Foxes of War

by Silverwolfdemon

First published

Don't buy masks from creepy merchants as they might gender bend you and change who you are, oh and transport you to a magical land of ponies. Displaced story.

V 3.0

My friends and I went out to E3 to see about the latest games of that year. We were having a wonderful time, then we bought some Masks and a few game merch. I would say this was like Hell, but Todds been there and would punch me.

A Displaced story, some chapters may contain (NSFW) fair warning, but life is life. In later chapters, the story cobbles with FIGHT LIKE HELL, FIGHT LIKE DOOM MARINES and We are the Nightwatch beware of spoilers for these stories


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“Mike, you’re not cosplaying this year?” Penny asked as she bounced over in her Big Sister cosplay. She was a blonde girl, a foot shorter than me, with bright green eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was also a huge fan of Bioshock. “I hope you’re not going as yourself again.”

“I’m going to disappoint you. I didn’t have time to make a costume. Also is that you Todd?” I asked the seven foot giant that was my silent best friend. He gave a nod, his Doom Marine helmet clicking a bit. He was also a huge gamer, favored some of the older games, like OG DOOM, which is why he was dressed as the OG Doomguy. “Not going to try the 2016 armor?” I asked and he shrugged. Next year for that then, after the game comes out.

“Well, wet blanket, let’s head to the Convention.” Penny huffed, muttering about me never taking her suggestions for a cosplay. Not that I didn’t want to, but most of her suggestions were girls and I don’t have a body like Todd’s. “You’re always the odd one out, Michael.”

“Maybe I like being that way, and hey, I work more hours than you two.” I countered as I thought about my cooking job at the only roadside dinner in town.

“I know, but you stopped playing those MMOs!” She whined.

“Hey, we all agreed to not bash our favorite gamers!” I huffed and Todd nodded.

“Fine. But I want you to buy something for your costume next year!” She huffed at me.

“I promise, Okay.” I chuckled as Penny smiled at me with a little blush. “Now let’s head to the Convention and find out what we want in the coming years.”

“Yeah, Video Games!” She called out.

So we all piled into my car and headed off to the Convention Center for E3. Was damn hard to get tickets but hell, this should be worth it!

Getting to the building, we took a while to find a parking spot. It was hard for us to get it and we had to walk up half the parking lot to get to the actual Con. Todd, as usual, didn’t have a problem with it, while I panted due to my asthma.

“So much walking.” I panted.

“Come on, you’ve done worst.” Todd chuckled at me.

“Not in while.” I countered as we walked in with our passes. “Well, lets looks at some games!” I chuckled as we got to looking around.

We sat in a few presentations, the Bethesda one being a big one for Todd. I was excited for Bioware, but I could wait to see it from home if I missed it. Penny wanted to see if some form of a good Bioshock game came up, though I doubted it.

About noon we all stopped at what looked like booth run by a Mickey Mouse cosplayer.

“This guy a fan of Disney games?” I asked as Todd looked at a few things that looked to be from the upcoming Doom 2016 games. Penny was looking at a Big Sister needle, she couldn’t make her own this time. There were masks from many games and other genres from movies and books.

“I don't know.” Penny chuckled, tossing a canine skull at me. She also tossed what looked like a bow at me. “There, you can be a hunter!” She chuckled.

“I don’t have the body for it, but these are nice souvenirs.” I sighed as she picked up what looked like a fancy plasmid remake of the teleport variety.

“Here.” She said, handing me what looks like a vial of blood. “You like Elder Scrolls, right?” She said as I read Gift of Hircine on the label. “Should be good for a Hunter, yes? Oh hey! I think there’s a BFG 9000 here!” She said, pointing it out to Todd.

He nodded and picked it up, posing with it a little. “That's a good look for you, Todd.” She said with a smile. “Hey, another Skull. Kinda matches yours, Mike.” She said, holding up a similar Skull to the One she passed me. “Also a Hunter Knife. Shame Destiny went down the cracker.” She sighed, twirling said Hunter Knife by its Ring. “Damn good replica too. Feels a bit heavy.”

“Might be a real knife.” I shrugged. I was a bit disappointed with Destiny as well, good premise, bad execution. “Maybe the next destiny game will be good,” I said with some hope.

“Here's to Hope,” Penny remarked as she looked the Skull over. “Weird etchings on mine.” She remarked, before spotting a pair of purple bladed short swords with gold colored hilts and fittings. “Hey, A Pair of Sworn Rapiers from Monster Hunter! Cool! These will make a neat Hunter cosplay next con!” She practically squee’d. “How do I look?” She asked, posing with them.

“Like a mesh of franchises.” I chuckled as I looked at Todd, who picked up another skull.

“I’m good.” He said, walking over to the Mickey guy. Penny walked over with a mass of stuff she had gotten, already wearing the Extractor needle and the Skull nestled on top of three Plasmid bottles and the Sworn Rapiers.

“Eh, I’ll take the bow, this vial, skull, and I think this,” I said, grabbing what looked like some hammer. It had a blackened Wood handle and a Metal Head that looked like Gold but was lighter and far harder.

“Nice forging hammer,” Penny said, looking it over. “I think it's aluminum bronze. Too hard to be Brass.” She said, giving it a squeeze.

“I guess.” I shrugged as placed them down.

“Aahahaha! Nice choices, that's twenty bucks for the whole lot.” The Mickey guy chuckled at us making us all blinked.

“For all of this?” I asked.

“Yes.” He repeated.

“Wow! That's neat! Thanks, Mister Mickey!” Penny giggled, passing him the cash.

“No thank you.” He chuckled in that Mickey way before things went black.


“Fuck me.” I groaned as I got up.

What happened? The last thing I remember was getting some stuff with my friends from this Mickey Mouse cosplayer, then darkness. Looking around I was shocked to see what looked like Hell.

“Great. Did I die?” I thought to myself as I started walking, noting that still had my Doomguy stuff on and that it looked more real. “Huh.”

Shrugging I began walking figuring I’d find the devil and punch his face in. I mean, I look the part, and when in Rome, why not, if I’m dead, I’m dead, if not...well, I’m already here.

“Help!” I heard cried out and began running to the screams. I blinked at finding a gate, ruins of some kind, and a group of wolves. They looked like anthro wolves. They all wore plate armor and wielded spears. In the horde of demons was the girl crying out for help, a white pony holding onto two dead ponies and begging them to wake up.

“Well, this is just crap.” I sighed, rushing the group of Demons who noticed me and moved to attack. I slammed my fist into the first, finding it hard to kill, not so much that I was having trouble doing so.

I was bashing a skull, ripping arms off, punching holes into the demons. I slowly found my way to the little filly, who was staring at me in fear as I picked her up and jogged towards the wolves. The Preators looked like they were shitting themselves as I put they fully down and started ripping through the demons again, using a sword from a fallen wolf. Eventually, I killed the last Imp with a decapitation and turned to the wolves.

“Who...What are you two.” They mewled at me and the filly, who I noticed had blue hair and rainbow eyes, a tiny branch-like horn in her head.

“Todd. Take care of the girl.” I told them as I heard more demons coming for the gate. I turned with a sneer and rushed at them, the wolves quickly closing the door. “Heh, time to kill some demons.”


“Fuuuck! My head.” I groaned as I sat up and noted I had my Big Sister helmet still on. Looking around I saw a Victorian City rising about around me. So I was not in contention anymore. Note to the self, next merchant I meet is getting a boot to the face. “Welp! Time to see the local!” I sang cheerfully and hoped I was in Europe or something and could find my way home.

“Graw.” A man, well, wolf, groaned ahead of me. His body was distorted, teeth a mess, and he had a wild look in his eyes. He wore sweaty clothing, yellow button shirt with black pants. His shoes were barely holding together, his feet too large for them and he used twine to hold the leather and sole together. Looking around I noticed a lot of the wolves were like this, some more feral than others.

“Huh, creepy. So, not Europe. And I’m most likely not getting home.” I said with a sigh.

“Away! Away!” A wolfman yelled swinging a torch at me as I got too close.

“Hey, I’m not going to hurt you!” I yelped backing off.

“Yous a Hunter! Yous going to kill us!” He yelled out, clearly insane. “No one's safe outside on the night of the hunt!”

“What hunt!?” I yelped, my Hand feeling prickly.

“The night of beasts! The Nightmare!” He screeched as he reached for me. “She returning! Riding the mare of moons! The moon will grow close and red! The presses will grow closer!”

He coughed blood, plunged a vial into his leg as more of them rose from their glooming on the street. Most were more deformed than he was, and all muttering about Hunters and Old Ones.

“The Loop will not stop, the beatification of Hunter will continue, war of dogs consumed by Old Blood! The world is lock! Gates Closed! Void has gone! No more! No more!” He screamed as the wolfmen readied weapons.

I gasped, before I lashed out with my Hand, the prickling feeling becoming a burning sensation! One of the wolf-men screamed as he was ignited in flames! “W-What!?” I gasped, looking at my Hand, which had flames dancing on it. Incinerate. I somehow had plasmids!

“GrrrrrrrraaaaaaAAH!” A largely cloaked monstrosity that looked like a mix between a bull and some other grotesque beast swang a massive ax at me. I gasped and made to Shield myself, my form feeling light before I gasped as I looked around, finding myself on a roof! How?

“Run, it’s an Executioner!” The mutated wolves yelled, running away.

“Another Hunter! He’s wielding a Gatling! WE’RE TRAPPED!” One of the leaders yelled as a cloaked figure with wings shot down the whole group before rushing the large monster and tearing into it with a sword and gun thing. I blink in shock as the person just walked away from the slaughter to another group to do it again, no hesitation.

“This way!” I heard someone quietly yell as I looked down to see what looked like some mutilated thing warping from the ground holding a lantern.

I blinked at it, before carefully walking towards it. “Uh, Hello?” I said to it, hoping that bloke wouldn't hear me.

“To the Hidden Church, to Amelia! She will get you out of Yharnam, She will help!” It groaned out.

“Thank you, Little Guy,” I told it, petting it's Head.

“Hurry! The Hunters work for the Moon!” It screeched before fading.

Running the direction the Lanterns were lit, I snuck through the city, hearing creatures, unsure if they were not monsters or not. But I also heard parties, and of all things, children playing. What was wrong with this place?

“What happened here?” I whispered as I managed to avoid a Hunter who was doing something to an unlucky wolf-creature. I couldn't tell what, and I did not want to know.

“Left, up the wall, behind the ruins, and snow!” A new one of those lantern holders told me. I gave it a thankful pat on the Head, before following the directions, as I leaped up the wall, gripped the ledge, and pulled myself over it, finding myself in the courtyard of a Church… And I recalled what I just did.

“Oh shit, I have the powers of a Big Sister!” I gasped, realizing I had used Teleport, as well as the Big Sister’s enhanced agility.

“Inside, quick, Amygdala is coming this way! It will kill you!” Another Lantern holder yelled, pointing to empty space behind me.

I grimaced, before putting my trust into the little creature and took a leap out of the shadows, rushing into the doorway. I looked back and squinted hard… And Then wished I hadn’t. A huge multi-eyed thing stood on the wall, tons of arms grasping at it and it was watching the city, but two eyes looked my way. I felt the need to hurl at the mere sight of that thing, before I just entered the Church, hoping it Would Keep me away from that… Thing.

“Who is there?” I heard a raspy voice ask as the door closed and the world outside seemed to...just go quiet, like this place was separate.

“Eek!” I gasped, panicking at the voice.

“Don’t be afraid, come in, let me see you.” The Voice rasped. I looked around, before stepping warily into the lit areas of the church, an odd sense of calm washing over me. “A fox? How strange, your kind almost never came to Yharnam, and with the Loop closed, new Hunters are rare.”

Yharnam? Oh shit, it was that game! “I… I don't get what you mean? I’m human.” I said.

“Did you not come for the Healing Church? And what is a Human?” The Voice asked as I neared.

“I didn’t know of the healing church.” I said as I took my helmet off, “And I am Human, not a fox.” I said as I got a whiff of… Dog?

“Strange, don’t mind my congregation, they will not harm you, not like the mad, feral creature that the Healing Church allow becoming.” They said as I came to a room, I paused from seeing a mix of skeletons and beast like people. Some were horses that looked half wolf, wolves that looked deformed, or some Caribou that whimpered in pain. The strangest one was a dragon growing fur.

At the head of all of them, was a huge white wolf, about the size of a small house. They were clearly female, wore ripped bloodied Nunes robes, white in color. Jewelry hung from her here and there. “Come, come closer, little fox, and you are a fox? Why did you say you were something else?” She, the voice rasped.

“I…” I said, before touching my face… And finding I met resistance where I shouldn't. I looked down to see I… “I have a fucking Muzzle!?” I yelped, before looking down to see a fluffy tail extruding from my bum brushing the floor. “How- What!? Eh!?”

“Hmmm, I would not have an answer little Fox.” The Wolf told me, calm and caring. “But the Little Ones,” She looked down to a group of Lantern holders, “tell me you were not supposed to come here, that the treacherous Blood Moon intercepted you. Do you wish to leave the city?”

“I… I don't know,” I whined. “I wish to leave, but I have no idea what is out there.”

“A place without the Hunt.” She told me. “If you stay, you’ll be a risk of getting sucked into the Loop like us.” She sighed, looking to her group.

“Oh,” I said, remembering that horrid thing I saw. “I… Is there a way for any of you to leave?” I asked.

“Not as long as the Orphan lives.” She sighed. “And the Hunters have given into the bloodlust. Even the new ones go to The Hunter’s Nightmare far too soon.”

“Nothing I can do?” I asked softly.

“Unless you wish to travel the city to and fight an Amygdala to kill the Orphan.” She told me. I whimpered at the thought, remembering that horrible thing, before swallowing. “H-How strong is it?” I asked. “And what are its weaknesses?”

“I would not know. I worked to make this sanctuary on the edge of the city. I shepard those who wish to leave and prepare for the day we can. All here wait for a Hunter to resist the lull of the Hunt.” She told me.

“Then let me try,” I said, igniting my incinerate Plasmid. “I can at least take out the Amygdala before I go.”

“Opening the Bridge would be enough for now. It may help the new Hunters to kill it.” The wolf told me. “It is not that far.”

“I know. It was right behind me when I entered.” I whimpered.

“Be careful then. I’m sure you’ll be able to return to our City if you leave.” She smiled warmingly, or as much as she could with her twisted maw.

“Okay, and thank you, miss…” I said, realizing I didn’t know her name.

“Vicar Amelia.” The told me.

“Thanks, Vicar,” I said, bowing before I turned to the Door as I checked what I had. I still had the Sworn Rapiers and the needle. Should mean I would be able to extract the ‘Essence’ from any enemy foolish enough to let me get close. I also hoped my Agility would help kill that eldritch bastard. “Alright, I think I am ready.”

“Good luck.” She told me. I nodded, before opening the door and putting my helmet back on. Better to have protection than to rely on the slug in my gut.

The Amygdala spotted me right off and began attacking, trying to grab me. I barely leaped over the thing, throwing several fireballs in its ugly face!

It roared and sent far more complicated attack my way. Lasers and balls of energy rushed at me as it began getting closer. “Fuck! Shit! Piss! Titty!” I yelped as I barely Teleported out of a strike and stabbed it in the Arm with my Extractor!

It roared as I drew its blood and the beast swatted me way. It started increasing its attack as it got more creative in its attacks. The roars sounded like language but it was not something I could comprehend.

I started throwing more fireballs, the spheres exploding on its eyes as two of them popped, before I drew the Sworn Rapiers and started rapidly slashing at its Arms, drawing more of its Blood.

It just kept roaring and tossing attacks, some I couldn’t even tell what they were. I dodged and attacked, but I was getting injured still by what I didn’t see. I teleported again, This time right into its face, and rammed the Extractor into its Eye, starting to extract more of its Blood to heal!

The beast was starting to slow, but it’s attacks were getting stronger. This thing didn’t want to die!

But neither did I. I started to focus my Incinerate Plasmid, feeling the pressure build up, before firing a torrent of flames into it's exposed Sockets! The result was its head burning from the inside out. The monster didn’t even have time to scream as the fire cooked whatever it had for a brain! It swayed for a moment, before crashing to the ground, throwing me off its ruined face.

“Oof!” I yelped, laying on my back as I panted heavily from exhaustion, as well feeling disgusted at being covered in the molten eyeball and Possibly brain matter. “That was… Horrible.” I huffed.

“Amelia wishes to talk.” A Lantern Holder told me. I groaned, before getting up, though not before walking to pick up my Sworn Rapiers, which were buried in its eye Sockets. They were miraculous, still intact. I also noted it had dropped some strange things.

They were things like vials of blood and some umbilical cords. I quirked a brow but stuffed them away. Never knew if I needed them.

Walking back to the Church the group looked at me in amazement. “It seems you are powerful, but you must leave soon. This will draw the Hunters, and I’m not sure if it will be good. My Church will be safe. Take the bridge walk the long road through the snow out of Yharnam.” Amelia told me.

“Alright. And… Thank you, Vicar.” I said, hugging her. “Stay safe.”

“We’ll try.” She told me and I left on my journey. I wonder if Todd and Michael were here.


I woke with a groan, feeling my like my head had met a hammer for dinner. I blinked as I looked around noting it was in a forest, and it was night time.

“Okay, where the fuck am I?” I groaned, again. “TODD! PENNY!” I cried out.

All I got was an echo of my voice, the chittering of wildlife and a… Growling noise?

“Uuuuh…” I blinked, before looking and seeing some weird lion scorpion thing. I yelped, jumped away and started running from that every beast that was. “WHAT THE HELL!” I cried out.

“RAWR!” It snarled before I was tripped by its tail! It Snarled at me, before it sniffed me, then to my horror, it licked its chops as I saw a pink thing grow between its Legs.

“What the fuck!” I cried, kicking at the animal. It ignored me, hooked a paw at my waist and tore the fabric, which was pink and certainly not the pants I was wearing before! “What! Hey, buddy, I’m a guy!” I yelled at it as I kept trying to get it off me.

It gave me an odd look, before it licked my crotch, making me realize that something was missing.

“What! No! Get off!” I screamed as I took note of developing breasts on my chest. “This isn’t real!”

The lion thing gave me a look before it started to tug at the One thing covering my new parts, starting to pull them down. I cried out and kicked at its face, trying to get my bearings as my mind was in panic mode. “This can’t be happening!”

It snarled and Jerked back, my kick having Hit its nose. I whined as I crawled away from it, still confused, and the panic was not helping. I needed to run.

The creature, however, was quicker to get its bearings than I was because I was suddenly pinned under it, it's fang-filled mouth next to my ear. I cried out for help as I struggled under the creature, my mind looking for an escape, priming to bolt.

I then felt it's tip poke my anus. “No! Get off! Get off!” I yelled hoping someone would hear. “Help!”

I heard a roar of something massive, making the creature freeze, his tip having parted my anus.

“Crap! I don’t want to be eaten!” I cried out, fearing the bigger creature more. However, the lion had already started to back off, with me in its teeth! “Let go!” I cried panic, unsure of what the fuck was going on. The lion didn’t heed me and bolted.

I whimpered as the sound of something massive gave chase, the lion getting faster as it ran from whatever the thing catching up was. I was pissing myself now as the lion bolted for a small cave in the cliffs.

It Then spread wings, to my shock, then flew towards them, landing in a cave just as the massive thing stopped. I whimpered, unsure which was better as the lion place me down and looked outside before it was certain it lost the massive beast.

It Then padded over and sniffed my pussy. “No please.” I cried as the beast didn’t heed me. It licked me again, making me sob as its rough Tongue stroked my pussy.

My strength to fight was all but gone as I tried mustering kicks again. “Someone please help!” I cried, Sure snot was running from my nose.

The creature started to attempt mounting me, it's cock on my pussy when it yowled in pain and was pulled off me! I hiccupped, looking to see a serpentine creature slamming the lion outside, before throwing it Flying!

“What?” I blinked in shock before a pair of massive arms reached in and gently scooped me up, carrying me out. “FUCK NO!” I cried in panic.

“Relax young maiden. You are safe now.” the creature said softly, it's voice Soft and gentle, but carried a feeling of power. “That Manticore won't hurt you again. There is no need to worry.”

“I was almost raped why a wild animal, why should I believe you?” I hiccuped as I started crying.

“Because I don't wish for you to be hurt. It would besmirch the memories of the Friends I have made,” he said, stroking my Head. “I will take you to a recent friend of mine, you will be safe there.”

“I...okay.” I mewled, looking at the ruined dress I was in. “What the hell happened to me.”

“I don't know what you mean.” the creature said, making me aware of his, its voice sounded male, eyes looking at me, what seemed to be a concern in the glowing orbs.

“I was a guy a few hours ago.” I cried, “And the first thing that happened when I got here is a beast trying to rape me!”

“It's unfortunate you stumbled upon that Manticore, then. Their Mating Season had started two moons ago.” the creature sighed.

“Why would it go after me! I’m not even the same species!” I hiccuped.

“You were emitting pheromones when it pinned you. And Manticores are not that picky with females if they keep missing out on their heat seasons.” the creature sighed. “I had to help a few people from them before, and my friend nearly suffered a similar Fate once.”

“Oh.” I shivered. “Why am I female.” I hiccuped.

“I do not know. Mayhaps it may come to you, either from a mirror or from a Dream. I have met a few who had told me they were not of the Form nor gender they once had when I met them.” the creature told me. “Ah, but forgive me, I don't know your name.”

“Michael, Michael Forest.” I hiccuped.

“You may call me Steven Magnet.” the creature told me. “Ah, we're almost there. She has gotten her latest brew of Pepper-up done too if I got the smell right.”

“Um...what?” I questioned, confused.

“Zecora comes from a long line of Shamans and Witch Doctors. She may be able to help you get a restful sleep, and would be willing to chase away any nightmares from the… Recent Situation.”

“I...okay.” I mewled as we moved on. Eventually, we got to a gnarly looking tree that, surprisingly enough, was also a house. “Zecora, we have a new guest, and it's a Manticore Victim,” Steven said, his voice giving a rumbling effect.

“Really? Who’s wondering the forest this time of year?” A muscular Zebra female asked as they walked out. She was dressed in a fur shawl and a loincloth, with a staff made from Bamboo in her hand, a blade on One End with decorative feathers a the end.

“A possible lost One.” Steven sighed, making Zecora look at me in surprise.

“Lost One?” I asked.

“Bring her in, I’ve got food prepared,” Zecora told us as she opened the door back up and walked in.

Steven gave a nod before I felt his form ripple as his arms seemed to shorten and become firmer to the touch. I looked to see that Steven was shrinking, giving me a better look at him. He was some kind of long reptile, with deep purple scales, a gold-yellow belly and under the neck, Orange feathery ‘hair’ on His Head and a Mustache on His face. “I suppose you want to know. Lost Ones are what I call those who were taken from their homes and transformed into something they were not familiar with,” he explained.

“That happens a lot?” I asked confused as Zecora looked over at us and scowled at Steven.

“Steven, control yourself.” She told him.

“My apologies,” he said, his tail moving down at his Legs. “And not as often as you are thinking. It's not rare, but it's not common either. It happens every now and again, but I normally try to guide them to do the right thing in the End.” he explained.

“Oh, so you want to show me what to do?” I asked. “What did Zecora mean?”

“He’s getting a boner.” She said bluntly as she served some soup.

“My apologies. I get that a lot around her.” Steven said, his face Red at the cheeks.

“You also have a half-naked and hormone high teenager in your grasp, which I’m sure is not helping matters,” Zecora informed him as I was set down at the table. “Eat, it will help.”

I nodded with an unsure look before I started eating the soup. It tasted...weird, but not bad. I quickly scarfed it down, not really caring about looks.

“Good, yes?” Steven asked as he took a bowl as well.

“Yes, very good!” I sang. “Can I have some more!”

“Yes, here. Steven, why is it that you always seem so horny?” Zecora asked the snake as she got herself a bowl.

“Well, I haven't exactly got other females walking around, and it gets more than a little frustrating.” Steven shrugged.

“Ah, so you get a boner around me? You could look for one of the Anthro Timberwolves, I’m sure they will be glad to help.” She told him.

“Sure, but after I am done eating. I have to make sure I can still use a Pyre blast,” he said.

“A pyre blast?” I asked as I ate.

“One of my Attack powers. A burst of fire that can burn a Foe to blackened ashes.” Steven said. “I would have used it on the Manticore, but I exerted too much energy in trying to catch it.”

“Oh… Well, what now?” I asked them.

“Now, I go to work out my urges. Zecora has to wait for her brew to cool before she can bottle it.” Steven said. “Michael, you better get some sleep. A Dreamcatcher will prevent your nightmares.”

“Alright, good night.” I sighed as I moved to the provided bed. “Hope this is all a dream.”

Time skip: Morning…

“Oooh, not a dream.” I groaned as I sat up in my bed, feeling better from the night before. Zecora was meditating by… Balancing on her Head, while on a Similar pole to the One she had before, minus the blade. “Hello, is it morning already?” I asked.

“It’s afternoon actually. I have some food prepared.” She told me as I walked into the main room. I could smell it from the bedroom.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“You are in my home. Steven should be back soon. He may have already been done with whatever female he has likely impregnated.” She said calmly.

“Uh...that is not really something my people talk about so...well, brashly,” I said as I looked at the soup.

“I suppose. You Seem to be of the City-type, which has been proven from how you talk.” Zecora said as she got of the pole, landed and caught it in One fluid movement. “At least I was able to meditate without… Interruption.”

“Um...what?” I said, blinking at the last bit.

“Steven has the unfortunate problem of popping erections whenever I am near, and it is quite distracting to meditate when you have the smell of arousal in one's nose.”

“Oh, yeah. Do you two like each other?” I questioned while I ate the soup. I did not expect Zecora to blush and cough into her Hand.

“I… am not quite sure.” She said awkwardly. “He is nice, and rather well muscled…”

“Huh...well, what is there to do here?” I asked, wanting to change the subject. I was not one for...girl talk, and I don’t want to be reminded of my sex change all that much.

“Hmm, Well, there is the gathering of ingredients for any potions and serums I would have to make, as well as the checking of the traps, and to ensure that no one is attempting to poke another Ursa Minor… Again.” She said, rolling her eyes at again.

“Okay, sounds like fun.” I said, finishing my food. And it was about then I realized I had a muzzle. “What?” I asked myself grabbing at it. “When did that happen?!”

“You are not that perspective, are you?” She questioned.

“I was kinda panicking last night.” I mewled.

“Ah yes, the ‘Incident’.” Zecora said, as I noted her shudder. She was just as uncomfortable as I was at the memory.

“Let's move from that. So what am I?” I asked not wanting to make her uncomfortable right now.

“You are a Fox. Rare in this part of the world, but not unheard of. Also, I have repaired your clothing, go and get dressed before we leave.” She told me, taking my escape route.

I nodded and quickly moved to get dressed.

It was then that Steven came in with a contented smile on his face. “Hmm, That was a good girl.” He sighed as he leaned on the wall.

“Michael and I are going to the gather herbs and check my traps,” Zecora told him as she got ready.

I was doing my best to ignore the smell coming from Steven, it was too similar to the lion while it had… “Hrk!” I threw up out the window I was next to.

“You Okay?” Zecora asked.

“I don’t know.” I groaned. “Just the smell.”

“What smell?” Steven asked.

“’s coming from you.” I mewled embarrassed.

“Ah. I was busy working out my ‘Frustrations’. My apologies.” He said.

“I can tell...even if I never did it, my roommates had.” I said covering my nose, my body feels weird.

“I see. I will give you your Space.” He said, before leaving.

“Didn’t mean to send him away.” I mewled, hoping I didn’t offend him.

“He is not offended.” Zecora said, petting my shoulder.

“So, herbs?” I asked.

“Yes.” She responded.

Over the next few hours, till about nightfall, Zecora showed me the herbs of the forest. She also fended off some wooden wolves, she called them Timber Wolves, it was a short Fight, as she was able to Tear into them quickly, then passed what looked like a shrine for Hircine from ESO, and my blood boiled when we neared it.

“No need to get close to that relic.” She told me, guiding me away.

“Okay, I really don’t know what it was doing but my blood was like it was on fire.” I groaned. “We almost done?”

“Yes, just need to get some Hell Flowers from the Tomb under the Castle. I ran out last week.” She told me.

I was confused by this for a bit, until we walked by a some ruins in the middle of the forest. There was a lot of pony statues, statues of different creatures, and old armor of knights. A few of the knights seemed to stare at us.

“This place is creepy.” I mewled to her as she chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it if you live here.” She chuckled at me.

We reached some stairs and walked down them, past the remains of a stone bridge, now having a rope bridge replacing it, and into a dried moat. She led me past two other caves, one with a strange crystal tree that seemed to whisper things, the next holding what looked to be a shattered mirror with six colored Slayer symbols from the new Doom Game. “Really creepy.” I mewled now as we reached another staircase leading into what smelled like a sewer.

“Come the Tomb is down here.” She told me, leading me down.

I really didn’t know how long we walked but it was not more than two hours. My legs were starting to hurt by now. “What is this place?”

“A Tomb. Hell trapped something down here, and very potent fire herbs grow down here now.” She explained as we reached the bottom and I saw a sarcophagus with blazing white Slayer symbol on it. Chains wrapped around it, each link glowing with magic, and horse skull oozing something into a molten moat of lava around the thing. “Don’t bother opening it. The demons made sure it was kept locked up. Some legend say this is not the first time it was locked up, though I’m unsure of it. It has been trapped here for long before the age of ponies.”

“Uh...okay.” I said blinking. “So the Flowers?” I asked looking around, wanting out of here.

“Over Yonder.” She said, pointing to a corner where a Red herb glowed.

“Yeah.” I said, jogging over to get it. “How much do you need?” I asked.

“About half.” She told me as she picked though most of what we had in the bags.

“So what’s after this? Sleep?” I asked as I finished. “It’s almost dark?”

“Yes. Steven should be back by now.” She said as we got up to go.

“Grrrrowwwwll~” We heard from the stairs.

“Crap!” I yelped. Zecora took out her polearm and hefted it up, blade first at the source, already prepared to Fight.

I whined as a bow seemed to appear in my hands. I blinked and looked down at it seeing the night stalker bow from destiny in my hands. “Okay...I can work with this, even if I didn’t play up to that point in the damn game!” I yelled as pride of Manticores came down the stairs. I drew an Void Arrow, the weapon glowing, and launched it tethering the beast to the arrow anchor. “Zecora!”

“Hm!?” She said.

“That won’t hold for long, run!” I yelled starting to jog, shivering as I noticed all of them were aroused. She nodded and followed, we didn’t stop till we got back to her hut. “That was close.”

“Indeed. That power though.” She said, looking at me. “It is of the One used by Warriors in the North.”

“Huh?” I questioned. “What do you mean?”

“There is a group known for similar powers. They live in the far north, near some of the ruins of old civilizations devoured by the glacial snow.” She explained.

“Uh...okay, so there are Guardians here,” I said blinking in surprise.

“Is that what they are called? Steven told me they were called ‘Risen’ when he Last visited for the fact that they could rise from the dead thanks to their little machines.” Zecora said.

“Well, I think they’re called that too.” I mewled. “I don’t know a lot about these ones. I’m not sure if I’m one though.”

“You lack a ghost, So I doubt it.” Steven said. “It's a little spherical device that is shrouded by angular pieces.”

“When did you-!” I said jumping, turning to look at him sitting near the fire. “Crap, you scared me!”

“My apologies. I figured you would have seen me.” he said. “What happened?”

“Went to the Tomb to get Hell Flowers. Once we finished a pride of male Manticores tried ambushing us, but Michael has used a new ability of hers to immobilize them.” Zecora told him as she put our bags down and sat next to him.

“Yeah, wish I had known it last night.” I huffed.

“What!?” Steven yelled. “They didn't get any of you, did they?”

“No, I tethered them with an arrow.” I admitted, summoning the bow.

“You have Nightstalker powers, and was able to summon the Bow easily. That's good.” he said. “Most Hunters needed to let their battle-lust build up before they can use their Bow.”

“Well, my blood is still...boiling since nearing that Shrine.” I said shivering as felt more primal thoughts go through my head, some making me feel ill. I think it was a shrine to Hircine.”

“!?” Zecora and Steven jerked. “You have Werebeast Blood.” The latter said.

“What?” I asked. “Wait, I’m a werewolf?! I... The vial! That Vendor! I’m a werewolf! I-”

I passed out after that.


View Online


I sighed I flew into the Ruins of my old home and looked around, the battlements were crumbling, the keep’s walls and roofs slowly caving. I noted the moat was dry this year, the tree of Harmony visible, I still remember the man who had shown us it, he was strange. Walking through the many courtyards of defenses was tedious, but it did remind me that this place was a true fortress, thirteen layers of walls covering about half the forest and had at least cities worth of people living here. It was different time back then, the tribes were still very...fractured and even the group that banded together under us was not safe from the dangers of the wilds.

“Nothing’s changed from the last time I’ve been here, besides the moat.” I sighed, barely taking note of the cave Mother said to never enter. She never explained why, but something called the Slayer saw entombed down there.

I huffed as I walked to the Library and browsed the book before hearing a very loud *Clang!* from the old courtyard. I walked out and looked to the source, finding... A strange pronged greatsword. Looked like somepony took a Tuning fork, gave it a pair of curved blades and slimmed so it was as thin as a normal greatsword... Aside from the obvious.

“Weird? Where did you come from?” I asked, grabbing the handle not liking this being here. A Voice, echoing with Void, rang through my head.

"I am Victor, Warrior of Balance and Shaman of the Void. Call my name for a noble cause, and I will heed to the call... Or if you need company or a guy to talk to, I'm your man."

“Hmmm, okay let’s see who this is.” I muttered touching the blade. “Victor, may you come forth?”

A Gold Fissure cracked open, making me gasp at the eldritch energy.

“This may have been a mistake.” I said, summoning my molten morning star, Dusk Star.

I didn’t expect a male to come out of it. He was wearing ashen grey armor that was both flexible like leather armor, but seemed stronger than even the best steel armor. His head was covered in a knight-like helm, something I hadn't Seen my guards wear for more than a century, with four horns curving back. His crotch was covered in a loincloth, while glowing red lights glowed from certain areas of his body. He had an assortment of weapons on His back, One I recognized as Gjallarhorn, as well as the Tuning Fork Greatsword on His back.

“Grrrraaah!” I heard behind me and groaned as turned to one of undead left over from my Sister’s actions all those years ago.

“Really?” I said to it as it prepared to attack and raised Dusk Star. “You lot never learn. But seeing as you’re brain dead is understandable.”


The Undead exploded in a blue fireball, making me turn around to see the Warrior was putting away a Hand Cannon.

“I had it handled.” I said. “But thanks anyway, Victor, right?”

“Yes. Sorry bu- LOOK OUT!” He yelled, tackling me as a Manticore male barely whiffed over us!

“Damn, forgot it’s mating season this time of year.” I snarled, changing Dusk Star for Twilight Nova, the modified Warlock bomb glowing in my hands.

“I can see that!” Victor growled, drawing a pair of Ornate Dual Swords as more Manticores walked in, crossing the purple blades.

“Stand back,” I told him as I got up, preparing to throw the Nova Bomb.

“Gotcha.” He said, getting out of the way.

I tossed my hand back for throwing the unstable ball of Void energy at the group of horny beasts and then retreated to let my magic charge up again. “Need a minute for another. They never get this close, but I guess me cleaning the castle of most undead gave them a shot to move in.”

“Got it!” Victor said, before slashing at the beasts! “At least I can break in the Holy Sabers!” he barked out.

“Heavy Knight, to your left!” I called out as one of my turned elite stomped into the room, holding his corrupted blade. He wore full plate and had a mix of Hellfire and the Darkness oozing from parts of his joints.

“Bloody hell, he's Ugly!” Victor yelled, dodging a Manticore and cleaving it in twine as he slashed at my former knight.

“I think he was a good lay when he was alive.” I chuckled out as bashed a Manticore in the head with my morningstar.

“Well, he ain't One now!” Victor yelled, leaping on the knights back and cutting his foes Head off.

“Heads up!” I call out, tossing another Nova Bomb. Victor leapt right off the knight, seeming to glow as he spun off the Undead. The bomb hit, getting rid of the body and scaring off the rest of beasts. “There, should be clear for a bit. So...who are you and why is your sword in my old home?”

“My name is Victor, I’m a Displaced Bounty Hunter for the moment, and my Token just teleported at Random. Can't control where and when it turns up.” he said. “You're very beautiful, miss...?”

“Celestia, Princess Celestia of Equestria.” I told him. “And, so you didn’t plan this?”

“No. A good thing I already got my target too.” he said, holding up the severed Head of a Unicorn. “Bastard had been evading capture for weeks. He's worth a lot more dead.”

“Well, good thing I don’t need getting into another’s jurisdiction at the moment. Too much to plan for with Mother’s return.” I chuckled. He gave me a curious look as he put the Head away. “She been off in the Void, hunting something that may win us the war against the Dogs.”

“Dog?” He asked, his Head cocked to the side.

“The Diamond Dogs. We’ve been at war with them and their allies for a couple decades now.” I explain. “They’re across the Sea Of Wails and most battles take place on the islands between our continents.”

“Ah. Well, I don't suppose you would need help?” Victor asked. “I mean, I maybe a Hunter, but I don't wish to let someone suffer.”

“Not at the moment. We’re both licking wounds from our last battle. They won’t attack again for a few weeks. Besides, we’re far from the coast line.” I explain to him as I sat on a dead body. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to drag you into a war you have part of.

“Thanks. Hmmmm, What's wrong with your uterus?” He asked, gently putting his right Hand, which now that I got a look at it was Black and obviously artificial, to my belly.

“Hmmm?” I asked in a bit of shock from the sudden touch. “I don’t know, I had an encounter with what is called an Old Serpent and lost. When I woke… I’ve been infertile since.”

“You have some kind of miasma around your uterus, and from what I can tell, some kind of machine around it. It's both mechanical, and something else.” he said.

“I see, I’ll have it looked at once I get home,” I told him.

“Alright. If you can't get rid of it, I’ll go research what I can back home. See if I can Find some spells, or create One.” he told me.

“Thank you.” I said, bowing my head to him. He nodded, before kissing my Hand gently. “Oh, and a gentleman!” I gushed. “You’ll make a girl very happy!” I giggled.

“Thanks, Celestia,” he said.

“Now is there anything else you wish to speak of or ask?” I questioned.

“How is the kingdom?” He asked.

“Stable, even with the war. Citizens are enjoying a peaceful life, for the most part. The military have kept battles continued to the isles.” I explained. “Some upcoming events might be bad though, but we’re good.” I explained.

“I see,” he said before he looked out. “Quite the impressive Castle this is, to stay intact after possible eons of nature growing all over it.”

“Yes, it was our first settlement,” I said looking around. “And things older than it lurk below, but I’m forbidden from exploring down there.”

“You're… Forbidden?” Victor blinked, though I noted his Head drifted slightly to my waist and hips.

“Mother said something called the Slayer is under the main Keep. I was told never to enter there.” I explained.

“A Slayer? The Word Wasn't, ‘Doom’, was it?” he asked, his Head looking into my eyes.

“I think so, legend says it was locked down there for a second time and that it’s been down there since before our Castle,” I explained.

“Why was he locked away?” Victor asked.

“They said Hell had something to do with it. It’s an old, almost lost tale.” I elaborated.

“Okay?” He said, before looking out at the forest. “Heh, never did appreciate the Forest I awoke in. Killed an Ursa Major when it attacked me for entering its cave.”

“That sounds rough.” I sighed. “Well, do you wish for some food? I keep something in the Kitchen ready.”

“I appreciate it, Celly,” he said.

“So your world must be different from mine with how far ahead your tech seems. Almost Crystal tier, maybe even Eve Dragon.” I commented as I led him through the Keep, having a once-over of him.

“Eve Dragon?” He asked, forming magic and the Eldritch energy from the portal in his hands.

“Everlasting Dragon,” I explained.

“I see.” He said, his tail twitching, making me realize he was a canid of some kind.

“So you’re a dog?” I asked as we moved into Kitchen.

“A Wolf actually, courtesy of One of my mates,” he told me.

“Ah…so not a Monogamous relationship?” I questioned comparing to some pony herds.

“Nope.” He said, popping the ‘P’. “It's a common thing since there's a higher concentration of females compared to males back home. A Five to One ratio.”

“Similar with some herbivore species here.” I chuckled, “Most predators here though are fifty-fifty, herbivores are the ones with the number issues.”

“Similar, but varies between species.” Victor shrugged as I noted how… Big he was.

I blushed as I got to work on a stew. “How much meat? I’ve grown accustomed to the taste.” I said, the blush remaining even if I tried to calm my self. “Been a few damn years.” I whispered.

“Well, a bit. And what do you mean by years?” He asked as I noted he was looking at my ass.

“Nothing,” I replied as I worked. He was not from this world and was a guest, he wouldn’t really want to get involved with me.


“Celly? What's wrong with your wings?” He asked.

“Damn things. It’s just a...wing boner. It’ll go down.” I sighed as I added the meat.

“Oh,” he said as he walked over and started stroking them. “Wow, They're Soft.”

“Erm!” I squirmed under the touch. Why was he so touchy?

“Celly, are you aroused by me?” he asked.

“N-no.” I said trying to keep my composure. I was ruling in mother’s absence! I can’t just fuck a random stranger, even if he was nice! I felt my tail lift on its own, my lower dress hiking up. “Ignore that!” I squeaked, focusing on the stew.

“You're Commando under that?” He asked me.

“No!” I lied as I worked, the food getting good, now just an hour to...stew. Crap.

“Are you… bleeding?” he asked me.

“Huh?” I asked as I looked for something else to do and tried getting my wings and tail to stop. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Victor move closer.

“Celly, does it hurt?” he asked.

“What? What do you mean?” I asked as he cupped my leg. He rubbed my Belly, just over my uterus. “Victor!” I gasped as he pressed against me.

“Your pussy, it hadn’t stopped bleeding since your tail lifted,” he told me.

“It’s bleeding?” I gasped in confusion as the wolf sniffed me. He put a Finger to it, making me gasp, then held it to me to show my blood. “Why is it bleeding?” I question as Victor removed his mask and licked his lips.

“You never went through menstrual cramps?” He asked.

“Um, no?” I said confused as he felt me up. “Victor?” I said uneasily now.

“Hmm,” he said, before jabbing my belly, making something shift, as if a snake was slithering in me.

“What was that?!” I gasped in shock as he rubbed and jabbed at my belly and massaged my pussy. “Ah!”

“Celly, what's the biggest cock you had in you?” He asked.

“Seven inches,” I said, not realize what he asked till his digits started to pushing deeper, his Hand starting to push in. I gasped in shock as he shoved deeper and held me up. He undid my dress, letting it fall, my form naked to his eyes as he worked his hand into me.

He jabbed my belly again, the wiggling sensation now near his Hand. I shuddered at the shock as he shoved up to his elbow and grabbed something. The wiggling turned to thrashing now as I cried out in pain. He growled, before an energy washed over me as the thing thrashed, before Victor started to pull his Hand out.

“What?” I questioned, as the thing he pulled out of me was dumped into the fire. He stayed pressed to me as he ground his hips to mine. It screeched as it burned, the thing covered in metallic barbs with a needle on one End. “Is that what you are talking about?” I asked, before he pushed me to the counter.

“Yes.” he huffed, his cock growing.

“Victor?” I mewled as he aimed for my pussy, “What are you doing?”

He kissed me, purring softly. I whined as I was unsure of this as he felt me up and pushed his semi-hard cock into me! “Mmmhpt!” I cried out as he kept us lip locked. He pulled back and massaged my tummy.

“Mmmh?” I questioned into the kiss as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I mewled as he got it in and moved his hands around. He was still rubbing my Belly, but he was rubbing my cheek, letting me realize I had been crying. I whined as he nuzzle and kissed me. “What? What are?” I asked, feeling his cock, rock hard between my legs.

“Celly, you are a beautiful mare, both in Heart and in body,” he told me, licking my neck.

“Thanks?” I said, blushing as he rubbed his length on my thigh. “What are you planning?” He moaned slightly, before he spread my Legs.

“Do you want foals?” He asked.

“What?!” I gasped as he pushed in. “I don’t know!”

“Alright. I won't knot, then.” he purred.

“You’re just going..”

“You really turned me on!” He groaned with a lewd grin as he pushed deeper. I whinnied as he Hit my cervix. “Nice and snug, can’t believe I’m fucking royalty!”

“Victor! You just forced...fuck, fuck!” I huffed out. “Ah, So deep!”

“You feel so good Celly! Like clouds and grassy fields!” he moaned.

“Shit, Fuck it, breed me!” I yelled, throwing caution to the wind.

You sure?” He asked. “Okay.” he said, rearing his hips and pushing it all in.

“Ah! Fuck, yes!” I moaned at his huge girth. “You’re huge!”

“I know. I laid three Dragons with This!” he Huffed.

“Three Dragons? Huh...oh fuck!” I moaned as he plowed me, “Where do you live? The dragon lands?”

“Nope. Pounded One after she tried to kill me in a Vault!” he huffed as he nibbled my ears. “The other two were with her help!”

“Also, next time, don’t just shove me onto the counter! It’s not exactly romantic.” I huffed as he pounded me.

“Sorry, just got too excited.” he panted and moaned.

“You almost there?” I panted as an orgasm racked me.

“Close, Celly~” He moaned, licking my neck.

“Fuck, fuck!” I moaned out as his cock pounded my cervix. “Been so long!”

“Hmmm~” He moaned before a hard thing pushed into me.

“What was that?” I asked as I shuddered.

“Knot~” He moaned. “Gonna lock in~”

“That’s even bigger!” I groaned as my pussy milked his cock. He grunted as it popped in, preventing him from pulling back. “Ah, keep fucking me! Harder!” I cried out my legs shaking as he panted in my ear.

“Hmmph, going to blow in a bit~” He huffed as his knot throbbed with each Hit, the part swelling up a little more.

“So big!” I gasped, feeling so full. He growled as I orgasmed, before he came into me with a howl, making me shiver as my tummy swelled. “Fuck! So much~” I moaned, losing the strength to move.

“Hmmm, Sorry for overloading you,” Victor said, nuzzling me.

“And next time, if you think I’m cute just tell me and ask?” I explained.

“I will, Celly.” He said, rubbing my tummy as he purred softly.

“So what now? I’m stuffed, and you’re locked in me, and we still have stew cooking.” I chuckled.

“Yeah. I’ll help.” he said, helping me up and somewhat carrying me on His length.

“Ah, fuck!” I groaned as the movement gave me some pleasure. “How long till you’re knot’s gone, an hour, or so?” I asked him as he sat down next to the stew pot.

“Yeah, but if I get too aroused, I start again.” Victor shrugged.

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t arouse you again.” I chuckled as he hummed and started playing with my large breasts.

“Hmm, how long?” He asked, giving my nipples a pinch as I lactated.

“Ah...the stew? Half an hour!” I gasped, cursing that student right now.

“Not that. How Long have you wanted kids?” He asked.

“A few centuries.” I groaned. “I think I was around a few hundreds.”

“Ah,” he said, as my Milk dripped. “So, are these lactating naturally, or is this…?

“A spell cast by one of my students to get revenge on a boy.” I sighed.

“Uhhhh, what was her name? Or his name?” He asked.

“Mona, She’s in her sixties now,” I explained. “She has been a great teacher at my school these days.”

“Why on you though?” Victor asked.

“She missed.” I chuckled.

“Ah. What does that spell do to guys?” He asked as he massaged me, making me moan.

“Changes them into girls. The guy I’m talking about was a sexist and coincidentally gay.” I explained. “He pissed her off with some comments about her ass and how she should be in the kitchen classes learning to cook and learning spells from me.”

“Ah. She succeeded with the next shot?” Victor chuckled.

