you. If you hit him, we're out of the tournament.” Bolin whispered towards Korra to get her to back off. But the two athletes glared at each other, Korra rose her arm up looking like she was gonna hit him. Thani smirked knowing that his trick worked, it before she could throw the punch, she instead put her fingers in her mouth and whistles for Naha, and the polar bear dog busts through the window, roaring loudly at Tahno. He falls over, but his friends behind him catch him and they walk away. Korra and Bolin laugh from seeing it happen, even Johnny and Sonya let out an impressed chuckle. “Whoa, ho, ho, I've never seen someone harass Tahno like that. You are one of a kind, Korra.” Bolin complimented her.

“I’ll say, he looked like he was about to pee his pants...” Sonya said to her with a smirk and looked towards Tahno. “If it were me, I would have done a lot worse.” She stated.

“I believe her...” Johnny muttered as the group laughed together.


Later that night, they were at a bar, and Korra and Bolin are drinking cocktails with straws. Bolin burps and is ashamed, but Korra notices this and burps even louder, to which Bolin burps again, louder this time, and Korra burps again yet even louder, and they both start laughing. The couple next to them looks on in horrified disgust. But Johnny and Sonya didn’t mind, because they both had that kind of past as teenagers, Johnny let out a chuckle from watching the two. “Kids...” he commented.

“I’ll say... if I were to have any, I hope to have them disciplined.” Sonya stated as she sipped her drink.

The actor shrugged his shoulders and looked to her. “I’m sure if you had kids, wed have some troubled teens...” he said to her.

Chuckling from it, Sonya took off her hat and looked to him. “And what makes you think we’ll have any...?” She asked him.

“Well, you haven’t hit me in a while, you actually like having my company, and further more... you can be soft if you want to be. Personally, I was gonna deck that guy Tahno before you could get the first punch.” Johnny stated to her.

Sonya chuckled as she grabbed him by his shirt. “I guess you’re right... but don’t let it get to your head, we still have a long way to go before it’s official...” she reminded him as she pecked him on the lips to shut him up. Johnny let out a chuckle from it and sipped his drink along side her.


At Harmony Tower... the group stood at the top of the tower, enjoying the view of the city. Korra was really enjoying the view, while Bolin was enjoying having Korra around, he looked to her and was not willing to give up on her... not yet. This of course did not go unnoticed from Johnny and Sonya, they were worried as they looked to each other. They knew that he was in love, but this might get out of control real fast.


Back at the Pro-Bending Arena... Mako was sitting on the steps with Twilight and the others. “Do you think they’re coming...?” He asked Twilight.

The young Princess summoned her magic to show Korra’s location. “Judging to my magic tracker, she will be arriving in three, two, one...” she counted down and pointed out towards where Korra is.

The young firebender looked and saw Korra approaching and stood up from the steps feeling upset. “What kind of game are you playing?” he asked her.

Korra was confused as she looked to him. “Uh ... Pro-bending? We've got the quarterfinal match.” She reminded him.

“No, I mean with Bolin. You've got him all in a tizzy and I know you're only using him to get back at me.” Mako pointed out to her.

Korra was shocked from his accusation, and felt offended. “I am not, we're just having fun together. What do you care, anyway?” She asked him.

“I'm looking out for my little brother. I don't want to see his heart get broken.” Mako said to her in defense of Bolin.

“We all are Mako...” Fluttershy approached him. “Why do you think we sent Johnny and Sonya with them...? To make sure Bolin doesn’t take it hard when Korra told him how she felt towards him.” She informed him.

“It was tough Mako... believe me... Sonya and I wanted the kid to understand that Korra doesn’t like him the same way he likes her.” Johnny explained what happened.

Mako of course was surprised of it and looked to Korra. “Is that true...? If so, why go out with him anyway...?” He asked her.

Hearing his question, as well as the tone in his voice. Korra began to feel that he’s trying to hide something. “Wait a second ... you're not worried about him, you're jealous! You do have feelings for me!” She said to him with a smile.

But Mako tried his best to deny it. “What? Jealous? Don't be ridiculous.” he said to her.

“Admit it! You like me.” Korra said to him as she crossed her arms.

“No, I'm with Asami.” Mako denied it as he tried to hide his red face.

“Yeah, but when you're with her you're thinking about me, aren't you?” Korra asked him as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “You can deny it all you want Mako, but deep down, I know you’re struggling... you just need time to figure it out.” She said to him.

Feeling frustrated, Mako pushed her hand away. “Get over yourself!” He shouted at her.

“I'm just being honest.” Korra said to him feeling defensive.

“You’re crazy!” Mako yelled at her.

“You’re a liar!” Korra shouted back at him.

Both of the teens stormed towards the arena as a fan walked up. “Hey Mako-! Oh...” he watched the two teens as they both went through separate doors, slamming them behind them.

Twilight and the others winced from it and looked towards Johnny and Sonya. “Alright, give us the scoop... what happened...?” She asked them.

“Well, it worked out as expected...” Johnny said to her as he rubbed his head.

“But...?” Applejack asked him as her arms were crossed.

“It’s worse than we thought... Bolin is literally head over heals for Korra.” Sonya informed them as she looked towards Johnny. “He said that he was okay with being just friends, but he was secretly crossing his fingers under the table.” She explained what happened.

Exhaling from hearing it, Rainbow Dash rubbed her head. “He’s definitely a determined kid, I’ll admit it...” she commented.

“Love has a way of blinding those who believe in it so much...” Rarity commented as she looked towards the others. “We need to talk to Bolin ourselves if we are to resolve the situation.” She said to them.

“I’m with Rarity, Bolin needs to fully understand that Korra doesn’t see him that way.” Sunset commented. They all nodded in unison and headed into the arena to catch the match.


It is a big match tonight in the arena, fans, both benders and non benders sat comfortably in their seats waiting for the match to start. “Eight teams have been eliminated and eight advance into the quarter finals, which get underway way tonight. The rookies are about to take on the former and longest-reigning champs, the Boar-q-pines. Youth clashes against experience in a battle for the ages, or rather of the ages.” The defenders watched as the bell sounds, seeing the match start. “Korra dodges and, ooh, slams right into her teammate! Down goes Mako and Bolin and Korra!” Shiro described the match as he watches them get pummeled by the Boar-a-pines, it was literally an ugly first start. The defenders winced in pity at the scene as Korra accidentally knocked into Mako when trying to attack and then an earth disk from the opposing team's eathbender knocked all three of them into zone three. They knew that the Fire Ferrets were completely out of focus. Particularly Korra and Mako.

“That’s gotta hurt...” Fluttershy stated.

“Even we’ve been through worse...” Scorpion commented.

“Round one goes to the Boar-q-pines!” The ring announcer declared.

Mako at that moment looked towards Korra angrily. “You were supposed to defend while I attacked!” he said angrily to her.

“I had an opening so I took it!” Korra said defensively.

Seeing the two argue, Bolin felt concerned for the two. “What is up with you two?” He asked them. While it wasn’t anything new that they would argue at times, but with the way they’ve been getting along recently, and their flawless teamwork on the arena, why were they at arguing now? Bolin placed his hands on their shoulders, becoming the peacekeeper for once. “All right, whatever, just pull together, guys.” He said to them.

Meanwhile at the lockers, most of the defenders were watching their interactions, sensing the broken bond between the team. “Things aren’t looking good for them... their hearts aren’t in the game.” Liu Kang pointed out.

“Seems things didn’t settle well with Mako...” Kitana commented.

“It’s worse than that... Mako is in complete denial of how he feels towards Korra.” Pinkie informed them.

“So that’s what’s blinding him to what’s important... at least Bolin is trying to keep the peace.” Kung Lao commented as he looked to the arena as the bell rang.

The next round started, at first they started off well. “The Ferrets looking to mount some offense here in round two. Bolin lets fly a flurry of attacks, he's a one-man bending battalion. The Ferrets are having a rough time finding their rhythm tonight.” Shiro announced until Mako got hit with water by the opposing waterbender. Bolin was by far the only one who managed to dodge each of the opponent's attacks and send a disk hurling at the opposing earthbender just as the bell sounded. The defenders cheered cheered for their friend who managed to win the second round. “But thanks to Bolin, they narrowly notch round two. Not sure what's eating them, but this is not the same team who took out the Rabaroos.” Shiro stated from watching how they were playing.

“Go Bolin!” Pinkie cheered for him.

“That’s our earthbender!” Said Applejack with a smile.

During the third round, all three of them got whopped by the opposing team. The ponies and dragon hated seeing their human friends get beat up so badly. The round ended up in a tie. “Round three is a tie! We go to a tie-breaker to decide the match.” Said the announcer as the referee stepped up.

The referee tossed a two colored coin consisting of red and blue. Once he flipped it, it landed on red. “The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss!” He turns to the Ferrets. “Which element do you choose?” He asked them.

Mako was about to step up to volunteer. “I got this.” He declared, only to get stopped by Bolin.

Spike had just arrived to see the next match. “Hey guys, what’s up...?” He asked them as they pointed to the arena. He looked to it and saw the tension between the brothers. “Ooh, boy...”

“I know you usually handle these, but frankly, your head's not in the game. I'm gonna take this one.” He said to his older brother as he steps forward. “We choose earth.” He declared as the Boar-a-pine earthbender stepped up to the platform. They stepped onto the center platform which rose up.

“Looks like the earthbenders will collide in the tie-breaker face-off.” Shiro announced while The defenders watched nervously of what will happen as the bell rang, both Bolin and the opposing earthbender unleashed their earth disks at one another. “Bolin goes in for the grapple, Chang reverses. Bolin strikes from midair, knocking Chang to the edge of the circle.” Bolin rolled down beneath the opponent as he jumped up. Bolin managed to force him back the zone, but the other earthbender managed to grab Bolin and flip him over but he flung a few more earth disks. “Another strike from Bolin, and Chang is in the drink!” Shiro yelled as the opponent is hit and fell from the platform into the pool. Bolin won the match for the Fire Ferrets, securing a place for them in the semifinals.

“The Future Industries Fire Ferrets win their quarterfinal match!” The ring announcer told the audience as they cheered.

Korra and Mako are relieved that Bolin won the tie-breaker, but look away from each other angrily. “Oh, that was a close one folks! Youth trumps experience tonight.” Shiro announced.

The defenders cheered for the young earthbender as the team made their way towards the lockers. “Good game out there Korra.” Kitana said to her.

“Must have been a different game Kitana. Because we stunk!” She shouted.

“Yes, she didn’t want to bring that up, because of how you’re feeling at the moment.” Jade told her.

Mako walked pass Korra who grunted in response. She narrowed her eyes at him and angrily walked out. Twilight and her friends followed her. Spike was the only one who stayed behind. He saw Mako angrily punch his locker before letting out a depressed sigh. He walked over to. Akon and touched his leg. “Mako, you gonna be alright...?” He asked him.

Sighing from hearing his question... Mako didn’t know the answer for it. “I wish I knew kiddo... I wish I knew.” He replied.

“Look, I know you and her are having bit of a rough patch with each other, but try to talk to her.” Spike said to him.

“Talk to her...? After everything we...” Mako tried not to lose his temper.

“That temper is what will get you into more trouble if you keep it up. Like Kratos explained to Korra... anger can be a weapon if you knew how to use it. To about controlling it, not using it...” Spike explained to him as he climbed up to his shoulder. “Just talk to her, I’m sure it will work out...” He said to him.

Hearing it, Mako knew that his temper often got the better of him, but who was he to argue with a baby dragon? He sighed and looked to him. “Alright, I’ll talk to her... but you’re gonna owe me one for this.” He said to him and walked out.

Liu watched him go and smiled looking to Spike. “That was well handled Spike.” He said to him.

“Eh, I try to learn from the best... the best being you guys.” Spike told him with a smile.

Johnny let out a chuckle and held out a fist to him. “Thanks little man...” He said to him as Spike gave him a fist bump. But the actor soon noticed Bolin pulling out a bouquet of pink roses from his locker. "Please tell me those roses are from one of your crazy fan girls." he asked hopefully.

“Nope. Korra might not see me as something more than a friend but I'm gonna change that.” Bolin said to him as he smelled the roses and smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s such a good idea Bo, because I hate the break the ice sometimes kiddo, but she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend.” Johnny told him to get him to stop.

Bolin chuckled a bit but looked to him. “Tell me Johnny, would you give up on Sonya?” He asked him as he gestured to the commander.

“No, I wouldn’t... but that is a completely different matter all—“

“Well I’m not giving up on Korra, I’m no quitter, wish me luck.” Bolin said to him as he walked out with the roses.

“Bo!” Johnny shouted as he watched him go. He groaned in frustration, feeling that Bolin is beginning to remind him more and more of him. “Curse alternate realities, he is totally me at that age!” He cried out.

“We better stop him before it’s too late...” Liu said to him as he and Johnny rushed out to catch him.


Meanwhile, Korra stood underneath a gazebo outside of the arena looking up at the stars, more specifically the full moon. She remembered the time the night at the gala when she first met Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. How in Equestria she would raise and lower the moon and how she would enter ponies' dreams to help them overcome their fears. She sighed as she shook her head feeling disappointed in herself. "Bet you'd get a good laugh out of my dreams, huh Luna?" Korra asked. Even though she knew nobody would answer.

Twilight and the others walked up to her to see how she was doing. “Korra... you going to be alright...?” Fluttershy asked her.

Sighing from hearing her question, Korra turned towards them to give them her answer. “Not really...” She said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the Jinsei gem.

Upon seeing it, Twilight looked to Korra and walked in front of her. “Korra, I know that you’ve been trying to avoid these feelings because of the matches, but we sensed that deep down... you really love Mako. I know it’s not our place to play Cupid, nor is it right to force love onto others... you have to find that love together. It may take a long time, but the time will be well rewarded.” The Princess said to her with a gentle smile.

“Yes, I mean come on, you got more than that pretty little floozy.” Rarity told her.

“Rarity!” Her friends yelled at her.

“What?!” She replied to them.

“Girls... I appreciate what you’re trying to do. Really I do, but I’m afraid he’s already made his choice...” Korra said to them as she looked back to the gem. “I thought for certain things would work out... the me and Mako had a connection.” She told them as the girls looked to each other feeling sorry as Korra clenched her gem. “I was wrong... he’s just such a...!” She felt tears brimming in her eyes as she was about to toss the gem into the harbor. But she felt someone grab her arm and looked to see it was Mako.

He looked at her with a soft expression, helped lower her arm. “We need to talk...” He said to her.

Rainbow quickly got between them, glaring at him as she formed a lightning dagger. “You got some nerve pal...!” She said to him.

Mako quickly held up his hands in defense. “Calm down, calm down... I just need to talk to her.” He told her.

Rarity scoffed from hearing it and approached him holding a pair of icicles. “Why in the world would we allow you, a dishonest scoundrel to talk to her after the way you treated her?!” She asked him as Mako felt hurt from how she described him.

Korra touched her shoulders as well as Rainbow’s to stop them. “It’s alright girls...” She told her as she wiped away her tears and looked to Mako as she crossed her arms. “Talk.” She said to him.

Mako looked at her and sighed lowering ships head feeling ashamed. “Look, sometimes you can be so infuriating. But I—“

“Alright, here come the claws!” Applejack formed her animal spirits claws about to hurt him.

“Easy AJ...” Korra told her as she looked to Mako. “As for you, save your breath. You've already made it clear how you feel about me.” She said to him as she turned away from him.

“No, I haven’t.” He said to her earning surprised looks from both Korra, and the Main Seven. “What I'm trying to say is: as much as you drive me crazy, I also think you're pretty amazing.” He said to her in full time honesty.

“Oh, ow he’s gonna get it-“ Sunset was about to hurt him but soon stopped in realizing. “Wait, what...?” She asked.

Korra’s eyes widened as she turned around to face him, showing how surprised she was towards him. “So you do like me?” She asked him as she approached him. “But you said...”

“I know what I said, it was the spur of the moment, it was the first thing I could say or think of... I know what I said earlier hurt you. I won’t deny that... but the truth is...” Mako stayed silent for a moment as the girls watched him curiously. “I do like you...”

Twilight watched him and crossed her arms looking at him. “But...?” She asked him.

Sighing from hearing it... Mako needed to come clean. “I like Asami, too.” He said to her as the girls all facepalmed themselves loudly.

“Mako, my dear friend... you really are a hopeless romantic...” Rarity said to him.

“Look, I get it... but I don't know, things are complicated. I've been feeling really confused and-“ Then right out of the blue, and before he could process what was happening, Korra kissed Mako full on the lips! The girls felt their jaws drop to the ground from seeing it. It surprised him, Mako’s mind tried to process all that is happening, but in the moment... he kisses her back, making her blush.

The girls smiled from seeing it, but soon saw their Jinsei Gems glowing brighter than before. Their shielded their eyes feeling the overwhelming energy the emitted. “WOW! That’s quite a development.” Twilight said to herself as the light dimmed and she unshielded her eyes. “I knew the gems were mending a bond between them... and it would seem that they made it official.” She stated.

Even Rainbow Dash smiled at seeing it. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” She felt excited for them.

“Quite an even bolder move if you ask me, but I approve.” Rarity said.

“And you call Mako a hopeless romantic...?” Applejack asked her with a smirk.

But the Lin Kuei mistress scowled at her for saying it, but just at that moment, Liu Kang and Johnny Cage ran towards them. “Guys, guys we got a-“ Before Johnny could inform them, he saw Mako and Korra kissing each other. “One: wow... Two: didn’t see that coming.” He stated.

“But still, Twilight, we have a problem...” Liu told her.

Only for a Twilight to look behind them and eyes popped open wide. “Actually... it’s already here.” She pointed behind them.

Just as Mako and Korra broke the kiss, Korra looked behind Mako only to see something that made her eyes widen and look away ashamed. Mako turns around to find Bolin standing there with flowers for Korra. The others looked to see him and their eyes widened. “Oh boy...” Said Applejack.

“Not good...” Said Pinkie.

“Yeah, Liu and I were gonna tell you that Bolin was coming.” Johnny said to them.

“GREAT TIMING JOHNNY!” Twilight yelled at him.

Mako turned to face Bolin. “Bolin, this isn’t what you think.” He told him.

Pinkie stepped up with a nervous smile. “Yeah, I mean your brother wasn’t actually kissing the girl you liked, oh wait, yeah he was.” She told him.

“NOT HELPING PINKIE!!!” The girls yelled at her.

Bolin immediately began to burst into tears and run away, dropping the flowers on the floor. Mako turned angrily towards Korra. “Great, look at what you did!”

“You’re blaming me?!” Korra asked him feeling insulted.

“You kissed me!” Mako pointed it out to her.

“And you kissed me back!” Korra returned the gesture as Mako growled furiously and stormed off to get his brother. Guilt swept up inside of Korra as she turned seeing the looks in the girls faces. “I know... I know, I messed up, well played Korra.” She owned up to it.

“Eeyup.” Applejack agreed with him.

“Totally.” Said Rainbow.

“Big time.” Pinkie nodded.

“You kind of did... but look at the gem.” Twilight points out to the Jinsei gem as Korra pulled it out and saw that it was glowing brighter than before, and didn’t lose its tow when she and Mako fought. “It’s a clear sign... but right now, let’s not focus on that. When Mako gets back here with Bolin, you need to apologize.” She told her.

“What?! Why me?! He’s the one ho blew up at me!” Korra pointed out to them.

“Because you are the reason those two are probably going to end up fighting each other... now... I’m going to send Kitana, Jade and Mileena to help him find Bolin. Hopefully things work out fine...” Liu told them as he walked away. Korra knew she made a huge mistake... but he was right, she needed to make amends!

Narook's Seaweed Noodlery

At Narooks, Mako walked into the restaurant with Kitana and Jade and looked towards Narook. “Morning, Narook. My brother here?” He asked him. Narook gestured towards a booth behind them as Mako looked towards Bolin, his head buried in his arms which were on the table. “Thanks...” He said to him as he walked over to him.

Kitana looked him over and grabbed one of his sleeve, raising it as his arm limped and dangled. “Yep... drunk over sadness and eating his troubles away. If he had just listened and completely understood Korra’s wishes, he wouldn’t be in this particular situation in the slightest.” She told them, only to see Jade and Mileena blankly starring at her, giving her a sad look. “Please don’t look at me that way you two... I’m serious about this, if he didn’t try to win Korra’s heart by changing her mind about how she felt towards him, he wouldn’t be here.”

“But you must admit, Mako here did seem to enjoy that kiss.” Mileena pointed out to her.

“Alright, you made your point...” He sighed and turned towards them. “Look... things are just a little rough right now, and it’s up to me to make it right. Now, you girls going to help me with Bolin, or not...?” He asked them.

Sighing a bit, Kitana lowered her arms. “Fine... but clean him up first for goodness sake.” She said to him.

Mako walked up to Bolin and gently shook him. “Come on. Wake up. Taking you home, bro.” he said to him.

Bolin looked up at his brother, his eyes were still puffy from the tears, his hair was a mess and he had bags under his eyes. Not to mention that a noodle was dangling out of his nostril the caused two of the Edenian Royals took lean back with disgust looks on their faces, but Mileena wasn’t bothered by it. Bolin sniffed dejectedly as he pulled away from Mako. "Don't call me that." he said in an overly dramatic saddened and angry voice, "You're not my brother! You're a brother betrayer! The only one I can trust anymore is Pabu! Pabu loves me." He gestured to the plump fire ferret as he laid in a bowl and looked to his owner.

Jade watched this happen and sighed as she walked over. “Bolin, you're a mess, and you've got the biggest match of your lives tonight. Let's go.” She said to him as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

But Bolin slapped it away angrily. “No! I'm not going anywhere with you, not even him!” He pointed towards Mako. “You traitor!” He exclaimed in anger.

“Guess we'll have to do this the hard way.” Mako stated as he turned towards Kitana.

Who nodded her head and approached Bolin and poked at a few nerves, forcing him to lose feeling in his body as his head slams on the table, and Mako walked up and picked him up, carrying him away as he sobbed. “Why?” He cried out continuing to sob.

“Told you dating a teammate was a bad idea.” Mako told him as he carried him to the door.

"You're a bad idea! Put me down! Put me down!" Bolin continued to whine and sob as the two exited the building with the Edenian Royals, with a bloated Pabu slowly followed close behind.

Jade at the moment took the opportunity to toss in a few yuans to Narook. “It’s for the food he ate, keep the change.” She told him as she exited the restaurant. Narook nodded as he took the money and put it away.

Kitana walked beside Mako and looked to him. “Are you still angry with Korra...?” She asked him while Bolin was passed out from sobbing.

He sighed as he carried his brother but looked to her. “A little... I mean, it’s not entirely her fault, it was mine... I wanted to tell her that things are complicated for me. I’m literally caught between a rock and a hard place with her.” He told her of his situation.

“Who wouldn’t be if they were you...?” Mileena asked.

“Not helping Mileena...” Kitana said to her and looked to Mako. “I was in a triangle myself Mako...” she told him as she earned a surprised look from him. “When I was born, I was once arranged to marry Rain, the man who held your brother captive.” She explained.

“Seriously...? Why the heck would you marry a guy like that...?” He asked her.

“He was different back then when I was around your age... but when Shao Kahn conquered Edenia, and made me his daughter... Rain became a different person. He embraced his godhood... believing all should worship him. I knew then, that I couldn’t marry him.” She told him of her past love.

Mako put it all together and looked to her. “That was when you met Liu Kang, right...?” He asked her.

She nodded to him and looked out remembering when they first met. “Yes... it was back when we first met in the first Mortal Kombat tournament.” She said to him.


Flashback... 1992, Shang Tsung’s Island

On Shang Tsung’s Island, Liu Kang was practicing for his first match in the tournament. Remembering the techniques he learned from Bo’ Rai Cho... but as he practiced, he sensed that he was being watched. Kitana hid in the trees, waiting for her chance to strike... once Liu had his back turned, she pulled out one of her war fans and leaped down to attack him. Liu Kang’s eyes snapped open sensing it, and he dodged her attack, quickly grappling her arm and throwing her over as she let out a grunt as she rolled across the ground. As she got back up, she charged towards Liu and went to strike him. But the Shaolin blocked her attacks, leaping over a kick and kicked her away.

Grunting from it, Kitana turned to him and charged at him to strike, but through her efforts, he continued to block and parry her attacks, but she managed to land a hard kick to his chest, forcing him to back up and look towards her. “You are Raiden chosen one...? Hmph, no wonder your realm has lost so many tournaments.” She told him as she pulled out her war fans, and threw one towards him.

Liu Kang avoided it and ducked under it as the war fan flew back towards Kitana and she caught it. She charged at him with both war fans with the intent to kill. But he parried and blocked each attack and grabbed her arm, lands a kick to her face and punched her in the chest with a flaming fist. “You’re good... I would like to see more, but I do not wish to hurt you.” He said to her with a smirk.

But she returned it with a glare. “Spare me your pity!” She used her fans to cause a whirlwind to lift Liu Kang off the ground, as he fell, she landed a kick to his back seeing him flip over and land in front of her. “You should not overestimate me Shaolin...” she told him as she went to kill him while he was down.

Liu managed to avoid her attack, and block a slice from her war fan, knocking them out of her hands and grapple her arm, throwing her over his shoulder as she slammed onto the ground. She groaned from it as Liu Kang approached hire. “I am impressed... but I must warn you not to get up.” He held a flaming fist aiming towards her catching her by surprise. “I take no pleasure in hurting such a worthy foe, but know this... I will do what ever it takes, to defend Earthrealm, and win this tournament.

Hearing this... Kitana kneeled as she lowered her head in shame. “Then do it...” she said to him.

“Do what...?” Liu asked her as he put out the flames as he kneeled down to her.

“Kill me...” She told him.

“I came to kill you, I have failed my father, my emperor...” She informed him.

Liu was surprised from what she said. “Shao Kahn is your father...?” He asked her.

“I have disgraced him, you must kill me.” Kitana pleaded to him.

Liu Kang looked at her, but closed his eyes sensing something within her. He opened his eyes and looked to her. “I will not...” He said to her.

Kitana looked up to him with a scowl and tears in her eyes. “Then you are a fool, Shao Kahn cannot be defeated. He will take your world, and you will bow your knee like countless others before you.” She warned him as her tears ran down her cheeks.

Seeing them, Liu reached over and cleaned her tears and gently touching her face. “I promise you... I will never bow before that madman...” He said to her.

Kitana was surprised of how gentle, confident, and caring he was towards her. She lowered her gaze but looked back to him. “I yield... but please tell me, what makes you so certain you will win...?” She asked him.

“Because I have something no one in Outworld has...” Liu said to her.

“And what’s that...? Kitana asked him.

Having a smile on his face, Liu looked her in the eye with the answer. “Hope...” He told her, Kitana’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked down in thought as Liu pulled his hand away. “This encounter never took place... you have disgraced no one.” He said to her as he stood up and turn walking away. But he stopped and turned back towards her. “I hope we meet again, under... different circumstances.” He said to her and headed off into the jungle. Kitana watched him go as her face turned slightly red from his word, she looked down in thought, but soon smiled behind her mask as she looked to where he went.


Present Day...

“Since that day, I knew that he was the right match for me.” Kitana told Mako as he was amazed by her story.

He looked down feeling her words reach his heart. “That’s incredible...” he said to her but looked down. “But... I still have so much to learn. I think tonight might be tough to do what’s right.” He told her.

But Kitana placed a hand on his open shoulder. “Your head and your heart won’t be in the game, I will say, but I know you will come to terms of what must be done.” She said to him as she pulled her hand away and walked off with her sisters to meet with the others and let Mako head home with Bolin. Mako watched them go and looked down thinking on her words, he then pulled out his Jinsei Gem and looked seeing it was still glowing bright. He knew it meant something, but he needed time to think about it.


Pro-Bending Arena...

That night, before the match was about to start, Korra entered the locker room and saw Bolin sitting on the bench, his head hung in depression. Mako was still not speaking to her as he placed on his gear. He didn't even look at her, for the moment as he still thought about what Kitana said. She wasn't sure if they wanted to hear her apology now, so instead she grabbed her gear and prepared for the match. As the defenders watched the match from their usual place, the three friends were way out of sync and out of focus. “You can't find two teams more evenly matched in age, size, and strength than the Fire Ferrets and the Buzzard Wasps. Believe me, I've looked! This should be a pulse-pounding semifinal, folks!” Shiro announced to the audience as the bell rung, and the two teams clashed. "The Buzzard Wasps open with a flawlessly executed combo. All three Ferrets take an early visit to zone two.” He told the audience as Mako was taken down and pushed back to zone three. “And Mako is knocked all the way back into zone three! The Fire Ferrets have been struggling to stay alive since the opening bell. All three players are totally out of sync tonight. Ooh, that has got to sting!" He observed their movements.

Mako got slammed down to the ground by the opposing team, Korra kept getting whipped with water and Bolin gets hit in the stomach by an earth disk which caused him to lose his lunch as he ran to the side while taking off his helmet and puked his noodles on the side of the ring. The defenders looked at the scene with pity and disgust. “Clean up on aisle five!” Johnny shouted.

“This is looking bad.” Sunset told the others.

“Their grief is getting to them.” Sub-Zero replied to her.

“And Bolin loses his noodles! Literally.” Shiro told the audience as Korra looked to him and winced from seeing it. “Which reminds me, this match is brought to you by our sponsor, Flameo Instant Noodles! Noodliest noodles in the United Republic.” he announced to those listening on the radio. Korra was knocked into zone three while Mako gets plunged into the water. “The Buzzard Wasps fly deeper into Ferret territory. And Mako plunges into the pool! Can the Fire Ferrets hold on?” he asked as he watched the match. “The Wasps have the Ferrets backed up to the edge now...” Just as things were about to tense up, the bell rings. “And the Ferrets are bailed out by the bell! They had better pull themselves together for round two, otherwise they can kiss the finals goodbye.”

“COME ON GUYS!” Applejack shouted.

“Pull it together!” Rainbow told them.

“This isn’t looking good, if only we were in that arena.” Liu said as he put his hand on his fist feeling desperate to get them out of the sticky situation they were in.

“I talked to Mako, it’s going to take some time for him to realize what’s important to him.” Kitana told Liu of her conversation.

“And Korra better apologize quickly, before they lose themselves.” Twilight told them as the second round bell rung.

During the second round, Mako got knocked back a zone and firebended a blast at the opposing team…which accidentally hit Bolin from behind, as he turned towards Mako with a glare. "Hey! Watch it!" He told him only to get struck from behind by a water attack from the opposing water bender, and gets knocked off the platform.

“The Wasps take advantage of Mako's unforced error and Bolin is in the pool!” Shiro announced.

The defenders watched as Bolin landed into the pool, and Rainbow facepalmed. “Aw man!” She exclaimed.

“Poor Boly.” Rarity sympathized with him.

Meanwhile Korra shot a glare towards the bender that assaulted Bolin behind his back, and angrily flipping the opposing team's firebender by making her jump up and down with her water. “Ooh, and a blatant hold by the Avatar!” Shiro stated.

The referee blowed his whistle to stop the match. "Unnecessary roughness! Move back one zone!" He told Korra.

But she shot her glare towards him. “I'll unnecessarily rough you up!” She shouted as she waterbends a blast at the referee as she heads back, and he grimly pulls out a yellow fan.

“And the Avatar is slapped with the yellow fan. The Ferrets are their own worst enemy right now. It's just sad to watch. With the Buzzard Wasps leading two rounds to zilch, the Ferrets' only hope of winning is with a knockout.” Shiro told the audience in both the crowd and at him.

Spike being amongst the defenders, winced at watching the match. “I’ve seen a lot of rough teamwork, but this is just sad.” He told them.

Only to get a look from Johnny as he leaned down to the little dragon. “Are you referring to us by any chance...?” He asked him, getting a nervous look from him as he side stepped away from him.

Meanwhile, as the third round was on the way of getting started. The Fire Ferrets were feeling down and depressed, mostly Mako and Bolin. "Well I guess there's always next year" Mako said with much disappointment. Both he and Bolin were just about ready to hand in the towel.

Korra watched them and looked towards Twilight and the other defenders, they looked at their team, seeing broken hearts, and stubborn hot heads. She looked down feeling disappointed in herself, but she knew she couldn’t throw in the towel just yet, so she looked to the two brothers with a determined look. “Come on! We still have a chance, even if it is a slim one!” she said to them feeling confident.

“The way we're playing, we don't even deserve to be in the finals.” Bolin told her not feeling as confident.

“Look, if we don't pull together and work as a team, we'll never forgive ourselves.” Korra told them to get them out of their depression.

"Let's just get this over with" Mako said in a monotone voice.

"The sooner the better" his brother said with the same voice as they headed back to the starting line. Until….

Seeing them head to the center, Korra needed to take this opportunity. "I'm sorry!" She shouted at them getting them to stop. Their eyes widened in surprise as they turned to her. “I’m sorry... for everything. I know I messed up this whole team, it’s my fault this team is falling apart...” She told them as tears brimmed in her eyes. “But I want to make things right between us... I just can’t bear to see two brothers go at each other’s throats like this because of me.” She said to them. Looking at her, Mako felt the truth in her words as he and Bolin looked to each other. “To me... you guys are more than just my teammates, you’re my best friends, and I can’t lose that. All because of a stupid misunderstanding, are you really going to let that get in the way of our friendship...? The one thing that matters more to me right now than some match...?” She asked them.

Hearing this, the two brothers felt her words reach their hearts. They felt that their anger towards one another wasn’t going to help them at all. They looked to Korra with a smile and walked to her. “You’re right Korra, I’m sorry.” Bolin said to her.

“Me too, I’ve been acting like a total jerk lately.” Mako admitted to her.

Korra smiled at them and shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I know a thing or two about being a jerk.” She told him but placed her hands on their shoulders as Mako and Bolin placed their hands on each other’s shoulders, and they huddled together. “Alright Fire Ferrets, you ready to win this?” She asked them.

“Ready!” The brothers told her.

“Let’s do this!” Korra said to them as they broke the huddle and stood before the opposing team. Liu Kang watched them, and smiled sensing they were back in the game as the bell rang, and the match started.

This time, the boys fought a lot better, their synchronization was back, this new transformation wowed the crowed. But as a sad result, they were also a bit too exhausted as Bolin and Mako get knocked back. “Bolin's knocked into zone two, followed quickly by his brother!” The defenders gasped as they saw Bolin take an earth coin to the shoulder. We see an x-ray shot of Bolin’s shoulder when he is hit by the disc, dislocating his shoulder, and bruising his shoulder badly as he screamed out in agony from it. “And Bolin takes a zinger to the shoulder! Looks like it's a clean hit.” Shiro told the audience in shock.

Bolin cried out as he held his shoulder, his brother was shocked from it. “Bolin!” He cried out only to get hit as he is forced off the arena.

Seeing it, Bolin tried to play the best he could with the one good arm he had. “Mako's in the drink and out of the match. And Bolin keeps playing with one good arm! I gotta hand it to him, this kid's got grit! But how long can he keep it up?” Shiro asked only to see him get knocked out with a water and earth combo from the opposing benders and falls into the water. “Apparently, not very long. The Ferrets' dream of making it to the finals now rests in the Avatar's hands. But with three on one, I don't like her odds.” He told the audience.

Twilight and the others watched as Bolin swam for the shore, she teleported with Liu Kang and Kitana to help Mako pull him up to the platform. “Come on Bo, you’re gonna be alright...” She told him.

“Are you okay? How’s your shoulder?” Mako asked him.

"Ow! It's messed up pretty bad. But I think I'll be alright.” He told him only to see Liu walk up to him and carefully grabbed his arm and shoulder, raising it up and forcing it back into place, causing him to scream from it. “Ooh, mommy!” He whimpered and rubbed his shoulder a bit.

“It will need healing from a waterbender, but you’ll be fine for now.” Liu told him as the platform began to go up.

“But are we gonna be all right?” Bolin asked as he looked to Mako.

“Of course we are. We're brothers. We'll get through this mess. I'm sorry.” Mako told him and looked out. “You know... I think Korra meant what she said about our friendship. It is more important than some match.” He told his brother.

“Me too!” Bolin replied and let out a chuckle. “Girls huh...?“ Bolin joked a bit.

Mako let out a hearty chuckle from hearing it. “Seriously...” he said as he noticed Kitana tapping at her war fan. “Not that there’s anything wrong your highness.” He said to her as Kitana smirked and pulled her hand away from her war fan and looked to the match, seeing Korra avoiding the opponents attacks, dodging every element the other pro benders threw at her.

“What an unbelievable effort here by Korra! She's dodging every element the Wasps throw at her!” Shiro told everyone as Korra knocks each of the Wasps into a line. “The Avatar finally gains some ground, but with only ten seconds remaining, it might be too little too late!” He watches as Korra angles herself so that the Buzzard Wasps are lined up in front of her, and knocks them out with a single blast of water, into he pool. “It's the big kibosh! What a knockout!“ he cheered.

The brothers cheered with the defenders. “Yes! She did it!” Bolin cheered excitedly.

“Yes! Yeah!” Mako cheered as he looked towards Korra, seeing her wave to the audience and soon looked to him. The two teens smiled at one another of the victory they achieved this night.

It didn't seem possible, folks, but the Fire Ferrets are headed to the finals! Shiro announced to the audience in the arena and on the radio.

Bolin laughed cheerfully as Mako hugged his brother, forgetting that his shoulder was still in pain. “Shoulder! Shoulder!” He cried out as Mako let him go.

“Sorry.” Mako told him as she smiled and saw Korra approaching.

“That, was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.” Bolin told her feeling proud.

“Ya did good Korra.” Applejack said to her.

“That was literally the best part of the match I’m proud to witness.” Rainbow told her.

“Thanks for not giving up on us. We never would have made it this far without you. I owe you. Big time.” Mako told her with a smile on his face.

“You're welcome. So ... I know things are confusing right now, but I hope we can still be friends.” Korra asked him.

Mako smiled at her and nodded to her. “Definitely... we all can.” He told her as he gestures to the defenders. But his smile soon faded, feeling ashamed of all he said to her. “I’m also sorry, for everything I said... can you forgive me for it?” He asked her.

She smiled at him and took his hand. “Of course I will...” She said to him only to hear the locker room door open and see trouble walking into the locker room.

It was Tahno and his thugs walking in, that got all the defenders tense. “Here comes trouble.” Pinkie told them.

“With a capital T no less.” Rarity stated as she crossed her arms.

Tahno sniffed around the locker room, showing an expression of disgust. “Ooh, oof. You boys smell something in here? Wait, I know what that is; yeah, that's the scent of losers.” he said to the Fire Ferrets with a sadistic grin.

Korra glared angrily at him for the comment with hate and disdain towards him. “I hope we see you in the finals. Then we'll know who the losers really are.” She told him with a serious expression.

“Yeah, I'm peeing my pants over here.” Tahno said sarcastically as he was approaching the bride to the arena.

“Hey, dirt bag!” Johnny called out to him earning a sneer from Tahno as he turned around to face him. But as he did, Johnny propelled a force ball straight at his face, it slammed against Tahno’s face forcing him to get knocked off his feet and hit the ground. He groaned from it as he sat up and shows he had a big fat bruise right across his left face, shooting a glare at Johnny for it. “Next time you pick a fight with someone, you better have the guts to look him in the eye and get ready for a beat down. Because one day, you’ll be bloodied and beaten, laying in a gutter, and no one will be there to help you.” He said to him as a warning.

“And now, the defending champs, the White Falls Wolfbats!” The ring announcer welcomed their famed champions as the crowd goes wild, unaware of Tahno’s incident.

Tahno glared at him and put his helmet on headed to the arena, Bolin looked to Johnny with a surprised expression. “Whoa... how— what in— how did you, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” He asked him feeling flabbergasted as he winced from the pain in his shoulder.

“Glad you asked...” Johnny told him as he walked over to him. “From what Raiden told me, I’m descended from a Mediterranean War Cult, bred as warriors for the gods.” He told him of his ancestors history.

“That... that is actually really cool. Can you teach me?” Bolin asked him excitedly.

Chuckling at his question, Johnny flicked him across his forehead. “You’d have the have my blood to actually use it.” He said to him.

Just at that moment, Asami runs to Mako and throws her arms around his neck. “Great job!” She said to him as she let go and looked to Korra with Mako while embracing him. “What a comeback, Korra. I've never seen a hat trick like that.” She told her.

“Thanks!” She replied and slowly approached the pair. “But, if it hadn't been for you and your father, we wouldn't have had the chance to play. So thank you.” She thanked her for hers and her fathers donation to the team.

“Uh, if everyone's done with the little "thank you" party, need some medical attention over here.“ Bolin caught their attention.

“Ooh, let me help!“ Korra rushed over and placed her hands around his shoulder, only to hear Bolin scream in pain from it.

“Owww! Gah! Haven't you hurt me enough, woman?” he asked her in an angrily and joking matter.

“Relax, I'm a healer!” She told him as she bends some water out of a bucket and puts it over Bolin's shoulder and begins to heal. “I learned from Katara, the best there is.” She stated.

Bolin flinched a bit. “No, no, oh- ooh!” He started to feel a little better from it. “That's the stuff!” He told her.

“Yeah, but it feels like that disk might have done more damage than I realized. I’m gonna need some back up...” She pulled out a medallion and saw Raiden appear from it. “Raiden, how fast can’t you get here?” She asked him only for lightning to flash within the locker room revealing Raiden, which stunned Bolin, given he had never seen him in the flesh before. Korra smiled and put the medallion away. “Right, I forgot, you’re a god...” She stated.

“Whoa..l so you’re Lord Raiden...?” Bolin asked him.

“It is an honor to finally meet you Bolin.” Raiden told him as he approached and kneeled down touching his shoulder. “He still, wouldn’t want anything to go wrong.” He said to him as he used his power to focus on healing his shoulder.

“Bolin!” Asami panicked from seeing the lightning, but Mako stopped her from doing so.

“It’s okay, he’s cool...” He assured her as Raiden used lightning to heal his wound, leaving no trace of a bruise. Stunning Bolin beyond belief, while Mako smiled and looked to Asami. “You see...? Turns out he’s a god.” He told her.

Asami was stunned to see it and walked over to Bolin and looked at his shoulder, seeing it was completely healed. “That’s incredible, you’re like a walking hospital.” She said to him.

“My power does have limits Ms. Sato... and might I say that it is an honor to finally meet you.” He told her as he bowed respectfully.

“Likewise.” Asami replied to him with a smile towards him.

The young Avatar smiled a bit, but her smile faded as she looked to Bolin. “Bolin, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean to let things get so out of hand.” She told him.

“Ahh, I'll be all right. But we had fun together, didn't we?” He asked.

“I had a great time, honestly! You are one of a kind, Bolin.” She told him as she smiled.

“Please, go on. I enjoy praise.” He said to her with a smirk.

“Don’t push it Bolin.” Liu told him with his arms crossed.

“Your winners, the Wolfbats!” The ring announcer declared as he caught the Fire Ferrets by surprise, even Korra.

“What? How is it over already?” She asked in surprise as she walked over with the others only to see the Mo Ce Mongoose Lizards down bellow in the pool, their protective head gear damaged.

Twilight and the girls were also shocked of what they had seen. “With a brutal round one knockout, the defending champs secure their spot in the finals.” Shiro announced as the injured team was being carried off into the infirmary. “I hope the Ferrets know a good doctor, 'cause they're gonna need one!” He told the audience, knowing it will be brutal for the Fire Ferrets when the face the Wolfbats.

Air Temple Island

Back at the temple, Korra walked beside Raiden and Twilight still shocked from what they saw tonight. Pema walked up to them. “Rainbow Dash told me you won tonight.” She said to her.

“Yeah, we did.” Korra replied to her.

But Pema could also notice there was also something else on her mind, and she smiled putting her hands to her hip. “Boy trouble, still?” She asked her.

“Yep... Jinora’s volcano story is definitely beginning to make more sense. I took the leap, and got burnt.” Korra told her of what happened, and looked to Raiden. “Was it anything like this for you and Princess Celestia?” She asked him.

“As a matter of fact, it was... but as time went on, our bond only grew in time. This bringing us finally together, and being married.” Raiden told her and looked to the young Avatar, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Just give it time Korra... love can be a harsh, but kind mistress.” He told her as he headed out to see how Celestia is holding up in her pregnancy.

“I better go with him, being a woman of experience, it might be harder for her, given she’s new to the whole being pregnant stuff.” Pema told her as she placed a hand on Korra’s shoulder. “You are a special girl Korra, that boy you like has no idea what he’s missing.” She said to her with a smile and followed Raiden.

Twilight at that moment gave a warm smile and looked to Korra. “She’s right... both you and Mako have a special bond because of these gems, and from what we witnessed... I think it will always be there.” She told her as Korra smiled and looked to her.

“Thanks Twilight, I’m glad I got good friends like you and the other defenders.” She told her as Twilight nudged her and the young Avatar chuckled as she looked out to the night sky.

(This song is parody of One Last Kiss from Evangelion 3.1+1.0 by Amelee)


My first time to the louvre
But seeing a masterpiece is nothing new
I’ve already met a Mona Lisa
Many days ago now I remember
The very first time I had met him
The gears in my heart began to turn like new
But then a dark premonition came between us
Him I’d lose

She vocalized a bit as snow began to fall around to her and Twilight as the rest of the girls and the defenders took notice of her singing.

Ooh, felt his lips for the first time
But that night he let me grace his with mine
May he give me one last kiss
Cause I don’t want to forget it no

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh, oh-woah


I will never let this feeling go

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh)


I love him more than he’ll ever know

Liu Kang watched her sing for the first time, he and Kitana were amazed at how well she sang, and smiled as Korra looked towards the arena across the bay.

He said he did like me the same as I did
But I know deep down he really does
Cause in my heart the bond remains
It’s a bond that can never be broken from what we share
I try to act like things are okay between us
But I know deep down he feels it too
We both never meant to hurt the other
But we did some things we can never undo

Twilight smiled as she took the moment to vocalize.


