Seducing A Brick Wall

by SonicBlitz18

First published

Defiant Brick spends time on AJ’s farm and she grows to like his company more than others.

A year after the craziness of Twilight’s ascension, AJ finally decides that it’s time to hire an extra hand at the farm, a stallion by the name Defiant Brick. Despite his seemingly cold demeanor, she grows an affinity with the stallion and eventually they come to celebrate the year they’ve spent together, though AJ’s gift is more intimate than Brick thought it would have been.
(Level 4 on the anthro scale)
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Blowing Off Some Steam

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It’s been a year since the events of Twilight’s ascension and after Twilight took the throne to Canterlot. Starlight was tasked with taking over her old castle and Ponyville was on a vast change after the events that took place. The setting is now on Sweet Apple Acres where Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, Applebloom and Granny Smith, were packing to go visit Braeburn so that leaves Applejack to run the farm for herself.

“Y’all got everything packed?” The raspy voice of Granny Smith said as she was at the door, waiting for Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, and Applebloom to come down stairs.

“Coming,” Apple Bloom called out as she was the first to come sliding down the railing. Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle walked down the stairs following his energetic little sister. Sugar Belle had to have help from her husband since she was pregnant with Big Mac’s child and was currently dealing with her cravings and mood swings going on inside of her right now. Big Mac really didn’t care as he knew that he had a beautiful wife and a foal to take care of when it's born.

“We’re here Granny Smith,” Sugar Belle replied with a smile. “It’s a shame that Applejack won’t be joining us for a visit to her cousin.

“Somepony has to look after the farm and yer sister is more than capable of taking care of the farm,” Granny smith followed up with a smile. “Alongside that new farm hand she hired last year.”

“If y’all say so,” Big Mac said with a sigh. “Where is Applejack anyway?”

“She went outside to do some yard work alongside our new farm hand,” Appleblook answered with a smile. It then cuts to Applejack currently kicking at Apple trees to knock down the apples that were freshly growing on the trees into nearby buckets out in the field alongside another stallion who was hired last year.

“Whew, we’ve gotten an even bigger harvest than last year,” She said as she stopped kicking at the tree and took off her Stetson hat revealing her long blonde mane and wiping the sweat from her forehead. Applejack was a very tall mare compared to most mare out in Ponyville even to Twilight after she moved away. Compared to most mares, she has gained quite the reputation being the tallest mare in Ponyville. Her long blonde mane and tail were tied in ponytails and she had a curvy and muscular physique to match. She was wearing a pair of blue shorts that did little to hide her toned thighs and her tri apple cutie mark, along with some thigh high cowgirl boots to match. What really made Applejack known, much to her annoyance, was her breasts that were currently tied by her checkerboard shirt with a tied midriff knot that showed off her flat stomach and strong six pack. She was a size GGG-cup given to her near 6ft 11inch tall frame, but she was proud of her body nonetheless as it shows how much she has grown over the years.

“Hey Brick, how ya doin, back there?” She called out as the sounds of a kick followed suit behind her and the grunts of a stallion could be heard.

“I’m doing fine Applejack,” He said aloud as he heard the apples falling into the basket near him. This was a stallion that Applejack and her family hired last year named Defiant Brick. He was a rather short stallion compared to most stallions around town. He moved to Ponyville last year after Twilight took over Canterlot and wanted to start a new life in a quiet town like this. His average height was 5ft 1 inches in length, but he didn’t care how tall he was. To him it only mattered if you pulled your own weight or not. He was dressed in Cargo pants, steel toed boots, and a t-shirt that had a black and white fist logo on the center of it. His yellow fur was drenched in sweat from how long he was working as he wiped his brow of sweat. He had a short black mane with a full beard and sideburns, and tail and on the back of his shirt was his cutie mark: a Mark of a crimson fist in the middle of a red circle. “I just managed to get the last of the apples into the buckets over here.”

