Classical Wub

by Melanie Scratch

First published

Vinyl Scratch has fell in love with her roommate Octavia Philharmonica will Vinyl tell Octavia how she fells or well Eight Note keep Octavia to him self. join Vinyl and Octavia on there adventure with Bon Bon ,Lyra, Derpy, and the Doctor.

Vinyl Scratch has fell in love with her roommate Octavia Philharmonica will Vinyl tell Octavia how she fells or well Eight Note keep Octavia to him self. Join Vinyl and Octavia on there adventure with Bon Bon ,Lyra, Derpy, and the Doctor.

Dj's crush

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Octavia was a beautiful mare. I’ve never felt this way about anypony before.
Oh let me introduce myself I am vinyl scratch I live with Octavia as a roommate minded you just my luck she is so beautiful.
“Vinyl I’m home!” oh my, her voice is so silky.
“Hay Octavia how are you,” pleases keep talking
“Just grate, I got a solo today and it sounds so beautiful maybe I could play it for you tomorrow.” I love you
“Oh, that would be cool.” The way she plays her cello is so unique. The only earth pony who could play the cello “oh, Octavia I have a gig tonight so you will have the house to yourself.”
“Where is it?”
”Club Canterlot as always.”
”Well maybe me and Eight Note will stop by later.” I would love for that to happen
“That would be cool.” Octavia always try to come to my gigs but sometimes she is bizzy
“Well I will be on my way to Club Canterlot can’t wait.”
“Ok, well good luck,”
“Don’t need it but thanks.”

Club Canterlot was my domain. The one place I could be myself the loud proud DJ Know well as DJ-Pon-3.It was a hour in till the club opened the doors so I grabbed a soda and went to set up the place was still trashed from last night glow sticks and cups all over the floor. I help by picking up everything and putting it in a black garbage bag. ‘Now what am I going to play tonight?’

“Yo DJ-Pon-3 in the house.” The crowd went wild. ’Good thing I wore ear plugs.’ I stared with some dub step and worked my way throw my regular set throwing in some new tweaks. I had something for if Octavia comes.
“Hey Vinyl.”
“Oh, hi Octavia. What one minute. ”I put in a classical remix and trotted back to Octavia.”You like my set?”
“Wait is that my compassion?”
“Yeah I hope you don’t mind. When you were practicing last time I kind recorded it.”
“No it is fine it so sounds amazing.” She likes it I could just squeal. But I won’t.
“Hey how is my girl,” and here comes Eight Note to steal her away.
“Vinyl you remember Eight Note?”
“Vinyl would never forget me Octy.”Of cores I come up with the nickname Octy and he just stalls it. Well I mean when he stared dating her. Besides that Octy seams tense
“Eight Note we need to talk,”I went on my way back to my gig
“What is up Octy?”
“I don’t know how to say this but I am braking up with you”
‘Take that’
“You are what?”
“I am braking up with you.” The next thing that happened was in slow motion he slapped her across her face.
I at that very minute ran in front of her as she clutched her cheek. “Dud if you want another shot you have to get passed me.”
“Vinyl don’t,” he then proceeded to try to beat me up as punched him.

When Octavia and I got home I got the lector “Vinyl you didn’t have to do that in was irrational.”
“He hit you and he hand it coming.”
“You bit him twice.”
“Well he had me in a headlock.” I am still surprised that she didn’t ask why I did it.
“I can take care of myself.”
“No you can’t if I didn’t step in you’d look like Eight Note.” Eight Note had a mean right hook but I had my bass cannon.
I win.
“You didn’t have to take out you basses cannon.”
“I didn’t aim it at him you are being over dramatic.” She is so hot when she is mad.
“I am being over dramatic the other reason I brock up with him is because you didn’t like him.”
The room went silent well it makes sense because it was just me and her n the room. ”You did that for me?”
She had calmed down now “well you are my friend and I want you to be happ...”I cut her off with a kiss. She didn’t try to pull away. Well this is awkward my friend from Middle School that I live with and I just kissed her what is wrong with this picture. I pulled away slowly.
“I am sorry Octavia I... I just have to go.” I ran straight out the door.
“Vinyl wait.” I didn’t stop running

