The Queen and Her Servant

by Frozen Quill

First published

A few months after the Royal Canterlot Wedding Queen chrysalis went into hiding within the most south-eastern reaches of Equestria.

A few months after the Royal Canterlot Wedding, Queen chrysalis went into hiding within the most south-eastern reaches of Equestria. Ryota, a changeling posing as a Pegasus Royal Guard at Canterlot quickly made his escape shortly before Cadance and Shining Armour released a spell sending Queen chrysalis, his brothers and sisters all over Equestria. Ryota finds himself walking alone in the Everfree forest when he meets a couple of morons who might just change his life, not necessarily for the better...

Cover artwork by Xenatalhaoui

The Queen and Her Servant

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It's been a few months since the Canterlot Royal Wedding where Queen Chrysalis tried to take over Equestria by marrying Shining Armour and everyone has only now just settled down from the whole affair. Deep in the Everfree Forest a lone Pegasus is walking along, seemingly looking for something or someone. He has a dark grey coat with a short red mane and tail, his eyes are a soft blue and his cutie mark is that of a pair of crossed iron spears. All of a sudden the male Pegasus is jumped by three changeling's from Queen Chrysalis' army. The Pegasus quickly, and with surprised ease, swats away and puts them down. The three changeling's look at the Pegasus in bewilderment at his moves. The middle changeling then perks up and speaks.

"Ryota? What the hell are you doing here? Queen Chrysalis has sent search parties out all over Equestria to recover our scattered brothers and sisters... We all thought you died in the invasion." The changeling informs Ryota.

Ryota shows a clear distaste on his face at the changeling's words and shakes his head before sighing heavily.

"I got out of that castle right when things went bad, I saw the Queen get flown in this direction and have been searching for the past few months... Although it might have helped if I shifted back." Ryota says with clear disappointment at himself.

Ryota's body begins to shift and morph into that of a normal changeling, his eyes are a darker more sinister green then the other three and his wings are also slightly bigger. Ryota stretches and cracks his neck.

"Ah much better. Now you three, take me to Queen Chrysalis..." Ryota demands.

The three nod and begin to lead Ryota deeper inside the Everfree forest, past broken spooky trees and infested swamp pools till eventually they leave the forest and begin heading further south east.

"Where are we going? I thought the Queen was in the Everfree forest..." Ryota growls.

"She was, but our majesty thought it best to recoup ourselves further away from those blasted equines... So as to not be disturbed." The changeling quickly replies to calm Ryota.

Ryota calms down slightly as they begin to make their way through a dense icky swamp forest. Ryota looks around at their new environment and sighs to himself heavily the further they go in. Soon they reach a large looking cave with two armoured changeling's guarding it. The four walk past the changelings and continue through the cave which has many hallway entrances spanning off from the main path. Without much looking, they approach an open chamber emitting a dim light. The first changeling points in the direction of the chamber and takes the other two away leaving Ryota alone to face their queen. Ryota edges his way slowly towards and inside the chamber to see Queen Chrysalis, sitting, facing a mirror and sighing heavily to herself while looking very depressed. Her eyes suddenly fix on Ryota in the mirror and stands to turn around, looking at him sternly. Ryota walks forwards and bows before Queen Chrysalis.

"How dare you... Do you have any idea what I've been going through these past months!" Chrysalis screams as she throws the mirror into the wall using magic.

Ryota keeps his head down and his eyes at the floor, knowing if he looked up it'd not end well for him.

"I have been flown into the Everfree forest like a rag doll! Separated from the majority of my people! And have spent the last few months searching for my new second who seemingly disappeared shortly before that bitch Cadance blew us all out of Canterlot!" Chrysalis sighs heavily before sitting and seemingly calming down.

Ryota raises his head slightly to find Chrysalis wearing a softer than normal expression rather then shear rage. Ryota decides to sit as well from his bowing position and clears his throat to speak.

