Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

First published

Goku and his Friends aid the ponies in Battling an enemy from Princess Celesita's Past!

This is a project I've been working on for several years. But only once I saw My Little Pony "Friendship is Magic" did I find the perfect pony group to complete this crossover. Thanks to Lauren Faust I've found the perfect ponies that I think have helped make this idea possible! I know there will be some who do not like it, but hey, ya can't win them all. Now to the summary!

The ponies hold a ceremony opening the magnificent Celebration castle built for their beloved Princess Celestia. However the festivities are cut short when a sinister warlock and his henchmen arrive and begin wreaking havoc on Ponyville! The invader turns out to be a villain Celestia thought she and Luna had defeated centuries ago. Now he has returned and he is seeking revenge and to complete the plans the two princesses thwarted! As the carnage of battle beings to grip the once peaceful town, Twilight Sparkle comes up with a plan to send Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to Earth. There she hopes they can gain the aid of Goku and his friends.

It has been several years since the kind saiyan and his friends first discovered Equestria. They enjoyed the hospitality of the lovable equines and even helped them defeat a sinister demon who planned to destroy all of Equestria. Now it's Twilight's hope that Goku and his friends will aid them once more. Together will they defeat the warlock, and will he succeed in implementing his plans this time? Read on to find out!

Also some other fun story points! Pinkie Pie can fly without wings! Twilight Sparkle and Trixie are friends!! Have you ever wanted to see the ponies fight some epic battles?! And it seems Fluttershy has the hots for one of their friends from Earth! But who does this shy pegasus pony like? And how will the dragon balls fit in with all this? There's only one way to find out! Read Dragon Ball Pony Z!

Each episode (except episode 1) includes a previous episode paragraph. Great in case you can't read all the chapters at once. And each episode includes a short next episode preview paragraph to keep your appetite wet for more!

If you want to know where this story's events put each character. MLP is near the middle of season two (up to Hearts and Hooves Day). And Dragon Ball Z is around the middle of season 4 (Before they meet cell). The events of this series aren't designed to perfectly parallel with each series. It's sort of like the DBZ movies.

I've done 3 chapters hoping to give you all an idea of where the story is going. Should it be popular, I will gladly continue with the series. And should that happen, there will be a minimum 15 to 20 episodes total!

The cover image is something I whipped up in MS Paint from some cool pics I found on various sites.

Episode 1 - "A Celebration to Remember"

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Dragon Ball Pony Z

Episode 1:
“A Celebration to Remember”

It was a happy day for the ponies of Ponyville. Princess Celestia had arrived to join in a special ribbon cutting ceremony. A large fancy castle had just been completed on a spacious hill overlooking the town.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts!” The mayor began addressing the crowd. “We are gathered here today to open the new magnificent Celebration Castle. Now our beloved Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna can have a regal place to stay whenever they visit Ponyville. But this castle will be more than just a place for our princesses.” The mayor paused a moment to check her note cards. “You fine upstanding citizens can also use this place for weddings, parties and any other special celebrations you can think of!” A soon as her voice fell silent, the ponies all clapped their hooves together generating a thunderous applause of approval. The mayor held up her right hoof signaling the citizens to cease their hoof clapping. “May I present our dearly beloved Princess Celestia!”

The air filled once more with applause as her regal highness approached the podium. She smiled graciously at her adoring subjects waving to one and all. The crowded quickly silenced as Celestia said, “Greetings to you all! I am very touched by this wonderful new castle you have provided for my sister and me. Know that each time I stay here I will remember all the hard work you ponies put forth.”

The mayor approached the princess. “Well said your highness. Now without any further ado we’d be honored if you would cut the ribbon, officially opening Celebration Castle!” The mayor announced cheerfully offering the princess a giant pair of novelty scissors.

“It would be an honor dear mayor…but I must gracefully decline,” spoke Celestia. Numerous gasps could be heard from the crowd. A look of surprise covered the town leader’s face. “For you see I wish to pass this honor to my faithful student Twilight Sparkle and her wonderful friends. Come on up here girls!” Declared Celestia still sporting a very jubilant expression.

Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike all walked up on the platform and joined the mayor and princess at the podium. Twilight was thrilled smiling at her teacher and mentor. “Thank you princess!” The lavender unicorn asserted giddily.

“You are most welcome my little pony. You and your friends put a lot of time and effort into this grand plan of yours. It seems only fitting that you all share in the cutting of the ribbon,” Celestia replied closing her eyes contently.

“Here you are,” Said the mayor handing Twilight the oversized scissors.

“Thank you mayor!” Twilight replied happily using her unicorn magic to gently take the scissors. “So which of you wants the honors?”

Applejack looked directly at Twilight and said, “I know I speak for everypony when I say you do it sugar cube. If it weren’t for all your oragnizin’ skills, well we’d never have gotten done so fast. Land sakes!”

“She’s right there,” added Rainbow Dash winking.

“Go on Twilight. It’s your turn to shine in the limelight!” Shouted Pinkie Pie. The others nodded in agreement with Pinkie.

Twilight blushed slightly from their kind words. “Alright then. Here goes,” she announced. Using her magic Twilight moved the scissors to the ribbon and cut it. Thunderous joyful applause rolled up from crowd.

“Well done Twilight. Now would you and friends like to show me around this lovely new castle?” Celestia asked politely.

“We’d be delighted! Come on your highness!” Declared Twilight. They led the princess inside to begin the tour.

* * * *

Meanwhile deep within the Everfree Forest, a sinister tower stood surrounded by unnatural storm clouds. Bolts of vile lightning and chilling rumbles of thunder made the eerie edifice all the more foreboding. At the top of the tower a sinister being was plotting against the kind and happy citizens of not just Ponyville, but all of Equestria.

Four devious individuals were occupying the large command room at the tower’s summit. The leader of the group a slender yet intimidating man dressed in a black and dark maroon gothic magician’s attire walked toward the open window. There he gazed out across the Everfree Forest all the way to Ponyville, which lied off in the distance. The man let out a vile chuckle. “At long last after all these centuries…we can finally resume my plans to obtain the ultimate power!” The leader spoke in a sharp commanding voice.

“It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it…master Sarabrek,” remarked his second in command who was obscured by the shadows in the poorly lit room.

“Yes Beelzon, it has indeed been a long time coming,” the master spoke. Sarabrek continued looking out the window. He let out a throaty chuckle. “I wonder if you still remember me Celestia. It’s thanks to you and your younger sister that my plans have been delayed for nearly two millennia,” he groused now pacing over toward his other two henchmen. “Galyor, Omnus are you two ready?”

“Yes we are master,” replied Galyor. In the dim light he appeared the silhouette of an well-armored paladin wearing a long flowing cape.

“Hmmm,” growled Omnus. He too was well armored, but had a much more slender build than Galyor. And like his fellow henchman he had on a long cape as well. But his arms and feet were more feral than his humanoid companion’s.

“Well master I believe we’re all ready,” Beelzon announced stepping out of the shadows. His look could only be best described as a slender yet somewhat ripped demon adorned in what looked like black leather pants and a matching leather jacket. Beelzon’s face had a pointed and somewhat tapered snout and three red eyes stood clearly visible on his face. The henchman’s head was covered by short spiky white hair.

“Splendid!” Shouted Sarabrek. Coming more into the light his minions could see him clearly. His flesh was blue, and his eyes a deep magenta. Their master wore a strange magician’s helmet that split out forming a horn shape on both the left and right sides curving downward in the back. The center was adorned with two mystical aqua crystals. Sarabrek’s long black hair spilled out from under the helmet almost floating around him from the dark magical aura he gave off. Walking over to his throne he clutched his magic staff. It was made of a dark navy blue material highlighted with dark pink accents. The top formed what resembled a concave teardrop, which housed a large teal orb. “To think they are still most likely ignorant of what sleeps under their mundane town.”

Beelzon grinned. He knew what slumbered in the cavernous rocky bowels below Ponyville. “Yes master. To think it’s been lying there dormant all these centuries. Now it only needs you to awaken it. Heh-heh-heh!” Stated the demonic warrior chuckling at the irony.

“Yes, but don’t forget. I need to collect a large volume of magical energy in order to revive it. Thankfully the ponies of Equestria are rich with magical energy. Even if they themselves aren’t fully aware of it!” Mentioned Sarabrek.

“Have no fear master!” Declared Galyor. “We’ll get the energy you need.”

Sarabrek smiled deviously at the words of his faithful henchman. “Now my loyal minions…shall we go pay our pony friends a visit?” He snickered and smiled full of sinister joy.

“We thought you’d never ask!” Declared Beelzon holstering his two long barreled blood red demon handguns. Their master nodded holding aloft his staff. It shimmered with a bright purple energy transforming them into four small masses of light. They soared out the tower window heading right for Ponyville!

* * * *

The princess exited the castle escorted by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. The eight of them arrived back at the podium. There the mayor happily greeted them. “Welcome back. How did you like Celebration Castle?” She asked the princess.

“It was amazing. I see you all spared no expense in constructed such a lovely castle. I look forward to staying here,” Celestia spoke delightedly.

Twilight smiled feeling quite a sense of accomplishment and asserted, “Did you hear that guys! She really likes it!”

“Well of course she does. It had yours truly leading the decoration committee,” remarked Rarity batting her eyelashes.

“I have to agree, the décor is amazing,” Princess Celestia noted fondly.

“Then why don’t we…” But Twilight was cut off. A violent nearby explosion shattered the peaceful scene. The ponies all looked up and saw one of town’s houses had been destroyed. “Oh my gosh! What in the world is happening?”

Vile laughter filled the air. The vile Sarabrek appeared accompanied by his three loyal minions. “I would think that quite obvious…wouldn’t you?” Inquired the sinister warlock.

“Who in the world are you?” Asked Rainbow Dash demanding to know.

Princess Celestia got a good look at him and felt her heart sink. Though she was normally pearl white, somehow the princess turned even whiter with dread. Twilight noticed the troubled look in on her mentor’s face. “What’s the matter princess?” She inquired.

“It just can’t be?” Celestia replied half ignoring Twilight.

The warlock snickered at the princess. “Well now my dear Celestia. I see you do remember me,” he said clapping his hands together. “And to think I though you wouldn’t know who I was.”

“I can never forget you…Sarabrek!” Celestia shouted.

“What?!” Blurted Twilight. “Who is Sarabrek? Answers please!”

“I’m with Twilight! Just who is this varmint?” Questioned Applejack feeling a sense of loathing as she looked upon the vile being.

Celestia shook her head and sighed. “Sarabrek is an enemy from Luna’s and my past I thought we’d seen the last of centuries ago,” the princess explained grimly.

“Well 1,907 years to be exact. But then who’s counting,” he remarked placidly.

“But how? How did you and your henchmen escape? That dimensional prison should have held you for eternity!” She exclaimed dumbfounded by this shocking development.

Sarabrek chuckled at her. “Oh my. Back then I guess it would have seemed like it would be for an eternity. Nevertheless here I am. And to think I have you to partially thank for it,” he remarked with glee.

Celestia’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “How in Equestria did I help you escape?” She questioned stupefied.

“Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! You should see the look on your face! It’s utterly priceless!” Sarabrek declared laughing mockingly at the gentle ruler. “But seriously you did. Now let me remind you of what you did too your little sister…or should I say Nightmare Moon. That’s right you banished her of all places…to the moon!”

“Get to the point! What does that have to do with this?” Celestia inquired growing steadily more impatient.

“Easy. It was together that you and Luna cast that vile spell of Starswirl the Bearded’s that trapped me in that cosmic prison!” He answered clenching his left fist. “But when you banished dear sweet Luna to the moon…well that weakened the spell holding me captive. I used what powers I had to open a rift in the dimensional fabric. My loyal followers were able to escape. Over the next millennia they aided me copiously in rebuilding my powers…till finally I was strong enough to free myself. And now here I am ready to exact my revenge on you!” He grinned with evil glee at his past nemesis.

Celestia closed her eyes and hung her head. “Oh will banishing Luna to the moon never stop haunting me?!” She yelled in extreme frustration.

“That’s really your problem isn’t it? Heh-heh,” Sarabrek snickered. “Well my loyal minions go ahead and waste this town and injure as many of these dreadfully happy ponies as you wish. All I ask is that you keep them alive, till I extract all their lovely magic that is! For now, I think I’m going to sit back and enjoy the sheer mayhem you cause. Ha-ha!” The warlock floated up into the air so he could get a good view of the impending carnage.

“Come back here Sarabrek!” Shouted Celestia.

“Oh in due time my dear Celestia. In due time!” He called down still mocking her.

“Worry about yourself your highness,” grinned Beelzon. “You’re about to have your own problems! Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Attack!” The three henchmen tore off through Ponyville beginning their rampage. Beelzon powered up energy blasts in his hands and began tossing them like tennis balls striking building after building. Explosions began to rock the town as buildings burst into flames and crumbled from their foundations. Galyor hovered around armed with his broad lance and round runic shield adorned with mystic symbols. He hacked his lance unleashing blue blades of energy that tore through the buildings adding to the chaos. Omnus was not to be left out. He joined the fray armed with his blue hand cannon and enchanted sword hacking and blasting buildings to pieces.

“Princess what are we going to do? They’re destroying Ponyville!” Exclaimed Twilight gripped with fear.

“I…” Princess Celestia was frozen from the disbelief that took hold of her. She had no idea such a ramification could have come about from banishing Luna to the moon. Sadly this left her in no shape to offer any advice let alone take command.

Twilight realized the princess was dealing with her own issues right now. She took a deep breath and looked at her friends. “Okay we have to form a defense. We can’t just let these creeps destroy our home!” She said addressing her friends.

“Okay what do we do first?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah, I reckon we have to do somethin’ like y’all just said,” Remarked Applejack.

“Indeed,” replied Twilight adding, “You, Rarity and Spike go alert as many ponies as you can. Get as many ponies out of town as you can!”

“You can count on us!” Said Applejack.

“We’ll do our best!” Remarked Rarity ducking an in coming energy blast that struck a good distance past them. “This is getting out of hand.”

“Tell me about! Stay close to me Rarity!” Called out Spike as the three of them took off preparing to evacuate the town.

“Okay what are we gonna do?” Asked Rainbow Dash eager to do her part.

“Simple! We’re gonna fight them!” Twilight remarked.

“Now you’re talking!” Replied the blue pegasus holding up her hooves punching the air.

“Rainbow would you get Fluttershy out from behind the podium please,” instructed Twilight.

“I’m on it!” She answered zipping over to the podium. She grabbed Fluttershy’s tail and pulled on it. “Come on out Fluttershy we need your help!”

Fluttershy clung onto the podium for dear life. Shaking her head she whimpered, “No way! It’s way to scary out there!”

“I know, but we’re all scared. We have to protect our home and our love ones. Do you want them to harm your animal friends?” She asked.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she flew out from behind the podium. “Hurt my little animal friends! THOSE BIG MEANIES!!!” She yelled suddenly full of rage.

“Aww yeah! That’s more like it!” Remarked Rainbow Dash. She and Fluttershy joined Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.

“Ready?” Asked Twilight. They all nodded. “Then Charge!” The four ponies galloped into certain doom not allowing fear to hinder them. Beelzon caught the sound of hoof beats on the ground and flew to intercept them. The ponies came face to face with Sarabrek’s second in command. “Found ya!” Twilight declared.

“Ha-ha-ha. So you did. Now what are you going to do to me?” He asked standing dominantly.

“Just this. I think it’s time you felt the sting of number 34!” Twilight remarked as her horn lit up. Closing her eyes she unleashed a powerful blast of lightning. It struck the demonic warrior forcing him down on one knee.

“Argh! That hurt! So you ponies aren’t as weak as I thought. But no matter! I am not weak either!” He said holding out his right hand. Beelzon snickered as he fired an energy blast at them.

“Scatter!” Yelled Twilight. She and Pinkie jumped for cover while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy took to the air.

“Go ahead and run. But there is no place you can hide from me!” Spoke Beelzon in a menacing voice. He held up his arm and formed a purple energy ball as he closed in on Twilight. “This is the end for you little one!” He cackled tossing the projectile.

“Oh no!” Cried Twilight as the attack soared right at her. There was no time for her to dodge either. Just when it came within ten feet of her, another blue orb of energy collided with it dispersing the attack. “Huh?” Uttered Twilight searching for her savior.

“So there’s another unicorn among us!” He declared.

All eyes met a lovely blue unicorn with an elegant white mane and tail. “Stay your ground fiend! No one harms the friends of the Great and Powerful Trixie!” Declared the unicorn boldly.

“Trixie it’s you!” Asserted Twilight happy to see her friend.

“That’s right Twilight!” Trixie replied galloping over to the lavender unicorn. “You didn’t think I’d desert my friends. Now we’d better get out of here. I think he’s stronger than all of us. That was just a lucky shot I got in,” Trixie remarked scowling at Beelzon.

“My, my such a hate-filled look. Not befitting a pretty pony like you. And you presume too much! There is no way I am letting any of you go anywhere!” The sinister Beelzon remarked to their despair.

Twilight Sparkle knew they had to do something. That’s when it dawned on her. “Trixie, I’ve got an idea. If we combine attacks we just might buy ourselves a window of escape,” the lavender unicorn suggested.

Trixie placed a hoof on her chin and considered the plan. “It just might work. But we’ll have use a lot of magic!” Explained Trixie. Twilight nodded. The two closed their eyes and channeled their power. Not fearing their elementary abilities, Beelzon just stood there with his arms crossed grinning. Power rippled across the two unicorns’ horns. A large orb of energy began to form. It crackled with magical energy as it grew in size. A sensation washed over Trixie. “Did you feel that Twilight?” She asked.

“I did,” she replied nodding. “The attack is ready!”

“Then let’s give it to him,” snickered Trixie. The two ponies yelled as they cast off their attack. Beelzon moved his arms up just as it impacted generating a fairly large explosion. The blast stirred up a massive cloud of dirt and dust. Not wasting a second the ponies made a break for it.

“Where are we going?” Asked Fluttershy.

“For now we’d best regroup out of town by the castle,” Suggested Twilight.

“Right,” added Rainbow Dash. Trixie and Pinkie Pie followed them closely as the group made their way out of war zone that once was Ponyville. They came to rest near Celebration Castle. There the ponies all quickly caught their breath. The situation was looking especially grim. What were they going to do now?

The area around the castle was deserted. All the attending ponies had scattered hoping to save loved ones and get to safety. The mayor had rounded up some ponies and aiding in the evacuation efforts.

Twilight could hardly believe what was happening. Sadly Princess Celestia was still dumbfounded and unable to help. The unicorn let out an exasperated sigh. “We have to think of something.”

“But what can we do?” Asked Fluttershy quietly.

“We have to do something,” asserted Rainbow Dash smacking her hooves together.

“Yay! Something!” Shouted Pinkie Pie random as always.

Twilight placed a hoof on her chin and thought as hard as she could. Trixie filled with concern. “Twilight?” She asked. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah. Fine...in fact I just got even better!” She announced confidently.

“Does this mean you have a plan?” Trixie spoke filling with hope.

“I do,” replied Twilight grinning with confidence.

“Okay then spill it. What’s the plan?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Easy. You remember our friends on Earth?” She inquired.

“Oh yeah, that Goku guy and the human…uh,” Rainbow Dash stammered trying to remember.

“You mean Jayden?!!” Asked Fluttershy nearly having a fluttergasm.

“Yes. And of course Gohan Krillin and Piccolo,” added Twilight. “Rainbow Dash, I need you Fluttershy and Pinkie to take the portal to Earth and ask for their help. They helped us once before. I’m sure they’ll help us again.” She declared.

Rainbow Dash saluted valiantly and said, “You can count on us. Wait, what…Pinkie Pie? Why are you sending her? She doesn’t have wings. And we need speed!”

“Did you forget all ready Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked. The blue pegasus looked at her funny. “They taught Pinkie Pie how to fly last time they were here.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “Oh wow I did forget. Well she doesn’t fly very often,” Dash replied looking at Pinkie Pie.

“Well no duh. It takes a lot of energy to fly without wings Rainbow Dash. But this is one time I’m happy to do it!” Pinkie replied.

Fluttershy walked over to Twilight Sparkle and asked, “Oh but what are you and Trixie going to do while we’re gone?”

“Simple,” Twilight answered looking at Trixie who gave her an affirmative nod. “We’re going to stay and fight as long as we can.”

Fluttershy felt her heart drop and he mouth dropped open. “Oh my, but you two could get hurt or worse,” said Fluttershy grimly.

“I think that’s inevitable now,” answered Twilight.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy. Twilight will be fine. After all you have the Great and Powerful Trixie on your side! We’ll give them one heck of a fight until you get back!” Avowed the blue unicorn fluffing her white hair. She then hunkered down her face quickly filling with determination. Fluttershy could see a spark of courage burn in her purple eyes.

“Okay then. Just promise you will be careful,” she remarked.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy we will!” Called Twilight as the three took to the air.

Rainbow Dash still couldn’t believe Pinkie was going airborne. A white energy glow surrounded her body as she joined the two pegasus ponies. “I’m still not used to you being able to fly,” Dash remarked.

“Yeah well neither am I!” Responded Pinkie following it quickly with a, “Whee! This is fun!”

