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Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification - JaydexTheShadowKnight

Goku and his Friends aid the ponies in Battling an enemy from Princess Celesita's Past!

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Episode 4 - "The Battle Rages On"

Dragon Ball Pony Z

Last time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”…

The assault on Ponyville continued. Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, and Princess Celestia continued evacuating ponies form the besieged town sending them to Sweet Apple Acres and hopefully safety. Spike came running out of town crying for help. His beloved Rarity had become trapped in a burning building while saving a fellow pony. Twilight and Trixie teamed up and saved the white unicorn. Following the rescue, Beelzon, Galyor and Omnus arrived. The demonic warrior’s fellow henchmen cut off the ponies’ retreat as he prepared to go in for the kill. Twilight and Trixie did their best to stop him but were unsuccessful. The two thought it was the end that was until Princess Celestia arrived. She taught the henchmen not to mess with her ponies and gave them all a good thrashing. Not letting this go unanswered Sarabrek intervened. The two battled but the warlock quickly lost his taste for a fair fight. Using his magic he gave Celestia the beating of her life. Then he fired a finishing blast form his staff. But just when it looked like the end for Celestia, Goku arrived at the last second and saved her. He also delivered a major blow sending the warlock crashing into a hill. The saiyan quickly saw to the injured princess, and thanks to the aid of a Senzu bean Celestia was restored. After recovering, the warlock summoned his henchmen, and healed them. With his minions back on their feet Sarabrek had unleashed them to attack Goku and his friends. The battle for Ponyville continues…Right Now!

Episode 4:
“The Battle Rages On”

Piccolo charged Galyor, his fists at the ready. The paladin raised his large round shield once again blocking the attack. Still the force of the Namek’s attack gradually drove the sinister henchmen back. Piccolo pulled back and began thinking of a way to break through such a defense. Then he grinned as an idea came to him. The Namekian warrior placed his hands together and aimed them at Galyor’s feet. Snickering he shouted, “Masenko…Ha!” A large yellow energy beam sprang forth from Piccolo’s hands. It slammed into the ground at the paladin’s feet. The resulting blast drove the enemy into the air. The green warrior wasted no time and leaped into the air. While Galyor’s guard was down, Piccolo plowed his fist into the armored enemy’s gut. The henchman crashed into the open ground making a small hole. The Namek warrior came to rest on the ground several feet from the freshly formed crater.

Goku and Beelzon continued throwing punches at each other. So far neither of them had taken much damage or seemed to have the upper hand. Goku placed his hands together aiming them forward fired a yellow energy blast at his foe. It collided with Beelzon. Before the smoke could clear the demonic warrior came flying out with his fist at the ready. He smashed it right into Goku sending the noble warrior plummeting toward the ground. Before he could crash the saiyan regained control and landed safely. What’s this guy doing? The saiyan wondered. Why is he still holding back his power? He’s stronger than this. The kind-hearted fighter knew dragging out this fight would prove to be fruitless. It had to be ended as soon as possible. The longer it continued the greater the threat to the ponies and their town.

Keeping that in mind he rose up to meet his nemesis. Goku rushed straight to Beelzon and plowed his right fist forcefully into the demon’s gut. Spit flew from the henchman’s mouth as he grunted in pain. He flew back distancing himself form his opponent. “So you don’t want to play anymore…fine then! We’ll get serious!” Grunted Beelzon. He clenched his fists and growled. A dark purple aura surrounded him and again his muscles began to bulk up again.

A smile formed on Goku’s face. Finally he was going to fight for real. Though once his opponent finished powering up the saiyan’s eyes widened in disbelief. The power Beelzon had wasn’t nearly as impressive as anticipated. “So are you done powering up then?” Goku asked. The demon nodded and grinned. “Well then I hope you’re feeling lucky today!” The saiyan flew at Beelzon with his fist extended. The foul warrior had done the same. Their firsts struck together releasing a massive flash of energy and stirred up quite a wind. Crackles of energy tore out from their hands braking against the dirt on the ground bellow. The demon’s power was quite considerable, but Goku was still holding back the bulk of his true power. This was mainly because the saiyan always enjoyed a challenge and a fair fight. This was the best way to test his mettle. The battling warriors pulled back and began unleashing another series of punches and kicks at each other. The opponents continued darting around the sky. At times they almost seemed a blur to the ponies that were watching from below.