"Forgive me, my queen... When I saw what was about to happen I managed to fly far enough away avoiding the spell. It was not my intention to abandon my brothers and sisters or you. I simply thought it best to escape and search for you after the chaos died down..." Ryota explains looking a little worried.

Chrysalis places a hoof on Ryota's shoulder calmly and smiling before suddenly slamming Ryota hard into the nearby wall using her magic. Chrysalis then stands and look furious.

"You little fuck! Do you honestly believe that I'd be okay with you running the fuck away! Just because I'm promoting you to second in command does not mean I wont punish the shit out of your ass for abandoning your queen!" Chrysalis rants while holding Ryota against the wall with her magic.

"My queen, please be reasonable. What I did was a tactical movement to preserve my own well being so as to be of more use to you..." Ryota pleads to Queen Chrysalis swallowing hard.

Chrysalis throws Ryota into the opposite wall with force, indenting him into it. She then pins him further with her hoofs staring into Ryota's eyes deeply before meshing their lips together in a very unexpected passionate kiss which turned into a make-out session. Ryota's eyes widen being pinned to the corners of his sockets by surprise.

"My queen, what the fuck?!" Ryota barely muffles through their lips.

Chrysalis briefly breaks the kiss to give Ryota a moderate hoof slap around the face before pouting.

"Would you seriously deny your queen? I have been stuck here, hiding in this godforsaken swamp without a single shred of decent emotion to feed on... Your queen desires release and it's your duty as second in command to provide such a service. Plus, no other changeling around here has shown even a quarter of the dedication you have demonstrated to your beloved queen since you began your service for the hive." Chrysalis states, the lust evident in her eyes.

Before being able to reply Ryota is pulled out of the wall and thrown across the floor with force. Chrysalis then stands above Ryota forcefully mounting him, and pinning his hoofs above his head and staring into his eyes lustfully and filled with intent.

"Just lie there like a good changeling and let your queen take out her frustrations on your soon to be physically exhausted body." Chrysalis says in a low seductive tone into Ryota's ear.

Ryota's eyes go from being wide to giving off the expression 'I give up' and stops struggling to let Chrysalis have her fun and release her stress. Just behind the entrance to the chamber the three changelings who brought Ryota home stand atop one another watching with mouths gaping wide in surprise. An armoured changeling comes over and drags the three away leaving Ryota and Chrysalis in privacy.

Two years later

Two Years after Ryota reunited with his changeling brothers, sisters and rather enthusiastic queen... He and chrysalis set to work rebuilding the changeling empire within the swamp. During the quiet two years Ryota was moved into Queen Chrysalis' chambers, granted not of his own free will. However Ryota didn't bother to argue and settled into his new life as Chrysalis' second in command and her apparent... He had yet to find a word to describe their 'Relationship'. Ryota had managed to help co-ordinate the construction of many chambers and hallways expanding the cave further and eventually leading underground. A smiths was also established in order to produce tools and armour. One day in the middle of winter Ryota finds himself avoiding Chrysalis, hiding in the main barracks area of the new changeling hive. The three changelings who brought Ryota home are walking by and talking amongst themselves when they spot Ryota hiding and approach him.

"Ryota? Why are you hiding in the barracks area of the hive, isn't the queen looking for you to ask about some expansion plans?" The first changeling asks tilting his head to the left.

Ryota sighs heavily and slides out from his hiding space and shakes before addressing the three changelings.

"Nigel, are you seriously asking me why the fuck I'm hiding! I don't know if you have noticed but our queen has been rather *Ahem* 'active'? I hardly leave her chambers these days! I seriously don't see how she can plan the expansion of our empire and mount the shit outta me at the same time!" Ryota rants making dramatic poses.

Nigel thinks for a few minutes and looks at the other two changelings, the second changeling then pipes up and answers Ryota.

"She is a very talented and benevolent queen." The second changeling says blissfully smiling unaware of the current tension between Ryota and Chrysalis.