You might wonder where I ran, I ran to Neon Lights house. “Yo Vinyl Scratch what is up.”By the time I got to his house I was in tears “Vinyl what is wrong.” He let me in I felt so meak. I explain what happen with exquisite detail. “Then what happen after she told you she brock up with him for you.”
“I kissed her but the weird thing is she didn’t pull away after that I ran out.”Meon at that point facehoof at the same time there was a knock on the door>
“Vinyl it is Octavia.”
“I am not here.” Flipped on my shades and stumbled under the couch.
“Ok then.” He opened the door slowly “hey Octavia what’s up.”
“I was wondering if you’ve seen Vinyl.” Octavia eyes lighted up with hope then dulled with his response.
“No I haven’t.” Then came the tears “Octavia what is wrong
“Can I tell you inside Canterlot is not ready to hear this.”
“Sure come in.”
“Well you know how Vinyl got into a bar fight with Eight Note and how me and Eight note brock up.”
“Well when we got home I gave her a lector and the she kissed me.”
“Was that a bad thing to happen?”
At that minute she smiled “No it was wonderful the reason why I brock up with Eight Note is because I love her.” As Octavia covered her face with her hoofs I teleported right outside the door .I can’t just leave her like that so I knocked on the door.
“I have to get the door but I will be right back.” He opened the door much faster. “Oh,Vinyl it you.”
“Vinyl!” Octavia saw me and immediately ran over and gave me a kiss. I am pretty sure it lasted three minute.
“Octavia what are you doing here?”
“Looking for you. You silly filly.” We both blushed at that very moment
“And Vinyl,”
“Yes Octavia,”
“Call me Octy you came up with it.”
We both thanked Neon and then went home.

A Double Date

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She is so cutie when she sleeps oh especially when her nose scrunches up. She is usually up at 5am it is 9am. You may be thinking you are in bed with her vinyl you stud but that is not what happen we are taking things slow. We already live together so we decided to try to sleep together. Please wake up so I can see you beautiful purple eyes maybe I should burn some toast?
‘Oh, Celestia she is thrashing she must be having a nightmare what do I do, what do I do, oh yeah I so comfort her.’ I pulled her into a huge stroking her mane “shh shh it ok, it ok, I am here.” Her eyes opened in a flash
“Octy I am right here there is nothing to worry about.” She was now bearing herself into my coat “hey do you want to talk about it?”
“No I am just glad you’re here.” I glanced down at her she glanced up at me. “So vinyl what do you want for breakfast.”
“Well it is actually lunch time.” she now looked mad
“Why did you not wake me earlier?”
“You looked so peaceful.” Then she punched me.

Jury duty, Jury duty, junk mail, junk mail, and oh what’s this From: Lyra To: Octavia “hey Octy who is Lyra.”
I heard something break then Octy running “let me see THAT.Ofe.”
Iran over to where she fell “are you ok?”
“Give me that letter.” She was a mare on a mission so I give it to her
“What does it say?”
“One minute Vinyl,” she finished shortly after “well one of old friends want to meet up with me and you.”

Remember what Octy said sit up swallow before speaking. ”Vinyl we are here oh and there is Lyra.”
She look really familiar. Oh, she was in middle school with us. “Octavia how lovely it is to see you. Oh, you too Vinyl.”
“You Know each other?” I looked at her
“Yeah we all were in the same classes in middle school.”
“Oh, that makes scents.”Octy and Lrya hugged it was really touching
“oh, I missed you too Octavia.”We got a basket of hay frizzes to share and each got a salad
“So Lyra how are things?”
The next thing shocked both of us “are you two together?” she is really good at reading signs
“Octavia it is fine us fillyfooler have to stick together.”
Octy was shocked
I so called it
“What you are?”
“Yeah,”Lyra told us about a cream color earth pony named Bon-Bon
“well why don’t you ask Bon- Bon out on a date?”
“Or just kiss her that how I found out Octy liked,” that earned me a little tap on my check.
Lyra then put on a sad face “But what if she does not feel the same way?”
“Then wait for her. If she could be your soul mate just wait.” My eyes at very minute teared up”Vinyl are you crying?”
“No. it just allergies.”
“Sure it is.” that earned me a kiss on the check.
“See that what I mean you and Vinyl are inseparable.”
“Just try and tell us tomorrow how it goes.”

