by ALoneWolf

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Twilight thinks she's forgiven them, but soon she will find out the truth

Taking place 4 months after the Anon a Miss incident, Twilight Sparkle starts to get worried as she hadn't heard from Sunset ever since she cut ties with the Rainbooms and had gone solo. But when she suddenly gets a message from Sunset after the camp Everfree trip telling her that she's having a fun time with the Rainbooms , Twilight at first thinks she's forgiven them but soon after becomes suspicious, so she goes trough the portal to have a chat with the humanized version of her friends, but what they are about to tell her what they did to Sunset during their trip will send our princess into a downright spiral of shock and confusion.

(Also this does not take place during Dainn's Anon A Miss story, this is my own universe.)

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This is my first Fimfic also my first attempt at any type of fiction so I hope you all like it, go ahead and give me your honest opinion and without any further ado enjoy:pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle sat in her home organizing her bookshelfs. Whilst normally she didn't mind it one bit, today she didn't show the least bit of enjoyment as she at last reached the final shelf. Her mind had been on other things, namely Sunset Shimmer Celestia's former student and reformed bully/villain who currently lived in the parallel world of Canterlot High, and was friends with the counterparts of the Main 6. All seemed to be going well for her these past few months, but then it all went wrong.

Anon-a-Miss, a notorious social media account on the MyStable platform dedicated to spreading gossip, had caused many rifts, such as breakups, unfair suspensions, destroyed friendships, and worst of all suicide attempts. But what disgusted Twilight most was the person who was blamed for the whole thing. Sunset Shimmer.

She pleaded to everyone that she didn't do anything, and that the fact the profile closely resembled her should be proof of that. Sadly not one person believed her; not the students, not the teachers, not Principal Celestia, Vice principle Luna, her Ex turned friend Flash Sentry, but worst of all the 5 members of the Rainbooms.

She had suffered an entire week of bullying, cold stares, having objects hard or soft thrown at her, and teachers assigning her double homework to ensure she wouldn't have free time at home for the rest of the year. Flash sent hate mail to her apartment, and she even got targeteted by Gilda and her gang during and after school. Nobody protected her, they just sat and stared; especially the five she once called friends. It was almost a miracle Nurse Redheart treated her wounds despite her daughter's secret also getting leaked on Mystable.

The last day of school provided the final piece of the puzzle to ending the crisis. During Miss Cheerilee's break she discovered the door to the computer open. Suspicion came to her mind as she knew the labs were to remain locked unless a teacher was given permission to bring their class inside. Once she took a peak inside to see who broke in, her jaw dropped at the sight she was witnessing; three freshman. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. who were the younger sisters of Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash were logged into the Anon-a-Miss profile on Mystable. At first she figured they were just looking at the secrets she had posted but she clicked what was going on when they posted the lasted secret of their bullies Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. To make a long story short she contacted security, who 'escorted' them to the Principal's office. 'Escorted' is the polite way of putting it; dragged is probably more accurate based on the resistance they put up.

After a few minutes they broke and finally confessed to being the architects of the chaos. What disgusted the adults more was hearing the reason they did it.


When she had first heard it, Twilight was certain something had got lost in translastion. That sounded nothing like the Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle she knew! Although they had pulled a similar stunt a few years back in Ponyville, that was in a misguided belief it would get them journalism Cutie Marks. Once they finished confessing to the three adults in the room, Vice-Principal Luna had them speak in the intercom to confess to the entire school. Most students were rather cross, to put it mildy, but oddly Sunset showed no emotion despite her name finally being cleared. Instead she simply walked away in silent disappointment out of the school, and back home to her apartment.

Christmas was most sad, apparently.. The Apple Family Christmas Party was cancelled. Twilight had wanted to speak with the other CMC to find out what was going on, as she suspected she hadn't received all the facts, but it wasn't as if that was possible. The three girls had been expelled and moved to new schools in different parts of the country to make it impossible for them to contact one another, ever again.

Nobody ever did hear from Sunset again, despite the email bombardment they subjected her to. When the CMC, during their last day together, had attempted to apologise, she had simply brushed them off. The same was true for the Rainbooms.

The last thing Sunset had written to her was the week of hell she'd been through and her breakup with her friends. After that not a single message came through the magic journal. Twilight wanted to go through the portal to see her and talk to the group who were supposed to protect her, but she decided to give her the space, given she had been through a lot.

As she finally placed the last book on the final shelf she flew down to her living quarters and sighed.

