The King Awakens

by cloudymane66

First published

An old king that can't seem to stay dead is revived once again. With his memories fuzzy and his mind no longer taken hostage from the magic he possesses, what shall happen to the King of the North.

The Frozen North can be an unforgiving environment. Blizzards are chilling to the bone, wild animals are savage creatures stalk their prey, and the people living can be just as brutal. One of the most brutal people in the history of the North is King Sombra himself, but he was not always a brutal leader. Dark Magic took over his body and drove him mad. This lead to his defeat to the two sisters, and eventually his second defeat to Twilight Sparkle. Though, it seems like he just can't take a hint and stay dead. King Sombra is back, but now his mind is clear of corruption as he reawakens in a blinding bone chilling blizzard. How will the world react to the King of the Frozen North returns to the living yet again?

(AU humanized story between season 3 and 4. First ever story, so criticize harshly.)

The Pains of Being an Immortal King

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After god knows how long in this abyss of nothing I could finally feel something in my body. It was crippling like being stabbed by white hot blades all over my body, and I basked in this feeling. After so long, I finally realized I had a body, or what remains of the body I used to posses. While I had my sense of touch back in full force I still saw black; was I still in the abyss or did I go blind? Then, I felt a ripping pain in my chest, I breathed in my first breath of air, cold harsh air. It felt familiar in a way, a cold, yet burning sensation in the lungs, it was the air of the Frigid North. I felt a spark of hope in me, something I haven’t felt in a long time, but I needed to look at my surroundings to confirm my location. As I begin to open my eyes, I am blinded by the pure white snow of the frozen wasteland. As my eyes begin to adjust to the blinding reflection of the sun, I take a quick look of my surroundings, and there’s not much to see. Seems I’m stuck in a furious blizzard, how typical of the north. As I keeping looking foreword, I can start hearing the roaring wings of the storm around me. It seems everything is returning to me, I force a smile to my face, thinking, it’s good to be back. As I lay there, I think of how I actually got in this compromising situation. My memory was fuzzy, however I remember the ‘important’ details. My rising to power, how I acquired the dark magic that oh so corrupted my mind into insanity leading to my downfall, the curse on the empire, my failed attempt to retake it. and my undying love to Princess Luna. All those memories, while bringing much pain, comforted me, even if a little, but my past is for another story. I needed to get up and try to find shelter in this wasteland.

As I begin to move my muscles started burning and my bones aching to the core. I try to scream in pain but that throat is as dry as the Saddle Arabian desert, however I push on and get on my feet, slowly but surely. I can barely hold myself up but I look down too look at my body. I’m still in my steel armor; it shielding my body from this unforgiving storm. The steel still gleamed in the sun, this suit of armor was the embodiment perfection. A red velvet cape draped over the back of the armor it’s regal form completing the armor. It lined with a rare type of fur; the fur of a Frigid Leopard. The helmet was of steel with a decorative red unicorn horn, a symbol of my idol, the Goddess of Shadows a mark of my dark past. My arms were covered by a deep black thin cloth, not suitable for the cold. As I look around I start noticing the storm letting up, I see a small building not far from where I stand. I begin to walk forward as fast as I can, even with my weak knees and aching feet protesting with each step. It felt like an eternity, but I finally reach the shelter, and get a closer look at the structure. The building was made of Morganite Crystal, excluding the doors and windows. I looked through the window of a door, the inside dark and empty, presumably empty, I open the door, which was unlocked, lucky for me. I notice a nicely furnished building, with couches on both sides of the walls and columns supporting the ceiling, it seemed comfy enough to rest in. I walk around the empty building, and see a notice board titled, ‘Train Schedule’, which sparked a distant memory. I remember Princess Luna talking about an invention they were in the process of researching. A metal vehicle that would carry carriages along a built line of tracks, seems like they finally did in my absence. There was no schedule up at the moment so I assumed this station is closed permanently at the moment, which makes it safe to rest as for now. I lay down on the nearest couch, and lay down on my back with a grunt and close my eyes, and sleep the night away.