Rainbow Dash waved farewell to her friends thinking to herself, ‘Don’t you two go dying on me.’ The three took off toward the gateway for Earth. Will they come back with help in time to save Ponyville? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Next Episode Preview:

In the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie arrive on Earth near the home of the kind-hearted saiyan Goku. He and Jayden are training when they notice the ponies’ arrival. They share a brief reunion and are joined by Gohan and Krillin. Even Piccolo shows up willing to lend a hand! But wait! Will the arrival of Vegeta delay the ponies from getting help back to Equestria? Find out next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 2 – “An Urgent Cry for Help”

Episode 2 - "An Urgent Cry for Help"

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Dragon Ball Pony Z

Last time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

The ponies held a ceremony opening the magnificent Celebration Castle they had built for their beloved Princess Celestia. However the festivities were cut horribly short when the vile warlock Sarabrek and his three minions arrived on the scene. The vile Warlock revealed that he became free because of Princess Celestia banishing Princess Luna to the moon. This weakened the spell trapping him in his dimensional prison. The shock of his escape left the princess in a paralyzed daze rendering her useless to aid her ponies. Twilight took it on her own to mount an evacuation and counterstrike against Sarabrek’s henchmen, who were ransacking Ponyville! The counteroffensive didn’t go well. Had it not been for the intervention of Trixie, Twilight would have met her end. After combining magic, Trixie and Twilight bought them all precious time to escape from Beelzon. It was clear the ponies were going to need more help. That’s why Twilight Sparkle sent, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to Earth. It was her hopes that they could gain the aid of Goku and his friends. Will they succeed? Find out now…

Episode 2:
“An Urgent Cry For Help”

Twilight Sparkle and Trixie waved good-bye to their friends. The blue unicorn turned to her friend and asked, “So what now Twilight?”

The lavender unicorn looked over by the podium. Princess Celestia was still in a catatonic state. Twilight left out a long heavy sigh. Shaking her head she knew something must be done to snap the princess out of her stupor. They were going to need everypony’s help they could get. “Trixie we need to help the princess. If we can get her to snap out of this, then we’ll get some serious assistance,” Twilight responded.

“Okay…hmmm I think I have an idea,” replied Trixie smiling devilishly. Twilight blinked several times wondering just what her former adversary had in mind. Trixie made her way to a nearby well. Using her magic she dredged up a large bubble of water. It hovered overhead following her, while she made her way to the princess.

Twilight’s eyes widened as she realized what Trixie was about to do. “Are you really going to do this?” The unicorn asked her friend. Trixie simply grinned. Twilight’s eyes shrank as she blatantly replied, “Oh my gosh, you are…aren’t you!”

The bubble was now directly over Celestia. Trixie nodded her head forward and broke the magical connection. The water rained over the princess like a sudden downpour. The stupefied alicorn gasped as the water streamed across her white body. She shook her head and stood up looking at the two unicorns looking somewhat perplexed. “Are you okay now princess?” Asked Twilight.

Princess Celestia shook her body endeavoring to dry her wet hide. “I…I believe so. What happened?” The princess asked curiously.

Placing a hoof behind her head, Twilight said, “Well…you sort of froze after Sarabrek explained how he escaped. Trixie and I were trying to snap you out of it. Thankfully the water did the trick.”

Princess Celestia hung her head in shame. “I can’t believe I did that. I am so sorry my little ponies,” she replied.

“It’s all right your highness,” said Trixie in a compassionate voice.

“She’s right princess. We all freak out once in a while. Even me,” remarked Twilight. “The important part is that we need your help now!”

“You’re right. Sarabrek’s henchmen are destroying Ponyville. We must stop them! Do you know the situation?” Celestia asked eager to form a plan.

“Yes. While you were indisposed, I had Applejack, Rarity and Spike begin an evacuation of town. The rest of us tried to fight the invaders, but they’re just too strong. If it weren’t for Trixie showing up when she did, I might not be here,” Twilight explained.

“I owe you my thanks Trixie. Thank you for saving my faithful student,” spoke Celestia graciously.

“You’re welcome your highness. Just doing what friends do, isn’t that right Twilight?” Asked Trixie.

Twilight nodded and acknowledged, “You bet!”

“Where is everyone now?” Asked Celestia.

Twilight looked around and saw teams of ponies forming on the outskirts of Ponyville. “Well it would seem Applejack and Rarity are still getting the other ponies to safety. And right now Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are on their way to Earth. I sent them to ask Goku and his friends for help,” The faithful student explained.

Princess Celestia placed a hoof to her chin and let all the information sink in. She nodded several times as she declared, “Good. Goku and his friends helped save Equestria once before. I’m sure they’ll help us again. It’s only a shame that we need their help.”

“What makes you say that?” Asked Trixie.

“Because I’ve usually always been able to help solve our problems alone,” she replied. “Without needing outside assistance.”

“Princess, didn’t you teach me that a truly wise and caring leader knows when to ask for help. And that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but of true leadership,” Twilight recalled looking directly at her mentor.

Celestia smiled. She was proud to hear that all of her lessons were so perfectly remembered by her dear student. “You’re right of course Twilight. For now I suggest we buy Rainbow Dash and the others time to bring back help. We must make sure there is still a Ponyville left for them to save!” She avowed rearing up and stomping her front hooves on the ground.

“Right behind you princess!” Asserted Twilight sporting a fiercely determined expression.

“And you’re in luck! You have the Great and Powerful Trixie with you! Now let’s show them they can’t just barge in and wreck our town!” The ravishing blue unicorn declared taking a deep breath. The three approached the slowly crumbling town. Thankfully Ponyville was quite large. There was still plenty of it left to save as well as precious citizens still needing to be evacuated from the danger. Together they charged in not paying any heed to the horror that lied within.

* * * *

Meanwhile, the three ponies, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie flew on toward the gateway to planet Earth. The colorful pegasus was amazed at how well Pinkie Pie was keeping up with her. “I gotta say Pinkie Pie. Considering you don’t have wings, you sure can fly pretty fast,” Remarked Rainbow Dash.

“Thanks! Let’s just say I learned a lot from Gohan,” Pinkie stated. Then placing a hoof on her head she added, “Oh yeah Piccolo offered me some real good pointers as well. Though Goku sure was right.”

“About what?” asked Dash.

“It sure does take a great deal of power to stay airborne. Phew. I’m gonna need a major snack when we get back,” Declared Pinkie Pie.

“You can think about food at a time like this?” Questioned Fluttershy looking at her friend curiously.

“Well yeah! I gotta keep up my strength! That’s another thing Goku shared with me! And boy can he eat!” Remarked Pinkie Pie.

“You and him both!” Noted Rainbow Dash recalling the last time she saw them eat. The thought made her shudder. Returning her eyes forward, the blue pegasus discovered the portal. “There it is! Come on you guys! Let’s dash!” The three of them entered the glowing yellow portal, which lay high up in the Wing Top Mountains. The group emerged on the other side. They had arrived on Earth in a mountainous region. Looking around, the lead pony quickly did her best to get her bearings. “Hmmm.”

“What is it Rainbow Dash? Do you know which way?” Inquired Fluttershy looking around the vastness of the planet.

“I think it’s that way!” She answered pointing to the west.

Pinkie pie hovered beside the two pegasai placing a hoof on her chin. “Hmmm…aha! I remember! You’re right Rainbow Dash! The last time we came here! Goku and his friends took us in that direction, which oh is west!” She explained pointing the same way Dash did.

“Then what are we waiting for! Our friends need help NOW!” Declared the determined pegasus pony. The three flew off westward bound for Goku’s home.

* * * *

Elsewhere near the mountain home of the kind saiyan Goku, he and his human friend Jayden were practicing their energy attacks. The saiyan tightened his belt and brushed the dust off his orange pants and shirt standing poised to launch an attack. “Now watch carefully Jayden,” explained Goku.

Jayden walked up to his friend but kept a safe distance. Goku looked at him and he still kept thinking of teen Trunks each time he looked at him. While there were numerous differences, Jayden always reminded Goku of Trunks. He wore a Capsule Corp. jacked like Trunks. The only difference was that Jayden’s was dark gray. Even the young human’s outfit had several differences. He wore black plants, a dark green tank top, and brown boots with black tips. Jayden’s face was even a bit different than Trunks. He had short spiky blue hair, and dark brown eyes. It must have been the sword Jayden wore on his back that kept making Goku think of Trunks. Swords had always been an interest to the saiyan’s friend. After telling him the tale of Trunks, Jayden sought the aid of skilled smith and had him forge a sword that was pretty close to the one Trunks had. “Okay Goku! Do it!” Replied Jayden.

Even the young man’s voice had a similar sound like Trunks’s voice. Goku shook his head trying to clear his mind. “Okay my friend! Check this out!” The saiyan placed his hands together and drew them backward. Energy began gathering into his hands as he slowly shouted, “Ka-meh-ha-meh-HA!” Thrusting his hands forward Goku unleashed his signature attack. The large energy wave sailed onward crackling with raw power. It was on a collision course with a nearby mountain. “Now say your attack missed the intended target. If you really concentrate, you can do this!” Goku explained then letting out a loud shout. “HA!” The wave curved upward and rose up into the sky rapidly heading for space. The beam stopped several hundred miles from the earth and exploded harmlessly. “There ya see! This way you avoid harming any innocent people or bystanders.”

Jayden nodded subtly and said, “You’re right Goku. That’s a great trick to know in the heat of battle. As you’ve told me…practice makes perfect. So I’ve been working on this same thing myself.” He smiled at Goku and remarked, “Now check this out! This move Piccolo showed me. Only I applied your little direction shift trick to it.” The young man raised his arms over his head and crossed his hands together. “Masenko!” A large orb of yellow energy charged in Jayden’s hands. “Ha!” He shouted unleashing the attack. A bright yellow beam raced toward the same mountain. Then when the attack was a few hundred yards from the oversized rock, he applied the course change. The beam’s trajectory altered sending it along the same course Goku’s kamehameha took. It too dispersed harmlessly in the outer orbit of the Earth.

Goku had placed a hand above his eyes as he watched the attack rise up into the air. He walked over to his friend smiling. “Wow! That’s not bad Jayden! I can see you’ve been really practicing!” He patted his unofficial pupil on the shoulder.

“Thank you Goku! That means a lot coming from the strongest warrior on Earth! I…” Jayden froze for a moment and so did Goku. They both sensed an unusual group of energy signals. “Goku? Did you feel that?” Jayden inquired looking to the east.

Nodding Goku answered, “I sure did. There’s three sizable powers approaching from the east. The signals feel almost familiar. But it’s been several years since I sensed them…could it be?”

Jayden focused on the three powers and also wondered why they were so familiar. Then it dawned on him. “Equestria!” He shouted.

“What?!” Exclaimed Goku half-dumbfounded. “Isn’t that the home of the...ponies?”

Nodding his head several times the young man explained, “Yes it is. The last time we sensed powers like this, it was when we were in Equestria. They must belong to three ponies. But I wonder who…” Jayden trailed off and closed his eyes focusing again on the ponies’ energy signals. Thanks to the advanced sensing techniques Goku had taught him, he was now actually able to detect distinctions in their powers. “Hey! It’s Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy…and yes the third is Pinkie Pie!” Jayden replied jubilantly.

Focusing as well Goku smiled and shouted, “You’re right! And oh wow! Based on the amount of power Pinkie Pie is emitting…well she must be flying!”

Jayden placed a puzzled hand to his chin. “I wonder why they’re here? Not that a visit from them won’t be grand,” Goku’s friend replied.

Goku placed a hand on his chin as well. “Good question. Well why don’t we go meet them halfway?” The saiyan suggested.

Nodding Jayden responded, “Right behind ya!” The two of them very lightly powered up, surrounding their bodies with a mass of white energy enabling them to take to the air. The two flew onward to meet up with the ponies.

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were now only a matter of miles from where Goku and Jayden had been. Pinkie was beginning to tire. While flying can be trying for a pegasus, it takes them longer to tire compared to an earth pony who’s using a unorthodox method of flight. “Are we there yet?” Pinkie asked reminding Rainbow Dash of a little foal in the back seat of a carriage.

The colorful pegasus let out a long sigh and replied, “For the fifteenth time Pinkie Pie, I’m not sure! We have to be getting close.”

The flying pink earth pony groaned as she said, “That’s the fifteenth time you said that!”

Before the two could continue Fluttershy screamed, “Ahhhhhh! What’s that up ahead!?”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened from a sudden rush of adrenaline. She turned her head forward away from Pinkie Pie. There her eyes detected two white shimmers of light racing toward them. The pegasus placed a hoof above her eyes and squinted hoping to make better sense of what was flying their way. “Hmmm,” she muttered.

“What is it?” Asked Pinkie knowing full well that Rainbow most likely didn’t know.

“Uh it looks sort of like…” Rainbow Dash stuttered.

The two groups of light grew closer and finally the group could tell that someone was heading their way. Fluttershy began to recognize the two individuals moving closer into range. Her face lit up when she noticed the one on the left. “Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it! It’s Jayden! And the other one must be…Goku!” She asserted uncharacteristically loud compared to her normally shy demeanor.

Rainbow Dash focused her eyes and was able to see them. “You’re right Fluttershy it’s them all right! Whoa is that doozie of a sensation I’m feeling Goku’s power?” She asked full of wonder.

“I dunno. Could be. We never had enough time to learn how to sense energy signals properly last time we saw Goku and his friends,” remarked Pinkie. “But that’s not important right now! Let’s just go greet them!” The pink pony was bubbling over with joy, as usual, while flying toward her Earth friends.

Goku and Jayden saw the three ponies come clearly into view. “Hey Jayden! It’s them!” Shouted Goku the joy mounting in his voice.

The young man smiled and asserted, “Yeah!” The group met up. They were hovering over the ground below. It had been three years since they had seen each other.

Rainbow Dash grinned trying to hide her glee. “Wow it is you guys! So I guess you must have sensed our approach,” said the pegasus.

“You bet! And you ponies sure give off unique energy signals. That’s for sure,” stated Goku looking upon his Equestrian friends fondly.

Fluttershy was all smiles. Seeing Jayden really made her day. “Hi Jayden!” She said pretending to be shy.

“Hey Fluttershy! Good to see you again!” He replied smiling. The young man barely finished speaking when Fluttershy practically tackled him as she gave him a big hug. “Whoa!”

“Jayden I’ve really missed you!” Declared the yellow pegasus teaming with joy.

He smiled and hugged her back. His hands came into contact with her long silky pink mane and her velvet like fur. “I missed you too Fluttershy!” He expressed unable keep from smiling.

She let him go and asked, “So how have you been?”

“I’m doing well! Goku and I were just out for some training when we detected your approach,” Jayden explained.

Fluttershy kept flapping her wings excitedly. “Wow that’s so cool!” She asserted bubbling over.

Pinkie Pie was really feeling tired. “Hey does anyone mind if we continue this reunion on the ground?” Asked Pinkie Pie wiping the sweat from her forehead. “Flying sure can take a lot out of a pony. If I were a pegasus, I’d say my wings are killing me…but I don’t even have wings!”

“Ha, ha, ha! All right Pinkie,” Chuckled Jayden, as he and others laughed kindly at the tired earth pony. The five of them headed downward. Goku and Jayden’s boots hit the ground making a soft thud. The three ponies’ hooves clicked as they too landed.

Goku walked over to Pinkie Pie and patted her on the head. “So Pinkie Pie, I’ve been wondering if you had done any flying since Gohan helped teach you,” he said smiling.

Pinkie huffed a little but still smiled jubilantly. “Yep, still do, but not too often. It tends to take a lot out of me,” she replied.

Goku chuckled and remarked, “Yeah I remember how it was when I first learned to fly. Until you get used to it, flying does tend to drain your energy. But man you flew all the way from Equestria through the portal then?”

Pinkie Pie plopped onto her rump and answered, “Yep. Boy I wonder if I have the energy for the return trip?”

“How come? Aren’t you staying for a while?” Inquired Goku curiously.

Rainbow Dash looked at Goku and said, “We’d love to, but I’m afraid we didn’t come for a visit.”

“I knew it!” Declared Jayden. “Something told me you weren’t here for a simple visit.”

Goku’s light-hearted expression shifted to a more serious one as he asked, “Then why are you here? Is something wrong?”

Fluttershy hung her head and closed eyes trembling slightly as she answered, “Yes Goku there is. And it’s just horrible!” The frightened pegasus flew over to Jayden. She buried her head in his chest wanting to escape from the horror of reality.

Not wanting to be rude to a frightened lady or in this case a mare, Jayden placed his arms around Fluttershy hoping to ease her fear. Looking over at the others he asked, “So what’s going on in Equestria that has Fluttershy so terrified?”

“There’s some big meany magic guy attacking Ponyville,” answered Pinkie Pie.

“Big meany magic guy?” Asked Goku scratching the back of his head feeling puzzled.

“She means a warlock,” added Rainbow Dash. “Some evil guy named Sarabrek is attacking Ponyville with his gang of three bullies. They’re trashing the place even as we speak.” Even the tough Rainbow Dash could feel her own body quake from the harshness of what was transpiring.

“We tried to fight them…or rather Twilight and the others did. I was just plain useless,” remarked Fluttershy.

Jayden lightly caresses Fluttershy’s mane and said, “That’s not true Fluttershy. You’re never useless.”

“I take it the battle didn’t go well?” Inquired Goku foreshadowing the story.

Rainbow Dash nodded. “Yeah. We barely escaped. The lead henchman is very strong. Twilight sent us here to asked for your help.”

Goku gritted his teeth together and clenched his fists as anger began festering inside of him. How could someone threaten these loveable kind ponies? The fact of the matter did not sit well with him at all. “Grrrr!” Grunted Goku.

Pinkie Pie looked over at him wondering what he was thinking. Fluttershy looked over at Goku and then up at Jayden. “Will you please help us?” Asked the yellow pegasus in the sweetest voice she could make.

Before Jayden could even think to answer, Goku said, “Of course we’ll help you! There’s no way I’d turn away when someone abuses their power to harm the innocent!” A hush fell over the group as the wind began to blow. The saiyan’s black hair swayed in the gentle breeze.

“I’m with Goku! We’ll definitely help you!” Avowed Jayden!

It was just then that the group noticed the arrival of two more individuals. Jayden looked up and saw who it was and smiled. “Hello down there!” Called Krillin.

“Ah Krillin, Gohan! It is you!” Shouted Jayden.

The two landed. “Hi Dad, hey Jayden! Oh wow I was right! Krillin look it’s the ponies!” Asserted Gohan laughing playfully.

“Yeah, well I’ll be. So what’s going on Goku? I thought you and Jayden were training in the mountains,” said Krillin feeling confused.

Goku walked away from the group slightly. Turning his head he answered, “We were. Then we sensed the approach of the ponies. Right now they need our help!”

“How come dad?” Asked Gohan.

“It’s simple!” Called out another voice. “They’re in trouble!”

Gohan looked up and smiled with glee. He knew who the new arrival was. “Hi Piccolo!” He shouted.

“Hello Gohan,” said Piccolo. Goku returned to the group and he and Piccolo looked each other in the eye and nodded.

“Do you know then?” Asked Goku to the Namekian.

Nodding solemnly Piccolo responded, “Yes. I was in the area and sensed the approach of the ponies. I was hanging back listening. So there’s a warlock named Sarabrek causing trouble, eh?”

“You bet there is!” Remarked Rainbow Dash. “Does this mean you all are going to help us?”

“Or course we are,” said Piccolo. Gohan and Krillin nodded.

“That’s great Piccolo. I just have a feeling we’re going to need all the help we can muster. Glad to have you aboard,” said Goku shaking Piccolo’s hand.

“Thank you. Let’s just say I still have some misdeeds to make up for,” he noted in a sober tone. Krillin looked at Piccolo curiously until the Namek warrior finally asked, “What is it Krillin?”

“You’re actually going to go back to Equestria? Even after what happened last time?” Answered the short bald human.

Everyone took a moment to think about what Krillin had said. Then Pinkie Pie remembered. “Oh that’s right! Last time you were there, that flying demon guy turned you into a… A…bwah, ha, ha, ha!” The pink pony began rolling on the ground laughing her head off.

Piccolo began blushing in embarrassment, because he knew why she was laughing so hard. “I don’t believe it!” Groused Piccolo.

“At first Goku couldn’t figure out why Pinkie was laughing. Then he remembered what happened. His face lit up as he recalled, “That’s right. You were turned into a pony!”

Piccolo’s eyes widened as he shouted, “We all swore never to speak of that again!”

“Aww come on Piccolo! Be a good sport!” Remarked Rainbow Dash trying not to laugh.

“Yeah don’t be so glum about it!” Declared Pinkie Pie still laughing.

“Don’t be so glum?” Asked Piccolo bitterly. “It was bad enough that he turned me into a pony, but did he have to turn me into a mare with a female voice!”

“You did make a cute pony,” Said Goku grinning.

“Cute? That freak made me a bright blue pony with shiny pink hair! How is that cute? I was never so humiliated in my life.” Growled Piccolo.

“But that’s what makes a pony cute!” Said Fluttershy lifting her head from Jayden’s chest. “And you can be glad he gave you that cute pink piccolo for a cutie mark. At least you weren’t a blank flank.”

Piccolo was grinding his teeth as he huffed, “Is that supposed to make me feel better?!”

The group was still laughing. Goku walked up to Piccolo. “Hey don’t feel so bad. You did get changed back. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen any pony use the Special Beam Cannon or the Masenko like that. You certainly surprised Traxnor when you gave him that beating,” said Goku reminding him.