Ryota stomps his hoof down in anger and looks the changeling dead in the eye.

"Winston, can you stop being a fucking idiot for just a few fucking seconds and pay attention for fuck sake!" Ryota screams shaking the barracks slightly.

Winston cowers down a little looking scared. The third changeling decides to place a hoof on Ryota's shoulder to comfort him a little before speaking.

"Ryota, I'm pretty sure many of us would die for the queen to show us even a slither of the attention she does you. Granted, I don't think we want the amount of sexual attention she clearly shows in your on a daily basis... However I don't think you should complain so much and just enjoy what you and the queen have, I've never seen the queen so happy and satisfied before." The third changeling explains.

Ryota looks down contemplating the changelings words before sighing heavily and sitting down. Ryota clears his throat before speaking.

"You're right, Jules. I suppose I should feel grateful and privileged that our queen shows such an interest in me... I'm just not thrilled of the thought that I am simply a 'pet' to her." Ryota depressingly explains before standing up and heading for Chrysalis' chambers.

The three changelings watch Ryota walk away only able to sigh and continue with their own business. Ryota quickly makes his way to Chrysalis' chamber and enters to see Chrysalis staring into a new stronger framed mirror, Ryota walks up to Chrysalis and sits behind her.

"My queen, can we talk for a minute?" Ryota sheepishly asks Chrysalis whose eyes fix on him in the mirror.

Chrysalis stands up and turns around to sit facing Ryota and looks a little concerned.

"You want to talk? What is going through your mind Ryota, it upsets your queen to see you so down..." Chrysalis places a hoof on Ryota's shoulder.

"Where do we stand? Since I returned I was engaged in rigorous sexual activity without consent, not that I mind that part... In the past two years since I've been moved into your chambers we have gotten considerably close and I can't help feeling this is a master-pet relationship, so I want to know where we stand..." Ryota cringes slightly but continues looking chrysalis in the eye.

Chrysalis softens her normal expression and sighs deeply before suddenly throwing the mirror behind her into the nearby wall with force. Ryota swallows hard but continues his gaze without flinching, Chrysalis clears her throat before playfully booping Ryota on the nose leaving him with a beyond surprised expression.

"You're not my second in for nothing, if I am to be truly honest with you Ryota we are a item... I thought I made that clear with everything I have done. You're the most loyal and talented changelings in the hive so you're the only one worthy of being my partner, so no it's not a master and pet relationship" Chrysalis warmly states despite her surprising start with the mirror.

Chrysalis playfully kisses Ryota on the nose before a armoured changeling rushes into the room, Chrysalis goes to throw a mirror at the changeling but sighs in defeat when she realises she broke the only mirror in her room again... Chrysalis and Ryota stand up to face the armoured changeling.

"What is it?! Can't you see I'm busy!" Chrysalis demands the armoured changeling.

"My queen, we have two ponies who claim they are visitors outside!" The changeling informs Chrysalis.

Ryota and Chrysalis look at each other puzzled before following the armoured changeling through the cave and out into the swamp where many changelings surround a pair of ponies wearing old dusty cloaks by a wagon of sorts. The first pony wears a dull pinkish cloak while the second by the side of the wagon wears a dull grey cloak. The pink cloaked pony approaches Queen Chrysalis and stops shortly in front of her.

"Salutations Queen Chrysalis, I hope you are well?" The pony bows respectfully.

"Who are you and how did you find our hive?" Chrysalis asks the pink cloaked pony.

The pink cloaked pony removes their hood to reveal a violet coloured Unicorn with a pink mane that has black highlights.

"My name your majesty, is Ecstasy and I'm here to offer you and your people an alternate solution to hiding in the dark. Before you judge me and my twin brother for the reason of our visit, I assure you we mean no harm. We merely wish to help the changeling empire survive." Ecstasy explains.

Chrysalis looks at Ryota who nods. Chrysalis looks back at Ecstasy and sighs heavily before speaking.

