The Trial

by Astral Sketch

First published

While Sunset Shimmer tries to make amends for her past mistakes, things take a wrong turn as she is confronted by those she had wronged.

Ever since her recovery from her defeat at the Fall Formal Sunset Shimmer has tried to make amends to all the people she had wronged. But not everyone at Canterlot High is as forgiving and for some an apology won't be good enough. Now that she is confronted with her past, how far will Sunset Shimmer go to put it behind her?

This is a sequel to The Prodigal Student. (You'll need to read that first to get some of what's going on here)

I want to thank Shadow Bolt for helping me with this story.
I got the background for this cover from FavoriteArtMan

(This story used to be called From Sunset to Sunrise but I changed the title to something a little less cheesy)

Moving Forward

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It was almost noon at Canterlot High School and all of the students were currently in their classes. Except for one student in particular, who was now inside the closed door of Principle Celestia's office. Sunset Shimmer was called in from her morning class several minutes ago from the school's intercom and when she arrived, she met Celestia inside her office waiting with a cup of coffee and a yellow folder filled with a stack of papers inside. It was then after a quick greeting that she told Sunset to have a seat in front of her. The two have now just spent the last few minutes in silence, Sunset sitting in one chair while Celestia sat right in front behind a large wooden desk. Sunset just sat there in silence with her hands on her knees, her leg had started shaking as she started to get nervous all the while Celestia was reading a few of the sheets of paper she had with her. Even though this wasn't the same Celestia she had known back in Equestria, even still Sunset had never felt so anxious while in her presence. Her eyes than began to wander and as she looked around the office, she couldn't help but noticed the pictures on the wall. The first three were the previous photos of her as the Fall Formal Princess. It was as if each picture was telling the story of her rise from innocence to her eventual fall to darkness only to finally be dethroned when she saw a picture of Twilight after she was announced this year's princess just before she had Snips and Snails steal Spike away.

"What am I going to do with you?" Celestia finally said causing Sunset to snap back into reality.

Celestia had finally set the papers down on her desk and placed her thumb and index finger over the bridge of her nose.

"You do realize that after what happened at the Fall Formal I was within my power to expel you?" She said.

Sunset just lowered her head in shame as she heard those words.

"But your new friends practically begged me to give you a second chance, it's because of that and also I felt that the medical condition you sustained afterwards might have been punishment enough," she continued causing Sunset to give a quick sigh of relief,

"However this on the other hand is something I can't ignore," Celestia said pointing to the stack of papers on her desk, "these are the reports of all the students who claimed that you have bullied them for quite some time. Now according to the school's current policy which will have to be rewritten because of recent events, but until then I still get final say to what happens to you now."

Then after a moment of pause Celestia finally spoke, "I want you to know that I do believe in second chances, I have observed your behavior over the last week and I'm aware that you have been trying to make amends with several of the students. Based on what your friends have told me, I do believe that you are sincere in wanting to make up for your actions. So I want you to keep reaching out to the other students. So as of today, until further notice you are no longer part of the student newspaper and every day after school you are to report to detention for the rest of the school year. And one other thing, because of how much your friends care about your well being I've decided that should you happen to learn an important lesson on friendship, I want you to write a report on it and turn it into me, for each one you turn in I'll excuse one day of detention, is that understood?"

"Ye-yes ma'am," Sunset said.

"Good then, it's almost lunch period so you are dismissed," Celestia said as she got up from her seat.

"Thank you ma'am," Sunset replied as she got up and grabbed her backpack.

"One more thing Sunset Shimmer," she said before Sunset could leave the office, "Don't make me regret this."

With a gulp Sunset just gave a simple nod showing that she understood before closing the door behind her. Principle Celestia was only alone for a few minutes before Vice-Principle Luna entered her office.

"Hello Luna," Celestia said.

"I saw Sunset Shimmer in the hall just now, I take it you have already spoken to her?" Luna asked.

"Yes I have," Celestia answered.

"Celie you know you're going to get a lot of heat for this right?" Luna stated.

"I know Luna, but it's my call... and I've made it," Celestia said.

The lunch bell had already rung and Sunset Shimmer was still in the hallway. By now most of the other students were already in the cafeteria but as Sunset was walking down the hall, she saw a group of students talking. But as soon as they saw her Sunset could almost sense their mood changed. Sunset tried to avert her eyes but she couldn't help but look back. It was then that she heard the snap of pencil that one of the students was holding. Sunset then started to pick up the pace as she continued to walk towards the cafeteria to where her friends are. Then when she finally arrive at the double doors she quickly made her way inside. Now that Sunset was inside she quickly scanned the cafeteria, it was crowded but she was able to find her friends who were already seated. All five of them were there and now that Sunset was within walking distances from them she was finally able to relax. That however proved to be a mistake because as she was walking towards them she suddenly felt her foot trip up against something that caused her to lose her balance. But before she could hit the floor face first she felt someone quickly catch her in mid air.

