The Child of Technology

by White Dragon

First published

He sat there waiting, in the cold darkness of his mind slowly breaking, but always remembering one thing, Forgiveness, Forgiveness, that is all he wants, and maybe just maybe, things will work out for him this time.

He sat there waiting, in the cold darkness of his mind slowly breaking, but always remembering one thing, Forgiveness, Forgiveness, that is all he wants, and maybe just maybe, things will work out for him this time.

I have had this idea in my head for a long time, but I was kind of shy to see the feedback so I never put up, UNTIL NOW!!!

Also first story so please don't hate me too much.

If anyone wants to do cover art I want a pic of what Tech would look like with the necklace, send me a PM with the link.
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Chapter 1: Surprise, Surprise (Fixed)

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 1: Surprise, Surprise

The sun shone down on the peaceful city of Canterlot, there was a warm breeze in the air as the day was peaceful. In the Canterlot Gardens sat many statues, some crafted by masters of their time, others, by foreign countries, looking for a good word put in, but none more dangerous or deadly than the two statues that stood mere hoof lengths from each other. Discord; Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, and the other statue was know as Technology, Man Of Machines and Bringer of Death, he stood in a suit of armor looking skin. These are the two most feared beings in all of the world. Technology was about to be granted his one wish, to be free again.


“WHAT TECH???” yelled Discord telepathically.
“Here comes a tour group again,” I say, just hanging onto boredom.
“And why would I care?,” he says.
“Because, this is a group of fillies, and didn't you say that you needed just a bit more chaos?” I ask him.

I start to hear him laughing, as I disregard the foals outside and tell Discord to pay attention. I hear yelling and a strict teacher voice, telling them to settle down. But it is too late, Discord has absorbed enough chaos to free himself. As soon as they leave Discord’s Statue starts to crack and break, after about a minute of this his statue shatters and pieces of stone fly everywhere.

“I'M FREE,” he shouts.
“Ok, fine no need to get mad, bro,”he says as he snaps his fingers to free me.

I try to feel the statue cracking, but nothings there. “DISCORD, what the hell mate??” I yell confused.

“Did you think I was going to free you right away, after you cheated in the Mind Wars?” He replied back, his tone seething with anger.

“What are you- oh, yeah… that,” I say sheepishly.

“Don’t worry though, your armor still has some of my powers. You will be freed in about 30 ish minutes,” he says with a grin.

“You’re a dick,” I say back to him.

“I KNOW, and now CHAOS! Arrivederci,” he says as he snaps his talons and disappears. I sigh and wait there for the stone to crack, a thousand years in stone gives you good patience. Finally after a bit of time I hear the stone that starts to crack. And after it breaks from my head, I grin like a madman. As the rest breaks away, I look down at my armor and see the gleam of copper and steel, gauges and lights. I feel the armor start to warm up after being in stone for so long. I grin at all the things I could do, then I remember my promise I made to myself. Forgiveness, that is the one thing I want more than anything. I look towards the castle were the one thing I seek can be given. I look down and press my camouflage button, to make myself almost invisible. I then begin my silent trek towards the castle.

I arrive a short while after, luckily there are no guards because of Discord’s chaos. I walk into the Throne Room and see no one in there. I see a large patch of shadows and walk over to it. I stand and press into the wall as far as I can, and shut off my eye lights, so I can’t be seen, and I wait. I don’t have to wait long though, as I see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna walk in with six little ponies, wearing what appear to be the Elements of Harmony. I chuckle quietly to myself, as I see how small they are. I lean in a bit to hear what Princess Celestia is saying.

“Thank you again, my little ponies, for helping stop Discord and his chaos,” says Princess Celestia in her motherly tone.

“No problem, Princess” says the little purple unicorn.

“Thank you, Twilight” she says giving a big smile.

I slowly back out of the conversation as I smile. After a few minutes The Princesses go to their Thrones and sit down, and talk quietly with the group. The great throne room doors slam open as a guard comes running through, panting and sweating.
“Princess, we have a problem,” says the guard in a panicked state.

“What is the issue, Golden Shield?” Celestia asks her tone full of worry.

“We went to put Discord back as you had asked, when we noticed the statue next to him was missing,” Golden Shield says.

Celestia and Luna’s eyes go wide and they start sweating, their eyes dart around the room as if they were looking for a monster. “Guard leave us now and put the castle on High alert, he MUST be found, now GO,” she says quickly to the guard. the guard runs off and closes the doors behind him. You can hear shouting in the halls as the guard’s scurry about.

“Princess, why are you so worried?” asked Twilight.

“The creature, that was released is on par with Discord, within power of magic, but his mind is far more advanced, he could build anything he wanted to with just his mind.” she says with worry.

“How is that possible?” Twilight asks.

“He was more advanced than all of us, the only way we were able to beat him was when he was asleep,” Celestia says.

“So he hates you?” asks a white and purple unicorn mare.

“No, he hates the Elements of Harmony, that is why we must hide you, before he finds you,” Celestia says with worry.

I turn on my eyes and say in a deep voice “Too late”.

They all freeze and turn very slowly towards the source of the noise, which is me, but of course all they see is a pair of square yellow lights. We stare at each other for awhile before Luna yells for the guards. I quickly move my hand and a solid bar of iron locks the door from opening. “Now, now, I don’t want any trouble.” I say as I put my hands up in surrender. Celestia and Luna both glare at me as I still remain in the shadows. “OH, wait, I know what I can use.” I exclaim as I wave my hand around. Celestia and Luna ready their magic as they expect an attack, but all I do is summon a little white flag and wave it around. “I surrender.”

Chapter 2: Introductions, and Death Glares (Fixed)

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 2: Introductions, and Death Glares

I sat there as they stared at me and I stared back. It was a very awkward moment. We just sat there staring at each other. The silence was deafening, like you could cut it with a knife. A butter knife, A DULL butter knife.

“So…,” I say trying to break the silence. “You six are the new Elements?” I ask turning to them. They don’t say anything, they just stare at me like they have never seen anything like me before. Which I guess in retrospect is correct.

“Y-yes, we are..” answered Twilight, quietly.

“Mind telling me your names?” I ask, kind of getting annoyed at their skittishness.

“Well m-my name is Twilight Sparkle,” she says pointing to herself. “This is Rainbow Dash,” she points to the cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane, “Applejack,” she points to the orange Earth pony with a blond mane and Stetson hat, “Rarity,” she points to the white unicorn mare with a purple mane, (for some reason she reminds me of a giant marshmallow), “and this is… where is Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie?” she asks looking around as the rest of them do.

“Does she have a light pink mane and tail?” I ask looking at the thrones.

“How would you know?” Celestia asks, giving me another death glare. I sigh and roll my eyes, but of course they don’t see that. I point behind her gold throne.

“Turn around,” I say turning my head. Celestia and Luna turn around and look behind their thrones, to see a light pink tail shaking like a leaf. Luna facehoofs and Celestia sighs, and uses her magic to lift Fluttershy out from behind her throne. Fluttershy gives a quiet Eeep, and hides behind Rainbow Dash when she is set down. “Hey didn't you say there was anot-”


“AHHHHH,” I yell falling backwards and hitting the marble floor as everyone hears it crack and break. I groan as I rub my head.

