Twilight Addiction

by dracedomino

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Sunset Shimmer has been dating Twilight Sparkle ever since the young woman transferred from Crystal Prep. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to stop dating the Twilight Sparkle from Equestria, mostly because the princess has a special...talent.

Sunset Shimmer just can't get enough of Twilight Sparkle. Not only is she dating the young lady that just came from Crystal Prep, but she's cheating on her with the Twilight from Equestria! It must be because Princess Twilight knows a spell that gives her a big advantage in the area of lovemaking, an advantage that tends to grow straight from her lap.

But what happens when Sunset's worlds collide, and she's caught in between two Twilights? Can she possibly handle that much bookworm passion?

(First time posting here on Fimfiction, not used to putting up cover art and whatnot! Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.)

Twilight Addiction

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Twilight Addiction
-By Drace Domino

The sound of frantic, desperate breathing filled Sunset Shimmer’s bedroom that evening. Behind the closed door two figures were half-wrapped in the sheets, a thin, purple body pressed overtop Sunset’s own and thrusting into her with an eager joy. With the lights turned down and both women wrapped deep in each other’s arms, it almost looked like neither one could find a pleasure any higher. Unfortunately, guilt still ebbed with Sunset Shimmer, even as the purple-skinned woman continued to rain down against her, thrusting deeper and deeper with every last push.

She had been cheating on her girlfriend for weeks now.

“Princess T-Twilight, it’s so...Celestia’s name, it’s such a tight fit!” She whined as her fingers tightened against Twilight Sparkle’s shoulders, squeezing the pretty young woman as she continued to loom over her. Sunset’s own legs had been lifted up so she could wrap them around her lover’s waist, locking her ankles against each other just behind the small of the other woman’s back. Her black boots with the purple flame; the only piece of clothing worn between the two women that night, wedged against each other as Sunset clung to the girl even closer. She tried to study Twilight’s face, tried to focus on the sweet, soft angles and the beautiful expression on her lips...but no matter how much she tried to fight it, she couldn’t deny the truth of the matter.

This woman wasn’t her girlfriend, no matter how much she looked like her.

It had been just two weeks after the resolution of the Friendship Games that Sunset Shimmer had begun dating the new world’s Twilight Sparkle. That sweet and mousy young woman had practically thrown herself into love with the flame-haired girl that had saved her from the magic she had unleashed, and for many long, lovely weeks things had been simply wonderful. Sunset Shimmer had delighted in plucking the glasses from her shy darling’s face each night and lowering her purple cheeks in between her own yellow thighs, and she had spent long hours showing her bashful girlfriend not just how to make love, but how to show it with every single touch. And in all honesty? Sunset Shimmer was happy. She loved her Twilight; desperately so. From her timid features to her gentle ways, to how she was so very clearly experiencing everything for the very first time. She was different than the Princess Twilight Sparkle that came from Ponyville in ways that only Sunset Shimmer could see and appreciate.

And that, in part, was the problem. Her beloved Twilight had many things that the princess from Ponyville didn’t have. But the one thing that the Princess had that her Twilight didn’t; however, was the one thing Sunset Shimmer simply couldn’t do without.

A beautiful, big, purple cock.

It was the result of a spell of course; the manipulation of Equestria magic to alter one’s body to their own amusement. With a brief flick of her wrist the Princess could sport a member nearly nine inches long and wonderfully thick, able to spear in between sweet yellow thighs throughout the entirety of the evening. A glorious cock if there ever was one, and something that Sunset Shimmer had become very much addicted to during the Princess’ hidden visits. And as much as she felt guilt for cheating on her very own Twilight, she couldn’t possibly hope to fight against the things the Princess did to her.

“I’m going to fill you up again, Sunset Shimmer.” Princess Twilight whispered in a heady voice, her breath cascading down the other woman’s sweat-licked, yellow throat. With her own pretty body squeezed in tight against Sunset’s her thrusting became a bit more measured, slowing down as she realized that her moment was drawing near. She wanted to prolong it for every last second that she could, to make sure that she was able to savor her friend’s tight, wet slit as long as possible. It was with a cute smile and a little lick to the side of Sunset’s ear that the princess spoke up again, her voice hushed despite the fact that Sunset was lucky enough to live alone. “Ready for me?”