Ooh, He could give you one last kiss
Set a fire with only his lips


There is no forgetting that
Even if he tried he can’t let it go

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh, oh-woah

Rainbow Dash;

He’ll love you more than he’ll ever know

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh)


You love him more than you ever know, oh

Korra smiled at seeing them gathered around with her.

Main Seven;

You love him more than you ever know


Ooh In my heart I see it so
When the days have passed, we will grow closer
Till the end of the journey he’ll know
I will never let this feeling go

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh, oh-woah


I will never let this feeling go (8x)

Main Seven;

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh, oh-woah


I will never let this (7x)
I love him more than I’ll ever know

She pauses for a moment as she felt the snow fall around her, gently landing on her face as her eyes opened.

I will always remember
That wondrous evening
I’m chasing after the breeze that will still be there

She exhaled as she finished the song and slumped down in the snow. The girls sat beside her and chuckled with her as they were amazed by the song she sang. It will definitely be one to remember... even for the defenders as they were still close by.

Pro-Bending Arena

At the gazebo, Mako stared at temple from under the gazebo, he could feel the bond between him and Korra as he pulled out the Jinsei Gem he almost threw away. He didn’t know what compelled him not to throw it, but deep down. He knew the answer was there... he just didn’t know what to do as of yet. He still had much to figure out, but when he does find the answer, it will determine his own destiny.

Unaware to his knowledge, Artemis was on the roof of the arena, watching him as she could feel the bond between him and the Avatar. Normally she’d be jealous, but she felt happy for him. Despite what they had both been through the past few days, she turned towards the city and leaped towards the path that lead to he arena, and headed towards the city to meet back with Amon.

And the Winner is...

View Online

“Shiro Shinobi here! After a close encounter with Amon, Korra took a leave of absence from Tarrlok's task force. But the Avatar has still been hard at work, leading the underdog Fire Ferrets to the pro-bending championship finals. Only one team stands in their way: the Wolfbats! Led by team captain Tahno, the brutal Wolfbats look to repeat as champs. Have the Fire Ferrets finally met their match?”

Pro-Bending Arena

At the gym in the pro-bending arena, the Fire Ferrets were warming up for tonight’s big match against the Wolfbats as two disks flew straight into a net. Bolin quickly levitates and throws two more disks while Mako throws two fire punches and a flaming arc with his foot and Korra moved a small water blob around a bit before launching it forward towards a picture of Tahno. The other elements hit two other pictures of the chump, sliced, shredded, and burnt, the team hit all three pictures with their respective elements. Korra as she triumphantly jumps up, raising her left hand. Meanwhile the defenders had the radio cranked up. “You're listening to "The Music Hour"! Brought to you by Cabbage Corp, Republic City's trusted name in technology for over fifty years.“ the announcer told the audience as Korra shouted happily.

“Yes! I’m feeling pumped for tonight’s match!” She told her fellow teammates and the defenders.

“We all are, it’s a big night tonight, and all of Republic City will be watching and listening on the radio.” Twilight told her as she practiced her magic abilities. She was still learning the basics of Edenian magic, but she’s getting better.

Korra smiled as she picked up a towel and looked and looked to Mako and Bolin. “Man, I got a good feeling about tonight. I don't care if we are the underdogs. We can take those pompous Wolfbats.” she told them with much enthusiasm.

Mako takes off his helmet and looked to her. “It's going to be our toughest match ever, but I think you're right.” He said to her.

“Of course she’s right, you guys got more honorable skills than those sniveling weasels.” Rainbow told them as she remembered what happened to the last team who went up against the Wolfbats.

“I hear ya... I went down to the infirmary to check up on that team this morning. They told us that the Wolfbats were literally fighting dirty.” Applejack informed them of what she had learned. “From what me and Nightwolf gathered, the Wolfbats went for illegal headshots, and the judges did nothing to stop them.”

“They had skull and jaw fractures caused by stones... it is highly likely they will try to do it again.” Nightwolf told them.

“Can’t we just go to Butakah...? I mean he is the guy running this place.” Johnny reminded them.

“I don’t think he’d listen, it’s likely he’ll just let it slide, and let them have their way.” Liu theorized.

“Liu Kang’s right, but that won’t stop us from trying to win the match.” Mako told them as he looked to the team. “We won’t let those Wolfbats have their way, and we will win this match. Together.” He told them as he smiled and looked to Korra, who smiled and blushed as she looked away. The girls watched it happen and grinned knowing that look, just as Bolin rushed up and held Mako.

“Introducing your new champs, the fantastic Fire Ferrets!” He announced, only to hear the radio go staticky and look to it.

“Good morning, citizens of Republic City. This is Amon.” He announced as Pabu squeaked and ran off.

“Now what does he want?” Sonya asked.

“Trouble more likely.” Fluttershy told her.

“I hope you all enjoyed last night's pro-bending match, because it will be the last.” Amon told them in a cold tone as Mako and Bolin approached the radio. “It's time for this city to stop worshiping bending athletes as if they were heroes. I am calling on the council to shut down the bending arena and cancel the finals, or else there will be severe consequences.” He warned them as he went off the air.

“That guy's got some nerve.” Bolin commented.

“You said it, he even interrupted my favorite song!” Pinkie shouted frustratedly as Mako turned towards Korra.

“This is literally his boldest move yet.” Twilight told them as her arms folded.

“You think the council will give in?” He asked her.

“I'm not waiting to find out. We need to get to City Hall.” She told them as she turned towards Twilight. “Ready when you are Twilight.” She said to her as Twilight summoned all her magic, to transport everyone straight to City Hall. Once she gathered enough, her eyes snapped open glowing as she teleported with them out of the arena.

Republic City, City Hall

At City Hall, Tenzin and Tarrlok were in the middle of discussing about Amon’s warning, but as they talked, the Defenders and the Fire Ferrets appeared in the building, rubbing their ears from the loud pop Twilights magic made. “Sorry bout that guys, I know you’re still getting used to magic, but it’ll wear off.” She said to them.

“Korra, everyone, you shouldn't be here. This is a closed meeting.“ Tenzin told them.

“As the Avatar and a pro-bending player, I have a right to be heard. You can't cancel the finals.” Korra told them not to do so as she approached them with her friends.

“I know winning the championship means a lot to you. But as far as I'm concerned, we need to shut the arena down.“ Tenzin explained to her.

“What about the rest of you? Tarrlok, there's no way you're backing down from Amon, right?” Korra asked him.

“Actually, Tenzin and I agree for once.“ Tarrlok admitted as he stood up.

“There’s a shock...” Jax commented.

“The council is unanimous. We're closing the arena.” Tenzin told them.

“No!” Mako shouted.

“You can’t!” Bolin told them.

“I-I don't understand. I thought you, of all people, would take a stand against Amon.“ Korra told Tarrlok in disbelief.

“While I am still committed to bringing that lunatic to justice, I will not put innocent lives at stake just so you and your friends can play a game.” He responded to her.

Mako stepped forward to speak. “Pro-bending might only be a game to you, but think of what it means to the city! Right now the arena is the one place where benders and nonbenders gather together ... in-in peace! To watch benders ...” He told them but began to struggle with his speech.

“Beat each other up! In peace!” Bolin pointed it out. “It's an inspiration to everyone!” He told them.

Twilight stepped up and looked to the council. “We may not be of your world, but where we come from, we believe in the magic of friendship. It has helped us on numerous occasions, and it has helped those who were worth being redeemed. Sunset Shimmer here is one of those people, she tried to steal my crown, and use its magic to enslave everyone. But me and my friends from the reality she came from managed to free her from the magic that overwhelmed her. She thought it could get her everything she ever wanted... but it didn’t. And when Liu Kang and his allies arrived in Equestria, and told us of Dark Raiden who thought he was beyond redemption. Our sacred artifact, the Tree of Harmony, and the spirit within, saved him from the corruption that made him who he was since his suicide.” She told the councilmen earning shocked looks from the Mako and Bolin. “As Princess of Equestria, I’m asking you not to close the arena.”

“I appreciate your naive idealism, and your royal title Princess Twilight, but you're ignoring the reality of the situation.” Tarrlok reminded them.

“The reality is if you close the arena, you let Amon win!” Korra told him.

“Yes, exactly what she said! Yes!” Bolin said as he pointed at her.

“We know the safety of the people is important, but even outside the arena they are in danger.” Liu Kang said to the council.

“Even we are not without our enemies in Earthrealm and in Edenia. Outworld is still trying to find its next Kahn, while the Netherrealm God, Shinnok, is plotting to affect your worlds Jinsei, which we have yet to discover its whereabouts.” Kitana told them.

“And if you give into Amon’s demands, you will be in for an attack you can’t even defend against.” Twilight told them as she stepped up.

“I'm sorry, but our decision has been made. This meeting is adjourned.” Tarrlok was about to slam the gavel, but a metal cable knocks off the gavel head as Tarrlok gasps. Everyone turns to look toward the entrance of the courtroom as Lin and Stryker enters the hall as Lin coils her cable back, looking at the council.

“I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the Avatar.” She told them as she gestured to the young Avatar.

“You do?” Tarrlok asked.

“Yeah, you do?” Korra asked her in surprise.

“I expected this kind of cut-and-run response from Tenzin.” Lin pointed to him as he looked to her. “But the rest of you? Come on, show a little more backbone.” she told them.

“Lin’s right, it’s time that the benders of this city displayed some strength and unity against these Equalists.“ Stryker told them as he crossed his arms.

“We must prevent the conflict between benders and nonbenders from escalating into all-out war!” Tenzin told them as Tarrlok shifted his eyes toward him. “The council is not changing its position, Lin.”

“Now just a moment, Tenzin .” Tarrlok spoke up as everyone looked to him and he looked towards Lin. “Let us hear what our esteemed Chief of Police has in mind.” he told them.

Tenzin grunted as he crossed his arms together, while Lin approached with her idea. “If you keep the arena open, my metalbenders and I will provide extra security during the championship match. There's no better force to deal with the chi blockers. Our armor is impervious to their attacks.” She told them.

“Then there are me, Sonya, and the rest of the Special Forces crew... we can help provide upgraded security to ensure no Equalist gets in without us noticing.” Stryker added to the idea.

“Last but not least, I can give the arena a magic barrier, to ensure no one tries to get in and interfere with the match.” Twilight said to them as she showed her magic abilities.

Tarrlok thought about it, this could benefit him in so many ways, he couldn’t help but hide a devious smirk and looked towards the group. “Are you saying that you will personally take responsibility for the safety of the spectators in the arena?” he asked them as Tenzin looked to him with anger and suspicion.

“I guarantee it.” Lin said to him with a determined look.

“It is hard to argue with Chief Beifong's track record.” Tarrlok said scornfully and sarcastically, but looked to council. “If she is confident her elite officers can protect the arena, then she has my support. I am changing my vote.” He rose his hand as he looked to the council. “Who else is with me?” He asked as the other councilmen other than Tenzin rose their hands. The airbending councilman looked away disappointed. “The arena stays open. Good luck in the finals.” he told the young athletes.

“All right!” Bolin cheered out.

“Yeah!” Mako raised his fist into the air.

“Thank you!” Korra said to them.

“And good luck to you, Chief Beifong, and Captain Stryker.” Tarrlok told the two police officers.

They nodded to her as Stryker looked to Lin. “I can honestly say we did pretty well... but knowing Tarrlok, he’s doing this to get more publicity.” He told her.

“Wouldn’t surprise me, wished I could bust him on the spot for pulling most stunts, like what happened during the gala.” She reminded him.

“No kidding...” He replied remembering that night.

Tenzin soon approached them, mostly looking to Lin. “A word please, Lin.” He said to her as the two walked away to speak in private. “Tarrlok's playing you and I don't want to see you get hurt.” He told her.

“You think Stryker and I didn’t consider that? I know what I am doing and the risks that come with it.“ She told him.

“In that case, I'm going to be by your side during the match.” He offered his assistance to her.

But Lin looked at him feeling annoyed. “You don't need to babysit me.” She stated to him.

“It's for Korra. I want to make sure she's safe.” He assured her, only to see Lin throw her hands in the air feeling annoyed.

“Do what you want! It's not like I've ever been able to stop you before.” She reminded him of their past.

Just at that moment, Korra approached them with Liu Kang and Twilight. “Excuse me, Chief Beifong. We wanted to thank you for your help...” She told the police chief only to see Lin ignores her completely as she walks away. “It ... really ... means a lot ...” she paused as she watched her leave. Feeling annoyed, she turns and talks to Tenzin while pointing at her. “What is her deal? Even when she's on my side, she's against me!” She asked him.

“”I've known Lin since we were children, she's always been...” Tenzin paused for a moment to find the right word. “Challenging...” he told them.

“What did your father do to make her hate the Avatar so much?“ Liu Kang asked him wondering about Lin.

“My father and Lin got along famously.” He assured the Shaolin Monk of their relationship, but turned away remembering his past with her. “I'm afraid her issues ... are with me.” he told them.

That was when it hit both Korra and Twilight as they gasped and looked to him surprised. “Wait a minute...” Korra began to smile in realizing. “It all makes sense now! You and Beifong...?”

“Beifong and you...?” Twilight pointed to him.

“You two were a couple!” They said in unison, catching Tenzin off guard.

“What! How—“ he glanced around nervously and looked to them. “Where'd you two get that idea?” He asked them.

“Ha! Your wife!” Korra pointed to him with a smirk.

“Criminy! I'll have to have a word with her.” he muttered.

“So... Pema stole you from Beifong. I'm surprised our "esteemed Chief of Police" didn't throw her in jail.” Liu Kang commented as he folded his arms.

“Oh, she tried. Anyway, Pema didn't steal me, Lin and I had been growing apart for some time. We both had different goals in li-“ Tenzin snaps back to reality to forget what he was saying to them. “Why am I even telling you this? It all happened a long time ago and we've moved passed it.” he told them.

“Hm, apparently Beifong hasn't.” Korra said to him.

“Yep!” Twilight agreed with her.

“What do you...” Tenzin stammered in confusion but snapped out of it. “Of course she has! Anyway, this is none of your business! ” he told them and stormed off.

Korra chuckled as she waved to him teasingly. “See you at home, Mr. Heartbreaker!” she said to him as Tenzin hung his head in embarrassment while Korra laughed with Twilight.

Liu Kang smirked as he shook his head and looked to her. “Korra, you really know how to push people’s buttons sometimes.” He said to her.

“Hey, I’m a teen, it can’t be helped...” She told him as she controlled her laughter and cleaned a tear from her eyes from so much laughter.

“If only Pema were here to see it. Come on, let’s get back to the others and tell them what we discovered.” Twilight told them as she walked away with Korra and Liu to meet back with the group.

Republic City, Cargo Area

Meanwhile at the cargo area of Republic City, Amon was overlooking his people as they loaded unknown cargo onto trucks, with Rain standing beside him. “Your vision is boundless Amon... you’ve certainly built a new empire for your people.” He said to him.

“It won’t be an empire, merely a world where it will be finally be rid of bending oppressors.” Amon told him as he sensed the lieutenant approach him. “Report...” He said to him.

“I just got word. The council defied your threat. They're keeping the arena open.” he informed him of the council’s decision.

“Perfect, everything is going according to plan.” He told him and Rain as he turned towards Kano. “Kano, get our agents ready for deployment tonight.” He said to him.

“Ya got it... and with my Black Dragons helping out, this will be a night to remember.” He told him as he went to help them out.

“I couldn’t agree more...” Amon smirked behind his mask as he watched his equalists working. “But what of our friend on the inside?” He asked Rain.

“Tanya is doing her job, she’s been keeping an eye on our supplier. No one knows who’s been giving your equalists the supplies needed to overthrow these benders.” He told Amon as he let out an amused chuckle.

“Good... proceed as planned.” Amon told him as he walked away.

Pro-Bending Arena

Later that night, the metalbenders searched top to bottom, every inch of the arena for any unknown objects that would be linked to the equalists. Lin and Stryker observed the search as she stood at one of the exits. “All clear, Chief.” An officer informed Lin.

“So far so good, but I can’t help but feel this might be a set up.” Stryker told Lin.

“If Tarrlok thinks he can win me over, he is mistaken.” She told him.

“Well that, but I was talking about Amon...” he told her as he looked to the arena. “He is bound to retaliate because of the council’s decision... doesn’t that bother you a bit?” He asked her.

“A little now that you mention it.” She admitted to him as Tenzin walked in.

“How is the security sweep going?” He asked her.

“Fine.” She responded bluntly.

“They've checked underneath the stands?” He asked to make sure.

But Lin turned her head towards him. “I have the skies, the bay, and every nook and cranny of this place covered. All that’s left is for the upgrades from the Special Forces, and the princesses magic barrier.” She told him as she turned away from him. “Now leave me alone and let me do my job.”

Looking at her feeling saddened, Tenzin began to realize that Korra and Twilight were right. “Lin, with so much on the line it would be nice if we could help each other out, at least for one night.” he asked her feeling hopeful.

She looked to him as her face softened a bit. “Like old times?” She asked him.

Tenzin smiled a bit from her question. “Like old times.” He told her.

Seeing it Lin let her pride go and looked away. “Okay, I'll try to be less abrasive than usual.” she told him less harshly.

“I would appreciate that.” He told her as he looked to the arena.

“Just don’t expect it to last councilman, because she can’t still be pretty mean.” Stryker told him.

“Care for a dip in the pool?” Lin asked him with a harsh tone.

“No, and you just proved my point.” He told her as Tenzin let out an amused chuckle.


During the night of the event, everyone had gathered for the greatest match of their lives. “The anticipation is palpable as we are just moments away from the championship match. Will the Wolfbats' ferocity help them repeat as champs? Or will the underdog Fire Ferrets serve up a surprising bowl of smackdown soup?“ Shiro told the audience in the crowd and those listening on the radio.

Meanwhile at the lockers, Bolin had both Spike and Pabu in similar uniforms as Spike gave a disapproving look. “This is something I will never let down.” He stated with a growl.

“Aw come on little man, you and Pabu look fine.” Jax said to him with a thumbs up.

“Thanks Jax...” He thanked him not feeling enthusiastic.

“Now guys I know there's a big crowd but don't be nervous. You're both gonna do great, I believe in you both.” Bolin told them as Pabu stared at him and Spike looked away folding his arms.

Just at that moment, Mako walked up to Korra looking at the arena. “Well... this is it, you nervous?” He asked her.

“A little... after seeing what happened to the last team, we’re gonna be in deep water soon.” She told him as she felt her left hand shaking.

Noticing it, Mako reached over and took her hand to calm her nerves as she looked to him. “Just remember, we have each other’s backs. If we fall, we get right back up, if they hurt us, we hurt back. Just not too much, otherwise we get disqualified.” He told her, earning a chuckle from her.

“Okay team captain, I get your point.” She said to him as she grasped her hand and looked to him. “Just don’t let Asami distract you during the match, okay...?” She asked him as he nodded his head to her and let go of her hand.

“Be careful out there you three, may the Elder Gods watch over you.” Liu Kang said to them as the three teens bowed to him and headed for the arena. As they headed to the arena, Twilight took the chance to form the barrier around the building to protect them from unwanted guests.

Raiden and Celestia appeared in the locker room with Luna and Kenshi. “Did we make it just in time...?” Kenshi asked them.

“Yes, they’re about to announce the teams now.” Scorpion informed him.

“Let’s just hope they can hold their own out there... because this is gonna be ugly.” Rainbow told the, as she watched the lights dim.

“Introducing the challengers, the Future Industries Fire Ferrets!” the ring announcer welcomed the team as a group of Fire Ferrets cosplayers cheer as the Fire Ferrets come to the arena. Hiroshi and Asami are sitting in the V.I.P. section as Asami blows a kiss to Mako and winks to him. Mako does the same to Asami, not noticing that Korra pulls a face of disgust after she told him not to get distracted. When they reach the arena, Bolin signals to Pabu and Spike.

“You're on, guys!” He told them as Pabu jumps down and does his trick by moving around on his front paws while Spike leaps down doing some cartwheels before doing some backflips while Bolin uses an earth disk, removing the center for them to backflip through and back, ending the performance with Pabu standing on one paw and Spike breathing fire. “Yes! Nailed it! They’re so talented.” He whispered to his teammates as they both smiled.

“And their opponents, the three timed defending champions, the White Falls Wolfbats!” The ring announcer welcomed the champs as they were wearing their signature Bat-masks Wolfbats with purple capes howl and spread their wing capes while fireworks go off all around the arena. The Wolfbats' fangirls cry and howl in support as the Fire Ferret cosplayers boo.

The defenders watched them itch disgust as Johnny had his fist glowing. “I have the shot...” He told them.

“I say take it.” Sub-Zero told him to do it.

“No, this is their match, and their match alone.” Twilight said to them.

“She’s right... we can’t interfere with them, no matter how bad it gets.” Raiden told them as he held Celestia and looked to the arena.

Meanwhile Bolin was not impressed with the Wolfbats entrance, as flashy as it was, but still not impressed. “Pfft, they got nothing on us, buddy. Anybody can howl.“ he lets out his own howl. “Hm, whatever.”

“Good luck Bo, you’ll need it for this chump. Come on Pabu!” Spike ran off to the lockers with him.

Just at that moment, Tahno and his team take off their bat mask and untie their capes, grinning at the Fire Ferrets as Korra glared at him while pounding her fist. “I'm gonna knock Tahno's stupid hair off his stupid head!” she told her teammates as she prepared for the first round with them.

“The champs and challengers face off at the center-line and here we go!“ Shiro told the audience as the bell instantly rang. The Wolfbats instantly move toward their opponents and Tahno attempts an uppercut on Korra with his waterbending fist. Korra moves back to barely dodge it and backflips, only to be hit by a waterbending blast from him. “Tahno tries to clean the Avatar's clock with some dirty water boxing.”

“Be careful Korra!” Fluttershy shouted to her.

Mako firebends and misses while Ming takes two earth disks and kicks them to Mako, followed by two more, which is enough to force him back to zone two. “Ming shakes off Mako's attack and returns the favor.” Shiro watched as the two teams slug it out. Shaozu flips forward while Bolin kicks some earth disks toward him. One of his disks bounces off the side ropes and hits Shaozu, knocking him against the fence. “Shaozu gets fancy, but Bolin ricochets a disk off the ropes and says 'No, thank you sir!'” he told the audience as he watched the match while Mako smiled to his brother.

“Nice shot!” He said in a cheerful tone. Tahno looks at the Fire Ferrets in slight irritation for that. Shaozu runs out the way of Mako's fireball just in time while Korra and Tahno go at it.

“The waterbenders slug it out, looking evenly matched.” Shiro told everyone as he watched them go at it. Tahno waterbends a prolonged stream of water at Bolin, forcing the earthbender into zone three. “Tahno gets a little too worked up and unleashes a deluge on Bolin that would certainly elicit a foul.” he announced but saw the center of the ring lights up and the Wolfbats are allowed to advance. “Or not.”

Mako turns towards the referee in confusion. “What's the big idea, ref? That was a hosing foul!” he told him, but the referee signals it was not and Mako looks at him in anger. Figuring out that the Wolfbats paid him off to keep him on their side, he glanced to Liu Kang without anyone knowing. “Liu, you seeing this...?” He asked him telepathically.

“I see it... they’ve been paid off.” Liu told him after witnessing it.

“What do we do?” he asked the Shaolin.

“For now, keep playing, I’ll think of something.” He told him, even though Mako didn’t like the idea of continuing against a bunch of cheaters, but they were in the heat of battle, nothing could change that.

The Wolfbats advance as they continue to pummel against the Fire Ferrets. “And the Wolfbats advance despite Tahno exceeding the waterbending time limit.” Shiro told the crowd as he watched. The match continues as Korra begin to waterbend, only to be hit by Tahno's own attack. Bolin launches a disk at Tahno, who dodges, as Korra rolls to the side. Mako dodges a disk from Ming and begins firebending back at him. “A questionable call by the officials.” He pointed out as Ming lifts up a disk under Mako's foot, tripping him forward, before launching another disk at Mako, sending him back into zone three. “Ming trips up Mako with another dirty trick!” He shouted.

Meanwhile, Tenzin was getting angry at what he just saw. “Oh come on, refs! There was some funny business in that last play!” He shouted at him.

Lin looked to him feeling amused of how he’s reacting. “Wouldn't have guessed you knew the rules of pro-bending?” She told him with a smirk.

But the air nomad cleared his throat a bit from hearing it. “I've been brushing up. That Wolfbat blatantly bent a disk outside of his zone.” He told his ex what was wrong in that play.

“I believe ya, I’ll have to have a word with the guy who runs this joint later.” Stryker told them.

Meanwhile Ming launches another disk as Tahno runs forward in preparation to attack. “The Ferret brothers are backed up to zone three and the Wolfbats smell blood.” Shiro watched carefully as Tahno freezes the water when Bolin jumps back, causing him to slip, get hit by a fire blast and fall out of the arena. The crowd boos at seeing what just happened. “Looks like Tahno snuck in an illegal icing move but once again there's no call.” He shouted from what he witnessed.

Scorpion glared at what he saw, pulling out his spear. “That dishonorable little...!” He was about to to teleport through hellfire, but Kratos stopped him before he could go.

“Don’t... this is their fight, and they’ll have to play by their rules.” He told him as he looked to the arena.

“Come on Korra! AVENGE BOLIN!” Pinkie roared out in anger as the match continued.

Tahno and Shaozu both attack Korra as Mako rolls out of the way of an oncoming disk and attempts a fire blast back. ”I don't know what match the refs are watching but it's obviously not this one.” Shiro announced as he watched Tahno and Ming both attack Korra, who gets pushed back into zone three and the Wolfbats advance. Mako sends out a firebending blast, but misses. “Oh ... a splash-and-clash sends the Avatar to zone three as well.” Mako moves in front of Korra and attempts to firebend to protect the Avatar from the triple elemental attack, but both get pushed out of the arena. The bell rings as the Wolfbats gather together. “It's a knockout! The Wolfbats win the championship for the fourth year in a-” As the Wolfbats turn around to celebrate their victory, Shiro notices something. “Hold on a second, folks!” He told them s he saw Korra as she clings to the edge of the stadium, holding Mako by the collar. “Scratch that! The Ferrets are still alive, but just barely.“ He announced.

“Yes! That’s our girls!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

Korra holds Mako, swinging to throw Mako up onto the arena as she falls and Mako firebends at Tahno, sending him flying and knocking him down as Ming and Shaozu look at him in surprise. Tahno stands, infuriated, as the bell rings. Mako winks at him smugly while in a fighting pose. “What an unbelievable move! These Ferrets aren't just bending the elements, they're bending my mind!” Shiro told the audience while Tahno was glaring angrily and growling at them for his humiliation. “The underdogs survive to see round two.” He told the people in excitement.

Korra approached with Bolin to Mako to find out just what the heck happened in the first round! Then huddled together to have a private meeting. “What's wrong with these refs?” she asked him.

“They've been paid off; it's the only explanation. Someone wants us to lose.“ Mako told her.

Korra turned to look over her shoulder at the Wolfbats. “If the Wolfbats are gonna fight dirty...” She turned towards Mako. “Then so should we.” She told him.

“No we can't!” He told her to keep her from doing something stupid. “The refs have it out for us. If we're gonna win this thing, it has to be fair and square. Not only that, Liu is coming up with a plan to handle this situation.” He said to her.

Korra of course was disappointed of that fact, but she quickly swallowed her pride. “Argh, that's no fun but ... all right.” She said to him.

“Round two-“ bBefore the ring announcer could start the second match, one of the refs was whispering into his hear about someone wanting to speak on behalf of the Fire Ferrets. “You serious?” He asked him as he nodded in response. “Okay...” he held up the mic to him. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to have a slight delay for round two. Someone wishes to speak on behalf of the Fire Ferrets.” He announced as the crowd looked surprised.

Tenzin and Lin also had a look of surprise on their faces. “ ow who would be so bold as to interrupt the match...?” He asked as he noticed to platform opening up in the middle, raising a new platform, revealing Liu Kang and Twilight in the arena. “Liu Kang?!”

“Twilight?!” Mako asked in surprise from the locker.

“Guys, what are you doing here?!” Korra asked them.

“Giving you a fighting chance.” Twilight said to them.

Meanwhile, Liu looked to the crowd as he took the microphone. “I know this is all so sudden... but I’m sure that you all have witnessed how poorly the Wolfbats have been playing in the first match.” He told them as the crowd nodded knowing that they have been cheating. “I’m sure that you have also noticed that the referees have done nothing to defend the Fire Ferrets while these lowly thugs harm them with their illegal tactics... if you can direct your attention upwards...” he told them as Twilight projected her memories through an astral projection which surprised the entire crowd. “As you can see, the Wolfbats have used stunts to cheat their way to victory... and paid the referees to remain on their side in this game.” He pointed towards the Wolfbats seeing them panic. “Now I ask you... do you want to see a fair match...? Or would you rather see noble players be destroyed by them?” He asked the crowd as the in wanting a fair fight.

Korra smiled at seeing the astral image being projected for all to see. “I love magic...” She muttered its a smile.

The Wolfbats panicked as they watched the crowd boo at them for being revealed as the frauds they were. Twilight smirked as she made the astral image vanish. Tahno glared at them for their trick, and unleashed a water blast towards Twilight, but a wall of fire blocked the water as the flames formed into a dragon as it turned towards Tahno, growling at him as the crowd panicked, even Mako was stunned from what he was seeing. “Whoa... I didn’t know he could do that.” He told Korra.

“I did, in fact, he taught me.” Korra informed him as Mako’s jaw dropped.

Liu glared at Tahno for his attempt at hurting his fiancé’s pupil, keeping the dragon around to prove his point. “You thought you could get away with it... without facing the consequences. But if this were Mortal Kombat, I would finish you myself... but I won’t. This isn’t my fight.” He told him as the dragon roared at Tahno and vanished. “Instead, I will leave that up to Korra...” he gestured to her as he looked to the crowd. “Play on!” He told them as Twilight teleported with him out of the arena.

“Well folks, we sure had one quite of an unexpected turn of events. But someone literally ratted out the Wolfbats, and Tahno was close to having himself disqualified. Which should happen anyway, because that was one heck of a cheap move.” Shiro told the crowd as the game could finally commence.

“Round Two!” The ring announcer shouted.

Mako and the other Fire Ferrets stood in their fighting stance. “That was a good call on Liu’s part, let’s hope it shook the judges.” He told Korra as the bell rang. Mako firebends, only for it to be blocked by Shaozu. Korra waterbends at Ming, who blocks it with firebending. Bolin sends a disk at Tahno, who blocks it with waterbending. Tahno waterbends twice at Korra, who dodges and blocks them.

“The opening salvo is a brutal call as both sides give it their all.” Shiro observed the match. Korra starts to waterbend, but her right foot gets iced. Tahno kicks her back with waterbending. “But once again, Tahno sneaks in a little ice to get the upper hand.” he told the crowd.

But the ref caught him on it and gestured to him. “Waterbender Wolfbats, illegal ice, back one zone!” He told him as Tahno looked to him in shock.

“What?!” He shouted at the ref.

“Looks like Tahno isn’t being let off the hook this time, what ever that man did, it sure got the referees back on the Fire Ferrets side.” Shiro told the audience with a smile. Bolin sends an earth disc at Shaozu, sending him back. Ming attempts to block a firebending blast with a disk but is sent backward. Mako dodges three firebending blasts that were aimed at his head. “Wowzers! Those look like illegal head shots to me!” he announced as the ref caught him for it.

“Wolfbat Earthbender, illegal headshot, back two zones.” The ref told him as Ming threw his arms up in frustration but headed back two zones.

The girls chuckled at seeing it as Raiden smiled proudly and looked to Liu Kang. “You did well exposing them for what they are, Liu Kang.” He said to him.

“I couldn’t let them have the edge in this game... there was no honor in their fighting skills. If I wanted to, I would have beaten them to death myself.” Liu told him as he folded his arms.

“But you won’t... because this isn’t your fight.” Flash told him with a smirk.

“Yes Flash, exactly my point.” He responded to his pupil as Flash looked to Twilight.

“You okay Twilight...?” He asked her.

“I will be, as long as I get the pleasure of getting back at Tahno for trying to attack me.” She told him as Flash smirked and looked to the arena as the bell rang.

“Round two will be decided with a tie-breaker!” The ring announcer told the crowd as a coin is flipped into the air. The coin is caught by a hand of a referee.

The teams face each other with the referee in the between them looking at the coin. “The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss. Which element do you choose?” He asked them as Korra stepped up determined.

“I'm taking this one. Let's go! You and me, pretty boy!” She pointed to Tahno as he smiled smugly and stepped up to her.

“Thought you'd never ask.” He replied with a grin.

Rarity at that time whistled at Korra. “Come on Korra! Knock the hair off that fashion nightmare!” She told her as Korra nodded to her and looked to Tahno.

The other team members move away from the center as the center elevates itself with Korra and Tahno in the middle, preparing to fight. Korra and Tahno move around for the first strike. “Come on, little girl. Give me your best shot.” he told her trying to provoke and mock her. Korra narrows her eyes and waterbends at Tahno. Tahno dodges it but gets hit under the chin by a stream of water. Korra had sent the first stream of water as a distraction and used her leg to waterbend the final blow. Tahno had attempted to retaliate after Korra's first shot, but Korra's surprise hit to his chin causes his waterbending jet to quickly lose form. Tahno collapses out of the ring and the bell rings.

“YES!” The girls cheered from the lockers from seeing it.

Korra at that moment had a smug look on her face. “Hmph, chump.” she stated as she walked back to the others. Tahno's girls are shocked from the tie breaker along with the Fire Ferret cosplayers. Tahno's helmet lands right into one of the Fire Ferret cosplayer's hands.

“Round two goes to the Fire Ferrets!” The ring announcer told the crowd as everyone cheered.

The Fire Ferrets' color lights up for the second round, Korra jumps down from the center to be praised by the brothers as Mako gave her a high five. “Nice one!” he said to her.

“That's the stuff. You are my herooo-ah!” Bolin told her cheering happily.

“We might actually win this thing!” Mako stated feeling hopeful.

Mileena chuckled from the lockers with her arms folded. “She totally read my mind.” She told the others in regards to her attack towards Tahno.

“Yes, and now the things are looking up. “Flash told her.

“I wouldn’t celebrate just yet...” Celestia told them as she looked towards Tahno. “Because I have a feeling that he isn’t going to let that slide.” She stated.

Tahno was being helped to his feet. He shakes off his team members in rage and fixes his hair. “Let's send them to a watery grave!” he told his team as he got himself a new helmet.

Meanwhile at the bleachers, Lin was literally impressed with what she just saw. “I can't believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl. She's tough as nails.” She told Tenzin as he turned towards her.

“Reminds me of someone else I knew at that age. You two might get along if you would only give her a chance.” He told her only to see her shift her eyes looking away from him.

“One round apiece: who wants it more?“ Asked Shiro as the bell for the third round rang as Tahno unleashes his waterbending. Ming blocks a water blast with a disk before launching another. Shaozu and Tahno both launch their own attacks. Bolin dodges a water blast and launches a disk forward. He is hit by a water blast and sends another disk forward. “The Wolfbats fly out of the gates, swinging with bad intentions.” Shiro announced as he watched as Ming launching a disk. Shaozu jumps over him and sends out a fire blast at the Fire Ferrets. “The challengers are showing a lot of heart but the champs are really starting to find their rhythm now.” he told the crowd.

“They’re going to try and hurt them again, if things go south, we will need to do something.” Sub-Zero told his comrades.

“We hear ya, but since we’re not benders in this game, there ain’t nothing we can do.” Applejack told him.

“Be that as it may, should the champions win, they will still get disqualified for cheating. After seeing Liu Kang’s stunt tonight, the people will want the Fire Ferrets to be the new champs.” Kenshi told her.

“Fair point.” She replied and looked to the match.

Tahno runs and jumps off a pole to dodge an oncoming disk and launches his own water blast. “Can the Ferrets hang in there with the best?” Asked Shiro as he watched Ming flip forward and launch a disk at Korra. “Especially when the best are frankly getting a little less help from the refs?” He wondered as Korra was hit by the disk and she is narrowly missed by another. She launchers her own water blast at Tahno who soon blocks it. “It's all down to this final round!” he told the crowd as Mako sends out multiple quick fire blasts. “Mako is leaving it all in the ring.” he watched as Ming launching a disk forward before bending up another to bring behind his back. “But it looks like Tahno and Ming are up to more shenanigans!” Shiro pointed out as Ming crushed the disc.

“Hold it! Illegal move, stop what you are doing, or you’re disqualified!” The referee caught him on it.

“Fat chance ref, we’re the champs here, we do what we want!” Tahno shouted and bent the earth with his water.

He waterbends the broken disc into three blasts, quickly knocking Bolin and Mako off the arena. The third shot soon hit Korra right in the chin and knock her off the arena with the brothers. “KORRA!!!” the defenders cried out as the Fire Ferrets landed in the pool bellow.

“Oh, this has gone too far! That water had rocks in it!“ Shiro shouted to the crowd as the whistle is blown.

“For use of illegal moves that they were forbidden to use, the Wolfbats are hereby disqualified!” The referee announced to the crowd.

“What?!” Tahno looked to see the crowd booing at him and his team for what they did to the Fire Ferrets.

But he was quick to shoot a glare that made the ref tense up. “Uh, I mean, knockout?” He stated.

Tenzin fumed from hearing it. “Oh, come on! Those were illegal head shots! Open your eyes, ref!” he shouted while waving his hands.

“Well, folks it's a controversial call but the Wolfbats notch a nasty knockout to win the match! Despite that one gentleman’s best efforts to support the Fire Ferrets... the Wolfbats still came out on top.” The Wolfbats celebrated and waving at the spectators even if they did boo at them. “For the fourth year in a row, they'll be crowned tournament champions.”

Just at that moment, Johnny pulled out his megaphone. “Oh come on, that is a load of bison dung! You can’t let those pushovers win!” He told the refs as he got everyone’s attention. “I mean really? You’re going to let a pack of mangy pompous Wolfbats keep the title and get away with it?! Come on, where’s your dignity?! Where’s your honor?!” He asked them.

Just at that moment, Sonya took the megaphone from him and held it up. “He’s right, who do you want as your champions? These cowards who abuse their title? Or do you want the Fire Ferrets to be your champions?! She asked them for their answer to whom should be the rightful champions. The answer, was quite clear... the entire crowd soon began to chant the Fire Ferrets name, it started off low, but began to grow. Sonya smiled at hearing it and tossed the megaphone away. “Thought so.” She muttered.

Seeing the crowd chant for the Fire Ferrets, Tahno was literally losing it, till finally... he snapped. “SHUT UP! All of you! We are the champs, and no outsider is gonna take that from us! I barely broke a sweat! Anybody else wanna scrap with the champs.” He asked if anyone was bold enough to take him on.

His question was soon answered... for within the crowd, a spectator put on an Equalist mask while others did the same while hidden in the crowd. They reached into their popcorn boxes and pulled out strange gloves. Tenzin was still infuriated with what just happened as Lin turns to look at him. He turns his head and realizes that an Equalist is standing behind Lin. His eyes widened seeing him approaching Lin with it. “Look out!” He shouted as the Equalist grabs Lin by the shoulder and electrocutes her, knocking her unconscious. Tenzin airbends at the Equalist but is also electrocuted by a female Equalist behind him, falling down next to Lin.

“Tenzin! Lin!” Stryker shouted but quickly dodged the Equalists electric gloves, to avoid getting stunned. He grabbed them by their wrists while leaving a pair of cuffs on them as the electricity stunned them through the metal of the cuffs, as he punched both of them in the face knocking them out. “This is not good...” He took the opportunity to contact Sonya. “Sonya, Jax, we have a situation!” He told them.

“Yeah, we can see it!” Jax watched electric shocks happening as metalbenders are being taken down.

“They managed to sneak in... but how?!” Twilight asked in shock.

“And where the heck did they get those things?!” Rainbow asked about the gloves they’re wearing.

“Never mind that for now... go, Korra needs your help, go!” Raiden told them as Twilight headed off to get Korra, while the others went to help the metalbenders. The thunder god turned to Celestia and touched her shoulder. “You should get to safety, I do not wish any harm to come to you or our child.” He told her.

“Agreed, just be careful Raiden...” Celestia told him as Luna grabbed her and teleported out of the arena. Suddenly, equalists broke into the lockers to try and subdue them. But Raiden grabbed hold of their gloves feeling the electric currents, but was not affected by them. Instead, they only made him stronger as he blasted them through the wall, knocking them unconscious.

Meanwhile in the pool, Korra and the others surfaced and looked to see equalists attacking the metalbenders around the arena. “What?” She asked feeling stunned.

“Korra!” Twilight flew down with her alicorn wings formed as she landed on dry ground. “The equalists got in!” She told her only to see the equalist lieutenant appear as her eyes widened. “No!” She cried out as the Lieutenant charges his kali sticks as Korra went to waterbend at him, but the Lieutenant jabs his electrified kali sticks into the pool causing her water to drop back into the pool before it could hit him. The Fire Ferrets are electrocuted and they all scream in pain before becoming unconscious. “Korra!” Twilight cried out but glared at the lieutenant for what he did. She teleported and appeared above him. Screaming angrily as she went to strike him, but the lieutenant avoided her attack from above and went to strike him with his kali sticks. Twilight avoided and blocked his attacks as she went to throw a high kick at him.

But he managed to catch it and stun her leg with his kali stick, causing her to scream from it in pain and hit the ground holding her leg. “I didn’t want to do that, believe me... but you chose the wrong side in this fight.” He said to her.

Groaning from his attack, she glared at him for it. “That’s not the way I see it...!” She told him as the lieutenant squinted his eyes and knocked her out with a quick shock of his kali stick, forcing the magic barrier to go down and left her to get Korra and her teammates.

Meanwhile the civilians are panicking while the defenders tried to stop the chi blockers. Shiro watched it from his booth feeling nervous. “Folks, there is some sort of electrical disturbance in the stands. Metalbender cops are dropping like bumbleflies. There appear to be masked members of the audience wielding strange devices on their hands, and the Earthrealm defenders are doing their best to stop them.” He told the audience as an Equalist opens the door and comes into the commentary booth getting his attention. “One of them is in the booth with me right now, folks!” He told them as the Equalist held up his glove as electricity is conducting from it. “He is leveling one of those glove devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants.” He told them even though it was highly unnecessary, but was knocked out by the Equalist.

Kano walked into the booth and patted the Equalists shoulder. “Well done mate... get him outta here, and leave everything to me.” He told him as the Equalist dragged Shiro out of the booth so Kano could get to work. Meanwhile Sub-Zero was surrounded by the Equalists who had electric gloves set to stun. They went to take him down, but the grandmaster avoided their attacks and formed an ice clone as one struck it with his fist, fracturing his knuckles as he yelped in pain from it. Rainbow a dash and Rarity showed up as Rainbow caught one of the Equalists gloves and used it against him as Rarity used her ice abilities to freeze an Equalist but left her head exposed so she could breathe as Sub -Zero struck the remaining Equalist.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao blocked the attacks of two equalists and found themselves back to back with each other. They glanced to each other getting an idea as Kung Lao teleported behind the Equalist he was facing and pushed her as Liu Kang grabbed her arm and threw her, slamming her against the Equalist he always facing and the two electrocuted each other by accident. Flash and Soarin at that moment blocked the attacks of one Equalist that took them on without hesitation, trying to stun them with her electric glove to subdue them. But Flash knocked away her hand several times to keep her from electrocuting him, Soarin leaped over as his wings formed through magic and flapped them at her, forcing her to slide back as Flash sent a fire blast towards her as it slammed against her chest, knocking her down and out. The two Pegasus turned humans fist bumped each other and went to help the others. Jax meanwhile avoided getting touched by the gloves due to his bionics being metal. Because we all know metal and electricity mixed with skin don’t mix, Sonya and Johnny leaped over him and kicked the Equalist in the face, down into the pool. “Thanks for the assist.” He said to them.

“Don’t thank us yet, we need to help the cops.” Johnny told him as he ran to help the metalbenders but saw an Equalist with a pair of nunchucks, twirling around over and around his arm in a threatening manner. “Aah, a fellow at nunchucks eh?” He stood in a stance as the Equalist went to strike him with them, but Johnny kicked them out of his hand and caught them as he twirled them to show his skill with them as he whirled them around and over his arms. He tossed them back to him seeing him catch them as the Equalist looked to him confused. “Top that pal.” He told him as the Equalist glared and twirled the nunchucks around in a cooler way to best Johnny at his own game.

He tossed them back to Johnny seeing him catch them. “Now you top that new guy.” He told the actor only to see him whirl the nunchucks around his arm and spin across his wrists and quickly tossed them to him. The Equalist caught them and looked seeing him twitch his eyebrows, surprising him to no end. But he wasn’t gonna give up as he twirled the nunchucks with more effort to prove he was better than he ways. Johnny meanwhile had a slightly impressed look on his face as he let out a chuckle as the Equalist finished and tossed them to him.

As Johnny caught them, he spun the nunchucks on the tip of his finger catching him literally off guard as the Equalists jaw drops and his mask fell off, causing Johnny to smirk. “Keep practicing.” He told the Equalist as he struck him in the head with the nunchucks.

Sonya rushed up and see’s it and looks to him. “Not bad, but did you have to show off like that…?” She asked him.

“Hey, he challenged me, not my fault he had a pair of nunchucks on him.” He told her and ran off to help the others with her help. Meanwhile, three Equalists surrounded Kratos as he was unarmed, but he didn’t need weapons to fight against them as one of the Equalists charged at him and threw a punch. The war god avoided it and grabbed his arm and threw him over and slammed Iphigenia on the bleachers. Another Equalist went to hit him from behind, only to see Kratos kick him in the gut and knock the wind out of him a pen uppercut him in the chin as he threw in straight into the pool. A female Equalist went to hit him in the face and managed to hit him hard.

But Kratos barely felt it and looked to her angrily, she went to punch him again, only to see him catch her fist and raise his own towards her. “You wouldn’t hit a woman…” She told him.

The War God raised a brow and looked to his fist and opened a full hand and looked to her. “Yes… but you’re no woman.” He balled up his fist and knocked her out and rushed to help Raiden.