"I got ya!" said Rainbow Dash as she helped Sunset back to her feet.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash," Sunset said.

"Sure thing," Rainbow Dash said before turning around.

"ALL RIGHT, WHO WAS IT!?" Rainbow yelled towards the other students, "COME ON WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU WANT TO START SOMETHING!?"

Nobody in the cafeteria said a word some even looked the other way as Rainbow Dash hit the palm of her hand with her fist.

"Yeah that's what I thought," Rainbow with disdain.

Rainbow Dash turned towards Sunset Shimmer and the two girls walked towards the table along with the rest of their friends.

"Are you OK?" Fluttershy asked as soon as the two had sat down.

"Yeah, I'm OK," Sunset answered.

"You kidding me?! If someone wants to start something they should man up and do it face to face, not hiding behind a crowd throwing cheap shots!" Rainbow said.

"Or woman up," added Pinkie before biting into a doughnut, "Or both maybe?"

"Whatever," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Sunset Shimmer, be honest," Applejack said, "Has anyone else been givin you a hard time?"

"Not really," Sunset answered, "I've mostly been getting mean looks and an occasional spit ball shot at me. I've also been getting some really mean messages online."

"Have you tried blocking them?" Rarity asked.

"If I blocked everyone who’s sent one of those messages then you five would be the only ones left I can contact," she half joked.

"Well that's not true," said Pinkie Pie, "it's not like the whole planet hates you, just about everyone you've had ever interacted with in this school does."

"Pinkie!" Rarity said angrily.

"What?" Pinkie asked.

"It alright Rarity," Sunset said.

"Have you tried talking to Principle Celestia about it while you were in her office?" Fluttershy asked.

It had just occurred to her that even though she had just had a conversation with this universe's Celestia, there was still the Celestia from her world she could contact, the one that knew her best. She remembered that she still had the magic book that she used to magically write messages and lesson reports back when she was her student. She knew it was still in her locker collecting dust even though someone had recently broke into it, it was one of the few thing inside that hasn't been touched. Sunset never told anyone since the only things that were taken were the documents and pictures that she had used to blackmail others students. Sunset was going to get rid of them herself seeing as that she has turned over a new leaf, but part of her wanted to keep them just as a way to protect herself against anyone who might have it out for her. Before nobody would dare do something so bold against her but since what happened at the Fall Formal nobody was afraid of her anymore, so she just replaced the lock and that was it.

As for the book however, the last time she had even looked at it was when she discovered that despite how badly their last encounter went, Princess Celestia still tried to reach her through the book. She never wrote back to any of those letters but out of curiosity, she still occasionally read one or two. Princess Celestia eventually stopped asking her to return and instead was just writing to her of current events in Equestria. That's was how she had learned about how Celestia had replaced her with Twilight Sparkle as her new student and that how much alike they were in terms of intellect and potential. Sunset remembered almost being insulted at the very idea that anypony could possibly be her equal, but it wasn't until she read that the Elements of Harmony had returned. It was then that she had put her plan in motion to steal it the next time the portal opened. But that was months ago and after everything she did she doubted that Princess Celestia would have anything to do with her. Then again it wasn't like she was going to need it any time soon.

"No I didn't, but this isn't anything I can't handle," she finally said, "Besides if I can handle a complete change of biology in less than a few days then I can handle this."

"Ya know I've noticed that I haven't seen Snips or Snails around for a while, normally they're right behind you," Applejack asked.

"Yeah I sort of ordered them keep their distance from me for a while," Sunset said, "after all as far as the rest of the school thinks they're just a couple of dimwits I manipulated into doing my biding. Although they're not wrong... anyways it's my flank everybody wants to kick so they should be fine."

"Now don't you talk like that," Rarity said, "Nobody would dare attack you in this school."

"And if they did we'd back you up," said Rainbow Dash.

Sunset Shimmer was relieved to hear that, that was until she saw someone she was hoping would not be in her general area. It was another student named Mystic Glow the Student Body President and she was sitting a couple tables over where Sunset and her friends were. She had long maroon hair with blue high lights and a dull tan-ish complexion and from what Sunset tell see was wearing her usual white dress shirt. She was seated facing right at Sunset Shimmer and although she held a fork in her hand she wasn't eating, instead looking right at Sunset with a look that showed neither joy nor anger. At that moment Sunset Shimmer recalled the last time she had spoken to her.