Sunset Shimmer’s head was spinning, and her fingernails were dragging up along the Princess’ back as she fought the desires within her. The dedicated girlfriend inside of her wanted to push the princess away, to cast her out of her bedroom and to forever forsake that glorious cock. But something much deeper inside of her, much more powerful, was able to easily seize control.

“Y-Yes, Princess, cum inside of me!” She practically wailed, her eyes shutting tight as she squeezed her legs firmly around the other woman’s waist. She tightened her entrance as much as she could around Princess Twilight’s cock, squeezing and milking it in nothing short of pure desperation. “I want it, I need every last drop! Don’t stop fucking me until I have it all!”

Princess Twilight simply grinned wide, and endeavored to give the girl exactly what she wanted. Few things filled Sunset Shimmer with such joy those days as a pussy filled with Princess Twilight’s warm cum, from the very first squirt of warm batter to the slow pulsing that continued to rush inside of her as the princess milked her length completely dry. That wonderful moment came to Sunset Shimmer right there in the bedroom that very night, and she wailed in obscene delight as the doppelganger of her girlfriend gave her a thick, filling creampie. Her fingernails drew scratch lines across Twilight’s shoulders and back, and no sooner did the moment begin did Sunset Shimmer launch her head forward, desperately trying to kiss the other woman. When their lips crushed together and their tongues started to dance more guilt ebbed at her, but she had long since been past the point of caring.

All she could do was enjoy the warmth of the Princess’ tongue, and compare how her kiss tasted differently from her Canterlot High equivalent’s.

When the kiss finally ended it was the Princess who broke it, her cock still hard and still stirring the insides of Sunset Shimmer’s cum-filled pussy. With a slow grin she peeled herself away from the stolen, cheating kiss and lifted a finger up to her friend’s lips, teasing along them as she offered her a soft, sweet whisper.

“Stay right here, Sunset Shimmer.” She whispered, a brow lifting as she gazed at the fire-haired beauty. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Sunset Shimmer had to admit her interest was piqued. After moaning in simple delight as the thick length of the princess pulled free of her cum-filled entrance, her eyes followed as the young woman moved to one edge of the room to the other, drifting over to Sunset Shimmer’s own closet. Her curiosity grew even more and more, and she spoke up as one of her hands lowered to her slit, palming against it to help keep the cum from running outside of her slit.

“In my closet?” She asked with a chuckle. “Your surprise for me is my old laundry?”

“Not quite.” Princess Twilight grinned, standing alongside the closet door. She let her hand rest on the knob and paused for a moment, long enough for the women to savor the sight of each other. Sunset rested there on the bed wearing only her boots; her pussy filled with warm release that was only stopped by the presence of her fingers from escaping to the sheets below. Twilight herself stood there as regal as ever, looking every bit the purple-skinned princess she was back in Equestria. Her cock dangled between her legs but was still quite hard, and Sunset’s eyes followed as a bead of cum dripped from the tip down to the floor below. With a clear and concise voice the princess finally spoke, her gaze fixating on the yellow-skinned beauty on the bed. “You’ve done a great job of teaching the people at Canterlot High all about friendship. And so I made a little arrangement on your behalf.”

With that, Princess Twilight Sparkle pulled the door open, only to reveal…

“Twilight?!” Sunset Shimmer jerked herself up to a seated position, snatching the blanket from her bed and wrapping it around herself. Shame and humiliation instantly etched across her face, but as she took in the sight before her fully she slowly started to understand. As seconds passed embarrassment flowed into a slow-burning arousal, and her surprise and shock began to give way to understanding.

Twilight was indeed there, the sweet and mousy young woman that she had fallen in love with. The one she had cheated on almost semi-nightly with the version of herself from Ponyville. But by the looks of it, she wasn’t there to yell at Sunset Shimmer for going astray or to demand that the pair go their separate ways.

Instead, it looked like she was there to join in.

That world’s Twilight Sparkle had been left kneeling in the closet, stripped down and stylized to the preference of her alternate version’s delight. The timid librarian bun of Twilight’s hair remained perfectly in place as did the curls going down either side of her head, though her schoolgirl outfit had been replaced with something even naughtier. A simple lacey bra wrapped around Twilight’s moderate-sized chest, a single heart sewn into the center of it just where her breasts provided a tiny gap in the fabric. She wore nothing down below save for the tiny tuft of dark purple fur that Sunset Shimmer had come to know above her slit, and the pair of dark knee-high socks that were so often associated with her usual attire. She was kneeling there with a tint of dark purple against her cheeks in a lewd blush, her eyes unable to peel away from the sight of the sweaty and recently fucked Sunset Shimmer.