“Alright, let’s get these out to the house and take a break,” She added as she picked up both baskets in both of her arms and carried them that way. Brick follows suit as he carries some of the baskets in his arms as well. It’s been about eight months as he and Applejack hit it off pretty well. She just wishes that he wasn’t so dense at times when she sends a few signals about wanting to take a roll in the hay. Still he loved her for her, rather than her body as most stallions tried to do, and she could tell that he was genuine at first glance. They walked past Applejack's home and Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, and Granny Smith were walking out of the house with suitcases in their hands.

“Howdy everypony,” She said with a smile.

“Howdy Applejack,” Applebloom said as she rushed over to hug her sister. “We were just about to leave to visit Braeburn.”

“Ah know that he’s gonna be in tears learnin’ that he’s ‘bout to be an uncle soon,” she followed up as she pictured Braeburn’s reaction and how he would be a brying wreck learning that he’s gonna be an uncle.

“I wish I could see that,” Brick followed up with a smile as he set the baskets down to take a break. “But they wanted us to stay on the farm. I would love to meet the rest of your family.”

“Maybe later on,” Applejack followed up as she set her baskets down. “Right now we have some chores to do.”

“Yes ma’am,” Brick said with a smile as he picked up the baskets he had earlier and walked in the house.

“We’ll be back in about two weeks Applejack,” Granny Smith followed up. “So take care of the farm until we get back.”

“Okay granny,” She said as she gave her a hug. It wasn’t long until Granny Smith, Applebloom, Big Mac, and Sugar Belle walked away from everyone and left the Sweet Apple Barn, leaving Applejack and Defiant Brick alone on the farm.

“Guess it’s just us here,” Applejack said in a more calm tone as she turned to Brick with a smile. “Ya know, maybe later we can-!”

She turned around only to find Brick walking in the house with the baskets that he was carrying earlier in his arms. Applejack pouted immediately seeing him focusing more on his work rather than her and it annoyed her to no end. She admitted that she was in love with him, but his cold demeanor and rather dense nature would get on her nerves sometimes.

“Sometimes I wish that stallion could take the hint,” She grumbled to herself as she picked up the baskets and carried them inside the house. Soon both her and Brick were inside and she saw him already picking at the apples to remove and leaves or twigs and washing them by hand.

“Oh, hey Applejack,” Brick said with a calm tone as he was washing the apples. Applejack was annoyed as much as she loved him, but she smiled as she had a plan for the young stallion.

“Hey Brick,” She said with a smile while walking over to him. “I may need yer help with something at the barn after this.”

“What for?” He asked, turning over to her and stopping what he was doing.

“I’ll be at the barn in about half an hour and I’ll see you there,” She said with a smile. “I’ll have a very important job for ya.”

“What type of job?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“You’ll see when you get there,” She said as she walked towards the door of the house. “I’ll see ya in half an hour.” She then leaves the young stallion while walking towards the barn with a smile on her face. Soon as she walks out of the house, she thinks to herself about the plan she had and what she plans to do when he sees her.

‘Let’s hope that he enjoys mah gift to the fullest,’

-Sweet Apple Barn-

“Done,” He said to himself as he finished cleaning the apples that he helped Applejack pick.

With that chore done, he decided to go to the barn like she asked to figure out what she wanted. Defiant wasn’t sure why she was upset whenever she looked at him. He was always doing the work and he just wanted to understand her better. When it came to his job, he kept it professional, and he learned to respect her personal space, but even as he dated her he just couldn’t really figure out why she would be annoyed half the time. But he still enjoyed her company nonetheless. He could see the large red barn in sight and thought about what Applejack wanted and wondered what chore he would have to do.

“Applejack, I’m here,” He called out as he knocked on the barn door.

“It’s open Sugarcube,” She said with a more seductive tone that he really didn’t notice. He just opens the door to find Applejack sitting on a bale of hay with a smile on her face when she sees him. She was still in her usual attire but had a look of seriousness on her face to follow up.

“Hey Applejack, what did you need?”