“Pinkie Pie!!! Why did you do that! You could make him mad!” yells Twilight, looking angry at Pinkie.

“I’m sorry Mr. Giant Robot Person,” says Pinkie with large sad eyes. My own eyes go wide, the adorableness it is too much! I grab Pinkie Pie and turn to Celestia,

“Celestia turn this into a weapon,” I say holding up Pinkie Pie. “Her adorableness is too much for a soul.” Celestia and the rest of them look at me like, what are you talking about? “Never mind” I plop Pinkie back on the ground and turn to Celestia. “So, what happens to me, now that I have surrendered?” I ask.

“Well um, I didn't expect this when the guard said you had escaped,” said Celestia, staring at me, expecting me to attack at any moment. Still giving me the death glare.

“The guard… Oh right that guard,” I look towards the throne room doors and wave my hand, causing the iron bar to disappear. The next second was quiet, the one after that not.. so much. Almost all the guards in the castle fell through the doors as they opened, not expecting them to open. They get up, and look at Celestia, then Luna, then The Elements, and finally me. One guard with a blue mane and a star on his armor shouts ‘GET IT’ as almost every guard tries to take me down. And in my defense I sat there. You maybe you are wondering why i’m not defending myself? Let me give you a size comparison, take a kitty, very small and cute and compare it to a manticore. That’s like 8x the size of the kitty. So I sat there for about 15ish minutes, and finally all the guards are panting and wheezing. “You done yet?” I ask some of the guards, they just nod and then collapse. “So, Celestia you think of something yet?” I ask her.

“Yes, but first, why did you surrender?” she asks, some what nicer and depressed at the sight of her guards. I sigh and look down at my hands.

“I want forgiveness for my past, and redemption for my sins.” I say still looking at my hands. Celestia’s mane and tail burst into flames and her coat turns red and orange, and looks like she is going to murder me. All I can think is oh dam.

“WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO ASK THAT! YOU KILLED HUNDREDS OF PONIES AND ALMOST MURDERED ME AND LUNA,” Celestia yelled using the Royal Canterlot Voice. My eyes turn blood red and I stand up to my full height.

“WHAT MAKES ME THINK,” I shout to Celestia almost topping the Royal Voice, stopping her in her tracks. “I CAME HERE AS A PEACEFUL SMALL CREATURE LOST FROM HIS HOME, ALL OF YOUR ‘PONIES’ WERE AFRAID OF ME, SO I HID AND I DIDN'T BOTHER THEM!” “THEN WHEN A DRAGON WAS ATTACKING THEIR VILLAGE, I STOPPED IT.” “THEN I FINALLY HAD A HOME, I WAS HAPPY!” By this time Celestia’s mane and fur had gone back to their normal colors and she was looking sad. “AND TELL EVERYPONY WHAT YOU DID,” I shout to her.

“I-i, I-i..” she was almost in tears, her eyes were wet and glossy.

“TELL THEM WHAT YOU DID!!” I screamed at her.

“I-I saw you as a threat when you-u were helping and i- I used my fire on you..” she says openly crying. The Elements and Luna gasped.

“THAT'S RIGHT, YOU USED YOUR FIRE AND ALMOST ALL OF MY BODY WAS BURNED.” “DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?” I ask her still shouting, she shook her head. “AND DO YOU KNOW WHO HELPED ME? IT WAS DISCORD, HE SAID THAT WE WERE BOTH MONSTERS, AND I BELIEVED HIM, HE GAVE ME THE PARTS NEEDED TO BUILD THIS ARMOR, SO I COULD LIVE.” “AFTER THAT ONLY ANGER AND RAGE FILLED ME, I WANTED NOTHING MORE TO END YOU, AND ALL PONIES.” Everyone in the room gasped. “SO I WENT BAck and i- I killed everyone in the village, I burned it to the ground, using the same method you used on me.” I had calmed down a lot now and was sitting back down. “Then I found you and we fought while Discord sat on the sidelines, then you got out the Elements and used them on Discord, and you had gotten rid of the one thing that understood me, so I ran, and ran, and ran. But you followed me, and while I slept you used the Elements of Harmony on me.”

“Then I was trapped in stone, and I couldn't dream. I couldn't do anything but watch the days, months and years go by as I stood there, watching and waiting.” “And after 100 or so years, Discord was able to contact me. We talked and then we fought. Do you know how it would feel to have the Lord of Chaos and Disharmony, in your head messing with your memories?” I was sitting on the ground now, my head in my hands and my eyes turned blue. “I broke free of his bonds and remembered all the things I did, to the village and to you. And I felt horrible for it, so I made a promise to myself, that I would come back here if I ever got free, and ask for forgiveness.”

“But as I see now, you won’t forgive me, so just turn me back to stone,” I said as I stood there with my eyes closed waiting for it to happen. I heard the clop of metal on stone and expected Celestia to give the order. What I didn't expect was to receive a hug. It shocked me as it did everyone else. I look down to see a dark blue star filled mane greet my eyes. “Luna wha-..” I asked confused.

“I’m sorry, i'm so very sorry,” Luna said crying on my armor, her tears running down my copper plated shoulder, running off and hitting the ground.

“Luna why are you sorry, you didn't do anything,” I asked her confused. She lets go and stands back on her hooves.

“That's just it,” she says. “I did nothing, I saw your pain but was too afraid to do anything, I am so sorry for that.” “It is because of me that you were stuck in stone for so long, so if you're still mad, please take your anger out on me,” she says as she goes into a sturdy pose, meant to take a hit. I sigh as I hit a button on the side of my armor, and say,

“Open and shrink.”

My armor starts to move as Luna and the rest of the ponies back away. My fingers stand straight and slide into both of my hands and lock. The whistles collapse on themselves and go into a compartment in the hand. My arms go straight and detach as they lower themselves to the ground and shrink down to look like little gloves that would fit on a key chain. My shoulders turn and encompass my head as they seal. All of them sit there amazed at what is going on. My legs stand straight as they let out multiple hisses of steam and start to shrink down and in to look like little boots. At last the chest compartment opens up with a hiss and steam with the smell of oil goes everywhere. I step out wearing a black cloak that covers my entire body. The chest compartment shrinks down also to look like a small chest plate. A silvery looking string appears around my neck and all the parts of the armor move towards it. The little boots go at the bottom to form feet, the torso goes in the middle to form the chest and the gloves go to the sides of the torso to form arms. I sigh as I turn around to look at all of them and I take my hood off. I was about to speak when I heard my stomach rumble. I grinned and looked at them,

“You guys got any food?”

Chapter 3: Dinner with Blood (Fixed)

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 3: Dinner with Blood

(3rd person POV)

In the evening, as the sky changed from blue to orange and pink, The Canterlot Castle was quiet, except for the sound of 24 hooves, 8 tings of metal and 2 slaps of feet against the floor. As we zoom in-

Caboose what are you doing? Umm, writing the story? I thought we agreed that I would write and you would read? We did. So why are you writing? Because I wanted too? *RIspy grabs Caboose and tosses him out a window* There now back to the story.