"Sunset, please write to me," Twilight said sadly. " I cant help you if you don't talk to me." As she lay her head in the table in silent frustration, she soon lifted it up to find a small plate of chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk placed right beside her by Spike.

"Still thinking about her?" Spike asked.

"Yeah," Twilight replied. "It's been four months Spike and she hasn't even written to me to even say hello. What frustrates me the most is how I wasn't able to go there because of these constant problems here!"

She closed her mouth and instantly regretted her words. " That was wrong of me, I'm so sorry Spike,"

Spike walked up and gave her a hug. "It's OK; I'd be stressed too if I was overloaded with work and didn't have time to visit a friend."

"I'd give anything to hear from her again. Who knows what's going on over there. What if she's in troube? What if the world's in danger?"

"I'm sure she's fine," Spike answered. "Maybe she just wants time to herself. Remember what happened after your Brothers wedding? You refused talk to any of us for a week!"

"I was pretty upset with you" Twilight said. "But after a few days had passed I realized you all were truly sorry especially with that humongous apology party you, Pinkie, Shiny, Celestia and the others set up for me on Saturday, which made me forgive you all. I realized that holding a grudge would only make it hurt more. I'm just glad to have you all in my life." Her expression soon changed. "I just hope Sunset feels the same."

Suddenly, the journal began to suddenly and dramatically vibrate.

"What is it?" Spike asked.

"It's the journal!" She cried, excited, but also apprehensive.

"Word?" he asked.

"Yes, finally!" she replied.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Spiked cheered

Twilight soon zipped to the stand where the journal was placed and excitedly opened it up to see what Sunset finally wrote to her. When she began reading it, her face scrunched up in confusion.

Dear Princess Twilight,

I am so sorry for not writing these past few weeks. I accidentaly left the journal at Camp Everfree. Pretty silly mistake, huh? Anyways I just wanted to let you know things are going great over here. My friends and I are having a great time, and I'm really enjoying being part of the family. Plus we made some new friends from our former rival school Crystal prep and we even met the Human version of you. Also you'll never believe this; Me and Flash are dating again. Sounds crazy huh? After all the mayhem that occured back in October, he wanted to apologise and make up. Anyways sorry again for that, I'll be sure not to let the journal out of my sight ever again. I gotta go; I'm about to head off to another slumber party at Rarity's.

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer

Twilight's jaw dropped as she read the last sentence. Sunset seemed happy, and with her friends. But something wasn't right. There was no mention of Anon-a-Miss, no mention of forgiving the Rainbooms, no reference to the CMC at all, and no apparent problems. This wasn't right at all.

"This has to be dealt with," Twilight said to herself. "Spike!"

"Yes Twilight?" Spike asked.

"I need to head over to Canterlot High tomorrow. Get some supplies ready."

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The next morning Twilight collected her belongings ad got ready to leave. After saying goodbye to Spike she trotted to the room in her castle which housed the mirror and began feeding magic into it until it completely activated.

With nothing else to say, Twilight trotted straight to the mirror and was instantly sucked into the human world. A few minutes later Twilight flew out of the other end, and found herself collapsed on the ground right in front of Canterlot High "I'll never get used to this," Twilight sighed. As soon as she dusted herself off she made her way from the school to where Sunset's friends might be.

"Where might they be today?" Twilight questioned herself, consulting her admittedly limited knowledge of the school's layout. "The only place I know is Sunset's but then again usually they only hang at each others places for a study session or if there's a slumber party going on." Twilight then thought of the one place they might be. A place that technically wasn't on campus.

"Sugarcube Corner" She said. "They must be there, after all it is their usual spot"

After a few minutes walk she reached her destination. Twilight walked straight to the store front with a determined expression. She opened the door and, to her lack of surprise, found the five members of the Rainbooms sitting at their usual booth chatting about something while eating a small variety of freshly baked savoury goods, as well as freshly brewed coffee (a vital item for any student). As the entrance bell rang the five girls took a second to see who entered and quickly recognized who stepped in.

"HIYA TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!" Pinkie excitedly greated. The others followed suit.

"Hi Twilight" Fluttershy quietly greeted.

"Sup Sparkle" Dash said.

"Howdy there partner" Applejack replied.

"Nice to see you again darling" Rarity greeted and soon ushered her to join. "Care to join us?"

"Thanks," Twilight replied and then walked over to their booth and sat down.

" Care for a donut darling? We have a few extra." Rarity offered.

"No thanks, I just ate," she politely declined. Twilight looked around before speaking. "Hey where's Sunset?"