“The boy’s Blueblood’s grandma,” I explained to him.

He snorted, clearly finding it funny. “Guess she ended up doing what she told Mona, eh?” he chuckled.

“Yes, she hated it for a few years.” I chuckled. “It was so funny to laugh at.”

“I can guess why. How much did she cry about it?” He asked, his expression becoming a silly One.

“Hmmm, about as much a toddler being denied cookies,” I told him as I stirred the stew.

“Heh, So who popped her cherry?” Victor chuckled.

“Twilight Dawn,” I told him. He blinked at that.

“Huh, So, how much did she scream?” He asked.

“I wouldn't know? I was not in the room when those two decided to try sex, nor the details of the breakup.” I explained.

“Dawn was her Boyfriend when she was male?” Victor asked.

“Yes, Dawn was Bisexual, like his father, his daughter and his grandson. Twilight is the only one I know of their lineage to not be Bi.” I explained to him, recalling my student's reaction to female on female.

“Ah. So, guess they broke up because Dawn was too Rough?” Victor asked.

“Yeah, I think, the rumor was, Bluegaze was getting clingy or something and was trying to stop Dawn from seeing his friends, who were all straight,” I explained. “That started before she was a girl, and just got worse after that.”

“So Bluegaze ended up having a bastard child?” He asked me.

“Pretty much, I think. No guy she’s been with has ever really stayed with her, beside Jono, But he’s infertile due to Abyssal Corruption.” I explain.

“The what?” He asked.

“A Variant of what the Risen call Darkness. They live in the north of the continent of Polar Alpha, that land also has the ruins of the Kingdoms of Fire and Blood.” I explained to him as stirred the stew again.

“Oh,” he said, looking troubled, before sighing. “So how many had Bluegaze had? Children, I mean.”

“Two, one child had Blueblood, the other had Cadence, my niece,” I told him.

“Ah, Cool,” he said. “So Ms. Love Goddess is a Cousin of Blueblood.”

“Love and War.” I chuckled. “Cadence frequently leads attacks on the front.”

“Cool,” he said as my rump was squeezed. “Mmmm, such a supple rump.”

“Getting yourself aroused again?” I asked.

“Can't help it. Your bum is So soft~” he purred.

“Naughty.” I chuckled as I cooked. “You’re really lucky I was already horny and in heat.”

“I know, Sunbutt.” he playfully said.

“You can call me that.” I chuckled. “Anyway, any more tokens I should look for?”

“Yeah. My mate Urara has One, of her sword, Young Wolf's Howl,” he said, starting to thrust.

“Ah, fuck, fuck!” I groaned as he continued. “I’ll look out for it.”

“There are others, but I can't remember them all too Well.” he huffed.

“Okay. well just fuck me raw. And if you want to explore more after you pop your nuts we can to that!” I moaned out.

“Thanks, Sunbutt~” he purred, licking my wings.

“Ah, fuck!” I moaned as the next few hours blurred to the greatest sex I’ve had in years. I squeaked and whinnied with each Pound as my pussy winked whenever he pulled back. By the time he came twice more, my bloated belly was groaning from his loads and he was tugging a cum slick Knot as the excess of his seed flowed around his knot. “Ooooooh~” I moaned as he freed his cock.

“Mmmm.” he purred, slapping my reddened rump.

“Ah, um do you want to stay and explore a bit or go home?” I asked as we had eaten the stew during a break.

“Explore.” He said. “Urara knows I would be back, and I would like to know this place a little more.”

“Okay, I’m just going to sit here for a bit. The room is warded with Fire spells so I won’t need help defending myself.” I explained.


“Alright,” I said, getting up. Celestia huffed as she got up and I felt my semi-stiff cock stir again from her noises. I ignored it, knowing she was at her limits.

Walking out of the Kitchen, I noted this place looked like a proper Keep, not some ill-conceived, indefensible nightmare of fantasy. Murder Holes and other such things were on the walls, and in the first Gate House, I saw. What really got me was the size of this place, even with the forest taking over, I could still call this place a city. There were multiple wall layers, with just as many gatehouses, moats, pits and so forth next to the walls, and the place was a damn maze.

I couldn’t tell what many of the buildings in the city were for now, but it must have been an amazing sight in its prime.

“Heh, the place is still a Fortress, even though centuries have gone by,” I said as I scanned the area.

In the moat around the main Keep, the building I just walked out of, I noticed three caves down there. “Hmmm,” I said, before taking a hop down to the moat.

Walking through to the first cave I found some sort of Crystal tree. Didn’t look too important to me right now. The next was a shattered mirror with the Slayer symbol in different colors. The last cave had stairs, that just kept going.

“Wonder where this goes?” I muttered as I took out Ace of Spades and started walking. After two damn hours, I reached a huge vaulted room with a sarcophagus in the center. It had chains wrapping it and bleached pony skulls spewing lava into another moat. The Sarcophagus itself had a white Slayer symbol glowing on it.

“Who is this?” I muttered, scanning the Sarcophagus. “Hmm, I feel Void Energy from This, but… It's dwarfed by another power.” I remarked.

The Skull’s eyes lit up as a demonic voice commanded, “Back away, the Slayer must stay sealed.”

“Who are you? And Why is the Slayer Sealed?” I questioned.

“We are the Bearers of the Seal, and his rampage in hell needed to end.” They told me. “He had been sealed before in the past, but foolish dragons freed him and he rampaged again. He almost brought Hell to ruin both times.”

“And what were his reasons for rampage?” I asked coldly.

“We never knew. He appeared when we tried to invade this world once before, he had saved a girl and gave her to soldiers, saving them before the gate was sealed and we witnessed his rage.” It explained. “We never understood why he hunted us, other than the rage, and the fear we felt.”

“And there it is. The fact you were invading. Why were you invading a world not your own?” I asked. “What right did you have to attack another land?”

“We carved the power of this world. We are of Hell, we take worlds and lands all the time.” It explained.

“And I am a conduit of the Void. I should be Wild and chaotic, but I am not.” I pointed out. “And what is stopping me from dragging you out of that seal?” I said, my Hand glowing.

“You can’t remove me with physical forces, nor magical, you would need the key from the which that made me. She is long gone from this world.” It chuckled at me.

“Oh, great,” I grumbled, before kicking it in the face, making it yelp.

“OW!” It said, making me snicker.

“I think they should be grown back by now, Zecora, it’s been what, half a year?” A voice said as it came down the steps. I blinked, before ducking behind a rock, grabbing an oddly shaped object before it could Hit the ground in my haste.

“Calm Marian, we don’t want your beast blood getting...overactive again. We had to track you and keep you from Ponyville.” An African accented voice said as a drop dead gorgeous fox walked into view, looking like Maid Marian from Disney's 1973 Robin Hood. Her clothes though were fit for surviving in a forest and she had her feet wrapped in rags. A handmade bow and knife were on her person, and she carried what looked to me a quiver full of arrows.

I watched as I engaged Cloak, thankful for the stew Celly made as I watched.

“I’m getting control of it, and it's not like Hircine is making me change every full moon!” She huffed out, before bending over to pick at the red glowing flowers in the corner of the room.

I blanched, crossing my Legs as the vixen showed her pink silken panties under her dress.

“Not well enough. Your inner beast is still very wild. And you give into it during the changes.” The Zebra, who wore similar animal skin clothes to the Vixen huffed.

I gulped, as I watched with burning cheeks. I suspected the Zebra was Zecora, but the Vixen… Damn.

“Well, I’m better...I didn’t maul Fluttershy.” She told the Zebra.

“Yes, and now she wants her new wolf friend to visit her.” Zecora huffed. “If she can’t keep you calm the whole of Ponyville will hunt you down!”

So Marian has Hircine's ‘Gift’, but lacks control. Wait, doesn't that mean her sense of smell should be-

“Hey, someone new’s been here!” She said, standing up and sniffing around.

“We should go then, no need to put ourselves in danger,” Zecora told the Vixen.

“Phew,” I said, before realizing I said that out loud.

“Oh come on! It’s been bo-” She began as she sniffed the air. She looked over to me and drew an arrow with trained ease, aiming right at me.


I disabled cloak and bullet jumped, barely avoiding the arrow as I latched to the wall.

“Great, a frog.” She said flatly as her bow glowed purple and she shot a phantom arrow that seemed to disable my active powers. I swore before I bullet jumped and pulled out Queenbreaker’s Bow, firing a shot at her foot.

“Stranger, why are you in the Tomb? And spying on us?” The Zebra said as she readies for a fight, her eyes glowing white.

“Spying!? I was trying to slip out!” I yelped, avoiding another arrow.

“We would have left you alone and let you leave.” The Vixen yelled out. “Did you watch me bend over!”

“Accidentally!” I yelped, “And I turned up because I was curious and stumbled upon the tomb!” I added.

“Marian, clam down.” The Zebra huffed and Vixen looked at her shocked. “He means us no harm.”

“Thanks.” I Huffed, before looking at the object, a tightly-sealed canister.

“Marian, finish with the Flowers. I’m checking for more and informing Steven.” The Zebra said as She walked out. The Vixen blinked in shock, then just huffed, picking more flowers.

“Uh, Hi?” I said. “Sorry if we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Victor.”

“Eh.” She huffed. She ignored me as she tried picking a stubborn flower, but had to bend over to get a good grip.

“Need a hand?” I asked.

“Ugh, fine.” She huffed. I walked over and loosened the dirt, then tugged on her hands to help pull it out. “WAAh!” She yelled as we fell back, me landing on top of her.

“Dah! Sorry!” I yelped, rolling off her.

“Ah...I...thanks.” She mewled. I looked at her, her fur was red with black ‘socks’, while her belly up to her chin was an orange cream color, with her eyes being blue. Her breasts were damn big but other than that she was fit for survival.

“Wow…” I whispered, my cheeks itching.

“Huh?” She muttered as I got to my feet and held a Hand to her.

“Uh, need a hand?” I asked.

“Thanks.” She mewled as took my hand. “Well, I can get out of here now.”

“Alright,” I said, blushing as my tail coiled around my crotch. I did not want to pop One in front of her!

“Well, uh, I’ll see you later.” She said as she took her bag and rushed out.

“I… Okay.” I sighed, watching her go, before sighing and following up the steps. The way she walked and just everything about her. I mean I love Urara, Fluffy, Malon, my three dragonesses, and I guess I’m attracted to Celly, but this Vixen was something else.

“Hmm. Hope we meet again.” I said, before looking at the canister. Hmmm, I wonder…

“I do too.” She said before jogging to meet up with the Zebra. I blinked, before smiling, my tail wagging as I walked along, keeping a respectful distance. “Do we have enough for more stun traps?” The Vixen asked.

“Stun traps?” I questioned.

“Yes, enough is to give time to head back to me if your dwelling coming under attack.” The Zebra explained. “You sure you don’t want to live with me or Steven?”

“I may look like a teenager, but I am an adult.” The vixen chuckled.

“I know, but physically, you’re a teenager. You could still get hurt.” Zecora sighed.

“I’ll be fine,” Marian told her with confidence. I nodded idly, looking at the castle. “Well, lets head back.” She said as the two left.

“You Okay Victor?” Celly asked as she walked out. “Didn’t get hurt did you?”

“No,” I said. “Do you know of the witch that sealed the Slayer?” I asked.

“I think so, legend says her name was Yuri of the Black Stable. She and her sister talked to Old Ones and made deals with demons to further the passage of a Dark Lord. I don’t know much else than that.” She told me as the other two got out of sight. “Why?”

“The Seal said the One who sealed the Marine, was ‘Not on This World’ anymore, So who bore the key?” I asked.

“My Sister...I think. She said she found skull that spoke to her. She never let me or Mother near it or tell us what it said. Mother wanted to destroy it, but Luna… Well she hid, it well.” Celly sighed.

“Then I think it will only appear upon her return,” I said.

“I guess, though how would you know of her return?” She asked me as I spotted the Vixen and Zebra down the set of hills the keep was perched on. They were walking into a small, barely intact manor with wolf motifs all over it. “You planning on releasing the Slayer?”

“Yes. Whoever they are, they wanted to do the right thing against the demon hordes.” I said. “Those guys, or at least, the demons made a seal, basically claimed ‘the world belonged to them’, and that ‘They could invade as they please’.”

“I see, I guess I should inform Mother then.” She said, before kissing me. I smiled, groping her phat ass. “You act so much like a dragon!” She giggled at me.

“I’m sorta One,” I said with a wink.

“Would explain the greediness.” She chuckled at me. “So, I need to head home and I’m sure you do too, how do I do that?”

“Say ‘Your Contract is complete.’ and I would go,” I told her.

“Okay, Lover, expect a date next time.” She told me before kissing me deeply. “Also, if I was not a millennia old, sex-deprived mare, you would have been turned to ash for what you did.”

“I know,” I said, nuzzling her.

“Well lover, your contract is complete, I might call you in a month.” She told me as I felt myself lighten. She let me go before flying out of the forest. I nodded, before turning to the opened portal and walking through.


View Online


I sat in my home, staring at the hole in the roof.

“So was meeting another male that bad?” Zecora chuckled at me.

“I used to be a guy! Yes, it’s been three months, but I’m not that excited about...things in this new body.” I mewled, begrudgingly becoming meek near the end.

“I know, but he was nice. I know he helped you in the caves.” She chuckled at me.

“Shut up!” I huffed.

“Alright, I’ll stop. Anyway the traps are set up and I’m heading home. Do try and stay safe my friend.” She told me as she walked out the door.

“I will.” I sighed as I looked back up to the hole in the roof. “Need to put something over that…” I said contemplating ideas.

Over the next hour, I was trying to at least move some old fabric over the hole and secure it with rocks. What I got was a semi-secure roof, not great for rain, but it would keep my home...mostly dry.

“Going to need to work on that for the next few days.” I sighed as I hopped off the roof. “Now to hunt.” I growled as I let the beast in me take over, going for a deer I could smell.

After a days hunt I came back home and cooked, eat and went to sleep. The next week was similar...with one issue of me almost hunting a group of locals. I’m very happy I got control over my inner beast when that happened.

When the week was up I was sitting on my porch in a shoddy chair I had put together with some rocks. “Really need to either buy something or make something better. Man, if only I learned wood working instead of cook. No never mind, cooking is far better in this situation.” I chuckled to myself. “I’m bored.”

Sighing I got up and started walking around the forest and ruins. I was getting familiar with the lands marks. The Crumbling Church, the Keep, my Manor, and the huge Bathhouse were the biggest ruins in the forest. Zecora tree sat near the Bathhouse, she and met there often to talk. Steven Cave was near the river running next to the Crumbling Church. Than there was Green dragon’s cave in what looked to be an old park, and the bog that seemed to have been the massive stone metropolises compost heap back in the day. The architecture of the building had a lot of ponies in it with the rare wolf or deer, which seemed to be local, semi none magical wild life. It was all really pretty.

“Over to the bog? I think I could catch some frogs for food with my bow. I need the practice.” I muttered to myself. Shrugging I moved to the Bog summoning my bow with some magic. It was spell Steven had taught me and it took me days to master. It was convenient nonetheless, and I still made errors.

Jogging at a leisurely pace, I made it to bog about noon. Most of the frogs were around the main ponds, but I had to pick out which were poisonous or not before the shooting, which took a bit longer. After I was done though I had six frogs ready for stewing and all I need were wild beets and potatoes.

Jogging back to my Manor I encountered a strange oak wood Wild One. Wild Ones were the anthro Timber Wolves, and they were Burch wood, not oak and certainly didn’t have red leaves for hair. Nor did their eyes glow even slightly blue.

“Okay, what the fuck are you?” I questioned the Wild One as I notched an Arrow.

“Don’t fear, I’m Gaia, a forest spirit.” ‘She’ told me.

“Riiiiight,” I said, not letting down my guard. “Why haven’t I seen one of your breeds before?”

‘Gaia’ chuckled. “Well, the Everfree hasn’t been that interesting in such a long time. Tell me who are you little one?”

“Marian,” I said curtly slowly circling around her to get home. Hopefully, she wouldn’t follow.

“It’s a nice name, are you going to make food? I can help you.” She offered.

“No, that’s fine.” I said before leaving her there. The rest of the day was fine. No weird Wild One or anything. Just a normal day. At least till I found out I really didn’t like frog stew.

The next day was about the same. Though I did encounter the strange Wild One while hunting. She gave tips for my bow usage, which I begrudgingly agreed worked better.

Over the next two weeks, each day I would see her and she dots on me like some child. I alway walked away in a huff, but would nonetheless agree she was right and started doing it.

One the last day of the second week of seeing this strange Wild One I made it one day without seeing her.

“At least she doesn’t come to my home.” I sighed.

“Do you want help with the roof?” I heard her melodic voice behind me.

“I...yeah.” I mewled in shock of her being there and the fact she knew of the hole in my roof.

“I can show you how to tan leather, and maybe later work on some stones to repair the damage.” She explained.

“Alright let's go,” I said walking with her, but not before grabbing my Bow and quiver.

“Are you still weary of me?” She asked. I winced at that as I looked away. “It’s alright, most would be.”

“Well, you did just show up.” I mewled. “Even if you’ve been helpful to me.”

“I’ve just told you little things about survival.” She giggled to me as she pointed out deer tracks. “You’re young and need guidance.”

I was about to protest that, but the fact I was from the city and now living here. The fact that I would honestly be struggling to survive out here if not for Steven, Zecora, or Gaia. The simple fact that before this whole mess I was a shut-in who barely went out other than for work or shopping and played MMOs all day just told me I really want young.

I mean, I wasn’t some kid, my mind was older than my body. That hadn’t changed one bit, but if I were to look about and walk into a town here, I would act like a child in a strange place. For all intents and purposes, I was a child, even if I didn’t like the idea of it.

“So we’re hunting this deer.,” I questioned.

“To make tent fabric to cover the hole. It will work better than the blankets you’re using.” She told me as we jogged along.

We found the deer soon enough and I took it down. Taking it back to my home and getting the skin and meat prepared for use for leather or food took the rest of the day. Gaia left me to my sleep while I waited for the Leather to tan.

The next day I woke to a rock hitting me in the head. “Ow!” I huffed before grabbing the Rock. “What the fuck!”

Unfortunately, this was anything but a normal rock. As soon as I grabbed hold of it, the first thing I felt was pain. I ended up screaming as I tried to let go of it, but my hand wouldn’t unclutch its grip. After that I started seeing things, things that I didn’t understand, with terrifying creatures in them.

“Okay, really what the fuck!” I cried in pain as Gaia rushed in, looking afraid for me.

Then, I saw an entire village on fire, with those monsters being responsible for its destruction.

“They are Rage…” I heard a voice called out, as the villagers were butchered in front of me. “...Brutal and without Mercy…” I wanted to look away from the scene, to cover my ears so that I wouldn’t have to listen to the screams of agony and torment.

Then the scene changed to where a large group of these Demons were roaring and growling, for some reason. Turning to where these things were looking, I found five armoured humans standing in their way, armed to the teeth and ready to fight. “...But you, you will be Worse…” Right when the voice said that, both sides charged at each other. These Five were a lot more stronger than these Demons, some shooting their way through them, while others ripped and tore the Horde apart with either a Chainsaw, or their bare hands. The only ones left standing, was the humans, with demonic corpses littering the ground, blood spilling out and turning the ground red. “... Rip and Tear, until it is done.”

I screamed as I suddenly felt my inner beast rage at the stone, making it glow as some portal opened in the air. Gaia blinked in shock and back away from the portal going into a fighting stance as I fought to keep my mind under control, the beast ragging to rip something, to tear flesh and feed.

“I. Am. Not. A. BEAST!” I roared as my heart calmed down and I noticed a green boot in my eyesight. It was one of those humans I saw, who had decided to kick me in the face, pinned me on the ground with said boot and pointed a rifle in my face. “Whoa, hey!” I cried in shock, raising my hands up as Gaia prepared to fight.

He didn’t say anything, keeping his weapon trained on me as he slowly looked around.

“You are the one that invaded her home, Slayer Fake.” Gaia snarled at him as she bared her teeth.

Hearing her, his head snapped towards her direction and she flinched. However, instead of just shooting her, he slowly got off me and walked towards her. Seeing this, she backed away from him before she was backed into a wall. The human remaining silent, not showing any signs of threats.

“Back away, Slayer Fake.” She snarled as I got up and grabbed my bow and an arrow from below my bed.

He tilted his head to the side, showing a sign of confusion to her. Did he not understand? Before she could say another word, he pulled out a… Datapad. This confused us before he faced the screen towards Gaia and words started to form on it.

“‘Who are you?’” Gaia read out his question, before replying to it. “I am Gaia.”

When she answered him, he did something that left us both stunned; taking a step back, he kneeled down on one knee, resting his rifle on its stock so that the barrel was pointing up and bowed his head to her.

“Ah...what?” Gaia said confused as she looked at me.

“How would I know?” I told her.

“Why are you bowing?” She asked, looking uneasy and confused.

Putting down his weapon and Datapad, he removed his helmet and showed his face. He had tanned skin, his hair, long, silvery white, tied up behind his head. Looking up at her, his blood red eyes seem to say everything to Gaia.

“Do I know you?” She questioned, confused as she looked down at him.

He lifted his left hand, laying it out flat before wobbling it from side to side, giving the ‘So-So’ hand sign.

“Okay, do you know me?” She asked, going on guard as I noticed the tanned leather might be done.

He nodded his head, before looking back at me, returning his gaze to her and nodded my way.

“She doesn’t know.” She told him.

“What?” I asked as I went for my door.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with Little One.” She told me.

“I’m not Little!” I huffed.

“You’re Twelve.” She said with a deadpan.

“How?!” I asked.

“I know some Magic, even if I can’t use complicated sorts.” She told us.

“I...okay, so I’m Twelve, so what.” I huffed before going to get the leather.

When I got back, I found the two of them talking, the silent human man, while Gaia sat on my bed. Apparently, I accidentally summoned Hunter to our world. He was also mute, so, it explained why he doesn’t say a word, because he couldn’t. He also explained to what happened to him and me, saying what we became are Displaced.

“Okay...well I hope my friends didn’t at least. We bought stuff from the same Vendor.” I said rubbing my neck. Man, I was smaller than this guy. “I really hate being twelve.”

“Sorry, but they may as well be in the same position as you. The question is; what did they buy?” Hunter texted me before asking what is it they bought, folding his arms.

“Well, Penny got a variety of stuff, Bioshock things, Monster Hunter, and Well, a Hunter Knife from Destiny. Todd got a lot of stuff from Doom, not the 2016 Game, but the OG one, he was even Cosplaying as Doomguy.” I explained to him. I Shifted at the thought of Todd a bit as a Displaced Doomguy, the image made me feel...nostalgic for the past, and I felt little wet, was it hot in here?

He gave us both a deadpan look and facepalm. “Todd’s the one stuck in the Tomb.” He told us, which was more of a shock to me. “Honestly, how did you not click to this realization?”

“I was a guy before this and I have PTSD from a Manticore almost raping me as soon as I got here,” I told him.

“Sorry. Anyway, where’s his Tomb? I want to see it.” He asked.

“Under the Castle or Keep of this Castle City,” Gaia said getting up. Hunter blinked at the term Castle City. Walking out, he stopped dead at the huge forest spanning fortified city, he looked to ruined manor I lived in, the still, mostly intact Bathhouse that Zecora walking into, naked, the collapsing Chapel, with Steven coiling around it, hunting for prey, and the main Keep in the center with it’s dried moat. “This place was once built to keep the dangers of wilds out. Now the wilds live in it and are the danger. The Moon had clashed with the Sun and the leftover magic created this mystical forest.”

“Steven and Zecora live here with me. I’ve been learning from them and Gaia on how to survive here.” I explained to him as we looked at him.

“Impressive.” He commented.

“Now, the Tomb was under the Castle along with other items before Ponies even settled here. The magic of these items along with the Tomb was once used for a spell ward that averted animals away from the walls. Those have since faded and the Items are dormant, or shattered.” Gaia explained as we started walking to the Keep. Walking down the stairs into the moat the man stopped to stare at the Crystal tree for a moment before walk up to the Shattered mirror in confusion, looking at the colored Slayer symbols. “It was said Mirrors like those went to other worlds. I wouldn’t rightly know if it’s true or not.”

“Get back here, you Flying featherbrain!!!” We heard a familiar voice yell, followed by rapid gunshots. Looking back, I saw that wolf that was in the Tomb last time I went with Zecora to get supplies for Stun Traps, chasing a Gryphon and firing a Black and white Hand Cannon at it, the Gryphon firing a pair of revolvers back at him as he chased the flyer.

Hunter pulled out a strange looking Sniper Rifle, fiddling with it and taking aim at the Gryphon. Pulling the trigger, I thought he was going to kill him, instead, he stunned the Gryphon, making him crash down to ground level, struggling to move a muscle.

“Gotcha! Better give thanks to the One who nixxed him.” The Wolf said as he broke the Gryphon’s wings and tied its arms.

“Hello, Mister,” I called up to the wolf as Gaia waited at the entrance to the Tomb. I flinched at the breaking of the griffins wings, but the smell of blood from a black soul made my mouth water. Damn Beast.

“Ah, Hello. Guess I walked through another Mirror?” he said as he gagged the whimpering outlaw.

“Come along, Marian, you want to see your friend right?” Gaia called out.

“Whozzat?” The wolf asked.

“This is Gaia and Hunter, Hunter is Displaced like me and I should ask the same of you. I’m Marian.” I said introducing myself.

“Yes, I am Displaced, and my name is Victor,” he said with a gravelly tone that didn't belay his smile. “Glad I got your name. Hunter was the One who shot Wet Stick Jack down?” He asked.

Hunter nodded in reply.

“Ah. You're mute?” Victor asked.

Another nod from Hunter.

“Well, glad I asked. Thanks. This bastard is wanted alive to answer for his crimes.” Victor said, glaring at the Gryphon. “By the way, here's my frequency number. I’m a Transmammel, So I can take messages.” He added, passing a note.

Hunter took it and placed the frequency number on his Datapad, before giving the thumbs up. The Wolf nodded with a smile.

“Okay, well let's head down to the Tomb,” I said as we all walked down the two-hour long flight of stairs.

“Paranoid much?” Hunter rhetorically questioned.

We all saw the sarcophagus with blazing white Slayer symbol on it. Chains wrapped around it, each link glowing with magic, and horse skull oozing something into a molten moat of lava around the thing. “Hasn't changed since I Last saw it,” Victor remarked.

“A Fake Slayer?” The Sealing Skull chuckled. “His armor is outdated too!”

“Hello again,” Victor said, before kicking the skull and making it yelp.

“Everyone, get behind cover.” Hunter told us, as he placed his helmet back on. “This is going to get a little hectic, whether it works or not.”

“Gotcha,” Victor said, vaulting off the Skull and making it groan, a pair of hoofprints on its face.

Gaia and I did the same, finding some place to hide behind as Hunter walked over to it. As soon as he made a grab for the chains, he was electrified, the seal preventing him from breaking the chains, before blasting him away and into a wall. When that happened, the skull started laughing out loud.

“I guess that won’t work,” I said getting up to help Hunter.

Once he was out, he walked over to the skull and glared down at it, his shadow looming over it as its laughter died down. The tension was becoming thick in the air, as the wind started to pick up...wait a minute, wind? Down here?

“Uh, what?” I said as Gaia looked around.

Looking towards Hunter, we saw that he was the one creating this wind. Lifting his right hand up, we saw that he was creating some sort of tornado around his arm, seeing it rotating faster and faster, looking more like a drill. The Skull itself was shaking in fear, as the drilling tip drew closer to its forehead. Then began the torture as Hunter slowly drilled into the Skull, making it scream in agonizing pain, begging him to stop.

“Okay, so is that going to work?” I asked Gaia.

“I doubt it.” She told me.

“I can’t release without the key!” It yelled.

“Where’s the key?” Hunter asked, not letting up.

“On the Moon, with the Moon Mare.” It chuckled now.

“When is her return?” He asked.

“Four years.” It chuckled, before realizing its mistake.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Hunter told it, making the Skull realise it was tricked into giving him the answer. “You know, for a skull, you really aren’t that smart. I knew that me trying to release him alone wasn’t going to work, so I needed to know who locked him back in here. Now that we know when She’s coming back, we’ll be ready.” He said, letting up his interrogation and backing off. The Skull was fuming and spewing out a lot of curses and swearing at us.

“Cool,” Victor said, fiddling with a black and gold ornate double-barrelled shotgun, an odd component set between the barrels.

“The Moon Mare only found the Key, the three that helped Hell are down there now,” Gaia explained.

“Ye. Could I have the seal when the Slayer is released? My Tigris Prime’s Meathook needs a better chain.” Victor said.

“Get out of here!” The Skull snarled as I and the others moved to the stairs already. I couldn’t get Todd out now, but I could wait.

Hunter then threw a Frag Grenade down there, hearing it blow up and pissing the Skull off even more. “It won’t destroy anything in there, but it does a pretty good job at pissing that brainless skull off.” He said with a shrug.

“Hah!” Victor laughed, clearly amused as the bladed parts of his gun shifted. “Dammit, I am definitely getting that seal when releasing the guy! The Meathook needs better parts!” he grumbled, slapping the bladed part, revealing they were grapples of some kind, attached to a chain and motor system, the chains and blades looking worse for the wear.

“Other than that, is there anything we can do to help?” Hunter asked. “Because, afterward, I’ll need to head back over to my sister’s wedding. I don’t think she would like it if I’m not there.”

“Well, my house needs a new roof.” I mewled to them. “And sorry about the wedding.”

“That’s okay. Although, the person you should be sorry for is Faust. At least, my sister’s version.” He told us. “Let’s just say that she unwittingly ended up on the receiving end of my ill-tempered brother’s fists.”

“Sound familiar.”Gaia sighed, rubbing her face.

“The reason behind was because our little sister, is a Goddess. The only problem was that she wasn’t exactly a part of that worlds’ pantheon, so the whole lot unanimously voted her to go fight in a Tournament. Against other Gods and Deities until death claims her.” He explained, shaking his head. “She recently asked for her Celestia’s hand at the time, they were already having children, and then that happened. Let me tell you, Berserker was NOT happy.”

“I see.” Gaia snarled. “I’m sure it would different here, the Pantheons are not as cruel...the newer ones.”

“Berserker distrust in Gods runs deep, with a few exceptions. But, in all honesty, I still think he has some inner conflict, still. Not with the other Gods, but probably with THE God.” Hunter said, making me realize who he was talking about. “When you’ve been fighting against Hell for so long, you tend to wonder if God really loves Humanity at all.”

“I...wonder how Todd is then.” I whimpered.

“Pissed.” Hunter replied, before changing the subject. “But enough of that, let’s go fix your roofs.”

We got to my home and they helped me get the leather patch onto the roof. Hunter hauled some rocks that I would use for later. “Is this good for later?”

“Yes,” Gaia told me.

“Hey, Hunter, how do I send you back?” I asked him.

“Hold out the Token and say, ‘Our contract is complete’. It’ll send me back.” He answered.

“Okay, Our contract is complete,” I said holding the small Obsidian stone out.

A portal opened up and showed a slightly annoyed female, her arms crossed and tapping her foot away, waiting for him.

“Ah, hello.” I mewled at her as Gaia poked her head over and waved, Victor tilting his head, before waving and shifting his Bounty target on His shoulder.

That must be Hunter’s sister, as she waved back at us. Shrugging, Hunter gave his farewell to us and went through the portal. As he did, it closed behind him.

“Well, Hope Hunter can calm her down.” Victor said, still fiddling with his ‘Meathook’. “Always hated getting yelled at. At least Urara tried to reign in her hormones after she realized how upset I was getting.” he signed.

“Oh, sorry,” I replied to him.

“I need to go, been away from home for long enough. I’ll see you tomorrow Marian.” Gaia said leaving me alone with Victor.

“I...wait!” I mewled. The Wolf blinked at me.

“Eh?” He said.

“…” I mewled, rubbing my legs together as my comfort barrier left my home. “Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Okay,” he said, before digging into his bag, which I now noticed was there. “Hmm, should be here somewhere…” he muttered.

“What you looking for?” I asked, sitting down on my bed, I noted the wolf look me over a bit before going back to his bag, making me realize he was up to his elbow in it… And it wasn't even bulging like it should have. “What’s up with the bag?”

“Pocket Space. It's a mini dimension I can access. Found out how to do it a while ago. Can't store anvils yet Though.” he said.

“Oh...weird,” I said as looked to the Bathhouse from my north window. Zecora was going out with a sigh and heading home, spear in hand.

“Aha, found it!” He grinned, pulling out an ornate looking black and gold four Armed Crossbow around the length of a Sawed-off shotgun. “Here. Found the parts and worked on it for you.”

“I...thanks,” I said, blushing as I took it. “I’ll have to make bolts for it.”

“Yeah, True,” Victor said, before looking out. “So, you gonna be Okay?” He asked me.

“I should be,” I said as I noted a tent in his...well loincloth. I crossed my legs at the sight. He nodded, before looking at my waist.

“You have a forging hammer?” He asked, pointing at my right side.

“Yeah, never had to use it yet,” I told him. He shook his Head, sighing heavily.

“Hopefully you know how to metalwork, or at least, have a bit of practice.” He said. “At least the bolts won’t be Stone. The Ballistic Prime doesn't like stone arrowheads.”

“Well, I wouldn’t know. When I hold the Hammer I feel...weird.” I mewled.

“How weird?” He asked me.

“I think, Well, I would have thoughts of...creations, like weapons, or armor. Using items like dragon bones, or titanium.” I whined, rubbing my head. “There’s a cold forge out back, in an abandoned smithy.”

“Well, May as well crank it up. See if it works still.” He said, helping me up and walking off to the forge, dragging his groaning bounty target with him. “Saw it when I was here Last time.”

“Okay,” I mewled as we moved out of my house and to the Forge. “I had been chopping wood to use as fuel,” I said, pointing to a wood pile right next to the forge.

“You already had plans to use it?” He asked.

“Yeah, I have the hammer, why not use it?” I chuckled nervously as the wolf smiled at me.

“Indeed.” He said. “I made these myself, Ya know,” he added, taking a pair of familiar swords off his back.

“Those look like the swords Penny got?” I said as I put to the wood into the Forge.

“Who’s Penny?” He asked.

“She one of my friends. She had been wearing Big Sister cosplay.” I explained as I finished.

“Oh. What were the swords? The ones I have are called the Holy Sabers.” he said.

“She got the Sworn Rapiers, I think?” I told him.

“Ah. Monster Hunter 4?” he asked. “The Holy Sabers are from Monster Hunter World,” he told me. “That was a Good Game.”

“I guess, never played,” I admitted as I got the wood to catch aflame. “I was mostly WoW and few shooters.”

“World of Warcraft? Were you a Worgen?” he asked with a Grin.

“Yeah. Never played Deathknight class though. Was getting to it.” I explained.

“Cool.” He said. “What gender was your Wolfy avatar?” he grinned.

“Eh, female. Liked playing female in games.” I chuckled uneasily.

“Weird, had a similar habit, but that was because I made up stories for them.” he shrugged. “That, and I had a habit of making them go with no pants if I couldn't help it.” he chuckled.

“Never did that though.” I mewled as took hold of the Hammer.

“Well, That's our difference,” he said.

“Yeah, um, what’s a...Khora Warframe?” I asked

“Khora? She's the Female version of Harrow, and has an old lady’s hair style.” Victor said. “Also, her powers are not that good.”

“Eh, weird though?” I said. “Never had that in my head. What should I make?”

“Uhhhh, how the hell did you get a Blueprint in your head?”

“I just grabbed the Hammer,” I told him. “It always does this, I pick it up and some...plan opens up in my head.”

“Why Khora Though? I don't see a Helminth Room or even signs of One,” he said. “Umbra really opened up a can of worms.”

“What? Sorry, I had another plan pop into my head.” I groaned as I saw plans for what looked like basic leather armor. “Just leather armor.”

“Good Start. Got some extra from my hunts,” he told me, handing me a stack.

“Uh, thanks,” I said before I started working, the Hammer seeming to guide my hand. Over the hour I made leather boots, chest plate, helm and arm guards. “There. That had taken a bit.”

“It does that. Honestly, I just passed you the Metal,” he remarked.

“Sorry. Don’t know what came over me really.” I mewled.

“Well, the hammer is guiding you, though I think it best you Pay attention to what it does. If you can learn from the hammer, you can build your own skill with regular tools, and later make better things with your combined skill and your hammer’s magic,” he said. “I mean, you can't make a Prime Warframe, but maybe you could make a suit?”

“I guess. I don’t know how this thing works. Not as simple as my bow, or the other thing.” I sighed. “Well, now that that’s done, what do we do?”

“Honestly, I can't really Tell. Still, have much to learn me,” he said with a shrug.

“I see.” I sighed as I sat on some rumble. “Well, that’s most of my day. I don’t have much else planned.”

“Alright. Gotta cash that bastard in,” he said before he leaned on and kissed my forehead.

“Eeep!” I squeaked, flinching a bit. He chuckled, hugging me and then broke the hug. “See you around, Marian,” he told me.

“I...see you.” I mewled. I watched him trench off into the forest as I prepared to have dinner and go to bed.


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I walked through the snow in ruins of what looked like a medieval town. It was abandoned and I simply have been walking for months. I didn’t know Why or how I was able to go with very little food, but I suspected it was the Slug on my stomach.

“Thanks, You little stinker,” I muttered, rubbing where it was.

“Graaa!” I heard as a sword barely whiffed my tail. I whirled around, extractor out and my Incinerate! Plasmid ready to burn my Foe.

What I saw was some leather-skinned man in black robes and holding a short sword. He groaned and attacked me again. I blasted him with a fireball, running him through with my extractor and drawing out his blood! She What I got was black goo, the stuff just looked and felt nasty. It was not at all like the Amygdala.

I recoiled, before slashing the damn thing’s Head off! It convulses before dropping, then I notice more getting up ready to fight. I growled, emptying the extractor tube to prevent my body absorbing more of that bile, then drew my Sworn Rapiers, teleporting behind One of them and slashing in two, before slashing at the rest of them!

“Well, l think, that’s the...last of them.” I huffed as the last of them fell. I got back to walking, going south. I could tell I was in the North, from all the snow, Ice and the fact that the Undead, for lack of better term, was wearing the remains of Nordic furs under their shawls. “Those were, horrible.”

Then the hissing started and snake men started coming out of the snow at me. They looked like Dark Souls 2 enemies. I dodged attacks and teleported but these things were much tougher and then the Turtle Knight charged at me!

“Get down!” I heard a Voice yell before sniper round ripped the Turtle Knight’s head off. I looked to the gunner, trying to get a look. I spotted what looked like a bear holding a metallic black sniper rifle with blue shrouds and a boxy scope with blue cowling while wearing Hunter Gear from Destiny. “Get out of there!”

“Eh? Uh, Okay!” I yipped, avoiding another snake and running as the bear shot the Snakes.

“What are you doing in Drangleic?” The bear asked me as I got near. “This place is a dead zone from one of the old Kingdoms! We need to get you out!”

“This way Guardian!” His Ghost told me.

“Guardian? I… I didn’t know this place was a dead zone!” I yelped. “I was just trying to find civilization, and I didn't have a map!” I whined. “No compass either,” I added lamely.

“Well, you found us. We need to get moving before the tigers show up!” The bear snarled before he grabbed me and started running.

“Okay!” I yipped, before teleporting ahead of him and running alongside. “How bad is it!? And who are these Tigers?”

“Neat trick, Warlock. Keep running, we have a ship in that church!” He told me.

“The Darkness floods these lands.” the Ghost told us before a huge snow leopard rushed into our view, killing several unlucky guardians. “It has for countless centuries and all we know it that is came from what is called the Dark Souls and the First Flame. The Traveler has given us a blessing to keep it at bay from the rest of the world.”

“That Tiger! It used to be a pet for some king!” The bear yelled before we reached the church.

“Fuck! Tell me you got guns on that ship!” I whined.

“Yes, but I’m taking you to the wall for now. They can handle that battle. We Risen are not down for long, but neither are our foes.” He snarled, shooting at an undead in our way.

I threw a fireball at another undead, before deciding to test a theory, the fire in my veins being replaced by utter Cold mist as icicles formed in my hands. I Then aimed my Hand, ‘casting’ winter blast at a nearby undead, freezing it solid!

“Okay, you’re a weird Warlock.” He said as we moved to the ship. I leaped right up and landed on its top with a *Dunk*, then looked at him.

“I’m not a Warlock. Don't have a Ghost.” I said.

“Got it. Well, we’re leaving.” He said as his ship ported us both in. He took off and it was a day before we got to this Wall. The ruins I saw looked like they varied in age and crumbling structures. I think I saw Anor Londo down there just before I spotted a massive wall made out of metal and had an orb that looked like the Traveller behind it.

“Holy Fuck,” I said, staring at the sphere.

“That is the vesicle of the traveler. We’ll be in the tower in minutes. From there we can find out what you want to do.” The Ghost told us.

“Thanks.” I sighed as I looked out over the city, before a ship with Spade markings shot by us at a ridiculous speed! “Whoa! Who the Fuck!?” I yelped.

“Cayde-6.” The bear chuckled as we moved to a landing pad looking place on the Wall. I noticed an oddly slender, Female Bear glaring after the ship, while a tall armored male wearing a helmet with bull horns just watched impassively. “Looks like Ikora is not happy, and she brought Lord Shaax.”

“I guess.” I said, watching Ikora grumble about how ‘Cayde was going to be in trouble’.

The bear landed before taking off their helm, showing a robot face. “Name’s Zen-2. I hope you’ll enjoy staying in The Tower and the City.”

“Thanks,” I said as I looked out.

“Zen, who is this?” Ikora asked as she walked down.

“Don’t know, found her in the Drangleic Dead Zone. Near the edge of the Yharnam borders.” Zen-2 Explained. “She has some weird powers but is not a Guardian. I would suggest sending her south on a ship to the less hostile lands.”

“Less Hostile? They are at war with each other, and they’ve dragged their allies into it.” Shaax said with disappointment. I quietly listened to it, idly juggling a Fireball in my hand, trying to see if I could adapt my Plasmid to have better control. I also felt a little iffy after absorbing some of the Blood from that undead.

“We should also put her through transfusions in case she was affected,” Ikora told him as Zen-2 nodded and guided me away.

“Just making sure you are not to become one of the Undead.” He said as we walked away.

“Okay,” I said as I walked along. Hopefully, the Slug doesn't get mistaken for a Hive Worm. The last thing I need is to blast Guardians. Walking through the tower and noting all the guardians getting ready or leaving the battle. There was barely any goofing off as we did in the games. I also saw religions like a hall holding a statue of bird clutching a light, a wolf sitting in front of a tree, a dragon perched on a tower of gold, and a fox encased in flames.

“The gods we worship. Or some of us do.” Zen-2 told me. “It’s an old religion.”

“I see,” I said as I looked them over. “Are they all individual gods, united by a common belief?” I asked.

“Yes, Aurial, Goddess of light, the bird. Umbassa, the Goddess of Magic, Akata, God of Time, and Todesh, God of the Underworld.” He explained to me. “They have kept the evils of the world at bay, but some say not well enough if the Darkness exists.”

“Ah, Well, even Gods trip.” I shrugged. “After all, even the Traveller could only do So much before it was overwhelmed,” I said, nodding to the Traveller, which was almost exactly like the One from the game, it's interior exposed on the bottom.

“Yes, we all know that. But the Old Ways is strong with us. We pray to Todesh when we fight.” He explained as we walked into a lab. “Most of the Machines are controlled by AI, so it’s almost automatic.”

“Cool. Just a warning, So you guys don't freak out. You want to know about my powers?” I asked Zen-2.

“Not much. Just that it looks like a Warlock’s powers.” He told me as he worked at a Console.

“They're, from a Slug. A Slug that generates a substance called ADAM.” I said. “It… It basically gives me the power to regenerate from non-fatal injury, use powers and Basically enhance my body… But it also keeps me alive. If removed…”

“Well, we won’t kill it, if this parasite is what keeps you alive.” He said as the Machines looked me over. “Hmmm, well it looks like this slug is curing you of the Darkness, though anymore and it could have been overwhelmed. It also looks like slugs we have in the sea near us.”

“Oh. That maybe it's cousins.” I said. “They Create ADAM, a substance that alters the genetic structure of a person “ I explained. “They don't produce much without a Host, though,” I said. “And… If too much is taken and the person doesn't have a Slug, They Start to… Well, go Mad while physically deforming.”

“I see. Ikora has been studying them since she encountered someone named Andrew from the Diamond Dogs. He was muttering about him and his wife was going to build some city under the sea.” He explained.

“Is there One?” I asked. “There… haven't been any disappearances of Children, have there?”

“No, not that I know of. And the Hippogryphs may know more though, they were an undersea race,” he said showing me a picture of a seahorse looking race as the Machines stopped. “They can allow land dellewers to trade. If you decide to leave, you could ask them questions. And anyway, such a city would be built in the great Ocean separating Equus and Borrow.”

“Sounds like the Pacific Ocean back home,” I said, grimacing at the thought. “I recommend checking near the undersea trenches. They may be there. Not in it, just near it.” I said. “And honestly, I am just Glad This suit allows undersea Travel,” I remarked.

“Well, we’re not actively looking for them. Too busy dealing with the Darkness here.” He told me as we walked out.

“True,” I said. “So, what next?”

“Well, you could stay the night. Or we can set you up with a ship to anywhere you would like to go.” He told me.

“That can be tomorrow. I… Had a rough few months.” I said.

“The Dorms are this way,” Zen said leading me this way.

“Thank you,” I said as I followed, noting some Guardians rushing by, a group of Six, Two of each being One of the Three classes, Two titans, Two Warlocks and two Hunters.

“Looks like they’re doing a Raid on the Throne of Want,” Zen commented.

“Oh. Hope it goes Well.” I said. “What do they get from it, besides beating back the Darkness for a bit?”

“A gift from the Monarch of Want. Someone sealed in the Throne, trying to fight back the Darkness themselves.” He told me.

“Okay?” I said as we stopped at a Room.

“Well, have a good rest.” He told me. “See you in the morning miss.”

“Thanks, Zen-2,” I told him, as I entered the Room. The room itself was not very private, with five other guardians sleeping in here. The open bed didn’t have a name so I guessed it was the one I was using.

I figured it was due to the war. I laid down on the bed, removing my helmet and placing it on the bedside, then laid my Head down. The next few hours were peaceful sleep till I heard the Guardians getting up.

“Hey, come on New Guy we got an attack on the tower going on!” One of the Guardians yelled at me.

“Eh!?” I yipped, struggling to my feet and grabbing my helmet.

“Red Legion Undead! They came out of nowhere and started attacking the wall. They have soldiers in the tower!” Another yelled before a sword went through his chest. I yelped, before incinerating the Undead behind him, casting several Electro Bolts that made my fur stand on end under my suit!

“Mortar!” yelled another as our dorm ended destroyed by a boulder. I blinked in shock as I put my helmet on, as the group and I killed our way through the tower. Guardians were dropping like flies while we tried getting out of the Towers, though I was able to surprise a Few Undead by freezing them.

“You five! Get to the Armory! Gear up!” Shaax told us as he pried open a door. “I’ll get these civilians to safety!”

“Thank you, Lord Shaxx!” The leader told him as we rushed by. The Guardians immediately went to work arming themselves as siren blared.

“Sector 2: lost, Sector 7: Lost, Sector 17: Lost, Sector 5: lost…” The loudspeaker yelled as they finished.

“Crap! They’re in the City!” One Guardian yelled.

“We’ll worry about that once the tower is secure and we can get a damn foothold!” The leader yelled as we pushed out of the armory. This was insane, how were Guardians just...losing?! This would never have happened in Destiny! The Hive was not this big a threat till Oryx got his dreadnaught into play!