We rejoin our main character and the rest as they enter the Great Dining Hall, with it’s hanging golden chandeliers casting a soft glow around the room. The torches on the walls and the tapestries hanging from the ceiling only making the room feel more and more like a part of a giant castle. We hear more hoof and foot steps before they stop and sit down on the pillows next to the thick gold ornate carved table.

(Tech’s POV)

I sit down crossed legged, as the kitchen doors open and waiter’s walk out and go to each individual. Except for me, as expected. Le sigh… I sit there waiting for one of the waiter’s to come and take my order, but none of them do. As I sit there and scan the table and ponies with my eyes, I can see Luna’s eyes looking at me out of the corner of my eyes. Her eyes widen as she looks around me, and she calls a waiter over and whispers in his ear as she points to me. I raise my eyebrow, wondering what she is doing. The waiter goes back into the kitchen and comes back out with a menu. He is shaking in his vest as he comes near me, he sets the menu in front of me and runs back into the kitchen. I let out a small laugh at that.

I let out an even longer laugh as I look down at the menu, and the ridiculousness at some of the options. A Daffodil Sandwich, Daisy Soup, Hay Burger with Hay Fries, and even more pony food. Then I notice the last item on the menu that was stuck on with what seems as a post-it note. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “Why do you have meat on the menu with a post-it note?” I ask Celestia and Luna.

“We have Foreign Diplomats from the Griffin Kingdom and other meat eating countries,” says Celestia, with a hint of disgust.

“Also… we don’t know what you eat,” Luna says with a shy smile. I let out a small laugh at that.

“We don’t know know much about you at all,” Celestia says her eyes wide in realization. I gulped as I saw the look in Celestia and Twilight’s eyes, they both wanted to know stuff, and I wanted food.

“No. No questions until we are done eating,” I say with a finalizing tone. They both give a quite awww, of sadness. Must resist, the adorableness, (Inside Tech’s mind, ‘IT’S TOO STRONG CAPTAIN, IT ILL PULL US DOWN’, Captain ‘HOLD ON LADS, WE GOT TO HOLD ON!’) I hold on just long enough for them to stop. The a single unicorn waiter comes back to take our orders and our menus. When he gets to me, i'm surprised that he is standing tall and not showing a sign of fear. “What’s your name?” I ask him.

“Um why might I ask? he asks confused.

“I should get to know more ponies and you can be my second friend,” I say as if it was a fact. Everyone looks at me,

“Who is your first friend? asks Luna.

“Why you of course, that is if you want too,” I say to her. Everyone turns to Luna.

“I would love to be your first friend,” Luna says with a slight blush.

“Well my name is Silver Platter,” he says with a small smile.

“Tech if you would order so we could get our food, please?” asks Celestia.

“Ah, of course, I will have a salad with some apple slices tossed in and a small steak,” I say as I hand the menu back to him. As I look back to the table I see all of them staring at me. “What?” I ask. Then I remember ponies are herbivores, and they don’t know that.. “Ok first off, I am an omnivore, which means I eat both greens and meat, and secondly I don't eat ponies.” I say with a ticked off tone. I move my lips out of the way to show them my teeth. We all sit there in a weird silence as we wait for our food to come, so we can eat. After about 24 minutes of waiting the kitchen doors open and nine servers come out with dome covered plates. Each one of the servers goes too each pony, when two come up to me and place the covered dishes on the table. All at once the covers are lifted and I see a VERY big salad, and small steak.

“Before we eat can you please remove your cloak, Tech?” asks Luna. I look up at Luna in surprise.

“Um, it’s not a nice sight and I don’t want to make anyone sick,” I say with a concerned look around.

“We'll be fine, Tech,” Luna says with a smile.

(Luna’s POV)

As I see Tech take off his cloak, my body heats up a tad. As he takes it off I can see a mess of black hair atop his head. As I follow it down I see light brown skin and then his eyes. By my sister’s beard. They are like the eyes of a hero and a devil, while most eyes are blue or green, his eyes… they are black and white, not like they are mixed, they are definitely contrasted. (Ok, so you guys know the Ying-Yang symbol, it looks like that, it might be cheesy but I don't care ). My eyes continue down as I get to his neck. That's were the burn marks begin, they cover his body, and not like, ‘oh a small burn here or there’ more like there was a small patch of not burnt skin here or there. It was everywhere on his neck, on his muscular chest, on his strong right arm, on his left ar-...

“What happened to your left arm?” I ask Tech trying to stop myself from drooling. He looks down to his left arm lets out a small sigh.

“Not everything escaped the fire,” he says with a small frown and a hint of sadness. I tilt my head in confusion, until my eyes widen in realization. I lift my hoof up to my mouth to try to cover my gasp.

“D-did you lose anything else?” I ask him hoping the answer is no.

“I lost my right leg also,” he says bringing up his leg to show them.

“What is it made out of?” asks Twilight.

“It’s made of a metal called Adamantium, it is stronger than diamonds,” he said with a matter of fact tone. Twilight looked at him in disbelief,

“That's impossible, nothing is stronger than diamonds!” Tech lifts his metal arm 2 hoofs above and lets it drop onto the gold table. We were all wondering what that was to prove, when he lifts his arm and we all see the huge dent that, that left in the table.

“Can we please eat now?” asks Tech.

“Yes! Let us eat,” I say my mouth slightly drooling. I have been wanting this sandwich all day. I notice Tech brings his robot hand up to his necklace and grabs the left hand thing from his necklace and crushes it. The glove then materializes on his arm first as metal then it shrinks down and looks like leather. I look at him in surprise.

“I can still use it as a weapon, but I just haven't gotten used to the whole arm being gone thing,” he says. I give a quiet ‘ah’ of understanding. They others had already started eating when me and Tech were talking. We both settled down and started eating our respected food.

“This is great, Discords back in stone, Tech’s not evil anymore, we have good food,and good friends. This day couldn't get better,” says Celestia with a smile. I see Tech put his head in hands and mutter something about Murphy. I don't understand what that's supposed to mean, but I know what the next thing does.

“AUNTIES!!!!” yells the most annoying voice in the universe.

“Guards! Quickly get the Extra Strength Advil!” yells Celestia. Tech starts laughing at that. I poke a hoof at him,

“Stop laughing, you would need it too, if you had to deal with him every day.” He holds up his gloved hand,

“You know I could always just…” He waves his hand around and makes a shooting motion with it.

“No you may not shoot him.” I say with a demanding tone. He gives a quiet ‘aw’ and crosses his arms. The Dining Room doors burst open.

“Aunties!!!” yells Blueblood. Everyone in the room groans.

“What is it Blueblood?” asks Celestia trying to be nice.

“A mare on the street bumped into me and pushed me into a puddle, a PUDDLE! When I asked the guards to put her in jail, they said it was probably an accident and left! I demand that you throw that mare and those guards in jail!” complained Blueblood. I see Tech raising his hand to shoot Blueblood. I quickly use my magic to push it down. Blueblood quickly looks around the room, “Aunties why are there commoners in the Dining Room, is it another one of those charities going around, I swear they are always wanting money.” My mouth hangs open in disbelief,

“Blueblood do you know what the Elements of Harmony are?”