"She's hanging out with Flash today," Fluttershy said

"Boy I tell ya" Rainbow Dash replied "Ever since they got back together those two lovebirds haven't kept their hands off each other. BLEH I tell ya you'll never see me acting all lovey dovy like that, not in a million years!"

"Then how come you always blush like crazy every time Soarin greats you during practice?" Rarity replied, with a smirk.

"Shut up Rarity" She replied, slightly annoyed.

Rarity giggled a little at Dash's annoyed expression and then said. "So what brings you here darling? We figured after the whole Anon a Miss fiasco you wouldn't wanna visit for a while especially after what we did"

"No, it's fine really" Twilight replied. " It's been four months and I've forgiven you, as friends should. Speaking of which, there's a reason I dropped by this early; I need to discuss something with you girls."

"Sure sugarcube, what is it ya want to discuss?" Applejack questioned, her face suddenly falling.

"Four months ago, Sunset wrote to me that she ended her friendship with you all, and after that I haven't got a single message from her ever since. But then last night I finally received a reply from her and to my surprise she seemed to be in a good mood. Not only that, she said she was was having a fun time with you all. Plus she hasn't once mentioned Anon-a-Miss. However what really caught my eye in that message is that Sunset stated the reason she hadn't written was because she accidentally left the journal at camp everfree and took a few weeks for her to realize where it is. What's really suspicious is that she said it's been a few weeks when in reality it's been exactly four whole months. And I want to know why."

As soon as she finished, the five girls looked at her with a mix of nervous expressions. Twilight noticed this, but said nothing. "Girls, you know something about this, dont you?"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll," Pinkie nervously answered, "Kinda?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow then continued. "Pinkie what do you mean kinda?"

Applejack then sighed and spoke next. "Ah knew this was gonna happen sooner or later."

"Your right Applejack," Pinkie said.

"Quite right," Rarity replied

"Amen to that!" Dash said and then looked over to Fluttershy. "Tell her, if you wouldn't mind."

Fluttershy nodded back then spoke to Twilight. "Twilight there's something we have to tell you."

"I'm listening" Twilight replied, and sat back.

Fluttershy then continued. "Well, you see, after she renounced her friendship with us Sunset was rarely seen around school."

"She's been skipping school?"Twilight questioned

"Not really" Fluttershy said. "When Sunset comes to school she didn't come inside. She just sat right by the statue and waited for the bell to ring. We figured she didn't want to risk bumping into anyone down the hall trying to apologize to her and we didn't really blame her she has been through a lot. Plus during classes she always sat at the far end of the classroom to avoid everyone. And once class ended she request to leave first so she could get to her next class as fast as she can. This repeated for days on end."

"We tried approaching her dozens of times, but each time she would run or just ignore us," Rarity said

"I see, I see," Twilight replied."How are your sisters getting on? Last I heard they were expelled and sent to different schools."

"Turns out that was the worst thing we coulda done," Applejack answered "Bein' separated from one another and so far from home took a serious toll on their mental health."

"After we heard what happened last month to each of 'em, our families decided to bring them back home" Rainbow Dash replied.

"After what happened?" Twilight questioned.

"You see, darling" Rarity began. "Sweetie Belle was moved to a boarding school on the outskirts of New York. Outwardly it looked to be a nice, posh place, but when I visited one time the phrase 'prison' came to mind. The poor darling didn't really fit in there, as the place was full of heartless snobs. Rich kids, the sons and daughters of Senators and leading businessmen, that sort of thing. Every single day she phoned home crying her eyes out; apparently the girls there kept making snarky comments on her dress appeal, calling her ugly, and that no one would ever love her and should just drop dead. She hated her aunt and uncle for turning a blind eye to what was going on, and begged mother and father to let her come back home to Canterlot, but each time they said no and told her to not let them get to her. After all, she had behaved in a similar manner to them. I didn't approve of the attitude, as two wrongs do not make a right, but there was little I could do. But one day the school called in the middle of the night. The school authorities stated they found Sweetie Belle in the nurse's office with her arm covered in cuts, and there was some dried blood. When they asked what happened, the nurse explained that a teacher caught Sweetie Belle crying in the locker room while slitting her wrist multiple times with a scalpel she took from the science lab. It was nowhere near sharp enough to cause permanent damage, but it was a distressing sight. When they questioned her why she did that she told us that the girls who've been bullying and mocking her did something that pushed her over the edge."

"What did they do?" Twilight asked.

Rarity teared up a little as she finally answered. "They paid two older boys to go down the hall and pull up her shirt in front of everyone while they just stood there and took pictures."