“Look! It’s Zavala! He’s holding off undead from getting to the Civil-Evac!” A Guardian yelled as we got to the main landing ground. I could see Zen-2 and Eris Morn fighting with him, the three eyes’d Guardian looked more dragon-like though as she fired her assault rifle down range.

“You! GET OVER HERE!” Zavala commanded as he formed a Void Bubble. We rushed over just as Zen-2 summoned his golden gun and fired shots into the Undead, burning a dozen. Eris snarled, before a Nova Bomb flew from her maw and slammed into another group killing a dozen more, but it wasn’t enough, they just kept spawning from Portals that smelled of decay.

I growled, before Teleporting above the enemies and letting loose what I could only describe as an ear-piercing screech, firing a storm of fireballs, Electro-bolts, Winter Blasts and throwing My foes around with Telekinesis as I tore into them with my Sworn Rapiers!

“By Todish!” One Guardian yelled, before focusing fire on a large armored group. Even with my help, the battle raged for an hour till the Portals closed and Zavala sighed in partial relief. Even if we lost one of the Titans and hunters that were with us.

“Okay, you Four, get to Ikora, she’s checking on the Speaker, and may need help.”

“Where was Cayde?” I asked.

“He reported on the Radio that his... The little outing was on a rumor about this!” Zavala growled. “He heard something from a scout about a new Turtle legion rising up.”

“Great, The Undead Turtle Variant, they’re always fun to repel.” A Warlock from the dorm huffed, not having the helmet on to show them to be a blue-furred bear.

“Why are So few of you reviving?” I asked as I did a Headcount to see we were missing a few.

“What do…” A hunter said, before looking down at the teammates in worry. “Hey, Chase?” they said, poking at the Titan, before I picked up an angular shard of Metal, making them stare in horror.

“What's This?” I asked.

“His’’s dead.” The unhelmeted Warlock muttered before throwing up. “He’s dead, he’s actually...the Traveler! Why is it’s…!” We all looked to the God-like Sphere over The City, which was on fire below the white sphere.

“Because even Gods bleed, and have flaws. And the Ghosts are no different.” I said. “Try to avoid letting the enemy aim at your ghosts!” I yelled at them.

“What is that in the City They're setting up?” A Hunter pointed out as Zen and Eris started moving towards the Speaker’s location.

“Oh no…” I gasped, remembering the trailers. “Don't let that thing deploy! Destroy it immediately!” I barked out.

“I’m already having Titans making an attack, look,” Zavala said before huge red metal knights started attacking the Titans as they tried to get the object down.

“Where are the AA Guns!? The heavy artillery!?” I yelled, throwing a Large Rock at several Cabal.

“The want? You mean trebuchets?” A Titan asked.

“I… YOU DON'T HAVE CANNONS!?” I howled in disbelief. “You have Handguns and Sniper rifles but never thought you needed Cannons!?”

“Uh...we found most of these in Caches of Everlasting Dragons.” A Warlock muttered.

“ARRRRGGGH!!!” I howled, my power grabbing a ruined pillar and I threw it in frustration… Which tore through several unlucky Cabal ships and smashed against the object, but otherwise not harming it.

“Is that one?” A Hunter asked, pointing to a huge barrel near the Speaker’s tower. “We found it but could never get it working.

“Fuck it, it’ll do!” I groaned, before running to it and ripped a panel covering the electronics. I started fiddling with it, connecting tubes, replacing wires, and using shards of Ghost at some points, before I heard the device whined to life. “Alright, let’s see what you can do!”

Aiming the Cannon, I targeted the Object that was being built and hit the Trigger. Once that happened, the rear of the Cannon howled and the barrel glowed red, as I saw blue particles collecting at the end of it with a crackling sound. I blinked in shock as the Plasma round was forced down range, melting through everything that got in its way. The crater it made, damaged the Object being built, but not destroying it entirely.

“Fucking hell, we had that pointed at the city!” the other helmeted Warlock gasped in panic.

“How many more rounds. Even if we can’t save the city, we can delay that thing so we can move the Civilians to a new location and fight on an even footing.” Zen-2 asked, looking at me.

“Ikora where is the Speaker?” Eris asked.

“He’s gone! They Killed him!” The white bear yelled in anguish from the site of the ruined Tower near us, before rushing a group of the legion and tearing into them with a sword.

“I… Three more, then we’ll have to leave it!” I Growled. “Is there anything that looks like a weak point on it!?” I snarled.

“The Center? We don’t know, we’ve never had this happen in the eight hundred years we’ve built the City!” a Warlock suggested in frustration.

“Fuck it!” I snarled, as I fired the Second shot, ‘throwing’ a Cabal dropship into another to keep them off me. The round soared and hit it's marked, making the structure glow and spark, but these little wolf undead just kept repairing it from what I could see.

At that, I just started throwing whatever rubble I could Find at the object as I started the next shot, This seeming to Work to a least slow their repairs.

“Zavala’s sending us to the Command ship to take it down. I know we have Skyships, but how did the legion build something so big!” Zen-2 muttered in panic as he and the others left. Only Eris staying to guard me.

“You think they Fucking had taken Tech from the Everlasting lizards and kept relying on it all the way here!?” I snarked as I knocked One Wolf right off the ship and fired the shot.

“Many of us are...young in our views and hadn’t looked into the forces that oppose us. The Legion is of a world that the Everlasting Dragons had once colonized, But no one will believe me. The fact that they’ve learned dark magic and are using those with the Dark Sign is not good.” Eris snarled, holding a hand over her chest.

“In more ways than One,” I growled as I dropped a convenient statue on the Object, actually piercing the softened metal and making the Undead chatter in frustration, giving me a mild sensation of vindication.

“I actually looked on the EDE Reports on the Legion, they had been pets to the dragons, unlike the bear Exos who were workers. The fact we were all part of their empire at one time or another is...shocking sometimes. All but the Traveler that is, or the Old Gods we all worship.” She muttered as she shot at several Legion coming at us.

I shoved a Large globe down the stairs, making them shout before they were flattened by the sphere, then fired the Cannon at the Object, melting the statue onto the Object and hearing the shrieks of anger get louder.

“Nice job. We need at least seven hours for full Evac. whatever they’re doing to the Traveler can’t happen in that time.” Zavala said, moving up to us, his arm bleeding.

“They're trying to Seal the Traveller. Don't know how, or what effects it may have on your lot, but I doubt it Would be nice! That Machine,” I pointed at the damaged Machine. “Is the key to their plan. It's Why I want it destroyed.”

“Shit, we need to keep it down, but they just keep coming. Maybe if we take out their commander…” Zavala said looking at the...I just recognized it, a CSO Supercarrier. “They should become disorganized by that.”

“Well, it may work… and if it's relatively intact when taken out…” I said, thinking of Star Wars. “It may be stupid, but I hope it works!” I growled,

“What’s that light coming from the bottom?” Eris pointed out, looking to the front of the ship.

“Think I better take the shot there!” I growled, aiming the Cannon at it, before pulling the trigger. The Carrier’s plasma Projector ignited and the front end of the ship started to melt in the shield, slowly making the ship list down into the city.

“Hope This Works!” I growled, before holding my hands out, and focusing on the ship, feeling the strain as it started to list towards the Object. I faintly heard the barks of panic from the Undead as I forced the ship towards the Object!

“The City is lost! Full Evac in effect!” The loudspeaker barked out as the ship Hit the object, thankfully I spotted Zen and his team gets out before the ship finished crashing. In fact, there were a lot of Guardian ships leaving. “This is Cayde-6, I’m issuing a full Evac, We have legions of true Undead bearing down on the wall, Vex porting in just behind them! We can’t keep the city! We’ll let them fight it out as we regroup!”

I was Barely standing, the strain I felt from forcing a Massive Destroyer to divert a crash course too much to even focus on what Cayde was saying as the Two Ships started to explode.

“Centurion!” Zavala yelled as automata from Skyrim of all things, with a white goop in its chest, TELEPORTED In. “Focus fire!”

“Why the hell did it just use magic?!” I groaned as the reactor went up on the Carrier.

“They’ve always done this. They also manipulate and alert the Fire Lords.” Eris growled. “One of the only enemies we know for sure was not part of the ED Empire!”

“Why are we not running from the blast?” I asked. Zavala looked to the door behind the Centurion that had a ship waiting for us.

“It just blocked our exit.” He huffed as he fired at it, trying to move around.

“Piece of Shit!” I groaned, before I just swung my Hand, hoping to cast something.

I did not expect to cast a Seeker Grenade. It exploded on the Automata, and made the goop casing explode, making it crash to the Ground.

“If another comes, do that immediately!” Zavala ordered as he ran to the ship, gun up as Eris rushed me out of the Speaker’s area, the flames from the explosion getting closer.

I whined, wanting to just get out of here at This point!

We all got into the ship, a Fox named Holiday commented on us cutting it close as she sped out of the city. Looking out a viewport, I could see three armies duking it out, But it looked like the Red Legion was still winning.

At least the Legion’s Weapon, whatever it was, was out of action since it was at Ground zero of the reactor explosion. I laid back, just wanting to sleep, and maybe get food. I had a headache…


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I yawned as I got up. “Uhg, time for a tea party with Fluttershy and her friend...hopefully it’s good tea.” I groaned.

It's not that I didn’t like Fluttershy, but I just didn’t like tea, I was more of a Coffee person. Getting clothes on and grabbing my bone knife, I was set to go out. Well, at least for a few hours, and most of the animals, besides this one Manticore, left me alone now.

“Four months. I don’t think I’m going home, and this place is just starting to feel like home anyways.” I muttered, before leaving my house, spotting Zecora gathering herbs nearby. She waved at me as I waved back.

“Hello there, Marian. I Trust you are Well?” She asked me.

“Yes, going to meet Fluttershy. She’s been curious about the Forest.” I chuckled. “Also I’m putting up more fencing for my trail to the edge of forest.”

“Ah, then I Wish you safe travels. Also, be warned of her friend with the Rainbow Mane.”

“Hot-headed?” I asked as Zecora nodded.

“Indeed.” Zecora said. “She believes herself to be best, but misses her own shortcomings.” She told me.

“Okay, I’ll watch out.” I chuckled before over to the little clearing Fluttershy had near a ruined house. She had a bear friend that kept the smaller preds away.

“Oh, Hello Marian.” the yellow furred, Well endowed pegasus in a blue sundress asked me, her voice sweet and Soft. “How are you today?”

“Good, just got that Coffee?” I asked.

“Yes, thought you might like it over tea, since last time I saw you, while you like it, Tea didn’t Seem to be your favorite drink.” She explained.

“Don’t have to tell me twice on that!” I chuckled, sitting down on the blanket she provided as she poured me a cup of Coffee. “So what have you been up to, I know you’re teaching birds to be band.”

“Oh yes, and they are quite good, though Ardent was… a teensy whincy off key.” She said.

“He’ll get it, I know a group of frogs that actually sing very well. I make sure not to hunt them.” I told her.

“Okay.” She said, as she poured tea for the bear. “So how have you been?”

“Good, got better at forging, and even learned a trick with my bow!” I exclaimed. “I’m even making a path for me and Zecora to use without having to keep our guard up all the time. We’ll be able to move from the central ruins to the edge and maybe able for visit Ponyville.”

“That's good.” Fluttershy said, as she passed out biscuits and cookies.

“So, I heard about a friend of yours? Rainbow hair?” I questioned, taking some cookies.

“Oh, Rainbow Dash. She's a good friend, but can be a little…” She began to say before a cyan blur slammed into me and I started getting punched in the face.

“Hey! Get off!” I yelled in pain, reaching for my knife.

“RAINBOW!” Fluttershy yelped. “What are you doing!?”

“Saving you from a monster!” Rainbow yelled. “I saw her turning into something when I flew over the forest one night!”

“I KNOW THAT!” Fluttershy snarled, way too much like how I would if my inner beast was rearing its head. Rainbow Dash squeaked, she Actually squeaked as she locked up with a terrified expression. “GET OFF HER RIGHT NOW!!”

Rainbow did as told, afraid and complete confused. “Flutters?”

“Tell her You're sorry.” She stated, her eyes sharp.

“I’m Sorry.” Rainbow mewled.

“Accepted.” I said, before looking to Fluttershy. “Lycanthropy as well? Local pack leader?”

“I…” Fluttershy whined, looking away.

“Hey, leave Flutters alone! She’s nothing like you!” Rainbow yelled.

“I doubt that.” I huffed, rolling my eye. “Do you know of Hircine?” I asked Fluttershy. “He has a shrine here in the forest.”

She flinched at that, though I saw her tail going between her Legs, which was not Pony behavior.

“Look, I won’t attack you, nor would I harm you. You’re my friend.” I told her.

“O… Okay.” She mewled softly.

“So, you kept the beast hidden from your friend?” I asked, grabbing my Coffee and taking a sip.

“Yes.” Fluttershy said as Rainbow looked even more confused.

“What type?” I asked.

“” She stated.

“Wolf.” I said.

“What are you talking about!” Rainbow yelled.

“Something personal, and we both would rather not have you screaming at us in terror, so drop it.” I told the blue mare sipping my coffee. “Nice to meet an actual Were.”

“Well, we already met. I had my suspicions, but…” She mewled.

“I’m not looking to take over you territory, I’m fine with the Everfree.” I told her.

“Seeing as you’re an alpha, that’s very kind.” She told me.

“Okay, what's with all the talk of ‘Where!?’” Rainbow growled.

“Okay, fine.” I said before letting my beast out, I figure Fluttershy could control me if I rampaged.

Rainbow stared, a strong scent of urine coming from her crotch.

“This is,” I snarled as I spread my legs out, my height reaching nine feet easily, and my muscle mass doubling, “Is what we’re talking about.”

Rainbow squeaked, sounding utterly frightened. It was kinda hilarious to see Rainbow Dash sound or emote like Fluttershy.

“Now will you calm down and stop acting like a brash child.” I huffed, sitting down and gently picking up my Coffee, lapping at it. She bobbed her head stiffly with a wide-eyed look.

I heard a giggle, making me look at Fluttershy, who was tittering softly. “Hee, Sorry, just… Find it ironic.” She giggled.

“That you’re not the shy one for once?” I chuckled as I ruffled my fur a bit. “I swear I have fleas.”

“Oh, yes. Those are pretty annoying.” She said, digging into her bag and taking out a Bottle that looked like it held Talcum powder. “Here, I normally use this for my animals as well as myself.” She told me.

“Thanks. Been itching for weeks.” I huffed, taking it and putting it in my bag. “Any tips on getting a weirdly horny Manticore off my back?”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked. “They normally Run whenever they see me.” Harry just grunted, making her give him a look. “Yes, I know I violently mauled that One, but he was being pushy!”

“I think it’s the one that tried...well…” I said before explaining my first moments in the forest.

Rainbow just stared, her wings spread, but her eyes shrunken in fear at how close I was to being raped… But Fluttershy was… Well… She was growling and changing already, her fur getting shaggy and darkening to a dark gold brown.

“Eh, he’s a pest at most for me.” I told her. “But if you think I should kill him, Okay.”

“Has he… Tried any further?” Fluttershy growled, her form that of a Dark gold Werebear with her eyes.

“He’s made advances.” I huffed. “Mostly flaunting his balls in my face when I’m out hunting.”

“Maybe throw Poison Joke at him.” Fluttershy said. “I got in that once. Harry couldn't stop hugging me.” She huffed.

“Hey is Harry…?” I questioned as the bear cooed.

“He's the Bear.” She said. “And it was because I was turned into a cub. I think Poison Joke takes what you say or think and warps it into the opposite… And since that Manticore loves flaunting his manhood at you…”

“Where the hell was this Fluttershy when we were in Flight School?” Rainbow Dash asked, her expression One of Stupefied Shock.

“Oh, that kinda appeared after I was brought to Hircine's Shrine.” She shrugged, scratching behind her ears.

“Well he’s actually right behind you, taking a piss.” I said, pointing to the bushes. The damn Manticore was looking around as it pissed and wiggled it’s butt at us.

“Oh.” Fluttershy said, before taking a Vial out and throwing it at the Manticore, the vial exploding into a blue mist. “Good thing we're upwind.” Fluttershy remarked as the Manticore yowled.

“Yeah.” I said as the guy ran away. “So it’ll happen after it’s sleeps?”

“Nah. Just give it an hour. That was Pure Poison Joke Extract. It's not merely the Pollen.” She said.

“Use that as a weapon often?” I asked with chuckled, clawing the ground a bit, the itch to hunt growing.

“More than I would like to admit. It's not just animals like Manticores. I may have made it for an Anti Manticore deterrent, but I had to use it on Ponies too.” She sighed. “It's a good thing Zecora was able to figure out how to create an enhanced antidote too.”

“Nice. I’m friends with that Zebra.” I chuckled. “But really, I just hope that fucker stops.” I snarled.

“Oh it will. That thing clearly wanted to mate you… And honestly, Poison Joke likes making opposites.” Fluttershy snickered.

“Well, I need to cut this beast is…” I growled hard, drool running down my mouth as I glanced at Rainbow.

“it's fine. To be honest, I was getting itchy myself.” Fluttershy giggled, licking her chops.

“Ah...why are you both looking at me…” Rainbow mewled.

“I’m under control.” Fluttershy giggled, “But I don’t think our friend here has dominated her beast yet.”

“Oh.” Rainbow mewled, before she squealed as Fluttershy ripped her short-shorts off, showing she was wearing frilly pink panties.

“Hmm, still the same cute panties, Rainbow?” She giggled.

“Ah...that’s not the Itch I was talking about.” I muttered in a little shocked as my belly gurgled.

“I know. Just wanted a little Payback for her ramming you.” She giggled as she bounded off. “You coming Marian?” She asked, Rainbow’s Shorts in her mouth.

“Yeah, let’s hunt.” I snarled before running after her, letting my beast take control as I targeted a deer nearby. “Five of those should do.”

“Yep.” She said, throwing the shorts at One of the deer, then pounced on it while it was surprised, snapping its neck in a swipe of her claws!

I targeted another, my jaw going around its neck as the herd bounded off. The fawn screamed and yelled as I bit down and suffocated it with it’s own blood. I let go once it stopped moved and started tearing into the carcass.

I heard the crunching of Bone, and two more deer cries, before I looked up to see Fluttershy dragging in two more Deer, both dead. It was kinda scary to see how… Surgical those kills were. She dropped me One and started tearing into the other. “Marian, Fawn are a bad idea. Too little meat.” She said.

“Still learning. And I wouldn’t want a buck or they can’t breed.” I commented. “Females are best as far as I’m concerned.”

“Well, just watch the herd. Too many bucks means you need to thin them out slightly.” She said. “I made the same mistake you did, targeting only does. Starved myself for a month before I learned.”

“Ah, mind teaching me?” I asked as I finished the fawn and moved onto the deer she gave me.

“Sure thing, Marian.” She crooned.

The snap of a twig made us look to see a Manticore with more… Effeminate features prowl in. It gave us a look at it Ground it's butt on a tree. “Ah, the effects were quicker than usual.” Fluttershy remarked.

“Heh, he’s a she now?” I questioned.

“Yes. And the normal cure won't work.” Fluttershy chirped. “Too Weak to negate it.” She licked her chops as she chomped on her deer.

“Heh, well maybe it will leave me alone now.” I said ripping a leg off. “You think Rainbow will start a lynching?”

“And lose one of her few friends? The only other ones she has is her Rival Applejack, who would try to drown her by accident, and Pinkie Pie, who is annoying at certain times of the day.” Fluttershy huffed. “Not to mention that she has no Excuse. I stay out of Ponyville when my shifts come around.”

A Mewl made us look to see the Manticore crawling to us, rubbing her ass on the forest floor.

“Okay, what does she want?” I asked, before ripping the heart out of the deer and mowing on it.

“Protection. She's in heat, and is attracting other males. She won't Last Five minutes.” Fluttershy sighed.

“Great, so leave her, have horny males roaming again, take her, they come to my fucking house.” I growled.

“Yes, but I guess it's more how you feel. I mean, I left One in such a state.” She shuddered. “She was an empty-eyed wreck when they were done.”

The Manticore gave a terrified Mewl at what she heard, regret in her eyes.

“Eh, fuck it.” I said finishing before grabbing the beast and tossing over my shoulder. “I have a small house next to mine I can stuff her in with Stun Traps around it.”

“So One way or another, she's in the Dog House?” Fluttershy giggled.

“Pretty much. This hunt is a waste with her now. The males will just interrupt it and fuck the female… Hate it when they’re full of seed.” I said with a disgusted face.

“Yes. A shame Manticore females are So rare thanks to them inbreeding.” Fluttershy sighed. I nodded before we both headed to my home. The day was not going too good for fence making with horny males around.

Time Skip: six months.

I had spent the next six months with Fluttershy, learning to control my Inner Beast. The fact that I had an Alpha Beast meant that even with Fluttershy being a werebear, I was bigger and faster. It all made hunting easier when I could change.

Not that I did it everyday, I would save the change for last resort against larger beasts.

Of course, the Manticores were getting rather… Pissy. Then again, I probably had One of few viable females for miles, perhaps. Got worse when they found out my gender, and started acting pretty close to what my ‘pet’ Manticore acted when she was male.

“Piss off!” I roared at one as I charged it with my bow. “Or I’ll castrate you!”

It ran off with a yowl. I grumbled at it as it left. Fluttershy had given me a few vials of the Poison Joke extract, and the results for some were pretty similar. However, I quickly ran out, but it had bought me a month of break.

“So, got most of the fence done...just need to do the wards on it. Dammit, need a Unicorn for that. Wonder if Fluttershy knows one...could ask Steven. He’s proficient in Magic.” I muttered to myself as I looked the fence through the forest over. It lead from my manor to Zecora, Steven’s, the Bathhouse, the Keep, and lastly the forest edge leading to Ponyville.

I heard a purr, my ‘Pet’ padding up and nuzzling me affectionately.

“Hello Silva, having good day?” I asked as I looked down to her. Was still ticked about her...behavior as a male, but she’s grown on me.

She nuzzled me, purring softly. I nodded as I rubbed her cheek and flank, making her rumble.

“Well, I’ll go see Fluttershy. See if she can help with a fence.” I muttered.

Silva nuzzled me, before walking off with a sway of her hips.

“Weird animal.” I sighed before walking to Ponyville. Walking down the path, I found myself encountering a group of stallions. What were they…

“Hey there little lady, what you doing all the way out here in the forest by yourself?” The leader asked.

“After all, a pretty young thing may need some… Protection.” The next One said.

“I’m fine.” I said going to move around them. They stepped to block my way, making me wary.

“Aw C'mon, it's not like we ain't gonna hurt ya~,” the third One said before he grabbed my hem and lifted it.

“Hey, back off!” I yelled punching him. He avoided it, a smug grin on His face.

“Oh, Fiesty, me likey.” he grinned, grabbing my wrist.

“Hey!” I yelled before grabbing my knife with my other hand and going for a stab.

He grabbed it, took it out of my grip and slashed at me, making me scream as my Eye flared in pain! “Ye think yer good? Ye need better skills to get the Drop on Ol’ Barty!” He laughed as he tore my dress!

I snarled as he tugged at my arm and the others surrounded me. “You better let me go!”

“Or Wot?” One asked, squeezing my ass as the leader slipped a Hand to my sacred spot, starting to insert a digit into my panties. I snarled as started letting my beast take over. The Leader smirked, before he started to shift, to my shock.

“Ya think yer the only One? I had This for years, Girlie, but I guess, I’m gonna break you in~” he grinned, wiggling his bigger digit in me. “Sorry Boys, not today~” He chuckled.

“Get off me!” I yelled as I got bigger than him, but my...predicament was not great for fighting right now. “I’ll fucking kill you, welp!”

He grabbed my throat, pinning me as spots danced in my vision.

“Want us to get to the Keep while you have your fun? None of us are able to take on a werewolf like you. Let alone get near her pus.” One stallion said getting their gear.

“Sure.” he shrugged, as I found it hard to focus. “What's wrong, girlie, can't focus? Trust me, Just cuz yall Big, Don't mean, Invincible~” He huffed. “Yall need a wakeup call~” he purred as he put himself on me.

“Get off!” I snarled bucking.

“Oh yes, get me warmed up~” He purred, as I realized his cock was out and my bucking was exciting him.

“No you fucking welp!” I snarled as I tried slashing at him, trying to use my better strength. He twisted my arm with a *CRACK!*, making me Scream.

“Yer the welp, sweetcheeks, relying purely on Strength and Size.” He huffed, biting my neck that his Hand didn't cover. I snarled and thrashed as I decided to kick at his balls. I quickly found those were unable to be Hit, as he had put himself between my Legs.

“You fucker! GET OFF!” I roared, my mind raging.

“Bleh,” he said, sticking his tongue out as his cock throbbed on my abs. “Oh, nice and ready~”

“NO!” I Roared, going for his throat. I missed. He was shorter, and I was close to passing out. “!” I snarled, trying to breath as he chuckled at me.

“Ah, to break the arrogant bigger she-werewolf~” he purred, his tip pressing my pussy.

“No!” I snarled still fighting as my eye blurred. “Help!”

“Don't bother, Snarl and Howl, no one will come~” he huffed.

“Help!” I yelled again, hoping Steven might hear me.

“Hmmm~,” He said, pushing with agonizing slowness.

“Steven! Help! Please!” I cried out as felt the fleshy rod spread me. “Silva! Zecora!”

There was a shattering sound, followed by a roar as Silva rammed into the Werewolf, pushing him off me! “Fuck! Broke the Ward!” he yelped.

I snarled at him as I got up. My arm was already starting to heal without the pressure on it, But I was out of the game.

“Fucking thing!” he Roared, kicking her in the pussy! She yowled in pain, before taking flight and spitting something onto him as she whacked him with her tail.

“Yeah! Get him Silva!” I yelled, nursing my arm. The Bandit leader snarled, before the object broke, dowsing him in a familiar blue cloud.

“Gah! What the Fuck!?” he yelped, flailing around, trying to get the stuff off as much of it was on His face. I noted his dick was shrinking, did he focus on His masculinity that much? Wait, there are the rest. “What is Fucking going on!?”

“Ha!” I yelled before leaning on my fence to try and rest. “Pure Poison Joke extract!” I chuckled at him as Silva came to guard me, wrapping her tail around me. “And My missing Last vial too.” I muttered.

“What!?” the Werewolf shrieked, his voice changing too. Now that I thought about it, his features were changing too.

“Looks like your gang will have a different girl to play with.” I chuckled as my arm knitted itself and a white stag walked into the clearing.

“What!?” the werewolf screamed, her back stooped from the weight of her breasts. “S-so h-heavy.” She strained out as her tail covered her crotch.

“Yeah.” I said flatly. She whined as her DD-Cup Breasts juggled from the weight. “Still proud of trying to rape me?” I asked as I got up, my arm almost healed.

“I… I…” She whimpered. Was she shrinking too? Now that I noticed, she sounded young too.

“Now, unless you want to get the treatment you just gave me, you are going to listen to me and do as I say, welp.” I snarled, my teeth bared and claws on my good arm wrapped around her neck.

“I… Okay.” She sniffled, her Legs and tail damp from peeing herself.

“Good, now we’re going to get to Flutters. And we’re going to let Steven have his fun hunting your friends. Bandits don’t last long here.” I snarled, tugging the whelp towards the werebear’s cottage.

She sniffled all the way as her Body stabilized at thirteen years, which also made her look odd, as she was curvy with a Large Rack.

“I’m going to have to take care of a whelp barely a year older then me...if my suggestion doesn’t go through.” I sighed as I walked up to the door to Fluttershy’s cottage. I stopped in front of the door and knocked, hopping I wasn’t seen in my beast form.

“Hello Marian, is… Um, who is the whelp?” She asked.

“Leader of a group of rapist bandits. Silva got him off and hit him with the Extract.” I told her.

“...I need to get my Crop.” She said. “Excuse me.”

“Please don't!” The whelp cried, trying to break out of my grasp.

“She’s not fighting me. Besides, if I left her to her ‘friends’, I’m sure the new leader would have gladly tied her up and used her.” I told Fluttershy. “I don’t think punishing her is needed.”

“...Okay, but I have my eyes on you, Whelping.” She told her.

“Well, good, because I was hoping you could take her.” I suggested. “I’m physically younger than her...for another few months at least.”

“Well, she hasn't stopped shifting. Another minute, and she maybe Eleven years old.” Fluttershy said. “It has slowed, So she would not de-age any further.”

“Well then, anyway to make the rack smaller? It’s not exactly good for her back.” I said.

“No.” Fluttershy sighed. “It has shrunk a bit Though. It's not a DD-Cup anymore.” She said. “A B-Cup is unnatural for an Eleven year old, but it's better than something bigger.”

“Yeah, anyway, what should I do?” I asked, walking in, ignoring her bunny’s disapproval.

“Well, I know I am not taking her in.” Fluttershy sighed. “And it's not just Because she was once a Bandit rapist.” She added.

“Why not?” I asked sitting down, my blood lust was just now calming down.

“Mostly because of my home.” She said, waving a hand around, showing how… cramped it was.

“Right...great.” I sighed. “Well, I guess I have a whelp to take care of.”

“I’m Sorry, Marian.” She said, hugging me.

“Well, I’ll let the blood lust stop before heading home.” I sighed. “Steven should be finished with her buddies. Got any info on raising a kid?”

“A Little. But not much. Mostly Animal Babies who lost their parents, or were… Orphaned.” She said. “And I have some, not much, but I hope it helps.” She said, walking to her Room and coming out with some notes, handwritten ones.

“Thanks. Gaia and Zecora will help me, that much I know.” I sighed.

“Gaia seems to be like a mother to you.” Flutters chuckled as the welp looked confused.

“Mentor really.” I chuckled uneasily.

“You can still consider her a mother figure.” She giggled, before turning serious. “Oh, and don't be too harsh. You may drive her,” She nods to the whelp. “Back to what she used to be.” She said.

“Oh, wouldn’t really want that.” I sighed. “What is your name anyway?” I asked the welp.

“Varnis.” She sniffled.

“A Decent Name, Varnis.” Fluttershy said, before looking her over. “You need a Dress?”

“I...yes.” She mewled as I leaned in the chair.

“How big am I going to be when my normal body is fully grown? I’m already nine feet tall.” I said looking at my were body.

“Maybe Ten to Twelve Feet.” Fluttershy said. “Varnis, what does your name mean?” She asked the whelp.

“Gorger.” She told us.

“Your name meant ‘Greedy?’” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes.” She mewled.

“You were a bandit.” I sighed.

“Why that name?” Fluttershy asked.

“I don’t know. My parents were bandits and their parents.” She told us.

“A Family of Bandits. So that means you need a new name, if you would like.” the werebear said as she passed the whelp a green sundress. “Sweetie Belle had a spare she didn't want.” Fluttershy explained as the Whelp put it on.

“How about Shade?” I suggested. “Means shadow.”

“I...okay.” She mewled.

“Alright, your Shade.” I said. “Let's head get some food after this. Also Fluttershy do you know a unicorn that can make wards for the fencing?”

“There is One, but you would have to be wary of her. She's kinda…” Fluttershy looked away at that. “...Difficult.”

“How so?” I asked as a white unicorn just barged into Fluttershy’s home, luckily I was out of my were body, along with Shade… Who was still a wolf, just less shaggy. Eh? “Who are you?”

“Oh, Fluttershy, I didn’t think you would have guests. Hello, my name is Rarity, and honestly, you two need a better clothing.” She told us looking us over.

“That's kinda Why.” Fluttershy stage-whispered to me.

“Oh.” I sighed. “Hey, yeah. I don’t have much of a wardrobe. Anyway, would you happen to know any wards to scare off animals?”

“Oh a few. Got any Gems, mine don't Work that Well without a Gem-based Focus.” She said.

“Would an abandoned Treasury of a Keep work?” I suggested. “All the gold’s gone, but the gems had been left.”

“Oh, that can Work, but I also have to check the quality too. Standards may not have been as good back Then compared to now.” She said.

“Okay, just don’t mind any blood,” I told her as we got up. “So what sort of dresses do you make?”

“Oh, the usual sort, All kinds, ranging from Gala dresses to Basic BDUs for the Ladies and Gents in war.” She said. “And honestly, as long as it doesn't get on me, I should be fine.”

“That’s cool. I can actually make armor with my forge at the Manor.” I told her was we moved on.

“Fascinating. Maybe we can share notes?” Rarity asked, her walk kinda shifting.

“Yeah, okay,” I said as got to the forest. “Watch out for male Manticore.”

“Ah yes, I heard of those. Lyra and Screwball were never the same after their encounter.” Rarity said, shuddering. “I doubt my Gem Summoning and whatever Martial Arts I learned would help.”

“Well, we should be safe once we get to the Keep.” I explained as we started walking through the forest. “Well, like the walk?” I asked the Mare as Shade stayed close to me.

“It’s dirty, but I can deal with it.” She told me.

I shook my head and looked over to Shade.

“I’m fine...though I think I’m forgetting things.” She mewled uneasily.

“Might be from how your body and mind has changed.” I sighed.

“Oh Dear.” Rarity said, petting her head. “I hope they weren't important memories. A-Minds a Dreadful thing to lose.”

“Bandit leader that just tried to rape me?” I asked Rarity. “I’m being merciful right now.”

“...Ah.” She said, pulling her Hand back as if Scalded, making Shade whine.

“If her memories of her old life are fading...hopefully not all of them, or I’ll have to truly raise a kid, then she’s becoming someone new.” I sighed. “And right now she does need support.”

“I see.” Rarity sighed. “Well, it seems we Are… Here.” She trailed off at the sight of my home.

“Yes?” I asked her as I walked into my Manor, Silva perking up from her meal. “Is something wrong?”

“I… Never expected something like This. Maybe a Hut with a garden, but not… This!” She said.

“We’re in the ruins of a massive city. The whole Everfree grew around it. I just found an intact dwelling.” I explained sitting in my makeshift chair.

“I… I know, but, I figured that most of it Would have crumbled to Dust and rot!” She gasped. “It's been almost a Thousand years since it fell!”

“Steven said a lot of the Old Magic was used to build these buildings. Unsure what he meant, but he said some of the bigger buildings have kept their stronger wards, like the Keep, the Bathhouse, and the Chapel.” I explained. “My home just got lucky to not be hit by a...what did he call...I think he said Battle Magic?”

“Oh. Well, I suppose So.” She said, walking up to it, then looking at Silva. “Uh, she's not going to eat me, is she?”

“No, she won’t, if she wants to stay under my roof,” I said eyeing the Manticore, who mewled softly.

“Ah, lovely.” Rarity chuckled. “Male Manticore doused with Poison Joke Extract?” She asked.

“Yes, Fluttershy?” I questioned.

“Indeed. She accidentally doused me by accident. I ended up turning into a an Earth Pony Stallion… And that was the reason Why Zecora made the Enhanced Cure.” Rarity chuckled with a blush.

“Yeah, I wondered why she had that.” I chuckled. “And by the blush, you didn’t get naughty as a stallion did you?” I chuckled.

“I… Kinda Caught Applejack’s Eye. I was… Incredibly buff as a Stallion, and rather… Hung.” She awkwardly said.

“I’m not going to hear from this Applejack about a baby daddy that just slept with her and ran?” I chuckled. “Joke by the way.”

“Uhhhh…” Rarity averted her eyes at that.

“Wait for what?! I was really joking!” I explained as Shade looked between us.

“Look, I was kinda drunk because I was so embarrassed and shocked at what I became, and I awoke in Applejack’s bed, finding I plowed her raw!” She whined.

“Okay, calm down….she didn’t get...I mean...well…” I said as some of my fears came to mind with my new body.

“She did.” Rarity groaned. “I didn’t have my Unicorn powers, so I couldn't use a Morning After Spell, and I was rather freaked out. Honestly, I am just glad Applejack was willing to let it go… Especially since she was the One who dragged me to bed while being sober.” Rarity muttered with a sour look, but I heard it.

“Okay, I want to punch her in the face.” I groaned.

“It's Fine. Fluttershy stared her down when she found out. Never saw Applejack that scared in her life!” She giggled.

“Well, at least it worked out...I mean, the kid’s fine right?” I asked.

“They are. Applejack had Twins. Big Mac was never happier to be an Uncle, though Apple Bloom wouldn't stop running around in circles, freaking out about how ‘Ah am too Young ta be an Aunteh’!” She said, mimicking a little girl with a Country accent.

“Well, that’s good.” I said. “Shade, there’s a room on the second floor, the small one. Take it, I’ll get a bed going soon. I have a chair in there. Don’t leave the house, the forest is not safe to play in yet.”

“Okay!” Shade said, jogging off.

“Hmm, she's becoming more like a little Girl by the minute. Doesn't Seem to make her too young Though.” Rarity said as she looked over an old painting, or at least the frame.

“I guess, I need to show you the gems right?” I asked.

“Yes. There should be some quality types in there. My Natural Magic is pretty useful for sorting through gems and examining their quality even while in the rock. Applejack remarked I should have been a miner, but you know me and dirt.” She shrugged.

“Eh, I was never an outdoorsman before a year ago.” I chuckled before leading her out. “Just hope Steven is finished with the Bandits.”

I heard a faint roar, followed by an explosion. “I suppose that is him getting Mad?” Rarity asked.

“Yeah. sounds like they’re in the Tomb?” I said, looking down at the moat.

“The Tomb of the Boogieman?” Rarity asked.

“No, the Slayer,” I told her.

“Oh, no it was first to seal a being known as the Boogieman, a very powerful demon, about twenty thousand years ago.” She explained. “Some struggle in hell about power, this was just after The Slayer’s first sealing into a Tomb located in what is now Tartarus. I have a friend who works in the prison.”

“ Didn’t think you would know that much about hell.” I stated.

“My friend gets pretty chatty when he comes up for a new outfit or a special Order for new armor or a fancy suit.” She shrugged. “He gets bored standing still for too Long.”

“Ah, that explains it. I had a similar habit when I worked.” I told her as we walked through the keep, finding a few corpses.

“Who were these?” Rarity asked, poking One with a polearm she nicked from a suit.

“The Bandits Shade was leading. They were going to take over the keep and maybe bother Ponyville. Bandits always seem to show up in wars.” I stated.

“I see. Hey, he has a revolver.” She said, pulling it out from under him, opening it to reveal it was a top-break. “Oh, the poor Dear.” She sighed, running a hand along the barrel.

“Like guns?” I asked as I came to the treasury. I opened the door and showed mounds of jewels. Not big, but large enough to be a small fortune.

“A Little. But it's more the former owner of the Gun. The Murder Model-1915 MK1Am Revolver is a standard issue Gun of Females in the Canterlot royal army, chambered in 38 Caliber bullets to reduce the kick that the Semi-automatic Murder .50AE handgun has.” She said. “They aren't sold to Civilians. For them to have One…”

“They’re deserters then,” I said as we walked into the room.

“No. They all have MK1Ams. Female only. If they deserted, they would have Murder .50s.” Rarity said. “They must have surprised an all-female platoon and taken their guns after breaking them.”

“Well, they did try breaking me.” I sighed, picking up a gem and tossing it at her.

“Yes. Hmm.” She said as she grabbed it in a glow of magic. “Decent enough quality for an anchor rune, but we better check the rest. Hopefully, I won’t have to break anything like Last time.” She huffed as she grabbed more and looked them over.

“Well, it’ll take a few months, so want to work out a deal for doing all this? I can hunt a few furs for you.” I stated.

“Oh, thank you. Hopefully, I don't burn you out in trying to repay me.” She said as she tossed a few into a small stack. “Ugh, I was right to come over, it seems. Too many impurities in those for any warding spells to Work properly.”

“I’ll find some other use for them,” I said as I sat on fallen beam.

“Yes. Those are good for ornaments or anything that doesn't need a spell matrix installed, but anything like that, and there is a chance for the spell to backfire, or even Work too Well.” She grimaced.

“Shield that makes it to where you can’t eat?” I asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Rarity said, looking at me in confusion.

“You said work too well. If a personal Shield works too well it stops things you don’t want it to stop.” I explained.

“Oh, Well, the Canterlot R&D were still working on those, but I have heard they burn out a split Second after use.” Rarity said. “So no. Spells like these are used for warding buildings and machines, anything that can house a Big enough power Core, and much of the time, with a bad Gem, they either lock out even the owner, or even flash fry the person, when it was supposed to just stun them.” Rarity said. “One home even went on a rampage in a Atoll, and it took an entire Squadron to take it down.”

“Rampage?” I asked confused.

“It grew Legs and Arms out of stone and smashed everything.” She said. “And kicked out its owner, while letting two bothersome invaders in.”

“Ah…” I said reminded of Invader Zim. “That's just...weird. Anything else I should know about Wards?”

“Yes.” She said. “You have Scanner Wards, which act as an Early Warning System for homes as well as security systems for airship ports, Offensive Wards, which can be omnidirectional, and can be used to incapacitate invaders, Defensive Wards, which are your Typical Barriers and Shield, and Then there are environmental Wards, which are useful for agricultural facilities if a greenhouse just can't Cut it, or you have a pet that can't handle your home’s climate.” She explained.

“I need something that will deter predators when someone is using the fence to travel, and only with in about a hundred feet of the person,” I explained.

“Scanning, Defense and Offensive Wards it is. Good thing those are my specialty.” She said as she worked on a Gem. “Where do you want the Keystone?” She asked.

“Hmmm, at my home. Or here, the keep isn’t fenced but I could make it so.” I said. “And this place is in the center of the whole path set up.”

“Lovely. Just a few tweaks and… Done.” She said, putting a gem aside. “Keystone complete.”

“That quick?” I asked in shock.

“I was working on it while we were chatting, and the Keystone is always first to be made when it comes to warding.” She said. “I made a trail of quartz earlier to gauge how strong I needed to make the stone, as well as how many Gems I would need.”

“Ah...thanks,” I said as I heard the fighting stop below and heard cracking of stone.

“What was that?” She asked as I noted she had an etching kit out and was working on a gem, an amethyst.

“Let's go check,” I said, walking through the keep with Rarity slowly following, but mostly working. I found the old throne room and saw a crack in the stone work, leading all the way to the Tomb below it. It was small but deep.

“Hmm, that does not look good.” Rarity remarked as she swapped the amethyst for an emerald, making me note she was hovering a lot of Gems, practically a cloud of them.

“Well, no one’s living in here, so we can ignore it for now. It would be a problem if someone lived here.” I said as we walked to some safer ground as I spotted Steven slithering out of the moat.

“Is that the one you referred to as Steven?” Rarity asked.

“Yes,” I told her as he stretched and licked blood off his mouth.

“...I would consider him quite fabulous, if not for the Blood.” Rarity drily said.

“I just finished fighting my dear. I need a good bath.” He told her looking over. “And good female to share a bed with. Haven’t fought like that in a long time.”

“Uh, right. I’ll pass.” Rarity said.

“Your loss, you are such a beautiful mare, and your hair is to die for!” He squeed.

“Uh, Thank you, but please clean the Blood off.” She said, a faint blush on her face.

“I will. Oh and I’ll want tips on how you get that shine! My mustache has just been dull all fall!” He said with a frown.

Okay wow, not a side of Steven I’d ever thought I’d see. I blinked in shock as he moved back to his home.

“Hmm, none too bad, but, From your expression, he isn't normally like This, I assume?” Rarity asked.

“More...white knighting, or savage hunter. Not really one for fashion...or so I thought.” I said as we moved back to the Manor. “Anyway. Is that all you need?”

“Yes. I should be able to make the rest of the ward stones as we go along. Just need to Find the best place to put the Keystone.” She said.

“Alright. Well, I need sleep. It’s been a damn long day. And I want some food before bed.” I said grabbing some cheese and bread.

“Yes, it's best we do.” She said. “I am a little peckish myself.” She said, taking a wrapped sandwich out. “Don't be So surprised. I learned the hard way of not carrying a Snack with me.”

“Well, if you’re staying the night, take the room next to Shade,” I said starting to eat. I had Silva take some food up to the girl, but at the moment we all need rest.

“Yes. I think it best too.” She said.


View Online

POV...Penny: One year after the fall of the Tower.

“Oh, Old Four, I pray for guidance In this hour of dread. I am to fight the enemy and wish you to aid my hands…” A Guardian prayed in the seat next to me as we all readied our arms.

The Traveler had been blocked months after we Evacuated, making the Guardians lose a huge advantage against the legion for a time, much to my Chagrin. They could no longer rise from death, or at least the majority couldn't. A few dozens had found shards of the Traveller and used them to gain their powers back, even gaining new ones.

It didn’t replace the loss of Guardians and Ghosts, but it helped moral. Ikora was looking into Andrew Ryan and see if she could gain access to more of my slug’s kin, but I had to warn her of the dangers. Zavala was off-world, having gotten to some planet Soriana, he was using it as the home base for our side, which was helping keep Guardians alive. Cayde was looking into Everlasting dragon tech across the system, even looking into the Diamond Dog and Ponies, he also mentioned looking into the two’s allies.

As for our enemy, the legion had beaten back the Undead horde and the Vex, which I learned was a faction of Dwemer from The Elder Scrolls of all places! That was just unreal, I mean, I was hearing of Hircine, Mola Bal, and even Nocturnal, but I never expected anything like that. I was also hearing of deities from Warhammer 40K but they were rarer.

“They ain't going to help us.” A female Bear, of the black bear variety, huffed.

“Shut up Zoe, don’t mock his beliefs.” Zen-2 snarled at the female as he passed me a drink. “We’re about to go on a suicide mission.”

“I suppose.” I sighed, still feeling bummed about how even after ruining Ghaul’s ship and his weapon, he still captured the Traveller.

“We’re scouting the City, we’re going to die, and no amount of prayers will save us.” Zoe huffed.

“Well, the divines, and maybe the daedra may give us a chance if we do.” I sighed. “Dunno Why Cayde-6 bought a Chicken, though.”

“I think he follows Sheogorath,” Zen-2 said with an eye roll. “That Exo is just crazy.”

“No need to mock the man.” Our Awoken friend said the glowing blue bear was the Titan of the group and a big one.

“Yeah. ‘Sides, it just might be crazy enough to Work.” I chuckled. “How Ghaul had a spare Trap, I have no clue,” I grumbled.

“Reports say he had it built on their homeworld. It was the ship they were going to originally going to use, but it got delayed due to a power issue.” Zoey explained, showing her Warlock side.

“And I burned myself out for weeks, for Fucking nothing,” I growled in frustration.

“You saved us time to get everyone out. A lot more Guardians would be dead if not for you, not to mention Civilians. By the time they had trapped the Traveller and fully taken the city, we had everyone brought to safety with raids.” Zen-2 said, trying to comfort me.

“Didn't save the hundreds of Guardians we lost afterward.” I huffed.

“In War, we have to expect a loss. Even if we want every child who went into the furnace of war to come out unscathed, it will not happen, some will be scared, other will not come out at all.” The Awoken told us.

“Still don't have to like it.” I sighed, turning First Curse over in my hands. It was One of the few guns that survived the attack on the City, and it was One that served me Well.

“He never said you did.” Antwon, the bear who had been praying, told me. “But it is not a good idea to beat yourself up for something out of your control. You did everything you could and saved so many. Almost all of us are still around to fight, and we even have former Civilians joining us in this Op! This is monumental in the fight against the Darkness!”

“I suppose.” I sighed. I had my Slug to thank for that. I had explained to Ikora that my Slug Produced ADAM that I could regurgitate to be processed into Gene Tonics and Plasmids. Of course, Ikora was swift to ensure its use was controlled, So we wouldn't have Splicers prancing around. We have enough problems as is!

“Hey, are we sure we should be moving through Drangleic to get to the city?” Zoey asked.

“Yes, it’s the quickest route, besides if we get to the Throne of Want, we may be able to get Feria’s blessings,” Zen-2 suggested.