Meanwhile Tahno and the Wolfbats as they look around in confusion and fear, while behind them, Amon and a group of Equalists as they rise from the ring's center platform. Tahno looked around in fear as Amon looked to him while the lieutenant bellow dragged the unconscious Avatar and her friends out the water. Lin and and Tenzin meanwhile we’re still unconscious as the equalists went to subdue them. But a burst of hellfire appeared out of thin air, and Scorpion appeared and struck them away as Fluttershy grabbed hold of one from behind, throwing him over as she slammed him on the ground. “Good form Fluttershy.” He complimented her as she smiled with a blush, but a large Equalist walked up behind her about to strike. Scorpion immediately threw his spear as it wrapped around the equalists neck, causing his eyes to widen as Scorpion pulled him down and slammed his face hard on the ground, knocking him out.

Back on the arena platform, Tahno turned towards the referee in anger. “What's going on here, ref?” he demanded to know.

“I don’t know!” The referee admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

Tahno and the Wolfbats moving away as Amon and the Equalists approach them. But Tahno grinned as he built up his confidence. “All right, you want a piece of the Wolfbats? Here it comes!” He told him as he launches a water blast at Amon evades it and darts forward. The Wolfbats all begin to bend at the Equalists. Amon dodges Tahno's attack and turns his attention to Shaozu. Shaozu attempts to hit him with firebending, but Amon dodges and moves behind him, grabs his arm and swings him around once and moves forward with him as he screams. Tahno attempts to save him with waterbending, but his hands become restrained with a bola, he turned to see it was tossed by Starlight Glimmer who charged at him and landed a high kick to his face. Ming's hands also become tied up with a bola and he steps backward before his legs are bound with a second bola. The two Equalists now holding Tahno in front of Amon with Ming and Shaozu on the ground. Tahno was in literal panic mode. “Wait, please don't do this! I'll give you the championship pot, please don't take my bending!“ He pleaded as he watched Amon raise his hand up and reach to his forehead. Placing his thumb over his forehead as Tahno’s eyes widen feeling his bending get taken away.

After taking the bending of his team, the Wolfbats were tossed over the side as they fell towards the pool. Just at that moment, a massive banner with the Equalist symbol being unrolled. The defenders watched as the entire arena was showing more banners are unrolled. “This guy sure likes to make thing equal.” Pinkie commented.

Meanwhile down bellow, the Lieutenant dragged Korra out of the water to be tied up along with her friends. She soon started to regain consciousness, but begins having more visions about Aang. First, Aang and Toph stand in front of a row of metalbenders while Toph points toward someone and says something. She soon see’s Yakone at a trial meeting with Aang seen standing behind him. Yakone stood up. Aang was soon seen in the Avatar State, with Yakone cowering in front of Aang as his tattoos stop glowing. Back into the present as the Lieutenant ties the Fire Ferrets and the Equestrian Princess to one of the arena supports. Twilight groaned as she started to wake up and felt the visions along with Korra, while Amon was holding a microphone to make his statement clear as both Rain and Artemis arrived on the arena stage. “I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City.” he told them as he looked around the arena. “So once again, the Wolfbats are your pro-bending champions. But thanks to Liu Kang’s efforts in exposing them, it seems fitting that you celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory because every day, you threaten and abuse your fellow nonbending citizens just like the Wolfbats did to their opponents tonight.“ he pointed out to them.

“Ya know, he does have a point about that.” Applejack told her friends.

“Not helping Applejack...” Rainbow Dash said to her.

“Those men were supposedly the best in the bending world and yet it only took a few moments for me to cleanse them of their impurity. Let this be a warning to all of you benders out there: if any of you stand in my way, even the Earthrealm Defenders... who stand against Lord Shinnok, you will meet the same fate. Now, to my followers: for years the Equalists have been forced to hide in the shadows, but now we have the numbers and the strength to create a new Republic City.” He told them as the Fire Ferrets began to regain consciousness bellow and look to the arena. “I'm happy to tell you that the time for change has finally come. Very soon, the current tyrannical bending regime will be replaced by a fair-minded Equalist government. You and your children will no longer have to walk the streets afraid! It's time to take back our city.” He announced.

“How are we gonna get out of here?” Mako asked.

They tried to think, but Bolin smiled seeing Pabu and Spike swimming towards them. He climbed out of the water and rushed towards the “Pabu! Spike! Thank goodness.” He told them.

“We came as quick as we could, you alright?” He asked them.

“Other than being tied up and electrocuted the the lieutenant? Just peachy.” Twilight said to him sarcastically.

“No need for the sarcasm Twilight.” Spike said to her.

“Okay, Pabu, listen up buddy.” Bolin starts chattering his teeth at Pabu while Korra, Mako, Spike and Twilight looked on in consternation.

“Bo... what are you doing?” Spike asked him feeling concerned.

“Stop fooling around!” Mako told him.

“I'm not! I'm trying to save us!” He responded as Pabu begins to chew on the ropes. “See? Pabu's not just a one trick poodle pony.” He told them as Korra and Mako smile at him.

“Well can you tell him to chew faster, because we’re in bit of a rush, and my magic is still trying to recover!” Twilight told him feeling frustrated of the fact the lieutenant bested her.

“For centuries, benders have possessed an unnatural advantage over ordinary people.” Amon continued his speech as two Equalists hold out their electrical gloves near the spectators threateningly. “But thankfully, modern technology has provided us with a way to even out the playing field. With the aid of Kano and his Black Dragon Clan.” He told them as an Equalist showed the electrical glove he holds out. “Now anyone can hold the power of a chi blocker in their hand. My followers and I will not rest until the entire city achieves equality, and once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the rest of the world. The revolution has begun!” He declared as he raised his fist in the air.

The defenders glared but looked up to see an Equalist Airship flying over the arena while an area of glass smashes and ropes with platforms on the end are lowered down through the hole. Meanwhile outside the arena, the entire police airship fleet was taken down. Amon and the Equalists climb onto these platforms and are lifted out of the arena. “Alright, that’s our cue lads... time to blow this dump.” Kano pulled out a switch as Amon left the arena.

Meanwhile, Lin was beginning to regain consciousness as other Equalists leave. Tenzin also began to stir from his unconscious state as Lin rises to her feet and moves toward Tenzin as he sits up. “Tenzin!” She squared to him to check up on him with Stryker.

“He’s a little shaken up, but he’ll be fine.” Stryker told her and looked to where Amon was along with her.

Lin watches Amon and his group left, while Kano pressed a switch that caused the explosives in the arena to detonate in front of Stryker, Lin and Tenzin. Lin recoils and lifts her arm to cover her face from the blast. The entire explosion shakes the arena and the crowd begins to scream in fear. Pabu and Bolin as both watch debris fall nearby, causing the dragon and the Fire ferret to panic. “It's okay, Pabu. Just a little explosion.” He told him as he chatters his teeth. “Keep chewing, you're almost through it!” he told him. Groaning in annoyance, Spike inhaled and breathed fire at the ropes, burning them off. “Yes! Great job, buddy!” He praised Pabu mostly.

“Yeah, thanks Spike, you’re a big help. You’re welcome for making it faster.” Spike said sarcastically.

Korra runs off the platform, freezing the water in the pool. She looked up to see Amon and his followers getting away. “I'm going after Amon!” He told her friends.

“Not alone you’re not!” Twilight rushed to her as Mako turned to them.

“Be careful!” He told them as the two nodded to him and they jump into the water. Korra begins waterbending herself up in a massive water cyclone along with Twilight. She and Korra try to make their way toward the hole in the roof, both determined until Korra realizes they are not going to make it. The higher they got, the water begins to lessen until eventually there is not enough for her to reach the ceiling. Korra begins to fall, with an outstretched hand toward the ceiling, as she begins to scream. But Twilight grabbed her hand as her wings formed through magic and fly’s with her toward the ceiling.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?!” She asked the Princess angrily.

“You didn’t ask and were too occupied with waterbending, but I don’t think I can make it!” Twilight struggled to fly to the opening with her. The Equalists making their escape as a cable being shot through the air, Korra and Twilight are caught by cable as it wraps itself around their waist. They look up and see Lin as she circles them, being held up by another cable. The two warriors prepare themselves as Lin shoots Them up and out of the arena. Korra and a Twilight fly past Lin and soar towards the ceiling. They fly through the hole toward the Equalists as Korra firebends at the Lieutenant and an Equalist off the rising platform. Cut to view underneath the airship as the Lieutenant falls and Korra firebends at the Equalist again to knock him off before grabbing the rope. Twilight summoned her war fans and waved them as a strong gust of wind struck one of the Equalists away and turns towards the lieutenant with a glare. “Hope you’re up for round two, because you just succeeded in making me angry.” She warned him as the lieutenant glared and whirled his kali sticks. Meanwhile Korra looks down to them briefly before turning toward the airship. Amon was rising onto the platform as he looks at her. Cut to Korra was still afraid of him, but she overcomes her fear and hesitation punches out a fireball at the airship as the fire blast knocks the Equalists back except for Amon, who simply looks on and walks away. He watches as another fire blast goes past him before turning away.

Korra was determined but she looks below… Lin's entire police force in flames. She knew this was a major bad sign. Lin soon metalbends up onto the rooftop and shoots her cables toward the airship. Korra soon saw an Equalist approaching her only to be grabbed by the cable. Lin slams him down onto the glass, while two Equalists slide down Korra's rope. Korra saw the Equalists and gets knocked off the platform. Twilight blocked the lieutenants attacks as she avoided shocking strikes to her head and soon notices Korra falling towards the roof. “Twi, a little help here!” She shouted as Twilight used her magic to quickly catch Korra before she slams down on it. Meanwhile Lin tries to metalbend onto the nearest rope as the Lieutenant approaches her and strikes down down with his kali sticks. Lin gasps in pain from it as she falls forward to the ground, but Twilight managed to catch her in time with her magic. Three Equalists rush toward her. Korra firebends at one to aid Lin, knocking him down. The downed Equalist rolls over and attempts to stand up but is stood on by Korra, she and looks at the remaining two Equalists as she firebends at both before preparing another attack. The Lieutenant as he moves to deal a knockout blow to Lin until he gets hit by a magic blast from behind. The Lieutenant as falls to the ground before quickly recovering to a kneeling stance. Twilight moves to strike at him but he quickly, he rolls out of the way and runs off as Twilight chases after him. He stops to turn and fight her, attempting to strike with his kali sticks which Twilight dodges and teleports through magic and appears behind him as she kicked him from behind while Korra leaps up and firebends from her feet, which he avoids. As they continue to fight as the two Equalists move to aid the Lieutenant.

Lin shoots her cables toward the Equalists as the cables wrap around them and are spun out of their way. Lin twirls around, breakdance-style, in order to generate enough velocity to push herself onto her feet. While spinning around, she bends the metal slabs under the two Equalists and catapults them away in opposite directions. As she pushes herself up, she retracts her metal cables and looked towards Twilight. “Eyes open Princess, can’t protect you forever!” She told her as Lin turns to look at Amon's airship. Lin looks up and fires a cable towards the rope and platform as the cable wraps around a rope. Lin is lifted into the air as Lin flies toward the airship. With a flash of lightning, Twilight protected herself from the Lieutenant's attacks, by having her arms crossed in front of her; she jumps backward out of his range. The Lieutenant surges forward. Twilight ducks under his wide swing. She retaliates by grabbing hold of his left wrist and kneeing him in the stomach with her left leg. The Lieutenant is swung around in a half-circle motion, and is slammed roughly on the glass ground behind her. As he lands on the glass with a grunt of pain, Twilight instantly retracts her left leg and prepares for a flaming half-moon kick. Korra rushed over as she unleashed her kick reaches its zenith; the Lieutenant's left hand kali stick bounces away after he released it due to his fall. He manages to turn around to block Korra's attack by knocking her foot away with his other kali stick. The Lieutenant jumps up, during which he switches his remaining kali stick to his left hand, and attempts to kick her head, but she ducks. Korra attempts to hit him with two firebending punches, but he dodges them both. Korra narrowly misses with a firebending kick, and the Lieutenant prepares to strike back with his kali stick.

The Lieutenant brings down his attack. Korra as she narrowly dodges the weapon, Twilight countered with an elbow to the face. The Lieutenant is knocked backward, falls down and rolls over, before standing back up, albeit with the usage of his kali stick as support. Korra and Twilight run toward him with a determined look on their faces. They twist around in axis to build up momentum and launches two more firebending and magic arcs at the Lieutenant, forcing the Lieutenant to get flung off the roof and tumbles down it toward the water. Korra and Twilight heavily land on the glass, which cracks underneath their feet. Their alarmed faces are visible as cracking sounds are heard. The moment the ceiling breaks, Twilight looked to Korra feeling panicked. “Maybe fighting on a rooftop made of glass wasn’t such a good IDEA!” She told her as she screamed fell through with Korra. As they plunge down screaming, Lin looking down from above, she releases her cables and shoots them at the frames of the ceiling, helping her to gain more speed to reach Korra and Twilight. As they continued to fall, Lin follows closely behind sending a cable in to a nearby Equalist flag, impaling it. Lin as she fires two more towards Korra And Twilight, they see it reaching out to them and they quickly caught them. Lin, Twilight and Korra approach the stands and all land safely.

Flash rushed over to Twilight and held her. “You had me worried there… you alright?” He asked her.

“I’m fine, really… please don’t baby me like my brother does.” Twilight told him and smiled knowing how much he cared, but looked to the destroyed arena. “But this…? This is terrible.” She stated.

“Yes… this was completely unexpected.” Rarity told her as she approached with the other defenders.

“They planned this from the start…” Rainbow Dash told them as she folded her arms.

“And we didn’t even see it coming.” Applejack commented as she looked away.

Meanwhile Lin looked to Korra and helped her up.. “You all right?” She asked her.

“I'm fine, thanks to you.” Korra told her.

“Don't mention it, kid.” Lin told her and looked to the fleeing airship as it left. “Looks like we lost this one.” she pointed out.

“Yes, but how we lost is a mystery… there’s no way those Equalists got these devices in easily.” Sub-Zero showed the electric glove that was still frozen.

Lin gave a nervous reaction and looked towards him. “You didn’t break someone’s arm off to get it, did you?” She asked him with genuine concern. But the Grandmaster gave her a look showing there was no hand inside, but just a few pieces of torn skin and some blood on the inside. “Oh thank goodness…” She sighed relived.

Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin rushed over to Korra, which Mako was quite relieved to see she was okay. “I'm so glad you're okay!” He told her as he hugged her, causing the Avatar to blush but smile as she put her arms around him. Twilight and her friends watched it happen, and began to smirk deviously until Bolin decided to join in and hug them.

“Me too!” Bolin told them as he squeezed them.

The Fire Ferrets smiled at each other as chuckle came from Kung Lao as he approached the young teen and patted his shoulder. “Hey, easy there Bolin, I know you’re happy that Korra is okay…” he told him as his smile faded away. “But I’m afraid this isn’t the time to be celebrating.” He said to him as he looked to the arena seeing the damage that was done to it.

Looking to it as he approached Lin and Tenzin, Stryker had a look of frustration on his face seeing the damage that was cause to the arena. “I still can’t believe this happened, there’s got to be a logical explaining for all this.” He told them.

“Stryker’s right, there’s no chance the Equalists got those devices into the arena so easily. They must’ve had help from an outside source.” Scorpion told them.

“Obviously Kano and the Black Dragon…” Pinkie commented but looked to the glove. “Although the glove is pretty low tech for being so advanced, it’s highly unlikely this is Black Dragon tech.” She told them.

“Then we have a new mystery villain… who ever he or she is…” Liu Kang paused and looked towards the arena. “They just started a war.” He told them.

“Yes…” Lin agreed but looked down ashamed. “I can't believe Amon did this. I played right into his hand.”

“He played us all.” Tenzin agreed with her and looked out. “Republic City is at war.” He told them, knowing that the city will be ground zero for it.

Liu Kang looked to Raiden and Celestia as they approached with Luna and Kenshi. “Lord Raiden, what do we do?” He asked him.

“I do not know Liu Kang, but I know for certain that we cannot handle this alone.” He told him as he looked to the sky, feeling fear for this realm. With Amon leading the charge, how will our heroes stop him? This was a question that will have everyone scratching their heads.

The Aftermath

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“Although the Hundred Year War has long passed, we are not living in a time of peace. These revolutionaries who call themselves "Equalists" are not interested in equality at all. They just want to wage war against benders. Chief Beifong was supposed to protect Republic City, but she was powerless to stop Amon's attack on the arena. She has failed us all. If we are to survive these dire times, our law enforcement needs new leadership.”

Air Temple Island

Upon hearing Tarrlok’s announcement over the radio, Korra immediately shut of the radio fuming with anger from the announcement Tarrlok made. “I can’t believe this guy, he is putting all the blame on Lin, but it wasn’t her fault!” She shouted as she growled and unleashed a fire blast at the radio, destroying it. “That no good, sneaky little weasel snake!”

“Okay Korra, we get it, you’re a little ticked off with what Tarrlok said and all he’s done to trick you… and-“ Before Twilight could continue, she saw a furious face on Korra as she turned towards her, rethinking her statement as she cleared her throat. “Scratch that, you’re very furious with all he’s done, but that’s no reason to take it out on the radio.” She told her.

Sighing a bit, Korra sat down feeling more depressed than angry for what happened. “This is just one nightmare after another.” She told her and the others.

“Ya think? We’re all shocked from what happened during the match… even when Amon attacked.” Applejack told her as she looked to the arena. “He’s more cunning than a rattlesnake…” She phrased of how she saw Amon.

Chi approached after being back from the arena. “You think that’s bad, you should have seen the bill for the damages to the arena. Not to worry though, it’s not being directed towards you Korra.” She assured her of the fact.

“Thanks Chi, it helps a lot…” Korra told her as she slumped down on the floor. But she soon thought of something and looked to her. “By the way, how are Mako and Bolin?” She asked her.

“They’re in the middle of packing and getting ready to move out of the arena… has Tenzin decided to take them in?” Chi asked her.

“Yeah, he’s getting some rooms ready for them, and for the air acolytes to gather there things.” Korra told her.

“Well we better head on over to check up on them, to see how they’re doing.” Rainbow Dash suggested as she made a lightning blade disappear.

“I would be happy for them to come here and live with us… it might give Korra a chance to be closer to him.” Fluttershy smirked as she teased Korra a bit.

Ho at the moment was immediately blushing from the idea as she turned to her. “In case you forgot Fluttershy, he’s currently with Asami, things are confusing enough as is, and I don’t need to be rushed into a relationship right now.” She told her.

“Oh come now darling, there is plenty of time for you to seek out a relationship with someone. I mean you have more than that Asami will.” Rarity told her.

“Yeah, like what…?” Korra asked not feeling quite as confident as her.

“She got beauty, but so do you, but you don’t need make up to show it. She may have long raven black hair, but yours is more elegant than hears, if you wore it down more.” Rarity pointed out earning a look from Korra as she cleared her throat. “Plus, you are more bold and athletic, you care more for your friends than some silly company like Future Industries, and to finish my point, you’re the Avatar! That is something that intrigues Mako the most.” She told her.

“I wish I could believe that Rarity, but right now, I just want to focus on helping my friends.” Korra told her and looked to Twilight. “One teleportation spell please.” She asked her as Twilight smiled and summoned her magic, up using her teleportation spell to teleport them to the arena.

Pro-Bending Arena

At the Pro-bending Arena, theglass dome is still broken in places and construction scaffolding is in place around it. Some cars are parked near the entrance, which is blocked off by a police barricade. Korra appeared on the bridge to the arena and looked to it, they walked towards it and duck under the yellow tape heading inside. In their apartment, Mako puts a red shirt into a box. “I still can't believe they're shutting this place down.” he told his brother.

“Yeah. We had some good memories here, didn't we?” Bolin asked him as he packed.

Liu was helping with packing their stuff and looked to them. “I know things are rough at the moment, but it will get better.” He told them.

“Well, thanks for the help anyway Liu, we really appreciate it.” Mako told him.

At that moment, Korra rushed in excitedly with the others. “Guys! Great news. You don't have to go back on the streets. I talked to Tenzin and made all the arrangements. You can come live on Air Temple Island with me!” she told them feeling happy.

“Isn’t that great? You will be much closer to us, and we’ll see each other all the spring!” Pinkie squealed with a big grin.

“Oh, we'd love to, but...” Mako hesitated to even mention it… but his brother didn’t.

“Asami already invited us to live in her dad's giant mansion!” He told them happily, but Korra and the girls had a look of disappointment on their faces, quickly earning Liu Kang’s attention as he knew they just broke. “From here on out, it's gonna be the lap of luxury for us.” Bolin told them.

“Great… it can’t get any worse…” Twilight muttered quietly, but Asami popped out from behind them.

“Oh hey, Korra, girls.” She greeted them.

Twilight tensed up as she slumped in deep depression. “And it just did…” she told herself.

“Speak of the devil, and she shall appear…” Rarity muttered.

“I was hoping you would stop by.” Asami told them as she climbed down the ladder after letting go of Pabu.

“We were just leaving.” Korra told her and turned toward Mako and Bolin, waving. “So, I guess I'll see you guys around, some time.” She told them.

“Why not tomorrow? I'd love to have you come visit the estate.” Asami offered her invitation to her and the girls. “The other Earth Defenders are welcome to join you if you like.” She asked.

“Yeah, sorry Asami, but Korra is really busy.” Rainbow Dash told her.

“Yes, very busy in fact.” Applejack interjected.

“Guys, I can speak for myself…” Korra told them and looked to Asami. “I don't know. I have some ... Avatar stuff to do.” She told her.

Meanwhile Bolin was holding up Pabu and talks as him with a high-pitched voice and an accent. “Come on, Korra, we all deserve a little rest and relaxation after all this craziness. We could swim in Asami's pool.” He told her as he made Pabu do a swimming stroke with his paws. “It'll be fun!” He said happily.

Fluttershy at that moment giggled at seeing how adorable it was. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” She stated as she looked towards Korra. “What do you say Korra?” She asked her.

Letting out a bit of laughter, Korra knew Bolin wouldn’t quit. “All right, Pabu.” she told him.

Asami walked next to Mako and looked to them. “Great, we'll see you tomorrow.” She told her.

“Yeah, looking forward to it.” Twilight told her in a… somewhat cheery voice but with a forced smile. They started heading back down the stairs while Asami, Mako, and Bolin, who is still using Pabu as a puppet, wave goodbye. As they headed outside, Twilight’s forced smile vanished as she scowled at the idea. “Can you believe her?! UGH!!! What does Mako see in that girl?! Korra, you’re not seriously considering on going to her place are you?” She asked her.

“I have to Twilight, I know not all of us like her, but she’s helping out Mako and Bolin. In her own way.” She told her as she looked to see Raiden appear with Smoke. “Lord Raiden, I see you’ve returned with some help.” She pointed towards Smoke.

“Yes, this is Sub-Zero’s closest friend and ally, Smoke… of the Lin Kuei.” He introduced him seeing him approach her.

He bowed to her in respect for who she is. “It is an honor to meet you Avatar Korra. I have heard much about you.” He told her.

“As I have known much about you Smoke…” She bowed in return and looked to him. “But why do you call yourself Smoke…? If you could pardon my curiosity.” She said to him.

“This is why…” Smoke summoned his power of smoke and his body began to vaporize into such as he disappeared without a trace. Korra looked around surprised trying to find the Lin Kuei assassin. He soon rematerialized behind her, patting her shoulder as she helped in surprise as she turned around and saw him standing behind her. “As blood runs in my veins, smoke has become my life…” He told her.

“Wow, I never want to mess with a Lin Kuei for as long as I live.” Korra stated to herself knowing she’d be dead in the next few seconds against Smoke.

“I am still working on bringing allies from Earthrealm, some are tied down at the moment with work. Smoke meanwhile volunteered to accompany me back to this realm, to be the eyes and ears for Kuai Liang.” Raiden told them as Rainbow Dash walked up to him.

“Hey Smokey, how’s Trixie’s training going?” She asked him.

“She is progressing, I’ve never met someone as skilled as she is… I can honestly consider this a blessing in my life.” Smoke told her with a smile behind his mask.

“Yeah well, just hope that blessing doesn’t become a curse, because she does have a few bad reps when she visited Ponyville once or twice.” Rainbow Dash advised him.

He chuckled a bit and folded his arms. “I’ve taken my chances plenty of times.” He told her.

“Now, I will head to the Air Temple, Celestia is probably waiting for me. Also Korra, be sure to meet with Lin Beifong and Tenzin at the police station, they will require your help in interrogation.” Raiden told her as Korra nodded and he looked to the others. “You all join her, this will require all your skills.” He told them.

“We’re on it Lord Raiden.” Twilight said to him as the thunder god vanished through lightning, leaving Smoke with them.

Cabbage Corp

Meanwhile at a company called Cabbage Corp, a police truck driving by disrupts a flock of lizard crows and rides through the factory entrance. Metalbender cops break through the windows and rip open crates to find Equalist propaganda and electrical gloves. Lin and Stryker looked through the merchandise seeing a lot of things wrong with the image. “Looks like our intel was good.” Said Lin.

“Yeah, there's enough evidence here to bury Cabbage Corp for an eternity.” Stryker told her as he picked up one of the gloves. “But it doesn’t make sense… why would a company that runs cabbages supply Equalists…? It doesn’t make a lick of sense.” He stated.

“Look, it doesn’t matter why, all that matters is the evidence that points to the company.” Saikhan told him as he walked passed him. “You may be a good cop Stryker, but you’re not part of our justice system.” He told him as he headed out.

Stryker wanted so badly to punch the guys lights out, but Lin grabbed his arm. “Don’t try it, the last thing I need is a good cop getting locked up for assaulting his superior officer.” She told him.

“How can you even stand that guy?” Stryker asked her.

“Saikhan is a good cop, strictly by the book, but he can be a bit headstrong at times.” Lin informed him and looked to the gloves. “But you may be right though, something about this doesn’t add up.” She admitted to him.

“So, we still gonna close this place down?” Stryker asked her as Lin thought it through, she knew that this may have been a set up, but she needed solid evidence of it. But as of this very moment, Lin had none to tie those who stored the Equalist equipment in the Cabbage Corp.

Once outside the Cabbage Corp building with a statue of the cabbage merchant in front, reporters shout questions to Lin, while a belligerent Lau Gan-Lan is being escorted out by Saikhan and taken into custody. “This is an outrage! I'm innocent!” He told Saikhan as he tired to resist.

“Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say…” Saikhan told him as he pushed him.

The reporters surrounded Lin and Stryker. “Is it true that Cabbage Corp is conspiring with the Equalists?” asked one of the reporters.

“The evidence points in that direction, but the investigation is ongoing. For the time being, we have frozen Mr. Gan-Lan's assets and are closing Cabbage Corp.” Lin informed the press of what will be happening with the corporation.

Lau Gan-Lan of course, did not like the idea of it and tears brimmed in his eyes. “No! Not my Cabbage Corp!” he yelled as he was dragged away by two officers, and put in the police vehicle. Stryker meanwhile looked around the area trying to figure out what it was they weren’t seeing. He looked at the corporation curiously and headed back to storage to figure it out, gaining Lin’s attention as she followed after him.

He walked into the storage area where they found the Equalist contraband and carefully looked around the area, trying to find some clue as to what really happened. Lin walked up to him and looked as well. “If you are really a good cop, then you should have signed onto be a detective.” She told him.

“I know, but something about this just doesn’t seem right… why would a man like Lau Gan-Lan want to work along side the Equalists?” He asked her.

“His grandfather had a few cabbage stands taken down but several benders during the war, even by Avatar Aang when he was visiting Omashu.” Lin stated to him.

“Well, that… but it can’t be a personal grudge, no this couldn’t have anything to do with the Avatar, or benders. I may be a good cop, but even I have my gut feeling.” Stryker told her as he kneeled down to the ground seeing several scuff marks on it. “And my guts telling me this was a set up…” He told her.

“You sure?” She asked him as she looked at the marks.

“There’s no doubt in my mind… but who would want to set up an innocent man like Lau Gan-Lan…?” He asked in thought, unaware a shadowy figure was watching them from the shadows. It’s eyes squinted as it stepped back, but as it made a step on metal, Lin could hear the creaking and turned sharp throwing a cable towards them. The dark figure avoided the cable and leaped down to the ground, showing himself to be a man in a black suit, with gold trim, and a mask that looked like a black panther. Stryker’s eyes widened as he whipped out his pistol and shot at the individual, but the bullets bounced off his suit as gold energy surrender him and her charged towards him. The two cops panicked as the bell enemy got closer, claws extended as he went to strike them. Lin quickly blocked it only to see her armor get damaged as the claws managed to reach her arms, and she yelped from it as her arm was bleeding. “Lin!” Stryker shouted as he charged towards the attacker, the individual leaped and threw a high moon kick towards the cop.

Stryker blocked it as he pulled out a baton and swung it against the attacks face hitting him. He stumbled a bit and shook his head as he looked to the cop. “Good move… but you’ll need more than a stick to stop me.” He told the cop as Stryker charged at him in anger. As he struck at him with the baton again, the golden energy surrounding the attacker unleashed a burst of power against the cop, knocking him down in the ground. Stryker groaned from it as he rolled onto his back as the attacker walked up to him. “You should count yourself lucky that I choose to spare your life officer… but next time you won’t be so lucky.” He told him as a shot was fired and hit him in the head, but was still alive and saw Lin with Stryker’s gun. “She’s got some spunk… but I’ll deal with you guys later.” He leaped away avoiding the gun shots as he ran off.

Seeing him gone, Lin got up and helped Stryker get on his feet with her earthbending. “You okay…?” She asked him.

Still feeling like he got hit by a Sato Mobile, Stryker groaned a bit more to get his head on straight. “I think I’ll be all right… just a little winded.” He said to her as he took his pistol from her. “Where did you learn to aim like that…?” He asked her.

“I was watching you.” Lin admitted to watching him on the training grounds of the Republic City Police Department as she looked out. “Just who was that man…? Another follower of Shinnok…?” She asked him.

“No, I never saw him before, and the Special Forces archives have nothing about a guy in a black cat suit.” He said as he looked towards her. “I’ll check in with Raiden and the others… you get back to the station and get patched up.” He told her.

“I’m fine.” Lin said defiantly.

But Stryker wasn’t going to let her stubbornness get in the way. “That wasn’t a question officer… as your superior, I’m giving you an order.” He told her with a stern look. He was of course at a higher authority, no matter what realm he was in. Lin sighed in defeat knowing this to be true, and headed off to get back to the station to get her arm looked at. Just few of many scars she got… but it didn’t bother her one bit. Or did it?

Republic City Police Department

At the station, Korra and the girls along with a few defenders were waiting at the station for anything from the witnesses that are currently being interrogated. Korra of course was anxious to find out, and Twilight used her magic to hold her in place to stop pacing. “Korra, I know you’re anxious… but you need to get a grip.” She told her.

“She’s right Korra, you will only make yourself more stressed if you continue to do that.” Kratos advised her.

“Sorry guys, I just can’t help it, it’s just so frustrating!” She shouted.

Till suddenly. “Hey Korra…” Said a familiar but sad and tired voice.

Korra and the others looked to see that it was Tahno, sitting on a bench after what had happened back on the arena. “Tahno?” She looked at him surprised. Tahno is seen with his hair a mess and bags under his eyes, still saddened over losing his bending to Amon.

“Jeez man, you look like you’ve been through the Netherrealm and came back.” Rainbow Dash said to him.

“At least you’ve learned your lesson…” Rarity told him only to get an elbow jab from Applejack. “Ow! What?!”

Korra walked over and sat down on the bench beside Tahno. “Listen, I know we're not exactly best friends, but I'm sorry Amon took your bending.” she told him.

“In fact we all are… sure you were a stuck up jerk when we met, but you didn’t deserve that.” Johnny said to him.

“I've been to the best healers in the city. Whatever Amon did to me, it's permanent.” Tahno informed them of what he had been through. Korra looked at him and felt sorry for him… but an idea soon popped into her head and she looked to Pinkie and walked over to her and whispered into her ear. Pinkie listened and relayed the message to Twilight, who nodded at the idea and used her magic to make two duplicates of her in front of Tahno who looked to them surprised. The two Pinkies and the one in the middle stood as the two clones had two jump ropes and they began whirling them over the original as she started shuffle dancing over them. She even leaped and landed on her hands, pushing up as she landed on her feet repeatedly and went back to shuffling. Tahno was quickly amazed as he let out some laughter and looked to her. “That’s amazing, I had no idea she could do that…” He told Korra.

“Well the magical duplicates are Twilight’s, Pinkie of course is just being Pinkie… she used to be the best party planner in her realm before she joined the Special Forces. But she is always good for a laugh… just don’t let her hair go flat.” She warned him knowing she would put want to see that herself. “I know we haven’t known each other that much Tahno, but if you weren’t such a jerk then, maybe we would have hung out… as friends.” She told him

Tahno chuckled a bit more and smiled at the thought of it and looked to her. “I appreciate it Korra, thanks… but what would also make me feel better. Is that you gotta get him for me.“ he told her as referred to Amon.

Korra nodded to him knowing it may help him find some peace. Soon at that moment, Lin and Tenzin approached them, causing Korra’s eyes to widen from seeing Lin’s bandaged arm. “Oh my gods, Lin, are you okay?!” She asked her concerned.

“I’m fine kid, it’s just a scratch…” Lin told her. “But apparently we got a new player in town… some guy were a black cat costume. We’ll discuss it later.” She told her as she looked to Hiroshi. “Mr. Sato, if you remember anything else about what you saw during Amon's attack, be sure to let us know.” She told him.

“I'm happy to help any way I can. I want these Equalists to pay for what they've done.” He replied and nodded to Korra and Tahno as he walked away. Twilight and her friends sensed something about him, something they didn’t like.

While Tenzin looked to Tahno getting his attention. “We're ready for you now.” He told him as He and Lin walked away.

Tahno got up and looked to Korra and her friends. “See you around… "Ah"vatar.“ He told her with a small smile.

“See you then, chump.” She told him as Tahno smiled and walked away following Tenzin and Lin.

Twilight smiled along with her friends and looked to Korra. “Korra, that was the nicest thing you have ever done for him.” Fluttershy told her.

“We’ll, I couldn’t let him be all mopey. I mean the guy lost his bending, can you blame me?” Korra asked her.

“Not in the slightest.” Applejack told her with her arms folded and a smile on her face.

“We all feel sorry for any bender who lose their bending abilities… we have to do everything we can to help them.” Chi told her as she shape shifted into a cat, landing in Korra’s lap.

The Avatar smiled and patted her head hearing her purr. “Thanks for having my back guys… this means a lot to me.” She told them.

Liu Kang approached them with Kitana. “We better get back to the island, I’m sure we can still "Ah"vatar.irk on rooms for Mako and Bolin should they change their minds about the Sato Estate.” He told them.

“Don’t get your hopes up darling… if I know big bachelor’s, which I do… they will have a beautiful home, big rooms, comfortable beds, and food that will easily make you salivate.” Rarity told him as she immediately thought of food that made her salivate.

“She’s right, even if we build the rooms, Mako and Bolin won’t change their minds.” Kitana told Liu.

“Can you blame them…? Asami was just faster in the attempt… but something does seem strange about Mr. Sato.” Kratos looked to where he went. “I’m sensing something odd about him… but familiar.” He told them.

“You sure…?” Fluttershy asked him.

“I have no way of proving it, but he is hiding something, emotionally.” He responded to her.

Sighing at thinking about him, Korra knew that they were close… she just never imagined they would get even closer. “Well, besides that… we better get going, don’t want to keep Pema waiting.” She told them as Kratos used his magic to open a portal for them as they walk into it. Unaware someone, wearing a hat and trench coat, was watching them from the shadows and secretly snuck into the portal as they weren’t looking.

Air Temple Island

As they arrived, Pema walked to greet them. “How are things at the station…?” She asked them.

“So far, it’s been rough… not to mention crazy when we came across Tahno.” Korra told her.

“The guy was a mess.” Liu Kang informed her.

“He may have been a delinquent… but we can sympathize with him.” Raiden told them as he approached with Stryker. “But right now there is something you all must hear.” He told them as he looked to Stryker.

“When Lin and I were at Cabbage Corp, I went in to investigate more, but me and Lin got ambushed.” He told them.

“Equalists…?” Twilight asked him.

“No… someone new, he was wearing a black skin tight suit, and a panther mask with gold trim. He left four gashing scratch marks in Lin’s arm, manage to cut right through her armor like it was nothing. I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m going to take him down.” He told them.

“His name is N’Jadaka…” an unfamiliar voice called out as they turned and saw the stranger in the hat and trench coat. “And he is not to be apprehended by you.” He told them.

“Oh yeah…? Well I’d like to see you try and stop me pal.” Stryker told him as he shot his taser gun at him, but the stranger caught them in time as sparks flew from them. He removed his hat and coat revealing his black panther uniform. But instead of gold, there was silver trim, and purple energy glowing around him.

Korra saw it, and glared as she raised her leg and slammed it down, causing the earth to rise beneath him. But the unknown warrior leaped from the rising earth mound and back flipped landing on his feet. Liu Kang charged towards him and threw fast punches towards him, but the panther warrior blocked his attacks and ducked under an overhead swing and kicked him in the abdomen. Johnny unleashed a shadow kick towards him, only to see the warrior grab Liu and throw him towards him, slamming him against the actor.

Chi snarled like a wild dog and changed into a wolf, charging towards him as she tried to bite him on his shoulder. The warrior avoided it and blocked her next bite and struck her muscles, hitting their nerves as Chi grunted and hit the ground. “I… I can’t move!” She exclaimed.

“Chi blocker, figured you’d be working for Amon.” Korra unleashed a fire blast as Kratos leaped over her and swung his axe at him. But the warrior managed to kick the axe out of his hands and it chopped into a tree, but the war god pulled out his blades and swung them at him. The warrior used his agility and stamina to avoid his blades feeling the intense heat they were emitting.

Kitana at that moment unfolded her war fans along with Twilight and they used their powers to raise the wind beneath him, keeping him suspended in the air. The warrior struggles but looked to them as they kept their power going. “Had enough…?” Twilight asked him with a smirk, but the warrior beat his chest unleashing the energy that he had been building up, blasting everyone away as he landed on the ground and stood up.

But as he did, he felt an icicle pointing at his head and he glanced back seeing Korra holding it behind him. “Think before you make a big-“ Before she could finish, the warrior managed to dash and snatch the icicle and hold it towards her instead.p, literally catching her by surprise. “Okay, didn’t see that coming.” She told herself.

“That will be quite enough…” The warrior told them as the others showed up.

Korra was surprised to hear it as she made the icicle turn into water. “Hold up, first you attack us, then you want to surrender?” She asked him.

“I am not surrendering, Avatar Korra… I have simply seen enough.” The warrior told her as he found he was surrounded. “I merely wished to assess your abilities, first hand. As for this, Amon you speak of… I don’t even know him.” He told her as his mask disappeared showing his true face, a young African as he held his arms behind his back. “My name is T’Challa… King of Wakanda, but you will come to know me as the Black Panther.” He introduced himself to them.

Sonya pulled up a hologram of Africa to search for Wakanda, but there was no such nation in Earthrealm. “Hate to break it to you pal, but Wakanda doesn’t exist.” She told him.

“At least not on your Earth.” T’Challa told her as he walked up to Raiden. “There is much we need to discuss of your new enemy.” He told him in regards to their new enemy.


As everyone sat int the temple, all in a circular form, T’Challa stood in the middle as they all looked upon him. “My Earth is similar to yours, but different in others… where I am from, I am king. Wakanda is a country that divides itself from the rest of the world. My people do not trust outsiders, but I came to trust a group of heroes that helped me take back my throne.” He explained to them.

“You have yet to tell us about N’Jadaka, how does he play into all of this?” Tenzin asked him.

“And why is he more important to you?” Korra asked.

Hearing their questions, T’Challa touched the kimoyo beads around his wrist that formed a large hologram of N’Jadaka. “He is of Wakandan descent… his alias is Eric Stevens, but by others, he went by another name… Killmonger.” He told them as he showed them footage of his previous battles. “He has trained hard all so that he could get to me and my family.”

“What makes you so special…?” Sub-Zero asked him.

Silence filled the room as T’Challa looked towards him with a serious look. “He is my cousin…” He told them earning surprised looks from everyone. “My father sent my uncle N’Jobu to America, but what he did not realize, was that my father had him watched. He then found that N’Jobu had stolen our greatest treasure from our land. Vibranium…” he projected the mineral to show them. “The strongest metal ever discovered, it came from a meteorite that crashed into Earth, before the time of man. Over the years, the five tribes fought over it… but a man, a shaman warrior, much like our Matokan friend here.” He gestured to Nightwolf. “Received a vision from the Panther Goddess Bast, who blessed him with the power of the panther itself. Enhanced strength, speed, agility… thus, he became the first king, the first Black Panther.”

They were amazed of the history he was giving them, but it aroused so many questions. “If the Vibranium was indeed your greatest treasure, why does Killmonger want it…?” Twilight asked him.

Making the hologram disappear, T’Challa made his suit appear again. “Vibranium is made for many things, clothes, jewelry, and vehicles, even my armor.” He explained as Twilight was fascinated by it and wanted to touch it, but the panther warrior smacked her hand. “Please refrain from touching it.” He told her as she moaned feeling depressed as she sat down next to Flash. “But the metal can also be used to make weapons.” He showed as his claws extended.

Stryker recognized them all too well from earlier. “Yeah, Lin was on the receiving end of claws like those.” He told him.

“N’Jadaka stole the necklace of the golden panther and stole a large shipment of Vibranium. With the help of this man.” T’Challa shared an image of the supplier. “Ulysses Klaw… a black market arms dealer, he stole dozens of Vibranium as well as Vibranium weapons, and gave them to my cousin, so he brought them to this alternate dimension. With a teleporter that allowed him to cross over… how he managed to get his hands on such technology is beyond my knowledge.” He told them as he made the projection disappear. “Killmonger now resides in this dimension, and is no doubt with Amon as we speak.” He told them as Korra’s eyes widened.

Tenzin rubbed his beard in thought and looked to Mimir. “Mimir, do you think it’s possible that Amon will accept this, Killmonger’s help…?” He asked him.

“Oh aye brother, if he will provide weapons that are far beyond this dimension… then we are in for a world of hurt.” The head told him. This immediately had everyone worried, because Amon will take any form of help, no matter who they are, or where they come from.

Equalist Hideout

At the Equalist hideout, Killmonger was being brought before Amon as he looked around the place, seeing all the chi blockers and new recruits that support his cause. Kano walked up to Amon and Artemis who were discussing their next plan. “Amon, sorry to interrupt, but we got an uninvited guest.” He told him as Amon turned his attention to the black and gold panther.

Killmonger took a look around and turned his attention to Artemis who equally looked to him as his helmet deactivated itself showing his true face as he winked at her and looked towards Amon. “Nice place… a bit old school, but I can respect the tech you got her.” He told him.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” Amon asked him.

“Glad you asked… but first can you get you Pit Bull off of me? His breath already stinks just from being near him.” He pointed to Kano who glared at him and was about to pull a knife on him, but Amon held out his hand stopping him as Kano scowled knowing he wanted to kill the disrespectful little punk. But he let him go and backed away from him as Killmonger rubbed his wrists and looked to Amon. “I’m here to help… I can supply you with something no one in this dimension has.” He told him.

“And what might that be?” Artemis asked him filled with curiosity.

Killmonger smirked and looked to her. “Weapons… I know you have some already, but you ain’t got nothing compared to this.” He told her as the Equalists brought over the crates her had with him. He walked over and opened one of them, showing Vibranium weapons. “Vibranium sonic spears… very light, but very powerful. They can even take out those airships in a manner of seconds.” He tossed on to Amon seeing him catch and examine it.

Even Kano took the opportunity to examine the weapons and inspected a pair of arm cannons. “These look promising…” he stated as he gained Killmonger’s attention.

“Those are high powered, sonic cannons, they are strong to force your opponents to become disoriented, or rendered unconscious. I know because I was on the receiving end of those.” He told them and looked to the rest of the weapons he brought, as well as the minerals he had with him. “Sword, spear, shield, firearm, suit, take your pick… it is all Wakandan tech… best and highly advanced, with my supplies, you could upgrade your next line of weapons.” He told them.

Looking at the spear, and curious as to how powerful it is, he turned towards a target range looking at the target in the middle. He twirled the spear and threw it as hard as he could, as the spear reached the middle target, the spear combusted and unleashed a blast that reached two other targets. The Equalists were amazed but also terrified of such power these weapons possessed. Amon however, was more than please as he looked towards Killmonger. “These may affective against the Metalbender Airships… you still haven’t given me your name stranger.” He told him as he looked towards the warrior.

The panther warrior smirked as he crossed his arms. “I went by many names pal… Eric Stevens, N’Jadaka, but my most favorite…” he paused as his mask formed over his head. “Is Killmonger…” He told him as Amon smirked in response and walked up to him, holding out his hand.

Killmonger took his hand and shook it, knowing he had been accepted. “Welcome to the Equalists…” Amon told him as he looked towards Artemis. “Artemis, be a dear, and escort our friend to his quarters. We will learn much from his supplies as we can.” He said as he looked to Killmonger.

Killmonger’s mask disappeared showing a smirk on his face. “Please, take all the time you need. But be careful… Vibranium is strong stuff.” He warned him as he looked to Artemis. “After you miss…” he told her as the goddess sneered and walked off leading him to his quarters.

Seeing him go, Kano walked up to Amon and looked to him. “I can tell by the look of a man, and he looks like trouble. Want some of my boys to watch him?” He asked him.

“Yes… can’t have a new supplier go rogue on us should things go wrong.” Amon told him and looked his direction. “Make sure he is constantly watched, I don’t want him planning anything.” He told him as he walked away, while Kano looked to the hallway where he and Artemis went off to.

“And what if he catches onto us…?” He asked the Equalist Leader.