Rainbow Dash was still amazed that this was happening. Though it had been a while since the last major monster attack or bizarre incident had occurred. She figured Ponyville must have been due for something like this. Of all the ponies she had the least difficulty keeping track of their movements.

Twilight wasn’t completely focused on the battle. She kept looking around wondering where Fluttershy had gone. It didn’t seem like her to wonder off from the group during something this dangerous. Pinkie Pie looked over at Twilight and noticed the concerned look on her face. “Something bothering you Twilight?” She asked blinking her eyes inquisitively.

Twilight snapped out of her train of thought when she heard the pink earth pony speak. Looking at her friend she responded, “Yeah. I still can’t locate Fluttershy! I can’t believe she’d wonder away from the group while something like this is going on.”

Pinkie placed a hoof on her head. Smiling she then replied, “Oh maybe she had to used the little fillies room.”

“But she usually tells somepony where she’s going before she vanishes. You know her,” remarked Twilight growing more and more concerned.

Rainbow Dash began losing her ability to focus on the fight. Grimacing she turned and looked at Twilight. “Enough with the worrying about Fluttershy already!” Barked the annoyed pegasus. “Tell you what Twilight. Why don’t I go and look for her. Will that make you feel better?”

Nodding Twilight answered, “Yes Rainbow that will make me feel much better.”

“Good. Now if you excuse me, I have a craven pony to find,” she muttered leaving the group. As Rainbow Dash made her way into the ravaged town, a distant explosion from one of the other battles caught her attention. “Who’s that?” She wondered. Making her way toward the sounds she figured Fluttershy couldn’t possibly be there. The last thing that pony would do is put herself in harms way…well that was unless there were extenuating circumstances. Still curiosity had gripped Rainbow Dash and she went to check out the other battle, which was to her delight Twilight free.

The blue pony stepped out from an ally and found a large empty section of town. It was located on the northeastern outskirts of Ponyville. There standing a few yards from her was none other than Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash blinked in amazement. She was at the other battle. Another explosion rocked Rainbow’s ears. Looking past her friend she saw Jayden battling with Omnus. The two were still striking swords hovering in the in the air. Moving closer, Rainbow Dash walked up to Fluttershy and said, “There you are Fluttershy.” But the other pegasus didn’t say a word. “Fluttershy?” The colorful pegasus looked closely at the yellow pony and saw she appeared to be half in a trance. She watched Jayden battle with the kind of admiration Rainbow Dash had never seen Fluttershy exhibit before. Normally she only showed such attentiveness when it involved her woodland animal friends.

The battling warriors moved apart still hovering in the air. Omnus glared at Jayden through the opening in his helmet. Raising his right arm, the henchmen unleashed an energy blast from his hand cannon. The blue projectile flew toward the human. He swung his sword slicing the attack in two. Both halves sailed around past him and blew up. The blast was hardly impressive. Jayden raised his right hand and unleashed a yellow blast of energy. It struck and burst into a loud explosion. Gripping his sword he knew the battle wasn’t over yet. “Come on Omnus, I know that didn’t finish you!”

“Ha ha ha! Not bad human! Now try this on for size!” The enemy lunged at Jayden with his right leg extended. Omnus landed a kick that sent Jayden plummeting into the ground stirring up a large dirt cloud. The human’s sword slipped out of his hands and came to a spinning halt sinking into the dirk just inches from Rainbow Dash.

“Whoa!” Gasped Rainbow Dash. “That was a little close for comfort.”

Fluttershy felt a momentary rush of panic. Jayden was down, but was he out? “Come on Jayden! Get up! You can beat him!” Cried the yellow pegasus.

Rainbow Dash gasped at Fluttershy’s loudly projected voice. “Holy cow! How come you never cheer like that for me? Other than that one time, you normally cheer like a squeaking mouse.”

Fluttershy turned and saw Rainbow standing a few feet behind her. “Oh Rainbow Dash…I didn’t realize anypony else was there,” she said.

“Yea, well I am. What are you doing here and so close to a fight? Aren’t you scared?” The colorful pegasus flailed her front hooves in disbelief from seeing Fluttershy so close to a major battle.

Fluttershy blushed lightly as she replied, “Oh well you see…I’m not afraid. Jayden is here and I know he’ll be fine…so I’m good and safe.” She smiled confidently showing support for her friend.