“Yeah. I got to the city pretty damn fast after I was saved there.” I told Zoey. I honestly didn’t like her that much.

“Right...well, all the Undead are gone at least, left to the other location...I think it was the Kiln of the First Flame?” She said as we passed empty suits of armor.

“Not surprising. The Traveller was the closest thing they had to a kiln, and with that sealed off, they have nothing to stay sane too, or at least relatively speaking.” I said.

“Well, there's maybe some in the Throne of Want. it’s similar to the Kiln, but not as powerful.” Antwon suggested as we reached a huge stone elevator.

“Okay, So how do we get that started?” I asked, looking around.

“One of us is going to have to keep it lower with that.” The Awoken said, pointing to a huge wheel. “The lever was broken a while ago, by Vex.”

“Maybe I should,” I said. “My Teleportation Plasmid should allow me to get up there when You're done.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Zen-2 said as they all got on the elevator. “We’re ready!”

I nodded before slowly and honestly with a lot of effort, turn the damn wheel to lower the Elevator. It didn’t take long, the path to the Throne was just below us by ten feet of pure stone.

I teleported down, noting that there Wasn't a welcoming party. That was… Worrisome.

“Stay alert!” Zen-2 yelled, turning on flashlights as we walked down the path. After a bit, some very weak undead charged us, not strong enough to even be worth bullets.

I just punched them, not even using my Rapiers or Extractor, the Latter for obvious reasons. They burst like ripe melons.

“Well, this is nothing like how the Raids went...there would normally be turtle knights or huge knights.” Zoey snarled.

We ripped through these guy with ease before we reached the throne room...finding something that was definitely not normal. “Are those people? Like normal people?” Zen-2 asked as we looked at the bodies with their throats slits. There were sigils on the ground that didn’t look like they were from any group we’ve seen before.

“Ritualistic Suicide? Or Were they Sacrifices?” I asked, checking their temperature, as well as some kind of Pulse, stupid as that may seem.

Then there was a thrum and the sigils glowed. Zoey pulled me back and a huge, gray, and hulking Beast appeared with a roar! I immediately remembered the times Todd played Doom 3, the Hell Knight!

“What the Fuck is that?!” Antwon yelled as it charged us, we scattered but the hunter was too slow!

“HELL KNIGHT!” I screamed, firing First Curse at its legs and eyes.

“FOUR, HELP ME!” He screamed as the Hell Knight roared and ripped him in two, before tossing his body away. It actually chuckled in glee at that before turning on the Awoken.

“Did it just laugh?!” Zoey screamed as she fired with an assault rifle. The Titan had brought up this shield buying himself time.

“Oh yes, it Fucking Did!” I yelled. “Zoey, Throw me!” I yelled. “Throw me at it!”

“Got it!” She said throwing me without question as Zen-2 tried sniping its head. It reached for me before I Teleported to Its abdomen and rammed My Extractor needle into its Crotch! It roared and swatted at me as what seemed like lava filled my needle.

I felt a rush of energy fill me and I grabbed it's Crotch, feeling a testicle, before twisting it and ripping it off!

“GRAAAHHHH!” It roared, before rushing at Zoey and got ready to Hit her with a two-fisted slam.

My response? I fired up my Winter Blast and froze its hips. It faces planted into the ground and threw me off as it skidded towards Zoey.

“Shit...that was…” Zoey groaned before firing into its head. I just walked over and rammed my needle into the back of its head, drawing out more Blood.

“Intense? Crazy? Zen-2! Is Antwon rezzed yet?!” I called.

“Yes. Thank the gods.” Zen-2 said as Antwon threw up. “He doesn't look too good though.”

“His Last memory was being ripped in half! Of course, he isn't Okay!” I snapped. “Hmm, damn, that Blood was a rush.” I huffed, shaking myself. “Is it me, or am I a little more buff?”

“Can’t tell...what was that doing” Zoey asked, shaking a bit.

“The Ritual. The people were sacrificed to summon it, for some reason.” I said.

“Were they trying to get it to fight the Legion? It’s close enough to the City.” Zen-2 theorized.

“Maybe,” I said, fiddling with my extractor. “So how Long till we get there?” I asked.

“Just in the next room. Watch out for the Nashandra. She is a living being of Darkness and revives every few days trying to open the Throne. Luckily, Feria can keep her out long enough for a team to intervene.” The Awoken told me.

“She can permanently kill a team if she downs them all,” Zoey commented.

“Figures.” I sighed, bouncing a fireball in my Hand. “Is this an ‘Off Day’ for her?”

“Hopefully,” Zen-2 said as Antwon walked into the Throne Room, gun at the ready. What we saw was gruesome. This Nasadra has ripped apart and from what I could see, she had been Violated in the act of her death, possibly while awake and screaming. The thing that did it was a Baron and two Hell Knights, who were just bashing a stone dome.

“Okay, she may have been a being of Darkness, but I think even Oryx would have abhorred rape,” I said.

It was then the Baron turned to us and chuckled, summoning a green ball of energy and tossing it. Our Awoken summoned his shield again but the ball just passed through and ripped his head off.

“That should not be possible!” Antwon yelled.

“Ghost. Dead.” I pointed out, referring to the city incident.

“Was that Light?!” Zoey’s ghost yelled as we dodged the Knights.

“It's something else!” I yelled, ramming my needle into the neck of a Knight, drawing out its Blood as it gurgled.

“But it’s not Darkness.” Zen-2 snarled as he shot rockets at the Baron as it barred down on Antwon. I froze its Legs, making it stumble, and allowing Antwon to avoid it. “Not even legion higher-ups take this much!” Zoey yelled as Antwon started shooting the Baron.

“Figures!” I growled as I teleported off the dying Knight and incinerated the leg of the Baron! “Rip and Tear!” I barked out, slashing at it with my Sworn Rapiers.

Zoey finished off the other knight and joined us. We killed it soon after, having lost the Awoken.

“Crap, What the fuck.” Zen-2 huffed.

“Yeah. Wasn't expecting them to be already here.” I sighed.

“Well, who knows how long the Rune Portal was open.” Zoey huffed as she checked The Awoken. “I don’t think he’s coming back.”

“Hmmm, well that is interesting.” We heard a voice said as an HUMAN of all things walked in from the Runic room. He had advanced technology covering him and what looked like ‘1/0 Logistics Manufacture’ on the chest plate. “I’ve only met one other that could really take down a Baron.” He said as he looked over the dead demons with robotic eyes. He walked towards us and looks over our gear, "Hmm, not bad, doesn't use Argent, but is almost as powerful." he commented to the Guardians, "You, on the other hand, look so much like the Slayer, leather, and metal, primitive, but you use it effectively."

“ Who are you!?” I yipped, First Curse out and pointed at him.

“I am Known as the Wretch, I created the Praetor Armor.”

“ The… Praetor armor?” I asked, still watching him as I summoned up my fireball again.

“The Armor of the Slayer. I had helped the Doom Marine after he chooses the path of Eternal Damnation.” He told us.

“I… Wait, you knew anyone Named Todd?” I asked.

“Yes. You know the Slayer?” He asked, getting too close to me.

“I… I did. He was my Brother, back when I was human.” I said, backing up a little. “I don't know what happened to him after I became…” I waved at myself. “This.”

“He is placed in the first age, and had killed the hordes of Hell from their first attempt to invade this world to his first and second sealing.” The Wretch told me.

“I… So he is still alive, but trapped somewhere?” I asked.

“Yes, in the Continent in the south,” he explained as guns and armor rose from the floor, the dome glowing in praise.

“I… What's happening?” I asked at the sight.

“Seems Feria has Decided to give us her blessing,” Zen-2 said as he grabbed the hunter gear. I looked at it, then shrugged, grabbing a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher.

“Guess I need the guns more,” I said, loading the Rifle.

“Well, I’ll be going. Talk to me when you think you need an upgrade. Also, I sealed the portal.” He said, before vanishing.

“...I can never read that Guy.” I said, loading the Launcher. “Hey, a Shotgun,” I added.

“Have you met him before?” Zoey asked as the room shook. “Okay, what the fuck?”

“Run?” I asked, flipping the Shotgun on it's Lever.

“Is the Throne opening?” Antwon asked. I looked to see it was. I aimed my newest Gun at it, wanting to be prepared in case of attack.

As the opening grew, we set eyes upon an anthro she-wolf in thick black plate armor. She stood up with a groan and walked out, a glowing black blade on her hip. “It is good to walk again.” She sighed, her voice carrying an Aura of Authority.

“Uh… Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Feria, holder of the First Flame.” She told us, as I noted her eyes blazed with a fire unlike any other.

“…Are you friend?” I asked.

“Yes, I have watched you all fight for me for so long. I figure I would aid you in your time of Need.” She explained as she walked past us. “Well, you have a City to save. Do you not?” She asked.

“Yeah. We do.” I said, holstering my new Shotgun. “Which way?” I asked the Guardians.

“Back up the elevator then straight to the city by ship.” He told me as we walked. “Hopefully the wolf will not slow us.”

“Oh I won’t dearie, hurry up now~” She purred before going that a Bonfire? “I’ll see you there~” She purred as she teleported away in a puff of smoke.

“Well, that just happened,” I said.

“Magic is weird.” Zen-2 sighed as we moved on.

It took even less time to leave the catacombs and back to the ships. “So, this was an equipment raid mission?” I asked.

“Pretty much. Easiest one I’ve ever been on.” Zoey sighed. “I’m sad we lost Chewy.”

“Great.” I sighed. The Games were utter bullshit on how easy they made it look. I thought. “So, any snacks? I’m famished.”

“Here,” Zen-2 said, handing me food.


View Online


I sniffed the air as I hunted a group of Diamond Dogs. They were kidnapping Ponies, not rare with their raiding parties, but these guys smelled of ash and gore. I didn’t want their hostages killed.

“Why do I smell so much ash.” I huffed as I felt the Slayer Stone, as I called it, burn in my pocket. “Oh, why that now.” I huffed getting the stone out and looking at is. “Why are you acting up?”

It didn’t answer as I huffed and poured power into it, getting a Portal to open. I walked out of the way as two of the armored figures walked through, I recognized Hunter at least.

“So, this is her?” The other male asked, and Hunter nodded. “Hey there, you can call me Runner.” He told me.

“Hello, Marian at your service!” I said with a flourish and bow.

“Sorry about the sudden appearance, but, our token was acting upon us. We think someone on your side was calling us.” Runner explained. “Although, we suspect that it was meant for your friend, Todd.”

“Ah...well, right now I’m hunting some Diamond Dog raiders that smell of Ash and Gore. They’ve kidnapped some travelers.” I explained. “Weirdly, they don’t seem like Soldiers.”

“Slavers, maybe?” Runner suggested.

“But why the strong smell of Ash.” I groaned as I started walking, notching an arrow. “And they’re not going for caves or tunnels, they seem to be heading for a smaller Church in the district that held the poor of this city.”

“Sacrificial lambs. They’re trying to summon something to this World. Maybe some Demons from Hell.” Runner stated as he and Hunter got their guns out, ready to kill. “Can you lead us to this Church of theirs?”

“Yes, this way, watch the cracks in the sewers. Steven has been hunting down there lately.” I told them as we jogged through the ruins of the Twin Sister City. I learned the name from a book I found.

“Just get us to that Church, or it’s over for those poor fuckers.”

“Right, sorry,” I said, starting to run, keeping my beast under control even if was faster. Over the next five minutes, we got to the Church, hearing chanting and seeing blood sigils all over. “Crap.” I snarled going for the door, just before what looked like a huge, pink beast burst out, plowing me over. It just snorted as it stopped and turned for another pace.

“Pinky!” Runner shouted, gaining its attention. “Get behind it, it’s weak in the back!” He told me as the thing made a charge for him.

“Right!” I yelled before smaller beasts rushed out and I spotted the kidnapped Ponies panicking in the building as two huge monsters stared down hungrily.

Maliciously, Runner seemed to have dealt with the Pinky and went at the other two. He was using a Chainsaw and sawed the two in half within seconds.

“KILL THEM!” The Dogs yelled as an active red portal spawned more of those things. Hunter seemed to physically groan as the group of seventeen showed up, but neither looked worried.

Funnily enough, the things blinked in confusion. They looked at the two, muttered, one even pulled out a MAP of all things and pointed at one end then the other. Runner stopped his charge at this as the small things started chuckling and beefy looking brown ball with one eye and hulking arms spawned from the portal.

“Ah, shit! Pain Elemental!” Runner called out as that thing reached into its own mouth and threw a flaming, demonic skull at us.

“What is that? And why are the small one’s laughing!” I asked barely dodging the skull as it redirected to Hunter.

“Pain Elemental! It’s spawning in Lost Souls, those flaming skulls! They’re from the original DOOM game, Hell on Earth!” Runner explained to me, as he and Hunter fought against the Horde, trying to keep it all contained within the Church walls.

“Shit, but why are they laughing?” I asked as I fired on the Imps, I guess.

“Because they are from the Fortified part of Hell, not the invasion camp those Slayers know. They are fakes compared to Him!” The psycho dog yelled.

Of course, that was the last thing he would say, as Hunter sniped his head off, watching it blow into gory pieces.

“Okay, what did he mean?” I asked, getting confused as a second portal opened, this one gold, and a double Barrel poked out and blasted two imps near it. Next came an armored figure with a glowing red ax and they cleaved two bigger demons that just walked through the portal, those two looked like Reavers.

“A Crucible Axe?” Runner said in confusion.

The New guy ignored us as we all killed the demons the same, the Pain Elemental still being the pain in the ass here. The Knightly armored figure pointed at Runner and seemed to text something.

“BFG?” Runner questioned.

The Knight groaned as the Pain Elemental looked panicked now, “Yes but now it’s expecting it!” SHE snarled at him as she backhanded an imp.

“Oh really?” Runner asked, and before she could answer, both he and Hunter pulled out a BFG...each. That made everything stop in its track. “I doubt any of you fuckers were expecting TWO BFGs! Now, fuck off, or we all DIE!” Wait, what!?

“What the FUCK!?” The Knight herself exclaimed.

“In case it wasn’t apparent, we’re in close proximity to our targets, in an enclosed area. Not to mention, if we both shot off our BFGs, the shots would be combined and create an even bigger explosion, that could wipe out half of a very large city. None of us will survive it.” Runner explained as he and Hunter took aim. “So, tell me this; is it worth it?” Are they seriously gonna do it!? IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!

Before she could give her answer, the Demons all pulled back and retreated, going back into Hell as the portal that brought them here, closed. Everything was quiet now. No more Demons, no more danger, no reason to use the BFGs to senselessly blow ourselves up over nothing.

“Huh...normally only he could get that reaction.” The Knight said before double tapping an Imp. “Now, who the fuck are you two and why the fuck does you look like Todd.” She snarled, pointing at them with her double barrel. However, she temporarily forgot that they still had their BFGs out, and aimed at her next, making her drop her weapons and raised her hands up. “... Fuck.”

“Excuse us for looking like your Boyfriend, Daisy.” Runner told her, surprising her as he somehow guessed her name.

“Okay, how the fuck did you know?” She asked still cussing.

“Excuse us, but, can you not cuss.” A mare asked, holding her hand over her child's ears.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Daisy snarled.

“Daisy, I’m the Bat-shit, fucking insane one of my group. I see and do things differently. Now then,” he started, putting his BFG away and pulling out a Datapad. “I’m going to hand you the information that’s on this Datapad. You can read them in your own damn time. Just don’t try anything fucking stupid.” He told her, as Hunter lower his, but didn’t put away.

“Okay, sorry, I was hoping to find him here.” She sighed taking the Datapad. “Now, I’m going to guess Hell has tried to Invade your world but failed. The section trying to Invade here didn’t see you as much of a threat though.” She said looking over a pad. “Guessing you have not been around as long as Todd or fought them off multiple worlds.”

“Duty can be a bitch at times. And as much as we would like to, our priority was to keep them out of our world, parallel to this one. Although, it’s not as fucked up like this One is. Seriously, this World has Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Destiny, Warhammer 40K and whatnot here.” Runner said. “Their energy signatures are all over.”

“Heh, Todd said the same.” Daisy chuckled.

“Wait, what?” I asked confused now.

“Can the werewolf shut up?” Daisy huffed.

“Wait, how?” I asked her.

“I fight demons, Daedra gets in the way. I found things out.” She told me. “Look, Todd has been here a long time and has fix the fucked up stuff here. He said a lot of Displaced are placed on this world just to die. It’s like a...Dumping space for some serial killer...I think is how he described it. And the games they played and just meshed in.”

“And that’s what we all are, as well; Displaced. We’re the unlucky fuckers that are forced into something we never thought possible and wished it was a dream. Well, I guess some are even more unfortunate and are driven to insanity more easily. Also, that’s Todd’s friend, who used to be a guy, now turned girl.” Runner stated, surprising Daisy yet again.

“Uh...sorry,” Daisy said. “Well, Todd thinks I’m dead, then turned into The Icon of Sin by my father, who grieved and betrayed my world. I’ve been wandering Hell for a while.” She huffed.

This time, Hunter spoke up, so to speak. “His Tomb is within the Old Ruins. I tried to open it and free him, but the Mare on the Moon has the keys to releasing him. She won’t be returning after some time.” Hunter texted to her.

“Two years...just about,” I said. “It’s been a while.”

“I can wait.” She said before taking off her helmet. She was a yellow furred, red-eyed bunny.

“Daisy, about Todd’s armor, tell me; did the Wretch upgraded his Praetor suit to Mark II?” Runner asked her.

“Yes...he just upgraded mine after finding me. I was in some place called Tartarus.” She told us.

“That would be Equestria’s version of Hell; a prison dimension for the worst criminals to get locked up. As a matter of fact, in our world, our Night Sentinels are Demons from Tartarus. Look it up.” He told her. “Just to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.”

“Hmmm, think I was there. Hell is confusing in terms of travel. Or I was here, I’m unsure.” She said, sitting down.

“You know, I think it might’ve been him that gave us the blueprints for building the Night Sentinels’ armor and Hellshot weapons. He may have helped us back then, so he must know about us?” Runner theorized. “You see, none of us really had the means or blueprints to create either of the two, I searched through the entirety of our database, and found nothing.”

“He may have taken it from my World.” She said, rubbing her head. “Todd was very angry from what my Father did to it.”

“The Time/Space continuum inside the Hell Dimension can be very random at times. Not to mention, we were nowhere close to these Fortified Worlds. But I’m guessing they’d be considered ‘High Prizes of Hell’s Spoils’. Their Core Regions, one of sufficiency to their plans of Endless Conquest.” Runner said.

“You would be correct. My world held an energy they craved like no other, they use the power to expand their borders with force and tech.” She explained.

“Yeah, we were within the Outer Region territories. There wasn’t much, but that was ideal since not many would think of setting up forces on those Dead Worlds. So, no one would notice or bat an eye. Things were hidden from view.” Runner sighed.

“Yes, I would guess so. I need to get back to my camp. I’ll see you later if I find your world. Honestly.” The Bunny giggled before walking through her portal.

“Wow, okay.” Runner said, before looking at me. “You alright? Looks like your head is about ready to explode.” He asked me. “Couldn’t keep up, huh?”

“No...not really.” I mewled, holding my head.

“Eh, you’ll live. It’s not gonna kill ya.” He said with a shrug.

“Okay...Stop that brain.” I snarled, my Inner Beast bringing up some lewd images.

“What’s wrong?” Runner asked.

“My Inner beast is horny.” I huffed, sitting in a pew as the former hostages rushed back to the road and their stuff.

“Seriously? We only just met and your beastly side wants to fuck us?”

“Two years dry. And two...attempts by people forcing themselves on me did not help.” I mewled, curling up a bit. “The same thing happened to Victor...well, more after he left. I didn’t have a restful night.”

“Well, that sucks.” He snorted. “If there’s nothing else you have for us, we’ll be heading back to training.” He told me.

“Honestly, right now it’s either I do something to state the beast, have sex, go hunting, or send you back at this point,” I told them. “I don’t really need to clean a ruin.”

“Send us back.” He said.

“Sure,” I said. “Our Contract is complete,” I said, waving goodbye as they left.

I got up and started walking, bumping into Victor.

“Oof! Marian?! Oh, hey.” He said. “Guess I stumbled through another mirror?”

“Hello, Victor,” I said. “Or maybe the same one,” I said as the images of his bulge got back into my head. “Aug.”

“You Okay?” he asked, looking me over.

“I’m a Werewolf, and my inner beast is horny,” I explained flatly as I started walking home.

“Oh,” he said, retracting his helm to reveal he was fully a wolf.

“Huh, cool,” I said as I walked, with him keeping pace. “What’s new with you? I just had to deal with Demons.”

“They didn't violate you, did they?” He asked me.

“No, Doom Marines and I guess Todd’s Girlfriend, a Bunny named Daisy, took care of them” I explained.

“Oh. Guess he saved her.” Victor said.

“I guess so.” I chuckled as passed a large cave.

“Urara gave birth last month, triplets, two girls and a boy,” he said.

“That’s good, I’m glad for you!” I gushed as Solomon walked out and took a flight to hunt. He was a green Dragon the lived in that cave.

“Huh, neighbor?” he asked me.

“Yes. He just moved here.” I chuckled as we reached my Manor, and felt my armor was a little wet...below. “I need a shower.” I mewled, looking to the Bathhouse.

“I can smell that,” Victor said, his bulge notable. “Crap.”

I mewled at that and backed up just a little. He turned away, panting heavily, making me note the oversized chainsaw-sword on His back next to his other blade. “ sword?” I asked trying to change the topic.

“Y-yeah. Won it in a Melon Smashing Festival.” He said.

“Smashing?” I asked confused as sat in my chair, his erection not really going away. “What’s a Smashing Festival?”

“You know those Japanese Beach Festivals?” He asked, managing to control himself.

“I think so. Barely looked into Japanese culture...if only a little.” I explained.

“Well, there was This Melon game, where you take a Melon, blindfold a Guy, then carefully lead them to smash it. Of course, the One I went to had Melons that fight back by exploding…” he chuckled, looking at his Sword.

“Oh, I know that one!” I said with a smile that seemed to Dumbfound the wolf. “Never did it in a festival, but one time at the California State Fair!”

“Ah. Cool.” Victor Chuckled. “Well, the One I went to, it was kinda a Festival for fighters like Urara and I. One part was where we had to beat up these weird blokes who were cursed with This weird watermelon Curse,” I remarked. “After that came the exploding melons, and Then there were the club enhancements…”

“Nothing like that for me!” I chuckled, before going into a full on laugh.

“Yeah. A silver lining, free chainsaw-sword,” he said, propping it up. “Actually had fun.”

“All ways a good thing.” I chuckled as Silva and Shade walked in, a deer in Silva’s mouth. “Had a fun hunt?”

“Yes miss Marian, Silva had to fight off a pink thing. I think it was an imp.” She told me as I winced. They must be infesting the forest now.

“DOOM Demons?” he asked. “Explains the Knight I ran into.” he huffed. “Kinda funny when it saw my Chainsaw-sword.” he chuckled.

“It freaked out? They chuckled at Hunter and Runner, Runner’s another Doom Marine.” I explained.

“Oh, he was laughing for a bit till I pulled it out. Was rolling on the ground even.” He grumbled. He then grinned. “Crapped himself when he saw the Size of it.”

“Eh, the demons mostly seem to fear Todd on sight from what I heard,” I explained.

“They should. OG Doomguy?” He asked, as his dick twitched.

“Yes, I think so,” I said as Shade went out back to make the most of the deer. I did my best to ignore his erection.

Cool.” He said, idly attempting to push his erection down, and failing.

“How long does that stay up?” I asked, glancing at Shade. I’m sure she still know about sex so I wasn’t too worried about that, just that she was actually too young for it.

“Dunno.” He grumbled, crossing a leg. “Never had it half erect without plowing.”

I mewled at that. “…” knowing I was blushing but the thought just made me nervous.

“I’ll go if you're nervous.” He said.

“Look, I was a guy before being displaced...the two out back didn’t exactly help my idea of sex as a girl a lot.” I huffed. “Just unsure with my new body.”

“Gotcha,” he said, pushing down his erection. “So, how have things been?” He asked me, trying to steer away from the uncomfortable subject.

“Okay, good, been learning to keep my Inner beast under control. I even had Rarity help with my fence and paths to keep Predators out.”

“Rarity knows Warding?” He asked me.

“Yeah, it’s great, she's been helping out a lot. Along with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash...though dash seems distracted a lot.” I said, shrugging. “I’ve been paying Rarity back in forging lessons and furs.”

“Jewel Smithing I take it?” He asked me.

“Yes,” I told him. “Well, now Rarity should actually be walking over today. Said she ran into something yesterday.”

“Oh? Wonder what it is?” He chuckled.

“Poison joke. Some vines grew over the path.” Rarity said, looking rather shaggy.

“That was Fast,” Victor remarked. “No Evil Enchantress gag?” he stage-whispered to me.

“I know Zecora.” Rarity huffed at him as she sat down. “Why do you have such a large dick?”

“Void-Given. Suck it, Neffy.” he muttered with a grin.

“Eh, bouncing from Guy to Guy right now.” Rarity told me with a twinkle in her eye.

“Victor!” We all heard from the Direction of the Keep. Rarity tapped My shoulder motioning for me to go upstairs.

“Well, Mr. well endowed and horny seems a girl wants you.” Rarity told him as I mewled and moved to the stairs.


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“Ah,” I said. “Thanks. Guess Celly got the Date Ready.” I huffed, idly Wondering when she tried my token.

“You have a date with the princess?” Rarity said in shock.

“Well, Yeah. Kinda maybe gave her a kid, after pulling This Techno-Worm out of her marehood.” I shrugged. “She was happy to see it burn, that was for certain.”

“Ah What…” the mare said in disbelief.

“Rarity, You're going to catch flies.” I chuckled.

“Sorry, well don’t keep her waiting shoo!” The mare told me.

“Alright.” I chuckled as I walked to where Celestia was.

It didn’t take her long to find me.

“Victor?! Where were you?” She asked, flying over to me. “I used your token!”

“Ah. You must have used it while I was out picking a few Flowers. Walked through a mirror leading here.” I said. “You… Okay?” I asked, looking her over. Was her belly swollen?

“Yes, I’ve been getting bigger, though I haven’t seen Mother.” She sighed as she let me to the Keep’s Kitchen.

“Ah. How many?” I asked.

“I was told only one.” She told me as she guided me to a table with candles, a romantic meal.

“Ah. You really wanted This date?” I chuckled, rubbing her belly.

“Yes,” She chuckled as she sat down and magiced my chair out for me. “Thanks, sweetheart.” I smiled, nuzzling her. “So, Is the gender clear yet?” I asked.

“No, not yet.” She told me as she took a bit of her salad. “I made sure to cook you something meaty.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking a look. It was a prime rib steak, cooked rare. It also had a white sauce on it with mash potatoes and a green bean for sides. “Hmm, that looks good,” I said, cutting into the meat.

“Thank you.” She purred. “So, what have you been doing?”

“Clearing Bounties, forging new things, mostly primes.” I muttered that part. “And working on methods of dimensional tracking,” I said. “Got a promise to keep with Kait.” I sighed.

“Oh, who’s Kait?” She asked.

“Kait is One of my Mates, a Cathay-Raht Khajiit. Basically, Towering anthro cat that is around your height.” I told her. “She originated from another World and… Well, I am trying to recover her mother.” I sighed.

“Oh, the poor thing.” Celly mewled holding her hand to her belly.

“From what I can Tell, she never knew her. The worst part was that Kait told me she was… Originally supposed to be a ‘Gift’ from One nobleman to another. A sex slave.” I sighed. “And an implied Bastard Child too.”

“Oh, I seen kingdoms do that. Mostly the Caribou of the Hatria Island.” She snarled.

“Sounds Disgusting,” I said, noting how Tender the steak was. “Hmm.”

“Mother used to say my cooking was terrible. Turns out, I’m not good with fruits or veggies.” She said looking embarrassed. “I have a talent for meat though.”

“A Specialized Cook. Interesting.” I chuckled as I tried the spuds. They were either raw or burned, and a bit too much salt, which kinda proved her point. “Gah!” I gagged.

“Don’t even know why it’s just meat I’m good with.” She mewled.

“Hmm, Hope the foal is an Omnivore. They should at least enjoy your meat dishes.” I choked out.

“I hope so too.” She mewled. “You going to be okay?” She asked.

“A bit,” I said, taking my bottle of Deadshot and chugging it. “There.” I huffed. “Too much salt. Did you boil the spuds first?”

“I tried...I burnt a few on the bottom.” She mewled. “I thought salt would fix it.”

“Were they chopped up first? And how long did you Cook them for?” I asked.

“I cut them...then I tried cooking them...for about ten minutes.” She mewled. “I tried following the cookbook.”

“Try ten to twenty minutes, then poking them with a Knife. I learned more by Trial and error as well as watching others Cook.” I told her. “Also, salt should be added before boiling,” I added.

“Oh...I’ll try that next time.” She told me.

“Aye,” I said, eating more of the steak. “So how have things been for you?”

“There’s been whispers of the Diamond Dog General Lucy Hale-Heart.” She told me. “The General was seen moving north to the Forsaken Continent. We moved Iron Hides’ forces there to see what the bitch wants.”

“Oh. Suspecting Ambush?” I asked. “Or are they ‘Farming’ Stuff?”

“Titanite. It’s a metal know to come from there and is one of the harder metals of this planet.” She explained.

“Huh,” I said. “Armor and swords?” I asked.

“Yes, we’re concerned for the Armor they could make.” She explained.

“I see,” I said, idly sipping my drink. “How bad is the war getting?”

“We’re still stuck in a deadlock, though, the Gates are also being banged on the Old Worlds are also looking at us.” She sighed. “We’ve lost many people, but it has been for the last forty years. It hasn’t been our first thought.”

“Forty years? Damn.” I muttered, remembering what I knew of the Three-decade war and World War Two… Though I personally called it ‘The World War.’

The Great War was mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean, after all.

“So, seems you’ve had similar war?” She asked.

“Not for me. For my own, Original World of origin. The Three-Decade War, the Great War, and The World War.” I sighed. “They were the most prominent and destructive Wars of my homeworld, the first destroying half the population of Europe, all because two religions wanted to measure their wangs.”

“Never had that issue here.” She told me. “It’s all Ideologies or resources. If there’s a conflict with religions, their gods go to an Arena in the Barren Island.” She explained. “They fight for a bit and the dispute is settled by the winner.”

“Lucky. My old world lacked physical gods, and the two religions I mentioned? They worshipped the same god, but in ways that opposed.”

“The gods here don’t allow that type of conflict. Yeah, you get to worship them differently but fighting amongst each other is seen as idiotic...except to the War Gods, or Khorne.” She explained.

“Oh. Well, while the three-decade war was bad, the Great war was far worse. Thousands of males, as young as sixteen, entering into trenches, for the sake of territory that was worth next to nothing once the gassing and death stopped.” I sighed. “The World war? An entire World beating itself up, with countless atrocities on all sides, the final One being the creation of the Atomic Bomb.” I Growled.

“Sounds like the Frost Light.” She told me. “The theoretical splitting of a particle.” She explained.

“It's no theory. Albert Einstein cracked the theory, and the US, or the United States, used it to create two Bombs, and deployed them on two cities full of Civilians.” I said. “I never believed their excuses whenever they popped up, claims of ‘No Other option’, or that ‘The bomb was blown off-course’.”

“Such attacks are normally used to scare the Civilians into making their government end the war. It’s unforgivable and dreadful acts, having to kill millions in seconds just to get the few to order an end to the fighting.” She hissed.

“Yes. I understood the need for the first, but not the Second.” I sighed. “The Japanese were proud, but not stupid. Once Little Boy blew, they needed time to arrange for the surrender.”

“Only reason I would see is if this US was getting impatient from the no response to their demands. Or wanted the world to know they were not bluffing about using the bomb again if needed.” She sighed.

“Needed? It only served as a threat. ‘Don't follow us, we nuke you.’ is what I got from it.” I said. “Makes me Glad the Russians realized that and made their own. Didn't like their methods, but they showed the US they were not taking a shit.”

“Mutual Destruction.” She said nodded. “It’s a good tactic, but if one launches an attack...well you better hope they didn’t make a lot of Frost Light.”

“Yeah.” I sighed. “Still, at least the Russian weren't ‘I need to flaunt everything I do’, compared to the US. Word of warning, the Latter seems to think themselves the Superior ones because they weren't the ones with Hostile next Door neighbors.” I grumbled.

“That seems just fucked up.” She sighed.

“It is. Last I checked, the US was still ripping into themselves before I was given new life as what I currently am.” I sighed. “Also, they have a shitty sense of humor.”

“Alright let's get to the meal now...and finish our date.” She told me.

“Yeah,” I said. “Sorry if I ruined the mood.”

“Not, really, but when you walked in with a boner...and then this…” She chuckled uneasily.

“Again, sorry,” I told her as we shifted to new topics.


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“So who is this?” Cayde-6 asked as we walked into the Forward Basecamp.

“Her name is Feria. She's the being you guys were defending in the Throne of Want.” I said, fiddling with Chaperone, my new shotgun as I waved a Hand at Feria. “If you are referring to me, then Sal-U-Tations, my name is Penny!” I said with a Big Sarcastic grin.

“Kinda both. So Wolf lady with a big sword. Why you never get into the fight?” Cayde-6 asked Feria.

“Well, if I had at the time, the Undead plague would have spread to around the world. Due to something in the small Village Ivenglade, that’s no longer the case. I’m unsure what has happened but the Plague is no longer a concern.”

“Huh,” I said, loading four rounds into Chaperone, then racked the lever to chamber a round, then added One more shell, bringing the round count to Five, before I holstered it. “Isn't there a Shard of Traveller there? Or is it something else?” I asked.

“I think there might be. I never looked personally.” She told us.

“Okay,” I said, taking out my Sniper Rifle and adjusting the Camo’d Rifle’s Scope.

“If there’s a shard we should look into it,” Zavala told us.

“I guess. How is the planning going?” I asked, cocking the Sniper Rifle as I dropped out of Cloak from taking a step.

“Well enough, but there have been whispers of strange beings that defy the light within the city, attacking even the red legion,” Ikora told us.

“Sounds familiar,” I said, trying to wrack my brain to remember. “Can't remember what Though...” I muttered as I slung my rifle onto my Back and took my Rocket Launcher out, checking its ammo and systems as it chirped and bleeped.

“Well, another shard of power would help us,” Cayde-6 told us. “How about your team go get it, we can see what power it has. We still have a month to the assault.”

“Yeah. How’s Holiday doing with the Ships?” I asked, looking to the vixen.

“She has gotten some working. The big one is a hassle though, having to try and keep it under wraps.” Zavala told us as he looked to the Dreadnaught we had unearthed from an Everlasting Dragon drydock.

“I guess. Did she get any for me soon? I mean, most of the others have at least One personal ship.” I said.

“She has gotten one working, but it can’t get into space yet.” Ikora informed me, “It’s the yellow-green one in the hanger we have. I think she called it Shadow Trespass.”

“Alright. Better check it out, then I go check out Ivenglade with the Fireteam.” I said, stretching with a grunt. “Feria, you coming, or staying for now?” I asked her.

“I’ll be coming.” She told me. I nodded, before giving my regards to the Vanguard as I walked over to Holiday.

“Hey there Sea Guardian.” She greeted me. “Want to look at your ship?”

“Sure,” I said as I looked over the place where we were storing the ships. I soon found my ship, resting in it’s slightly damaged and rotting state. It was a mix of Hive parts and metal, slightly shimmering with the Traveler’s light.

“You like? I didn’t have a chance to get a full jump drive in it.” She explained.

“It's not bad, and it would at least get me where I need to be. Where did you Find it?” I asked.

“In a cavern full of Undead, they had dug it up apparently. They also found this.” She pointed to a pile of armor that belonged to a Lekgolo. “And it had these worms all over.”

“Oh. That was a Colony that forms to create a humanoid shape.” I said. “The armor holds them together.”

“Huh, they would a nice ally if we could talk to them.” She said. “Well, I got to get back to the big project now, see you Sea Guardian.”

“Alright,” I said, before looking for Zen-2, Zoey, and Antwon. May as well see if they are up and ready.

“I’m telling you I don’t need to eat!” Zen-2 yelled out.

“But it’s good!” Zoey told him.

“I can’t eat food!” He snarled at her.

I snickered, idly remembering that One Destiny 2 trailer where Cayde-6 was seen drinking before walking into Battle. Maybe Zen-2 never got that mod? “Have you Actually tried eating?” I asked, casually walking up and dropping the Question.

“Uh, yeah, didn’t get that mod.” He huffed. “And I don’t know where the fuck to get it.” He snarled.

“Ask Cayde. He may know.” I shrugged. “Also, we're going to Ivenglade.”

“Oh, fuck us. Things are sounding weird over there.” Antwon muttered.

“Feria implies that maybe the case,” I told him. “The Red Legion is getting trounced by that place, and she said the Undead went there, So she doesn't have to guard the Throne of Want anymore.”

“Well, that’s...Yeah, let's look into it.” Zen-2 said as he got his gear.

I nodded, putting my Big Sister helmet back on.

“Did you go to the Memorial?” Zoey asked me as she got her grenade launcher set.

I nodded grimly. “I was the First One there who hadn't been assisting in setting it up.” I sighed.

“I guess that’s Why I didn’t see you. I was trying to get that damn banner up, fell off the ladder.” She said, rubbing her back.

“Heh.” I said, unable to help myself.

“Arse.” She huffed, before moving to her ship.

“I heard of a new cult, saying They would free the Traveler ” Antwon muttered as he walked to his ship. “I wonder who They are.”

“Well, we may Find out,” I said, boarding Shadow Trespass and opening comms from there. “I Wonder if they mean it, or if they are just blowing out their backside?” I remarked.

“From what I hear, they mean it. But I don’t think the group is the ones that are freeing the Traveler, but something they’re talking to.” Zen-2 explained. “The rumors change from person to person though.”

“So Typical Gossip? Great.” I sighed, before I looked for Feria. “Is Feria going by Bonfire, or is she hitching a ride?” I asked.

“Hitching a ride.” She said over Zoey’s comms. I could hear the black bear grumble.

“Jealous for her spice rack?” I chuckled, remembering how ‘Big’ Feria’s ‘Melons’ were compared to Zoey’s.

“Shut up! Yours are smaller!” Zoey huffed.

“Relative to yours, but on me, They're a decent D size.” I chuckled playfully.

She just growled. We all laughed before we started moving out to get to our mission. I found Shadow Trespass flew like a dream, relative to what the scouring and barely cleaned up soot told me. It was like This ship was built to handle the harshest conditions.

“Hm, This ship feels amazing to fly.” I said as I did an Aileron Roll.

“Should be, we had to drag it out with speeders!” Zen-2 chuckled. “Anyway, it’s an hour to Ivenglade. To give us a heads up, this place used to be an Ursan colony, back when we arrived here. It’s also the first time we encountered the Undead.”

“It's also what leads to the City?” I asked as I checked my scanners.

“Yes, it was our first attempt to live here when the...well Caribou decided we were not good slaves and decided to kill us. Finding Exos was weird when we explored ruins and found versions of us.” Zoey told us as a Ping of light showed on my scanners.

“Picking up a Ping, anyone else catch that?” I warned them. “And… What were these Caribou like?” I asked as I prepped the nose gun in case of attack.

“Well, yes we are, tracking it now,” Antwon responded.

“As for the Caribou...they worship a being known as Molag Bal, who is the god of rape and domination. He’s also all about Vampires,” Zoey explained.

“Oh.” I said with a sour grimace. “Guess that means they intended on breaking your race, but decided you guys were not worth breaking after you fought back?” I asked.

“Yeah, this was long ago. We evolved on the same island back in the day.” She explained.

“Was This… Well Read, or personally known?” I asked softly.

“Well read...only one to remember is...I think it was Ires Zom.” Antwon told us.

“Alright. Anyone got eyes on the ‘Ping’?” I asked. “And… Who was, or is Ires Zom?”

“Legion ship, on fire. Not a threat right now.” Zen-2 told us, pinging it on our huds.

“Ires... Well she’s a Titan, and one of the four Iron Lords still alive.” She explained.

“Was she…?” I asked, trailing off as I thought of the worse.

“Oh, yeah, she was one of the only to be truly captured in the ware before she died. Hell, she woke in an unmarked grave on the island and the Caribou farmer tried to...well she was just glad she had powers.” Antwon explained.

“Oh. She remembered what happened? How She died?” I said, imagining a horrifying Scene of her choking on a Cock as she was swelled to the point of bursting, her last moments was a mental cry for help.

“Yeah, one of the few,” Zoey said sound six. “She...won’t really talk about it.”

“I should think So. How does anyone Know? Her Ghost couldn't keep its trap Shut?” I asked sadly.

“Dana, yeah he couldn’t. He was trying to get her psychological help.” Zen-2 told me as we passed over a weird looking camp, magic being used all over it. We passed over it too fast before I got a clear look, other than of a poodle-like anthro dog with spiky ball tails, and wearing a trench coat with a hat that reminded me of the British navy officers.

“Oh,” I said. “She was Hysterical afterward, Wasn't she.” That Wasn't a Question.

“Yeah, though the Video he played for Ikora to try and prove his point. It...Well, my ghost was there.” Zen-2 told me as he sent me a video. “It’s a copy. Watch at your own risk.”

“I will,” I said as I suspected I would have to watch it anyway. It could help me assist in helping the traumatized Bear heal. “So, how Long?” I asked as I kept checking my scanners, memorizing that odd camp.

“Ten minutes.” He told me.

“Right,” I said. “Zen, did the rest of the Team… See the Video?” I asked.

“No, very few wish too. You can turn off your broadcast for a bit.” He explained. “You’ll hear out audio still.”

“Alright,” I said, switching to the private channel and playing the Video after setting the Shadow Trespass to autopilot. I suspected I would be too distressed to fly it.

As the video started the screaming of pain was already going. It was from her eyes and a huge male was towering over her, horns coming out of his head as he hungrily looked down at her. He didn’t taunt or say anything the repeating his thrust as She looked down to a bruised and used belly. His cock was bulging it out as he used her. She was begging for him to stop, pawing at him because her claws were torn out of her paw toes.

“Stop, please! I can’t take anymore!” She begged.

“Then you’re useless now.” Another said, before shoving a huge cock down her throat with force. She gurgled and squirmed, a blurriness in the lower corners of the screen telling me she was crying now. I saw males doing similar to more females and several males that were being changed into females screaming in the background.

Ires screamed as the second male forced his cock down to the base and held her.

“Hey, I want her alive when I pop this! She’s already given of sixty kids, her pussy’s barren now.” The first snarled. “Those potions we tested on her pussy worked well.”

I heard her choke out a sob as her right paw reached to a screaming cub, barely old enough to be ten, being used next to her. Was that her Daughter!?

“Okay fine. Pop her, then I’ll choke her out as she bleeds. We’ll toss her with the rest of the experiment tonight.” The second said, pulling out, having cum already.

“No. No!” Ires coughed out, sounding scared and broken. “STOP!!”

“Hard to believe this cunt gave Heffter so much trouble. Really six months to get her forces caught and broken?” The first huffed. “And even if we’re letting the other go, I mean I know they’re hard to take, but Bal was happy with us offering them up!”

“Mama!!” The cub cried as I watched, horrified.

“When you going to take that one out?” male Caribou snarled. “It’s screaming is killing my boner!” Another male yelled as he rapped a female Caribou with glassy eyes.

“Sorry Bill!” That One said, sounding disturbingly Casual, as if he just spilled coffee on papers, rather than raping a little Girl as he stuffed a gag into her mouth.

“You better be!” The other yelled as Ires cried out and the one raping her shoved deeper.

“Almost there cunt!” He huffed as he mangled her breasts.

“no! No!! Someone! Help me!!” Ires cried. “MOMMY!”

“Hey, no one’s coming bitch but me!” He snarled at her as her belly swelled up and he shoved his length all they in. She screamed in pain as her belly became abnormally huge before I saw it start to tear. The second one that was gagging her shoved his cock back in to finish the job.

“MOMMY!!” the Cub choked out from her gag as Ires screamed as what could only be her belly tearing sounded out. The next few moments were horrifying as I watched her gag to death, the males’ balls pumping seed into her the whole time, a puddle of semen and blood forming in her darkening vision.

I grimaced as the Screen went black. I felt sick, watching what Ires had to go through, angry at these Caribou, and a Need to give Ires, if I meet her in person, a much needed comforting hug if these were what she remembered.

“TANGO! REPEAT TANGO ON YOUR SIX!” Zen-2 yelled out as he did a roll to avoid a set of missiles.

I quickly disabled autopilot and did a Levverman to avoid a set of missiles, getting a look at the source. It was a set of what looked like auto drones. They didn’t have Legion marks, but instead bear paws and had a Gatling gun spinning up next to the empty missile pods.

I responded by firing my much faster firing cannon at it's Gun, tearing it to pieces.

“Who turned those on?!” Zoey yelled out as she dodged two and headed for Ivenglade.

“Dunno, Don't care now! Just blast them outta the sky!” I yelled, engaging cloak and using Shadow Trespass’ ability to avoid being sensed.

“Running out!” Antwon yelled as he took down his...did is counter say fourteen? And the other two only had six each?

“Antwon, how did you get such a High count!?” I yelped, blasting One of the drones to shrapnel.

“He’s crap on the ground but an ace in the air.” Zen-2 huffed as he shot down another. “He never liked being on the ground.”

“And that is Why he is a Hunter, and not a Warlock nor Titan?” I asked as I avoided a missile and shredded another done.

“I guess,” Zoey said as Antwon shot down the one that attacked me.

“I’m out! Need to land!” He said making a rush for the land.

“We’ll cover you!” I yelled, blasting another. “Think you can Find who launched them!?”

“Big tower! It’s just spewing them out!” Zoey told me highlighting it. “We were not in range when it started.”

“Got it! I got around Four Sidewinders and ten Missiles. Think you guys can cover me?” I asked.

“Take a shot if you can,” Zen-2 said as he moved to cover me.

“Copy that!” I yelled, setting a lock on the Tower as I blasted my way through the drones that Zen-2 couldn't intercept in time. After about twenty of these fuckers, and almost losing a wing, I got a lock on the tower, just over the base of it. “Eagle Twenty, Fox Two!” I yelled, firing One.

The explosion that came from it broke the foundation of the tower, leading to it collapsing and give Zoey the chance to mop up the rest without more drones to replace them. “That did it!” She yelled, happily.

“Good. How is Feria?” I asked.

“I’m good...if a little sick.” The wolf grumbled. I heard a smack, followed by a yelp from Feria.

“Oh shut up and don’t throw up in my Baby, fatass.” Zoey snarled.

I chuckled as I scanned for foes on the Ground.

“We’re clear for the moment!” Antwon said as he landed.

“Good.” I sighed, landing afterward and arming myself, before exiting Shadow Trespass and engaging its cloak.

“Well, someone was trying to live out here,” Zoey said as she landed next to a makeshift shack, Feria hopping out with a Hand on her backside.

“Think they are still alive?” I asked her, taking out First Curse.

“Maybe. We won’t know for sure unless we find bodies.” Zen-2 said as he landed.

“True.” I sighed, looking at Feria. “Zoey slapped your bum?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She huffed. I giggled softly at that, before looking her weapon choice over. “Any guns?” I asked her.

“No...I only ever used this.” She said, pulling the massive sword from her back, it was a massive blade that was extremely thin for its size, two-handed and had rust mixed with the blood staining it. It had a cloth wrapping at the hilt, with a dirty, rusty handle and a knobby pommel, the lower End of the blade narrowing at the tang.

I scowled at it. “Do you ever need a new weapon? Or does that thing still have an edge?” I asked her.