“You needn’t worry about that…” Said a voice as both Amon and Kano looked to see a slim dark figure approaching. It was Nightmare Moon, the Goddess of Dark Moon. “This Killmonger may indeed prove to be a valuable asset… but his services will be limited, to an extent.” She told them.

“And should he choose to betray us?” Amon asked her.

A smirk formed across the dark goddesses face as she looked towards the hallway. “That will only depend on how things shall progress.” She told him.

Meanwhile as Artemis lead Killmonger, she couldn’t help but glance towards him, starring at him and his suit feeling the energy it was emitting. This however did not go unnoticed. “You know it’s considered rude to stare.” He told her, causing her to look away hiding her surprised face. “Well don’t stop now, I’m used to the attention, and the company.” He said to her with a smile.

“It will be more unpleasant company, should you start flirting with me.” She told him as a way to warn him.

But this only made Killmonger chuckle as he looked towards her. “I never imagined that I would literally meet the Goddess of the Hunt… but I kind of imagined you more without the lower half” he gestured to her lion half.

“It was how I was born, but I can choose a human form if I wanted.” She told him with a firm tone.

“Not that I have a problem with it… I’m just curious as to how you got involved with Amon and his gang.” He wondered as he looked to her. “Being a noble huntress, I thought you’d be out in the woods, hunting… but here you are, hunting these… benders, rather than going after fair game.” He pointed out.

But just from mentioning it, put Artemis in a rage as she turned and grabbed him by his neck, pinning him against the wall. “Word of advice, if you want to avoid provoking a predator, then don’t poke at it with a stick. And I will choose not to claw your face off!” She warned him.

“Enough, Artemis…” said a familiar voice as Artemis looked to her right, seeing Athena appear before her. “Remember the reason you came her sister… as long as Kratos lives, you will never be at peace for what he had done to our father.” She told her.

But the hunting goddess growled and released Killmonger and turned to her. “I don’t need a reminder Athena, you told me that it was without honor and mercy, I will finish what he started. So do yourself a favor little sister, and stay out of my way…!” She warned the fallen goddess.

And Athena smirked at her knowing her hatred was unbound. “Of course… anything for my sister.” She told her as she bowed with a grin and vanished.

Rubbing his neck, N’Jadaka looked to Artemis. “I’m sensing some rather bad blood here, your brother killed your own father…?” He asked her.

Growling a bit, Artemis took the chance to calm down and look to him. “Kratos didn’t just kill our father… he killed every one of the Olympian Gods, all to finally avenge himself for the family he murdered. He sought atonement, but we denied it to him. Robbing him of his chance to have peace…” She told him.

Sensing something in her tone, Killmonger knew there was more to her than he gave her credit for. “You regret doing that to him, don’t you…?” He asked her only to receive a snarl and a sneer as Artemis turned away from him to hide it. “Look, I get it… I was in the same boat as you. My father was killed by my own uncle, murdered in cold blood, panther claws in his chest. I was just a kid when it happened… but I grew up to become strong, all so I can get revenge on T’Chaka, but someone beat me to it. So I settled with the next best thing, his son… I beat him, became king… but all for what…? I almost had a near death experience. Trust me when I tell you, revenge will not bring back those you lost.”

Hearing his words, Artemis only focused on getting him to his room, and opened the guest room for him. “This will be where you will be staying until then… as for what happens between me and my brother, it is none of your concern.” She told him as she stormed off. Killmonger watched her go, sensing she was secretly trying to hide how she was feeling… but he wasn’t going to push her, so he went into his room and closed the door. Meanwhile, Artemis walked through the hall, only to feel her legs weaken, and she leaned against the wall and kneeled onto the ground feeling sadness ebbing away at her heart as tears ran down her face, and she cried in her arms, to let it out so she could find a form of relief.

Air Temple Island

Back on Air Temple Island, the defenders needed to discuss what to do with T’Challa, for the king awaited outside for their decision. “Head… what do you think of T’Challa…?” Kratos asked him being the first to speak.

“Well from a certain view, he is no god, but he is a very skilled warrior. Strong in skill, wise as a king, it is without a doubt, he can be trusted.” Mimir told him.

“That may be…” Rainbow Dash interjected. “But he could be hiding a secret motive, so there’s no telling how this will turn out, because I for one don’t want to take any chances with him.” She told them.

“There’s a surprise, you’re the first person to even say so, let alone suggest we throw him out.” Korra pointed out.

“What Rainbow’s getting at here, is that he can be trusted, but we just need to earn his trust.” Applejack said to her.

“She’s right… as much as I admire the idea of learning new technology, we have to be sure we can rely on him.” Twilight told her as she looked to Princess Celestia. “Princess Celestia, you’ve been through dimensional travel with the mirror, what can you tell us?” She asked her.

“In my days when traveling with Starswirl through different dimensions, he and I did discover many different realities, and high we both changed in form. But we never came across the world T’Challa came from, nor even heard of it.” Celestia told her fellow comrades.

“Even I have been through such travels… along with my comrades.” Raiden interjected. “Our Earthrealm was in danger of fusing with another, similar to ours… but with heroes and villains so powerful, we were lost to rage.” He explained as he looked to Celestia. “This was after I had met Princess Celestia, when Shao Kahn still drew breath, and his soul merged with a god of the other dimension named Darkseid. It was due to the combined might between me and the hero known as Kal-El, we were able to defeat the monster of our own making, Dark Kahn.” He told them.

“And I was MIA when it happened, but listen… if this guy is legit a hero, then who are we to doubt him?” Johnny asked them.

“You might be right Johnny, but we have to be vigilant about this. We don’t know whether or not he’s an ally or not.” Sonya told him.

“I’m with Sonya on this, we may have just met him, but we can’t just welcome him as one of us just yet.” Fluttershy said to them.

“Even with his skills, he could be both helpful, and dangerous.” Scorpion agreed with him.

“Even so, it may even be possible that with T’Challa, we might fair a better chance against Killmonger and his arsenal.” Chi said to them as she looked to Kung Lao.

“We just might… we won’t be able to stand a chance against them without him.” He agreed with his sister.

Kratos meanwhile nodded a bit and looked to them. “Even as a formal general of Sparta, I think we can use his expertise for such and enemy like Killmonger.” He told them.

Tenzin thought about it but looked to Korra. “Korra, this is your decision… you are after all the Avatar. What ever you decide, we will be behind you.” He told her.

Korra thought about it for the moment, she knew that Vibranium isn’t something to underestimate, nor mess around with. In the wrong hands, it could result devastating and dangerous consequences. She looked out to the door, finally deciding what to do as she got up and walked towards it, with Twilight and company. She opened the doors and saw T’Challa standing before her, expecting an answer. “I know you were listening, so I’ll get straight to the point… we don’t trust you, yet… but we will need your help in fighting your cousin if we are to prevent this war from happening. So don’t let us down, or I swear I’ll be there to put you down if you so much as betray us.” She warned him.

“Subtle…” Twilight muttered to her, earning an elbow job to her side.

“Then I will assure you… no harm with come to you, or your comrades.” T’Challa assured her that his intentions are pure. But like all know, trust must be earned, no matter how good their intentions may be. It will be tough, but they will find a way to make it work.

Sato Estate

At the Sato estate the next day, Korra along with Twilight and her friends, Liu, Kung Lao, Kitana, Mileena and T’Challa, decided to pay a visit to the mansion as they looked upon it, Mileena meanwhile, was not impressed. “Wow… this brings back nightmares.” She told herself.

“Believe me Mileena, I don’t want to be here as much as any of us.” Kitana told her and turned towards her. “But we’re here, and there is nothing we can do about it.” She told her as a way to suck it up.

“Oh come on, I’m sure it’ll be fun! There might even be a buffet table, and a large pool we can take a dip in. I even took the chance to pick out my own swimsuit!” Pinkie pulled it out, showing how much it looked like Ty Lee’s when they went to Amber Island during the war.

The girls chuckled as Liu and Kung Lao rolled their eyes from it, but Sunset walked up and lowered the swimsuit for her. “Pinkie, you can’t just hold out a swimsuit like that, trust me.” She told her.

“We’ll guys, let’s get in and get this over with.” Korra told them as she walked towards the door and knocked on it. The door opened revealing the Sato Mansion Butler. “Ah, Avatar Korra, we’ve been expecting you.” He told her and took notice of her friends. “But we didn’t expect to have such a large group.” He told her.

“Don’t worry good sir, we’re just here to check up on Mako and Bolin, see how they’re doing.” Liu Kang told him.

“Ah yes, they’re doing just fine, but come in, come, come, they’re waiting for you in the pool area. I will lead you to them.” He let them in and closed the door behind them. “Right this way please…” He told them as he lead them to where the pool is. Mileena followed them as she walked passed a maid with dark skin, and shoulder length hair, but was unable to see her face. But she did however catch her scent… her nose twitched from the smell as it smelled almost familiar. She glanced towards the maid trying to get a good look at her face, but the maid had already started walking away to continue the chores around the house. Mileena felt tense, but she followed her allies to catch up with them.

At the moment, the maid turned around, revealing herself as Tanya in disguise as she pulled out a medallion, revealing an astral projection of Rain. “They’re here…” she told him.

“We’re you spotted…?” Rain asked her.

“No… but Mileena is with them, and she caught my scent… I need to get out of here.” She told him.

“You will do no such thing… you will remain there and look after our client.” Rain ordered her to stick to the plain.

Much to her dismay, she hated the idea of playing house maid. “Fine, but when the storm comes, I’m going to make sure you’re caught in the middle of it.” She put the medallion away and continued her work.


Meanwhile at the pool, Pabu jumps off a large statue into a pool squealing. Bolin stands at the top of the statue, while Asami sits on the side of the pool, and Mako stands in the pool right next to her. “Earthbending bomb!” he shouted as he dives into the pool doing a belly flop, splashing Mako and Asami in the process.

The butler escorts Korra and her comrades to the pool as Bolin resurfaces. “Avatar Korra and company... has arrived.” He announced gaining their attention.

Wasting no time, Pinkie quickly switched out of her uniform and changed into her swimsuit in a manner of seconds. It’s Pinkie logic, don’t ask… she quickly made her way to the pool and jumped into the air. “CANNON BALL!!!” She splashed into the water causing those inside to shield themselves from the waves.

“Hey, Korra!” Mako greeted her.

“Glad you made it!” Asami said to her and noticed T’Challa. “And who might this be?” She asked.

“Ms. Sato… it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is T’Challa, King of Wakanda.” He introduced himself as he approached.

Bolin surfaced from hearing it. “You’re a king?!” He panicked and bowed to him while submerging his face into the water.

Chuckling at it, the king patted his head. “There’s no need for that, besides, in Wakanda, our guests don’t need to bow.” He told him.

“Oh, well, that’s good, because I don’t want to end up drowning myself.” He told him with a nervous grin, and snapped out of it. “But hey, welcome to paradise.” He told him and the others as he puts his hands behind his head and floats on his back and Pabu climbs onto his belly.

Korra sat down on a bench by the pool, while the girls sat on the pools edge. “Looks like you guys settled right in.” She said with a slightly sarcastic tone.

“Korra!” Rarity whispered as she shouted at her.

Mako swam towards her along side Asami. “Pretty much…” he turned to Asami. “Except someone forgot to ask her father if we could stay here.” He pointed out to her mockingly.

“Yeah, but I smoothed it over with him. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” She told him as she swam beside him and looked towards T’Challa. “Also, I’ve never heard of Wakanda… is it a new nation?” She asked him.

“As a matter of fact, yes… I had it established here in the Earth Kingdom, but my people prefer to keep our home separated from the rest of the world. We wish for peace and quiet these days.” He told her.

“Can’t say I blame you… I’d love to see it one day.” She told him as Bolin gets out of the pool next to Korra with Pabu on his shoulder.

This is the greatest place in the world! Watch this, watch this.” He told Korra as he speaks in a formal voice. “Fetch me my towel, good sir.” He asked the butler.

“Yes, Master ... Bolin.” the Butler said to him as he grabs a folded up towel and walks toward Bolin.

Pabu climbed to Bolin’s head as his owner turned towards Korra and the others.“Master Bolin! Ha, I love this guy.” He said to Korra as he held out his arms. “Now pat me dry.”

“As you wish.” He rolls up the towel and pats down Bolin as he moves to allow him to do that.

Twilight watched with the others as she looked to Kitana with her eyebrows arched. “He’s definitely Johnny’s double.” She told her as she nodded in agreement.

Once the butler was finished, Bolin pointed to Pabu who was still wet. “Don't forget Master Pabu.” he told him.

“Wouldn't dream of it, sir.” He told him as he puts the towel over Pabu, who is still sitting on Bolin's head, and rubs him dry. A moment later, Pabu's fur becomes bushy as he squeaks. As the butler turns around, Bolin jumps into the water again right away and the butler looks annoyed.

Even T’Challa couldn’t help but roll his eyes at it. “Even Tony Stark had more dignity than him.” He muttered.

“Least he doesn’t have to deal with a teenager.” Rainbow Dash told him as she looked to the pool. “Or two…” she muttered.

Meanwhile Korra looked to Asami a bit dismayed, but tried to hide it. “So, what do you have planned for us today? Let me guess, shopping, makeovers ...” she asked in trying to guess their activities.

Bolin jumped onto Mako, pushing him into the water; raising his hand excitedly. “Ooh, Ooh! I vote makeovers!” He called out as Mako returns the favor as he yelps.

“While I am one for makeovers, I could show you some of my own.” Rarity offered to Asami.

“Thanks Rarity, but I can handle my own makeup.” Asami told her as she climbed out of the pool and looked to Korra. “I had something a little more exciting in mind.” She told her.


At a race track, two Satomobile race cars are shown going at top speed of any normal Satomobile ever made. Asami, Korra, Mako, Bolin and the whole group are sitting in the stands, watching them race one another. “Pretty cool, huh?” Asked Asami as she looked to the others.

“Way cooler than a makeover.” Korra said in amazement.

“This is where Future Industries test-drives their Satomobiles. Ever been behind the wheel?” Asami asked her.

“The only thing I know how to drive is a polar bear dog.” Korra admitted.

Chuckling at hearing it, T’Challa looked to her with his arms crossed. “Then maybe you might have better luck with a hover bike. One of my sisters best inventions.” He told them with a smirk.

“In that case, youu want me to take you for a spin?” Asami asked Korra.

She didn’t know how to respond, sure she was the girl who got to Mako before she did, but to get into a Satomobile? That’d be something… but of course Rainbow Dash had to boast. “Come on Korra, sure her cars are fast, but they’re not as fast as me.” She proudly boasted.

Asami at that moment felt defensive of her fathers inventions and walked up to her. “Is that a challenge, Rainbow Dash?” She asked her with her hands placed on her hips.

“Ooh, it’s a promise.” She replied to her with a smirk.

A chuckle came from Liu Kang as he looked to Korra. “Go for it Korra, I want to see how this plays out.” He told her.

“As do I.” Kitana joined in with a smirk.

“Place your bets! Place your bets people!” Pinkie shouted.

Korra smirked as she got up and looked to Asami. “Let’s do it!” She told her as they headed to the track. Asami and Korra got into one of the Satomobiles as Rainbow Dash merely stretched beside them, earning Korra’s attention as she put on a helmet. “You sure you’re up for this Rainbow?” She asked her.

“Hey, you worry about yourself when you and Asami are eating my dust.” Rainbow cackled as she got into a running position. “Besides… I don’t need a fancy sports car to prove I’m the fastest person alive.” She told her.

Only to earn a scowl that formed into a smirk from Asami. “Ooh, it’s on now.” She muttered as both she and Korra put on their goggles. The race starts as a man in blue waves a white flag in front of the cars. Rainbow Dash immediately dashed ahead with Asami falling behind first, but she smiles and catches up fast as Mako, Bolin and the others cheer from the sidelines. She overtakes the other mobile, her back wheel grazing the wall. Rainbow Dash looked behind her as she ran, Asami tries to catch up, but Rainbow Dash wasn’t going to let her win as she had lightning coming off her feet and ran ahead faster. Asami had the same thought as she picked up speed and drove towards her, Rainbow Dash was surprised of this development as she quickly made her way towards the finish line with Asami in tow. It was neck and neck, both racers were close to the finish, and with a quick flash of the camera, there was no telling who won the race! But the final image will be shown in a couple hours.

They made their way towards the pit stop and Asami stops the car and both girls get off. “That was amazing! I didn't think we'd make it.” Korra cheered out feeling thrilled as Rainbow Dash showed up next to her.

“Easy there Avatar Korra, the winner will be decided when the image of us is shown. But I know for a fact I won.” Rainbow boasted, but looked towards Asami. “And I’ll admit, I never thought I’d meet someone who can keep up with me… well, besides Lightning Dust of course.” She pointed out as she shrugged her shoulders. “But Asami, you sure got a lot of determination.”

“Thanks, glad you think so. But keep in mind, even if you did race me with powers beyond my understanding, well, you can't be afraid to mix it up sometimes.” She told her.

Rainbow Dash chuckled and playfully punched her shoulder. “I’ll keep that in mind.” She told her.

“I gotta admit, I had you pegged wrong. I thought you were kind of ... prissy.” Korra told her but raised her hands quickly. “Eh-No offense!” She pointed out.

But that merely got Asami to laugh. “It's all right, people usually assume that I'm daddy's helpless little girl, but I can handle myself. I mean, I've been in self-defense classes since I was this high.” she gestured to how high she was as a child, next to her waist. “My dad made sure that I would always be able to protect myself.”

Liu approached the, with the others. “Smart guy, your father is a wise man, having you take those self-defense classes, it helps strengthen the body as well as the mind.” He told her.

“Thanks Liu, I’ll tell him you said that.” She told him as she looked to Twilight and the others. “So, what’d you girls think of the race?” She asked them.

“I do admire the machines capabilities, but you might want to work on the accelerator. Push it a few more notches, you might even be able to beat Rainbow Dash.” Twilight told her as she patted the engine. “While I am not really a mechanic, I’ve been around some pretty impressive machines in Earthrealm when me and my friends visited the Special Forces.”

A chuckle came from Kitana as she folded her arms. “If Sonya were here, she’d have you court marshaled. Princess or not.” She told the young princess with an amused look on her face.

“Like she hasn’t tried before.” Rarity interjected and walked towards Asami. “But I will admit darling, you were quite graceful out there, I’m not one for roller derby’s myself, but this was quite thrilling.” She told her.

“Thanks Rarity, and by the way, I think I’ll take you up on the makeover offer.” Asami said to her with a smile, who in turn smiled back as the group headed back to the mansion. As they followed, Mileena could help but feel that they were being watched as she looked back seeing no one in sight. Normally one would be paranoid, but she knows something was off, even by a mile.

T’Challa took notice as he walked beside her. “Something is troubling you… care to share what is going through your mind?” He asked her.

“You might not have noticed, but someone’s been watching us since we got here. I don’t know who, or why, but I have a feeling someone doesn’t want us snooping around.” She told him.

T’Challa carefully looked around knowing she wasn’t wrong, even he felt eyes burning in the back of his head. “Then make it seem that you haven’t noticed… if there is anything I’ve known, is that the hunter, will always become the prey.” He told her as he followed the others.


Back at the mansion, Bolin was literally in a hurry as the entered through the front door. “Emergency, emergency coming through, beep beep!” He shouted as he runs toward the bathroom with his hands covering his groin.

“Try to hold it in Bolin!” Pinkie called out to him.

Korra turned towards Asami. “Uh, is there another bathroom I can use?” She asked her.

“We have a lady's powder room upstairs.” She told her as she stood next to Mako. “First door on your right. You can freshen up in there.” She directed her.

“Thanks.” Korra said to her as she headed upstairs.

Just at that moment, Kitana noticed Mileena looking around like an animal on the hunt. “Mileena, what are you doing…?” She asked her.

Looking around, Mileena knew something was off and she turned towards Asami. “Tell me something Asami… just how long have you been harboring an Edenian?” She asked her, catching her off guard.

“W-What…? We weren’t harboring anyone, let alone an Edenian.” Asami defended herself.

“My nose doesn’t lie little one… this entire house has the scent of an Edenian spy.” She told her.

“There’s no Edenians here, I swear.” Asami protested against the tarkatan halfbreed and turned towards Kitana. “Does your sister often accuse those who are purely innocent?” She asked her.

“Normally my sisters senses wouldn’t lie, but if she is telling the truth, then we need to know.” Kitana told her.

But Asami simply sneered at the halfbreed of an Edenian, and walked up to her. “Let’s make this clear… you might be a royal, but in my house, you are my guest. I will not be treated like a criminal, harboring a fugitive. If you can’t accept that, then maybe you should leave.” She told her.

Mileena growled under her veil knowing that little miss sunshine was a glutton for punishment, she didn’t care that she was engaged to Mako. She was about to let her have it, but Kitana quickly stopped her and looked towards Asami. “I apologize for my sister, but we will discuss this matter later. For now we will make sure she is on her best behavior.” She told her, while Asami had a look on her face that spoke “You better…”. Mileena glared in return as she folded her arms.

Twilight watched them glare at one another and chuckled nervously. “I’m gonna check on Korra, see if she’s gonna be okay.” She quickly took off to check on her, knowing full well she has a knack for curiosity. As she headed down the hall to the powder room, she saw an enormous cloud of powder flying through the air and rushed to the room and opened the door. “Korra, you okay—?” She looked seeing she was messing around with the powder sponge, causing her to snicker. “Really…?” She asked her.

Coughing a bit, Korra turned to face her. “What? Can’t a girl experiment every once in a while?” She asked her.

Sighing from hearing that question, Twilight placed her hands on her hips as she shook her head and looked to her. “Yeah, you have been hanging out with Rarity too much.” She told her.

Realizing this, Korra began to understand that she was right. “Dang it, I need to stop taking her advice…” She told herself and started dusting herself off. “Come on, let’s get back to the others.” She told her as she began walking with her to head down stairs, but they soon stop to hear the sound of voices.

“No, no! No, I assure you, everything is going exactly as planned.” Korra and Twilight look around and sneak toward the room where the voice is coming from. “Uh-um, yes ... luckily, the Cabbage Corp investigation has bought us enough time.” Korra and Twilight look into the room through the keyhole and see a person sitting in a chair. “Trust me, by the end of the week ...” The person stands up and the two see it is Mr. Sato. “We'll be ready to strike!” He hangs up causing Korra and Twilight to hurry away.

Running with her, Twilight looked to her panting. “Please tell me I’m not the only who heard that.” She told her.

“I know, I was there Twi, we gotta get go.” She responded to her.

Upon heading down the stairs, Asami and the others noticed they were running in a complete hurry. “You're leaving? But I-I thought ...”

They quickly turned towards her. “Uh, sorry! I forgot, I'm supposed to airsit, I mean babybend, I-I mean-“

“What she means is, she needs to babysit the airbender kids. See you later! Come on guys!” Twilight told her friends and quickly headed out. Most of her friends were confused, as were Liu Kang and Kitana. But they followed after her and Korra to catch up to them, Mako of course felt concerned for Korra, because he never saw her so frantic before… it immediately got him wondering if he made the right choice.

Meanwhile as the group caught up with Korra, they took the opportunity to ask. “All right sugar cube, would you care to tell us exactly what the heck happened?” Applejack asked her, demanding a straight answer.

“Yes Korra, please explain, why are you and Twilight in such a hurry to leave?” Fluttershy asked her as she tried to keep up.

“Believe me, I would be doing this unless it were for a good reason. We need to talk to Tenzin and Lin.” She told them as they rushed out the door. Unaware that Tanya had watched them leave, and sneered knowing that they found out and headed upstairs.

Republic City

In the city, Raiden had brought Kratos along to meet with Korra and the others, but she already informed Tenzin and Lin of what happened, but they were still curious as to what was going on. “Okay Korra, for what purpose have you arranged this meeting?” Raiden asked her.

“Yes… why was it so important?” Kratos asked her.

“She and Twilight told us everything, even we found it hard to believe.” Tenzin told him as he looked to Korra. “So, you think Mr. Sato manufactured those gloves for the Equalists then framed Cabbage Corp?” He asked her.

“That's a bold accusation, but what proof do you have?” Lin asked them.

“Well, I don't exactly have proof, but I know what I heard. Sato's up to something.” Korra told them.

“She’s right, I’m a key witness to what he said. The tone of his voice told us everything.” Twilight said to them.

Lin thought about it for a moment and looked to Stryker. “He does have the means ...” She said to him and looked towards Tenzin. “And he has a motive.” he told him.

Tenzin thought about it and realized she was right. “That’s right.” He responded.

Liu Kang looked to them curiously. “A motive? What is it?” he asked them.

“Twelve years ago, the Agni Kai Triad robbed Sato's mansion. A firebender killed Sato's wife during the break in.” Tenzin explained to him and the others of the tragic night at the Sato Mansion.

Korra and the others were saddened from hearing this, it hit them like a ton of bricks. “That’s terrible.”

“I’ll say… just imagine what Asami would have felt if she lost both her parents.” Applejack thought about it.

“She would have gone full-on Equalist… in theory anyway.” Rainbow Dash responded and groaned. “Can’t believe this!” She shouted in frustration.

“It was tragic. It's possible that he's been harboring anti-bending sentiment all this time.” Tenzin told them.

“Maybe we should look at Mr. Sato a little more closely.” Stryker advised them.

“A wise decision… we can’t take any chances should he truly be one of Amon’s allies.” Kratos told them.

“It’s worse than that…” Mileena stepped up. “I have a feeling he’s under his protection, by a traitor to Edenia.” She turned to T’Challa. “Can you project my memories…?” She asked him and saw him nod as he used his kimoyo beads to scan her brain waves and project them in the air showing Tanya. “This is Tanya, a former ally of Edenia, now an Outworld spy and assassin. I didn’t see it at first, but I know her smell. She was disguised as one of the hand maidens working at the Sato Mansion.” She informed them.

“Are you certain of this?” Kratos asked her.

“My nose never lies… if she is there, then there is no doubt that Mr. Sato is hiding something.” Mileena told them.

Raiden looked towards Kitana. “What say you Kitana…? Do you believe Hiroshi Sato is harboring an Edenian, as well as supplying the Equalist?” He asked her.

“My sister may have been wrong about many things, but if Tanya was really there, and she caught her scent, she will most likely try to make a quick get away.” Kitana told him.

“I believe her…” T’Challa spoke up as he approached. “I knew the first moment when we arrived, we were being monitored. They were keeping an eye on us to ensure we weren’t snooping around.” He told them.

“Then we need to go to the Sato Estate, first thing in the morning, make sure Tanya or any other spy won’t get any ideas about leaving.” Korra told them as she looked out.

Sato Estate

The next day, the police walk to the door of the mansion as the butler opened it seeing them all walk in with Korra and the others, along with Tenzin, Lin, and Stryker. Tenzin and Lin walk upstairs with Stryker while Korra walks behind them, passing Mako and Asami. But Mako managed to stop her to get her attention. “What's going on? Why are they asking Hiroshi more questions?” He asked her.

“I overheard him on the phone yesterday. Asami, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think your father might be involved with the Equalists.” Korra informed them.

But Asami was in utter disbelief of what she heard. “What? I don't believe this.” she stormed off the see the police and interfere.

Only to see Rainbow Dash get in the way at lightning speed. “Sorry honey, but daddy dearest is in a meeting, please wait until-“ before she could finish, Asami went to push passed her, but Rainbow quickly grabbed her arm. “Asami, I’m telling you, you don’t want to interfere wi- WHOA!” She feels Asami throw her over and slammed onto the floor next to Mako’s feet. “Ow… okay, she’s actually pretty good. For a rich girl…” she muttered.

Meanwhile Mako turned towards Korra feeling upset. “You spied on Hiroshi?” He asked her as she stepped back.

But Twilight stepped up and pressed a finger to his chest. “Listen Mako, me and Korra both know what we heard, and saw, if you were there, you would know something was off with this guy, so don’t blame Korra when Hiroshi stabs you in the back.” She told him.

But Mako groaned and looked to her. “What's your problem?” He asked and stormed off to catch up to Asami.

T’Challa walked up to them in his suit covered by a trench coat. “He’s certainly hard headed.” He pointed out.

“More than you can imagine…” Korra responded and ran after them.

In Sato’s office, Lin and the others stood before Hiroshi as he sat behind his desk. “Mr. Sato, we just have a few follow-up questions for you.” she told him.

Only to hear the doors open and saw Asami enter the room. “My father is innocent. Just because we're not benders doesn't mean we support those awful Equalists.” she told them as she walked and stood next to her father.

“Equalists? Is that what this is about? I can assure you I have nothing to do with those radicals.“ he assured them.

“Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about, Korra.” Mako told Korra.

But Korra and Twilight were far from convinced as Korra pointed at Hiroshi. “I overheard you on the phone. You said the Cabbage Corp investigation bought you time, and you're getting ready to strike. Explain that!” She dared him to find a good excuse for it, only to hear him laugh.

He laughed for a few seconds and looked towards her. “This is all just a misunderstanding, resulting from the young Avatar's overactive imagination. My number one competitor was knocked out of the game. It's providing me an opportunity to strike the market with a new line of Satomobiles. It's just business. Nothing nefarious.” He assured both her, and Lin as well as the defenders that were in the room.

But Twilight approached him as she slammed her hands on her desk. “The way you said it says otherwise… I know the kind of tone you used in your conversation. You might be able to fool everyone with your calm demeanor… but I’m not a fool Mr. Sato.” She told him as she noticed a bead of sweat forming on his forehead and she smirked.

“Twilight, that’s enough! Leave my father-“ Before Asami could push her away, Twilight used her magic to form a transparent barrier to block her.

“Twilight, that’s enough.” Celestia approached with Raiden. “I understand we are all suspicious of Hiroshi, but he deserves the benefit of a doubt.” She told them.

“In order to put all suspicions to rest, might we have a look into your factories and warehouses?” Raiden asked him.

“Yes, that way we can lay our troubles to rest.” Tenzin assured him.

Asami sighs in annoyance, hands on her hips, but Hiroshi Sato raises his hands to stop her from speaking further. “If you feel it's necessary, you're welcome to search all of Future Industries.” he told them.

Future Industries

Upon arriving in Future Industries, police and news reporters were in front of the building. “Is it possible, presidents of Cabbage Corp and Future Industries both have Equalist ties, or did Hiroshi Sato frame his longtime rival, Lau Gan-Lan?” Asked a reporter as Korra stands beside Naga as she sniffs the boxes, Twilight and the other Equestrian Warriors searched the boxes trying to find some form of evidence to prove Hiroshi isn’t innocent. “Or did Chief Beifong just plain arrest the wrong man?” Lin breaks open a box to see the contents, Liu and the Defenders searched through the boxes, and T’Challa did his own search of the area trying to find something. “So far the investigation has yielded no evidence to incriminate Sato.” The metalbender cops check inside the boxes, but found no evidence.

Outside of the factory as the metalbender cops are lifted into the police airship while Lin and Tenzin watch. Korra rides in on Naga, and jumps down to approach them. “I can't believe we didn't find anything.” she said to them.

“It would appear Hiroshi is innocent.” Said Lin.

“As much as I don’t agree, there’s just not enough evidence to prove he isn’t.” Stryker told them as he saw Asami approaching with Mako.

And she was definitely annoyed with what she was watching. “Okay, you did your search. Now you can all leave.” She told them.

Lin meanwhile glared knowing she was spoiled, even Rainbow Dash shared the glare. Meanwhile, Mako signaled Korra to walk over and talk with him alone as they stepped away from their comrades, which gained the attention of Twilight and her friends as they listened in. “So, I hope you're convinced now.” he said to her.

“No, I'm not! I don't care how cooperative Hiroshi is being, I know he's lying.” Korra told him.

But Mako was feeling more irritated by hearing it. “Why are you doing this? Are you that jealous of me and Asami?” He asked as he pointed at her.

Which caused her to slightly gasp. “What?” She shook her head from that idea. “Don't be ridiculous! That has nothing to do with it!” She protested.

“If you don't drop this, consider our friendship over.” Mako told her bluntly as Twilight and the others gasped in shock of it.

Korra stared at him feeling hurt from what he said, but knew that deep inside… he wasn’t being true to his word. “You don’t mean that… I can see it in your eyes that you want to believe me, but you are struggling between what’s right and wrong. You might not believe me now, but I know later you may realize things aren’t what they seem. I'm sorry. Hiroshi is not the man you think he is.“ She told him as Korra huffed and stormed off back to Asami, one arm wrapping around her shoulder, and leaves as Korra sighs and turns away. A worker in the background slides the factory's door shut and turns to see Korra, Lin and Tenzin were standing near Korra, who strokes Naga with the other defenders as the worker approaches her. He places a note in Korra's hand as he walks past her. Korra, surprised, looks around to see who handed her the note, to no avail. She opens the note and reads it. Looking at it with surprise, she turns to Lin and Tenzin. “I think you guys should hear this. "If you want to find the truth, meet me under the north end of the Silk Road Bridge at midnight." I don’t know who gave me this note, but he might have valuable information we’ll need.” She told them.

“It could be a trap.” T’Challa spoke up.

“Of course it is.” Liu agreed with him on the subject.

“We have no choice, we need to meet this person if we are to find the truth about Hiroshi.” Twilight told them.


At the Silk Road Bridge, later that night… Korra and the group walked to the meeting place and looked around. Jax with his newly upgraded Vibranium bionics, curtesy of T’Challa, looked around cautiously. “Somethings not right about all this.” He told them.

“I don’t like it either my friend, but at least we have the numbers.” T’Challa said to him.

“Still gotta thank ya for the upgrades… it’ll definitely come in handy should we run into any Equalists.” Jax said to him only to hear something and looks to where it was coming from.

“Psst, over here.” The worker from before called them over seeing them approach. “Listen, I joined the Equalists because I believed in what Amon said. I thought he could make life better for us nonbenders. But I didn't sign up for this… this war.” He told them.

Lin grew curious as she looked at him. “What do you have on Hiroshi Sato?” She asked him.

“He manufactured those gloves for the Equalists.” He informed them.

“I knew it!” Korra said confidently.

Growling in anger, Applejack formed a bears paw and slammed it against a wall. “That no good, lying sonuva-“ she let out a bears snarl ripping the wall apart with one swing.

The worker flinched from it and looked to them lifting his collar to hide his face. “There’s more, some guy named Killmonger gave us some new weapons to use in this war, that it will help turn the tide. And there are rumors he's working on something even bigger. Some new kind of weapon.” He informed them.

“We searched all of Future Industries and found nothing.” Tenzin told them of their dilemma.

“That's because he has a secret factory.” The worker told them.

Twilight grew curious as she looked to him. “Where, and why wait until now to tell us?” She asked him.

“It's right underneath the Sato Mansion... I only waited, because I thought we were doing the right thing.” He told her. Twilight knew something was off about this, she didn’t trust him, even if he was being cooperative with them. But this was the best lead they had so far. They needed to do something about Hiroshi, even if it meant hurting Asami to do so.


Later that night as they traveled by airship to the estate, they knew this was going to be the toughest decision of their lives. “Raiding the Sato Mansion is a risky move with Tarrlok breathing down your neck. If we're wrong…” Tenzin paused at the thought of even mentioning it to Lin.

“I know. I can kiss my job goodbye. But protecting Republic City is all I care about. We can't let Amon get his hands on this new weapon.” Lin told him.

Stryker reached over and touched her shoulder. “We won’t… there is no way we’ll let him get his hands on it, what ever it may be.” He told her and looked out. “This is literally the best job you can even ask for… it will be hard for all of us if you lost it.” He said to her.

“I appreciate the comfort Stryker… but let’s focus on the job.” Lin told him as he nodded his head and looked to the estate that wasn’t too far ahead.

Sato Estate

While in the Sato Mansion, the brothers with Asami sitting down in the living room; Bolin is eating from the bowl of fruit while Mako takes out a LP from the cover and shows it to Asami. The metalbender cops burst into the living room, causing Bolin to raise his arms in fear. But Asami was both surprised, and angry that they once again showed up in their home. “What are you doing here?” She demanded to know.

“We have a reason to believe that there's a factory hidden below the mansion.” Lin informed her.

Growing more irritated, Asami had just about enough of this as she narrowed her eyes. “I think I would've noticed if there were a factory underneath my house. The lies you people come up with just to persecute my father.” she told them.

But Rainbow Dash walked up to her sharing a glare. “Hate to break it to you sister, but your old man is a heartless, selfish, scheming little LIAR!” She shouted at her.

“You really wanna go there Rainbow Crash?!” Asami asked her.

“Ohh, you did not just call me that, little miss perfect!” Rainbow sneered at her.

“Blow hard.” Asami insulted her further.

“Pampered Princess!!” Rainbow returned the insult.

“Short fuse!” Asami re-returned the insult back to her.

“Daddy’s Girl!!” Rainbow finally hit a nerve as Asami glared intensely.

She groaned as she was about to pull out her own hair. “You are such a child!” She shouted.

Rainbow chuckled victoriously and looked to her. “You’ve been defeated, don’t get heated, get your stank face treated.” She rhymed towards her.

This immediately made Asami angry as she clenched her fists. “Rhyme one more thing, I DARE YOU!” She dared her as everyone looked towards Rainbow Dash.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s okay, I’m done… because my rhyming is depleted!” Rainbow finished her taunt.

Which caused Asami to growl in anger. “THAT’S IT!!!” She went to tackle Rainbow Dash, but a wall of ice blocked her path as Rainbow Dash smirked and stuck her tongue out at her as Sub-Zero approached in his grandfathers armor, with Smoke following into the room.

“That’s enough Ms. Sato… now tell us. Where is your father?” He asked her.

Sighing in defeat, Asami folded her arms looking to them. “In his workshop, behind the house.” She told them and gestured to the wall of ice. “You mind…?” She asked him to lose the wall of ice in the living room.


Heading to the workshop, the entire police force surveillance’s the area, keeping an eye out for Equalists that may be in the area. They set up guards around the area as they all walk toward the place. The metalbender cops burst into the workshop to find no one in the room. Asami walked in, looking around. “Dad? Hello?” She looked for him, but no sign of him anywhere in the workshop.

“He’s not here…” Jax looked around and touched his communicator. “Sonya, you got anything?” He asked.

“Johnny and I are checking the outside with Pinkie and AJ, not really finding anything. We’re on our way in to help search the inside.” She responded.

One of the officers approached Lin to give his report. “Chief, the estate's been secured. No one has left the workshop since we arrived.” he informed her.

Lin thought about it for a moment but looked to the others. “Perhaps we just couldn't see him leaving.” She told them as she walks into the middle of the room with her hands behind her back. She raises her leg and metalbends her left sole, removing it to expose her bare foot to perform her seismic sense.

Seeing it, Fluttershy was both curious, but confused. “Korra, what is she doing?” She asked her.

“It’s a little something called seismic sense, Toph Beifong used it to see the world around her, and taught Lin how to use it, even Aang when he was just a boy. She is currently checking the room to see what hidden secrets it has, hopefully it will reveal something.” She told her as she watches Lin.

After checking the area, Lin stood up and looked towards them. “There's a tunnel beneath the workshop running deep into the mountainside.” She told them.

But Asami was slightly angry, and didn’t believe it. “What? There's no tunnel.” She told them, only to see Lin look to the floor and metalbends to remove the metal layer, exposing the stairs and an elevator going down as they walk toward it.

Seeing it shocked, Asami couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Rainbow Dash leaned over to her with a proud smirk. “Told ya so…” She told her.

Bolin looked at it and whispered to Asami. “Do you think your dad knows about this tunnel?” he asked her.

Korra turned towards Asami feeling somewhat sympathetic. “Maybe you don't know everything about your father. I'm sorry.” She told her.

“We all are, we’re sorry you had to find out like this.” Liu Kang said to her.

Black Panther approached her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “If it is any consolation… I didn’t know my father killed my uncle when I was young, and left my cousin behind. But the only way to let go of the pain you are feeling right now, is to let it go.” He told her as he pulled his hand away.

Meanwhile Lin looked to her officers. “Officers, into the tunnel. Be cautious.“ She advised them as her officers walked toward the stairs. Mako, Bolin and Asami start walking toward it until they are stopped by Lin. “Uh-uh, you three stay up here.” She told them as she turns to Officer Song. “Officer Song, keep an eye on them.” She told him. Song salutes her as Mako, Bolin and Asami look at the group.

As they walk down, Korra turns her head and looks at the three in sadness as Mako turns his head away with guilt. She knew this was hard for him, but she turned towards Fluttershy and touched her shoulder. “Fluttershy, why don’t you stay here and look after Mako and the others.” She told her.

“What…?” Fluttershy felt surprised of what she said.

“I know you’re a great fighter, probably one of the best, but right now, they need a friend with them. Please Flutters…? For me…?” She asked her. Fluttershy looked towards them seeing how guilty and depressed they were about the situation at hand. She looked back towards Korra, and nodded her head to her, walking back to Mako, Bolin, and Asami.

Seeing it and smiles at her, Korra walked onto the elevator and felt it going down. Scorpion walked up to her and looked ahead. “It was a wise decision, choosing Fluttershy to stay behind.” He told her.

“Thanks… I’m just happy, and sad about out this. I can’t imagine what’s going through Asami’s head right now.” She told him as she looked ahead.

“It will take some time… but right now, let us focus on the mission” He told her as Korra nodded looking down the tunnel. As the elevator takes the group down until it stops and they cautiously walk into a massive room that has posters of Amon hanging up. There are large robotic machines on the sides.

Lin looked at the machines carefully as she looked around the room. “Not your average backyard workshop.” She pointed out.

“I’ll say… this place is far behind Special Forces by a mile.” Applejack told her as she looked around.

T’Challa looked around carefully and looked to the robotic machines. “That’s not all…” He pointed towards them.

Korra walked and was looking at the large robotic machines. “And I'm guessing those are the new weapons.” She asked as Lin and Tenzin also look at the machines.

“Hiroshi was lying all right, but where is he?” Suddenly, a metal wall shoots up to block the entrance.

The defenders looked towards it shocked. “Aw heck, this cannot be good!” Jax exclaimed.


Meanwhile the three upstairs hear the noise along with Fluttershy. “What was that?” Asked Bolin.

“We need to get down there and see what's going on.” Mako told them as he was about to go rushing in.

“Absolutely not. You're staying put until the chief comes back.” Officer Song instructed in a strict tone.

Fluttershy stepped up to him. “Don’t you care what happens to your chief of police, or your fellow officers?” She asked him.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I have my orders.” Song responded to her.

Seeing this, Mako and Bolin looked to each other, hatching a plan as Mako looked to the Officer. “All right, we'll stay put. But could we wait outside or something? It's so dusty in this workshop.” He told him as Fluttershy began to catch on to what he was trying to do.

“No! We're waiting right here!” Song told him strictly.

“Okay, but don't blame me if I start sne-” Mako began pretending to have a little twitch in his nose. “If I start sn-sn-sneez-“ he tried to hold it in.

The Officer looked to him confused, trying to figure him out. “What's your problem, bub?” He asked him.

Fluttershy walked to Mako putting her arm around him. “Please Officer, he is highly allergic to dust, he can’t handle this much at once.” She told him.

“It’s not my problem ma’am.” Song responded to her.

“But I'm about to-“ Mako tried to hold it in as Song approaches him and Mako firebends his sneeze, causing Song to move back and trip over by Bolin's earthbent rock. Fluttershy used her form of Pegasi magic to form her wings and flap them causing a gust of wind to hold him in mid air and allow Bolin to jump on him and they tie him up to a barrel as he struggles. “Sorry pal, we know you were just doing your job.” Mako told him.

“Yes, very sorry, you’ll understand.” Fluttershy said to him.

“Yeah, just stay put until the chief comes back. That's sounds very familiar doesn't it, why? Because you said it.” Bolin told him to make it funnier as the four walk toward the stairs.

But Mako stops Asami by putting his hands on her shoulders. “Asami, you should stay here. We'll check it out.” He told her.

“I have to find out the truth about my father.” She said to him feeling determined.

“I understand. That's why I'm going down, to find out for you. Please.” Mako pleaded to her to remain here where it was safe.

Asami wanted to protest, but she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and saw Fluttershy. “I understand you want to know the truth, but it will be too dangerous, and we may be facing some of the most dangerous criminals from Earthrealm. I know, because I speak from experience.” She told her.

Hearing this Asami knew that she was right, and she nodded her head in disappointment. “All right.” She replied to her as Fluttershy and the brothers walk down the stairs. “Be careful.” She told Mako as she clasps her hands together tightly as she looks down with uncertainty.


Meanwhile, down in the factory, Lin tries the bend the seemingly metal wall, but to no avail. “Come on Lin, metalbender the wall!” Johnny told her as a way of not giving up.

“She can’t Mr. Cage… in fact, I'm afraid you won't be able to metalbend that wall, Chief Beifong.“ Said Hiroshi from the speakers of the robot as green lights are turned on around them, causing them all to shield their eyes from the glares. “It's solid platinum.” He informed them as the robotic machines come to life and approach the group. “My mecha tanks are platinum as well.” He told them as he revealed himself in the mecha tank. “Not even your renowned mother could bend a metal so pure. Not to mention I added a little extra Vibranium, courtesy of Killmonger here.” He gestured to him as he approached.

Seeing him, T’Challa sneered at him angrily from behind his mask. “N’Jadaka!” He snarled.

“Sup cousin…” Killmonger greeted him as Artemis and The Lieutenant along with Tanya appeared before them.

“Seems your cousin is quite the host.” Sub-Zero said sarcastically.

Glaring at seeing her Kitana and Mileena were down right furious. “Tanya, finally decided to crawl out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under?” Kitana asked her as she unfolded her war fans.

“As much as I loathed being in those maiden clothing’s, it’s good to be myself again.” Tanya responded.

“And still nothing but a back stabbing traitor.” Twilight told her with a sneer and a glare.

Korra glared at Hiroshi with much anger and hate towards him. “Hiroshi, I knew you were a lying, no good Equalist! Come out here and-”

“And do what, young Avatar? Face the wrath of your bending? No. I think I'll fight from inside here where my odds are a little more ... equal.” he told them.”

