Ponies Masturbate With an X

by sbloom85

First published

The mares of Equestria are bored... and horny.

The ponies of Equestria have become bored with their regular sex lives and have decided to try using other methods to get themselves off.

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Twilight Sparkle Masturbates With a Spell (sbloom85)

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With the last book on the shelf, Spike slid down the ladder and wiped off some sweat off of his forehead. “Whew. I'm done over here, Twilight!”

She spun herself toward the baby dragon and smiled. “Thanks, Spike. Go ahead and take the rest of the day off.”

He was more than eager to leave the castle. Maybe he could help Rarity with something. “Thanks Twilight. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.”

She landed on the floor in front of her section of the library and sat on her haunches. She missed the old library, but she couldn't do anything about its destruction. If there was something she learned from her first time travel attempt, it was that you couldn't change the past, no matter how hard you tried. She had to move on.

This new castle though, while it was intimidating, the discovery of its massive library put her mind at ease and she fell in love with it. Not only was it twice the size of the old library, there was even a secret door to a room that would hold her personal collection of literature, to be read only in that room.

She trotted to the switch for the room and activated it. The bookshelf in front of her slid back and into the wall. She looked around in the library before she stepped inside. There, she pressed another button that moved the wall back into place.

She made her way through a magically lit hallway toward a rotunda of sorts and sat in front of the large table in the room's center. In front of her was a book she recently discovered in Celestia and Luna's former castle: Starswirl the Bearded's autobiography!

As she read, she came upon a chapter the old-time sorcerer dedicated to his conquests before he became famous. The details in the pages were so well written that her hoof subconsciously wandered its way toward her nethers. She could almost imagine his younger self laying her down, ready to pump her full of his seed.

She let out a quiet squeal as it poked at her clit. She brought it back up to the table and used her magic to close the book and set it to the side. She let out a frustrated groan as she laid her face on the table. While each of her friends had a lover of their own, Twilight was a princess and her options limited her from having a one-night stand with somepony to quell those urges.

“Forget it...”

She brought the book back in front of her and opened up to the page she left off on. As she read, she shifted her body, knowing how aroused she was getting from his stories. Apparently he had a threesome with Luna and Celestia before they were crowned princesses of Equestria. She neared the end of the chapter and noticed some peculiar writing:

“Recite this passage and a clone shall be made and with it you shall get laid. As the sun reaches dawn, my clone will be gone. This spell is not wrong, and it will last all night long.”

A surge of energy emanated from Twilight's horn and moments later, a mist poured out from it and settled in front of her. As it took shape, she realized what was happening: she was creating a magical clone of Starswirl.

The figure completely formed, but was still incorporeal and the aura surrounding him was the same aura as her own magic. She slowly backed away and the magic clone hopped off of the table. She looked at his face and noticed a lack of beard.

“A-are you Starswirl?”

The clone shook his head and bowed. “I am, but I am not. I am your fantasy made physical, Your Majesty.” The clone stood up and trotted to her. She could feel the tingle of her magic run through her as he pressed his neck against hers and her heart began racing. She let out a quiet groan as he pulled away. “Follow me, please.”

She was being led to one of many beds that were set into the room so ponies would be more comfortable as they read their book. She never intended to have sex in here, but the thought crossed her mind many times. When they neared the foot of the bed, the clone picked up her hooves and gently laid her down on it, just like she imagined.

The clone bent down and gave her a kiss on the neck and worked his way downward, kissing her chest, her belly, down to her teats, giving one a quick suckle, eliciting a shudder and a moan. He continued further to her winking sex.

“It looks like somepony is ready to go.” He dove in and lapped at her flowing juices. He brought a small mouthful of her essence and put it into her mouth through a kiss.

Twilight moaned at the mixed sensations of the electric tingle of her magic as it touched her lips and the sweet taste of her marecum dancing on her palate. She wanted more than just his tongue and she eyed his erect stallionhood. She'd assume it was like that because he was her fantasy, but she didn't care. She wanted it. No, she needed it.

He slid his cock down her belly. The sensation felt like a vibrator set on high and continued downward until it was pressed against her eager marehood. “P-please, Starswirl. Take me.” Her wish was his command and he slowly entered her. She let out a guttural moan. “Deeper! Faster!”

The clone obliged and pulled back slightly, then rammed himself all the way inside her. He bent downward as he continued plowing her and pressed his electric lips against hers.

She wrapped her forelegs against his neck, drawing herself deeper into their passionate embrace. She opened her mouth and let his tongue dance with hers. She broke the kiss and began panting and gasping. “Oh, Celestia! This is incredible!” She started whimpering and bucked her hips in time with his. She felt his electric testicles slap against her rump and the head of his penis is driven deeper, touching her cervix.

She was writhing in pleasure with each of his thrusts. Tiny gasps were taken as his member touched her innermost depths followed by squeals as he pulled back. She yearned to be full and he did not disappoint her.

She was getting close. She could feel the heat in her body intensifying with each thrust. “Oh! Starswir-ah! I-I'm going to cum!”

He bent down and kissed her neck. “Me too, my love. I'm almost... there.”

“Do it! Cum inside of me!” One more thrust pushed her over the edge, causing her to throw her head back and scream in ecstasy and she came hard. Her marecum gushed out of her like a geyser, through him and landed on the bed. Her walls clamped onto his cock and one more thrust of his and he sprayed ropes of magic jizz into her. He kept thrusting, making her cum again. “Oh, Starswirl!”

Twilight came down from her euphoric high with her gaze directed to the bed's headboard. True to the spell's word, the clone was still present, caressing her cheek. She looked at him and smiled. The day has just begun and he'll be with her all day... and all night. She never took her gaze off of the clone, thinking about what to do with him later that night. The room was sound-proofed so the two could go at it without worrying about Spike hearing them.

Speaking of Spike, if she wanted to main some semblance of respect, she had to clean up. She could not let anypony see her in a wet mess of sweat and sex. The two crawled off the bed and pointed a hoof at him. “You stay here...” He nodded and she made her way out of the secret room.

She trotted through the halls of the castle toward her quarters. Luckily there weren't any guards yet, it would be embarrassing for her if she ran into one just after her session with Starswirl. She made a mental note to install a bathtub in the room if she were to continue these sessions.

With a prideful smile, she made her decision. That was exactly what she was going to do. Time to take that shower.

Pinkie Pie Masturbates With a Balloon Animal (sbloom85)

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The pink party pony presented a balloon rabbit to a group of fillies and colts. “Tada!” The reactions were mixed: some were confused, some were shocked and others were stifling their laughter. Pinkie examined the animal and saw she included something that she shouldn't have. She grinned, squeaked and tossed the rabbit behind her. “Whoops, let me try that again.” She'll need to give that one to Fluttershy later.

Her grin stayed as she grabbed another balloon. She twisted the latex many times until she completed a dog. The result was about the same as last time, but there were a lot more giggles. She examined the dog and realized she did the same thing with it. She tossed it behind her and giggled herself, her face flush with embarrassment. “Sorry everypony! It looks like I'm a little off today. Who's up for some cake!” The foals cheered and galloped toward the cake table with Pinkie skipping behind them.

Carrot Cake had a plate with a piece of cake on it. “Alrighty, where's the birthday filly?” A little purple unicorn trotted up to him with a grin. “Here you go, sweetie.”

She took the plate and plastic fork with her magic. “Thank you, Mister Cake!” She trotted away with a giggle.

He chuckled as she left. “Alright, who's next?”

About two hours later, the party was winding down and ponies were leaving the bakery with smiles and laughs. She was helping the Cakes clean up as she came upon one of her failed balloon animals. Cup Cake passed her as she picked it up and blushed. “What a day, right Missus Cake?”

She nodded. “Oh sure was, Pinkie.” She pointed a hoof at the balloon dog. “Although that part of the day could have gone better.”

Pinkie giggled. “I have no idea how that happened.” She gave her landlady a wink. “Once I'm done here, I'll help clean up in the kitchen.”

Cup's ears flattened. “Oh, I'm sorry, Pinkie, but Carrot and I already took care of that.”

Pinkie's grin never faltered. “It's okay, Missus Cake. I'm sure I'll find something to do.”

Cup smiled and nodded. “That's good. Have you seen Cheese Sandwich lately?”

Pinkie dug at the floor. “Not for a while, Missus Cake. He writes to me, and every time we're together is a great time to be alive, but...” Cup raised a curious eyebrow. “He doesn't... do it for me anymore, you know?”

Cup chuckled and briefly looked toward the kitchen. “Oh sure, Pinkie. I know what you mean.”

The next items she picked up were her balloon animals. The rabbit was unfortunately destroyed, but the dog was still intact. She set the two on her back and turned back to Cup. “I mean, he's still loads of fun to hang out with, but...”

Cup smiled. “The sex is getting stale?”

Pinkie slowly nodded. “Yeah. I'm not sure what I should do about it.”

Cup put an assuring hoof on Pinkie's shoulder. “I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you love him, that's all that matters. Look at Carrot and I. If all I wanted from him was sex, then I wouldn't be here right now.”

Pinkie chuckled. “You're right Missus Cake.”

With that, she hopped up the stairs and headed to her room.

Pinkie tossed the dog on her bed, closed and locked her bedroom door. She turned back to her bed and eyed the latex animal. “From now on, I'll call you buddy.” She rolled her eyes back in thought. “Now I gotta figure out what I should do about Cheese.” She let out a quiet hum before she shrugged. “I'll figure that out later.”

She trotted to her bed and picked up the latex dog and laid on her bed facing down at her pet. She started by stroking it as if it were a real dog, kissed the top of its head and nuzzled it. “We are going to have so much fun together.” She moved it a little forward, revealing its balloony phallus. “You're a naughty balloon dog, you know that? You'll never go soft, will you?” She began stroking the rough latex and flicked the tip. “We'll have to fix this, won't we?” She moaned before she ran her tongue along the shaft.

After a few licks, she slid the dog's member into her mouth and ran her tongue in circles as she got to the rougher spots of it. She bobbed her head with reckless abandon to get to the base of the shaft and when she reached her destination, she felt the latex rub against the back of her throat. Moaning in pleasure, she bobbed her head a few more times, making sure he was ready for what was next.

She flipped over so he was on top of her. She slid him down her belly and his latex cock slid against the sides of her teats. “Oh, Buddy! Quit being such a tease.” She moaned. Her pet's only response was some more grinding before moving toward her wet snatch. “That's right, Buddy.” She felt him prod her opening. “Be gentle now.”

She slid him in, careful not to do any damage to herself. The feeling of the latex rubbing against her walls caused her to squeal and giggle. “That tickles, Buddy.”

The only response was more pumping, penetrating her deeper with each thrust. This caused her to shudder and she let out a blissful gasp. “Oh buck! Buck me harder, Buddy!”