“The more sins I commit, the more damage this sword does...after the thirty-seventh loop, I stopped caring about the people in Majula.” She sighed. That made us all stop.

“You… You committed wonton Murder?” I asked.

“I gained everything I could from them at the seventh loop... I had been looping in that fire ring for… A very long time till someone put the First Flame out...I don’t know who.” She said. “I think I killed them four thousand times with this blade alone.”

“And for what reason? Because you were bored?” I flatly asked.

“No, honestly I was seeing it as a mercy. We were all stuck… No one but me remembered the loops and crown I wear… It prevents me from hollowing, every time we would make progress in figuring out how to use it. I would have to rush to stop Nasandra and reset everything.” The wolf said looking sick.

“I have no real idea what you are talking about.” I sighed. Too many empty details I can't connect with. Loops?

“The First’s a power in this would, one that ignited and faded. One something or someone tried to Keep lit in one set of events, like Gwen, the first sinner to try and prevent his powers from the Flame to fade, the loop back to the start of their own journey. You can remember what you did, change events, and everything between the start and end, but you ultimately must begin again. The events outside you’re a loop and what you choose doesn’t alter much beyond some contradicting tales of light and dark. I was the four hundredth to light the flame, I could tell countless others lit it after me.”

“Many did not succeed?” I asked, remembering Michael’s Dark Soul Games.

“No, their loops ended with them burning to ash. And while their ashes remained, they never looped.” She told me. I made the connection to this Ashen One Michael raved about, and the Lords of Cinder.

“So basically, it was ‘Live, Die Repeat in a repetitive cycle? Everyone but you forgetting everything, and you gave up Hope of escaping?” I asked as I punted the Door open, the hinges snapping with the sound of rotting Wood.

I found books, research notes on the shard and a little panda looking up to us in fright.

“Basically. I was going mad really. Mostly why I didn’t leave the throne. I expected to go on a slaughter.” She told us as Zen-2 looked uneasy, Antwon looked at the room and Zoey huffed. “My every chance to escape was blocked off by that women Nasadra.” She snarled.

I ignored her in favor of crouching down at the panda. She was short and had pigtails on her head, but she was most certainly and adult if the huge knockers for her small frame said anything. “I’m not undead!” She yelled out, holding up a small knife in defense. She was also in her pajamas.

“Why are you a Child with knockers?” I asked in confusion.

“What no! I just small!” She snarled at me. “And it’s four in the fucking morning!”

“Well, we just got attacked by an advanced security system without warning,” I growled.

“I set that up because of the Legion. I’m researching the Undead, have been for two decades... Or was it twenty…” She said blinking.

“Are you absolutely sure you are not Undead or anything of the sort?” I asked flatly.

“Yes, yes. I test myself daily. Found an easy way to tell. If there is a small black hole anywhere on your body. Like your friend here.” She said, pointing to Feria’s back.

“Her name is Feria, the Former protector of the Throne of Want, and One of the reasons the Darkness was pushed back,” I said.

“Oh that’s good...why is she out then?” She asked starting to pace.

“Traveller is captured. We Are trying to take back the city from the legion, and Feria told us that This place is attracting Undead away from the Throne of Want and that they are beating up the Legion.” I said. “We Are here to see if we can find a Traveller Shard.”

“Oh...yeah that is...that might explain…” She muttered. “Uh oh.” She said rushing to her book. “Crap, crap, crap!”

“What’s up?” Zen-2 asked.

“Litch King! He’s drawing the undead here. Crap, no, Hareld is up! Someone messed with his tomb and he’s gathering an army!” She muttered out. “He won’t attack the City though, he’ll go for the Ponies and the Foxes. It’s where his homeland was!”

“Wait, the Lich King!?” I yelped. “That means… You're a Pandaren?” I asked her.

“Yes. I lived in the south on a turtle.” She told us, that explained her size.

“What's your name?” I asked her, switching to my Camo Rifle.

“I’m Chi Wan. Head researcher of the College of Magic in Canterlot. We Pandarens kinda allied ourselves with the Ponies about ten years ago.” She explained. “Though some of us allied with the Diamond Dogs.”

“Diamond Dogs?” I asked, idly remembering seeing a Similar Dog in Vicar Amelia’s Church. “I think we passed One of their camps on the way here,” I said, remembering that British-looking Dog in the camp.

“They most likely want Titanite. They have no interest in the Ursan war other than to keep their minds going. They don’t care who wins.” She told us.

“Titanite? That is the Supermaterial used to make your armor and sword, right Feria?” I asked her.

“Yes. It’s from the scales of dead Everlasting dragons. They’re bodies litter this land.” She told me.

That certainly explains why it's not a Soft metal. I mentally thought. “So that means, it's flexible, but also quite resilient, like Steel?” I asked.

“Yes, twinkling variety is do I explain it...magical.” She told us.

“And if they get their hands on it, they would be rather unstoppable?” I asked.

“No not unstoppable...just harder to kill.” Chi Wan told us. “We’ve found ways to get around it, but it’s much harder than steel and requires weapons that are barely entering final RnD.”

“Ah. Wait, who else is here?” I asked.

“General Iron Hide and his forces are here, on the coast. My research team has been here for longer than either party. We used to have Guardians protecting us off and on, but they all left up till you guys got here.” She explained.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, after we lost the City, and the Traveller being sealed, we had to focus on rebuilding our Forces to get everything back… And with a lot of the Guardians losing their ghosts, we are stretched thin as is.”

“Ah. Hey, don't’ touch that!” She yelled at Antwon who was going to poke some globe thing.

“What is that?” I asked as I heard what sounded terrified yelps.

“A working model for the planet. I’m trying to map the whole world.” She explained.

“That certainly explains the giant ghostly fingertip in the sky.” Feria drily said as I poked my Head on to see what could only be a ghostly fingertip of Antwon poking through the clouds.

“Yes, it’s a strange enchantment I had found for that. Anyway, the shard is here.” She said, before pulling a large chest out. “It is not a big piece.”

“That's saying something,” I said. The Traveller was the Size of a small Moon, So anything smaller than a Farmer’s Field was certainly unique.

“Weirdly, it sings, much like the spirits of my homeland.” She told me as she opened the chest. The shard was pure white, no corruption or powers going crazy like the two the Guardians on my team had seen.

“Wonder Why the Traveller discarded This?” I remarked as I picked it up. It was large, around the size of a Coffee table, and thrummed with power.

I then had it push tendrils of light into my friend's heads as they got supercharged while also passing out and having seizures. Feria backed away as a violent tendril turned towards her before she hid behind the Pandaren. One floated at me before it attacked my head and gave me visions of large chains and two foxes, one in heavy strange power armor, the other half transformed into a wolf.

Ch. 10

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I gasped, watching the scene. The power armor looked kinda familiar, but I couldn't Tell where. As for the werewolf, it looked like a fox from that old Disney movie that got Michael into furries.

“Fuck, my head.” Zen-2 groaned as he felt his super was fully upgraded. He was muttering about it. So were the other two.

“Huh… What did you see?” I asked curiously as I looked at Feria, she was spasming as the black hole in her back blazed and burned.

“Us saving the city. Not much else.” Zoey told us. “Also the Traveller waking up.”

“How awesome was it?” I asked as I called up my Plasmids. Need to see if I have any Supers or new powers as I got to Feria.

“Yeah.” They all smiled. I noted an electric knife appeared in my hands and Feria whimpered in pain.

“Make it stop!” The wolf pleaded.

“Feria!?” I gasped, grabbing her and holding her, noting I now had the Bladedancer Super.

“It burns!” She roared as her fur became more lively and her eyes less white.

“Feria, Snap out of it!” I yelled, shaking her. She mewled as she seemed to just have life breathed into her before a weird Ghost appeared next to her head and the tendril of the Shard retreated. The black hole in her back was also gone.

I smelled a strong scent as I looked to see she had pissed herself.

“Did it just make her a Guardian?” Zen-2 asked as I looked at Feria.

“What class is she?” Zoey asked, the wolf had her normal armor on and her sword still in hand, but she didn’t look like any of the other three. Even with two being hunters, she didn’t look like a Titan

“Feria?” I asked as she sniffled.

“Oooooow.” She whimpered, her ghost blinking in confusion.

“ that’ lot.” Her Ghost, which was a skull of a crow of all things.

“What’s wrong with her ghost?” Zoey’s ghost asked.

“Maybe the Traveller Shard created One from the remnants of the first flame?” I asked as I rubbed the whimpering Feria.

“Guys, we got a group of Undead shambling this way,” Antwon said before a HUGE fucking sword ripped through the wall and I saw a boss I got to know well from Michael. The Pursuer.

“Aw Fuck.” I groaned.

“What the hell is that!?” Zoey yelled shooting at it as it just shook the shots off and went right for her.

“Purser! Watch out for its sword!” I yelped as I slashed at it with my BladeDance. “Use your Super!”

“Shit, why is this thing so damn strong!” Antwon yelled using his Golden Gun. The rounds pinged off but did burn the metal. Zen-2 was trying to pin it with his Knight Stalker Bow, but for some reason, it’s shield negated that bow arrows.

“Cut off its Arms!!” I yelled, chopping at its Shield-arm.

“Another Undead! Heading for Chi Wan!” Zoey yelled before the temperature in the room rose to impossible levels. We found our supers going into overdrive as Feria snarled.

“You fucking...bugger of….I killed you! OVER AND OVER, AND YOU JUST KEPT COMING!” Feria roared as her body turned to pure flames and she charged the floating knight, the ground itself melting under her.

“What the fuck type of super is that?!” Antwon asked as he shot down the undead with infinite Golden Gun ammo. I found my Blade, once a short dagger was now a Fucking Longsword, and boy was I having fun going Demoknight on the Purser and its Undead troops.

“How...what did the shard do to her?” Zen-2 asked as he shot arrow after arrow to pin groups of undead as Zoey went Stormcaller and summoned a massive bolt of lighting. “And when did you get a super!?”

“The Shard!” I pointed out. “And I was a Hunter Type, just Wasn't able to use it Properly before!”

“DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!” Feria screamed as she jumped on the Purser’s head and started pounding it in. She had no weapon like this, but she was doing something else. It was like her powers were drawing the wisps of darkness and turning them into light right out of the boss tier enemy.

I grinned, realizing it. “She's a Forge, a Crucible, that takes in the Darkness, and converts it into the light!” I yipped, cleaving the Head of an Undead.

“What, why has no one else got that super?!” Zoey asked. “That would have been so fucking helpful for Oryx!”

“Because none of them carried the first flame as Feria has!” I pointed out. “And I don't remember the Ghosts bringing back any of the Flame Holders!” I said as I incinerated an Undead.

“So...because they were undead and tainted...and know if we raided a tomb...we could have…” Zoey muttered going into, ‘oh sorry I’m a warlock and have to think now’, mode.

“DIIIIIIIEEEE!” Feria screamed as she killed the Pursuer and tossed it’s decapitated head at an undead before beating into that one.

“Feria! That's the last One!” I yelled to her as the Corpse popped.

She huffed and panted as she looked around. She blinked as her super deactivated and ours with it. “What...I never could do that.” She said blinking.

“The Shard made you a Guardian, and it seems your Super lets you convert Darkness, into the light,” I told her.

“Okay, no wonder that hurt like hell. It felt like the First Flame was being ripped out of me, or the spark of it and then my curse burned away before the flame was shoved back in.” She panted. “I think….um...I need to find a man.” She said crossing her legs.

“Why?” I asked.

“Bodily...needs that I couldn’t use before...just woke up.” She mewled. “Undead don’t have the urge or hormones for sex...even if the parts hadn’t rotted away.”

“Ah,” I said. “So, how do we get One? I doubt Antwon is willing.” I said.

“No! I’m barely fucking thirteen! ...even if I’ve lived as a guardian for about forty years.” He mewled.

“Wait you were revived after dying at thirteen?” Zoey asked looking disturbed.

“Had the Hots for him?” I asked.

“Ugh, yes.” She said, looking sick.

“Not my fault cunt.” Antwon huffed. “I got killed by an arrow from an undead the second my ma and I walked off the boat.”

And now Zoey looked like she wanted to cry. “Antwon!” I growled.

“What?” He asked.

“Sorry, he still has the chemical makeup of his age.” His ghost said, appearing for the first time, looking like it had a monocle and top hat on.

“That's no Excuse, Antwon! Apologize to her!” I snarled.

“I...sorry Zoey.” He said, actually looking sorry. “My not exactly matured even if I was tall for my age.” He explained.

“Boy soldier, that just...why?!” Zen-2 yelled uneasily.

“He had the spark of light within him.” Antwon’s ghost told us. “He was the one I was supposed to revive.”

“Still pretty messed up.” I sighed. “Still, what next?” I sighed.

“Well, with my camp ruined, and you have the Shard, I’d say you all get back to your people. I need to report the Lich King’s rise.” Chi Wan told us.

“Alright. Stay safe, Chi Wan.” I told her.

“I will.” She told us as she gathered her things with magic and spells. “Wonder if Timber is with Ironhide? He has such a great…”

Okay, tuning out the rest of that. I grabbing Feria and pulled the Wolf along, hearing her Mewl.

“I hate having a living body!” She whined before I smelled shit. “I didn’t do that on purpose!” She cried out. “I have no control right now! And now my armor’s ruined.”

I groaned, thankful my ship was Big enough to have a shower and loo. Thank Holiday she had the sense for it!

“Ah...yeah, not exactly the first one to do that,” Zoey said in sympathy. “Us freshly revived had all the rot just...turned into...and well…” She explained as I realized why Feria was defecating at least.

“You boys return to your ships first. We’ll be there.” I said.

“Got it. Thank god I don’t have to do that.” Zen-2 said jogging off.

“Lucky you, Tin Man.” Zoey and Antwon snarked as the latter ran off.

“I’ll keep him in line on comms,” Antwon yelled back before they got into their ships.

“So yeah, I got shot in the... Well, everything by a huge ballista. Just three days later, I’m turning into...well I could only guess with all the water, and my ghost finds me and revives me. I was some miner before the City was built.” Zoey told us as she helped me get Feria for my ship. “Had the shits for days getting all the rotten flesh out of my system. All of it that my ghost didn’t reanimate. I was very chubby before my revival.”

“Yeah, Well, Feria. Strip.” I told her.

“Okay.” She said getting out of her armor with practiced ease, it was so smooth, I thought she was some lewd stripper at some point.

“Put your armor in the dishwasher device. It relies on your armor and clothes. I use it for cleaning the gore off my suit.” I told her.

“Ew,” Zoey said, helping the wolf. “Oh and my ghost is flying my ship back. I’ll help out here.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Feria, were you an ‘Entertainer’ at One point?” I asked her.

“Hmmm, why does everyone ask that?! I just know how to get my armor off quickly!” She huffed before jumping into the shower. “What type of tub is this?”

“A compact Sonic Shower,” I told her as the Metal shower rings blasted her on all sides with water.

“AH!” She yelped as she was sprayed. Thank god I’m not into least I don’t think I am. She whined at One point, likely because it sprayed her crotch. “Why can’t I just soak?!” She whined as I saw a healthy, lively sexy body.

“A Tub is too Big to fit. A shower saves Space for plumbing.” I told her.

“What is a shower?” She groaned.

“Think an Artificial Rain meant to wash the dirt and gunk off your Body,” I told her as she stepped out, shaking like a leaf and nude, showing her pink pussy and tits.

“Can I have clothes now?” She shivered. “I’m cold.” She mewled.

“Sorry, All I have are Towels.” I sighed. “I normally wear a towel if my suit is unwearable, as in, being cleaned.”

She whined before moving over to me to get a towel.

“Hey, I’m gonna fly us out? Want to try your ship. See if I want a copy of the model.” Zoey said from the pilot's seat.

“Sure,” I said as I passed Feria a Large towel. She took it and wrapped her body in it.

“Thanks.” She told me. I nodded, before looking at her. “Have you ever gotten laid?” I asked her.

“I had a kid...I think.” She said blinking. “Weird, I think her name as Zusen.” She told us.

“Huh,” I said as I leaned back.

“I could never remember that before.” She said blinking in shock as TEARS started running down her cheeks.

“What… Happened to her?” I asked gently.

“I don’t know. I became cursed after she turned three.” She told me as she sat on the loo’s seat. Thankfully, I had lifted it in case she needed it.

“Oh. And, if you Find a Guy, I hope you don't jump straight to sex.” I told her.

“Eh, done it before. And I wouldn’t want kids yet anyway.” She sighed.

“Yeah. Not a good idea.” I said with a smile as I idly noted she was crapping a lot. “Yikes, That's a load a crap.” I grimaced.

“ body was nothing but rot before.” She mewled embarrassed.

“Yuck. Hope you flush it all out before we get the Base.” I said.

“I do too.” She whined as she flushed the toilet.

“That's everything?” I asked as I took out my launcher and cleaned it. Kinda reminded me of a Javelin Rocket launcher with its lock-on feature.

“I think so.” She mewled as she cleaned herself up.

“It is.” Her ghost told us. I quirked a brow at it, noting its voice was male, deep and baritone, almost like a singer. “What, I call tell.”

“Good. What are you going to name him?” I asked Feria.

“Hmmm, Versatile.” She told me.

“Alright. So Zoey, hows Shadow Trespass feel?” I asked her as I cracked open a can of cider from the mini-fridge I had found. Thank you, Holiday.

“Great, Definitely getting a copy!” She yelled. “My ship doesn’t have this much space. Why the hell is it so big!”

“Well, the engines are at the sides, and the ship came with a bed already. It's like it was Made for deep-space exploration and stealth flight.” I told her. “And from that battered journal, This was built during the Golden Age.”

“When the Everlasting Dragons Lived around...weird.” She said before she went silent and a beeping started throughout the ship. “I didn’t hit anything!” She called back as we started ascending to the clouds and fast.

“I know it's not! I think either you or I triggered something when we mentioned Dragons or the Golden age!” I yelped.

“The ship’s not fit for atmo! Get helmets on!” Zoey yelled slamming her helmet on and sealing it as I sealed my own.

“I’m making armor Guardian!” Versatile said as the ship kept ascending.

“I can’t redirect! It’s locked me out and put on Autopilot!” Zoey growled as I moved to the cockpit.

“Why Elsie Bray would add that, I like to know!” I yelped as I whined at not finishing my drink.

Once we cleared the clouds, Feria was fully armored and we slowly started seeing navy darkness and stars in broad daylight. Soon after that we almost rammed into the wreckage of an ancient ship!

“FUCK!” Zoey screamed, pissing herself as the Shadow Tressper banked and rolled. It finished soon after and started floating in this huge graveyard of ships. I could barely see anything but ships, Covenant was the most prominent, but the others... They were huge but look like a mix of UNSC and Imperium of Man ships.

“The Fuck is This? Why are we here?” I grumbled as my Cider floated up in orbs of liquid.

Our ship picked up a ping before the thrusters maneuvered us towards a small station. It had the name, Azamof’s Cradle written on the airlock as our ship drifted into a hanger. This looked like a shipyard. The hangar was huge, and if the one massive skeleton I saw of what seemed to be an Everlasting Dragon spoke of, it was designed for them. There were doors for smaller species but they were few and most of the station was only built for the dragons to roam.

“Why are we here? And who summoned us?” I muttered.

“Hello.” A voice said over the comms. “I didn’t expect to see this old ship wandering the clouds again. Would you like repairs?”

Soon a holographic dragon appearing on our display and looked at us nervously, but with a bit of underlying cheek as well. She was feral in appearance, had no clothing, and was primarily blue. She also had a third eye on her forehead. “I’m Osiris.” She told us. “Or OS 121533-263.”

“Thought Osiris was a Guy?” I remarked to Zoey.

“I named myself after a mythological god, yes. He found it humbling.” She told us.

“Uhh, I was referring to another. The Warlock Osiris.” I told the dragoness.

“Oh, don’t know him.” She said, tilting her holographic head.

“Wait, are you an AI?” I asked.

“Yes. Surprised I’m not rampant really.” She said nervously. “But everyone up here was dead by the time my seven years were up.”

“ long have you been up here?” Zoey asked.

“600,000 years.” She explained.

“You're metastable then if you are a smart AI,” I told her. “Last I checked, ‘Dumb’ AIs can't go Rampant.”

“I guess I am.” She said. “So would you like repairs? I haven’t worked on a ship for a long time.” She chuckled uneasily before shooting plasma outside at a descending wreck. “It was too big to enter the atmosphere like that.”

“I can see that.” I grimaced. “Think you could give a Jumpdrive, Maybe Work for Space? You kinda pulled us here in a ship not rated for Space yet, and if we didn't have our suits...”

“Oh...sorry.” She mewled as she moved us into a workstation. “Do you know any more ships I could fix?” She asked as light bulbs clicked in my head.

“I think I know a few…” I grinned.

“Holiday is going to fuck this station.” Zoey giggled.

“That oughta be a sight to see.” I giggled, imagining Holiday literally humping the station. “Think you can call your ghost and your own ship here? The vanguard needs to know.”

“Uh?” Osiris asked.

“Yeah. Had kept an open link. I can see other stations that are intact too, but they’re too far away.” Zoey said.

“Guardians? Where are you?” Ikora asked over the comms as Osiris worked on my ship.

“In a place that may turn the tide against the Legion. Tell Holiday she likely has a new friend.” I grinned.


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I groaned as I looked up to the stars. I had eaten a bit too much to night and now I had Gaia scolding me in front of Shade and Silva. Silva was not happy but seemed scared of Gaia.

“...And just look at you! You’re look like you’re going to throw up and...ugh, stupid girl!” She snarled, looking to Shade. “Okay you! Go get these plants.”

She handed shade a list and my pack mate nodded before running off with Silva in tow.

“But it was good!” I whined at the red leafed Timber Wolf. “I made a great steak, and Shade ate some!”

“That doesn’t mean you are not a stupid cub who gorged herself!” Gaia snarled at me.

“You’re not my mother!” I yelled at her.

She looked hurt by that but recovered soon after. “Fine, I won’t help you.” She huffed.

“Wait for no!” I cried as my belly protested.

“Then shut up and let me work.” She said, as she looked me over. “Look, just calm down and lay down. You are not well.” She told me.

And it was about then that a little white she-wolf with two eyes of opposing colours walked in with Victor. “Zis her?” The Wolf asked as Victor nodded. “Ach, Tummy ache, Vaste of Medi-Gun tech.” She huffed, her accent Heavy.

“And who are you?” Gaia huffed looked at the too, pointedly at Victor.

“Mein name is Urara. Zis is my mate, Victor.” Urara said, making me Blink.

“Uh, I thought I heard Victor had mated Celestia?” I said confused making Gaia’s scowl deepen.

“I have a lot. Love them all the same.” Victor said. “My Daughter Freya is on my Back, by the way.” he added as a Tiny Wolf cooed.

“Oh, she’s sooo...ooooow!” I whined.

“I said relax, stupid cub!” Gaia huffed in an irritated, motherly tone.

“Heh, guess we don't have much use, eh?” Victor chuckled, petting a Large rifle on His back. It was a Sniper Rifle, but with a Camo Pattern and a Netting. It was next to Freya’s carrier, which meant she was pawing the stock.

“So why are you two here?” Gaia said as she had me lay on the couch Rarity had fashioned for me.

“Paying a visit.” Victor shrugged. “Didn't expect Marian with a Tummy ache.” He said as Urara huffed, polishing a massive Greatsword.

“She ate a bit too much steak. Go have some so she’s not tempted.” Gaia told them as I growled...or I did before the Timber Wolf shot a glare at me.

Victor chuckled, as Urara walked off, showing she also had a few cubs on her, One boy, and a Girl, both tucked on her shoulders in a specialized harness as she put her sword on her back. Well, That explains the odd positioning of the cubs.

“That doesn’t really seem safe.” I mewled as Urara just rolled her eyes and started eating my leftovers.

“Neizzer is haffing kinder ven vun is bounty Jaeger.” Urara grumbled. “Und Vun needs veapon at hand in case of Assault on Cub und self.”

“Trust me, Last fool who tried, I could only salvage a Hand.” Victor sighed. “Thankfully, it was enough for payment, though she kinda got named ‘White Death’ as a result, both for that and for her Sniping skill,” he said before she jabbed his ribs with a blush.

“Well, I’m not named for anything.” I chuckled.

“Beast of the Everfree is a title.” Gaia sighed.

“Wow, not even a Bounty Hunter, and you have a title.” Victor chuckled.

“Says sie vun named Bloody Shaman for his brutal Massacre of a gang of Crooks who looked at me funny?” Urara huffed.

“Eeeeh.” I mewled at the name, feeling hungry and sick.

“I got them!” Shade said, rushing over to Gaia. She took them and started making something in my cooking pot. “What you making?”

“Bad tasting medicine,” Gaia told her.

“Why?” She asked.

“To help Marian, and to teach her lesson. Eat too much, you get a bad taste in your mouth.” Gaia explained.

“Does it require Honey?” Victor asked, not breaking his glaring contest with his Mate.

“Yes, but no required really.” She told him as I whined.

“Heh, really going the extra mile with the punishment,” Victor said as neither blinked, even when he took a leftover Steak. He hummed as he had it

“Yes. it’s not the first time she did this.” She told him as she brewed it.

“Aye.” he said, before both blinked, making their cubs giggle. “Ooooooowwww, Dry Eye hurts when I can't moisturize my Cybernetic ones.” he groaned as he shook his Head. “Gonna decode This Blue Engram, here's a pot of Pine Honey. Miss, Don't let her open it.” he told Gaia as he pulled out a light Blue basketball sized dodecahedron. “Hope it's something good.” he muttered.

“Okay.” Gaia said as I groaned. Soon enough, an image appeared in the engram of a strange brozen ship with triangle engines and large cannons under the main body. “Oh, looks like you got a Risen Ship.”

“You mean the Undead Bears up north? The ones that are not Panderians?” Shade asked.

“Wait, you mean I got a Guardian Jumpship?” Victor asked. “‘Old on, I think I know this One. It's Golden age!”

“I guess it is,” Gaia said. “Not really one of the Dreadnoughts the Everlasting Dragons built though.”

“The Everlasting Wot?” Victor asked.

“An old race of dragons that have long since went extinct. Modern Dragon’s from the Dragon lands are descendants of them. The Dovah are not related.” She explained.

“I can guess,” he said. “Unless Akatosh/Auriel was One, they are not his kin.”

“It’s debatable. What I do know is that Everlasting Dragons were once a space faring race and is the only one in our known history to do so.” Gaia told us as she force-fed me the medicine. I gagged and coughed as Shade mewled at the sight. “There, your stomach should start feeling better.” She said cheerfully.

“Her Stomach, sure, but nott her tastebuds.” Urara chuckled.

“That’s so bitter!” I gagged.

“I know. Learn your lesson.” Gaia scolded me as my mother would.

“She should,” Victor said as the Engram disappeared. “Blueprint downloaded. I can build and modify it when I have the time and resources.”

“Fine.” I groaned holding my belly. “It’s starting to feel better.”

“Good, now let's catch up on what you have been up to?” Gaia asked me.

“No.” I huffed.

“She been scaring Bandits away and Steven is worried about some weird bears at the church!” Shade told us.

“Shade!” I yelled at her.

“What it’s true!” Shade huffed. “It’s been three months since we last saw either of them!”

“Weird Bears?” Victor asked with a quirked brow.

“Yeah, they are not like the bears of the Everfree nor Pandaren!” Shade told me. “They said they came from up north!”

“You have Pandariens here?!” Victor balked. “Don't Tell me you have Worgens too!”

“I guess. Gaia and Shade know more.” I told him.

“ you mean Werewolves? Some Diamond Dogs used cursed items they stole from Hircine the Deadra Prince of the Hunt to turn the Citystate of Gilneas into Lycanthropes.” Gaia informed.

“uh, No. Think werewolves, but lucid and with no Tails.” Victor said, Urara watching curiously.

“I’m a Werewolf! And I Lucid!” Shade snarled at him.

“I said, No Tails. You have One.” Victor pointed out her swishing tail.

“No, we don’t have these Worgen. You know most of our world have tails. Turning into this Worgen and losing a tail doesn’t seem likely.” Gaia pointed out as she sat down. Shade was also brewing some tea now.

“It’s from World of Warcraft. They’re the game's version of Werewolf, it was back when Blizzard had a hard time making character tails.” I explained.

“You lost me.” Gaia sighed.

“Pandarians are from the game too. And in case you are wondering, you have Video games, right?” Victor asked.

“Yes. TVs, Computers, and Radio. We also internet.” She explained. “They are recent forty years.”

“As long as the war,” I commented.

“Yes.” She explained. “The Dogs are a bit behind us.”

“You're rather vell informed,” Urara spoke up, her Son suckling with a mewl.

“It’s more Zecora and Steven,” Gaia explained. “I hear from them.”

“I have a TV and some other things that Rarity is bringing. I won’t have internet or much else though.” I explained.

“Don’t get lazy,” Gaia told me with a scowl.

“Yeah, No need to get overweight.” Victor chuckled as he… Toyed with a massive hologram projection of the ship from the Engram!?

“Don't mind him, he gets… Funny vith his augmentations ven he gets a new ‘Toy’.” Urara sighed as Freya chirped and batted at One of the wireframe models, Victor gently using his free Hand to play with her.

“Okay, that’s cute.” I chuckled at the cub.

“Anyways the Bears have been rebuilding the Chapel and have been putting this up!” Shade said placing a banner with Todd’s symbol on it. “They said they’re worshiping a great warrior! I also saw some ponies! And new Zebra! And I think I saw two Diamond Dogs!”

“Isn't that The Slayer Symbol?” Victor asked. “The Guy who kicks demon ass and takes all kinds of names?”

“Yeah, the same on Todd’s tomb,” I explained.

“Hmm, not the first time a church to the Slayer has appeared near his tomb,” Gaia commented.

“So what's This Gotta do with the Church popping up?” Victor asked.

“I don’t know. Oddly enough he does seem to have dormant Deific power.” Gaia explained. “I unsure if he is a god or not though.”

“That would be weird. Todd, the tall silent type being a god!” I chuckled. “He’s a year younger than me!”

“Well, judging from how old the tomb was, and carry the fact he may have been the same age as when he was before he turned up, he may Actually be older than you now,” Victor remarked as he added what looked like a bathroom to his would be ship.

“I...crap! I was already short as a guy, the only thing I had was I was older than all my friends!” I cried out, feeling so much smaller now, especially as I lost two feet.

“You're still growing, sugar. Give it time. Me? I found I stopped aging after becoming,” he waved at himself. “This.”

“Sorry.” Urara giggled.

“I think it's a Mix of your spell and my biology as an Umbra. Great phenomenal power, but nigh-immortal in a sense.” he said. “Kinda like you, Sugar-Wolf.” he chuckled, kissing her Head.

“Eh, I’ll live.” I sighed.

“Good. No need for existential crises. Got enough of that.” Victor said.

“Anything else?” Gaia asked.

“Rainbow’s stopped fearing me.” I admitted. “And I ate a Bandit.” I mewled at the last bit. “Ripped his heart out.”

“Cool!” Victor grinned, Urara giggling manically.

“That’” I asked. “I mauled the guy!” I whined.

“You’ll do it.” Shade said, rolling her eyes. “I killed one just yesterday.”

“He wanted to plow you or sumthin’?” Victor asked.

“Nooo. He was attacking a Caravan group. I just happened by and decided to snack.” She said with a toothy grin.

“Gud.” Urara drily said. “Reminds me of our Last few bounties before sie birth of our Kinder.” Urara purred, nuzzling her Son and Second Daughter.

“Well that’s strange.” Gaia chuckled. “Anyway I need to head out. See you all later. I have to head home. Don’t overeat, Marian.” Gaia scowled.

“Okay.” I mewled as she left.

“So what do you two want to do?” Shade asked Victor and Urara.

“Well, the cubs seem to want to see This place a lil’ more, and I want to Keep modifying Eon Trespass, So we could hang a little Longer,” Victor said.

“Well, The manor is mostly safe for cubs.” I said. “There is a hole in the basement though.” I warned.

“Ja, Okay. Thorden, Hitomi, you can go und play.” She said, letting The two down as they toddled off, Freya mewling as she nuzzled her daddy.

“So, how are you two doing? I think I can get the mirror closer so your cubs are safer when they get here.” I told them.

“Going Well. However, that expedition to that Omnium has really Changed things up more.” Victor told me.

“Ah...the what?” I asked.

“Omnium. It's a facility that creates Omnics.” Victor explained.

“Oh...never played Overwatch. It had barely been shown at E3.” I explained making Victor blink.

“What year was it when you left?”

“2015,” I answered.

“That's nearly seven to eight years before I left,” he muttered. “Damn.”

“Really...strange.” I stated. “Eh, I guess times just weird here.”

“I suppose.” Victor sighed. “Anyway, the Omnium opened up trade to the ones who they were looking for, that being around eight very lost Omnics.” he told me. “One of them, a rather foul-tempered bird with neon Conduit powers, was the One Urara and I were stuck with.”

“Ah, my sympathy,” I told him as I caught a scent from Urara.

“Ja, but I vould not forget ven Mien Liebe snapped, pinned her under his arm und spanked her till she burst into tears.” Urara giggled. “It vus funny!”

“And a turn on I guess.” I said, covering my nose. She blushed and ground her left foot awkwardly. “Ja.” She said. “It vas.”

“So, what about you and Celestia?” I asked Victor.

“As far as I could tell, she might have given birth by now. It’s almost been two years here, and my world is almost sync with this one.” He told me.

“Well at least life is exciting for you. I just live day my day doing chores or chasing bandits.” I sighed.

“It’s not always exciting, but I hope you don't regret saying that.” Victor sighed. “Here. Made This out of boredom.” he told me, passing me a revolver that resembled the ones Rarity had.

“Huh, Rarity has one of these.” I said, taking it and looking it over, barely remembering the gun safety Todd drilled into me. It was a beautiful sight, with silver and darkened metal mixed into twisting patterns all over the Gun frame.

“Huh. Does it have a Gas Sealing Cylinder?” he asked with a quirked brow as he pulled the hammer back, showing the Cylinder moving slightly Forward. He held the hammer and then released the trigger, carefully lifting the hammer back to position. “I based it off the Webley MK VI revolver, but with the Gas seal system of the Nagant M1895 revolver, and it has Polygonal Rifling, So it can suppress better.”

“I don’t know. Just understand that there are guns here.” I mewled.

“Oh. Well, at least you can stick a suppressor on yours.” Victor said. “Fires the .45 round, So it's got a far amount of stopping power.” he told me. “Just making sure you have options.”

“Wow, now I have the making of the round in my head.” I groaned as the Hammer told me how to make .45 Rounds. “And now I need to make the equipment to make the rounds.”

“Ah. Should have a spare kit…” He muttered, digging through his bag. “Hope it tells you how to make the propellent and primer caps, or that Zecora may help.” he said as he took out tweezers, a vice, a casting mold, what looked like a strange apparatus meant for loading bullets, and an object that seemed to make primer caps.

“Thanks. I’m sure it’s shown me how. The Hammer just keeps showing me how to make weapons and armor.” I sighed as I took some of the tea Shade had started serving.

“Lovely.” Victor said. “So You're a Blacksmith, I’m a Smith/Engineer.” Victor chuckled. “Amazing what One can do with Cybernetics.”

“Lucky you.” I sighed as Shade chuckled at me.

“You want to do a contest?” She teased me.

“Nah.” Victor said. “Marian seems to be gifted with Smithing. Me? I need the Data to Work what I need.” he explained. “And mine was through sheer practice.”

“I’m practicing too.” I mewled as Victor chuckled at me.

“Good.” He said as Urara huffed. “So anyway, the Omnium were willing to help the Wayward Omnics, and they gave us some tech as thanks. Been casting parts for newer model cars, at least, compared to the Fox Model-Ts my World has.” he explained, getting back on track.

“Oh, unsure if we have cars here, but that sounds great for you guys.” I chuckled at them. “So your world is advancing?”

“Ja, though ve haff no plans to change sie trains yet.” Urara chuckled.

“Why not?” I asked as Victor shifted in his seat.

“Well, for One, just bringing in cars was a bit… Much.” he said.

“He means zat sie Bounties became harder vith newer cars popping in, vut vith many eizzer stealing zem, or sie targets upping zher game.” Urara said.

“Ah.” I said, understanding. “And do you need a better seat, Victor?” I asked as Shade giggled at him.

“y-Yeah.” he groaned.

I deadpanned. “Urara, you turned him on, didn’t you.” I groaned.

“N-Nooooo…” She said, getting shifty-eyed.

“If you two want a room, I still have a spare for you to use.” I told them.

“Thanks/Danke.” Victor and Urara said, before he passed Freya to me. “Be a good Girl, Freya, momma and pappy’s gonna be busy.” he told her.

I looked at the cub as the parents moved to the spare room. Or at least I hoped it was to the spare room. They rushed by so fast that Shade and I couldn’t exactly tell them which door.

“You're bedding gonna smell like sex!” Shade chuckled at me.

“It might be yours.” I countered as the cub gurgled, before chewing my finger. “Ow!” I yelped as a I got the cub to stop and just lightly bounced her. I had some experience with kids, my nephew...even with the ball punching he had a habit of doing, was a decent kid. She whined, sounding like she didn't like bouncing.

I sighed and stopped. “So what do you like, little one?” I asked her as held her up to my face. Shade was watching the other two as the moans started.

“Wun!” She mewled, booping my nose.

“Nose booping?” I chuckled at her before booping my nose on her belly and blowing a raspberry. She squealed and giggled as she squirmed. “Who’s a cute little morsel!” I chuckled as my beast side slipped in. I wouldn’t eat a cub, but my beast had a habit of calling noneWere-Beasts morsel. I chuckled before blowing more raspberries on her belly.

She giggled and squealed, pawing my face as Victor let loose a howl.

“Your parents are ruining one of my beds, what should I do about that?” I asked her, tickling her. She squealed, before I smelt pee. “Great.” I sighed as hoped it was one of the others and not the one I was holding.

Unfortunately she started to whine, looking embarrassed somehow.

“Please tell me you have spare diapers.” I said as I moved to Urara’s bag and found some. I sighed and started to try and change her. She calmed down a bit, making me note how much of a well-behaved cub she was. “Good girl. Your mother must be so proud of you.” I said removing the dirty diaper and got the new one ready. I huffed at the smell of pee as I got the new diaper on her.

“Mwewen!” She squealed.

“Cute little morsel!” I chuckled at her as I finished.

“Jar!” She giggled.

“Jarw!” I barked at her.

She bapped my nose with a giggle. I barked and tickled her few a bit more, giggling between barks. She mewled and squealed as she nuzzled and licked me.

I chuckled at her before making little light constructs with the little magic I learned from Rarity. I had learned some destruction spells from the elder scrolls games, but that was not for entertaining children.

She cooed and batted the nearest One, chasing a few along with her curious brother. They babbled happily, tails wagging.

“Guess I can be entertaining!” I chuckled as I played with the cubs.

“I’m going to eat.” Shade said as she changed and charged out. I watched her leave as Hitomi padded over, pouncing on a light construct with a happy squeal.

“Uh, okay see you?” I said as she charged off. “Thought she just ate?” I muttered before my manor started making banging sounds as the moaning got louder.

“Whos my little Devil-Wolf!” I heard barked from Victor as Urara yelped and barked. “M-Me!!!” Urara howled, her yips mingling a bit.

“Are they always like that?” I asked their cubs as they hunted my light constructs.

“Uh-huh.” Throden said with a bob of his head, nipping a construct he had caught. “Mama und Papa Funnie nose.”

“Figures.” I chuckled at them, playing with the cubs. Hitomi sniffed my Hand, then nuzzled me with a giggle. “Who’s a good girl!” I giggled at her.

“Wee!” She chirped, nuzzling my Hand. “Annie MaWeWun!”

“Silly cubs.” I chuckled at them as they giggled at me curiously. Throden cocked his head, before a fish-shaped construct bobbed by, making him pounce on it. I looked to the roof, hoping the two weren’t in my room as the Cubs chased my ‘toys’.

An hour later, The cubs were snoozing on me, the Door opening to reveal Victor, who grunted as he stretched, Urara giggling as she leaned on him with a dazed expression.

I waved at the two as Victor licked his lips and looked at me with his cubs napping on me. “Heh, they really like you, Marian.” Victor chuckled as he scooped up the snoozing cubs, Hitomi murring as she left my lap.

“All I did was use magic to give them something to chase. Though your boy can get grabby.” I told them.

“Really? He Wasn't grabbing your breasts, was he?” Victor asked.

“He was, Though your girls did too, they were hungry. He actually grabbed my panties and said something about Daddy’s horde.” I explained.

“Oh.” Victor groaned, Urara giggling. “He Thinks I marked you.”

“Huh?” I asked as the boy snorted in his sleep, seeming to pee. “Also they seemed to have drunk a lot of water. Or not, can’t tell.”

“He is trying to mark you. Some offspring, especially sie males, Do zat on females, as practice for future.” Urara huffed. “It is rare for females to do zat.”

“Ah, well as long as he doesn’t do it, I’m fine with him.” I sighed as Victor looked at his boy who started whimpering from the filthy diaper.

Victor sighed as he cleaned up the cub, putting him on the Chair and peeling the cub’s diaper off. Victor finished before looking over his kid then to me. “Has taking care of cubs turned you on?!”

“I...what?” I asked as the Wolf sniffed the air. “I may have been thinking about having Kids yes, but I didn’t think it turned me on.”

“Hmm.” he grumped, crossing his Legs as Throden cooed.

“What?” I asked confused as the wolf kept sniffing the air. He Then sniffed my body, moving to my Crotch. “Hey!” I cried covering it as I noticed my panties were gone. “Where did those go?! Shade if you took them as a joke I’ll-!”

“Uh, Aldewulf, that isn't…” Victor said, making me look to see Aldewulf eating something Pink. “Dangit. Lil’ Pup Swiped them.” he groaned.

“Really? First a Manticore rips the first pair to get to my pussy, next, a branch, then a dragon burning all my clothes, and now a pup eats my panties.” I wailed, crossing my legs. Victor hugged me, trying to comfort me. I mewled from his scent as his boy crawled over holding out his hands to his father. “ smell…strange.”

“Sorry, been getting horny a lot lately.” he huffed, kissing my cheek and nuzzling my neck as he scooped up his son and rubbed his ears, making him yip and squeak. I chuckled at him.

“So should I worry about this cute little cub marking me on his next visit? Also what about you?” I asked Victor feeling weird with his scent so close.

“Hmm, he might if he gets attached to you,” he said, nuzzling my neck.

“And you?” I asked.

“What do you think I was nuzzling you for?” He purred.

“ want to-” I asked, feeling something hard on my thigh.

“Question is, do you want me to have you?” He asked.

“Okay?” I mewled, having thought it over for a few minutes, as Victor looked me over hungrily as Urara started breastfeeding her girls.

“You ready yet? Or do you want to wait?” he asked me.

“You do know I was a guy before bei…” I began.

“So?” he said. “There have been many who are the same, and they are happy.”

“I, well…” I said, blushing to remember how I haven’t had sex in to so long.

“Virgin?” He asked me Gently.

“Yes.” I mewled, seeing his loincloth bulge and slide to the side. He nuzzled me Gently, sniffing my ears as I stared at his cock. “…” I mewled as his boy giggled and smiled at me. “I’m not ready for kids either.” I mewled.

“I know a few spells.” he purred. “Preventing pregnancies.”

He leaned into me and I felt that massive rod slide on my crotch. I whimpered as I actually started getting aroused and my pussy started leaking. He kissed my nose with a rumbling purr and nuzzled my cheek.

“I...I…” I mewled as I glance to see Urara’s reaction to her mate doing this in front of her. Her tail was wagging, and she was watching with a hungry look. I mewled as I felt like prey in a den of wolves and a dragon was heading it as he encouraged me to go with the flow.

A light stroke of my tail, a gentle tug of my panties, a nuzzle here and there, it was all making me hot and bothered as he probed me with his tip. He poked my lower lips, breasts, thighs, and the scent was strong too. A squeeze of my rump, and I caved.

“Well, as long as I don’t get...pregnant. I’m not in heat anyway.” I mewled. He perked up, before kissing me on the lips and trailing down my body. “Ah.” I mewled, unsure of receiving, I mean, yeah, Todd and I had done some stuff in high school from exploring our sexuality, but I never really thought I’d be with a guy.

Victor then hovered over my lower lips, Breathing on my pussy. I shivered in shock as he teased them with his breath and acted so gentle down there as he slowly got my panties off.

“Feels so weird not having a cock with this happening.” I mewled, remembering how Todd was. Susan, a cheerleader from the same school, was much rougher in bed when I had dated her, the break up in college had left me with a dry spell in sex for over six years. Victor licked me, sniffing my pussy and nosing my clit, purring as shock ran through me.

I mewled as the wolf worked his tongue and I thought of my old relationships. “Ah! Ah!”

He purred as he massaged my Back, his cock throbbing hard on my tail.

“Your bigger than Todd was.” I mewled at his size, which in general was bigger than my large friend by a good foot everywhere. I felt a tingle as if I had triggered something big and cosmic, who was currently sniggering like a loon.

“Hmm, you say something?” Victor asked.

“!” I panted, hoping that was just in my head. He moaned, before pulling off and grinding his cock between my Legs. “Ah, that’s so big!” I groaned and I spread my legs. He purred and started pushing in, making pain flare at my pussy lips. “AH!” I gasped.

“Marian?” Victor asked, nuzzling me in comfort.

“It’s big, never took anything that big…” I mewled as he quirked a brow at me. “Well, maybe Shade… but I was transformed at the time to me much bigger.”

He kissed me, before pushing deeper, slowly. I mewled and whined as he got closer to my hymen. I winced as I stiffened from the thought of the pain.

A pulse of energy made me shiver before I felt my aches Fade. “Hmm, Gotta love Renewal.” he moaned into my ear.

“Thanks.” I mewled to him. He kissed my nose, then pushed in, popping my girl-cherry. “Fuck!” I whined as I was racked with a bit of pain but he slowed to let me adjust.

“Hmm, intensifying Renewal~” He moaned, a pulse making my pain ebb away faster. I mewled as he smiled and started thrusting.

“You act like Steven when his little gaggle of Wild Ones wants to play. He said something about them being parts of his treasure horde!” I cried as my pussy convulsed and clenched. He nuzzled me as he pounded my pussy.

“Hmm, I guess you and my mates, as well as my Children, are~” he purred happily.

I mewled at this and Urara added, “Und he’s been eyeing you since he saw you. He couldn’t shut up about his visits here vunce you got him started!” She giggled.

I whimpered at that, but a large wave of pleasure as what I could only guess was my first orgasm racked my body. I moaned as my eyelids relaxed and my lower body tensed up.

“Like a perfect diamond~” Victor moaned into my ear. Urara glared at the comment and huffed. “And I haven't forgotten my most important One,” he said, pulling Urara into a kiss.

“You’re going deeper?!” I asked as I already feel so full. The wolf purred as he kissed Urara and pushed more of his cock in, getting more than half in.

“Teenage pussy feels so good~” he moaned with a shiver as he started slobbering. Urara smirked, before massaging his cock, making him moan and hump me more, though sparing me the worst of his length.

“The spell?” I asked as the wolf seemed too blissed out and licked my nipples. He was getting focused on pleasure now as another orgasm racked my pussy.

He moaned and started to suckle my tits as Urara giggled, putting his Hand to her soaked panties. I moaned at the strange sensations as my body seemed to beg to be caressed now. I was still lucid enough to worry about kids but whenever I tried asking, a wave of pleasure sent me moaning.

Victor huffed as he nuzzled my developing cleavage with a croon as he massaged my Back. I shivered in response as Urara kissed his chest and moved her kisses downward, making Victor huff. “Fuck, fuck!” I cried out as I stopped focusing on the smaller wolf as the larger one plowed me like a field. Victor grunted as he nibbled my neck, making me shiver and gasp.