“I just wanted to talk to you about something, and give you something in return,” She said with a calm tone.

“Didn’t you say something about having a chore for me?” He asked in confusion and Applejack sighed in response to his question.

“Y’all are such a dense knucklehead,” She groaned as she walked over to the dense stallion. “But you do tend to take yer job literally.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how y’all are as a stallion,” she followed up with a smile. “Y’all seems to be more of a workaholic than ah was back in the day and Ah’ll admit was a very stubborn pony.”

“This is true.”

“We’ve been dating for about half a year right?” She asked him.

“Yes we have, but I thought that you were more of the working type,” He said truthfully.

“And the more ah worked with you the more I’ve gotten attracted to you,” She admitted, a blush forming on her face. “But you never really noticed mah advances towards you, and it only got me even more frustrated by the day. But then it made me realize what ah was doin wrong.”

“What do you mean?” He asked as Applejack got even closer to him, her breasts touching his face.

“Ah needed a more direct approach just to get through to that stubborn head of yers,” She followed up with a lustful smirk as she pushed Brick onto a hay bale much to his surprise as he stumbled backwards.

“What was that for?” Brick asked in confusion, and Applejack just smirks.

“Just don’t move, sugarcube,” She said with a seductive smirk as she reaches for the knot on her midriff shirt and pulls it down, letting her rather large breasts bounce free. Brick blushed as he saw how hard her dark brown nipples were and she looked at him with a lustful smirk, and walked towards . “It’s been a year since ah hired ya on the farm as a farm hand, and y’all deserve a nice reward and a bit of fun fer me.”

Before Brick could even say anything she presses her body against his chest and gives him a deep passionate kiss to the shocked stallion’s surprise. She kept at it as she dove her tongue into his mouth trying to get a reaction from her lover with her more direct approach. It does spark a reaction as he suddenly lunges forward, groping her huge melons making her moan into his mouth and she welcomes this kiss that he was giving.

Both individuals fought each other for dominance as they began to roll around on the hay bale, neither missing a beat and Brick tasted the sweetness of the apple pies that Applejack eats on her tongue. They continued to wrestle for a while until Brick was pinned under the hrony amazon mare who stared into his eyes and her heavyits mashed against his chest.

“I was trying to get yer attention for a role in the hay for awhile and y’all constantly ignored me or didn’t even realize, so ah think it’s time fer some payback,” She lustfully said as she moves downwards towards the bulge in Brick’s pants.

“Woah AJ, look I apologize if I didn't-!” Brick tried to say something, but Applejack silenced him with a finger as she fumbled with the pants that he was wearing. It wasn’t long until she managed to undo his zipper and see Brick’s throbbing erection. She was shocked to see how big he was, being at least 15inches in length at full mast, and his balls were almost the size of coconuts. Her shock just turn into a sinister smile as she

“Now Brick, Ah’ve been pent up fer awhile trying to get yer attention, so ah think ya need some due punishment,”

“What type of punishment?” He asked her as she had a sinister smile as she had him pinned under her huge bosom. She then turns around to where her sweet and toned ass was in his face making it to where he could see her clothed crotch. She still had her shorts on and they made a sweet depiction of her marehood slowly. “What are you doing?”

“Yer not allowed to move until ah give the go ahead, or er only gonna make it worse on yerself later,” she said with a lustful smirk. Before Brick could even say anything or protest what Applejack was going to do, he felt Applejack tongue licking at his throbbing shaft. Applejack was enjoying her treat as she licks at the sides of his dick while stroking him to get Brick aroused and worked up. What this feeling did was get a reaction from Brick. He felt how soft her mouth and her hands felt against his cock despite the amount of work they constantly do on the farm everyday.

“F-fuuuck…” He moaned as her tongue and mouth did the work and her moans onto his cock sent shivers down the stallion's spine. She continued to stroke him for a few minutes, a small bead of precum leaking from the tip. Seeing the small dollop of pre forcing itself out, she licks her lips in arousal and leans over to lick the pre from his tip. “H-hey, take it easy.”