He stopped and pulled himself out. She gave the balloon imitation a confused look. “What are you doing, Bu-” She felt him poke her anus and let out a squeak. “Oh, Buddy! You're something else. Give it to me!”

As he shoved his latex puppy cock in, her eyes widened and she let out a blissful scream. “Oh yes! That's right, Buddy! Give momma what she wants!” The feeling of his latex member was incredible in her pink, but it was beyond description in her stink.

She began pushing and pulling the dog faster as she let out quiet whimpers and gasps. “Oh, Buddy! If you k-keep this up, I-ah! I'm going to cum.” The dog did not relent and instead quickened its pace, causing her breathing to become erratic

When she came, streamers and confetti shot out of her snatch and the sounds of party favors filled the room along with her own orgasmic cries. She squeezed her pet hard enough that it popped, eliciting a loud yelp from her. “Buddy?!”

She pulled the corpse of her dog up to eye level. Tears formed in her eyes, she pulled it closer to her and she began sobbing. “Buddy! I'm so sorry!”

Some pounding emanated from the door. “Pinkie?! Is everything alright?!” Carrot Cake asked with genuine worry.

Pinkie got off the bed, still holding on to Buddy as she opened the door. “I killed Buddy!”

He raised a confused eyebrow. “Who's Buddy?” She nuzzled the busted balloon. “Right...” He sniffed the air, the stench of wet latex and sex filled it. He shook his head and trotted away, leaving Pinkie to her crying fit.

Applejack Masturbates With an Apple (sbloom85)

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Applejack tipped her hat at her last customer of the day. “Thank y'all for comin'. Enjoy yer apples!” After the customer left, she hooked herself to the cart and headed back to the farm.

On the way, she heard some rattling come from the cart. She stopped and looked inside. She did not see anything until a lone apple rolled into her view. “Oh, it's just you.” She giggled and continued to the farm.

She still heard the rolling of the apple in the cart over her humming a tune and for a moment, she thought about what it would be like to stuff the red delicious in her marehood. It wouldn't be the first time she thought about it, being stretched so wide by the fruits of her labor had recently become a turn-on for her. She never worked up the courage to do so, as it was a round object, and to be stretched that wide so quickly was something she would have to be careful about.

She neared the barn and she stopped in front of the door and when she did, she sniffed the air, there was the usual aroma of apple, but it was combined with her own Apple juice. “Oh, apples...”

She opened the barn door and wheeled the cart inside. After parking the cart, she grabbed the remaining apple in her mouth by the stem and placed it on a haystack and pointed a hoof at it. “Ah'll be back. Don't ya move, now.”

Applejack took one last look around the barn door before closing it. She turned and trotted to the apple, laid next to it and licked her lips while stroking a hoof on it. She was hungry, but not for food. “You'll be mah first.”

Some ponies might say she had an unhealthy fixation toward apples. Even going as far as naming an apple tree made some ponies, even her own friends, cringe. She didn't care though, nopony understood apples the way she and her family did. Probably the only pony who would understand her appreciation for apples was Pinkie Pie's sister Maud and her understanding of rocks.

She picked up the apple with her hooves and began to drag her tongue over it, from the bottom to the top, savoring the delicate texture of the apple's skin. Part of her wanted to bite into it and take in its sweet juices, but then she'd ruin her toy. She instead gave the apple little pecks here and there.

She stroked the apple and blushed. “You'll be gentle, won't ya?” After a moment of no response from the apple, she chuckled. “Ah know you'll be gentle.”

She continued licking the red delicious, getting nice and slick before even thinking about rubbing it against her. She balanced the apple on one hoof and kept licking while the other roamed to her nethers. Loud squelching sounds emanated from her as she pressed her hoof against her wet marehood. She was more than ready to take in that delicious fruit.

She brought her hoof up and licked it. She moaned as the taste of her Apple juice danced on her tongue, then she gave the apple a sultry grin. “It's yer turn, sugarcube.”

She moved the apple down to her snatch and began rubbing herself with it. “That's it, pardner. Let's get y'all nice and wet so ya can just slide right in there.”

She pulled her stetson off of her head and bit down on the brim as she started prodding herself with the fruit to stifle her whimpers and moans, but that didn't last. “Oh Celestia, that's a big'un!”

She continued prodding until she was able to get the bottom part of the apple in. “Y-you are definitely bigger'n Mac.”

She began thrusting and pulling the apple in a slow pace. He mouth hung open and her tongue lolled out, panting and gasping. With each pull, her Apple juice flowed out, each push threatened to allow the edible sex toy to slide in without a way out.

She pushed and she pulled rhythmically as pressure in her loins built until the apple slid out of her hooves, burying itself into her. As it did, she felt an incredible sensation run through her body and she threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy.

She quickly came to her senses when she realized her fear came to reality. She tried pushing down on her belly to force it out, but that didn't work. “Ah, come on!” She flipped from her back and took a more traditional position, but the stimulation forced her to move her hips back and forth. “Oh buck...”

She continued her motions, the apple inside her was bringing her back to the edge. She rested her face on the hay and pounded her hoof down as she kept bucking an invisible stallion. A few more thrusts later, she threw her head up in more orgasmic bliss.

She was still cumming and with the apple lodged in her snatch, twisting and turning in all directions, she felt a lot of pressure build up inside. Uncomfortable pressure that could only be released with the removal of said apple. It, however, was not budging and she had a hard time getting a hold of it. She tried pulling from the stem with her hooves, but that broke right off, so she decided to try pushing it out of her as if she were giving birth to a foal. Closing her eyes tight and started pushing the fruit out of her.

Eventually that method worked, and resulted with the apple shooting out of her like a cannonball toward the barn door. “Oh, apples!” Her accumulated juices burst forth along with it, but didn't reach as far. Incidentally, said barn door was opening up, the apple splattered against it, followed by a frightened Big Macintosh peering in.

She was too relieved as the rest of her juices poured out of her to notice her brother peeking in until she heard him clear his throat. She jumped up and her face went flush. She let out a nervous chuckle. “Y'all okay, Mac?”

He nodded. “Eeyup.”

With the last of her Apple juice dripping on the barn floor, she picked herself up and put her trademark stetson back on her head. “Won't happen again. Ah promise.”

The stallion simply shook his head, turned around and trotted away.

She trotted to the door and felt her hoof step in something. She looked down and saw the remains of the apple. She quietly chuckled. “Ah'm gonna have to do that again sometime, but Ah gotta remember ta be more careful.”

Rainbow Dash Masturbates With a Shower Head (palaikai)

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“What's going on with me?” Rainbow Dash asked the hazy, distorted reflection of herself in the mirror, feeling a tingling surge creep from her pelvis, through her spine; it seemed to be tickling all the way up to her mind, and she couldn't help but wonder if this is how colts and stallions felt all the time: slaved to a rush of hormones.

Casting her mind back, Rainbow Dash realised that she'd been feeling this way – on and off – ever since a brief return to Ponyville when a break in the Wonderbolts' hectic touring schedule had allowed them some respite. Seeing everypony again after so long had stirred up mixed emotions in the pegasus; one old friend, in particular, seemed to be the source of her current discontent. Could it really have been seeing Fluttershy again had done this to her? Hadn't her crush on her one-time flight school pal dissipated over the the years? She'd thought so, but apparently not.

After an exhausting day out with Fluttershy and the others, Rainbow Dash's first inclination had been to hit the shower and hopefully burn off some of this simmering tension she was experiencing and spend a relaxing evening in bed with a Daring Do novel, but her body seemed to have other plans in store for her.

Maybe it was that ride on the train Twilight Sparkle had insisted upon? Those old, rusty carriages were prone to shuddering on the tracks and it was possible the vibrations from the defective seats were responsible for the stimulation that seemed centred on her abdomen.

Or maybe what you really want is Fluttershy squirming awkwardly underneath you? Rainbow Dash shook her head. Fluttershy would never want a one-night stand, and she couldn't bear the thought of taking advantage of her friend in that way either.

Maybe I'm just getting old and feeling the tick of my biological clock? A wry smirk crossed the pegasus' face as she placed a stack of towels next to the bathtub. Spending time with Scootaloo was a blast, but she still didn't feel ready for foals of her own just yet; that said, Rainbow Dash wasn't averse to getting plenty of practice at the thing you had to do to get foals.

With the water finally warm enough, Rainbow Dash stepped into the bathtub and let the spray play over her back and withers; her wings extended of their own accord, and a shiver thrilled through her as the sensitive appendages were teased and stroked by the cascade. Instead of relieving her tension, all it was doing was stoking her internal fires. Thoughts that she'd never had before began to form in Rainbow Dash's mind, such as the sudden realisation that the shower-head was detachable.

Hoping to stave off a journey to the burn unit should she screw this up, Rainbow Dash adjusted the temperature gauge of the shower until the water was lukewarm; despite herself, the combination of Fluttershy's image in her mind, the tickly pleasure coruscating through her wings and spine, and the interesting new thoughts she was thinking formed quite the erotic trigger.

A bonus: there was a nozzle on the shower-head which adjusted the flow of water; she modified it until it was a single, continuous pulse. The jet was forceful, but a quick test against her hoof proved to Rainbow Dash that it was not painful. Then again, it might be a different story when it was brought against the sensitive areas below…

The pegasus pointed the shower-head at her stomach and let the spray caress the sensitive nub of her belly button; squatting or lying down in the tub might've been a more practicable stance under the circumstances, but with her sensitive wings at full stretch there was the risk of accidentally injuring them in her excitement. She spread her three remaining legs until the hooves were wedged against the sides of the tub, and now she could stand without expending too much energy on the effort.

Swallowing a gulp of apprehension, still unsure as to whether or not her most sensitive bits would be singed by the water, Rainbow Dash brought the shower-head lower; as the spurting liquid splashed against her abdomen, she felt a slight quiver, an anticipatory shudder, thrill through her stomach. Like butterflies.


Rainbow Dash's head swam with visions of Fluttershy's curvaceous flank with its pink-and-blue tattoos; amazing that she hadn't noticed just how lovely and perfect it was before, and she felt a spasm go through her hooves as she imagined gripping the soft flesh tightly.

Bracing herself for what might happen, Rainbow Dash brought the shower-head in front of her pussy; the stream came close to touching her clit, and she felt herself tense even more as her hoof tracked lower until it was … almost

The sudden jolt of the water hitting her was amazing; all sense left Rainbow Dash in that moment, including her prurient desires for Fluttershy, as a feeling very much what she pictured happening to the sky when it was struck by a Sonic Rainboom coursed through her body. It was as if somepony was directing a focused beam of magic directly at her sensitive clit. Once she got acclimated, she was able to move the shower-head in a tiny concentric circle, arousing her even more as the flow massaged her lips.

Her knees were beginning to feel weak, and Rainbow Dash could no longer chalk up her trembling to just the sensations she was experiencing in the lower half of her body; it wasn't helped by the fact that her balance was skewed slightly by only having three hooves on the ground, and she rapidly came to the conclusion that she would have to sacrifice dignity for pleasure.