“The spell Victor?” I asked as I noticed Urara licking his knot and rubbing his balls. I moaned and shivered as his cock thrust into me and made me reach another orgasm.

“Hmm, it's two-stage, Sugar. Casting first half.” he purred, Casting it and making my ovaries tingle.

“Thanks.” I mewled as he suckled on my breasts and rubbed my back. Urara was now nibbling and licking his knot as she started rubbing my clitoris around his cock. “AH!”

“Hmm, you are certainly sensitive.” Urara giggled softly.

“First-time miss!” I cried out as their son watched us and moved over to us.

“Aldewulf?” Urara asked as I barked. He seemingly used some spell to jump onto my chest and copied his father on suckling my breasts.

“Ah, I don’t have milk buddy.” I huffed as Victor purred. He gently plucked his son off, and placed him on Urara, making her moan as she was suckled off. “Why did he go for my breasts?” I asked as Victor snarled and thrust his Knot in.

“Monkey see, Monkey do!” He huffed as Urara sighed, before picking up her cubs.

“I vill be moving sie pups to anozzer Room. Try not to impregnate Marian by accident, Mien Liebe.” Urara told him. He nuzzled her, kissing her forehead.

I groaned at the knot swelling in me as Victor watched Urara leave, before he nuzzled me, kissing my cheeks. “That’s big.” I groaned as I felt my legs forced to spread from its size. “What did Urara mean about accidentally impregnating me?”

“I can… Still do that, if I use shouts! If my throat glows, Slap my chest!” Victor grunted. “It means My Thu’um is charging without my knowing!”

“Okay!” I said in fear as my inner beast snarled at him. He kissed me, rubbing my shoulder blades as he tried to comfort me in his intercourse. “Hmmm~” I moaned as his tip pushed and pounded my Cervix, my pussy clenching in another orgasm.

He grunted and groaned as he looked in absolute bliss. He was panting into my ear, rubbing my cheek with a gentle caress, as if he was gently stroking a pet Dog or Cat. I mewled at the image as my inner beast bucked at him for ‘insult’.

“Hmmph~” he crooned, nipping my neck and licking the hickeys he left. I whined and growled as my shyness with this battle with my insulted beast who wanted to show Victor how powerful she was. He Then nipped my ears, nuzzling my cheek as his knot pushed in and I whimpered as it locked.

“Fuck! You ass!” I snarled as I gripped his shoulders. He grunted, nipping my tits as he growled back. “Ah, shit, how many times can I cum!?” I barked as my pussy clenched. He shrugged as he started to swell up, the pulsating telling me he was about to cum.

I whimpered at the feeling, knowing it well enough, as I watched his chest. I caught a Soft glow starting from his heart, to his throat, it made me yield before punching him in the chest. My hand hurt as he sucked in the air.

“Thanks!” he wheezed, before kissing me again, his tongue tangling with mine. I mewled and shivered as I felt ropes of hot cum start to spurt from his tip into me. The feeling as certainly different from having it up the ass though. He purred, the sound making me shiver.

“Hmmmm!” I moaned into the kiss in shock as he just kept going, my belly swelling as I tapped his shoulder. He moaned, then looked at me, his eyes carrying concern. I broke the kiss to say while panting for air, “Too much, pull out!”

He shook his head, tugging to show his knot was firmly locked in. I whined at the fact and held my swelling belly, hoping it would hold as for some reason my pussy came again. His hands glowed, before the straining stopped, though my belly was still swelling.

“What did you do?” I asked as his cock slowed in it’s pumping but hadn’t stopped yet.

“Elastic belly and Womb Spell.” He explained, nuzzling my cheek as I heard my Beast side snarl in pleasure at how much he made. “I need to finish before I can pull out and use the anti-pregnancy spell.”

“Okay,” I whined as I kept checking his chest. No glow yet, but he was really affectionate. “So why have you been pinning on me so much? I was once a guy.”

“One, I didn’t know you were once a Guy, but as I said, nothing new. Thousands of others are pretty similar to your situation.” He explained.

“Oh, didn’t know,” I said blinking.

“The Second was You're pretty, and you had a nice personality,” he told me. “And I kinda liked you for both.”

“You’re kinda lucky I was bi, and most males I met before were just rapists.” I mewled with a blush. His eyes widened before he nuzzled me in comfort, or at least, an attempt at it. “Funnily enough they both live with me, Silva by choice and Shade by need.”

He grunted out a Chuckle as I heard Silva roar outside. I think Shade and her were back.

“I think we’ll have company soon. Are you almost done?” I asked him. He nodded, before pulling out, his cock popping wetly and cum leaking out. I moaned as my head lolled back from the feeling. The wolf quickly cast another spell on my belly as I duly summoned fire to clean up the cum.

We were not quick enough, however, as Silva and Shade walked in while we were cleaning up.

“Huh, we have a male for our pack now?” Shade asked as Victor looked at her. “Too young for sex, buddy, and the Manticore will chomp your dick off.”

“I can Tell by your size, and unless your manticore can go anthro, fat chance,” Victor said, making Silva flinch.

“She can’t. My alpha, we found a door to some temple with the Slayer symbol on it. It’s in a cave north of us and I don’t think Todd was involved in it’s making from what you’ve told me of him.” Shade told us.

“Celly did mention some whackjobs respecting the Doomslayer,” Victor spoke up.

“You visit almost monthly, How am I not surprised you talk to her so much!” I chuckled as I got up, my now small belly, sloshing still. “You two want to check it out right?” I asked them.

“Yeah. I mean if vague life before had anything it of worth, It is that I could tell some ruin’s ages. And this thing...Well, it’s been here longer than anything, hell I think the ponies built over it not knowing it was there if the rumble over it says anything. It’s carved into mountain rocks! And there’s no mountain here!” She squeed.

“Victor? Want to tag along?” I asked him as Urara came out.

“Sure, If Urara is up to it,” he said, nodding to her caring for the cubs.

“Up to vut?” She asked.

“Spelunking through Ruins,” Victor said.

Urara gave him a flat look at that. “You can go. I vill be home with sie cubs.” She sighed.

“Alright, take care lovely wolf!” I said as I got my armor on. Victor nodded, kissing Urara’s Head, before propping up his weapon, a gun with a strange scope, weird circular part, long barrel, and what seemed to be a battery on the stock-grip. “Ready?” I asked him as he purred and nodded to me.

“Ye,” he said, the Rifle giving a chirping crackle.

“Lead the way, Shade,” I told the wolfess as she chuckled and charged off into the forest as I grabbed my boy and started moving along.


View Online


“Alright people, we have this ship ready to fight those turtles!” Cayde-6 yelled out as Zavala shook his head. “Let’s show Gary we ain't just lying down!”

The hangar around us boomed with the cheers of lightless Guardians as Holiday gave a thumbs up for the Vanguard Spear being ready for its first fight. I merely tossed a minor exploding Fireball to make a Firework. Dunno Why, but I felt it was fitting.

“Alright Guardians, get on board your ships or the Vanguard Spear, we need to get moving in six hours!” Zavala told us. “The last three years have been up to this moment!” He yelled.

“Aye!” I yelled, twirling First Curse.

“For the Traveler!” Ikora cried out as the Guardians rushed to war.

“Yeah!!” I yelled, getting into Shadow Trespass.


We found the entrance of the temple and I blinked at the size of the circle like a door. We walked up to it as Shade motioned for Victor to pull a lever.

“Hope This ain't a trap,” Victor said, Ace of Spades out as he pulled it.

“If it's for Todd, I doubt it,” I said as the door opened and we walked in.

“Celly said they respected Todd. What's to say it was to Keep Robbers out and whatever is inside, in?” he said.

“True.” I sighed as we walked in and I saw a statue of a Fox, clad in OG Doomguy gear, on a mound of dead Demons, and wielding a sword of some kind. He had a primitive revolver in his other hand as he aimed for something. At the base of the Statue was an altar to give tributes and a door behind it that was closed.

“Guess we need to leave Tribute?” Victor asked.


I flew alongside the rest of my Wing, noting Zoey was flying beside me, in her own copy of my ship. “So, sneak in with Cayde and take out key targets?” I asked.

“Yes, Intel says some of the wolves are making more rune rituals in the outskirts. Zen-2 is taking care of them.” Zoey explained. “Cayde has us going for high ranking Legion officers in this depot.”

My map pinged as an old tower depot filled with Suros having a major store there. Mostly explosives. I grinned. “Blow their shit up?” I grinned.

“Yeah, though Zavala said Suros wouldn’t like it and we’d have to pay them back for the loss.” Cayde chuckled over my line. “But we have twenty known targets up there, all trying to report it for mines in the farms below. My Hawks were able to report that before they had to bail.”

“Well, we could loot the guns if they Still have em!” I grinned. “Always wanted a Suros Regime,” I mumbled.

“That’s true! I’m always game for more stuff!” He chuckled as said Tower came into view and the burning cityscape of the Guardian's home. Much of it was torn down by Gaul to make a fortress.

“For a bunch of Space warlords, they are shitty builders,” I remarked on the channel.


“I have no idea what to put there.” I groaned, banging my head on the Altar as we all tried our weapons, hell Victor put a demon head on it. Don’t know where he got it from, and I probably don't want to know, but with them infesting the forest I could take a guess.

“What about this!” Shade said, putting down a bag of bits.

“Did it Work?” Victor asked as he peeked behind a Low Wall. Can't blame him. The Head exploded when he placed it.

A low rumble was heard as the door behind the Statue moved open and the gold bag disappeared. We blinked as we walked in and saw a labyrinth, most of the books and main scrolls, were on some form of fighting or another. A few were on magic, a lot of them really. But the huge number was on weapon arts. Shade jumped as a new book flashed onto one of the shelves.

“How big…” I stopped as my voice echoed. And it was not stopping.

“Massive,” Victor said, his voice echoing. “And with the shelves adding more and more as time goes On.”

“I...can’t…” I said as we reached a pedestal that showed a Magical projection of the temple. We had entered the Slayer’s Library, the next room under us was the Training Hall, below that Meditation Hall, and below that… “The Treasure World? Why does it say world?”

“Dimensional Pocket?” Victor suggested.

“Oh! Relaxation Room!” Shade said tapping the picture as we suddenly found ourselves in a spa/hotel. “Did the map teleport us?”

“I think it did,” I said looking around. “So this Temple is in another reality?”

“More than Likely,” Victor said, checking the place out.

“Hey, this one says Slayer’s Solitude. Want to look into it?” I asked Victor.

“Anyone else?” Victor asked.

“Unsure if we should separate.” Shade said as Silva nodded. I gave them reassuring smiles as I touched the picture and we found ourselves in a small room.

It was spartan like no one had lived in here. I looked around and saw no chairs, no bed, not even wood in the fireplace. Not even spiders webs. Victor looked at the walls before reading something written near the south wall.

“To the Great Slayer of the Doom Bringers, we hope our worship of you is not offensive and wish to give you a place you can rest as you walk the Umbral Plains.” He said, nodding grimly. “They worshipped him. To the point of giving him a realm to rest in… And it was One that lasted a minnellia.”

“Doesn’t even look like he’s ever stepped foot in here...does he even know of this? That people worship him?” I asked, looking around. “They didn’t furnish it for him, and there is no dust so, until us, no one's been here.”

“Maybe he never knew, or the last time he was here, it was So Long ago that Dust didn't remain,” Victor said. “And even then, there may have been cleaning runes,” he explained.

Then Daisy stood up from the Pedestal. “Huh, they really did build a temple in this realm. Most just worship his token.” She said, looking around.

Victor whirled around, pointing Ace of Spades at her. “What th-!?” he yelped. “A… Bunny Doom Marine?” he blinked. “Huh, is her Last name Hopps?”

“I’m a Night Sentinel.” She told him flatly. “And my name is Daisy.”

“I did say the name.” Victor shrugged. “And it sure explains the fancy armor compared to the Praetor suit.”

“Todd would not like that.” She chuckled at him. “That suit’s his baby.”

“Hey, I said, ‘fancy’, not that it was better.” Victor shrugged casually. “Sides, it still looks awesome.”

“Anyway, my last name is Gelander.” She told him as she looked around. “Still can’t believe people worship him. He doesn’t even know it, never even saw this place. And it was built before he met me, and that was 400,000 years ago.”

“What?!” I exclaimed at the number.

“Celly did make mention of his Sealing Long before the whole thing with Discord and Nightmare Moon,” Victor spoke up.

“That would be about ten thousand years ago. It’s his second sealing. The first happened after he thought I’d died and my treacherous father turned me into the Icon of Sin with a deal from a demon priest.” She explained. “In Truth, the Demon captured me, I escaped and ended up in another realm, unsure how to get back to Agent D’nur.”

“The Seal also brought it up. Took great satisfaction in kicking it.” Victor said.

“Wait, Todd has a Token? How old is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. The Shotgun itself always reads as Forty Two thousand Years, but Todd is far older, and he made it so long ago he doesn’t even remember who he met to find out how to make one.” She explained. “He used his first Shotgun.”

“Strange. I found Blueprints for it. Combined it with mine.” Victor said.

“Let me see them?” She asked holding out her hands. Once Victor handed over the plans she chuckled. “This is his newest gun, not his first.”

“Ah. His first didn't have the meat hook?” Victor asked.

“No, it was a pump action Shotgun that is made from metal and wood and has the Logo UAC on the stock. It burnt, scratch, warped beyond what would be normal use. Has runic symbols on it to give it more power, and still fires, requiring no reload, and only needs you to have shells on you.” She explained.

“Cool,” Victor said. “Still, I need better parts. The meathook on my Tigris prime is wearing out a lot.”

“If you find Wracht,” She growled at the name, “you may be able to get what you need.” She told him.

“Who is he?” Victor asked. “I mean, there is clearly bad Blood between you.”

“A demon who betrayed his kind to help Todd. I just loathe what he is.” She told us.

“Something tells me you would hate my mate, Urara. She's half-demon.” Victor said.

“I might, Demons had raped my mother when I was three and the war with them began.” She explained.

“Wow, that’s…” I began.

“Fucked up, I know.” She said to me.

“What was her name? And… was she native here or some other World?” Victor asked her.

“Argent D’nur is another realm completely separate to this world of Vanhala.” She explained. “So no, she is not a Native of here. I’m not Native. And she was Duriala Gelander, died days later.”

“Sorry,” I said as Daisy walked around the room.

“Not your fault miss Marian.” She told me.

“Gods, I hope you had escaped,” Victor said, looking ill.

“Yes, I did. Todd showed up just moments later and killed a Baron that started attacking the hospital. He, with the Wraith’s powers empowering him, fought off countless hordes for hours. He pushed the demons back to nearly sealing the door before a Titan blocked his progress and kept the Door to our realm open. He snarled something about having closed countless other realms to Hell and that he was not being stopped here.” Daisy explained. “The Titan just chuckled as a new horde beat him back to a standstill. It has been shown that our realm was not only a prize for Hell, but a trap to kill Todd. It didn’t work of course, and for the years Father formed the Night Sentinels around Todd, he was wearing far different gear than the Praetor armor he has now.”

“Who was your Father, and is he dead?” Victor asked.

“I only call him the betrayer, and yes. Todd killed him just as he found out what happened.” Daisy explained.

“Good.” Victor said, fiddling with his Gun. “Wouldn't happen to hear of a Traveller, yes?” He asked Daisy.


I growled as we got pinned by some of the turtles guarding the explosives. Zoey was firing her machine gun to its limits as heard Chatter from Zavala that they made it through the wall and were heading for Gaul's ship with Zen-2 reporting he finished his task. Antwon whined as he nursed a wound on his shoulder and tossed a grenade down the corridor.

“Fuck you guys!” Zoey yelled out as she fired. “They’re going to load these on the ships now! My Ghost just gave me the intel!”

Her ghost was currently the one keeping the door behind us closed.

“They’re going to bomb the streets!” Antwon yipped as he fired his hand cannon.

“Then they better hope they know Hot Potato!” I yelled, catching the Charges with Telekinesis and throwing them back!

“Shit, we really need to learn that.” Zoey’s Ghost said as the ships and bombs blew making the tower we were on tilt. “Shit, abort Tower, ABORT TOWER!” they yelled out as Zoey started jogging for the landing zone.

“Fuck!” I snarled as I raced for the LZ!

“One ship’s still leaving!” Antwon yelled, racing for it as he activated Golden Gun. Zoey yelled for him to leave it as we got to our ships. The Hunter ignored her and started firing on the ship as his ghost raced back to us to get in his ship as the boy jumped onto the escaping legion Bomber, still in Golden Gun.

I whined as I made to try and pull him out. I already lost enough friends, I was not losing more! I barely got him just as the ship blew up and we took off for the cityscape, seeing a whole chunk of the wall fell.

“Fuck, that’s going to take a lot to fix,” Zoey said as her ship sparked a bit. I nodded, idly loading the Suros Regime I had found when a crate was blown open during the chaos.

“I got that ship right?” Antwon asked as we saw the ship blow.

“Yeah, buddy, don’t go suicide on us again okay?” Zoey asked as I saw the light from Feria’s super as she tore through the Undead infesting one section of the City. She looked like a Mini traveler from up here.

“Got it.” he sighed.

“This is Zen-2, the Vanguard has made a breach to Gaul’s ship, but can’t make it further, I’m going to finish this!” Zen-2 yelled over the comms as the Vanguard Spear listed to the side, retreating from the battle. On that note, I saw what looked like two more armies marching onto the city, one with the banner of a dog, the other of a horse. “Requesting back-up!”

The two new armies battled a group of cultists as a huge rune around the city started filled with the combined blood of the battle. “I don’t like that,” Zoey said as Zen got some more Guardians to join him and fought with Gaul.

“What do you mean?” I asked her. “And what are those clowns doing here?”

“Looks like just two-platoon. Maybe they know the strange Cultist?” Antwon asked as Zen reported he’d killed Gaul.

“Really?” Zoey cheered before a huge glowing version of the Turtle came into being.

“What th-” I said before the traveller ignited behind ghaul.

“I…” Zoey said before the cage around the Traveler flared with light and broke! The wave of light obliterated Gaul before any more fighting happened. We all blinked, before cheering as the Traveler awoke and the Turtles started turning tail and run.

“YES!!!” I Cheered.

“This is a wonderful moment Guardians! The Traveler is awake!” Ikora yelled into the comms. It’s time to celebrate.”

“Uh, guys, what’s the Rune doing?” Antwon asked as the eye from horse craters on the moon turned red.

“What?” Zavala asked a portal opened over the traveler.

“Oh come the Fuck on, what now!?” I groaned.

Chains, made of black iron and glowing with green flames, came down and wrapped around the Traveler. The Guardians had their light back and were trying to stop this. The Traveler itself was powering against it and stopped itself from being pulled into this portal, but the only halfway. I fired off attacks on the chains, using Ice, Fire, Void, even throwing objects to break the chains!

There was a blast of energy from the portal, knocking our tech out and demons started pouring through from the portal. Fuck, Hell was trying to take the Traveler!

“Fuck!” I roared, grabbing a Large One with extensive Cybernetics with my telekinesis and throwing It at several others, throwing it at the chains in Hopes they break. No such luck, aside from an impressive sight of the demon bursting on One.


“Not really,” Daisy said.

“Dang,” Victor said, before pulling a Large box the Size of a Steamer Trunk out of nowhere and sitting on it. “Shame. Would be nice to get This Opened.”

“Where did that come from?” I asked him.

“Found it under some Tree, within the roots. The Ace of Spade card marking feels kinda familiar.” He said.

“Might be able to open it myself,” Daisy said walking over and bringing out her crucible ax.

“Careful. The stuff inside maybe fragile.” Victor said. “Or at least, May not take a direct Hit from Hell weaponry.”

“Got it.” She said, taking the edge of her blade at the lock. “I’ve opened chests with this thing before. Marauder versions are hard to come by and kill. Like it that Hell just invades multiple version of worlds sometimes for all the loot and ammo they don’t use.”

“Kinda wasteful,” Victor said before the chest opened.

“It’s Hell.” She said with a deadpan. “Why should you care if they leave you ammo to kill them?” She asked.

“Ah,” Victor said, before I looking in, and blinking.

“What is that?” I asked as Victor pulled out a few wrapped packages.

“If my memory serves…” He said, unwrapping One and revealing it to be… An odd-looking component? “I found One of Cayde-6’s Secret Caches. Question is, is this normal, or was it misplaced?” He told us. “This is an upgrade part for Ace of Spades, my gun… And Cayde-6’s.”

“Maybe misplaced. I don’t know if this Cayde-6 is here.” Daisy said.

“I think he is. There are rising in this world.” I told them. “Though why would be this far south?”

“Who knows. In Destiny 2, Clyde's stashes were all over the friggin’ place.” Victor said.

“Wait you played two? How good was it?” I asked him.

“never played it.” He said. “And honestly, it looked decent, but I kept feeling it was a sting of sorts. It started bad, would have made a decent Movie, but a game…” He pulled a face. “Only thing good, was certain guns, and Cayde… Divines rest his wise-cracking soul.” he sighed sadly.

“Shit.” I sighed as Daisy rolled her eyes.

“You know that game is real here, and whatever spoilers you know can possibly be changed right?” She told him.

“Huh. Point taken… welp, just Gotta know if there is a Reef here… and a Prison of, Wait, Tartarus works.” Victor said. “Hey, a Trust Hand Cannon!” he said, unwrapping the next package to Find three Sci-fi looking Revolvers that made me think of those really old black powder revolvers, only glowing in three separate colors, One Orange, One purple and the last One, blue.

“So you like the gifts?” Daisy asked as she walked to the Pedestal.

“Yeah. Thanks, Miss. And… I hopefully can release Todd soon.” he said. “I mean, you must miss him.”

“Just over a year away,” I called out.

“We could get out of here,” Daisy told us.

“Alri- GAH!” Victor yelped, dropping the Three guns as he held his Head!

“Fucking great,” Daisy yelled. “Hell’s trying to take something. I’ll be seeing you.” She said, using her ax to open a portal and walked through.

“Did she a portal to hell?” I asked as it closed.

“Yeah.” Victor groaned, massaging his Head. “Better grab the trunk,” he said, stowing it away as he picked up the three guns, the component and the last package he had dropped.

“Ready to leave? I don’t know what else we could do. And it’s not like we know where Hell is beach heading right now.” I said walking over to the Pedestal.

“Even if we do, we're too far away.” Victor sighed. “If it's the Traveler, unlikely as that may be, it's up North. Anywhere nearby, we aren't ready for Hell,” he said.

“True,” I said as I got us to the entrance of the Library. “Well, hopefully, Daisy can do something.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Then again, she has a lot of experience.”

“You going home?” I asked him.

“Urara is probably Worried sick,” he said. “Take care of yourself, Okay Honey?” He asked me.


I sat on a ship with the Pony named Ironhide. Turns out Ironhide and Bloodhound Lucy had tried stopping the Ritual to hell, but the Cultist was armed with weapons from Fallen Guardians. Their troops fell into a trap the Cultist had set up for them and us. As soon as Hell poured through that tear...Bloodhound Lucy had set fire to The City, trying to slow the demons with the ruble while Ironhide did his best to stop her forces and get as many of the legion, Guardians and whatever Civilians they could out of the city.

The crazy bit? Some Guardians had agreed with Lucy’s actions and went with her to Burrow when she offered them a place. The Vanguard disapproved of the decision, but with how the Guardians always operated, they let those Guardians go.

Another group went with Ironhide’s forces for his actions on getting everyone to safety. I wasn’t really among that group, but I was asked by Cayde to look into the Equus Alliance. I felt little choice but to agree.

Losing the Traveller after we had worked So hard to free it was a hard pill to swallow.

As for the Vanguard, they moved back to orbit to the renamed Hearse Station, Orisirs 3, as Ikora had named the AI, was letting them use the Station as their new home base. Most Guardians were now split, but a good amount stay with the Vanguard at the Hearse Station.

I sighed, fiddling with my Gun.

“At least we still have the Light.” Zen-2 sighed, his ghost glowing. Funnily enough, that was the one good thing to come out of this. The Guardians, all of them, had their light back. The Traveler was not all gone but stuck between Worlds, but Demons controlled the territory around it and held it there.

“That's the only Silver lining,” I Grumbled. “We didn't just lose the Traveller, we lost the city too.”

“I know.” Zoey snarled. “But at least these guys didn’t burn it to the ground to stop the demons.”

“Well, I am giving the ones who left with the mutts a wedgie most brutal when I meet them again!” I growled. “Limey, Fucking pricks…”

“Yeah!” Antwon cheered as he ate the food. “I'm surprised some Ponies eat meat.” He commented looking over to a male soldier tearing into meat.

“Does he have canines?” I asked, seeing his sharpened teeth.

“I do. While we prefer plants, we can eat meat. Most soldiers do it because it give us better muscle growth.” He told us.

“Ah,” I said, before noticing a forlorn she-Bear sitting next to Lord Saladin. “Zoey? Is that…?”

“Lord Saladin. He came with us while Shaxx kept with the Vanguard.” She told me.

“Not him! The bear next to him! You know full well I met Saladin before!” I growled.

“Right. I don’t know, never seen her before.” Zoey told me.

“Which One was Ires?” I asked. I mean, I thought Zoey met her?

“Hmmm, oh crap, yeah, that’s Ires. Sorry, my mind's elsewhere.” She said with a blush. I nodded, before getting up and walking over to her.

“Lady Ires?” I asked her.

“Hmm, yes?” She said, snapping her head up to look at me. “Oh, you’re that one girl with the strange powers.”

“Yes. And… I wanted to do This.” I said, before hugging her.

“I...what for?” She said in shock, before hugging me back.

“I saw what happened, how you died.” I whispered, making her flinch.

“I...thanks for the hug.” She said with a crack in her voice. I nodded sadly.

“I am sorry if I bought up those horrid memories. I just wanted you to know I care.” I told her, breaking the Hug.

“Thank you.” She sniffled. “I’m happy to know that. Most let me know every day.”

Just as I finished, Alliance Soldiers walked into the Gallery in parade rest before Ironhide walked onto a stage near the front of the gallery. “Alright new comrades in arms! I’m the head of the northern operation for the Equus Alliance! I know you all want to get your Traveler back! But! You lot are not ready to fight Hell! We have intel and it was confirmed by the Vanguard that Hell Argent can kill you lot even with your Light!” He yelled out to us. “I have been ordered to train you in proper military tactics because, in my opinion, you all don’t know shit about true war! How the legion took your only city! And the suicidal tactics you use just because you have Ghosts! If you go against Hell’s armies now you. Will. Die! And there will be no coming back!”

I nodded grimly. I still didn't have a Ghost, but my Slug may actually give me a better chance by comparison, since I don't charge suicidally in.

“We fought off Oryx and the Black Garden before!” some idiot in the back yelled.

“And How close did your actions in BRINGING ORYX TO THIS SOLAR SYSTEM, brought us ALL to extinction?!” Ironhide snarled at the Guardian. “I understand the threats that you all have been fortunate enough to be able to fight for our world’s behalf! We can’t travel to space, but it was your actions that brought the dreadnaught here. I’m sure Princess Celestia was keeping Corta sleeping just well enough till you all poked your head into the moon.”

Kinda makes sense. I thought. Crota never directly got on Earth in my version of Destiny, and with the Elements of Harmony, it wouldn't be surprising if Sealing Nightmare Moon away, wouldn't have sealed Crota too.

“Well then, that clear. You all are reckless and haven’t learned that disturbing ancient evils might not be a great Idea. The Black Garden was not even a threat to our world, Only to you Guardians.” He snapped at us. “You all fight on your own, and you’ve all rushed into danger as you’ll never die! We can’t have that on the frontlines!”

“Don't forget how careless they were with their Ghosts.” I sighed. “I remember picking shards of Ghost out of my Fur because some idiots never thought to protect their One and only lifeline,” I grumbled, tapping my Head, and making a Ghost shard clatter to the floor. “Damn, No wonder my ear was itchy.”

“You lot hear that! That is the first thing we’re dealing with!” Ironhide snarled. “You lot will be a great asset once you’re trained but right now, you are all novices!”

“Ironhide, sir?” I asked. “Did Ikora give you data on a certain Slug?”

“Yes, Sister.” He said, using the title Sister, not just calling me the pronoun. “We know of it and of Rapture, Girls have gone missing.”

Then either Andrew has Run out of girls, or Sofia, or whatever counterpart of her, is running Rapture. I thought. “Any use you can Find from the Gene Tonics and Plasmids?” I asked.

“We’ve been looking into it, yes. Magical individuals do have some resistance to Plasmids and Tonics though, as we have learned.” He told me.

“Alright,” I said, sitting down. I idly noted Saladin was looking a bit smugly at a rather depressed-looking Shaax. Guess he was proven right about making the Guardians less reckless. Wait, Why is a rain cloud forming over Shaax?

“So with that cleared up, eat. You have three months of Boot Camp at Fort Handfell, in Yakistand. The Queen’s Council will be pleased to meet you.” He told us.

“Alright,” I said, idly noting my squad, or at least, the One I was hanging with, were the few not drooping their heads.

“Guess it’s about time.” Zen-2 sighed. He had always driven us like an actual military squad, the best he could at least. “So, we might be split up in the Coming months. It’s been good working with you guys.” he told us.

“Same,” I said.

“I may actually miss you asshats!” Zoey chuckled.

“I don’t really want to split up.” Antwon mewled.

“It may not happen my friend. But don’t expect not to.” Zen told him. “I’ll see if we can’t stick together in training.”

“Thanks.” The young hunter sighed.

“Eat up!” Zoey said dropping food in front of us.

“Thank God!” I huffed, eating mine, which was steak and some green plant like asparagus and mashed potatoes.


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I wiggled in my bed, feeling a bit weird this morning. It was about three months since I went with Victor and Shade to the Temple, and Victor hadn’t shown up for his monthly visit. I was wondering what he was doing at the moment, in these winking hours between sleep and alertness. I think I do have feelings for him, and it’s mostly why I let him have sex with me, though I’m unsure if I love him yet. We haven’t really gone on a date, but he’s sweet, thoughtful, has helped me, and I trust him. Still unsure about being in his Horde though. I wonder how Celestia thinks of him?

Rolling over in a lucid, thoughtful state, I felt something between my legs that I didn’t think I have there ever again. And that snapped me wide awake. I removed my covers and found a sheath just over my pussy, no balls though. “Wot?”

I rushed out to get to Zecora’s and figure out how I got a dick! Getting out my manor I rushed to the Zebra hut, not bothering to put on clothes. “ZECORA!” I yelled, finding her jolting awake from her sleep. “DICK! WHAT! HOW!?” I asked her in a panic.

“Marian, what...are you talking about?” Zecora asked as she rubbed the sleep from her eye’s, awake but not entirely. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, I just...have a dick!” I explained, pointing down at my new sheath. “I just woke up with it!”

Once she got a look at it, it was enough to wake her up fully. “How did that happened?” She asked, staring at it with a dumbfounded look. “You didn’t drink any of the Poison Joke Extract, did you?”

“What, no! I would never!” I said, feeling now very uncomfortable with her looking at it. And her scent was most noticeable.

“Marian, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I could help.” She told me, snapping herself out of staring at my sheath. “When did this happen, just now?”

“In my sleep, I think. I just woke up with it.” I mewled, covering it.

“This is very odd. We may need to visit Steven and see what he makes of this.” Zecora said, getting out of her bed and stretching out.

“Ah...yeah! Let's do that now!” I yelped, remembering she slept nude, and now my new male anatomy was showing my pleasure at always seeing her nude when we bathed at the bathhouse to hang out. “Why did I have to be bi and not just gay or something?! Why didn’t I put on clothes!” I panicked in thought to myself.

Zecora saw me trying to cover up my sheath, before looking at herself and facepalming. Groaning, she quickly got dressed and told me to get dressed. I nodded and grabbed some of the clothes the gave me. Once done I followed her out to Steven’s cave, passing some of the Slayer Church followers.

“They’re still here?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered. “There seem to be some more coming in. Not a lot and all of them seem to be warriors.” She told me.

“Huh, really?” I asked as I noticed one farming. “Are they making a Village?”

“Perhaps.” She shrugged. “Seeing as the one they worship is entombed within the old ruins, don’t be so surprised to find a village built out here.”

“I’m just surprised they’re not using the Temple built to him.” I voiced as we made it to Steven’s cave.

“Steven, are you here!?” Zecora called out.

“Just...oh fu...a moment!” He grunted out. It took longer than a moment, but about six minutes later a bloated Wild One, one of the three Timber Wolf anthros he regularly beds now, waddled out on uneasy legs going to her den near the cave. “Sorry about that. She wanted to play.” he panted as he slithered out in his full height.

“Marian woke up with something unexpected,” Zecora said, before looking back at me. “Show him.”

I mewled before dropping my skirt to show my sheath. “My, almost never seen this happen before.” He said, looking at me. “Doesn't look harmful though.”

“But how did that happen?” Zecora asked him.

“My guess, some god is trolling her at random. My guess, Sheogorath.” He told us. “The guy can be a troublemaker at times, but almost never as bad Discord was.”

“A random god just gave me a dick for no reason!?” I asked.

“He likes seeing how people react to madness,” Steven commented.

“Well, this is going to be problematic for her.” The Zebra mare sighed.

“I could remove it?” He told us.

“No, this...this is fine,” I muttered. “I just wanted to know why I had it.”

“Really?” Steven asked.

“I knew you would love it!” A man in mismatching clothes, a white beard, hair, mismatching eyes, and a face-splitting grin cheered. “I looking into the multiverse, for the best cheeses, I will refrain from most madness induce genocide being put into rulers.” He said, waving his hands away. “Enjoy the gift!” he jovially said as he disappeared in a cloud of cheese.

No, I am serious, there were a few cheese wheels in his place.

“So...glad to have your malehood back?” Zecora asked and I whined in embarrassment at that question.

“I...yes.” I mewled, blushing.

“Okay, now that everything with you is sorted out, I’ll be gathering some herbs,” Zecora said, leaving the cave.

“Thanks, sorry.” I mewled.

“Actually, there is something I wanted to ask of you.” She said, stopping herself and coming back to me. “Why does it smell like you have mated with someone?”

“I...did. A few months ago. But we made sure I couldn’t carry cubs from it.” I told her.

She sighed in relief. “Okay, as long as you both did it safely, you’ll be fine. Oh, and congratulations on finding a mate.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Well, I’m going to hunt,” Steven said, leaving his cave.

“ alone now….I’ll summon...only have one Token...hmmm, guess It couldn’t happen,” I said, pulling out the Doom Marine’s token. “Hey, um, if it’s not much of a bother, I could use some company now,” I said to it as my inner beast snarled at the rock.

Not too soon after, a portal opened and one of them walked through. I didn’t exactly recognize this one as Runner or Hunter. He seemed to be more like the Aggressor if what I’m getting from him is to go by. He was also carrying two swords on him.

“Hello, who are you? I’m Marian.” I said, hoping I remembered to pull the skirt. Though my inner beast cooing in need was annoying. She did it with Victor when he was around, but not right off.

“That would be my ill-tempered brother, Berserker.” I yelped in fright, almost jumping out of my fur as I found Runner standing right beside me. How did he do that!? I didn’t see him come through with his brother! “Hi.”

“Wha!?” I yelped as I looked at him. “Don’t do that!” I said holding my chest.

“He ran through at the last second before the portal closed.” Runner’s brother, Berserker, told me. “His speed has increased to the point where your eyesight can’t keep up.”

“He gave me such a scare,” I whined, my heart speeding.

“Sorry.” He chuckled, ruffling up my head.

“Heey~” I whined as he treated me as a kid.

“So, what’s the occasion, and when did you get a cock?” He asked, pointing out the fact that I didn’t pull my skirt back up.

“Damnit. Just today, blame Sheogorath.” I groaned pulling the skirt up. “I just woke up with it, and I kinda wanted to hang out.” I mewled blushing.

“Okay.” Runner shrugged, before looking around. “Question; what is it today?”

“Tuesday, it’s about three years since I got here, almost two since the last time I’ve seen you,” I told him as an annoying imp ran by trying to kill a deer.

“Seriously? Damn, time flies by fast here. It’s only been about some months or so ever since then.” Runner told me. “Why am I picking up the Light of the Traveler, Hell Energy, and Warp Energy?”

“Found out the Traveler is here, also Hell’s trying to take it from what I’ve gathered from Gaia, and I don’t know about the Warp,” I explained.

“Well, the Warps signature isn’t very present, only traces of it remain.” He explained.

“You mean to say that Chaos came here?” Berserker questioned and Runner shrugged.

“Maybe. For whatever reason.” He replied.

“Oh, do you two want to see the Temple Todd has?” I asked them.

“Temple? Since when? Hunter didn’t see one when you first summoned him.” Runner questioned.

“We found it under a building,” I told them starting to walk to the temple. “Looking at it, some Baron that got killed by Steven and collapsed the old flooring. As for when...well we don’t know. Daisy said his token always reads as Forty-two thousand years old but made long before he met her. It’s also carved from a mountain that is no longer standing.”

We walked till we reached the mountain rock carved temple.

“Why is there a Temple built for him?” Berserker asked me.

“I don’t know, he didn’t ask for it built though. Daisy said he doesn’t even know it was built or that people worship his token.” I told them walking in and they saw the statue.

“So, he’s a God?” Runner asked as Berserker sighed.

“I don’t know. He could be, or people just worship him.” I said shrugging. “Though there is a massive library that has been getting books added to it, and a world of treasure.”

“Being worshipped as a God will end up making you a God.” Berserker said. “And, seeing as how long he’s been locked up, I dare say he really is a God.”

“Is that bad?” I asked the man as I sat on the pedestal.

“Depends on how he feels about it. Tell us, what sort of people worship him?” He asked, folding his arms.

“I don’t know. I think warriors. There’s a group of them in the old chapel.” I told him.

“Can you show us?” Runner asked.

“Sure,” I said, leading them to the old Chapel. We saw them not long after and I saw a few sparring with swords.

“Hmm.” Berserker gave a throaty hum, as we watched them train.

“This kinda reminds me of those back in our sister’s own world… Well, after the incident.” Runner said and Berserker nodded. Whatever happened back then, must have been bad.

“What do you mean?” I asked as the patrons of the chapel turned to us.

“Some individuals crashing our sister’s wedding, even though we weren’t the only ones there.” Berserker said with a sigh. “Unfortunately, for me, I wasn’t there at the time. Still pissed off with what happened to her and asked if I could leave and blow off some steam.

“I only summoned Hunter.” I mewled.

“That was after he came back.” Runner stated.

“Not the Slayer!” We heard some priest yelled out. “Have you two come to read of his deeds?”

“And who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Berserker growled, already becoming very aggressive towards the priest.

“I am the Seer, I have seen his deeds when he saved my soul from those Demons of Hell.” He told us. “I’m nearing the end of my mortal life and wished to spread the word of his deeds. Many of my Ursan brothers have followed.”

“Actually, mind if I asked you a question? It’s about a broken mirror that had six Slayer marks on it, can you tell us why it was smashed?” Runner asked him. “It has his, which is white, and the other five are ours.”

“I think it may have been a Mirror to your world.” He told us. “I believe the Witches have broken it to keep you from coming to this world, Lesser Slayers.”

“So, they didn’t want to deal with five more pissed off Doom Slayers?”

“I would assume so, The Slayer has fought off Hell for eons.” The Bear told them as I looked over Berserker a little, hoping he didn’t see.

“How tall is he? Our brother said that, when he tried to free him, he told us that his Tomb was bigger than ours.” Runner asked.

“I think he is almost ten feet tall sir. Would you like to teach some of our fellows, we are keeping the demons from leaving the forest.” The Seer asked them.

“If you would have us, then yes,” Runner asked and Berserker nodded.

“And young forger, we would be happy to have your service.” He said to me as took my hand and led me to the forge, it had a full view of the training field. “We’ll supply you with everything and we give some of our crops in return.” He said bowing to me before going back into the Chapel.

“I can help her in here. Berserker will train with the other warriors.” I heard Runner said to Seer, as he came over to me. “Hope you don’t mind an extra pair of hands.”

“No, hope you can keep up. My hammer has a will of its own.” I said as took it in my grip and very large gun with the name the Unmaker came into my head. “What’s the Unmaker?”

“A weapon that kills Demons within an instant, and only Demons.” Runner answered. “One problem, though; how can we make that? It isn’t a conventional weapon, by any means.”

“Baron’s bones, souls of a dozen condemned, and an eye of a titan,” I explained. “Easier just to make a shotgun,” I told him.

“Well, I have a few dozen souls of the my head.” He told me. “Demons tend to try and invade our minds. Those that did to me, weren’t so lucky. They’re my personal torture dolls.” He explained.

“Eeeeh,” I said blinking at him. “But what about the other two?” I asked starting to make shotguns and shells.

“The other two?” He questioned, feeding me the materials.

“Baron’s Bones and an Eye of a Titan? Do you have those?” I asked him.

“Nope.” He shook his head.

“Can’t make it then.” I sighed. “I swear this hammer has a crafting buff or something on it.”

“Possibly. Where did you find it?” He asked.

“I was displaced with it,” I told him as I looked over at berserker, finding it actually exciting to watch him train the bears and wolves.

“Enjoying the view?” Runner asked me, making me squeak.

“…,” I said blushing as I focused on my work.

“Why do you like him? You only just met him.”

“I...don't know. You all just get my beast riled up...and he acts a bit like Todd.” I mewled, trying to make the shells now.

“Riled up, as in?” He asked.

“My Inner beast wants you guys to mount me,” I said flatly. “Same with Victor, which he has, but it took him killing a Baron in front of me, while I was hidden and hunting deer. He was visiting Celestia and his kid with her at the time and not me.”

“Oh, right. The horny beast.” He said, making me groan in embarrassment.

“Don’t call it that.” I mewled, tucking my tail as Berserker started yelling.

“Heh.” Runner snorted.

“You call that a fucking block!” The man yelled as I looked over and saw him yelling at a bear with a broken sword. “You call this a fucking sword!” He yelled, pointing towards the shattered remains of it.

“Are they going to survive him?” I sighed, watching him work again.

“They have to because if they don’t survive him, they won’t survive against Hell.” Runner answered, working on making the shells.

“He acts like Todd when he tried teaching me how to shoot.” I sighed.

“So, that’s why you’re interested in him. He reminds you of Todd.”

“!” I mewled as the man kept teasing me as I finished the last of the shotguns.

“We better make some new swords.” He said.

“Yeah.” I sighed as I focused on the sword, glancing more and more at Berserker.

“... Tartarnite.”

“Hmm~?” I purred in question.

“Berserker’s sword, Hell’s Bane, is made out of Tartarnite. A metal out from Tartarus itself.” Runner explained. “We can make swords out of that.”

“Oh, um, right!” I said. “Do you have any?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, a rift opening up as he reached into it and pulled some blocks of this Tartarnite metal out. “There we go.”

“Oh, this is good,” I said starting to use the metal.

“Yeah. The only downside is that you can only get it in Tartarus. Fun fact: it grows in there as well.” Runner told me.

“Wonder if I could get a supply here going, I mean with Todd and Daisy here, my version of Tartarus shouldn’t be that dangerous,” I said out loud as I finished the first sword.

“Maybe, but wait until Todd returns and see if it does exist.” He told me.

“Okay, well, hopefully when this Nightmare gets back, it won’t kill everyone before we get the key.” I sighed.

“You know, I highly doubt that.” He chuckled. “I think something very unexpected, yet not unwelcomed, will happen. We just have to wait and see.”


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I stirred in my damn tomb as I felt something hit it. “Another token? Bah!” Skull mac butt-butt groaned as he most likely tried destroying it.

“Wonder if I can even summon someone in here.” I thought to myself as my power up acted funny again.

Just as it activated I heard a message in my head “I am the goddess Palutena, When you are lost or in danger grasp this staff and call on me, and I will be your guide to safety. Those who summon me with evil intent will face my wrath!”

“Huh, someone got displaced as that, well, that’s funny! Hey nightlight, want to come to annoy skull butt?” I asked the Token as my powers surged. Skull butt face roared at me as he tried blocking the summon but couldn’t. Heh, first one in a long time.

Meanwhile, in Palutena’s world, she was busy building her afterlife for the warriors who died in her name, “I hope the other realms I have to build will be easier.” she muttered with a sigh.

A voice echoed in her head, and she sighed, you know what I am going to mess with whoever is summoning me. An impish grin stretched on her face as her form shifted from anthro alicorn to Kuugen Tenko’s giant nine-tailed fox form. Her coat shifted to a creamy gold color as her tails tips turned to a different color representing an element. With a chuffing laugh her now golden eyes filled with mischievous mirth before opening a portal to the one who would summon her.

Once she stepped outside the portal she was surrounded by a cave and heard a string of expletives.

Turning her head she found a skull on the end of a sarcophagus, spitting curses at her, glowing with a familiar orange crimson red color.

“You bloody ass cow! What the fuck can someone like your fat ass can go to help this fucker other than annoy me!” It screamed.

Her right clawed paw slashed at it.

POV...Nightmare Moon

“Hmmm, with that much power the balance has been disturbed weakening Harmony just enough to free us?” The blackhead on my belt mutter. “Nighty baby, seems we may be out of here quicker than expected! Send out your armies!” It called out to me.

“Yes, I doubt my Sister will have been ready yet to counter me now this new power player has entered the field.” I grinned wickedly.

“Oh, your presence in this world just gave Nightmare Moon a get out of jail free card. Hope you like scythes in your face!” The skull chuckled at her. Palutena eats the skulls soul that used to animate it. The sky darkened outside and the sky turned red. Not only that, but Palutena lost the connection to the moon, or feel it turn to blood.


“Huh...what’s up with the sky?” I asked as the sun turned black, then winked out and a red full moon rose in the sky… Then the sword Victor usually had on his back fell to the ground in front of Berserker, making the Doom Marine jump back. Strangest of all, a glow was coming from deep within Canterlot Mountain.

“Runner! What’s going on?!” I yelled at the Doom Marine as I stopped working the forge.

“What the fuck?” He said, looking up at the sky. “This is… Oh, for fuck’s sake, I think Nightmare Moon is back.”

“But we still have a year!” I whined as Berserker picked up the sword, getting two copies.

“It’s a Token...who had it?” He asked, looking up as white feathers dropped from the sky. “TIA!” He yelled in a panic.

"I am Victor, Warrior of Balance and Mystic of the void. Call my name for a noble cause, and I will heed to the call... Or if you need a company or a guy to talk to, I'm your man." We heard Victor’s Token Vocalize, it's center glowing with each phrase.

“Victor, we don’t have time for your monologuing bullshit, GET OVER HERE, NOW! NIGHTMARE MOON IS BACK!” Berserker growled into the sword.

There was a pause before a crackling was heard, followed by a BANG as he appeared, loaded with guns and carrying an Engram, which spontaneously unfolded into a Minigun-like Assault Rifle. “What!? That's too early!” He yelped, before spotting the Feathers. “CELLY! WHERE IS SHE!?” He roared.

“We don’t know,” I told him as the Chapel-goers went to arm themselves as shadows started taking the shapes and form of monsters. Victor punched one in clear anger, a blast of Rocks bursting from the impact.

I heard sirens coming from Canterlot as soldiers started moving visibly in the air and airships started moving.

“Why is this happening?!” I asked. “Crap Todd!” I yelled, running for his tomb as the others were focused on the shadow beasts… Well, except Victor, he followed me, blasting at the Shadows as he did with his Revolver-esqe gun, which was starting to lose its white parts, with certain parts turning Red.

“You okay?” I asked him as we turned on a ruined block, onto my guarded path to Todd’s tomb, the Crystals I was using for defense were firing off like mad. “How many are there?” I said as Rarity’s wards kept the path clear.

“Don't know, and I am not! Celly’s hurt, I don't know her current status, or if she is alive or dead! Also, I don't know if my Son is alive or dead!” he growled.

