The Star Knights

by Rexus

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The Story of what happen to Equestria after Luna's banishment to the moon. Four ponies who have all suffered come the save the land that shamed them. The story of the heroes of the stars that save Equestria and Luna

The Story of what happen to Equestria after Luna's banishment to the moon. Four ponies who have all suffered come the save the land that shamed them. The story of the heroes of the stars that save Equestria and Luna
Because we all have We all have a set path. A set destiny. We will make mistakes. We are all only ponies. And we will do what we think is right.
There will be followers. There will be enemies. Many will fall. Many will turn. And we will keep doing what we think is right.

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Character bios.
Made Be Consider spoilers You Have been Warned.

Northern (North): A unicorn stallion that put other before himself And took care of Illuminate, Jet And Rhythm. not much is known about him except protecting innocents and families means everything to him.

Illuminate(Lumi): A Pegasus who family was torn apart by a civil war now resides under the protection of north who is like a older brother to him. She may be considered the most agile fly of her generation.

Jet and Rhythm: Rhythm is a zebra filly who was captured by diamond dog as a work pony. Jet is a diamond dog pup that befriended the zebra and helped her escape when a fight between diamond dog clan erupted in the mines. The two Became lost quickly and were captured by bandit. Later they were found by north Who freed and Adopted the two. These two are very cute at time but they quickly get into trouble when "adventuring".

Tumbleweed(Tumble): A cow pony that was a outcast in his home town for being in love with a city pony.
After being kick out his home. he becomes a bandit and stole from ponies across the land. when he met North he was at his lowest and had given up. But North gave him one last chance. He took it.

Midnight: A bat pony that was apart of clan that lead a rebellion after Luna's defeat, They failed and Midnight was the last of them. He was no longer welcomed with the other bat pony settlement because of what he had done. When he met North He was promised a new life over his current life.

Chapter 1

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We all have We all have a set path. A set destiny. We will make mistakes. We are all only ponies.

When Luna was banished the land of Equestria fell on hard times. Crimes increase dramatically at night with the protector of the night gone. Bad ponies everywhere took advantage of the defenseless ponies. One group set forth to steal for the good of the ponies only stealing from thieves and cheats themselves.

These were the future heroes of Equestria.

Canterlot was the most affected city during Luna banishment. With court Nobility in the castle stealing from the common pony was easy. One pony had stolen everything from a small apple farm in Ponyville. Leaving the family to have to raise prices on their product the make ends meet.

Two ponies sat outside of the heavily guarded castle. They watched the traffic in and out of the castle. So far neither pony saw away in that didn't require using brute force. The first pony was a unicorn stallion with gold colored fur and grey mane wearing a grey vest. He didn't have a cutie mark which did catch a lot of wandering eyes but without a cutie mark nopony knew your identity. The second pony was a Pegasus mare. Her fur color was light blue and her white was green. She was wearing a white dress which helped her bling in to the nobilities. The stallion looked toward the mare.

“Lumi” he spoke. She looked towards him. She had fear in her eyes.

“Northern, couldn’t we just do a smaller one. The coward hides behind the princesses guards.” she said to him. This was dangerous because if they were caught there was no telling what would happen.

“Lumi we been over this with midnight.” He got up off the ground and began walking towards the outer edge of the city. “ he stole the deed the the apple family's home. Even if we did get the money to help them he can do anything with their land and possibly hurt their farm.”

“But Northern, If we get caught that is it for us.” Lumi said with obvious hysteria. “Celestia could have us banished or executed. i dont think im ready to…”

“Illuminate stop, just stop…” Lumi stop. He only used her full named when he serious. “ I know the risk of what we are doing but if we just let him get away with this. Also i have a plan if we get caught.”

“And what pray tells is your plan.” She asked with growing curiosity.

“I turn myself in to Celestia.” he smiled

She blinked at him.

“WHAT!!!!!” she screamed “Are you a MADPONY?”

“I’m not the one screaming my head off”

“WHY would you do that?”

“Well you know the bounty on my head in increasing daily” he turned towards the castle. “And Celestia herself is interested in my capture.” He smiles “Also I would get a chance to get you all diplomatic immunity for my surrender.”

“But... But...”

“Alright, let get some sleep we got sometime before we start.” Turning down a back alleyway into a old uncovered manhole.

Lumi hurried into the hole as it closed behind her. She felt uneasy about north decisions to surrender if caught. As they went down they reached a open where that lead to the slums of Canterlot many ponies walked with rags on. Lumi though back to how she knew this world all too well as she took off her dress. She looked up for north to see him walking the street and into a small building. She followed him into the building soaring through the stale air.
“Brother, what going through your head now.” She thought as she reached the open door of the shack.