"That"s awful," Twilight replied, disgusted.

"Indeed," Rarity said. "After we learned what had happened, the students were suspended, and I went over to look the place over. It was horrific, and I could fully understand why the poor dear hated the place. Mother and father cancelled the rest of the fees and moved her back to Canterlot as fast as possible."

"I see," Twilight said. "So what about Scootaloo?"

Dash gave a sad expression before taking her turn to speak. "You think the school Rarity described was bad? Scoots was effectively dumped in a Gulag! Last I heard, the kids at the school jumped her repeatedly and beat her up. She always came home with bruises all over her body and refused to let the nurse treat her, as Scoots felt that she deserved it after what she did to us." Dash sighed. "Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed with what she did, but there's no way I'd ever tolerate that. She even went as far as skipping school and hiding out in the junkyard until school ended, which immediately raised concerns."

"She just let them beat her?" Twilight asked. "Regardless of what you did no one deserves that."

"I know," Rainbow Dash said. "The second I heard that had happened, I went straight to mom and demanded that they bring her home, or else I'd quit my sports teams. It was about time I started showing some loyalty to family."

"You risked your future for her?" Twilight said. "That's very noble of you."

"Indeed," Applejack replied "But it's nothing compared ta what happened to Apple Bloom."

"What happened, Applejack?" Twilight asked. She was apprehensive about what she was about to hear.

"Well, ya see sugarcube, she's been staying with ma cousin Braeburn and his folks out in Texas. They've been havin her do work around the farm after school (and Ah mean WORK) and forbiddin' her from using electronics without their permission. You know how strict my family can be sometimes. especially if they cross each other. But what Ah heard went beyond that. It was pure evil. Last we heard Bloom had attempted to runaway multiple times, and each time mah uncle and Braeburn managed to track her down and drag her home, beatin' her senseless after each attempt. After the fifth attempt they kept a watchful eye on her to ensure she doesn't try that again, turnin' the place into a prison. After that she made no other attempt to run and just fell into a deep depression. She refused to eat anything at home or at school; Braeburn and my uncle even went as far as to try to force feed her which backfired horribly as she'd simly make herself throw up. But when Granny Smith received a call last month, my heart shattered into a million pieces after what we were told."

"What did she say Applejack?" Twilight asked.

Applejack remained silent for a few seconds as tears started to form, after a while she finally spoke. "She tried to kill herself."

"No," Twilight asked, shocked. She hadn't expected this.

"Yes it's true" Applejack tearfully answered. "Eventually, she snapped completely, and one day when Braeburn came to wake her up fer school she wasn't in her room. He figured she might have pulled another escape attempt, after searching the house he and my uncle heard a noise on the roof. When they went to investigate they found her over the edge, and she'd taken a pistol from the armoury. They yelled at her to get down, but Bloom just gave them a sad smile and said tearfully "Ah'm Sorry" before pullin' the trigger. It weren't loaded, thankfully, but instead she just jumped."

"Oh my god!" Twilight replied shocked.

"Ah know" Applejack said. "A few minutes later some paramedics came and took her ta hospital. After we heard what happened, me, Big Mac, and Granny Smith drove straight to Texas. When we arrived we went straight to the hospital and when we saw our little apple all bandaged up brought all of us in tears. It's a miracle she survived the fall but she wouldn't be able to move for a while. She needed several operations before she could even move. We decided to stay there for a few weeks until she recovered. When Apple Bloom finally came to she looked at me and said "Ah', sorry big sis" over and over again, and the pain in her eyes broke my heart. Three months of anger melted away, and Ah forgave her and said that Ah would never hate her no matter what she does. Ah... Ah just wish Ah could have the chance to say that to Sunset!"

As she finished her story Applejack broke down in tears. Twilight went over and pulled her friend into a hug which she quickly returned and continued to cry on her shoulder.

"So what happened after all of that?" Twilight asked.

"After everything that happened our families got together and decided to bring them back home" Rainbow Dash said. "Sweetie Belle and Scoots were soon reunited but Bloom had to stay an extra few days until she was able to walk slightly. Not surprisingly, once Granny Smith heard how her granddaughter had been treated, she called the police on Braeburn and his father for child abuse. They'll be behind bars for a while. Once all of them were reunited once more we discussed how they should be educated as homeschooling would be a hassle and it would cost too much for them to take an online course. So, we chose to persuade Celestia and Luna to bring them back to school and revoke the expulsion. When they heard what had happened to them, they agreed. They were formally re-admitted to the CHS family later that week, but they are not permitted to use electronics on site, and computer use must be carefully supervised. Given what they'd been through, it was a small price to pay. They also received a security escort for the first few days, but this was withdrawn when the students showed not anger, but pity for those three, clearing the way for them and helping them out. This was of particular help to Bloom, who still has limited mobility, but last I heard she's recovering well."