Despite her best efforts, Rainbow Dash could not tuck her wings away; they remained stubbornly erect, and with a sigh, she simply wedged them into the bathtub as best she could while she lay against the foot of the tub. It was more than a little ungainly, but professional pride was the last thing on the pegasus' mind as she brought her hindlegs up to rest on the empty spaces on either side of the faucet.

With the worry of falling over forgotten about, Rainbow Dash could focus her attention on what her body needed; the water, just the right temperature and just the right pressure, pressed against the soft nub of her clit in a manner she could never echo with her hooves. It wasn't too hard, it wasn't too soft, it was perfection.

Something was happening, but Rainbow Dash was too far gone to pay it much mind; an intense pressure was building up inside of her, as if a knot of tension had been building up within her abdomen for days and was screaming, yearning, to be released. The pegasus wasn't even sure if she was making any noises of her own, though she supposed she must be given the throbbing pang she felt deep inside.

I was wrong. That wasn't a Sonic Rainboom before, but this is it now!

Rainbow Dash's wings fluttered excitedly against the sides of the tub, making a sound not unlike that of a bird rustling up against the bars of its cage; she didn't care, however. If anything, having them constricted in this way was sending an interesting tremor through her back. It was similar to when they were bound by Applejack during the Running of the Leaves to stop her from cheating.

Only slightly aware of the tears forming in her eyes, Rainbow Dash shut her eyes tightly as her muscles seemingly clenched and unclenched of their own accord. Her legs quaked, the sensations building up far more rapidly than she could comfortably handle.

Amidst the steady stream of warm water playing over her clit, Rainbow Dash felt as if a series of small explosions were being detonated within her; the most intense of spasms racked her body, and a stream of hot liquid gushed out of her pussy as an Equestria-shattering cry tore out of her throat.

Not able to control her reaction, Rainbow Dash stamped her hooves on the wall until she was quite sure that she'd put a dent large enough to be seen through in the cloudy tiles. She'd seen the phrase hoof-curling written down somewhere – probably in one of those romance novels Twilight Sparkle kept in the library – but had never known the literal truth of it until now. Her lower abdominal muscles were tight with the strain, working to expel every drop of moisture from within.

Rainbow Dash sat up just long enough to turn the shower off, and she idly wondered how long she'd been in there for; since no one had come hammering at the door, it probably hadn't been long enough for her to have been reported missing. If only Fluttershy had dropped by, who knows what might've happened? Sadly, such things only happened in Twilight's trashy literature.

Her heart was racing at a thousand miles an hour, and her pussy throbbed glowingly. She took a deep breath, trying to marshal her ragged thoughts. Experimentally, she poked the tip of a hoof deep inside her folds, and when she removed it, she found a trace of clear, almost water-like, fluid hanging on it. Rubbing it between two of her hooves, she discovered that it was a lot more viscous. With a curious sniff, she brought it to her tongue and tasted it. Salty, with just a hint of tang.

She laid there for a moment, contemplating and relaxing, letting the tension melt away into the lukewarm water of the bathtub. Rainbow Dash had intended to gather up her energies and make her escape, but she soon found a delightful sense fullness returning to her vagina; a demanding, intense fullness that commanded her entire attention. Her body was craving stimulation, and she was too tired to refuse its insistent calls.

Opening her legs again, Rainbow Dash repeated what she had done before; the shower water had gone cold, which introduced some new, not altogether unpleasant, sensations as an icy chill ran up her spine, goosebumps prickling her flesh. Circling around her clit, she quickly felt the pressure building once more. The explosion of orgasmic release brought her relief, but it was short-lived. Her body demanded more of her.

Somehow, Rainbow Dash reasserted control; she tried to shunt the cravings to one side, knowing that there was only one way to properly sate them. For now, she would have to be content with her own hooves and whatever she could find around the house, but if matters continued in this vein, she would probably be forced to return to Ponyville and seek out Fluttershy, and … pay her back for making her suffer in this manner.

Rarity Masturbates With a Diamond-Studded Dragon Dildo (sbloom85)

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Rarity had been trying to keep herself distracted by reorganizing the shop, but her sister and her friends' escapades today have left her too frustrated.

The girls thought it'd be a good idea to use some of her “toys” as swords to try to earn cutie marks in musketeering, which led them to wrecking the shop. She was glad that it they didn't venture outside, that would have been awkward to say the least. She could still hear the trio yelling “CUTIE MARK CRUSADER MUSKETEERS! YAY!

After cleaning up the mess the fillies made, Rarity picked up her toys and took them upstairs to her room. There was the “Royal Rod”, the “Workhorse” and the “Weathermaker”, each modeled after the different tribes. They varied in length and girth, but they paled in comparison to her most prized possession, the “Snatch-Wrecker”.

Rarity set the dildos on her bed before opening her closet door, scolding herself for being so careless about not putting them away. She floated a rather fancy box out of the closet and set it on the bed next to the dildos.

She opened the box and there it was, the Snatch-Wrecker. A massive dildo modeled after a full-grown dragon. This was custom made, however. It wasn't as drab as a regular model, instead, it was studded with diamonds to give a mare a little extra pleasure.

The first time she used it, she thought it was going to tear her apart. It wasn't cylindrical in shape like a pony dildo, but conical. It started with a smooth, pointed tip that would normally be a sharper point. Some mares liked it rough, but not Rarity and upon seeing it, her eyes expanded.

She could feel some pressure building in her loins. She was aggravated and needed to let off a little steam. Using her magic, she took out the dragon dildo and put the others away and, for the time being, put the box under her bed.

Rarity crawled onto her bed and laid on her back. Bringing the dildo up to her face, she imagined a certain young dragon standing over her, waiting to have his big, thick dragon cock worked on.

Using her magic, Rarity started licking the shaft. One of her free hooves traveled down her barrel toward her eager vagina and began rubbing it while the other hoof rubbed the bottom of the dildo. The diamonds vibrated her tongue as it went across them.

She licked around the tip and slowly took it into her mouth, moaning into it as she played with her clit. She slowly worked it further into her mouth and stopped when she felt the tip poking her uvula, which tickled her throat and made her cough.

She pulled it out and gasped. She never could deepthroat the dragon cock, but she was making progress. Speaking of progress, she felt her pussy was ready for the dildo to ravage it.

She pictured Spike lowering himself to her marehood, sharing a little tongue action on the way. She stopped rubbing herself as she positioned the object and chewed her to prepare for the penetration.

Her eyes were tightly closed as she imagined Spike ready to fuck her silly. “Oh! Spikey-Wikey! Take me now!” She was more than ready to take it in, she was slick and insertion was quick. Rarity let out a squeal of pleasure as the diamonds tickled her folds and walls and panted as she used her magic to pump the object in and out of her.

The dildo slid deeper into her with each thrust, teetering her closer to the edge. Hearing a sudden knock, Rarity snapped back to reality. She tried pulling out the dildo, but found it stuck. “Oh dear...”

She clambered out of her bed slowly so she doesn't jostle the object stuck inside her. Her walking built up more pleasure and she found it difficult to stifle any noises that would come out of her as she made her way to the front door of the boutique.

She opened the door and Spike stood outside with a smile on his face. “Spikey-Wikey. What a... pleasant surprise.” She gave the dumbfounded dragon a fake smile.

Spike's smile returned. “I was wondering if there's anything I help you with.”

Oh yes, you can take this exquisite fake out me and plow me with- No! Bad Rarity! He's still a baby dragon. “I'm sorry?”

Spike chuckled. “Anything in the shop I can help you with?”

Rarity's eyes widened as she thought of the perfect way to be rid of him. “Actually, there is something. Hold on, darling.”

She slammed the door and locked it before looking toward her work dresser. On it sat a dirty bracelet. She supposed she could clean it herself, but she really wanted to finish what she started. She started walking to it when the Snatch-Wrecker reminded her that it was still inside her. Her legs started shaking from the tension, so she decided to levitate the bracelet back to her as she went back to the door.

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself before putting the smile back on and opening the door. “I don't suppose you could take this to Amythest Star and have her clean it up.” She said, giving him the bracelet.

Spike nodded slowly. “Okay. After that, do you want me to bring it back?”

Rarity nodded, hoping to avoid further questions. “Sure, but if the shop is closed, it's more than likely that I'm... out. Yes. This afternoon is going to be rather busy for me.” She said with a sheepish giggle. “Hang on to it, I'll pick it up later.”

Spike nodded. “Okay. I'll see you later then.”

Rarity slammed the door, locked it and proceeded to return to her room. She neared the staircase when her legs gave out on her. “Oh buck!

She couldn't take it any more. She used her magic to push and pull the dildo, twisting and turning so the diamonds stimulated her more. Loud and wet squelches and pops emanated from her marehood as she hastened the pace.

The orgasm she was denied returned with a vengeance. Rarity threw her head back and screamed. It was a powerful hit and it forced the dildo out of her with several squirts of her marecum before she collapsed. She smiled as the euphoria took over her mind. “Oh, Spikey...” She whispered with a pleased moan.

Fluttershy Masturbates With a Carrot (KillerRobotQuote)

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Fluttershy let out a sigh as a strand of her long pink hair danced from her breath. Today had been exhausting. First, Harry the bear had been feeling feverish, so she had to go to the pharmacy for some medicine, only to find out that she was short on bits. The bank was busy, so she had to wait two hours to withdraw fifty bits. Once she had the money and had purchased the medicine, Rainbow Dash intercepted her with an emergency: Tank had suddenly stopped eating two days ago. So she stopped by Rainbow’s place to check on Tank. He had a stomach flu, so Fluttershy explained the recommended treatment to Rainbow. Then she rushed back home to give the medicine to Harry, who was feeling even worse than he had been earlier. Finally, she stopped by Sugarcube Corner to purchase some baked goods and pick up a very “special” balloon bunny that Pinkie had promised her the other day. When she arrived, however, Pinkie was a blubbering mess, crying over the broken body of a balloon puppy as she lay in a puddle of her own tears… among other body fluids. Fluttershy didn’t have the heart to ask a favor of her best friend in her miserable state, so she walked back home to her tree house and collapsed on the couch, not even having the energy to put the baked goods in the ice box.

Fluttershy groaned. She had been running around all day, and now she couldn’t even relax the way she’d been looking forward to for almost a week. If there was one thing the pegasus needed right now, it was some stress relief.

“Well, the dildo it is, I guess,” Fluttershy muttered. She made her way to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. She could already feel an itch building up in her nether regions in anticipation. Ordinarily, Fluttershy would spend the night with Discord when she needed a good dicking, but he had been away on business for a few days. Something about Princess Celestia requiring his skill in “sowing some seeds.” Strange. From what she’d seen, Discord wasn’t very fond of gardening.

