The night the mad moon came.

by CeresBane

First published

Morrslieb the dark moon from warhammer touches equestria with chaos and things change forever.

Morrslieb is the dark moon of the warhammer world. Known to be an ill omen and sign of chaos it has been known to drive people mad with visions and nightmares of hell and daemons, endless incessant voices giving dark promises and temptations. And even known to cause the body to warp and mutation for prolonged exposure.

One night it appeared behind Luna's moon, and for the first time Equestria knew true chaos.

The first night-Lunar Requiem Vigil

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The Lunar Requiem Vigil was a time in the winter months where pony kind experiences the longest night of the year. At the crack of noon the sun rises at it's lowest all year in deference to the coming night. And before all ponies lay their heads for the night, they give a thought to lost loved ones and pray that Luna will let them meet them again in their dreams that night. Traditionally at the early strike of six in the evening, ponies kneel for a full hour in silence staring at the moon. But in the modern times tradition had made way for the liberty of the young and some would say foalish, as they take this chance to bathe in the moonlight quietly enjoying each other's company.

One pony in particular thought that this holiday was lacking in the all important element of laughter. After all, seeing ponies you thought you'd lost forever? That's something to be happy about right? Besides Granny Pie had always told her to not be sad about her passing. She wanted to see her favourite little grand daughter smile. The very last thing she wanted to see was that happy little foal crying for her.

And in honour of that, Pinkie would always throw a party during this night. Alone as to not offend anypony, but a party nonetheless. There would be cake and as many candled years Pinkie had met her granny each year this night. Six out of the thirteen years Granny missed her grow up wasn't bad. Not bad all. This was definitely wasn't sad night at all. Because this year she was definitely going to meet granny again and tell her all about her friends. And to make sure she would this time, her friends are going to party with her. After all, their friendship had a special kind of power. It was magic that could do anything.

The magic of friendship should be enough to let one little wish come true. It had to.

"It's time to blow the candles Pinkie." Twilight said as the six friends gathered around the warm flame of the candle light. It glowed weakly a faded orange, contrasting directly to the silver moonlight leaking through the windows of the Ponyville Library. Spike had gone to join the family in the crystal empire while Sweetie Belle went to stay with her parents to celebrate the vigil. Pinkie Pie had been adamant in wanting her best friends together this year. As per her request they were alone in this cold winter night, only the elements of harmony present to enjoy this party..

"Thank you for coming everypony. To celebrate tonight. I want us all to take a candle and use the wish magic in them to meet our long lost beloved somepony." Twilight rolled her eyes at the mention of wish magic but she smiled with everyone else nonetheless. It didn't quite occur to Twilight that Pinkie was being uncharacteristically unhysterical. At best everypony got an inkling of how unnatural it seemed, but they put it simply to the mood of the whole occasion.

No matter how happy you wanted to wrap it up, the loss of loved ones will always be a sad thing to reflect upon.

Rainbow dash blew first her face in candle light vanishing into the darkness.

Fluttershy followed, her feeble blows taking several attempts before finally going out.

Applejack licked her hoof and let her candle blow out with a distinctive sizzle.

In an almost disgusted snort at Applejack's gross display, the ladylike Rarity blew hers out unintentionally.

Twilight blew her crisply after, joining everypony in the shadows.

Pinkie looked at her candle and let the memories of Granny Pie flow through her. With a deep breath Pinkie inhaled an excessive amount of air.

This year Granny, I'm going to meet you again. With a long exhale Pinkie blew out her candle in a slobbering gale of breath and saliva.

Everypony's hooves clopped on the ground, as all of Pinkie's friend cheered at her as if it were her birthday.

"Oh... hey everypony!" Pinkie exclaimed excitedly. "I'm feeling a doozy coming on."

Everypony chattered in concern and confusion, as even to this day no pony could truly work out what a doozy truly meant. But they knew it usually meant something big was going to happen.

"Wowie, this is exciting. I'm really feeling this doozy!" Pinkie was sure now. Her plan worked. The power of friendship could make wishes come true. Tonight she was going to see Granny Pie and she'll play and laugh all night long.

Suddenly the silver glow of the moon tinged with green. Pinkie could feel a slight pain in her chest as her body continued to vibrate,

"What in tarnation!? The moon's glowing green!" Applejack said as she positioned herself next to the nearest window view to the moon. Every pony crowded round the window and looked out.

"No, it's more like there's light glowing from behind it. The moon itself is still shining a silver glow." Twilight looked on with a hoof to her chin. No book had ever mentioned this phenomenon. What was Princess Luna up to tonight?

"Help..." Pinkie had squeaked and wheezed. As the shaking of her body had turned into uncontrollable convulsions and seizures. Control of her whole body was lost. Her ability to breathe proving to become an increasing difficulty.