Piccolo’s anger began to fade away as he recalled the fight that followed. “That’s right. He thought turning me into a pony would rob me of my power. But I sure showed him. Ha-ha!” Piccolo chuckled remembering he had the last laugh. “But serious will you all stop laughing! And I’d appreciate it if we didn’t bring this up again!”

Fluttershy looked up at Jayden. She saw he had his hand over his mouth and there were tears in the corners of his eyes from how hard he had been secretly laughing. She smiled and rested her head against his chest. That was when Jayden realized he was still holding her. His eyes widened for a moment as he asked, “Are you feeling better now Fluttershy?”

“I am. You can keep holding me…that is if you like,” she said winking.

His eyes grew even wider as he almost heard a voice scream inside his mind. A slight blush formed on his cheeks. Though his face returned to normal when he figured what’s the harm in holding an adorable pony like Fluttershy anyway. He smiled at her and said, “You don’t seem to be minding it either.” Fluttershy blushed but continued resting her head along his chest. Jayden just shook his head confused by the emotions he was suddenly feeling.

Piccolo saw a chance to take the focus off of him. “Hey Jayden? Is there something going on between you two we should know about?” Asked Piccolo grinning.

The group looked over at the two of them. Jayden felt a nervous sweat form on his forehead. Rainbow Dash just blew a raspberry and said, “Ah that’s just Fluttershy. Twilight told me she acted the same way when she first saw Spike. Though I don’t think they held each other.” The pegasus placed a puzzled hoof behind her head. “Anyway we’d best get back to Ponyville right now! While there’s still a town to save!”

“Right!” Added Goku. He walked over to Pinkie Pie and asked. “Still feeling worn out Pinkie?”

“Yeah. It’s gonna be a long trip back,” she said dejectedly.

“Not to worry. I’ve got a little remedy that will fix you right up,” he remarked. He turned revealing a small pouch that was tied to his belt. “I picked up a bag of these from Korin to use in my training. I tend to get carried away sometimes.” He commented opened the pouch and pulling out a small brown bean. “Try this Pinkie!”

She looked at the lone bean. “A bean! Ooh I love beans!” She said taking it. “But how will one bean help?”

“Eat it and you’ll see. These are Senzu beans,” explained Goku.

Pinkie Pie popped the bean in her mouth and bit down on it. “Mmm crunchy,” she uttered with her mouth lightly full. The earth pony swallowed it. In seconds she began to feel a jolting sensation course through her body as her muscles all momentarily bulked up and then returned to rest. Suddenly all the fatigue had left her and she felt energized. “Whoa! Those Senzu beans are amazing! I feel incredible!” She declared holding up her hooves in a mighty fashion.

“These things have come in handy on so many occasions,” said Goku re-securing the pouch on his belt. “Now let’s get going!”

Before any of them could move a muscle an errant energy blast sailed past them smashing into the ground. The group looked up and saw the owner of the attack. “I’ve found you Kakarot!” Declared the proud warrior.

“Vegeta! It’s you!” Gasped Goku filled with surprise.

“Yes it’s me! The mighty prince of all saiyans!” Announce the mighty Vegeta hovering in the air above them. He was clad in his normal saiyan uniform consisting of a full-cover black body suit and a shirt of saiyan armor completed by white boots and gloves. “The time has come for us to settle things Kakarot!” The proud saiyan’s black hair flickered in the slight breeze as he continued hovering.

Goku growled at Vegeta. “Sorry Vegeta, but I don’t have time for this! Right now I’m going to Equestria to help the ponies. Once I get back we can settle this!” Shouted the angering saiyan.

The saiyan prince sneered at his rival. “Very well then. But when you get back…you’re mine!” He avowed clenching his right fist.

Goku thought for a moment and then called up, “You could join us Vegeta. The ponies could really use a fighter like you!”

“Humph. You want me to help a bunch of barnyard animals? Listen to yourself Kakarot! Always flying off to help someone in need. We’re saiyans, not charity workers who fly to the aid of every weak crybaby whining for help!” Remarked Vegeta callously throwing up his arms in frustration.

“Hey! Who are you calling a crybaby!” Rainbow Dash shouted bitterly shaking her right hoof at him.

Goku let out a dejected sigh. “Fine, suit yourself. We’re going. Then when I return, we can settle things. Okay guys let’s get going!” The others all nodded taking to the air. “Rainbow Dash lead the way to the portal!”

The colorful pegasus saluted Goku and said, “Just leave it to me!” The eight of them flew for the portal leaving Vegeta behind.

The saiyan prince was still hovering several feet off the ground. He turned away from them snubbing his nose at their foolishness. Suddenly he couldn’t resist the urge to turn and see if they were yet out of sight. The group was still just barely visible. Vegeta growled as he powered up and took off after them. “I must be out of my mind! Flying to the aid of a bunch of little ponies! Argh! Kakarot you’re so gonna get it when we get back!” Roared Vegeta now in full pursuit.

Rainbow Dash and her friends have succeeded in recruiting some much needed help, but will Goku and the others combined with the ponies be enough to stop whatever plans Sarabrek has cooking? Stay tuned for scenes form the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

Next Episode Preview:

Next time on Dragon Ball Pony Z… The battle continues to go poorly for the ponies. However it seems like things may change when Princess Celestia lays down her mighty hooves. But the princess’s counterattack is quickly halted when Sarabrek intercedes taking on the alicorn himself! It looks like it may be curtains for the beloved ruler of Canterlot! Can anyone step up to save the princess in time! It’s a battle you won’t want to miss next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 3 - “The Battle for Ponyville!”

Episode 3 - "The Battle for Ponyville!"

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Dragon Ball Pony Z

Last time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

Twilight Sparkle and Trixie formed a plan to snap Princess Celestia out of her stupor. Following a cold bath the princess came to. The lavender unicorn explained the situation to her beloved mentor. Meanwhile Goku and Jayden’s training was interrupted when they sensed the arrival of the ponies. Flying to meet them the group shared a brief reunion. After being joined by Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo, the gang all agreed to aid the ponies in their battle. However things came to a sudden halt when the vile Vegeta appeared! He challenged Goku to a grudge match. To which Goku said he’d have to fight later, right now he had to help the ponies! He offered Vegeta to join them, but the saiyan prince promptly refused. The group took off for Equestria led by Rainbow Dash. As the gang was nearly out of site Vegeta took off after them. But will he really help? And will the needed aid of Goku and his friends arrive before Sarabrek and his henchman destroy Ponyville and seriously harm any ponies? Find out now!

Episode 3:
“The Battle for Ponyville!”

Beelzon continued soaring through the air above Ponyville blasting everything in site. The paladin Galyor quickly joined him hovering aloft. He smiled at his armored cohort and said, “I’m glad this town is so massive. It still has so many lovely targets to destroy!”

Galyor chuckled, a metallic echo in his voice caused from his full helmet. “Yes. And while we cause this carnage…master Sarabrek can gather precious energy to begin the next phase of his plan!”

“Indeed! But I wish he’d let us do more than simply harm the ponies. I’d certainly love to silence their sickeningly sweet and happy faces,” groused the demonic warrior shuttering at their cuteness.

Elsewhere across the war zone Ponyville had become, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie and Princess Celestia continued evacuating ponies from the crumbling buildings. They also kept a vigilant eye out for the attackers, ready to fight if need be. Trixie came running out with another group of ten ponies. Twilight smiled with delight. None of them had been hurt. She let out a much-needed sigh. “That’s another group!” Declared Twilight with glee.

Trixie huffed for breath. “Yes. I think we’ve almost gotten everypony out!”

“Where should we go now?” Asked one of the refugees.

“Follow Big Macintosh to Sweet Apple Acres!” Directed Princess Celestia pointing a hoof toward the massive orchard. “You will all be safe there.” The group trotted off following the big red stallion. “For now anyway,” she muttered to herself.

“This is almost unbelievable. Oh I hope Rainbow Dash gets back soon!” Asserted Twilight filling with dread as the horrifying explosions continued to rock the once peaceful town.

“We must have faith Twilight. Good will always prevail against evil!” Though Princess Celestia was having a little trouble believing her own words. Nevertheless she was not about to give up. Her beloved subjects were in dire jeopardy. She had to act.

“HELLLLLLLLP!” Cried Spike as the baby dragon bolted from out of a nearby street. He was quickly accompanied by Applejack who was actually struggling to keep up with the little dragon.

“Spike, Applejack! What’s going on?!” Asked a fearful Twilight.

“Oh my gosh! Fire! Building! Collapse Rarity! Save her!” The dragon blurted out barely forming complete sentences or thoughts for that matter. He huffed and puffed more from anxiety than exhaustion.

“Say what?” Uttered a confused Trixie.

Applejack fought to regain her breath. It’d been a while since she ran that fast or so hard in such a short duration. “He…means…Rarity…is…in trouble!”

“I sort of gather that from his vague description,” noted Twilight still eager to get the whole story.

The baby dragon calmed down. Then Spike said more coherently, “Rarity was helping rescue Berry Punch from her house. As she went to leave the door collapsed and a wood beam fell on her! You’ve gotta save her! Please!” Pleaded the dragon hanging on Twilight’s front hooves.

“Calm down Spike! Of course we’ll help! Princess, you and Trixie should stay here to help intercept more evacuating ponies. I’ll follow Spike and Applejack back to Rarity,” said Twilight forming a game plan.

“Sorry Twilight, but I’m coming with you. The princess will have to help any other ponies!” Declared Trixie boldly.

“Fine,” replied Twilight realizing there was no changing her mind.

Princess Celestia giggled at them both. “Go on now Twilight. I can handle things here.”

Giving a quick nod Twilight and her friends tore off to save Rarity. They arrived at Berry Punch’s burning home. There was hardly anything left of the crumbling fire ravaged building. Berry Punch was standing at a safe distance watching on in horror, wishing there were something she could do. “Rarity we’re coming!” Yelled Twilight as she and her friends arrived.

“Oh thank Celestia you all are here!” Remarked Berry Punch.

“Don’t worry you guys I got this!” Announced Twilight boldly.

“Oh no you don’t!” Interrupted Trixie. “I’m not letting my friend face this fire alone!”

“But you could get hurt Trixie. It doesn’t make sense to risk both our lives. You’ll be needed to help continue the evacuation,” remarked Twilight endeavoring to be practical.

Trixie let out a long sigh. “I guess you still have some lessons to learn Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight just gave the blue unicorn a miffed expression. “If we combine our efforts it will be less likely that either of us gets harmed. Now come on Rarity doesn’t have all day!”

Twilight’s eyes widened with joy. She was touched by Trixie’s thoughtfulness. Her expression quickly changed to a serious one as she and her fellow unicorn neared the blazing edifice. “We’ve gotta deal with those flames!” Shouted Twilight.

“Oh I’ve got just he spell Twilight!” Squealed Trixie with delight. Her horn lit up. Aiming it at the house she unleashed powerful blast of icy cold magic. The extremely cold temperature of her spell killed the heat source extinguishing the fire around most of the building. “There now we can enter!”

“Nice spell Trixie! I didn’t know you could use number 45,” Declared Twilight rattling off another of her numbered magic skills.

Trixie just looked at her funny as the two went inside. Once inside they could hear the cries and whimpers of a distressed Rarity. The beautiful white unicorn was pinned down in the living room by a ceiling beam. “Somepony please…unnngh, help…me!” She cried in a very woeful tone.

“Hang on Rarity! We’re coming!” Called out Twilight. She and Trixie arrived. Together they used their unicorn magic to move the wooden beam off the trapped unicorn. “Rarity can you crawl out?”

“I’ll try,” she muttered weakly. Thankfully her front legs were uninjured. She was able to use them to pull herself out. Once she was clear the two unicorns gently set the beam down. “Ouch my back left leg!” Cried Rarity in pain. “I think it’s broken!”

“Trixie, please help her up onto my back,” said Twilight.

“Okay,” replied Trixie. She used her magic to lift Rarity up on Twilight’s back. The lavender unicorn grunted as she felt the weight of her friend press down on her back. Her friend wasn’t heavy, it’s just Twilight wasn’t used to carrying anyone bigger than Spike. Still she wasn’t going to leave her friend to fend for herself.

“There they are!” Called out Applejack excitedly. The three had made it safely out of the building. The orange pony gently took Rarity from Twilight and carried her on her back. “There Twilight. I’ll take care of Rarity. My back was made for this here sorta thing,” she remarked.

“Thank you Applejack,” replied Twilight graciously.

Spike ran over to Rarity and took hold of her right front hoof. “Rarity! Are you okay?” He asked solicitously about her safety.

She whimpered from the pain in her back leg. “Oh I’ve been better Spike. Though I fear I’ve broken my leg,” she spoke cringing from the pain.

“I’m here for you Rarity, just never forget that,” reminded the baby dragon. Rarity managed a smile for his kind words.

A bright purple energy blast sailed into the remains of Berry Punch’s house. It generated an explosion that leveled the rest of the building. “My house!” Cried a frightful Berry Punch.

The sound of devious laughter filled the air. Beelzon and his two fellow henchmen arrived before the weary group of ponies. He grinned with superior glee as he snickered at them. “Well what do we have here! I see. A unicorn that is clearly meddling in our destruction over this town and its inhabitants.”

Applejack glared angrily at them. If she hadn’t been seeing to Rarity’s well fare, she would have run up and bucked him a good one. Though the earth pony wasn’t alone in her loathing of this trio of evildoers. Twilight was not the least bit happy to see this creep again. “Haven’t you caused enough destruction?” Twilight asked rhetorically.

“Caused enough destruction? Surly you jest. Ah yes I remember you and…oh I see the blue unicorn too. So are you gonna blast me and run again like you did last time?” Beelzon asked showing off that he wasn’t even faced form her previous attack. He looked to Galyor and Omnus who quickly cut off their retreat. “Well now I don’t think running is going to be an option for you this time! Heh, heh.” He snickered at their predicament. Beelzon placed his hands together and cracked his knuckles. “My master may have ordered that you not be killed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you senseless in the meantime!”

Twilight gulped feeling a nervous sweat form on her head. She knew her power wasn’t strong enough to take him on. Still she couldn’t stand there and do nothing, besides she had nowhere to run. Bucking up her courage, she stood her ground. Concentrating, Twilight formed a decent sized ball of magical purple energy above her horn. It pulsed and shined as she completed it. Squinting her eyes, she shouted, “Take this you bully!” The unicorn unleashed the attack. If flew toward Beelzon. He grinned as the attack smashed into him and exploded engulfing him in a cloud of dark smoke. Twilight’s eyes twinged in fear as the smoke cleared. He stood there, unharmed still smirking at her. The vile warrior began walking toward her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Shouted Trixie! “Try this on for size!” The blue unicorn unleashed a serious of magic zaps form her horn. They struck in succession slowly encompassing Beelzon in a cloud of dust and bright blasts of blue light. Trixie halted her attack hoping that it had done the job.

“Is that all you two have got?” They heard a sinister voice taunt from within the dust cloud. As it cleared the two gazed on in horror. Beelzon was still standing and he didn’t have a single scratch on him. “I’ve got to say if that’s your best! Well you’re doomed!” He snickered. The evil warrior reached out his right arm and powered an energy blast in it. “You know I doubt Sarabrek will mind if I kill just two little ponies. What’s the harm! There are dozens more across the land! Now give my regards to the afterlife!”

Tears began to form in Twilight’s eyes. She thought it was really the end this time. There was no where to run or hide. “I’m so sorry Trixie!” Whimpered Twilight wishing she were stronger.

“At least you shared your friendship with me. Thank you Twilight!” Said Trixie as she began to see her life flash before her eyes.

“Die!” Called out the demon firing the bright pink energy blast.

The attack rolled along the ground gaining speed. It looked like curtains for the two ponies. Then suddenly a bright burst of sunlight appeared on the scene. Princess Celestia had emerged. With a quick swipe of her left front hoof she knocked the attack back into Beelzon. It exploded knocking the villain off his feet. Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you Princess!” Celestia didn’t say a word. That was when her student saw the princess’s facial expression. Her jaw dropped from the shear look of anger possessing her mentor’s face. Celestia jerked her head to the left and fired off a blast of energy from her horn. It sent Omnus sailing into a nearby crumbled building. She dashed over and positioned herself in front of Galyor. Bucking with her back legs, she sent the paladin flying across the street slamming into the pavement creating a large hole.

Beelzon rose to his feet and saw the other two had been given a quick thrashing. “Not bad for a princess,” Remarked the demon warrior. “But I’m not down yet!”

“Then I’ll just have to try harder!” Celestia shouted bitterly annoyed. Steam flowed from her flared nostrils as she stomped her right front hoof on the ground. “Ahhhh!” She roared beating her majestic white wings lifting her into the air. The princess sailed toward her opponent. The two clashed and began exchanging blows. To Beelzon’s surprise he was unable to land a single punch, while Celestia had been slowly pummeling him with her front hooves. She nailed him in the gut, the face, and shoulder. The princess placed her hooves together and plunged them against him sending him forcibly to the ground. Her horn lit up with power as she zapped him with a series of lightning bolts. His body jumped and twinged from the energy now crackling through him.

“Argh!” He roared in pain. The attack had ended. Steam rose up from Beelzon’s body. The fiend still returned to his feet, but he had been injured. He shook his head. “Not bad your highness.”

“Whoa! I’ve never seen the princess fight before!” Declared Twilight in awe.

“She certainly is the princess for a reason,” remarked Spike.

“Well now. I think it’s time you tasted my true power!” Roared Beelzon.

“Not interested!” Shouted Celestia quickly flying toward him and plowing her right front hoof into his gut. The fiend went sailing into a nearby wall. He collided breaking through and stirring up a big cloud of dust and debris. “Threaten my subjects and try to destroy their home! Humph! Not while I’m princess!” Asserted Celestia dauntlessly.

The sound of sarcastic applause filled the air. “Well done my dear Celestia. Well done indeed.” Announced Sarabrek. “You’ve done quite well for yourself.” The warlock’s expression changed to a bitterly annoyed one. “Now your little fun comes to an end. You didn’t think I was going to let you pick apart my henchmen and do nothing…did you?”

Celestia grunted in frustration. She knew he must have been monitoring the situation. In the past it took both her and Luna to subdue him. This time she was alone. Still she wasn’t about to back down from this creep. “Bring it on! Sarabrek! I’m not afraid of you!” She bellowed her voice almost echoing in the air.

“Very well then! Let’s get started!” He remarked charging with energy. Sarabrek’s black hair floated around him as his power increased. A golden light surrounded Celestia while her power rose. The two met in the air over Ponyville. They lunged at each other and began exchanging blows. At first the battle seemed a stalemate. That was until Celestia began landing some serious punches and kicks with her hooves. Sarabrek quickly lost his taste for fair-play hand-to-hand combat. He pulled away from his opponent. “You know this kind of primitive combat is really beneath me…when I have all this magic at my disposal!” The warlock held up his mighty staff. Energy crackled across its surface.

“So then you want a magic contest? Do your worst! I’m still not afraid of you!” She asserted feeling more and more annoyed from him.

The warlock chuckled heartily at her bravado. “Nice Celestia, nice! But I think a little demonstration is in order,” he suggested.

“Fine then dodge this!” She yelled unleashing a horn energy blast at him. Sarabrek raised an energy barrier. The shield consumed the attack leaving the warlock unharmed. “Okay! Rargggghh!” Roared the princess shocking everypony below. She flew to where he was hovering and began swinging her hooves at him and then alternating with blasts of magic and lightning.

The evil villain dodged and shrugged off all of her attacks like they were mere parlor tricks. “You have gotten weak over the centuries my dear Celestia! Ha-ha-ha-ha! And I on the other hand have gotten much stronger!” He chortled. “Now there’s something I’ve been wanting to do to you for centuries! Now you will know the humiliation I felt when you and Luna defeated me!” Sarabrek raised his staff high. Maroon bolts of energy crackled across it as he prepared to attack.

Celestia watched on desperately trying to think of a way to break his defense. Suddenly she looked around and noticed a dark red light encompass her body. “What?” She gasped.

“That’s right! Feel pain and agony!” He yelled at her. Thrusting his staff down, its magic slammed Celestia into the crumbled ruins of a nearby pony’s home. Sarabrek let out an obnoxious cackle of delight. He trained his staff on her lifting her from the debris and back up into the air before him. “How was that? Did you like it?” He asked morbidly.

She raised her now aching head and leered at him. Her pure white body had been scratched up and was beginning to bruise. In one attack he managed to do a good deal of damage to her. ‘How in Equestria did he get so strong?” she wondered to herself.

“Not talking? That’s fine,” he stated floating over to her. The warlock clenched his right fist and punched her in the face. His knuckle rolled off her left cheek. A combination of spit and blood flew from her mouth. Celestia’s head dropped back down. Her breathing had become shallower reacting to the additional damage. “Still nothing to say?”

She panted trying to take in more air. “You can do…whatever you…w-want to me, just please…spare my subjects. This shouldn’t be…their cross to bear,” she spoke breathing a little less shallowly.

“Sorry my dear, but they are guilty by association. Once I finish with you and complete my plan…they will be next!” He snickered.

“As long as breath is in me…I will resist you…Sarabrek!” She shouted defiantly.

An annoyed look formed on Sarabrek’s blue skinned face. “I don’t think you’ve had enough my dear!” He declared frowning at her. Raising his staff he thrust it downward. Celestia careened toward the ground plowing into a large grassy patch near Twilight and her friends. Her impact disturbed the dirt and grass creating a huge cloud of dust and debris. “That should have done it!” Shouted the warlock.

