Guyra's Origins

by jxz

First published

a snip I made for a contest, relating how Lyra found his "Other Half".

A snip I made for a contest a few years ago.

Lyra wants hands, but she will find something else along the way... More exactly, that magic is unpredictable.

Uh... That wasn't supposed to happen.

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Lyra Heartstrings. A Pony like none other.

There were a lot of common things about her: she was an aquamarine Unicorn, she had four hooves, two yellow eyes, and she lived with her friend Bonbon in Ponyville.

Ok, that last part may not be normal, given the things that happen in that town.

And now, Lyra was involved in one.

"Come on, Twilight! you should know how to change me into a Dragon or a Griffin, or something with thumbs!"

"No Lyra, i can´t do it, and, even if i could, it would be dangerous!" Twilight Sparkle said. if there was something that would annoy her, it was Lyra asking for Hands or Claws.

"oh, pleeeeeaaaase! You had hands once! And you can transform ponies into other things!"

"No is no! I haven't perfectionated that spell, you would be trapped in some kind of weird body! and I won´t allow that!" The alicorn exclaimed.

Finally, after a lot of insistence, Lyra had to give up. After all, even Pinkie Pie would think she was crazy for asking for fingers, and she was... well, Pinkie.

"Ok. i won´t ask anymore." She said, and started to walk outside the Library, when she had an idea. "Actually, I also came here to borrow some books about Magical Alterations. you know, for study and learn how to modify my Harp to make it fit with my hooves?"

"Hmm... ok. Here. have this book, 'Manual of Multi-Morphs for dumbs'." Twilight said, giving her the book. "but NO THUMBS!"

"Ok, ok! I promise I won't try!"

"And by that, I mean I won´t try, I will have hands!!" Lyra said, as she was in her room, ready to test those spells. "Now, there's this one... No. I don´t want seven hooves... Ok, whoever wrote this book was sick!!... oh, ok, that´s one, it can be very difficult... ok, I think I got it... huh?" She looked at a warning in the spell: 'Warning. uncompleting this Spell could provoke great chaos in user body; use with caution.'

"Wow... I don´t think it would be worse than that time Discord turned my horn into a filly version of Bonbon..." Lyra shuddered at that memory. "Well, here goes nothing..."

She started to put energy into her horn, which started to glow with an aquamarine color. Her front hooves were glowing as well. "now... more energy..."

Lyra was starting to get tired, but she didn't interrupt the spell. She wanted hands so badly.

Just in that moment, a grey Pegasus with blonde mane crashed into the window of her room, making the unicorn jump to avoid her.

"oh, I'm Sorry! so, so sorry!" The mare (Derpy, Lyra remembered he name of her friend) said, her right eye focused on the unicorn, while her left eye looked the damage she made. "please don't tell my boss I made that!"

"Don't worry Ditzy." Lyra said, using her nickname, which she found less insulting than her name. "I know you didn't want to do it. He won't know anything."

"Oh, thanks! You are a good friend! even when you're glowing with a eerie light... well, bye!!" Derpy then shoot off to the sky.

"Bye, Dit- Wait. What?" Lyra saw her hooves: They were still glowing. Then she saw her back, and saw she was glowing there too!

"Oh, horseapples." Was everithing Lyra could say, before the light encompassed her, and her whole room.

"Ow... that hurt..." Lyra said, after recovering. She looked at her hooves, and her back." I guess nothing happened." She said, a hint of sadness in her wording.

Just then, she heard something near her. She couldn't see what was because a dirt cloud was blocking her vision. "Ow... what happened... what happened to me?!" The voice sounded just like hers, but more manly.

"Hello? Is there somepony here?" She asked.

"Huh? Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" The voice asked. When the dirt cloud dimished, both ponies could see each other.

And what Lyra saw, it made her lost her words. In front of her, there was a stallion, with aquamarine fur and mint-colored mane...

"Wow... who are you... and why do you look like me?"

"And that´s how I was born!" Guyra finished his story, with Lyra, Bonbon and Twilight listening to each word. Bonbon was relieved that she could finally know how he existed, and Lyra always liked to hear it. However...

"I warned you!" Twilight said, her hair turning on fire.

"I know, and I am going to recieve all the punishment you want to give to me." Lyra said. "But don't dispell him! is like a brother for me! Even..." She blushed before saying the next part. "Maybe more..."

"And... I feel like that too." Guyra said, nuzzling his nose in Lyra's mane. She blushed more. Twilight stopped glowing with fire, and sighed.

"Ok. I won't punish you physically... But both of you will have to endure this test." She said, smirking, and making the two teal-colored ponies shudder. The element of Magic put two helmets on their heads, and locked them.

"I will test your endurance." She said, as she grabbed a disc with her magic, and put it into a reproductor, connected to their helmets."Now, have you heard about Justin Beaver?"

"No... no..." Both unicorns said. When the music started, the only thing everyone in Equestria could hear was...