With him away, and herself growing bored with the toy, Fluttershy had asked Pinkie for an alternative. After hearing about the wondrous properties of latex, Fluttershy had been looking forward to trying something new. Oh, well. Perhaps another day.

Slightly crestfallen, Fluttershy pulled open the drawer of her nightstand and rooted around in the back corner for her secret stash. Her face lit up when her hoof fell upon a hard, cylindrical object. Pulling it out of the drawer, she took a closer look at the…

“A carrot? What’s a carrot doing in here? Where’s my toy?” Fluttershy searched the drawer, pushing things around and making a mess. There wasn’t a single phallic object to be found. Frustrated, she tossed the carrot on the bed, making a mental note to give it to Angel later. She began opening more drawers in her room, rifling through her dresser, her closet, even checking behind the furniture and under the bed. Her search turned up nothing.

Exhausted and thoroughly aggravated, Fluttershy flopped face down on her bed. Her toy was missing, and at the worst possible moment. Fluttershy wriggled around, trying to curb her horniness. She needed some stress relief badly. She needed something, anything, inside her.

It was then that Fluttershy noticed that something was touching the side of her head. turning her head slightly, she saw the carrot resting against her face, having rolled down the creases when she laid down. Fluttershy smiled slightly when she pictured how much Angel would enjoy the treat. She’d have to wash it first, of course, but otherwise it looked to be in perfect condition. She could see Angel’s face as he would nibble on the tip, the long vegetable disappearing into his mouth. His mouth would water as he ate, the saliva dripping down the length, making it wet as it would start to fill his mouth-.

Fluttershy’s eyes suddenly snapped open. Her heart was starting to race. She glanced over to the door to her room and saw that it was closed.

“I know I shouldn’t,” Fluttershy murmured. “That would be just silly. Plus, I’d have to get a new carrot for Angel.”

But the more she looked at the carrot, she saw it in new ways she’d never considered. It was about ten inches long. It was hard, but slightly flexible, and it grew thicker along the shaft as it approached the leafy stem. It was particularly wide and firm at the base of the stem.

Almost like a knot.

Before any more thoughts to the contrary could enter her mind, Fluttershy had grabbed the carrot and locked her lips over the tip. She ran her tongue around the tip in circles, her breathing suddenly becoming ragged. She then began gently pushing the vegetable into her mouth, taking extra care to not bite down. She pushed until the carrot’s tip touched the back of her mouth, nearly making her gag, but she kept it down and began pumping in a rhythm. As she would pull the carrot out of her mouth, she would tilt it around and push it back into her cheeks, filling up her mouth in every way that she could.

After giving the carrot a blowjob until she could feel herself leaking in her nether regions, Fluttershy removed the carrot from her mouth and started licking its entire length, starting from the knot all the way to the tip. With each prolonged lick, Fluttershy would turn the carrot slightly, allowing her tongue to cover a new dry spot each time. After six or seven licks, the entire carrot was coated in a sheen of saliva.

Pleased with how things were going, Fluttershy moved the carrot to a much more sensitive area. Driven by her horniness and the thrill of doing something she shouldn’t be doing, Fluttershy placed the carrot on her slit and began rubbing it around. The sensations were electrifying. Her pussy started leaking even more of her juices, coating the carrot in a whole new layer of body fluids. Once the carrot was positively soaked, she aligned its tip with her folds and took a breath.

“This had better have me screaming,” Fluttershy moaned, her voice shaking with anticipation. Not wanting to wait any longer, Fluttershy grasped the carrot with both hooved and plunged it into her depths.

At first, she was disappointed. The carrot wasn’t nearly as sensual as she had hoped. Rubbing the surface along her clit had produced more results. She could feel her walls constricting the root, trying to squeeze sensation out of the intrusion. It was just too skinny.

Then something changed. The pressure around her entrance increased. As she pushed the carrot further and further into her depths, it’s girth grew more and more. Suddenly, instead of ending up disappointed, Fluttershy was facing the danger of cumming way too soon. She stopped the progression of the edible dildo for a few seconds, allowing herself to calm down. Then, in one swift motion, she jerked it in all the way up to the knot.

The sensation was amazing. Fluttershy’s head swam and her vision blurred. She was now panting for breath. But she couldn’t cum yet. She wasn’t finished. With a deep breath, she pulled the carrot out of her snatch until just the tip was still in. Then she pushed it in again all the way. Her pace increased. She was hilting herself with the carrot so fast, she was afraid that her walls might break the carrot inside of her. But she didn’t care. She just picked up the pace even more. Body fluids began leaking out of her snatch with each thrust. She started bucking her hips in rhythm with the thrusts. She was getting close. So close.

Finally, with one last thrust, Fluttershy pushed the carrot all the way in. Her lips folded around the knot at the end of the carrot so that all that remained was the leafy stem which she was still holding.

Knowing that she’d just been knotted put Fluttershy over the edge. Leaning her head back into the mattress, Fluttershy let out a scream of carnal pleasure that would give Pinkie a run for her money. Her walls spasmed around the best cock she’d ever had the pleasure of taking. They tried to pull the carrot in further, but Fluttershy held onto the stem. Vaginal fluids coated her hoof and even managed to cover the leaves, which had never entered her body. Her legs lay in a large damp spot on the bedsheets.

Coming down from the high was almost as great as the orgasm itself. Fluttershy sighed in content as she felt her body relax, almost falling asleep right then and there. She felt great. There wasn’t a single tense muscle in her body anymore.

Once her grip on the carrot finally relaxed, Fluttershy gently pulled the tasty cock out from her snatch. Her folds gripped the rough, orange surface all the way down until at last the vegetable was removed from her body.

The carrot was a little mushy from being worked over so thoroughly by her body, but it was still in fairly good condition. Her juices covered every square inch of the carrot, making it a sloppy, dripping mess.

Fluttershy was about to get up out of bed to dispose of it when a little flash of white caught her eye. Leaning over the edge of her mattress, she hung upside down and peeked under her bed. She could just make out a tiny cottonball tail in the dark.

“Angel!” Fluttershy gasped. “Did you see that?”

The bunny turned around slowly. He did not meet her eyes. Fluttershy glanced between his legs and was shocked to find a fleshy rod protruding from his fur.

Fluttershy stared in horror and embarrassment. How had she not noticed him entering the room? What did he think of her now?

Then she looked more closely at his face. He looked pained. Guilty. Fearful of her. With a gasp, Fluttershy realized what was bothering Angel.

Fluttershy smiled gently. “Come here, Angel,” she cooed. “Don’t worry. Mommy’s not angry with you.” She reached a hoof under the bed and held it out for him. Reluctantly, Angel climbed onto her hoof. Fluttershy then brought Angel onto the bed.

She placed him down on a dry part of the sheets and faced him. “Angel,” Fluttershy began, an apologetic look on her face. “I’m very sorry that I’ve been neglectful of you. I do remember when we would have some fun nights together. That was before Twilight came around. Now, I’ve been very busy with lots of things concerning protecting Equestria or caring for all of the animals, and I haven’t had too much down time. And when I have had down time, I’ve been spending it with Discord. I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting your needs for so long. I should have been more considerate.” Suddenly, Fluttershy’s entire demeanor changed. Her somber look was replaced with one that looked… flirty. Inviting. Fluttershy batted her half-lidded eyes at Angel. “So,” she said, almost in a sing-song way. “How’s this for an apology from Mommy?” Angel watched with wide eyes in absolute shock as Fluttershy leaned back, spread her legs wide open, and placed the carrot on her snatch.

“Bon appetit.”

Spike Masturbates With a Bracelet (VitalSpark)

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With the last book on the shelf, Spike slid down the ladder and wiped some sweat off his forehead. "Whew. I'm done over here, Twilight!"

She spun herself toward the baby dragon and smiled. "Thanks, Spike. Go ahead and take the rest of the day off."

He was more than eager to leave the castle. Maybe he could help Rarity with something. "Thanks Twilight. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with."

Spike left before Twilight could think of any other jobs for him to do. He'd been her assistant since before she became a princess, and while he was grateful for her continuing to retain his services, there was a lot more work to do now keeping up with all her royal duties.

He wandered through Ponyville, his legs on autopilot, and before he knew it, found himself standing outside Carousel Boutique. Spike pushed the door, but was surprised to find it locked. Wouldn't the shop normally be open at this time of day? Spike knocked on the door and waited.

After a few moments, the door was opened a crack by a rather flustered Rarity. "Spikey-Wikey, what a... errr... pleasant surprise." Rarity's cheeks were flushed with pink, like she'd just been working out. But Rarity didn't usually exercise, did she?

Spike started to walk towards the open door, but Rarity didn't seem to be willing to open it up any wider. "I was wondering if you had any things you wanted your favourite dragon to do for you today."

"Ummm... things?" asked Rarity.

"You know, stuff around the shop I can help out with," Spike answered, taking another step towards the door.

"Actuallythereissomething," rushed out Rarity with a panicked tone in her voice, "waitaminute!" The door shut, and Spike heard the sound of a key turning in the lock. This was very strange behaviour.

Spike waited, and moments later the door opened again. Rarity passed out a ruby bracelet that Spike recognised as one of her favourites. "I don't suppose you could take this to Amethyst Star's shop and have it cleaned for me?" she asked.

"Sure," said Spike, "and then bring it back here?"

"Whatever," answered Rarity, "but if the shop's closed it's because I'm... errr... out. Yes, out. Busy, busy, busy! Just hang on to it, and I can pick it up from the castle tomorrow."

"OK," said Spike. He took the bracelet, but couldn't help feeling that Rarity was acting strangely.

Rarity slammed the door shut, and once again Spike heard the key turn in the lock. He slipped the bracelet onto his arm, even though it was far too big, and walked over the bridge to the town square.

The jewelers' was on the north side of the square, but when Spike arrived he saw a notice on the shop door that it was closed today. He peeked in the windows, hoping he could beg a favour from the magenta unicorn who ran the shop, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Dejectedly, Spike returned to the castle. He let himself in the back door and went up the stairs to his bedroom, avoiding Twilight Sparkle who might have thought up some more work for him by now.

He laid on his bed and stared at the bracelet. It didn't look dirty anyway. What would it have on it? Couldn't be anything worse than Rarity's sweat. Rarity's sweet ambrosia sweat. Spike sighed. He looked at the jewelery more closely. He sniffed at it. It smelt faintly of the white unicorn mare that held such a special place in his heart. He closed his eyes, held the bracelet close to his nose, and inhaled deeply. "Rarity..." he thought to himself.

Spike couldn't help himself. He allowed his tongue to reach out for one of the rubies. As tempting as it was to gobble it up, that was not his aim. Instead he licked it, allowing his little pink tongue to explore its edges. It had the delicate salty taste of long-dried pony sweat.