“Safe huh?” Rainbow Dash looked over and noticed no movement from the human. “Are you so…” She interrupted herself. Jayden began moving. The blue pegasus heard him lightly gasp and softly moan.

Slowly Jayden sat up. “Wow that was unexpected,” he remarked. Returning to his feet, the human walked over to the two pegasai.

Fluttershy swiftly trotted closer to him. “Jayden are you hurt?” She asked voicing great concern.

He looked over at her and smiled. Jayden softly patted her head. “No I’m okay Fluttershy. Omnus just took me by surprise. It’s somewhat embarrassing really,” he admitted, then he walked over to Rainbow Dash and reclaimed his sword.

Rainbow Dash looked on at him with quite awe. She blinked her eyes at him. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.

He smiled at her and lightly caressed her rainbow mane. “Thank you for the concern Rainbow Dash…but I’ll be fine. Now you and Fluttershy had best stay back. I don’t want either of you getting hurt,” he replied.

The yellow pegasus walked over to him. She smiled at him lightly turning her head to the side. “Go get him Jayden,” she said softly.

He chuckled lightly and then said, “You bet I will!” Then Fluttershy stood up on her hind legs and placed her hooves against his chest. She reached over and lightly kissed his cheek. Jayden gasped lightly from surprise. “Fluttershy…?” He uttered quizzically.

She returned to all fours and blushed deeply. Turning her head away she shyly said, “For luck.”

Jayden lightly touched his hand to the cheek that had just been kissed. He removed his hand and looked at it and then glanced at the cute pegasus. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Thank you Fluttershy.” The human firmly gripped his sword and swiftly returned to the battlefield.

Rainbow Dash lightly trotted over to her friend. “Fluttershy, what was that all about?” She asked staring at her curiously.

The yellow pegasus pony blushed again. She turned in the direction of the battle. “Oh it’s nothing…I just thought that would give him added encouragement,” she replied. Somehow Rainbow Dash wasn’t convinced. Though she saw no point in pressing the matter any further…at least not at that moment.

Jayden stood before Omnus. He glowered at his nemesis as the henchman stood firmly keeping his armed limbs at the ready. The human held his sword defensively. “All right are you ready to go again?”

“Hmmm,” growled Omnus. “Die!” He roared unleashing a blast from his hand cannon.

“Yahhhhhhh!” Shouted Jayden as he powered up. His body was surrounded by a blue aura of flaring energy. Taking his sword, he slammed it into the approaching projectile. The force of Jayden’s swing deflected the attack back at Omnus. It struck the villain and engulfed him in a mild blast. The human focused power into his blade and then unleashed a cured wave of energy. It sped along gaining speed. Finally it crashed into the foul warrior. Omnus went skidding across the ground digging a shallow fissure. The villain came to rest a good thirty feet from Jayden. The fiend remained on his back lightly twitching.

Elsewhere Piccolo had resumed his fight with Galyor. The Namek’s last attack hadn’t defeated the henchman. Piccolo continued pounding his fists into his opponent’s shield. “Give it up green man!” Taunted the paladin. “You can’t beat my ultimate defense! Now bug off!” Galyor struck Piccolo with the broad side of his lance. The force of the blow sent the Namek warrior sailing across the roadway. He came to rest crashing into a nearby tree.

The dust settled and Piccolo let out an annoyed sigh. He picked himself up and brushed the dirt from his white cape. This henchman was starting to annoy him and had already begun working on his last good nerve. The Namek gritted his teeth together. Then he began to softly chuckle. Piccolo raised his right hand and placed two fingers along the center of his forehead. An orange spark began flickering against his fingers. Slowly a burning white aura of power began surging along his entire body. “Okay Galyor! I’m going to give you a taste of one of my better moves!”

Galyor blinked his orange eyes through the opening in his pointed full helmet. He felt the ground beneath him tremble under the build up of power emanating from his opponent. “You don’t scare me!” He growled.

