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The Story of what happen to Equestria after Luna's banishment to the moon. Four ponies who have all suffered come the save the land that shamed them. The story of the heroes of the stars that save Equestria and Luna
Because we all have We all have a set path. A set destiny. We will make mistakes. We are all only ponies. And we will do what we think is right.
There will be followers. There will be enemies. Many will fall. Many will turn. And we will keep doing what we think is right.

Also can I get a cover art PLz

Character bios.
Made Be Consider spoilers You Have been Warned.

Northern (North): A unicorn stallion that put other before himself And took care of Illuminate, Jet And Rhythm. not much is known about him except protecting innocents and families means everything to him.

Illuminate(Lumi): A Pegasus who family was torn apart by a civil war now resides under the protection of north who is like a older brother to him. She may be considered the most agile fly of her generation.

Jet and Rhythm: Rhythm is a zebra filly who was captured by diamond dog as a work pony. Jet is a diamond dog pup that befriended the zebra and helped her escape when a fight between diamond dog clan erupted in the mines. The two Became lost quickly and were captured by bandit. Later they were found by north Who freed and Adopted the two. These two are very cute at time but they quickly get into trouble when "adventuring".

Tumbleweed(Tumble): A cow pony that was a outcast in his home town for being in love with a city pony.
After being kick out his home. he becomes a bandit and stole from ponies across the land. when he met North he was at his lowest and had given up. But North gave him one last chance. He took it.

Midnight: A bat pony that was apart of clan that lead a rebellion after Luna's defeat, They failed and Midnight was the last of them. He was no longer welcomed with the other bat pony settlement because of what he had done. When he met North He was promised a new life over his current life.

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“But Northern, If we get caught that is it for us.” Lumi said with obvious hysteria. “Celestia could have us banished or executed. i dont think im ready to…”

Try remembering to use capitalization and punctation.:twilightsheepish:

““Illuminate stop, just stop…” Lumi stop. He only used her full named when he serious. “ I know the risk of what we are doing but if we just let him get away with this. Also i have a plan if we get caught.””

Again with the punctation.:ajbemused:Also...Illuminate...Jesus Christ...

“Ok, so what did he do now” He said while she sat beside him. “Pull a prank or faking taking thing

Serious...also this doesn't make any sense.

“ “Pull a prank or faking taking thing serous.”

I get what you're trying to say here, but it doesn't make any sense.:fluttershbad:

“WHAT!!!!!” she screamed “Are you a MADPONY?”

“I’m not the one screaming my head off”

“WHY would you do that?”

QUICK QUESTION! Why is it so spaced out?! I'm not sure if this is because you didn't have much to write and you wanted the story to be published...

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