“Hey Illuminate.” She looked up to see a bat pony staring at her with big golden eyes. She smiled at him
but couldn’t hide her troubling thoughts. “What’s wrong?”

“My brothers crazy” She said with a silent hiss.

“Ok, so what did he do now” He said while she sat beside him. “Pull a prank or faking taking thing

“That’s just it” she said coming to tears. “He said he would give himself up if we got caught to make sure we got away.” She was being the cry now. “And he was being serous, doesn’t he know that they would kill him.”

“I think he knows” Midnight said with confidence “I mean look who he trying the protect me, you, Tumble, Jet and Rhythm.”

“Yes” A small scratchy was heard in the doorway. Midnight looked toward the door way a saw two small faces staring at them. A small grayish blue diamond pup and a little zebra filly stared waiting for the adults to answer. Midnight stared trying to figured how long they had listening.

“Oh no I was just talking to Lumi here”

“Why did our names come up, did we mess up” The zebra filly spoke in small rhymes.

“No, No, we were just talking. You can both go play, but be safe.”

The two took off while laughing. Midnight watched as they left going to play with the other kids.
“You know I don’t think he was just up and abandon them.” Midnight said remembering the day they found them. “I know he wouldn’t just abandon you. I know he has some sort of way out he just keeping it secret.”

Yeah, Y’know, we should get some sleep. Lumi said getting up to leave. “We got a big day ahead of us.”

“Yeah your right. See you later Lumi.” Midnight said as he watched her leave. “You better not get caught again north. I don't think can illuminate or the kids could handle it again.”
“Hey wats up?” Midnight looked up to see a tan stallion standing at the door.

“Oh hey Tumbleweed where did you come from.”

“I just came from eating, and you didn’t answer my question” Tumbleweed said With growing frustration.

“It’s about Lumi’s brother”

“Wait, what happen? Did he get hurt, captured?” The stallion eyes growing wide with fear of what could have happen to North.

“No that just it she knows he might give himself up to Celestia to save us if all goes wrong.”

“Oh man” tumbleweed said in a low voice. He looked back outside to the filly and pup playing with a small ball. “What about those kids. He wouldn’t just up and leave them will he? He’s like their dad.”

“That’s what I said but with more being at stake here…”

No, don’t start with that more at stake horseapples. It just like the rest of what we have done. We get in, get the good, get out and return it to its rightful owner.” Tumble looked at the bat pony to see he was still upset. ”Well don’t over think it okay. Just rest up we got a long night.

“Alright see ya Tumble”

“Yeah see ya and buck up bubby”

They all took to their respected living areas to rest up for the biggest day of their lives.

Unknown to them the mention stallion sat on the roof of the shack watch the kids play. And listen to his friend’s conversation. He could hear their whispers all with the same thought on their minds.

North what do you have planned?

“To fix everything my friends” he said looking towards the stars hearing millions of wishes being made for a better life.

“To fix everything.” He whispered horn and eyes glowing brightly in the night.

He stopped.

The city stopped.

Celestia stopped.

All to watch the spectacle of falling stars that had not been seen since Luna banishment.

Chapter 2

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Tumbleweed walked the streets watching the stars fall. it was truly magnificent spectacle to watch. And he knew exactly who started this and right now he couldn’t find him to save his life.
From what he knew North was a very powerful unicorn and a descendant of royalty but celestia forbid if you called him prince. Tumble looked up the side of canterlot mountain to see a familiar shadowy figure scaling the mountain. Tumble reached the foot of the mountain leading into canterlot. He didn’t want to go any further near the heavily guarded city but never the less he had questions that needed answering.

“Hey Tumble come on up here.” a voice spoke further up the mountain. Tumble looked but didn’t see anything but nevertheless he followed. As he approached the source of the voice he spotted north at near a cliff edge.

“Hey North” He called out to the lone stallion. North didn’t respond. Tumble took this extremely well. North however waited patiently for the stallion to come closer.

“Dont ignore me North we gotta talk about this here plan of yours.” Tumble basically snarled at the white unicorn.

“Did you really come to talk about the plan or is there something more thats bothering you?”

“Yeah i wanna know more about you. you always told us you connected to royalty. But how, are you just part of the elite or is there something more to that?” he said pacing

North cocked his eyebrow before answering “Basically both.”

