Daughters of Chaos

by Snow Moon

First published

For the lord of chaos random and unpredictables result would be part of what he does, unfortunately he never counted with this kind of results.

After successfully achieving his triumphant return, stealing the sun and the moon from the pony princesses and exercising his reign over the land of Equestria, the Lord of Chaos challenge the only thing that could become a tool to his defeat. Unfortunately for him the end result was nothing like the sweet victory he expected. 

**This story takes place on an alt. Universe just after Discord took control over Equestria thousands of years before the main MLP:FIM timeline.**

Chapter 00

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Chapter 00

Unexpected Result

Thousands of years ago the land of Equestria was founded, once the war between the different races of ponies came to an end, but peace was no secure with just that. On those times Equestria was protected by the Pillars, 6 powerful ponies that represented the magic of Harmony perfectly. One of those pillars was Starswirl the bearded, a powerful sorceress unicorn with many years of experience, under his teaching were many ponies who would get to become great important figures of history, two of those students were new princesses of Equestria, the only two known Alicorns in existence. The life of the ponies were peaceful under the protection of the Pillars, but soon that responsibility felt on the hooves of the princesses.

One day all the Pillars disappeared after successfully defending Equestria of the Pony of Shadows, not even the princesses knew what had happened to them. Now being not only the symbol of Equestria but also their guardian, the princesses spend the next few decades preparing ponies they trusted and soon the royal guard was established. They main job was to keep peace on the land of Equestria, if something really bad were to happen the princesses were to intervene themselves.

No to far from the lands of Equestria to the north was the mystical Crystal Empire, unlike Equestria, the empire was ruled by a unicorn mare the beautiful Queen Cadenza, her crystal magic kept her land protected from any threat, feeding the land with peace and love. But not even her magic or the princess mighty power could deal with the threat that was starting to get bored of the lands he already touched.

Discord, lord of chaos and disharmony, the mighty creature that could control reality, time and space and the lives of those he touched. The creature known as a draconequus was starting to make his way to the new land of Equestria, the likes of ponies were the best for him to submit to his power. But this time Discord wanted to try something different, now that the Pillars were no longer a problem only the alicorns princesses and probably the crystal queen could try to impose an annoyance to his fun.

His first move was to awaken the changeling Queen from her deep sleep, they hunger for love and pure emotions would keep the Crystal Empire in check, although he never thought the changelings were to try to conquer Equestria and not the empire. Although thanks to the chaos that caused his power was able to strike an unprepared Equestria.

He made his second move and took control of the celestial bodies both alicorns princesses controlled. Unable to draw their full power pushed the princesses to look for shelter at the Empire. Soon after the alicorns flee the land he took control of it, no living creature was safe of his chaotic new reign, and after decades of controlling Equestria and putting its inhabitants through his fun, he was once again bored.

Letting his body flow through the land of chaos previously known as Equestria Discord came to meet and really unpleasant tree. No matter what chaos happened next to this tree it would be back to normal, no even the changeling were able to get close to the tree. The ponies he commanded to do something to the tree would be back to normal cleaning them from his chaos magic. He became worried the pony princesses would learn of it and use it against him, he may be bored of this land already but he win it far and dirty. Through his chaotic mind many ideas came to play, he could hide the tree inside a mountain, but the magic could still be tracked. Misguide some ponies to take or do something to the tree without his direct control could do. but that would only go wrong if they knew what affect could happen to him and his chaos, besides would take too much time.

The changeling queen knew of the dangerous tree and how uneasy made the chaos spirit, she came with a plan to that would end up destroying both leaving the land for her to rule.

“Discord! How have you been?” said Chrysalis the changeling queen, “any progress?”

“Not now Chryssy,” responded the focus spirit glaring at the crystal tree.

“You know,” said Chrysalis getting closer to Discord, “for the mighty and powerful lord of chaos, to not be able to destroy a single tree, who would have thought.” smirking as he glared at her, “you took the sun and moon away from the alicorn princesses, you took control of this land for decades, but a tree you cannot?”

“Oh, dear you don't want to push my buttons now.” responded the angry draconequus,”you think I can't use my power and just take away not just the tree, but your precious powers too?” concentrating all his power on his claws discord fired at the crystal tree, who also fired a rainbow colored beam of magic to counter the chaos lord attack. Chrysalis watched in bliss as both started to lose their strength, ‘this is it’ she thought as she fired her changeling magic a full trouble against both enemies. The extra attack was counter by the tree second rainbow beam, but soon followed by a huge explosion that sent Chrysalis flying thousands of miles far away.

Fortunately for him Discord was still alive and practically okay, he was flowing on the air were used to be land, now only crater was visible. The only section with unharmed land in the middle of the destroyed blast was were the tree once stood. Discord started to celebrate, his most hated enemy was no more, he tried to cast some fireworks while snapping his claws but nothing happened. He tried several times until finally only a single rocket flew to the sky before blowing up.

