Dangerous Diamond Love

by Bendy

First published

Rarity is about to take your measurements. You are unsure about the whole thing.

Rarity is about to take your measurements. You are unsure about the whole thing.


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You, the human were nearly completely naked. You only wore a set of white underpants as you stood within a plain white booth, that came with a simple rectangle-shaped mirror. A pair of purple curtains were behind you to hide your body from view. Your other clothes simply lay discarded on the floor in a pile. They were dirty and tattered. You did after all have to run out of the Everfree Forest quite recently while wearing them.

Yes, you know of the Everfree Forest. In short, you were a Brony, so you have a fair bit of knowledge already. You were currently inside the Carousel Boutique. You just pray this wasn’t some fucked up alternate universe of Equestria, where the ponies were secretly rapist-cannibal-serial-killer-edgelords or something crazy like that. As far as you can tell, they appeared to be nice, and fairly close to their canon selves.

On a side note, you had a huge bulge in your underpants. Not to mention the fact you seemed to have gotten a sixpack out of nowhere. Some background horse magic must be messing with your body. Not that you’re complaining. It was pretty clear you were going to end up banging some nice big sexy pony booty quite soon. Your life was a porno movie made real now.

“Darling, are you ready for your measurements?” came an all too familiar, rich cultured, feminine voice.

Without a word, you made your way out of the booth. You were greeted by the sight of the beautiful white unicorn known as Rarity just outside the booth. Her large, blue eyes met yours at eye level. With her being an equine, her body was quite a bit more girthy than your own human body.

She bit her lower lip at the sight of you and gave you bedroom eyes. Her horn was wrapped in a glowing blue aura of magic. The same glow was encased around a strand of yellow measuring tape. Without a word, she magically wrapped the tape around your waist. The mare then proceeded forth to make her way behind you.

“Stretch out your arms to the side, deary,” she said softly.

You did as she commanded, forming a t-pose. The tape came to leave your torso with a flash and came to rest upon your arm. For the next few minutes, Rarity measured your body at many angles. Until eventually, she was sat down upon her plump rump as she eyed your underwear with bedroom eyes, that was concealing your large penis.

“Darling, please don’t be shy. But I need to measure your penis when it is fully erect to make sure I can make you a nice set of underwear.”

“Uhhhh, this strictly professional, right? You do this with all your customers?” you said nervously.

“Yes, my darling. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can either masturbate in front of me. Or I’ll suck you off.”

“Rarity, I don’t see this as normal. I think you are setting me up.”

“Darling, I work as a high-class prostitute on the side to earn myself some extra bits. I am well used to sucking cocks of all sizes. From small and cute, to absolutely enormous cocks like Big McIntosh’s dick. I even sucked off Trouble Shoes once, he was a real challenge. However, I will only accept clients who behave like a gentleman and treat me like a lady. Under no circumstances will I tolerate you calling me a whorse or a bitch etcetera. The moment you call me such a thing, I will leave you with blue balls.”

You sighed deeply. “Rarity, you are a very pretty lady. But there’s just one problem.”

“I don’t see any problem, darling. I can clearly see you have a huge cock.”

“It’s not that. It’s Spike.”

“Oh... you know of Spike’s love for me? I don’t recall you ever meeting him.”

“Rarity, this may sound crazy. But you are from a cartoon show where I live.”

“Hmm, that sounds disturbing,” she said, rubbing her chin with her right hoof thoughtfully. “Why are you afraid of him? He’s only a baby dragon after all. Spike knows I work as a prostitute on the side, and not once did he ever complain. ”

“Exactly. He’s a dragon. I saw him eat diamonds. If he can eat diamonds he could chomp down on me with ease. Not to mention the fact he can breathe fire. I don’t want to be burned to a crisp.”

“Did you even listen to me there? I am a prostitute, and Spike knows it. My little Spikey Wikey won’t hurt you. Just because he’s a dragon, it does not mean he’s a monster. You of all people should know that.”

“You know about us humans?”

“Yeah, Lyra gave me some romance novels she made herself. Crudely made ones, mind you, they came across like mindless sex stories. Nonetheless, I am quite intrigued by the idea of being petted by a human.”

“Now I’m disturbed. Anyway, what if I break the poor little guy’s heart, and I cause him to go insane? I don’t want to cause a cataclysm just because I could not keep my cock in my underpants.”

“Spike is but a foal, Anon. It's a childish crush. Like a young colt who loves his nice teacher at school. And when he’s an adult, I will offer my services to him.”

“I don’t care Rarity. He’s a freakin’ dragon.”

Rarity opened her mouth to speak, but she was cut off when there came a loud knocking sound. “Just a moment, darling.”

Rarity turned to walk away from you to answer the door. You, meanwhile rushed back inside the booth to hide from view just in case it was Spike. It soon became apparent that it wasn’t Spike when you heard the sound of an additional pair of hooves.

“Anon, quit being a coward. Man up, and plow Rarity’s big fat ass right now,” came Princess Cadance’s voice, speaking sternly.

“But Spike will kill me!” you protested.

“No! Spike knows Rarity is a prostitute. You are not being a gentleman to my girl, Anon.”

“Are you sure of this? I’d rather hear this from the man himself.”

You heard the sound of a hoof slapping what you assumed was her forehead. “For fuck’s sake you beta bitch! If you don’t fuck Rarity’s ass right now, I’ll use my magic to make your penis smaller!”

“Okay-okay! I’ll fuck Rarity’s bum!” you shouted in panic.

You rushed out of the booth. You saw Rarity was leaning forward with her plump rump high in the air in the ‘cum inside me position’.

Next to her, you saw Princess Cadence dressed as a pimp. She wore a pink fur coat, combined with a pink feathery hat. She held a golden cane in her right hoof. She was glaring at you angrily and pointing her golden stick at Rarity's butt.

"Be a gentleman and tap her ass. Treat her with respect and dignity or I'll hit you with this stick,' the pimp horse said in a stern voice.