“No, why should I there not as important as me,” Blueblood says with a smug smile. He stands there one second and then next second, he is thrown out a window with a blue ball of energy, the glass shatters. I look over at Tech and his left arm is steaming slightly and he is whistling, while eating his food.

“Tech…” I say facehoofing. He looks at me in surprise.

“What? I didn't do anything, my arm cannon just happened to go off while it was pointed at him,” he says still eating his food while whistling slightly. Celestia facehoofs and I giggle with the rest of the girls. We all finish eating soon after, that… event.

“So we still have to decide, where you will sleep Tech,” says Celestia. My eyes light up,

“He can sleep with me!” Everyone in the room stops and stares at me, I then realize what I said. Tech is slightly blushing, and has a sexy grin on his toned and- BAD Luna he might not even think of you that way. “What I meant to say was he can sleep in the room next to me.” I lightly cough.

“Sure…” I hear Tech mutter. I blush even harder at that, thank the maker that I have a dark blue coat. Tech is still smiling at me.

“So, now that we have that settled, I think we should retire for the night,” suggests Celestia with a small yawn.

“Well as Princess of the Night, I will watch over your dreams,” I say with a small laugh.

“You, guys go ahead, I have to do… something,” says Tech with a small frown. I levitate a small disc over to him that has the sun on one side and the moon on the other. He looks at me in confusion.

“This is a Royal Pass, when you wear this the guards won’t bother you,” I say giving him a small smile.

“Thanks,” he says heading for the main doors.

Chapter 4: Are You Evil? No, I am a Potato

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 4: Are You Evil? No, I am a Potato.

(Luna’s POV)

As the other went off to bed I decided to follow Tech, just because I was interested in him. Wait not in him, in what he is doing. Ya… just keep telling yourself that Luna. Maybe that will break the blow when he tells you he doesn't like you. But, what if he does! He probably won’t, be I mean i’m a different species, he is a human and i’m a pony.

I was so invested in my thoughts I didn't notice that Tech had stopped and was leaning against the wall, when I passed him. He started walking behind me for a good two minutes before he flicked my horn.

“AHH!” I yell surprised, and turn around to face my attacker, but I only bump into the strong thick muscular chest of Tech.

“Lost in thought, Luna?” he asks, with that sexy grin of his.

“I ah- um-well, you see- um,” I said trying to defend myself. He lets out small laugh, at my discomfort.

“Good Night, Luna,” he says before walking away.

“Wait!” I yell to him. He turns his head back to me, “could I come with you, please?” The face he makes looked pained.

“I’m sorry Luna, but this is something I have to do alone,” he says with a small frown. I try to swallow my sadness at this.

“It’s fine, I have some things I forgot to do anyway.”

“Good Night, Luna,” Tech says with a smile. He said no, but i’m still going to follow him, he might need help. I start following him, once again.

(Tech’s POV)

That was close, too close, I think to myself as I retrace my steps back to the garden. I walk outside and head towards the hedge maze, after about 10 minutes of searching, I find him. Discord, The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, beat by six little ponies. I let a long laugh at that.

“Hello Discord, don’t you know that stone is SO last season,” I say with a smug grin. “I know that we had our deal, but you broke it. When I beat you I said and I quote “Discord when you get free I want to be freed RIGHT AWAY.” I give a evil smile, “But, since you broke that deal, it means I don’t have too free you. But I still can do this,” I say as I lift up my glove and it turns back into metal. With no tone in my voice I say,

“Start Chaos.”

(Luna’s POV)

5 minutes ago…

I keep following Tech as he makes his way to the garden. I fly above him, so he can’t see or hear me, another perk of having a black coat. I lose sight of him for a bit, but I find him a little while after standing next to DISCORDS STATUE!?! I quickly land and come close enough to kind of hear what Tech is saying.

“Hello Discord… stone is SO last season,” I let out a small giggle at that. “I know we had our deal, but... broke it. When we had our… FREED RIGHT AWAY. But… you broke… I don’t have too free you.” I see his glove turn back into metal, and he says one word.

“Start Chaos.” I start to see a dark purple lines swerve and curve from Discord and into Tech’s hand. It feels evil, and dark, like all the despair and evil in the world condensed into a liquid. Only after a few minutes I see a little container where the liquid is going and it was almost full. I back up quickly and scratch myself on a stick, breaking it, hopping Tech didn't notice it. I fly back in the air and head towards the castle.

(Tech’s POV)

I finish sucking up the magic and head over to where I heard a stick break. I look down and rummage around a bit, for a clue. Then I spot a little bit of blue fur on a broken stick.

“Luna…” I say with a small frown as I look towards the castle.

The Next Morning

I wake up in the morning, in the guest room next to Luna’s and sigh. “Luna what am I going to do with you?” I sigh. I hear a knock at the door and lean back and shout ‘Its open’. A maid comes in and sets a black and blue tee shirt and some black sweats with some socks, next to me as I lay on the bed, I raise an eyebrow at this. “How did you make these?”

“The Royal Tailor made them for you last night,” she says with a small smile. I give a quiet ‘ah’ at that and she leaves the room. I quickly put on the clothes and some the vial of magic in my pocket, before I leave the room. While heading to the Dining Room I bump into Luna walking in the direction opposite of me, when she walks past I quickly grab her and spin her until she is heading the same way I am.

“Luna won’t you come join me for breakfast, I would love to talk with you some more,” I say slightly pissed.

“Um, well actually I have some things I have to attend too,” she says with a small smile as I see the sweat form on her head.

“Please Luna? It will be VERY quick, after all they are serving waffles right now,” I say with a mad grin. She is sweating boulders right now, “after all, I have something to show you and your sister.”

(Luna’s POV)

He is going to kill us, I just know it! He is going to kill us with those big strong arms of hi- NOT NOW BRAIN. I am pulled towards the Dining Room to probably meet my end.

“Good morning Tech and Luna! I didn't expect you to be up this early,” my sister says with a motherly smile. Me and Tech both both sit down at the table when Tech takes something from his pocket and places it on the table. WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!! “Tech, what is that?” asks Celestia wary of the container.

“This is a container of Pure Chaos, this is all the chaos magic Discord had left in him,” Tech says while looking a menu over. Me and Celestia sit there in shock.

“But-ut, how is this possible!?” Celestia asks confused. Tech lifts his hand up as his glove forms on it.

“Discord gave me some of his powers to build this and he was having too much fun to take it away. Lazy bastard,” he says with a small laugh. Tech picks up the container and opens it.

“Tech, what are you doing?” I ask him scared. He gives a madman’s grin.

“Why, Luna I am just charging up.” He takes a needle from his glove and places it on the container. He then sticks it into his robot arm and drains it. “Ahh, so much better.” He sits back down and snaps his fingers, and summons waffles with syrup and a glass of chocolate milk. “So what are you, guys going to order?” Me and Celestia still are getting over the shock of it all, and with a silent nod, we agree to discuss it later.

After Breakfast

I silently as I can back to my room, trying to not make a sound. “So Luna, how are you?” Tech asks coming from nowhere. I yelp and start running towards my room, trying to escape. I keep running and running. “Luna.” I hear Tech say very very close to my ear, I try to run even faster. Then I feel his hand run over my back and wings as he presses down on a spot between th-...