As I awake from my slumber, I take a notice of my new surroundings. A room with black onyx walls, breathtaking stained glass, and a giant black onyx throne on which I was sitting on. I knew this room all too well, this was my legendary throne room. The stained glass depicted me in all my glory and all my brutality. When I got corrupted by this discordian magic, I redecorated the kingdom. The Empire resembled the throne in color and style. I wanted my kingdom to reflect on how great I thought I was, but instead it showed how mad I was. I then realized I had no control over my body, I was no longer in control of my actions. It seems my this accursed magic has taken control of me yet again. I start to panic, why am I back here? I thought I died, I thought I was finally free from this maddening curse. Was is it all an illusion to only be destroyed by this sadistic beast? As if answering my question the door bursted open as the double doors burst open. Four figures walk in, two of them guards wearing full black steel armor and armed with two spears. Their captives who were shackled, were two Princesses I am quite familiar with even after all these years, Luna and Celestia. The guards brought them to their knees and stood at attention.

“I see my guest are finally here to spend some quality time with me, guards leave us be.” I said said as the guards turned to the door and slammed the door shut. My body gets off the throne and stands in front of the sisters. “So nice to finally see my two favorite peasants in the world. We had an entertaining week so far, wouldn’t you say?”

“Stop this Sombra, you are not acting like yourself, the magic has taken control of you and you know it.” Luna pleaded as her eyes were red and signs tears lined down her face.

“There is no more King Sombra, only me Luna. He couldn’t handle the magic he took control of, so I sought it fit that if you want a job done right, you do it yourself.”

“So you’re pinning all of this on him aren’t you beast?” Celestia hissed

“That’s where you’re wrong Celestia,” The King said as he started to pace around the two sisters. “In fact I would say it’s your fault Celestia. Without your intervention your beloved sister wouldn’t have betrayed Sombras love. Without you he wouldn’t have the need to use such magic. You are at fault here you ignorant wench, you alone.”

“We will destroy you for everything you did to Sombra,” Luna threatened as her voice was full of seething anger. The beast looked down on Luna, his eyes full violence as he reaches for Princess Luna.

“You’ve made the biggest mistake of your pitiful life wench.” The beast said as he grabs her by the throat and grabs for his sword. “You will now squeal like the pig you are.” He thrust his black onyx sword in Luna’s abdomen with a sickening sound of tearing flesh. Luna screams out in pain as blood splatters on the floor. As I’m being forced to watch my love being slain right in front of my eyes. Guilt rushes over my mind as The Beast twist the sword in her stomach with his sadistic grin. Just as I thought it was going to get worse, a loud crackling boom roars through the room.

“Begone foul Beast, your treachery shall not be allowed in my realm!” The voice shouts as it reverberates through the throne room. A pure magic beam breaks through the ceiling and hits me square in the chest, yet it does not burn. As the beam disappeared, so did the world surrounding me. As I begin to regain my senses I notice my surroundings changed. Most notably about this change of scenery, was the fact I was on the moon. I look around, knowing the situation I was in, Princess Luna.

“I see you’re alive and well King Sombra,” Princess Luna said as she stands behind me. I turn around to face her, and she is just as beautiful as she was when I met her. She was wearing a simple dark purple nightgown, with the Mark of The Moon Goddess necklace and crown. Her teal eyes staring right at me, I felt like melting right on the spot.

“Princess Luna…” I said as I walk closer “It’s been so long since I saw you my love, since… since I betrayed you”

“Sombra, it was not your fault. Do you still blame yourself for what The Beast did to your body.”

“I should have known better and you know it, your sister knew more than both of us that’s for sure. I was forced to watch the horrible crimes I did to my people and you. I betrayed your trust and almost got you killed.”