Celestia lie in the center of a small crater. It was a struggle for her to breath let alone move. She felt as though every bone in her body had been broken. The pain could only be described as getting a mountain dropped on her. Still she harnessed her magic and used a healing spell to try stabilizing her body. Returning to her hooves, the other ponies could see the bad shape she was in. Blood now flowed from numerous cuts on all four of her limbs and torso. Her right cheek was cut. Blood dripped from it spotting the ground beside her hoof. She breathed heavily from the pain quaking in her body. The princess went to step forward but the pain overtook her and she collapsed.

“Princess!” Cried Twilight Sparkle placing both front hooves over her mouth.

“Why that no good Lilly-livered!” Growled Applejack fighting the urge to charge in. But sadly she knew she lacked the power to face such an opponent, plus she was still looking after Rarity.

The warlock was very amused. “Good she’s down! Now to finish her off!” Snickered Sarabrek. He charged magic into his staff and fired a large blast of energy at her. Celestia looked up and saw it speeding toward her. Her eyes widened in terror. There was nothing she could do. She was too weak from her injuries to mount any defense. Her subjects were powerless as well. Fear had gripped them all rendering them paralyzed for the time being.

Just as the attack neared her a bright red streak appeared. It took the form of Goku. He quickly deflected the attack sending it harmlessly into the air where it exploded violently. Had the blast occurred at ground level, it could have leveled half of Ponyville. The kind saiyan turned to see the ailing alicorn. “Princess Celestia!” He called out fearfully. Goku saw the horrible condition she was in and the blood trailing down her wounds. Tears formed in his mighty eyes. Normally he would never cry so easily, but this was it. The sight before him was nearly more than he could bear. Just then his eyes dried as a powerful rage began to burn within him. He gazed up at the warlock filling with aggression. “Hrrrghh! I…won’t…let...you…Noooooooooo!” Roared Goku as he exploded from the ground rapidly speeding up toward Sarabrek. The warlock was completely shocked at the in bound saiyan missile. Goku focused power in his right fist and slammed it into Sarabrek. He cried out as he finished delivering the punch. The sound of the saiyan’s voice echoed across Ponyville. The attack sent his enemy plummeting into a nearby hill. The force of the impact shattered the hill rocks and all stirring up a tremendous debris cloud. Goku hung there hovering. His chest heaved and sweat rolled down his face as he gasped for air. He barely used any of his power, yet his body shook from the anger burning in his heart.

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and their friends from Earth had arrived right as Goku attacked Sarabrek. Piccolo looked on in awe. This was quite a feat for his saiyan friend. “Unbelievable! Is it me of did Goku really get the better of that creep?” The Namek wondered.

Krillin blinked profusely. “Wow! I can’t remember the last time I saw Goku hit someone that hard! He didn’t even power up!” Remarked the saiyan’s best friend filled with disbelief.

Gohan chuckled and said, “That’s my dad!”

Jayden looked to the center of the crater. There his eyes met the injured Princess Celestia. “Oh no! The Princess!! She’s hurt bad!” He exclaimed solicitously.

Twilight Sparkle was still in shock at what just happened. “Wow…Goku must really be strong. Sarabrek beat the princess like she was a rookie. And Goku just flew up and clocked him,” said the lavender unicorn full of puzzlement.

“I got in a lucky shot!” Announced Goku descending to the ground. His dark blue single orange-stripped boots made a distinct thud while he landed. “My arrival threw him off causing him to drop his guard. That’s how I was able to attack him successfully. I doubt I’ll have the chance to do that again. His power is amazing.” He turned his eyes to his friends and continued, “Physically his strength is low, but his magic more than makes up for it, giving him and awesome overall power.” Turning from his friends, Goku knelt down beside the ailing princess.

Celestia was still having some difficulty breathing. She looked up and saw her savior. “Go…ku,” she muttered trying to speak. “Is…t…that, you?”

He lightly took hold of her right front hoof and said, “Yes, it’s me your majesty.” He turned his head and clenched his eyes shut. “I’m so sorry I didn’t arrive in time to save you from his attacks.”

The princess forced a smile, though it hurt even to do this simple gesture. “It’s all…all…right Goku. You saved…my life…and…the…the town…from that…attack.”

Opening his eyes Goku looked back at her. “Don’t speak! Please! Save your energy!” He pleaded tightening his grip on her hoof. Then his face lit up. “Wait a second your highness! I’ve got an idea!” Goku turned and reached for the pouch tied to his belt. The saiyan opened it and retrieved a single brown bean from inside. “Here princess! Eat this Senzu bean and you should be fine!” He declared smiling at her.

Celestia looked at him curiously. Her eyes almost seemed to say, “This tiny bean will help me how?” She wondered if this was one of his jokes or if perhaps maybe he’d been hanging around Pinkie Pie too long. Still she figured she had nothing to lose. Opening her mouth she felt the saiyan lightly place the bean on her tongue. Carefully she began munching on the crunchy bean. It wasn’t much for taste, but she hoped he was right. Then came the tricky part. Swallowing the bean might be difficult due to her injuries. As she started swallowing the bean she felt Goku’s gentle hand caress her throat aiding her. The bean went down successfully. At first it seemed, as she feared…nothing happened. Then all at once she felt a vibrant energy pour through her body. The princess’s muscles all contracted for a moment. In an instant her pain was gone. The bleeding of her wounds had stopped and her strength had returned. Goku stood back giving Celestia some space. Carefully she pulled herself back up on her hooves. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Thank you Goku! That Senzu bean did the trick!” She asserted stretching her long feathery wings.

Goku stepped back and stumbled on something. It was Celestia’s tiara. I had fallen off after she hit the ground. He picked it up and walked it over to her. “Here you highness. You must have dropped this after you hit the ground,” the noble warrior spoke placing the tiara back on her forehead.

She smiled at him. “Thank you Goku! You are indeed kind,” the princess spoke regally.

Tears of joy formed in Twilight Sparkles face. Her mentor was going to be all right. She galloped over and threw her hooves around Celestia’s tapered neck. “Princess you’re all right!” She declared overjoyed.

The princess nuzzled her and said, “Yes my faithful student. It was thanks to your plan to ask Goku and his friends for help.”

Twilight turned to look at Rainbow Dash. “Good work Rainbow Dash! You, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie did a great job!”

“Just doing my part to help out!” Remarked Rainbow Dash being uncharacteristically modest.

Celestia walked up to Goku. She hung her head feeling ashamed. “I can’t believe how weak I’ve become,” she spoke dejectedly.

The kind warrior placed a hand on her chin coaxing her head up to look at him. “You aren’t weak princess. I know. When we first arrived I sensed your amazing power. You just didn’t fully harness it. There wasn’t time. But never think you are weak! Strength and power alone will never win a battle. It takes heart and courage! The kind all of you ponies have demonstrated since this battle began. I know I only just got here, but I’ve seen you ponies in action before! Tell me I’m wrong,” he conveyed knowing he was right.

The princess smiled at him. “Thank you Goku!”

“Hey Goku!” Called out Piccolo. “That warlock isn’t going to stay down much longer!”

A momentary sense of panic gripped Goku. He checked on the crumbled hill Sarabrek crashed in to. A bright pink light began towering up from the rubble. “You’re right! He’s breaking out of the debris. Princess, you and the ponies better get to safety. We’ll try to draw them out of town to keep Ponyville out of the crossfire. You’ve done a great job getting things started. Now if you don’t mind, we’ll take it from here! I don’t want any of you getting…” The saiyan was cut off in mid speech. Energy crackled from the hill followed by a small explosion. Sarabrek soared out returning to the sky. He cackled viciously as he glared down at his enemies. “I wondered what was keeping you!” Shouted Goku half taunting his newest opponent.

“And who are you?” Inquired the warlock.

“I’m Goku and I’m from Earth!” He answered a bold smile adorning his face.

“From Earth! How did you get here? Equestria and Earth aren’t exactly neighboring worlds!” He stated rubbing his chin.

“Come on you know a good magician never reveals his tricks!” Replied Goku in a mocking voice.

“Make light of me if you wish. But don’t expect to get in any more attacks like that one. I must admit your arrival took me quite by surprise. Way to exploit my dropped guard. Oh but wait!” He expressed noticing his disheveled appearance. “I don’t look myself. I’ll fix that!” He whisked his staff. A bright purple light sparkled across him covering him in a star pattern. Once it faded all the battle damage he sustained had been recovered. “There good as new! It pays to have powerful magic!”

“I hope you remember that punch! Because it’s my only warning! Leave this place now! And apologize for what you did to the ponies!” Demanded Goku.

Sarabrek looked at him incredulously. “You can’t be serious. Apologize and leave? When I’ve done nothing wrong whatsoever? Don’t make me laugh…Goku!” He said mocking his newest foe. “There is no way I’m backing down. After all those centuries of imprisonment…I’m taking my revenge! If you stand with the ponies…then you can die beside them as well!” The warlock’s three henchmen rose and rejoined their master. Whisking his staff again healed their injuries leaving them free to fight. “Well now I think we all know what happens next!”

“If violence is all you understand Sarabrek…then so be it!” Bellowed Goku shouting with rage. A bright red flaring aura encompassed his body. Piccolo, Jayden, Gohan and Krillin joined him.

“I see the game is set. For now I will simply observe. But my minions can handle you fools and foals!” Declared Sarabrek moving to a safe distance.

Beelzon stood before Goku a sinister smirk on his face. “I’ll keep the introductions brief. My name is Beelzon, this is Galyor to my right, and Omnus to my left! There may be five of you and eight ponies, but don’t think you’ll find any safety in numbers!” Snickered the demonic warrior.

“Gohan, Krillin stay with the ponies. We’ll handle these three!” Declared Goku standing firm.

“No problem Goku,” replied Krillin quickly taking Gohan’s hand. The two joined the ponies away from the inevitable battle zone.

“I’ll take Beelzon!” Announced Goku.

“Good, I’ll take the armored freak!” Remarked Piccolo.

“And since I have a sword, I’ll take Omnus! I wonder how his swordsman skills are?” Commented Jayden unsheathing his blade.

“Find out!” Hissed Omnus holding up his sword-arm. He and Jayden tore off striking their blades together. Each was amazed at the other’s skill. The swords held and neither wielder seemed to hold the advantage. Their blades separated and the two fighters jumped back.

Piccolo lifted off and darted along the ground egging on Galyor to follow. The paladin dashed after him keeping pace. The two arrived in a large area clear of buildings. The Namek powered up. His body was surrounded by an aura of white energy. Galyor held up his large rounded shield right as Piccolo launched a powerful punch. The warrior’s fist struck the paladin’s shield making a loud metal clang. Waves of energy rippled out from the site of impact. The shield held but Piccolo didn’t cease his attack either. The two leaped back staring intently at one another. The two combatants sized each other up trying to determine what move to make next.

Goku took to the air followed immediately by Beelzon. The two stopped hovering just outside of town. “So I see you’re a fan of aerial combat as well,” noted Beelzon cracking his clawed knuckles.

“I might be, so what’s it to you?” Retorted the mighty saiyan.

“Just this!” Shouted the demon throwing the battle’s first punch. Goku intercepted his first and squeezed it. “Ouch! Let go of me!” He freed Beelzon’s hand. The vile henchman held his hand flexing his fingers. “Not bad Goku was it?” The saiyan nodded. “But now let’s up the stakes a little!” Beelzon roared. A bright purple aura surrounded him. His muscles began to bulk up.

Goku’s eyes widened as he sensed the foe increase his power. “Not bad. Let’s see how I can do!” Remarked Goku. He too powered up. A bright red aura surrounded his body aiding his bulking muscles. The two charged one another and began exchanging punches and kicks. They sailed across the sky. The two periodically blocked the other’s attack.

The ponies had followed them keeping to a safe distance. They had almost forgotten what it was like to see Goku fight an opponent. “Man would you look at him go!” Remarked Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah they’re something all right!” Twilight Remarked. Looking around she noticed that somepony was missing. “Say has anyone seen Fluttershy?”

Checking the group Pinkie Pie replied, “Nope I haven’t.”

“There’s no time to worry. Boy howdy! Check that out!” Remarked Applejack her eyes glued to the fight.

Goku delivered a punch that sent Beelzon crashing into the ground. The saiyan landed joining his foe. The demon warrior rose to his feet. “Not bad! Now try this!” The fiend jumped up and kicked Goku in the gut sending him sailing into a nearby tree. The tree broke in half from the force of the impact.

“Whoa, that hurt!” Grunted Goku rising to his feet. He cracked his neck and stretched out his arms. “I can see you’re tougher than I thought.”

“As are you! This should be a most stimulating battle!” Declared Beelzon preparing for another attack.

The battle for Ponyville is well underway! Now that Goku and his friends are here will they tip the tide in the ponies’ favor? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Dragon Ball Pony Z!

Next episode preview:

Next Time on Dragon Ball Pony Z…The battle for Ponyville continues! Goku, Piccolo and Jayden battle valiantly against Sarabrek’s Henchmen. But when things appear to take a turn for the worse, Sarabrek declares that the first round of the battle goes to the Ponies and their friends from Earth. Can the battle really end so easily or does the warlock have something else up his sleeves? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Pony Z!

Episode 4 – “The Battle Rages On”

Episode 4 - "The Battle Rages On"

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Dragon Ball Pony Z

Last time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

The assault on Ponyville continued. Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, and Princess Celestia continued evacuating ponies form the besieged town sending them to Sweet Apple Acres and hopefully safety. Spike came running out of town crying for help. His beloved Rarity had become trapped in a burning building while saving a fellow pony. Twilight and Trixie teamed up and saved the white unicorn. Following the rescue, Beelzon, Galyor and Omnus arrived. The demonic warrior’s fellow henchmen cut off the ponies’ retreat as he prepared to go in for the kill. Twilight and Trixie did their best to stop him but were unsuccessful. The two thought it was the end that was until Princess Celestia arrived. She taught the henchmen not to mess with her ponies and gave them all a good thrashing. Not letting this go unanswered Sarabrek intervened. The two battled but the warlock quickly lost his taste for a fair fight. Using his magic he gave Celestia the beating of her life. Then he fired a finishing blast form his staff. But just when it looked like the end for Celestia, Goku arrived at the last second and saved her. He also delivered a major blow sending the warlock crashing into a hill. The saiyan quickly saw to the injured princess, and thanks to the aid of a Senzu bean Celestia was restored. After recovering, the warlock summoned his henchmen, and healed them. With his minions back on their feet Sarabrek had unleashed them to attack Goku and his friends. The battle for Ponyville continues…Right Now!

Episode 4:
“The Battle Rages On”

Piccolo charged Galyor, his fists at the ready. The paladin raised his large round shield once again blocking the attack. Still the force of the Namek’s attack gradually drove the sinister henchmen back. Piccolo pulled back and began thinking of a way to break through such a defense. Then he grinned as an idea came to him. The Namekian warrior placed his hands together and aimed them at Galyor’s feet. Snickering he shouted, “Masenko…Ha!” A large yellow energy beam sprang forth from Piccolo’s hands. It slammed into the ground at the paladin’s feet. The resulting blast drove the enemy into the air. The green warrior wasted no time and leaped into the air. While Galyor’s guard was down, Piccolo plowed his fist into the armored enemy’s gut. The henchman crashed into the open ground making a small hole. The Namek warrior came to rest on the ground several feet from the freshly formed crater.

Goku and Beelzon continued throwing punches at each other. So far neither of them had taken much damage or seemed to have the upper hand. Goku placed his hands together aiming them forward fired a yellow energy blast at his foe. It collided with Beelzon. Before the smoke could clear the demonic warrior came flying out with his fist at the ready. He smashed it right into Goku sending the noble warrior plummeting toward the ground. Before he could crash the saiyan regained control and landed safely. What’s this guy doing? The saiyan wondered. Why is he still holding back his power? He’s stronger than this. The kind-hearted fighter knew dragging out this fight would prove to be fruitless. It had to be ended as soon as possible. The longer it continued the greater the threat to the ponies and their town.

Keeping that in mind he rose up to meet his nemesis. Goku rushed straight to Beelzon and plowed his right fist forcefully into the demon’s gut. Spit flew from the henchman’s mouth as he grunted in pain. He flew back distancing himself form his opponent. “So you don’t want to play anymore…fine then! We’ll get serious!” Grunted Beelzon. He clenched his fists and growled. A dark purple aura surrounded him and again his muscles began to bulk up again.

A smile formed on Goku’s face. Finally he was going to fight for real. Though once his opponent finished powering up the saiyan’s eyes widened in disbelief. The power Beelzon had wasn’t nearly as impressive as anticipated. “So are you done powering up then?” Goku asked. The demon nodded and grinned. “Well then I hope you’re feeling lucky today!” The saiyan flew at Beelzon with his fist extended. The foul warrior had done the same. Their firsts struck together releasing a massive flash of energy and stirred up quite a wind. Crackles of energy tore out from their hands braking against the dirt on the ground bellow. The demon’s power was quite considerable, but Goku was still holding back the bulk of his true power. This was mainly because the saiyan always enjoyed a challenge and a fair fight. This was the best way to test his mettle. The battling warriors pulled back and began unleashing another series of punches and kicks at each other. The opponents continued darting around the sky. At times they almost seemed a blur to the ponies that were watching from below.

Rainbow Dash was still amazed that this was happening. Though it had been a while since the last major monster attack or bizarre incident had occurred. She figured Ponyville must have been due for something like this. Of all the ponies she had the least difficulty keeping track of their movements.

Twilight wasn’t completely focused on the battle. She kept looking around wondering where Fluttershy had gone. It didn’t seem like her to wonder off from the group during something this dangerous. Pinkie Pie looked over at Twilight and noticed the concerned look on her face. “Something bothering you Twilight?” She asked blinking her eyes inquisitively.

Twilight snapped out of her train of thought when she heard the pink earth pony speak. Looking at her friend she responded, “Yeah. I still can’t locate Fluttershy! I can’t believe she’d wonder away from the group while something like this is going on.”

Pinkie placed a hoof on her head. Smiling she then replied, “Oh maybe she had to used the little fillies room.”

“But she usually tells somepony where she’s going before she vanishes. You know her,” remarked Twilight growing more and more concerned.

Rainbow Dash began losing her ability to focus on the fight. Grimacing she turned and looked at Twilight. “Enough with the worrying about Fluttershy already!” Barked the annoyed pegasus. “Tell you what Twilight. Why don’t I go and look for her. Will that make you feel better?”

Nodding Twilight answered, “Yes Rainbow that will make me feel much better.”

“Good. Now if you excuse me, I have a craven pony to find,” she muttered leaving the group. As Rainbow Dash made her way into the ravaged town, a distant explosion from one of the other battles caught her attention. “Who’s that?” She wondered. Making her way toward the sounds she figured Fluttershy couldn’t possibly be there. The last thing that pony would do is put herself in harms way…well that was unless there were extenuating circumstances. Still curiosity had gripped Rainbow Dash and she went to check out the other battle, which was to her delight Twilight free.

The blue pony stepped out from an ally and found a large empty section of town. It was located on the northeastern outskirts of Ponyville. There standing a few yards from her was none other than Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash blinked in amazement. She was at the other battle. Another explosion rocked Rainbow’s ears. Looking past her friend she saw Jayden battling with Omnus. The two were still striking swords hovering in the in the air. Moving closer, Rainbow Dash walked up to Fluttershy and said, “There you are Fluttershy.” But the other pegasus didn’t say a word. “Fluttershy?” The colorful pegasus looked closely at the yellow pony and saw she appeared to be half in a trance. She watched Jayden battle with the kind of admiration Rainbow Dash had never seen Fluttershy exhibit before. Normally she only showed such attentiveness when it involved her woodland animal friends.

The battling warriors moved apart still hovering in the air. Omnus glared at Jayden through the opening in his helmet. Raising his right arm, the henchmen unleashed an energy blast from his hand cannon. The blue projectile flew toward the human. He swung his sword slicing the attack in two. Both halves sailed around past him and blew up. The blast was hardly impressive. Jayden raised his right hand and unleashed a yellow blast of energy. It struck and burst into a loud explosion. Gripping his sword he knew the battle wasn’t over yet. “Come on Omnus, I know that didn’t finish you!”

“Ha ha ha! Not bad human! Now try this on for size!” The enemy lunged at Jayden with his right leg extended. Omnus landed a kick that sent Jayden plummeting into the ground stirring up a large dirt cloud. The human’s sword slipped out of his hands and came to a spinning halt sinking into the dirk just inches from Rainbow Dash.

“Whoa!” Gasped Rainbow Dash. “That was a little close for comfort.”

Fluttershy felt a momentary rush of panic. Jayden was down, but was he out? “Come on Jayden! Get up! You can beat him!” Cried the yellow pegasus.

Rainbow Dash gasped at Fluttershy’s loudly projected voice. “Holy cow! How come you never cheer like that for me? Other than that one time, you normally cheer like a squeaking mouse.”

Fluttershy turned and saw Rainbow standing a few feet behind her. “Oh Rainbow Dash…I didn’t realize anypony else was there,” she said.

“Yea, well I am. What are you doing here and so close to a fight? Aren’t you scared?” The colorful pegasus flailed her front hooves in disbelief from seeing Fluttershy so close to a major battle.

Fluttershy blushed lightly as she replied, “Oh well you see…I’m not afraid. Jayden is here and I know he’ll be fine…so I’m good and safe.” She smiled confidently showing support for her friend.

