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I like AJ fics.
Good work 👍

I hope you make a FilthyJack fic.
That ship is weird but I like it.
Before hate me.

I like the story of a rich bussiness man who is tired of his wife's infidelity.
He was living unhappy he discover true love with AJ the humble farmer.

That is just an idea

Hawkx1 #2 · May 6th · · ·

Searched for a while to find one of the human to pony scales so hooves for feet and fur everything else is human

excellent fic perhaps you could do others that were based on the other 6 manes here I have ideas: with rainbow dash with nine recruits of the wonderbolts, from rarity a stud who met at a fashion event, with twilight a personal guard would attend her.

This was a decent fanfic, and just when I thought this account was dead.

I assume you've been busy as of late? "Preserving One's Clan" is still on hiatus, "Dusk's School Harem" is still on hold, and the sequel to "To Sate a Beast" has yet to come.

I'm not complaining at all, but if you're too busy with work to update your stories right now, I completely understand as long chapters need to be properly organised before publishing. Considering that the last story updates were weeks, if not months ago, I was afraid that you forgot about them.

Great story here, I'm glad to see that you were able to post a new story after a while. keep up the good work

This was a cute and sweet fic.

AJ456 #7 · May 9th · · ·

Nice fanfic.

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