“Oh, Maker,” I say with my tongue lolling out of my mouth coming down from orgasmic bliss. “What *Pant* was *Pant* that,” I try say without panting.

“That was one of the many pressure points across the body that can cause an orgasm,” he says while a grin like my moon is on his face. “And I can tell that you… Enjoyed it, but tell me, why were you running from me?”

“I thought you would be very mad at me for following you last night,” I say struggling to get up. Tech sighs and picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder. “H-hey let me go!” He starts walking towards my room and I blush intensely. “Tech, come on,” I say with a low moan. He responds by bumping me a bit.

“So Luna, I say we play a little game, and its a game I think that you will like,” he says as he enters my room and tosses me on the bed as I give a loud ‘eep’. He uses his magic to make a small blue ball next to us. “This is a lie detection spell, if you would please remove your regalia,” he asks. I eye him with interest when he asks this but I do so anyway. “I like to call this game Honesty = Profit, the game is simple, you answer honestly and I strip,” I brighten up at this, “but if you lie, I get to do anything I want with your body,” my eyes widen at this, while he finishes with a happy grin. “Let’s Start.”

“O-ok,” I say nervously.

“Why did you follow me?” he asks.

“I was worried about you,” I say, the orb stays blue, and Tech removes his sock. He looks at me with a grin.

“Why were you worried about me?”

“Because your new” I say, the orb turns red and I look at Tech. He lifts his hand and flicks me on the horn.

“What is the real reason?”

I look away and cover my face with my hooves, “Because I like you,” I say in a quiet voice.

“What was that?” he asks.

“I said, because I… umm l-like you?” I say getting ready for a let down as the orb turns blue. After a few moments I hear the rustle of clothes and I feel skin contact my fur as I receive a hug. I must have had the most surprised look on my face, when he gives off a deep chuckle.

“I would be lying if I said I didn't feel the same way,” Tech says whispering into my ear, lightly biting it. I moan in response, due to the stimulation. I giggled and rolled over on top of him.

(3rd person POV)

As we back out of the room-

“OH MAKER YES! TECH!” yells Luna with a loving moan after. -well that happened. What should we tell the readers? Umm, how about the truth? THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! How long have you wanted to use that? For a bit now. Back to the story! Tally HO!

All the moaning and groaning you hear is a pillow fight. Yup just a nice clean pillow fight. Nothing else.


Three Hours Later

Luna is carried into the throne room unconscious by Tech, who is wearing a robe, while day court is going on. We start to hear whispers, from the nobles. ‘What IS that thing?’, ‘Why does it have Princess Luna across its neck?’, the courtroom gets louder and Luna starts to wake up.

“Quiet!” Princess Celestia yells. The courtroom immediately goes hush. One lone Noble stands up,

“Princess if you don’t mind me, asking what is that thing and why does it have Princess Luna limp over its neck?”

“I can answer that!” Luna yells, “this man is a God in the Bedroom, and the reason that I am over his shoulders, is because I am too sore to do anything!” Tech gives Luna a kiss on the snout and starts walking towards the kitchen, with Luna till slung over his neck, but says loud enough for everyone to hear, “so Luna after we eat, you ready for round 86?” Luna just gives a happy moan in response.

Chapter 5: Go Potatoes! I Chose You!

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 5: Go Potatoes! I Chose You!

(Luna’s POV)

(In The Royal Kitchens)

Me and Tech were just sitting down in the royal kitchens. I was eating a hay burger with some fries on the side while Tech was having a salad, we were about to finish up and go finish up, (if you know what I mean), when Celestia walked in.

“I thought you had Day Court?” said Tech confused. I looked back to Celestia and noticed a tinge of red-orange in her coat. BRAIN I NEED A DISTRACTION, (brain on lunch break, back in 5min), WHY BRAIN WHY??

“So the weather is nice today is it not, DEAR SISTER of MINE?” I asked hoping to distract my sister. My sister looks at me and gives me a mad smile.

“Luna if you would excuse me, I need to have a little chat with Tech,” she says with a rule giving tone.

“Actually I think that-eep!” I squeak, as Tech pinched me on my butt.

“Luna I will be fine, go back to your room, I'll be back,” he says as he bites my ear, “Later…” I give a little moan, and try to stand up. I say try because the second I got off the stool, I fell to the ground, on my face, Hard. I hear Tech give off a little laugh as he picks me up with his magic. “Luna be a bit more careful.” I get surrounded by a bright light and I reappear in my bedroom.

“Fine.. just go ahead and teleport me..” I sigh. Hmmm, what other fetishes does Tech have? I look around the room and spot a long length of rope. Hmmmmm...

(Tech’s POV)

“So Celestia what did you want to talk about-,” I ask as I turn around and I see Celestia charging up a BIG spell. BRAIN DO SOMETHING!! (Brain is still tired, please try again later). Really, Brain? I grab the nearest thing to me and throw it.

“GO POTATOES, I CHOSE YOU!” I yell out loud, the potatoes fly through the air and one land on Celestia’s horn canceling her spell. The others hit everywhere else on her coat and mane. She gives me a dirty look.

“Really? Potatoes?” she asks with a small sigh. “This is going to take forever to wash out.”

“Well SOOOORRRY, i'm still a bit iffy with you and magic,” I say rolling my eyes. Celestia gives a small sigh at that. We both stand there for a few minutes, “soooo… I should get back to Luna she made me promise that she didn't want to feel anything after i'm done.” I give a nervous smile to Celestia, she gives a grossed out bleh of disgust. I start to walk out, before I hear,


“What is it Celestia?”

“Just promise me this, that you will treat her nice and care for her… please.”


“You don’t have to promi-”

“Ill do it, I will kill Discord if he breaks out again and tries to harm either you or Luna, I will love your sister as much as I can, I promise you this.” I wave my hand and a storage portal appears, I reach my hand in and pull out a scroll. “Here.”

“What is this?” Celestia asks confused.

“This was going to be my bargaining chip if the throne room had gone down hill,” I say with a small smile.”I have nothing else to bargain my life with if you want to turn me to stone.” Celestia gives a small gasp.

“But, what is it?”

“This is a spell I made while trapped in stone, it drains Discord’s magic.” Celestia gives a another small gasp as I leave the kitchen, and I hear a thud of Celestia hitting the floor after fainting.

As I was headed up towards Luna's room using one of the empty hallways, I hear a pretty voice call out,

“Shining where are you?” I stop and make my way towards the noise and stop as I go and hide in the shadows.

“I am here my sweet Cadence,” Shining says as he lifts her up in the air. I sigh, young love. I'll ruin it in a bit. “Why are you here?”

“I had heard that you had gone up against a great and terrifying beast that was made of metal and magic.” Cadence asks concerned.

“Don’t worry he was an easy beast to beat,” Shining says grinning. I sigh and round the corner coming up from behind them when I lean on the marble wall.

“HA. I don’t think women like, liars Shining,” I say with a grin. They look at we quizzically.