“Cool!” Said a cute and childish voice.

“Do it again!” said another childish voice.

Caught Discord completely by surprise were once stood the crystal tree were two pony fillies, one had lavender coat and the other amber. Flowing closer to the fillies he scanned them with precaution, moving around them, both had wings which Discord more suspicious.

“Can you do it again?” asked the amber filly.

“Pleeeeease” said the lavender one.

“Do what?” asked Discord confused of what was happening.

“The pretty fire in the sky!” responded the amber filly pointing were the firework exploded.

“Okay...sure” responded Discord snapping claws making several fireworks blow with different colors into the sky, making the eyes of the fillies shine with pure excitement.

“I want to try!” the lavender filly said charging her little horn.

“Now now, don't get full of yourself young lady,” said Discord, “I'm the Lord of chaos, you cannot simply try an-” discord was cut off as the little filly fired several fireworks from her horn that landed on different places around them, before blowing up.

“Ah~ almost..” said the amber filly,

“Let's try again!”responded the lavender filly as she charged her horn again but was stopped by Discord placing his claws on her horn.

“How did you do that? ” asked Discord surprise, “that was not unicorn magic, that was chaos magic!” he got closer to the filly which only made her shrink afraid of his current behavior.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” said the amber filly stepping between the two, she cast a colorful rainbow shield with her magic which make impossible for Discord to go through.

“Harmony magic?” asked himself Discord, “But how?” looking around, he could not see the tree or Chrysalis, “we these two fillies came from? Why one can use my chaos magic and the other the tree’s harmony magic? Why alicorns? These make no sense! And that's something coming from me!”
The fillies watched the draconequus flowing around them asking questions and discussing with himself, making funny faces and strange noises, which only helped to make the fillies laugh at him. Discord stopped his train of thought, literally, to look at the fillies laughing at him.

“Did I say something funny?” asked the chaos spirit glaring at the fillies.

“No silly, you are funny!” responded the amber filly.

“Oh so the great Discord is now the entertainment for little fillies?” asked Discord mocking the girls.

“What are you Dizzy?” asked the lavender filly curious

“I’m a draconequus and my name is Discord Lord of Chaos and Disharmony!” expressed Discord over-dramatically with lighting and thunder.

“Cool!” responded the amber filly while the lavender one hide behind her.

“Well for somepony made out of harmony magic you do have good taste,” looking at the girls he face them before asking them their names. Both fillies look at him confused before looking at each other even more confused.

“No names then, do you girls know anything about yourselves?” asked Discord, “your family names? You pets names? Your favorite flavor? Anything?” the fillies just looked at him with a piercing stare without emotion. ‘Did the tree’s and my magic just created them?’ he thought while staring at the fillies who still haven blinked. ‘Should I just leave them here? Maybe give them to Chryssy? Nah she probably would eat them...the pony princesses maybe?’ while he still thinking the lavender filly blinked as her ear fold back in defeat, which caused Discord to blink confused causing the amber one shout happily her victory on the staring contest. ‘They were just playing with me...’ he thought, then smiled.

“Okay girls, I will give you a name,“ said as he levitated the fillies, “let's go with Chaos” said pointing at the lavender filly, “and Harmony” while pointing at the amber filly. Both fillies gave him the most deadly glare at the names he picked for them. “Tough crowd,”he said staring at the sky which change from day and night and vice versa.

“Fine, let's go with pony names them, you are Twilight and you Sunset, there happy?” said Discord with his arm up at the sky in annoyance. Both fillies smile happily while repeating their names jumping around Discord. And for the first time since he conquered Equestria he felt no bored.

Chapter 01

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Chapter 01

Unexpected discoveries

“Definitely no bored anymore!” screamed Discord as he surfed a giant wave of chocolate milk, holding one of his legs was the lavender alicorn filly, her expression was between excited and full panic. Riding on his neck was the amber alicorn filly super excited as they moved with style through the chocolate wave.

Some time before the chocolate deluge, Discord took the fillies out of what used to be a forest, now a wasteland. He placed them on the checker theme ground to take a better look at them. The amber alicorn filly that could use Harmony magic looked like any other alicorn princess, except for the lack of royal regalia, and sparkling her. But he knew her power levels were out of what standard could be, just being at the ground would turn his chaos magic back to normal, turning the checker floor into grass land, which she found entertaining as she did bunny jumps making patches of grass as she landed. The lavender filly would jump right behind her friend turning the grass back to the chaotic checker flooring, she looked almost similar to any alicorn but her wings were mismatched, a pegasi wing and a bat wing, she was definitely a chaotic being.