“That source was a set-up! You lured us down here!” Lin accused him as the mecha tanks come closer to surround the benders.

“Guilty as charged.” Hiroshi acknowledged it.

Liu glared at him as his fists were surrounded with dragon fire. “You’re a coward Hiroshi Sato, there is no honor in your heart, not even an ounce of love for your daughter!” He told him as he held his glare towards him.

“That is where you’re wrong Liu Kang, I am doing this for my daughter, so I can avenge her mother’s death!” Hiroshi shot a grappling line towards him only to see him disappear and become smoke. “What?!” He looked around for him.

“Confused…? You didn’t really think we’d come here without a little backup did you?” Liu asked him as he reappeared with Smoke standing beside him along with Kratos. “We even brought along the God of War to help us in this fight.” He told him as Smoke and a Kratos stood ready for combat.

Hiroshi glared at them as he held out his hand towards them. “Get them!” He ordered the other Equalists in their Mecha Tanks and their allies to attack them. Sub-Zero avoided them as he shot icicles at them, and Scoprion threw his spear at them, but the icicles shattered on impact and the spear bounced off as Hiroshi chuckled. “Thought you could break through with just a few icicles? You’re as pathetic as I thought.” He told him.

“You shouldn’t underestimate me, and this will not bring peace to your wife.” Scorpion responded.

“I am doing what no one could, the loss of my wife was harder on me than it was for Asami. That is why I joined to Equalists!” Hiroshi told him.

“To do what? To control, to oppress?!” Sub-Zero asked him.

“I could prevent innocent non-benders from suffering like my family has!” Hiroshi responded angrily.

But Scorpion glared at him as he formed his signature kori blade. “Crime took my family too Hiroshi.” He told him.

“But you chose to abandon your vengeance!” Hiroshi shot a grapple line towards him, but the grandmaster avoided it and charged towards him.

Meanwhile Artemis snarled and charged towards Kratos and slashed at him with her claws, the war god pulled out his axe and blocked her attacks to avoid getting injured by her. But she was faster from when he last faced her in fair and even combat, this… this was something else. “Artemis, you and I had no quarrel then, why are you doing this?!” He demanded to know her reasons for hunting him.

“You know the reason why… you killed our father!” She slashed at him, only to see him side step and slash at her side with one of his chaos blades, and throw his axe towards her, but she knocked it away and smacked him down with his tail. “My home was destroyed because of you!” She shouted at him.

Getting up from the ground, Kratos rubbed his face from the impact and looked to her. “Zeus got what was coming to him, he was the one who betrayed me Artemis.” He told her as he swung his blades at her. She avoided his attacks only to feel one of the blades snare its chains around her left paw, Kratos pulled hard and threw her against a wall. “All of this was planned out… not by me, not the Oracle, but the very goddess we called sister.” He told her.

“You lie! Athena told me it was your blind rage that destroyed everything!” She argued as she slashed at him with her claws. Kratos blocked them with his axe to and dodged the next strike as he punched her in her stomach, landing several shots against her diaphragm, and kneeing her in the chest causing her to back away. She grunted from it and panted looking towards him. “Killing you… will finally bring me peace.” She told him.

Surprised of hearing it, Kratos soon saw the pattern of what was happening. “Did she tell you these lies…? I may have killed Zeus out of vengeful hate, but it was through Athena’s schemes that made it possible, if anyone is to blame, it is her! You will not find peace going down this road, I know because I speak from experience!” He told her.

Artemis looked at him for a moment, but she shook her head. “I’m sorry Kratos… but I have to destroy the monster that she created.” She told him as she pulled out her bow.

Seeing it, Kratos held out his hand as the leviathan axe returned to him. “I know… but I am her monster no longer.” He told her as he charged towards her and she unleashed a barrage of arrows at him. He avoided some and formed a shield to block them as he leaped into the air, yelling as he swung his axe at her as she blocked his powerful attack as ice fell from the axe.

Meanwhile, T’Challa blocked Killmonger’s attacks, avoids his claws and grabs his arm, elbowing him in the face as he kneed him in the chest, knocking him back as he stumbled holding it. Killmonger groaned from it and looked to him, nodding his head to him. “Not bad cousin… you really got better last we fought.” He told him.

“I don’t understand N’Jadaka, why give Vibranium to the equalists? Don’t you realize that they will betray you first chance they get?!” He asked him.

“Oh, I’m well aware… Kano and his Black Dragon clowns had kept an annoying watch on me since I first arrived. But have something special in mind for them once this is over, but before that happens, I’m gonna have a little fun with you cousin.” He charged at him to claw him up, but T’Challa formed his own claws, blocking his attacks and striking him away as he unleashed a high moon kick, slamming it to his neck. Killmonger stumbled but grabbed hold of his leg and struck at his thigh, causing him to scream from it and tossed him down as he leaped into the air and went to stomp on him.

But the king was not out of the fight as he avoided the attack and smacked him in the face and leaped in the air unleashing his Vibranium energy attack, knocking him down. Meanwhile Twilight and her friends had the lieutenant surrounded, but he wasn’t going to let them get the better of him this time. Applejack was the first to try and attack him as she unleashed hard punches against him. The Lieutenant avoided them as he blocked her attacks with his kali sticks, smacking them against her side that made her crying in pain from it, but she managed to land a hard elbow against the back of his skull as he let out a painful grunt, and he activated his electric energy and smacked it against her causing her to scream and fall to the ground feeling it was at high voltage. “Applejack!” Rainbow shouted and her eyes glowed that forced her to drain the power from his electric generator. “Big mistake pal!” She charged and formed lightning blades going to strike him, the Lieutenant took his kali sticks blocking her attacks. Even without power, he still had skill to take her down as he stunned her by hitting her across the head and slides a kick, tripping her over and smacking her head again knocking her out.

“You ruffian!” Rarity formed ice from thin air and unleashed them against him, only to see him avoid them as the ice pierced through the clothes of Twilight, Pinkie, and Sunset causing them to panic as they got pierced to a wall, narrowly missing their skin as they shot glares at her.

“RARITY!!!!” They yelled at her.

“Sorry!” She apologized and went to melt the ice, but one of the Mecha Tanks shot a bolas at her and snared her, sending and electric charge through her body that caused her to scream from it in agony.

Upon hearing it, Sub-Zero looked seeing it eyes widen. “Rarity!” He yelled only to get struck by Hiroshi and hit the ground hard. He screams as a bolas snared and shocked him as he tried to get up. Jax saw it happening and rushed towards him to get it off him.

But as he grabbed it, he felt the electricity flow around his arms, but it only concentrated around his arms that surprised him, but he quickly ripped the bolas off and looked at his arms, seeing the energy flowing through them. “Yeah, these suckers work.” He helped Sub-Zero up. “You okay?” He asked him.

“For now, go help the others.” He told him as he ran to help Rarity. Jax turned towards one of the Mecha Tanks as it shot a grapple line at him. But he managed to catch it and send the energy in his arms flowing towards the tank and force it to back away and slam it against the walls of the hanger. He smirked knowing he’s definitely gotta thank T’Challa for the upgrade.

But as he was about to walk away, the Mecha tank got up and was about to strike him. Till out of no where, Sonya blasted at the glass frame, causing to to shatter as Johnny leaped onto the tank gaining the Equalists attention as his eyes widened. Johnny gave him a smirk and kicked through the metal frame that held the glass, kicking the Equalist in the face, knocking him out as he pulled his leg out and looked to Jax. “You need to watch your six major.” He told him.

“Yeah? Watch your own.” Jax advised him as Johnny turned sharp seeing a bolas flying towards him. He dodged it by spreading his legs and ducking under it. Meanwhile Artemis swung her bow at Kratos as their weapons clashed with one another. The war god blocked her weapon with his axe as he looked around carefully for any sign of Athena, he needed to focus on the fight as Artemis swung her tail and smacked him off his feet, knocking him over as he hit the ground.

The goddess of the Hunt approached him with the intent to kill as she pulled out a dagger and went for the throat. But Kratos blocked it as he tried to keep it from reaching him. “Just let go Kratos… you have nothing to live for now. Just let me finish this, and you and I will finally be at peace.” She told him.

Struggling from it, Kratos soon noticed the tears in her sisters eyes knowing that this isn’t the goddess he once knew. He kept one hand on her blade as his other hand reached towards her face and touched it as he wiped away the tears. This surprised Artemis as all the strength she put into stabbing him faded. “I know you believe you are doing the right thing… but the moment I killed our father… I knew Athena had a higher motive for allowing me kill him. The power she trapped in Pandora’s Box… was still inside me. With it, she could have restored herself to life, ruling over mankind. I couldn’t let her have it… that is why I gave it to the world instead.” He told her as he caressed her face. “If you help her, Artemis… then this world, and Earthrealm will be lost.” He told her.

Artemis was filled with sadness and confusion rather than hatred and anger… she didn’t know what was right and wrong anymore as she looked to his allies. Meanwhile Hiroshi Sato shoots out a grappler to capture them. Lin, Korra and Tenzin evade it. Another mecha tank attacks the metalbender cops but they dodge, shooting out cables to wrap around its arms, holding it down. Two more metalbender cops run up and metalbend to hold off another mecha tank. Lin and Kitana run forward, dodging the grappler and as Lin earthbends herself up into the air. Kitana threw her war fans towards the glass as they pierced through narrowly missing the pilot as she used her magic to bring them back to her. While Lin metalbends daggers from her wrist armor, and lands onto the head of the mecha tank. She breaks the glass further by stabbing the front even more, missing the Equalist inside who dodges. She keeps stabbing, making the machine move backward and fall over.

While Lin attacks the mecha tank, Hiroshi Sato moves his own mecha tank forward towards Twilight as she struggled to get the ice off of her. But as he advanced, Liu Kang and Korra firebend at him to no effect. Tenzin airbends Hiroshi Sato back and Korra as looks over her shoulder at the unexpected help. As he airbends, the metalbender cops have a difficult time holding the other mecha tanks down, their cable spools starting to spark and overheat with the effort. As they are pulled forward by the tank, they raise the earth with their bending in an attempt to find more foothold to withstand the pull. The mecha tanks wrap the cables around their arms and conduct electricity, electrocuting the officers until they lose consciousness and release their grip. Lin and Kitana attempted to deliver another blow, but are grabbed from behind with a grappler, knocking them forward and against a metal support beam. They were subsequently flung across the room and lands hard on the ground, where they remain unconscious as well. Stryker saw it and panicked. “Lin!” He rushed towards her and Kitana only to get snared by a bolas and shocked as he screamed in pain from it and hit the ground.

Tenzin, Liu and Korra help each other as they use their airbending and firebending respectively to push Hiroshi Sato's mecha tank into the corner. Furious, Hiroshi Sato shoots a grappler in Korra's direction. Korra repeatedly back flips to avoid the attack. Having moved out of the path of the weapon, she earthbends a rock out of the ground and launches it at Hiroshi. At that moment, she is grabbed and shoved forward by another mecha tank's grappling hook, knocking her unconscious by slamming her against a large metal pipe. “Korra!” Liu and Tenzin yell out as Tenzin uses his airbending to cushion Korra's fall, who grunts as she connects with the floor.

Twilight quickly used her magic to teleport herself and the others out of Rarity’s little accident as she got them in. She rushed over to Korra and checked her. “Come on, Korra. Don’t you even think of taking a dirt nap on me.” She told her while Tenzin and Liu Kang fought against Hiroshi. Liu Kang shot blasts of dragon fire towards him, but not even they were enough to break through the armor. Hiroshi went to smack him with the mechs arm, Liu quickly ducked under it and leaped landing a kick against the head of the mech, causing it to back away as Liu shot a stronger blast at the chest of it. But as the fire flowed against the Mecha Tank, Hiroshi felt the heat of the dragons fire, and quickly shot a bolas at him and snared him as he hit the groundwater electricity started stunning him.

Seeing the fight between them… Artemis looked towards T’Challa and Killmonger as the Wakandan king avoided his claws and grabbed hold of his arm, elbowing him in the side and kicked against the back of his knee forcing him to kneel, but the soldier avoided a punch from him as he grabbed his arm and shoulder, throwing him over and slammed him on the ground. He went for a punch to his face, only T’Challa managed to block it as he rolled backwards and kicked him in the face as he got up and leaped up and went to kick him. Killmonger found that he built up enough energy to unleash, and upon impact, her unleashed the nerdy against T’Challa, knocking him back as he hit the ground feeling a bit of pain from it. “You are a good fighter cousin, I ain’t gonna lie… but you’re on the losing side in this war.” He told him.

“That is not how I see it Killmonger.” T’Challa replied to him as he tried to get up, but his cousin kneed him in the face knocking him back down. He groaned from it as he tried to crawl away. “No matter what you do N’Jadaka… you… will never be king.” He told him as his cousin punched him in the face.

Pulling away from him, Killmonger looked at his cousin knowing one thing for certain. “You’re right… Wakanda was a good try, but maybe I’ll have better luck in this world. Build a new Wakanda… and start a new line of weapons dealing.” He told him as he got blasted away by wind and hit the wall of the hanger by Tenzin. He is now fighting off Hiroshi Sato and an Equalist using his airbending and an air wheel to evade their attacks. He jumps up, but Hiroshi Sato shoots bolas combined with an electric disk. Tenzin is ensnared with it and grunts in pain as he is electrocuted. He roughly lands on the ground, unconscious. Hiroshi Sato exits his mecha tank and climbs down. As Hiroshi lets his gaze travel over the warehouse, seeing the unconscious Lin, Tenzin, and Korra, as well as several unconscious defenders.

“Well, I'd say that was a near flawless test run.” Hiroshi said to himself and looked to those still conscious. “If you value your friends lives… I suggest you surrender now.” He told them as he aimed a bolas towards Kitana as she began to stir. “Otherwise… there will be severe consequences.” He warned them.

“Liu was right, you really are a coward!” Jax was about to go charging at him.

But Sonya quickly stopped him. “Don’t… we’re out gunned, and your new upgrades won’t be enough to stop him.” She told him.

“I’d listen to her Jax… besides, we need to think smart, even if it sounds weird coming out of me.” Pinkie told him. Looking to the others, Jax knew they’d ere overmatched… he groaned in frustration and stood down looking to Hiroshi with a glare.

“There… that’s better.” Hiroshi stated as he stepped out of his mech and turns to the Equalists, pointing to them. “Load everyone into the transports and deliver them to Amon!” He told them as he looked towards Twilight. “And there better not be any surprises from you Princess Twilight.” He told her as the Princess of Friendship glared at him for what he was doing, and what he was going to do.

Artemis watched as Kratos pulled away and she looked to him, sensing something was definitely wrong, till suddenly… she appeared. Nightmare Moon appeared along side Athena as she looked to Artemis. “Sister… still haven’t finished him have you?” She asked her.

“I… I’m going to, just…” Artemis struggled to find the words, but before she could say anything, Athena blasted her down to the ground, causing her to scream from it.

“So disappointing… I thought you out of all our siblings would be able to finish what he started. But you are just as weak as I was. You can’t even bring yourself to kill the one person who destroyed everything we stood for. Maybe I was right to trust in your judgement, Nightmare Moon.” She said to the Dark Moon Goddess as the girls looked to her shocked.

“Nightmare Moon? Impossible… you were purged from Luna’s soul.” Twilight stated to her.

“Indeed I was… but as I was released from her, I found myself in a weakened state, only the shadows kept me alive. That was when I met Lord Shinnok, he helped me gather the strength I needed, to take my revenge upon you for thwarting my plans. There can be only one goddess of the moon… and that goddess, will be me!” She shouted as darkness surrounded the room.

Pinkie felt is as a chill went up her spine. “Boy, she’s definitely different from when we last saw her.” She told her as she got tied up.

“Yes, and she doesn’t have Luna as a power source anymore, she is her own living being.” Scorpion told them as he followed the others to the trucks that were nearby.

Meanwhile, A hole is earthbent from the ground, and Bolin pops up from underneath along with Mako and Fluttershy. They look around until they notice with horror the metalbenders being dragged into the trucks. “Oh no.” He muttered.

“Korra was right. We gotta do something, quick!” Mako whispered.

“Follow me, I can get us there quietly.” Fluttershy told them as she led them quietly towards the trucks. Bolin and Mako sneak around the factory with her, getting closer to Tenzin, Lin and Korra and the others.

Meanwhile, Artemis groaned from the pain she received as she looked to Athena. “Sister… why…?” She asked her demanding to know why she would do this to her.

“You’ve been growing weak from your emotions dear sister… that is something that I cannot tolerate. Kratos will die this day, but by my hands when I receive physical form.” She told her with a grin. “Then you will be next, for the Goddess of the Hunt, has spent her last days here.” She said to her as Artemis’ eyes widened in horror.

Seeing them, Sunset smiled in relief. “Took you guys long enough.” She told them, only to get shushed.

“Keep it down, we got to get you guys outta here.” Mako told them as he hoists Korra onto his back, while Bolin does the same with Tenzin after untying the bola wrapped around him. They are about to grab Lin to drag her away as well, but are spotted by Hiroshi Sato and the Lieutenant.

“Not so fast, boys.” He told them as he had an electric glove on.

Seeing it, Mako drops Lin's arm. Bolin does the same and uses Tenzin's arms to express his surprise. “Hello, Mr. Sato. Wow! What a really swell, scary factory you have here under your giant mansion.” He told him trying to act calm.

But Mako glared at Hiroshi with much anger in his eyes. “Sponsoring our team, supporting the Avatar. It was all just a big cover.” He put it all together as he sneered at him.

“Yes, and the most difficult part was watching my daughter traipse around with a firebending street rat like you!” Hiroshi yelled as he conducts electricity from the gloves as he and the Lieutenant approach them.

Fluttershy glared at them with her wings spread out like an angels. “I can’t believe you would do this, even to Asami!” She yelled him.

“My daughter is the least of your worries… you should be more worried about yourself.” He was about ready to stun them.

“Dad, stop!” Hiroshi turns around in surprise seeing his daughter standing before him. Asami closed her eyes and turns her head away before looking back at her father in sadness. “Why?” He asked him.

“Sweetie, I wanted to keep you out of this as long as I could.” Unaware to his knowledge, Korra and some of the defenders regain consciousness. “But now you know the truth, please, forgive me. These people…” He pointing at the Fire Ferrets. “These benders. They took away your mother, the love of my life. They've ruined the world, but with Amon we can fix it and build a perfect world together. We can help people like us, everywhere!” He told her as he takes off one of his gloves and offers it to Asami. “Join me, Asami.”

“Asami don’t, if you join them, you will only make the world more miserable.” Fluttershy told her as she kept her distance. “I know that in your heart, you know this is wrong. Benders may have taken your mother away, but you don’t feel hatred towards them like your father. His grief is all that keeps him from forgiving society for what happened.”

“Stay out of this!” Hiroshi yelled at her and looked to Asami. “Asami, my daughter… who will you listen too…? Some stranger from another realm…? Or your beloved father…?” He asked her as he held out the glove.

Asami looks at her father with uncertainty, but she hesitatingly steps toward him. She looks at the glove with fear, trembling as she reaches for it. The Fire Ferrets look at her in sadness as she grabs the glove off her father, slipping her hand into the glove. Fluttershy saw it and shook her head in disappointment, even Mako was filled with disbelief of what he witnessed. “No…” He muttered.

Asami looked at the glove then to her father. “I love you, dad.” She told him, Rainbow Dash had regained consciousness and witnessed it. She sneered at her and was about to charge, but to her surprise. She electrocutes her father until he loses consciousness, revealing it was a ruse. The Lieutenant attacks her, but she uses self-defense techniques to easily defeat him with his own electrified kali stick. Mako and Korra are stunned at the fact that she took them down so easily by herself. Lin regains consciousness as the mecha tanks notice them.

“Let’s get out of here!” Mako yelled out to everyone as he lead them with Bolin to the hole they came out of, only to see Nightmare Moon get in their way.

“You’re not going anywhere!” She glared with glowing eyes… she summoned a spear through magic as Athena appeared beside her and went to blast them with her magic. But before they could unleash their fury, Nightmare was snared by a blade of chaos, and Kratos along with Scorpions help, pulled away as she was slammed against the wall. Artemis leaped towards Athena and shot several magic arrows at her. Each one hitting the specters shoulders and the final one blasted her away. Nightmare looked to her surprised and she shot a glare to her. “What are you doing?!” She asked her.

Glaring at the Dark Moon Goddess, Artemis finally understood what her brother was trying to tell her as Korra and her allies escaped down the hole. “I am doing what I think is right.” She told her as she morphed to her human form as she launched an arrow to the ground, causing it to explode in front of them as she and Kratos fell into the hole, right before the mecha tanks attempt to capture them, Bolin earthbends the hole shut, keeping them from getting to them.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Korra looked to Artemis then to Kratos. “Care to explain about this?” She asked him.

“Would you rather I killed her instead?” He asked her as she shook her head. “Then let’s have this discussion later, we need to move before they dig their way through.” He told them as he lead them through the tunnels to escape them.


Once escaping in the police airship floating away from the Sato mansion. Asami looks down at her former home in dismay as Lin was lying down with Tenzin and Stryker at her side. “My metalbenders are on their way to Amon, and it's all my fault. Tarrlok's right, I've failed as chief. First thing in the morning, I'm handing in my resignation.” She told them.

“No! You can't give up like this!” Tenzin denied it adamantly.

“He’s right Lin, you can’t just turn in your badge like this.” Stryker agreed with him as he told her.

“I'm not giving up. I'm gonna find my officers and take Amon down. But I'm gonna do it my way, outside the law.” Lin told them. Stryker looked at her concerned and looked down as he stood up and walked away to let her rest.

Meanwhile Liu rubbed his body still feeling pretty paralyzed from the electric shock he got from that bolas as Kitana approached him and helped him. “These Mecha Tanks are far beyond anything we’ve ever gone up against… we are out of our league on this one.” She told him.

“You’re right… they’re a lot stronger with, or without their Mecha Tanks.” Liu told her and looked to Artemis. “And what of you…? What will you do?” He asked her.

Being silent, Artemis lowered her gaze and turned towards them. “I can’t run away, nor can I hide from Athena. She will hunt me down till I am finally caught, and brought before her on my knee’s.” She told her and looked to Kratos. “I want to believe in second chances… but I know I don’t deserve it.” She told him.

But Kratos placed a hand on her shoulder. “Artemis… it is something that you must earn. But you are more than welcome to stay on Air Temple Island with us.” He told her as he looked to Tenzin. “If Tenzin will allow it.” He stated.

Looking to the goddess, Tenzin stood up and walked to her. “Though you have much to answer for, I will give you full pardon, and permission to live with us on our island home.” He told her.

She smiled and bowed to him. “Thank you.” She said to him as she turned out to the city.

Seeing it as she rubbed her limbs, Rainbow looked to Twilight. “Twilight, you sure it’s a good idea?” She asked her.

“Rainbow, she was betrayed by her own sister, the fallen Goddess of Wisdom… she has no where else to go. But we’ll keep an eye on her, just to make sure she doesn’t try anything.” She told her as she looked towards Artemis. “Still… to be in the presence of the Goddess of the Hunt without her trying to kill us.” She was almost close to geeking out, but she looked to Mako as he approached Korra. “Oh, check it out.” She whispered as she pointed to them, as the others looked towards them.

He walked up to her with an apologetic look on his face. “I'm sorry I didn't believe you. But Asami's dad being an Equalist is not an easy thing to believe. Even now.” he told her.

“I know. I'm sorry this whole thing happened.” Korra told him as he looked him in his eyes.

Seeing it and couldn’t look away at how beautiful they were, Mako smiled a bit but pulled himself out of his little day dream. “So ... does your offer to live in the Air Temple still stand?” He asked her.

Smiling at hearing it, Korra nodded her head. “Of course it does. And Asami's welcome, too.”

Mako was happy to hear it as he smiled at her. “Thank you so much.” He said to her in a grateful tone.

She smiled at him, but her smile faded as she reached and placed a hand on her shoulder. “After everything she's been through, she's going to need you, Mako.” She told him as Mako nods his head and walks toward Asami to comfort her. Korra looks at them in sadness before turning away as the airship floats above the city.

Seeing it happen, T’Challa looked towards her and walked up to her. “You care for him, don’t you?” He asked her.

Sighing at hearing it, Korra glanced to him. “Am I really that easy to read?” She asked.

“Eeyup.” Applejack responded.

“Totally.” Rainbow Dash agreed.

“Like an open book, darling.” Rarity said to her.

“Yes indeed!” Pinkie cheered.

“Most likely.” Fluttershy said to her.

“Can’t fool anyone, no matter how hard you try Korra.” Sunset told her.

“But there is no shame in that Korra…” Twilight walked up to her and nudged her. “Besides, it’s what makes you human.” She said to her with a smile.

“She is correct… love and affection are fine qualities that make us who we are. But if we choose to become machines of war, then all the humanity we had will be lost.” T’Challa said to her.

Nodding in agreement. Liu Kang walked up to her. “And thankfully, you have not.” He told her.

Korra smiled and looked to them. “Thanks guys, but…” Korra lowered her head but looked to Mako with Asami. “He may have already made his choice.” She told them.

“Do not give up on him yet.” T’Challa advised her as she looked to him surprised. “I have seen the way he looked at you, it is a clear sign that he has feelings for you. Even if he is with another woman, give him time to decide.” He told her as he walked to rest with the other defenders after what happened during the ordeal. Korra watched him with the ponies and looked to Mako, placing her hand over her chest feeling her heart. She felt how hard it was beating, and looked to Mako as a smile formed across her face as she had a slight blush on her face and she looked out, knowing to take the Wakandan Kings advice to heart. For the future… is never really certain.

When Extremes Meet

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Republic City is at war! After discovering that her father, Hiroshi Sato, is working with the enemy, along with the fallen Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. And the living Dark Moon Goddess, Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna will not be pleased to her that her dark counterpart is alive and kicking. Asami turns against him, her own father, and following another defeat at the hands of the Equalists, Lin Beifong resigns as Chief of Police. With the Equalist army growing stronger, who will help the Avatar stop Amon and restore balance to the city?

Air Temple Island

A ferry is sailing towards Air Temple Island. Bolin, along with Mako and Asami were on board, and the young brother was leaning slightly over the railing with Pabu perched on his shoulder. He looks toward the island with an excited look upon his face. Mako and Asami, her arm wrapped around Mako, are standing behind Bolin, watching the island as well. The ferry pulls up at the port. Korra, Jinora, Ikki, the defenders and Meelo standing on the dock, waving at the people on the boat. Naga stands on the dock as well. “You're finally here!” Ikki said excitedly as one Air Acolyte throws the anchor in the water while two others let down the ramp to allow the passengers to get off the boat. “Welcooome to Air Temple Island. Your new home.” She welcomed them.

“Yes, welcome to my domain.” Said Meelo as he pointed to himself.

Johnny glanced towards Liu with his arms folded. “If Tenzin’s got it bad with these kids, I can’t wait to see how he handles the teen years.” He told him.

“He is… Korra just isn’t his biological child.” Liu responded.

“True.” Johnny agreed with him as he nodded his head.

Bolin is carrying his duffel bag over his right shoulder, and Mako and Asami descend the ramp behind him. “Well, aren't you sweet, little monk child.” He said to him as Pabu jumps down from Bolin's shoulder and runs in between Meelo's legs before running to the right. Meelo bends over and looks through his legs at Pabu. He stands erect again.

“What's that fuzzy creature?” He asked as Jinora approached seeing Pabu.

The little fire ferret approached Naga as the two sniff each other's nose; Pabu erects himself on his hind legs, and gently touches Naga's nose with his left front paw. “That is a fire ferret. An arboreal mammal common to the bamboo forest of the central Earth Kingdom.” Jinora explained to her younger brother.

Till out of no where, Ikki jumps out from behind them seeing the little fire ferret. “He’s cuuuute!” She squees and runs toward Pabu. Meelo airbends upward while an irritated Jinora plugs her ears by putting a finger into each of her ears to silence Ikki's shrieks. Pabu hisses at Ikki and runs under Naga. The girl follows suit as she continues giggling with joy. Meelo descends down to jump on Naga's head, grabbing and pulling the polar bear dog's ears backward.

“Yip yip! Fly sky bison! Fly!” Meelo tried to get Naha to fly, but she does not react to Meelo's antics and Ikki continues to chase Pabu around the dock.

Sonya watched them as she also had her ears plugged. “It’s official… I’m never having kids.” She told herself.

“You say it now sister, but that might end up changing.” Twilight said to her.

Meanwhile Mako walked towards Korra to greet her. “Thanks for sending the Air Acolytes to help us with the move.” He said to her.

“Yes, they've been amazing. Such tireless workers.” Asami agreed as she gestures to two acolytes who were carrying several trunks of luggage.

The group watched as they heard them grunting as they walk down the ramp. Rarity was surprised, but she glanced to her friends with a look. “And you girls say I overpack.” She said to them.

“Which you do.” Applejack told her as she remembered their camping trip with their sisters, along with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.

Looking at the large stack of cases in surprise as the pair carry them off the boat, Korra looked towards Asami. “Oh, I thought you were only bringing a few things.” She said to her as the pair of Air Acolytes stumble a bit causing the luggage to threaten to topple onto her while Korra reacts slightly by shrieking that word but the Air Acolytes manage to balance themselves in time.

“Trust me, it could've been worse.” She assured her as the Air Acolytes re-orientate themselves and they walk toward the island.

“No problem, everyone here wants you guys to feel welcome.” Twilight said to her.

“Just as long as we can all get along, we’ll be totally fine.” Johnny said to them as he and the other defenders lead them to the interior of the island, where Raiden awaited them at the gates with Celestia.

Seeing them approach the gates of Air Temple Island. He and Celestia stepped aside as Naga playfully chases Pabu around as the group strolls behind them and approach them. “Ms. Sato… welcome to the island. I know we haven’t been formally introduced, but we were at the gala with Korra. My name is Raiden, God of Thunder… and this is my wife, Princess Celestia.” He introduced themselves as they bowed.

“Wow, it’s nice to meet you sir… but if Celestia is a Princess, and you two are married, why not Queen Celestia?” Asami asked them.

Chuckling at her question, Celestia stepped up. “Our royal family system works differently in Equestria, than it does in your realm. We got married not long after Shao Kahn was defeated, being blessed by the Elder Gods themselves.” She told her.

“Amazing, that must have been quite an honor.” Asami told her.

“More than you can imagine, my sister Luna is currently engaged, but not yet married.” Celestia said to her as she held a hand to her ear, hearing a sneeze from one of the houses. She chuckled knowing Luna’s ears were burning. “Either way, welcome to the island. I hope you will make yourself at home.” She told her as she walked away with Raiden.

The group smiled as they walk toward the temple. Ikki runs around with her hands outstretched as she sings and hums gleefully. Cut to a side view shot of Asami, Mako, and Jinora. Asami looks down at Meelo with confusion as he grins at her. “You're pretty, can I have some of your hair?” He holds out his hand to her.

A smirk formed across Mako’s face from seeing it. “Looks like I have some competition.” He joked as he playfully winked to Asami.

“Yeah, don’t push your luck.” Kung Lao advised him.

Just at that moment, Ikki lifts her hands up as they stopped walking. “And now for the grand tour.” She told them as she points at each area. “The flying bison sleep in those caves down there, and that's the temple Grandpa Aang built.” She pointed to it as she turns around. “And that's the greenhouse where we grow the vegetables we eat.” She turns around to grin at them. The teens turn their heads back toward Ikki who looked to them with a wide smile on her face.

“I have a couple of questions.” He got her attention as she smiled and waited to hear them. “Is this an all vegetarian island? Is that where you train airbending?” He pointed to where the training area was and grabs his shirt. “Do we have to wear Air Acolyte clothes? Do we each get our own sky bison? And final question, how many trees are on this island?” He asked as he bends down to look at Ikki.

Thinks and answers quickly with her hands behind her back while rocking back and forth slightly. “Yes. Yes. No. No. Ten thousand five hundred and fifty two.” She told them earning shocked and surprised looks from everyone.

Flash leaned towards Soarin and whispered. “She scares me sometimes.” He told him.

“You and me both brother.” Soarin whispered in agreement.

“I think she’s good.” Pinkie said to them as they immediately gave her a look that said “Of course you do.”

“So, where are we going to be staying?” Mako asked them.

“You're a boy. Boys have to stay on the boys' side.” Meelo told them.

Jinora approached as she put her hands together. “I'd be happy to show you to the men's dormitory.” She offered as she walked away with Mako.

“I’m a boy!” Bolin followed after them.

“Meelo, why don't you go with the boys too?” Korra asked him.

As he moved away, Meelo looked up at Asami and holds his hand out. “We shall meet again soon, beautiful woman.” He told her as he runs after the brothers and Jinora.

Korra looked to Asami as she walked with her and the girls. “Ikki, the girls and I will take you to your room this way.” She told her as she lead her to the girls dormitory along with Kitana and Jade.

As they walked into the dormitory, Wandering the corridors as there was nothing but silence in the air. Till that silence was finally broken, by Ikki. “Asami, did you know Korra likes Mako?“ She asked her as Korra stops in her tracks as her eyes grow wide open in horror. We get a brief glimpse of the inside of her head as her face contorts in a dramatic background where Korra inhumanly screams at Ikki in horror, fire burning and lightning striking behind her before returning to reality. Korra looks around with fear as Twiligt facepalmed from what Ikki said, Applejack of course was flabbergasted from the experience as Fluttershy cringed knowing what was going through Korra’s mind. Pinkie looked away as she side stepped away from Ikki as Rainbow Dash and Sunsets jaws were literally dropped down to the floor, as for Rarity, she passed out after hearing it. Meanwhile, Asami looks uncomfortable with the topic. Especially the girls as they scowled at the blabber mouth of an airbender.

But Asami was actually quite surprised… a little bit. “Oh. Uh, no. I wasn't completely aware of that.” She shifted her eyes a bit as Korra grabs Asami's arm and drags her further along the corridor. Korra slides open the doors, and moves to the side showing a smiling and gesturing to Asami in an inviting manner to enter the room. As Asami enters, Ikki walks up to the room to follow them, but Kitana and Jade get in her way as Korra goes in after Asami and turns around, glaring at Ikki while slamming the doors shut in front of her, making her step back.

“Hey!” Ikki yelled at them.

“Run along, Ikki!” Korra yelled from the other side of the door. “And would someone please wake up the sleeping cryomancer?” She asked the others.

Pinkie immediately dashed away and came back with a glass of water, spilling it on Rarity’s face as she jolted up screaming. “I’m awake, I’m awake!” She panicked as she tried to dry up.

“Ikki, you should go.” Twilight told her.

“Yeah, sorry kiddo, you caused enough trouble for today.” Sunset told her.

“I suggest you listen young one, and try to refrain from telling secrets.” Jade told her with her arms folded.

“My thoughts exactly.” Kitana agreed with her as Ikki looks down and moans sadly. Suddenly, she looks up and acts out like an angry cat with glowing white eyes, making some cat noises as she claws at the air before growling at the doors and folding her arms in annoyance while looking away as she stormed off. Seeing it happen, Kitana looked to Jade in surprise. “I’m starting to wonder if she was a cat demon in a previous life.” She told her.

“In our line of work, it would be a surprise.” Jade told her.

Meanwhile in the room, Korra sighs and scratches her head awkwardly and sighs. “So, here's your room.” She said to her as she walked up to her. “I know this is a little rustic compared to what you're used to.” She told her.

“But if there are any changes you need, we’d be more than happy to help change a few things.” Rarity offered.

“I think it's really charming.” She told her as she walks to the window. “And the best part about it, nothing here reminds me of my father.” She told her as she turns her head to look at Korra. “Thank you for your hospitality.” She said to her and the girls as someone bangs on the door.

Twilight groaned as she turns toward it. “If that’s Ikki, I swear I’m gonna lock her in a box.” She muttered.

Even Korra was annoyed as she earned a surprised look from Asami's eyes widen at Korra's outburst. “Ikki! I swear if you don't leave us alone, I'm gonna-“ She turns toward the door pointing at it, till it opened and revealed Tenzin sliding open the doors. Korra's face immediately blanched out and spoke in a slightly higher pitched tone. “Uh, Tenzin!” Closes eyes in embarrassment; attempt at normal voice. “Come right in.”

Rainbow Dash leaned over with a smirk on her face. “Bummer, you’re in deep boiling oil now girl.” She told her only to get shoved by her.

“Good day, ladies. Asami, welcome to the island.” Tenzin welcomed her as he walked into the room.

“Thank you for having me.” Asami said to him as the airbender bowed to her and looked to Korra.

“Beifong's replacement, Saikhan, is going to be inducted as the new Chief of Police later. I think we should both be there.” He told her as Korra nodded.

“I’ll get Liu Kang, Kitana, and Raiden to join us. Elder Gods know well this isn’t going to end well.” She told him.

“We’ll go too.” Twilight stepped up. “We need to see the new chief first hand, and make sure Tarrlok doesn’t try anything. Least of all, you Twilight.” She pointed at her.

Sighing at remembering the last time Tarrlok tricked her, she knew that her friends were never going to let that go. “All right, all right, you can come. But no magic tricks Twilight, people are still trying to get used to that, especially now that we got people from Outworld showing up.” She told her spas the princess nodded to her.

Republic City Police Department

Outside the Police Headquarters, a large crowd standing at the front with Saikhan at the podium. “It was an honor serving under Chief Beifong for so many years, and I wish her a speedy recovery. It is with great humility that I take her place as the new Chief of Police. Republic City is facing a threat like none the world has ever seen, but there is one man who's been effective against Amon's revolution, Councilman Tarrlok.” He told them as Tarrlok nods his head as reporters take his picture. “That is why for all matters involving the Equalists, I will report directly to him.” He announced as Korra and Tenzin turn their heads to Tarrlok with surprise. “The police department will lend any and all available resources to the councilman and his task force.” He told them as he slams his fist down on the podium. “Until we quell this insurgency.”

Twilight formed a scowl towards Tarrlok as she folded her arms. “Manipulative rat.” She commented.

“Here, here… he has been nothing but trouble since we first met him.” Rarity agreed with her.

“But the big question is… what is that weasel snake Tarrlok up to now?“ Korra asked them.

“I don’t know Korra, but we are going to find out.” Raiden told her as the inauguration ended and they look at Tarrlok with disdain. As the crowd disperses after the inauguration, Tarrlok gives the Fire Nation councilwoman a hands, who leaves with the other council members; he bows after them in their direction. “Tarrlok, I don't know what you did to get Chief Saikhan in your pocket but I highly doubt it was legal.” He told him.

“I second that… I don’t know what you did, but I swear, if you so much as-“ Tenzin was interrupted as he saw him chuckle.

“Oh, Tenzin. Always the conspiracy theorist. Did you ever consider Saikhan simply recognizes my talents and wants what is best for this city?” He asked him only to see Tenzin grunts in disgust as Korra walks toward them with her friends. “Well, Avatar Korra. Long time, no see. Now that your little pro-bending distractions are over, I look forward to your return to my task force.”

Disgusted with him, she wasn’t planning on it. “Ha! Forget it! There's no way I'm rejoining your vanity project.“ She told him.

“That is unfortunate to hear, but I'm sure you'll come to your senses as you have in the past.“ Tarrlok reminded her with a smirk.

But Rainbow Dash shot a quick jolt passed his face, nearly grazing him. “Don’t hold your breath bub.” She told him.

“Got that right! You know, Tenzin's been right about you all along.” Korra told him as she points at herself. “You played me, you played Beifong, and now you're playing the new Chief too.” She told him as she swipes her hand aside, and walks up to Tarrlok. “Well, I got news for you. You need me, but I don't need you. I'm the Avatar.” She told him.

“She’s right, no matter what you do, people will only resent you in your conquest for control.” Kitana stated to the councilman.

“While I don’t agree with that Princess Kitana, I will say that our friend Korra is wrong about one thing.” Tarrlok told her as he looked towards Korra. “You're not, in fact, the Avatar.” He told her as Korra's face softens with surprise. “You are merely a half-baked Avatar in training, which reminds me, how is your airbending going? Made any significant progress with that?” He asked as Korra showed a sad expression and she looks down in defeat, clenching her teeth. While the girls looked to see a smug Tarrlok. “I didn't think so.” He said as Twilight turned to a dejected Korra as Tarrlok turns away, somewhat angrily. “If you will not be part of my task force, then you had best stay out of my way.” He warned her as he left them. Applejack glared as she was about ready to pummel the councilman, only to be stopped by Liu Kang. “Oh and Liu Kang, if you ever change your mind, you and Kitana are more than welcome to join.” He told them.

Glaring at the thought of his offer, Liu merely folded his arms in response and sneered. “If you think we would blindly follow you in your path, we are not as weak as you Tarrlok.” He told him as he earned a sneer from Tarrlok without seeing it. But he could sense it as Tarrlok walked away as he looked towards Korra. “Don’t let him get to you, he is only trying to rattle you up.” He told her.

“Yeah? He just did.” Korra responded as she epheaded back to Oogi to head back to Air Temple Island with them.

The girls were surprised of seeing it. “Oh nelly… Tarrlok sure got under her skin this time.” Applejack told the others as she looked towards Raiden. “Is there at least something we can do?” She asked him.

“We can discuss this on our way back to the Air Temple.” He responded as he followed after Korra with the others.


Once they were in the air, Korra was still feeling depressed of what just happened. “I don't understand what's wrong with me. I've memorized nearly all of the practice forms, but I still can't produce a single measly puff of air!” She slumped in depression. “I'm a failure.”

“No you’re not. You just need to work through this airbending block.“ Tenzin told her.

“Tenzin’s right Korra, even though you haven’t been able to master airbending yet, you still have a great understanding of it.” Liu Kang said to her.

“Amazing advice. I'll get right on that.” Korra told him with much sarcasm.

“Korra, there is no need for sarcasm.” Rarity told her as she worked on the finishing touches on her outfit.

“Yeah, come on Korra… you can’t let that sleeze-ball Tarrlok get you down.” Rainbow said to her as she stood on one hand on the bisons saddle. “You think it was easy for me when I first discovered my lightning powers?” She asked her as she whirled her feet around and sat down in the saddle. “Besides, we all had it rough during our training.”

Korra let out a sigh in response. “Looks like my trainings only going to get rougher.” She told them.

While Tenzin was feeling slightly annoyed. “I wasn't finished yet. You see, Aang not only had his bending teachers, but also his past lives to call upon for guidance. Have you ever made contact with your past lives?” He asked her.

“No, of course I haven't. Didn't you get the memo from the White Lotus? I'm a spiritual failure, too.” She responded as Raiden looked to her.

“You may have made a connection without realizing it.” He told her as she looked to him surprised. “Perhaps something you mistook as a dream?” he asked her.

Maybe. I had a few weird hallucinations, but I hardly even remember them.” Korra mentioned as she earned an intrigued look from Twilight.

“Yes, I saw it too when we were on Avatar Aang, Memorial Island. When I tried to use a spell on you to try and wake you up.” She told her.

Tenzin looked to them surprised. “And did you see any previous Avatars in these visions?” He asked them.

“I… we saw Aang. It seemed like he was in trouble. What do you think it means?” Korra asked him and Raiden.

“Hmm, I don't know.” Tenzin responded as he strokes his beard.

Raiden nodded in agreement as he looked to Korra. “But we urge you to meditate on these visions.” He told her as he looked out as the sky bison flew towards Air Temple Island. “I believe Aang's spirit must be trying to tell you something.” He told her as he knew Aang well when he last visited.

Seeing as they approached the island, Kitana looked towards Korra and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I understand his words are getting to you, but the only way to moved passed them, is to let go of your grief.” She told her.

But Korra wasn’t sure if she could as she looked to the Edenian Princess. “Was it easy for you…? To let go of the fact that Shao Kahn was really your adoptive father?” She asked her.

Kitana shook her head in response as she looked out. “No it wasn’t… when I learned of my true heritage, it was hard for me to accept, and let go of my hatred towards the man I once called father.” She told her, only to chuckle at one thing she said. “If you could call Shao Kahn a man… he was more of a monster.” She told her.

“Darn right he was, I mean I’ll never forget seeing that guys ugly mug for as long as I live.” Pinkie told them.

“So don’t worry your head about it, you’ll get over it.” Applejack told her as she looked to Avatar Aang’s statue. “Besides… I think Aang would have done the same if he were here now.” She told her as Korra looked towards the statue, thinking of her previous life and what he had gone through when he was around her age. Korra lowered her head, lost in thought… trying to understand something about herself.

Air Temple Island

Later that evening, Korra was sitting alone on the ledge on Air Temple Island, staring at the statue of Aang on Memorial island, tears rolling down her cheeks. She felt so miserable about what what happened today, while off in a distance, her friends were looking for her. “Korra! You out here?” Mako called out to her.

Korra turns her head toward the voice and wipes away her tears as Pabu comes out from the bushes. Pabu's head peeks out and chirps as he runs toward her and climbs onto Korra's shoulder, wrapping himself around her to comfort her. “Korraaa!” Bolin called out as they found her along with four defenders and the Main Seven. The ferret stops in front of Korra and starts licking away her tears. Bolin, Asami, and Mako along with Twilight and her gang, as well as four of the defenders from Earthrealm find her and Pabu runs back to Bolin and climbs up onto his shoulder. “There you are, are you okay?” He asked her.

Rarity rushed up seeing her tears. “Oh come now Korra, dry up those crocodile tears, or your eyes will get puffy.” She told her as she took a handkerchief and helped dry her eyes.

Feeling it, Korra gently pushed her handkerchief away as she tried her best to act normal. “I’m fine.” She told them.

“Nice try kiddo… but you’re not fooling any of us with that macho facade.” Sonya told her.

“Come on, what's wrong? You can tell us.” Mako persisted as he tried to reach out to her.

Seeing it, Korra saw the kind and caring eyes of a friend. Perhaps even more than that, but she sighed and looked away. “How am I suppose to save this city when I can't even learn airbending? I'm the worst Avatar ever!” She turns her head back and hangs her head down. “I just feel ... alone.” She told them how she was feeling.