“Safe huh?” Rainbow Dash looked over and noticed no movement from the human. “Are you so…” She interrupted herself. Jayden began moving. The blue pegasus heard him lightly gasp and softly moan.

Slowly Jayden sat up. “Wow that was unexpected,” he remarked. Returning to his feet, the human walked over to the two pegasai.

Fluttershy swiftly trotted closer to him. “Jayden are you hurt?” She asked voicing great concern.

He looked over at her and smiled. Jayden softly patted her head. “No I’m okay Fluttershy. Omnus just took me by surprise. It’s somewhat embarrassing really,” he admitted, then he walked over to Rainbow Dash and reclaimed his sword.

Rainbow Dash looked on at him with quite awe. She blinked her eyes at him. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.

He smiled at her and lightly caressed her rainbow mane. “Thank you for the concern Rainbow Dash…but I’ll be fine. Now you and Fluttershy had best stay back. I don’t want either of you getting hurt,” he replied.

The yellow pegasus walked over to him. She smiled at him lightly turning her head to the side. “Go get him Jayden,” she said softly.

He chuckled lightly and then said, “You bet I will!” Then Fluttershy stood up on her hind legs and placed her hooves against his chest. She reached over and lightly kissed his cheek. Jayden gasped lightly from surprise. “Fluttershy…?” He uttered quizzically.

She returned to all fours and blushed deeply. Turning her head away she shyly said, “For luck.”

Jayden lightly touched his hand to the cheek that had just been kissed. He removed his hand and looked at it and then glanced at the cute pegasus. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Thank you Fluttershy.” The human firmly gripped his sword and swiftly returned to the battlefield.

Rainbow Dash lightly trotted over to her friend. “Fluttershy, what was that all about?” She asked staring at her curiously.

The yellow pegasus pony blushed again. She turned in the direction of the battle. “Oh it’s nothing…I just thought that would give him added encouragement,” she replied. Somehow Rainbow Dash wasn’t convinced. Though she saw no point in pressing the matter any further…at least not at that moment.

Jayden stood before Omnus. He glowered at his nemesis as the henchman stood firmly keeping his armed limbs at the ready. The human held his sword defensively. “All right are you ready to go again?”

“Hmmm,” growled Omnus. “Die!” He roared unleashing a blast from his hand cannon.

“Yahhhhhhh!” Shouted Jayden as he powered up. His body was surrounded by a blue aura of flaring energy. Taking his sword, he slammed it into the approaching projectile. The force of Jayden’s swing deflected the attack back at Omnus. It struck the villain and engulfed him in a mild blast. The human focused power into his blade and then unleashed a cured wave of energy. It sped along gaining speed. Finally it crashed into the foul warrior. Omnus went skidding across the ground digging a shallow fissure. The villain came to rest a good thirty feet from Jayden. The fiend remained on his back lightly twitching.

Elsewhere Piccolo had resumed his fight with Galyor. The Namek’s last attack hadn’t defeated the henchman. Piccolo continued pounding his fists into his opponent’s shield. “Give it up green man!” Taunted the paladin. “You can’t beat my ultimate defense! Now bug off!” Galyor struck Piccolo with the broad side of his lance. The force of the blow sent the Namek warrior sailing across the roadway. He came to rest crashing into a nearby tree.

The dust settled and Piccolo let out an annoyed sigh. He picked himself up and brushed the dirt from his white cape. This henchman was starting to annoy him and had already begun working on his last good nerve. The Namek gritted his teeth together. Then he began to softly chuckle. Piccolo raised his right hand and placed two fingers along the center of his forehead. An orange spark began flickering against his fingers. Slowly a burning white aura of power began surging along his entire body. “Okay Galyor! I’m going to give you a taste of one of my better moves!”

Galyor blinked his orange eyes through the opening in his pointed full helmet. He felt the ground beneath him tremble under the build up of power emanating from his opponent. “You don’t scare me!” He growled.

Piccolo continued chuckling to himself. He could see the look of dread in his foe’s eyes. The green warrior grinned as he felt his attack was now more than strong enough to take out this pathetic excuse for an enemy. “We’ll see how your bravado survives once you get a taste of this! Special Beam Cannon…” Piccolo moved his hand from his forehead and stretched his arm out keeping his two fingers fully extended. “…FIRE!” He yelled. An orange and red spiraling energy beam tore forth from his hand. It formed a small oval point along the beam’s head. Galyor tried to move, but he was frozen by his own fear. Not wanting to appear weak, he put on a defiant look and held his shield firmly and plunged his lance into the ground for leverage. The beam rammed into the paladin. It began pushing him backward. Galyor fought to keep his footing, but the power behind the attack broke his lance in two. Piccolo channeled more power to his attack. The beam continued pushing the henchman back until finally it ripped out in an incredible explosion. The resulting blast stirred up a large mass of dirt and debris as well as a huge cloud of smoke.

The two warriors Goku and Beelzon continued plowing their fists into each other. The battle raged on between them showing no signs of ebbing. The saiyan knew this couldn’t continue. Then while he was momentarily distracted, Beelzon grabbed Goku’s leg. He hurled the saiyan toward the ground. Then the demonic warrior shouted, “Magenta Flare!” Placing his clawed hands together, he unleashed a powerful energy wave. The beam struck Goku driving him forcefully into the ground. It detonated on impact kicking up a huge debris cloud. “So much for him,” snarled Beelzon lightly panting for air.

It was then that the demon warrior noticed the presence of another fighter hovering in the air. He turned and caught sight of a shorter individual, wearing some type of dark blue and white uniform. A head of pointy black hair swayed softly in the breeze above town. The other warrior held his arms crossed over his chest and there was a superior smirk on his face. “And just how long have you been here?” Inquired Beelzon.

The other fighter was none other than Vegeta. He chuckled at the henchman and said, “I’ve been here long enough to enjoy a good show. But before you raise your fists against me…I’d recommend you finish your current fight.”

The demonic warrior blinked his three red eyes at the spectator. “Say what? I just gave him the beating of his life. There’s no way he survived that attack!” Roared the demon waving his right arm toward his fallen opponent.

Vegeta broke out into full laughter. “Oh please, you haven’t even beaten one saiyan and now you want to take on the great Vegeta. And if you call that wimpy beam of yours an attack, then you’ve got another thing coming. I can assure you he’s not finished,” Declared Vegeta proudly.

Beelzon gritted his teeth together and growled. “You’re wrong. He’s…” Suddenly the vile warrior’s attention was stolen. He looked at the area where Goku had landed. The ground domed up and Goku tore through the dirt rejoining his enemy in the sky. “That’s impossible! How did you survive that!?”

“Easy, I still have plenty of energy left,” replied Goku bluntly. “Oh hey Vegeta. So you did decided to join us.”

Vegeta merely grunted and turned his head away mildly in disgust. Then he leered at Goku and said, “Yes…well Kakarot, leave it to you to get yourself killed before we can have our rematch. Someone has to keep an eye on you. But I had no idea a bunch of ponies managed to dredge up this kind of entertainment. These fools are nearly worthy of my attention.”

Goku laughed at his rival. “You certainly are the same as ever Vegeta. Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve kept this fiend waiting long enough,” replied the lofty saiyan. His rival chuckled as he put some distance between them. The casual look on Goku’s face vanished and was replaced by a sober and serious one. “Now I think this has drawn on long enough. Time to finish you off!” He placed his hands together and drew them back. “Ka-Me…” A small sphere of bright blue energy formed in his hands. “Ha-Me…” The energy orb began growing in size. It doubled and then quickly tripled as he channeled energy into the mounting attack. Goku thrust his hands and arms forward. “HA!” He yelled unleashing a powerful energy beam.

It sailed toward Beelzon growing in intensity. The demonic warrior was not about to go down that easily. “You’ll have to do better than that!” He drew back his hands and shouted, “Magenta Flare!” Casting his hands forward he unleashed his own powerful energy beam. The two beams collided and began a fierce struggle to push the other back. The two warriors grunted as they continued to pour energy into their mighty attacks. The beams crackled and pulsed with power. Stray bolts of energy rippled free and began tearing holes in the ground below. It seemed the two were stuck in a stalemate.

Goku reveled in the thrill of this challenge, but he had savored it long enough. This battled was dragging on far too long. He snickered and said, “Finally you’re showing your true power, but it’s not going to be enough! I didn’t think I was going to have to use this!” The saiyan focused moved power into his attack and shouted, “Kaioken…times Two!” A fiery red aura surrounded Goku’s body. The intensity of his attack grew and his beam doubled in size. It plowed back Beelzon’s attack colliding with the foul henchman. An amazing blast ripped across the sky and shook the ground below. A large cloud of smoke had formed. Gradually it began to clear. The demonic Beelzon fell from the cloud and slammed into the ground below. There he lay lightly twitching. He was down for the count.

Sarabrek grimaced at the less than satisfactory performance of his three henchmen. The battle was going poorly for them, but he wasn’t ready to intervene. Placing his hand on his chin, he gave the matter some quick thought. A new strategy had to be devised or else he would fail before he’d ever have a chance to gather enough power to complete his plans.

The warlock teleported from his vantage point and appeared in the air near Goku and Vegeta. Gohan, Krillin and the ponies were still close by watching the unfolding events with awe. Piccolo and Jayden had returned accompanied by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Sarabrek glowered at them as he saw the sorry shape his henchmen were now in. He stared at Goku and Vegeta. Then he said, “You two are far more staunch opponents than I had every expected. I’ve never encountered humans with such power before."

Vegeta looked at the warlock and blinked. Then the saiyan prince broke out in laughter. “Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! You think we’re human?” He continued laughing at his opponent.

Sarabrek frowned at him and glared bitterly. “Just what is so blasted funny?”

“Simple you fool. The blue hair guy with a sword and the short bald guy over there. Those two are human. Kakarot and I are saiyans! And I have to say now that you’ve started this fight…you’d best be prepared to finish it!” Bellowed Vegeta.

The warlock placed a hand on his chin. He couldn’t believe his ears. “How can you be saiyans? I’ve heard of your kind in passing. Your race was said to have been wiped out!” Declared Sarabrek.

Goku smirked at his newest foe. “Yes well, we are the lucky few who survived that genocide…and Vegeta’s right! You’d better be ready to see this through now!” he shouted.

“Oh believe me…I shall see this through. But for now I’ll give the first round to you and the ponies!” Sarabrek raised his staff and used its power to raise his fallen henchmen from the ground. “But mark my words! This battle is hardly over! I shall return by high noon tomorrow! And then you will all suffer my wrath!” The warlock and his minions transformed into masses of purple light. They scattered and flew toward the Everfree Forest.

Goku glared after them clenching his first. We’ll be ready, he though to himself. The saiyan descended to the ground below rejoining his friends. His boots softly touched down on the street.

Fluttershy looked around cautiously. The warlock and his henchmen appeared to be truly gone. She let out a sigh of relief. “Are we safe now?” The butter yellow pegasus inquired.

Jayden stood beside her and gave her a nod. “For now we are anyway. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him,” declared the human turning his gaze toward the Everfree Forest.

Goku walked up to them and then cast his glance upon the entire group. “We should be fine till noon tomorrow. Then Sarabrek will return,” the saiyan spoke in a serious tone. He looked up at the sun as it slowly began to set over Ponyville. “I’ve faced villains like him before. I know he’ll be true to his word and return.”

Vegeta flew down from the air and landed softly. He let out an unimpressed grunt. “Humph, I seriously doubt there will be any challenge to be had from him. His henchmen were weaklings compared to the last foes we clashed with,” noted Vegeta.

Goku merely shook his head and replied, “I don’t know Vegeta. It wasn’t until the end of my fight that I sensed Beelzon was still holding back more of his power.”

The saiyan prince’s eyes widened. “Say what? How can you be sure?”

The mellow saiyan took a few steps toward the sun. He looked back at Vegeta, then turned his head away. “When my Kamehameha clashed with his beam I was able to sense a deeper root in his power. I’m not sure why, but he was still repressing. In fact I think he may have been hiding a transformation or something,” explained Goku still speaking seriously.

“I don’t get it Kakarot. What would he have to gain from sandbagging?” Asked Vegeta.

“I’m not sure. Maybe Beelzon enjoys a riveting challenge like I do,” suggested Goku.

“Perhaps, but I doubt the Warlock is anything to worry about. I could take him. And without that magic staff of his I doubt he’s very powerful,” remarked Goku’s rival.

Goku shook his head. “I don’t think so. The staff only augments his powers. The true root of his energy is contained within his body. And I just have a bad feeling that his keen mind is plotting something big. I only hope we can stop him before he can succeed,” he replied.

Vegeta scoffed again and crossed his arms. “Oh please Kakarot! You’re worrying too much.”

Twilight Sparkle looked at Vegeta and blinked. Then she turned her eyes to Goku. “Who is this guy Goku?” She asked.

The saiyan placed a nervous arm behind his head. “Oh yeah Twilight. You don’t know him. This is Vegeta. He’s a saiyan just like my son and I. Only he and I aren’t exactly friends,” answered Goku.

The unicorn placed a hoof on her chin and theorized, “So then would that make you rivals perhaps?”

“Yeah, it would,” he confirmed.

“But I guess unlike Trixie and me, you two aren’t friends?” Twilight asked further.

Goku shook his head and said, “No. We haven’t buried the hatchet yet.”

Vegeta smirked as he said, “I’d be glad to sink a hatchet into you whenever you’re ready Kakarot!”

The lighthearted saiyan ran his hand along the back of his head. “That’s not what I had in mind Vegeta. But anyway Twilight, he’s on our side.”

The saiyan prince scoffed. “Only until that Warlock has been dealt with. Then you and I are going to settle things!” Grinned Vegeta.

“Whatever you say Vegeta,” remarked Goku humoring his rival. It was still his hope that Vegeta would eventually come around and give up this incessant need for a rematch. It was then that Goku heard his stomach growl, quite loudly. “Uh hey, do you ponies have anything to eat? I’m starving!”

Pinkie Pie bounced along side her saiyan friend and grinned. “Hey! Goku’s right! I could go for a serious bite right about now! I never did get my snack after we got back!” She declared boldly.

Princess Celestia chuckled at them both. “Don’t worry you two. I’m sure we can come up with something,” remarked the alicorn with a smile.

* * * *

Meanwhile, within the Everfree Forest, Sarabrek and his henchmen had returned to their tower. The warlock was not happy. He never expected the ponies to produce such powerful allies. He began pacing along the floor by his throne.

Beelzon was particularly upset. He couldn’t believe they were called-off so soon. The warrior knew they could have done better with more time. The demon growled. “Master, why did you call us off? I had more power left! I could have stopped them!” He asserted.

Sarabrek scoffed. “Humph, I seriously doubt it. Even if you had transformed…you would have been no match for them. While Goku was fighting you, he wasn’t even showing you more than a mere fraction of his power!”

The second in command’s three eyes widened. “You can’t be serious!” He shouted.

“Oh but I am. If I don’t devise a means to defeat them, we can kiss our plans good-bye,” replied the master.

“Did you gather any power during our battle master?” Inquired Beelzon.

He nodded lightly. “I did. But only 10% of what we actually need,” answered the warlock.

“I see.”

Sarabrek sat down in his throne and placed a hand on his chin. “Leave me, I wish to ponder my next move!”

Beelzon bowed respectfully to his master. “Very well.” He then gathered his fellow henchmen and the three of them departed the throne room. They walked down a few flights of stairs to a chamber, three floors down. There the fiends met among themselves.

Galyor was curious as to what they should do now. “So what’s the plan Beelzon?” He asked.

The three-eye warrior removed one of his demon handguns. He stared intently at it. “A pity! I didn’t even have a chance to employ these,” he thought aloud. Then he turned and looked at his subordinates. “Well for now Sarabrek wants us to stay put. Unless he can gather the power needed to awaken the slumbering dragon…we will never gain the power he promised to share with us,” groused Beelzon.

“So we just have to sit tight then?” Asked Omnus.

The demonic warrior nodded. “I’m afraid so, but fear not…I am confident that our master will come up with a clever ploy to allow his plans to come to fruition.” The three henchmen grinned as they shared an anticipatory laugh of triumph.

The battle in Ponyville has ended for now, but just what diabolical schemes are brewing in the mind of the vile warlock Sarabrek? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Next Episode Preview…

Next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”! The ponies and their friends from Earth enjoy the time out from the battle to share some food and discussion. Jayden and Princess Celestia express their concerns at the coming battle, while Twilight wonders if she could have done better against the invaders. And Fluttershy seems to have some plan up her hoofs, but just what is on the mind of this adorable pegasus? There’s going to be resting and discussion…and who knows what ponies may show up…could it be…is that Princess Luna? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 5 - "A Break in the Action"

Episode 5 - "A Break in the Action"

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Dragon Ball Pony Z

Last time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

Goku, Piccolo and Jayden fought the three henchmen of Sarabrek in a three-way brawl! As the battle continued, Twilight Sparkle feared for her friend Fluttershy who had gone missing. Unable to focus on the fight due to her friend’s worry, Rainbow Dash offered to go search for the elusively shy pegasus. Her search led her to Jayden’s battle with Omnus. And to Rainbow Dash’s amazement, Fluttershy was there. The human took a serious spill that worried the two pegasai. But after returning to his feet, Jayden was given encouraging words from his pony friends…and what’s this a kiss for luck from Fluttershy?! It certainly aided the warrior as he delivered serious pain to his foe as their battle continued. And upon unveiling the Special Beam Cannon, Piccolo finally got the upper hand against Galyor. Elsewhere Goku’s battle raged on with Beelzon. But when it seemed the demon had beaten the saiyan, Vegeta appeared to reveal just how wrong he was. Goku returned and unleashed a powerful Kamehameha that sent the demon packing. Sarabrek arrived following the sad performance of his henchmen. He gave the first round of the battle to Goku and the ponies, and swore he’d return by high noon the next day! Then he and his minions returned to the Everfree Forest to plan their next move. In the meantime the ponies and their friends from Earth are going to enjoy a well-deserved respite! Stay tuned!

Episode 5:
“A Break in the Action”

With the invaders gone, many of the ponies returned to Ponyville to see if their homes were in tact and if not to sift through the remains of their belongings. Princess Celestia told them it was okay to return for now and collect any necessities, but that by noon the next day the danger would return. It would be best for them to leave no later than after breakfast the next morning. The princess also informed those who were now homeless, that the Apple family had agreed to set up shelter tents across Sweet Apple Acres. At least until the threat was gone, there would be a place for them to stay.

Princess Celestia soared to the sky and used her magic to lower the sun, ushering forth a new night. And from her place in Canterlot, Princess Luna used her power to raise the moon and bring out the stars. A peaceful night ensured, but the scars of the battle still remained abundantly across Ponyville.

The town remained fairly quiet in the newly fallen night. Sugar Cube Corner was one of the buildings that managed to survive the carnage and was still in tact. Mr. and Mrs. Cake showed their appreciation by throwing a big party. They cooked and baked a wide assortment of foods. This gave Goku the meal he was itching for.

Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies joined their friends from Earth in a well-deserved dinner. There were several dinning tables set up along with tables piled high with various foods, not to mention plenty of sweet desserts. Goku and Pinkie Pie were the first to start digging in. The two didn’t even bother to get plates or utensils. In fact they each pulled a chair up to the dessert table. The two quickly started gobbling down cakes and pastries. Between bites, Pinkie Pie said, “Goku, please pass me that little cake!”

“Here you go,” he said handing it to her.

Pinkie’s eyes lit up with delight as she took the confection in her hooves. She promptly took a big bite out of it. “Thanmp Ooo,” she said graciously with her mouth full.

Goku grinned as he began shoving coffee buns and cupcakes into his mouth. “Hey Pimmky…you shooold realmmfly try sum of des,” he replied shamelessly talking with his mouth full.

Twilight Sparkle stood by Applejack, Spike and Rarity as they watched the two eat. Vegeta strolled past them and stopped in his tracks. The lavender unicorn looked at the saiyan prince. “Would you get a load of that? You could lose an arm in there,” she remarked.

Vegeta chuckled. “That’s nothing, Twilight was it?” he asked. She nodded. “This is actually one of his more well-behaved pig-out sessions. I don’t want to subject you to the horrors I’ve witnessed from when I’ve seen Kakarot eat in the past,” Vegeta remarked crossing his arms.

“Boy howdy, I wonder if there’s enough food to satisfy their hunger,” said Applejack marveling at Pinkie Pie and Goku as they ate.

Rarity snubbed her nose up at them. “Humph, they’re both acting incredibly uncouth if you ask me. Thankfully they have both put me off dessert. Think I’ll go have a nice salad. Anypony care to join me?”

“I’ll join you Rarity,” replied Twilight. “A salad would be nice. Oh how’s your leg doing?”

Rarity strutted before her fellow unicorn and flexed it effortlessly. “Why it’s doing fine darling. Thanks for asking. That bean Goku gave me really did the trick. I was dreading the thought of being laid up for weeks in a nasty cast, but thankfully that’s been delightfully avoided,” she answered trotting over to the table loaded with salad fixings.

Vegeta watched the horrific spectacle of Goku and Pinkie Pie for a few more moments. Then he said, “Wait for me. After watching those two, I think I’d prefer something a little more nutritious.”

Twilight and her small following prepared their salads and then went to an empty table. Despite his rather rough exterior and crass attitude, Vegeta didn’t seem quite as imposing as they had anticipated. Though as they ate, he mainly kept to himself.

