Sonata's Valentine

by MyLittleGeneration

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Sonata decides to gear up and prepare for a little question to one man, and one man only. And that is, "Can I be your valentine?". She might not know it, but her crush had the same thing in mind.

Sonata decides to gear up and prepare for a little question to one man, and one man only. And that is, "Can I be your valentine?". She might not know it, but her crush had the same thing in mind.

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Sonata breathed steadily, trying to keep herself calm. "Come on, Sonata, you got this!" she said out loud, slapping herself. It was pretty hard. "Ow~. Gotta stop doing that." She stared at a small envelope in her hands. She gulped. "I'm scared..."

She stared at the heart that was keeping the envelope closed shut, and shook her head. She turned the envelope to read what she wrote on the front, which had the words, 'To Acapella Dashing'.

She blushed remembering what the envelope said:

To Acapella Dashing,

Hey, Dashing, I just want to ask you something... Since Valentine's Day is drawing near, I was wondering, since we both don't have that 'special someone', I wondered if maybe some cutie like you would like to, you know, be my Valentine! Listen, I like you a lot. You look sexy, sound sexy, and seem to fit my kind of style! And plus, you are one of my only friends, and... you always stood up for me. And I loved you for that. So, please...

Will you be my Valentine?

Her cheeks were blazing with the color of bright pink, and it started to burn. "Why do I do this to myself?" she said. She rubbed her temples. "Like some charmer like Acapella Dashing would fall for me." She started to get the image of Acapella in her mind, his body in full detail.

His hair was brown, always smothered with hair gel and combed to the right. His skin was bright white, with crystal-blue eyes. He wore his signature white jacket with a rest note on the back, and the black skinny jeans, the waistline with a belt that had a belt buckle that showed a golden star. Fitted him well.

She found herself blushing again. "Come on, I gotta stop that!" she said to herself. She remembered the first time she met him. Before they personally met, she saw him as some rude, popular snob. Back when she and her sisters were evil. While Aria and Adagio still had anger issues, Sonata was innocent and nice at this point. Her path to being innocent and nice came around a week after the Battle of the Bands, and she wanted to make a new name for herself. But was it going to work? Precisely, it wasn't.

Two weeks passed, and not ONE person took her offer of friendship. She tried at least ten people every day, whenever she could possibly get the moment. She always failed. Was always ignored. Was always told to shut up. Was always given the finger, which Sonata never really got what it meant. But, she supposed it was bad, so she walked off. And then there were fewer, and fewer, and fewer... Until she tried a new person. Or that person came to her.


Sonata sat alone at her table where she usually ate. Her sisters called in sick, even though they weren't, but Sonata wanted to go out there and make friends, so she refused to stay. Though, her day sucked. She took a huge test which she feared she would fail, she accidentally tripped in the hallway, and had a bit of a stomach ache. Not the brightest day for Sonata.

Though, while she slowly munched on her granola bar, a man with a tray walked towards her. As she noticed, she gasped. "Huh?" she said. "Who's he?"

As he drew near, Sonata recognized him. The one and only: Acapella Dashing. He had his tray with just a slice of cheese pizza and a carton of milk. Sonata tensed up as he got closer. "Hey, is anyone sitting here?" he asked the siren, almost oblivious to who she is.

"Uh..." Sonata didn't know how to answer, so she kinda trailed. Though, she admitted, "No."

"Oh, okay. Some jerks on the other table took my spot, as always, so... Hopefully, you're fine with this."

"Oh, that's fine." Sonata said, finding herself smile. She giggled nervously as Dashing sat in front of her. He raised a brow before he ate his slice.

"Is something wrong?" he curiously asked.

'How the hell does he not know I'm a Dazzling?' Sonata thought to herself. "Uh, no."

"Oh, okay." he said. He bit into his slice of pizza, then paused. "Wait." he said with a mouthful. He swallowed. "Aren't you-" His eyes widened. "Aren't you one of the Dazzlings?!"

"Oh God, please don't." Sonata groaned, putting her hands over her face.

"Don't what?" Acapella said, tilting his head.

Sonata uncovered her face. "W-Well, I thought... Well, uh... Um..." She cleared her throat. "What if I said I am?"

"Then, nothing." he answered. "I don't mind."

"Of course you mind. I'm just so- Wait, what?!" Her face looked puzzled.