“Go ahead, Twilight.” The Princess instructed her alternate self, gesturing to the yellow-skinned girl on the bed. “Just like we discussed.”

“Y-Yes, Princess.” Came the shy response, and Twilight adjusted her glasses before she slowly began crawling up onto the bed. Still trying to figure out just what was going on, Sunset Shimmer began shimmying back on the bed until her shoulders struck the headboard, giving her pause long enough for Twilight to cross the distance between them. Like a prowling cat her own girlfriend slinked up onto the bed, crawling on all fours as she approached her lover with nothing short of mad desire in her eyes.

“Sunset Shimmer…” She whimpered, licking her lips as she drew in close. “I’ll do...I’ll do anything to be yours…”

She was eager to prove it. No sooner did she reach the edge of Sunset Shimmer’s lap did the young woman slip her hands around Sunset’s thighs, pulling her legs to spread before her face. Without another word and without a trace of hesitation Sunset’s girlfriend lowered her face, pressing her mouth to her lover’s slit and starting to slurp against the creampie waiting there for her.

Sunset Shimmer practically howled in a wonderful mixture of guilt, surprise, and overt arousal as she felt that wonderful tongue pepper against her folds. She had spent quite a bit of time teaching her beloved Twilight how to eat a pussy, and it seemed like the young woman was glad to put those mechanics to good use no matter if that pussy was currently filled with a layer of thick, white cream. Sunset Shimmer simply gasped as she gazed down at the purple and pink hair bun resting in between her legs; a pair of glasses bumping up and down on the top of her lap as her lover worked so readily and greedily. Twilight was slurping up the cum of her alternate self like a truly hungry little tramp, and Sunset Shimmer couldn’t help but gaze up at the princess in the room as if looking for answers just as thirstily. Answers the princess was more than ready to provide.

“She’s pretty smart, of course, considering she’s me.” Princess Twilight Sparkle smiled as she rounded the bed, slinking onto it with her bare knees and slowly waggling cock. “She figured out what was going on between us and decided to confront me. But your lessons about friendship? The lessons I taught you that you passed on to her? They really paid off, didn’t they, dear?” Princess Twilight cooed gently as she let a hand dance down the naked spine of her alternate self. The regular Twilight looked up, her lips and tongue simply coated in white release, and smiled wide as she nodded before going right back to work.

“She wasn’t angry at you or me. She just wanted to know what she could do to make you happy.” The Princess began, with a finger teasing just underneath Sunset Shimmer’s chin. She chuckled softly as she started to work her way around the bed, moving to where the other Twilight was kneeling. As the princess drew herself into a position kneeling just behind her alternate self, she laid hands against the young woman’s hips and let her eyes fall on Sunset Shimmer’s. “I promised that I’d teach her the spell I use to make this cock you love so much, so long as she let me still have fun with you both.”

And with that, Princess Twilight Sparkle lined her still-stiff cock up against the entrance of her other self’s slit, and pushed slowly inside.

Sunset’s girlfriend moaned squarely into her cum-filled slit, and the vibration send trembles throughout the young woman’s yellow flesh. The fire-haired girl rested back firmer against the headboard, one of her hands moving up to hold onto it for support while the other moved down, sweeping into her Twilight’s deep purple hair. There was still a deep blush resting on Sunset’s face as she gazed at the scene before her, but as anyone could suspect she was far too enticed and aroused to question the madness going on in her bed.

Princess Twilight had already hilted her cock inside of her other self, the light purple lips of the other woman locked tight down to the base of her shaft. She savored the warm, wet walls for a long moment as she moved her hands down to caress the other Twilight’s body; sweeping along her smooth back and down to her slender thighs. With a smile, the Princess suddenly hooked her hands against her other self’s thighs and lifted her up; forcing the young woman’s knees from the bed and making her legs go straight.