We thanked Lyra for lunch and were off to do well anything. Octy wanted to have a romantic diner.I wanted to take a nap and snuggle. But seeing Octy cry brakes me every time. “Octy I don’t want wear that I’ll look silly.”
“Vinyl you have to not wearing it would be indecent.”
I really just wanted to wear my tuxes “Octy can I just wear a tuxes?”
“No all of your tuxedos are improper. So suck it up and put on the dress.”
“So stubborn.”
She then rolled her Eyes as I struggled with the dress.
“Vinyl are you done I want to see you.”
“Fine.” I stepped out of the bathroom and at minute Octy’s jaw dropped.
”You look beautiful.”
“Really I look that good?”
“Even better.”
I blushed furiously. ”Thanks you too.”
She nuzzled me blushing a little bit herself “you ready to go?”
“I guess so.”

It was a really nice restraint but I forget it name “Reservation for Vinyl and Octavia,”
“Hay girls what are you doing here,” wait I know that voice it was…
“Lyra what are you doing here?”
“well I am on a date what about you and vinyl?”
“Same. Who are you out with?”
“Bon Bon.” At that very minute a cream colored earth pony walked up to us
“Hay Lyra our table is ready. Oh are these some of your friends?”
“yeah this is Octavia and vinyl.” Bon Bon looked at me constantly
“Vinyl as in Vinyl Scratch as in the same Vinyl Scratch that lived in Ponyville and move to Cantorlot for mid-school?”
I gave her a funny look “Yeah…How did you know that?”
She frond and looked at the ground” well when you were about to move to Cantorlot about 5 days before you fell down a fell down a flight of stairs. You got beat up bready badly and got a small concision the doctor said it would go away in a few days if you were with you friends and family. You know familiar thing. But you never remembered me and we could never become friends agene because you moved away.”
I know I had a concision when I was little but I didn’t know I forgot one of my best friends what it’s all coming back to me “you know you do look familiar didn’t your hair use to be sorter and you wanted to open a sweetie shop named Bon-Bon’s that was going to be world fames?”
“Yes you remember.”
Lyra asked us if we would like to sit with them after asking Bon Bon of curse
“That would be lovely.”

I wanted to stay home and take a nap but look at me now catching up with one of my old friends.
“How is good old Ponyville?”
“It is exactly the same but much better. Oh, and I did get my sweetie shop.”
As me and Bon Bon got reacquainted Lyra and Octy talked “it is grate to see Vinyl talking with a old friend.”
“Yeah ,yeah.”
“Lyra dear what’s wrong.”Bon Bon leaned over and nuzzledlyra.
“It’s just you haven’t said a word to me at all tonight.”
“Oh, Lyra we have a life time together I might not be able to see her agene.”Bon bon always knows how to handle ponies. Bon Bon pecked Lyra on the check then continued eating.

The Contest

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I woke up to find Octy down stairs asleep at the table with a cup half full of tea and sheet music spread all over the table. I would clean it up for her but she got mad at me last time.”Octy. Octy hun wake up.”

“Hun…OH.” She hurried and picked up her sheet music.

‘what is going on wither today?’ “Yo, Octy what’s up with you?”

“Nothing, nothing at all!” she was hiding something and I was going to find out what it was.

“Then can I see the sheet music?”

“No…I mean…mmm…”And like that she gave me the sheet music but it was not all sheet music. There was some new paper clippings one readied (5time sing off winner Octavia Philharmonica wins another sing off making his her 6th win.) I knew Octy could sing but I didn’t but I didn’t know she was that good.

“Vinyl, I would understand if you’re mad at me. This is a big part of my life and I kept it from you.”
“Octy why would I be mad at you this is amazing why I thing I will come to the next show if that is ok with you?”
“You would do that of me?” I simply kissed her “Well in that case I better go practice. Tomorrow at 8.La, La, la, la, la,la,la”

. . .
“Welcome to Club Cantorlot annual sing off first we have Octavia Philharmonica with ‘I kissed a girl.’ ” this was Octy’s big moment the music kicked up

This was never the way I planned, not my intention. I got so brave drink in hand lost my discretion it not I’m used to, just wanna try you on I’m curious for you caught my attention I kissed a girl and I liked it the taste the ta…

I ran as fast as I could to her “Octy”

“Is she ok,” Some random pony asked

“She’s out cold call the hospital!” One minute she was happy next she is out cold in my hoofs

I trotted back and forth. Why does this happen to me all the bucking time. Not that this happens all the time this is the first. “Vinyl, me and bonbon heared what happened is she ok.”

I had already be gone to cry “I don’t know. I’m really scarred Lyra.” Lyra and bon bon conferred me as I cried .