“How DARE YOU!! This is Shining Armor, Captain Of The Royal Guard!” The Pink Alicorn yells at me. “YOU… WHATEVER YOU ARE!!” I look down and sigh.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” I grab my necklace and break it. The second I do that the armor dissolves and flows around me quickly gathering in mass and height. A few seconds later I stand in my full height in my armor and look down upon them, “Technology, Man Of Machines and Bringer of Death, and Luna’s Boyfriend.” My armor shrinks back down and turns back into a necklace. I was about to leave when I shouted back, “Hey Shining, you might wanna train your guards better, I didn’t do anything while I sat there, and by the time they stopped they were the ones that were tired.” I leave with a big smile on my face, and Cadence fuming at me and Shining Armor.

Back at Luna’s Room

I opened the door to Luna’s Room, with a sigh. “Luna I-” I stop what I am saying the moment I see Luna. She had some how gotten herself all tied up. Like actually tied up, her wings were bound and her hooves were tied to the bed posts.

“Oh, thank the Maker it’s you Tech, if it would have been anyone else I would have been very embarrassed,” Luna says with a VERY shy smile.


“Yes, Tech?”

“Have you ever been dominated?”

“Ummm.. no?”

“Well you're about too,” I say with a happy grin and I summon a paddle and a ball gag, as I walk towards Luna.

(3rd Person POV)

QUICKLY RAISE THE SOUND BARRIER! SOUND BARRIER RAISED! Good…, that was a close one anymore sounds and I would have had to change the story to mature. I know right and no one would want that. <.<, >.> ya no one would want that to happen, <.< >.> You gross me out you know that? Well you're the one thats been writing so far. Touche… Thank you but can we get back to the story now? Fine. LOWER THE SOUND BARRIER! No need to shout i'm right next to you. Lowering sound barrier.

(Tech’s POV)

I wake in Luna’s room, upside down…. on the ceiling, and is this a shirt made of duct tape? Brain reboot from last night… (Brian can not help you right now… brain is still waking up… Error last night drunkenness is missing, cause; too drunk.) … I hate you brain.

I try to sit… down? or is it up? I don’t care it’s way to early. To even be up. I look down at Luna who is on top of her midnight blue star covered bed and was snoring softly, aww she looks so cute. I get off the ceiling and hop down to the floor as quiet as I can. I go over to Luna and pull her covers over her and she lifts her hoof up and starts nibbling on it. The amount of dawws… I get up from the bed and head towards the bedroom door, as I step out I hear very soft and quiet ‘I love you… Tech...’ I look over at Luna.

“I love you too, Luna,” I say quietly before I close the door. I stand in the hall for a few minutes just soaking in the atmosphere. I start walking through the maze of hall ways and rooms, and i get to a dead end… I turn around and start to head in another direction, and another dead end. I equip my gloves and punch through the wall and there is another wall… this is going to take a while.

(35 minutes later…)

After about 30 ish minutes of breaking and repairing walls I end up outside… in front of the training yards… behind the training guards. Everything stops for a few seconds, before half of the 258 guard legion shouts “AFTER THE INTRUDER!!!!” and after that I start to yell “shit! shit! shit! SHIT!!” while I run away. Fact; My body is 200x more durable due to being stone for 1,000 years and Chaos Magic, so it didn't really hurt when a lot of them tackled me… I was just laughing like a mad man.

“Why, is he laughing?”

“I don’t know just don’t let him out of your sight”

“Yes, Sir!”

“I shall go get Princess Luna, and inform her of this.” My eyes open wide at this.

“Ummm, how about no, shouldn't you, being day guards, get Celestia instead?”

“He is right, and Princess Luna is probably sleeping.”

“Fine, I shall go get Princess Celestia.” He starts to trot towards the castle, leaving the other guards watching me.

“So do you guys like jokes?” I ask, and a few of them nod. “Cool, so a Diamond Dog, a Bat Pony, and Unicorn walk into a bar…”

(5 minutes later…)

Celestia walks out with the guard trainer, with a sour look on her face. “Where is this strange creature that you ment-”

“HI CELLY!!” I shout with a big smile, she looks at me and sighs as she puts her hoof on her face.

“Really, Tech? Really? You can’t stay out of trouble for a week?”

“Hey I got lost in the castle, so I made a lot of holes and fixed them then these ponies started chasing me, it’s not my fault.” Celestia raises her eyebrow at that. “Well… it’s like 50/50.”

“Um Princess, if you don’t mind me asking, who and what is this thing?”

“This is Technology, former enemy and Luna’s Boyfriend” The guard looks back at me in fear. (Inside the Guards head, Princess Luna’s Boyfriend? oh shit! Oh Shit!! OH SHIT!!!)

“Sup,” I say as I wave to him. And…. he fainted… great… “so Celestia… breakfast?”

“Tech, what am I going to do with you?”

“Nothing, your sister did enough to me last night.” Her cheeks have a heavy blush in a instant, and starts to gag. So I do the appropriate thing, I laugh my ass off. I get up and pick up Celestia in my magic, “COME CELESTIA TO WAFFLES!!!” I yell as I run inside, with Celestia screaming all the way.






“THANKS!!!” I yell as I drop Celestia and follow her directions to the kitchen. I hear her yell some pony profanities at me while I run away.

(3rd Person POV)

As we back out of that particular scene we go to Luna who is still either unconscious or just a very deep sleep, shall we take a look around the castle? No… LET’S EAT WAFFLES! Waffles? Who said you could come back in? Who said I had to leave? O.O, i’m watching you (<.<) Ok then.. you do that. Well I guess that this is the end of the chapter guys, BYE! But wait what’s that?!?! WE CAN’T LET THEM SEE THAT YET. Why not? Because. Because why? SHUT UP!!! Why Shut Up? FOOL!

Chapter 6: Foreboding, Name Calling, and Chuck Norris kicks.

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 6: Foreboding, Name Calling, and Chuck Norris Kicks.

(Unknown POV)

(If you want listen to this while reading this)


Death and destruction rained around her as she stood on the broken blood and bone filled streets, looking around her in a panic. “What has happened here?” she whispered as she tried not to gag on the foul air. She turned her head as she heard a buzzing in the background. What she saw scared her badly, a floating metal orb covered in blood spots, with a single red glowing eye.

“Intruder detected, what is password?” The hovering robot said.

“Password?” She says confused. The robot starts shuddering and its eye turns blue.

“Password accepted, follow me.” the robot starts hovering away towards a tall dark structure in the background, but the foggy air was blocking a better view of it. As we drew closer to it I started to ask the robot questions.

“Um.. robot what is the date?” I ask hesitant.

“18th of November, Lorem ipsum dolor octo.” It states with a flat tone.

“And where are you taking me?” I ask.

“To see the King, he states that anyone to figure out the password must come see him.” I was about to respond before I saw a sight that is burned into my brain.