It was a day after Sunset Shimmer had recovered from her vision lost due to her defeat at the Fall Formal. She had spent a good part of the day apologizing to several students for how she had treated them and with her five friends, there for moral support she felt more at ease doing it. Just as she expected some of the students were not very excepting of her, one of them even went as far at threw their drink at her face. However, to her relief some were actually willing to forgive her giving her hope that redemption was a real possibility for her. Then when she met up with Mystic Glow, Sunset Shimmer saw her at her locker and with an encouraging nod from the Hu-mane 5 she walked up to her.

"Hi Mystic Glow," she said awkwardly, "I, I am really sorry for what I did to you. I knew that it was wrong but... I want you to know I'm not like that anymore, I hope I can make it up to you and that we can start over."

Mystic Glow 's expression didn't change, it was the same neutral look she often had in school. She just looked Sunset Shimmer in the eyes for a brief moment, then she took a glance towards the Hu-Mane 5 who were several steps away and then she looked back at Sunset Shimmer. What happened next was something Sunset Shimmer did not expect as Mystic Glow put her hands on her. Sunset flinched thinking that she was attacking her but to her surprise Mystic Glow was actually hugging her. For a brief moment Sunset remembered Pinkie saying how hugs were always good, that was until she heard Mystic Glow whisper into her ear.
"This doesn't change anything," Mystic Glow whispered, "You're getting what's coming to you. I'll see to that. Not today. Maybe not for a while but it will happen and you won't see it coming."

She then let go of Sunset Shimmer and simply walked away.

"Sunset Shimmer?... Hello earth to Sunset Shimmer?" said Pinkie Pie.

"Huh, what?" Sunset answered.

"Lunch will be over soon, shouldn't you get something?" Pinkie asked.

"Oh, right I guess I should," Sunset replied.

"Great! I'll go with you, I could use some dessert!" Pinkie said with a cheer.

"Pinkie you just had three cupcakes already," Rarity said.

"I know! And I'm still hungry!" She answered.

Mystic Glow watched as Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie left their table all the while remembering all the things that Sunset Shimmer had done to her and how it all started.

Almost a year ago and after a couple of weeks of campaigning Mystic Glow had just won the election for Student Body President. Although Sunset Shimmer had run a dirty campaign, Mystic Glow refused to stoop down to her level. The results were surprising to many of the students when it was announced that Mystic Glow had won. A couple of days later after a Student Council meeting had just ended, Mystic Glow was alone in the class room. She then heard the door open and when she looked to see that it was none other than Sunset Shimmer herself.

"Hello Mystic Glow," Sunset Shimmer said as she entered the classroom.

"Hello Sunset Shimmer, I'm surprised to see your still here given that school ended over an hour ago and the Journalism Club doesn't meet today either," Mystic Glow said.

"Oh, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on winning the election," Sunset said in a coy manner.

"Really? That's quite nice of you," Mystic Glow said as she watched Sunset Shimmer sit right on top of the desk in front of her.
Mystic Glow felt that something was off, Sunset Shimmer tried to spread rumors and lies about her throughout the school in order to win the election and now she was being nice?

"What can I say the students have spoken," Sunset said with a shrug.

"Well maybe you'll have better luck winning Princess of the Spring Fling," Mystic Glow replied.

"Yes well you see the thing about a democracy is that sometimes the wrong person might be put in charge," Sunset Shimmer said with a smirk.

"What are you getting at?" Mystic said.

"Oh just something I just recently came across," Sunset said.

She pulled out a yellow folder out of her backpack, which she then hand over with that smirk still on her face. Mystic Glow grabbed hold of the folder but when she opened it up she was completely shocked at was inside.

"I must say that's an interesting hobby you got there," Sunset Shimmer said with folded arms, "Don't worry I'm not the kind to judge but the other students on the other hand, well I'm just not sure how they'll react to seeing they're elected Student Body President in this new light."


"Oh no, I wouldn't dream of it," Sunset Replied, "After all, now that I think about it there's too much responsibility with the job. Responsibility that I know you can handle."

"Meaning?" Mystic Glow said trying calm herself.

"Simple, you stay on as Student Body President but from here on, you answer to me. Or else everyone will know about what's in those pictures," Sunset Shimmer explained.

Mystic Glow was stuck, if the whole school were to see what's in this folder then her reputation would be ruined, she'd be a laughing stock.

"Fine," She said with defeat.

"I'm glad to hear that," Sunset Shimmer said as she got up and pick up her backpack, "You can keep those, I have extras and another thing I wouldn't think about resigning if I were you, I think you're smart enough to know why."