“No, that's nonsense! You're amazing!” Asami told her as she disagreed with that statement.

“Yeah and remember. Aang hadn't mastered all the elements when he was battling the Fire Nation. He was just a little kid.” Mako told her as he agreed with Asami.

“And he wasn't alone. He had his friends to help him. Look, the arena might be shut down but we're still a team. The new Team Avatar!” Bolin happily declared to her.

“He’s not wrong there Korra.” Johnny told her as he approached. “Because we’ve all had our struggles in life, I can’t even begin to list all of mine. Probably best I shouldn’t… because that will be a long story.” He told her as he earned a pat from Sonya. “Oh, yeah pat me there… doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you kick me in my groin.” He told her.

“Didn’t plan on it.” Sonya told him as she folded her arms.

Twilight nudged Korra with a smile. “We know you’re going through a tough time right now Korra, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for help. We’re all friends here… and friends help each other.” She told her as Fluttershy stepped up.

“No matter what happens… we’ll always be there for one another.” She told her with a kind smile.

“We got your back Korra, and we can save this city.” Mako told her as he, Asami, Bolin and Mako place their hands on each other along with Liu Kang, Kitana, Johnny, Sonya and the Main Seven.. “Together.”

“United we stand.” Rainbow said to her as she smirked looking to Applejack.

“Or divided we fall.” Applejack finished as she agreed with that statement.

“So what do you say Korra? You with us, or are you with us?” Sunset asked her.

Seeing them all United together, Korra smiled as she felt encouraged by their words, and stood up. “Yeah, let's do it!” She places her hand on top and Meelo suddenly descends and airbends down, farting on top on their hands as they express their shock and disgust by widening their eyes.

He Raises his arm, grinning. “Yeah, let's do it!” He shouted as he continues to fart while realizing something. “What are we doing?” He asked as the new team laughs heartily while Meelo grins goofily.

“You will not be alone in this fight you know.” T’Challa said to them as he approached. “You still have many friends, and allies, here where they can help you, on or off the island.” He said to them.

Smiling at hearing it, Korra nodded her head to him and looked to Rarity. “Rarity, please tell me you finished my new outfit.” She said to her.

“Oh please darling…” Rarity grinned as she pulled it out for her. “Of course I did!” She told her as she pulled out a few others. “I even took some time to work on others for Mako, Bolin and Asami.” She said to her.

Smirking at seeing it, Korra looked to her friends. “All right guys… suit up.” She told them as they nodded to her.


A few moments later that evening… Korra was in her new outfit, that looked almost like her traditional outfit. But it’s top had a darker hue of blue, with patches of white fur on the shoulders, wearing dark blue sleeves with arm guards that looked like Sub-Zero’s. A cloth that wrapped around her waist that had fur similar to that of the ones on her shoulders dangling from it, a belt holding it as there was a cloth that had the Water Tribe symbol. Same pants, boots that went up to her shins as well as shin guards.

She smiled at Rarity’s work and heard the others approaching as they looked to the city. “Get ready, Republic City... you are about to be patrolled by Team Avatar.” He told the city in a dramatic tone as his outfit looked similar to that of Johnny’s. A green shirt under a light grayish green coat jacket over it, his pants were dark gray with a hint of green, he even had a belt buckle that spelled the letter “B” on it, and shin guards and dark green gloves that had studs on the knuckles.

Mako walked up in his traditional outfit, but the difference is that he wore a red and yellow long vest that went down to his knees, bound by a yellow sash. He wore his gloves over and around a pair of arm bands that Liu and Flash gave him, the scarf was definitely a must wear item, and he had red sashes going around his shins. He looked back and saw Asami as she approaches the team wielding a pair of electrified gloves, and a new outfit, curtesy of Rarity and Sonya. “Asami, you and Rarity always know how to accessorize your outfits.” He told her.

For her outfit was definitely made form the Special Forces in Earthrealm, with a little Rarity flare to it. It had bits of her racing gear, but the top was purplish armor with a light purple in the middle. The shoulders had the Future I diatribes logo on it as she wore a purple choker and a pair of boots with light brown sashes around them. (Think like Cassie Cages outfit from a mortal Kombat 11, mixed with Asami’s original outfit, and she got an extra glove.) “I figure one way to fight Equalists is to use an Equalist weapon.” She told them as she conducts electricity from the gloves.

“One of my best works.” Rarity complimented herself.

A chuckle came from Sonya as she folded her arms. “Give yourself all the credit why don’t you?” She said to her.

“Least she looks like she belongs in SF.” Pinkie told her as Sonya nodded in agreement.

“All right…” Korra punched her palm looking to the city. “Let’s ride.”

As Mako, Asami, and Korra already seated on Naga. Bolin jumped on to join them. “Naga away!” He shouted only to see Naga benddown, causing the New Team Avatar to slide off her and fall on top of each other.

Good thing Liu and the others weren’t on, otherwise they would have been crushed under them. “Guess she couldn’t take all that weight.” Liu told them as Naga growls and shakes her head.

Korra felt a bit embarrassed from it as she stands up and places her hand on her head. She narrows her eyes in dismay as they look to the side. “All right, scratch that.” She told herself as she turns to her team. “Any other ideas?” She asked.

Asami stands up and flips her hair as she rests a hand on her chin in thought. Soon enough, she finally thought of what could help. “I think I have the answer.” She told them.


A few moments later, a garage opens, the headlights from a car shining on Mako, Bolin, and Korra. Along with the others as Asami starts up the car and drives out of the garage. The car swerves and stops in front of them as Asami looked out to them in a sleek satomobile and smiled at her friends. “You think this'll do?”

Everybody smiled as they all jumped in the car. “I like the New Team Avatar style” Mako said as he was impressed by the car.

T’Challa approached in his suit as his mask was off. “The Grandmasters and I will patrol from the rooftops, watch for any Equalists that will be lurking.” He told them.

“Try to keep up your majesty.” Asami told him.

Rainbow Dash smirked as she nodded Asami's shoulder, “What are we waiting for? Hit it, rich girl!" She told her as Asami changes gears and they drive off to patrol the city, with Earthrealm Defenders not far behind.

The radio begins to speak. “Unit two sixteen, cancel that ten fifty-eight at Harmony Tower. Come back to the station, over.” The Officer on the radio cut off the transmission.

“That’s useful.” Sonya commented.

“My dad had police scanners installed in all of his cars. I guess now I know why.” Asami muttered still feeling disgusted with what she learned about him.

“Hey, if anything, my dad was just as big a jerk as your old man is.” Johnny told her knowing it to be true.

Till suddenly the radio gave them just what they’re looking for. “Calling all units, Level Four Alert. Jailbreak at headquarters. Officers down, electrocuted. Chi blockers and Equalist convicts are still at large armed and dangerous.” The team looks at the radio with intent. “Last seen heading east. I repeat, Level Four Alert. Equalist jailbreak!” Asami stops the car as a truck and several Equalist motorcyclists rush through the traffic.

“Chi blockers!” Bolin shouted.

“That’s them!” Mako told them.

“Let's get 'em!” Korra said as Asami changes gears and begins the car chase.

Sonya activated her wrist com. “Liu, T’Challa, Equalists heading east, and heading straight towards you.” She told them as they chased after the Equalists.

“Seeing the cars from the rooftops, Liu activate his wrist com to respond. “We see them, proceed with caution, remember what happened last time when we faced them.” He advised them as he ran with T’Challa while the grandmasters followed on the other rooftops. Cars twirl and stop from crashing into the truck as it plows through the street.

Asami dodges the cars and still tails the chi blockers but a massive truck blocks their way. “Korra! Bolin! Give me a ramp! Now!” She told them as Korra and Bolin earthbend a massive ramp that sends the car soaring into the air before landing safely, resuming their chase. Mako uses his lightning and strikes one of the chi blocker's motorcycles, making the chi blocker fall to the ground. Bolin earthbends earth darts, hitting the wheel of another motorcycle, causing the chi blocker to fall. Asami dodges the fallen cyclist. The rest of the chi blockers begin to use a smoke screen and move right in front of them. Not being able to see, Asami puts on her goggles and notices the chi blockers turning to the right. “Help me out! We gotta make this turn!” She told them as Korra and Bolin earthbend a giant, angled curve, making the car swerve up before landing back onto the street and they resume the chase. “They don't know we made the turn.” she stated.

“The smoke will be useful… and we have just the man for the job.” Sub-Zero stated on the radio as Smoke appeared on the hood of Asami’s car and controlled the smoke to shroud their presence.

Asami was surprised when she saw him, but smiled as she looked ahead. “Okay, get ready.” She told them as she see’s an opening, just waiting as Smoke kept the smoke around them and released it. Giving Asami a chance as she changes gears and the car gains speed to ram the motorcyclists, flinging them into the air before landing on top of the bonnet.

Smoke leaps to the truck as there was an Equalist on top hitch tried to strike him in his nerve points. But as she tried to hit him, she could only see her fists going through him as she felt like she was punching through air. “Did you think it was going to be that easy? Where there is smoke… there is fire!” He told her as he became solid and jabbed at her nerve points, making her go limp as she plopped onto the roof of the truck. Scorpion ran across the roof and leaps to the truck seeing an Equalist about to strike Smoke from behind. He threw his spear, piercing it through his shoulder and pulled him up as he fell towards him and punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.

Liu leaped towards the inside of the truck and kicked one of the Equalists out as he landed on a fruit stand. “Sorry, but you’re not going to regroup with Amon today.” He told the driver only to get grabbed by an Equalist and struggles inside the truck. Kitana leaped in to help him, knocking out the Equalist who held him as she helped the monk get into the back to subdue the escapees. Meanwhile, T’Challa leaped and pierced his claws into the side of the truck and held onto it. Meanwhile Mako firebends but his arm is wrapped up by the Equalist's bola. Mako uses his other arm, but it becomes wrapped up as well. The other Equalist jumps in front of Bolin and chi blocks his arm before he can even attack, making him the fall back into his seat with pain. The Equalist went to attack Johnny and Pinkie, but the two blocked his attacks, as Pinkie kicked him against his side and Johnny spread his legs out and punched him in the groin, causing him to squeal as Asami electrocutes the chi blocker with her glove, causing the Equalist to fall onto the back seat.

The first Equalist attempts to pull Mako out of his seat, but Korra grabs his shoulders and pulls him down, causing the Equalist to fall over onto the car, where Asami electrocutes him. Mako chucks the unconscious Equalist to the back and prepares to do another lightning strike. Meanwhile the driver notices T’Challa on the side of the truck and went to ram him against a pole. But the Wakandan King leaped off the truck and ran against the side of the building, leaping back to the truck as he pieced his claws through one of the wheels, disconnecting it from the rig as Asami drives the car closer to the truck so the driver is visible and Mako and Rainbow Dash shot lightning at the driver. The driver becomes unconscious and the truck begins to swerve before tumbling to its sides, hitting the lamp post before it stopped. Some of the prisoners tried to escape, but Sub-Zero leaped down and trapped them waist up in ice as Scorpion snared the others with his spears. Twilight used her magic to knock them unconscious, she smirked and looked to the others. “I can honestly say that went really well.” She told them.

“Sure did… we’re just that awesome.” Rainbow said to her as reporters approached them. Photos are taken by reporters as the team waits for the police to arrive. “Well, well… look who finally decided to show up to ruin the moment.” She pointed out.

Korra smiles as Tarrlok approaches them. “Avatar Korra, what do you think you are doing?” He asked sternly.

“Oh, hey Tarrlok. Nice of you to show up finally. Here, we captured the escaped convicts for you.” She said to him in a mocking tone.

“What you did was tear up the city and impede the real authorities in their pursuit of these criminals.” Tarrlok stated to her angrily.

Applejack approached with a raised eyebrow. “Hmm, that's funny.” She stated as she places her finger on her cheek. “We didn't see your little task force or the cops the whole time.” She told him as she folds her arms and she looks away. “If it wasn't for Team Avatar, they would've gotten away.” She told him with a smirk.

“Yeah, and you won’t have anyone to blame, but yourself.” Twilight told him.

“She’s right about that Tarrlok, either you’re too busy, or you’re just too scared to face Amon directly.” Korra pointed it out to him. “You may think I’m a half baked Avatar… but my friends see something in me that you will never understand.” She told him.

But Tarrlok points at her in fury. “This is your last warning. Stay out of my way!” He warned her as he turns back and drives away while Team Avatar smiles in victory.

Liu walked up to Korra and patted her shoulder. “You did good… but this fight was just the start.” He told her.

“There are still a lot of Equalists on the loose.” Kitana pointed out.

“And these chi blockers are just the runts of the liter.” Scorpion said to them.

“He’s right… we still have Rain and the others to worry about. Still…” Fluttershy looked to where Tarrlok drove off to. “I can’t help but feel that Tarrlok will be plotting something. We need eyes one him, at the council chambers, and the Police Department.” She told them.

“Fluttershy’s right, Tarrlok’s a slippery one.” Korra agreed with her.

Sub-Zero approached them and stood beside Scorpion. “We’ll do it… we’re the most qualified, and with Stryker looking after Lin as she recovers, we will watch Tarrlok at the council meeting tomorrow.” He told them as Scorpion nodded in agreement with the idea.

“But you gotta admit, it was funny to see how angry Tarrlok was.” Pinkie snickered at remembering the angry expression on Tarrlok’s face and soon started laughing.

Laughter started coming from the others, even Mako who was chuckling at remembering it. “She’s not wrong, it was hilarious!” He told them as he held his gut while laughing.

Korra soon started to giggle as she looked to Mako as he laughed. “Yeah… he was rip roaring mad.” She laughed a bit with a giggle. Mako chuckled as he looked to Korra, feeling something that was definitely connecting them together. Asami would have noticed, but was too busy giggling with Bolin to even pay attention.

Kitana noticed Mako looking at Korra with a smile that was much like when Liu looked at her. She smiled as she nudged Liu and gestures to it. “I’m beginning to think that they’re starting to make a connection.” She told him.

Smirking a bit, Liu nodded his head knowing she isn’t wrong. “You’re right… but let’s wait to see how things work out between them.” He told her as she nodded in agreement.

Republic City Hall

The next day at City Hall, Tarrlok and the other members of the council, including Tenzin were attended to hear what Tarrlok had to say. “Republic City stands as a beacon of freedom, but the Equalists are using that freedom to tear it down.” He told them as she looked amongst the attending council members. “The law I have proposed would make it illegal for anyone to be a member of the Equalists or even be associated with them. It also puts into effect a curfew, ensuring all nonbenders are in their own homes by nightfall.” He told them.

“This is going too far, Tarrlok!” Tenzin stood up as he shot a glare towards him. “You can't punish all nonbenders for the actions of a few!” He told him as he swung his hand on to the side.

“That kind of cowardice will cause our city to fall into Amon's hands. We must pass this law. All in favor?” He asked the other councilmen raise their hands as Tenzin sighs angrily while Tarrlok smiles mischievously.

Meanwhile, Sub-Zero and Scorpion were on the roof looking through a window, watching the scene as it played out and looked to each other. “This is getting way out of hand.” The Lin Kuei told the Shirai Ryu as he looked back to Tarrlok. “He’s literally got the entire council in his pocket, they refuse to listen to Tenzin.”

“Korra is not going to be happy when she hears about this… and neither will your pupil.” Scorpion told him.

“We better tell them quickly… because this is only going to make things worse.” Sub-Zero said to him as Scorpion grabbed hold of his shoulder and vanished through hellfire with him to reach where Korra and the others were.

Republic City Streets

A few minutes after returning to the team as they were on the streets of Republic City where Team Avatar was resting and eating their dumplings as they heard the news from what Tarrlok had just did. They were calm at first, but then…- “HE DID WHAT?!” Korra shouted in a fit of unchecked anger.

“It’s true, he is forcing curfew on all nonbenders to ensure that the Equalists don’t grow further in numbers.” Scorpion told them.

Growling in anger, Sonya slammed her fist on Asami’s car in a fit of fury. “Hey, easy! I get you’re upset, but you need to calm down and not take your anger out on my car.” She told her.

“Calm…?” Sonya turned towards Asami with a really angry expression. “I’M COMPLETELY CALM!!!” She shouted at her as her eye twitches.

Seeing it, everyone knew that she totally wasn’t as Jax reached over and touched her shoulder. “Girl, I know that look, and you are far from calm right now.” He told her.

“Jax is right Sonya, you need to cool it.” Applejack told her.

Exhaling from it, Sonya tried her best to keep herself in control. Meanwhile Korra was still fuming, still furious at what Tarrlok just pulled. “I can’t believe that no good weasel-snake! First he plays me, then Beifong, and now he’s punishing all nonbenders by putting them in curfew?! That’s it, I’ve had just about enough of his insanity!” She shouted as she was about to declare war on the councilman.

“Korra, calm yourself… remember what Kratos and Lord Raiden have been trying to teach you.” T’Challa told her.

Hearing it, Korra knew that she needed to calm down, just as much as Sonya. She inhaled and let out a long exhale and leaned against the car. “I’m sorry… I just can’t believe he would do something like this.” She told him.

“Like many dictators I have met in the past, from M’Baku, to N’Jadaka, to Tarrlok… they will do anything to seize control over the city or land.” The Wakandan king told her as he patted her shoulder. “Do not worry though, I will talk to Tenzin about speaking to the other members of the council at city hall. Just be careful out there, and don’t go getting into trouble.” He told her as he leaped to the build and leaped to the rooftops running amongst them to get to Air Temple Island.

“Man, I gotta know what he takes to pull off stunts like that.” Johnny told himself as he crossed his arms.

“Yeah, I don’t think he’d tell you.” Pinkie told him.

“Yeah, you don’t exactly have the king part down.” Mako told him with a smirk as everyone laughed. He scowled at them knowing they were joking at his expense.


Later that evening, Korra and the others were waiting for some action on the radio on the streets, hoping things will work out. Mako walked over to Korra with a warm drink and handed it to her. “Here… this might help you warm up.” He told her.

She gently took it as she tried to keep her anger in control. “Thanks Mako…” She told him as she took a quick sip, but felt it burn her mouth and she spit it out. “Hot! Hot! Hot!” She cried out as she blew on it only to realize her hands were warmer than the drink. “Oh, I guess I might have heated it up with my firebending.” She chuckled a bit.

“You going to be okay? I know you’re probably still mad about Tarrlok, but if you ever want to talk about it, my ears always open.” He told her.

Sighing a bit, Korra leaned against a the car and looked up. “I guess deep down, I’m of really okay. I’ve been feeling the need to punch something, but would it make me feel better? Probably not, but if anyone deserves a good punch, it’s Tarrlok.” She told him.

Seeing it, Mako lowered his eyes as he looked down feeling sorry for how she’s feeling, but looked to her as he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Look, I get it… I’ve been bottling up all my anger since my parents were killed. I wanted so bad to find the man who took them from me… but I needed to look after Bolin, I knew he wouldn’t make it on his own… so I left my past, and looked to my future.” He told her.

The young Avatar looked to him seeing the deep personal feelings he kept to himself, she felt even more sorry for him than he did for her. She reached to his hand on her shoulder and touched it. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you chose your brother besides vengeance. Scorpion of course would definitely approve of your decision.” She told him with a smile.

Mako smiled back at her as the two looked into each other’s eyes, but the moment was interrupted when the radio spoke. “All available units, please respond to the fifty six hundred block of Dragon Flats borough. Equalists have taken to the streets, consider them armed and dangerous. Proceed with caution.” It clicks off.

“Sounds serious…” Twilight looked to Korra. “But I’ve been down that street myself, and it seemed like a peaceful neighborhood.” She told her.

“Appearances can be deceiving, however, I want to see for myself if you’re right. Let’s get moving.” She headed towards the car with them.

“I call front!” Bolin called it as he got into the front seat beside Asami.

Mako approached but decided to let Korra get in first. “After you.” He said to her gentlemanly.

Smiling a seeing it, Korra took his hand and got in with his help. “What a gentleman, thanks.” She told him as she sat down, and Mako got in, sitting next to her as the two were smiling at each other as Asami adjusts the mirrors, narrowing her eyes at them in disdain before starting the car and driving off to the Dragon Flats borough.

Rarity noticed where police airships are circling around an area and noticed that the area was plunged in darkness. “That’s odd…” She commented.

“What’s odd?” Pinkie asked her.

“The whole entire area… it’s blacked out.” Rarity pointed out to them.

Even Korra was surprised of it as she looked around. “Why is the power out?” she asked as she looked around and pulled up her wrist com that Sonya gave her and activated it. “Sonya, are you seeing this?” She asked her.

“As far as my eye can see… I’m on the rooftops examining the entire area. There’s no way this is normal.” She told her over the wrist com.

“If I have to venture a guess, this is likely Tarrlok’s doing.” Johnny commented as he was with Sonya.

“Keep your distance and your eyes opened, we’re gonna need you in case something goes wrong.” Korra told them and changed the channel to Liu’s so she could contact him. “Liu, are you and Kitana at Dragon Flats borough?” She asked him.

“We are… and you better get here fast, there is something you need to see.” Liu told them as Asami has the car to drive fast to their location. As they arrived, Asami had the car swerves around the corner and stops. Asami takes off her goggles as they look at hundreds of nonbenders protesting at the metalbending police officers who are holding them behind a blockade.

“Wait a second, these people aren't armed or dangerous.” She told them.

“They’re just regular civilians.” Fluttershy pointed out and looked to Korra. “You don’t think that maybe…?” She wondered.

This even had Korra generally concerned of the entire situation as she looked at it. “Sure doesn't look that way.” She told her as she looked seeing Liu and Kitana approaching. “What’s the verdict?” She asked them.

“We arrived not long after they did, we were keeping our eyes open for Equalists, but that was when the power went out, and the metalbenders showed up.” Kitana explained as she looked to Liu. “We felt that this was Tarrlok’s doing…” She said as she looked back to Korra. “And felt that we should wait till you arrived.

“Good call, can’t have and interrealm war breaking out.” Korra told them as she heard a microphone and turns seeing Saikhan as he stood on one of the police vehicles.

“All nonbenders, return to your homes immediately.” He told them.

“Yeah, as soon as you turn our power back on.” One of the civilians protested.

“Disperse, or you will all be arrested.” Saikhan warned them.

Glaring at the new chief, a mother stepped up as she was holding her youngest in her arms. “You benders can't treat us this way!” She protested towards him.

Her eldest child soon notice Korra and her friends approaching. “Mummy, look! It's the Avatar!” She pointed out as everyone turned seeing Korra.

The mother rushed to her with the others and pleaded to her. “Please, help us! You're our Avatar, too!” She told her.

Liu turned towards Korra and approached her. “Korra, we have to do something, we can’t just let Tarrlok get away with this.” He told her as Korra looked upon the nonbenders of Dragon Flats burrow.

She was filled with sadness just from seeing how they were being treated, but she strides forward, pushing two metalbender officers aside. “Everyone, please stay calm. I'm gonna put a stop to this.” She told them as she turns along with her friends as Saikhan watched them and turned away adjusting his hat. The group searched for Tarrlok who is talking to a task force member. Korra scowled at him as she walked towards him with her friends. “Tarrlok, you need to turn the power back on and leave these people alone.” She told him.

“Avatar Korra, you and your playmates have no business here.” He responded to her sternly.

“You better believe it concerns us pal.” Rainbow Dash approached as she glared at him. “So guess what, we're not going anywhere. You don't have the right to treat these innocent people like criminals.” She told him.

“This is an Equalist rally... there is nothing innocent about it.” Tarrlok pointed at the nonbenders.

Asami stepped up to stand against the councilman. “They're not Equalists, they're just normal people who want their rights back.” she told him.

“She’s right, they are trying to avoid getting involved with the Equalists, but all you are doing is making matters worse.” Twilight said to him.

For your information Princess Twilight, I have had my fair share of meeting the enemy first hand, and this is part of that share. They are the enemy!“ He said to her furiously and turned towards the metalbenders. “Round up all these Equalists!” He ordered them as the Metalbending officers begin to earthbend, removing the legs from the barriers and forcing the people back as they coil the barriers around them. The metalbenders slam their legs into the ground, causing large mounds of earth to rise underneath the nonbenders, lifting them off the ground. Fear begins to spread through those not caught, and they start running away.

The police force prepares to put people into the police trucks, while Team Avatar looks on aghast. But Korra, Twilight and Liu weren’t going to allow it as they rushed forward. “Stop!” Korra shouted as she earthbends the mounds of earth down so every one can escape. The metalbenders went to snare them, but Twilight used her magic to strip them of their cables and crumble them together as Applejack punched several of them in the faces while Pinkie threw sticky grenades that combusted in midair, and stuck onto the metal benders, keeping them from moving. Some of the metalbenders rushed towards them to arrest them but saw Fluttershy getting in the way as her eyes widened and they stopped dead in their tracks, entranced by her stare as they couldn’t move a single muscle. As they did, Rainbow Dash and Rarity stunned and froze some of them to knock them out. Sunset used her magic to remove the metal barriers that held the other nonbenders as Liu Kang and Kitana knocked out several officers and stood back to back together.

Scorpion appeared before the mother and her children, taking them as he teleported through hellfire, getting them to safety with Johnny and Sonya along with a few other innocent civilians. Sub-Zero blocked Saikhan’s attacks and grabbed hold of the cables he shot at him. Freezing them as he slammed his fist on the cables, making them shatter as he caught Saikhan by surprise. Meanwhile Tarrlok snarls at her, and turns to see Asami watching her. He bends a water whip to grab onto Asami's wrist. Asami turns and looks up at him, struggling angrily as she tried to get free. “Hey! Let me go!” She demanded.

“You're under arrest!” Tarrlok told her as he grabbed her.

Mako was shocked to hear it as he couldn’t believe it. “What? You can’t do that!” He shouted as he pointed at him.

“Actually, I can. She's a nonbender out past curfew and her father is a known Equalist conspirator.” Tarrlok pointed to her as one of his Task Force soldiers took her.

Mako glared as his fire grew inside him. “Let her go!” He warned him.

Tarrlok turns to the metalbending officers as he pointed to the two brothers. “Arrest him and his brother! In fact, arrest them all!” He ordered them as the metalbending officers coil their cables around the brothers and pull them in.

Twilight saw cables flying towards her and blocked them as she avoided them, but witnessed some of her friends being taken. “Pinkie! Fluttershy!” She cried out.

Scorpion grabbed Sub-Zero and his student along with Rarity, teleporting through hellfire to escape. Applejack used her superior strength to avoid getting captured as Sunset Shimmer teleported away to where Johnny and Sonya were. Liu blocked the cables only to see Kitana get snared and taken. “Kitana!” He shouted but caught a cable and pulled two metalbender officers and kicked them in their heads.h. He turned towards Tarrlok, shooting a glare as dragon fire surrounded him. “Tarrlok!” He held the flames in his hands as Korra earthbends two massive rocks on either side of her.

Twilight summoned her war fans glaring at the councilman. “Let, them, go!” She said to him as she gripped her war fans.

“If you don’t let them go Tarrlok, I swear to the Elder Gods, I will finish you!” Korra threatened him.

“Unless you want to join your friends in prison, I suggest you put those down and go back to the Air Temple.” Tarrlok said to her.

The trio glared at him about to attack him, only to see lightning flowing down and crashed between them, revealing Raiden as he glared at Tarrlok. “ENOUGH!!!!” he shouted as everyone stood down in shock and surprise of seeing the thunder god.

Tarrlok smirked at seeing him. “Lord Raiden, how kind of you to grace us with your presence.” He said to him.

“You have gone too far Tarrlok… you have no authority, or right to arrest Korra’s comrades.” Raiden told him as lightning flowed around his fists.

“I do actually, you may be a god, Raiden… but here, you are just a civilian, equal to our standards as benders.” Tarrlok told him. “On a side note, your dominions should know where they stand in this conflict.” He told him.

“My dominions are well known to me Tarrlok… thank you.” Raiden told him sarcastically.

“Raiden, just let me take him!” Korra was about to run passed him, but she was stopped by him.

“Korra, listen to him. It's not worth it.” Mako said to her, but Korra was reluctant to put the boulders down. Looked to him, seeing his pleading eyes knowing that she would end up joining him if she did something stupid, so she drops the rocks back down as the brothers head towards the truck.

“We’ll be all right.” Bolin told her as he got into the truck.

“Don’t worry about us Twilight, just focus on protecting the others.” Fluttershy said to her.

“We’ll get you out Fluttershy, I promise.” Twilight said to her.

“Don't worry, I'll call Tenzin. He can get you out.” She told them as Kitana looked to Liu Kang, nodding to him as Liu nodded back as he put out his flames while Mako walks into the police truck, and looks up at Korra before the doors close on him. Korra looks on in dismay, only to hear Tarrlok chuckle.

“So sad to see your little Team Avatar broken up. You had a good run.” He told her with a grin.

But she glared at him and pointed a finger at him. “This isn't over, Tarrlok.” She warned him.

“Not by a long shot.” Twilight said to him as she used magic to slap him in the face.

Feeling it, Tarrlok only let out an amused chuckle as he looked to her. “Oh, I believe it is. Take them away.” He told the drivers as Korra looks at the trucks before looking down in regret as they drove off. Liu meanwhile watched as Tarrlok left, shooting an intense glare of what he just did… Twilight was right about one thing, this wasn’t over, not by a long shot.

Republic City Police Department

At the police station, Tenzin was walking up to the front doors with T’Challa. He walks in and see’s Korra and the remaining members of their team. He walked up towards Korra, who attempts to talk to the person behind the counter without success. “Hey!” She tried calling out to him, but gets ignored as she slammed her fist on the counter.

“Hey, chuckle nuts! We’re talking to you!” Rainbow called out to them, still being ignored as she growled wanting to slice something. “These guys are literally the worst police force, ever!” She shouted.

“I hear ya… they’re more stubborn than a mule on a dry summer day.” Applejack said to her as she nodded her head.

Tenzin approached with the Wakandan king to hear the news. “We came as fast as we could. Are your friends all right?” He asked them.

Korra turned towards them. “I don't know! These knuckleheads won't tell me anything.” She gestured to them.

“They’ve been ignoring us since we arrived at the station.” Sonya told them.

“And they won’t tell us what’s happened to the nonbenders that we’re arrested.” Johnny folded his arms. “If Tarrlok we’re here right now, I’d give him a good punch to the nuts.” He stated not caring for the surprised looks from some of the metalbender officers.

“We'll take care of this.” T’Challa assured her and noticed Saikhan walking by. Saikhan notices him and Tenzin, and tries to walk away. “Chief Saikhan, a word please.” He said to him.

A bit frustrated, Saikhan turns to face them as he walked over. “King T’Challa, Councilman Tenzin, I'm pretty swamped at the moment. Can this wait?” He asked them.

“No, it cannot. Three of Avatar Korra's friends, along with some the Earthrealm Defenders were wrongly arrested tonight. I'd like you to release them immediately.” Tenzin demanded.

“They're not going anywhere. They were interfering with police business.” Saikhan told them.

Korra scowled at hearing what he said. “Your so called police business was rounding up innocent people and claiming they were Equalists.” She told him.

“They we’re doing nothing wrong until you cut off the power to their houses, they should be released, too.” Liu Kang told him.

“All Equalists suspects are being detained indefinitely. They'll be freed if and when the task force deems they are no longer a threat.” Saikhan told them with a stern tone.

Coughing at hearing it, Johnny did it as a fake cough as he cleared his throat. “You hear that…? You hear that sound? It sounds like a broken record.” He told him.

Sonya walked up and pointed at Saikhan. “You are a disgrace to that badge.” She told him.

“Those people are entitled to due process under the law.” Twilight stated to him.

“You'll have to take that up with Councilman Tarrlok.” Saikhan suggested.

T’Challa scowled at him as a Vibranium panther glow formed and he pierced them on top of the counter. “Oh, we plan to. At the council meeting, first thing in the morning.” He told him as he left a row of scratch marks on the counter and walked away.

Korra leaned close to Saikhan with a glare. “You're officially the worst Chief of Police ever!” She places her hand to grip his chin, moving his head up and down.

Tenzin grabbed her and pulled her away. “Calm down, Korra. I'll get this sorted out, we just need to be patient.” He told her as he walked with her and the others, but turned back towards Saikhan. “But you really are the worst! Ever!” He stated as he walked away with them.

Till suddenly, a loud crash is heard as everyone turned to see Fluttershy trying to break free. “Let go of me! I swear to you, when Scorpion hears about this, you will be sorry!” She warned them as she struggled. “Now let me go!” She shouted.

Seeing it, Twilight and Korra panicked as they made their way to help her, but several metalbenders blocked their path. “Stop it, let her go!” Twilight shouted as she tried to get passed them. “Fluttershy!” She called out to her.

Seeing them, Fluttershy tried to get free. “Twilight! Korra!” She called out to them trying to break out.

“Hold her men, give her a Shirshu dart!” Saikhan ordered his officers.

“No, don’t!” Korra tried to stop them only to get grabbed by the metal bending officers. “Let me go, you’re hurting her!” She pleaded as the officers pinned Fluttershy and stuck a Shirshu dart into her neck as Fluttershy gasps and her body fell limp. Causing Korra’s eyes to widen in shock, tears brimming in her eyes from seeing Fluttershy in that state. “No!” She shouted

Sonya couldn’t take it anymore as she walked towards Saikhan and turned him around, landing a sucker punch against his face, knowing him to the ground. He groaned from it, looking towards Sonya with a glare. “That’s enough to get you arrested Blade.” He said to her.

“We got diplomatic immunity thanks to Tenzin… therefore, you can’t touch us. As far as I’m concerned, you not only disgrace that badge, you dishonor Lin Beifong.” She said to him as she walked away with Johnny following after her. Korra meanwhile watched as Fluttershy was dragged back to her cell, she didn’t know at first… but something just snapped in her.

Air Temple Island

On Air Temple Island, the whole situation was explained to everyone as it was a shocking blow, even to Scorpion, who was furious of what happened to Fluttershy. Korra was lying on her bed, but she was angry at herself and opens the window to look at Republic City. She turns to Naga. “Wake up, Naga.” She said to her as Naga woke up seeing Korra squat next to her. “Let's go.” She said to her as she walked out with her.

She and Naga proceeded to the edge of the islands shore, Korra immediately stopped along with Naga. “Don’t even think of stopping me Liu.” She told him as she turned facing him. “This is personal right now, I can’t get you involved with this.” She told him.

“I know how you’re feeling Korra, I am with you in regards to that subject. Tarrlok has gone too far this time… therefore, I’m going with you.” He told her as she looked to him surprised as he walked up. “Whether you want me to go with you or not, I can’t let you go without backup.” He said to her.

“I’m going too.” Spike walked up. “I know I’m gonna get scolded by Twilight later, but hey, it’s worth it to save the others. Not only that, you’re going to need someone keeping an eye open should anything happen with Tarrlok.” He told them. Liu and Korra smiled at him and headed out for the city

Republic City Hall

At the entrance to City Hall, Korra rode to the front of the building and looked at it. “Hmm, going in the front will take too long to get to him.” She thought out loud and looked to a window that was lit up. “That must be Tarrlok’s office.” She pointed to it.

“It’s a long way up, think you can manage?” Spike asked her.

“Don’t worry about me Spike…” She told him as she dismounted from Naga along with Liu Kang, and petted Naga. “Wait for us here, girl.” She told her.

But Naga looked to her and moved her head in concern rubbing against her, she soon started to feel Liu’s hand petting her. “Don't worry, we’ll be all right.” He assured her as he followed Korra to the building.

Spike watched them go and exhaled from the cold and looked around to the snow. “Is it just me, or does it get randomly cold around here?” He asked as he snuggled up in Naga’s fur as the polar bear dog looked to him and laid down as he got more comfortable. “Thanks Naga.” He said to her as she licked his head.


Meanwhile in Tarrlok’s office, he was working with the council page before the window bursts open, blowing papers everywhere. You can see a decorative waterfall behind Tarrlok and the council page. They look up to see Korra and Liu Kang standing at the window. They both held stern looks toward the councilman knowing he will not be so cooperative than they think he will. “We need to talk.” Korra told him as she and Liu walked into the room.

Seeing it unfazed, Tarrlok kept his eyes on them as he spoke to the council page. “Are any of the other council members here?” he asked him.

“I believe everyone has gone home for the night.” The council page informed him.

“Then you should do the same.” Tarrlok told him.

But the page shifted his eyes to him. “Are you sure, sir?” He asked him.

“Leave us.” He told him as the council page looks at Korra and Liu before looking back at Tarrlok. He bows and quickly walks away. Tarrlok looked at the Shaolin and the Avatar, keeping his calm demeanor. “You both obviously have something on your minds? Spit it out.” He told them.

“Don't you see? You're doing exactly what Amon says is wrong with benders.” Korra told him.

“She’s right Tarrlok, you're using your power to oppress and intimidate people!” Liu shouted at him.

But Tarrlok tilted his head to the side as he looked at them. “And you don't?” He asked them.

Taken aback from what he asked, Korra was on the defensive. “Of- Of course not!” She shouted.

“Isn't that what you came here to do? Intimidate me into releasing your friends.” He asked them as both Liu and Kitana glared at him, but he smirked. “See, that's what I admire about your dad Liu Kang, Korra. Your willingness to go to extremes in order to get what you want. It is a quality we all share.” He told them.

“We are nothing alike!“ Korra yelled at him angrily.

“Look, I'll make you a deal. You both fall in line and do what I say and I'll release your friends.” Tarrlok offered them an opportunity, the freaking snake in the grass didn’t know it at first, but he just signed his own death warrant.

Korra glared in realizing in shock of what he was trying to do. “That's why you arrested them? To get to us?” She asked him.

“I need your answer.” Tarrlok said to her.

Liu and Korra looked to each other, they knew they couldn’t let this coward win. Even if it meant forsaking their comrades as they looked to him. “No. You might be able to manipulate Chief Saikhan into following you, but it won't work on us.” Liu told him.

“Liu’s right, all you are is a shallow, manipulative coward.” Korra said to him.

Tarrlok immediately stood up from his chair and turned his back to them looking at his reflection in the waterfall. “You will regret that decision.” He told them.

“You need to be stopped! You're just as bad as Amon!” Korra pointed at him accusingly.

This immediately made Tarrlok’s eyes widen with rage. “I've tried to work with you Liu Kang, Korra, but you've both made it impossible.” He said to them. Liu sensed his violent intentions and shielded Korra as Tarrlok turns around, slicing a stream of water from the waterfall at them. Liu managed to block it as Korra barely dodges some of it, only a small section of her hair being cut. She rolls and earthbends at Tarrlok, forcing him back and causing him to hit his back on the wall. Korra and Liu raise their arms and holds it straight while shooting a blast of fire toward Tarrlok, who protects himself by waterbending a dome around him. He thrusts his hands forward repeatedly behind the dome, firing several ice darts toward them, Korra flips back to try and dodge them as Liu shielded himself with a fire barrier but see’s Korra still get grazed as she lands. She attempts to punch the ice darts away, but one catches her on her side, and she lifts her hands up to protect her head. Tarrlok continues to throw ice darts at her with a sadistic smile, but Liu glared at his as a flash of fiery orange flashed in his eyes towards him as he blasted the shards and the water away as Korra earthbends a wall to protect herself. She thrusts her arm forward, earthbending the wall behind Tarrlok into him, causing him to fly through the wall into the council chambers. He tries to right himself, but trips over the railing and begins to fall, grabbing the railing with his hand, his hair loose over his face as he glares.

Korra approached with Liu Kang as she returned the glare. “Still think that I'm a half-baked Avatar?” She asked him as she earthbends, causing Tarrlok to fall to the ground. She jumps off and punches the ground, causing a gigantic hole around her. She looks up at him with anger, breathing heavily. “What are you gonna do now? You're all out of water, pal.” She told him as Tarrlok moved away in fear of her.

Korra begins to firebend from her palms. She runs toward him intending to vaporize him. “Korra, don’t!” Liu was about to stop her, but both his actions and that of Korra’s halted by Tarrlok as he begins to perform a form of bending Liu never saw before or felt. Korra groans in pain as he continues, making her fall to her knees.

Liu groaned from it as he also kneeled from it. “What is this…?!” He asked as he struggled.

“You're in my way Avatar, and you and your Shaolin friend here need to be removed.” Tarrlok told them.

Korra struggled from what he was doing, but began to realize what he was. “You're, you're a bloodbender?” She asked him.

“Very observant.” Tarrlok complimented her as Liu was confused to what bloodbending was, but give he was caught in its horrific grip, he began to figure it out in a manner of seconds.

But Korra couldn’t believe what was happening as she was struggling. “It's not a full moon! How- how are you doing this?!“ she demanded to know.

“There are a lot of things you don't know about me.” Tarrlok told her as he bloodbends them and flings them across the room into a pillar. Korra and Liu began to lose consciousness as Tarrlok approaches them, until they faint. Tarrlok was about to grab Korra, but green fire shot at him and he turned to see Spike glaring at him.

“Step away from them, jerk wad!” He shouted at him.

But Tarrlok approached him slowly. “Good dragon… does the little guy want a-“

“You say belly rub, and I’ll give it to you on principle!” Spike shouted as he breathed fire at him. But Tarrlok avoided it and blood ended him to close his mouth as he raised him up.

The little dragon whimpered from the pain he was feeling. “You have a lot of spirit little one.” He quickly stuffed him in a sack. “But a lot of mouth.” He told him as he walked back towards Liu and Korra.

As he took them, Korra soon began to have visions to where in a courtroom, Yakone bulges his eyes in pain, Sokka yells in pain from the bloodbending. Toph tries to metalbend her cables, but she too is bloodbent. Aang struggles to move closer to Yakone, who laughs at him, an expression of determination in his eyes. Korra sluggishly wakes up to find Tarrlok has binded her and Liu with ropes, with Spike struggling to get out of the sack. She lifts up her head. “Where are you taking us?” She demanded to know.

“Somewhere no one will find either of you.” He told her as Korra's expression shows fury to him. “Say goodbye to Republic City, Avatar Korra. Neither you or Liu Kang will ever see it again!” He begins to close the doors as Korra firebends a breath of fire from her mouth, screaming in anger. Tarrlok manages to close it in time and slams a fist on the door before walking up to start driving.

“You can't do this! Let me out!” She told him as the car begins to move. She screams in the back as she tried to get out while the car drives away from the City Hall under a crescent moon.

On the rooftops, Killmonger watched the whole scene of what Tarrlok did, he rubbed his chin curiously. “This just got more interesting.” He muttered as he turned and ran off to inform Amon of what happened.

Air Temple Island

Back on Air Temple Island, Twilight was sound asleep next to Flash, but her eyes snapped wide open sensing it as she got up gasping. Flash woke up to see it and sat up next to her. “Twilight? What’s wrong?” He asked her concerned.

Panting a bit, Twilight looked out to the city. “Something’s happened to Korra and Liu Kang… wake the others, we need to find them.” She told him as she used magic to get them quickly changed into their warrior attire, and rush out to find Korra. Little did they know of what was going to happen in the future, but it mattered little to Twilight, for she and Flash had two great teachers, and they weren’t going to lose them like this.

Out of the Past

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The Avatar and the Champion of Mortal Kombat have been abducted! After Tarrlok arrested her friends, Korra and Liu Kang confronted the councilman in his chambers. But the heated argument quickly turned into an all-out bending battle! Desperate to save himself, Tarrlok revealed his ability to bloodbend and took Korra and Liu Kang far from Republic City. Will the Avatar's and the MK Champs friends find them before it's too late?

Snowy Mountain Region

In a basement room with two metal box in the center and a dark staircase are also seen. A door at the top of the stairs opens and Tarrlok steps in, using bloodbending to levitate Korra and Liu several inches off the ground in front of him. Korra groans as he levitates her and Liu down the stairs and into the box. Strained, while looking to Tarrlok. “What are you doing?” When Korra and Liu are entirely into separate boxes, Tarrlok tosses Spike into Korra’s box as he releases his bloodbending grip on her, causing her to land, and slams the metal door shut aggressively. “Tarrlok!” Korra shouted and begins pounding on the door as Tarrlok walks up the stairs. “You can't keep us in here forever!” She told him as Tarrlok steps outside and gets back into his vehicle. He drives away, revealing that Korra's prison is in a remote location in the middle of snowy mountains.

Spike finally managed to get himself out of the sack and groaned. “Man, what kind of bending did he hit us with?” He asked as he rubbed his head.

“It was bloodbending, a really bad form of bending that is used to control anyone’s body at will.” Korra explained as Liu woke up in the other box.

“How did her learn it…? I didn’t think something like this existed.” Liu told her.

“I wish it didn’t, Katara was the next bloodbender after Hama trained her. She made bloodbending illegal, because of how taboo it was. To this day, bloodbending was never taught to, or spoken of… until tonight.” Korra told them.

“Man, that is really messed up.” Spike commented.

Liu Kang looked around the box he was in. “Seems Tarrlok was well prepared… now we’re trapped.” He told them.

“No… we have to find a way out. We can’t let Tarrlok get away with this!” Korra told him as she hit the door on the box. “We have to escape… everyone will be worried about us.” She told him and Spike.

Air Temple Island

The next morning on Air Temple Island, Twilight and Flash had finished their search through the city for Korra and Liu and returned to the island seeing the others had returned from their search. “Did you guys find anything?” She asked them.

“Not a trace of them.” Jax replied.

“We checked the whole entire east district.” Nightwolf gestured to himself and Chi as he looked to Applejack. “There was no sign of her, or Liu Kang.” He told her.

“They were no where in the northern side of town, not even in the park.” Rarity told them.

Twilight sat down and leaned against a tree feeling like she failed. “This can’t be happening…” She told herself.

“Don’t give up yet Twilight, if I know Liu, he’ll find a way out.” Kung Lao told her.

“Lao’s right Korra, we hav to keep trying.” Flash told her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “So come on, we got work to do.” He told her as Twilight looked to him and nodded her head.

Suddenly they hear a phone ringing from Tenzin’s bedroom, Tenzin and Pema are asleep in bed with Meelo between them. Meelo sits up, rubs his eyes, and crawls over his father's face to answer the phone, waking him up in the process. He answered the phone, feeling annoyed. “Who is this? It's six in the morning! This better be important!” he told the caller, only for Tenzin to take the phone from him.