“MAWWWW!” We heard a cry from a tree above the path, making us stop and look at a little colt hanging by his diaper. Victor moved So Fast he seemed to teleport, before he was back by my side, comforting the child, whom I noticed, had Wolf's nose, ears, Legs, and teeth, but the eyes, face, wings, and horns of a Pony.

“Its Okay, Apollo, papa’s here.” Victor softly told the Foal… Cub?

“So he’s okay...take him to my manor, Shade should be able to keep him safe,” I told him as I saw Berserker and Runner catching up to us, looking at Rarity’s ward wiping out the shadow beasts from getting to the path. Victor nodded, before a copy of himself appeared, as he passed little Apollo to the clone.

“Take him to the Manor. Keep him safe.” He told the Clone, who nodded as the Baby mewled. “Papa will be back for you, Apollo. Don't think of Worry. Keep up hope.” he told him, kissing his forehead, making the Hybrid babble. “Go,” he told the Clone, who saluted and ran, a crackle of electricity following him.

“Let's move to the Tomb, check it,” I said as all three of them nodded and we rushed to the Tomb, flying down the stairs where we found an anime nine tails fox destroying the seal with ease, next to a staff from the Kid Icarus was near the sarcophagus.

“YOU! What the hell did you do!?” Victor roared, his Energy flaring in his anger.

“freeing the one who summoned me, before it was destroyed he informed me my presence altered the balance and weakened Harmony thus weakening the moon seal,” Palutena remarked

“So wait he’s out?” I asked.

“Still need the damn key,” Todd said from inside. “At least the seals not trying to keep me asleep now. Look what this thing is made off, to destroy it you’d have to level this continent. I’m really happy skully mc butt is gone though, his singing was awful.”

“This all seems like a World of Warcraft expansion.” I said, looking at Victor, “You know, how the Big Bad and its army is banished in a previous game, then it returns in an Expansion for the MMO?”

“So Typical sealed Evil in a Can?” Victor asked as he switched for his gunmetal and bronze Rifle.

“THIS WAY, GIRLS!” We heard Fluttershy as she roared in her bear form. “BIG MAC, ON YOUR LEFT!”

We barely heard his response as a Hell Baron roared in pain. Guess the shadows might be leaving them alone. I’ll have to ask.

I looked to Victor and the Doom Marine as Fluttershy got closer but it was Rainbow Dash that barreled into the Tomb first... And right into my face.

“Ooof!” We both called out.

“Ooh, you Okay, Honey?” Victor asked with a wince.

“Yeah,” I groaned.

“Fuck, CLEAR! GET IN HERE!” Rainbow Dash yelled out as Rarity and half of Ponyville rushed down the stairs. A pink mare was bouncing around like mad till she spotted us and gasped. Before she could rush back out of the cave, an Orange mare grabbed her.

“Hold on there, partner, we all don’t need a party right now.” The Orange mare told her.

“But Applejack! They’re…”

“New, ah get it, but party now will probably get you killed.” The Orange mare scolded as fillies and colts rushed to the corner with the hell flowers.

“Miss, how good are you with guns?” Victor asked Applejack.

“Pretty darn good, but I ain't going there. We need to guard here, for the youngins.” She said, looking over to a particular colt and filly.

“Never said you needed to enter the fray. Just needed to know how many of you know guns,” he said, passing what looked One of the Trust Revolvers he opened in Todd’s temple to her, only Difference being the Cold mist emitting from the cylinder. “In case they break through.”

Soon, Fluttershy walked down in bear form as Big Mac followed. “They’re not going to be around here yet. I wonder what that new girl, Twilight, is doing… She said the Queen herself sent her here study the ruins of the Everfree.” Fluttershy sighed.

“Party now?” Pinkie asked.

“No. We can do that when we win This.” Victor firmly told Pinkie. “Now, it's a case of too soon, and it may just attract Hostile attention,” he explained.

“Awww.” She mewled. He rumpled her Mane, making her squeak.

“Hey, I said when we win This.” he Chuckled before he turned to the others. “Anybody injured?” he asked.

“Granny Smith is hurt.” A yellow filly with red hair told us. Victor nodded, before ramming his greatsword pommel-first into the Ground, casting the Renewal that I was now so familiar with, the healing energy spreading around.

“That should help.” Granny Smith sighed. “Did you target everyone?”

“Renewal, when cast like that, creates a healing aura for anyone I deem ‘Ally’ or ‘Friendly’, and you guys count,” he explained, before he cast Hallowed Ground. “There, should provide a little more protection for a while,” he said.

“She never had an army in the show?” I muttered, looking to the forest from the long staircase. “Where would she be?” I asked

“Probably because here, she likely had help, and maybe had a Longer reign.” Victor hoarsely said, his voice sounding like he was gargling marbles. “In the show, she was alone, and she was sent to the Moon within an hour of her transformation.”

There was a massive explosion in the distance that sent a shock wave that we could feel from here. The entrance to the Tomb glowed a moment as the shaking slackened, but the fighting was dulled for a bit.

“Shit! Did someone set off something like a fucking nuke?!” I yelled as I heard the heavy wards at the moat turned on.

“I doubt it! We’d be dead otherwise!” Victor growled his Gatling Rifle up. “Maybe Celestia is still fighting!”

“What is with all these infernal wards!” We all heard a mare yell outside, “I mean yeah their keeping the Keep save, but now it’s a target!”

Palutena looked on aloof, as the Doom Marines rushed the stairs already. We could hear the generic cackling from here. Causing Palutena to sigh and rolled her eyes.

“Victor, make something to guard these people!” I ordered the wolf as I summoned my bow so I could knock out any magic thrown about and followed the Doom Marines. I Noticed the pink pony dragging Applejack and Rarity, but Rainbow and Fluttershy were already ahead of us.

“Copy that! Deploying Electric Wall and Effigy!” He yelled, spreading his arms and casting a barrier made of electricity, followed by the pelt covering his body to come off and spread clear wings. “Ready!”

“Come on, we have to help Twilight!” Fluttershy yelled as she charged up the stairs in her werebear body. Reaching the keep we found Twilight studying a statue. It had six spheres spaced out from a central dies and they some depiction of gems.

“Hey, I’ve seen you?” Twilight told me as Palutena teleported in behind us.

The mares in the group rushed over to Twilight asking, “Are you okay?” Almost at the same time.

“Um, yes, the Wards in the Keep are keeping the creatures out. Why are you five here?” She asked them as I looked for the source of the laughing. Victor muttered something about her acting like villains from his world

“We’re worried about you.” Rarity said as the Doom Marines and Victor raised their guns and me, my bow, walking around hoping to find Nightmare. Palutena was also looking but I think it was with her ascendant senses. The girls kept talking like we were not in danger though.

“You see her, Palutena?” Runner asked as his right eye glowed from within his helmet.

“Indeed, I see the Saturday morning cartoon villain. Want me to drag her here before she unleashes whatever ‘dread plan’ her unoriginal mind hatched.”

“I’m not liking this.” I mewled as I as I watched the sky. “But yeah, that would help.”

As I said that, some gems fell out of the Statue, bonking the chatting mares in their heads. “What are these?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“Elements of Harmony,” Palutena replied distracted as she conjured a large fishing pole and cast the line.

A spear ripped through the air went straight for me. I barely dodged as the line tugged and a set of armor was brought out. We all blinked at that before the spear shapeshifted and conjured a scythe, trying to attack Palutena. She rolled her eyes, “You girls want to do it or do you want me to?” grabbing the Nightmare by the armor.

“Huh?” Applejack asked as Twilight brought out a book trying to read it fast.

“The Elements! Use the damn trinkets on her!” Berserker told them.

“Ah, aha, Yeah, we can!” Twilight said as gems started floating up around the girls as a black mare fully formed, naked, and launched attacks at Palutena, who just stood there blocking the attack. Shadows attacked the Doom Marines, who used their shotguns to flatten their opponents, Victor covering their flanks as his Gatling rifle fired, while the Elements Charged up, lifting the shocked and worried girls up into the air.

“Fuck off!” I yelled at the creatures and shot tether Arrows to trap them. Berserker rushed them and sliced his way through them, Victor pulling out a gold Pistol and shooting a Shadow that tried to attack him in reload.

“They’re overpowering the Wards!” Runner yelled as the Crystal wards started shattering as the magic in them ran out.

“Don’t worry, they’re not an issue,” Palutena said as Nightmare screamed at her. “Can you six hurry-”

The Elements fired off this rainbow blast that snaked around, confused at all the threats before rushing at Nightmare Moon. “NOOOO, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! CELESTIA CAN’T HAVE PLANNED THIS!” The mare screamed as the light built up to blinding levels before canceling out and leaving a blue mare, who was lying unconscious on the floor.

“What!? Fuck you assholes, that plan was working!” A shrunken head yelled at us from the mare’s belt. “Well, at least the Shadows won’t stop with her out.”

Berserker walked over to the unconscious mare and grabbed the head, ripping it from the belt.

“That’s the key,” I said looking at it. “Well, we can get him out. Palutena, are you okay?”

“Finally.” Victor huffed, shooting another Shadow creature that rushed in, standing guard.

“I am fine, thanks for asking. Now let get this show on the road, Celestia get your fine ass out here and do your spiel about how you knew TwiTwi could do it.”

“Hey fuck off, let me go!” The head yelled at Berserker.

“Shut up.” He told the head, squeezing it so as to keep its mouth shut.

“I didn’t,” Celestia Said, walking out holding an injured wing. “I had precautions being made all over the area, but none of them were finished. I guess I’m happy someone made those Wards, it at least lessened the death in the forest, though now some hell portal is opened in the northern part.”

“That was me!” I called out.

“Well then, thank you little Vixen,” Celestia said as she sat in her seat and looked to Palutena. “So why did you say Fine Ass? And has anyone seen my son? I dropped him when Nightmare bum-rushed me, I hope he’s okay.”

“I am married to my world’s version of you, Celestia.” Palutena explained, “Essentially if I didn't find you attractive, my foals wouldn't be alive.”

“He’s safe.” Runner told her. “Victor found him and had a clone of his take him away from all of this.”

“I was freaking out, but glad Apollo is safe,” Victor said, as the Clone walked in, passing his babbling Son to him, giving a short salute before he vanished. “Thanks.”

“Sorry, my love, and that’s good.” The sun goddess sighed. “And I’m Married to you...well, you are a sexy mare.” She said with a chuckle. “Wonder if my Dovahkiin mate would mind sharing me for one night?”

“He doesn't seem like the sharing type, at least in that regard. No offense. “

“I still can’t believe you even managed to talk to me and the boys into having an orgy with you that one time,” Berserker muttered, making Palutena giggle.

“Well, I haven’t checked with him yet either. So he and I will talk about me having other herd members. More so for mates of my own world, I do love him, but I know he can’t be here all the time.” Tia explained.

“I know.” Victor huffed. “Don't like it, but not like I have a choice,” he said, scratching his purring son on the back of his neck. Celestia had an apologetic look before pulling him into a hug and kissing the top of his head. “Hmm,” Victor grumbled.

“Great, now I’m horny,” I muttered under my breath as the Six floating mares charged up again and set the blast out to the surrounding area, blasting the Shadow Creatures, before collapsing unconscious on the floor.

“Actually that's been bugging me, why is a fertile vixen such as yourself single?” Palutena said, curiosity seeping into her tone.

“I actually mated Victor too. Though it was only one time and I’m unsure about... Well, I like him, but the whole other world thing too.” I mewled. “I’m thinking like Celestia, too, I guess.”

“Oh, that's not too difficult, I could just set up my temple here and in Victor's world or I can just create a fixed portal gateway.” Palutena offered.

“There’s actually a method here already,” Celestia said. “And Victor already uses it. They’re called Soapstone Mirrors, but very fragile and hard to move.”

“A royal pain too, since there are quite a few in my World, and some buried So the only way you find them, is when you literally trip and fall right into them.” Victor huffed. “It's how I ended up here without a Token a few times.”

“There’s one to our world shattered just below us in the cave next to Harmony.” Runner told Palutena. “Apparently, the reason why was because the enemies didn’t want to deal with five more pissed off Doom Slayers. So they pussied out and broke it.”

“Well after I charged up harmony she should be able to help defend the mirrors if that is the way you want to go,” Palutena said in response.

“That could work, hold on let me find Victor’s,” Celestia said before Gaia teleported behind her and grabbed her horn.

“My daughter, you are not trying to use high-level magic while severely injured are you?” Gaia asked the Sun Goddess, making Palutena blink. Victor glared at her.

Palutena sighed, “Curaja!” Green sparkles filled the area healing all allies for a lot of health.

“Thank you,” Gaia said. “Tia has a habit of injuring herself further because she forgets she’s injured.”

“Faust, where the Hell were you?” Berserker asked, not sounding happy at the moment.

“In the Void dealing with other creatures. Took me a bit to get back here from where I was.” She voiced turning into a white mare with red mane and tail.

“Wait, Wait, you came from the Void!?” Victor Balked. “Hmm, think I know who I crashed into while testing Eon Trespass the other day,” he muttered.

“Ah...what?” I asked in confusion.

“Ah, that’s why my ass hurts.” She muttered before turning to me, “Hello, my dear Marian, I’m happy you helped keep my other daughter’s...tantrum contained.” The mare said to me in the same motherly fashion as Gaia had. Although, Berserker walked up to her and punched her in the face, making her yelp in pain from it.

“That was for gambling on everybody’s lives.” He told her, making Palutena facepalm and Sigh, Victor blinking at Berserker.

“I did deserve that. But Tia and I’s plan would have worked...We would have had Twilight give the Elements to the Tree. I was originally going to have Celestia do it, or Cadence. But Cadence was needed in the north, and Tia JUST had to get pregnant.” Gaia snarled looking at her daughter. “And I was not expecting Displaced to show up and power up Luna nine months before we were ready.”

“Hey! You were happy I got pregnant and we could have pulled Cadence back at any given time!” Tia yelled, Victor, holding his son close with folded ears and a low growl, getting protective. “Twilight was here to check on the preparations, not deal with our mess!”

Palutena went up to Berserker and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away, having Runner and Victor follow them down to Todd’s tomb, asking him to give his son to his mother. Now that we have the key. I guess, in hindsight, she didn’t want Berserker causing a scene. Then again, escalating things wasn’t the best idea.

“Right.” Gaia sighed. “Thank you, Marian, your ward helped us a lot...and I feel I should reward you.”

“No, you really don’t have to,” I said as Nightmare started waking up.

“Tia, my dear take your sister to a doctor, there’s a triage in the remains of Ponyville. Guards have secured it.” Gaia told Celestia who nodded and teleported Nightmare and the Six mares away. “Marian, because of your actions, during this crisis and before, I would like to make you a princess of Equestria.”

“Can I stay in the Everfree?” I asked her.

“Yes, my dear. You and others have already started building a community here, there is no reason for them to lose you.” She explained to me.

“So what would this Title entail?” I asked.

“You would be my daughter in name, and have dominion over the Everfree.” She told me. I was shocked by this, I almost fainted on the spot if she didn’t catch me.

“I...What?” I muttered as tried to comprehend what she just said.

“Marian?” She spoke, her voice filled with concern.

“I...yeah I’ll be okay,” I told her. “Yeah, I'm just trying to take that all in,” I said blinking.

“W-Well, uh, take your time.” She told me.

“I guess that makes you my mom here?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“So what now?” I asked.

“PARTY!” The pink mare showed and somehow dragged us and the rest of ponyville to the area around my Manor. “I’m leaving the other Displaced so they have some breathing room.”


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“Soooo, can I have the seal and chains once it's unlocked?” A male voice asked.

“I think I killed it already?” Palutena asked. “Though I could just bring it back.”

“I just need the metal, not it to be alive.” the Male said. Think he was the One screaming at Palutena.

I can’t wait to have my armor on, I hate being entombed. They never leave me clothed. Also, I think a Hell Portal is open nearby. Going to need to seal that.

“Hey, Berserker, think the Seal Needs a Hellish Kiss.” The Male said, a Smirk Evident in his voice. “Ya know, smack hell key into the Seal’s stupid face?”

“... Yes.” Another male voice said, meaning this must be Berserker.

YESSSS, FREEDOM! I mentally cheered as I heard them get closer.

Suddenly, the lid to my coffin loosened and someone pulled the one-ton lid like it was a bag of feathers. As it flew from my view and crashed into the Cave wall behind them I saw a Kuugen Tenko fox in, well, fox form, a wolf in an Oberon Warframe, and two guys in my old Praetor Mrk. I. “Huh, you’re an interesting bunch. Displaced?” I asked as they looked at my nine foot, seven-inch tall body, though the fox stared down at my lower region longer than the others.

“Yep.” The Wolf said.

“Hello there. Thanks for the help.” I chuckled.

“Aye, you must be Todd. Thanks for the meathook schematics, by the way.” the Wolf said.

“Eh, Wrecht made the damn thing. I just kill demons with it.” I chuckled at him. “Your names?”

“My name is Victor.” The wolf said. “The Fox is Palutena, and the two Doom Marines are Berserker and Runner, wearing the Mark I. Praetor suits,” he explained, toying with the seal remnants.

“I see. Mines below us.” I said, walking out and stretching my limbs. “Don’t get tainted with that crap.”

“I won't.” Victor shrugged. “Gonna mold these into Meathook parts. Mine keep wearing down too Fast.”

“Where is the Wretch?” Berserker asked me.

“Unsure, he has workshops all over the multiverse, he has a preference for UAC tech though,” I told them. “Last I saw, he was in one of his Canterlot holdings.”

“Could it be ours?” Runner questioned.

“Hmm, if you have a dimension slapped onto yours filled with UAC tech...maybe,” I told them. “The one here is in Tartarus.”

“Ours is within a pocket dimension, inside Canterlot’s mountain.” He told me.

“It might be where he was last. I was entombed for thousands of years just so your mind.” I told them as I raised my leg aiming for a spot on the floor.

“Uh, Yeah. By the way, Daisy misses you.” Victor told me. “Also, you have a temple, and a religion surrounding it.”

“What?” I asked as I kicked the floor getting my armor out of it. “Ah, I missed you baby,” I said, pulling out my Super shotgun and started getting my armor on. “So Foxy girl, you enjoying the view or going to talk?”

“Yes I am enjoying the view, kinda hard not to after that incident a while back. I gained a lot of aspects, in less than traditional means and now love, sex, pregnancy, fertility, life, motherhood are part of my domains. Which essentially means I have the sex drive of a herd of bunnies hopped up on viagra as the domains intersect with each other. Meaning I'm practically having to deal with wanting to spread life through my own womb, if not others.” Palutena groused.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re as big as a Primarch?” Berserker asked me, making me chuckle as I got the reference.

“No, I was seven two before this, and I got just bigger after Displacement. Never really thought about it.” I sighed.

“Same for me, though I was shorter before,” Victor said, stretching with a grunt as I idly noted his Cybernetic limb.

“This isn't even my final height. Being the height of Canterlot mountain makes interacting with people difficult.” Palutena commented.

“So what’s up with you two Slayers, and nice arm bud,” I asked the two as the Fox turned into an anthro alicorn, making note of Victor’s limb. “I wasn’t hearing Hell screaming for mercy.”

“Even if it was, we wouldn’t give it to them.” Berserker scoffed. “And thanks, Predator weapons and tech.” He said, showing off two long, razor-sharp single blades on both of his wrists, heating radiating from them. “I guess, your armor may have been the inspiration. Sis practically has a shop full of wonders.” He added, pointing to the Alicorn.

“Eh, I just get the shit I find and rip through the Demons,” I said sliding my helmet on and cracking my neck. “Good to be out and ready to fight again.” I sighed as felt my power up activate again, it made the wolf step back a foot, a silver shroud of liquid Metal forming, the Marines to look on in shock and the Alicorn, I guess, look me up and down. “What? It’s just my power up, it turns on on its own.”

“Damn, I say its a power up! I felt that!” Victor yelped.

“Well, why do I always get this reaction. I never know.” I sighed as I walked to the entrance. “There’s a portal to Hell open, you guys want to join me?” I asked.

“If you want,” Victor said, taking out an ornate rocket launcher with gold accents.

The other Doom Slayers nodded their heads. I hadn’t realized it before, but, Berserker was carrying a Chainsword on his left hip, bearing the Blood God’s symbol and color scheme.

“Hmmm, unsure if I should hate that,” I said, looking at the sword as I started walking out, my armor shifted into place.

“Doesn’t matter, my soul isn't bound to Khorne’s demands. I just earned it.” Berserker told me. “Even so, I need to keep up with traditions.”

“Hmmm, okay,” I said. “You coming Pally?”

Palutena drew out a pair of golden, white canons, “fifty calibers, armor piercing incendiary anti-tank rounds, there is nothing out there that can survive these babies,” Palutena kissed the guns, “I made ‘em myself. Now speaking of tradition and to answer your question. They are without mercy, but you, you will be worse. RIP AND TEAR UNTIL IT IS DONE!”

“Heh, nice, try and keep up and I might give you a kiss.” I chuckled at her as jogged at my full speed, leaving the four in the dust and parkouring to the rip in reality. Getting there just before rest and launching my meat hook into an imp to get into the fray and shooting another.

Palutena stepped out from behind the portal, “yoohoo,” she waved and I waved back, bashing an imp stunning it and slicing him in half with my wrist blade.

A roar was heard, before an explosion silenced it, The remains of a Hell Knight falling in burnt pieces. Victor reloaded, quickly shooting an Imp with a revolver that shot fire.

Palutena’s arms and her guns multiplied firing in multiple directions, each shot setting demons on fire as the force of the rounds left gaping holes in them.

“Nice shot!” Victor barked out, swapping for a Red and Silver-black Heavy looking Revolver. The Red ace of spade symbol looked familiar…

“Yeah,” I said as I started moving faster, the world seems to slow to almost standing still as moved from demon to demon. The bastards didn’t even notice me as that strange message of Degreeless showed up in the right side of my hud. I didn’t care as this always made my job easier, Ripping and Tearing, just as Pally said.

Four imps fell in fiery explosions, wounding the two nearby Hell Knights, before Victor reloaded, then shot it, killing it, and its fellow instantly.

Five barons of hell bull rushed in a pincer movement, towards Palutena. She caught them in telekinesis lifting them off the ground, before following them up her arms aimed in a different direction, she began to spin rapidly and fire at the speed of light as she became a blur, shouting, “Bulletstorm!”

Off to my right, I saw a stampede of Pinkies. Although, it looked like they were all running away from something. That was when I heard it, a loud engine, roaring as it gave chase to the Pinkies. Then I saw it, a Brute Chopper from the Halo series, but this one was heavily modified; eight exhaust ports, four on each side, spewing out flames. Its metallic body was covered in many spikes, painted red, with some protruding outwards in the front. The saw blades that acted like the vehicle’s wheels, buzzing away as they chewed up anything unfortunate enough to end up in its path. Leaving a red bloody stain behind its track. There were also the cannons, blowing apart anything Demonic.

Then there was Runner, who seem to have tricked out his own motorcycle, which reaches higher speeds than it normally should and was painted yellow with lightning bolts. It had Chainsaws on each side, cutting its way through these Hellspawn pricks that tried to take a shot at him. Only to end up either losing a limb or their life altogether.

“Nice cars!” I yelled as I saw my Night Sentinel rush out of the portal, slip a high tier Hell Baron in to and kept going, her armor almost gone and her ax glowing with her rage. “DAISY!” I called out, now believing what that boy had said as Daisy looked over in shock, but didn’t stop killing demons.

“Hey, big guy. I got the other side closed. We just have to get the Gore Thing.” The told us as I nodded and rushed it.

“You mean a Gore nest?” Palutena asked

“Yeah, whatever. Never cared for how hell names crap.” She told Palutena as I started beating into Gore nest.

“Eh, I just call them demon spawn points,” I said as I ripped out the heart and finished off the last of the demons. “Now I want to check out that Temple. Though Victor gets that escaping imp please.”

The Wolf nodded rushing after it.

“Anybody want to join me at this temple?” I asked.

Palutena shrugged, “As long as a said temple is nearby.”

“Just west of here,” Daisy said taking the lead. “Most Of it is in a different pocket dimension.” She explained as we got to a ruin just a mile from the Hell portal.

The entrance was a large stone door with the Slayer symbol on it. Opening the door we all saw a statue of a Fox, clad in OG Doomguy gear, on a mound of dead Demons, and wielding a sword of some kind. He had a primitive revolver in his other hand as he aimed for something. At the base of the Statue was an altar to give tributes and a door behind it that was closed.

“Huh, haven’t used those since they broke,” I said as Palutena tossed a gold bag on the altar and the door behind my statue opened. Walking through I think Palutena came from the sight of a Library so large I doubted I could even reach the end of them even if I wanted to. “ long have I been a god...and how long has this temple been here?” I asked before a pedestal appeared showing several rooms. One is a literal world of treasure.

“A while love. That’s all I know.” Daisy said touching the Treasure world pictures sending us another Entrance and I walked out, blinking at the piles of gold, gems, and weapons that just went on and on.

“I need this organized,” I said picking up a primitive spear. “Pally, you’re a god, what would you do to get this whole place organized.”

“Well, Personally I used, light and dark magic constructs that did all the manual labor, my library is managed by the revive Twilights and my adopted daughter Twilight.”

“I don’t know if I have that,” I said blinking before shrugging and trying to summon something. Suddenly a being of fire appeared and splint into many more using gold to make mechanical bodies before they started organizing the place. I looked one over, seeing it looked much like a canine with no eyes, two tails and walked on its four legs most of the time when not carrying items. “Uh...what would I call these?”

“I wouldn’t know love,” Daisy said.

“Well, you can cheese it and call them niibi as in Two tails in Japanese/neighponese,” Palutena suggested.

“Hmmm, sure,” I said as Berserker and Runner looked the weapons over. “Take your pick, I wouldn’t know what to do with them,” I said leaving the two. I looked over the pedestal and clicked the room that said Relaxation Room. clicking it we left the Doom Marines behind for now as I saw a spartan room with an unlit fireplace. “Guess I need to furnish this place.”

“I’m sure you’re friend will have some things.” Daisy chuckled looking at Palutena. Just as she said that a Shotgun dropped into the mares hands from a portal. “Hey, it’s your token!”

Palutena chuckled, “please before my aspect binge I was a goddess of light, craftsmanship with a magic hobby. Still am of course but that number has now grown significantly.”

“I’ll keep an eye on the Lesser Slayers. Make sure they don’t start salivating all over if they find something they like.” Daisy said teleporting to the treasure world and leaving me to work with the mare.

“What do you think should be first?” I asked as leaned on the wall.

Palutena looked around the barren room, with it being a mix of Celtic flooring roof and walls, with the fireplace being more of Norse origin and the whole room is round with a diameter of ten feet. “Any specific theme you want?” Palutena asked as she hummed

“Not really, chairs, a table, a bed to sleep and fuck in,” I told her. “Maybe match the room?”


“Hmmm, white, red and some green?” I asked, “don’t need it too fancy.”

Palutena rubbed her hands together, “Okay I have an idea,” she slammed her hands together and the room was engulfed in white, from the ceiling hung red banners with gold filigree borders, the doom slayer sigil executed in Army green, the room had a large selection of furniture, to the north of the room sat a super king sized bed made of mahogany, with metal fittings and a leather headboard. It was stained white and had various Celtic knots and runes etched into the wood.

“Oh, this is perfect!” I chuckled looking around the room.

Off to the side was a couch, and two loungers surrounding a coffee table. The Couch was black leather upholstered and made of oak wood stained white and engraved with various runes. The two loungers mirrored the couch in construction, but the coffee table was made of white marble with a doom slayer sigil in the center slightly raised up. Opposite the couch area on the far side of the room sat a forge and anvil styled after Skyrim's forges, “I have added enough fire runes on the inner stonework that it’ll never die out and on the bellows, I enchanted them to be twice as effective at heating the forge up. The anvil will take a millions of strikes from Mjolnir and keep its durability,” opposite side to the bed, the floor sunk in with stairs leading into it, the waters steamed with heat, around the border of the large heated bath was a Celtic knot border, “Same as the forge that heat will never lessen.” and finally with a clap of her hands a full modern kitchen fridge and dishwasher complete with dining table and chairs appeared and created a dent in the walls, the floor was covered in soft carpets and next to the couch a tv hung from the ceiling on a tv mount. “You get god tv millions of channels for gods by gods. Be Careful there is some fucked up shit on there,”

“Thanks,” I said taking a seat. “Though I doubt much of it will faze me. Fought in hell. May not even use it.”

“Well unless your Equestria develops the internet like mine you may be stuck with it.”

“I’ll see if they do,” I said as looked her over. “You know, Daisy and I have an open relationship, her being a bunny and all.”

“Oh Really?” Palutena a tone of honest curiosity in her voice.

“Yeah, couldn’t really give her kids. Maybe different rules for the beings here.” I said.

“Okay then, let’s have sex then, you can try and knock me up, in return, I’ll help you with Daisy, you see a little-known fact about the original Palutena is she can mold other beings bodies like a sculptor does clay, I can change anything about you or Daisy,

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I said taking off my helmet letting the blood drip off. “Question, if I’m a god what Aspects do I encompass? I have no idea myself.”

“Normally when a mortal ascends or a god is born their aspects are assigned differently. For example, if a mortal ascends it’s due to the people who raised you up to godhood who define you. For example Talos son of Skyrim, he becomes the god of the nords and to lesser extent warriors and dragon slaying, when a god is born it’s usually based off the parent’s domains or selected at random.”

“Well, when I was ascending I think I was just killing demons, and learning weapons and fighting styles. I don’t know if anyone had a hand in it. I barely met other gods.” I said as power up turned off.

“When a mortal ascends it can be because of a god but more often than not it’s due to mortal worship, get enough people believing the same thing hard enough it becomes true. In that sense, gods are like really powerful tulpas or thoughtforms.”

“So why do they worship me?” I questioned getting to my upper armor.

“Well if I had to guess from limited interactions, it’s demon slaying, being a warrior and seen as a protector,”

“Hey, I guess.” Before spotting a plaque on one of the walls. To the Great Slayer of the Doom Bringers, we hope our worship of you is not offensive and wish to give you a place you can rest as you walk the Umbral Plains, it read. “That seems to run by your description...though why would they think I’d be offended?”

“Berserker most likely, that brother of mine hates praise, hates gods, hates gifts unearned and pretty much trained those guys for a while, “Palutena snorted.

“Ah,” I said as I sat down to get my boots off. “So I’m some Warrior, demon slaying, protector god?” I questioned. “Seems kinda abstract.”

“That’s the first thing you must shed, you’re not mortal gods do not function due to logic, they function based on their own whims and what their aspects are.”

“I guess. So how do I compare to you? You seem to salivate over me when you pulled my lid off.” I chuckled.

“Here you go this is going to save some time,” Palutena handed me a scroll

domains grouped: Elements(Fire, water, lightning, air/wind, earth) war(war and warfare) life and death(forests,hills, fertility, dead, death, afterlife, mortality, motherhood, sex, childbirth, family, protection, joy, harvest, procreation) love(love, beauty) magic(witchcraft, seidr, necromancy, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, sorcery ) celestial bodies(the moon) Arts and crafts(dance, music, crafting, craft workers, metals, blacksmithing) balance(light, dark, order, chaos, harmony) wildlife(all animals, cats and equines, hunting) merchants( gold, riches, travel, crossroads, entrance ways)

“Okay damn. I’m more specialized.” I chuckled as I looking over her aspects.

“Eh I got most of those devouring my enemies in a death battle tournament of the gods, that was a thinly veiled punishment from my Faust and ended up with me and Gilgamesh last gods standing and me being raped, violated and puppeteered by a void dweller named Dollette. Essentially for a while, I became a real-life Galactus the life eater but with gods and sapients rather than planets.”

“Can I punch that girl?” I asked as my rage built up. “Or any of them. I met Void Dwellers before, never liked them.”

“Dollette’s essentially dead, and Faust was punched by Berserker at my wedding to Celestia.”

“And now I’m remembering that show Penny watched. Don’t need to catch me up on MLP.” I told her as I took my leg armor off and started fully stripping. Palutena smirked, “let’s see how you compare to Celestia when she wasn’t anthro,” Palutena chuckled, I just chuckled calling on my many years with Daisy and other being throughout my countless life.

Third person...

Meanwhile elsewhere, Daisy chuckled as she watched to Doom Marines look through the miles of weapons as they were organized, finding places for weapons and overlooking the swords, guns, whatever they could.

“Come on Berserker, he offered! And this is a Gatling SHOTGUN!” Runner said as he looked at his brother.

“I know, but I just don’t feel right just taking this stuff.” Berserker said picking up a revolver.

“He offered you take anything you two like. He’s impressed by you, so take something!” Daisy called out to them.

“Fine.” He sighed, picking up the Ballista and a couple of Hand Cannons, while Runner grabbed as many plans as he could for weapons.

“Good.” The bunny sighed as she figured Todd was getting it on with the Alicorn.


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“Okay, what the fuck is going on with the sky today?” Zen-2 asked as the moon had risen early today, the horse shadow on the moon had disappeared, then the red eye on it spread turning it completely red, now the sun's back right out of nowhere. “Really What. The. Fuck.”

“I have no fucking clue,” I grumbled. “So what now?”

“Twenty-mile jog,” Ironhide said, still distracted by what was happening with the moon. “I’m still looking into what happened today. Communications are slow out here.”

“Um, sir?” I said.

“Yes, Private Penny?” He asked.

“We did that already… And had to go do improvised target practice on the Shadow beasts that appeared out of nowhere.” I said, the field scattered with dead beasts.

“I go to lunch. You know what, have the rest of the day off, but be prepared.” He grumbled. “What the fuck are they doing down South?”

“Dunno sir.” I sighed. “And thank you,” I said, giving a respectful salute and the rest followed my lead.

“A day off, well half a day!” Antwon cheered as his ghost summoned a chessboard. “Ready for the next session!” He asked Zoey.

“Yes. My legs are killing me though, so no standing.” The other bear groaned. “Warlocks don’t do this physical conditioning.”

“That's the army for you. Physical and Mental conditioning is pretty much a requirement.” I sighed. I was never more thankful for my slug adapting my body more and more. Of course, that meant Ironhide gave me Harder Physical and Mental Training than the others. Didn't want me getting lazy.

“Don’t see why he’s treating Exos like we have muscle.” Zen-2 sighed.

“Maybe he is just attempting to boost your Strength, but doesn't know how?” I asked with a shrug.

“Even we don’t know. We eat something and we get better, eat something else and get faster and so on. A Warlock named Osiris theorized it may be nanites or something. He was banished from the City some time ago.” Zen-2 explained.

“Wonder Why?” I asked.

“He was saying stuff people didn’t want to hear. So they banished them.” Zoey growled.

“So, Typical Religious bullshit?” I asked. “Great.”

“Yep.” Antwon groaned.

“Well, hopefully, when we meet him, he doesn't gleefully rub it into the Vanguard’s faces that he was right.” I chuckled sourly. “Funny that may be.”

“I hope not.” Zen sighed.

“Yeah,” I said, as I entered the mess hall. “Hey, they got Bacon!”

“YES!” Saladin yelled as he rushed the line and pulled his plate with bacon. I noted Shaxx was giving him the stink eye, having barely gotten behind him. It was clear the two had rushed the line, Saladin getting there first.

“They’ve missed bacon, I guess,” Zoey said, blinking in at shock at the two titans.

“That, and Saladin has a rivalry with Lord Shaxx,” I said, getting behind the two. “I mean, did you see how Saladin gave Shaxx that smug look back on the ship?” I asked.

“With how they fell out, could guess.” Zen sighed.

“Yeah. Oh, my turn.” I said, getting up Front. They had sandwiches, salads, and a lot of restaurant foods. I piled up my tray as I got to the table.

Zoey just got a sandwich, Zen a tea, and Antwon got prime rib steak. “I love the food here.” Antwon chuckled.

“Multi-cultural. At least both sides respect the other.” I said, eating a strip of Bacon.

“I know. They hate each other sure, but the Dogs love pony food and the ponies love dog food.” Zen said as he sipped his tea.

“So what can we do?” I asked. “For the rest of today, I mean?”

“There’s a game going on. Or basketball.” Zen suggested.

“Huh,” I said.

“I said we could play Basketball, or watch the game on the T.V.” He reiterated.

“Ah,” I said. “Not in the mood to play.”

“So T.V.?” He asked. “We can’t leave base yet.”

On the television was a game what looked like a football sport, and the other had the news.

“Yeah. Could do.” I said.

The news was talking about the strange creatures and events in a town called Ponyville...I shot up as I remember the latest My Little Pony show.

“Aw shite.” I groaned. “We got attacked by Nightmare Moon!”

“Who?” Zoey asked as her interest peaked.

“Princess Luna after being corrupted. Dunno how.” I Said. “And I think she was the One who summoned the Shadow Beasts.”

“So we have another threat to deal with?” Antwon groaned.

“Doubt it. Moon’s back to normal, So she may have been dealt with.” I shrugged.

“Got it. Check.” Zoey told Antwon.

“What no!” Antwon yelled.

“Well, I’ll go see if someone wants a romp,” Zen-2 said, making me do a double take.

“Wait, you’re capable of sex!?” I balked.

“Ah, yeah. Some of us… Later models can. Cayde-6 seems to be one of the last models.” He told me. “Actual sleep, eating... Waste, and sex.”

“Ah,” I said. “So, guess you'll be off?” I asked.

“For a bit...unless you to join me.” he chuckled with a wink before walking off.

I huffed, sitting back and looking at the TV as Zoey and Antwon carried on.

“You okay?” Antwon asked as he tried focusing on his pieces.

“A little, just, feeling a sense of loss. Like, I know there is Someone I once knew somewhere, but can't seem to Find them.” I sighed, watching the telly as the news played, Something about the ‘Elements of Harmony’ being found and wielded by these Six, and Princess Luna's return…

“And on other news. We seem to have Gained two new Princesses...wait what, am I reading that right?” The news mare asked. “I get Luna...what do you mean the fox behind?!”

I got up in Shock, my eyes focusing on the vixen on screen. I was getting flickers of memory, of an old friend from relatively Long ago, Michael, who was somewhat obsessed with Disney and played those MMOs.

“Michael?” I gasped, before a Wolf tumbled across the camera, wrestling what looked like a demon before he kicked it off him and raced out of view with a bark of ‘C'mere Cupcake!’

Another fox came into view and shot it. “Last one.” He said while wearing what looked like Doom Armor.

“Todd?” I gasped Faintly as the Wolf dusted himself off, covered in blood.

‘Hey Todd, we're on TV!’ The Wolf said with a cheeky grin and Wave, while also confirming the fox’s identity as Todd.

‘I can see that.’ he said falling into his, a man of few words persona. ‘With the portal closed, we can actually enjoy the party.’

‘Ye!’ the Wolf said as he looked off Screen. ‘Hey Daisy, you gettin’ in?’

“Wait why are we cutting the feed?” The news mare asked before the screen switched to the weather.

“I… I need to get there,” I whined.

“Huh, why?” Zoey asked.

“I have an old friend and a Brother to meet with,” I said, before looking for the commander. “I need permission to go off the Base. Shadow Trespass needed.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Antwon asked. “Our training just started.”

“And I haven’t Seen my Brother, and my Friend for three hellish years!” I growled. “If I can't Go, I am teleporting there!”

I walked out and found Ironhide talking over the phone looking over papers that were being printed. “Not now Private. I’m almost done.”

“I need to leave the base for today, sir,” I said.

“Hmmm, why, and if I let you I expect you ready for 0600 tomorrow.” He told me.

“I Saw my Brother, and my friend, On the news in Ponyville. I haven't Seen them for two Long years.” I told him. “And I will. I just need clearance to my ship, Shadow Trespass.”

“Fine. only today. You still have a few months of training left, then I’m sending you guys on a mission at the end. You signed a contract to fight to remember that.” He told me.

“I never forgot,” I told him. “And thank you, Sir,” I told him, before leaving the room and heading to the Hanger.

“Ma’am, the ships are under lock…” The hangar master told me before I gave her my temporary permit to leave. She read it over before nodding and letting my head out.

It was a quick flight for me to get to Ponyville, which considering the distance and how Fast Shadow Trespass was, Wasn't that surprising. I was swift to land my ship just outside it, hopping out and dashing to the parade.

I could see Todd with that bunny from before and a green Alicorn eating cake near him. Two more guys were dressed like Todd sitting next to Marian, and the wolf. The Wolf looked up as I approached, his Head cocking to the side. “Hey, Todd, Marian, you two know her?” he asked them.

“Michael, Todd!” I yipped, teleporting over and hugging the two.

“Oh...hey Penny,” Marian said, making me Blink as I realized what the Wolf called her.

“How have you been sis?” Todd asked as I noticed his size.

“I… Not that Okay, but… What happened? Why are you So Big? And Michael, Why did he call you Marian?” I asked.

“Fought hell for eons.” He told me. “Also got displaced.”

“My token turned me into a girl and I decided to take the name with how I looked like Maid Marian from Disney's Robin Hood.” She explained.

“Oh.” I mewled, before nuzzling them. “I missed you both,” I whined.

“Yeah, I’m just happy to be out of that Tomb,” Todd told me.

“Tomb?” I asked as the Wolf watched me, his eyes straying to my arm.

“I have fought hell so much they shit their pants at what I do to them.” He chuckled as bunny nuzzled him.

“Oh, you got a Girlfriend?” I giggled.

“Yes, thought she got killed and turned into a demon. Worst mistake Hell ever made.” He chuckled.

“I was just captured but not killed, but my dad betrayed my realm.” She told us.

“Happy I killed them then.” Todd snarled.

“So, how about you, Mic- Uh, I mean, Marian?” I asked her.

“Well...not as marvelous as Todd’s was, but I’m a werewolf, and have some jackasses.” She told me.

“Yeah. Was there for some.” the Wolf said. “My name is Victor, a pleasure to meet you, miss Penny,” he told me.

“Victor.” Marian mewled as Victor nuzzled her.

“Just being polite, Honey,” he said.

“The loincloth tells of alternative motives.” She told him.

“That, I cannot help, Honey.” He pointed out. She mewled as she shifted.

“Uhhhh, you Okay Marian?” I asked.

“Werewolf.” She said simply before calming down. “My inner beast be troublesome.”

“Oh. Arousal?” I asked as I noted Victor twitch.

“Yes.” She mewled. “I can control myself.”

“Good. Dragon soul for me.” Victor spoke up. “Kinda made to be an artificial Dovahkiin,” he explained.

“So you want to party?” Marian asked me as I chuckled and nodded, happy to have family here.


I chuckled as Victor told some joke before moving over to talk with the Doom Marines.

Palutena spotted me. She then muttered something in Victor’s and Todd’s ear that caused both of them to blink in surprise. Victor looked angry and started yelling at the mare. I blinked in confusion as he tried hitting her, only for her to kiss him. The wolf blinked in shock for a moment, before he growled and turned away, looking like he was about to Pop several Blood vessels. Palutena sighed and tried talking with him again, only to be rebuffed by the Umbra with a growl.


“Okay Victor, tell ya what, punch me, punch me until you get it out of your System.” Palutena said

“Else where. Not here.” I growled, nodding at Apollo, who cooed.

”Any preference?” Palutena responded,

“Hey Bookworm, Cotton candy, know any good places?” I asked Twilight and Pinkie Pie flatly.

“Uh...there’s an open field to the east of here.” Twilight said. “Some Bandits are in the area though.”

“F…A…B.” I nodded.

“Okay.” Palutena opened a portal to where they had suggested and walked through. I followed her with a growl, popping the joints on my left hand.

Once we were there she took a calm stance in front of me as I started punching her.

She calmly took the hit, unflinchingly. I growled in frustration at that.

“How are you feeling?” Palutena asked, “Better?

I just growled, letting stones cover my fist as I used my Atlas powers.

“I'll take that as a no,” she said, waiting for my next strike. I rammed my stone fist into her face with a roar.

“Are you feeling better?” Palutena asked again, making me growl as I charged my blows via my taser knuckles.

Eventually, I just slumped over, having burned myself out.

As I laid on the grass, I heard a sound, making me look up to see some grimy scout from the Bandits come by, investigating the commotion. He took a look at us both and just ran for the hills. Must have been me giving him the stink eye. Darn, it should have learned Ore Gaze. That would be funny.

“Well, if you can cast spells, I can give you a petrification spell.”

“Nah,” I grunted, dragging myself after the Bandit.

I found him and the camp as Palutena followed, guess she wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt.

“shall I or do you want to?” Palutena asked me

“Heh, I go.” I huffed, “Gotta keep my skill up.” I said, casting renewal.

I got up and pulled out Ace of Spades, shooting the fleeing scout in the back of the head before rushing the unprepared camp. Wonder if there is a bounty? Eh, won’t really get anything, if I don’t know the target.

These guys were a standard bandit camp from Skyrim, but with guns about here or there. I smiled and just tore through them. Once I finished had left two rather busty girls alive, feeling a bit relieved after ripping through the Bandits. I looked them over, taking note of their species. One was Diamond Dog with military ranks on her shirt, the other, a gryphon with claw marks all over her face.

Palutena walked in as the two girls looked at the two of us in fear. I was covered in the blood of their comrades.

“Anything useful?” Palutena asked as she cast her gaze over the carnage.

“Guns that still work, and maybe these two. I’m unsure if anyone of them had a bounty.” I said shrugging as the dog peed herself. “What are your names?” I asked.

“Tamra, and Gretchen. The boss had a bounty on his!” The Gryphon yelled out as blood dripped from the splash of it on her beak. “Please don’t kill us!”

“why exactly would we kill you?” Palutena asked curiously.

“Our whole gang is wanted dead for aiding the Burrow! But only the boss and this chick are part of them and the boss was the main target!” The gryphon explained as the dog snarled at her.

“Shut Up, you bitch!” The dog snarled.

“Says the Actual bitch.” I snarked.

“Did you have a choice?” Palutena said before I could start interrogating.

“Ye...yes.” She mewled in fear.

“And that choice was?” she pressed

“Could have just left, but we were getting good money.” She mewled as I shifted my legs.

Palutena sighed with exasperation, “sleepga.” the two girls fell down like a sack of potatoes as they began snoring softly, with a click of her fingers as she cleaned them up.

“And I was here for nothing but Gorn.” I drily snarked. “Well, guess I am walking home,” I said, turning on my heel, or rather, my Hoof, and walking off.

“Why would you be walking home?” Palutena asked

“I have to ask my summoner to End contract, then I just Keep walkin’,” I Grumbled. “And don't bother me.”

“Hang on who summoned you?”

“Berserker.” I flatly stated.

“Oh, you mean my bro?”

“Let me guess, The Marines are your Bros?”

“Yes, if only in a weird adoptive sort of way. Still, I was going to offer a portal back to where we left,” Palutena replied

“No.” I flatly said.


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“Uh, Berserker, what’s happening?” I asked him as I saw Victor and Palutena looked to be having a heated argument.

“Don’t go over there. Just stay away from them and leave them be.” He warned me, holding out his Super Shotgun.

After a bit, they left through a portal to someplace.

“She’s doing this on purpose.” Berserker said, shaking his head.

“Say what!?” I exclaimed.

“Pally’s gonna tire the boy out.” He told me.

There was a tap on my shoulder, turning around I saw Palutena back in her kitsune form. “Consider it necessary, young Marian, he is holding on ,to his anger whether it’s truly aimed at Palutena legitimately or not, and that in general is never a good thing,”

“Huh?!” I said in shock.

“I am not bound to a singular body or form Marian, I can make all my forms manifest separately if I really want to, it’s not something I do often as like naruto’s shadow clone technique it shares the original's power, so if there are two of me it’s essentially half each. Luckily I have the power to spare.”