The other Twilight’s eyes opened wide as she was suddenly pulled into a position similar to her previous one, yet somehow more intimate and forceful. Without her weight being supported on her knees she was instead left with her face pressing tighter against Sunset’s creampie, and at the same time that cock plunged deep inside of her pulled against her insides with even more weight. The Princess was holding her thighs in a steady grip as her legs remained stretched out, and it was clear to the shyer of the two purple girls that she was indeed going to learn quite a bit that evening. She only gave a whimpering moan around the taste of Sunset’s battered pussy, licking her lips of a streak of white and swallowing it hungrily down as her other self finally began to fuck.

Flesh slapped against flesh as Princess Twilight experienced the full tightness of her other self, a hungry grin pressed against her lips as she continued to hold onto the thighs of the other girl. Her chest was trim and small enough that she could easily gaze straight down to watch as the pretty purple folds stretched around her thick and throbbing shaft, gazing at them as they pulled and squeezed at the rod with every press of her hips. Her cock was already wet from the nectar and release of Sunset Shimmer’s pussy, and now thanks to the added joy of her other self it was downright glistening in the distant light sneaking into the bedroom. Waves of pleasure ran through the princess as she fucked her other self, drawing in deep the scent of sex that filled the room and letting her eyes drift up to take it all in. This world’s Twilight was still contently sucking away at Sunset Shimmer’s pussy; by now all the cum she could claim had been gobbled up by her curious tongue and she was now simply peppering her girlfriend’s folds. Sunset Shimmer was clearly drawing towards another climax thanks to her girlfriend’s motions, a trained tongue that knew every part of the yellow-skinned woman’s delight.

Princess Twilight Sparkle had worked out an arrangement to join the two any time that she liked, and with the portal between their worlds more accessible than ever she was already planning regular visits. It’d be tricky to explain to Spike why she couldn’t allow him to go with her every other night, but she’d think of something. Official Princess-only business, perhaps.

The Princess’ train of thought was cut off as she felt her other self suddenly clench around her cock more fiercely; a high pitched cry erupting from the mouth muffled against Sunset Shimmer’s sex. The other Twilight was fiercely gripping her girlfriend’s thighs and it was clear she was striking into an orgasm, her body shuddering and her tight, purple hole locked in against her doppelganger's cock. It was enough to send the princess into a shuddering wave of pleasure, and she gripped the other girl’s thighs tightly as she started to fuck her even harder. Refusing to hold anything back, Princess Twilight locked her knees against the bed and started to rut faster and faster into the other girl, grinning as she witnessed her other self cum.

“That’s it! Let it all out! Show her how much you want it!” The Princess called out, her eyes drifting up to study Sunset Shimmer right afterwards. The yellow-skinned girl had fallen into her own climax, her eyes closed and her chest heaving as she was serviced by her doting girlfriend. Together, the loving couple started to hit a high peak that filled the room with the sound of their passion and the scent of their arousal, each one erupting in a heated squirt that sent layers of nectar dancing through the air. The Princess grinned with visceral delight as she felt the spray of the other Twilight against her lap and watched as Sunset’s peppered her hair, the two women screaming in wild delight as they shared an explosive release. Before her own climax came; however, the Princess took action to make the very best use of it.

She dropped the other Twilight’s thighs and pulled her throbbing member free of the girl’s slit, holding a hand at the base and stroking it hard to keep the momentum going. While the other Twilight and Sunset Shimmer were still recovering from their twitching orgasms the princess stepped up on the bed and leaned overtop Sunset’s face; bracing one of her hands on the headboard as she lined her cock up with the girl’s pretty features. She made it just in time, and the second the tip of her dark-purple cockhead lined up against Sunset’s face she began to erupt in rich, white streams.

Sunset Shimmer was left gasping as the alternate version of her girlfriend came across her face, sending white bursts of thick delight across her cheeks, into her hair, and most noticeably in her open and moaning mouth. She was still coming down from her own peak as she was painted, and she groaned and licked her lips in desperation as she felt the princess paint her face so intimately. Before long it felt like her cheeks were completely covered with healthy doses of it drooling down onto her small and exposed breasts; breasts she moved her hands up to claim and squeeze in a sticky grip. Sunset Shimmer sat there glowing in her post-release, massaging cum into her breasts and licking it from her lips as best she could. She looked happier than either Twilight had ever seen her, and that fact wasn’t lost on either one of them.

