What Am I?

by Amethyst_Dawn

First published

Deep in the jungles of Neighzil, an old villain finds a new problem.

Deep in the jungles of Neighzil, a band of hostile forces are holding several creatures hostage. Little do they know what guards them.

A Simple Answer

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She watched from the bushes as her students were rounded up in the center of the clearing, her chest heaving with fearful breaths. The branches dug into her sides, leaving scars underneath her cream coat. Her hooves were coated in mud, cold and rippling. The clamor from the thugs as they restrained her charges rang out like a wicked song, congratulating each other on an easy catch like cowards.A griffon swooped overhead, landing directly in front of her as he continued to search around, one of her talons playfully flipping an obsidian dagger.

"No sign of the Teach, Boss." The villain chirped, glancing at a lone Unicorn. "She can't've gotten too far, must be hiding nearby."

The Unicorn remained motionless, staring into the distant jungle. She felt his ire as his vision combed every twig with scrutiny, a deep anger that made her blood run cold. His curved, crimson-stained horn stood tall above his oily mane.

Fluttershy took a deep breath, smiling as the summer sun bathed the forest with warmth. Leaves rustled peacefully as birds and beasts lifted their songs to the skies. Her sanctuary was blossoming with life, creatures of all manner traveling in and out with smiles on their faces, thriving and surviving. She was content to let her new hires run census today, observe them from a distance atop her hill.

A rattling, squelching noise distracted her from her view, silently creeping into her ears from the woods behind her. She felt a chill run up her spine at the unnatural sound, but as it was almost too small for even her detection, curiosity and concern for whatever creature this was overpowered any hesitation she had.

She held her breath as the griffon turned to look at her bush. Of all the times to step on a thorn, she just had to pick now. She felt the mud slide up her leg as she crouched further into the dirt, the griffon leaning into the shrubbery at the same moment. Suddenly, the sticky substance she was sinking into started to take a more distinct, living form. It wrapped around her legs in numerous chaotic tendrils, sliding along her skin and seeping into her flesh as if it was mixing with water. She closed her eyes as she felt it coat her body, and a single thought burst to the forefront of her mind.

What took you so long?

She carefully lifted the branches of the bramble aside, setting eyes on what looked like a puddle of hair and tar. She stared at it for a long moment, confusion coursing through her mind. Was this a new kind of slug? Maybe a really lost jellyfish? She struggled to determine what species this was.

"Hello, little one." She spoke gently. "Don't worry, you're safe here. Nothing can hurt you, we'll make sure of it. What can I do for you?"

Please... I am starving...

Fluttershy felt a pang of concern, scooping up the thing without a second thought. She let out a scream as something started to happen, she felt herself shifting internally as the goop disappeared. Something was changing inside her, and a new voice began echoing in her thoughts.

Thank you, yellow one.

The unicorn turned with a start when he heard the griffon scream. A massive uproar rose from the jungle, branches snapping as leaves and vines were torn like paper. Black web shot out of the shadows. A tendril here, a splatter there. A black blur whizzing through the camp as each of his lackeys vanishing one by one, screaming in terror. The children he worked so hard to capture gone in a blink. Then everything went quiet, he was alone in the wreckage left behind.

"By the giants!" He shouted, shoving his hoof into the dirt. "You think you can scare me, beast? I invented fear! I perfected terror!" He scanned the jungle again, hoping for even a glimpse of whatever claimed the others. He froze as a bubbling, squirming, boiling sound rose quietly behind him. He looked down as the world dimmed, a gigantic shadow dwarfing him. A mass of muscle and slime, pitch black in the shape of a talon seized him by the neck and lifted him off the ground. Fear raced through his being as he cast a quick spell.

His eyes were met by a pair of jagged, unfinished crescents of white flesh, sloppily held in place by the thick inky drips of whatever substance made this monster. It smiled, lips parting to show what must have been millions of ivory needles held in surprisingly healthy pink gums. The beast's form was of a pony, but larger. Talons in place of hooves, with immense dragon-like wings stretching out on either side. Its flesh was black as night, with white and grey veins randomly visible across it.

"What in Tartarus is this?" The Unicorn shrieked, fighting to get out of its grip. The thing drew him in, its mouth bending unnaturally as it spoke in a voice of oceans and gravel.

"What is this?" It scoffed, "This is the punishment of those who terrorize Equestrians, Sombra. Something for you and your ilk to fear. This is the last thing you'll see every time you try and claim Equestrians, no matter their species. We will never let you prey on these creatures without coming through us."

"Wh-why?" Sombra writhed to get free, agonized yelps as the claw squeezed him. "Why can't I get out? Who are you?"

The creature cackled, throwing its head back once it let out a hoarse laugh. It looked back to him, a side of its face peeling open to expose the smirking facade of a familiar Pegasus.

"Who are we?" Two voices taunted in unison, one soft and stern as the other echoed with boiling hate. Both layers of mouth moving as they ever would, unnerving the dark King with the juxtaposition.

"We, are Venom." They hissed, a strange tone of jovial camaraderie in their voice.