Spread My Wings

by LOLicorn

First published

One year after Fluttershy overcomes her self-consciousness, she's prepared for the biggest challenge: telling Rainbow Dash how she really feels . . . what's the worst that could happen?

Chapter 1

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Spread My Wings

by Lovely Pony

'' Come on Angel, you have to eat the carrot , '' Fluttershy told her bunny, Angel, nicely. Like always the bunny would disobey her orders and run off to play with friends. Fluttershy just left the carrot there. She had other things to worry about rather than just waiting for Angel to eat the carrot. Her patience with the bunny was like thin ice. She was no longer in the mood for Angel to not listen to her.

'' Today is a very special day. Do you know why, Angel? '' Angel just wrinkled his nose - his special way of saying, '' I really don't care '' or '' I don't know '' .

'' Well, it's because I think that I finally gained courage to ask Rainbow Dash on a date. I told you and the rest of the animals many times already before I go to bed. ''

Fluttershy put her new goggles on and took off. She had began to like flying more than ever. She flew past by her friend's shop, then to Sugarcube Corner, and Apple Acres. Three of her friends basically had jobs already. It must've been hard Fluttershy always thought. She snapped out off her thoughts as soon as she saw Derpy coming towards her. Bam! The two pegasus ponies both fell down together.

Derpy lost all her mail while Fluttershy kept trying to look for her googles. Ponies went past by them; not even daring to help. Finally, the two pegasus got what they needed and stood up.

'' I'm so sorry Derpy! I really wasn't looking! '' the shy yellow pegasus apologized.

'' Thats okay Fluttershy. I'm glad that all the mail is safe and sound!''

Derpy was an extremely weird pony. One eye was up and the other was down. It was quite hard for Fluttershy to look the grey pegasus in the eyes. Derpy took off to deliver the mail before she was late . . . again. Fluttershy knew that she had something to do as well to and flew off looking for Rainbow Dash. Searching everywhere, she couldn't seem to spot her fast-flying friend.

Did she have some sort of cloud duty that she had to make up? Maybe since sometimes, Fluttershy saw Rainbow Das slacking off by sleeping on a cloud. Other times she would be practicing tricks for the WonderBolts. This made her one of the most popular pegasus ponies in Ponyville. The way she had leadership made her the best of the best no matter what came in her way. Whether is was dragons, cerberus, or manticores this pegasus pony was sure to handle it!

Fluttershy went to Rainbow's house in Cloudsdale. She made sure not to bring any attention while she was at it. When she was at her friends house, she didn't seem there either. Where else could she -

'' Hi Fluttershy! '' Rainbow Dash said, making the shy pegasus jump up high as can be.

'' Rainbow! Where were you? I've been looking just about everywhere! ''

'' Well I was training with Spitfire. I should have told you before. ''

'' What do you mean training with S pitfire! '' Fluttershy blurted out.

How could I have done that! she asked herself a thousand times. Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow wondering what in the world her friend had meant. Was it a crime not to hang out with your usual friends? For whatever reason, Dash kept repeating in her mind what Fluttershy could have possibly meant.

For a moment, the two pegasi looked at the floor - the only thing that seem to be right to look at. The whole house was quiet. Nothing was hard for a long time. Rainbow stopped the silence by playing with a piece of cloud that was out of the floor.

'' I was just training with her Shy. Nothing to worry about . . . unless you do worry. ''

'' Please forgive me Rainbow. I don't know what came over me. Maybe I'm just . . . jealous. '' Fluttershy said, not even bothering to look up. Her bangs was the only thing between facing Rainbow and trying to ask her on a date.

'' What? Why? '' Rainbow Dash questioned her friend. They more she was wanting to know, the more she got closer to Fluttershy.

'' Maybe because she hasn't ask you on a date but you still spend time with her! ''

'' What do mean Fluttershy? You're making me so confused. '' Dash said, almost close to screaming.

The yellow pegasus could feel tears coming and she was desperate to keep them in. But it was tough due to her shy and sensitive nature. But it was to late.

'' Maybe you should ask her on a date then! ''


Fluttershy immediately flew as fast as she could out of Rainbow's house as fast as she could. She could hear her friend calling for her. She had said too much! With tears in her eyes, Fluttershy couldn't help bout have a big hole ripped in her heart.

~ ~ ~

Back at her cottage, the yellow pegasus was with her animal friends. They were trying their best to cheer her up, but it was to tough. Fluttershy still had tears in her deep blue eyes. If only she had not said anything, maybe she would be okay. Somewhere deep in her mind, it said that everything was going to be alright. But it wasn't. Instead, there was a gigantic hole in her heart that would never be fixed! Why had she thought that she would have the courage to admit her feelings? Because she was dumb enough to think some pony like Rainbow would like her!