"How do you plan to help us survive and what do you gain from doing so?" Chrysalis asks with a puzzled expression.

Ecstasy suddenly grows a massive smile on her face and turns to look at her still cloaked brother who uses magic to make the wagon whirl and hiss.

"I'm beyond glad you asked such a stupendous question my queen, allow me and my brother to explain why specifically I am here. Brother if you so please." Ecstasy says with a singing tone.

The cloaked pony sighs heavily and takes a deep breath before music from the wagon begins to play.

"Well you see Chrysalis, I'm here to offer you and your wonderful people a way to survive without need to suck out emotions and be all nasty towards people." Ecstasy playfully explains walking around to the music.

Many changelings look at each other in bewilderment before looking back at Ecstasy.

"How do you plan to do that? It's not like we have any other way to get what we need..." Nigel exclaims as the beat causes many changelings to sway happily.

"I'm glad you asked, because I have a special talent you see. I can make candy, but not just any candy. My candy is bursting with pure emotion!" Ecstasy excitedly explains with hoof signals.

Ecstasy goes over to her wagon and takes out a bag with magic and levitates a load of heart shaped, cherry coloured sweets from it. She then flies them into the many surrounding changeling mouths including Ryota and Chrysalis. Everyone stops for a moment and silently sucks on the sweet while swaying to the peaceful happy background music. Many changelings show happy excited faces as they jump up and down about the flavour of the sweet.

"How do these sweets taste like love? They seriously taste of the emotion we feed off and you have them in a boiled candy... For the sake of my people, please tell me how you did that..." Chrysalis blushes slightly hating what she just publicly did.

Many changelings look at their queen in surprise while Ryota just smiles slightly. Ecstasy nods happily and begins to follow Chrysalis and Ryota into the cave with her wagon. Ecstasy uses her magic to turn off the music, leaving her brother to walk in the opposite direction towards the exit of the swamp. After several hours Ecstasy taught chrysalis and Ryota both the method for harvesting the raw emotion essence and how to make it into various sweets for consumption.

"I still find a few parts hard to follow... My head hurts." Ryota exclaims with a hoof on his head.

"Then let Chrysalis do it while you make the sweets, either way this is knowledge which must not leave the lips of us three, I am entrusting the future of your race to you Queen Chrysalis... You might not realise it yet but fate has big plans for all of us and the changelings are required in order to survive... The next time we meet my queen will be on a very sad day, for me I wish it wouldn't come but... Unfortunately it has to happen, I can say no more and must leave you to your people." Ecstasy explains before standing and putting her hood up.

Chrysalis and Ryota stand and look rather worried about what Ecstasy said but decide to shake it off, Chrysalis clears her throat before speaking.

"Thank you, Ecstasy. Thank you for giving me the method in which to ensure my people are able to lead a moderate happy life in seclusion." Chrysalis says while bowing slightly, which is out of character for her.

Ecstasy smiles beneath her hood before leaving the cave happily humming the previous song while skipping.

Five Years later

Five years after Ecstasy visited Chrysalis and Ryota in order to gift them the top secret methods for both harvesting emotions and manufacturing them into sweets. Ryota put together a small team of changelings to have the job of harvesting the emotions required for the manufacturing, these changelings are: Nigel, Winston, Jules and himself. Chrysalis handled the manufacturing of the emotion sweets by herself as no other changeling was able to use magic which is a key ingredient in the process. During the five years Ryota and Chrysalis got ever the more closer in their relationship. Chrysalis became more and more open and soft towards Ryota the more time they spent together, while to every other changeling she was the same queen they knew and loved. The pair became more consenting towards their intercourse as Ryota got more comfortable with it. One day in the middle of summer the changeling emotion harvest team decided to test out some new technology that the hive had come up with. Nigel, Winston and Jules are standing by a makeshift catapult while having a conversation.

"Do you guys have any idea how we test fire this thing?" Winston asks inspecting a suspicious looking lever.