"I'm glad everything worked out for the three of them despite what they did. But what about Sunset? What happened there?"

Applejack sighed. "Alright sugarcube, we won't lie to ya," she said. "It started on the last day of camp..."


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Quick note, the flashback sequence will be told from Applejack's perspective to better clarify the events


When the day arrived for our week long trip to camp everfree everyone especially Fluttershy was so excited to see the wildlife . We even got permission to invite some of our buddies from crystal prep Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Sunny Flare, and the human version of ya . Also we along with Flash's gang decided to take our instruments with us to do a little performance on the last day of camp as there was to be a party on that day. Apple Bloom and the others were even allowed to go as well but the principles had instructed us to supervise them throughout the trip. Everyone was ready to go all except one.

Sunset showed no interest in going as she didn't want anything to do with us and risk getting bombarded with apology attempts. However she did find the idea of being out in the wilderness pretty soothing, plus it might help her unwind and clear her mind so she reluctantly agreed to come along. But she asked the principles if they could put her in a separate cabin which they agreed to. Once we got on the bus we looked around for Sunset and feared that she might have changed her mind but when we looked outside we noticed her get on her motorbike, guess she wanted to ride there herself and not get crammed inside the bus with all of us cant say ah really blame her.

Once we arrived we met the owner Gloriosa Daisy and her brother and camp counselor Timber Spruce whom our Twilight showed a fancy to. We all greeted them while Sunset remained coldly polite. On the first day we got to work unpacking our belonging and making ourselves comfortable in our cabins.

On the first two days we got into the spirit of camp by doing all sort's of fun activities swimming, jet skiing, Hiking, bird watching (as suggested by Shy), campfire stories where Timber told the legend of Gaea Everfree, Rarity hosting a small fashion show, rock wall climbing, and helping out in the mess hall. However Sunset just sat near a tree the whole time and indulged herself in a light novel she didn't even bother to touch the supper and dessert me and Pinkie made for everyone.

However things started going downhill on the next day when Diamond Tiara and her father Filthy Rich arrived unexpectedly. We were surprised along with the CMC as to why she was here, after she got expelled when her secret got posted.


"Expelled?"Twilight asked.

"Oh yeah" Applejack answered as Twilight ushered her to continue the story.

"You see sugarcube, one night Diamond Tiara and her now former friend Silver Spoon broke into the school late at night and stole the test answers for the final exam. As you know being the way they are they cared less about being educated and simply took the cowards way to pass with flying colors. They even went as far as to sell copies of them to sum of the students. Apparently The girls silently caught them somehow and posted it to the Anon a Miss account. To make a long story short once the secret was posted they were immediately called into the principles office after the CMC confessed. Diamond Tiara was soon expelled but as for Silver Spoon she admitted that she didn't like the idea to begin with and wanted to back down but was afraid of what Tiara would do to her. So the principles decided to let her off easy with a one month suspension as she was the only one who felt guilty. After that Diamond Tiara renounced their friendship and swore vengeance on the three girls who started all this.

"I see, I see" Twilight said "Cheating is never the option no matter what your grades are. Please continue Applejack"

"Ok Twi" Applejack answered as she continued the story


When asked why they were here Filthy Rich stated that he wanted to turn the camp into a Spa Resort and his daughter was all for it. Guess this was her way of getting revenge especially after finding out Silver Spoon was now friends with the CMC. He offered the siblings a check for $500,000.00 but Gloriosa refused the offer as this camp has been like a home to her. So he along with Tiara decided to stay a few days to get them to change their mind. But that was the least of her problem's.

The next day weird stuff started to happen throughout the camp. There was an earthquake but luckily Timber guided all of us to safety, at first we thought it was normal but after we witnessed a mysterious gem like dust substance emerge from the aftermath we came to the conclusion that there was magic evolved. Without Sunset we knew solving this mystery would be impossible but we had to at least try for Sunset's sake. Our crystal pep buddies even offered to assist us in this magical mystery. Throughout the day we began to gather clues when we overheard Timber and Gloriosa arguing with Timber saying the camp had a long run so maybe it's time to retire but she angrily refused saying she'd protect this camp no matter what and ran off with a huff. As she ran we noticed a strange looking necklace she was wearing that had some sort of strange crystals attached.