Ever since that day Mystic Glow had to do everything Sunset Shimmer commanded from looking the other way to bending and or breaking the rules for her. She was basically the fall girl while Sunset had all the power and if there were any consequences then it was Mystic Glow who would face them. But now that Sunset Shimmer has been dethroned she had nothing to fear anymore especially since she was the one behind Sunset's locker being broken into. She was able to get her hands on the negatives of her and several students and had them destroyed. Now she was ready for revenge, before she thought she had all the time she needed but to her surprise, it appears that some of the other students are slowly starting to forgive her. Why she didn't know, but she was sure that it had something to do those five girls who helped that new girl win Princess of the Fall Formal. For whatever reason they had for befriending Sunset Shimmer was beyond her, but at the rate that things are going there might be a possible chance that Sunset might be forgiven by most of the school.

Bull! The only way that's going to happen is if she actually helps saves the school from something evil she thought.

Either way it meant that, she now had to act sooner than expected, especially while she still had a good number of the students to back her up. She then looked over towards another table of students and when she made eye contact with them, she nodded which one of the returned. Then when she did the same with another group of students, she knew it was time to set things in motion.

The bell rang signaling that lunch was over, after throwing away their trash, Sunset Shimmer and her friends went off together for class.

"So Sunset can I ask you something?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Sure," Sunset replied.

"I been wanting to ask for a while but... it's about your evil plan back at the Fall Formal," said Rainbow Dash, "if Equestria is filled with powerful magic unicorns like Princess Twilight and they would obviously have an army waiting there, then how were you and an a small army of zombie teenagers going to take over the place?"

Sunset Shimmer stopped in her tracks and planted her hand against her face in embarrassment.

"It's just, I mean I may not be an egghead but even I see the holes in that plan even if you did turn into an evil powerful she-demon," Rainbow continued, "if you don't want to talk about it then-"

"No it’s fine," Sunset said with a sigh, "For starters I wasn't exactly rational after I put on the crown and the truth is that wasn't my original plan. Because of how long it took to get the crown back and the portal was going to close in less than an hour, it was something I put together at the last minute."

"So what was your original plan?" Fluttershy asked.

"If I had never tripped on Spike I would have had the crown here without anyone knowing. Then I would have used the crown to wreak some havoc in this town drawing in the whole police force than the National Guard to me. Then with a real army of zombies armed with this world's advanced weaponry I would have marched them through and blow up anypony that got in my way."

There was awkward silence as the other girls just looked at Sunset Shimmer causing her to want to disappear.

"I guess it's a good thing Spike was there to trip you over then," Pinkie said.

From there Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie had separate classes so they went their own way leaving Sunset with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy since the three did happen to be in the same class after lunch. Sunset Shimmer realized that that the textbook she needed was still in her locker but when the three made there they saw that someone had taped a piece of paper on it. It was a crude drawing of Sunset Shimmer in her demon form with the words Sunset Satan written in red. Sunset just looked at it for a brief moment before she ripped it off and crumpled it into a ball. She then opened her locker and with the textbook in hand, the three of them made their way to class.

After a few hours school was finally over and Sunset Shimmer was on her way to report for her first day of detention. When she reached the classroom, she saw that it was Vice-Principle Luna who would be supervising today. Sunset looked around and saw that she wasn't the only one there. In hindsight, she should have known that Snips and Snails were here too, after all, the elements didn't make them go temporary blind thus sparing them from any punishments up until now. There were two other students in detention also one of them being Trixie, who apparently accidently set off a smoke bomb during class and then there was this other girl. Sunset thought she looked familiar and believed her name might have been Lighting Dust or something like that.

"Alright, you all already know why you're here," said the Vice-Principle.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie was framed!" Trixie said.

"Anyways, you all know why your here," Luna continued, "So for the next hour in a half you can either study, do homework or you can just sit there that's up to you."

The time felt like it had slowed in there and Sunset Shimmer was glad when it was finally over. Then as she exited the school, she realized that Snips and Snails were right behind her.

"What are you two doing? I told you that you’re supposed to stay away from me for awhile?" Sunset Shimmer said.

"But this leads us towards the park and it's the fastest way for us to get to our houses," Snails said.

"Oh right... fine," Sunset replied.

The three of them continued on their way and after a few minutes and when they entered the park entrance Sunset had started to feel a little uneasy.

"Huh? I think we're being followed," Snips said.

"What?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"Yeah I think we are being followed," Snails confirmed after a quick glance behind.

"For how long?" Sunset asked.

"I don't know since we left school?" Snips answered.

"And you didn't say anything until now?" She said in a loud whisper.

