• Published 20th Feb 2014
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The Child of Technology - White Dragon

He sat there waiting, in the cold darkness of his mind slowly breaking, but always remembering one thing, Forgiveness, Forgiveness, that is all he wants, and maybe just maybe, things will work out for him this time.

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Chapter 4: Are You Evil? No, I am a Potato

The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 4: Are You Evil? No, I am a Potato.

(Luna’s POV)

As the other went off to bed I decided to follow Tech, just because I was interested in him. Wait not in him, in what he is doing. Ya… just keep telling yourself that Luna. Maybe that will break the blow when he tells you he doesn't like you. But, what if he does! He probably won’t, be I mean i’m a different species, he is a human and i’m a pony.

I was so invested in my thoughts I didn't notice that Tech had stopped and was leaning against the wall, when I passed him. He started walking behind me for a good two minutes before he flicked my horn.

“AHH!” I yell surprised, and turn around to face my attacker, but I only bump into the strong thick muscular chest of Tech.

“Lost in thought, Luna?” he asks, with that sexy grin of his.

“I ah- um-well, you see- um,” I said trying to defend myself. He lets out small laugh, at my discomfort.

“Good Night, Luna,” he says before walking away.

“Wait!” I yell to him. He turns his head back to me, “could I come with you, please?” The face he makes looked pained.

“I’m sorry Luna, but this is something I have to do alone,” he says with a small frown. I try to swallow my sadness at this.

“It’s fine, I have some things I forgot to do anyway.”

“Good Night, Luna,” Tech says with a smile. He said no, but i’m still going to follow him, he might need help. I start following him, once again.

(Tech’s POV)

That was close, too close, I think to myself as I retrace my steps back to the garden. I walk outside and head towards the hedge maze, after about 10 minutes of searching, I find him. Discord, The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, beat by six little ponies. I let a long laugh at that.

“Hello Discord, don’t you know that stone is SO last season,” I say with a smug grin. “I know that we had our deal, but you broke it. When I beat you I said and I quote “Discord when you get free I want to be freed RIGHT AWAY.” I give a evil smile, “But, since you broke that deal, it means I don’t have too free you. But I still can do this,” I say as I lift up my glove and it turns back into metal. With no tone in my voice I say,

“Start Chaos.”

(Luna’s POV)

5 minutes ago…

I keep following Tech as he makes his way to the garden. I fly above him, so he can’t see or hear me, another perk of having a black coat. I lose sight of him for a bit, but I find him a little while after standing next to DISCORDS STATUE!?! I quickly land and come close enough to kind of hear what Tech is saying.

“Hello Discord… stone is SO last season,” I let out a small giggle at that. “I know we had our deal, but... broke it. When we had our… FREED RIGHT AWAY. But… you broke… I don’t have too free you.” I see his glove turn back into metal, and he says one word.

“Start Chaos.” I start to see a dark purple lines swerve and curve from Discord and into Tech’s hand. It feels evil, and dark, like all the despair and evil in the world condensed into a liquid. Only after a few minutes I see a little container where the liquid is going and it was almost full. I back up quickly and scratch myself on a stick, breaking it, hopping Tech didn't notice it. I fly back in the air and head towards the castle.

(Tech’s POV)

I finish sucking up the magic and head over to where I heard a stick break. I look down and rummage around a bit, for a clue. Then I spot a little bit of blue fur on a broken stick.

“Luna…” I say with a small frown as I look towards the castle.

The Next Morning

I wake up in the morning, in the guest room next to Luna’s and sigh. “Luna what am I going to do with you?” I sigh. I hear a knock at the door and lean back and shout ‘Its open’. A maid comes in and sets a black and blue tee shirt and some black sweats with some socks, next to me as I lay on the bed, I raise an eyebrow at this. “How did you make these?”

“The Royal Tailor made them for you last night,” she says with a small smile. I give a quiet ‘ah’ at that and she leaves the room. I quickly put on the clothes and some the vial of magic in my pocket, before I leave the room. While heading to the Dining Room I bump into Luna walking in the direction opposite of me, when she walks past I quickly grab her and spin her until she is heading the same way I am.

“Luna won’t you come join me for breakfast, I would love to talk with you some more,” I say slightly pissed.

“Um, well actually I have some things I have to attend too,” she says with a small smile as I see the sweat form on her head.

“Please Luna? It will be VERY quick, after all they are serving waffles right now,” I say with a mad grin. She is sweating boulders right now, “after all, I have something to show you and your sister.”

(Luna’s POV)

He is going to kill us, I just know it! He is going to kill us with those big strong arms of hi- NOT NOW BRAIN. I am pulled towards the Dining Room to probably meet my end.

“Good morning Tech and Luna! I didn't expect you to be up this early,” my sister says with a motherly smile. Me and Tech both both sit down at the table when Tech takes something from his pocket and places it on the table. WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!! “Tech, what is that?” asks Celestia wary of the container.