Spike looked around. He went to his bedroom door. He could hear voices from Twilight's room. But she was here by herself, right? Maybe she had burst into song - Spike knew that ponies do that from time to time. His own singing had met mixed reviews at the Equestria Games. He shut his door and turned the key in the lock. Now he had some privacy.

The little dragon laid on his bed and closed his eyes. He rubbed the bracelet against his face and once again put his tongue to work, letting it slide over each ruby. Maybe the bracelet would get a cleaning today after all! While his tongue roamed the bracelet, he imagined it was Rarity's mouth, and each ruby was a tooth.

He imagined kissing the beautiful white mare, running his claws through her elegant purple mane, and stroking the side of her face. He could almost see her beautiful blue eyes in front of him. They kissed and their tongues intertwined. Spike could feel himself getting hard.

In Spike's mind, Rarity pulled away from the kiss and whispered to him, "Spikey-Wikey, my big strong dragon, there's been something I've always wanted to try with you."

Spike rubbed the bracelet down his belly towards his now solid member, and imagined that Rarity was kissing her way down his stomach.

With his mind's eye, he saw Rarity look up to him and flutter her long eyelashes before taking his cock into her mouth. Spike wrapped the bracelet around his cock twice, nice and tight, but not too tight.

Spike imagined the bracelet as Rarity's mouth as it slid up and down his engorged purple pole. She was using her teeth of course, but ever so gently. He pictured her face, her delicate purple mane, and her big blue sparkling eyes, more sparkly than any gem he'd ever had the pleasure of eating, looking up at him, hungry for his seed. "It won't be long," he whispered, as if she could hear him.

He'd thought about Rarity while masturbating before, naturally. In fact, he rarely thought of anypony else. Sometimes, maybe, her sister, but it was nearly always Rarity, the pony of his dreams. He'd never felt this close to her while he was doing it though.

And indeed it wasn't long. He could feel himself reaching the point of no return. He clung to the bracelet tighter, and rubbed it up and down his dragonhood faster and faster until he climaxed, sighing and breathing a tiny green flame. His semen spilled out onto his claws, and coated the bracelet as well.

Winding down, he unraveled the bracelet from his now drooping cock, and gave it a quick wipe on his bed sheets.

As Spike drifted off to a happy sleep, his last thought was that now the bracelet really would need to be taken to Amethyst Star for a clean. He just hoped there would be enough time for another go with it in the morning.

Cheerilee Masturbates With a Story (Fimbulvinter)

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Cheerilee had to suppress a sigh as she picked up the next essay from her stack of work needing to be marked and returned to her class of students. While marking was always a tedious process for her, this particular batch of works was especially so.

The current topic of study for the class was the facts of life, a topic that always resulted in the class either clamping up and refusing to answer any questions at all, or bursting out laughing when somepony said a supposedly dirty word.

It was Monday, and over the weekend Cheerilee had asked all her students to write up an essay describing the process of reproduction. All she had wanted was to make sure that they understood the basic process, as they were all starting to get to the age where certain biological stimuli would be beginning to take effect in their bodies.

What she had gotten was a bunch of fairly clinical essays, all describing what the students understood about the process of reproduction. Some, like Twist's, showed a total lack of understanding; Twist had written that babies were delivered by the Lunar Stork. Apple Bloom's had been better until Cheerilee realised that she was describing how you grew a tree from a seed or acorn. Misleading phrases like 'a stallion must plant his virile seed in fertile soil' had seemed promising until it became clear that Apple Bloom meant a literal seed and soil.

Sweetie Belle's essay had been exemplary. She had accurately described the process of a mare entering her estrus cycle, about how a stallion would detect her receptive state, and how he would have to ejaculate inside her vagina to fertilize her egg. Clearly Sweetie Belle's parents had sat her down and given her 'the talk' already.

Silver Spoon's essay had been almost as good. Not quite as descriptive as Sweetie Belle's, but still filled with more than enough detail to show that she understood the basics.

The rest of them had all been more or less the same. All except for Diamond Tiara's. Hers had been rather a bit different, and the first time Cheerilee had read it, she had needed to take comfort in one of her oldest friends, a shot of Buck Daniels. Rather than write a simple sterile and clinical essay about how a mare and a stallion made a baby, Diamond had turned her assignment into a complete narrative, with characters and dialogue. A narrative that Cheerilee could only describe as pornographic.

To make matters worse, while Diamond Tiara hadn't named names, the two characters in the story were clearly meant to be her and Big Macintosh. Diamond had only used the names of Farmhand and Schoolteacher, but there was no question it was meant to be them.

Worst of all, however was that despite all that, Cheerilee was forced to admit that the story actually fulfilled all her requirements for the essay. It contained an accurate rendition of the schoolteacher entering heat, copulating with the farmhand, and then the narrative skipped ahead months to when she gave birth. But more than that, the story was actually not bad. And it touched upon one of Cheerilee's greatest fantasies, one she had never told anyone.

It would be a dark and stormy night and she would be at home when Big Mac would arrive on her doorstop, dripping wet and steaming. He wouldn't say anything to her, but he would just put his arms around her and pull her into a kiss before picking her up and leading her into the bedroom, where he would ravish her for hours until they were both spent.

The farmhand in the story did almost exactly that.

Idly, Cheerilee picked up Diamond's story again. It wasn't all that long, only a couple of pages of hoof written script. That the filly could have conceived of and written such a tale in two days was impressive; she probably had a promising career ahead of her as a novelist, if she could be bothered pursuing such a path.

Cheerilee's eyes skimmed over the pages again, taking in the details of the story.

The Farmhand turned around, and he saw her. The Schoolteacher was standing there, eyes downcast among the hay bales. The smell hit him instantly; she was in heat. Though nothing had been said, he knew why she was there. There could only be one reason as to why she had come to him alone.

Cheerilee stopped reading when she felt a sudden twitch between her legs. While she had been lost in the story, one of her hooves had made its way down her stomach and was resting on her clitoris. Cheerilee blushed, but she didn't remove the offending hoof. Instead, she idly circled her clit while she pushed forwards into the story, heading towards some of the more juicy parts.

The Farmhand broke the kiss and threw the Schoolteacher down to the ground. Desire burned in his eyes as he looked at her. He wanted her, and she wanted him. He advanced on her, sprawled amid the hay with purpose in his step. She welcomed him, reclining on her back and spreading her legs apart. Between his legs, she saw his member, proud and ready for service.

Cheerilee's legs spread open, mimicking the actions of her counterpart in the story. In her minds eye she could see it all - her in the hay bales, Big Mac standing before her gazing lustfully at her as she presented herself to him. Her hoof now moved freely, teasing and prising her lips apart as she lost herself in her fantasy.

"Oh, yes, Mac. Fill me up. I'll carry your foals."

In her mind, Mac came closer, closer. She could practically smell the sweat on him; that unique aroma of hard work and primal male musk. His hoof reached out a stroked the side of her face, leaving a tingling feeling behind. Cheerilee responded by spreading herself even wider.

Reaching out, Cheerilee grabbed an old pointer stick she kept near her desk. Thicker than the newer ones she used at school, this one had a large bulbous brass head to it that would make for a perfect replacement for...

Cheerilee gasped as the cold tip of Mac's penis brushed against her stomach. He swirled around her legs for a few moments, absorbing her heat before sliding down to her loins. She felt him probe her opening, parting her lips but not quite entering her; clearly just testing the waters and making sure that he was fully slick. He didn't want to hurt her after all.

Soon he was ready, and Cheerilee watched on as Mac aligned himself up with her labial lips. She held her breath in anticipation; the first thrust was always a little painful, but worth it in the end. Mac seemed to be savouring the moment, but finally he pushed forwards and his penis slipped inside like a welcome guest.

Cheerilee moaned as he filled her; his rod pushing her walls aside and stretching her out. It hurt slightly, but her loins burned with the pleasure of being filled. Mac held himself within her, allowing her the time she needed to adjust to his girth. Cheerilee could feel him twitching slightly with every heartbeat.

Finally, she felt she was ready and Mac started to thrust within her, slowly at first to settle into a smooth rhythm. On every second stroke, he went a little deeper, building up the force of his thrusts.

It felt so good, having Mac inside her. He was so strong, so confident in his manner. Every thrust was deliberate, measured, controlled; Cheerilee no longer felt any pain, only the hot pleasure every time he dove back into her. Still, she needed more. She wanted that animalistic fury she knew he was capable of.

The farmhand ploughed the schoolteacher harder, letting feral hunger drive him forwards. Each thrust was more savage than the last, recklessly pushing him deeper into her most intimate areas. She was gasping with every thrust now, moaning out his name amid the inarticulate utterances of a mare lost in the throes of pleasure.

Hunger glinted in his eyes. It wouldn't be long now before the climax. Already, he could feel the tingling tightness from his balls signalling the oncoming climax. He would release his seed into this willing mare, and she in return would bare his foals.

Cheerilee wanted it; no she needed it. She needed Big Mac's seed.

"Please, Mac," she whimpered, pleading with the imaginary figment of her fantasy. "I need your cum, Mac. Fill me up until I burst. I want your babies. Please, let me have your babies."

Mac increased his speed, clearly heading for the end game. Cheerilee felt him flare inside her, getting closer to his release. Closer… Closer.


Cheerilee thrust the pointer rod as deep as she could inside her vagina, pushing the brass knob right up against her cervix. Her eyes screwed up tight as she came around the rod. Sparkles of light danced behind her eyelids, dazzling her. Her body spasmed, wracked with pleasure.

And throughout all of it, in her mind, Big Mac was right there, giving her the greatest gift of all - precious life.

Then the pleasure overrode her ability to think, and all cracked to black.

Cheerilee came down from her high slowly, panting heavily. Her mind was fuzzy, as if her head was filled with cotton balls. Her hooves lost their strength and the pointer slid from her grasp, slipping out of her and falling to the ground. Without it, she felt empty, spent.

Trying to get her racing heart back under control, she blinked her way back to reality, the fantasy fading away around her. She was so happy there; she could have been brood mother to a whole generation of new Apple's, but reality exerted its grip on her again.

She was on the floor of her study, with a distinct wet patch staining the carpet under her. Her pointing stick was next to her, the brass knob gleaming from the extra layer of polish she had just applied to it. On the other side of her was Diamond Tiara's essay. Thankfully it had remained out of the path of her fantasy and appeared to be undamaged.

The clock on the wall struck ten, and Cheerilee realised that she had just spent the last hour pleasuring herself. She had totally lost track of time as Big Macintosh had made love to her. She had to get to bed, lest she be unable to complete her role as teacher tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, Mac would be waiting for her in her dreams.

Just as she was about to leave, she turned around and grabbed her beloved red marker and dotted down something on the front page of Diamond's essay.


Lyra Heartstrings Masturbates With a Toy (VitalSpark)

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Lyra pushed open the door and followed her levitating lyre into the house. She'd spent the last four hours giving music lessons at Ponyville school. Teaching children was fulfilling, but tiring.