Leaving him somewhat annoyed, as he answered the phone. “Councilman Tenzin here.” He told the caller as he listened, only to receive shocking news. “What?!” He shouted.

Jade opened the door and walked in. “What is it Tenzin?” She asked him.

“We need to get to City Hall, Korra and Liu Kang have been kidnapped!” He shouted as he got out of bed causing the defenders to gasp in shock. “We’ll need all hands on deck, and Someone, get Artemis. We will need her tracking skills in case something is amiss.” He told them as he got into his robes.

Republic City Hall

At city hall, a photographer taking a photo of the damages in City Hall. Tenzin arrives with the defenders, while the camera, through the lens of a photo camera, zooms in on an electrified glove and several Equalists weapons. Tarrlok, was having his arm wound healed by a male healer. “What happened? What was Korra and Liu Kang doing at City Hall?” He asked Tarrlok.

“And you better have a good reason buster.” Rainbow punched the palm of her hand as electric sparks flew from it.

“As I told Chief Saikhan…” Tarrlok began as he stands up as he rolls down his sleeve. “Korra and Liu Kang came to my office late last night. They were upset that I arrested their friends. They asked me to release them and ... that's when the Equalists attacked.” He told them as Artemis listened and looked around the area, seeing the evidence all around them. “I tried to protect them, but we were outnumbered. Then, I was electrocuted.” He gestured to his arm as it showed his injury. “When I came to, the police had arrived. But Korra and Liu Kang were gone.” He told them as he moved towards Tenzin, sighing I regret. (Liar! Liar! LIAAARRRR) “I'm so sorry.” He told him as he bows and turns to Saikhan. “Chief Saikhan, mobilize the entire police force. We have to find the Avatar.” He told him.

Artemis looked at some of the evidence and squinted her eyes as Jade approached her. “Is something wrong?” She asked her.

“Something about this seems strange…” Artemis told her as she looked to some of the damages. “The battle started from inside his office, then it moved to out here… but…” Her muzzle turned into that of a wolf. She sniffed the air in the area around her. “I don’t detect the scent of any Equalists… I know, because I spent the last few weeks living amongst them. They reeked of sweat and blood.” She told her.

“So basically what you’re saying is, Tarrlok is lying, is that it?” Jade asked her.

“I don’t know for certain, but I will need to look more into the matter.” She told her as she stood up. “In the meantime, we must focus on finding Korra.” She said to her as she walked off, while the Twilight approached Tarrlok with a menacing glare.

Tarrlok immediately panicked from seeing it as she pointed a finger at her. “Make this easy to remember, I still don’t forgive you or Chief Saikhan for what you did to Fluttershy. If you are hiding something, I swear, I’ll make sure it results in your permanent end.” She warned him as she stormed off.

The councilman shrugged only to get bumped by Scorpion as the ninja glanced back to him. “That goes double for me.” He said to him as hellfire surrounded him and he vanished, leaving Tarrlok with a worried expression.

Republic City General Hospital

At the hospital, Lin was lying comfortably in bed as Stryker sat in a chair looking out for her. She wakes up and looked to him, seeing he was asleep. She smirked as she at up, and reached over flicking him in his forehead, causing him to yelp. “Agh! Jeez Lin, you really need to trim those nails!” He said to her.

“Sorry to wake you… but isn’t it bad to be sleeping on the job in your realm?” She asked him.

“Don’t you think it’s rude to wake a man when he’s sleeping…?” He replied to her with his own question as he rubbed his head and put his hat back on. “How are you feeling?” He asked her.

“Other than a little sore, better than before.” She told him as she hears something on the radio. She reached over and turned up the volume to hear what it was.

“We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special report. Late last night, Equalists attacked City Hall, subduing Councilman Tarrlok and capturing Avatar Korra and Liu Kang. Details are still coming in, b-“ Lin turns the radio off knowing she couldn’t wait any longer.

“That’s not good… if Korra and Liu have been captured, this isn’t going to go well with Raiden.” Stryker muttered but saw Lin getting up. “Whoa, hold it.” She stopped her as she paused for a moment to groan and hold her arm. “Where do you think you’re going? You’re still recovering.” He told her.

“I’ve rested long enough… right now, we need to find the Avatar, and the Mortal Kombat Champion.” She told him as she crosses to a cupboard and opens it, looking at her Metalbending Police uniform arranged inside. She stands in her underclothes with her back to the cupboard and metalbends her uniform onto her body.

Seeing it, Stryker was beyond amazed of how she pulled it off. “I… literally am at a loss for words.” He told her. She glances down at the police insignia on her chest and tears it off, before putting on a long coat. She walked towards the door as Stryker sighed and followed after her. “Remind me to have you assigned to the Special Forces, because you are just as stubborn as Sonya.” He told her.

“Gladly.” She said to him as they walked out of the hospital room.

Republic City Police Department

At the holding cells of the RCPD, Kitana was meditating peacefully as she and Asami shared the same room. But Asami was less at ease of what’s going on as she looked towards Kitana. “How can you be so calm at a time like this Kitana? We’re locked up, and all you can do is meditate?” She asked her.

“Meditation helps calm the mind, it is a way of connecting with your spiritual self. Something Korra has been struggling with since her airbending training. You should try it yourself… your stress will only make things worse.” She told her.

Fluttershy nodded in agreement as she looked to Pinkie. “You too could give it a chance Pinkie.” She told her.

“Sorry, not my style.” Pinkie said to her.

“Yeah, no thanks.” Asami replied only to hear something and looks to the door as it was forced open. It was Lin metalbending the door off its hinges and tosses it away.

“Hope you both got enough beauty rest. Come on, we’re busting you out.” Lin told them.

Asami immediately got up and walked to her. “Thanks. I owe you.” She told her as Kitana walked to Stryker.

“Where’s Liu?” She asked him.

“We’ll explain on the way, come on.” Stryker said to her as he and Lin lead them to Mako and Bolin’s cell.


Speaking of, Mako and Bolin are standing in their cell. Mako has his back to Bolin, who is attempting to pee in a toilet in the corner of the room. Mako was growing impatient it’s his younger brother, slightly glancing towards him. “Are you done yet?” He asked him.

“Cover your ears! I can't go with you listening.” He told him as Mako sighs and covers his ears. He glances up as the cell door is metalbent off its hinges.

He see’s Asami and the other girls as well as Lin and Stryker, but was happier to see Asami. “Asami!” He embraced her as he kissed her.

But Bolin’s face flushes red. “Ahh! A little privacy, please!” He told them as he was felt completely embarrassed of the company.

Fluttershy and Pinkie immediately looked away from him hiding a pair of red faces. “Sorry Bolin!” They said in unison.

Meanwhile Mako let go of the kiss he aspen Asami shared as he looked to her. “Are you all right?” He asked her.

“I'm fine! It's so good to see you.” Asami told him.

“Hate to break up your lovers' reunion, but Korra and Liu Kang are in trouble. Amon captured them.” Lin informed them.

Mako’s eyes were wide as saucers as he felt his heart immediately sink down into his stomach from hearing the news about Korra and Liu, mostly for Korra. “No. No, she can't be gone!” he shouted.

“But why would Amon capture Liu Kang? He isn’t from this realm.” Kitana told them.

“Not sure, but we need to hurry. Come on, we have an Avatar, and a Mortal Kombat Champion to rescue.” Stryker told them as he escorted the former prisoners from their cells.

Bolin was about to follow after them after finishing his business, but Lin pulled up as a zipper sound could be heard, causing Bolin to squeak with a blush. Lin turns her head outward as her expression was indifferent. “Your fly was down.” She told him bluntly.

“Thanks for catching that.” He told her as he followed them.

Kitana followed after Stryker and looked out to the sky as they exited the police station. “Hang on Liu, we’ll find you.” She told herself, hoping that they will in time.

Snow Mountain Region

Back at the hidden prison, Korra is throwing herself against the sides of the box, kicking, and pounding trying to break herself out by sheer force. “Somebody! Help! Please!” She pleaded as she slumps to the ground, exhausted and realizing the futility of her actions. “Please.”

Meanwhile in the other box, Liu Kang was calmly meditating as he listened to her pounding against the box she was in. “Korra, it’s no us… we are miles away from the city, no one could possibly know we’re out here.” He told her as he focused.

She sighed from hearing it and looked to where his box would be if she could see through the wall. “Well, I don’t hear you coming up with a plan to get out of here… we have to escape!” She told him.

“Korra, not that I don’t want to get out of here or anything, but Liu’s got a point… you need to calm down.” Spike told her.

“Spike, I get you’re trying to help right now, but this is not the moment to keeping calm. Tarrlok is plotting to take over the city, way worse than what Amon or Shinnok can possibly do.” She told him.

“Look, just think on Tenzin’s words on trying to get into contact with your past lives, maybe that might help.” Spike advised her as Liu opened one eye as he listened from his box.

Korra thought about it for a moment. “I urge you to meditate on these visions. I believe Aang's spirit is trying to tell you something.” Tenzin’s words repeated in her head as she inhales and assumes a meditative pose.

She tried to focus, but all she could get was nothingness, and she angrily groans feeling frustrated. “I really don’t get this meditation stuff… I mean, I can’t even do it right!” She shouted.

Liu sighed from his box, but looked to the wall. “Remember how me and Kung Lao meditated…?” He asked her, even though he couldn’t see her nod, he could sense it as he got into his meditative stance. “Try that meditative position, it might help you with your methods.” He told her.

Korra thought back to how Liu Kang and Kung Lao sat during their meditation, she inhales and exhaled as she got into a similar position to theirs, focusing on the visions in hopes they will appear. And so they have, the came rushing to her like a tidal wave during a tsunami.


Flashback of Aang's experiences. He is standing in a street and turns around as he hears multiple booted footsteps behind him. “What are you doing here, Aang?” Asked one of the metalbending officers, revealing it to be Toph as she walked up to him. “I told you, I have this under control.” She told him.

“Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't get involved, but if what those victims said is true, we're not dealing with a normal criminal. Socks would have wanted you to have backup, should things get out of control.” He told her feeling concerned.

Toph smiled knowing how much Asoka cared for her, despite how brutal she can be. “Fine. Follow me, Twinkle Toes.” She told him.

“Toph, I'm forty years old. You think you could stop with the nicknames?” Aang asked her feeling a little annoyed of the nickname.

Toph smirked walking passed him. “'Fraid not.” She told him as she headed inside as Aang grimaces feeling annoyed and followed after her. The group approaches a table in Kwong's Cuisine, where a man is eating. Toph pointed at the man eating before them. “It's over! You're under arrest, Yakone!” She told him sternly.

But the man known as Yakone had his eyes shut as he was unfazed from her words. “What is Republic City coming to? Used to be, a man could enjoy his lunch in peace.” He told his guests only to see Toph bend a cable from a spool at her belt around his wrist and yanks him forward, knocking over his table. A policeman comes to tie his arms behind him. “What’s the big idea?!” He demanded to know.

“We have dozens of witnesses, Yakone. We know what you are.” Aang told him.

Toph gestures to her metalbending officers. “Take him away.” She ordered them.

As Yakone was being lead away, he looked back to the Avatar and Toph. “I've beaten every trumped-up charge you yahoos have brought against me! And I'll beat this one, too.” He told them feeling confident and arrogant.

Aang knew he was serious, but he wasn’t going to let a criminal like Yakone to get away with everything he did. He pulled out an amulet that had Raiden’s symbol on it as it began to glow, revealing Raiden. “Lord Raiden, I know I am asking much of you… but I think we may need your help on this.” He told him.

“Is it Yakone?” He asked the Avatar of what the situation is.

“Yes… we know what he is, and he may be more dangerous than we anticipated. We took him into custody, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra assurance.” Aang told him.

“I will arrive during the court session… I must remain where I am, but I swear I will be there.” Raiden assured him.

“Thank you, Lord Raiden… see you at court.” Aang told him as Raiden vanished and he looked out to where Yakone is, knowing they will need all the help they can get at this point.


Back to present day, Korra’s eyes opened wide from what she saw. “Whoa.” She said to herself.

“What is it?” Spike asked her.

“What did you see?” Liu asked her from his box.

“I saw Aang, and Toph… and Liu, I will never doubt your ways of meditation ever again.” Korra told him as she unknowingly earned a smile from Liu in the other box as she looked to the ceiling. “I finally connected with you, Aang.” She told him but felt confused. “But, what are you trying to tell me?” She asked him.

“A way out of this box would be nice.” Spike told her as she sighed but inhales, closes her eyes and begins meditating again.

Tenzin’s Office

In Tenzin’s office, he is on the phone talking to the police chief, but as he was talking, the doors opened, revealing Lin, Stryker, the brothers, Asami, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Kitana as they walked in. “I have to go. Call me back the minute you hear anything.” He told them as he stood up looking to them surprised. “Lin? Wh-wh-what are y- What are y- You should be in the hospital! And you six! You should be in prison!“ He pointed out.

“We’ll, we’re not… so it’s good to see you too Tenzin.” Pinkie said to him sarcastically.

“They were no good to us behind bars, I figured you could use our help finding Korra.“ Lin told him.

Just at that moment, Mako and Kitana walked up to him feeling anxious. “Do you have any leads?” Mako asked him.

“Any clues to what happened?” Kitana asked.

“I've been on the phone all morning, but nothing yet.” Tenzin regrettably informed them.

Feeling anxious as ever, Mako new one thing that could work. “We need Naga! She can track Korra.” He told them.

“I'm afraid her polar bear dog is missing as well, even Twilight’s assistant, Spike.” Tenzin added to his regret.

“Then where do we start?” Bolin asked, till a thought came to him. “What about Artemis? She’s a great tracker too.” He informed them.

“Ugh, like we need help from the very goddess who nearly tried to kill us.” Pinkie turned away with her arms folded.

“I know she is rough around the edges, but she knows loss like me and Bolin.” Mako told her and looked to Tenzin. “How quick can she get here…?” He asked.

Right on cue, Artemis appeared before them through magic and landed on the ground, looking to them as she stood in her human form. “Call upon the Goddess of the Hunt, and she shall appear.” She told him as she approached. “I have been searching throughout the entire city, there is no sign of her, or Liu Kang.” She told them.

Lin put her finger across her chin in thought, but soon came up with a theory. “My guess is the Equalists are hiding underground in the maze of tunnels beneath the city.” She told them.

Asami felt bitter from the very idea that reminded her of her father. “Underground ... just like my father's secret factory. Figures.” She told them.

Bolin soon remembered something as he looked to them. “Yeah! Yeah, that makes sense! When those chi blockers had me in their truck, it sounded like we drove into a tunnel! Even Artemis was there!” He pointed out as the hunting goddess looked away from him, that made him realize he just dug a thorn into her. “Uhh, not that it’s a bad thing, I was just saying you were only… uhh…” He tried to find the words, but failed to do so.

Kitana stopped him immediately by placing a hand on his shoulder. “It is probably best you don’t try so hard.” She advised him.

“I know…” Bolin replied to her feeling depressed.

“With Artemis’ help, I know where to start looking! Come on!“ Mako took them to here they will start looking, with Artemis being part of their team.

Lin watched them and looked towards Tenzin. “Wherever Amon is keeping Korra and Liu Kang, I bet that's where my officers are too.” She said to them.

“Let's bring them all home, Lin. I will contact Princess Twilight, and they will meet us in the exact spot Mako will take us to.” He replied to her as he followed after them with her.

Downtown, Republic City

Deep in downtown Republic City, Oogi fly’s down to the spot where they first fought the Equalists, landing in a deserted street and the team dismounted off of Oogi. Twilight looked seeing them and saw Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, rushing over to them and hugging them. “Thank goodness you’re both alright!” She shouted.

Pinkie let out a couple giggles as she held her best friend with Fluttershy. “Good to see you too Twi.” She said to her.

Fluttershy smiled and looked to Scorpion and broke free of Twilight, walking to him. “Fluttershy…” He spoke as he took off his mask looking at her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to save you… if I had been there at the station, I would have…” He didn’t want to utter the words.

But Fluttershy placed a hand on his face, showing him a forgiving smile. “There was nothing you could have done… if you stayed, you would have been arrested too.” She told him. He looked to her, and nodded his head to her, putting his mask back on.

“If you guys have had your little reunion, we have to move.” Mako reminded them as he looked to the others. “The truck with Bolin took off down this alley.” He pointed to where the truck went and jogged to it with the others following him.

They reached an intersection not knowing which way to go. “Which way?” Asami asked them.

Bolin thought about it and looked one direction. “Hmm. This way kinda…” He sniffs the air smelling something. “Smells familiar.” He told them.

Rainbow Dash sniffed the air, only to gag from the smell. “Ugh! Didn’t Republic City ever think to clean its sewers?” She asked them as she put on her mask.

“Be thankful you have a mask that allows you to breathe.” Black Panther told her.

Lin metalbends the sole of her shoe back and uses seismic sense to test the ground. “There's a tunnel nearby.” She sets off as the rest of the group follows and slides down an embankment.

Indicating a large tunnel entrance with a metal gate, Mako pointed to it. “There!“ He shouted.

Lin looked around and looked to the ground. “AJ, take a look at these.” She pointed to them.

Applejack kneeled and touched them. “Motorcycle tracks…” She said to her.

“Guess the Equalists weren’t smart enough to cover their tracks.” Stryker commented.

“Korra and Liu Kang have to be in there ... somewhere.” Mako told them as Lin metalbends the gate open, and they head inside.

As they ventured into the tunnels, the group walking into an intersection of tunnels. Mako uses firebending to light the way, giving Twilight enough to see the tunnels as she looked around. “This place is a complete maze, it might take us days to figure them out.” She told them.

“Let's try this way.” Mako pointed a direction.

“And what if Korra and Liu are not down there?” Asami asked him.

Mako turned sharply towards her. “Then we pick another tunnel until we find her!” He told her and went ahead.

Asami watched him feeling hurt as Sonya let out a whistle. “Wow, he’s certainly become less of a jerk.” She said sarcastically.

“Yeah, but can you blame the guy?” Johnny asked her as he followed with her with the rest of the group.

Asami followed them but dropped back, placing herself so that she is next to Bolin and Pinkie. “Hey, is Mako all right? He seems really worried about Korra.” She said to them.

“Yeah, we all are!” Bolin told her.

“I know, but, he's your brother. Kitana I get because she wants to find Liu Kang and bring him back, that’s a special kind of love there. Do you think that he likes Korra as more than just a friend?” Asami asked him and Pinkie.

Both of them panicked from hearing it, Bolin looked towards Pinkie and she looked to him shaking her head as Bolin turned towards Asami trying not to sweat. “W-What? No! That's, just gossip, where'd you hear that? Crazy talk is coming out of your mouth right now. Heh…” He told her in a slightly high pitch voice.

“Yeah, there’s no way he’d view her as a possible love interest.” Pinkie told her.

“Pinkie!” Rarity shouted in a whisper.

The pink SF soldier held her hands up in a defensive position, but soon noticed Asami giving a none convinced expression towards them. “What do you know, guys? Come on, spill it.” She demanded to them.

Bolin knew that he and Pinkie were close to cracking, but one stern look from Asami told them that they had no choice. “Nothing! I mean, there was this one time during the tournament when Mako and Korra kissed, but-“

“They... kissed?” Asami asked in shock as she looked towards Mako.

“Believe me, Boli was upset too, but, he’s over it. he didn’t think it meant anything.” Pinkie said to her.

“Pinkie’s right, it couldn’t have meant anything.” Bolin told her.

But Asami was visibly upset from the news as she turned away. “I doubt that.” She told her as she walked ahead after the others.

Bolin trembled knowing he just threw his brother under the trolley, but Sub-Zero placed a hand on his shoulder. “You were forced into a corner, there was nothing you could have done to prevent it.” He told him.

“Yeah… but I still feel pretty bad right now.” He responded to him.

Jade nudged him a bit. “Don’t beat yourself up over it… me? I am more concerned about Kitana, she and Liu had finally gotten engaged after being apart from one another since Shinnok’s defeat. Now that the Equalists have him, I think it’s personal.” She told him.

“Point taken.” Bolin said to her.

T’Challa followed the group next to Artemis, but he soon began to hear engines coming from behind them and looked back. “Everyone, hide!” He told them as he leaped to the sealing, and the others took cover in the shadows behind a pillar. They looked seeing two of the Equalist motorcycles approach.

One Equalist flips a switch on his motorcycle dash that in turn opens a secret door in the opposite wall of the tunnel. The two motorcycles race inside and the door promptly closes. Lin makes a face and crosses the tunnel, followed by the others. She runs her hand across the door and uses metalbending to trigger the opening mechanism and force the door up. The group rushes in and the door closes behind them. They approach a large open space, where Equalists are loading supplies onto tram carts on tracks that lead into various tunnels. An Equalist with a clipboard is directing loading and traffic. “That tram goes to the training camp.” He told them as the tram disappears down a tunnel and he walks to another one that has just arrived, seeing a female Equalist climb down.

“Everything was delivered to the prison, sir.” She told him as the two walked away.

Tenzin heard it and looked to the others. “That's where they must be keeping Korra and Liu Kang.” He whispered.

“We need to get down that tunnel.” Lin told them.

“We’ll we can’t go there undetected… there’s likely going to be a lot of Equalists on the other side.” Kung Lao told them.

“Lao’s right, it would be too risky to face them without a plan.” Sunset agreed with him.

Twilight thought about it and looked to the tram to the prison, and smirked as she may have gotten an idea looking towards Kitana. “What do the Equalists lack that we don’t?” She asked her. Kitana thought it through and realizes as she smirked back to Twilight knowing what she’s thinking.

“Magic…” She replied as she and Twilight lead the group, and got onto the tram. The tram starts to move down the tunnel. At the tunnel's exit, Twiligh and Kitana see two Equalists are waiting for the tram. They quickly focused their magic and teleported out of the tram. A light flashes and an alarm sounds to signal the tram's arrival. It coasts to a stop with nothing inside.

One of the Equalists looked through the tram seeing nothing but Kung Lao’s hat. “It’s empty!” He shouted.

“Yeah, I can see that.” Said another Equalist only to see Kung Lao teleported from under his hat and kicked him and another Equalist.

The Equalists were about to go on the defensive, but from inside the tunnel, Lin uses her metalbending cables to grab the two Equalists and drag them inside. The two Equalists are shown tied up next to each other, and Lin looked towards Bolin and Asami. “You two, keep an eye on them.” She told them as she uses her seismic sense to search the prison. “My officers are inside.” She told them.

“What about Korra or Liu?” Mako asked her.

“I don't see her yet.” Lin informed him as Mako, Twilight, Lin, Kitana and Tenzin head off down the corridor. They turn the corner and see two Equalists, who prepare to attack them. Tenzin uses his airbending to knock them against a wall. Kitana threw her war fans piercing ones clothes into the wall as Mako runs towards him and grabs him, removing his mask.

“Avatar Korra, Liu Kang, Where are you keeping them?!” Mako demanded to know where they were, but was more concerned for Korra.

Kitana walked up holding her other war fan to him. “And don’t even think about lying.” She warned him.

Meanwhile Lin peers into one of the prison cells, where her metalbending officers are being kept. She metalbends the bars apart and walks in. Her officer’s wearily looked to her knowing what Amon had done to them. “Chief Beifong?” One of them asked her as she stared at them realizing she was too late.

“I'm too late. That monster already took your bending, didn't he?” She asked them, seeing them nod their heads in response. Sadness filled her heart to see her officers like this. “I'm so sorry.” She told them.

Stryker approached and looked to Lin, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Come on, let's get them out of here.” He told her as Lin nodded her head, all the officers got up and followed Lin and Stryker out of the cell.

While Mako was still itching to hurt an Equalist he was holding. “I'll ask you one more time…” he ignites a flame as a warning. “Where is she?” He demanded as the Equalist weakly grabbed his arm.

“We don't have the Avatar, or the Mortal Kombat Champion, and the Equalists didn't attack City Hall. Tarrlok's lying.” He assured them.

“What?” Mako said in disbelief as he set him down to the ground.

Artemis sniffed the air to catch a scent of either Korra, or Liu Kang. But she could find anything of either of them. “He’s right, I can’t find any scent trails of them anywhere.” She told them.

Lin and Stryker approached them with their officers. “I scanned the entire prison. Liu and Korra are not here.” She told them.

Letting go of the man, who collapses while dispersing the flame in his hand, Mako looked towards them. “Why would Tarrlok make up a story about getting attacked?” He asked them.

“Because he has Korra. He fooled us all!” Tenzin shouted in anger.

“I knew that filthy snake was lying!” Rarity shouted equally angry.

“He has a lot to answer for… but right now…” Scorpion looked up as a siren starts sounding off and the group runs back to where Bolin and Asami are standing guard.

“Let's go, people!” Bolin called to them as everyone gets into the tram, which takes off. Equalists in another tram start to catch up from behind. Bolin uses his earthbending to collapse the tunnel sides, causing the tram to crash in the rubble. Bolin jubilantly and challengingly. “Try to chi block that, fools!” He mocked them.

“A little too early to celebrate Bo! Look!” Rainbow Dash pointed ahead seeing at the front of the tram, notices an army of Equalists waiting up ahead. Among them is the Lieutenant and several mecha tanks, along with Killmonger and Starlight Glimmer.

“We've got more company!” Lin called out as she looked to the rail above and gets an idea as she metalbends a rail from the ceiling onto the track. “Hang on!” She called out as the tram climbs the rail as Lin earthbends a hole in the ceiling. The tram flies through the gap and lands on the ground of the tunnel above. Everyone groans as Lin makes another hole on the ceiling and daylight streams in. “We need to get to City Hall… Tarrlok must be arrested so that we can get him to tell us where Korra is.” She told them.

“If anything, I’ll make him bleed… I lost the man I loved once, almost twice… I don’t plan on losing him a third time.” Kitana told them.

Mako walked up after dusting himself. “We’ll them him and Korra… I promise we will.” He told her.

“Mako is right about one thing, we’re going to find Liu Kang, and Korra, but we need to do this together as a team.” Fluttershy advised them.

“We can’t afford to lose anyone today.” Sonya walked up to them. “If Tarrlok did abduct Korra and Liu, we need to bring him into custody, even if it has to be the hard way.” She told them.

“I’ll contact Raiden and Celestia, and we will meet at City Hall. I for one am going to make sure Tarrlok squeals… because it’s personal with me.” Twilight told them as she looked out with a glare.

“And I will call upon Queen Sindel, she needs to know of what happened these passed few hours, and what has happened to me.” Kitana told them as Tenzin nodded in agreement.

Twilight meanwhile was glaring out towards City Hall, knowing one thing the others are probably thinking. “You just dug your own grave Tarrlok, and I’m gonna make sure you reap what you’ve sown.” She muttered to herself.

Snowy Mountain Region

Back at Korra’s prison, Korra continued to meditate in the metal box. Spike meanwhile was board out of his mind waiting for her to finish. “Come on Korra, how long does it take to find a way to get out of a big metal box?” He demanded to know.

“Patience Spike, patience… I know you’re eager, but we cannot rush things.” Liu told him as he meditated in his box as well. “Patience is a virtue, for those who are able to accept it.” He said to him.

“Yeah, not right now it isn’t.” Spike disagreed with him only to hear his stomach growling. “Tarrlok could have at least left us some food while we’re trapped in her.” He told himself as he leaped down from Korra’s shoulder.

As Korra meditated, she see’s a flashback to Aang's memory of Yakone's trial.


A prosecution attorney was standing before the council in the vision and gave a testimony in regards to Yakone. “Yakone has ruled Republic City's criminal empire for years. Yet he has always managed to stay out of the law's reach, until now. You will hear testimony, from dozens of his victims, and they will tell you, Yakone has maintained his grip on the underworld by using an ability that has been illegal for decades. Bloodbending.” He stated as he turned towards Sokka who narrows his eyes at remembering the feeling of bloodbending as a boy.

But a defense attorney stood in Yakone’s defense against the accusation. “The prosecution's entire case is built upon the make-believe notion that my client is able to bloodbend at will, at any time on any day. I remind the council that bloodbending is an incredibly rare skill and it can only be performed during a full moon. Yet, the witnesses will claim that my client used bloodbending at every other time except during a full moon. It would be a mockery of justice to convict a man of a crime that is impossible to commit.” He told the council as Yakone grinned at them. As Korra watched them, she watched as Aang glared at Yakone knowing he is up to something.

Appearing next to him was Raiden as he placed a hand on his shoulder. “Calm yourself Aang, I know you don’t trust Yakone as far as you can throw him. But if he tries anything, you will know what must be done.” He told him.

“But it won’t be easy, Yakone is clever, and with bloodbending at his disposal, it won’t be easy trying to take away his bending.” Aang told him.

“Leave it to me… should he try to escape, I will keep him from trying.” Raiden said to him as Aang nodded his head and watched as the United Republic Council returns from their deliberations and takes their seats.

“Councilman Sokka will now deliver the verdict.” The Bailiff announced to the court.

As Sokka stood up, he looked to the people, as well as the council. “In my years, I have encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities. Why, I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang who was able to firebend with his mind.” He looks towards his beloved Toph with a smile. “Why, even metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until our esteemed Chief of Police, Toph Beifong, singlehandedly developed the skill. The overwhelming amount of testimony and evidence has convinced this council that Yakone is one of these unique benders and he exploited his ability to commit these heinous crimes. We find Yakone guilty of all charges and sentence him to life in prison.” He declared as he pounds his gavel to seal the decision. Aang was pleased with the decision, but he knew Yakone wasn’t going to be sent away willingly and saw the defense attorney crumple up a paper, throws it, and slams his fist on the table in annoyance. He looks toward his client as Yakone slowly stood up, grinning. As his gaze was low, his eyes begin to suddenly bulge. Seeing it and feeling a sharp pain, Sokka cries out in pain as his body is contorted and after a moment, the other councilmen cry out as well. Toph is briefly shocked before trying to stop Yakone by metalbending her cables at him. But Yakone rolls his eyes at her, incapacitating her immediately. He laughs as he turns and sees the entire room under his control. Aang struggles as he reaches out his hand to Yakone.


Back in reality, Korra is breathing deeply and raggedly with her eyes closed. Spike took notice and begin to worry. “Liu, I don’t think Korra’s looking so good.” He told him.

“What’s happening?” Liu asked him from the other box.

“We’ll, she’s breathing deeply, a bit hard, and she looks like she’s in pain. Like how Tarrlok had us in that bloodbending grip.” He told him.

“She must be going through the painful memories of what Avatar Aang went through. Keep an eye on her, and hope that the pain doesn’t get any worse.” Liu advised him as Spike nodded and looked to Korra feeling worried about her.

Republic City Hall

Within the council chamber of City Hall, Tenzin and the rest of the group approaches the council members and Chief Saikhan. “Thank you all for meeting us on such short notice.” Tenzin told them.

Sindel approached with Mileena with her arms crossed. “Where is Tarrlok…?” She asked in a stern tone after hearing what happened to her daughter.

“He’ll be her your majesty… just be patient.” Lin told her and looked to Saikhan. “Chief.” She greeted him coldly.

“Lin.” Saikhan greeted her back.

Approaching them from behind, Tarrlok played his concern role. “Have you news of Avatar Korra or Liu Kang?” he asked them only to feel Sindel’s hair wrap around his neck. “W-What is the meaning of this?!” He demanded to know.

Jade approached with Kitana and Mileena, weapons out and eyes shooting daggers at him. “You know exactly what this is about.” Jade told him.

Saikhan was about to stop her, but he felt a hand grab him and saw that it was Jax charging up his arm for a power attack. “I suggest you stand down buddy, you’re gonna wanna hear this.” He told him.

“You honestly think you get to arrest my daughter, without facing the consequences…?” Sindel asked him with a fierce glare that looked like she shot daggers at him.

“And to answer your question Tarrlok, we do.” Mileena told him as he pointed at him. “You kidnapped them, Tarrlok!” She said to him.

Grunting as he struggled in Sindel’s hair, Tarrlok tried to play innocent. “I am shocked you would accuse me of such an evil act! I already explained: Equalists attacked us and took them!” He said to him.

“But there were no chi blockers here last night.” T’Challa approached him with his claws out. “You planted the evidence, didn't you?” he asked him.

“That is a ridiculous accusation!” Tarrlok argued.

Twilight let out a chuckle as she scowled at him. “Your lies won’t save you this time.” She told him.

“You always thought you were so clever…” Artemis approached him. “You should have known that I would have caught onto your act, my senses of smell knows the scent of Equalists. I’ve spent most of my time around them, more than your task force. But you… you planted the evidence to pin the blame on the Equalists, so that all benders would take your side against all nonbenders in this city. But Liu Kang and Korra got in your way… that’s why you kidnapped them, to get them out of your way.” She added it together and growled at him.

“And was locking away my daughter Kitana part of your plot?” Sindel asked him as her hair tightened around his neck.

He choked from it as he tired desperately to speak. “It’s not what you think!” He defied that logic.

“It's true! He took them!” Said the council page as everyone looked to him. “I was here when Avatar Korra and Liu Kang arrived last night, but Councilman Tarrlok ordered me to leave. I was on my way out when I saw Tarrlok bring them down to the garage. Along with a small little dragon.” He told them.

Twilight’s eyes widened and she glared towards Tarrlok. “You took Spike?!” She asked him angrily.

“That is nonsense! Everyone knows you're nothing but a squeaky-voiced liar!“ Tarrlok shouted at the page as he cowers behind the pillar, only to feel the hair tighten around him.

“Buddy, ya really need to learn to shut it.” Applejack told him and looked towards the page. “Why did you wait until now to 'fess up?” She asked him.

The page feared for his life, knowing Tarrlok would hurt him. But Fluttershy used magic to form her wings and fly up to him as he looked to her in awe, feeling like he was seeing an angel. “You mustn’t be afraid of Tarrlok. Please, for our friends sake, please tell us.” She said to him with a soft tone.

The page gulped a bit with a sweat bead going down his face, but he swallowed his fear and stepped out. “I was terrified to tell because…” He struggled a bit, but finally worked the courage to tell them. “Because Tarrlok is a bloodbender!” He shouted as very one minus the Earthrealm warriors looked to him in shock. “He bloodbent Avatar Korra and Liu Kang!” He told them as Tarrlok’s eyes widened.

Jax looked towards him confused. “What the heck his bloodbending?” He asked.

“One of the most dangerous forms of bending anyone in either Water Tribe could possess… the ability to manipulate ones body during a full moon.” Lin explained to him.

“I know of blood magic, but it was practiced by people called the Osh-Tek, and one known as Skarlet.” Sindel stated to them as she released Tarrlok as he hit the ground. “But I can’t tell that bloodbending is far worse than anything I have ever heard of in my years.” She told them.

“And now we know.” Jade spoke as she looked to Tarrlok with a glare.

Mileena hissed behind her mask and took it off. “Now he will face the consequences.” She told him as she snapped hir jaws at him, causing him to panic.

Lin was surprised to see her features for the first time and looked to Stryker, who held his hands up in defense. “Believe me, I was shocked too.” He told her.

Tarrlok panted as he got up holding his neck, Kung Lao walked towards him as he took off his hat. “You are a coward Tarrlok…” He tosses his hat passed him, managing to scratch his face causing it to bleed as his hat came back to him. “Where are they?!” He demanded to know.

“Tell us Tarrlok, don't make this worse for yourself.” Tenzin advised him as he took his airbending stance. “Tell us where you have Korra and Liu Kang.” He ordered him.

“And please, don’t even try anything stupid.” Sonya warned him as she had her arm cannons aiming at him. Lin also takes her stance and both prepare to attack. Tarrlok's eyes bulge as Tenzin and Lin both bend at him, but he has control of their bodies before they can hit him. Everyone in the room cries out in pain as Tarrlok bloodbends them to their knees. Tarrlok continues to bloodbend until one by one, everyone falls unconscious. Tarrlok backs away and flees the scene.

A moment later…

Tenzin laid unconscious, but Lin approached him and gave him a look. “Wake up!” She shouted as she slaps Tenzin across the face, waking him fully. Mako helps Asami up as Bolin and the other defenders wake up and move around.

The defenders groaned from what they felt, never before had they felt something as painful as that. “Man… so that’s what bloodbending feels like.” Rainbow Dash muttered.

“I never want to go through that again.” Fluttershy shuddered from the feeling as Scorpion held her close.

“I doubt any of us ever will, because that was horrible.” Twilight groaned a bit as Flash helped her up.

Bolin groaned as he got up. “Ughh! Man! I had this awful dream that Korra was taken by this evil bloodbender. So weird.” He stated towards Mako and Asami.

“Bolin, that really happened.” Asami reminded him of what happened.

“Yeah bud, he knocked us out.” Applejack told him as she rubbed her muscles.

Bolin was shocked to hear of this development. “Are you serious?!” He looked around for Tarrlok. “Where is he? Is he here right now?” he asked them.

“Tarrlok is long gone... he made his escape while we were unconscious.” Stryker told him as he helped Saikhan up.

“He needs to be captured, alive… I'll alert the whole force.“ He told them as he took off with the council.

Meanwhile Kitana was furious that they could get answers out of Tarrlok, her mother Sindel approached her and touched her shoulder. “We’ll find him Kitana… and together, we’re going to get your future husband back.” She told her.

The Edenian Princess looked to her, she saw the truth of it in her eyes, and she nodded her head to her mother and got up. “We've only been out for a little while. Maybe we can still pick up Tarrlok's trail.” Lin told them.

“And luckily, I caught his scent before he left.” Artemis told them as she approached.

“It could lead us to Liu Kang and Korra! Let's go.” Tenzin told them as she ran with the new team Avatar, and the Earthrealm Defenders to follow where Tarrlok was headed. Twilight meanwhile flew ahead of them to get to them before it was too late.

Jade ran beside Kitana and Mileena as she looked towards Kitana. “We’ll find him Kitana, guaranty it.” She assured her as Kitana nodded to her best friend, and she along with Mileena jumped to the roof tops and followed Oogi who flew through the sky’s with Team Avatar. Unaware to them, an unknown figure hid in the shadows watching them and looked towards the mountains outside the city, and leaped out to follow them.

Snowy Mountain Region

Meanwhile, Korra continued to meditate through the vision she was seeing. Spike grew worried from seeing the sheer pain she was going through. “Come on Korra, you gotta pull through this.” He said to her.

“She will Spike… she just needs time to learn what she needs in order to get us out of here.” Liu told him.

“If Aang will help us out.” Spike muttered under his breath.


Meanwhile in her flashback, Korra could see Aang and Raiden were being bloodbent by Yakone, who is grinning in relish at his own power. Sokka could feel the pain of Yakone’s bloodbending as he looked towards Toph as Yakone makes her grab a ring of keys from her deputy's belt and float over to him. He forces Toph to unlock his cuffs, which bounce to the ground. He flexes his wrists, and raises his hands to bloodbend everyone into unconsciousness. He turns to see that Aang is still awake and levitates him high into the air. He struggled as he glared at him. “Yakone!” He get ruffled to say the name as Yakone bloodbends his arm behind him. “You won't get away with this!” he told him.

But Yakone laughed as he reveled in his power. “Republic City's mine, Avatar. I'll be back one day to claim it. Not even your thunder god can stop me.” He told him as he bloodbends Aang and Raiden into the steps of the dais, knocking them out, before running outside. He leaps into a cart pulled by an ostrich horse and dashes off. Meanwhile, Aang regains consciousness as his eyes and tattoos glow briefly, Raiden also awakened as his eyes glowed brightly as he floated into the air turned towards the door. He and Aang bursts out of City Hall on a large air scooter and quickly catches Yakone, who looks up and gasps. Raiden conducted electricity in his hands and blasts one of the wheels on the cart while Aang sends a blade of wind to sever the ostrich horse's harness from the cart, which flips onto its side and slides to a halt. Aang coasts in front of the cart and waits for a moment. Yakone bursts out of the side door and bloodbends him and Raiden to the ground. “This time I'm gonna put you to sleep for good!” He told him as he started bloodbending him, hearing him scream in agony. “Then your thunder god is next!” He said to him as he levitates him into the air and begins contorting his body to painful and near death positions.

Raiden heard the screams of his friend, and his eyes snapped open as sparks of lightning shot from them. “ENOUGH!!!!” He shouted as he blasted lightning towards Yakone, landing a direct hit against his arms, making them go numb for a short moment as he screamed. “Aang, now!” He called out to him as his eyes and tattoos glow once again and the bloodbending immediately has no effect on him. He earthbends a cone of rock around Yakone's body, immobilizing him completely, and places his thumbs on Yakone's forehead and chest as he struggles.

“I'm taking away your bending, for good.” He told the him as Yakone groans as Aang's tattoos and eyes lit up as he energybends Yakone to remove his waterbending. When Aang's tattoos stop glowing, he steps back and Yakone slumps down. Aang let out an exhale feeling tired. “It’s over.” He told himself and looked to Raiden. “Are you okay Lord Raiden?” He asked him.

“I will be all right Aang, but I’m afraid it isn’t over. There is something you must know.” He told him as he earned a surprised yet curious look from Aang. “Shao Kahn has somehow learned about your realm, and wished to challenge your realm in a single tournament.” He informed the Avatar of the challenge.

Aang could hardly believe it himself as he looked down. “And if I don’t accept his challenge, he will merge my realm with Outworld?” He asked him as Raiden nodded his head to him. Aang let out a sigh and looked to him. “But Lord Raiden, Sokka hasn’t been in a fight since the war with the Fire Nation, Toph has her duties as chief of police, Zuko is watching over the Fire Nation, and Katara… she has our children to look after.” He told him.

Raiden placed his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. “I understand your hesitation Aang… but if you don’t accept this challenge, then your realm as you know it, will cease to exist.” He said to him.

The Avatar thought it over for a moment, he couldn’t let anything happen to his home, or his friends. But if they have any chance of surviving, he needed to accept the challenge. Forming a determined face, he turned to Raiden to show it. “I’ll do it, I will get my friends, and we will fight for our realm Lord Raiden.” He told him as Raiden nodded and used his power over lightning to summon his friends. Zuko stepped through the lightning as he put his broadswords away, Toph stepped through rolling her shoulder from the bloodbending as she lashed a wire to the ground. Sokka stepped through as he clenched his fists and looked to Toph smiling at her, while Katara stepped through putting her water pouch behind her. Aang smiled seeing his friends and stepped up to them. “My friends… get ready, for Mortal Kombat.” He told them.

The flashback ends as Korra stops meditating, earning Spikes attention. “Korra, did you contact Aang? Did he tell you how to get out of here?” He asked him almost a matter of twenty questions, but got no answers.

Korra looked down but looked up. “Aang ... this whole time ... you were trying to warn me about Tarrlok. And, you competed in Mortal Kombat?” She asked earning surprised looks from Spike and Liu from the other box, only to hear a door from upstairs and footsteps.

“My life is a disaster now, thanks to you.” Tarrlok told them furiously.

A smirk formed across Liu’s face knowing the tone. “So your little bloodbending secret's out?” He asked.

Korra let out a hard laugh from hearing it as she looked to the door. “Serves you right Tarrlok, and I know how you bloodbent me without a full moon. You’re Yakone’s son.” She told him as she heard him stop walking. “I’m right, aren’t I…?” She asked him.

“I was his son.” He corrected her and turned towards the box. “But in order to win Republic City, I had to become someone else. My father failed because he tried to rule the city from its rotten underbelly. My plan was perfect. I was to be the city's savior. But you, you and the Earthrealm Defenders ruined everything!” He shouted at them.

But Liu was unfazed of it, because he was proud to have done so with the help of Korra and their friends. “Tarrlok, the jig is up and you have nowhere to go.” He told him.

“Oh no. No, I'll escape and start a new life. And you're both coming as my hostages. Especially that little runt of a dragon.” Tarrlok told them as Spike growled in anger from hearing that.

Korra glared as she pounded against the door. “You'll never get away with this!” She told him.

But Tarrlok ignored it as he walks to the top of the steps and gasps when he sees Amon, the Lieutenant, Killmonger, Starlight Glimmer and several chi blockers waiting for him. “Amon!” He gasped that eared the ears of Korra and Liu Kang as Korra let out a gasp. “How did you find me?!” He demanded to know.

“Oh, it was simple really.” Killmonger held up a Vibranium tracker he had hidden on his car. “Had this slipped onto your car while you were being strangled by the smoking hot Edenian Queen. We tracked you all the way from the city, to this frozen wilderness.” He told him with a smirk.

“And now, you have no where to run.” Starlight told him as she formed her aura of magic around her hand.

“It is time for you to be equalized.” Amon told him as the Lieutenant and the equalists took a fighting stance.

However, Tarrlok was far from fazed from it. “You fool! You've never faced bending like mine.” He told him as he begins bloodbending the group. The other Equalists along with Killmonger and Starlight all crumple and fall to the ground, but Amon seems unaffected and with minor struggle, begins walking forward. Tarrlok gasps and redoubles his efforts. Amon is halted for a moment, but with a very great effort he moves one foot forward and continues walking normally. Tarrlok begins backing up in horror. “What? What are you?” He asked in a form of a whisper.

Amon slowly approached him, almost like a vampire in an old 1900’s Dracula movie, and glared behind his mask. “I am the solution.” He told him as he reaches out and grabs Tarrlok's arm, twisting him around until he is standing behind him. He jabs his right hand at the base of Tarrlok's neck, who groans at that, and moves his left hand toward his forehead as Tarrlok watches in horror. Korra is sitting in her box with Spike, and soon hear Tarrlok's scream of anguish as his bending is removed. She looks up toward the ceiling, knowing that didn’t sound good as Tarrlok collapses to the ground with wide open eyes. The Equalists all groan and stand up as Amon lifts Tarrlok's limp body onto his shoulders. “I'll take care of him. You four retrieve the Avatar and the Mortal Kombat Champion. Do not underestimate them. Electrocute the boxs to knock them out before you open them.” He told them as Korra’s eyes widened from hearing it.

“My pleasure.” The Lieutenant said to him and headed down.