"I wasn't sure until now," Snips said.

While still keeping her pace Sunset Shimmer reached into her backpack and pulled out a small mirror and as if pretending to put on makeup she used to look behind. Indeed they were being followed and from what she could tell there were four of them. As soon as they reached different turn, Sunset gave a subtle signal to Snips and Snails and they quickly changed directions. Using the mirror Sunset saw that the group was still on their trail. However, this time it looked like that more people had joined in signaling another red flag.

"Snips, Snails were splitting up," she told them.

"What? But what if catch us alone?" Snips whispered.

"Don't worry I think it's me they're after," she answered.

At least I think so she thought.

"When I give the signal you two run as fast as you can, you got it?" Sunset said.

"But what about you?" Snails asked.

"That's an order," Sunset whispered loudly.

Sunset observed the situation and when she saw that the group behind them get bigger , she knew that it was now or never.
"NOW!" Sunset yelled.

The three of them ran off in different directions and when Sunset Shimmer looked behind, she saw that most of the group had indeed ignored the two boys and were now chasing her.

AW, HORSE APPLES!! She thought.

Sunset Shimmer ran as fast as she could and when she made it to a nearby baskets ball court she saw that there was another group of people ahead of her.

OH, GOOD I CAN GET HELP! She thought.

"PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! She shouted.

Sunset ran towards the other group and when she reached the group she stopped to catch her breath.

"People are after me... I... need help," Sunset pleaded.

"Sorry Sunset Shimmer, but I don't think that's going to happen," said a familiar voice.

Sunset could hear the clicking of heels on the sidewalk getting closer and when the crowd moved aside, she saw that it was Mystic Glow who had spoken. Sunset then heard the group that was chasing her had finally arrived to where she was and that's when she saw a camera flash.

"Sorry I just couldn't resist getting a picture, I mean the look on your face right now is just priceless and it looks like everyone's here," Mystic Glow said.

"A Trap? This was a trap?" Sunset Shimmer said.

"That's right, all I had to do was memorize what your daily routes are and the rest was only too easy," Mystic Glow said, "you might have gotten everyone's pity after losing your sight after the Fall Formal but since that's not the case anymore means you’re fair game."

Sunset Shimmer looked around and now that she got a good look at everyone around her she realized that they were all CH students, a dozen total all of whom she had wronged.

"What's this? Nothing to say? No snarky comments? Remember I told you you'd get what's coming." Mystic Glow mocked.

Sunset Shimmer was trapped, surrounded by the crowd of students that were here for revenge. If only she was still a unicorn, she would have used her magic to cast a stun spell on them or teleport herself way to safety, instead Sunset was powerless. She tried to put on a brave face but inside she was scared, the last time she felt this scared was back when she was inside that storage closet alone and vulnerable in the darkness. But instead of the literal pain she felt from the dark magic inside her, she knew it was going to be replaced with the pain of fists, kicks or with whatever they had in mind for her. Even thought nobody's made a move yet Sunset fought to keep her tears from falling out of fear.


"Enough stalling! We all got busy schedules so let's just get this over with, I promise you won't get hurt too badly," said Mystic Glow.

This was it Sunset Shimmer felt soon as the other students started to move in. But before anyone got any closer, Sunset heard another voice yell out from the crowd.


Out of nowhere, another group forced their way through the crowd even knocking one or two of the students down in the process. Sunset Shimmer found herself surrounded by this other group and to everyone's surprise they were none other than Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.


"How did you find out about this?" Mystic Glow asked.

"Simple," Rainbow Dash answered, "While I was on my way home from soccer practice I saw two guys chasing after Snips and Snails so I did what any other good samaritan would do and took care of it. Then when Snips told me what was going on I persuaded those two goons of yours to let me in on this party and I invited my friends along too."

"This doesn't involve you!" Mystic Glow replied.

"Sunset Shimmer is our friend, attack on one of us is an attack on all of us," Applejack said, "and 12 against 1!? Ya'll are nothin but a bunch of yellow bellied cowards!"

"I'm not much for fighting, I'm more into fashion but you lay as much as a finger on Sunset Shimmer and I'LL RIP YOU APART!!!" Rarity threatened with a martial arts stance.

Sunset Shimmer never felt so relieved in her life to have her friends here to back her up. But even so, a part of her felt guilty and despite breaking up their friendship they were still willing to defend her from this mob.

Mystic Glow looked at the crowd and realized that they were having doubts, She knew that their beef was with Sunset Shimmer only, not these girls. As far as anyone knows, they still had magic powers, something they just found out recently was a real thing. If they could take on a demon then there's no telling what they could do to them in a fight. The only reason she could get away with something like this was that she knew that most of the students in the school would back her up. But if word spread that they attacked five of the girls that saved everyone at the Fall Formal then she was done for.