Piccolo continued chuckling to himself. He could see the look of dread in his foe’s eyes. The green warrior grinned as he felt his attack was now more than strong enough to take out this pathetic excuse for an enemy. “We’ll see how your bravado survives once you get a taste of this! Special Beam Cannon…” Piccolo moved his hand from his forehead and stretched his arm out keeping his two fingers fully extended. “…FIRE!” He yelled. An orange and red spiraling energy beam tore forth from his hand. It formed a small oval point along the beam’s head. Galyor tried to move, but he was frozen by his own fear. Not wanting to appear weak, he put on a defiant look and held his shield firmly and plunged his lance into the ground for leverage. The beam rammed into the paladin. It began pushing him backward. Galyor fought to keep his footing, but the power behind the attack broke his lance in two. Piccolo channeled more power to his attack. The beam continued pushing the henchman back until finally it ripped out in an incredible explosion. The resulting blast stirred up a large mass of dirt and debris as well as a huge cloud of smoke.

The two warriors Goku and Beelzon continued plowing their fists into each other. The battle raged on between them showing no signs of ebbing. The saiyan knew this couldn’t continue. Then while he was momentarily distracted, Beelzon grabbed Goku’s leg. He hurled the saiyan toward the ground. Then the demonic warrior shouted, “Magenta Flare!” Placing his clawed hands together, he unleashed a powerful energy wave. The beam struck Goku driving him forcefully into the ground. It detonated on impact kicking up a huge debris cloud. “So much for him,” snarled Beelzon lightly panting for air.

It was then that the demon warrior noticed the presence of another fighter hovering in the air. He turned and caught sight of a shorter individual, wearing some type of dark blue and white uniform. A head of pointy black hair swayed softly in the breeze above town. The other warrior held his arms crossed over his chest and there was a superior smirk on his face. “And just how long have you been here?” Inquired Beelzon.

The other fighter was none other than Vegeta. He chuckled at the henchman and said, “I’ve been here long enough to enjoy a good show. But before you raise your fists against me…I’d recommend you finish your current fight.”

The demonic warrior blinked his three red eyes at the spectator. “Say what? I just gave him the beating of his life. There’s no way he survived that attack!” Roared the demon waving his right arm toward his fallen opponent.

Vegeta broke out into full laughter. “Oh please, you haven’t even beaten one saiyan and now you want to take on the great Vegeta. And if you call that wimpy beam of yours an attack, then you’ve got another thing coming. I can assure you he’s not finished,” Declared Vegeta proudly.

Beelzon gritted his teeth together and growled. “You’re wrong. He’s…” Suddenly the vile warrior’s attention was stolen. He looked at the area where Goku had landed. The ground domed up and Goku tore through the dirt rejoining his enemy in the sky. “That’s impossible! How did you survive that!?”

“Easy, I still have plenty of energy left,” replied Goku bluntly. “Oh hey Vegeta. So you did decided to join us.”

Vegeta merely grunted and turned his head away mildly in disgust. Then he leered at Goku and said, “Yes…well Kakarot, leave it to you to get yourself killed before we can have our rematch. Someone has to keep an eye on you. But I had no idea a bunch of ponies managed to dredge up this kind of entertainment. These fools are nearly worthy of my attention.”

Goku laughed at his rival. “You certainly are the same as ever Vegeta. Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve kept this fiend waiting long enough,” replied the lofty saiyan. His rival chuckled as he put some distance between them. The casual look on Goku’s face vanished and was replaced by a sober and serious one. “Now I think this has drawn on long enough. Time to finish you off!” He placed his hands together and drew them back. “Ka-Me…” A small sphere of bright blue energy formed in his hands. “Ha-Me…” The energy orb began growing in size. It doubled and then quickly tripled as he channeled energy into the mounting attack. Goku thrust his hands and arms forward. “HA!” He yelled unleashing a powerful energy beam.

It sailed toward Beelzon growing in intensity. The demonic warrior was not about to go down that easily. “You’ll have to do better than that!” He drew back his hands and shouted, “Magenta Flare!” Casting his hands forward he unleashed his own powerful energy beam. The two beams collided and began a fierce struggle to push the other back. The two warriors grunted as they continued to pour energy into their mighty attacks. The beams crackled and pulsed with power. Stray bolts of energy rippled free and began tearing holes in the ground below. It seemed the two were stuck in a stalemate.