“I know Sombra but you were not in control, and everyone makes mistakes. Your mistakes just happen to be catastrophic to you and your people. Before you even ask, I do forgive you Sombra. I forgive the crimes you were forced to bring upon your people and us- my sister and I.” Luna said with a comforting voice and she cupped my face with her hand. I was shocked by this, how could she forgive a monster such as I? I stood there, with my mouth agape as I looked in her eyes. Saying the first thing that came to mind.

“I love you Luna.”

“I know my little shadow, I love you to. Though, it is time to wake up from your slumber. It’s been a good week since you fell asleep, being dead must have tired you out.”

“Two weeks? I guess coming back from the dead for the third time takes the energy out of you,” I say as we both chuckle.

“I see you still have your sense of humor, good you will need it when you wake up. I’ve known of your return since the moment you woke, so be prepared for when you rise from this deep slumber you will have guest.”

“Guest? What are you talking about Lulu?”

“I will be there to greet you back to the world of the living, along with a certain sister. Now I must be off my little shadow, don’t be to excited for my visit.” Luna said with a sly smile as she pecks my cheek with a quick kiss, me in a state of shock. “See you in the morning King Sombra.” Before I can interject, she flies off into the night sky and I slowly fall asleep.

Immortal Kings Hate Diplomatic Meetings

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As my dreams end, I jolt up from my deep slumber and try to regain my senses. That dream was haunting me, if it were not for the crystal heart I would have killed both the princesses. Thank the Shadows for Luna coming in and ending that haunting nightmare. Just like the good old days, just without the blood curdling nightmares and more visitations when we were too busy with our rulership. Then the realization of our little meeting had, Princess Luna knows I’m here and knows where I am. She said I was out for a least a good week, she must have waited when my mind barrier was at its weakest. I look around my surroundings and notice how small and empty this building is. Seems the station closes when a blizzard rolls around, speaking of which the weather has seemed to brighten up. The sky was crystal clear and the sun shone through the windows and vaguely through crystal walls; which was made of rose quartz. The interior temperature was nice and warm, I can tell magic was being used to keep the warmth in these parts. While it was a nice pleasant day, my mind was on darker matters. No doubt the princesses were on their way as fast as they could, possibly to end my poor existence. Princess Luna may have forgiven me but what of her sister? She was against me from the moment I courted her beloved sister, but maybe that would have been for the better. They were both immortal goddesses while I was just a lowly king who didn’t have the luxury of never dying. Our love would have ended in pain when my eventual death would strike me. Then I went and got selfish, how very unruly of me. I got the immortality I wished for, but now it feels more like a curse than a blessing. I have to live with this guilt and sins I committed for the rest of my life. Celestia tried to warn me, but my anger blinded me and I betrayed her and my love. Question is, will she forgive such crimes against humanity? As I ponder on the question I open the back door and walk outside to the crisp cold air, leaving my breath visible as I sigh. I should get ready, for if there is combat I don’t wanna be weaponless.

“Ok old man, let us see if you can still conjure up this dreadful weapon I so like to wield.” I say to myself as I hold my hands out, calling out for my dark magic. As I begin to summon my weapon of choice, black shows spiral down my arm and begin to form in the palm of my hand. I can feel the power of my magic course through my body and it felt amazing. All this pain and anger built up inside me was being used to amplify my back. The black shadows begin to form a great sword from pure shadow crystal magic. As the magic finishes forming the sword, I look at the weapon with a nostalgic feeling. The color of the blade, or lack thereof was a dark deep black. So black, no light could be reflected off the blade. It was as dark as my magic, if not even more so. The only other color on the blade was a ruby gem pommel on the end of the sword. Infused with Terra Magic, it enhanced my strength tenfold. As I was reminiscing the days of bloody battle, I was interrupted by two sisters loud flapping noises just right in front of me. As I look up, I see the the two sisters come dropping in with their wings spread afar. As I stab the sword into the frozen ground in front of me, their wings evaporate into the cool breeze of the north. We both stare at each other, me being the only one with a weapons it seems, maybe I’m the paranoid one. I look at Celestia wearing her regal white dress which was pure as the snow. Her skin was white, though not as pale as her sister's skin. Her Ethereal hair was waving majestically even with so little wind, so was her sisters. Luna was wearing the same style of gown but dark purple and glittered like the night sky she commanded. Luna had a warm, yet nervous smile as she looked at me. Her sister had a neutral feeling, old cow could never show her true emotions no matter what. As share this awkward first meeting since you now what, I decide to show my wit to the Princesses.