Tumble stop and stared at North. “Why are you avoiding this. Listen I know you're not being truthful with me and it making me mad.”

“So what make you so damn special that I have to tell you everything” North said anger creeping into his voice.

“Thats not… Look Im just saying that we all come from dark backgrounds and here you come this canterlot noble who offers us a second chance out of all the ponies in equestria.” Tumble said with all honesty.

“Well if you knew what I was planning you wouldn’t help me.”

“How would you know that?”

“Because if this does go right I'm gonna have to give my life that how i know!!!”

“Ohhh Kay, I reckon that a good enough. What are you planning then”

“I'm gonna try and save luna”

“Save luna? Ok now you talking like a madpony. Why would…”

“because what happen to her was my fault. If i was only stronger...”Tear rolled down his face. “ you think you all had dark past what about me e-everyone that I-I loved betrayed me or was k-killed trying to save me.” His eyes starting to glow

“Woah calm down North” Tumble knew he needed to calm the unicorn and fast. the wind around them began to pick up speed. He rushed over to him and embrace North holding him tight. Listen I know how you can get but you need to take a deep breath and calm down.” He felt the North chest expand and contract. “I’m not gonna push it any further”

“I hate you” north said sliding from the stallion grip

“come on, you know you love me” Tumble said smiling

“Yeah and you love stallions, so were talking about two different loves here. ” North said looking towards the stars. “hey sit beside me, I wanna talk to you about that ”

“Umm… Ok” Tumble said nervously sitting beside North.

“Do you remember the day I saved you.” north said still watching the star.

“Yeah How can I forget. I was up to my neck in royal guards” tumble said chuckling but visually shivering from the memory. It didn’t go unnoticed. you came in covered in your own blood and limping badly.”

“Yeah lets not talk about that shall wwe.” North said before looking at him. “Do you remember the promise I made you”

“Yeah you said ‘you would give another chance’ and I never truly thank you for that.”

North blinked at the stallion clearly confused before replying. “I haven't done anything yet. well I have but… oh you understand in a minute.” north said shaking his head.

“What do you mean! Not only you save my life and help me find away the help ponies but you also gave me family that loves me and you say you done nothing!”

“I guess you didn't understand what I meant when I said another chance.” North said smiling know what was to come so.

“Ok, So what didn't I understand and what does this have to do with me being gay.”

“Oh nothing, immediately important” North said looking

“North, what are you going on about now.”

Just then Tumble heard a rustle in the bushes. Tumble got ready to run till he saw North wasn’t moving and he heard a voice speak.

“Um... Hello? Northern, you said to meet you here when.. the.. stars… began... falling…”

Tumble look toward the the new guest and froze. He lock eyes with the pony. He was slender light blue stallion with a white mane. This stallion had a sliver saxophone for a cutie mark. Time stood still as they stared at each other.

“Jazz” Tumble voice shaking slightly.

“Tumble” The new stallion yelled running towards tumble as they crash and roll on the ground. The two stallion embraced each other. slightly crying in each other arms. Tumble had completely forgotten about north presences.

“I-I t-thought that you were dead” Jazz said with so much pain.

“What ever gave you that idea?”

“Because when you told me your parents found out, you went missing. I tried to find you but when I did you were surrounded by royal guards in a burning house.” jazz Said with honest hurt in his eyes.

“I was there but North... here…”

Tumble looked up to see north was gone

“Least I got to see you cry Tumble” North said walking toward the bottom of the mountains.

North stop a the foot of the mountain and looked back up at the couple. It was a nice setting with the shooting stars and the mare in the moon in the background. But he couldn’t enjoy the view, he had to plan to finish. North focused his magic in the tip of his horn as he stop the star from falling. “Soon” said exhausted unicorn from the feat he a preformed.


Celestia Stared at the falling stars Confused as to what was causing this to occur. Then the star came to a halt and a blinding blue light affixed itself in the moons glow.

Celestia watched this light add itself to the sky and only one pony came to mind as see saw this.


“Princess” a lone guard spoke startling the white alicorn. “Forgive me for my interruption, but the canterlot elite are in uproar, they wish to know what's going on.”

“Stonewall I will only speak to the captain on the matter at hand” Celestia said regaining her composure.

“Yes your majesty I will fetch her right away.”

“No need Stonewall. You are dismissed”

A mare wearing sliver armour step into the room. She was young captain but her skill couldn’t be matched by many.

“hello captain I guess you know what this means.”

“Yes ma’am we have to stop him.”

“what do you plan on doing”

“meeting him at the gate.”