Later that day we decided to follow her to see if she was the true cause of all this. We saw her enter a cave and once we entered we took a peek and noticed her chanting some type of spell. when we finally confronted her she admitted that she was the cause of the earthquake and plans to do much more to save her camp. we pleaded with her not to do this but she didn't listen and trapped all of us in the cave as she walked back to camp to begin her rampage. Luckily Indigo found a small enough gap in the cave to crawl out of. One we helped each other out of the cave we quickly ran back to save the campers. Once we arrived back to camp we were already too late.

Gloriosa had transformed into a creature resembling the monster Gaea Everfree and trapped most of the campers and Diamond Tiara into a giant bramble like cage and summoned an army of possessed wildlife who began to wreck the camp. She also had Filthy Rich in her grasp and was ready to execute him. We tried to help but without magic she quickly overpowered us. Sunset who's been hiding since the rampage noticed the whole ordeal and ultimately decided to help us out just this once. So we joined hands to get ready to harvest the magic from Gloriosa, Twilight was a bit nervous as she had little experience with this whole magic thing but she knew Timber and her friends needed her so she agreed to help out. We felt the magic flowing in our bodies and before we knew it each of us ponied up and launched a powerful blast straight to Gloriosa freeing her from the corrupted magic and saving the rest of the camp, once she was free we noticed the crystals from the necklace suddenly transform into seven different pendants each representing our elements. As soon as we tried them on a powerful surge of magic entered our bodies and before we knew it gained some new powers. I got super strength, Fluttershy gained the ability to communicate with animal's, Dash got super speed, Pinkie gained the ability to shoot explosive sprinkle infused energy blast's, Rarity gained the power to summon diamond like force field's, Twilight gained telekinetic powers, and Sunset was given the power of magical empathy to sense others feeling's which she didn't care much for.

When we confronted Gloriosa she apologized and stated that she didn't mean any harm, she was just tired of businessmen like Filthy Rich threatening to shut the camp down and didn't have anyone to support her, Timber apologized to her as well for not realizing how much this camp meant to her. After that filthy Rich realized they wouldn't let go of the camp anytime soon and decided to let them keep the camp but before he departed he gave them a small donation to ensure the camp stays there for years to come, much to the annoyance of his daughter who left with a huff.

On the final day of camp everyone pitched in to help clean up the mess from the magic rampage, as soon as everything was finished we saw sunset staring out into the lake. so we cautiously approached her and thanked for the help. She gave us a silent no problem but as she began to walk away she tripped on some type of weird looking stone. After picking herself up she investigated the object that made her trip and reluctantly picked up the stone but that's when the unspeakable happened. As Sunset inspected the stone a weird glow emerged and flashed straight into Sunset"s face and she soon collapsed. The girls and I quickly went to her to see if she was okay.

When Sunset came to we asked if she was alright which she replied "never better"with a smile, but what caught us by surprise is the sudden happy mood she was in. She no longer had the cold demeanor she wore these past few month's and was happy to see all of us. When we questioned her if she remembers whats been going on these past few months and the Anon a Miss incident, Sunset stated that she doesn't remember a person named Anon a Miss and all she remember's is saving the camp from the corrupted Gloriosa and saving all of her friends. Hearing her call us friend again made us instantly know something happened and realized that it had something to do with that stone. We instantly came to the conclusion that it was some sort of memory erasing stone.

We knew we had to fix this but Rainbow Dash had other crazy idea. She suggested that we don't fix it in order to leave the Anon a Miss thing behind once and for all. All of us especially Fluttershy called Dash out saying how selfish and insane that idea was, but after realizing how much we missed having Sunset around and didn't know how long it would take for her to forgive us and not wanting to go through another month of getting shunned by her, we put it to a group vote and reluctantly reached the verdict to let the event's of last christmas be erased forever. So we tossed the stone deep into the lake and helped our friend up as we escorted her to the party.

That night the party began we showed off some of our new abilities to our friends, did our performance along with Flash and his gang, Twilight got to dance with her crush, and what made the night light up more was seeing Sunset happy again no longer the cold distant girl she was these past few months. The next morning we said goodbye to Gloriosa and Timber who promised to visit Twilight much to her enjoyment. After that we got on the bus but not before the five of us took one last look at the one place where the Anon a Miss incident had been erased once and for all.

Back to the present

"So yeah sugarcube thats what happened" Applejack said after finishing the story.

Twilight was speechless when Applejack finished the story her expression hidden in the bangs of her hair. She just couldn't believe it. They witnessed a magic stone erase Sunset's memory of the events three months ago but instead of helping her they went along with it just to erase the Anon a miss incident like it never happened.