"Maybe the changelings are up to no good again. Only changeling magic glows that green." Rainbow dash added.

"Um... guys...?" Fluttershy noticed Pinkie wasn't around the window. And there was this wheezing, whistling noise that she's increasingly certain isn't the wind. All the windows were closed to not let any wind in. After all a stray breeze would have ruined Pinkie's little wishing ceremony.

"Flu...sha...hel..." Pinkie screamed a painful wheeze as she felt parts of her ribcage snap at the force of these intense convulsions. They sounded muffled as the flesh cushioned the noise. Blood was pooling in the pink pony's mouth as the unmistakable bitter iron tang of blood flooded her taste buds.

"Oh my Celestia! Twilight get the lights." Rarity screeched as she looked on in horror of what was happening to one of her best friends. All everyone could were silhouettes in the darkness, but the convulsions had gotten so bad now that her bones were now snapping loudly and clearly.

With several spots in her spine breaking apart, Pinkie died in a sharp instance of purest anguish.

By the time Twilight turned awoke the fireflies in her lamps, Pinkie laid dead. a twitching mess of twisted flesh.

All were stunned in silence. Except for Fluttershy who for the first time in her life, let out a blood curdling scream that could be heard all throughout Ponyville.

-Meanwhile in Canterlot Castle-

Luna looked at the moon before her upon the royal observatory. It terrified her as all instinct told her to hide from it. There was something deep in her soul that wanted her to flee, to run as fast as she could away from the very Celestial body she would proudly call her second sister.

Luna's ears perked to the sound of what seemed like a faint scream carried in the wind and her blood ran cold in denial. This wasn't happening. Whatever was happening, it wasn't happening.

"Luna what have you done!" Celestia burst into the room with horror and disbelief upon her voice.

"I-I didn't, it wasn't me. I... I don't know what that is..." The moon she had lived upon for a thousand years, the moon she summon eons before that. This was not the moon she knew. It had been warped and mutated, glowing this sickly green light.

"Ponies everywhere are at a panic. Ponies are scared to look up at the sky." Celestia walked over to her sister but she wasn't paying attention to a word she was saying.

"The stars..." There was a quality in Luna's eyes that unsettled the eons old veteran princess. A hysteria about her that she had never seen in all her years.

"What?" Who cares about some lights in the sky. Ponykind is on a the brink of disaster..

"The stars sister. The stars are gone. Their light drowned out by that green glow." She wasn't shouting but the way she spoke had her speaking in rambling tongues. Repeating the same phrase over and over like a holy mantra spoken in fear and prayer for deliverance.

"Nevermind the stars Luna what about the-" Celestia attempted to touch her sister with a hoof. To hold her face to hers so she could focus on her eyes and beseech some sanity within them.

"No.... no no no nonononononononono! NO! NO! THIS IS ALL WRONG! NO!" At the increasing volume and madness Celestia backed away. Once more taken aback by what has come over her sister.

"Luna... be calm... be still!" Luna had tried to throw the nearby telescope at her. But Celestia overpowered her hysteria and unfocused magic. The elder sister forced the lunar princess's will to move to become still, throwing a strand of magic to catch the falling telescope Luna treasured. She placed it down gently on the floor before fully focusing fully on her paralysed younger sister..

"No! Keep away from me. Everything just go away. Go away!" Luna was backing towards the door, resisting Celestia's magic grip in that small moment of distraction. Celestia noticed her horn glowing with power. Clearly intent to fire off her magic at the slightest provocation.

Immediately Celestia's power calmed, for fear of her sister unleashing her full might in a location where lives could be brought to severe harm.

"Luna...please..." Celestia appealed with as much calm as she could muster, despite the dissolution she felt.

"Stay back sister. Stay back." After opening the door behind her Luna took to a gallop down the hall.


The second night-The gods whisper

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For the first time in years it was not Luna that raised the moon. Having exhausted much of her magic Celestia had delegated Twilight into raising the moon that night.

In hindsight perhaps it could have been a slightly hasty decision, as she heard the news of the death of the element of laughter. She had torn away her student from her grieving friends. Sending the letter at the most inopportune time, right when Twilight was due to give her eulogy.

That being said though, it simply had to be done. Detaining a mad Princess Luna was nothing short of a feat of legendary proportions. Showing vast amounts of restraint while the Lunar princess lashed out with full force. Exhausting vast amounts of energy protecting her guards and many servants that would find themselves in the crossfire. All the while barking orders while Luna shouted commands in mad ravings that brought much of the palace in disarray.

Chaos of such magnitude as to nearly bring forth bouts of infighting.