‘It would be better to teach them how to control their magic before it backfires me.’thought Discord, he also thought of maybe sending them to the Crystal Empire, but he was worried they could use those two to defeat him, could be one side attack now. The idea of beings that could control, chaos and harmony at that level just gave him goosebumps. What could be better than teach them and befriend them, he could practically be in control of the two most powerful creatures knows in Equus except for him.

“Are you ladies hungry?” asked Discord getting their attention out of their silly game. Both fillies tilted their head confused by the question, “you know, Food!” said annoyed appearing some chocolate milk, apples and some candies in front of the girls. The fillies got closer to the new items in front of them, smelled, licked and timidly tapped the food items.

“For the love of chaos, this is food you can eat it, you can drink this, and this is candy you can also eat it.” he said as he tried to explain the simplest of things to the fillies. They look at Discord with distrust for a moment before actually attempt to eat the apples, it took them one single bite before they were devouring all the food presented at them.

“Wow, easy their savage beasts no creature is going to steal anything!” said Discord watching them eat through everything. Soon both fillies were laying on the floor holding their small stomachs complaining of eating too much.

“See that's what happens when you don't listen,” said Discord rolling his eyes before snapping his claws and healing the fillies. “Now that you eat I’m going to teach you a little of magic” he appeared two red apples in front of the fillies as he requested of them to try to transform them on something else. Sunset shook her tail while charged her little horn and fired at her apple turning it into an apple 4 sizes bigger than before. Twilight copy the same movements of the other filly and fired her magic at the apple turning it into a pile of candies, which she jump into excited.

Discord was kind of surprised, both fillies could do complex spells like nothing. Both were using their pure minds to come up with creative solutions and achieve their personal gain. Discord thoughts were interrupted by an amber filly pulling his leg, looking at the filly she pointed in the direction of the other one. At that moment Discord discovered why young powerful fillies shouldn't be fed large amounts of sugar.

The chaotic filly was trembling while laughing to herself, her magic power was overcharging all around her, her left eye twitched and glowed red unlike before. She was starting to glow and flow about the ground. Discord felt worried for the first time in centuries, a pure chaos magic boom was not good, he tried to calm down the filly, distracting her with numerous toys and objects, then it suddenly started to rain chocolate milk, soon the rain turned into a downpour. Luckily for Discord and every creature around them the filly sugars levels when down almost immediately as she just flowed to the ground completely sleepy.

“Well that was something alright,” said Discord taking the filly, the other filly jump on his back a little worried by her counterpart. Discord reassured her that nothing bad happened, and decided to continue moving. Flowing for a few minutes he stopped when he starts to hear something huge coming on their direction. Looking back his eyes wide open as the most terrifying wave of chocolate milk was getting closer to them. He tried to fly away but it was still getting closer, not having any other choice, he snaps his claw and appear riding the wave together with the two fillies.

Chrysalis couldn't believe the backlash would send her almost all the way to the Crystal Empire, and even end up losing so much power. It took her awhile just to stabilize her body and fly back before crashing somewhere. She didn't know if her plan worked, for all she knew Discord could be standing or the tree. The blast was so powerful that any of her changeling on the area were sent flying or incinerated. But her major worry at the moment was returning to her territory before the pony princesses or the Crystal Force appeared, it was impossible for any creature with magic to not be aware of the power that the magic blast created. If Discord lived she would find out soon enough, for now her own safety was most important.

By the time Chrysalis flew through the air, all the way on the Crystal Empire, Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna felt the powerful wave of magic that blasted far away from there. For a moment less than a second the crystal heart activate the powerful shield that protected the empire, the power was so strong that the shield became visible as the magic blast passed by, and the Crystal castle shook. Both alicorn princesses knew something important happened, within the magic blast they could felt dregs of both Harmony and Chaos magic. Unaware is anything happened to their little ponies back to where once was known as Equestria both alicorns took fly to discover what came upon them.

After enjoying for a while surfing the massive wave of chocolate, Discord disappeared any trace of it by snapping his claws. Taking his time to make sure the fillies would not eat more candies without his supervision he checks that both were completely fine. If something those fillies could surprise the most out of Discord was how Chaos and Harmony would depend on the other and would defend the other.

“There is something I have been wondering, are two sister?” asked at the fillies, both stare at each other then to Discord and simple shrugged their shoulders before they started to play again. He didn't know and they didn't know so nothing could be done. It will be time soon for them to get tired, or so he hoped. As the Lord of chaos he didn't need a home, he was always busy doing chaos on his bast land, but they were fillies, he better prepare something, especially if he wanted to take care of them. And he thought why taking all that trouble, then he would be reminded by seeing the destruction of his long work disappearing by their hooves and games before he scowled. “Maybe I could just made them sleep.” murmured displeased.