The five girls started to get worried as Twilight hadn't said a word for what felt like ten minutes. Fluttershy finally gained enough courage and spoke.

"Twilight are you ok?" She cautiously asked

'you..........did.............................WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Twilight boomed. she screamed so loud the passersby outside even heard.

The five girls trembled at Twilight sudden change in behavior but they all knew this was gonna happen the second Applejack finished the story.

After calming down slightly and catching her breath Twilight once again spoke.

"Let me get this straight you witnessed Sunset get her memory erased my some sort of magical stone but made no attempt to help her and instead went along with it just to put the whole Anon a Miss thing behind? Is that whats going on?

"Yes that's exactly was going on" Pinkie said in her usual tone which earned her multiple annoyed looks from the girl's at the table.

"I Don't believe it" Twilight said disappointed. " How could you do something so selfish. You just allowed Sunset to have her memory erased, do you realize what might have happened if she lost all her memories completely? She would've been in an emotional mess."

"It's not as if we didn't like it darling we just wanted our friend back" Rarity replied.

"THAT'S NO EXCUSE!" Twilight shouted "You don't ever force forgiveness that is not the way to seek redemption"

"We know darling but......

"No you don't know Rarity" Twilight retorted. " I have never been so disappointed in all my life. Overloaded with work or not I knew I should have come here sooner, and now thanks to me Sunset's had half her mind erased and I could have prevented it"

" Twi don't say that It's our fault what we did was selfish" Applejack said

"Damn right it was" Twilight shot back. " You could have just waited and everything would have been fine with all of you in time, you also could have had me talk to her to ease some of the pain but instead you resort to following the footsteps of those three siren's"

Those last word's that came out of her mouth were to much for Rainbow Dash to handle. Angered she grabbed Twilight by the collar of her shirt and began to fight back"


After a few minutes Rainbow finally calmed down and Twilight continued to speak.

" Dash you said something about getting attacked physically and mentally, what did you mean by that did she hurt you guy's?" Twilight asked

"Kind of" Dash sniffed" You know how we've been trying to approach her?" Well we've tried talking to her multiple times these past three months but like AJ said she just ran away or just ignored us all together. Last month Fluttershy and Pinkie successfully managed to walk up to her in the hallway but she managed to slip right through him. Shy didn't want to waste this chance so she made a death wish and grabbed Sunset's arm before she could walk away and boy that was a big mistake"

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked

"She attacked me and Pinkie" Fluttershy answered quietly

"She attacked you two?" Twilight asked shocked

"Yes" Fluttershy continued. " when I grabbed her arm pleading to talk to her she got real mad and punched me. Before I knew it she knocked me down on the ground and began punching me and punching me while screaming "I hate you" multiple times" Pinkie tried to stop her but ended up getting caught in the crossfire. She continued to assault both of us for a good five minutes non of the students watching tried to stop her out of fear of getting it as well. A moment later a couple of security guards ran over and restrained Sunset and carried her away kicking and screaming but not before she threatened to do the same thing to anyone who tried to apologize to her again. After that me and Pinkie were brought into the nurses office, Luckily our injuries weren't too serious, if the the guards hadn't arrived when they did we might have had to be sent to the hospital. After that nobody in the student body bothered to approach her, we begged principle Celestia to go easy on her, so she and vice principle Luna just settled on a two week suspension."

Twilight was now speechless she had no idea Sunset would resort to such a violent behavior especially to Fluttershy and Pinkie. While she remained slightly disappointed in the girl's, she would never have wish that for any of them. She then ushered them to continue.

"A Week after the attack Rainbow encouraged us to make one final attempt to talk to Sunset" Rarity continued." So we ultimately decide to visit Her apartment, Flash and Bulk Biceps came along as backup just in case she tried to attack us again. Once there we knocked on the door and waited for a reply. After 5 minute's we heard Sunset mumble "go away" not bothering to open the door. We continued to plead with her to open the door but all we got was the words "go away" repeated each time they got louder and louder. Rainbow even went as far as to break the door down if she didn't open it right now. After her threat we started to hear a strange noise coming from the other side. It sounded like something was charging up which made us nervous. In a split second we quickly got out of the way as Sunset shot a magic fireball straight through the door leaving a burnt hole in the middle. After she fired Sunset reached her boiling point and warned us one more time to go away and if we didn't she would burn all of us alive. We nervously tried to stand our ground but when we heard her charge up for another shot we got out of there as fast as we can. That was the last time we tried to approach her."