Spike panicked from hearing it. “What are we going to do Korra? What are we gonna do?” He asked feeling frantic. Korra gazes at the bars in the top of the box as she hears the Equalists' footsteps descending the stairs. She glances down and fingers one of the bands on her forearm.

Stepping in front of the box, the Lieutenant pulled out his electrified kali sticks standing before Korra’s box. “It's payback time.” He told her as he shocked the box. From inside, Korra fakes cries of pain as electricity courses through the box. She has removed one of her armbands and wrapped it over a bar in the roof. She is hanging from it so that she is insulated from the electricity and not harmed. The hanging bulb above the box shatters and the Lieutenant steps back. “Open the box.” He ordered one of the chi blockers to open it as he approached it and opened the box up, revealing a pretending to be unconscious Korra. “Tie her up, while I take care of the Mortal Kombat Champion.” He was about to, but Korra firebends a large burst of flame from her foot, forcing the Equalists back as she leaps out of the box.

The Equalists fling their bolas at her, but she dodges and earthbends a giant wave to send them flying. The Lieutenant was about to strike her, but Liu teleported through dragon fire above him and kicked him in his head, knocking him down as he earned a surprised look from Korra. “You couldn’t have done that earlier?!” She asked him.

“My chi was weakened from the bloodbending, come on!” He ran off with her and Spike.

Meanwhile, Amon Killmonger and Starlight are putting Tarrlok in the truck, just as Korra and Liu Kang bursts out of the house. They all lock eyes for a moment before Korra bends snow into spears of ice and hurls them at Amon and his allies. They dodge as Liu also shot fire at them forcing them to fall back, giving him and Korra enough time to run away and jump off a steep slope of the mountain. Amon approached the slope and watched them as they made their escape as the Equalists ran up to him along with the Lieutenant who immediately got scolded. “I thought I told you not to underestimate them.” He said to him.

“Chill Amon, she won’t get far.” Killmonger told him as he leaped down and went down the slope after them.

Meanwhile down hill, Korra looks behind, as she uses waterbending to snowboard down the mountain. Liu looked back seeing Killmonger chasing after them. “Oh great, now we got him to worry about.” He stated as they tried to move faster, but as they made their way down, Korra trips over a tree root and flies into the air, landing hard against a tree, forcing Liu to stop. “Korra!” He rushed towards her and held her up.

Spike checked her and found she has a pulse. “She’s alive, just unconscious.” He told him.

“Good thing too.” Killmonger landed a few feet from them. “Makes my job much easier.” He told them as Liu glared and got between him and Korra, holding a fireball. “You really think you’ll be able to take me on monk?” He asked him.

Panting a bit, Liu noticed something approaching from behind Killmonger causing him to smirk. “No… but she can.” He said to him earning an arced eyebrow from the gold panther as he turned around, and got hit by Naga with a large fast paw. He let out a painful grunt as he slammed against a tree and Naga roared at him. He rushed to Liu and nuzzled him, earning a pat on her head from him. “Naga… you came looking for us.” He said to her.

Korra managed to wake up a bit and see her, giving her a loving smile. “Good girl.” She said to her, only to hear a chuckle and see Killmonger getting back up.

He laughed a bit as he popped his neck in several places to get it fixed. “Now… that… was unexpected, but don’t think you’re gonna get a second chance of doing that mutt.” He told them as his claws formed. But before he could go and charge, icicles were shot and stuck through his Vibranium suit, freezing his feet in place. “What the…?!” He looked towards the tree and saw someone. “Sub-Zero?! I thought you were still with-…” before he could continue, the figure leaped down revealing a more slender figure, stepping out of the shadows, revealing herself to be a woman with a catlike mask, violet eyes, and white hair. Her suit was a light blue, and her armor was silver, she even had a fur patch that was similar to a snow leopards.

Killmonger was surprised to see her, as was Liu Kang as he held Korra. “You’re not Sub-Zero… who are you?” He asked her. But the new Lin Kuei didn’t respond as she showed a visible scar on her throat, right near the vocal cords. And to their surprise, Twilight had just arrived and blasted magic against Killmonger, sending him straight back to Amon. “Twilight!” Liu called to her as she rushed over.

“How is she…?” She asked him as she helped carry her.

“She’s hurt pretty bad, and with the snow coming down, I doubt Naga can carry all of us.” Spike told her as he held up his hands. “And I know, I should have left you a note to let you know I was with them.” He said to her.

The new Lin Kuei watched them, but turned seeing Equalists coming. Twilight took notice of it, and pulled out a portal stone. “This’ll be a great risk, but we are literally out of options right now.” She told them as Liu looked to it and looked to her.

“Don’t stop now, anywhere is better than here.” He told her as Twilight used the portal stones magic to open up a portal, allowing them to travel through. They safely walk into the portal to get away from the Equalists, and as they approached, the portal immediately closed before they could get through.

Republic City
A few hours later…

Over the city, Mako looked through the city hoping and praying for a sign of Korra. Kitana approached him and sat beside him. “Tell me something, what is the real reason you were so anxious to find Korra down there in the tunnels…?” She asked as she looked towards him. “If it wasn’t revenge, then what was it…?” She asked him.

Mako was silent from hearing her question, and sighed knowing what was in his heart. “Two reasons I believe… one… being I was scared for her, the other… well…” He lowered his gaze trying to hide it.

But Kitana smiled knowing what it was as she nudged his side. “You’re not alone my friend.” She told him as she looked towards Jade. “Jade lost her love when he and his legion went into battle… me, I lost Liu Kang when a sorcerer named Shang Tsung’s murdered him. This was long before we arrived in Equestria, and his husk was turned into a living manifestation of death by Dark Raiden.” She explained.

The young firebender was surprised as he looked to her. “And that was when Armageddon happened, right?” He asked her.

“Yes… upon all our deaths, Raiden had our souls sent to Equestria, to be reborn.” She told him as she turned towards him. “Do not fear for Korra’s life my friend, we will find her and Liu.” She told him as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Mako looked to her, and smiled nodding to her. Asami watched him and looked away, feeling jealous… till suddenly a howl could be heard from inside the city earning their attention as they looked down. “That sounds like Naga!” He told them as Tenzin turned the bison around to follow the sound.

Applejack looked over the side and found them. “Down there!” She pointed down to them as Tenzin had Oogi fly down to them. Korra moans slightly as the bison lands and the group dismounts. Tenzin and Lin run up to her.

“Korra! Liu, Oh, thank goodness.” Tenzin said to them feeling relieved.

“Where's Tarrlok? How did you get away?” Lin asked them.

“It’s a long story… but you won’t believe-“ Liu was cut off as Kitana hugged him as tears ran down her face, he smiled and held her.

“You are such an idiot, you know that…?” She asked as she looked to him showing her tears. “You shouldn’t have gone after Tarrlok the way you and Korra did.” She told him.

“I know… but I had to.” He told her only to see Mako push passed them.

“Give her some space!” He told them as he reaches up and pulls Korra into his arms as he begins walking toward Oogi.Liu and Kitana watched them go and looked to each other, smiling happily that he is now following his heart. But Asami looks on with a pained expression as she watched her soon to be ex-boyfriend hold the real woman of his dreams. Mako looked to Korra with a smile. “I was so worried. Are you all right?” He asked her.

“I'm fine. I'm glad you're here.” She told him as she closed her eyes and leans her head against Mako's chest.

Mako smiled at her as he climbed onto Oogie’s back and gently sets her down in the saddle, brushing her hair back from her face. “You're safe now.” He told her with a gentle and loving tone. Korra looks at him before falling asleep.

Meanwhile, Twiligh approached the group along with the mysterious Lin Kuei by her side. “Twilight, what happened…?” Rainbow asked while looking to the new Lin Kuei. “And who the heck are you…?” She asked her.

“Her name is Permafrost…” Sub-Zero approached as he looked upon the Lin Kuei standing before him. “She is my sister.” He told them.

“SISTER?!!!” Everyone asked in shock.

“We thought Bi Han was your only living relative.” Johnny pointed out to him.

“I thought so too… Kanna was killed during a raid on the Lin Kuei Temple, but we didn’t know that Sektor orchestrated the entire thing.” He told them as he looked to Permafrost. “Her soul was then sent to the Netherrealm to be tormented, but she is one out many damned souls that managed to escape.”

“Much like me.” Scorpion stated as he folded his arms and looked to Twilight. “But how did you get here so fast…? Naga couldn’t have carried you here.” He pointed out as Naga snorted in agreement.

“Yeah, we were cornered, we had no other option than to travel to Outworld. Where we had help… from some old and new acquaintances.” Twilight told them as she looked to their helpers.

They appeared in shadow at first, but soon stepped into light, revealing one to be Shang Taung as he approached along with Chrysalis beside him, causing everyone’s eyes to widen. “I would be surprised if you are all not too happy to see us.” He said to them.

“Which we aren’t, thank you for asking.” Jade told him and looked to the other individual with him. “And what of you…? Are you their slave…?” She asked him.

But the figure stepped into the light to reveal himself. “No… I am their new emperor.” He told her, revealing himself as the one person she never thought she’d see again.

Her eyes widened in shock as she covered her mouth, seeing that it was her fiancé standing before her. “Kotal…?” She asked him as she approached him.

Kotal walked up to her and touched her hands. “Jade… I know that you may be upset, but-“ He got slapped by her before he could continue.

She scowled at him as tears brimmed in her eye. “I thought you were dead… what happened?!” She demanded to know.

Kotal shrugged off the pain in his face and looked to her. “Shao Kahn betrayed me, ambushed my legion, I was kept alive for Shang Tsung’s experiments.” He gestured to the sorcerer beside him.

“You, should be thanking me Princess… if it weren’t for me, this reunion never would have happened.” Shang told her.

Jade pulled out her boomerang about ready to cut him, but Chrysalis hissed at her getting between them. “You want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through me.” She told her.

“I’ll be happy to do so you shape shifting witch!” Jade shouted.

“Enough!” Tenzin walked up. “This is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves.” He told them.

“Agreed…” Kotal approached them. “We must find refuge before we are spotted.” He told them and looked to Tenzin. “Do you know a place where we can stay?” He asked him.

“Yes, we will head to Air Temple Island now, get you rested before morning.” Tenzin told him as Kotal nodded and looked towards Jade, who visibly was still upset with him. They were definitely going to need time to mend old bonds, meanwhile Rarity walked up to Twilight.

“We really must know exactly what happened.” She said to her.

“It’s a long story, one that can wait till we get to Air Temple Island… I’m exhausted right now.” She told them as she and the other walked to Oogie, while others traveled by portal to the temple. What happened during their travels in Outworld? We may eventually find out.

(There will be a Bonus Chapter after this, don’t worry. You will find out exactly what happened during their travel to Outworld.)

Bonus Chapter: Journey to Outworld

View Online

A few hours ago…

Hours ago, in the realm of Outworld, civilians walked through the market area as they purchased and sold good food in the market. But their day was interrupted when a portal opened in the middle of the street, and Twilight along with Korra, Liu Kang, Korra, Naga and Spike, along with Permafrost fell to the ground. Korra let out a painful groan as she looked around the area they were in. “Twilight… where are we…?” She asked her.

Twilight shook her head and looked noticing their surroundings as she and Liu helped her up. “Avatar Korra…” She let out a nervous chuckle as the people starred at them. “Welcome to Outworld.” She told her as Naga got up shaking her body and looked around smelling unfamiliar foods, and animals.

Liu dusted himself off and looked around as he hoped Korra onto her feet as she looked around the area. “You sure…? Everything seems… different from how Raiden described it.” She pointed out.

“Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.” Twilight said to her as she took notice of the sky. “There’s actually a sun showing…” She point out to it.

“I was actually expecting the sky to be purple.” Korra told them as she looked around.

“It used to be… but something has changed.” Liu said to her and looked to Twilight. “It’s possible that Outworld has found it’s new Kahn.” He told her.

“Guys, if we run into any familiar faces and they attack us, leave me out of it.” Spike told them only to feel large footsteps and slowly turn to the cause of them.

A large brutish creature walked towards them. “Havitamaah!” Called out a high pitch voice from behind the brute as he walked up to them. “OtayGAH!” The voice called out again, revealing a small little girl hanging on his back, cackling like a mad person. “Let’s play, Torr!” She told her oversized friend as he let out a monstrous roar.

The group panicked as the people fled, Korra backed away with Twilight as she was still weak from her tumble down the hill earlier. “Couldn’t she have gotten a little pony like any other girl?” She asked only to earn a disapproving look from Twilight.

“I’m right here!” She shouted at her in disapproval, only to see large brute known as Torr throw his massive arms at them. They dodged quickly as Twilight formed her war fans and slashed at the monstrous berserker, while Liu rolled across the ground and shot a fire blast at him while protecting Korra.

But the monster was unfazed as he snarled back handing Twilight as she whirled through the air and hit the ground, and charged at Liu, ramming him against a merchant stand as the Shaolin landed behind it. He groaned from the sheer mass that hit him, and shook his head. “The Shaolin Archives said nothing about symbiotes.” He muttered.

“Well they should have, because these guys are tough!” Korra shouted at him.

Meanwhile, Permafrost leaped into the air forming claw icicles over her fingers as she clawed at Torr’s chest, causing him the scream from it as she pulled out a blade that was in the shape of a crescent moon, and slashed at him. But he managed to catch her arm and throw her over, slamming her against the ground. Torr turned towards Korra and walked towards her as Naga got between them snarling at the monstrous brute. But Torr roared back, causing the polar bear dog to whimper and back away as Torr grabbed Korra and Spike. The little girl looked over Torr’s shoulder, seeing Korra as she struggled. But the child looked mostly to her eyes. “Your eyes… so pretty. Ferra carve’em out!” She shouted as her blades extended, causing Korra to panic as the blades slowly inched closer to her face. But the young Avatar focused her fire, and burnt Torr’s hands, forcing him to drop her as she hit the ground. She groaned as Ferra growled and pointed at the Avatar. “Trickery! Deceit!” She shouted as Torr went to crush her under foot.

Till out of no where, Reptile appeared through thin air and kicked him away, forcing him to stumble as Torr looked to the Zaterran warrior, who snarled at him as he stood between him no the defenders. “Stand down Ferra, you and Torr will not be killing anyone today.” He told them.

But Ferra sneered at him as she climbed onto Torr’s shoulder. “You make trouble, lizard? Trouble make you!” She told him as Torr snarled. But his body was soon restrained by soul magic as Ferra turned to the source, seeing Ermac standing behind them with a new face. “Ghost man and ghost lady!” She shouted.

“You will stand down! We will not allow you to harm them.” Ermac told her as a familiar gunslinger held a gun to Torr’s head.

“I’d listen if I were you.” He told her as he looked to the child showing himself as Erron Black. “Otherwise your buddy is gonna be having another hole to breath out of.” He warned her.

The child glared at him but stood down as she put her blades away. Ermac released her and Torr from his power and floated over to Twilight. “Princess Twilight, we were not expecting you or Liu Kang.” He told her.

“Sorry to have come on such short notice Ermac… but we needed a place to escape to, and Outworld seemed to be the only place safe enough.” Twilight said to her.

“If you needed a place to escape to, you made the right choice.” Reptile said to her as he approached and noticed Korra. “And whom might this be…?” He asked them.

“This is Avatar Korra, she is from another realm, and she is badly injured.” Liu told him.

Reptiles eyes widened in surprise as he looked to Korra. “You are Avatar Aang’s reincarnation?” He asked her.

Korra looked up to him surprised as she fixed her hair. “You knew Aang….” She asked him.

“He was a skilled warrior… as was his wife Katara.” He told her as he bowed to her respectfully. “I am Syzoth… of Zaterra.” He introduced himself as a new face appeared. She was Zaterran, but her colors slowly shifted as it stayed one solid color and she approached Reptile looking to him as she held his clawed hand. “And this is my mate… Khameleon.” He introduced her as she bowed respectfully.

“It is an honor to meet you all.” She told them as she winced in pain from her tumble in the woods.

Liu was surprised to see her as he looked to Reptile. “I thought you were the last of your kind.” He said to him.

“As did I, but turns out half my race hid themselves in Earthrealm. I brought them back to Outworld after the war for Equestria.” Reptile sprained as another new face appeared before them.

“We even made new acquaintances…” Ermac told them as he looked to someone who looked almost like him, but was clearly female in appearance.

She bowed her head out of respect and looked to them. “My name is Legion… for we are many.” She introduced herself.

“There’s a familiar quote.” Twilight commented to her.

“I was created by Shang Tsung’s magic, he captured me as a normal human girl. I was dying because I had the unique ability to drain nearby souls passively. So after healing me, he kept me asleep while he experimented and basically put about one hundred thousand souls into my body.” Legion explained as Ermac approached.

“But the difference between her and us is that she remains the one soul in control of her body, when she was awakened she was horrified of her ability and she tried to escape. Shang Tsung tried to control her but her abilities make her immune to mind control they also make her unable to go insane. She escaped and even tried to commit suicide but due to all those souls and her passive ability to drain souls, her body healed faster than she could die. Or just resurrected itself I'd say she was a success. Then Raiden found her and taught her how to use her lighting and gave her scrolls on how to use magic similar to Shang Tsung then he sent her to us and we taught her to use the souls power like we do.” Ermac explained to them.

“Wow, that’s quite the story.” Korra said to them.

To her surprise, Erron was checking her injuries, noticing some of the scratches she got from Tarrlok. “Injuries like these would have killed ya… I’m surprised you even survived.” He told her as she pulled her arm away.

“Thanks, your bed side manners really suck.” Korra told him.

“You will have to excuse Erron Black, he used to be a member of the Black Dragons before he decided to work for the emperor.” Said a familiar voice as they looked to see Shang Tsung and Chrysalis approaching with Goro and Baraka. “Greetings Liu Kang, Princess Twilight.” He greeted them with a smile… not the friendly kind mind you.

“Shang Tsung, Chrysalis… I see you and Chrysalis have made yourselves at home while we were repairing the damage caused by Shao Kahn. How does it feel to be the new Emperor and Empress of Outworld?” Twilight asked them.

“Sadly… you are mistaken Princess Twilight.” Chrysalis said to her.

This surprised the group, minus Permafrost who crossed her arms. “Yes, unfortunately the throne didn’t become ours like we planned. Come… we will escort you to see the Emperor.” Shang told them as he lead them to he palace. Ermac levitated Korra into the air onto Naga to relieve her of walking as they followed Shang.

“So if Shang isn’t the Emperor… then who is…?” Liu asked out of curiosity.

“You will see old friend…” Goro told him as the walked through the palace gates. Korra looked around the outside of the palace seeing just how different Outworld was than she imagined, she soon looked towards the entrance, noticing the same Aztec patterns on them. Standing by the gates was a familiar woman who helped them in the fight against Shao Kahn. It was Li Mei standing before them as she looked seeing them with a smile.

“Twilight, Liu Kang, welcome back to Outworld.” She welcomed them.

The two felt her hug them as they chuckled a bit. “It’s great to see you too Li Mei, but what in the world are you wearing?” Twilight asked her noticing the armor.

Li Mei grabbed her helmet and took it off as she shook her head letting her hair loose and smiled towards them. “I was made captain of the guard after returning to my home in Outworld. You would be amazed of the accomplishments that have been made here.” She told them and noticed Korra. “And whom might this be?” She asked.

“Avatar Korra, meet Li Mei… she was our ally in the war.” Twilight introduced them.

“Hello… it’s an honor to meet you. Wish I could bow, but I’m kinda…” She gestured to Naga, knowing she was still pretty weak from the hard tumble she had in her realm.

Li Mei checked her injuries to see how bad they were. “They’re not as bad as they seem… but I would highly recommend getting to Raiden as soon as you meet with the Emperor.” She told them.

“Which is why we are escorting them to him Li Mei… trust me.” Shang told her only to earn a scowl from her. He held his hands up defensively and headed inside with them. As they wondered down the halls, Twilight couldn’t help but notice some of the architecture around them. “Like it…?” Shang asked her as he took notice.

“It’s different… it almost looks like those of the Mayans, in ancient Aztec that I’ve studied when Earhrealm and Equestria became one.” She told him and looked to him and Chrysalis. “I think your emperor must have quite the history with them. Sacrifices, the tearing out hearts, drinking their blood?” She asked them.

“That is true, he is part of the Mayan culture… but he is of Osh-Tekk.” Chrysalis told them as the doors to the throne room opened, revealing an open space, and a throne, with someone sitting upon it. “Allow us to introduce… the new Emperor of Outworld.” She gestured to him.

The emperor sat upon his throne with his eyes closed, but he opened his eyes as they glowed sky blue, and his skin was painted a type of blue, and his markings glowed on his body. He stood up revealing him as Kotal, he stepped down from his throne seeing Liu and Twilight as well as Korra. “Liu Kang of Earthrealm… Princess Twilight of Equestria… welcome to Outworld. I am Kotal Kahn.” He introduced himself.

Twilights eyes widened in surprise from hearing it. “Wait, Kotal…? As in General Kotal?!” She asked him seeing him nod his head. “But you were dead… Jade told us you were dead!” She pointed out to him.

Legion patted her shoulder. “It would be wise to lower your tone.” She told her.

“But you must understand Legion, she is still new to Outworld.” Khameleon reminded her.

“The tales of my demise were…” He looked towards Shang Tsung with a glare. “Slightly exaggerated…” He told them as both Liu and Twilight scowled at him, knowing his habit for lying. Kotal soon looked back towards them as he held his hands behind his back. “But to know that Jade is alive… fills me with joy. But how is it you’ve come to be here?” He asked them.

“We came here via by portal stone.” Twilight held it out showing it. “We used it to escape a group called Equalists, a group of extremists and radicals. Attacking all benders, and gathering nonbenders to their cause, under the leadership of a man named Amon.” She explained.

Kotal rubbed his chin in thought, but looked towards Korra who was still on Naga’s back. He lowered his hand and walked towards her, only for Naga to growl at him. But he did not flinch for he feared no beast, not even her. He calmly reached out his hand to her. “Calm friend… I do not wish to harm her.” He told her as Naga growled but sniffed his hand, smelling the blood on it, but no malice intent towards Korra as she calmed down. Kotal approached and looked to Korra. She looked to him seeing his eyes feeling surprised. Kotal noticed something else in her and looked towards Reptile. “Could she be…?” He asked him.

“Yes Emperor, she is Avatar Aang’s reincarnation.” He told him and looked to Korra. “Avatar Korra.” He introduced him to her.

Kotal looked to her, amazed that a calm and noble monk like Aang was reborn into a hot tempered teen. “Seems Aang chose a bold new incarnation.” He told her.

“If you don’t mind me asking Emperor… but how is it everyone here knows Aang?” She asked him.

“Well then… since your curiosity exceeds that of Aang’s, I will be happy to share the tale.” Kotal told her as he looked out and walked towards the balcony, overlooking the reconstruction of the Outworld Coliseum. “I remember it like it were only yesterday, when Shao Kahn challenged your realms best fighters.” He began as we enter a flashback.


Outworld, 83 years ago…

Within the Outworld Coliseum, warriors of all races were gathered in the coliseum, from Edenians, to Zaterrens, to Tarkatans. Shao Kahn, the previous Emperor before Kotal, sat amongst his throne amongst his following warriors, Baraka, Reptile, Reiko, Tanya, Shang Tsung and Kotal stood beside him. A flash of lightning stuck down to the ground, revealing Raiden, and his champions of the Four Nations. Shao Kahn looked amongst them and stood from his throne, earning a surprised look from Sokka as he stared at the emperor. “Whoa… so that’s the emperor?” He asked.

“Looks like it.” Zuko said to him as he sheathed his broadswords.

“He doesn’t look all that tough, but I can feel his steps… and I can tell this guy is no joke.” Toph told them.

Katara sneered at the emperor. “We can’t let our guard down with this guy.” She told her.

Meanwhile Shao Kahn stepped towards them as he looked upon each of them. “Welcome, Champions of the Four Nations, to Outworld… you come here to contend, in Mortal Kombat. Outworld has currently won nine out of ten Mortal Kombat victories against Earhrealm, but when Raiden spoke of your realm, I wanted to test its metal against the forces of Outworld. Should you survive against my warriors, we will not seek to invade your realm, any way, shape or form.” He told them.

“For someone who is known to be a conqueror, you’re not good at lying.” Toph told him as she stepped up. “You might be willing to fool them, but I know a lie when I sense, or hear it.” She told him.

“That’s my girl.” Sokka smirked as he crossed his arms.

A smirk crept on Shao Kahn’s face as he walked up to her. “For a blind woman, you certainly know how to see through me.” He told her as he went to shove her, but Toph squinted her eyes and avoided it as she bent the earth beneath him, forcing him to stumble back as Toph earthbends a pillar towards him. Shao quickly summoned his war hammer and smashed it to pieces. He let out a chuckle as he stood up looking calm. “Well played… but that was merely a taste of what is to come.” He told her.

Raiden walked up to Toph, pulling her back. “Bold move… but you have others to fight.” He told her and looked towards Shao Kahn. “We are ready for your tournament, Shao Kahn… not your barbarism, I warn you now… if any harm that falls upon them by your hand, I will unleash upon you, tenfold.” He warned him.

The emperor smirked under his helmet and looked to him. “Wouldn’t dream of it Raiden… my fighters will handle that for me. I look forward to seeing your new champions perish in this preliminary tournament.” He told him as he sat down on his throne. “Let Mortal Kombat begin!” He announced as everyone in the arena cheered out feeling excited to see what they can do. Raiden sneered at Shao, knowing he’s always got something up his sleeve besides his war hammer. “Firelord Zuko… you will face… Baraka!” He announced as Baraka growled and walked to the center of the arena.

Seeing him, Zuko steeled himself and looked to Aang as he faced him. “Be careful Zuko, this won’t be like facing your sister Azula.” He told him.

“I know… this will be much worse.” Zuko responded as he walked to face the Tarkatan leader. The two stood in the center of the arena and looked to one another. “I have been through so many challenges in my life, practicing, and studying… you will be no different.” He told him only to see Baraka snarl and extend his blades, causing Zuko’s eyes to widen from seeing them. “That’s new though.” He muttered.

Baraka chuckled as he stood in his fight stance. “They will taste your flesh human!” He told him as he let out a hungering growl.

Zuko was far from intimidated, so he pulled out his broadswords and stood in his fighting stance. Shao Kahn smirked knowing this will be quite entertaining. “Fight!” He shouted as Baraka snarled and charged towards Zuko, swinging his blades at him. Zuko blocked with his swords trying to avoid getting struck by the monstrous warrior. He sliced at Baraka while flames could be seen on the blades as Baraka ducked from them and went for a slashing uppercut towards Zuko. But the Firelord avoided it as he landed a roundhouse kick against Baraka’s face, forcing the Tarkatan to stumble as he stuck his blades into the ground, preventing him from falling to the ground.

Zuko charged towards the Tarkatan with swords being held out as he swung them towards Baraka as a stream of fire was shot from them. But Baraka quickly rolled away from the fire and shot a sharp towards him. Zuko’s eyes widened as he quickly blocked the shard with his swords to avoid getting pierced by it, then to his surprise, Baraka leaped above him shooting another shard at him. He quickly maneuvered away from the shard and firebends against Baraka, knocking him out of the air, forcing him to slam against the ground. He let out a painful groan, but slowly started getting back up. “You are skilled human, but let us see you fight without those blades.” He told the Firelord as he sheathed his blades into his arms. Zuko knew that he was dangerous with his blades, but without them? Who knows what tricks Baraka could pull? Willing to oblige him, Zuko stuck his broadswords into the ground and stepped passed them, taking on his fighting stance as he faced the Tarkatan. Baraka roared out and charged rapidly towards Zuko, he threw a barrage of punches at him as Zuko blocked several of them. But the Tarkatan managed to land several blows against his torso, stomach, and right cheekbone as he forced Zuko to back up from being it in the face.

He shook his head and saw Baraka coming straight at him and throwing a fist towards him, Zuko quickly avoided his attack by leaning his head to the left as he slammed his palm against the right side of his jaw, forcing him to back off as he punched Baraka three times in the face, kneed him in his stomach as he firebends against his chest, blasting him far across the arena. Baraka rolled across the ground feeling the intense burns from Zuko’s firebending and looked towards him. “You may have teeth and blades… but I have fire on my side.” He told the Tarkatan Leader as he watched him rise up, not willing to surrender, not even to the Firelord. He snarled as he charged to him, lunging a kick towards him. Zuko blocked it only to get a hard punch to his face, causing him to stumble back and try to recover as Baraka landed a punch to his chest and grabbed his arm and bit down on it, causing him to scream from it as he allies panicked from it. But Zuko glared as he punched Baraka several times in the face, forcing him to let go of his arm.

The Tarkatan Leader backed away from it and licked his teeth that were still stained in Zuko’s blood. “Royal blood… but also the blood of a commoner, a stage player. That makes you less than worthy of your throne, you’re nothing more… than a mongrel pup!.” He told him as he extended his blades. “I will see to it your ancestors are ashamed of you!” He charged at him with the intent to kill, Toph sensed it and glared wanting to put an end to it before Baraka could reach him, but Zuko avoided his attacks as Baraka sliced at him trying to land a cut against the Firelord. But all he was slicing at was air as Zuko steadily maneuvered away from his blades and landed a kick to his knee forcing kneel as he slammed his knee against his nose, breaking it as Baraka screamed from it and flew across the ground. Zuko exhaled as he took his fire and burnt his wound closed to stop the bleeding as flexed it a bit to grow used to it during the fight.

He looked to Baraka with a glare as flames surrounded him. “I may have been raised in a royal family, except my mother didn’t love Ozai, but the man she wanted to marry. And he was more honorable than Ozai ever will be!” He told him as he stood in an Agni Kai stance. Baraka sneered at seeing it and charged at him as his blades extended, and he went to strike him. But as his blade was close to decapitating the Firelord, Zuko quickly ducked under the blade, sliding a kick as he tripped Baraka over, forcing him to fall to the ground. The Tarkatan leader rolled across the ground quickly getting up, but Zuko firebends at his feet to keep him from charging at him. Baraka struggled to avoid his attacks, but Zuko leaped up and kicked him in his teeth, knocking out several of them as Baraka spun around and backed away from the Firelord feeling dazed from the attack. Zuko charged at him and landed hard punches against the brute, landing a couple of fire blasts as he spun around and slammed both his fists against Baraka’s abdomen while firebending him away as Baraka screamed from it and slammed against the ground. He groaned from the last attack as he held his chest, while Zuko inhaled and stood tall letting out an exhale. “Next time you face a firebender, never underestimate his skill as well as his wisdom.” He told him.

Shang Tsung meanwhile was impressed by his skill, her stroked his beard as he developed a smirk. “You fought well Firelord Zuko, my Emperor and I commend you for your skill and bravery. Not many would face a Tarkatan and live to tell the tale.” He told him.

“But your friends must survive against the rest of Outworld’s warriors…” Shao Kahn told him as he looked to Toph. “Toph Beifong!” He called her out as she cracked her knuckles from hearing the mention of her name and stepped up. “You will face, General Reiko.” He told her as a masculine brute of a man stepped forward to face her.

Toph turned to face him as Reiko stepped up to her. “I was expecting to face the leader of your group… not some blind woman who could chuck rocks.” He told her.

A sly smirk formed across Toph’s face as she folded her arms. “What’s the matter General Reiko…? Afraid you’ll lose?” She asked him as everyone in the arena, even Shao Kahn laughed at the humiliation Reiko was feeling.

The General glared at the blind earthbender, and summoned his own war hammer to silence her. “You won’t be laughing for long once I split your skull open.” He told her.

“You’re welcome to try big boy.” She told him as Reiko backed away and held his hammer and Toph stood in her fighting stance.

Shao gripped his throne as he looked to the fighters. “Now… FIGHT!!!” He shouted as Reiko began to charge towards Toph. She sensed his vibrations as the got stronger, the General rose his war hammer into the air as Toph raised her right leg and kicked it into the ground, sending a trail of earth to his next step as he stepped on it and was forced to do the splits. Everyone in the crowd winced from it as Reiko screamed in pain from it. Toph earthbends three pillars of rock, slamming them against Reiko as he was sent fly towards the wall, and crashed against it. Everyone cheered from it, as Shao looked towards Toph. “That was by far, the fastest match I’ve ever seen.” He told her.

“I’m the greatest Earthbender in my realm! You and that dunderhead better not forget it.” She told her as she was about to join her friends, but Reiko was far from finished. He got up and turned to her glaring, quickly pulling out his throwing stars and threw them at her. She quickly sensed it and formed a metal shield blocking them, she glared as she pulled the shield apart and formed the metal into a pair of gauntlets. “Big mistake pal.” She told him as she charged towards him. Reiko grabbed his war hammer and swung it at her while Toph swung a hard fist at it, slamming it against the hammer as it bounced off her metal fist. Reiko backed up from it as he stumbled from the impact and felt his hands shaking around the handle of his war hammer, Toph sensed it and smirked. “Looks like someone’s getting scared… you sure you want to continue fighting against a blind woman?” She asked him.

The General was panting from the pain he was feeling in his hands, but he yelled out loud as he swung his hammer at her. Toph dodged and avoided his swings and swept a slide kick, tripping him over as she landed a hard punch against his shoulder. He let out a painful grunt from the impact as it bruised his shoulder, and dislocated his shoulder. He groaned from it and saw the smug look on the police chief’s face, causing him to sneer and growl as he got up and went to strike her. Toph blocked his attacks with the war hammer, landing hard kicks against him as she earthbends a boulder into the air and unleashed it towards him. He took his hammer and swung it against the boulder, smashing it to pieces as he leaped into the air and swung his hammer at her. She sensed it coming and quickly earthbends herself into the ground as the hammer slammed onto the ground narrowly missing her. Reiko lifted the hammer and looked for her. “COME OUT AND FACE ME COWARD!!!” He shouted as he looked for her.

“She’s certainly playing him for a fool.” Raiden commented to Aang.

“Knowing Toph, she’s already won this battle. By using his anger against him, she can use that to her advantage. Reiko of course, is all brawn… no brains.” He told the thunder god as he chuckled and looked to the fight. Reiko looked around the arena, only to feel his feet get stuck in place. He looked down seeing rocks gripping his feet as he struggled to get free, but Toph had other plans as she leaped out of the ground in front of him. He panicked but swung his hammer at her, but she caught it with one hand as she glared at him. She formed a blade and sliced the hammer head off and tossed towards Shao Kahn’s feet. She clobbered Reiko in the face two times and kicked at his knee forcing him to kneel, she beat him senseless with her metal gauntlets, and pulled her fist back in an uppercut position, swinging it at him as she landed a powerful uppercut, slamming it against his jaw, causing it to crack as he was sent flying across the arena, and slammed hard to the ground. Aang smirked and looked to Raiden, nudging his arm with his elbow. “Told ya.” He told him.

Sokka popped between them happily for Toph. “That’s my girl!” He cheered.

Toph cleaned hear hands and pointed at Reiko. “If you know what’s good for you pal, you’ll stay down.” She told him as she walked to her comrades to rejoin them.

“Well done Toph, you did a good job against the General.” Raiden told her.

“Hey, piece of cake… he was a total chump.” She told him with a smirk.

Reiko rejoined his colleagues holding his broken jaw earning a firm glare from Shao Kahn, knowing the General deserved the beating he received from the earthbender. The Kahn looked to Tanya knowing she was just itching for a fight, so he looked towards Sokka and smirked. “Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe…” He gained his attention as he gestured to Tanya. “You shall face Tanya, of Edenia.” He told him as Tanya grinned and walked down to face Sokka.

The water tribesman exhaled knowing this wasn’t the first time he had ever faced a woman, he shrugged all his nervousness away and walked to the middle of the arena to face the Edenian pyromancer. “You look nervous… I take it you haven’t fought in a long time…?” She asked him.

“Don’t underestimate me miss… I’ve still have a warriors spirit within me.” He told her as he pulled out his sword and boomerang and stood in his fighting stance. Tanya smirked as she pulled out her blades tonfa’s, knowing he will need that warriors spirit for this fight.

“Fight!” Shao Kahn shouted as Sokka charged towards Tanya, swinging his sword at her, but she narrowly avoided his attacks and blocked his sword with her tonfa’s. She slid on across his blade and swung it towards his face, causing him to quickly avoid getting scratched in the face as he threw his boomerang at her. She ducked under it and kneed him in his stomach and went to stab him, but was soon hit in the back of the head by his boomerang as it came whirling back to him. She groaned from it and sent him an annoyed glare, he only smirked in response as he held out his weapons. Shrugging off the pain of the boomerang, Tanya twirled her tonfa’s and struck at him. Sokka blocked her attack with his sword to avoid their sharp edges, leaned back as a strike was close to his neck and he kicked Tanya back.

She stumbled but managed to stop her fall as she flipped forward and swung both her legs at him, landing them across his head, putting him in a daze as she leaped at him, wrapping her thighs around his head causing him to muffle between her legs. “You’re good… but you will need more than skills against an Edenian Assassin!” She told him as she used her body strength to pull him down and throw him over. Sokka flew across the field and slammed across the ground, he groaned as he got up shaking his hand. But his focus soon returned as he looked towards Tanya as she held flames in her hands, causing his eyes to widen and he panicked as she shot the flames toward him and he quickly evaded her attack. “You’re quick… but you’re not what you used to be.” She said as she shot another flame at him. He avoided it and others that came at him, he tried to reach for his boomerang, but she charged at him and leaped over snatching it from him. “Time for a little payback.” She muttered and used all her strength to throw the boomerang at him.

Seeing it coming towards him, Sokka quickly took his sword and blocked it as he sliced it in half. “Dang it, you owe me a new boomerang!” He charged at her and leaped as he slashed at Tanya with his blade. She avoided it and stepped on the blade, pinning it down on the ground as she grinned at him. Sokka noticed it, but smirked in response causing her to lose her grin as he raised the sword, pushing her off as she pulled a backflip and landed on her feet. “I learned much from a great master, so don’t disrespect me, or his teachings.” He told her.

Looking at him, Tanya smirked as she charged at him… he went for a forward slash, but she ducked under it as she slid on her knees and got behind him and held her blades to him, causing his allies to panic from seeing it. “You know… for a man from a new realm, you’ve actually managed to surprise me on several attempts on my life. You’ve earned my respect.“ She turned his head and planted a kiss full on his lips, causing his eyes to widen in shock.

“Whoa! Didn’t see that coming!” Katara stated in surprise as her eyes were wide as saucers.

“You and me both.” Aang said to her.

“What? What’s happening?” Toph asked them.

“Probably best you don’t wanna know.” Zuko told her.

Just in that instant, Sokka quickly broke the kiss and got away from her. “Hey! I came here to fight! Not get kissed by an assassin!” He told her as he heard Shao Kahn chuckle. “You stop laughing pal, you put her against me to distract me with her luxurious body!” He accused him.

“Tanya is quite the seductress, you should be more careful if you want to survive in this battle.” Shao Kahn told him.

“He’s right… because you never know what will happen.” Tanya charged at him and swung an uppercut against him while he was distracted and kneed his chest and kicked his stomach, knocking him down on the ground. Katara gasped for her brother as he got back up and tried to block her next attack, but Tanya managed to break through his block and punched him in the face several times and kicked him in the knee forcing him to kneel as she wrapped her arm around his neck and starts choking him.

“Sokka!” Katara was about to help him, but Raiden stopped her from doing so. “Raiden, I have to help him!” She pleaded to him.

“There is nothing you can do… all we can do is watch.” He told her as he looked to the fight.

Sokka struggled to break free of Tanya’s grip feeling her suffocating him, she grinned as she tightened her grip. “It’s a shame handsome… you could’ve joined us when you had the opportunity, I could have shown you the greatest pleasure.” She told him earning a glare from Toph as she stood with her comrades.

Sokka choked as he was close to passing out, but he wasn’t willing to give up as he struggled to break free. “Sorry to disappoint you… but I’m married.” He slammed the back of his head against her face, bruising her nose as she yelped from the pain and backed away from him. Sokka coughed as he tried to gasp for air… to soon look towards her as he stood up and walked toward her as he avoid a strike from her and he slammed a fist against her stomach and backhanded her in the face three times. He smacked her one more time and smacked his hands across her ears discombobulating her as Tanya screamed from it and threw a hard right, but he blocked it with his elbow and hit her in the jaw weakening it. He then punched it causing it to fracture, she grunts from it and went for a left swing, but Sokka blocked it with his elbow again, punching her several times in her abdomen and punched the other side of her jaw, dislocating it entirely as he landed a heel kick to her diaphragm, knocking her down to the ground. She groaned in pain from what she was feeling, and got up to try and continue the fight, but Sokka knew that she was done, so he walked towards her and touched her shoulder. “Do yourself a favor…” He took his sword and slammed the pommel of it against her head, knocking her out as she hit the ground. “Stay down.” He told her.

The crowd cheered for him while others booed at him, but he didn’t care, so he rejoined his comrades as Toph playfully punched him in the arm. “Not bad out there big boy… but if you let another woman like that kiss you again, I swear I’m gonna have you neutered.” She warned him.

He gulped in response knowing she was scarily serious about that and nodded his head in response, Shao Kahn slowly clapped as he stood up from his throne. “Well Raiden, you certainly have found great warriors, but how about we postpone the tournament for now and let them rest. I’m sure Tanya really knocked the wind out of your friend here.” He told him.

“For once, you and I can agree on something Shao Kahn, but knowing you… you’re more than likely to have something planned.” Raiden told him as Shao Kahn grinned and walked away with his fighters. Raiden watched him go as his eyes squinted feeling suspicious of him.

Aang felt it too, he could tell the emperor was up to something, and walked up to Raiden to confirm his suspicions. “Can’t trust a word he says, can we…?” He asked him.

“Not for a thousand years, but come… let’s get Sokka rested up before the tournament continues.” Raiden told him as Aang nodded and walked with them to help Sokka recover.

As the group wandered through the halls, Aang looked through the palace seeing its decor, and nothing spoke death than Shao Kahn’s palace, red was literally everywhere, representing the color of blood as he felt a sense of unease around him. Something soon caught his attention as the sounds of yelling could be heard from a room behind him. He turned towards it and walked over to see what it is. He peaked inside and looked through the room, and found Kitana in her tournament outfit from MKX. She was practicing with her war fans to become stronger for her step father, to which she hasn’t known yet due to it being before 1992. She tried to get her power over the wind to work for her… but she felt a lot of resistance with the fans, she groaned in frustration. “Come on, why won’t you work?!” She demanded to know.

Aang watched her sensing her frustration, he looked back to the others but looked to her. She walked into the training room without her knowing as he put on a hood to hide his identity. “It’s because you’re going against the wind instead of trying to control it.” He told her as Kitana gasped and turned seeing him. “A fan… even ones such as these.” He used his airbending to pull one towards him as he safely caught it. “Can feel much resistance when going towards wind going in the opposite direction as you.” He opened the fan and whirled it around.

Watching it, Kitana looked to the monk curiously as she arced her eyebrows. “You’re not of Earthrealm, and you’re not of Outworld, what gives you the right to approach the daughter of Shao Kahn, and lecture me at the same time?!” She demanded to know.

“Forgive me your highness, I meant no disrespect… I was merely walking by when I noticed you struggling.” He told her as he looked to the fan. “I will say though, these are quite fascinating. The Kyoshi Warriors would probably feel green with envy.” He chuckled a bit earning a surprised look from Kitana as he folded the war fan. “Now, when you wish to control the wind, you must relax your arms, it’s not like trying to pull a cinder block with a rope. More like a leaf blowing in the wind.” He explained as he unfolded the fan and gracefully airbender with the fan and sent a gentle current passed Kitana as she was surprised from it and looked to him. He folded the fan and walked up to her handing it to her. “Now you try.” He told her as she took the fan.

She held out both war fans and looked at them and looked to the practice dummy. She felt how tense her muscles were and took some deep breathes trying to relax her muscles. Once she had found a calm and easy mind, her eyes snapped opened as she took both fans controlling the wind to her whim and caused a whirling to rise beneath the dummy, raising it into the air as she took her war fans and threw them and it’s chest, piercing it as though she was piercing someone’s heart. Aang smiled as he clapped his hands together hole Kitana pulled the the war fans out and looked to him. “You aided me, even though I am the daughter of Shao Kahn, why?” She asked him.

Aang shrugged a bit as he grabbed his staff. “It’s just my nature… I don’t have a hateful bone in my body. For every realm, or land, there is an enemy, but for every enemy, a friend.” He told her as he headed for the door.

“Wait…!” She called out to him as he stopped. “I didn’t get your name.” She told him.

Aang smiled as he glanced back to her. “I’m just a humble monk, your majesty… now if you may excuse me, I must rejoin my colleagues.” He told her as he walked for the door. “Take care, your majesty.” He told her as he walked out of the training room. Kitana watched him go, and looked to her fans remembering what he told her.

Out of the shadows, Jade approached in her MKX outfit watched him go as she looked to her. “He’s right you know, we may have enemies, but we all can use friends as well.” She told her.

Smiling a bit and looked to her. “I still have you as a friend Jade.” She told her and looked to her war fans. “Whoever he was, I will remember his words.” She said to herself as she relaxed her arms and created a steam of wind on her own. Jade smiled proudly at her friend, knowing she has advanced with Aang’s help.

Meanwhile, Aang walked to where his friends were, and approached his comrades to check on Sokka. “How is he?” He asked them.

“A little winded, but he’ll survive.” Zuko responded to him.

Exhaling to catch his breath after being choked out by Tanya, he rubbed his neck and looked to him. “I’ll be fine Aang, still a little stunned from that kiss though.” He told him.

Just from hearing it, Toph gave him an non playful punch to his arm, bruising him as he cried out in pain and looked towards her. “Next time, you shouldn’t let your guard down when a woman is flirting with you.” She told him.

“Hey, it’s not my fault she had the drop on me!” He responded to her in a defensive tone.

“Actually, it kinda is.” Katara told him boldly towards that statement.

Her brother glanced to her with a scowl as he clenched his fist. “You are so lucky you’re my sister right now.” He told her.

Just at that moment,