______| )( )( )( )(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)( )( )( )( |______ _ _____ ( )( )( )( ) ( )( )| The Graveyard of the Damned, |( )( )( )( )( )( )______ | ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )| For Those that have gone against |( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( ) |

|( )( )( )( )( )( )| The Almighty King Of The Land |( )( )( )( )( )( |

| ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )|

|( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( | | )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )|

|( )( )( )( )( )( | | )( )( )( )( )( )|

|( )( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( ) |

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

|( )( )| |( )( )( )|

(Aren’t I just great at text art?) Noooo My text art broke. im sorry

“The Graveyard of the Damned, For Those that have gone against The Almighty King Of The Land,” I said with a bad taste in my mouth. I step through the rusty iron gate and my eyes start to water and I try keep myself from crying. Everyone was there, all made out of stone, but they weren't statues I could feel the magic around them they were like what we did to Discord, there was Celestia, Cadence, Shining Armor, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Discord… Discord? I take a quick look back at that I had expected him to be free but the only one not here is… No. No, No, No, No, No, No, No… I won’t believe it, I won-

“Well… what do we have here…” says a deep voice with an icy tone. I turn my head slowly and see a wall of black and gold, with two red glowing rectangles. I open my mouth to scream but I couldn't find my voice, his hand reaches towards me as he says one word.


(You can stop listening to the music now)

(Tech’s POV)

“Waffles, how can you be so fluffy, yet so filling?” I said out loud to no one. I sit in silence for a few minutes and it-.... wait…. silence? I quickly look around without moving my head, to signify anything. I quickly saw a flash of gold out of the corner of my vision, and I let out a small sigh. “You know, to be a lot more sneaky, you shouldn’t wear gold armor and have metal horseshoes.” I hear a quite ‘Dammit’ from the shadows, and three guards come out of the dark.

“How did you see us?” One asks with a defensive stance. I point to the stove, “the stove?...” I point a bit up, “what you can’t- oh bloody hell.” He finally sees the air duct which lets the smoke from the oven out, and it is a sheet of polished metal. he does a face hoof, as do the other two guards.


“So if you don’t mind, I have to make some food for my lovely princess and hopefully not get blasted in the process,” I say as I finish my waffles and put my plate in the sink. I then head over to where I was making waffles before and pour more batter into the cast. I then grab a pan and pot out of the lower cupboards, and set them on the stove as I turn it on. I go to the fridge and pantry and grab four eggs and some hay, I then weave the hay to look like a blanket and throw that onto the pan and throw two eggs into the boiling water. I then flip the hay blanket on the pan to cook the other side. I grab another pan and set it on another burner. As I crack the eggs and throw them over my head and they land on the pan. I hear the sounds of hooves clopping together. I use my metal arm to grab the boiled eggs out of the pot and I de-shell them over the sink, and set them on a plate. I look through the cupboards till I find a tray and I set a separate plate on it. I grab the handle of the pan with the hay on it and set it on the plate and fold it so it fits. I then grab the eight waffles and split them into stacks of four and set them side by side. I grab some butter and syrup and place a little bit on top of each waffle and I grab the second plate and set the cooked eggs on it with the boiled eggs on the side. I then go into the fridge and grab orange juice and some fruit. I get out a glass and a bowl and fill both up and set them on the tray. I hear the clopping of hooves, as applause, and I take a bow.

“Now if you excuse me I have to go wake a grumpy and tired princess,” I say as I grab the tray and walk out of the kitchen. I head up the staircase and start to walk towards Luna’s, and mine (I guess), room. I open the door and close it quietly, as I set the tray down and go over to Luna’s sleeping form. I poke her once and this is the reaction, a scream, she opens her eyes, and double kicks me in the chest, sending me through the wall and about 98hf outside the tower as I start to fall. “Well that happened…” I say as I lay on my side while still falling. “Did I do something wrong? No, that can’t be it. Maybe I was too rough with her… maybe, but I liked to hear her moan.” I quickly look towards the ground, that is moving very fast towards me. I quickly snap my fingers and appear back in Luna’s room. “So, mind explaining what that was about?” Luna quickly looks up and I see tears in her eyes.

“Oh Creator Tech it was horrible, everyone was turned to stone and… and a lot of ponies were dead, there was no one lef- left.” she says with tears and bursting out crying. I grab hold of Luna and rock her slowly,

“Its ok Luna as long as I am here nothing will happen.” I say trying to get her to calm down, she stops crying and starts to quietly sob. I softly pet her mane down as she stops sobbing.

“Te-Tec-Tech..” Luna says with another sob. I look down at her concern.

“What is it Luna?” I ask concerned.

“The thin-thing is that you…” she starts crying again. I look at her in confusion.

“I what?” I ask. She looks up at me in tears.

“You were the only one that wasn’t petrified,” she says with more tears. My eyes open wide at this and then quickly narrow, and quickly regain their concerned look,

“Luna why don’t you eat your breakfast I made you I have, to go and meet an old friend.” I get up and helped her onto her bed, I covered up with her sheets and placed her tray next to her
and tuck her in a bit. Before I leave i kiss her on the snout, “we will talk about your dream later, k?”

“Ok, Tech and by the way this breakfast looks amazing.” Luna says with her cute smile.

“Discord, why do you constantly, hate me?” I say before I activate all my armor, after I gain my mass and height. I take out some magic chalk (chalk that blocks all magic, on inanimate objects, i.e. statues.) and draw a circle around his neck, then I put my armored hand up to his head.

“Freedom from stone, breather of air, be free now and you shall not pay the fare.”

My grin widens a bit when I hear the tiniest,


Chapter 7: The Event That Led To This Other Event

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The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 7: The Event That Led To This Other Event

(Techs POV)

“Don't hate me cause I'm funny
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
You should hate me cause I'm better than you”


“I only want to party
I only want to play it cool
'm beholden to seeing this through”


“I could trot around your little pony head
Spreading white lies and whispers
I'm gonna tell you about your fickle pony friends
Your rage is so hot, it blisters”

“I have your attention now, it's futile to flee
You're Elements of Harmony are worthless to me
So please--you can't beat me, just fire away
I'll shrug it off and live to laugh another day”

“My hatred and wisdom are a thousand years old
Millennia trapped in stone and desolate cold
Your princess couldn't save you. You have no hope
You're hanging yourself, I'm just providing the rope.”


“Oh hello Tech, how are you?” I sigh as I put my head in my hands.

“Oh just great Dis, and how are you?” I ask.

“I wasn’t as STONED as I was last time.” I quickly summon up a Baaa-dum-tssss, and Discord bursts out laughing and I just give a small chuckle.

“So im guessing you didn’t unthaw me just to chat?” Discord asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Luna saw a glimpse of the future last night I think, so I want to know... what you did to her?” I ask with murder in my voice. Discord does a tiny gulp that stops at the stone line.

“I my dear Tech, have done nothing, to her or anyone else for that matter, since you started sucking my chaos away,” Discord says with an angry scowl.

“Oh, thats right I gave that spell to Celestia.” I say while cleaning my nails. I look back at Discord, with his jaw physically on the ground. Discord then starts swearing with many profanities, both pony and a few I think that he made up. “So Discord you have done nothing?”

“That is correct my dear Tech,” he says with sarcasm. I get up a stretch my legs a bit when I have a brilliant idea.

“Oh Discord I have the BEST idea!” Discord looks at me with a tilt of his head. I quickly punch his chest as a little blue square pops out.

“OW! That hurt…” Discord's eyes open wide. “That hurt?” Discord looks down at his body and gives out a large gasp and cheers. He starts to dance and moonwalks up walls that are not there.

“Well… not completely free,” I say as I hold up the blue jello looking cube. Discord looks closely at the cube and his eyes grow wide and scared.

