• Published 21st Nov 2016
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Foxes of War - Silverwolfdemon

Don't buy masks from creepy merchants as they might gender bend you and change who you are, oh and transport you to a magical land of ponies. Displaced story.

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Very shocking. I wasn't expecting another chapter.

And to see Marian in such a state is painful.

Tieing up loose ends?

Yeah, setting up things for the future

Very looking forward to this starting up again.

I actually enjoy the series and I can't wait for the next one you're working on if in the near future when I'm finished with my work and I upload it do you need any assistance from an FBI agent or a Kitsune with the command Cube

dafuge just happend!! i have ongly seen around 10 or so displaced storys wher this happens... what with the displaced having ther world destroyd and the worced part is her babays just stoped existing...

this was so I could write other stories with her as I like her character and wanted use her again, but lost all inspiration for this world.

Huh... this was very unexpected to find another chapter. It wasn't an ending I'd prefer but at least we got something

Whelp.. the first three version didnt work out at all. let's shoot for a fourth! Lol

well this was... interesting
and a mess but it was fun
keep working at it

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