“Well this is awkward, I’m the only who seems to brought my battle gear to a formal event how embarrassing,” I say with a sly grin. Luna sighs as he rubs her forehead.

“Well that is a shame King Sombra, but maybe another time.” Celestia said as she looks at me with a warm smile, softening up to my wit. “Now may we head inside?”

“Yes, we shall my princesses.” I say as I walk them to the open door sit down around an open table with chairs. Luna sits across from me and smiles lovingly.

“Now, I know you’re are both wondering how I’m still alive after being destroyed for the third time. As you know I have… black discordian magic within me. It seems this magic just won’t let me die. That’s because this isn’t a blessing like your alicorn magic, it’s a damn curse. It keeps me alive no matter what, because even when the light dies out there will always be darkness.” I say as I sigh, looking at them look at me. Luna places her hand on my mind and gives me a sad look. Celestia sits there studying her and me.

“That is what we theorized, my sister and I. We had a feeling it had something to do with that accursed magic you have.” Celestia said as she sighs. “We are here to talk about another topic tough, and it has to do with you being accepted back in the world Sombra.”

“It’s true, I- we want you back Sombra, I need you back in this world. I missed you so much for all these years.” Luna said as she held tight onto my hand as she gave me a pleading look. I was surprised, but there was always a possibility with Celestia still ruling. She was the type of person who believed in second chances, maybe more when they are possessed by dark magic. “We want to show you the world, and hope this magic will not take over again, but if it does we can help you”

“My sister is right, you have a lot to catch up to, a lot can happen in 1000 years you know.” Celestia said as I started to think

“What’s the catch Celestia? This seems too good to be true after all I’ve done to my people and you two.”

“There is no catch Sombra, I was in a position like your once before. My sister and her students friends helped me. There is always a second chance my love, and you haven’t had yours yet.”

“Luna is right, I know we just got here but A carriage shall be here in a minute or so to pick us up to take us to canterlot. There will will continue talking about what we shall do, I’m sure you have a lot of questions.” Celestia said as she gets up from here chair and pushes it in.

“What about our courtship Celestia? You promised you would talk to us about our relationship.”

“All I will say about that issue is, I have learned my lesson luna,” Celestia said as she reached for the reaches the door. “As I said we will talk about this once we get to the Castle, now come my little love birds the our carriage is here.” As she walks out the out the pegasus drawn carriage lands in front of here.

“Come now love, you heard her let us catch our ride shall we.” Luna said as she and I get up and start walking to the carriage. As we stop in front of the door, Celestia is already inside the carriage wait patiently.

“You know I hate these things Luna, why can’t we just teleport like we always did back?”

“Come now my shadow, surely you would know it would bring too much attention to use,” Luna said as she put her hands on my face and faced me and pecked a chaste kiss on my lips. “Anyway we have to talk about what happened shortly after your defeat,” Luna said with a sad tone as backs up and gets inside the carriage. I follow after her sitting down on the seat and close the door, starting to feel a tinge a guilt. Did my betrayal effect in such a negative way? Did the magic somehow contaminate her mind to? As the carriage lifts off, I notice celestia is sitting across from me looking outside the window, as Luna grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers.

“What happened Luna? Does it have anything to do with my magic?” I say worryingly as I tighten my grip on her hand.

“It’s okay Sombra, this was a different kind of magic, a magic that can’t easily be uprooted once it’s grown it’s root. Let me tell you the tale of Nightmare Moon.”