“Starten to enjoy it?” She playfully asked him, still licking his throbbing shaft. “And sorry sugarcube, ah ain’t one to take it easy.” While licking his shaft she shifted her body to where her large boobs surrounded his throbbing erection and was sucking in his tip again making Brick moan out. While that was going on he thought back to what Applejac said earlier, about how she kept coming onto him, and how he never noticed. He then looks at her dripping pussy that was still covered by her daisy duke shorts, and thinking back to what was said to him, he knew that he had to make it up to her.

“Come on now, if yer gonna let me take the lead, then try to-!”RIP!” Applejack stopped whatever she was going to say when she heard the sounds of fabric tearing. She even felt a bit of a breeze down where her shorts were. She stopped playing with his dick and looked back to see Defiant Brick ripped her shorts clean off exposing her soft and supple ass towards the now aroused stallion. “The hay y’all think yer doin?”

“Doing what I should’ve done earlier,” He follows up his comment by opening his mouth and sticking his tongue deep into her dripping folds. Applejack twitched and moaned as she felt his tongue entering her pussy as the stallion was eating her out. He enjoyed the sweet taste of her apple flavored marehood and it only caused him to dig in more. Applejack didn’t want this to stop but she saw his dick twitching as more of his pre was dribbling from the tip of his dick.

“Glad to see yer enjoying yerself, but ah ain’t done yet,” She follows that up as she continued her blowjob and boobjob combo onto his throbbing penis. She opens her mouth to take in the remaining third of his penis while the rest is trapped within her large melons. Brick was enjoying his sweet treat and was messing around and spanking AJ’s ass right on her cutie mark, making her shudder, and her moans on his penis sent shivers of pleasure down his spine.

‘Damn, she must’ve been holding back,’ Brick thinks to himself as he licks at her juices constantly and Applejack licked and swallowed the pre that he offered, but his attention turned more to her puckering asshole. Each time she went down onto his bulge, her puckering hole would open and close. He stops licking at her pussy and sticks his tongue into her quivering Asshole much to her surprise making her jolt up.

“The hay y’all doin back there?”

“I believe that since I’ve been a pain in the ass for so long,” he said, catching his breath, “it’s time I make it feel good for once.” He follows up by diggin back into her ass while using his fingers to play with her pussy. Applejack squirmed as Brick continued to eat out her ass and her pussy was now soaking his chest. They were at it for about ten minutes for awhile, until both individuals felt pressure building up in their loins. Applejack felt her orgasm growing close, and brick was about to blow his load. Both were still busy enjoying each other that they didn’t even warn the other of what they were doing. Brick buries his face deep in her ass and she cums hard where her juices drench his chest and in turn, he cums hard flooding her mouth with his semen. Applejack greedily swallowed what he had offered her and in turn he pulled away from her ass to drink what she offered him. Both let their orgasms subside and Applejack pulls up while sucking onto his cock, licking it clean.

“Gotta say, y’all know how to treat a gal,” She said with a lustful smile while getting up and turning around and looking him in the eyes. “Ah didn’t think y a had it in ya,”

“Says the mare that kissed me out of nowhere and pins me to the ground,” He said with a smile. He felt his dick was pretty limp and AJ smiles and sits on his pelvis.

“Ah think you need a bit of a pick me up,” She said with a lustful glare as she rubs her bubbly ass against his limp dick to get him hard again. She follows that up by pressing her breasts against Bricks’ face.

“How do mah two girls feel against yer face?” She asked as she continued to let Brick motorboat her melons. He felt the softness of her breasts against his face and she could feel the gruffness of his beard against her cleavage. Applejack continued to rub her asscheeks against his dick and it was slowly getting hard again. It took about thirty seconds and she felt his dick come to life again between her soft freckled ass cheeks.