Goku reveled in the thrill of this challenge, but he had savored it long enough. This battled was dragging on far too long. He snickered and said, “Finally you’re showing your true power, but it’s not going to be enough! I didn’t think I was going to have to use this!” The saiyan focused moved power into his attack and shouted, “Kaioken…times Two!” A fiery red aura surrounded Goku’s body. The intensity of his attack grew and his beam doubled in size. It plowed back Beelzon’s attack colliding with the foul henchman. An amazing blast ripped across the sky and shook the ground below. A large cloud of smoke had formed. Gradually it began to clear. The demonic Beelzon fell from the cloud and slammed into the ground below. There he lay lightly twitching. He was down for the count.

Sarabrek grimaced at the less than satisfactory performance of his three henchmen. The battle was going poorly for them, but he wasn’t ready to intervene. Placing his hand on his chin, he gave the matter some quick thought. A new strategy had to be devised or else he would fail before he’d ever have a chance to gather enough power to complete his plans.

The warlock teleported from his vantage point and appeared in the air near Goku and Vegeta. Gohan, Krillin and the ponies were still close by watching the unfolding events with awe. Piccolo and Jayden had returned accompanied by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Sarabrek glowered at them as he saw the sorry shape his henchmen were now in. He stared at Goku and Vegeta. Then he said, “You two are far more staunch opponents than I had every expected. I’ve never encountered humans with such power before."

Vegeta looked at the warlock and blinked. Then the saiyan prince broke out in laughter. “Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! You think we’re human?” He continued laughing at his opponent.

Sarabrek frowned at him and glared bitterly. “Just what is so blasted funny?”

“Simple you fool. The blue hair guy with a sword and the short bald guy over there. Those two are human. Kakarot and I are saiyans! And I have to say now that you’ve started this fight…you’d best be prepared to finish it!” Bellowed Vegeta.

The warlock placed a hand on his chin. He couldn’t believe his ears. “How can you be saiyans? I’ve heard of your kind in passing. Your race was said to have been wiped out!” Declared Sarabrek.

Goku smirked at his newest foe. “Yes well, we are the lucky few who survived that genocide…and Vegeta’s right! You’d better be ready to see this through now!” he shouted.

“Oh believe me…I shall see this through. But for now I’ll give the first round to you and the ponies!” Sarabrek raised his staff and used its power to raise his fallen henchmen from the ground. “But mark my words! This battle is hardly over! I shall return by high noon tomorrow! And then you will all suffer my wrath!” The warlock and his minions transformed into masses of purple light. They scattered and flew toward the Everfree Forest.

Goku glared after them clenching his first. We’ll be ready, he though to himself. The saiyan descended to the ground below rejoining his friends. His boots softly touched down on the street.

Fluttershy looked around cautiously. The warlock and his henchmen appeared to be truly gone. She let out a sigh of relief. “Are we safe now?” The butter yellow pegasus inquired.

Jayden stood beside her and gave her a nod. “For now we are anyway. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him,” declared the human turning his gaze toward the Everfree Forest.

Goku walked up to them and then cast his glance upon the entire group. “We should be fine till noon tomorrow. Then Sarabrek will return,” the saiyan spoke in a serious tone. He looked up at the sun as it slowly began to set over Ponyville. “I’ve faced villains like him before. I know he’ll be true to his word and return.”

Vegeta flew down from the air and landed softly. He let out an unimpressed grunt. “Humph, I seriously doubt there will be any challenge to be had from him. His henchmen were weaklings compared to the last foes we clashed with,” noted Vegeta.

Goku merely shook his head and replied, “I don’t know Vegeta. It wasn’t until the end of my fight that I sensed Beelzon was still holding back more of his power.”

The saiyan prince’s eyes widened. “Say what? How can you be sure?”

The mellow saiyan took a few steps toward the sun. He looked back at Vegeta, then turned his head away. “When my Kamehameha clashed with his beam I was able to sense a deeper root in his power. I’m not sure why, but he was still repressing. In fact I think he may have been hiding a transformation or something,” explained Goku still speaking seriously.

“I don’t get it Kakarot. What would he have to gain from sandbagging?” Asked Vegeta.

“I’m not sure. Maybe Beelzon enjoys a riveting challenge like I do,” suggested Goku.

“Perhaps, but I doubt the Warlock is anything to worry about. I could take him. And without that magic staff of his I doubt he’s very powerful,” remarked Goku’s rival.

Goku shook his head. “I don’t think so. The staff only augments his powers. The true root of his energy is contained within his body. And I just have a bad feeling that his keen mind is plotting something big. I only hope we can stop him before he can succeed,” he replied.