“For the moment, we are just going to wait out this clash,” Palutena explained

“I guess.” I mewled.

“Don’t worry, I am just letting him hit me, few things are a true threat to me these days,”
Palutena smiled and hugged me, I wiggled unsurely.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Palutena asked with concern.

“A...little, but I don’t think I mind.” I said unsure of this.

“Oh sorry,” Palutena said releasing me but remained by my side giving me some space. I looked over to and she was watching me, It made a blush cross my face.

After a bit on this looking and blushing, I saw Victor come back, looking angry as he got his Token from Berserker than sat as far away from Palutena and me. “What’s up with Victor?”

“Well the simple version is that I asked him what your relationship was and if you were available, as I could smell you and him on each other, as is the polite thing to do, and he didn’t like the question, also I think he blames me for what happened with Nightmare Moon”

“Oh...I see. I’m sorry.” I whined.

“Hey. hey. Hey don’t be sorry It’s not your fault Marian,” Palutena tried reassuring me.

I mewled as she pulled me into a hug and Victor sat alone. Though I did notice Penny eyeing him. “Um, Palutena you want it with me?” I asked her.


I looked at the barely fifteen-year-old Vixen, still smelling her heat as she asked that question.
“Yes,” I responded with a warm smile, hoping to ease her nerves, “I want to do it with you,” I added.

“I...I guess.” She mewled cutely as she glanced at Victor who was ignoring us.

“I understand that you are worried about him Marian,” I said

She mewled as she wiggled, she was so cute and the way she wiggled her tail about. I also noted the heart-shaped pattern of fur peeking out from under her skirt. Her fur was well kept, shiny and silky to the touch if my hug told me anything, and she was fit for surviving.

“I don’t want to lose him.” She mewled as she looked to the ground. Gosh, she was so cute!

“And if you do lose him? Will you hate me?” I asked seriously.

“I...I don’t know.” She mewled. “I don’t think said that if a girl doesn’t like me for who I am, well.” She said partly quoting. “But I don’t think he’ll leave me...he doesn’t seem the type.”

“Well even if he does, I will still be there for you,” I replied hugging her,

“I...thank you.” She mewled blushing as I gushed. “I guess I’m ready?” She mewled blushing beet red.

“Well first I must warn you, you will get pregnant and so will I, this is a certainty. Do you still wish to proceed,” I asked again?

“I…” She blinked and looked to Victor. “” She mewled.

I pulled Marian up her legs quickly wrapped around my waist as she squeaked in surprise, I pulled her in and kissed her gently on the lips my arms supporting her back keeping her close, her breasts squished against my own, I could feel her erect nipples through her clothes.

“Eeep!” She squealed into the sudden kiss as I thought of where to go. The party was still going on so definitely not here. I guess my room is best, besides it gives my herd a chance to meet our new member.

I continued kissing her right there in public a bit more before breaking it. Marian looked dazed as we got a few whistles and Runner gave me a thumbs up. I returned the thumbs up with my own.

I smiled gently as I teleported us to my homeworld, Marian blinked a bit as I saw Celly just leaving the shower with Lumi not far behind. If Marian’s heat wasn’t turning me on before this was.

Marian noticed them just as she blinked the Daze from herself. She made a cute eep and looked to me, unsure. Celly and Lumi were also watching me as they looked at four foot six vixen in my grip.

“Tia, Lumi this is Marian and a new candidate for our herd,” I said still smiling warmly, “Marian, there is only one rule in my herd above all else, everyone in the herd must love each other, date each other that means ‘Tia and Lumi are also going to be your mates as well.

“I..okay. I think I can do that.” She mewled.

“She so cute!” Lumi squealed as she got close.

“Don’t worry young one, we welcome you with open arms, love is meant to be shared not contained to a single pairing,”

“T-thanks.” She stuttered as Celly let her cock harden in front of us, I could tell Marian felt mine. “H-h-how Big are your cocks?” She mewled as I started playing with her breasts through her top.

I chuckled “Tia easily, when I was still a humanoid Palutena and she her pony self she nearly split me in half until I turned alicorn myself turning anthro hasn’t done much to shrink her down,” I explained. Marian mewled as she wiggled in my sheath and Lumi brought her into a kiss. “Me on the other hand.”

Tia moved up her foot or so long cock throbbing as she looked Marian over. “So Pally?”

“Be gentle she has only had one other sexual partner,” I replied.

“I will.” She said guiding Marian’s hand to stroke her as I let her feel my cock grow. Her breasts were close to C cups and jiggling as I cupped and played with them. “You sure it was one partner she knows how to use her hands!” Tia moaned as Lumi broke the kiss.

“I…had two as human. Todd was one of them.” She panted to me as I purred in her ear.

“Hmmm, can you two wait a moment, I’d like Marian to myself for a few moments,” I told my mates.
“She’s nervous and tense at the moment, so let me give her time to relax, jumping from singular partners to a four way is rather daunting.” I said gently.

Marian nuzzled me in happiness as I the two backed off to the bathroom out of sight for the moment, but I know they were playing together. I nuzzled Marian back and started removing her clothes, admiring the fertile girl in front of me, “Thank you,” She told me as I finished and saw a small sheath just over her pussy, with seven or so inch cock throbbing there.

“Hiding a package?” I teased, purring at her blush as I leaned down and began teasing her cock.

“Oh, Pally!” She moaned as her cock twitched and throbbed in my mouth and smelled her need and arousal grow. “Right there!” She cried out about to come just a bit too soon, I let off from her hearing her whine as I played with her pussy but edge off at the orgasm. “Pally please!” She begged me as I switched between the two edging her on.


Gulping slurping and the clicking sounds filled the air as Palutena worked to bring me to climax, my body shuddered under the pleasurable assault as I felt the walls of Palutena’s throat clench around my member, after several minutes of combined pleasure, I felt something coming.

“Pally!” I groaned my claws tearing the sheets as my cock swelled up.

White seed gushed up her throbbing member sliding down Palutena’s throat as she sucked down every ounce of it. Finally, I came my legs soaked as the double orgasm shattered my body, my mind barely able to it together.

“Oooooooh~” I moaned as I collapsed in the blissful afterglow.

Laying there limp and spent, I panted, the bed shifted as Palutena moved, I watched her, wondering what would happens next, turns out I would get my answer soon, Palutena, crawled on her knees her cock still hard as she approached my shaking body, my pussy displayed as my legs were splayed apart, she gently caressed her hands up my legs before wrapping her arms around my waist and lifting me up, confused I was about to ask what she was doing when I felt the tip of her cock throbbing near my pussy. And In one swift motion, my wet folds accepted her cock and knot without issue.

A loud click noise filled the air as our bodies joined together, the bed shifted behind me as it had with Palutena, she now had her arms wrapped around me tightly, I was about to ask what was happening, when Palutena grabbed my tail and lifted it up, “Rule number one in my herd dear, is we all love each other and love together,” unsure what she meant I tilted my head just before something large and wet, parted my anus, in shock I turn around and I see a pregnant Celestia, with her crotch buried between my ass cheeks, I whimpered as the event caught up to my senses, a third person showed up, a thestral pony anthro,

POV...Third Person Palutena’s world

“Welcome to the herd,” We all said in unison as Lumi played with Marian’s chest before straddling me reverse cowgirl style, my cock entering her wet folds, “We will take you to heaven and back dear Marian,” as Palutena and Celestia both began thrusting in unison into Marian’s already orgasm wracked body, pleasure was coming from every erogenous zone she could even perceive.

After what felt like hours of continuous pleasure, her eyes rolled back from the triple way assault, all together, Palutena, Lumi and Celestia and I cried out, “I am cumming,” it wasn’t anything she’d experience as her as cum flooded Marian’s pussy, anus and Marian’s seed filling the thestral mare on top of her, all of them collapsed as the all shuddered from multiple orgasms now washing over them. Palutena, Lumi and Celestia leaned over and kissed Marian’s blissed-out face as her mind decided she was no longer needed.


“I...I…” I groaned, holding a bloated belly as Palutena nuzzled me rubbing my belly. “I don’t think I’m moving for a bit…” I groaned.

“Good thing you don’t need to,” Palutena remarked with a chuckle.

“Why?” I asked as I felt Celestia nuzzle me and the thestral mare still tied to me.

“Because, you are our mare, and also because time hasn’t been lapsing since we entered this room. Time hasn’t advanced outside yet. Stopping time in two different worlds is difficult.” Palutena explained

“Oh...and why did you...ride me?” I asked feeling my mine and Palutena’s knot started to slacken.

“Nothing so short-sighted as a mere ride my dear, Marian. You’re apart of my herd now, and the reason is simple, I think your cute, and strong, kind and pretty more than enough reason to want you in my life. I will be setting up my shop and my temple in that little community of yours, it allows inter-world travel between all of my temples, and has a library filled to the brim with books, granted this library is 5 cubic miles in all directions so it might be a bit daunting.” Palutena explained.

“,” I said as Lumi got off and kissed my cheek.

“So what now? Do I go home?”

“We shall return to your world, I have to set up my temple and store. Improve the defense of your community, increase land space.”

“Ah...okay.” I panted as she purred kissed me, giving me a bit of tongue and rubbing my leaking pussy. “Eeep!”

“let's get some rest before we head back,”


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Hours later, back in Marian's world

It was around midnight and everyone was sleeping soundly in tents, except for the Doom Marines and the library’s lights were still on.


I toyed with my drink, grumbling as I sipped it. “Kvass. Urara makes good One.” I sighed.

“Hey, you want to go for a dance?” a vixen in a diving suit asked. Oh hey, Penny right?

“Uh, sure?” I asked.

“You know, you’re cute!” She told me as she dragged me towards her ship and nuzzled me. Hmm, it looks kinda familiar…

I nuzzled her awkwardly, taking in her scent. It smelled of death and blood, but also of the ocean. She smiled at me and nuzzled me.

“You doing okay?” She asked. I felt weird, but I was liking this.

“I… think,” I said.

“Hey, so you want to roll around in the hay? I’ve been fighting in a war for while now.” She told me as I blinked, though my cock stirred at her suggestion. “Good, come on lover boy~ I’m sure if Marian likes you, You're a great lay!”

“I… Okay,” I said, nibbling her Neck. She purred before she started undressing. I kissed her, massaging her back as she purred.

“You're a Displaced like me right? I heard from Todd about tokens. Do you have one.” She asked as I gave a deep purr and laid her down. She purred as I tossed my Token to her ship which stored it somehow with light before I slid a hand between her legs and started to rub.

“Hmmm, fuck, yes, im-” She moaned before covering her mouth. Wait, is one of her fetish being knocked up?

“Penny? Do you have a pregnancy fetish?” I asked her.

“Um...yes.” she mewled as I purred and kissed her deeply. She moaned into it as I explored her body and fingered her. and got down to it. The whole time I laid with her I felt ADAM rushing around adapting to me as we made love

“Getting Close, my dear Penny~” I purred as I nipped her neck, moving her to missionary to kiss her on the lips. She moaned into it as my knot swelled up and cock got ready. Oh, she felt so good! They made Big Sisters like artworks!

“Ah!” She cried out as my seed flooded her womb and claimed the masterpiece of Rapture. I purred as she wrapped her legs around my waist with a returned purr of pleasure. “Ooooh yeah! Thank you, my lover, ~” She moaned to me.

“And thank you, my sweet Penny, ~” I crooned softly, both mine and her legs shaking from our little meeting and I believed I had found a silver lining in this day.

We laid there as I decided this day was bit redeemable. Still pissed the fuck off though. I looked down at Penny and just felt warm inside. I kissed her again.

“Sleepy~” She mewled as she fell asleep under me and I was still knotted. I purred, laying back as hugged her and I entered the Dream time.


“Did Victor rough you up?” I asked Palutena in concern.

“Nah he wishes he could, but all he really did was tickle me,” Palutena responded,

“Is he mad?” I asked, not wanting to lose him.

“Upset, yes, but I think he is just too used to getting his way all the time, so because I beat him to the punch, he is resentful that I took his thing or what he perceived as his, that mentality is eventually going to push people away.”

“Might it be his dragon soul? He’s like the Dragonborn from Elder Scrolls now and well you know Alduin and the dragons of that game. Domination and power over everything else.” I said, hoping Victor could overcome this new trait.

“You do realize that my true form is that of a dragon right?” Palutena replied,

“No...but is it related to the Dovah of Elder Scrolls. Each fantasy dragon has a different general feel. WoW, act mostly an elder protector if they’re not fucked with.” I commented.

“More closely related to Smaug, than elder scrolls but tempered with a lot of other species and human upbringing of being selfless as possible.

“So similar but as close. Victor has a Hoarding mentality and a needs to be the best and dominate his competition...I think. I haven’t really been to his world. Urara would know more.” I sighed.

“He should meet my friend Ax, he is a dragon from War Machine/Iron Kingdoms. Which makes Skyrim dragons seem reasonable in comparison.”

“Well, I’ll let him have his space for now,” I said looking to the Forest. “I know a good spot over here in the forest. It’s just next to a large bathhouse next to the Chapel.”

She nodded and followed me into the Everfree, getting a weapon out and scanning passively about. I saw the doom marines catching up with us just as I found the spot for the Temple, it was over the remains of a Library and some schools from what I could tell. My Manor was a few blocks away and Bathhouse just in front it. The spot was in view of Zecora’s hut, but safely away and nowhere near Steven’s cave.

Palutena sent a pulse of magic through the building removing books and other items still worth retaining and stored them in a separate pocket dimension to sort through later, once she had done that she slammed her hands together like you would when praying and the structure was crushed and recycled materials floated in its place.

The ground rumbled behind us and I looked to see Todd’s temple rising out of the ground as the Chapel-goers used magic to raise it. Once it was out of the ground it looked like it was carved from the skull of a massive dragon, the skull being as large as Palutena’s temple base.

Palutena sent out another pulse through the forest searching for valuables, books, and ruined structures. With a nod, she started extracting what she found and deposited it into her new pocket dimension. Once done, she gouged out a two-hectare radius around the settlement and cleared the land, retrieving all the materials gathered. With a satisfied smile, Palutena dug up a smallish hole in the ground where the old building had been and dropped a dodecahedral crystal into the hole and close it.

I sat there watching her as I held my sloshing belly from all the shaking, the sound made Palutena flip an ear to me, but not much else as she worked.

There was a rumble as crystalline threads sprouted and wove themselves into a five-story tower of white, gold and purple, on top of a single story rectangle, on the two were several balconies and on top was a large center orb and four smaller ones at each corner, all had rings of gold rotating and spinning around them. Around the base were statues of Palutena and a drawbridge leading to a portcullis. The ground around it sunk down and fountains on the walls began filling it in with pristine water. Creating a moat.

“That’s...amazing,” I said looking at the finished work. Todd’s temple was brutal and badass, but Palutena’s was a work of art. I looked it over before seeing some elemental constructs sprint out from the entrance and look over Rarity’s damaged Wards before they began working on new ones. “Who are the weird creatures?” I asked Palutena as she walked over me, a bulge in her robes.

“They are my constructs, they are made from my magic, I got the idea when I saw my friend Rin’s cute fox minions.”

“Oh, so they’re fixing Rarity’s wards?” I asked as she hugged me, letting me feel her excitement as Berserker and Runner walked up.

“More like moving the wards back, strengthening them, adding new ones and creating a link to my temple, which can detect hostiles, in the vicinity an upgrade I added after my guards became overwhelmed by the sheer number of monsters,” Palutena explained.

“Thanks.” I mewled, blushing from her member and how much she was helping.

“Don't forget about our branch we added to your place and people.” Berserker stated.

“Ah yes, indeed that is the case and the embassy of Gilgamesh’s Equestria and his own country.”

“Well, That May make soapstone Mirrors useless.” I chuckled up to her.

“Not really, this temple only has a connection to other temples I have planted in other worlds meaning that it’s limited to the worlds of my acquaintances, family, and friends.”

I think I may hate being a teenager again. I’m always so much smaller than everyone. “I see...and Victor doesn’t have your temple so he would need to get it before he could use this,” I said before Crystal roots rose with two mirrors, one with wolf dragon head and the other was the Slayer mirror from the Keep’s moat. Both were in good condition but the roots seemed to be asking where to put the new mirrors.

“Guys?” I asked them looking at the building now in the forest. “Where should those go?”

“The Bathhouse, Marian,” Zecora said, walking over, covered in demon blood. “I don’t think Victor would like walking into his rivals/mate’s temple everytime he uses the mirror.”

“Rival?” Runner questioned.

Palutena purred and hugged me tighter.

“It’s his instincts, isn’t it?” Berserker asked Palutena.

“It’s the aspects, so I guess it can be likened to instincts, the biggest being the need to spread life and procreate,” Palutena replied with a shrug.

“Besides, I intend to give Victor his own version of my temple, just a warning the huge library is filled with reviving twilights depending on their location they may appear like ghosts, they are not. Also be careful about not getting lost in there, stick close to the entrance if you are unsure, five cubic miles of books, bookcases and the like can be disorientating for new visitors.”

“Undead are not new here,” Zecora told Palutena as she walked back to her hut. “But they mostly live up north.”

“So I guess the bathhouse for the Mirror...roots?” I said before the Mirror lowered and reappeared at the entrance to the Bathhouse. “And I will,” I said to Palutena as she nuzzled me. “Why are you hugging me so much feet are exactly on the ground now with how tall you are.”

“She likes cuddling, it’s her favorite thing, especially when she gains a new mate.” Runner told me, giving me a thumbs up. “Congrats by the way.”

“I am indeed a cuddle bug,” Palutena chuckled.

“Oh..okay.” I mewled as she chuckled. “I don’t mind that I guess. I have very limited dating experience, only Todd and another girl I’m forgetting right now.”

“Now onto my next contribution, now that space has been cleared and the temple is up. I shall place my stall.” Palutena said, “Any specific market area?” Palutena asked Zecora.

“I would have said Ponyville, buuuuutt,” I said, looking at the ruined town. “Maybe next to my Manor?” I said point over to still barely repaired home.

“Okay,” Palutena said simply and made her way over to my home, just outside it she placed an orb that began to float in position with a glowing white light tethering it to the ground, a screen appeared with an installation bar.

“Thanks,” I said, nuzzling her as she looked over my shambling Manor.

Palutena then sent out a pulse of repairing magic, repairing everything in a sixty-mile radius.

“Whoa, what the fuck!” Shade said rushing from the Manor, Silva close behind her.

Just as she finished the repair spell the orb dinged and white translucent version of her floated there.

Humming, she began setting up a sewage and water system and pipes underground, piping water from Palutena’s moat.

“Can you add a TV and Internet! We couldn’t get those out here before!” Shade said like an eager child. I sent a scowl her way.

Palutena with a chuckle, laid down solar panels, wind turbines and a large number of capacitors that she buried, to save space. She then created tv’s and high-end PCs in each house and using her magic she added satellite dishes and fiber optic cables to the houses and budding town, “okay the infrastructure will automatically add a new house to the grid so you don’t have to do that manually, I will just be a moment.”

Palutena disappeared and reappeared above Equus, she started repairing satellites and created a massive station, that she entered connecting all the satellites to convert data or control them, meanwhile, she began repairing ships and setting them on course to the Everfree,

As she finished, noting a lot of other stations remained, whole and still active by mostly AIs. It became clear as her station retrieve a comm link up. “REPORT UNKNOWN STATION OR BE FIRED UPON!” a gurgled voice yelled out as the face of a skeleton dragon appears, name Legion Command.

“This is the goddess Palutena owner of this station and Princess of Equestria. This stations job is to repair satellites and to record data from those satellites, and to also reinstate global communication and entertainment.” Palutena said as she hacked the system adding her and several others who had recently been crowned to the old machines.


Palutena rolled her eyes and deactivated the satellite’s weapons, and reprogrammed it, having hacked it completely. She added herself and other important people and the station she added to orbit to the defense grid, before resetting it. Now with her internet and tv satellite ready, she began rerouting internet, WayPoint, television signals to the ground, having also added her home worlds tv and internet, with www3 and alter Equus TV as ways to distinguish from this worlds original shows and her own.

Palutena returned to the ground were flyers hovered above the Everfree, she began creating a hanger for the flyers and landing pads. Next to her temple.

“Yes! No more reading moldy books!” Shade cheered rushing into the repaired Manor.

Palutena wasn’t finished she added a screen where, tv can be streamed in public, once done with that she checked her store, it had updated and now people had gathered around it in confusion.

“This is my store, Palutena’s spells. I sell spells in formulae or in one-time use scrolls. There is a second shop on there for adults only, Palutena’s secret, lingerie, adult toys for anthro and humanoids usually, ponies have to get a custom order done,” Palutena explained. “I accept most forms of currency except Scottish pounds and scoltish bits.”

“COOOL!” The Twilight from this world gasped.

“What’s with” Applejack asked as the ponies looked at the houses.

“Oh I just repaired it, gave it running water, electricity, tv, internet, a new store, improved on Rarity’s runes moved them further out adding more runes, about to improve the roads, oh and I repaired the flyer graveyard, fixed the satellites and added a new station which will beam all the satellite and defense grid info to it, to then convert the internet and tv send it down here to Equus added a new web protocol www3 which will be websites from my world, and a new tv service alter tv which is tv from my Equus. And once I get done with the roads I’ll be adding a rail connection and station.”

The townsfolk cheered for her before picking out homes to replace their old homes.

Palutena went back to work giving the town proper roads and a road that lead to Ponyville, off to the side she created a path through the trees and created two rail lines that would bring inbound and outbound trains to Ponyville and the rest of the Equus train network. Palutena had fenced off the rails while in the forest to prevent wildlife or curious citizens getting stuck or dying on the rails. She added street lights and various Guardian related technology. Including a backup source of Light should the Traveler become incapacitated or it left. Which was in the form of a large water fountain which was covered in lights and had benches set into its stone ring outside in the square in front of the castle of the two sisters in its restored glory.

“Whew, done now.” Palutena smiled happily.

“Thanks,” I told her as she swooped me up and smiled at me.

“You’re welcome,” Palutena said as she gently ruffled my hair.

Elsewhere up north

All of the Guardians shivered as they felt something akin to the Traveler’s Light down south. “That’s weird,” Zen-2 said laying with the Exo girl he had picked up for the night.

Back to Marian

“So where are we going, Pally?” I asked as she nuzzled me, had me send the Doom Marines home. Although, they saw themselves out, seeing as they were no longer needed, using Pally’s Temple to get back.

“Well, for now, we are just going to stroll through the town, one that you have yet to name as far as I can tell, and perhaps get something nice to eat or I could cook,”

“It wasn’t a town before.” I mewled. “And I don’t mind cooking, I am a trained chef.”

“It’s a town now, and likely going to become a hub of renewed civilization in the Everfree, the harmony should also aid her in her defense of Equus.”

“While I am talking to you, I am also prepping the underground, ready to house the arcology and residential buildings so the Everfree won't be destroyed due to expansion. Accessed by elevators or in emergency several stairwells, the combined space I safely dug out and reinforced is going to be miles long and wide.”

“I see,” I said as we began, what I guessed was a date.

Palutena kissed her on the forehead, “relax and enjoy yourself. I certainly am with my mate.”

“Okay,” I said leaning into her.


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POV….Shade: Next day

I mewled as I woke up on the couch. “Where’s Marian...she was out all night?”

I got up and went to her room to see if she was there. Walking there I found her still not there and walking around the house. “Eh, make food,” I said finding a very good kitchen. “Nice~”

Over the next hour, I made bacon and eggs was when Twilight and Zecora stopped by asking about Marian and told them I don’t know where she is at the moment. “She’s my pack mate, not mother or daughter...really.” I huffed as I finished my breakfast and walked to sit in front of the T.V.

I sat and watched it, looking at some show from the mare-fox’s world. After a bit, I heard a teleport from the Kitchen. I didn’t really want to look over just yet. I was too engrossed in my show. “There’s food already made,” I told them.

Marian walked into the room, her belly huge all of a sudden and Palutena carrying two plates. “Thanks, Shade,” Marian told me as I stared at her belly.

“What’s up with your belly?” I asked her, taking note she looked months older.

“It’s called pregnancy,” Palutena remarked.

“Uh...what but...fucking Displaced.” I groaned. “How many pups?”

“Four,” Marian said holding her belly as I note Palutena also had a larger belly. “She has eight.”

“So did you fuck her?” I asked Marian.

“My Celestia, Lumi and I triple teamed her, Lumi taking, and me and tia fucking her in the ass and pussy at the same time,”

“Oh,” I said feeling hot all of a sudden. “And your belly?” I asked the mare as Marian began eating. “Who knocked you up?”

“Not only Marian, but that’s also all you need to know little one. Also, the weird pregnancy is due to the fact I am a goddess of sex, fertility, motherhood, and life,” She told me.

“Fine.” I sighed. “Well, I hope my sex drive calms down. Hate poison Joke extract.” I huffed.

“You tried to rape me,” Marian told me flatly.

“And I can’t remember that.” I groaned.

“I could make you totally asexual, no more libido?”

“I…,” I said blinking. “No, I’m good, I like to have a sex drive...even one overactive for this body is better than none at all,” I said.

“I could also just tone it down, but I’ll leave that up to Marian if she wants me to or not,” Palutena said

“You can,” Marian told Palutena.

“Okay, now hold still, little lady, I won't be fixing the genderswap as that’s good for you,” Palutena said as she laid her hand on her head.

Once she was finished I felt fine. “Yes! Thank you!” I said kissing them both on the cheeks before going to play a game.


“Great,” I said was looked around for my herbs, trying to get around the ponies now living here while Ponyville was rebuilt. “Hey, watch it!” I yelled at a stallion as I got out of the Civilized area and went to work gathering my herbs. “Whose bright idea was this! I think I’m going to hit that mare.”

Walking back after a long day of gathering for my extracts and shipments, the streets were clear and I was able to get to my hut with no issue. But I did fine racial slurs all over my hut.

Then I saw the mare, who was responsible for these changes, walking about and inspecting everything by the look of things.

“You there, can you tell me what caused this awful din,”

Palutena turned to Zecora, “What’s wrong Zecora?” she asked with concern on her face.

“My home has been violated with this sin!” I growled pointed to the paint.

Palutena, wiped the graffiti from existence while tracing it’s connection to the perpetrators,

“Thank you. I don’t like this change but I can adapt.” I told the mare.

“Well If you need something that isn’t provided I can provide it,” Palutena replied

“Hmm, no, I get all I need from the forest,” I explained to her as she left to get the culprits.

“Oh I see, hang on,” next to Zecora's house two empty stone doorways appeared, one lead to its twin in another part of the forest, which was warded against unauthorized access and another to a vast garden with flower beds filled with many herbs, flowers, and plants.

“There you go, your own private herb garden in a pocket dimension and a shortcut to the forest,” Palutena said.

“Thank you for my goddess. Now I don’t need to fight to get out of town to gather herbs.”

Third Person

“You’re welcome, and I found the culprits,” Palutena pulled out a grey filly with glasses and a pink filly with a tiara on her head. “Diamond Tiara, and her bottom bitch Silver Spoon, now why aren’t I surprised that you two are bigots. Well if you're anything like the DT in the show your mother is an abusive parent and Silver Spoon just doesn’t want to lose her only friend, now young fillies you have two options ahead of you choose wisely, you can apologize sincerely, or we can go talk to your parents.”

“Like they’ll believe you over us!” The pink filly with the tiara, Diamond Tiara, talked back to the goddess in navie defiance. I shook my head in disappointment.

Palutena rolled her eyes, before carrying the two of them off, but not before bidding me farewell. Taking a portal to Diamond’s home, “Greetings,” Palutena said as she emerged into Diamond’s lounge.

“Who are you supposed to be!?” The mother of Diamond Tiara, Spoiled Rich, demanded. “And what are you doing to my daughter!?”

“Hello, Spoiled Bitch, my name is Princess Palutena,” Palutena replied, now in her alicorn form. “Your daughter and her friend were Discovered vandalizing Zecora’s hut with speciest insults,” Palutena explained as a screen showing the two of them doing just that.

“They refused to apologize so I came here to inform you, of your daughter’s behavior,” Palutena explained.

“Why should they apologize to that no good witch!? You unhand them this instant!” Spoiled Rich stated, before her husband, Filthy Rich, came into the Living room to find out what the yelling was all about.

“What in th--?”

“Be silent!” Palutena shouted shaking the building, “Zecora is a shaman, not a witch. And what has she done to you to earn your ire!?”

Filthy looked at the footage Palutena provided, learning what his daughter and her friend have done and groaned. “Diamond, Silver, you’re both grounded. I’m going to take you both back to Ms. Zecora and have you both apologize for this misbehaving.” He told them.

“Good, now if I hear of anything happening to Diamond, that isn’t due discipline, and if I find out that your harlot of a wife has been the cause of this incident by filling Diamonds head with disharmonious beliefs. Then I will come back and I will show Spoiled the error of her ways.”

“Filthy, don’t believe this abomination!” Spoiled growled, but was stunned silent to what happened next.

Palutena clicked her fingers, the screen changed to Spoilt talking down to Diamond and teaching her disharmonious beliefs. Palutena glared back at the mare, “I am harmony and I am Balance, but most of all I am a goddess with many domains, all of which I can use to make you tell the truth or show someone what others do behind their back. Do not try and lie to me and your husband.”

Spoiled, now backed into a corner, had no way out. She saw Filthy pulling off his wedding ring and threw it at her hooves. “Your Highness, I want the divorce papers and restraining orders. I don’t want that monster near my baby girl ever again.” Filthy said, hugging Diamond close to him.

“Very well, by the power vested in me by Harmony, I HRH Palutena, I hereby annul your marriage, Spoiled has no claim to financial reclamation and is hereby, ordered not to stand within three hundred feet or 100 yards of this property, Filthy Rich or his Daughter Diamond Tiara and her Friends” Palutena handed a copy of the order from the future, and teleported her and her clothes three hundred feet from the property.

“I shall forward the relevant information to Celestia, and Filthy find a kind mare to marry not someone concerned with social status or money, you’ll be happier for it.”

“I thought I was, she seemed so perfect. And yet, I was too blind to her true intentions.” Filthy sighed, looking rather sad. Diamond was crying into her father’s chest, as Silver Spoon stood by the side, remaining quiet.

“I wish you luck, now I must go and speak with Celestia,” Palutena said before disappearing with a pop.

Within Canterlot’s castle, inside Celestia’s bedchamber, she was spending some time with her infant son. Until a flash of light appeared inside the room and out came Palutena. Instinctively, Celestia held her child close, protecting him, as she didn’t want a repeat to what happened last time.

“Apologies for interrupting your private time, I have just come from Ponyville and dealt with a case of xenophobia and filly abuse, Filthy Rich asked me to annul his marriage and put a restraining order on Spoiled Rich,” Palutena show her screens, of evidence. “Here is a copy of the order I gave her I just need you to sign two copies of each decision to make them stick being a foreign Princess.”

Sighing, she grabbed a quill and dipped the tip into some ink, signing the two copies of each off. “Okay, done,” Celestia said.

“Thank you,” One of each of the documents vanished.

“Oh and I restored Ponyville and your old castle, if you can take the memories it’s waiting for your return, I have some goodbyes to take care of,”

When Palutena returned to Ponyville she bid everyone goodbye, she gave the displaced a copy of her staff token and Victor a copy of her Temple and store for his homeworld. With promises to return every so often, she entered her temple to return home.


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It's been about a month since the whole thing with Palutena, Nightmare Moon and me becoming a Princess, and pregnant...with a personal time skip. I held my five-month baby belly.

“I need a break from Paperwork.” I groaned as picked up the one Token I had. Penny had Victor’s for some reason, and Todd had Palutena. “And everyone else is busy, but I hope one of them is willing to hang out.” I sighed.

I pulled out they’re token and shrugged. “Hope they don’t mind. I really just need a break.” I sighed and powered the Token.

A portal opened soon after and only one of them walked out.

“Huh, I thought all of you would have come,” I said, looking at Berserker I think...though he was a wolf and a dragon. A hybrid?

Well, here’s what he looks like: He had red fur and scales on some parts of his body, from his hands and forearms, his abs, and along some areas of his face, but still resembling a wolf. His hair a bit longer and spiked up more, but was also silvery white. The only difference was his eye coloration, instead of blood red, they were emerald green. He also had horns, that were made out of some kind of red crystal, which also glowed. He had Dragon wings on his back, along with a Dragon Tail, so I guess he could fly if he wanted to, or felt like it. As for what he was wearing, he had a sleeveless, leather trench coat, which was also red and that was left unzipped to show off his muscular body to me, which had the Slayer symbol glowing red on his chest. He had some shoulder armor plating on him, with spikes added to them. Along his forearms were chains wrapped around them, as he wore fingerless, black leather gloves, with four spikes running along his knuckles, and they were also wrapped in chains, only these ones were a separate piece as they formed an X on the back of his hands. As for his pants, you guessed it, leather and black, being held up by a belt, which had a skull engraved on its belt buckle. He must be a real Metalhead with this much metal on him.

My Inner Beast, however, liked it. Very much. So much so that I found myself blushing.

“Uh...hi,” I said feeling a little weak-kneed, but kicking in my belly reminded me of the cubs...pup...fillies?

“Hey.” He nodded to me. “You doing alright?” He asked.

“Yes, just need a break. I have beers from dragons.” I mentioned to him. “Can’t drink yet of course.”

He nodded as he took a glass and poured himself some. “Why not summon my sister to you? She could help you with this.”

“It’s Dragon water, hardest drink of my world. Also, She was here just yesterday and I need a boyfriend right now.” I sighed as I sat on my sofa, thanks to Rarity. “And I don’t need to talk work.”

“Boyfriend, huh?” He chuckled, taking a sip. “Guess I lost that little bet with Pally. Maybe I should start listening to her a little more.”

“Huh?” I asked confused as he started burping fire and smoke.

“Oh, yeah. That hit the spot.” He sighed in content, enjoying the drink. “Well, you didn’t say guy friend, and both Runner and Pally have been hinting at me that you may have been developing feelings for me. I wasn’t exactly sure if I should be taking their words.”

“I...NO! NONONO!” I said, trying to think of a way to back up on that as my face turned redder.

“I don’t know, you may say that, but your face says otherwise.” He said, downing his drink before pouring himself more.

“Well, maybe,” I admitted as the wolf dragon smiled.

“Don’t worry, we can take things slow.” He told me.

“Yeah..okay. Victor and I are doing the same...he has been miffed Pally wanted me first. Was shocked to hear Todd had done so, too.” I mewled before feeling a kick and jumping. I saw Berserker looking at my belly.

“Active, are they?” He asked.

“Yeah. Pally’s been cooing at them...and always gets excited.” I mewled.

“Has Pally told you about her children she had with her Celestia?” He asked me, taking another sip.

“Maybe, can’t remember right now,” I said, looking at the spirit he was drinking and wishing I could drink some. “I need tea,” I said, starting to get up.

“I’ll come with you.” He said, finishing off his drink.

“Thanks,” I said as he started helping me move around. “God, I can’t wait for them to be out, even if Pally let me lounge for almost six months.” I groaned.

“Careful what you wish for.” He warned me.

“Oh, I know. Pally would stop anyone or thing trying to make them come to term early.” I said with a soft smile. “Something entered my home a week ago and tried something and She was there dealing with it just before Steven got there. He said it was a rival Serpent. For some reason, they’re attracted to those about to bear young or ready to mate.”

“Sheesh, and I thought Pally’s world was horny as fuck at times.” He laughed.

“Cadence did tell me she found an Undead light Serpent who had a whole town of women worshiping his cock,” I said with a roll of my eyes. “But it's mostly just Serpents that do that, the Caribou are worst.”

I heard a growl from him, seeing his right hand clench into a fist. “I’ll be back in a sec.” He told me before flying off somewhere into the Everfree Forest. I waited as I heard a lot of commotion going on, I think he was blowing off some steam… Damn, I wonder if he had dealt with them on his end yet? Seeing him this angry was scary.

“I hope I didn’t just ruin our hang out time.” I said before my weight shifted and I started falling over, “Shade help!” I asked my pack mate, “Crap she’s out hunting!”

Just at the last second, Berserker came barging through walls to get back to me and catch me in his arms. “Gotcha!” He said, holding me up in bridal style. “Sorry, I was just…” He started but shook his head. “Nevermind, forget it. I’ll tell you another time.”

“Okay,” I said, huffing in fear.

He grunted before taking me to the kitchen, with my help in telling him where to go.

“There’s some tea in the cupboards and more of the Dragon Water in the fridge,” I explained to him. “Can’t thank Pally enough for the repairs, I was using a wood stove before.”

“No, you sit.” He ordered. “Just tell me where the tea bags are at and how you like it made.” He said and I relented to his demands.

“Okay, I have black tea on the top left shelf, no sugar, some honey,” I told him. “Also cool it with some ice.”

I huffed as he made my tea.

“So why are you not letting me do it?” I sighed as he worked in my kitchen.

“I know how difficult it is to move about with so many little ones inside you.” He told me. “Besides, Quartz wouldn’t be happy if her new siblings were hurt, along with her new herd mother. That’s one of Pally’s children, who’s also my favorite of the bunch.” He added with a little chuckle, before passing over my tea once he was done making it.

“Oh, surprised they haven’t crowded me yet. I think I saw them playing but Pally was mostly teaching me how to rule...even if I just rule the Everfree.” I said.

Berserker gave me a look then pointed to the buildings next door and beyond them the older ruins. “This used to be the biggest city in the world before Luna’s change.”

“Er...right,” I said. “But I don’t think it would get that big again.”

“No, it wouldn’t. Not yet, anyway.” He shrugged.

“Anyway, so you knew Pally was eyeing me the whole time since she saw me right? She mentioned it, about month three I think. You and Runner.” I said as he grabbed another drink and sat down. “Why no warning?”

“Eh, only because we didn’t felt like getting dragged in.”

“What would she have done if you did warn me and I ran off?” I asked before jolting from another kick.

“She can be very convincing if she wanted to. Even with me, a guy who’s too pissed to care at times.”

“I know. She convinced me to have her kids even if we just met.” I said rubbing my belly. “Still shocked I had let her.”

Berserker shifted in his seat before saying, “I’m still shocked she convinced me, Hunter and Pillar, into having an orgy with her. Runner was already on board since he guessed what she was thinking.” He snorted in amusement.

“What would that be? I mean I heard about it but not the whole event.” I said sipping my tea. “They are active today.”

“Group sex.” He stated bluntly.

“Okay, I get the term orgy.” I said just as bluntly, “I’m asking why?”

“She wanted us to spice things up in our sex lives.” He sighed. “I mean, I get it. But I would rather just take things slow. Especially with the women, I’m with.”

“I understand that,” I said. “I was going to take it slow with Victor, and I was. Pally on the other hand just swoops in.”

“And that’s where she and I are different. I’m more rigid and traditional, while she’s more outgoing. I tend to take things slow, while she jumps the gun. I’m not saying she makes bad decisions, it’s just that she rushes it sometimes. I keep thinking she’s thrown caution to the wind one too many times. Even if she is a Goddess, she forgets that there are weapons that can kill Gods.” He told me.

“Thanks for being Traditional then.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, but even that can be a bad thing, too.” He sighed. “If you stick to your guns, you’ll become predictable, inflexible, unadaptable. You won’t be able to make advances as much as you did last time. On the upside, you’re very committed to the cause and stay the course.”

I nodded at that as I noted he was getting red in the face. “Dragon’s breath getting you drunk?”

“Just feeling a little tipsy. You know, Pally said to me, when we were drinking over at her place, that I sounded a lot wiser and knowledgeable, sounding happier and being more talkative, socializing.” He chuckled.

“It does seem like it.” I chuckled at me as he seemed to stare at me.

“You notice how my horns are crystals?” He asked, pointing up to them.

“Yeah, it’s kinda strange, since I saw spike and all that,” I stated as leaned back, letting my back ease on the chair.

“Do you know much about the Dragon’s culture?”

“A bit, heard about Dragon Lords and this dragon scepter. Guessing you got the horns from one destruction?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Not exactly. I’m one of three Dragon Lords back home, The Eternal Dragon Lord. That’s what they call me.” I actually did a spit take when he said three Dragon Lords. I was not expecting that.

“Wait, three?” I said as took a big gulp of his drink. “Guess your dragons are different than here, by a lot.”

“Yes. There are three tribes, or clans, each with a Dragon Lord. However, they have a Capital city, an Imperial one. I’m the Imperial Dragon Lord, but I don’t rule the people, that would be the Empress herself.” He told me.

“Ah kinda like Equestria here.” I started as Berserker started looking more tispy. “Careful, dragon’s breath gets stronger as it being drunk.”

“Yeah well… Hey, what’s with the big red dragon ghost?” He pointed out.

“Huh?” I asked as he sipped his drink again. He pointed in front of him and I actually saw a big red dragon ghost. “Oh, that’s you. Or your magic and power.” I told him as the aspect waved at me with a smile.

“Magic from the drink?” Berserker questioned and his dragon nodded. “Oh, cool.”

“Yeah, I think so,” I said with a chuckle as I sipped my tea.

“Say, mind if I buy some of this? I’m already in love with this stuff and I’m sure my Dragons will love this as well.”

“Not at all!” I chuckled. “Pally was shocked that it could even get her drunk at all. As I said, the more sips the stronger it is.” I told him. “Of course she used clones.”

He took a big gulp before looking redder. “Though I think you may want to cut back.”

“Aw, but I want more.” He whined, hugging the bottle.

“Ah…” I said before he started downing it. Once he finished the bottle he belched a torrent of Flame smile, looking very drunk as he got another bottle. Pally barely handle four. “You Okay?” I asked starting to get up.

“Never better! Found a drink that actually gets me drunk fast!” He laughed out loud before asking. “How many did I drink again?”

“About two bottles,” I told him as opened the third.

“Well, I’m still thirsty, so I’ll just get me another. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Um...I guess not.” I said as he started drinking more. “You sure you can handle that. I heard dragons due tend to get...primal if they drink a lot of it. Heart gems are used in making it.”

“Women, I drank half or more of the Empress’s own liquor cellar, and it was bigger than this place. Haven’t died from alcohol poisoning yet.” He told me.

“Oh, okay,” I said sitting down and letting him drink the strongest stuff on the planet. Into the fourth bottle, I was surprised he was still standing but he was definitely lowering his inhibitions now as shifted in his seat showing off a bulge. The Fifth was next and he started talking about making a family.

“As soon as the war is won, everything is rebuilt and things have settled down, I finally get to make babies with my lovely, pretty girls. Who I’ll also marry, make plans for a little getaway from all the hassle of Life and relax with.” He chuckled, swaying a bit. “And finally live. No need for survival. At least, not all the time.”

“Okay. I guess your girls would love that.” I said blushing as he finished off the bottle and went for a sixth.

“At least then, Pally will stop hassling me on giving her nieces and nephews she wants to spoil to her heart's content. I may need to get a restraining order on her, but, she learned some things from me, so I doubt that’s gonna stop her.” He shrugged.

“I see,” I said as I looked at him. He grabbed a seventh. “Damn, not even dragons can handle that,” I said.

After his tenth one, he actually nodded off to sleep, his body instinctively trying to keep him up as he snored away, swaying and jerking about. He was also muttering in his sleep, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I couldn’t really send him back home like this, that would be kind of rude, so I decided to get him to a room to sleep it off.

“Great,” I said carefully changing into my alpha wolf, trying my best not to grope him as I picked him up and got him to the guest room. The newly furnished room had a brand new bed. I laid him down on the bed and huffed in a chair nearby as I changed back. “Well, what now?” I sighed.

I yipped when I saw Berserker suddenly jerked up, his eyes were still closed as he clumsily took off his coat, his armor pieces, his chains, and gloves. He left his pants on as he threw everything else off onto the floor, before lying back down and snored away, leaving his upper body bare to me.

“What was that?” I asked blushing at his exposed body. “Really what is going on with him?” I sighed feeling my Inner beast purr. “Pregnant girl.” I sighed to her as Berserker muttered again, I blinked before trying to listen. I still couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, but the twitching his hands and face kept making told me otherwise. Was he having a nightmare? Or remembering something bad?

I moved over to the bed, sitting on the side rubbing his head. “Hey buddy, it’s okay,” I whispered to him. I thought of an old lullaby and started humming as I tried helping him get a restful sleep. It didn’t work out so well as his lips peeled back to show his teeth in a threatening manner, growling and snarling lightly.

“Berserker?” I whined as I leaned back. “Hey, you’re safe!”

I stopped singing that lullaby and he calmed down, but the twitching didn’t stop. I whimpered as I laid on the bed feeling tired from hauling my belly all over the house, and hoping it would help. My legs were killing me and I didn’t want to try getting to the chair. That was when I felt him hugging me close to him, holding onto me as the twitching stopped, nuzzling my head and rubbing my belly.

“Was that all you needed?” I chuckled as I rubbed his head.

He smiled a little as he leaned down and started licking my belly, the babies become more active as he gave a chuckle. He was a lot larger than me, as he used his wings to cover me, wrapping me up as he slept peacefully.

“You big lug.” I chuckled I hugged him and felt the bulge in his pants. “, Berserker?” I asked as he still slept, not budging. I sighed as I decided just to sleep with him.


View Online


I woke with a start in shock at the pain in my head. I shuddered, feeling wrong as I looked around to find Berserker was gone, but so was my sofa, the castle, even my babies! My fecund belly was gone! Everything was gone! I was on a slab of stone floating in a void of darkness, naked and afraid!

I hyperventilated as I patted my flat abdomen in shock and anguish at my babies having ceased to exist. I whined as I sat up from laying on my side and looked up at the dark sky to see a moon that looked like a kaleidoscope of different versions of me.

It hurt to look at and made my terror worsen dramatically. I watched intently, seeing on a version of me was a cyborg in some future, four others were in dark worlds like me either sleeping or dead, the last one looked to be with Victor and has tons of kids. None of them were Palutena’s I believe, I don’t know if Victor would keep them.

“Well, well, what do we have here. A stray thought floating about the thought puddles of other stories? What an interesting find!” An octopus-Clam-Barnacle-Squid thing, said as it floated up from the pitch darkness below the slab.

“Ah! What are you?! What did you do to my babies?!” I yelled at it in fear and fury. It laughed in such a way that made my ear want to bleed and filled me with existential terror.

“Me~? Oh, I did nothing to your children. The world crumbling as you slept and timelines resetting did that. FYI: you failed, your world has been consumed by darkness and you’ve split into this little entity here, broken into many tiny versions of you. One went to the world of a lover, who for their stability I’m disconnecting from this web of thought, now.” The eye hurting entity told me before the Marian that was happy with Victor vanished.

“Wait, no!” I wailed since I still wanted to see Victor. The entity just laughed at me and took the sleeping Marians too. Nothing hurt about them vanishing, but my mind felt lighter, like pieces of me were gone.

“There is less clutter in here. Cyborg Fox is going too, but another is doing that now.” The creature said as an ouroboros appeared around her image and it turned to static, the phrase ‘Time is my domain, I bring Chaos to those who meddle in the flow.’ filling in the space where cyber-Marian used to be. “There now I have you all~ to myself.”

“W-what are you going to do to me?! What did you do to my babies?!” I demanded in fear of this thing that clearly held my existence in it’s unfeeling and uncaring tentacles.

“Oho~, the little thought wants to demand things? Welp, tell you the truth, your babies are not things I’m concerned with. They were gone when I found you.” It explained as it floated around me, examining me though it didn’t have eyes. “I have ideas for you, little thought, many, many, ideas.” It chuckled as I gasped in pain and fell back onto the slab, spasming and screaming wordlessly in unbearable body-and-soul-filling agony as tears filled my vision-!

The slab was now empty, the entity chuckling to itself. “Now, where to put her? This world is a bad-end now, hmm, hmmm. Warhammer? NO~ Cyborg is in one, Elder Scrolls~! Maybe.”