“It...It’s still hard?” This world’s Twilight spoke up, and pointed to the stiff cock hanging from the princess’ lap. Princess Twilight simply grinned as she turned to face her other self, gesturing to the length that had retained almost all of its strength even just seconds after her release. She slowly lowered herself to sit just beside Sunset Shimmer, and as her arm draped around the naked girl’s shoulders she reached up a hand, curling a finger and beckoning her other self closer.

“It lasts until you don’t need it to.” Twilight explained, her cock sticking straight up and still looking like it was in need of attention. In a fluid motion she allowed her fingers to trail into Sunset Shimmer’s long red and yellow hair, and even as she still recovered from her climax she began pulling the young woman’s head head down into her lap. “I fuck her until she can’t take it any more, or I’m just too tired to keep going. Hope you realize what a treasure I’m giving you by teaching you the spell.”

“’s amazing.” The other Twilight marvelled, moving a hand up to adjust her glasses. She watched as Sunset Shimmer seamlessly fell into the princess’ lap, one hand moving to grasp the purple cock at the base and her head looming up to start sucking and licking across it. Even though her face and her hair were still streaked with white Sunset Shimmer looked nothing short of hungry, slurping and pressing her lips around that stiff, waiting purple tip. Twilight’s glasses remained fixed against her eyes as she looked up to the royal version of herself, swallowing nervously as she knew what the woman expected of her. A quiet and shy nod came to her head as she drifted in close, moving to take the spot on the other side of the girl. Without a word of explanation her hand moved to join Sunset Shimmer’s holding the base of the princess’ cock, and she lowered her head to start sharing in the bounty.

While Sunset Shimmer’s mouth was wrapped around Princess Twilight’s cockhead, the other Twilight drew her head down to work at cleaning up her girlfriend. Sunset groaned with delight as she felt her lover’s tongue move across her cheek, scooping up some of the cream that had just been offered against her flesh. While Sunset continued sucking off the princess her girlfriend worked diligently to clean her up to the best of her ability; slurping away at the remaining cum from Sunset’s cheeks and shoulders and neck, and even moving her hand up and brushing her fingers through the cumstreaks in her red and yellow hair, swiping them away before gobbling them up. It was two full loads of the princess’ spunk that she had devoured so far off of the warm plate of her girlfriend, and if the evening kept going as it had been she was sure there’d be plenty more for her to consume.

When she had finished cleaning off Sunset Shimmer’s face Twilight moved her mouth further down, turning her attention to the princess and pressing a few sweet pecks along the side of her spit and nectar-covered shaft. The tension in her length was noticeable as the stiff thing stuck almost straight up, and the otherwise timid young woman teased her tongue back and forth across it, savoring a unique taste that she never would’ve known had her girlfriend not cheated on her. Before long she reached the destination of Princess Twilight’s sack, and from there the young woman scooped the pouch into one of her gentle palms, lowering her mouth and teasing her tongue back and forth.

“ two are so good at this.” Princess Twilight groaned in delight, resting back against the headboard as the two lovers serviced her cock. She allowed her hands to slip into each of their hair; into the locks of her twin from that dimension and into the threads of the woman that had been born back home in Equestria. Sunset Shimmer had made a lovely home for herself in this strange new world, and though Princess Twilight could never share it with her fully, she could always stop by for a visit. And who knows? Maybe one day, she’d find that world’s Sunset Shimmer to bring back with her to Equestria, to serve very much the same role that the young woman was doing then.

“That’s it. Deeper...deeper.” Princess Twilight beamed, her hand tightening at the back of Sunset’s hair and pushing her cock forward. The young woman groaned at the strain of it but kept forcing her head to drop on the thick length, eager to prove just how much she wanted to make the princess happy. Spit rolled down the sides of the shaft only to caress along the princess’s sack, there to be slurped up by the curious tongue of the other Twilight. It was a sloppy mess of oral delight, but it was just one heated moment among many that the three women would share that evening.

Sunset Shimmer was deepthroating Princess Twilight when the royal woman’s peak started to arise. She could feel it slowly building just as she had the previous times that night, rising within her from deep inside an excited spot at her very core. The princess groaned in sensual delight but for the most part she hid that she was about to release, wanting to see just how Sunset Shimmer would response. She continued to thread her fingers into the young woman’s hair while Twilight kept sucking along her sack, building herself up more and more as Sunset remained completely oblivious that she was about to receive a warm, quick surprise.