"FINE! But this isn't over!" Mystic Glow yelled, "You five can't be around forever and the next chance we get, we will get our revenge!"

"NO! This ends now!" Sunset Shimmer yelled.

"WHAT!?" The Hu-mane 5 said in unison.

"Are you crazy Sunset Shimmer!?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Mystic Glow is right," Sunset Shimmer said, "You all can't protect me forever and I don't want you to either. This needs to be settled here and now, You just gave me enough time and I think I have a plan but please, I need you five to trust me."

All five of them exchanged looks and after a brief moment of silence, they all nodded in agreement.

"Alright Sunset Shimmer, we got your back though," Applejack said.

Sunset Shimmer then walked past her friends and with them behind her, she faced the mob. Then with a deep breath, she finally spoke.

"I know I've hurt every one of you, I've broken apart relationships and friendships, I've bullied, humiliated, black mailed you and I've even made some of you afraid to go to school every day. And for that I am truly sorry, I wish I take it back but I can't and you all have every right to hate me. Even to hurt me physically like I've hurt you emotionally. But that does not mean you can hurt my friends there is no justice in that and if that's what you want then fine, but NOT LIKE THIS! If you want justice then...then I DEMAND TRIAL BY COMBAT!!!"

All five of her friends just looked at her with shock at what she just said. Even Mystic Glow was put off guard by her declaration. But there was a time when a CHS student could invoke such a request to settle disputes. It wasn't an official rule but it still something the students honored even if the teachers didn't. However, it's been years since anyone invoked a trial by combat, not since Principle Celestia and Vice-Principle Luna started running the school. There was no way it could be done on school grounds but then again they aren't on school grounds now are they?

"Why would we honor that anyways? What would anyone gain from it?" Mystic Glow asked with curiosity.

"First of all it's one on one, so the odds are fairer and if I win then it's over! All of it! No more plots, no more ambushes, you'll leave all of us alone, me, Snips, Snails, and my friends! And if you win... you all get to see my face planted to the ground, either way you'll get your pound of flesh."

The other students looked towards Mystic Glow while whispering among themselves. After all, she was the ringleader so it was her call. Although this wasn't the way she thought this would go down, Mystic Glow knew that this was probably going to be her best chance to get even with Sunset Shimmer. She realized that this may be the better option, even if she had majority of the students backing her it still would have been a beating and there would still be consequences after words. However, a fight between two consenting individuals would be easier to spin. Besides, she was right either way, Sunset Shimmer was in for some pain regardless of what happens and she knew just who to bring in for this.

"Fair enough! We do this old school then and I already have someone in mind to represent us," Mystic Glow said, "Quake do you accept?"

The other student moved aside as Quake walked towards the front. She was blond girl with short hair and was a little taller than Mystic Glow and not only did she have a more stocky build than the other girls she was also more muscularly toned.

"You’re kidding? I thought you'd never asked," Quake finally replied.

Sunset Shimmer defiantly knew who she was and was starting to regret her decision to fight. Not only did Quake worked part-time at the local spa but she also happened to be Canterlot High's Best Women's Kick Boxer. There was no way around this but Sunset Shimmer knew she was in trouble.

"Are you nuts Sunset Shimmer?" Applejack said grabbing her by the shoulder, "Just look at her, she'll clobber you!"

"Applejack's right, you got to let me fight her in your stead," Rainbow Dash said.

"Are you serious?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Yes I am," Rainbow answered, "According to the rules of trial by combat, Sunset Shimmer can have someone fight on her behalf. And the only one who has any actual martial arts training is me and Rarity."

"How do you know that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Everyone knows this Fluttershy, haven't you seen Game of Thrones yet?" Rainbow Dash answered, "Sunset, let me fight her. It's the best chance you have getting out of this OK?"

"...Thanks Rainbow Dash, but I can let you do that. You've all have already done so much for me, more than I deserve but I can't let any of you girls get hurt because of me. I need to do this myself."

Rainbow Dash didn't say anything but she understood what Sunset was trying to tell her, after all she still had some pride.

"Alright Sunset just remember she's a south paw," Rainbow said.

"Sunset Wait!" said Fluttershy as she threw her arms around her.

"Beat her within an inch of her life," she whispered in a dark disturbing tone.

Ooookaaayyy Sunset thought.

As she got out of the embrace she was quickly approached Rarity where she then took off her leather jacket and handed it to the fashionista for safekeeping, after all she didn't want to ruin it again since Rarity was the one who tailored it for her.