Vegeta scoffed again and crossed his arms. “Oh please Kakarot! You’re worrying too much.”

Twilight Sparkle looked at Vegeta and blinked. Then she turned her eyes to Goku. “Who is this guy Goku?” She asked.

The saiyan placed a nervous arm behind his head. “Oh yeah Twilight. You don’t know him. This is Vegeta. He’s a saiyan just like my son and I. Only he and I aren’t exactly friends,” answered Goku.

The unicorn placed a hoof on her chin and theorized, “So then would that make you rivals perhaps?”

“Yeah, it would,” he confirmed.

“But I guess unlike Trixie and me, you two aren’t friends?” Twilight asked further.

Goku shook his head and said, “No. We haven’t buried the hatchet yet.”

Vegeta smirked as he said, “I’d be glad to sink a hatchet into you whenever you’re ready Kakarot!”

The lighthearted saiyan ran his hand along the back of his head. “That’s not what I had in mind Vegeta. But anyway Twilight, he’s on our side.”

The saiyan prince scoffed. “Only until that Warlock has been dealt with. Then you and I are going to settle things!” Grinned Vegeta.

“Whatever you say Vegeta,” remarked Goku humoring his rival. It was still his hope that Vegeta would eventually come around and give up this incessant need for a rematch. It was then that Goku heard his stomach growl, quite loudly. “Uh hey, do you ponies have anything to eat? I’m starving!”

Pinkie Pie bounced along side her saiyan friend and grinned. “Hey! Goku’s right! I could go for a serious bite right about now! I never did get my snack after we got back!” She declared boldly.

Princess Celestia chuckled at them both. “Don’t worry you two. I’m sure we can come up with something,” remarked the alicorn with a smile.

* * * *

Meanwhile, within the Everfree Forest, Sarabrek and his henchmen had returned to their tower. The warlock was not happy. He never expected the ponies to produce such powerful allies. He began pacing along the floor by his throne.

Beelzon was particularly upset. He couldn’t believe they were called-off so soon. The warrior knew they could have done better with more time. The demon growled. “Master, why did you call us off? I had more power left! I could have stopped them!” He asserted.

Sarabrek scoffed. “Humph, I seriously doubt it. Even if you had transformed…you would have been no match for them. While Goku was fighting you, he wasn’t even showing you more than a mere fraction of his power!”

The second in command’s three eyes widened. “You can’t be serious!” He shouted.

“Oh but I am. If I don’t devise a means to defeat them, we can kiss our plans good-bye,” replied the master.

“Did you gather any power during our battle master?” Inquired Beelzon.

He nodded lightly. “I did. But only 10% of what we actually need,” answered the warlock.

“I see.”

Sarabrek sat down in his throne and placed a hand on his chin. “Leave me, I wish to ponder my next move!”

Beelzon bowed respectfully to his master. “Very well.” He then gathered his fellow henchmen and the three of them departed the throne room. They walked down a few flights of stairs to a chamber, three floors down. There the fiends met among themselves.

Galyor was curious as to what they should do now. “So what’s the plan Beelzon?” He asked.

The three-eye warrior removed one of his demon handguns. He stared intently at it. “A pity! I didn’t even have a chance to employ these,” he thought aloud. Then he turned and looked at his subordinates. “Well for now Sarabrek wants us to stay put. Unless he can gather the power needed to awaken the slumbering dragon…we will never gain the power he promised to share with us,” groused Beelzon.

“So we just have to sit tight then?” Asked Omnus.

The demonic warrior nodded. “I’m afraid so, but fear not…I am confident that our master will come up with a clever ploy to allow his plans to come to fruition.” The three henchmen grinned as they shared an anticipatory laugh of triumph.

The battle in Ponyville has ended for now, but just what diabolical schemes are brewing in the mind of the vile warlock Sarabrek? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Next Episode Preview…

Next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”! The ponies and their friends from Earth enjoy the time out from the battle to share some food and discussion. Jayden and Princess Celestia express their concerns at the coming battle, while Twilight wonders if she could have done better against the invaders. And Fluttershy seems to have some plan up her hoofs, but just what is on the mind of this adorable pegasus? There’s going to be resting and discussion…and who knows what ponies may show up…could it be…is that Princess Luna? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 5 - "A Break in the Action"

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