Her eyes shot open when the moment came, and she tried to pull her head off of Twilight’s cock, but to no avail. The princess was holding her head down a little too hard, and as a result all of that warm rushing cum shot straight past Sunset’s mouth and into her throat. She coughed and sputtered as best she could as cum erupted from her gasping mouth, her head continuing to struggle pushing up, clinging for a gasp of air that wasn’t laced with the princess’ cream. Twilight watched in fascination as the princess so potently throated and blasted her lover’s mouth with cream, a ribbon of spit connecting her bottom lip to the princess’ well-polished sack.

After a moment Sunset started to regain her senses, swallowing what cum she could as Twilight finally let her mouth go free. By the time she looked up at the royal her lips were completely coated in cream that had casted down to her chin and her throat, making the yellow-skinned former Fall Formal queen look every bit the sloppy slut she had become. She gave Princess Twilight a dreamy glance, and her hand lowered as she caressed the woman’s still-stiff cock.

“ always do that to me.” She teased, a bright blush pressing against her cheeks. With cum still hanging from her lips, she started to draw herself towards Princess Twilight with a smile. “When am I going to learn?”

“I’d much rather you learn not to choke on it than learn not to let me fuck your mouth that deep.” Twilight beamed, and her hands moved out to assist Sunset Shimmer in straddling her lap. The regular Twilight simply watched from the sidelines; seemingly forgotten as the princess pulled her girlfriend into her lap and lined her still-hard cock against the young woman’s entrance. Sunset Shimmer had nestled herself contently in against Twilight, her knees digging in against the mattress and her hips ready to lower herself. In fact, the non-royal Twilight almost started to feel just a little left out, but that was before the princess turned her gaze to her other self and spoke up with a kind smile on her face.

“Stand up, Twilight.” She beamed, and gestured for the young woman to draw herself over. “Stand up right in between us, and we’ll take good care of you.”

“O...Oh...okay.” Twilight stammered with a blush across her cheeks. While she stood up on the bed Sunset Shimmer couldn’t wait anymore, and she slowly lowered herself yet again on the princess’ fiercely thick cock. Her yellow walls spread tight around the other woman’s pole as she saddled herself firmly in the other woman’s lap, getting comfortable and content as her girlfriend finally made the rounds. No sooner did Sunset Shimmer lay eyes on the princess did her girlfriend step in between them, turning her exposed slit to Sunset’s attention and letting her ass hang before the princess. Once she was fully in position, Sunset Shimmer beamed wide as she gazed up at her girl.

“I’m sorry I hid this from you, baby.” She whispered as she looked up at Twilight, her eyes shining with the magic of love and friendship. Even with her pussy speared by the princess’ shaft and her face marked with a thick layer of cum, she had the gentle touch to reach her hands out and caress her girlfriend’s calves, her fingers moving down the fabric of her kneesocks. She chewed idly on her bottom lip, her face barely an inch away from her girlfriend’s slit. “But knowing you’re joining us? Makes me happier than I’ve ever been.”

“I love you, Sunset Shimmer.” Twilight whispered from above, and with a gentle hand began to guide her girlfriend towards her slit. She was timid even as she ushered the girl against her folds, making Sunset’s cum-marked mouth press against her raw, wet slit. “...I’d do anything if it meant being with you forever.”

The warmth that filled Twilight up in that moment wasn’t just from Sunset Shimmer’s tongue moving across her slit, or from Princess Twilight’s hands gripping her rear and spreading her just enough to begin tonguing her ass. It was from something deeper and more wonderful than she had ever known before, just yet another boon she owed to the women that had crossed the barrier from Equestria. As Princess Twilight started to thrust into Sunset, and both women began servicing regular Twilight’s two holes, the young woman couldn’t help but blush and offer up a random, sweet thought.

“And just think!” She giggled, her glasses sliding down to the tip of her nose. “If the princess and I both have one, we can make a Sunset sandwich!”

Sunset Shimmer’s mouth was laced with the princess’ cum, currently being spread across the folds of her girlfriend. The idea filled her with as much surprise as it did excitement, and her pussy tightened around the royal girl’s cock at the thought of it. Sunset Shimmer simply nodded eagerly against her girlfriend’s wet and cum-covered slit, her eyes shining with vibrant beauty.

Between her girlfriend and the often-visiting Princess, she had every woman she could ever want.

...unless there were even more Twilights out there. Then she wanted them, too.

The End.