"There's got to be something we can do?" Rarity asked as they watched Sunset Shimmer walk away.

"She's dead set on this, only one thing we can do," Applejack answered, "let them fight."

Sunset remembered Quake quite well in fact and she definitely had a good reason to want to beat her up. Almost a year ago, Sunset had placed a large bet on a school boxing match in which Quake was participating. The problem was that she betted on the opponent so she confronted her about taking a dive but she refused. Of course, Quake won the match and out of spite at losing that much money, Sunset Shimmer had spread a rumor about her around the school saying that she was actually born as a guy. Unfortunately that escalated to the point that her boyfriend at the time actually broke up with her about, if the rumors are indeed true then she really let him have it. Now here she was about to face her in a one on one street fight.

"So we ready?" Mystic Glow asked.

"Yes I am," Quake said as she cracked her knuckles.

"Sure," Sunset lied.

Inside her head, Sunset Shimmer was praying to Celestia or whichever deity that ruled this world for help as the two combatant raised the fists to start the fight.


Before Sunset knew it, Quake's fist had already stuck her left cheek, which almost knocked her to the ground. But Sunset was able to keep her footing and tried to return a punch with her right. However, despite her large size Quake gracefully dodged her punch before striking her again in the face. This time Sunset actually did fall to the ground. She could already fell the warm flow of blood dripping out of her nose and mouth all the while hearing the crowd cheering "Fight!" repeatedly.

"COME ON SUNSET SHIMMER YOU CAN DO IT!!!" she heard one of her friends yelled.

"You got anything to say while you're still conscious?" Quake asked.

"Yeah actually... you hit like a girl," Sunset replied.

"Funny," Quake said un-amused.

As Quake made her way towards her, Sunset was able to feel her hand touch a patch of soft dirt. Then when Quake was close enough, she quickly threw the dirt into her opponent’s eyes. Then as Quake tried to rub the dirt out of her eyes, Sunset quickly got up and with her leg, she kicked Quake in the stomach as hard as she could. With the added reach from her boot's high heel Sunset was able to cause more pain to her opponent's stomach. Quake yelped from the pain by that surprise attack but she did not fall, she was too tough for that, but she was caught off guard again when she felt a fist strike her face. Sunset was finally able to land her first punch and while her opponent was still distracted, she was able to land a second one but before she was able to land a third, Quake blocked it. But before Sunset could react, Quake had landed another punch to her face. The impact caused Sunset Shimmer to back away and when she saw Quake coming for her, she raised her fists to protect herself. But instead of hitting her in the face Quake punched her in the stomach too. Sunset could feel the air shoot out of her lungs and because she was not a trained fighter, she allowed her arms to cover her stomach out of reflex. But in doing so she allowed her face to be exposed allowing Quake to punch her again and again. Sunset could barely stay on her feet and her vision was starting to blur. If her friends were still cheering, she couldn't hear them from the constant ringing in her head. Then with one more powerful punch to the face, Sunset finally fell on her knees.

At this point, everyone was silent. It was finally over she thought. She gave it her all but it wasn't good enough, Quake was just too much for her. Quake wiped away some of the blood from her mouth caused by one of Sunset Shimmer's punches as she took a stepped towards her.

"Come on! GET UP!" she shouted.

But Sunset didn't respond, she just kneeled there on the ground all the while her friends watching with both anger and fear to what was happening to their friend.

She's done Mystic Glow thought with a grin.

Quake then grabbed Sunset Shimmer by the collar of her shirt and lifted her up from her feet so that they can face each other at eye level. She felt no guilt when she saw how much of a mess Sunset's face was. She was unresponsive and her left cheek and eye were already swollen and blood was oozing out of her nose and mouth, even the small cuts around her face were bleeding.
"Pathetic," Quake said with some satisfaction.

Suddenly to everyone's surprise, Sunset Shimmer lunged both of her hands and grabbed Quake by the head and with as much force as she could she head butted her in the face. In pain, Quake automatically had released Sunset Shimmer from her grasp. Sunset was struggling to stay on her feet but now she saw her opportunity to strike. Ever since Sunset crossed into this world, one of the classes she had paid attention to most was Human Anatomy. Then while Quake was distracted, she gathered all the strength she could and struck her between her chest and stomach, hitting the nerve connecting to the solar plexus. Gasping and in pain Quake dropped to her knees and with her diaphragm momentarily paralyzed she was unable to breathe. With her opponent on the ground, Sunset Shimmer lunged at her forcing her to fall on her back. Now that Sunset was on top of her she brought her fist up into the air and punched Quake in the face again and again and again. Everyone was watching with their mouths open, even Sunset's friends were in awe as she pummeled Quake over and over again like some maniac, but the one most shocked of was Mystic Glow.