"Hey Lyra," called her partner from the kitchen, "a parcel arrived while you were out. It's on the table."

Lyra put the lyre in the corner and trotted across the room to the table. "Squee!" she squealed when she saw its size and shape. It must have been the toy she'd ordered from that specialist mail order shop.

She used her magic to rip the parcel open and levitate out the contents.

"Bon Bon!" she shouted excitedly, using her partner's pet name, "it's here! It's finally here!"

Her fillyfriend emerged from the kitchen, pushing a hostess trolley containing two plates of food. Lyra helped her out by levitating the plates onto the table.
"I don't know why you get so excited about those," sighed the cream-coloured earth pony.

Lyra gave her a kiss on the cheek, and the two ponies sat down to eat. "They're so cute," she replied, "and at the end of each comic there's always a lesson about friendship."

Her partner gave an exasperated look. She didn't understand why Lyra loved the My Little Human series so much. It was bad enough when she was just reading the comics, but now she was buying the toys too. "Yes, there's a LESSON at the end because it's for SCHOOL FILLIES!" she pointed out.

"They might be the primary demographic, Bon Bon, but the writers know that it's the parents that always end up reading the comics to their fillies, so they try to make them suitable for a wide audience," explained Lyra.

Her fillyfriend sighed. This was a topic they'd discussed countless times before, and she didn't think she had much chance of changing Lyra's mind. Instead she changed the topic, albeit only slightly. "So which one is this? Is it Bop Smiff?" Even though she wasn't a fan of the comics herself, she'd picked up an almost encyclopedic knowledge of its characters from Lyra.

"Bob Smith," Lyra corrected her. "Yes it's Bob Smith. Bob Smith is best human!" she giggled.

"Bop Smiff, Bob Smith, whatever. Those humans have such silly names," complained Sweetie Drops.

"I completely agree," said Banana Fluff heading for the door. "See you later girls, and thanks for letting me borrow your shower!"

"What was Banana doing here?" asked Lyra once the yellow unicorn who lived next door had left.

"Oh, her plumbing's being repaired," replied Sweetie Drops, "and she can't use the water at her house."

In this way the conversation moved onto other topics, and in time the two ponies finished their dinner.

* * *

Later, Lyra and Sweetie Drops were lying on the couch, each reading. Sweetie Drops yawned. "Well, I'm off to bed," she announced.

"Already?" asked Lyra, looking up from her comic.

"Yes, I've got a big order of candy canes to ship tomorrow and I've barely started work on it," explained Sweetie. "And Twist can't help because she's got school tomorrow," she added, referring to her apprentice.

Lyra flicked though the remainder of her comic. She only had a few pages to go. "OK, I'll be up in a few minutes," she promised. "Bon Bon, maybe we can, ummm..." she smiled suggestively, fluttering her eyelids. She knew her golden eyes were one of her most irresistible features.

"No Lyrie, not tonight, I'm really tired and I need to get up early in the morning," said Sweetie Drops, who had guessed where the rest of Lyra's question was going.

Sweetie Drops trotted up the stairs while Lyra went back to her reading. Soon she was finished with the comic. She thought about going up to bed. She thought about going up to bed and having to stare at the back of her sleeping fillyfriend's mane, and lie there all sexually frustrated. If this were a rare occurrence, it would be understandable, but it was becoming more and more frequent. Even a little cuddling would be better than nothing.

Cuddling? At least Lyra knew somepony, or rather somebody, that would never turn down a cuddle. She used her magic to levitate her plush Bob toy from the table to her, and gave him a big old hug with her front legs. He was about as tall as one of her legs, and about as wide as one too.

Playfully Lyra kissed Bob's little mouth. She imagined him kissing her back.

She took one of his little hands, and brushed it against her cheek. "Oh Bob," she whispered to him, "you're so gentle with me." Lyra giggled. This was fun.

She used his hand to caress her cheek, and stroke her neck and chest. She wondered if...? No, that would be weird, right? She looked around, and listened for any sounds upstairs. Complete silence.

She moved his hand further down her body, bringing it between her hind legs. Lyra started rubbing it along the length of her slit. It was an unfamiliar sensation. A hoof would move easily across the moist skin there, but the hand of the plushie absorbed the small amounts of wetness, so the contact felt very dry.

She brought his hand to her clitoris and started rubbing there in little circles. The squidgy toy was much softer than her hoof, and she had to press harder to get the same sensation. The same, but also not quite the same. It felt warmer than her hoof would, and certainly a lot naughtier.

Although Bob's hand kept her clit nice and dry, she could feel the rest of that area getting wetter by the minute. Lyra's breathing intensified and she could feel herself getting close to orgasm. Her foalhole was begging to be filled with something.

Lyra shifted her position to allow better access, and stuffed both his legs inside her. Minutes earlier, it would have been uncomfortable as the dry plushie soaked up the small amounts of juices were normally inside of her passage. But now, she was so turned on that she was dripping wet, so the legs slid in easily.

Bob's hand was still on Lyra's clitoris. But Lyra realised that his head was in just the right position for it now. While using one hoof to slide the human's legs in and out of her foalhole, she used another to grind his face against her clitoris. It felt fantastic; the face had lots of little stitches to create the eye, nose, and mouth details, and they felt delightful being rubbed against her most sensitive parts. Almost like he was designed exactly for this.

Lyra's thighs started to quiver, and she gasped as she reached orgasm. Her back arched, and her foalhole started milking the plushie's legs. (Not that anything was going to come out of them.) Ripples of pleasure spread across her body. She stopped rubbing Bob's face against her now too sensitive clitoris, and settled with just holding him against it.

After a few moments, Lyra sighed and took Bob back into her arms, giving him a tight cuddle while she regained her breath and regained her composure.

A few minutes later, having cuddled and kissed Bob, and enjoyed the aroma and flavour of her own juices, the satisfied green unicorn got up and looked for something to clean him up with. She toweled him off as best she could, and left him on a chair to dry, hoping that he wouldn't be stained by her copious juices.

Lyra blew Bob a kiss as she started up the stairs, and got ready for bed. To her surprise, she found Sweetie Drops was still awake, reading a book. Lyra slipped into bed.

"Hey Lyrie," said Sweetie Drops, "you know, I was thinking... you're right, it has been a while since we... you know?" Sweetie Drops blushed.

Lyra nodded.

Sweetie Drops put her front leg around her fillyfriend and drew her into an embrace. "If you want," she continued, fluttering her eyelids, "we could pretend to be pony and human again."

Lyra grinned. Sweetie Drops always came up with the kinkiest ideas. Tonight was shaping up to be the best night ever.

Blossomforth Masturbates With Her Tongue (Fimbulvinter)

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Luna's moon hung low in the Equestrian sky. It was the weekend, and ponies everywhere were out letting off some steam. The music was playing in the squares, and the alcohol was flowing in the bars.

In one particular house in Ponyville, four mares were sitting around a table, gigging and tittering like small schoolfoals. Blossomforth had called together her closest friends for a good, old fashioned girl's night in.

Aside from Blossomforth herself, arrayed around the coffee table were Cloud Kicker, Cloud Chaser, and her twin sister, Flitter. It had been a demanding week of weather patrol, and they were all ready to get hammered.

On that note, the wine and the cider had flowed like water, and it hadn't taken long before they were all starting to feel the buzz. First order of business for the night in had been the movie. Flitter had brought her favourite movie with her; The Prince and The Pony was a romantic classic.

A prince falls instantly in love with a plain earth pony mare, and the two begin an affair. An evil unicorn enchantress casts a curse on them both, locks the mare in a tower and steals the prince for herself. The mare escapes from the tower thanks to her skill and bravery, and she confronts the enchantress before defeating her with the power of true love. Finally, before all the court of upper class ponies, the prince kisses her, and she ascends into a beautiful alicorn before they are married and live happily ever after.

Flitter always cried whenever she watched that film. She had even brought around a box of tissues for everypony to share, and they were quickly used up by all.

Next came the disappointing foray into demon summoning. It wasn't so much that the ritual hadn't worked; it had worked perfectly. It was more that when the portal opened, out popped a tiny scamp. When he saw that he had been summoned by a group of tipsy mares ogling him like he was a tiny puppy, and heard the word 'makeover,' he jumped up, grabbed a half empty bottle of cider, chugged it and threw himself back into the portal, slamming it shut from the other side.

The summoning board was thrown to a corner, and fresh drinks were brought out for all.

Now well and truly past the point of being tipsy, and heading rapidly towards being sloshed, Cloud Chaser suggested that they play truth or dare. They had all agreed instantly. Being such close friends, they all loved nothing more than to humiliate each other with incredibly personal and invasive questions or degrading dares; it was all in good fun. That they were easily two sheets to the wind didn't hurt any.

The questions and the dares started off fairly tame, with each participant just warming up and getting a feel for the mood of the game. After a couple of rounds, and several more shots of alcohol, the questions began to take on a more sexual tone.

When it came around to Blossomforth's turn again, she looked over at Cloud Kicker. "So, CK, truth or dare?"

Cloud Kicker responded instantly, "truth."

Blossomforth took another swing of her cider. "Have you ever tasted your own cum?"

Cloud Chaser and Flitter both started choking on their drinks, but Cloud Kicker didn't even flinch. Her eyes said it all as she nodded. "Peaches," she said, blowing a tiny air kiss to Blossomforth.

All tittered at the question for a moment before the turn moved over to Cloud Kicker. She directed her turn to Cloud Chaser. "T or D?"

Cloud Chaser took a dare turn. Cloud Kicker grinned at her, something naughty clearly on its way. "I dare you to French kiss Flitter."

Cloud Chaser seemed a little uneasy. "But she's my sist-"

She was cut off as Flitter practically lunged at her, knocking them both down to the ground and sending their drinks spilling. They rolled around on the ground for a while, Flitter passionately sucking face with her sister. After a few seconds, Cloud Chaser relaxed and got into it, surrendering to alcohol's lack of inhibitions, and they finished up embracing like long lost lovers, tongues deep in each others mouth.

When they separated, a thin saliva trail followed them as they panted for air.

"Wow, that was HOT!" Cloud Kicker said, having been watching them intently.

"That felt weird," Cloud Chaser said.

Having completed the dare, Cloud Chaser focused on Blossomforth again. "Alright then, Blossomforth. Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," Blossomforth replied. After what she had just seen, the next dare would almost certainly be designed to one-up it.

The look on Cloud Chasers face suggested that she might have chosen poorly. "What's the kinkiest way you've ever masturbated?"

Both Flitter and Cloud Kicker looked at her, eager to hear her answer. It didn't escape Blossomforth's notice that Flitter's wings were resting just a little bit out away from her body and twitching slightly; she was clearly getting just a little too excited by all this.

Blossomforth finished up her drink and battered her eyes at Cloud Chaser. "Kinkiest way I've ever masturbated, huh. Let's see. That would have to be the time I ate myself out."