More tears came streaming down her face. Tissues filled half of the room. It sucked to feel this way, especially when you were some pony like Fluttershy. Life for her was so confusing right now. Did Rainbow really meant what she had said about asking Spitfire out on a date? Hopefully not. Fluttershy had enough thins to worry about already. And one of the reasons included Rainbow Dash.

Angel gave her another tissue for comfort. It did help help her a bit, but not enough to heal her broken heart. What is a way to heal a broken heart? she wondered to herself. Fluttershy stood up and went to get an apple for one of her animal friends. It was a bit hard at first to finally stand of all her four hooves, but somehow she managed to do so. The sensitive pegasus knew that she couldn't just have her animals starve just because of her dark depression. She had to take responsibility for her animals - it was one of the reasons why she had gave them all shelter in the first place. Many ponies called her responsible while others gave her different character traits.

Fluttershy watched her animals eats the apple one one by one. This started to make her hungry, herself. She made a salad for Angel and for her to share. Although most times Angel would always ate most of it in five minutes or less. Angel these days was always so . . . stubborn. The total opposite of Fluttershy likes.

This made her think about Rainbow. How much she was a rebel, was this the type of pony Fluttershy wanted? Maybe this was why she liked her . . . because she gave her some faith when no pony else did. Fluttershy ran outside the door; she was going to tell Rainbow Dash how she feels! and this time, there was no backing out.


By the time Fluttershy was at Rainbow's house, it was completely empty. There was no trace of the fast - flying pegasus. Instead, the house looked like no pony was in it for quite a long time. This made Fluttershy star to worry a little. She could feel her hooves shaking so much that she could hear the floor shake itself. She searched through every room in the house and there was still no sign of Dash. Where could she have gone? Maybe she is practicing with - no! They just practiced today, so do they really need to practice again?

Knowing Rainbow Dash she sure wouldn't mind hanging out more with one of the famous WonderBolts. But would she really do that due to the fight she had with Fluttershy? Maybe. She was dreaming of becoming apart of the WonderBolts since forever. Dash had bragged about how she was eventually going to be a WonderBolt sooner or later. It made Fluttershy if Rainbow was one day going to abandoned her friends and decide to take the offer. It seemed possible because she was a talented flyer and almost every pegasus in Ponyville wanted to be as fast as she was.

Who didn't want to be fast? Well maybe Fluttershy, but that didn't matter right now: what was important right now was to find Rainbow Dash! Trying to fly as fast as she possibly could and searched once again around Ponyville. Everywhere she looked, there was still no sign of Rainbow. The yellow pegasus was stressed and decided to lay down on the soft grass grass. She looked around only to see some flowers and something in the bush that gave refuge to the flowers. A sound was heard. It sounded like it came from the bushes. Fluttershy tiptoed silently in order to see what it was.

'' Come out! '' she warned, '' I'm not afraid! ''

Rainbow Dash came out of the bush, making Fluttershy jumped again.

'' Rainbow? What are you doing in a bush? I've been looking for you to say I'm - '' As soon as Fluttershy said theses words, Rainbow took off: leaving the yellow pegasus upset and dumbfounded. She took off after her and the great race began. They went through every part of town, including inside store leaving angry ponies chasing after them. They finally came to a stopping point when a large mountain was in the way.

'' EEK! '' Fluttershy screamed. She immediately stopped. Rainbow still flew away until all of the sudden, the mountain started rumbling. The mountain was starting to crumble! Fluttershy was close to falling when she screamed Rainbow Dash's name. Fluttershy's wings was stuck and was unable to fly away.

'' RAINBOW! MY WING! HELP! '' she yelled. Rainbow flew back and took Fluttershy. By the time they were out, the mountain was destroyed. Fluttershy didn't let go of Rainbow throughout the wild ride.

'' Are you okay Fluttershy? '' she asked her friend who still didn't let go. Dash could feel her eyes against her and this made her happy that they were both was safe and sound.

'' Yeah, I guess I'm okay. ''

The two pegasi were finally on land and they both stared at each other. For a moment, the wind filled the silence throughout the evening. Neither pony made their move or said anything. Fluttershy knew that she wasn't going to let another opportunity pass by.

'' So, thanks for, um, saving me. I couldn't done it without you. '' she try to say sweetly like everything else she usually says.

Rainbow swept Shy off her hooves. This mad her entire face go completely red. Rainbow put her googles back on and began to go towards the blazing sunset. Both opposite ponies both blushed red as can be.

'' You know . . . I always though you were cuter with your googles on, '' Fluttershy smiled. Dash made her put on the googles she had. The sunset was beautiful and the wind played a song. The wind was in both of their light colored mane and they couldn't help but start to admit their feelings. How were they going to do it? It wasn't going to be what you call easy.

'' Dash, I've always - '' the blue pegasus stopped her from there.

'' I know. ''

Then after that, they kissed near the beauty of the glorious sunset. And for the fist time in her life, Fluttershy spread her wings.