For f*ck sake, WHAT HAPPENED?!

by Holocron

First published

Spike confronts Princess Celestia, then wakes up with naked with all three of them.

After being tricked into having sex with Twilight Sparkle, and not so subtly forced to have sex with her friends, Spike has had enough. His most recent letter from Princess Celestia only reminded him of who caused all this and he has gone to Canterlot to confront her about this. But the moment he arrived, the Princess was waiting for him, and asked that before they talk, he has something to drink.

This is part of my 1K Challenge.

I can't f*cking believe this!

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Spike awoke in the most headache induced grogginess he had not felt since trying to out drink Discord and Big Mac in a heavy cider contest. But unlike that time, he wasn’t laying covered in cider out in the apple family orchards. Instead, as he rubbed his eyes, but when he finished, he wished he hadn’t. He was in a different bed, one he recognized all too well. It was Princess Celestia’s bed in her royal chambers. He wanted to scream in frustration, but could only groan an annoyed sound. Looking at his immediate surroundings. And much to his lack of surprise, both the Princesses of Day and Night were cuddling up naked at his sides. But it was what was more in front of him that cause more confusion than the rest. Princess Cadance was there too, and she was laying on Spike’s chest where her soft flank was resting just a little above his limp dick.

“Oh for fuck sake?!” Spike all but shouted, stirring the others from their rest. Celestia and Luna both seemed to blush as she snuggled a little against him, but Cadance seemed the most affectionate as she nuzzled against his chin. “Okay, what...the...fuck...happened?”

“What happened was you fucked us so hard last night.” Cadance purred leaning up to kiss at Spike’s lips, slipping a little tongue in for a moment before pulling back. “Oh that was so amazing, your hot dragon cock fucked me in places Shinning Armor could never reach.”

“And you were such a stud.” Celestia added, kissing at Spike’s cheek as she whispered her sweet words to him. “You treated me like I was your slutty princess cocksleeve...and I loved it.”

“Even I admit, at first I did it as a curiosity.” Luna said, though she seemed the most calm of the other two, but still hugged Spike’s arms between her soft breasts. “But after last night, I can see why so many mares have wet dreams about you.”

“Okay, I’m very confused, very tired, and very pissed off right now.” Spike huffed, leaning up a little. “Can one of you just tell me what the fuck happened?”

As per Celestia’s instructions, Spike had gone to Canterlot to see her in hopes she would do something to make amends for what she did. He wasted no time when arriving, heading straight to the Princess and making a note to avoid and politely refuse any drink she offers. And, as expected, she did have plenty to offer. He walked into her private quarters to the sight of the alicorn dressed in a regal nightgown, with both Luna and Cadance, both in nightgowns, in attendance. As well as there was a massive table with all manner of treats, cakes, sweets, and drinks to enjoy.

“Welcome Spike. Come, sit, we have much to discuss.” Celestia said, gesturing to the dragon to sit in the free chair; to which he cautiously accepted. “I know you feel...well used by myself and my student. I just want you to know that I’m sorry for what happened.”

“I’m sure you are.” Spike replied, raising an eyebrow. Looking between Luna and Cadance, he couldn’t see anything that would set off any warning bells for him. They were eating and drinking very casually. Though they were showing quite the happy faces whenever they took a bite of cake. “But regardless, it was wrong of you to do that to me. I mean, I don’t even know how I should feel about all this. Should I be angry, sad, betrayed maybe?”

“I know, I know. And I am truly sorry.” Celestia replied, picking up a cup of teas to take a sip. “I understand your feeling. But please, I only did all this because I believe it would help you and Twilight.” Spike was cautious as Luna leaned in with a fresh, hot cup of tea. “Can you forgive me?”

“So for the third time, I have been lied to, drugged, and raped by mares I should care for and respect?” Spike asked, his face showed both a mix of sorrow and frustration. But before the three princesses could say anything else, the dragon burped out some green fire to conjure up a scroll, with Twilight’s insignia on it. “What for fuck sake, what now?”

I’m not sure what Princess Celestia needed you for, but you need to come back home. We’re pregnant I need your help with something very, very important. See you soon, please hurry back. The girls and I need your thick cock in us right now!

“Well...fuck...” Spike said to himself, fully capable of reading the section of the letter that was haphazardly scribbled out. He then looked down to the three princesses around him. “...fuck...” Leaning down, he held his frustrating head in his claws, trying to rationalize or think of anything that would make any of this feel normal. His life was now going to be completely different. But what only made him stop for a moment, was the soft touch of Celestia’s hand on his shoulder.

“Spike, don’t worry.” Celestia said, though she was not aware what was written, only that it was making Spike upset. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fine.” While in any other situation, this would be caring, nurturing advice, but in this instance, it only caused the dragon’s rage to burn and intensify.

“Fine? FINE?!” Spike snapped, smoke and small bits of green flames sparking from his mouth as he vented. But then he was suddenly calm, as if a momentary period of both acceptance or insanity had struck a cord within his mind. “Oh yes, it will be fine.” He took his claw and groped at both Celestia’s and Luna’s tits, causing them both to let out a small moan; as well as feeling himself getting harder as his dick began to swell up between Cadance’s ass cheeks. “I’ll be fine...after I fuck some foals into you sluts for doing this to me!”