Twilight looked over at him. A certain question had crossed her mind. Vegeta looked back at her curiously. “What is it? Do you have something to say…or are you just going to stare at me?” He asked sharply.

“Oh, sorry. I was just wondering why you keep calling Goku, Kakarot,” she replied.

Vegeta snickered as he set down his fork. “Kakarot is Goku’s saiyan name. We all were given names at birth. The name Goku was given to Kakarot courtesy of the people of Earth. But I refuse to call him by that name. To do so would be to dishonor the great saiyan warrior that he is,” remarked the saiyan prince. He then plunged his fork back into his salad and began munching on a sizable fork full.

“Oh, I think I understand. Thank you Vegeta,” said Twilight smiling politely at him.

He swallowed the bite of salad and looked at her with surprise. The pony was still being nice to him. No one was ever really nice to him, other than Goku and a few of the saiyan’s friends. “You’re welcome,” uttered Vegeta. He finished off the last of his salad. “Now if you’ll excuse me. I think I’d like to get some fresh air. I’m not big on parties and I need to get that image of Kakarot stuffing his face out of my head.”

“Oh, okay. See you later then Vegeta,” replied a surprised Twilight. Her eyes followed him as he rose from the table and vanished into the crowd of ponies.

Fluttershy walked over to Twilight and sighed. “Finally I found some familiar faces,” said the pegasus.

“Oh hi Fluttershy! How are you?” asked Twilight.

“I’m fine Twilight. Rainbow Dash told me earlier that you were worried about me during the fight,” spoke Fluttershy.

“I was,” said Twilight. “But thankfully you are safe and for now so is the rest of Ponyville.”

“Yeah, thanks to Jayden and his friends. Oh, which reminds me, have any of you seen Jayden?” she inquired to Twilight and the others seated at her table.

“I haven’t, no,” replied Twilight.

Rarity set down her fork and elegantly blotted her mouth with a napkin. She cleared her throat and said, “I believe he went outside for some air after grabbing a bite to eat.”

“Outside? Okay, thanks Rarity,” replied Fluttershy as she hastily departed.

Applejack looked at Twilight and Rarity curiously. “Now what in the hey is up with her?”

“Search me Applejack,” remarked Twilight. “She’s your best friend Rarity, what do you think it is?”

Rarity began staring where the butter yellow pegasus had been standing. “I’m not sure,” she remarked.

Spike facepalmed. “Oh come on you guys. It’s pretty obvious,” he said.

“What’s pretty obvious Spike?” asked Twilight.

“Fluttershy has a thing for Jayden. Haven’t any of you noticed the way she acts around him and how she lights up whenever somepony talks about him…or when she talks about him for that matter,” the dragon explained.

Applejack waved a dismissing hoof at him. “Aww come on Spike. You’re off your rocker. A pony in love with a human, that’s just crazy talk.”

“Is it?” Spike asked giving Applejack a hard look, and then he looked over at Rarity. Finally his gaze returned to the orange earth pony.

She grinned nervously as she remembered that Spike had a thing for Rarity. “Oh yeah…I guess I might be mistaken,” she replied. Spike merely shook his head.

* * * *

Outside the party, the night was still quite peaceful. Jayden walked a good distance from Sugar Cube corner. The building was still in sight, but the noise was much fainter from where he came to rest. He craned his head up and took in the sight of the moon. A number of thoughts were swirling about in his mind. It was then that he noticed the sound of elegant hoof beats approach. Turning around he saw they belonged to Princess Celestia.

The pearl white alicorn appeared a light purple under the shroud of night. She walked up to the human. His gaze met hers. “What are you doing out here Jayden?” she asked.

He smiled at the princess. “I just needed some air. That and I came out here to think,” he answered. Jayden turned his eyes back upward.

Celestia walked around in front of him, blocking his view. “What did you come to think about?” she asked expressing a great deal of interest.

The warrior stared lightly into her magenta eyes for a moment. He then brushed a stray lock of his short blue hair out of his face. “I was just thinking about the battle today. And I was just wondering how things will go when Sarabrek returns tomorrow,” Jayden explained a sobering quality in his words.

“Are you worried?” Celestia asked.

“Yes and No. I just wonder if I truly have what it takes. There’s no telling what the warlock is planning. What if those three warriors weren’t his only henchman, or what if all of this was just a test of our might?” Jayden walked over to a nearby tree and placed his hand along the bark of its trunk.

Celestia had followed him closely. She reached out and placed her hoof lightly on his shoulder. “You must have faith in yourself. From what I saw and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy told me, you fought valiantly today. Believe in yourself!” stressed Celestia.

The human fighter placed his hand on her hoof. Gazing back at her he noticed a stray portion of her mane was partly covering her face. Jayden reached out and gently rejoined it to the rest of her mane. In the light of the moon, he could tell she still looked a bit roughed up from her battle with Sarabrek. “Thank you for your encouraging words Princess. But it looks like I’ve been rude. Here I am worrying about myself…when I should be more concerned with others…such as you. How are you doing by the way?” He asked softly brushing the once stray lock back into her colorful hair. Jayden pulled back giving the princess some space.

His sudden concern and thoughtful act made her blush. Thankfully it was hidden from him under the cover of night. Celestia stretched her wings and then neatly tucked them back. “I’m doing okay. The Senzu bean Goku gave me healed my injuries. I may looked a bit disheveled, but that’s nothing a good shower won’t fix,” she replied.

Jayden shook his head at her. “I wasn’t just speaking about your physical well-being. I was also referring to your mental health. I’ve taken more than my fair share of lumps in battle. Taking a pounding like you did is never easy. Especially the mental wounds it leaves,” he remarked.

Celestia let out a soft chuckle as she walked out from under the branches of the tree. She craned her head down and sighed. “Right now I feel like I’ve let my subjects down. Some princess I’ve turned out to be…I never knew I was so weak,” she whimpered.

Jayden walked over to the princess and placed a sympathetic hand on her back. “Don’t say that. Goku was right you know. You are amazingly powerful Celestia! Sarabrek just took you by surprise that’s all. Had you known the depths of his power, you could have taken the time to fully unleash your might against him.”

Celestia shook her head dubiously. “I’m not so sure. Would my power alone have been enough…had I the time to properly unleash it?”

The human let out a frustrated sigh. “Sadly there’s no way of knowing now. But don’t be so hard on yourself. You can’t blame yourself for all of what’s happened,” declared Jayden, now running his hand along the short velvety fur of her back.

The princess dropped to her flank and forcibly pounded her hooves on the ground. “But this is my fault! If I hadn’t imprisoned Luna in the moon, maybe Sarabrek wouldn’t have escaped. Maybe I could have found a better way of dealing with Nightmare Moon. Then perhaps none of this would have happened. Now that Sarabrek is free, anypony who suffers from his actions…it’s all on my hooves!” She exclaimed her voice teaming with dismay.

Jayden removed his hand from her back and clenched both his fists and shook his head. “There’s no point second guessing yourself now Celestia. Plus there’s no way to know if things would have turned out differently, had you not trapped Luna in the moon. For all we know, Sarabrek might have found another way out. He seems quite determined,” he noted.

The alicorn looked up at him doing her best to maintain her composure. Before she could speak, he returned to her side and began lightly running his hand along her back hoping to calm her. His dark brown eyes peered closely into hers. There were tears slowly mounting in her eyes. “I’m sorry Jayden. I must be the worse princess ever. Everypony thinks I’m so strong and commanding…and always calm and elegant under pressure. But there are just some times when it’s so hard,” cried Celestia. “They aren’t kidding when they say it’s lonely at the top. Sure my subjects love me, but there is rarely somepony there when I need someone to talk to the most. And I can’t burden my sister with this. But when everypony looks up to me…who do I turn to when I’m uncertain?” With that said, she broke down and began crying.

Jayden’s heart reached out to her. Without a single word, he placed his arms around Celestia and held her close. The princess buried her head along his shoulder as she continued to cry. This was a side of her she had never shown to anyone, not even Twilight. She hadn’t intended on sharing this with her human friend either, but their discussion broke through her defenses. It had been so long since the princess had someone to talk freely with. After his last visit to Equestria, nearly three years ago, Celestia learned that Jayden was someone she could trust. This was why she felt comfortable opening up to him. Though Celestia still felt so ashamed for not being stronger in both might and character. Jayden could sense this as he felt her body quake from her sobbing. It pained him that she was still being so hard on herself. He simply resumed running his hand along her back and softly he said, “It’s okay princess. Cry on my shoulder as long as you like. You’re not alone!”

“Th…Thank y…you Jayden,” she uttered shakily between sobs.

It was then the sound of gliding filled the air. Jayden turned his head upward and saw another familiar face. It was Princess Luna. She came in for a graceful landing and lightly trotted over to them. The dark blue alicorn noticed her sister crying. Her face quickly filled with concern. Her teal eyes quickly caught sight of Jayden. She was all too familiar with him. Luna shared the pleasure of meeting him the last time their friends from Earth had come to Equestria.

“Jayden, what are you doing here and why is my sister crying on your shoulder?” she asked. “And can you explain why all of us in Canterlot witnessed all of those violent explosions earlier?”

For a moment, the human fighter felt like he was being interrogated. Then his face softened a bit. Celestia’s tears had already begun to fade. He looked at Luna and quickly selected the highlights of the day to share with her. “Well, first off the warlock Sarabrek has returned and he’s hatching some plan for revenge. He and his henchmen attacked Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle sent her friends to Earth to bring Goku, the others and me here to help,” the human began, “Now as for your sister’s tears…”

Before he could explain or present an excuse, Celestia pulled away form him. “I’ll take care of explaining that Jayden. And thank you for being so kind,” she expressed. He just smiled at her. The elder alicorn looked at her sister. “Some things have been bothering me Luna. I guess as I talked to Jayden, I broke down,” she replied.

“Celestia, if you needed somepony to speak to, you should have told me,” expressed Luna giving her sister a big hug. “I’m always here if you need to talk. Just like you were there for me.”

“Thank you Luna. I just didn’t want to be a burden to you,” responded Celestia.

“You’re never a burden to me big sister,” replied Luna.

Luna quickly remembered they weren’t alone. The two sisters moved apart and looked at their human friend. Jayden gazed over at the younger princess and smiled. “It’s good to see you Luna. I hope you’re doing okay,” he said.

She smiled at him. “I am, aside from these disturbing developments,” Luna remarked.

“Yeah, I only wish we all were here under happier circumstances,” he uttered.

“I know what you mean,” Luna responded solemnly. “So do you need my help Celestia?”

The elder alicorn placed a hoof to her chin and took some time to think. “Yes Luna. I need you to return to Canterlot and guard the Elements of Harmony. Twilight and her friends may still need them. Plus one of us should remain to protect Canterlot. I feel as eldest, my place is here. Besides it’s thanks to my imprisoning you, that Sarabrek is free. If anypony should put themselves in harms way…then it should be me,” replied Celestia.

Luna placed a caring hoof on her sister’s shoulder. “Please don’t blame yourself for what has happened. We must all share the blame. I will abide by your wishes my sister and protect the Elements and Canterlot. Just…please take care of yourself! I don’t know what I’d ever do if I’d lose you,” replied the younger princess.

“Luna,” uttered Celestia.

Jayden placed a hand on Luna’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Luna! Goku is here! And I will also do everything I can to watch over your sister! And don’t forget about Twilight and her amazing friends! We’ll all do our best! Count on it!” he declared boldly.

Luna smiled placing her hoof on his arm. “Thank you Jayden,” she replied.

Celestia joined them in smiling. “Now come dear sister. Before you go, why don’t you stay and enjoy our party for a little.”

The dark blue alicorn nodded. “Sure.”

Jayden waved farewell to them as they departed. He then resumed gazing up at the moon. His talk with Celestia had helped.

* * * *

On their way back to the party, Luna and Celestia passed Fluttershy. The pegasus quickly whisked past them. The two looked back, watching her trot away. “I wonder where she’s going in such a hurry?” asked Luna.

“Who knows,” replied her sister.

As the princesses drew nearer to the party, they happened upon Twilight Sparkle. The lavender unicorn was standing by a small stream. Her purple eyes were trained along the glistening mirror of the water. Princess Celestia walked over to her devoted pupil. “What’s wrong Twilight?” she asked with concern.

The unicorn let out a heavy sigh. Then she said, “Oh I was just wondering if I could have done a better job against the invaders. I used to think my powers were great…and that there was nothing I couldn’t do. But now I’m not so sure.”

Celestia chuckled softly. “It sounds like you are going through the same dilemma I was experiencing, while I was speaking with Jayden,” she explained.

Twilight looked at her mentor quite curiously. “What? Why would you question your abilities…” The unicorn’s voice quickly dropped off. It was then that she recalled Celestia’s battle with Sarabrek and the horrific beating he gave her. Twilight swallowed hard from reliving that terrible memory. “Forget I said it. I just remembered your battle with the warlock.”

“Then you understand. Even someone as strong as I am, will eventually meet their match,” stated Celestia. “But don’t be too hard on yourself Twilight. We are all facing powerful foes. Even Goku and his friends are concerned about the coming battle.”

“Gosh, but they’re all so powerful. Compared to them, I’m just a washed up student,” said Twilight speaking grimly.

Luna shook her head and remarked, “Don’t say such things Twilight. I know you did your best against impossible odds. Besides as long as we stand firm, and fight for what we hold dear…then do any of us really have anything to be ashamed of?”

Celestia smiled warmly at her sister. “Well said Luna. Now come on Twilight. Why don’t you join us at the party? Maybe spending time with your friends will help you clear your troubled mind,” the elder princess suggested.

Twilight smiled as she rose to her hooves. “All right.” The three made their way to Sugar Cube Corner, ready to join in the festivities.

* * * *

Meanwhile, Jayden continued gazing at the stars. His thoughts no longer dwelled on the impeding battle. Rather he stood there marveling at Luna’s handy work. The princess of the night has done an amazing job bringing out an inspirational vista.

The sound of approaching hooves met his ears. At first the human wondered if Luna or Celestia was returning. However, as he focused on the sound, Jayden noticed the gait was different from either princess. There was just a slight hesitation in between steps. For a moment he wondered if they belonged to Fluttershy. Of course he had no idea why she would come all that way just to see him. That was when he flashed back.


The yellow pegasus walked over to him. She smiled at him lightly turning her head to the side. “Go get him Jayden,” she said softly.

He chuckled lightly and then said, “You bet I will!” Then Fluttershy stood up on her hind legs and placed her hooves against his chest. She reached over and lightly kissed his cheek. Jayden gasped from surprise. “Fluttershy…?” He uttered quizzically.

She returned to all fours and blushed deeply. Turning her head away she shyly said, “For luck.”

Jayden lightly touched his hand to the cheek that had just been kissed. He removed his hand and looked at it and then glanced at the cute pegasus. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Thank you Fluttershy.” The human firmly gripped his sword and swiftly returned to the battlefield.


The warrior placed his hand on the cheek she had kissed again. Then he realized if those hoof falls belonged to Fluttershy, there actually was a reason why she had come to see him. He looked in the direction the sound was originating from. There his eyes met Fluttershy. It really was her. She happily trotted over to him.

“Fluttershy,” he said.

The pony greeted him with a gentle smile. “There you are Jayden. I’ve been looking all over for you,” she replied.

“You have,” he spoke feeling oddly surprised.

She closed her eyes and continued to smile as she walked closer to him. “I have. The party just didn’t seem to be the same without you there,” Fluttershy noted.

He returned her smile and chuckled softly. “That’s nice of you to say. So did you want to talk or something?” asked her human friend.

“It doesn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to spend some time with you…uh if you don’t mind,” she said in a somewhat coy manner.

Jayden continued to smile at her. “No I don’t mind…not at all. Would you like to talk and continue our conversation from back on Earth?” he inquired thoughtfully.

Fluttershy’s wings rose up and her smile grew. “Oh yes, please,” she replied in a manner he found extremely adorable.

“Come on then,” he said motioning to her. Jayden walked over to the nearby tree he had stopped by earlier. He sat down near its trunk under its full leaf covered branches. The kind warrior patted the grass beside him. “Here Fluttershy, why don’t you have a seat?”

The pegasus folded her wings back and elegantly sat herself down beside him. She joined him in gazing at the night sky. “It sure is a lovely night,” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” he agreed. Jayden looked over at her. There was something he wanted to speak to her about. That kiss…I just can’t get it out of my mind. I hope she won’t be too shy too talk about it, he thought. “Hey Fluttershy…can I ask you something?”

The butter yellow pegasus lowered her head and turned it to look at him. “What is it Jayden?” she asked.

“Earlier today…when you kissed me…I know you said it was for luck…but what made you decide to do that in the first place? I’m just curious,” he replied.

Her cheeks immediately turned red, she had been wondering if that would come back to haunt her. Though the human’s tone didn’t seem to be remotely upset. “Well Jayden…this is a little hard for me to say…especially since I’m quite shy as you know.”

The warrior nodded. “Yeah I know, but go ahead…please.”

She smiled sweetly at him. “Since you were last here…almost three years ago, I realized something. Jayden I really, really like you! Maybe I even more than like you…I just know I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you as of late,” she replied blushing even deeper.

Jayden lightly patted her on the head. “I think I know what you’re getting at Fluttershy. I have to admit, while I was here last time I became quite fond of you as well. But I never really gave any thought to there being more than just friendship between us,” he answered.

Fluttershy felt her heart drop. She lowered her head and turned it away. “I knew it,” she responded. “Looks like I have no better luck with humans than I do with stallions. I guess I just wasn’t meant to have a special somepony.”

The human heard the anguish in her words. He also noticed her declining demeanor. “Now hold on Fluttershy. Don’t give up that easily. I merely said I never gave the matter any thought. I never said I wasn’t interested at all,” he declared with a smile.

Her face lit up with intrigue. “Then does that mean you like me?” She asked giving him hopeful eyes.

“Well think back to when I held you earlier today…back on Earth,” he remarked.

Her mouth dropped open. “That’s right, you touched my mane…rather affectionately…didn’t you,” gasped Fluttershy, not behaving quite as reserved as she normally did.

Jayden smiled at her again. “I did. You know Fluttershy, I am very fond of you. I’m just not sure of the implications involved in being with a pony. Though the idea is intriguing. The thought of doing something so out of the ordinary…kind of makes me feel like a rebel,” he remarked chuckling happily.

She giggled at him thoughtfully. “So then you do like me,” said Fluttershy. He turned and nodded at her. The mare let out a soft sigh. “I’m glad.”

The adorable pegasus moved closer to him. Jayden placed his right arm around her and light caressed her silky pink mane. Fluttershy let out another sigh. “I have to say Fluttershy, sitting here with you like this doesn’t seem odd, in fact it’s quite relaxing,” he replied.

She giggled again. “You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that. But what do we do now?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

“I don’t know. I guess like most new things…we’ll have to take it one day at a time and see where it goes. For now why don’t we just sit here and look at the stars together?” he suggested.

“That sounds nice,” replied the jubilant pony.

Jayden sat there with Fluttershy gazing up at the night vista. A new series of thoughts strolled about in his head. I must be losing my mind. Why am I falling for a pony? But more importantly…why does being here with Fluttershy feel so right? He wondered. Sitting there the answers just seemed to elude him, but for the moment he didn’t really care.

* * * *

The end of Snake Way stood silent. Not far from the road’s end, was a tiny little planet. It was the home of Goku’s former teacher, the great King Kai. A new day was beginning for the wise galaxy overseer. He stepped outside his house to check on the north quadrant. His antennas jumped softly as he began sensing around for any changes in residual energy readings. Then his feelers got a strong tingle.

“Huh?” he lightly gasped turning around. The blue skin teacher noticed a big spike in power. “What in the universe? Why am I getting a strong vibe from Equestria? That planet has been quite for quite some time now. Hmmm.” King Kai placed a puzzled hand to his chin. Then his antennas sensed a familiar presence. His eyes widened. “Why is Goku’s energy signal coming from Equestria?!” At first he thought he might be mistaken, so he decided to take a closer look at the pony world. In a moment he confirmed that it was indeed his old pupil’s power he had sensed. “Hmmm, I guess the only way to find out why Goku is there…is to contact him.

* * * *

Morning had dawned on the quiet battle ravaged town of Ponyville. The two princesses had done their sacred tasks of switching the celestial bodies. Goku, his friends and the ponies has all partied long into the night. They were all sleeping in Sugar Cube Corner. Twilight and her friends had gathered pillows, sleeping bags and blankets for those who wished to sleep at the sweet shop. The Cakes didn’t mind offering their heroes a place to rest. It was the least they could do.

Goku was laying half off his sleeping bag, his cover loosely covering him, and his head was nowhere near his pillow. The warrior was cranking out a series of loud Z’s. That was when the silence was shattered. “Goku! This is King Kai calling! Are you there?” asked his former teacher.

Goku slowly began to awaken. He heard the familiar voice call out to him. “Aww come on King Kai, just give me five more minutes,” groaned Goku.

Jayden heard his friend’s voice and awoke. To his surprise he wasn’t alone in his sleeping bag. Fluttershy was curled up next to him. Before he fell asleep, she walked over to him and said she couldn’t sleep, so he offered to let her crash with him. The whole concept still seemed a little odd to him, but he was quickly coming around.

“Goku! Wake up would you!” shouted King Kai. “I really need to talk to you!”

Fluttershy startled awake when she heard the voice shout. “Oh my goodness,” she gasped. She looked up and saw she was still with Jayden. “Good morning Jayden. What’s going on?”