Sunset Shimmer had just thrown another punch and before she could land another, she felt someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her off.


With her good eye, Sunset was able to see that it was Rainbow Dash who stopped the fight. She then looked down at Quake was saw that she was just lying there bloodied and moaning. Now seeing it was over Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity all rushed towards their two friends. With both Applejack and Rainbow Dash's help, Sunset Shimmer was able to stand up.

"Don't worry Sunset Shimmer we got ya," Applejack said.

"Yeah it's over now," Rainbow added.

"No...not yet," Sunset replied.

With their help, Sunset Shimmer was able to turn around to face the crowd but more specifically Mystic Glow herself.

" know…the deal," Sunset said.

Mystic Glow was still in disbelief at what just happened even as she watched as a few of the other students lifting up an unconscious Quake off the ground. She then turned to face Sunset Shimmer who had just declared her victory. Her eye slightly twitched indicating that she wasn't too happy with the way this ended, she had hoped to have Sunset Shimmer suffer a little more. But she made a deal and the one thing she prided herself the most was that she was a woman of her word. Besides, seeing Sunset Shimmer in her current state did give her some satisfaction so at least that would have to do.

"Fine," she finally answered, "I'll spread the word, but I can't promise everyone will agree with it and this won't change how everyone thinks of you!"

At with that Mystic Glow turned around and walked away causing all the other students to disperse from the area. With the crowd now gone, Sunset Shimmer and her friends were the only ones left in the area.

"Oh darling, look what that brute did to your face," Rarity said.

She then pulled out a handkerchief from her pocket to clean off some of the blood from her face causing Sunset to wince from the touch of her throbbing face.

"I got to say you really pulled it off at the end," Rainbow Dash said.

"We should so throw you a VICTORY PARTY!!!" said Pinkie Pie.

"I'm not going to lie, I thought you were done there for a minute," Applejack admitted, "I just don't know where that last minute spark came from?"

"I don't know either, it just sort of happened," Sunset replied before spiting some blood out of her mouth.

"EEEWW! Sunset please reframe from doing that, you almost got it on me," Rarity said as she backed away.


"So what happens now?" Fluttershy asked.

"I think we should report this Principle Celestia," Rarity answered.

"That would be pointless," Sunset Shimmer replied, "this isn't school grounds after all...and besides I just want to go home."

"Fine but we're stopping by a store first to get you some bandages and ice to keep the swelling down," Applejack insisted.

"OK, OK," Sunset finally replied.

With this ordeal finally over and with the help of her friends Sunset Shimmer was able to leave the park and eventually home.

It was morning at Canterlot High, first period had just ended, and while Principle Celestia was in her office when she heard someone knocking on her door.

"Come in," she said.

The door opened to reveal that it was Sunset Shimmer at the door and as she entered Celestia was shocked to see her in her current state.

"SUNSET! What in the world happened to you?!" Celestia asked as he jumped from her seat.

Sunset had bandages around her hands and face and her left cheek and eye and obviously swollen. There was no doubt any bruises she had was covered up with make-up.

"It's not a big deal," Sunset answered.

"DON'T give me that! You need to tell me how did this happen? Who did this to you?" Celestia demanded.

"Well you see... someone tried to mug me on my way home through the park yesterday but don't worry I fought him off, you should see what I did to him," Sunset said with a pain-causing smile.

"Please tell me you called the police about it?" Celestia asked with concern.

"Yes ma'am I did but that's not why I'm here," she replied.

"What do you mean?" Celestia asked.

Sunset Shimmer then reached into her backpack and pulled out a sheet of paper, which she handed to Celestia.

Principle Celestia:

Today I learned that whenever you're in trouble you can always rely on your friends to help you. And even when things go bad just knowing that you have their support can help through those tough times.

Your student:
Sunset Shimmer

After reading the letter Principle Celestia sunk back down to her seat and after a deep sigh she finally spoke.

"Alright, your excused from detention for today, BUT! I do not want you walking home alone for the time being, is that understood?"

"It’s alright ma'am my friends can help me with that," Sunset answered.

"You’re dismissed," Celestia said reluctantly.

Sunset Shimmer then left Celestia's office and as she headed towards her next class she passed by a few students that were in the hall. Like before they gave her the stink eye and as she continued walking, she heard the faint sound of whispering. No doubt, they must have heard about the fight yesterday evening but that didn't bother her. Although she was safe from attacks for the time being, many of the students still hated her. But she knew that it would be something she'll have to deal with in time and with her friends there to support her it'll make it just a little bit easier.