All three mares took a spit take, and looked at her, incredulous. Flitter's wings were steadily hardening up, and Cloud Kicker's were starting to follow suit.

"You ate yourself out?" Cloud Chaser repeated. "As in, licked your own pussy?"

Blossomforth nodded, "yep. Tasty too." She licked her lips in remembrance of the time she had first done it. "Nothing quite like your own,"

"Damn skippy," Cloud Kicker said, agreeing with the sentiment.

"But...how?" Flitter asked, now at full wingboner, and not bothering to conceal the fact.

"It was easy, really," Blossomforth said, "It all went down like this..."

"Almost, almost," Blossomforth grunted, pulling her legs up a little higher behind her ears. She was coming towards the end of her daily stretching routine, and her limbs were beginning to burn a little. She was wound up in a tight ball, forelegs hooked into the bend of her knees, which themselves were wound together behind her head. It was a great position to stretching out the spine and improving the general flexibility of the body.

The only problem was that it was a little difficult to breathe properly, so she could only hold the pose for a couple of seconds. She held it for as long as she could, but when her lungs started to scream for air, she let go and her body instantly unfolded back out into its normal shape, a few pops and cracks following as joints all snapped back into place.

One of her hind legs struck the coffee table she had been resting next to, and a magazine fluttered down from somewhere in the pile, landing open on the ground. Blossomforth picked it up and saw that had to be one of Thunderlane's. Pictures of scantily clad mares in provocative poses graced the covers, and Blossomforth would have been willing to bet that once she started to flick through it, even the few shreds of clothing the mares had on would vanish.

"Ugg, why does he leave this trash here?" she said, idly flicking through the back issue of Marexim. She had been right, and within a couple of pages, she was looking at an, admittedly attractive, young zebra mare posing on a bed, a sultry expression on her face. A ripped and faded loincloth that was almost certainly brand new was the only thing she was wearing as she smiled up at the camera. On the next page, the cloth was gone and the mare was reclining on the bed, legs spread and posing. Her entire posture was one of invitation, as she exposed herself for the pleasure of nameless horny stallions.

Blossomforth snorted in disgust, but still flipped to a couple pages further on. Now things had started to get serious, as the mare had contorted herself until she was in almost the same position Blossomforth had been in a moment earlier. Her puffy pink pussy was spread wide open by her hooves, and her looking directly at the camera, a cheerful grin on her face.

It was the next picture that caught her attention though. Much the same, this one was only different as the mare had shifted her attention so that her mouth was now firmly clamped over her own clit, her eyes shut in assumed pleasure.

A sudden flush caught Blossomforth's mind, and she became aware that she was feeling rather hot. Her nethers were throbbing with sudden need. The temptation to relieve herself, now noticed, was consuming, and Blossomforth took a quick look around to assure herself that she was alone in her house, even though she fully well knew so.

Settling down on the floor, she spread her legs apart to find that she was already quite wet, and her hoof glided around easily, eliciting light squirms and moans of pleasure. It felt good, but still something was missing.

Blossomforth looked over at the magazine again. The mare was still there, tongue buried in her own snatch.

"I wonder if I could do that," she said softly to herself. She had never really been attracted to other mares; a passing crush or two in high school, but it wasn't gay if it was with yourself, right?

Blossomforth rolled onto her back and arched her spine, bringing her legs up to her head and slipping through the small gap between them. Once again, she was in the ball position, but this time she noticed just how close to her own cunt her mouth was. She could feel the heat coming off it, smell the scent of her own arousal.

How could she have not noticed before?

Tentatively, she took a deep breath and pulled herself closer, until her mouth was barely resting above her clit. She could feel her exhales leaving a tingling feeling in her nether. Sensing that if she hesitated for too long, she might lose her nerve, she flicked out her tongue and gave herself a quick swipe.

Her eyes sprang open as she made contact. Shivers ran through her body; it was so much more...intimate that any of her previous lovers. She dove back in, eagerly exploring her own depths. Her tongue moved of its own accord, moving to tease her before she even knew she wanted it.

The taste of her juice was intoxicating. She had tasted it before; on the lips of her lovers after they pleasured her, or coating their dicks after they themselves had cum, but this was different. This was uncut, straight from the source. She drank deeply, without restraint; more was never enough.

Alas though, her lungs began to burn again. She couldn't hold the pose for much longer. Redoubling her efforts, she sank her tongue in as deeply as it would go, shuddering at the feeling of it slithering away inside her. With her teeth, she gently scraped the nub of her clitoris, giving the bulb one hard suck.

Lightning flashed behind her eyes, and Blossomforth came. Cum splattered over her muzzle, squirting around her tongue as she was forcibly ejected from her own snatch. Her body spasmed and she slipped out of the position, wracked with pleasure and joy. Gasping for air, she uncurled herself, panting and shaking on the floor. Her body was trembling, drained from the experience. She couldn't muster up the energy to get back to her hooves, nor could she quite remember the sequence of muscles to do so.

Looking over, she saw that the magazine had flipped almost to the end of the zebra's set. Still curled up in the ball, her muzzle was covered in her own juice. But unlike Blossomforth, she had produced a slender dildo and appeared to be working it into her ass while she continued to explore her vaginal opening.

Exhausted, Blossomforth smiled. She might just have to try that next time.

Vinyl Scratch Masturbates With a Vibrator In Public (sbloom85)

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Vinyl Scratch, known to her fans as DJ Pon-3, stepped out of the shower and began drying herself off. It was an unusually long shower for her, but she spent a lot of the time thinking about how to make tonight's show more exciting, then an idea struck her:

Bring a vibrator.

Vinyl's heart rate went up at the mere thought as she entered her room. It was the perfect idea and she began rummaging through her closet. After a few minutes, she found her box of toys, set it on the bed and opened it.

She held the vibrator with her magic. This was no ordinary vibrator, this was special. She could hook this up to her mixer and she'd get extra stimulation depending on the intensity of the bass that's dropped.

She often played with it in private, boosting the volume so that it would drown out her own lustful screaming, but she never thought about taking it to a show, and putting on a show for her audience if anypony looked her way.

She imagined flustered mares and stallions seeing her get off during the show and the stagehands rubbing one out behind the curtain as they watched her pussy drip.

The thoughts were enough to get her worked up and her breaths became shallow and ragged. She closed her eyes, took slow, deep breaths and shook the dirty, sexy thoughts out of her head. She used her magic to levitate her trademark shade onto her face before putting the vibrator back into its box and lifted it up. “Time to go to work.”

Vinyl entered the dressing room and looked around. Good, nopony was around. She closed and locked the door behind her before she levitated her vibrator onto a table. She walked toward a vanity and rummaged through the drawers. “Nope... nothing here.”

She heard a knocking at the door. She walked to it, and opened it up, seeing a stagehand outside. He nodded with a smile. “Evening, Vinyl. Is there anything I can get for ya before you're up?”

Vinyl's face went flush and she quickly nodded. “Yeah. Think you could get me a roll of tape?”

The stagehand nodded. “Sure. Anything else?” Vinyl shook her head. “Alright, I'll be back with some tape.”

It didn't take long for the stagehand to return with the tape. Vinyl closed and relocked the door as the stallion left. She turned back to the table with her vibrator on it and walked up to it, setting the tape down next to it.

She lifted the vibrator and proceeded to give it a good tonguing. While fellating the sex toy, she found herself getting wet and began playing with herself.

Biting her lip, Vinyl stuffed the vibrator as deep into her pussy as she could and used the tape to keep it in place. Once she finished securing it, she let out a needy gasp. “Oh, fuck...”

Her thoughts were interrupted as somepony knocked on her door. “C-come in.”

The stagehand tried opening the door, but it was still locked. “No can do, it's locked. You're up in five, Vinyl.”

Vinyl shook her head to try to regain her composure. “Thanks for the heads-up!”

Vinyl strutted her way toward the stage, carefully making sure her tail covered the vibrator. The DJ before her saw her, took off his headphones and walked past her, giving her a quiet nod.

Steeling herself, Vinyl plugged one end of the cable into the vibrator and the other into the mixer and was immediately greeted with a rhythmic pulse that tickled her walls. She let out a quiet squeal and cleared her throat as she pulled the microphone closer to her. “Give it up for DJ Q*Pone! You ponies ready to rock?!”

The crowd cheered.

She grinned. “I can't hear you!”

The cheers intensified.

Maintaining her grin, she shook her hood. “I can't hear you!”

The crowd roared.

Giving a quick nod, Vinyl floated a box of record toward her. “That's more like it!” She skimmed the records, hoping to find something with some mild bass. Since this was her initial foray into exhibitionism, she thought she'd acclimate herself to the more intense beats. It was going to be a long night.

The first record started and she immediately felt the pulses synchronized with the beats. To combat the ever growing pleasure in her loins, Vinyl stomped a back leg on the stage in time with the music.

She scanned the floor. Everypony was dancing in one odd way or another. Nopony was checking her out, though. She looked to the side and caught a glimpse of one of the stagehands, who was checking her out. Stifling a smug grin, Vinyl flicked her tail. The flustered stallion galloped to the backstage. She quietly chuckled and returned her focus to the audience.

Several records later, Vinyl was acclimated to the beats, now it was time for something a little more intense. She flipped through the box and grinned as she spotted the perfect one. She was sure to make a mess with this bad boy.

Vinyl levitated the microphone in front of her. “Alright. Enough of the sissy music. It's time to pull out the stops!” The crowd roared in excitement as she set the next record on the player. She levitated the microphone away from her before starting the record.

This one was a lot more intense than what she played at home. Her legs buckled within ten seconds of it starting. “Oh fuck.” She whimpered as her hips instinctively bucked an invisible stallion. Her breathing became fast and shallow. She knew it wouldn't be long before she came, and it was going to be intense.

Vinyl threw her head up and screamed in pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. Her marecum leaked out in a steady stream and formed a small puddle underneath her. The trickling of her juices with the continued vibrations made her teeter on the edge once again, but the song came to a close and the vibrations died down, denying her second orgasm.

She looked around the floor as the ponies cheered. They either didn't notice her display, or they didn't care. The music probably drowned her voice. She looked to the clock, then back to the audience. “It's been a blast, my little ponies, but this DJ needs her beauty sleep. Catch ya later!”

There was a collection of disappointed groans as the DJ made her way backstage and into her private room.

She closed the door behind her and let out a giggle. “Oh Celestia, that was awesome.” With her magic, Vinyl tugged at the vibrator. She let out a mixture of whimpers and moans and fought to keep her legs from closing, feeling herself reaching the point of no return once more. Her forelegs gave out and she found herself sticking her ass in the air.