“This is a container of Pure Chaos, this is all the chaos magic Discord had left in him,” Tech says while looking a menu over. Me and Celestia sit there in shock.

“But-ut, how is this possible!?” Celestia asks confused. Tech lifts his hand up as his glove forms on it.

“Discord gave me some of his powers to build this and he was having too much fun to take it away. Lazy bastard,” he says with a small laugh. Tech picks up the container and opens it.

“Tech, what are you doing?” I ask him scared. He gives a madman’s grin.

“Why, Luna I am just charging up.” He takes a needle from his glove and places it on the container. He then sticks it into his robot arm and drains it. “Ahh, so much better.” He sits back down and snaps his fingers, and summons waffles with syrup and a glass of chocolate milk. “So what are you, guys going to order?” Me and Celestia still are getting over the shock of it all, and with a silent nod, we agree to discuss it later.

After Breakfast

I silently as I can back to my room, trying to not make a sound. “So Luna, how are you?” Tech asks coming from nowhere. I yelp and start running towards my room, trying to escape. I keep running and running. “Luna.” I hear Tech say very very close to my ear, I try to run even faster. Then I feel his hand run over my back and wings as he presses down on a spot between th-...

“Oh, Maker,” I say with my tongue lolling out of my mouth coming down from orgasmic bliss. “What *Pant* was *Pant* that,” I try say without panting.

“That was one of the many pressure points across the body that can cause an orgasm,” he says while a grin like my moon is on his face. “And I can tell that you… Enjoyed it, but tell me, why were you running from me?”

“I thought you would be very mad at me for following you last night,” I say struggling to get up. Tech sighs and picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder. “H-hey let me go!” He starts walking towards my room and I blush intensely. “Tech, come on,” I say with a low moan. He responds by bumping me a bit.

“So Luna, I say we play a little game, and its a game I think that you will like,” he says as he enters my room and tosses me on the bed as I give a loud ‘eep’. He uses his magic to make a small blue ball next to us. “This is a lie detection spell, if you would please remove your regalia,” he asks. I eye him with interest when he asks this but I do so anyway. “I like to call this game Honesty = Profit, the game is simple, you answer honestly and I strip,” I brighten up at this, “but if you lie, I get to do anything I want with your body,” my eyes widen at this, while he finishes with a happy grin. “Let’s Start.”

“O-ok,” I say nervously.

“Why did you follow me?” he asks.

“I was worried about you,” I say, the orb stays blue, and Tech removes his sock. He looks at me with a grin.

“Why were you worried about me?”

“Because your new” I say, the orb turns red and I look at Tech. He lifts his hand and flicks me on the horn.

“What is the real reason?”

I look away and cover my face with my hooves, “Because I like you,” I say in a quiet voice.

“What was that?” he asks.

“I said, because I… umm l-like you?” I say getting ready for a let down as the orb turns blue. After a few moments I hear the rustle of clothes and I feel skin contact my fur as I receive a hug. I must have had the most surprised look on my face, when he gives off a deep chuckle.

“I would be lying if I said I didn't feel the same way,” Tech says whispering into my ear, lightly biting it. I moan in response, due to the stimulation. I giggled and rolled over on top of him.

(3rd person POV)

As we back out of the room-

“OH MAKER YES! TECH!” yells Luna with a loving moan after. -well that happened. What should we tell the readers? Umm, how about the truth? THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! How long have you wanted to use that? For a bit now. Back to the story! Tally HO!

All the moaning and groaning you hear is a pillow fight. Yup just a nice clean pillow fight. Nothing else.


Three Hours Later

Luna is carried into the throne room unconscious by Tech, who is wearing a robe, while day court is going on. We start to hear whispers, from the nobles. ‘What IS that thing?’, ‘Why does it have Princess Luna across its neck?’, the courtroom gets louder and Luna starts to wake up.

“Quiet!” Princess Celestia yells. The courtroom immediately goes hush. One lone Noble stands up,

“Princess if you don’t mind me, asking what is that thing and why does it have Princess Luna limp over its neck?”

“I can answer that!” Luna yells, “this man is a God in the Bedroom, and the reason that I am over his shoulders, is because I am too sore to do anything!” Tech gives Luna a kiss on the snout and starts walking towards the kitchen, with Luna till slung over his neck, but says loud enough for everyone to hear, “so Luna after we eat, you ready for round 86?” Luna just gives a happy moan in response.

Author's Note:

Guys just so you know, I write the chapter titles after I get about half-way with the story, also, I write the chapters 1 after another so, ill get them fast as I can with an editor. Thank you Spotify for your free music. A lot of you may say THEY ARE MOVING TOO FAST!!! If you were a guy and a girl, and you didn't have a ummm ''Pillow Fight'' for 1000 years, you would need to get laid.