“I think King Kai is trying to call Goku,” said her human friend. Jayden looked over at a clock and saw it read quarter of eight. “Oh come on King Kai! It’s still early, let us sleep,” groused Jayden.

“Jayden is that you?” asked the teacher.

“Yes it is.”

“I’m sorry to wake all of you but this can’t wait,” stressed King Kai.

Goku sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Okay I’m up, I’m up. What’s the matter King Kai? I haven’t even had breakfast yet,” growled Goku.

King Kai chuckled. “There you go thinking with your stomach again. Anyway what are you doing in Equestria?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right I’m not on Earth. Man, I must have partied a little to hard last night,” said the saiyan placing a nervous arm behind his head. “I’m here to help the ponies fight some evil warlock calling himself Sarabrek.”

Everyone in the room had begun waking up and heard the conversation. They all heard King Kai gasp with dread. “Oh no…not Sarabrek!”

Goku felt confused for a moment. “Wait you know about him?” asked Goku.

“I’m sorry to say I do Goku. And if he’s on Equestria…you are all in grave danger!” he replied.

Goku stood there still scratching his head. How does his old teacher know about his newest foe? And more importantly why does he seem so afraid for them? Stay tuned for scenes for the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Next Episode Preview:

Hey everyone this is Goku! You won’t want to miss the next action packed episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”! After King Kai tells us about Sarabrek, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna tell us about their amazing battle with the warlock! Then we all make preparations for his return. And at high noon Sarabrek is true to his word. What’s more it seems that he has his sight set on me! Sarabrek unleashes some strange new spell, but it doesn’t seem like it’s anything to worry about…and what’s this? Just who are these new henchmen he seems to be summoning…and why is there something familiar about them? Make sure you don’t miss the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 6 - “Peculiar Tactics”

Episode 6 - "Peculiar Tactics"

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Author's Note: Starting with this episode, I will be including links to the popular BGMs from the Dragon Ball Z English series, the songs amazingly done by the talented Bruce Faulconer! They are completely "optional", but I think they'll help add to the story. To listen while you read - middle click or right click and open them in a new tab. One last thing, I will be giving them names that fit the scene they are being used in (some will keep their original name, ie: Vegeta's Theme will be listed as "Vegeta's Theme"). The actual YouTube link will of course have the track's original name. Enjoy and please accept my sincerest apologies for not updating this in so long. - Jaydex

Dragon Ball Pony Z

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Last time on "Dragon Ball Pony Z"...

The ponies and their friends from Earth enjoyed feasting and partying at Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie and Goku helped themselves to quite a pile of sweets. Meanwhile, Jayden was outside contemplating the coming battle and was paid a visit from Princess Celestia. The two had a lengthy conversation and the princess broke down, revealing just how heavy the burden of leadership had been weighing on her elegant back. Jayden comforted the princess, telling her not to be so hard on herself. Then, Princess Luna arrived on the scene. She was curious about the explosions that had been witnessed by the ponies in Canterlot. The younger princess also wanted to know why Jayden was there and why her sister was in tears. Following a satisfaction explanation, she joined Celestia heading back to the party. On the way the two princesses encountered a troubled Twilight Sparkle. She too had begun questioning her abilities. Following some words of encouragement, Twilight joined the two alicorns at the party. And, as Jayden continued to study the sky, Fluttershy arrived hoping to spend some time with him. The two sat under a nearby tree, and the human learned why the cute pegasus had kissed him. It turns out, she had developed powerful feelings for him. To Fluttershy’s delight, she found that he had strong feelings for her as well. The next morning Goku and his friends were ripped form their sleep by an urgent call from King Kai. The martial arts master wanted to know why the saiyan was in Equestria. When he learned it was to face the warlock Sarabrek – King Kai filled with dread. But why is he so afraid of this villain? Find out as the story continues!

Episode 6:
“Peculiar Tactics”

Play BGM - "King Kai"

Goku continued to scratch his head in disbelief. He could hardly believe that his old teacher found the warlock to be so terrifying. “Come on King Kai. What’s so bad about Sarabrek? His henchmen are nothing but rookies. I sensed that he has a lot of power, but I doubt he’s stronger than me,” he remarked with confidence.

“I’m not so sure Goku. He is unlike any opponent you have ever fought. Sarabrek is a powerful spellbinder, who relies on his magic. While his body is physically weaker than yours is my friend, that isn’t the part that worries me…it’s his mind. He’s even more devious than Frieza,” explained King Kai, a distinct dread clinging to his every word.

“Come on, you worry too much,” groaned Goku.

Piccolo gave King Kai’s words some thought and he seemed to lean toward Goku on this matter. “I have to agree with Goku on this one King Kai. I’ve seen what Sarabrek can do, and I’m not impressed,” remarked Piccolo.

“Maybe you aren’t impressed right now, but just wait till he gets serious. Or didn’t you ever wonder why he was imprisoned before?” asked King Kai.

The saiyan placed a hand on his chin. “Hmm now that you mention it, I am somewhat curious. But is he really as bad as you say?” Goku asked dubiously.

King Kai cleared his throat, and explained in a worried voice, “He was originally known as a conqueror of galaxies. He’s a sinister being who quests for greater power. While I know that’s nothing new to you, given your track record with villains, but this one is a real lunatic. I’m not sure why he’s on Equestria, but he must have some good reason.”

It was then that the two princesses entered the room. Princess Celestia recognized the galaxy overseer’s voice. “Is that you King Kai?” she asked.

“Huh?” gasped King Kai. “Princess Celestia, is that you?”

“It is and it’s been a while,” she replied.

King Kai chuckled, “You’re right it has been a while. But I’m sorry to say things look particularly grim for you.”

The white alicorn closed her eyes and sighed. “Then you know about Sarabrek,” she remarked.

“Yes, I’m sorry to say that I do. And Goku doesn’t seem to see the danger he represents. You and Luna would know better than anyone else about Sarabrek,” King Kai noted with assurance.

The princess nodded. “Yes, it was Luna and I who defeated him over 1,900 years ago,” answered Celestia.

Goku’s eyes widened as he heard her talk to his old teacher. “Wait a minute, King Kai, you and the princess know each other?” He asked in awe.

Celestia giggled softly. “Why yes, we go way back, don’t we King Kai,” she replied.

The instructor snickered for a moment, “That’s right. In fact the princess used to really like my jokes.”

“What?!” gasped Piccolo finding it hard to believe that anyone would like the old man’s jokes.

“Don’t look so shocked Piccolo. Some of his jokes were really funny…though that was a few centuries ago,” she admitted. Clearing her throat, Celestia continued, “But it might help you understand what you’re up against, Goku, if I were to tell you what happened when Luna and I fought Sarabrek.”

The saiyan moved closer to the princess and nodded. “Yes, that would be useful. Maybe I am taking Sarabrek too lightly,” Goku admitted.

Luna stood beside her sister. A cold and serious expression now clung to her once kind and welcoming façade. “It was a very dark time for Equestria,” Luna remarked solemnly.

Play BGM - "Long Flash Back"

“Luna is quite right. I’ll never forget the day he arrived. His appearance was similar to that of the humans who once called our world home. Only he was pure evil. He and his henchmen tore through the streets of Canterlot, viciously attacking everypony they came in contact with,” Celestia’s words fell off as she paused to collect her thoughts.

Her sister could glimpse the dreadful expression on her face as she began recalling that harrowing event. Twilight and her friends joined the conversation, also eager to learn more about this sinister foe.

Twilight looked over at Luna. “Is Princess Celestia going to be okay?”

Luna smiled back at Twilight, and replied, “She’ll be fine. This is just a memory we’d both rather forget, but alas…we cannot.”

“My apologies,” uttered Celestia, “I needed to focus on the details. It was just terrible. After the day of his arrival, Sarabrek made his intentions clear. He wanted us to either submit to his will or perish. There was no way we could give in to his demands, so we resisted. As we mounted a counter-offensive, he seemed to take a strong interest in the area that has now become Ponyville. Back then it was a mostly barren field surrounded on three sides by the outskirts of the neighboring forests. I still don’t know why he seemed so fascinated with that area. But I digress.” She paused to clear her throat, “The battle lasted for months. Dozens of ponies had died, and he and his henchmen remained ever unscathed, that was, until the heroic descendant of Apollo Might – Apollo Wing took to the battle. Armed with a mystical blade, he used his pegasus might to buy us some needed time. You see, Luna and I faced him several times, but sadly we could never to seem to overcome his magic. That’s when we decided to fight fire with fire. Our powers weren't enough, but Canterlot possessed a legacy that just might help us. We scoured the books of Starswirl the Bearded, until we finally found a spell that just might work.”

While Celestia paused to catch her breath, Goku continued giving her words serious thought. Placing his hand upon his chin, he nodded, “So the spell you found was the one that sealed him away, then.”

Celestia looked over at him. “Yes. After learning how to use the spell, Luna and I returned to the battle. Apollo Wing had managed to neutralize Sarabrek’s henchmen, but he didn’t fair so well against the warlock, one on one. By the time we arrived, Apollo had been knocked unconscious. Regardless…Luna and I were not about to give up…”


Fires burned across the once peaceful land of Equestria. Canterlot had suffered greatly at the hand of Sarabrek. Much of the town had been leveled. Fires burned furiously, matching the feeling of dread that seemed to cling in the very air. Flames also decorated the lower levels and several of the towering spires of the castle.

The warlock hovered in the air, high above the palace, grinning gleefully, as the two princesses arrived, determined to end this.

Play BGM - "Luna and Celestia Fight Sarabrek"

“So, you two have come for another round of pain, eh?” snickered Sarabrek.

“Still thy tongue naïve!” bellowed a vexed Princess Luna. “We shall not allow thee to have thy way any longer!”

“You are correct dear sister. The pain you have caused our people…we shall make you greatly regret!”

Sarabrek broke out into hysterical laughter at their bravado. Grasping his staff, he leered his soulless hate-filled eyes at them. “You talk big, but you two have yet to put me in my place. I’ve won all three of our battles so far. I doubt the fourth will avail you,” he grinned.

“Silence!” shouted Luna, unleashing a powerful bolt of lightning from her horn. It took the warlock by surprised, and jolted his lean body violently.

“Argh!” he grunted in pain. His staff slipped out of his hands, and spun to rest, clanging as it landed on a nearby balcony.

“Ha-ha! Thou hath been unarmed! Now we shall make thee pay!” snarled Luna, glowering at her foe.

A smirk formed on Celestia’s lips as she joined Luna in showing disdain for their enemy. “You are right dear sister. Hath thou any last words, before we vanquish thee?”

“Oh please, do you two think I’m powerless, just because you temporarily deprived me of my staff? Here, let me show you how much you’ve hampered my magic!” he asserted fearlessly.

Placing his hands together, he focused his sinister power into them. A sphere of dark purple energy began to form, growing to roughly three times the size of his hands. It crackled with magical bolts as he aimed it at Princess Luna. “How’s this for powerless!” he taunted, hurling the sphere at her.

Luna prepared to dodge, but the speed of the attack was too great, and it quickly collided with her. The force behind it sent her flying into the side of one of the castle towers. It exploded with a violent flash. Luna rolled out from under the blast, falling with a thud, along the nearby balcony, the same one where Sarabrek’s staff had landed. The attack had lightly singed her, leaving a fading series of smoke trails billowing up from her body.

“Luna!” cried Celestia. “Thou will seriously regret that!” she growled bitterly. The princess’s eyes lit up with a brilliant white glow, while she quickly began channeling power to her horn. Beating her wings against the air, she dashed at the warlock. Her speed was incredible and before Sarabrek could react, Celestia drove her right hoof into his face.

The force of her attack struck with such ferocity, that a combination of blood and spit flew from her opponent’s mouth. Sarabrek quickly used his short-range teleport spell to slip behind her. He placed his hand on his left cheek, groaning in pain. “Not bad Celestia…not bad at all. But I am hardly beaten by…Wha!?”

Before Sarabrek could react, Celestia unleashed a powerful burst of sun energy at him. The blast struck him and sent him sailing toward the same tower he had thrust Luna against. He smashed into the floor of the balcony, nearly collapsing it. Thankfully, Luna was far enough back from the edge that she was safe.

Celestia flew in close to see if she had succeeded in stopping Sarabrek. A cloud of smoke and debris clung to the edge of the balcony, obstructing her vision. As it cleared, she could make out his fallen body, but was he dead?

The warlock twitched and grunted softly, clenching his right fist tightly. He rose back onto his feet and stared up at the sun princess, bearing her a look of bitter disgust. “You…” he fumed, “You won’t get away with this! I’ll…I’ll kill you for that!!” Sarabrek began seething with anger as he eyed his fallen staff. Reaching out his right hand, he used his magic to draw it back into his grasp. Gripping it forcefully, he look at Celestia and then over to the fallen Luna. A devious grin enveloped his face as he looked back to the eldest pony. His staff crackled with a deep red energy as he trained it on Celestia. A sphere of matching energy began surrounding her body.

“What art thou…?” she gasped, beginning to panic.

“For all the pain you have caused me…I shall respond…in kind!” he snarled bitterly. Then he violently cast his staff toward the wall of the tower, beside its door. The power grasping Celestia threw her toward the wall, rapidly gaining speed, until finally she collided, smashing through the side of the structure. She rolled to rest onto the elegant marble floor within.

“Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!” laughed Sarabrek as he floated into the room through the hole made by Celestia. He cast his eyes down upon her. The princess tried to return to her feet, but was unable to. “Well now, how the mighty have fallen. I thought you were stronger than this, Celestia. Oh well, since this is now my world…none shall mourn your passing…lest I send them to join you!”

Celestia looked up at him, sweat dripping from her crown. She panted heavily for air, trying her best to return to her hooves, but she had taken a hefty blow, and needed time to properly perform her healing magic – time she knew Sarabrek would not afford her. “It can’t end like this,” she whimpered in frustration.

“Ah but as they say, “All good things, must come to an end!” And your time…is now!” declared Sarabrek, aiming his staff at her.

“NEVER!” cried Luna! She came galloping into the room and slid to a halt in front of her fallen sister. The pale purple alicorn stood her ground, charging magic into her horn, while a single tear ran from her left eye.

Her weary state left the warlock in stitches. “You think in your damaged condition that you can stop me?” he asked.

“We doth not care what thou doith to us! But we shall not allow thee to harm our dear sister!” Luna shouted dauntlessly. Her horn hit its apex of power, and her eyes illuminated with white light as she cast off a powerful energy blast at the warlock.

“What?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Roared Sarabrek as the powerful attack slammed into him sending him flying out of the room, skidding to rest on the crumbling balcony.

Luna quickly turned to Celestia. Additional tears began welling up in her worried teal eyes. “Sister, art thou okay? Please…say something to us,” the younger sister pleaded.

Celestia groaned softly as she opened her magenta eyes. Looking up, she caught the sight of Luna. “Sister…why art thou crying?”

Luna wiped her eyes and said, “They are but tears of joy, dear sister. Can thou heal us with thy magic?”

The elder sister carefully rose to her hooves, standing rather shakily. “We shall try,” she remarked. Celestia channeled power into her horn. A golden light shown is beauty as it sparkled from her forehead and showered along her and Luna, gracing them with Celestia’s recovery magic.

Their wounds began to heal, allowing them to stand more firmly. The bruises and cuts faded from their bodies, and the two were now able to fight again.

Celestia looked out to the balcony, then back to her sister. “Did thou stop him?”

Luna shook her head, “No, we only managed to momentarily stay him. He will most likely be back on his feet, very soon. We must be ready. If we art to use that spell, we best use it now…or never.”

“We agree dear sister. Come let us put an end to this!” remarked a determined Celestia.

Luna followed her back outside to the balcony. There was no sign of Sarabrek…was he gone? No, a sinister cackle drew their focus upward. There, hovering in the air once more, was the warlock.

“Well now, I see you two are fighting fit again. But I grow weary of this battle. I say it’s time I put an end to you two,” he snarled with disdain.

Play BGM - "Casting Starswirl's Spell"

“No, it is you who shall be slain!” growled Celestia. “Sister…now!”

The two princesses took to the sky, flapping their majestic wings, quickly gaining altitude. Sarabrek continue to laugh mockingly, while he began charging more dark energy into his staff. “It matters not what you try…my power is beyond yours! And now…this farce comes to an end!” he grinned.

The horns of the two princesses began beaming brightly with magical power. They took up positions hovering several yards from their opponent. The warlock gripped his staff, leering at them. Suddenly, their bodies began glowing in sync with their horns. The two seemed to have slipped into an almost trance-like state. Their eyes opened, filled with a resonating light. Focusing their horns at him, they unleashed powerful magic beams, which sailed majestically to their target, striking Sarabrek in his abdomen.

Their attack took him by surprise, and try as he might, the evildoer could not conjure a counter-spell. “Argh! What…are you doing…to me?!” he gasped in fear. His body began to quake as bolts of crimson energy started crackled across him. They seemed to be emanating from his center. A few seconds passed, and four prominent bolts began streaking from his belly, wrapping around behind him. “Rarrrrghh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! What…strange magic is this?!” wailed Sarabrek as he continued trying to use his power to defend himself, but to no avail.

“Okay Luna, that’s should do it,” remarked Celestia. The two alicorns ceased their beams, and remained aloft, while the spell they cast did its work.

“Sister, hath we done it?” Luna wondered.

“We are not sure,” Celestia replied, watching on in awe.

The four bolts of energy converged on a single point behind Sarabrek, and began tearing a rift in the dimensional fabric. A portal quickly formed, and began exerting a powerful suction upon its target. “What?!”

From the ground below, Sarabrek’s henchmen arrived on the scene, having come to. “Master! What is happening to you?” called Beelzon.

“I don’t know, but it seems as though I’m being drawn into some sort of dimensional vortex…and I’m powerless to stop it! Arggggghh!” he groaned, unable to resist the pull of the portal.

“Hang on master! We’re coming!” yelled his loyal second in command. The three took to the air, bound for their leader.

“No, you fools! You’ll be drawn in, too! Stay back!” he warned adamantly. It was too late. Bolts of matching crimson energy reached out and surrounded his loyal minions, sucking them into the rift, moments before it finally overpowered the warlock. Nearly three-quarters of his body had been pulled into the rift as he leered bitterly at the two princesses. While clutching his staff in his left hand, he cast his right hand forward and declared, “I won’t forget this! You haven’t seen…the last…of… Meeeeeeeeeee!!” His voice slipped away, as he finally succumbed to the pull of the portal, being drawn completely inside. Then, in mere moments, it sealed itself and vanished…as though it had never been there at all.

“It is done!” declared Celestia. “Luna, we hath finally done it!”

“We have, dear sister. The nightmare is finally over,” Luna remarked, wiping a hoof across her sweating forehead.


Play BGM - "King Kai"

“And that’s how we narrowly managed to defeat Sarabrek,” Celestia remarked, concluding her amazing tale.

Goku stood there for several seconds, blinking in astonishment. He placed a hand on his chin, and looked over at Celestia. “Wow, that was quite a story,” he nodded.

“Yes,” began Celestia, “Had it not been for that spell of Starswirl’s, it’s most likely that Luna and I would have lost…and Sarabrek would have fulfilled his plans, from so long ago.”

“Fascinating,” uttered Piccolo. He snickered softly, “It’s kind of ironic. That portal that swallowed Sarabrek…it reminds me of the one to the Dead Zone that Garlic Jr. was sucked into. You think villains would learn that power alone doesn’t guarantee victory.”

Luna glanced over at the Namekian. “That is very true. I’m just glad the spell we used, was successful. His power was so incredible…even back then.”

Vegeta stood, leaning against a nearby wall, with his arms crossed. He kicked his right foot against the floor and scoffed. “I still don’t think he’s anything to be overly worried about. But…I am curious. How did that spell work on him? You said he was unable to use his own magic to counter it…why?” asked the saiyan prince.

Celestia smiled over at him and chuckled faintly. “It was the nature of Starswirl’s spell. You see...the spell was designed to draw energy out of its target and use that power to open a portal to a dimensional prison. So as most of Sarabrek’s power bled out, it opened the gateway that sealed his own fate,” she explained.

Vegeta laughed at the irony. “So, you used his own power against him. While I don’t put much stock in wizards or magic…I have to admire this Starswirl. He must have had the mind of a true tactician…something I can certainly respect.”

“Vegeta,” muttered Twilight. Again he seemed to fail to live up to Goku’s stories about the arrogant prince of their nearly extinct race.

“Whoa!” gasped Goku. “That’s some spell, but doesn’t it seem a little dark and overpowered for your ponies.”

Luna walked closer to Goku and nodded, “Yes, it does seem that way. But you must understand. Long ago, Equestria wasn’t always as peaceful as it is today. During the frontier times, it was plagued by evil. Back when that spell was created…Equestria was facing the tyranny of villains such as Ghastaloom, Discord, Pralithia and Dargoss. That’s why such powerful spells were necessary.”

Crossing his arms, Goku nodded as it all started making sense. Before he could respond, the voice of King Kai filled the air, “A valid point, but we are starting to digress a bit. Anyway, now that you’ve heard more about Sarabrek, I hope you understand why his presence has me so concerned.”

“I do King Kai,” replied Goku, in a somber tone.

“Then, does that mean you’re going to leave him alone and respect my wishes?” asked his old teacher.

“Here it comes,” uttered Vegeta.