“Ah’ll take that as ya like it?” She teased, rubbing her ass against his crotch more, her juices dripping and staining his pants. She was about to say something when she felt his lips, her left nipple and she flinched feeling his tongue licking at the base of her nipple. His hands shot up to massage her swollen breasts and her moans were music to his ears. He would soon stop licking her nipples and pull up leaving a string of saliva and he looks at Applejack’s blushing face.

“This is my way of saying that I’m sorry for not noticing the signs,” He said as he continued to lick and massage her huge melons, and he eventually felt a warm liquid flooding his mouth. ‘Is that, milk?’ He thought to himself as he pulled away from her. He looks at her tits to see warm trinkles of milk dripping from her tits.

“How does it taste?” She asked the blushing stallion.

“Sweet caramel Apples,” He said with a smile.

“Good, because this cowgirl is gonna be ridin ya like a bull,” She followed up as she started raising her hips to where her pussy was now hovering over his hardened dick. Plus with how wet she was, it would act as a nice lubricant for him when he enters her. She rubs her dripping pussy against his dick and lets her juices drip against his length. Soon as he was nicely lubed up, she lowered herself onto his throbbing erection and slammed her hip down on his cock.

“Oh Pony Feathers,” She yelped, feeling how big he was and the fact that she needed to go this far was pretty rough. Brick could feel how tight she was, clamping onto his cock like a vice.

“Damn, you’re tight,” He groaned as he felt the wet love canal clamping down onto him hard. He had to wait for her to stop squeezing onto his cock so he could move properly.

“Don’t go easy on me,” She told him. “Ah want to ride ya like a bull,”

“My pleasure, my horny cowgirl,” He said with a naughty grin as he returned to sucking on her tits. Applejack moaned as she felt the sudden rush of arousal flooding through her and he switched between both of her breasts. He then placed his hands on her waist, lifting her up until his tip was almost out of her, and forcing the mare back down onto his cock. Applejack felt a wave of pleasure tingling her body when she felt his dick kissing her cervix on each slam, and it caused her to force her milk out even more.

Applejack kept his head buried in her tits as her moans started to increase in volume. She rode her stud, gripping with her legs, hooking her knees around his hips while she raised her arms above her head. Every thrust slapped her thighs and bounced her tits, and the sensation of her stallion’s beard nestled between them sparked her like a wildfire.

Brick found himself lost amidst the sea of pure bliss as he slammed himself into his marefriend, his hands travelling up to caress her, one on her breast and another running along her back. To think, this bountiful beauty, this amazing amazon, the titanic masterpiece of a mare before him was brought to such a state by him… and all this time, he never noticed. They could have gotten at this so much sooner, yet he lived up to his namesake and didn’t notice. A hand travelled down to her hips as he thrust again, dragging his tongue between the valley of her breasts as he vowed to never leave her needs unattended again.

They were both lost in pleasure from feeling each other’s bodies and the pent up frustrations were being released through their passionate love making. Both lovers felt pressure building up in their loins and it caused Brick to thrust harder and Applejack was keeping his head lock in place. As she felt her loins burning and clenching onto his dick like a vice.

“Applejack,” Brick huffed, “I’m close, do you want me to finish inside or outside?”

“Inside,” She panted riding him harder. “Ah want to feel yer baby batter in me.” She followed up her statement by locking lips with the stallion, taking her milk on his lips as they made out and fucked each other like crazy. Both individuals continued to ride each other out until their orgasms were building up. After a few more hard thrusts, both Applejack and Defiant Brick came hard. Applejack’s vaginal walls clamped down onto Brick’s cock like a vice as her femenine juices drenched his pelvis.

Following that up, Brick pushed past her cervix and filled her womb with his fertile seed. Applejack could feel his seed flooding her womb, hearts in her eyes as she felt him pumping her full. Her stomach slowly started to expand to the size of a basketball as he emptied his payload into her. His groans mixed with her moans not caring what's around them, they could only bask in their afterglow from their orgasm. They felt themselves spent, and both lovers broke their kiss with each other.