“Is-s that my heart?!?!” He shouts. I give him a nod and give the cube a little squeeze as he crashes to the ground crying in pain. I ease my grip on the heart as he stands back up wheezing, he snaps his talons to try to get his heart back but when it doesn’t appear in his hand he looks at me with a growl. “How. And. Why.” He asks with a snarl.

I look him straight in the eye and tell him in the most serious tone I can, “Magics.” he sighs and does a facepaw. “But in all honesty I enchanted it so you couldn’t take it back.” Discord sighs,

“And the Why?”

“I want you to reform.” Discord stands there for a few moments and bursts out laughing, while I stand there still as can be with a serious look on my face.

“Oh, you're so serious!” says the cackling like mad Discord, as he stood up and pinched my cheeks. I gave him a bored look and give a little squeezed the heart containing cube. He just stands there, with sweat running down his face. I squeeze the the cube a tad harder and he falls to the ground gasping in pain. I sigh as I stop squeezing and motion for him to follow me.

The Next Morning

( Celestia’s Thoughts/ P.O.V)

“I am telling you Celestia, Tech did not come back to our room last night,” Luna worriedly said, “I am worried about him.” Celestia just looked at her little sister with a sigh. She was glad that Luna had found someone to share her life with, but wished it to be some other creature, or more preferably a pony. Now she was by no means a speciesists, she was happy that her little ponies found someone to share their life with. She just found other species relationships odd, but she would do nothing about it. After all her special talent was not love, that was Cadences job.

But she would be happy for her sister. All those years trapped on the moon by her, she deserved to have happiness. But for herself… she only deserved loneliness. She had done so much wrong in her life, that it far outweighed the good. Sealing Tech in stone, sealing her little sister into the moon for a thousand years, falling into her grief, letting the council take over and started a war with the Griffin Lands.

The war was one of the worst times of her life. With the ponies losing they called upon her to help them win. She was still in a daze as she stepped out of her cabin on her airship as she looked down on the battlefield as she saw the might of the Griffin Armies approaching. Them being over 10,000 strong against a tiny force of just over 4,000. She became angry for numerous reason, her ponies dying and suffering, the council, this war. She walked and stood at the helm of the airship slowly calling upon the sun and the moon. The Griffins on the ground were terrified as the sun was slowly covered by the moon. She floated down from the ship still in the sky as it turned around and left, per her orders. Her mane and tail slowly lost most of its colors except for red and orange.

They started to flicker as they moved like flames surrounding her as the rocks around her melted to lava, the sand turned to glass and the earth crumbled to dust. The griffins five miles away could feel the heat change if only slightly. The flames started to recede as they surrounded her, covering her as flames, just as hot as the sun. The ground started to shake at the amount of power she was outputting. There was a white flash as she walked away. The ponies at the post that was preparing for war look after the flash had happened. The moon moved out of the way of the sun and they stood there slack jawed. All they could see was her walking towards them, no Griffin Armies, no hills, no clouds… the ground itself had turned to glass. After that incident the Griffin Empire quickly surrendered, with almost no troops to fight, they gave in.

The ponies were happy that this had happened and praised her more and more, it made her feel sick inside. The ponies were shocked when she named every member on the council that supported the war, traitor, and had them executed for treason against the crown. After that no pony questioned her authority.

(3rd Person POV)

As Celestia and Luna walked into the Royal dining room, they stopped in shock at what they saw. Thereon a cloud made of cotton candy sat Discord. Discord turned and gave Celestia and Luna a sinister smile as he poofed out of existence. Celestia felt another fur covered body, wrap around her as Discord lowered his head in front of her face.

“Hello… Sun-Butt,” Discord mocked. Celestia glared at Discord, Luna looked around for Tech wondering where he was.

“Discord, how are you free?” Celestia asked worried about the answer. Discord sighed and got off Celestia as he walked over to the table and sat down making a glass of chocolate milk appear. After drinking the glass, he set the chocolate milk on the table and sighed.

“Despite what you may think, I am on a very tight leash at the moment,” Discord stood, and faced towards them as he parted his fur to show them the hole going through his chest. “I have your colt/boyfriend to thank for this, it regulates my magic as well I only have enough for small tasks, like summoning cotton candy clouds, and chocolate milk.”

“Discord! Waffles are done!” Tech shouts from the kitchen, Luna gave an angry glare towards the doorway that leads to the kitchen, as she starts walking towards the doorway, she looks back at her sister,

“Let me discuss this with my boyfriend.” As Luna heads towards the kitchen, Celestia gave a silent pray for Tech.

(In the kitchen)

As Luna marched to the kitchen, Tech got a feeling of dread wash over him. When Luna walked into the kitchen she saw, Tech at the stove wearing loose baggy shorts and an apron. Luna’s blush steadily got redder, she was thankful for her dark blue coat. Luna then remembered what she came into the kitchen for as she walked up behind Tech. As she charged a simply freezing spell. The next event happened quite fast as Luna fired the spell, Tech turned around with one of the chrome pans as it reflected the spell back at Luna.

Resulting in Luna being frozen as Tech, gave a grin as he set down the waffles on a plate on a trolley and a pitcher of orange juice and pushed it out a door as he put a hand on Luna’s horn and teleported them both.

(In the Royal Dining Room)

As the trolley rolled in the dining room Discord went over to it, and grabbed a stack of chocolate waffles and sat down at the table as he summoned a glass of chocolate milk. As he started eating Celestia gave him an odd look as she grabbed the food and the pitcher of orange juice and sat across from him. As she situated herself and poured a glass of orange juice an awkward silence settled over them.

“So… anything new in Equestria?” Discord asked after taking a drink of chocolate milk.

Celestia stared at him for a few second before sighing, she looked at the draconequus, “not as much as you may think,” she said while giving him a level glare. Discord gave a small frown and rested his head in his paw and claw. The silence continued before Discord lifted his head up and pushed his chocolate milk away. Celestia's glare turned to shock for a brief moment before she put her guard up. Discord traced lazy lines over the gold table with his claw as the sun rose and beamed through the windows making the table sparkle a tad.

“I… I am sorry you know,” Discord whispered, head still resting in his paw. Celestia’s glare softened, as she remembered the fun times that she, Luna and Discord had shared as kids. It was quite an interesting time as the nation of Equestria was just starting. Celestia’s glare came back if only slightly as she remembered what had happened to the three of them.

“What happened to you? You were the nicest person we knew then you, leave for a year, and you turn into a tyrant!” Celestia questioned while she shouted at Discord. He tensed while his claws dug into table after a moment they relaxed. Discord gave her a sad frown,

“Celestia what is the difference between you and me?” Discord asked her while taking a sip of chocolate milk. Celestia gained a thoughtful expression on her face as she thought about it,

“We look different, we have different tastes, your funny and I am a bit stingy, you prefer chocolate milk and I like orange juice,” Celestia named off a few different things, but not the one Discord was looking for.

“That is a few but you missed two, we are both different species, and the fact that you and your sister are divine, I am a monster,” Discord said with a sad frown, and he glared into her eyes,

“Celestia, I couldn’t stand the glares, hateful words, and… the beatings.”