"I don't mind." he said, shrugging. He ate his slice of pizza in a straight face, while Sonata's eye twitched.

"Wait, wait... I AM a Dazzling."

"And?" he asked.

"Are you- Just... Aren't you supposed to hate me?"

The man's eyes widened. "Hate you?"

The siren nodded. "You know, cause I'm a Dazzling, almost took you under control and all that, a-"

"Woah, hold up." he said, drinking his milk. "I don't mind that you're a Dazzling."

"How?" she asked. "Everyone else hates me for it. Everyone else glares at me for it. Everyone... Everyone hates me..." She suddenly felt a strike of emotion. "Everyone... hates me..."

"Hates you?" Sonata looked up, teary-eyed. "What, just because of what happened?"

Sonata felt like slapping, but was also a little surprised... "Well, duh!" she said arrogantly.

"Who cares?" he said. "I mean, yeah, you kinda terrorized us, but hey, it's in the past, right?"

Sonata cocked her brow. "Yeah, but-"

"AND, to be honest, I've seen you lately." He put his milk down. "You have been in the halls, asking people to be your friend, and they've denied you. All because of what has happened a while ago. And I hate that." Sonata looked down. "But," he continued. "You have been acting so nice lately, as far as I've seen. Putting on a smile, trying to help some people out, like that librarian, Miss Cheerilee, or a couple of other students. Yet, you don't get the respect you deserve."

"Well, there's a good reason." Sonata said. "Who would forgive people like me?"

"Oh, come on." he said. "You don't seem bad now. Back then, yeah, I was afraid, to be honest, but now, I... I kinda wanted to talk to you."

Sonata suddenly felt a tad of pink on her cheeks. "Me? About what?"

"Well, uh, since you've been kinda nice lately, and you've been treated like crap, I figured... Would you wanna be friends?"


And the sudden moment got to her. Quickly, they became friends. And all because he just wanted to, according to Sonata. But later on, she would see that he did want to actually be a friend. He was sweet, nice, had awesome singing, and was kinda cute. She... fell for him, and pretty quick.

The more the two hung out, the more her heart fluttered. It was like he was the siren and she was the victim. And it felt good. Though up to the week closing in on Valentine's Day, she had her heart become enclosed around the special day. She thought about it, and never before in the thousand years of her being on Earth has she ever asked anyone to be her valentine. That shocked her a bit. So, she figured it'd be fun to do so.

But at the moment, it wasn't. She felt sweat on her forehead, staring at the heart. "I really can't believe I'm doing this." she said, placing her back on the wall. She was hanging in the girls' bathroom, alone. She took a deep breath, and walked out, envelope in hand. She wanted to confess some feelings for the dashing man, and she had to do it now. Up and personal.

She just had to walk and- "Hey, Sonata!"

"Eee!" Sonata squeaked, freezing in place upon hearing the voice. Goosebumps already rose and her face flared. She recognized the voice. She turned around, smiling. "Dashing!" she said, chuckling nervously and hiding the envelope behind her back.

"Sup?" he said. "Just got done with some after school work and did some little performance for the others, but nothing was much. How about you? Thought you were going to head straight home?"

"And not talk to you? That's silly!" she said. Acapella slowly raised his brow, and Sonata's face flushed. "I-I mean, I was just, uh, doing the fitness room, that's all."

"But you aren't even sweating." he pointed out. "Plus fitness room is open in fifteen minutes."

Sonata found herself exposed. "Uh, well, I was just waiting around."

"Okay." the singer said, shrugging it off. "So, how's home?"

"Home's home, sweetie- I mean, Dashing." She quickly chuckled nervously again, trying to make it less awkward.

"Is something up?" Dashing asked.

"No." Dusk lied. 'God, I'm bad at this.'

"Okay..." He let out a loud yawn. "Well, since Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm a little curious: has anyone asked you to be their valentine yet?"

Sonata's cheeks flushed. "Uh, n-no."

"Same here." Dashing said with a sigh. "Kind of hanging here. Oh well, better luck next year, I suppose." He shrugged. "To be honest, I thought someone like you would have someone wanting you for their Valentine." Sonata looked away, but could notice from the corner of her eye, the small tint of blush taking over his cheeks.

"Yeah, well... Kinda didn't." she said. "Didn't really look forward to it, anyways..."