Goku simply shook his head, “Sorry King Kai, but I’m already here…and so is Sarabrek. Our paths have already crossed. Besides, if I leave Equestria now, I’ll be abandoning the ponies to his mercy, which he is without. No, I won’t leave my friends!”

“Spoken like a true saiyan!” Vegeta added, with a satisfied grin.

King Kai let out a forlorn sigh. “I had a feeling you were going to say that. But then again, that’s what I’ve always liked about you, Goku. No matter the challenge life places before you…you always seem ready to face it head on, even if your chances for victory are slim.”

Krillin snickered. “That sure sounds like Goku. Whether its aliens, monsters, demons or even androids, he’ll face them all head on.”

Goku chuckled over at his friend. “You’re right Krillin, but I almost always have help. Even now…I know I wouldn’t feel as confident, without having all of you here…and that goes for you ponies as well. I know from our battle against Traxnor that you know how to handle yourselves in a fight,” he noted with confidence.

“Goku,” uttered Twilight giving him a joyful smile.

The others remained quiet, leaving an eerie silence hang in the air.

“Well, it sounds like your mind is made up,” said King Kai, “I’ll keep an eye on you, and if I should think of anything, I’ll be sure to contact you. I know I don’t have to tell you to be careful, Goku. But I do hope you and your friends will take care.”

“Don’t worry King Kai, we will,” avowed Goku.

“Then, till later,” he uttered, as his voice faded into silence.

“So then, Kakarot…care to practice a little? We have several hours till Sarabrek will be returning,” remarked Vegeta.

Goku nodded, and replied, “Sure, I could use a good workout…” His words trailed off as the sound of his stomach growling filled the room. “Uh, do you mind if we eat first? I don’t like to train on an empty stomach.”

Vegeta facepalmed, “Oh come on Kakarot. Just when you have me convinced you really are a true saiyan, then you go and pull stunts like this.”

“I can’t help it. When I’m hungry, I need to eat,” he grinned.

* * * *

As the morning passed slowly, the Cakes were kind enough to prepare a large and filling brunch for their guests.

Then the hour began quickly approaching noon. The others had done their best to prepare for the return of their foe. The residents of Ponyville had returned to the shelters set up in Sweet Apple Acres, hoping they could survive whatever storm was about to be unleashed upon their once peaceful town. Princess Luna said her farewells to Princess Celestia, as the younger sister returned to watch over Canterlot and the sacred Elements of Harmony, which still may be needed in the coming battle.

There was nearly fifteen minutes till the warlock would arrive. The ponies chatted with their friends from Earth as the seconds began ticking away.

Goku stood, facing the last direction they had seen Sarabrek, not even twenty-four hours ago. It was then that the sound of hooves patting along the grass met the saiyan’s ears. Turning his head, he saw Derpy walk up beside him.

She smiled at the lofty warrior and said, “Hi Goku!”

He grinned, being all too familiar with her. “Hey Derpy! How’s it going?” he asked.

“All right, I guess. Given what’s happening,” she replied happily.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Goku patter her head, smiling again. Then he grinned, “Say, you don’t’ happen to have any muffins on you, do you?”

“As a matter of fact…I do,” giggled Derpy, reaching into her saddlebag. She fished out a chocolate chip muffin. “Here you go.”

Goku reached down and grasped the muffin, eyeing it up hungrily. “Gee, thanks a bunch, Derpy! This looks so yummy!”

“You’re welcome!” she smiled.

The saiyan prince watched as Goku devoured the pastry. “Honestly Kakarot, you can think of muffins at a time like this?! The fate of Equestria is about to be decided and all you can worry about is your stomach! Argh, I sometimes forget that you’re a saiyan warrior. All I know, is once this warlock is dealt with…you’re next!” Vegeta bellowed angrily.

“Come on Vegeta. I don’t always think of food. But Derpy makes great muffins, and I want to be ready. But don’t worry, once this is over, I promise we’ll have our rematch,” Goku assured his rival.

“Good. I’m tired of feeling like I’m the laughing stock of our race,” Vegeta groused, stomping off toward a small group of trees.

Twilight looked over at Goku, “What is his problem, anyway? Just when I think you’re wrong a bout him, he does stuff like this.”

“Believe me Twilight, I wish he were different, too. I think he’s afraid of ruining his image as a proud saiyan. That and I think the thought of being one of the “good guys” scares him,” Goku replied with a chuckle.

“A pity,” Twilight sighed.

“Tell me about it,” added Goku.

“There you are Twilight,” called a familiar voice.

The unicorn turned around, and discovered Trixie standing behind her. She smiled gleefully at the blue unicorn and her good friend, while she walked over to her and shared a friendly hug. “How are you, Trixie? I kept losing you in the crowd last night, at the party,” Twilight replied.

“That’s okay. I had a lot on my mind anyway,” Trixie remarked.


“Yeah, I still can’t believe that warlock’s lackeys got the best of us,” she sighed, sagging her head.

Twilight joined Trixie in drooping her head and her ears. “I know what you mean. It was quite humbling. I guess we’re not as strong as we thought,” admitted Twilight, shaking her head. “Huh?” startled Twilight, as she felt a caring hand rest along her back. Turning her head, she was greeted by the kind face of Goku.

The saiyan softly stroked the velvety fur on her back, “Don’t doubt yourselves. Twilight, you and Trixie are very strong! Sarabrek just took all of you by surprise. But that’s how he works, he thrives on the unexpected. That’s what makes him dangerous. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll do better this time. Even a villain like Sarabrek has his limits. And together, I know we’ll stop him!”

Twilight smiled, “Thank you Goku. So Trixie, you ready to help show this villain a thing or two?”

Trixie blinked at Goku and then gazed over at Twilight. She nodded. “Yes, we’ll show him who’s the boss. And then he’ll know what it means to face the Great and Powerful Trixie!” she grinned confidently.

“That’s the sprit!” shouted Goku, swinging his arm enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, as the others chatted, Jayden stood beside Fluttershy. He could tell that from the way she was shaking, and the forlorn look in her cyan eyes, something was clearly troubling her. The concerned human softly placed his hand on her shoulder.

She jumped slightly, “Huh?!” Turning her head, she saw it was him. Fluttershy smiled at Jayden, but the look of worry remained on her face.

“Fluttershy…are you okay?” he asked, with a strong note of sympathy in his voice.

“I’m fine…I guess,” she uttered back to him.

“Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Jayden asked, leaning closer to her.

The pegasus bit her lower lip, then she leaned forcefully against him. “Oh Jayden, even though you, Goku and all the others are here, and even while we have the Elements of Harmony…I just wish we didn’t have to fight, and that Sarabrek would just go away,” she answered, a notable quiver in her words.

Jayden placed his hand along her silky pink mane and began softly stroking it. He sighed quietly, and said, “I’d like that too, Fluttershy. But I’m afraid our only choice is to fight. And judging from the look in Goku’s eyes, I know he still longs for a peaceful way out of this, but he knows there won’t be one. That’s why he offered Sarabrek a chance to surrender and leave, yesterday.”

“Yeah, I know, Jayden…but I don’t like to fight. I don’t want to hurt anyone, or see any of my friends hurt,” she whimpered.

He continued gingerly caressing her hair. “I feel the same way, Fluttershy. But, have faith, everything will work out…somehow…even if it might seem hopeless,” Jayden mused.

Fluttershy nuzzled gently against him. “Thank you, Jayden. You’re right, I know we’ll all get through this,” she replied, sounding less troubled.

The last few minutes seemed to drag on, causing Rainbow Dash to become exceedingly impatient. “This bites! I’m so bored! When is he going to get here?” she asked.

“I agree, this is stupid!” bellowed Vegeta. “The coward probably isn’t going to show!” The saiyan prince snickered, “He probably lost his never, now that he knows he’s going up against two full-blooded saiyans!”

Goku glanced over at Vegeta and shook his head. “I’m sorry Vegeta, but you’re wrong. He’ll be back. Or didn’t you see the look in his eyes. He’s full of bitter hatred and seems to think he has something to prove. We have to stop his plan, before he can carry out his original agenda,” stressed Goku.

“Perhaps your right, Kakarot,” admitted Vegeta.

The final minutes went by at long last. Then following an eerie silence, a swift breeze kicked up, emanating from the far reaches of the Everfree Forest. Moments later, a shimmering spark of purple light flew through the air, hovering just above the group. It zapped and crackled as it took the shape of their foe, Sarabrek.

Play BGM - "Sarabrek Arrives"

The warlock floated in the air above his nemeses, sporting his black and dark maroon gothic magician’s attire. His long raven hair fluttered in the breeze as he glared down at them. “The time has come…and I see you are all here,” he announced, grinning menacingly, firming his grip on his magic staff.

Goku stood fast, remaining at the ready, giving Sarabrek a look of complete disgust.

The warlock found his anger amusing. “Ha, ha, ha. Why Goku, if looks could kill, my friend. I see you’re no longer going to try talking me out of carrying out my plans,” Sarabrek remarked boldly.

“Yes, there is no point in trying to reason with you. I still would rather not resort to violence…but,” Goku said, shaking his head, “I know now…what must be done.”

“Well said. Well said, indeed,” he nodded, showing a faint glimmer of respect for his opponent. Sarabrek placed his hand on his chin as he continued gazing down at them all.

Vegeta was beginning to lose his patience. He clenched his fists and growled, “Stop stalling! Tell us what your blasted plan is, NOW!!”

“My, my, temper, temper Vegeta! But why tell you about my plan…when I can show you, instead!” Sarabrek remarked, holding his staff at his side.

“What are you?” Goku questioned.

“Just getting things started…with you!” he shouted. Sarabrek’s eyes began illuminating with an intense yellow glow. Goku stood frozen in place as the warlock fired a pair of matching yellow beams at the saiyan. They struck Goku’s eyes, forming a sort of link between them. The attack began pulsating as Sarabrek continued carrying out his spell. “Hmmm, interesting,” he muttered. A few seconds passed, and the connection was broken.

The saiyan blinked his eyes several times, wondering curiously as to what just happened.

“Goku, are you okay?” asked Krillin.

The saiyan scratched his head, feeling somewhat confused. “I feel fine. If that was an attack, I think it was a dud,” Goku replied uneasily. Casting his gaze back skyward, he declared, “What is your game Sarabrek? That was no attack!”

The warlock snickered profusely, “Oh course it wasn’t. It was a mind-scanning spell. And I must say…you have a lot of cobwebs up there. But I was more than able to find what I was looking for.”

“And just what was that?” asked Goku, demanding to know. “Did you scan my mind to learn my fighting style and techniques?”

“Don’t flatter yourself. Besides, once my plans come to fruition, it won’t matter what your skills are. I’ll easily bat you away, like a pesky insect! Mwa, ha, ha!” cackled Sarabrek.

“Then what did you take from my mind?” roared Goku, rapidly losing patience with his enemy.

“Again, why tell you…when I can show you!” replied Sarabrek! He raised his staff up high.

“Wait!” shouted Piccolo, “Where are your henchmen?”

Sarabrek snickered, “They’ll be along…eventually. Right now, you all need some new playmates.” The teardrop-shaped head of his staff pulsed and beamed with power. He took aim and fired several blasts form it. They landed along the ground, forming five pillars of golden light. Turning his head to the sky, he uttered, “Now to open a small gateway to Hell…so I can gather some needed souls.” Squinting his eyes, they blinked an eerie dark red, causing a small rift to the underworld to form.

Play BGM - "Resurrection"

A few moments passed, and five small blue sparkling wisps emerged from the tear, just before it closed. “Ah, there they are,” Sarabrek declared contently. He whisked his staff, sending the wisps to the five pillars. Each soul merged with one of the glowing masses. “And now, to empower and reanimate them!” Sarabrek unleashed another spell form his staff. Five purple blasts of energy sailed toward the glowing pillars, being quickly swallowed up. A blinding light flashed across the area as the five lights began taking on five different humanoid shapes. Each one growling menacingly as they started coming to life.

“What…is he doing?” gasped Twilight.

“It can’t be anything good!” asserted Piccolo.

“Ha, ha! You shall see…in moments my spell shall be complete!” Sarabrek remarked gleefully.

Ripples of raw energy continued pulsing from the five figures as their transformation to life neared fruition. A few more moments passed and the blinding light began to fade. The bodies of the five revived individuals were still hidden behind a bright glow, which began to rapidly fade. The warlock grinned as he saw the light disappear.

Goku gazed upon the five new arrivals, his mouth gaping open as he gasped in dread. “What?! No way!”

Twilight Sparkle and her friends looked on at the five strange individuals, each being overcome by a feeling of dread. Princess Celestia walked over to Goku, and glancing at the saiyan, she asked, “Goku, do you know them?”

Play BGM - "Face-Off"

He nodded solemnly. “I’m afraid that I do,” he said gritting his teeth together. “The short one with the pointy black horns…is Frieza. He used to be a powerful tyrant, until I vanquished him in battle. The other four are elite members of his private army, known as the Ginyu Force!”

Vegeta crossed his arms and began to laugh. “Yes, the good old Ginyu Force. If memory serves me correctly…I killed all of them, myself. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“You did Vegeta…in a senseless display of violence,” Goku remarked in a disapproving tone.

“Oh come on Kakarot, who are you to judge me. I told you those fools did unspeakable things. They got what they deserved. But seriously…” he uttered. Looking up to the hovering warlock, Vegeta called, “What point is there in bringing back these lunatics? We beat them before, what possible purpose could you have at bringing them back to life?”

Sarabrek chuckled at Vegeta. “I don’t have to explain myself or my methods to you.”

A sinister snicker fell across the grassy fields, outside Ponyville. Frieza took a few steps forward. “My, my as angry as ever…aren’t you, Vegeta,” grinned the former tyrant. He was wearing his purple saiyan style armor, and crossed his slender and somewhat bulgy arms over his chest. A superior smirk appeared on the face of his bulbous horned head. “I can see you haven’t changed at all…huh!” Frieza gasped as he laid eyes on Goku. “So…the monkey is here as well…”

Captain Ginyu moved to join his leader. The tall muscular purple-skinned warrior joined Frieza in crossing his arms, leering at his enemies. “Hmmm…it would seem all the fighters we faced on Namek are here, Lord Frieza.”

“Yes, Ginyu…I can see that. My, this must be the promise land. All of my worst foes…in one place, offering me a sweet chance at revenge!” he laughed. Frieza quickly turned his head upward, and saw Sarabrek hovering over him and his minions. “And who are you?”

“Ah, introductions…yes. Well, I take it you are Frieza, and the others are you loyal henchmen, known as the Ginyu Force,” the warlock remarked, while Goku and the ponies remained silent with confusion.

Frieza chuckled softly. “Well, you seem to have me at a slight disadvantage. You know me, and my men…but I have no idea who you are.”

“Oh, I’ve been rude haven’t I. My name is Sarabrek, and I am a warlock. Thanks to my magic, you have been brought back to life. And as an added bonus, I gave you all a significant power boost,” he explained to the new arrivals. “Oh yes, and those weird gizmos you wear over your left eyes. If I remember Goku’s memory, they are called…scouters?”

“They are,” muttered Frieza, placing a hand on his chin. “So, you brought us back to life…hmmm and gave us a power boost, but…why? What’s in it for you, and what will this gift you graciously gave us…cost?”

Sarabrek laughed softly under his breath. “Why that’s the part you’ll like. In exchange for your new lives and the power I generously granted you…I simply ask that you eliminate all of these troublemakers, for me,” he explained, waving his hand across the way, identifying the ponies and their friends from Earth.

Captain Ginyu laughed boldly, “Why we’d happily do that anyway, right men?”

Jiece fluffed his long white hair, and placed a hand on the red-orange skin of his chin. “I can dig it mate,” he uttered with a grin. “What do ya think Burter?”

“Hmm,” muttered the tall dark-violet hulking warrior. “The addition of the others, should make this…fun!”

The towering Recoome grinned playfully as he placed one of his large white glove-covered hands on top of his red carrot-topped head. “Hey guys, look…pretty ponies! Aren’t they cute!” he mused pointed at them with his other hand.

“Cute isn’t the word that comes to mind, when I look at them,” snarled Frieza. “But a job is a job.”

“Hey,” began Recoome, “Has anyone seen Guildo?”

The other members of the Ginyu forced looked around for their fifth member, but there was no trace of the short four-eyed pudgy green fighter.

“What’s the deal?!” barked Captain Ginyu, leering at Sarabrek. “Where is our cohort?!”

“My apologies, but of the group, he was the weakest of you, and even with a power boost, I doubt he would survive against half of these opponents. The two children from Earth would probably overpower him. Even if he used his limited time freeze ability. Besides, with your powers, the five of you can easily get the job done,” Sarabrek noted, offering them his confidence.

“Well, I suppose we can do the job at that,” Ginyu grinned, rubbing his hand over his chin. “But men, let us offer a moment of silence for our parted comrade. Staring…now.”

Roughly ten seconds went by before Recoome said, “How long has it been?”

“About ten seconds,” answered Ginyu.

“Do we have to start over?” groaned Jiece.

“No, that was long enough,” replied Ginyu. “Now gentlemen…” he announced, clapping his hands together, “It’s time to…introduce yourselves! For we are the one…the only! THE GINYU FORCE!”

“Right!” shouted Recoome, striking a graceful pose. “I am Recoome!”

“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” roared Jiece, flipping his long hair back over his shoulders. “I’m Jiece!”

“Bwaaaaa ha, ha, ha!” cackled Burter flexing his muscles and joining his fellow teammates in striking a fancy pose. “Ha! I’m Burter!”

“And don’t forget me! Your fearless leader!” Called Captain Ginyu, pirouetting over to join his men, finishing on his tiptoes. And finally, he joined his men in striking a three-point stance, resting his clenched right fist on the ground – completing his own pose. “And I am, Captain Ginyu!”

Then in unison they all shouted, “Together we are…the one and only…THE GINYU FORCE!”

Frieza chuckled to himself as he stood beside his posing lackeys. “And I am their ruler…the great and powerful…FRIEZA!” he cackled.

“Aww yeah, how was that captain?” asked Jiece.

The four Ginyu Force members stood at ease, leaving their elegant poses. “Nicely done Jiece. You and the others own style. If I had some candies, I’d happily give one to each of you,” grinned Ginyu.

Pinkie Pie’s eyes lit up. “You want some candy?! Here!” she called throwing each of them a random piece of hard candy.

They each caught the treats she threw to them. Recoome looked at his and drooled, “This looks yummy.”

“I don’t know mate. Captain, should we trust taking candy from a stranger? Let alone the enemy?” asked Jiece.

Ginyu rubbed his chin again. “Hmmm, well friend or foe, candy is candy. But if it’s her idea of a peace offering…she’ll have to come up with a bit more candy then that.”

“I follow ya,” nodded Jiece.

Before they even finished their litter exchange, Recoome had already munched down his piece of candy. “Mmm,” he mumbled enjoying the sweetness of the tiny bonbon. “Thank You!” he called over to Pinkie Pie in a singsong voice.

“Your Welcome,” she sang back to him.

“I don’t know Captain, these ponies don’t seem all bad,” noted Recoome, licking his chops.

Ginyu placed his candy in his pocket, with the intent of saving it for later. “I don’t know, they are the enemy,” he muttered.

“That’s right!” called Sarabrek. “They are ruining my plans and are in league with the ones who were responsible for your deaths. Needless to say they are your enemies.”

Frieza snickered, “I can’t argue with that logic. But,” he said, turning to the wily warlock, “what’s to keep me form using this gift of life and power to do what I want with it? Hmmm?”

“It’s simple, what I gave you, I can take away. Besides, do you really want to pass up a shot a revenge, when it’s right here, in front of you?” Sarabrek inquired, appealing to Frieza’s appetite for vengeance.

The former tyrant nodded. “Good point.” Frieza turned to face Goku and the others. “You don’t know how long I’ve longed at getting another chance at fighting you, you miserable low-life monkey! Now I have that chance…and I mean to take it! Mwa ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Play BGM - "Intro To Finale And Closing Music"

Goku turned to the ponies, “Twilight, Celestia. You and the other ponies better stand ready. Things are about to get messy. I don’t know how powerful they are, now that Sarabrek gave them an energy boost. But I’m sensing far more fighting power from them, than I did last time we fought.”

“Don’t worry Goku, we’ll do our part!” declared Celestia, planting her hooves firmly on the ground.

Twilight stood her ground beside her mentor. “I’m ready!” she declared.

Trixie tapped her on the shoulder, and smiled at her. “And you’re not alone either!”

“That’s right,” said Piccolo, chiming in. “We’re all in this…together!”

Fluttershy pulled back, closer to Jayden. The frightened pegasus looked at him with wide eyes. “Oh, Jayden…I’m scared.”

He placed his hand softly on her back. “It’ll be okay Fluttershy,” the human replied. Casting his eyes toward the imminent battlefield, he said, “I’ll protect you!”

Frieza and Ginyu Force stood poised to attack, while all five of them grinned menacingly as the hostilities were about to be renewed. But who will be the victor of this coming battle? Stay turned, for scenes form the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

Next Episode Preview:

Next time on "Dragon Ball Pony Z". The Great and Powerful Trixie takes it on her own to get the battle rolling as she charges Frieza head on! But when it looks as though her might isn’t enough, even with the aid of her good friend Twilight, Goku happily steps in to battle his old foe once more. And the other fighters from Earth team up with the ponies as each member of the Ginyu Force gleefully starts a whole new fight! You won’t want to miss a second of this awesome battle, next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 7 – “Face-off with Frieza and the Ginyu Force!!”