“That was amazing AJ,” Brick said as he looked into her eyes. “I… I’m sorry I never realized your intentions before. I am… quite bad at reading social cues.”

“Well ah hope mah direct approach got to yer head,” She said with a smile. “Ah at least want to stay like this for now so why don’t...we…!” She trailed off and her face went red as she stopped moving. Brick was at first confused by her reaction until he looked where she was looking. He lifts his head back to see a red faced Applebloom looking at them with her mouth agape, her brain trying to process what she was seeing.

“A-Applebloom!” Applejack frantically shouted as she covered her chest in embarrassment. “What’re you doin back so early?”

“I think she forgot something and was on her way back and the noise we were making got her curious.” Defiant Brick said, not caring about their position he was in.

“Wha- That don’t mean ya can just barge in on two ponies fu- DOING NOTHING!”

“Sheesh, no need to be rude, AJ,” Apple Bloom said. “Just forgot the manifest for the order. So I guess ya had to blunt-force your romance on him after all, huh? I told Scootaloo it’d take nothin’ less than that. Featherhead owes me twenty bits, thanks sis! See ya, Brick!”

“Applebloom!!!” Applejack shouted and Brick sighed to himself about how he’s going to be a part of this active family in more ways than one. Meanwhile what was going on inside of Applejack’s body, her womb had a few eggs being swarmed by his sperm and entered three eggs.

-Six Months later-

Six months have passed since Brick had impregnated Applejack and he was currently working out on the apple fields with Big mac. He was working with the stallion after he married his sister two weeks later before time had passed. Sugarbelle was working on a new pie recipe as well as Applebloom taking care of their new baby Candy Apple.

“Okay, that’s the last of them,” Brick said to himself as he carried the last basket of apples towards the cart. “Anything else, Big Mac?”

“Nothing at the moment,” Big Mac said as he moved the basket. “Mah sister is lookin for ya at the hill though.”

“Okay, I’ll see her there,” He said to himself as he went to the large hill that was a little far from the barn. He remembered stories that his wife mentioned to him about how her parents went up there to sing to each other.

He climbed to the top and smiled, seeing his beloved sitting atop the hill. She was laying down, gazing up at him while rubbing her massive midsection.

“We missed ya this mornin’,” she said. “Just rushin’ off like that ta fix the new barn, can’t even sit down ta kiss yer wife good mornin’.”

“I apologize, dear, but I have to lay out the cement before sunrise so it doesn’t dry too fast. I cannot properly fortify the barn with dried out cement. Also, I knew you would be so kind as to save some for me when I was done.”

He got onto his knees and leaned over her, hovering his face above hers.

:”I was mistaken.”

“Yeah ya were.”

She reached up and yanked him down, Brick landing beside her as she laughed. While she was coming off of her laughter, she felt his hands running over the massive bulge of AJ’s pregnant stomach, pressing his bearded face into her side. She chuckled while his beard tickled her, and scratched his chin.

“Triplets. Ah still can’t believe you managed to get three in one, hun.”

“Yes, I suppose it’s some way of making up for all the times I didn’t catch on, all piling up in one go. Have you got any names for them yet?” He asked.

“Darn tootin,” She smiled. “The doctor said ah was having two fillies and a colt. For the fillies ah’m calling them Phalanx Blossom and Apple Ash, and fer the colt, ah was going to call him Hammer Down.”

“They all sound like perfect names for the kids,” He said to his wife. “Just like their beautiful mother.”

“Thank ya sugarcube,” She smiled back as they both layed next to each other enjoying each other’s company.

“I want you to know, Applejack. Of all the things I’ve built in my life, be it forts on the borders, homes for others, and even the hut where Big Mac invited our friends, I’m glad that the greatest accomplishment in my life can be that I’ve built a family between us.”

“Ah glad too, Brick,” She said with a smile. Applejack and Defiant Brick now had a bright future ahead of them with their new foals growing within Applejack.