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Anon a MYSTERY - ALoneWolf

Twilight thinks she's forgiven them, but soon she will find out the truth

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Please write to me edited by :The Blue EM2

This is my first Fimfic also my first attempt at any type of fiction so I hope you all like it, go ahead and give me your honest opinion and without any further ado enjoy:pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle sat in her home organizing her bookshelfs. Whilst normally she didn't mind it one bit, today she didn't show the least bit of enjoyment as she at last reached the final shelf. Her mind had been on other things, namely Sunset Shimmer Celestia's former student and reformed bully/villain who currently lived in the parallel world of Canterlot High, and was friends with the counterparts of the Main 6. All seemed to be going well for her these past few months, but then it all went wrong.

Anon-a-Miss, a notorious social media account on the MyStable platform dedicated to spreading gossip, had caused many rifts, such as breakups, unfair suspensions, destroyed friendships, and worst of all suicide attempts. But what disgusted Twilight most was the person who was blamed for the whole thing. Sunset Shimmer.

She pleaded to everyone that she didn't do anything, and that the fact the profile closely resembled her should be proof of that. Sadly not one person believed her; not the students, not the teachers, not Principal Celestia, Vice principle Luna, her Ex turned friend Flash Sentry, but worst of all the 5 members of the Rainbooms.

She had suffered an entire week of bullying, cold stares, having objects hard or soft thrown at her, and teachers assigning her double homework to ensure she wouldn't have free time at home for the rest of the year. Flash sent hate mail to her apartment, and she even got targeteted by Gilda and her gang during and after school. Nobody protected her, they just sat and stared; especially the five she once called friends. It was almost a miracle Nurse Redheart treated her wounds despite her daughter's secret also getting leaked on Mystable.

The last day of school provided the final piece of the puzzle to ending the crisis. During Miss Cheerilee's break she discovered the door to the computer open. Suspicion came to her mind as she knew the labs were to remain locked unless a teacher was given permission to bring their class inside. Once she took a peak inside to see who broke in, her jaw dropped at the sight she was witnessing; three freshman. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. who were the younger sisters of Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash were logged into the Anon-a-Miss profile on Mystable. At first she figured they were just looking at the secrets she had posted but she clicked what was going on when they posted the lasted secret of their bullies Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. To make a long story short she contacted security, who 'escorted' them to the Principal's office. 'Escorted' is the polite way of putting it; dragged is probably more accurate based on the resistance they put up.

After a few minutes they broke and finally confessed to being the architects of the chaos. What disgusted the adults more was hearing the reason they did it.


When she had first heard it, Twilight was certain something had got lost in translastion. That sounded nothing like the Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle she knew! Although they had pulled a similar stunt a few years back in Ponyville, that was in a misguided belief it would get them journalism Cutie Marks. Once they finished confessing to the three adults in the room, Vice-Principal Luna had them speak in the intercom to confess to the entire school. Most students were rather cross, to put it mildy, but oddly Sunset showed no emotion despite her name finally being cleared. Instead she simply walked away in silent disappointment out of the school, and back home to her apartment.

Christmas was most sad, apparently.. The Apple Family Christmas Party was cancelled. Twilight had wanted to speak with the other CMC to find out what was going on, as she suspected she hadn't received all the facts, but it wasn't as if that was possible. The three girls had been expelled and moved to new schools in different parts of the country to make it impossible for them to contact one another, ever again.

Nobody ever did hear from Sunset again, despite the email bombardment they subjected her to. When the CMC, during their last day together, had attempted to apologise, she had simply brushed them off. The same was true for the Rainbooms.

The last thing Sunset had written to her was the week of hell she'd been through and her breakup with her friends. After that not a single message came through the magic journal. Twilight wanted to go through the portal to see her and talk to the group who were supposed to protect her, but she decided to give her the space, given she had been through a lot.

As she finally placed the last book on the final shelf she flew down to her living quarters and sighed.

"Sunset, please write to me," Twilight said sadly. " I cant help you if you don't talk to me." As she lay her head in the table in silent frustration, she soon lifted it up to find a small plate of chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk placed right beside her by Spike.

"Still thinking about her?" Spike asked.

"Yeah," Twilight replied. "It's been four months Spike and she hasn't even written to me to even say hello. What frustrates me the most is how I wasn't able to go there because of these constant problems here!"

She closed her mouth and instantly regretted her words. " That was wrong of me, I'm so sorry Spike,"

Spike walked up and gave her a hug. "It's OK; I'd be stressed too if I was overloaded with work and didn't have time to visit a friend."

"I'd give anything to hear from her again. Who knows what's going on over there. What if she's in troube? What if the world's in danger?"

"I'm sure she's fine," Spike answered. "Maybe she just wants time to herself. Remember what happened after your Brothers wedding? You refused talk to any of us for a week!"

"I was pretty upset with you" Twilight said. "But after a few days had passed I realized you all were truly sorry especially with that humongous apology party you, Pinkie, Shiny, Celestia and the others set up for me on Saturday, which made me forgive you all. I realized that holding a grudge would only make it hurt more. I'm just glad to have you all in my life." Her expression soon changed. "I just hope Sunset feels the same."

Suddenly, the journal began to suddenly and dramatically vibrate.

"What is it?" Spike asked.

"It's the journal!" She cried, excited, but also apprehensive.

"Word?" he asked.

"Yes, finally!" she replied.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Spiked cheered

Twilight soon zipped to the stand where the journal was placed and excitedly opened it up to see what Sunset finally wrote to her. When she began reading it, her face scrunched up in confusion.

Dear Princess Twilight,

I am so sorry for not writing these past few weeks. I accidentaly left the journal at Camp Everfree. Pretty silly mistake, huh? Anyways I just wanted to let you know things are going great over here. My friends and I are having a great time, and I'm really enjoying being part of the family. Plus we made some new friends from our former rival school Crystal prep and we even met the Human version of you. Also you'll never believe this; Me and Flash are dating again. Sounds crazy huh? After all the mayhem that occured back in October, he wanted to apologise and make up. Anyways sorry again for that, I'll be sure not to let the journal out of my sight ever again. I gotta go; I'm about to head off to another slumber party at Rarity's.

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer

Twilight's jaw dropped as she read the last sentence. Sunset seemed happy, and with her friends. But something wasn't right. There was no mention of Anon-a-Miss, no mention of forgiving the Rainbooms, no reference to the CMC at all, and no apparent problems. This wasn't right at all.

"This has to be dealt with," Twilight said to herself. "Spike!"

"Yes Twilight?" Spike asked.

"I need to head over to Canterlot High tomorrow. Get some supplies ready."

Author's Note:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd first chapter done PHEW two whole hours of writing. This must be what authors feel everytime they finish one chapter to a novel. Anyways hope you enjoyed the first chapter. The final chapter should arrive sometime tomorrow. Now Im gonna make me some dinner SEE YA LATER FOLKS!

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