"I believe we have to load it first before we can launch a proper test." Jules informs Winston and Nigel.

Nigel looks around before spotting Ryota coming out of the main cave entrance and flags him down by waving frantically. Ryota heaves a heavy sigh before walking over to the three and looks surprised.

"What are you guys doing? Winston, don't touch that lever..." Ryota asks with a order to Winston.

Winston flinches away from the lever and looks sheepishly at Ryota. Nigel explains what they aim to do and that after several other attempts by the main changeling army soldiers they decided to give it a whirl.

"Well, for one, it isn't even calibrated right and it's not even loaded properly. Let me fix this shit." Ryota sighs as he steps onto the loading platform of the catapult and begins messing with the mechanism in the main base of the machine.

Winston looks the lever over left and right before finally, without hesitation or thinking pulls the lever hard causing the catapult to fire flinging Ryota far and high into the air. The three changelings watch mouths agape at the flying Ryota.

"Winston, you mother fucking moron-" Ryota begins.

Ryota began yelling but is harshly cut off by a large black beam of light which hits him mid air. The three changeling's eyes widen at the spectacle before them, unable to avert their eyes. When the beam disperses Ryota is nowhere to be found.

"Should we tell the queen we fired Ryota out of a catapult and he got hit by a giant beam of light?" Winston asks leaning towards the other two.

"No..." Jules and Nigel say in unison.

The three begin to slowly walk back towards the main cave entrance before being stopped by Chrysalis who looks a little worried.

"You three, have you seen Ryota anywhere? I'm having trouble locating him." Chrysalis asks looking concerned.

"We flung him off the catapult and he was hit by a black beam of light" Winston says with a forthcoming smile.

Jules and Nigel place their hooves over Winston's mouth but it was too late. Chrysalis expression turned fully sour and she stomped her hooves down onto the ground.

"He was fucking what and hit by what?!" Chrysalis demands looking furious.

"My queen, please be calm." A familiar voice suddenly says from behind.

Chrysalis turns around to see Ecstasy, not wearing a cloak this time. Her eyes widen to see that Ecstasy has wings as well as a horn and her cutie mark is a heart shaped sweet with a lock on it. Chrysalis waves the other three changelings away and they reluctantly walk away and towards the entrance of the main cave.

"I can only explain so much as my brother's know more than I. Ryota has been transported to another world in order to fulfill a higher purpose that is required of him. I know you won't agree with what I'm about to say but eventually you shall forget him and all he has done, everything. However the emotions he made you feel can never be taken away from your heart, so long as you never forget the feelings you felt, even if you know not why you felt them then you will be reunited with him someday." Ecstasy explains as they walk towards the cave entrance.

"I don't believe I could ever forget Ryota, all he has done for the hive, his brothers and sisters and most of all me... I will never forget him no matter what you say..." Chrysalis says defiantly with a serious look on her face.

Ecstasy and Chrysalis stop in front of the cave. Ecstasy reveals a large heart shaped pillow from behind a rock and gifts it to Chrysalis.

"Ryota wanted to give this to you but didn't know how so he came to me... I hope you use this well in his absence." Ecstasy states sadly.

Chrysalis takes the pillow in her magic and stares at it with sad eyes before looking back up to find Ecstasy gone. Chrysalis hugs the pillow tightly before a tear rolls down her cheek as she smells the pillow over and over taking in what she knows is Ryota's scent. Chrysalis walks back into the cave and heads for her room. Near her room she passes Nigel, Winston and Jules who look at their queen's depressed expression. Chrysalis enters her room and levitates the heart shaped pillow to where here and Ryota used to sleep and flops down on the pillow gently. She then looks into her third new mirror and begins to levitate it and sits it in front of her. Chrysalis stares into the mirror at herself sighing constantly before she briefly sees what she thinks is Ryota in her place in the mirror. Tears begin to roll down her face as she buries it into the pillow.