Winter Days (Lonely)

by RedScootaloo

First published

Negative degrees and depressing thoughts while spending the day all alone makes the toughest pony weak. Feeling alone was never a problem to her... until now.

It's winter in Ponyville, and winter means coldness, and coldness means sitting at home, cuddling to keep each other warm. But not everypony has someone to cuddle with.
Living in a cloud had many advantages. You could hide from lame earth ponies and unicorns, and in summer it was always keeping itself cool. And whenever you needed a shower, you'd just kick the wall and the ceiling above you would rain. Keeping warmth however was not included.

Oh my, another new story. I hope I'm not just going quantity before quality!
This is supposed to be sad, and I hope I actually can bring your hearts to at least move a little.
The story is pretty, pretty, pretty damn short, but I still hope that you get what I'm trying to say. It's not really made for keeping you busy for a long time, but for thinking about it a little while. I hope you enjoy it.