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Will this be the good one for god sake.

hopefully, sorry if quality was bad before

I wasn't expecting a remake so soon after it was redone once already tho I can see the quality get better after the last one so I'll be watching and see what happens this time

One guy was really mean when he was replying to my reviews

I still don't like him as a biped. This start was good but I prefer the original one better

Didn't like how they just had random sex for no reason

Can i ask what will be different?
To be onest I liked the story, till every second chapter featured sinnless sex.
But thats just my opinion.

well Penny is playing a bigger role, Todds new and still in the story, and Marian will hopefully be more useful, but still suspectable to the damsel in distress trope

Grear start, hopefully tnhird times the charm.

Hmm. The chapter went pretty well in my opinion

this is a better start then penny and him at a furry con and her winding up nuttier the peanut butter after buying a skull mask also this makes more options for the story then throwing in crossovers with horny displaced left and right

this is a better build up for what is to come try to keep this pace and work up to lulu's return

Down vote for insulting the Khora. :derpytongue2: That frame is actually very good, though it does lack a bit on boss fights.

Not really my opinion, I like the frame, have it on Xbox One. I want Marian to have it actually along with Ivera

Anything in particular that you liked about this chapter?

Uhh... why did the first manticore scene give me a boner?

“I… I did. He was my friend, back when I was human.” I said, backing up a little. “I don't know what happened to him after I became…” I waved at myself. “This.”

Didn't we make Penny his Sister?

Why add destiny stuff? I find it kinda off putting from the story

Aye!! This was a really great chapter. Marian got a really nice female pet manticore plus a daughter. I do really like seeing Stevens fashion side more since that was severely lacking in the second iteration and maybe in the original but can't remember

I thought penny was the actual penny from rwby?

I still have no idea on what this void stuff is

I didn't expect this to happen here.

I despise the caribou

Very interesting I liked it towards the end

Well this story is better then the second version. But I do miss some things from the first and second versions tho

Huh would you look at that Marian gets to stay in the everfree in this iteration

Well towards the end of the chapter it got pretty strange and weird

And just like that it gets political. :fluttershysad:
As someone who has study military history, was born in Japan, and comes from a family with a long and proud military history. I can tell you that the United States had no choice, as a culture the Japanese would have kept fighting almost down to the last child. Yes the bombs were horrible idea but killing a few thousand instantly saved thousands more.
And just so we're clear I do not agree with bombing civilian targets.

I have an agreement with you, any words from Celestia are views from a leader who has her country studying such weapons and have never seen the need to try and use them yet. Celestia is unfamiliar with such warfare at the moment, but Victor being from the earth and not from countries involved in the conflict has far different views than Marian would of Nuclear conflicts.

I was going to give this a read, but then I saw the big, red, 'CANCELLED' sign. Why is this cancelled?

Just stress of this story, I’ve tried writing it three times now in two years. This was my last attempt. Things in my life have caused complications for it. For the past few weeks maybe more I’ve been feeling sick when trying to get motivation for it. Everyone helping me with crossover have been polite, if argumentive with each other and myself, but they were not the issue, more my inspiration and drive to even continue this. I’m sorry

It was fun while it lasted

Told ya mate, Hated to see this story go. To many characters to maintain. A good displace story is not to bring so many characters. Stick to one or two. Dont try to do a herd.

Only 13 displace stoies got completed.
Good try though

Actually, Victor was from Singapore, as shown in the first Chapter of 'We Are The Nightwatch' . His country was technically involved, being occupied by the Japanese...

And a lot of his info, comes from his Mother, who was around to hear the side of the story not Glorified by Americans. The Info he got, was that Little Boy and Fat Man were actually prototypes, not True Nukes.

And frankly, he pointed out The first bomb was more than enough. he understood the need for Little Boy's use, but Fat Man's deployment was plain overkill, and that he considers that once the first message is sent, it needs time to send a returned message.


“Yes. I understood the need for the first, but not the Second.” I sighed. “The Japanese were proud, but not stupid. Once Little Boy blew, they needed time to arrange for the surrender.”

This was the part you ignored. They were proud at the Pre-Little Boy strike, with all the Incineration Bombs from the Americans...

Then the US dropped Little Boy.

I'm really sad to see this is the last attempt of the story. It's been a pretty good journey throughout each iteration

Hush small child don't question the author.

As the reboots went on I grew more distant from the story it lost what interested me after the reboots sorry

i never go a notice bout 9-10 chapters being added then another cancelling

This is still a great idea for a story, just have it without the crossovers and it should be fine, displaced stories don't HAVE to crossover with others to be good, if you have a solid story and what elements you need can somehow be introduced in said world of story then it does not need to crossover.

dear God my heart is on fire it hurts so much too much cuteness in this episode

when I found out that this series was canceled it's hurt me because I was planning to stick my series of my FBI agent to the series

I'm, making one last chapter to set up a sequel, or something. everything before this chapter is Cannon to the story going forward, it will be a bit of a blank slate, as the original plot I had for this story is used in other stories I've written. I'll work on something better for this one now.

Very shocking. I wasn't expecting another chapter.

And to see Marian in such a state is painful.

Tieing up loose ends?

Yeah, setting up things for the future

Very looking forward to this starting up again.

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