“Is there a Miss. Vinyl Scratch?”

“Right here how is Octavia,Doc?”The doctor looked at the chart.

“Well it looked and shows like she inhaled some nitrous oxide or N2O but she is ok now.”

One last questing pledged my mind “can I see her?”

“Yes but just to let you know she is still sleeping ad she is hocked up to an oxygen tank so she can breathe. Nitrous oxide can make it harder for some ponies to breath when under.”The doctor explained to me as he led us to Octavia’s room.

“What time will she be able leave?”

“As soon as she wakes up.” The doctor said shuffling away

The club said if she doesn’t make it back before the pony she is competing with and the intermission is over she forfeits. That is cheap but rules are there for a reason. When we got to room I asked Bon Bon and Lyra for a few minutes alone with Octavia even though she is still asleep. They did as I requested then it was just me and Octy. I pull up a chair then sat by her holding her hoof in mine “Octy I am so sorry that this happened to you. You might miss your tenth win to your opponent…”I looked at the program and gasped “Eight Note this all make cents now Eight Note is seeking revenge and it is all my fault.” My head fell into my hoofs feeling a reasoning hoof on my head.

“Vinyl scratch this is not your fault.” I looked to see whose hoof it was.

“Octy you are ok I was so wired about you and I didn’t know when you would wake…”

Before I could start rambling she cut me off “Vinyl can you be a dear and get me some water. Throatis a little bit dry.”

I decided to call the nurse “Executes me.”

“Yes mamma what can I get you?” the nice clamming voice replied

“Can you please bring a glass of water to Octavia’s room?”

I heard octy coufh “thanks Vinyl dear. I hate to be a bother.”

“It’s no problem Octy honey.” I gave her a peak on her forehead.

The Doctor trouded in with Nurse Red Heart who had Octy’s water

“Thank you Nurse Red Heart.” The doctor thanked her. Octy took a sip of her water as the Doctor checked her out. “Miss. Octavia how are you feeling.”

“I feel fine doctor…mmmmm… what’s your name?”

“Just the doctor .”

Isn’t that the name of that one guy from that show…Doctor Whooves. You know he looks like him to. “yo doc I have a question for you.”

“What is it Miss. Scratch?”

“Call me Vinyl and is that a sonic screwdriver?” I expected his face to be socked but he was existed

“Fantastic. You are the first pony to figure that out.” See I know things.

“Wait you are The Doctor the real Doctor,” one nod made Octy faint.

“oh, gee I have to get Octy to the sing off or her ex-boyfriend will win from cheating.”

“well I can give you four a ride in the TARTUS.”

“You would do that for her?”

“Well you need to show cheaters never win.”

At some point Lyra and Bon Bon came into the room. The news that Octy’s Doctor was the real Doctor made Bon Bon faint too. “Great you brock Bon Bon,” Lyra tried to wake Bon Bon by tapping her cheek

As soon as Bon Bon and Octy woke up the Doctor got excited “Every pony into the TARTUS!”


“The moment of truth I am going to win.”

“Think again Eight Note. Octy is right here.”I had to whip that smirk of his face. “Brock a leg,”

“Vinyl can you actually help me,”

“Ok I guess so.”

We walk out on the stag. I Stayed in the back put octy pulled me to the front with her. “Hello every pony I am realy sorry about earlier but I am back and I will be singing Somepony to Love”
What are you doing Octy
"Can...any pony... find me...some pony to...?
Each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet...
(take a look at yourself!)
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you're doing to me.
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can't get no relief, Lord!
Some pony...
(some pony)
Some pony...
(some pony)
Can any pony find me...some pony to love?
Got no feel, I got no rhythm
I just keep losing my beat...
(She just keeps losing her beat!)
I'm okay, I'm alright.
(She's alright, she's alright!)
Ain't gonna face no defeat!
I just gotta get out of this prison cell!
One day I'm gonna be free, Lord!
Some pony...
(Some pony)
Some pony…
(some pony)
Can any pony find me...? Some pony to love?!
Every day...
(Every day!)
I try and I try and I try!
But every pony wants to put me down
They say I'm going crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got no pony left to believe!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
She is so beautiful. Why are we dancing?
(Find her some pony to love...)
Some pony to…lllooovvvee”

Then she pulled me into a kiss. Well I guess the secret is out.

“Vinyl this will be our win,”

I gave her a smile. “Octy I love you.”

“Love you too.”