The stagehand knocked on the door. “DJ Pon-3?” He continued hearing the strangest sounds as he opened the door. “Vinyl, are you-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Vinyl pulled the vibrator out of her, sending her into another orgasm. Her marecum sprayed out of her with enough force to strike him in the face. She collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily and not noticing somepony was looking at her and the puddle she was soaking in.

Grumbling in frustration, the stagehand closed the door behind behind him. “I'm going to need a towel...” He wiped some of the juice off his muzzle and gave it a tentative lick. “Hm... licorice.”

Amethyst Star Masturbates With Her Best Friend's Succulent Cock (VitalSpark)

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"What do you mean we've run out of jewels?" asked Banana Fluff.

"I mean, we've run out of jewels. We have no more jewels. Our jewel supply has hit rock bottom. I don't know how many other ways I can say it," clarified Amethyst Star.

Banana Fluff huffed. "And I suppose you want ME to go out and find some."

"Well, you are the only one of us who has that jewel finding spell," explained the magenta unicorn, "I mean I could go and look for them, but my chances of finding them would be pretty slim. That's how we've always done it. You find 'em, I cut 'em."

Banana sighed resignedly. "Fine! But you know you'll have to look after the fillies now."

Amethyst Star and Banana Fluff were partners in business. They may have squabbled like lovers, but despite occasional rumours to the contrary, they were not partners in any other way.

They did often help each other out with childcare though. Amethyst's little sister Dinky Doo had been Amethyst's responsibility ever since their parents had died. And Banana's daughter Noi had never even met her no-good earth pony father, who had walked out on Banana's life when she was just a pregnant teenager. But Noi and Dinky Doo got on so well, that it only made sense for the two jewellers to frequently foalsit for each other once the fillies' nursery school closed in the afternoon. After all, it didn't take both of them to staff the shop.

With Banana out looking for jewels, Amethyst had to close up the shop to go collect the fillies. She put a notice on the door saying that the jewellers' was closed for the day, and trotted off to the nursery, stopping at the market for a bag of apples. She collected Dinky and Noi from the nursery ponies, and they headed to Banana's house. Amethyst didn't live with Banana, but she had a spare key. She'd often take the kids there rather than to her own house which was a lot further from the nursery, and a long way for Banana to come to collect Noi. Banana lived right near the centre of town, next door to Sweetie and Lyra.

Amethyst let the fillies in, and went to the kitchen to slice some apples for them. They were always hungry and tired after running around at nursery all day. After the fillies had finished eating, Amethyst drew the curtains, and encouraged them to have a little nap on some cushions. They were soon fast asleep. They were good little fillies.

The young unicorn mare decided to have an apple for herself. She took a bite. That was odd. Tasted fine, but it smelt a little funny. Almost like... no, it couldn't be. It will be fine, Amethyst thought, Applejack's never sold me a bad apple. She finished the apple and threw the core into the bin.

Amethyst stretched and yawned. She'd been working her hooves to the bone lately. With the Grand Galloping Gala coming up, she'd had so many orders that she'd been struggling to keep up with them all. It was no wonder they'd run out of jewels. She felt simultaneously tired and stressed. She decided to run herself a bath. She was sure Banana wouldn't mind. She trotted upstairs to the bathroom.

She opened the door and took a deep breath in. Banana Fluff's bathroom was like a green house, full of tropical plants and flowers. Amethyst Star had been here several times before, but each time there were new plants to see. Or old plants that had been little seedlings the last time she'd seen them, but were now in full bloom. She admired Banana's ability to grow them in Ponyville's certainly less than tropical climate. It was like she had two special talents!

She used her magic to turn the taps, and levitated a plug into the plug hole. While the bath filled, she walked from plant to plant, feeling the soft leaves, and smelling the sweet floral scents. One plant in particular caught her eye. It was a succulent plant — like a cactus, but without any spikes. What amused her was that it was almost exactly the size and shape of a stallion's erect member. She giggled at the silly plant.

The bath was now full, so she magically turned the taps off. She floated the yellow flower out of her hair, putting it on a shelf beside the bath, and dipped her front hooves into the tub to check the temperature. Satisfied, she stepped into the bath, lay down, and rolled onto her back.

Amethyst Star knew a cleaning spell, so never needed to bathe for the purposes of hygiene. Rather she did from time to time as a method of relaxation. It was nice to lie in the bath and read a good book. Only she hadn't brought a book today.

The warm water soaked her pale magenta coat, and violet mane and tail, making them each turn a few shades darker. Her short mane swirled around her in the water. She stretched her legs and felt the tension starting to drain out of her.

But there was one type of tension inside her that no amount of water could help with. The life of (effectively) a working single mother didn't leave an awful lot of time to meet stallions, and Amethyst Star was a young mare with sexual needs. Single mothers had to have had sex at least once, she thought! Single sisters on the other hoof...

She knew she was exaggerating — she had lost her virginity a couple of years ago, but recently she was starting to think she might find it again!

Like all mares her age, she was starting to think about finding a stallion that she might one day want to settle down and have foals with. Dinky was starting to get older and wouldn't depend on her forever. Amethyst could imagine herself with a foal or two of her own. Dinky might even be able to help out looking after her little nieces or nephews. It would be like having a proper family again. But as much as she wanted romance, and companionship, and family, right now what she felt she needed was a good hard rut.

Her mind returned to the succulent plant. Something like that could really satisfy her. She levitated it towards the bath and gave it a prod with a hoof. It seemed firm. It wouldn't break off inside her. She shook her head. Was she really considering this?

She stroked the plant, it was perfectly smooth. It seemed bigger than she'd thought earlier. A little longer than a stallion's cock, but around the same girth. Perfect really, provided she didn't go too deep with it. She couldn't think of a good reason not to try this. She'd clean it off afterwards of course. That would be the polite thing to do.

She balanced the plant on the side of the bathtub and stood up. She leaned back while using her magic to tilt the succulent plant towards her. She felt its tip against her foalhole. She pushed back against it and it gently parted her lips.

This felt rather uncomfortable. It was too dry. The water had washed away whatever natural lubricant she would normally have. She glanced around the bathroom... perfect. She levitated a bottle of mane conditioner over to the plant and squirted a large dollop onto the top. It oozed down, covering roughly the top third of the phallus. It looked like a big green cock that had exploded with cum. She didn't know too many green ponies — least of all green stallions.

She lined the plant back up with her passage and started pushing back again. This time, it slid in with relative ease, the cool, firm length soothing her burning desires inch by inch. Once she had about three quarters of its length inside her, she felt that was as deep as it could go.

She used her magic to hold the plant pot against the side of the bath and rocked back and forth against the succulent. Each time it ploughed into her, the conditioner and her own natural lubrication, which was now starting to flow, made a satisfying squelching sound.

It wasn't long at all before she had built up quite a speed. She was dripping wet, and not just from the bath. Her mare cum was forming glistening little rivers down her hind legs, which ran down to join the bath water which was getting splashed around by the unicorn's movements.

With a particularly enthusiastic backwards thrust, Amethyst's back hoofs slipped on the wet surface of the tub and her hind legs fell out from under her, bringing her down onto the plant pot so that the entire length of the succulent plant slid right inside her.

Amethyst Star howled in pain. She'd never had anything so deep in her foalhole. She hadn't even realised it were possible. Why, if she'd had an x-ray spell, she'd wager she could see the tip of the plant at almost chest-level inside her. She stood up again, a little uncomfortably, and used her magic to slowly ease the plant out.

It felt so good on the way out, that her pain was quickly forgotten, and she felt the urge to plunge it all the way in again. She went more slowly, and although it felt a little uncomfortable sliding in, it no longer hurt. And when she pulled it out again, the pleasure it gave her more than made up for any discomfort.

She started rocking against the plant again, this time taking it all the way to the hilt. She moved faster and faster, starting to pant. She could feel a warmth growing in her belly. An orgasm was on the way, but it was still frustratingly out of reach. Normally under these circumstances, she'd apply a hoof to her clitoris to hurry herself along, but she'd already slipped over when standing on all four hoofs, and didn't want to risk three.

Looking around, she spotted that Banana Fluff had one of Colgate's patented magic vibrating toothbrushes. This gave her an idea. She used her levitation to remove the replaceable bristly head of the toothbrush, and floated the base unit between her legs. She magically switched on the toothbrush, and it started vibrating. She held the unit to her clit with her magic. Dear Celestia, this was good! She made a mental note to book a trip to the dentist.

It only took a few more moments before the warmth in her belly became a fire in her loins, and a wave of pleasure swept over her body. Amethyst Star cried out, her muscles clenching around the cock-shaped plant, as she had the most intense orgasm she had experienced in months. She sank down into the luke-warm water, the succulent still inside her, and the plant pot still attached. She closed her eyes in bliss.

After a few moments, she had regained her composure and calmed her breath. She opened her eyes to find herself in a pool of watery mud. She hadn't considered what would happen with the plant pot in the bath. She stood and used a hoof to pull the plug out. The mud gurgled down the drain. For a moment she worried that putting all that mud down Banana Fluff's drain might cause plumbing problems, but it seemed to have all gone down OK.

The mare applied her cleaning spell, wiping away the last of the mud from the bath tub, the vibrating toothbrush, and herself, revealing a perfectly clean magenta unicorn. A perfectly clean magenta unicorn with a plant pot attached to her butt.

She slid the plant out of her foalhole, wincing slightly in discomfort as the thickest part of it went out through the thinnest part of her. Floating the succulent in front of her, she applied the cleaning spell. As good as new. Well, almost. The plant pot was now almost empty of soil. She could fix that later.

She returned the toothbrush to its proper place, and reattached its head.

She climbed out of the bath, walking slightly uncomfortably. That plant had really gone deep. She wasn't sure she'd be able to walk normally for a few hours. She shook her mane dry, floated her yellow flower back into its usual place, and started down the stairs, carrying her lover and his pot with her.

At the bottom of the stairs, she poked her head into the room where the two fillies were sleeping. They still looked soundly asleep. Amethyst Star trotted out the back door into the garden and levitated a small spade to dig up some soil before patting it down in the pot. Perfect.

She trotted back inside and was startled to find Banana Fluff eating a sandwich in the kitchen.

"Ha- have... you been back long?" asked Amethyst.

Banana chewed her mouthful and swallowed. "No, just got back. What are you doing with Bigger Mac?"

Amethyst's eyes shot open in surprise. "Bigger Mac?!"

Banana Fluff blushed. "I-I-I name ALL my plants," she stuttered defensively.

"I was in the bathroom and I must have knocked him over. It made a complete mess. Sorry. Don't worry though: it's all tidy now. I was just repotting him. Ummm... it."

The yellow unicorn smiled. "That's fine." She received the plant into her own levitation field and set it down on a table. "I'm just glad he's OK. He's one of my personal favourites."

Amethyst Star had gotten away with it. "I'll just go and wake Dinky, and then we'll be off home after that." She walked towards the other room.

Banana Fluff eyed her friend curiously. "Why are you walking like that?"