One Cold Night

by Hardline Potato

First published

Based upon a SpikeBelle comic which can be found here!

One night, Sweetie Belle finds Spike all alone in the rain and tries to comfort him due to his feelings for Rarity would never come to a reality.

A Little Comfort

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One Cold Night
A SpikeBelle fanfiction.
By: DiamondBurritos

The sky was covered with dark storm clouds as the rain poured heavily onto Spike's body, the cold water joining his tears that were flowing down his face. His feet was covered in mud, but he didn't care. He had many other things on his mind. He had just been rejected by Rarity, again.. he expected that to happen, but after hearing her explanations about them being two different species, not to mention age difference. Spike had it, and here he was, sitting all alone in the rain.

And. that's when he heard hoof-steps from behind, a filly's voice calling out: "Spike?"

Spike turned around to see Sweetie Belle, wrapped in her green raincoat.

"What're you doing in the rain?" She asked the crying dragon.

His tears continued to flow down his face as he wiped them away, trying to look like nothing is wrong, but, she noticed anyway.

"Hey, are you okay?"

He got up, and walked away from her, and spoke. "I-I'm fine, Sweetie Belle.."

But, those words didn't come to her as 'fine', except it was 'not fine'.

"...Spike? What's wrong?"

It took Spike a few moments to speak, and after walking a few feet away from the concerned filly, he sat back down on the cold, damp grass, and tears formed again.

"...Sweetie Belle? Why does Rarity seek other stallions? ...And get 'bedazzled' so easily? ...Yet, she never sees my love for her.."

Sweetie Belle walked slowly to the depressed dragon and replied to him in a soft yet annoyed voice. "To be fair to you Spike, I don't think my sister is ever going to find a stallion 'bedazzling' enough for her,"

Then, she got an idea. Using her magic, Sweetie levitated her scissors from one of her coat pockets and put the blade near the rubbery cloth as Spike continued to cry. His cries suddenly stopped as he felt a wet yet warm piece of her coat fall on top of him.

Spike was confused, why was she helping him? Was it because she felt bad for his forbidden love for Rarity? Or was it something else?

"Sweetie Belle," He said, sniffling and rubbing his tears off his face. "What're you doing?"

He watched the now drenched foal go under the large piece of cloth and sat next to him, concern in her eyes.

"I-I didn't want you to catch a cold..." She said.

The two suddenly blush in unison as Spike's tears soon stopped and looked at the unicorn filly next to him, her cheeks flushed a bright pink.

"Thanks Sweetie..."

The tears soon appeared once again, blurring Spike's vision as he looked away from Sweetie Belle, both of them still blushing.

He heard the filly sigh and she turned her head to his, her blush expanding on her face as she heard him say a question he would never hear from her.. ever..

"S-Spike? Would you feel better if I.... kissed you?"

He gasped loudly as his own blush flushed all over his face, surprised by the sudden question she had asked. Ever since he moved to Ponyville, and after meeting Rarity for the first time, he had always wanted her to kiss him, and after giving her that fire ruby, he thought he would actually get the mare of his dreams.

But now, it turned out that the true answer was right in front of him the whole time... Sweetie Belle.

"You would do that... for me?" He asked the filly, smiling with hope in his eyes.

He waited for a response, instead, he felt her hooves touch his cheek, her eyes filled with happiness and love. She leaned in slowly and whispered to him softly.

"Oh, come on, Spikey Wikey." Sweetie said as she leaned into him and pressed her soft lips against his.

It took Spike a while to get used to it. He received kisses before, from Rarity, but only on the cheek, on the day of his ugly growth spurt. But, he never had an actual kiss on the lips, and he had always dreamed of having it with Rarity, but he was wrong. He was experiencing it with a filly who truly loved him.

He suddenly felt himself off the ground as he felt Sweetie Belle lift him off the ground with her hooves and put more love into the kiss, and her eyes were closed, while Spike's eye began to close slowly. He never wanted this moment to end. Ever.

Then, just like the moment she came to comfort him, their lips parted, but they were still intertwined in each other's arms, and Spike slowly brushed Sweetie'e mane softly, his claws getting tangled in her pink and purple curly mane. He could hear the rain dripping down the green raincoat as they kissed again, but a much quicker one.

"Spike," The blushing unicorn foal said as she put Spike back onto the ground, her arms still around him.

"Yeah, Sweetie Belle?" The young dragon replied, his blush fading slowly, and put one of his hands on her soft, warm cheek. He felt Sweetie's left hoof touch it her eyes sparkling with love.

"If you ever need... a little love, I-I'm here for you.." She said softly as she pecked Spike's cheek repeatedly, with Spike blushing madly.

"T-T-Thank you, Sweetie Belle, I apprechiate that. A lot." Spike said, smiling as he kissed Sweetie's cheek back in response.

He couldn't believe it, out of all of his friends, Sweetie Belle came to see him, but in one of the worst ways, but he was so glad that she came. He needed the love, he needed the comfort.

And, he finally found it.