After Rarity finished Twilight remained visibly shocked, the thought of Sunset threatening to murder someone sent chill's down her spine at the thought of her friend going down a dark path.

"We know your disappointed in us sugarcube and we don't blame ya if ya hate us " Applejack says as tears started to form in her eyes

"What we did was not only selfish but uncalled for" Rarity tearfully added

"We just wanted Sunny back so bad we didn't think how it would effect her, your right were no better than the Siren's" PInkie added as her puffy hair turned straight and her own tears forming as well.

"I should have never accused her of being Anon a Miss!" Fluttershy tearfully shouted. "Regardless of how much of a bully she was in the past I had no right to accuse her like that I fucked up I FUCKED UP BAD I'M NO ELEMENT OF KINDNESS I'M A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!"

" Your not a monster fluttershy!" Dash shouted. "It's my fault if I hadn't came up with that stupid idea in the first place Sunset might have given us a chance over time but I chose the coward's way out . In the end I was only loyal to myself and not one of my best friends.

" I'm no element of generosity i'm a selfish bitch" Rarity said sadly.

"I'm no element of honesty I was only honest with myself and it almost cost me a family member!" Applejack shouted

" I don't deserve the element of laughter, I cant even make one person happy" Pinkie said as streams of tears fell from her eye's

The Rainboom's said no more and just broke down in tears. Twilight watched as each of them balled their eye's out. As disappointed as she was at them seeing them in this state was too much for her to handle. The pain they've been through these past few month's trying to make amends, getting attacked two times, there sisters punishing themselves , and worse losing the one person they called family. She thought back to her friends and family back at home the sad and depressed look's they gave her when they apologized for what they did to her at the wedding. After that she knew they cared deeply for her enough to show them how sorry they are and she knew deep down the rainboom's cared deeply abut Sunset and regretted everything they've done to her over winter break. After a few minutes Twilight made her decision.

"It's ok" She said

The five girl's stopped crying after hearing her response and wondered what she meant.

Pinkie sniffed and then spoke "What do you mean?"

"i'll allow it Pinkie" Twilight said

"What?" Rainbow Dash said

"I'll let this one slide Dash" She replied

"Twi are ya being serious right now, your just gonna let this happen?" Applejack said

"Yes i am" Twilight replied. "Now don't get me wrong I'm still and will remain disappointed in all of this but a part of me doesn't really blame you for resorting to such a drastic measure, especially after what Sunset did to you guys each time you tried apologizing. When I saw each of you break down it reminded me of my friends back at home. Something similar happened to me last year and my friends, brother and Princess Celestia herself spent the whole week showing how sorry they are. That's when I realized that they really did care about me and after hearing your explanations I can see you really do care about Sunset.

"Does that mean?" Pinkie nervously asked as her hair started to go back to normal

"I'll let you guy's continue with this stunt" Twilight answered

The girls gave a sigh of relief as Pinkie jumped up and cheered as her puffy pink hair finally returned to normal.

"But listen I still and will never approve of this. I want you to promise me, the next time you girl's do something to damage your friendship I want you to solve it the right way by giving a sincere apology or wait for forgiveness don't resort to magic to solve your problem's and if Sunset ever get's her memory back I wont help you this time you have to solve it yourselves, GOT IT?" Twilight sternly asked

The five girl's smiled and walked over and brought Twilight in a group hug which she happily returned.

"Thank you Twi" Applejack said

"We promise not to mess up this time" Rainbow Dash added

" We'll be the best friends Sunset's ever had" Pinkie reassured

"We wont let down our elements" Fluttershy said

"That's a promise of a lifetime darling" Rarity finished

" I know you will girls" Twilight replied. Once the group hug ended Twilight got up and was ready to depart but had one more thing to do.

"Before I go I want to give you something, please place your phones on the table" She instructed

The girl's did as she instructed and placed there phones on the table. Twilight then coated each of them with a stream of magic and a mysterious icon soon appeared on each of there screens.

" What's this?" Dash asked

" I placed a communication spell on each of your phones" Twilight answered. "If there's an emergency and Sunset's not able to use the journal just press the icon and text your message to me and I'll be sure to reply as soon as I can"

With that each of the girls said thank you to Twilight as she got ready to return to her world. But before she stepped out the door she took one last look at the girls and spoke one last time.

"Make me proud girls" Twilight said with a smile

"We wont let ya down twilight" They said all together

With nothing left to say Twilight waved goodbye one last time and headed out the door ready to return to her world.