"Guards at arms!" Luna would say. "Guards rally to me!" Her royal Canterlot voice resounding loudly across the city scape.

Celestia stood by the door to her sister's cell and watched her sister wide-eyed in insanity. She was frothing at the mouth and wriggling and struggling against her restrains. A mere straight jacket would not do. She is simply too strong. What had to be done was an enchantment upon the room that nullified any magic that wasn't it's own. Wrapped around her were layers and layers of ropes and chains imbued with the same enchant of the room.

In her state of mind, the moon crashing into Equestria was not entirely implausible.

"I'm sorry this had to be this way sister." Celestia looked through the bars of the steel cell door and looked piteously at her beloved sibling. She had promied herself to never mistreat her when she had return and yet here they were again. The guardian and her prisoner, once again. Luna seemed to fathom what she had said as she wordlessly snarled in response in between her bouts of ravings. She seemed to be ordering some sort of invisible army, fighting against some intangible foe.

Whatever ailed her, Luna was fighting. At least that's what Celestia wanted to think.

"Princess Celestia." Twilight cantered over slowly and purposefully. Her face was a look of the utmost neutrality. Almost unsettlingly so. Moving a Celestial body was no small feat and the loss of a true friend was something was felt deep inside. Mentally as well as physically, Twilight should be completely exhausted.

"Is everything alright, my student?" Celestia was concerned in ways that only one of her position could be. Everything was now, after so long, so uncertain.

"It's nothing princess. Everything had just come at such a great shock. I don't think it's all sunken in yet." Her voice was monotone. As if her very soul had just died, lost to some endless void.

"Rest assured. Everything will be just fine. Equestria has gone through alot before and it endured. I'm sure things will soon come back to normal." Celestia was trying to be as convincing as she could. But it didn't seem to reach her student one bit. She was too entranced with the sorry state of princess Luna. Her ravings of impossible promises and temptations filling her stomach with lead.

At least that what Celestia thought she felt. As surely as she could feel them herself.





"Twilight!" Twilight shook out of her reverie and looked towards Celestia who was all too desperately searching that her student was still all there.

"Are you sure you can handle the task I've assigned you?" None of Canterlot's psychiatrists and magical scholars and astrologists could decipher Luna's and her moon's condition. Twilight was Celestia's last hope.

If anypony could discover what was happening it would be Twilight.

"Rest assured. Everything will be just fine. Equestria has gone through alot before and it endured. I'm sure things will soon come back to normal." Twilight smiled and in reply Celestia could only give a shaky nod of approval.


"Don't resist Luna." It was more a demand than request.

"I know you resent ponies for favouring your sister. I know you wish revenge for the wrongs they all did to you. Spill their blood, Pile their skulls high as you slaughter them in my name."

Images of Equestria flowing red with blood came her. She could feel the satisfaction. The glory of the slaughter. The thrill of her power. She was invincible, absolutely second to none. Her sister, hated Celestia was at the mercy of her hooves. No more hiding in her shadow. No more sitting beside her sister's throne. In the world she saw, she sat upon a throne of skulls where no one dared oppose her. Not as a mere queen but an absolute queen.

"Nonononononononononoooooooooooooo. Get out of my head!" Luna screamed as the horror and realisation of what she envisioned
disgusted her to the core. That delicate core dispelling what evil influence was tempting her.

Her victory was only met with laughter.

"Hahahaha what a simple fool... he doesn't understand you like I do Luna. He only wishes you to be his little monster." Another voice whispered in her mind. It was so beautiful, so angelic and yet impossibly sultry. The sound of his voice both silky and yet purred with an absolute allure.

"You know to not resent the simple whims of the simple folk. It is not their fault your sister shined brighter than you." The voice was right. The moon, who borrowed from the light of the sun, could never be as bright as it's elder sister.

"But listen to me. I can help you teach them the error of their ways. If you side with me, you will have all of ponykind worshipping you. Their devotion absolute, their addiction never ending. You will be loved by all and be as beautiful as you feel you deserve to be. Every pleasure and temptation. Every whim and word holding no limit to you."

"Just let yourself go." Another wave of visions visited upon Luna's mind.

Her body convulsed, her eyes were rolled back. her mouth opened as she moaned in ecstasy, drooling from her mouths she shivered in absolute pleasure.

In Luna's fragmented mind she could see a sea of flesh writhing and moaning and screaming. Ponies died for her amusement or tortured to the same effect. Ponies fought for her attention. Ponies of every kind experienced every debauchery. Mare, Colt and child. And Luna was the center of it all, constantly in a state of ecstasy, surrounded by her most favoured and most beloved. Delicacies of Flesh, she tasted and sampled only to be replaced at any kind of whim, upon her pleasure.