Dashing frowned a bit from hearing that, but then noticed Sonata's arms. One of them was behind her back. "Hey, what's behind your back?" he curiously asked.

Sonata quickly widened her eyes. 'I can't let him see this. I-I just can't!' She faintly blushed, and stuck the envelope between her back and skirt. She showed him her hands. "See? Nothing." She laughed nervously, and Dashing narrowed his eyes.

"You sure?" he said. "It's alright if you tell me." He suddenly had a quick thought. "Wait, are you... asking someone to be their Valentine?"

Sonata immediately shook her head. "No, no, no, no, no!" she said, starting to feel sweat on her forehead.

"Sonata, you know it's alright, right? Won't tell anyone." He scratched his chin. "To be honest, would explain you staying after school."

"O-Oh." Sonata felt her blood run warm.

"So..." He looked away. "Who is it?"

Sonata opened her mouth, but no words came out. 'He's... He's got me. Might as well tell...' She sighed. "You want to know who it is?"

The dashing singer nodded. "Again, won't tell." He smiled, wanting to know the special someone for Sonata. Yet, he sorta frowned a bit for a second.

Sonata felt the pink blush flare again. She grabbed the envelope from behind. "H-Here." She held out the envelope to show Dashing.

His pupils widened and his cheeks were all red, barely any color of his skin shown. He grabbed the envelope. He saw the back, which showed the heart keeping the envelope closed. His hands shook a bit, which worried Sonata. He turned the envelope to read who it was towards. And it read his name. Acapella Dashing.

"Woah..." was all he said, looking up at Sonata, who hid her face. "So... This is for me?"

She slowly nodded.

"Which means..." He didn't speak, and decided to open the envelope slowly, wanting to read the note inside. He slowly scrolled his eyes through the paper, feeling more heated up than ever. He's never... He never had anyone do this to him before. Not like this. "You like... me?"

She again slowly nodded. A footstep was heard in Sonata's ears, as if someone drew near her.

"This is... for real?" he said in a serious tone.

Sonata felt a little more tense, and nodded again. She suddenly felt a need to cry. 'Why... Why-'

A sudden quick move was made. Around Sonata were a pair of arms, tightening her. And they belonged to- "Acapella?" Sonata questioned, sounding surprised.

Both faces were in sheer shock and surprise, and were both red. "Thanks..." he said, tightening the hug. A minute passed, and he released.

Sonata's pupils were very huge as Dashing stared at them. "W-What was that for?" she said at a loss for words.

"Well..." Acapella scratched the back of his head. "I'm gonna be honest, Sonata, I... like you, too."

Sonata quickly grew a wide grin, cheek to cheek. Her blood pumped fast, and she both felt happy and nervous. "R-R-Really?!" she asked in sheer happiness. She was jumping in place giddily.

Acapella sheepishly smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I mean, when I first met ya, I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared." he admitted. "But, as time moved on, I kinda saw some light in you. You've tried to become friends with people and tried to redeem your actions. And I respected that." He lifted Sonata's chin with his finger. "And just looking at you... You're kinda cute."

This gave Sonata a quick light blush, and she softly smiled. "Well, same for you." she said. "As the letter reads."

He chuckled. "And I'm flattered." The two stared at each other for a moment.

"Say... Do you like me? For realzies?" Her eyes shined and glimmered, the raspberry color in her eyes showing.

He nodded with a little laugh. "For realzies." he said. A soft pair of arms were wrapped around his middle, tightening every second.

"Eee~!" she squealed, smiling from cheek-to-cheek. Dashing let out a soft laugh as Sonata nuzzled against his chest. "You know... Never had anyone say that before... like, ever..."

"Well, allow me to be the first." he said. Sonata lightly giggled, and looked up at him. In a quick move, she reached up and pecked his cheek. Dashing's eyes were wide, and his cheek had a blue lipstick stain.

"Woah..." he said, feeling his cheek. The quick peck was very soft, and left a little cool touch on his burning cheeks.

Sonata lightly giggled again. "You're such a dork, you know that?" she said, laughing.

Dashing couldn't help but laugh, too. "I know." he admitted. "But you're quite the cutie."

Sonata bit her pinkie nail, and grinned. "I know that." she said in a seductive tone. She nuzzled on his chest again in the hug. Her arms were around his torso, and his arms were around hers.

"I... I love you, Sonata..."

"I love y-you, too, Dashie..."