Wonder what's gonna happen next

by Rosella_329

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A certain Rainbow maned pony has made her dreams come true and had a date with a certain Wonderbolt.

A certain Rainbow maned pony has made her dreams come true and had a date with a certain Wonderbolt. She is now a member of the wonderbolts and she will tell us the story of what happened so far as she wonders what shall happen later in her life

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I was sitting there in my room I was wearing a huge smile. Strangely, I couldn’t stop smiling I couldn’t believe what happened for the past hours and years, But I’ll tell you what happened from the very start.
It was a cold night after doing my 3rd Sonic Rainboom and saved Ponyville from an attack of an unknown creature, I decided to go back home right away to get some well deserved rest, But as a got in I saw an envelope that have been slipped through the mail slot, As I opened it without even looking at the back to see who sent it, My eyes grew wider and wider as I read on to the letter.
The Letter said:
Dear Rainbow Dash,
Congratulations on your 3rd Sonic Rainboom, The Wonderbolts and I have been quite impressed on your current acts of bravery and achievements, We would like you to join us and be part of our team. Attached in this letter is an access pass that would allow you to enter our headquarters. We look forward to meet you again 9am tomorrow morning to be officially instated as a Wonderbolt and if in case you do not know the location of our Headquarters I have also attached a map that leads you there.

With Best Regards,


After I read the letter all I could do was stare at it and the rest of its contents with my mouth wide open while screaming inside and thinking of what while I soon will become, As soon as I snapped back to reality I decided to get some sleep so that I won’t be tired for probably the biggest events of my life. I was so excited my mouth was wide open until I got to sleep

But this was just a kick – off of my story.
So as I woke up exactly 8am in the morning I decided to get up right away and prepare for the upcoming event just an hour away, So I did my usual routine and packed my saddle bag with all the stuff I needed and got ready to go.

After I finally reached the Headquarters of the Wonderbolts I gave the pass to the guard he let me in and tried to refrain myself from doing what the Wonderbolts fans would do if they entered their Headquarters, So as I entered the room on where the Wonderbolts held their meetings.
“Hello Rainbow Dash I believe you have received my letter. Soarin’ said So do You accept our offer?
“Definitely” I replied as I try to look cool and to ensure I don’t look like some crazed fan.
Well as for the rest of the events of the day I got instated as a Wonderbolt with a ceremony held by the Wonderbolts and

Princess Celestia. My whole life changed after that day.

I’ve been living my life as Wonderbolt for quite some time now, I had to sneak into Ponyville to meet my friends once in a while so that ponies wouldn’t surround me.I’ve also become best friends with the Wonderbolts especially Soarin’. But then another event came up….

It was a Monday noon after the monthly Wonderbolt practice and I’ve been feeling something about Soarin’ for the past 2 years, So I decided to tell him on how I feel after the practice. I was stuck in my thoughts thinking on how I should tell him but then:
“Hey Rainbow Dash mind if you come here for a minute” Soarin’ said “I want to talk to you about something”
“huh? Oh um ok” I said as he interrupted my thoughts but then as I approached I thought It would be a good opportunity to tell him about what I feel.
“Rainbow Dash I wanna tell you something that I’ve should’ve told you a year ago. I…..um….” Soarin’ said as he seems to blush hard “I really….um”
“could he be trying to do what I think he’s trying do?” I thought to myself as Soarin’s continues trying to tell me what he really wants to tell me as he blushes harder and harder.

“let me put it this way you see when I saw you during the young flyer competition I sorta um… Fell in love with you. When you saved my apple pie all I could do was to stuff it all in my mouth because I was kind of nervous that you were just in front of me. But when I got to know you better I fell in love with you even more. So will you go out with me tonight?” Soarin’ said
“I…….I…..um ok…..Listen Soarin’ I kinda like you too and um I’d love to go” I said as I blushed as hard as him a while ago. But then he let out a smile, So I smiled back.
“I guess I’ll see at Wednesday, 7 pm, at the Cloudsdale race track” Soarin’ said
As he left I decided to see my best friends to tell them the news, So as soon as I got home I wore my disguise so that nopony (except my best friends) will recognize me, So I headed to Ponyville right away. As I arrived there I saw a purple unicorn headed for Sugarcube Corner, So I decided to enter the place for I knew it was Twilight. As I entered the building I saw 5 of my good friends in there.
Pinkie greeted me with her usual enthusiasm with her usual smile as I took off my disguise ensuring nopony else will enter, So I told them the whole thing about what happened recently.
“OMIGOSh you’re going on a date I bet you’re going to eat all sorts of sweets during the date” Pinkie Pie said as she hopped across the room
“Well since the event is 2 days away I think I can make a fabulous outfit for your little date” Rarity said “Maybe something rainbow themed or probably something with a touch of canterlot”.
“ah am mighty proud of ya dash” Applejack said as gave me a pat on the back “ah bet ol’ Soarin’ gonna plan a big surprise for ya”.
“I hope you won’t be nervous went you go with him” Fluttershy said with her soft and gentle voice.
“We’re all proud of you Rainbow Dash” Twilight said “Remember we’ll support you on anything you do”
“thanks guys” I said as I smiled “It means a lot from my best friends to help me on this”

So when Wednesday came I decide to prepare for the date that is just an hour and 40 minutes away, So I took a warm bath, brushed my teeth, combed my mane and wore the dress Rarity made for me. The dress was a magenta velvet dress, I thought it was a little girly and fancy, But I appreciate all the hard work Rarity put on this. So when I was all set I decided to head for the appointed place. As I arrived Soarin’ was already there and I was just in time.
“You look great tonight” Soarin’ said
“Thanks you look great too” I said as I blushed to his compliment.
“C’mon follow me I’ve set up a good place for a date. I won’t tell you where but just follow” Soarin’ said while wearing a coy smile.
As I followed him I noticed he didn’t stop smiling. Soon, I was led to a forest with pink trees and a table set up for two. Soarin’ pushed one of the chairs for me. We ate the food on the table without saying a word to each other, As soon as we finished eating we decided to stargaze a bit.
“Hey Dash” Soarin’ said, But as I faced him he kissed me right on my lips, My eyes were wide open as he kissed me, I did nothing to stop him.
“Sorry ‘bout that” Soarin’ said “guess I got a little aggressive”
“Nah its Fine” I said “I kinda liked it”
So we kissed once more, this time my eyes were closed. Later he escorted me home.
“Dash thanks for this night” Soarin’ said “guess I’ll be seeing you around”. He kissed me on the cheek. Before he left I thanked him too. So as I got in and closed the door, I took off my dress while wearing a huge smile.
“Wonder whats gonna happen next” I thought to myself as I wore a huge grin